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Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers
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Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers
Over 320,000 women choose to work in the
UK construction industry. With many ways to
start out including paid apprenticeships and
traineeships, along with degree entry-level
jobs, there is a role for everyone.


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Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers
              Welcome                                                                                                                     Edition

                            What’s the right path for you?

                                                 elcome to the fifth edition of            opportunities for you to be part of something big. You
                                                 TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE                  could be hands-on in a skilled craft to maintain heritage
                                                 Construction, Engineering & Property.     buildings or use your technical and artistic skills to improve
                                                 As a school or college student, this      designs. You could oversee construction work, manage the
                                                 guide will help you explore all of your   building of schools and hospitals, help shape your city’s
                            career options in the construction, engineering and            skyline, or make buildings more environmentally friendly.
                            property professions. It will also help you decide on the      If you wanted to, you could work for an international
                            best study route for you, whether that’s university, an        company, a small family business or, if you’d like to be
                            apprenticeship or a training programme.                        your own boss like many within the sector, you could be
                               Here at the Construction Industry Training Board            self-employed. Whatever your skills, ambitions, interests or
                            (CITB), we appreciate that choosing your career path is        qualifications, construction has a role for you.
                            an important task. That’s why we’re proud to support               You could to go university full time, but many students
                            this publication and its website          choose to start out on an apprenticeship after their GCSEs
                            We also have our own dedicated careers resource at             or A levels (or equivalents). Some choose to go to
                  , where you can complete our popular            university for free by completing a degree apprenticeship.
                            personality quiz to find out what career may suit you          The opportunities are varied and this publication will help
                            and use our career explorer tool to learn about the broad      you find out more about all of your options.
                            range of opportunities on offer. We also have lots of              We look forward to you joining a successful and
                            useful careers resources for your teachers and careers         dynamic sector at the heart of the UK’s economy.
                            advisers so that they can be as informed as you are!
                               With over 2 million people already working in               Best wishes,
                            construction roles in the UK and one of the highest average    Stephen Cole, head of careers strategy, CITB
                            salaries across all sectors, there are truly plenty of

                                                                                                                             The Grade I listed Humber
                                                                                                                             Bridge is the eighth longest
                                                                                                                             single-span suspension
                                                                                                                             bridge in the world.
With thanks to Go Construct and CITB

                                                                                              TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers

     Contents                                         Welcome to your future                                    Which job role?
                                                      Your choice of careers................................4   Five steps to the right career ..................14
                                                      Your choice of career routes ......................6      How the construction industry works ....16
                                                                                                                The different construction job roles ........19
                                                                                                                The crafts and trades ..............................22
                                                      Which route?                                              The engineering industries ......................24
                                                      Quiz: which route is best for you? ............9          The different engineering job roles ........27
                                                      Thinking about apprenticeships? ..........10              Property defined ......................................33
                                                      Thinking about university?......................12        The different property job roles ..............34
         12 THINKING ABOUT UNIVERSITY?                                                                          Professional qualifications explained ....38
                                                                                                                Seen a career you like?............................39


                                                                                                                                          39 SEEN A
                                                                                                                                          CAREER YOU LIKE?

    TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers

                                       Career stories from                                         Applying to uni
                                       students and apprentices                                    Brighten up your uni
                                                                                                   personal statement..................................48
                                       My site management degree
                                       apprenticeship ........................................40   Your interview blueprint
                                                                                                   – what to expect ......................................49
                                       My bricklaying apprenticeship ................41
                                       My property surveying degree                                Apprenticeship applications
                                       apprenticeship ........................................41
                                       My architecture degree course ..............43
                                                                                                   and interviews
                                       My nuclear engineering degree                               Preparing your application toolkit ..........50
                                       apprenticeship ........................................43   The foundations of a strong CV................52
                                       My quantity surveying degree                                The key to a well-crafted covering letter..54                    33 PROPERTY DEFINED
                                       apprenticeship ........................................44   Get up to speed with application forms ..55
                                       My civil engineering apprenticeship ......44                Sparkle at interviews and
                                       My building services engineering                            assessment days ....................................56
                                       degree apprenticeship ............................47        A–Z of organisations who want to hear
                                       My electrical fitting apprenticeship ........47             from you....................................................58
With thanks to Go Construct and CITB

                                         22 THE CRAFTS
                                         AND TRADES

                                                                                                                                                                    55 GET UP TO SPEED WITH
                                                                                                                                                                    APPLICATION FORMS

                                                                                                                                          TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers
                             Construction is...
                             Saying ‘I helped build that!’. Designing and
                             building the ‘built’ environment around us:
                             the tallest skyscrapers, state-of-the-art
                             football stadiums, homes for people to
                             live in and so on.
                                                               See page 16
                                                               for more about
                                                               construction careers      The Al Wakrah Stadium for the
                                                                                         2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
                                                                                         With thanks to Barratt London

                            WELCOME TO YOUR FUTURE

                     Your choice of
                             Engineering is...
                             Problem solving. Designing, creating
                             and fixing many of the items that make
                             our lives easier – from smartphones
                             and satellites to cars
                             and medicines.            See page 24
                                                              for more about
                                                              engineering careers
     With thanks to AECOM

                                       Engineers working on the Drumbeg Drive
                                       wastewater pumping station in Northern Ireland.

    TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers
The Crossrail                                                                             5
                                                              project in London.

                                       With thanks to AECOM                                                            With thanks to Mott MacDonald

                                                               With thanks to Turner & Townsend
The San Francisco skyline, including
the Transamerica Pyramid.
                                                                                                  Property is...
                                                                                                  Increasing the value of land
                                                                                                  and real estate. From houses
                                                                                                  and offices to farmland and
                                                                                                  wind farms, property
                                                                                                  professionals work to ensure
                                                                                                  that land and
                                                                                                  property         See page 33
                                                                                                  make money. for more about
                                                                                                                   property careers

                                                                                   TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers

        Your choice of                                                         caree
                                                             Your options at

                                                     Finish key stage 4
                                                                     PAGE 10
           Apprenticeship                                                      Stay in education
           You can complete an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship.        You can go to a sixth form or further
           You will study part time while working for an employer. All your    education college and study:
           training is paid for and you get paid too.
                                                                               • A levels.
           Intermediate (level 2) apprenticeships                              • Vocational qualifications,
                                                                                   eg an NVQ in engineering.
           • Entry requirements vary – from no GCSEs to five GCSEs.
           • The end qualification you receive is equivalent to five GCSEs
             or an NVQ level 2.
           • For jobs such as electricians, bricklayers, mechanics and
           • Lasts one to four years.

