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Course guide TAFE - South West TAFE
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Course guide TAFE - South West TAFE
how to apply
 COURSES AT                                                                 APPRENTICESHIPS +
 SWTAFE                                                                     TRAINEESHIPS AT SWTAFE
 Attend an information session to chat to our
 teachers and find out more about the course.
                                                              1             Find a job as an apprentice or trainee through an
                                                                            Apprenticeship Centre or Group Training Company.
 You can find an upcoming information session near
 you at

 Apply at a SWTAFE campus or via our website
                                                             2              Register with an Australian Apprenticeship
                                                                            Support Network (AASN) and nominate SWTAFE
                                                                            as your training provider (your employer will
                                                                            usually do this for you).

 SWTAFE staff will contact you to organise your
 interview and pre-training review.                          3              Receive your AASN registration number, which
                                                                            is called a ‘Delta Number’.

                                                                            SWTAFE staff will contact you to organise your
 Complete the enrolment form provided to you.
                                                             4              pre-training review (once your ASSN registration is
                                                                            complete and you have received
                                                                            your ‘Delta Number’).

 Provide your identification and concession card
                                                                            Complete the enrolment form provided to you and
 required to enrol.                                                         provide your identification.

                                                                            Pay your fees (either upfront or payment on a
 Pay your fees (either upfront or on a payment plan).
                                                             6              payment plan). These payments can be made by
                                                                            you or your employer.

 Each course has its own specific entrance and            Some courses may specify additional application
 selection criteria, so it’s important you review these   requirements.
 requirements before applying.
                                                          These include but are not limited to:
 Most courses will identify a minimum literacy or         • Compulsory information session
 numeracy level as an entrance requirement.               • Interview
                                                          • Folio
                                                          • Course specific test/assessment
                                                          • Prerequisite units or courses
                                                          • Police check or ‘Working with Children Check’

                                                          YOUR SUCCESS
                                                           STARTS HERE.
2											                                                                           SWTAFE / COLAC COURSE GUIDE 2019
the benefits of TAFE

FREE TAFE COURSES                                    TAFE STUDENTS                              TAFE STUDENTS ARE
AT SWTAFE IN 2019                                    CAN EARN MORE                              JOB READY
                                                     If you have a certificate or diploma from   We work closely with employers
                                                     TAFE, you could start your career with     and industry, to ensure the training
Free TAFE gives more                                 a full-time wage of $56,000 compared       provided responds to and is relevant to
people a chance to                                   with $54,000 if you have a bachelor
                                                     degree from university.
                                                                                                their needs – providing real skills that
                                                                                                support industry growth.
get the skills they need                                                                        Our Industry and business relationships
                                                     TAFE STUDENTS CAN                          enhance our ability to ensure our
to land a job that’s in                              ACCESS MORE JOBS                           training is responsive to industry needs.

demand.                                              9 of the top 10 occupations predicted      One of the biggest challenges that
                                                                                                many companies face is the task of
                                                     to have the most job growth in the next
From 1 January 2019, Free TAFE covers                five years are in TAFE-trained jobs.        properly training new employees and
tuition fees for priority courses for                                                           old pros on new processes, equipment
                                                     More than one-third of job vacancies in    and technology. Partnering with TAFE,
students who are eligible for government-
                                                     the construction, food production and      to inform and train future and existing
subsidised training.
                                                     automotive trades went unfilled             staff ensures graduates leave job ready
                                                     in 2015-16.                                with great career prospects.
                                                     TAFE STUDENTS CAN GET
Any Australian citizen, Australian                   EMPLOYED SOONER                            TAFE GRADUATES ARE
permanent resident or New Zealand                                                               READY TO GO
citizen is eligible to do a Free TAFE for            76.5 per cent* of SWTAFE students,
                                                     compared to an average of 69 per cent      You can gain industry-specific skills at
Priority Course if they meet some simple                                                        TAFE so you are totally job-ready when
eligibility criteria.                                of university graduates were employed
                                                     after training last year.                  you graduate.
If you don’t meet the criteria you may               More than 90 per cent of trade             Courses at TAFE are designed to
qualify for an eligibility exemption. An             apprentices have jobs after                replicate actual work situations and are
exemption will enable you to receive a               finishing training.                         structured around what employers are
Free TAFE place in 2019.                                                                        looking for. Teachers have extensive
                                                     *2017 Student Outcomes Report NCVER
                                                                                                industry experience and strong
Enquire now to find out if you qualify.                                                         connections with those industries.
Our customer service team would be                   TAFE STUDENTS CAN
happy to chat with you by phone 1300                 HAVE LESS DEBT                             TAFE CAN ALSO TAKE
648 911 or email
                                                     University graduates can have up to        YOU TO UNIVERSITY
Please note: The Free TAFE for Priority              4 times more debt than TAFE graduates      You could use your TAFE qualifications
Courses initiative will pay your tuition             after finishing study.                      to gain credits for future study at
fees for only one course. Once you have              Government subsidised places are now       university – reducing the length of your
enrolled in a tuition-free priority course,          available for courses, reducing the cost   university course, and saving money
you cannot get a tuition-free place again,           of study by up to 80%.                     along the way. You can progress from a
even if you do not finish your first tuition-        Plus we have a range of FREE TAFE          certificate to a diploma at TAFE, then to
free priority course.                                courses in 2019.                           a bachelor degree at university.

