COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...

COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
Understand Your Role as…….

   As a Service Unit Cookie Manager, you have the privilege of
 instilling passion and drive in volunteers so they can pass this
along to our girls. You will help them develop an entrepreneurial
   mindset plan by giving them the materials and support they
        need to succeed and teach the girls in their troops.
Your primary responsibilities:

   •   Complete Service Unit Cookie Manager training (dates and times have been emailed)
   •   Set up your troops contact information in eBudde™, the online cookie management
       system. The troop numbers and girl will be uploaded by council. You will want to add
       the leader and the cookie manager information.
   •   Distribute materials and support leaders and troop cookie managers. Make sure you
       provide a training for the leaders and cookie managers.
   •   Encourage troops to enter orders from girl order cards and keep eBudde up to date
       (either on the desktop version or the eBudde™ Troop App Plus).
   •   Monitor your troops cookie pick ups and make sure you are checking in with them.
   •   Guide them when setting up cookie booths.
   •   Make sure all troops cookie booths are put into eBudde™
   •   Constantly be in touch with leaders and cookie managers to see if they are having
       trouble with any parents or have an influx of cookies.
   •   Submit and distribute girl rewards to the troops when they arrive.
   •   If you feel a troop is having any trouble please connect with us! We can help.
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
Understand Your Role as …..

As a Troop Cookie Manager, you have the privilege of
instilling passion and drive in girls so they can achieve their
goals. You will help them develop an entrepreneurial
mindset by giving them the materials and support they need
to succeed.
Your primary responsibilities:
   •    Complete volunteer training (Online with Girl Scouts® Cookie
        VIP eTraining and/or with your Service Unit Cookie Manager).
   •    Make sure all your girls are in eBudde™, the online cookie management system.
   •    Distribute materials and support parents.
   •    Enter orders from girl order cards and keep eBudde up to date
        (either on the desktop version or the eBudde™ Troop App Plus).                         This year’s theme is all
   •    Pick up cookies and re-order as needed.
                                                                                           about celebrating friends and
   •    Distribute cookies to girls/parents. Do not give more cookies to parents that do
                                                                                         what girls can achieve when they
        not hand in money for cookies already taken.
                                                                                         fly together. It will surely inspire
   •    Collect money from cookie pickups and issue receipts.
   •    Enter and distribute girl rewards.                                                girls to set their goals sky-high!
The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches 5
ESSENTIAL SKILLS that will last a lifetime and
help girls develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

1: GOAL SETTING                                                                     3: MONEY MANAGEMENT
   Girls learn how to set goals and create a plan to reach them.                        Girls learn to create a budget and handle money.

2: DECISION MAKING                                                                   4: PEOPLE SKILLS
   Girls learn to make decisions on their own and as a team.                             Girls find their voice and build confidence through customer interactions.

                                          5: BUSINESS ETHICS
                                              Girls learn to act ethically, both in business and life.

COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
     5 Steps to Girl Scout Cookie                                                           Success

Tried and true steps that are guaranteed to “wow”

                                                                         Expand your customer base
1    Kick off the Girl Scout Cookie Season
     Help girls get ready by selecting learning activities that
     fit their experiences and interests. You can start by
                                                                     4   For girls to reach high goals, they will need to
                                                                         broaden their circle of customers. Don’t worry,
     creating a custom plan with the Girl Scouts® Built by Me            customers are eagerly looking for their favorite
     online tool. Next, kick off your first cookie meeting with          Girl Scout Cookies®! Little Brownie has loads of
     a video. Girls Scouts® Cookies Live videos are engaging,            selling tips, learning activities and crafts for girls
     interactive shows that inspire girls to reach high goals.           on Check out the Cookie
     Girls learn selling tips and have loads of fun along the            Rallies page and Activities for Girls page.

     Videos include: Girl Scouts® Cookie Rookie for first-time
     cookie sellers and Girl Scouts® Cookie Captains for
                                                                     5   Celebrate and share your success
                                                                         When girls reach their goals, celebrate! Thank
                                                                         customers, share your stories or throw a party
     teens who want to stay engaged in the program while                 for your troop.
     earning service hours.

     TIP: Motivate girls by helping them earn one of the Cookie
     Business Badges! Check out the Girl Scout Badge Explorer or
     search the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) for badges by grade level.

     Set goals and track progress

2    When you help girls set high goals for the cookie
     season, they learn an important skill for life. Encourage
     girls to set two types of goals: Something they’d like to
     try and something they can do to help others. Visit the
     activities section of for goal-setting
     games and crafts.

     Hold a family meeting

3    Hold a short family meeting so girls can tell their
     families about their goals and ask for assistance. At the
     meeting, adults can complete permission forms and
     sign up to help.

COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
Troop Order Due in                              Girls Have Heart Weekend     2/14/2020-
eBudde                                                                       2/16/2020
Order Card Order Taking                         Last Day to make any
Begins                         12/11/2019       cupboard exchanges           2/20/2020

Cupboard Deliveries                             Girls Have Heart Photos
                             week of 1/6/2020                                2/21/2020
Booth Scheduler opens                           Email to Troops with 2nd
                                1/10/2020                                    2/21/2020
                                                ACH amount Due
Cookie Drop Day                                 Deadline to inform
                                1/11/2020       GSCWM of insufficient        2/24/2020
Cookie Program Begins                           2nd ACH withdrawal
                                1/17/2020                                    2/27/2020
DOC Start Date                 1/17/2020        Cookie Program Ends          3/8/2020
Bling Your Booth               1/17/2020-       DOC End Date
Weekend                        1/19/2020
Bling Your Booth Photos                         Troop Girl Rewards due in
                                1/23/2020                                    3/11/2020
Due                                             eBudde
Last Day to return Cookies                      SUCM confirms rewards &
                                2/6/2020                                     3/13/2020
Opt Out Forms Due                               Email to Troops with Final
                                2/7/2020                                     3/13/2020
                                                ACH amount Due
Email to Troops with 1st                        Deadline to inform
ACH amount Due                  2/7/2020        GSCWM of insufficient        3/16/2020
Deadline to inform                              Final ACH withdrawal
GSCWM of insufficient           2/10/2020                                    3/19/2020
1st ACH withdrawal                              Final Awards Expected to      week of
$2.00/package                                   Deliver Date                 4/19/2020
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
Who to Contact and for What?