           Advanced (level 3) apprenticeships                                  This can lead to...
           • Entry requirements vary – typically five GCSEs A*–D or 9–3.       • An entry-level job, eg building
           • The end qualification you receive is equivalent to two                surveying technician.
             A levels or an NVQ level 3.
                                                                               •   A higher apprenticeship or
           • For jobs such as bricklayers and maintenance engineers, civil         alternative school leaver training
             engineers, aerospace modellers and instrument fitters.                programme.
           • Lasts one to four years.
                                                                               •   University – HNC/HND/BEng/
                                                                                   MEng/BSc qualification.

           This can lead to...
           • A job (either with the same employer or a different one).
           • Another, higher level apprenticeship or qualification
               (if an employer supports you).

    TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers

r routes
                                                    Your options at

                                               Finish key stage 5
                                      PAGE 10                               PAGE 11                                  PAGE 12
 Apprenticeship                                        School leaver                             University
 The traditional apprenticeship option is the higher   training programme                        You can study a degree
 apprenticeship, in which you’ll work full time for                                              qualification full or part time.
                                                       Some employers offer
 an employer with dedicated time for studying.                                                   • Entry requirements vary – all
                                                       alternatives to apprenticeships
 However, employers are now also offering degree                                                   ask for a number of UCAS
                                                       for A level students who don’t
 apprenticeships. With an apprenticeship, your                                                     points, some require specific
                                                       want to study full time at
 training is paid for and you get a salary too.
                                                       university. These are similar to            subjects and some won’t
                                                       apprenticeships, but are                    accept general studies or
 Higher (level 4) apprenticeships                      customised to the employer                  critical thinking A levels.
 • Entry requirements vary – usually two               rather than having to follow
                                                       apprenticeship frameworks.                • Fees cost up to £9,250
   A levels and five GCSEs.
                                                       These employer training                     a year for UK students. Can
 • The end qualification is equivalent to an NVQ       schemes usually involve you                 be funded by a student loan,
   level 4 or a foundation degree/HNC/HND.
                                                       studying for a degree while                 bursaries or through an
 • For jobs such as designers, construction            working for the employer; the               employer.
   managers and engineers – but you’ll have less       employer pays all (or most) of
   responsibility than if you’d got a degree.          your fees.
                                                                                                 • Courses typically last three
                                                                                                   or four years, plus an
 Degree (level 6) apprenticeships                                                                  optional work experience
                                                                                                   placement year.
 • Complete a degree and a relevant
   professional qualification.
 • Typically lasts three to six years.                  This can lead to...
 • Entry requirements vary – usually
   two A levels and five GCSEs.                         • A job.                                  This can lead to...
 • For jobs such as engineers, architectural
   assistants, quantity surveyors and site                                                        • A graduate scheme or
   managers.                                                                                         graduate-level job, which
                                                                                                     often includes management

                                                                                                  • Further study.
 This can lead to...
 • A job (with your employer or a different one).
 • University (for higher apprentices).

                                                                   TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
Construction, Engineering & Property 2019 - TARGETcareers

Match your interests to
UK university courses.

Take part online at

Which route is best for you?
What would suit you best: university, apprenticeship or training programme?
Our quiz can help you work it out. Choose the statement you most agree with.

               A                                                                  B
      I enjoy the learning                                                I am keen to
  environment and am looking                                           enter the workplace
    forward to student life.                                             straight away.

         I enjoy learning
        in the classroom.
                                          2                               I enjoy learning
                                                                           through doing.

       I don’t want to work                                           I feel able to combine
        full time and have
          to study on top.                3                             full-time work with
                                                                         part-time study.

     I want higher earning                                             I want to earn some
   potential in the long term,
   even if I have student debt
       in the short term.
                                          4                            money straight away
                                                                       and I don’t want any
                                                                          student debt.

   I want to be in a position to                                     I don’t mind working my
     be offered management
      opportunities virtually
          straight away.
                                          5                          way up to management

      Mostly             You might                   Mostly
                                                                            You might
                     want to explore...                                  want to explore...
       As?          University courses                Bs?              Apprenticeships or
                    and full-time study                               training programmes
                            SEE PAGE 12                                         SEE PAGE 10

                                               TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
                                WHICH ROUTE?

                                Thinking about

                                             pprenticeships and school
                                             leaver training programmes
                                             offer you the chance to
                                             develop your skills and
                                             work towards qualifications
                                while earning money in a real job.
                                They are a tried and tested way to
                                start your career, but you need to
                                know what you are signing up to.

                                What’s involved?
                                Apprenticeships allow you to work in
                                an entry-level job while getting trained
                                up. For example, you might spend one >

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

day a week at a further education                                                       • apply to a training provider who
college or training centre. You can
                                                       ou t m ore at                       will then place you with an
gain vocational and technical                     Find
                                                                      k                    employer. Training providers can be