                                                                                                Sources: Graduate Careers Australia,
The Free TAFE courses are found                                                                 National Centre for Vocational Education
throughout this guide – just look                                                               Research (NCVER)*, Skilling Australia
for this symbol                                                                                 Foundation, McCrindle Research,
                                                                                                Australian Federal Government.

                                         UP TO 80% OFF TAFE
                                         COURSES AT SW
                                                             ent-funded places
                                    We have governm                                courses.
                                       el ig ib le st ud en ts enrolling in 2019
                                                              that Victorian Gove
                                     The great news is                         r courses and
                                                           across most of ou
                                   funded training is               rtion of the cost of
                                           this pays a large po
                                                                    ng you a bundle!
                                              your training, savi                                                                           3
Courses           Agriculture + Horticulture
                      AGRICULTURE                                                 WOOL
                      Certificate III in Agriculture                              Certificate IV in Wool Classing AHC41316
                                                                                  LOCATION   Locations on demand
                      LOCATION   Colac campus & Glenormiston                      DURATION   Full-time, 12 months, three hour
                      DURATION   Part-time, two years, one day                               weekly night classes
                                 a week                                           START DATE Throughout the year
                      START DATE Throughout the year
                                                                                  Do you want to be responsible for providing premium
                      This qualification provides a general vocational            quality wool to the Australian market? The Certificate
                      outcome in agriculture. The qualification enables you       IV in Wool Classing will equip you with skills needed
                      to select a livestock production, cropping or livestock     to manage all shearing shed operations or apply for
                      context as a job focus or, in the case of mixed farming     job opportunities in the wool buying, marketing and
                      enterprises, both cropping and livestock.                   production industries. As a SWTAFE wool graduate,
                                                                                  you will be eligible to apply to the Australian Wool
                      Certificate III in Agriculture                              Exchange for registration as an Australian Wool Classer.
                                                                                  You will be a specialist in grouping fleece according
                      (Dairy Production) AHC30216                                 to length and thickness, quality, colour, strength and
                      LOCATION       Colac campus & Glenormiston                  cleanliness.
                      DURATION       Part-time, two years, one day