Troop Leaders
     -   Have cookie questions? Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or Membership Specialist (if
         they are filling in as the Service Unit Cookie Manager)
          This is the person that should have done your cookie training and given you the materials for
           your troop.

     -   Have general cookie questions and cannot get ahold of your SUCM? Contact our Information and
         Referral Team at

     -   Specific ACH & Finance Questions? Contact our Finance Team at 508-365-0115

     -   Specific Cookie Cupboard Questions? Call Cookie Cupboard Managers (a list of cupboard
         managers will be sent out and listed on our website)

Service Unit Cookie Managers
     -   Have cookie questions? Contact your Membership Specialist or your Product Program Team

     -   Have general cookie questions and cannot get ahold of your SUCM? Contact our Information and
         Referral Team at

     -   Specific ACH & Finance Questions? Contact our Finance Team at 508-365-0115

     -   Specific Cookie Cupboard Questions? Call Cookie Cupboard Managers (a list of cupboard
         managers will be sent out and listed on our website)

     -   Juliette’s or Non-Troop affiliated Girls? Do you have girls in your unit that would like to participate
         in the cookie program? Wonderful! Have them contact the Cookie Boss Lead

Membership Specialists

Cyndi Davis (Wilbrahampden; Ludlow; Belchertown; Monson; Mills & Hills; 4 Star; Strawberry Hills;
Hammerock; Pine Hills; Holden Greenways; Silver & Gold Belles)

Erika Tarin (O.N.E; Greylock Girls; Four Rivers; Frontier; BMW; Mountaineers; Nonotuck; The Hamptons;
Gateway Girls; South County Chicklettes)

Naisha Hernandez (Southern Tri-Towns; Westfield; Agawam; Longmeadow; East Longmeadow; Swift
Rivers; Springfield; West Springfield; Holyoke; Chicopee; GS Shooting Stars; Hadley; Amherst Area)

Lynne Brochu (Reservoir; Northborough; Shrewsbury; 100th Town; Milford; MUGS; Singletary; Grafton
Lakes; Historic Hopedale; A Valley United; The French Quarter)

Alisa Thomas (North Quabbin; Furniture Loop; WWAGS; Squannacook; Pepperell; Lunenburg
Buttonwoods; City by the River; Leominster Appleseeds; PS Wachusett; Nashua Clan; Apple Blossom)
COOKIE MANAGER MANUAL 2019-2020 - Girl Scouts of Central & Western ...
Rewards That Make Her Say, “WOW!”

Council Contests

                               Bling Your Booth- January 17, 18, & 19
    Ready to show your creative side! Take part in our OPENING WEEKEND BLING YOUR BOOTH!
                                          Here’s how to enter……
            Book a booth for the opening weekend of January 17-19
            Decorate your booth in any way you would like
            Make sure your Troop Goal is visible
            Make sure your prices are visible
            If you are participating in Project Care & Share then let’s see your sign!
            Make sure your Troop Number is visible
            Take a picture! (Your troop can or cannot be in the picture. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine ☺)
                        Send all pictures to
            with the subject line: Troop (your troop number) Bling Your Booth Contest!
                     All entries must be received by January 23 to qualify
                     Winning Troop will earn a Pizza Party with our CEO Pattie

                      Girls have Heart Weekend- February 14, 15, & 16
    Show your love for our area Military Families! Our Girls have Heart Weekend will be held the
   weekend after Valentine’s Day. You will want to decorate your booth to show your support for
                                         Project Care and Share.
                                         Here’s how to enter………
            Decorate your booth in any way you would like
            Make sure your prices are visible
            Show your PCS goal
            Make sure your Troop Number is visible
            Take a picture! (Your Troop can or cannot be in the picture. Whatever your feel comfortable with is fine ☺ )
                               Send all pictures to
                    with the subject line: Troop (your troop number) Girl Have Heart Contest!
                           All entries must be received by February 20 to qualify
               Winning Troop with earn their picture on next season PCS Box Wrap

                                             Flat Stacie Contest
Flat Stacie has come to GSCWM for our Cookie Season! Use the Flat Stacie template on our website
or create your own, then send us a picture of Stacie with her favorite Girl Scout setting up her Digital
                        Cookie website, selling cookies or talking to customers.
                            Send all pictures to
              Include in the subject line: Troop (your troop number) Flat Stacie Contest!
                               All entries must be received by March 11
Sell Girl Scout Cookies by the Case                                                                        ®

 During a Girl Scouts® Cookie House
 Party, girls come together under
 one roof to sell cookies by the case.
 With 12 packages per case, cookie
                                                                 Girl Scout Cookies are                             ®

 sales add up fast!                                              in the House!
Girls can invite friends, families and all their favorite        It’s Your Party!
customers to tell their stories, declare their selling goals   The beauty of a Girl Scouts Cookie House Party is you can
and what they plan to do with their cookie earnings.           plan it to suit your needs! Here are some alternative ways
                                                               to host your party:
No hostess experience? No problem! Find these materials            •    Instead of a house, host at a local school or
on to make party planning a breeze:                   community center. They’re often more central,
     •    Invitation templates                                          and you cut down on clean-up time!
     •    Sample party agenda                                      •    Turn your party into a private booth sale with
     •    Decoration inspiration                                        open house hours. Customers can stop by
     •    Recipe cards                                                  whenever works best for them and can come
     •    Pitch planner                                                 and go as they please.
     •    Thank you cards                                          •    Purchase a party pack from your council so you
                                                                        have all the materials you need in one bag. Party
                                                                        essentials like plates, napkins, decor, etc. are all

               GIRL REWARDS
              HOW TO SELL
BASIC TOOLS for Budding
Girl Scout Cookie™ Entrepreneurs

Order cards
Girls can start on December 11, 2019 by asking neighbors, friends and family members to place
orders for cookies. They write their orders on the paper order card, which is turned in to the cookie
volunteer and entered into eBudde™ throughout the cookie program. Please make sure to submit
regularly so we can guarantee to be able to fulfill all orders.