qualifications and improve your                                                            private businesses, charities or, like
functional skills (for example, in                                                         CITB, professional bodies.
maths and English). Some                                                                     The application process can involve
employers provide training in                                                           filling in a form, sending in a CV, one
business skills too.                                                                    or more interviews, an assessment
   Apprenticeships can be found in a      you’ll need an employer’s cooperation         centre and online tests (eg for
huge number of different areas – from     to do so: they may want you to                numeracy). See pages 50–57 for advice
crafts such as stonemasonry to aspects    perform the job you’ve been trained in.       on applying.
of project management. An                 If you have managerial ambitions, the         1
                                                                                            Figures correct as of April 2019.
apprenticeship will train you to do a     quickest way to fulfil them may be
specific role and it may be hard to       through a degree, either through
change that role later on. See pages      joining a graduate scheme after going               The pros and cons
6–7 for an outline of the different       to university or by finding an
                                                                                               You can earn, learn and work at the
types of apprenticeship available.        apprenticeship that includes a degree.
                                                                                                 same time, and you won’t have
   You may also start working
                                          Applying for apprenticeships                                 any student debt.
towards a ‘professional qualification’
during or after your apprenticeship.      Deadlines for apprenticeships depend
These tell clients and employers that     on the employer: for example, some
you are trained to ‘industry standard’    close in January, some in May and
and are an important step in              others are open all year. There are
                                                                                               A job is not guaranteed at the end
construction, engineering and property    three ways to apply, you can:
                                                                                                      of an apprenticeship.
professionals’ careers. See page 38 to    • apply directly to an employer
find out more.                               offering apprenticeships (see the
                                             A–Z of organisations from page 58)
Cashing in                                • apply via a further education college
As of April 2019 the minimum wage is
                                                                                                Balancing the demands of work
£3.90 per hour for apprentices aged
16–18 or for those aged 19 or over in     Training programmes                                       and study can be hard.
their first year. After the first year,
apprentices aged 19 or over are paid       Training programmes (also called school
the national minimum wage, which           leaver programmes) are schemes run
changes depending on your age: £6.15       by employers that usually involve
                                                                                               Graduates may start with a higher
if aged 19–20, £7.70 if 21–24 or £8.21     studying for a qualification while
                                                                                              salary and more responsibility than
if aged 25 or over.1 However, many         working for the employer. You typically
                                                                                                a more experienced apprentice.
employers pay more than the                apply by contacting an employer
minimum wage: see the A–Z of               directly. These are similar to
organisations from page 58.                apprenticeships, but they do not have
                                           to meet specific criteria set by the
What happens afterwards?                   government.
                                                                                                    You could go on to take
Most employers will try to keep you           The names ‘training programme’
                                                                                                higher qualifications after your
on in a job after your apprenticeship.     and ‘apprenticeship’ may be used
However, this might not always be          interchangeably. For example, an
possible. If this is the case, you will    employer’s training programme may
typically have qualifications and years    include an apprenticeship. The most
of work experience that will help you      important thing is to look at the skills,
find a job with another employer.          qualifications and pay an employer is
                                                                                                  You study the qualifications
   An apprentice could progress to a       offering, rather than the name of the
                                                                                                 your employer wants you to –
higher level apprenticeship, a training    scheme.
                                                                                                       you don’t choose.
programme or a university course. But

                                                                     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
         WHICH ROUTE?

         Thinking about university?
                                                       What to expect                                   Funding university

                      oing to university is a
                      popular choice and an            Around 25–40% of your time will be               If you are a UK national, you will pay
                      established way for              spent in lectures, seminars and                  a maximum of £9,250 a year for
                      academically-minded              tutorials, but the rest of your time will        tuition fees. You’ll also need to factor
                      people to accelerate their       be spent doing independent study:                in living expenses. You can get loans
         careers. But, with tuition fees to            check out for the ratios          to cover the costs of tuition and
         consider, you need to know which              of specific courses. You’ll be assessed          living (maintenance) costs – the
         course and university are right for           through exams, presentations,                    student finance calculator on
         you and how to make the most of               extended essays and/or research                  tells you how much you could get.
         your time at university.                      projects. You’ll also be encouraged to           You pay back your loan in
                                                       apply for work experience with                   instalments after graduating and only
         The qualifications explained                  employers during the holidays and/or             when you earn over £25,000 in
         Universities offer undergraduate and          a placement year.                                England and Wales or £18,330 in
         postgraduate qualifications that can             Construction, engineering and                 Scotland and Northern Ireland. There
         be studied full time, part time or            property courses are more practical              are other ways to fund your studies.
         online. Most undergraduate degrees            than other degrees, but they are still           Check out the sections below.
         are bachelor degrees, usually taken           theory based. Engineering students, for
         after A levels.                               example, learn a lot of maths. If you            Employer sponsorship
            On graduating, construction and            prefer a more practical approach,                Many employers will pay for your
         property students typically become            perhaps investigate apprenticeships or           studies in return for you working for
         bachelors of science (BSc).                   training programmes.                             them during holidays and after
         Engineering students can become                                                                graduation. Some employers will offer
         either bachelors of engineering (BEng)        Choosing a course and university                 this before you start university; many
         or masters in engineering (MEng) –            Consider:                                        more will offer this to second-years
         this is technically an undergraduate          • the reputation of the university for           who have completed a work placement
         qualification, but is equivalent to a           the subject                                    with them. See the A–Z of
         postgraduate masters degree.                  • whether the course is accredited by            organisations starting from page 58 to
         Postgraduate qualifications are taken           relevant professional bodies                   see who offers sponsorship.
         after bachelor qualifications.                • whether tutors/lecturers are involved
            There are shorter undergraduate              in cutting-edge research or have               Bursaries and scholarships
         courses that offer recognised, but              worked in industry                             There are a number of bursaries and
         lesser, qualifications: higher national       • the range of modules and projects              scholarships available – which you
         certificates (HNCs), higher national          • the relationships the department and           don’t need to pay back – but you’ll
         diplomas (HNDs) and foundation                  careers service have with employers            need to search for them. Look at the
         degrees. They are offered by further          • facilities, including laboratories,            websites of individual universities and
         education colleges in addition to               computer-aided design software,                professional institutions (see page 38
         universities. You can progress to               access to journals and case study              for institutions’ websites).
         a bachelor degree from these courses;           materials
         sometimes students take them if they          • other general factors, such as the             After your degree
         have insufficient UCAS points for               social life on offer, whether it’s a           Unless you’ve been sponsored by an
         a bachelor course.                              campus or city university and your             employer, university does not
                                                         gut feeling!                                   guarantee you a job. You’ll need to
         The courses on offer                          Don’t just rely on university                    apply for graduate-level jobs. If you
         There are many undergraduate                  prospectuses and websites to find these          graduate in July and want to start
         subjects available – browse courses           things out: go along to open days and            work in October, you should apply in
         at and          ask course leaders and students.                 the first term of your final year.
         You can study either one subject in
         depth (single honours) or study two
         (joint or combined honours).
                                                                                 Sponsored degrees
             The vast majority of courses in
         construction, engineering and
                                                          If you want to get a degree while earning money, a sponsored degree or degree
         property include the opportunity to
                                                          apprenticeship may be for you. You will likely work full time for an employer and
         take a ‘placement’ year (where you
                                                          attend university in week- or month-long ‘blocks’, so you may not experience ‘typical
         spend a year working for an
                                                          student life’. Your tuition fees will be paid for by an employer, but you may be required
                                                          to study a particular course or at a particular university.