                      Start date:
                                     a week
                                     Throughout the year                          Arts
                      This qualification provides you with the skills and         VISUAL ARTS
                      knowledge to work in the dairy industry. This
                      qualification equips you with a variety of agricultural     Certificate III in Visual Arts: CUA31115
                      skills pertaining to the dairy industry including animal
                      nutrition, animal health and machinery operation.           LOCATION   Colac campus
                                                                                  DURATION Part-time, two years, one day a week
                      Certificate IV in Agriculture                               START DATE February
                      AHC40116                                                    The Certificate III in Visual Arts equips you with a broad
                                                                                  range of artistic skills in a supportive environment. This
                      LOCATION   Colac campus & Glenormiston
                                                                                  course can help you find your niche or simply broaden
                      DURATION   Part-time, one year, one day
                                                                                  your horizons. Whether you want to be a professional
                                 a week
                                                                                  artist or explore your creativity, this course covers a
                      START DATE Throughout the year
                                                                                  range of studio areas including: drawing, colour theory
                      The Certificate IV in Agriculture will allow you to         and textiles.
                      develop skills and knowledge to become a specialist in
                      the agriculture industry, possibly becoming a supervisor
                                                                                  Diploma of Visual Arts CUA51115
                      or team leader.                                             LOCATION   Colac campus
                                                                                  DURATION Part-time, three years, one day a week
                      This course also covers the specifics of managing
                                                                                  START DATE February
                      stock nutrition, breeding, health and welfare and
                      supervision of staff and plant operation.                   This course is ideal for people with an interest in
                                                                                  developing practical, conceptual and interpretive
                      Diploma of Agriculture AHC50116                             skills as well as exploring the use of personal imagery.
                                                                                  Students at the diploma level will investigate themes
                      LOCATION   Colac campus & Glenormiston
                                                                                  and refine their work into a cohesive body of work
                      DURATION   Part-time, two years, one day
                                                                                  which will be exhibited at the end of year exhibition.
                                 a week
                                                                                  Graduating students of the diploma are eligible for the
                      START DATE Throughout the year
                                                                                  Peter Lucas Award. Winners of this award receive a
                      Agriculture makes up 60 per cent of the regional            free exhibition at the Warrnambool Art Gallery. Studio
                      economy of south west Victoria. The need for qualified      areas include drawing and textiles.
                      staff is growing and SWTAFE graduates are in demand
                      from farms to agricultural service providers. Students
                      who complete this qualification will have valuable skills
                      •    livestock and pasture management, breeding
                           strategies, pest and disease control in crops,
                      •    financial management and quality assurance.
    Free TAFE
    course in 2019,   Previous experience in agriculture is necessary and
    see page 3.
                      access to a commercial farm is preferable to support
                      the learning at this level.
4        										                                                                            SWTAFE / COLAC COURSE GUIDE 2019
Health + Community                                                Hospitality
Services                                                          Certificate III in Hospitality (workplace based)
                                                                  LOCATION   Workplace training, Portland and Colac campus
Certificate III in Individual Support                              DURATION 12 months
CHC33015                                                          START DATE May
LOCATION   Colac campus                                           This course provides workers in the hospitality industry with
DURATION Part-time, nine months, two days a week                  the training required to develop their practical skills and
START DATE February                                               experience to undertake a range of front of house hospitality
                                                                  tasks. The course is delivered online, in the classroom and
The Certificate III in Individual Support (formerly Aged          makes use of the students’ workplace experience.
Care and Home and Community Care) is an entry-level
qualification to work within the aged care, disability or home
and community care sectors. This course gives you practical
experience in providing person-centred support to people          Tourism
who may require it due to ageing, disability or illness. This     Certificate III in Tourism (workplace based)
course includes 120 hours of work placement.                              SIT30116
COMMUNITY SERVICES                                                LOCATION   Workplace, Colac campus
                                                                  DURATION Full-time, one year.
Certificate III in Community Services                              START DATE February
                                                                  This qualification develops the skills and knowledge of those
LOCATION   Colac campus                                           who are working in the travel and tourism industry and for a
DURATION Part-time, nine months. Two days a week                  range of employers such as travel agencies, tour wholesalers,
START DATE February                                               tour operators, inbound tour operators, tourist attractions,
                                                                  visitor information centres and other tourism businesses. This
This qualification provides an entry point to community
                                                                  course makes use of the student’s work-place experience and
services to work under supervision. This course offers an
                                                                  is supported by online and some workshop delivery.
insight into the various areas of community services such
as family support work, aged care, disability, mental health,
drug and alcohol support. Graduates may find work in
community service organisations, however the Certificate III      Job Seekers Programs
in Community Services is intended as a pathway course to
further qualifications.
                                                                  Youth Jobs Path-Employability Skills Training
                                                                  FREE TO REGISTERED JOB SEEKERS
DISABILITY                                                        Block One: Build U
Certificate IV in Disability                                       Block Two: Brand U
CHC43115                                                          LOCATION   Colac, Hamilton, Portland and
LOCATION   Colac campus                                                      Warrnambool campus
DURATION Part-time, one year, two days a week                     DURATION Full-time, three weeks (each
START DATE February                                                          block). Four days a week
                                                                  START DATE Throughout the year
This qualification reflects the role of workers in a range
of community settings and clients’ homes, who provide             These two blocks of three-week programs will help young,
training and support in a manner that empowers people             registered job seekers aged 15-24 years to increase their
with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence,      employability skills and become job ready.
self-reliance, community participation and wellbeing.
                                                                  Build U will help you learn communication, teamwork, time
Workers promote a person-centred approach, work without
                                                                  management, problem solving, enterprise innovation and
direct supervision and may be required to supervise and/
                                                                  technology skills – all skills employers want.
or coordinate a small team. This course includes industry
experience with 120 hours of mandatory work placement.            In the Brand U block, you will learn advanced job hunting
                                                                  skills, interview skills, resume writing, harnessing social media
Introduction to the National Disability                           platforms for employment purposes and cover letter skills.
Insurance Scheme 22469VIC                                         Industry awareness experiences will also be provided to help
                                                                  you explore which industry is right for you. On completion
LOCATION   Colac campus                                           of these programs, you may enter an internship or gain paid
DURATION Part-time, six weeks, one day a week                     work within an organisation.
START DATE Throughout the year