Digital Cookie®
On this online selling platform, girls can personalize their Digital Cookie site and send emails to invite
friends and family to buy cookies with the option of getting in-person delivery or direct shipment to
their home, based on council approved methods of delivery.

Booth sales
Troops can set up booths in high-traffic areas such as grocery stores, malls or sporting events to
market their Girl Scout Cookies to customers. Sign up for booth sales and get council approval
through eBudde™ or eBudde™ Troop App Plus.

Encourage girls to spread the Girl Scout Cookie love to their entire neighborhood. Take orders, or load
packages into a wagon or car and leave no doorbell unrung!

Workplace sales
Girls can either make sales pitches to local businesses or go with a parent to their workplace to take

Social media
For Girl Scout entrepreneurs 13 and older,* social media is
a great way to spread the word about their cookie sales.

                                                                       *Always get parental permission before
                                                                       posting about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale®,
                                                                       and remember to follow GSUSA’s online
                                                                       safety guidelines.

Restock throughout the season                     Ordering packages for booth sales isn’t an exact science, but here
                                                  are average sales per cookie variety, so you can get an idea of how
                                                                       many you should order.

    25%              22%              14%             12%                                  9%                       6%   3%

         HOW TO SELL
How the Cookie Crumbles


                  Troop & SU proceeds, Girl Rewards                                                                         19 %

                  Volunteer & Membership Support, Customer Service                                                          11 %

                  Girl Leadership & Membership                                                                               23 %

                  Cost of cookies                                                                                            22 %

                  Outdoor Program, Camp & Property                                                                           25 %

       Troop proceeds and reward opportunities for girls

All troops earn $0.66 cents per package sold.

Troops have the opportunity to earn up to $0.90 for each package sold. How?
Initial Order Commitment Bonus- For troops who place an initial order commitment of 100 boxes per girl registered in the
troop, the troop will earn an extra $0.08/box on all cookies sold for the 2018/19 cookie program. In order to receive this higher
proceed amount troops cannot return any cookies throughout the entire sale. You will be able to exchange varieties based on
availability by February 20, 2020. This amount will be reflected as a “deposit” to the troop in the eBudde record at the end of the
Fall Product Program PGA Bonus- For troops who had a per-girl-average in the Fall Product Program of $175 or more- those
troops qualified for a troop bonus of $0.06/box on all cookies sold. This will be paid to the troops and factored into the amount
due in eBudde.
Opt Out- For Junior, Cadette, Senior or Ambassador Troops who choose to “opt out” of receiving the girl rewards and cookie
credits, those troops will receive an additional $0.10/ box on all cookie sold.

NOTE- The decision to opt out of receiving the cookie rewards must be a girl decision. The troop must hold a meeting to discuss if the girls
want to do this and WHY they want to do- there must be a plan for the money. The troop must also have a parent meeting to discuss the girl’s
decision. An opt-out form must be signed by each parent and submitted to GSCWM by February 7, 2020

                                                                           Service Unit Bonus
     Customers look forward to our cookies every year!                     Service Units have the opportunity to earn a bonus based on
     Girl Scout Cookies® are $ 5.00 per package for core varieties.        the Per Girl Average of the total amount girls sold in their unit.
                                                                           Make sure you are tracking your PGA so you know if you are
     Specialty cookies are $ 6.00 per package.
                                                                           close to the next level to earn.
                                                                                                                 PGA girls selling
                                                                                                                0-99 pkgs = $0.00
                                                                                                               100-124 pkgs = $0.01
                                                                                                               125-199 pkgs = $0.02
                                                                                                                  200+ = $0.025
How the Council handles…..

All troops placing an "initial order commitment" in eBudde need to enter it by December 4. We are recommending
that each troop place an initial commitment for at least 100 boxes per registered girl member of the troop. Troops who
do place an initial order commitment for at least 100 boxes/girl in the troop will earn an extra $0.08/box of cookies sold
throughout the sale as long as no cookies are returned.

Even if you are not comfortable with the 100 box per girl bonus opportunity, we do ask that troops place some amount
of           initial order. This way we guarantee they will have cookies in hand for the start of the cookie program.
Troops who miss the December 4 deadline will be able to order and pick up cookies at a cookie cupboard beginning
January 17.
Additional cookies are available at cookie cupboards located across our council. Troops will place a “pending” order in
eBudde by Sunday evening in order to get more cookies from the cupboards later that same week.

  Cookies will be delivered starting with our Big Cookie Drop Day on January 11 and then to non-participating Service
Units the week of January 13-16, troops will arrange for their pick-up that week and girls can begin selling with the
cookies in hand on January 17. Check with your Service Unit Volunteer Cookie Manager for details specific to your town.
Please remember that although you will have cookies in hand you are not allowed to have booth sales or sell cookies
door to door until the program officially starts on January 17. You may fulfill your initial order card orders that you
received prior to January 11

  While we are certain that girls will be able to sell all of their initial order cookies, we recognize that troops
may feel unsure about placing an initial order without any confirmed orders. Full, unopened cases of cookies
can be returned to either the Holyoke Office cupboard or the Worcester Office Cupboards from your initial
order commitment only through February 7. If you order more cookies from a cupboard then this will
disqualify you from the ability to return cookies.
                                             CONTINUED THIS YEAR
        we will only accept up to 5 cases of S’mores and 5 cases of Toffee Tastic per troop for return.
                                   Cupboard cookies may not be returned!
                 You may feel free to exchange for a more popular flavor prior to February 20.
                       If a troop returns ANY cookies they will no longer qualify for the
                               INITIAL ORDER COMMITMENT BONUS.