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

                          The pros and cons

        The median salary of a                        Joining a graduate scheme
        graduate aged 21–30 is                        can be a quicker way into
        £5,000 higher than for a                      management than an
        non-graduate the same                         apprenticeship.                          Qualification      Typical length
        age.1                                                                                                     (full time)
                                                      It may enable you to study
                                                                                               HNC (level 4)      One year
        It can be expensive and                       for a higher level professional
        you may end up with                           qualification while on the job,          HND (level 5)      Two years
        student debt, but it can be                   leading to higher status and             Foundation         Two years
        paid for via sponsorship                      salaries. This isn’t always              degree (level 5)
        or bursaries.                                 the case for apprentices.                BSc, BEng          Three years
        A job isn’t guaranteed after                  A degree is a passport into              (level 6)          + optional
        university, but you’ll have                   many careers, not just the                                  one-year
        a dedicated careers team                      subject you are studying –
        to help you find one.                         great if you change your                 MEng (level 7) Four years
                                                      career plans.                                               + optional
1   According to the Department for Education’s
    Graduate Labour Market Statistics: 2017 report.

                                                                         TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
         WHICH JOB ROLE?

         Five steps to
         the right career                                                                               STEP THREE:

                                                                                                        your skills
         Follow the steps below to help you think                                                       Now think about what skills you’ve
         about which job is right for you.                                                              needed for each of your subjects and
                                                                                                        activities. For example, if you play
                                                                                                        rugby, you will have turned up on time
                                                                                                        for the match and for training (time
                                                                                                        management), been a team player
                                                                                                        (teamwork) and talked through game
                                                                                                        plans with your team (communication).
                                                         STEP TWO:                                      If you’re not sure what skills you’ve
                                                         Work out what                                  used, ask your teachers, family, friends
                                                                                                        and coaches for their suggestions.
                                                         you enjoy                                          General skills, such as
                                                                                                        communication, time management and
                                                         For each activity or subject, think about      teamwork, are needed for every
                                                         what you enjoy – and what you don’t            construction, engineering or property
                                                         enjoy. If you’re studying physics, do you      job, but some jobs require specific
                                                         like conducting experiments but dislike        skills and qualities. For example,
             STEP ONE:                                   memorising formulas? Or, if you’re             architects need to be able to draw and
             Make a list                                 studying history, do you like going on
                                                         field trips but dislike writing essays?
                                                                                                        scaffolders can’t be afraid of heights.

             Make a list of your school/college          If you play football, do you like working in
             subjects and extracurricular                a team but wish you could be indoors?
             activities. You could create your list      Or, if you play a musical instrument, do
             by drawing a mind map on a huge             you like learning new pieces but dislike
             piece of paper or you can use an app.       practising scales? Considering your likes
             Then follow steps two and three to          and dislikes will help you find a job that
             help you write down the things you          you love.
             like about each subject or activity
             and the different skills you need to
             take part in them.

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
                                                         STEP FIVE:
                                                         Use our career-matching tool
                                                         Now you’ve completed your list and thought about your priorities, use our
STEP FOUR:                                               career-matching tool opposite to start your search for the right job. It will
Decide what’s                                            direct you to overviews of job roles that you might enjoy and be good at.
                                                            Moving forward, when you are reading up on potential jobs, refer back to
most important                                           your list and think about whether the job is a match for your skills and
Think about which of your likes and
skills on the list are the most
important to you. This will help
you figure out what your priorities
are when choosing your career.

                                                                                                                     d ou t m ore at
 If you like...                                           If you like...                                             If you want a...

designing...                                             being in charge...                                         green career...
Consider:                                                All jobs can lead to management,                           Roles where you’ll have a
Architecture 19                                                                particular focus on minimising our
                                                         but if you want to start off as
Building services engineering                                                                                       environmental impact include:
  (design roles) 19
                                                         a manager, consider:
                                                         Civil/structural/geotechnical                              All construction jobs..........pages 19–21
Engineering (design roles) 28                                                                            Automotive engineering 28
                                                         engineering (on site) 20
Landscape architecture 20                                                                          Chemical engineering 29
                                                         Property surveying 35
                                                                                                                    Environmental engineering 30
 If you like getting...                                  Site 21
                                                                                                                    Manufacturing engineering 30
                                                          If you want to be...                                      Planning 35
the best deal...
                                                                                                                     If you want to...
Consider:                                                out and about
Estate agency 34
Manufacturing engineering 30                all day...                                                 work with
Property surveying 35
Quantity surveying 21
                                                         Consider:                                                  your hands...
                                                         Building services engineering 19
                                                         Building surveying 34             Consider:
 If you like...                                                                                                     Construction crafts and
                                                            engineering (on site) 20                 skilled trades 22
interpreting rules...                                    Engineering (depending on                                  Motor vehicle technician 28
Consider:                                                   the industry and employer) 28
Architectural technology 19               Estate agency 34         Keep your list to hand
Building services engineering 19                  Planning 35
                                                         Property surveying 35               Don’t just complete this list and forget
Building surveying 34                                                                        you ever made it. When you are ready
Estate agency 34      Quantity surveying (on site) 21
                                                                                                                      to apply to university or for
Manufacturing (process)                                  Site 21
                                                                                                                      apprenticeships, you’ll need to be
  engineering 30                                                                     prepared with evidence of your skills
Planning 35                                                                and interests. Your list will help you
Property surveying 35                                                                        jog your memory .

                                                                                           TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
         WHICH JOB ROLE?

         How the construction
         industry works
         Different organisations work together to build a project. Here’s how...

          1   It starts with the client                 2   The client then hires consultants
         ...who decides something should be            ...who will advise them on matters        • civil, structural, mechanical and
         built. They might be a property               relating to the design, cost and any         electrical engineering employers.
         development company, a local                  regulations. The client could employ      Consultants then look after the design
         authority, a central government               several consultancies or one              phase of the project – they design the
         department, a private business                consultancy to advise on everything.      structure and work out how much that
         or an individual.                             Either way, one consultant                design will cost to build. Once this has
            The client decides what they want          organisation will often oversee the       been established, they decide which
         to build, the timeframe in which it           project on behalf of the client.          construction contractor should do the
         should be built and how much it                  Consultant organisations include:      construction work. Contractors have to
         should cost.                                  • architecture practices                  ‘bid’ for the work – put forward case for
                                                       • cost consultancy (quantity              why they are the best company to carry
                                                          surveying) employers                   out the work and state their price.