This introductory short course is for people new to
the disability sector and provides a pathway to further
qualifications. It will provide an overview to direct support
work, the NDIS and working with an NDIS participant. This
accredited unit may be utilised as an elective in several other
community service qualifications.
Courses           VCAL Programs 		                                           Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
                      (2019 delivery)                                            VCALSEN001 (VCAL)
                      At South West TAFE we offer a unique, individualised       LOCATION   Colac campus
                      approach to Youth VCAL, that is innovative,                DURATION   Full-time, 12 months, four days
                      supportive and engaging. Students will engage in                      a week
                      integrated programs and have the opportunity to            START DATE Throughout the year
                      contribute to a pathway that reflects not only personal
                      interests, but employment and industry needs in the        VCAL Senior (Year 12 equivalent) gives students who
                      local area.                                                want to achieve their senior school certificate the
                                                                                 opportunity to choose the qualification options that
                      Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning                   best suit their needs and interests.
                                                                                 VCAL Senior provides students with hands-on
                      VCALFND001 (VCAL)
                                                                                 practical experiences as well as skills in literacy and
                      LOCATION   Colac campus                                    numeracy.
                      DURATION   Full-time, 12 months, four days
                                                                                 Students have the opportunity to be involved in
                                 a week
                                                                                 community projects. It also allows students to sample
                      START DATE Throughout the year
                                                                                 a range of careers across various local industries, to
                      VCAL Foundation (Year 10 equivalent) is a hands-on         help determine their interests and strengths for their
                      learning program for young people looking for an           chosen career.
                      alternative to mainstream schooling.

                      Through a supported environment with small class
                                                                                 Apprenticeships &
                      sizes, students engage in project based learning
                      focused on both individual and group interests.
                      It also allows students to sample a range of careers       Apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way
                      across various local industries, to help determine their   to kick-start your career and gain a nationally-
                      interests and strengths for their chosen career.           recognised qualification.

                                                                                 We train apprentices and trainees in:
                      Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning                   • Agriculture, Conservation and Horticulture
                      (Intermediate)                                             • Early Childhood Education
                      VCALINT001 (VCAL)                                          • Racing and Equine
                                                                                 • Building, Construction and Trades
                      LOCATION   Colac campus
                                                                                 • Business
                      DURATION   Full-time, 12 months, four days
                                                                                 • Education Support
                                 a week
                                                                                 • Food and Hospitality
                      START DATE Throughout the year
                                                                                 • Hair and Beauty
                      VCAL Intermediate (Year 11 equivalent) gives students      • Information Technology
                      a chance to experience training and qualification          • Health and Community Services
                      options that best suit their needs and interests. It is    • Maritime
                      directed towards young people who want to learn            • Tourism
                      in a supported, yet relaxed environment away from
                                                                                 You can commence an apprenticeship or traineeship
                      mainstream schooling.
                                                                                 with us at any time. Many courses provide on the job
                      VCAL provides practical experiences as well as             training and assessments and some require block
                      allowing students to sample a range of careers across      releases or workshops at a campus.
                      various local industries, helping determine their
                      interests and strengths for their chosen career.

    Free TAFE
    course in 2019,
    see page 3.

6        										                                                                         SWTAFE / COLAC COURSE GUIDE 2019
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Cost: $90
                                                                                             at COLAC
If you are seeking employment in
a licensed venue or applying for a
liquor licence in Victoria, a Victorian
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
certificate is essential.