  We are no longer able to accept exchanges up until the end of the cookie program. We now have a set date
in which exchanges may be done by. Exchanges will no longer be accepted after February 20. If for some
reason you have a damaged box you may bring it in to the closest cupboard and we will be able to swap it
for a non-damaged box of the same flavor. However you will not be able to bring in any amount of cookies
after February 20 to exchange. There will only be pick-ups.
                                           CONTINUED THIS YEAR
       we will only accept up to 5 cases of S’mores and 5 cases of Toffee Tastic per troop for exchange
   eBudde will calculate troop proceeds based on the total number of boxes sold by the troop. Troop Cookie
Managers are responsible for the safekeeping of cookie sale money and the payment of the troop’s cookie
      Prior to cookie delivery, conduct a short training session with the troop to emphasize the following
          •       Deliver cookies with a parent or buddy.
          •       Deliver only a few orders at a time.
          •       Use the money envelope. Keep it in a safe place at home.
          •       Turn in money to the Troop Cookie Manager frequently. Have parents turn the money in,
confirm the amount
                  and provide a receipt with both the TCM’s and parent’s signature. If money is not turned in
          then they do not
                  get any additional cookies under any circumstance.
      As Troop Cookie Manager, people know you have money. Protect yourself.
          • Keep cash in a safe place. Do NOT store cookie money in your home or vehicle.
          • Money should be deposited into troop and/or council account immediately.
      Remind parents of deadlines and request they don’t send money to school with their child. Instruct
parents to deliver
       money to your home or to a troop meeting.

     Always count the money with the person making the payment and give a receipt with two
signatures on it.

    If a family fails to hand in all money due to the troop:
          • Notify the finance department immediately.
          • Attach the permission slip along with all receipts and any communications for that girl to a
              Delinquent Form.
          • After the troop has turned in its Troop Sales Report, collection of outstanding money becomes
              responsibility of the council.
          • If a parent approaches you with a late payment, either take the payment and forward it to the
council or
              instruct them to mail the payment to GSCWM and indicate the name of the girl, troop number
          and service unit.


Receipts are Important!
•        They create a clear paper record of the transfer of cookies and/or money between troop and
•        They are helpful when there is a troop inventory discrepancy.
•        In conjunction with signed parent permission slips, receipts assist the accounting staff with
collection procedures and/or filing of charges (when necessary).
Instructions for Use:
•        A receipt is completed each time cookies are transferred from the troop to a parent. It is very
important that the receipt be readable and that there are two signatures – the TCM and the
•        Each time money is turned in to the troop, a receipt needs to be completed indicating how
much money was turned in and what, if any, balance remains. Again, the receipt should be readable with
two signatures present.
•        If a situation arises in which a parent fails to pay for the cookies that were received for his/her
child, the troop will turn in all of the receipts for that child (for both cookie and money transactions) to
the Service Unit Cookie Manager, along with a completed Delinquent Form.
Receipt Tips:
•   At the back of each book is a cardboard “backer” that is to be inserted between the receipt you are writing
    on and the next one. This will keep the printing from showing through to the next copy.
•   Using one receipt book for cookie transactions and another book for money transactions makes it easier
    to find receipts later on.
•   If possible, pre-write the receipts for each girl prior to delivery day to ensure that the information is
    correct and neat. It may not be possible for the accounting staff to collect delinquent funds if we do not
    have accurate and readable receipts.

                        Receipts are required EACH time cookies and/or
                           money changes hands between the troop and parents
Technology That Takes You Places

                     TROOP APP PLUS                                               On-the-go support that’s friendly, plus powerful!
The eBudde Troop App Plus provides helpful support for busy volunteers at every phase
of the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. It has everything you need to manage orders on the go,
all from your mobile phone or tablet!

My dashboard                                         Track and place girl                                   Cookie exchange
From a single dashboard, view                        orders and rewards                                     Need extra cookies? With the
important messages, review your                      Enter and view the number of                           app, it’s easy to find troops in
calendar, access contact information                 packages for each Girl Scout                           your area that have more than
and more! A streamlined menu                         Cookie variety, amounts due and                        they need, and you can contact
makes navigation easy.                               amounts paid for traditional and                       them directly.
                                                     digital sales. Submit your final
                                                     initial order and rewards to your
                                                     council with just a touch.

                                 Get help anytime
                                 Even when you’re out and about, you
                                 can get up to speed on the ins and
                                 outs of the Girl Scout Cookie
                                 program. Training videos from Girl
                                 Scouts® Cookie VIP eTraining
                                 platform are built right into the app.
                                 You can also use the app’s help
                                 feature to get the answers you need.

 All screens subject to change                                                          Available for download wherever you buy apps.

Technology That Takes You Places

  Although a volunteer can manage the entire cookie season from the eBudde Troop App Plus, you can use the desktop
  version of eBudde if you prefer. At a glance, you can get an overview of the whole system. Many volunteers use the desktop
  version to get their bearings and enter initial data—and then use the app for the remainder of the season.

Log in at
   •    Your Cookie Manager will grant you access.
   •    You’ll receive a welcome email with a login link.
   •    Click the link and setup a new password, then click “Confirm”.
   •    At the profile screen, enter your new password.

Set up your troop
   •    Click the “Settings” tab, then “Edit Settings.”
   •    Enter your troop’s package goal.
   •    Update the level of your troop if it’s not accurate.
   •    Click “Opt out only” if your troop is Cadette or above and wants
        to receive additional proceeds in lieu of girl rewards.
   •    Click “Update” to save.

Adding users                                                                   Many features, one sign-on

   •    Click on the “Settings” tab, then “Edit.”                              eBudde’s single sign-on makes it easy to
   •    Enter email addresses of additional users at the bottom of the         access all the tools Little Brownie has to
        page.                                                                  offer. Just log into the Cookie Tech Portal
   •    Click “Update” to save.                                                and find all the resources you need.
   •    eBudde will email the new user a link to sign in.

eBudde™: Fingertip Facts

                                                                     Want step-by-step help?
                                                                     Watch the eBudde™ Microburst Training
                                                                     videos on Little Brownie’s YouTube page.
  This guide highlights the
  most frequently used tabs
  in eBudde and what you
  can do on each screen.