          1 The traditional process                     2 Working for a consultancy              • You work office hours (typically
         The flowchart above shows the                 If you work at a consultancy, your          8.30 am to 6.00 pm) but may have
         typical process of how a                      work will be on the design phase. Civil     to work longer hours close to a
         construction project gets built, but          engineers make sure that the technical      deadline.
         some larger firms offer                       details on plans will work and quantity   • You usually work on a number of
         a design-and-build service where              surveyors price up how much the             projects at the same time.
         they take on the typical work of a            design would cost. As a consultant:       • As you work on a project in its early
         consultant and a contractor. Large            • You work in an office...                  stages, it may be years before you
         projects can take years to get from           • sometimes get to visit sites       see the finished project
         the initial idea to being fully                  and occasionally you could be            in operation.
         completed.                                       ‘seconded’ (sent) to work on a site.

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

                     ou t m ore at

3  Contractors carry out                  ...but may get subcontractors to help
the construction work...                  If there is work involved in the              • reinforced concrete works
Once the contractor has won the           project that needs specialist skills          • structural steelwork
work, construction begins on site.        or knowledge, the contractor might            • work on the foundations
They ensure the project is built to the   offer the work to specialist                  • plumbing and electrical work.
agreed quality, budget and                organisations that have more                  Subcontractors tend to be smaller,
timeframe. They take instructions         expertise in specific areas. Typical          local employers. They work in
about the design from the design          tasks that might be given to                  similar conditions to contractors.
consultancy and run any design-           subcontractors include:
related problems past them.

3 Working for a contractor                          What else do you need to know?
Job roles with contractors include
site managers, civil engineers,           A project could be a ‘new build’, a            employers are more likely to work in a
quantity surveyors, and trades or         renovation or a refurbishment. It can          particular region. Consultants are also
crafts people. As one of these:           cover anything in the built environment        more likely to stay in their local area, but
• You work on site (or from a             around us, for example:                        may need to travel to visit sites.
   temporary office on site) in all       •  houses, office blocks, warehouses,
                                             factories and hospitals
                                                                                             If you work for an international
                                                                                         employer, you might get to work abroad
• Depending on the project, you           •  train stations and airports                 – although you may need to get a few
   might need to work shifts or           •  roads, railways, bridges and tunnels        years’ experience under your belt first.
   overnight.                             •  piers, dams and coastal defences            If this is the case, the company usually
• Working hours are longer out            •  nuclear power plants and other
                                             generators of energy.
                                                                                         pays for your accommodation.
   on site (typically 7.30 am to
   6.00 pm) and you may need to                                                          Know your markets
   work longer hours if things get        Relocation, relocation, relocation...          Larger construction companies specialise
   behind schedule.                       or commute                                     in particular ‘markets’ or sectors – for
• You typically work on one               Don’t be surprised if you have to relocate     example, they might offer civil and
   project at a time.                     for the job or face a long commute. This is    structural engineering services for
• You get to see things being built       more likely if you work for a contractor,      healthcare projects. Some work in a range
   before your very eyes.                 as you’ll be expected to go to where the       of sectors while other companies provide
                                          projects are. If you work for a national       expertise in just one or two areas. Many
                                          employer, the project can be anywhere          construction professionals specialise in
                                          across the country but smaller                 a particular type of project over time.

                                                                      TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
                               YOUR CAREER

                               Start your career at an
                               award winning employer
                               where training, on-the-job
                               qualifications and
                               progression are built
                               from the ground up.

                               Apply now at

Above all, it’s about people
The Rio 2016                                                                                                    19
                                              Olympic Park.

and technicians

                                                                                                                                       With thanks to AECOM
Architects design buildings that are
safe, attractive and as environmentally
friendly as possible. They stay involved
throughout the construction process,
adapting their plans if the budget,
environmental factors or client’s
wishes change. They are assisted by          (either as a university student or as an    designing, implementing and
architectural technologists and              apprentice) before you can apply.           maintaining: air conditioning,
technicians.                                     Most architectural                      elevators, telecoms systems, electricity
    Architectural technologists ensure       technologists have studied a three-year     supplies and lighting, water supplies
that the technical aspects of a design       degree approved by the Chartered            and heating.
work and comply with regulations.            Institute of Architectural Technologists
They work in a similar role to civil         (CIAT). Most architectural technologist     Routes in
engineers in that way. Architectural         courses do not request specific subjects    You can become a building services
technologists may also be hired to           at A level (or equivalent), although the    engineer through an apprenticeship or
oversee a project from start to finish.      CIAT recommends you choose science,         a degree. If you have GCSEs (or
Technicians help prepare drawings,           technology and/or construction              equivalent), you can choose to
compile technical information such as        subjects.                                   complete an advanced apprenticeship,
surveys, and help put together                   Technicians have typically studied      become an engineering technician and
proposals and contracts.                     an HND/HNC before applying for a            work your way up to become a
    Most architects, technologists and       job, but there are a few                    chartered engineer, the highest
technicians work in architectural            apprenticeships available. With further     qualified type of engineer (see page 27).
practices; many experienced architects       study, they can become technologists.       Apprenticeships may specialise in a
and technologists set up their own.                                                      specific area, such as design or heating
There are a few vacancies with large           A good choice if...                       and ventilation.
construction employers and in the                                                           The quickest way to become a
public sector.                                • You are good at freehand drawing.        chartered engineer is through an MEng