This short course provides all the training
required to obtain an RSA certificate from
the Victorian Commission for Gambling &
Liquor Regulation (VCGLR).                    Testing & Tagging of Portable                  AgVet Chemical Users Course*
                                              Electrical Equipment*                          Cost: $485
                                              Cost: $315
Provide Cardiopulmonary                                                                      Endorsed by AusChem, this course gives
                                              In many workplaces, portable electrical
Resuscitation*                                                                               you the training that assures business
                                              appliances and equipment must be
Cost: $80                                                                                    owners and employers that you can work
                                              tested and inspected on a regular basis.
                                                                                             safely and responsibly and is designed
The delivery of this accredited unit          Having the necessary skills to do this
                                                                                             to give you the knowledge to accurately
provides the skills and knowledge             is essential in certain workplace roles.
                                                                                             interpret information written on chemical
required to perform cardiopulmonary           This short course provides hands-on
                                                                                             labels and the skills to manage all issues
resuscitation (CPR) in line with the          training for non-electrical tradespeople,
                                                                                             associated with the purchase, storage,
Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC)        so they can maintain, test and tag
                                                                                             handling, use and disposal of chemicals.
guidelines and applies to anyone who          portable electrical appliances used in the
                                                                                             • Pests and pest control
may be required to provide CPR in a           workplace.
                                                                                             • Understanding farm chemicals
range of situations, including community                                                     • Selecting chemicals
and workplace settings. Pre-reading and                                                      • Reading the label
knowledge tasks need to be completed          Construction Induction Card*
                                              Cost: $195                                     • Transporting and storing chemicals
prior to participating in the practical                                                      • Decanting and mixing chemicals
workshop.                                     If you work or are intending to work in
                                                                                             • Applying chemicals
                                              the construction industry, occupational
                                                                                             • Cleaning up and disposing of
                                              health and safety induction training is
Provide First Aid*                            mandatory. This short course covers
                                                                                             • Emergency procedures for first aid
Cost: $190                                    the skills and knowledge required to
                                                                                             • Planning chemical use
The delivery of this unit describes the       work safely in the construction industry.
                                                                                             • Hazard and risk assessment
skills and knowledge required to provide      It is specifically designed to meet the
a first aid response to a casualty and         requirements for registration and card
applies to anyone who may be required         issue by WorkSafe.                             AgVet Chemical Users Course
to provide a first aid response in a range                                                    Refresher
of situations, including community and                                                       Cost: $315
workplace settings.                           Operate and Maintain
                                              Chainsaws*                                     Refresh your skills to keep up with
                                              Cost: $466                                     changing work practices.
Provide an Emergency First                    The safe handling and operation of hand-       Designed to bring you up-to-date
Aid Response in an Education                  held chainsaws.                                with the changes that have occurred
and Care Setting*                                                                            in AgVet chemical use since your
Cost: $225                                    Learn the skills you’ll need to safely
                                                                                             original certification, this training covers
The delivery of this accredited unit          prepare, operate and maintain hand-held
                                                                                             the process of applying chemicals
provides the skills and knowledge for         chainsaws in a work environment and
                                                                                             under supervision, using handheld
participants who are required to respond      essential knowledge of OHS and duty of
                                                                                             or small powered equipment, as well
to a first aid emergency, including            care requirements.
                                                                                             as transporting, handling and storing
asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.       • OHS procedures
                                                                                             chemicals safely.
The course applies to educators and           • Personal protective equipment
                                                                                             • Change to labels
support staff working within an education     • Hazard identification
                                                                                             • Application equipment and calibration
and care setting. This unit of competency     • Hazard control
                                                                                             • New legislation in place
may contribute towards approved first          • Safe use of chainsaws
                                                                                             • Records and vendors declarations
aid, asthma and anaphylaxis training          • Shut down procedures
                                                                                             • Hazards and chemical use
under the Education and Care Services         • Maintenance procedures
                                                                                             • Personal protection
National Law, and the Education and           • Chain sharpening
                                                                                             • Integrated pest management
Care Services National Regulations (2011).    • Worksite communication
                                              • Environmental implications

*These courses include accredited training. For unit information please visit our website
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                           DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure details are correct and
                           accurate, however South West TAFE reserves the right to change information with
                           respect to course costs, timing and selection criteria without notice. Conduct of
                           course is dependent on student numbers and sufficient funding.

                           Published December 2018. All information is correct at the time of printing; howev-
                           er courses may be affected by changes to the relevant training package.
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