      TAB                  DESCRIPTION

      DASHBOARD        This is each troop’s default screen. This is where you’ll see important messages
                       from your council/service unit, as well as links to tools and resources you’ll need
                       throughout the season.

      CONTACTS         From here, you can review contact info and click EDIT to make any changes.

      SETTINGS         You can do several things under this tab, including:
                           • Edit troop info.
                           • Enter number of girls selling and their package goals.
                           • Opt-out of rewards for additional profits.
                           • Enter banking info.

      GIRLS            Here you can enter girls’ names, GSUSA ID and grade. You can also register
                       girls and enter t-shirt sizes.

      INITIAL ORDER    This is where you enter your troop’s initial order by girl and additional cookies
                       for booth sales.
                       NOTE: Once orders are submitted here, they cannot be changed. Carefully
                       review the totals before hitting SUBMIT ORDER.

      REPORTS          The reports tab allows troops to run two information reports:
                           • The CUPBOARD report–shows a list of all open cupboards and their
                              location/hours of operation.
                           • The DELIVERY STATION report–shows a list of locations available for
                              your troop to choose from for Initial Order Pickup.

      SALES REPORT     This report reviews all transactions for the troop, including:
                            • Final package numbers
                            • Receipts
                            • Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring donations

      HELP CENTER      Find any additional information you may need here, including:
                            • Council information
                            • eBudde help
                            • Links to Microburst Training videos

Planning Tools
Girl Scout Badge Portfolio          Girl Scouts® Built by Me cookie planner
                                                                              Plan a cookie season just right for you and the girls. With a
Girls can earn a Girl Scout
                                                                              few clicks, you can create your custom plan with this online
Financial Literacy and Cookie
                                                                              tool, complete with fun suggested learning activities.
Business Badge each year.
Check out the Girl Scout Badge      NEW! Social planning tool
                                                                              Download delightful graphics and suggested captions to
Explorer or search the Volunteer
                                                                              help your Girl Scout market her cookies on social media.
Toolkit (VTK) for the appropriate
                                                                              Perfect for volunteers, families and troops.
badge for your grade level.
                                    Girl Scouts® Cookie VIP eTraining
                                                                              Get training for the Girl Scout Cookie Program® whenever
                                      and wherever you’d like.

                                    Little Brownie website
                                                                              Check out the baker’s website for exciting girl activities,
                                                   booth ideas, recipes and the latest cookie news.

                                    Girl Scouts® Cookie Rookie
                                                                              Made especially for young girls, this show teaches cookie
                                                                              names, how to ask customers to buy and more essential

                                    Girl Scouts® Cookie Captain
                                                                              Keep experienced teens interested in the cookie program
                                                                              and give them a chance to give back with the Cookie
                                                                              Captain program.

                                                                              The Little Brownie Pinterest page is brimming with fun and
                                                                              engaging goal-setting activities, learning games and crafts.
                                    Volunteer blog
                                                                              Check out the volunteer blog for exciting girl activities,
                                                                              rally resources and cookie booth ideas.

                                    Girl Scouts® Cookie House Party           Girls sell cookies by the case with this fun-filled strategy.
                                    video and hostess guide

  Tools to use during               eBudde™                                   Manage the cookie program from one central location.
  Girl Scout Cookie Season                  Order cookies, track girl activity and order girl rewards.

                                    eBudde™ Troop App Plus                    Place orders, watch training videos and find eBudde help
                                                                              all on your mobile device. Learn more and download the
                                                                              app at

                                    Girl Scouts® Cookie Finder and the
                                                                              Help friends locate the closest cookie booth with these
                                    Little Brownie Bakers Cookie Locator      tools.
                                                                              Girls enter a fun-filled world with games, videos and
                                    Girl Scouts® My Cookie Friend             activities all about Little Brownie’s newest mascot.

                                                                              Locate info on the Girl Scout Cookie Program® and
                                    Girl Scouts® website
                                                                              national cookie badges and pins.
                                                                              Find the latest cookie news and shareable Girl Scout
                                    Little Brownie social channels            Cookie Season inspiration on the Samoas® Facebook
                                    Facebook + Twitter @SamoasCookies         page, Instagram and Twitter.
                                    Instagram @Samoas_Cookies

Tips for Initial Order Pickup Day

Follow These Guidelines for a
Smooth Cookie Pickup Day
   •   Know exactly how many cookie cases you ordered of each variety.
   •   Arrive at your scheduled pickup time.
   •   Make sure to have enough vehicles to load your order (see graphic below for help!).
   •   Pull all your vehicles into the line at the same time.
   •   Check in and receive your pickup ticket.
   •   Give pickup ticket to loader and count the cases as they’re loaded in.
   •   Sign for your order and take your receipt.


                             Can I return cookies?

                            Troops are responsible for counting and verifying the total number of cases.

                            Troops accept financial responsibility by signing the receipt. Once receipts are signed, case
                            counts are final, and cookies are the property of that troop.

                            WHEN IN DOUBT, RECOUNT.
                            Wait until you’re sure about your case count to sign the receipt.

Girl Scout Cookie Cupboards

    Here’s how the Cookie Cupboard operates
          We have several cupboards placed around our council. Remember most of these cupboards with the exception of our
    council cupboards are run by volunteers from your areas. Please keep that in mind when placing an order for pickup at your
    local cupboard. Each cupboard will have specific hours that they are open. Please be respectful and aware of the hours they
    are open. All orders must be placed by Sunday evening at midnight in order to be eligible for cookie pickup Thursday of that
    same week. We do live in New England so please keep in mind that our deliveries could be delayed due to weather. However
    we work very hard with our delivery agents to make sure that our cupboards are supplied with the cookies that they need in
    the time that they need them. As we get closer to the end of the cookie program we are transferring cookies from cupboard
    to cupboard which could affect quantity and variety of cookies available.