Routes in
                                              • You are creative.                        degree or a BEng with a postgraduate
                                              • You can get your head around maths.      qualification. This can be in building
Most architects go to university. It takes
seven years in total and includes an
                                              • information
                                                You can get to grips with detailed
                                                            on building regulations.
                                                                                         services engineering or a related subject
                                                                                         (such as mechanical engineering or
undergraduate degree approved by the                                                     electrical engineering) that is accredited
Royal Institute of British Architects                                                    by a relevant professional body such as
(know as ‘part 1’), your part 2                                                          the Chartered Institution of Building
qualification – usually an MArch degree                                                  Services Engineers, the Institution of
– and two years of work placements.          Building services                           Mechanical Engineers or the Institution
Useful A level subjects include                                                          of Engineering and Technology. You
art/graphic design, geography, maths         engineer                                    may be able to get a MEng or BEng
and physics. Many universities want a                                                    through a degree apprenticeship.
combination of arts and sciences.            Building services engineers see that a         Maths, physics, chemistry and IT
    You can do an architectural              building has more than walls and a          are good A level (or equivalent) subject
assistant or architect degree                roof. They are responsible for the          choices.
apprenticeship but, as these routes          electrical, mechanical, utility and
were only introduced in July 2018,           telecoms systems in new building. In             A good choice if...
there aren’t too many on offer. You’ll       short, they take a new building from
need A levels to do the architectural
assistant apprenticeship. You’ll work
                                             being an empty shell to being a
                                             comfortable living space that meets
                                                                                          • You want to be at the forefront of
                                                                                            technological development – building
towards your part 1 qualification, so        health and safety regulations.                   services engineers work with the
you’ll need to commit to further study           Depending on the type of employer            most up-to-date ‘building services
to then become an architect. The             you work for, you could be responsible           intelligence’ technology.
architect degree apprenticeship
involves working towards a part 2
                                             for designing systems, implementing
                                             systems on site or maintaining and
                                                                                          •   You like getting into the nitty gritty
                                                                                              of design or making designs work in
qualification, so you need to have           repairing systems in an up-and-                  the real world.
completed the part 1 qualification           running building. You could work on

                                                                      TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

         Civil, structural                                                                                   Landscape
         and geotechnical                                                                                    architects
         engineers                                                                                           Landscape architects aim to improve
                                                                                                             the quality of the environment by
         Civil and structural engineers design,                                                              designing and managing the open
         build and maintain the constructed                                                                  spaces around us. They combine
         world around us: bridges, tunnels,                                                                  artistic skills with knowledge of
         roads, railways, dams, pipelines,                                                                   human activity and the natural
         buildings, power plants, offshore wind                                                              environment to design public areas in
         facilities and so on. They ensure the                                                               towns, cities and the countryside. They
         technical detail in architects’ plans will                                                          use computer-aided design packages to
         work in practice. They often specialise                                                             model and experiment with designs;
         in a type of project, such as highways.                                                             visit, survey and analyse sites that
         Structural engineers have particular                                                                could be developed; draw up plans for
         responsibility for ensuring that the          foundations or slopes are stable,                     how the space will be developed in the
         structure (inner-framework) of the            designing foundations and overseeing                  longer term; help to protect and
         project holds up, even in bad weather.        work on a construction site.                          conserve the environment; deal with
                                                                                                             clients; and work alongside other
         Consultants vs contractors                    Your options                                          construction professionals.
         If you work for a construction or             There are some structural engineering                     Landscape architects tend to work
         engineering consultant – who designs          degrees but it’s more common to study                 for specialist landscape architectural
         and plans projects – you will be              civil engineering or civil and structural             practices, environmental consultancies,
         working on the technical aspects of           engineering. Most geotechnical                        transport planners and large
         designs, using computer-aided design          engineering degrees are at postgraduate               engineering consultancies. There are
         packages. If you work for a                   level. Most apprenticeships are in the                also a few vacancies in the public
         construction or engineering contractor        field of civil engineering but you may                sector.
         – who builds the project – you’ll make        cover structural or geotechnical
         sure that the design is implemented           engineering too. Useful A levels (or                  Do you need a degree?
         properly. If you work for a public            equivalent) are maths, physics, geography,            To become a landscape architect, you
         sector organisation or utilities supplier,    ICT, languages, art and design.                       need to study a degree approved by the
         you’ll help to investigate the need for                                                             Landscape Institute. This is usually a
         public services, such as roads, and              A good choice if...                                three-year undergraduate degree plus a
         maintain them. See page 27 for more                                                                 one-year postgraduate diploma in
         information on how to start your
         engineering career.
                                                         • You can draw basic sketches – you
                                                           don’t have to be an artist.
                                                                                                             landscape architecture. But if you
                                                                                                             complete an undergraduate degree in a

         Building foundations
                                                         • You like knowing the technical details
                                                           of how things work (for jobs with
                                                                                                             subject such as art, geography or
                                                                                                             horticulture you can do a postgraduate
         If structural engineering takes your              consultancies).                                   ‘conversion’ masters lasting up to two
         fancy, consider geotechnical
         engineering too. Geotechnical
                                                         • You’d like to work on site instead of in
                                                           an office (for jobs with contractors).
                                                                                                             years. Most universities do not specify
                                                                                                             A level (or equivalent) requirements
         engineers are responsible for
         structures’ foundations, assessing data
                                                         • You want to be able to say ‘I helped
                                                           build that!’
                                                                                                             but the Landscape Institute suggests
                                                                                                             that the following subjects would be
         from the field, finding ways to ensure                                                              good choices: art, design, graphics,
                                                                                                             chemistry, physics, biology, geography,
          An artist’s impression of                                                                          English, technology, ICT or history.
          Cherrybrook Station, part                                                                          Some universities may ask you to have
          of the new Sydney Metro.                                                                           art to at least GCSE level. The
                                                                                                             Landscape Institute is currently
                                                                                                             looking to develop landscape

                                                                                                               A good choice if...

                                                                                                              • You are creative.
                                                                                                              • You are good at art and biology.
                                                                                                              • You like the outdoors.
                                                                                                              • environment.
                                                                                                                You want  to help protect the

                                                                          With thanks to Turner & Townsend

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

Quantity                                    equivalents). They’ll then pay for you        based on site. As with any job role on
                                            to study an HND or bachelors                  site, you may have to work night and
surveyors                                   qualification while working for them.         weekend shifts, and hours can be long:
                                                                                          a 40-hour week is normal and you
Quantity surveyors (QSs) are also             A good choice if...                         will probably have to work overtime
known as cost consultants, commercial                                                     as deadlines approach.
managers, cost managers or cost              • You’re good at maths.
                                                                                          Routes in
engineers. But whatever you’re called,
your role is to help a construction
                                             • buy or good
                                                            at figuring out the best
                                                                                          You can start out as an assistant
project to make a profit. You’ll keep a
close eye on how much everything
                                             • You like keeping track of systems
                                               and pay attention to detail.
                                                                                          manager if you have studied a
                                                                                          construction or project management
costs (the materials, the time taken and
the workers’ salaries) and make
                                             • You like people.                           degree approved by the Chartered
                                                                                          Institute of Building, or another closely
payments.                                                                                 related subject such as civil
    If you work for a construction or                                                     engineering. A few employers might
QS consultancy – which looks after the                                                    hire you with a different degree and
‘design’ stage of the project – you’ll be   Site managers                                 sponsor you through a postgraduate
based in an office. You’ll spend most                                                     course.
of your time working out how much           Construction site managers ensure                The quickest way to get into
different designs cost. If you work for     things get done on a construction site.       management via an apprenticeship
a contractor – which builds the project     They make sure that the building              route is to complete a higher or degree
– you’ll be based in an office on a         work is finished on time, within              apprenticeship, for which you’ll either
construction site. You might help to        budget and to a high standard. They           need A levels (or equivalent), an
choose which materials to buy, be out       organise schedules of work, manage            advanced apprenticeship in something
on site checking completed work,            workers and deal with issues such as          like construction site supervision or
track the materials used or pay             health and safety, logistics and the          experience in the industry.
subcontractors for their work.              effects of the building work on
                                            members of the public. On larger and            A good choice if...
Do you need a degree?                       more complicated projects, an
Employers will want you to gain an          experienced site manager will have a           • You like to take charge.
undergraduate or postgraduate degree        number of assistant managers, each             • You can make decisions quickly.
that has been approved by the Royal         looking after one part of the project          • You like
                                                                                             You      solving problems.
Institution of Chartered Surveyors or       (or package), such as the foundations.         • You are  organised.
the Chartered Institute of Building. But
some will hire you onto an                  Working hours
                                                                                           • and don’t  want to work in an office –
                                                                                                  you don’t mind being out in all
apprenticeship or trainee scheme with       Site managers typically work for                  weathers.
GCSEs and/or A levels (or                   construction contractors and are

                                                                                                                                      With thanks to Go Construct and CITB

  An aerial view of the
 Tottenham Court Road
 station upgrade.

                                                                       TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
         WHICH JOB ROLE?

         The crafts and trades
         For those who prefer working with their hands to book learning.

                                                       Brickwork                                   Demolition

                f you choose a career in one of
                the traditional construction
                crafts or skilled trades, you can      Brickwork is probably the most well-        You need to be at least 18 to work in
                go straight from sitting your          known and popular construction craft.       demolition, although you typically
                GCSEs to working on site. You          It includes bricklaying as well as          only need GCSEs (or equivalent).
         can complete an intermediate or               stonemasonry, and you can choose to         You’ll usually start off as a demolition
         advanced apprenticeship. Alternatively,       specialise in one or both of these areas.   operative and there’ll be lots of power
         you can take a vocational qualification       As a bricklayer, you’ll work as part of     tools to use and crane-based work to
         at college and then find an entry-level       a ‘brickwork gang’ to trim bricks and       do. So, it’s essential you have a head
         job. You could find work with large           shape natural stone, lay bricks, apply      for heights and an awareness of health
         construction employers, smaller               mortar and check the courses are            and safety. You’ll spend your days
         specialist employers or within the            straight. There could be several gangs      blowing up or pulling down disused or
         public sector. Many experienced trades        on site, depending on the size of the       unattractive buildings, as well as
         and crafts people work for themselves.        project.                                    clearing the site and removing debris,
         Here are some of the main crafts or               Stonemasonry is a traditional yet       rubbish and hazardous waste. You
         trades open to you.                           increasingly uncommon skill, but it’s       might specialise in preparing the site
                                                       essential to our heritage and great if      for demolition (for example, putting
                                                       you like history. Stonemasons – who         up rails and laying dustsheets),
                                                       create and restore stonework on             removing fittings and dismantling
                                                       buildings and other structures – might      roofs, or cutting steel frameworks and
                                                       specialise in curving, laying or fixing.    removing fragile roofs.

                                                       Carpentry                                   Electrical
                                                       and joinery                                 work
                                                       Carpenters and joiners work together        Electricians (sometimes known as
                                                       to prepare and install the wooden parts     electrical technicians) install and
                                                       of buildings, from floorboards and          repair the electrical systems around us.
                                                       roof trusses to windows and doors.          You might find yourself specialising in
                                                       Typically, a joiner uses drawings to        installation or maintenance, or in a
                                                       prepare the materials and a carpenter       particular area such as highways
                                                       installs them and does any structural       maintenance and street lighting or
                                                       work – but the two roles overlap and        solar panels. You may work in a team
                                                       sometimes one person will do both.          or on your own. You’ll need to be a
                                                       Joinery can be split into two areas: site   logical thinker and problem solver.
                                                       (floors, doors and roofs) and bench         You need a level 3 electrical or
                                                       (counters, kitchens and staircases).        electrotechnical qualification to be an
                                                       You can also specialise in building         electrician. You can do this through an
                                                       temporary supports, which are used to       apprenticeship. Be aware that you may
                                                       hold setting concrete in shape. This is     need to take extra on-the-job
                                                       called formwork or shuttering.              qualifications to ensure you are able to
                                                                                                   carry out tasks such as PAT testing
                                                                                                   (portable appliance testing).