                       Holyoke Office Cupboard                                       Worcester Office Cupboard
                       301 Kelly Way                                                 115 Century Drive
                       Holyoke, MA 01040                                             Worcester, MA 01606
                       Hours:                                                        Hours:
                       Thursday 9am-6pm                                              Thursday 9am-6pm
                       Friday 9am-6pm                                                Friday 9am-6pm

How to enter in an exchange in eBudde….You will enter in an order as you would normally place an order for
the cookies that you are looking to pick up. Then in the contact box where your name is you will enter in the cookies
that you will be bringing in to exchange. So if you place an order for 2 cases of Thin Mints then in the contact box you
will enter in 2 cases Trefoils. This way your order will be ready and a member of the cupboard team will make sure
that all transactions show correctly in the system for you.

Returns….. Returns are not entered into the eBudde system. You will come to either the Holyoke or Worcester
Cupboard to make the return during normal cupboard hours. A member of the cupboard team will make sure that all
transactions show correctly in the system for your return.

      The cupboard teams will give you receipts for both types of transactions, Exchanges and Returns.

                  HOW TO SELL
Cookie Booths

There are two types of booths that a girl can have.

Troop Booth: Troop Booths are held with 2 or more girls. It is important not to have more than 5 girls present at a
troop booth so that customers are not overwhelmed with asks and the girls can concentrate on their selling skills.
You will want two cori’d registered adults to be at the booth.

Family Booth: Family Booths are 1 girl and her parent or guardian. This is typically a girl that has a higher goal. We
ask that the parent or guardian at least register with GSCWM to do the booths. There are not any additional girls
allowed at the booth. Any additional girls would make it a troop booth and then you will need to have two cori’d
registered adults.

Booths can be done from the Daisy level up to Ambassador. You will want to make sure to follow the steps below
and you are on your way to a fabulous booth experience.

                                     If your unit has a Service Unit Cookie Manager:
You will want to contact your SUCM to see how your unit handles setting up booth sales. If you have a location in
mind or know someone that is willing to host a booth please share this information with your SUCM. Either they or
your Service Unit Booth Coordinator will be reaching out to the locations to secure dates and times to bring back to
the unit. They will be the point of contact for setting up the locations so that there are not an overwhelming amount
of leaders contacting one location. This helps to improve relationships with our community partners. All booths set
up by your SUCM need to be entered into the eBudde system so that your SUCM can approve them and they will
show up in the cookie locater.

                                 If your unit does not have a Service Unit Cookie Manager:
You will want to work as a team. Try to plan a “booth planning” meeting or begin an email thread that includes all
the leaders. Gather all the names of booth locations in your service unit. Then make a plan on who will contact
which location to try to get dates and times for the whole cookie season. After everyone comes back with all the
information. You will then decide how to split up the dates and times. Some units do a drawing to see which troop
will pick first. Others do it based on seniority. However your unit makes decisions is how you want to choose. The
person that contacted the location will be the point of contact for that location so that there are not an
overwhelming amount of leaders contacting one location. This helps to improve relationships with our community
partners. All booths set up by you need to be entered into the eBudde system and then notify your Membership
Specialist so they can approve them and they will show up in the cookie locater.

                                                    Council Booths
Council Booths are set up usually through the corporate office level at a business or at the request of the
business themselves. All of the council booths are entered into the eBudde system and are available for all
troops in our council to choose a spot with. Council Booths are the only booths that troops do not enter
themselves into the eBudde system and where the unit does not need to contact the “home” unit to notify
them that they will be selling their unit location. We are always looking for more council cookie booth
locations. If you have any contacts or suggestions please feel free to send them to
Looking for booth locations can be fun. You will want to stay within your service unit to look for potential booths.
However if you have a family member or a friend that works outside your unit and would like to host your troop or
girl for a cookie booth you will want to do the following things. See how often they would like to host. If you can
obtain more dates and times to share with the “home” unit that would be ideal. If you have a SUCM you will want
to let them know that you have this booth location and all the details that go along with it. They will then contact
the other unit to notify them of the booth location. If you do not have a SUCM then please send your request to
your membership specialist. They will be the one to be in touch with the other unit on your behalf. You will then
want to enter the booth into the eBudde system.

     You will also want to think outside the box. You don’t always have to have a booth outside of a business.

                                                 Alternative Booth Ideas
                              In the lobby of a sporting event at a middle school or high school
                                                  At the local transfer station
                                          At a local art show or other cultural event
                                               Host a booth on your front lawn
                    Locate an empty parking lot and with the owner’s permission have a cookie drive thru
 Connect with your local car dealership to see if you can be a part of their president’s day festivities, or ask dealerships to
                            purchase cases so they have cookies for buyers in their showrooms
Set up at a Realtor Open House, or ask realtors to purchase cases so they have boxes to give to buyers or for them to use at

Cookie Booths cannot be located outside of our council boundaries regardless of the connections a volunteer may
ookie Booth Etiquette & Tips
                    (Please review with girls and adults participating in booth sales)
 In the interest of providing a quality program, ensuring safety and providing the assurance of
future booth sales for our Girl Scouts, the following procedures, etiquette and tips have been

        Be sure to have all adults supervising a booth sale read, understand and agree to abide by
  all procedures and etiquette as stated here.
       Booth Sales are conducted by Troops, Girls with a higher goal for a Family booth, or
  Individual girls participating in our Cookie Boss program with their families.
       Prior to booth sales, have the girls and parents/guardians review and sign the Booth Sale
  Etiquette Contract available in the Troop Manual.
       When conducting a council booth sale, print a copy the Current Signups confirmation and
  take it with you as the permit to your location, date and time. If two troops should show up at a
  Cookie Booth at the same time, please work it out as sisters to every Girl Scout. The contact
  person for that location is on your print out. DO NOT involve store management.
      Girl Scouts should always behave in a manner appropriate to a public place. Adults are
  responsible for the actions of themselves and the actions of their girls. Keep in mind that girls
  who are not willing to follow procedures and etiquette should not be permitted to participate in
  cookie booths.
      • Never leave girls alone and unsupervised at a booth sale. There ALWAYS needs to be an
      adult present and engaged.
      • Keep a careful eye on the money box. Whereas girls should be encouraged to accept payment
      and make change, an adult should be carefully watching all financial transactions.
      • If approached by individuals challenging the Cookie Program or Girl Scouting in general,
      Adults are asked not to engage in debate. Refer the individual to Dana Carnegie at 413-584-
      2602 ext 7122 to discuss the matter further.
      • In the case of an incident where you or your Girl Scouts feel threatened, call 911
      immediately and then the council emergency number 1-413-584-2602 / 1-508-365-0115.

                 There must be two adults present at all booth sales. There should be a minimum
         of two girls and a maximum of four girls present at a booth sale at any given time
         (maximums may vary per location. Refer to the Current Sign Up notes for your booth
         location). For larger troops, schedule girls to participate for shorter shifts so that every girl
         has the opportunity to participate. Troop member’s friends, acquaintances, siblings
         (including infants) and pets are not permitted or appropriate at cookie booths.
                  At a Booth Sale, girls should be identifiable as Girl Scouts by wearing a membership
         pin, uniform, sash or vest, or other Girl Scout clothing. Keep in mind that appearance
         makes a lasting impression and when participating in Girl Scout activities, we represent
Girl Scouts. Girls and adults should dress as if they are “going to work”. This is your
       business, represent it well.
                Remember to abide by any specific requirements identified on your Current Sign-
       ups print out specific to the booth sale location. Be sure all adults understand that we
       have assured the location managers of all stores we coordinate with that these guidelines
       will be followed. Reports of a troop’s failure to comply with these guidelines may
       jeopardize future opportunities. Location managers have the right to ask anyone
       participating in booth sales to leave. Troops are to leave without comment if asked to do
               If you are the first troop to arrive at a booth site and are unsure of where to set up,
       ask the store manager or service desk personnel if there is a specific location for set up.
       Do not ask for special set up locations. All booth sales are to be set up OUTSIDE unless
       the store manager tells you that you may set up inside. Make sure girls and adults in
       charge dress for the weather.
               Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. The troop scheduled
       before you is scheduled until the end of their time slot and you may not sell cookies before
       the beginning of your time slot. Manage the transition with the previous troop without
       argument, please. However, if the troop following you has not shown up, you can
       continue to sell until they arrive. At the end of your shift, quietly pack up all items, clean up
       and remove all trash, and completely leave the area. All empty cases must be taken with
       you and not disposed of in the store’s trash container. Think Recycle! If you are the last
       slot on the schedule, leave on time.
               Locate and show the girls where the restrooms are. Some locations do not have or
       do not allow public use of the rest room. Do not ask for exceptions. Girls should always
       use the buddy system when taking a bathroom break, getting cookies from the car, etc.
       But there should ALWAYS be girls at the booth site.
               If girls or adults need a food or drink break, they should eat and drink discreetly
       away from the booth sale. Food, drink or other items are should not be on the booth sales
       display. There will be no smoking by girls or adults anywhere near a cookie booth.

Remember, we are all responsible for the reputation that Girl Scouts hold in the Girl Scout Council
of Central and Western Massachusetts. Protect that reputation and our relationships with the
businesses that support us with booth opportunities.

Questions? Contact your Service Unit Cookie Booth Coordinator, Service Unit Cookie Manager or
Your Product Program Manager Brandi at 413-224-4036 ( )

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Cookie Booth Etiquette Contract
On my honor, I, _______________________________________________, will follow the rules listed below
while working at my troop’s cookie booth.
I will:
•         Be polite and friendly
•         Remember that my behavior reflects on all Girl Scouts

•         Obey the booth sales starting date
•         Arrive and leave on time
•         Wear my uniform, vest, or sash to identify me as a Girl Scout
•         Not block the entrances to stores
•         Keep table and area neat
•         Say THANK YOU to all approached
•         Remove empty boxes and recycle if possible

I will NOT:
•         Get in the way of customers
•         Ask a customer twice to buy cookies
•         Go into the store to sell cookies while working at the cookie booth
•         Talk loudly, run around or play while selling at a cookie booth
•         Eat, drink or chew gum while at the cookie booth

Girl Scout Signature_______________________________ Date: ___________________

Parent Signature__________________________________ Date: ___________________

    Any girl participating in the Cookie Booth Sale must follow procedures of Volunteer Essentials and have a
                              signed Permission slip available from your Troop Leader.

                                              Please Remember:
Booth sales give girls the opportunity to learn new skills, to promote Girl Scouting, live the Girl Scout Promise
  and Law, and to sell more cookies. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to follow safety, public
                                       relations and business guidelines.

    Please keep in mind that selling Girl Scout Cookies at booth sales is a privilege granted to us by local
businesses. This privilege, if abused (even unintentionally) could cause all Girl Scouts to lose the opportunity
   for additional sales at these places of business. Please be considerate of the business’ customers and
                            property. If complaints arise you may be asked to leave.
Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and online marketing and sales efforts should
           always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents/caregivers.

⬥ Girls are only to use the internet to market the Girl Scout Cookie Program to friends and family
(for clarity, “friends and family” are people whom the girl or her family personally know).

⬥ Friends and family of a girl participating in the cookie program must not market or share a girl’s
contact information, sales links, or sales information on public-facing online sites. They also should
not share their sales link with any news outlets (this includes online and traditional news media,
such as radio, television, or magazines). Public-facing sites are defined as any website that is not a
personal, private page. Online groups, even those that have restricted access, are considered

⬥ For safety purposes, online marketing activities, especially those conducted through social
media platforms, should always be done through accounts set to “private.”