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

Painting and                              Scaffolding and                                       Becoming a
decorating                                steeplejacking                                        card carrier
You will paint and decorate in a range    As a scaffolder, you will put up and          Many construction employers
of environments, from redecorating        take down temporary scaffolding using         want their site workers to gain a
the homes of the rich and famous to       a series of metal tubes (standards),          Construction Skills Certification
applying finishing paint touches to       horizontal poles (ledgers) and wooden
structures such as bridges. You could     working platforms (battens). You’ll
                                                                                        Scheme (CSCS) card, which
choose to specialise in a particular      need a head for heights, good hand-eye        proves that you are trained and
technique such as restoration. Be         coordination and to be resilient to           qualified to do your job properly.
prepared to wear a protective mask        extreme weather.                              You’ll need to demonstrate that
or climb a ladder in order to carry out       Steeplejacks use a variety of systems     you have obtained the
a job.                                    – scaffolding, harnesses, belay rope          appropriate qualification for your
                                          fall-arrest systems, bosun’s chairs and       job and pass an appropriate
                                          abseil equipment – to carry out general
                                          maintenance work and repairs at great
                                                                                        Construction Industry Training
Plumbing                                  heights. As a steeplejack, you will           Board health, safety and
                                                                                        environment test.
                                          work across the main areas of
Plumbers do more than you might           construction, doing tasks such as
think. They design and fix sanitation     repairing masonry and fitting aircraft
systems and leaky pipes, work on          warning lights on tall structures.
heating and air-conditioning systems,                                                     A good choice if...
fit bathrooms, install dishwashers and
more. But they might also work on a                                                     • You are physically fit.
construction site or on tasks such as     Wall and
planning where pipes need to go.                                                        • You don’t mind interacting with
Plumbers can sometimes work               floor covering                                  customers if required.
unsociable hours if asked to deal with
an emergency.                             There are four main careers within this       • You are practical and like
                                          craft: plastering, dry lining, tiling and       working with your hands.
                                          floor fitting/laying. Accuracy and the
                                          ability to work from drawings that            • You don’t want to work in an
                                          someone else has done are core skills.          office – and don’t mind being
                                          You could be doing anything from                out in all weathers.
                                          pebble dashing (as a plasterer) or
                                          applying grout (as a tiler) to improving      • Keeping up to date with building
                                          acoustics (as a dry liner) or re-hanging        and health and safety
                                          doors (as a door fitter).                       regulations wouldn’t bother you.

                                                                    TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
         WHICH JOB ROLE?

         The engineering
         Engineers specialise in different industries. Find out more about them
         and discover which interests you the most.

                                                       Aerospace                                   Chemicals
                                                       WHAT IT IS: flying things... helicopters,   WHAT IT IS: the backbone of
                                                       fighter jets, unmanned vehicles,            industry... oil companies,
                                                       commercial planes, satellites, space        manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, water
                                                       stations, rockets etc.                      treatment companies and more – those
                                                                                                   who use and produce chemicals that
                                                       FACTORS AFFECTING THE                       create products and make factories
                                                       INDUSTRY: world events and conflicts,       and other industrial sites work.
                                                       high levels of regulation, environmental
                                                       concerns, cost and availability of          FACTORS AFFECTING THE
                                                       materials, searches for new fuels.          INDUSTRY: the price of oil, world
                                                                                                   events and conflicts, environmental
                                                       ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:                 concerns.
                                                       aerospace/aeronautical, chemical,
                                                       electrical, electronics, environmental,     ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:
                                                       manufacturing, mechanical, software.*       chemical, civil/structural, electrical,
                                                                                                   environmental, manufacturing,

                                                       WHAT IT IS: all things relating to          Defence
                                                       motor vehicles, from mainstream and
                                                       premium/sports car manufacturers to         WHAT IT IS: equipment, support and
                                                       bus and coach manufacturers. There          services for the armed forces and
                                                       are also lots of other companies            national security, whether that is the
                                                       involved in putting vehicles together.      latest weaponry, military vehicles or
                                                                                                   cyber security. Engineers often work
                                                       FACTORS AFFECTING THE                       at the cutting edge of technology.
         * Always check individual                     INDUSTRY: the increasing reliance on
           employers’ requirements.                    electronics and software, the need to       FACTORS AFFECTING THE
                                                       reduce carbon emissions.                    INDUSTRY: the needs of military
                                                                                                   personnel, military strategy,
                                                       ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:                 costs/budgets, the need to deliver
                                                       aerospace, automotive, chemical,            products/projects quickly.
                                                       electrical, electronics, environmental,
                                                       manufacturing, mechanical, software.*       ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:
                                                                                                   aerospace, automotive, chemical,
                                                                                                   civil/structural, electrical, electronics,
                                                                                                   environmental, manufacturing,
                                                                                                   mechanical, software.*

     TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019

Electronics                                      Fast-moving
WHAT IT IS: smartphones, medical                 consumer goods
scanners, TVs, games consoles,
washing machines, radios, unmanned               (FMCG)
vehicles… the creation of anything
that includes electronic systems.                WHAT IT IS: the manufacturing of
                                                 goods that fly off the production line
FACTORS AFFECTING THE                            only to fly off shop shelves just as
INDUSTRY: the emphasis on safety,                quickly. These tend to be everyday
trends in technology (eg ‘the Internet           products: food, cleaning products,
of Things’ and wireless charging),               cosmetics etc. Thousands of goods can
the changing behaviour/expectations              be produced every minute.
of consumers.
                                                 FACTORS AFFECTING THE
ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:                      INDUSTRY: the need to minimise cost
electrical, electronics, software.*              and wastage, needing to keep
                                                 production moving, environmental

Energy                                           ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:
                                                 aerospace, automotive, chemical,
and power                                        civil/structural, electrical, electronics,
                                                 environmental, manufacturing,
WHAT IT IS: finding energy sources               mechanical, software.*
and generating power… oil, gas, tidal,
wind, solar, nuclear etc. The industry
is divided into generating,
transmitting/distributing, metering and          Marine
sales. Oil and gas generation is divided
into ‘upstream’ (exploring and                   WHAT IT IS: ships and other sea-faring
producing) and ‘downstream’ (refining            vessels or equipment – eg equipment
ready for use).                                  aimed at off-shore and sub-sea
INDUSTRY: accessing dwindling                    FACTORS AFFECTING THE
supplies and harnessing newer sources,           INDUSTRY: designing for a wet, windy,
environmental concerns, world events             salty and unstable environment,
and conflicts.                                   demands for global shipping and
                                                 energy, the need to improve efficiency,
ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:                      environmental concerns.
aerospace, automotive, chemical,
civil/structural, electrical, electronics,       ENGINEERS TYPICALLY NEEDED:
environmental, manufacturing,                    chemical, civil/structural, electrical,
mechanical, software.*                           electronics, environmental,
                                                 manufacturing, mechanical,

                                 i nd ou t more atuk
                                                                             TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE Construction, Engineering & Property 2019
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