⬥ The cookie program on social media sites that allow them to restrict access to friends and family
(e.g. personal Facebook page), and not to social media sites open to anyone (e.g. Facebook
Groups, Craigslist, yard sale sites, neighborhood sites, Amazon, e-Bay).

⬥ Girls/Caregivers may post online on their personal social media
page that they are selling and where they will be selling. Girls/Caregivers cannot post to any online
site where they will exchange money online for cookies. If you are unsure, it’s always better to ask
before posting.

⬥ Should any online marketing activities be deemed in violation of these guidelines, GSCWM and
GSUSA reserve the right to intervene and request removal or remove the post. Girls who
do not follow these rules may have their Digital Cookie page deactivated, and may be suspended
from further participation in the cookie program.

⬥ Parents, girls, and volunteers must contact and collaborate with GSCWM in advance of any
national or local news media opportunities.
Permission to Participate in the 2020 Cookie Sale Activity
               My child (please print),                                    , a member of Troop #-
               __________, has my permission to participate in the 2020 Cookie Program. I have read and
               understand the information in this letter and agree to accept financial responsibility for all
               cookies and money she receives. I understand the safety guidelines and will see that my
               child has appropriate adult guidance and support at all times. I also agree to follow all
               Cookie Program Activity procedures and deadlines. I understand that the troop proceeds
               belong to the troop and benefit all girl members of the troop and that proceeds do not
               belong to my child.

               Signature of Parent/Guardian                                 Parent/Guardian Name - Please Print

               Mailing Address                                       City                            Zip Code

               Home Phone                     Work Phone                     Cell Phone                  E-mail

               Please check any areas in which you are willing to assist our group this Cookie Season:

         ___ Cookie Volunteer in Charge       ___ Chaperone for Cookie Booth          ___ Cookie Cupboard Pickup
         ___ Cookie Volunteer Assistant       ___ Chaperone for Neighborhood Sales        ___ Cookie Storage
         ___ Technology Assistant             ___ Cookie Sale Signage with girls          ___ Deliveries Assistant
            ___ Host cookie girl presentation/sale at work             ___ Other:__________________

                                    Troop/Group Girl Scout Contact:

Position:             Troop Cookie Manager               or                  Troop Leader


GS of Central and Western Massachusetts
                                       2020 Cookie Program
                                       Reward Opt-Out Form
    Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops may elect to “Opt Out” of receiving the
        girl rewards (including cookie credits) and receive additional troop proceeds.
        Troops may elect to opt out of earning girl rewards, excluding patches, and in return earn additional funds
        ($0.10) per box of cookies sold by the troop. If the troop decides to opt out of rewards, this form must be
              signed by a parent/guardian of each girl participating in the sale and submitted by Feb. 7, 2020.
                     Daisy and Brownie troops do not have the option of opting out of rewards.

Troop:                          Service Unit:                                       Troop Level:

Troop Cookie Mgr:                                         Phone:                              E-mail:

Troop Leader:                                                      Phone:                     E- mail:

   Date Troop Meeting was held and at which this
                                            t his program was explained to girls & parents:

         By signing this form, you acknowledge that your troop has opted to forgo girl reward items in order to earn
                                                additional troop proceeds.
   Print Girl Name                                                                  Parent Signature

   1.                                                                1.
   2.                                                                2.
   3.                                                                3.
   4.                                                                4.
   5.                                                                5.
   6.                                                                6.
   7.                                                                7.
   8.                                                                8.
   9.                                                                9.
   10.                                                               10.
   11.                                                               11.
   12.                                                               12.

                                    DUE TO COUNCIL BY FEBRUARY 8, 2020
                                                        Mail to:
                           GSCWM, Product Program Manager, 301 Kelly Way, Holyoke, MA 01040
                                      Scan & email to
Mail to: GSCWM, Finance Department, 115 Century Drive, Worcester, MA 01606 Fax: 413-536-1383
Safety Tips

Be sure girls understand and follow these
safety rules:
  • Show you’re a Girl Scout—Wear the Girl Scout
    membership pin and/or Girl Scout clothing to
    identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  • Buddy up—Always use the buddy system. It’s
    not just safe, it’s more fun.
  • Be streetwise—Become familiar with the areas
    and neighborhoods where you will be selling
    Girl Scout Cookies®.
  • Partner with adults—If you are a Girl Scout
    Daisy, Brownie or Junior you must be
    accompanied by an adult when taking orders
    or selling/delivering product. If you are a Girl
    Scout Cadette, Senior or Ambassador, you
    must “buddy up” when selling door-to-door.
    Adults must be present at all times during
    booth sales.
  • Plan ahead—Always have a plan for
    safeguarding money. Avoid walking around
    with large amounts or keeping it at home or
    school. Give proceeds to supervising adults
    who should deposit it as directed by your Girl
    Scout council as soon as possible.
  • Do not enter—Never enter the home or vehicle
    of a person when you are selling or making
    deliveries. Avoid selling to people in vehicles or
    going into alleys.
  • Sell in the daytime—Sell only during daylight
    hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Protect privacy—Girls’ names, addresses and
    email addresses should never be given out to
    customers. Use a group contact number or
    address overseen by an adult for customers to
    request information, reorder or give
    comments. Protect customer privacy by not
    sharing their information except for the product
    sale. Girls should never take credit card
  • Be safe on the road—Always follow safe
    pedestrian practices, especially when crossing
    at intersections or walking along roadways. Be
    aware of traffic when unloading product and
    passengers from vehicles.
  • Be net wise—Take the Girl Scout Internet
    Safety Pledge before going online and follow
    the specific guidelines related to marketing

Check with the council for even more safety
resources, including the Safety Activity Checkpoints
                                                         The GIRL SCOUTS® name and mark, and all other associated trademarks and
and Volunteer Essentials for Product Program             logotypes, including but not limited to the Trefoil Design, are owned by
Safety.                                                  Girl Scouts of the USA. Little Brownie Bakers is an official GSUSA licensee.
                                                         Copyright ®, TM, © 2019 Kellogg NA Co.

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