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                     eLECTIVES                             cte

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865 South Ronald Reagan Blvd. Longwood, fl 32750      LYMAN.SCPS.K12.FL.US
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...
                                                                                     CERTIFIED SCHOOL COUNSELORS
                                                                                Wendy Thompson
                  Michael J. Rice, Principal
                                              Mary Kemetz

        Suzanne Skipper, AP, Principal’s Designee                               Judy Lee
                                                                                Mary Scalione
             Amy Moore, Assistant Principal
                                              Ryan Rogers

        Vanessa Moosavifazel, Assistant Principal                               Mary Adessa

         Michael Showalter, Assistant Principal
                                                                  STUDENT SERVICES

      Faith Cotter, School Administration Manager                          ATTENDANCE, ESE MEETINGS AND RECORDS, PARENT TEACHER
                                                                                CONFERENCES, TESTING, NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT,
    Ramsey Robinson, School Administration Manager
                                          WITHDRAWALS, CLINIC, SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS

                     Trevis Nelson, Dean

              Carly Burns, Athletic Director

                                GENERAL INFORMATION
    Scan the QR code below for the most up to                                                           In an effort to provide educational
date Summer School Information.                           Course Number 1900310                    enhancements for students beyond the
                                                    An after school driver education program is    curriculum routinely offered, donations
                                                offered each semester at three of the Seminole     in certain courses historically have been
                                                County High Schools. The program includes          collected in Seminole County Public Schools
                                                classroom instruction, range driving and on        on a voluntary contribution basis. Every
                                                the road driving. Students must hold a valid       encouragement is given to students and parents
                                                Florida Learner’s License to be eligible for the   to assist Lyman High School in continuing the
                                                program. Students that successfully complete       practice of course embellishment that these
                                                the program earn .5 credit. The program is open    fees make possible. While such assistance is
                                                to all students in Seminole County regardless      a practical requirement to maintain current
                                                of the high school that they attend.               practices, no student shall be denied the
                                                                                                   opportunity either to take any course or to
                                                       Students attend classes two days a week,    participate fully in all aspects of a course in
       SKYWARD FAMILY ACCESS                       either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday &          which donations are sought. Thank you for your
                                                   Thursday from 3:15-5:15 PM. Transportation
     The SKYWARD Information Network is not provided. There is no cost for the program.            understanding and commitment to excellence.
is a website that allows parents/guardians Applications are available at the high schools.         Because of the numerous competitions
to view the attendance, class assignments,                                                         and performance events for Band, ROTC,
and grades earned by their student. If you             *This program is a collaborative effort     Chorus, Dance and Color Guard, donations
would like to register for this service, visit our between Seminole County Government, the         may be required to cover the costs of uniforms,
Administration office to complete a form and municipalities; METROPLAN Orlando and                 costumes, dry cleaning, workshops, clinics,
verify that you are the parent on record. Once Seminole County Public Schools in an effort         etc. Additionally, student enrollment in special
Lyman High has your letter and verified your to better prepare our teen drivers and enhance        courses may be required for participation in
ID, your account will be activated within 48 the safety on our roadways.                           these activities.
hours. Administration hours are 7:00 am -
2:30 pm.

2    | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...

  For the most up to date registration information please scan the QR code below:

                                                                                                             COURSES EARNING THE
                                                                                                             REQUIRED PERFORMING FINE
                                                                                                             ARTS CREDIT FOR GRADUATION

                                                                                                             •   2-DIMENSIONAL ART
                                                                                                             •   3-DIMENSIONAL ART
                                                                                                             •   ACTING 1, 2, 3, 4
                                                                                                             •   AEROSPACE ENGINEERING
                                                                                                             •   AP ART 2D DESIGN PORTFOLIO
                                                                                                             •   AP ART 3D DESIGN PORTFOLIO
                                                                                                             •   AP ART HISTORY
                                                                                                             •   AP ART/DRAWING PORTFOLIO
                                                                                                             •   AP MUSIC THEORY
                                                                                                             •   BAND 1, 2, 5, 6
                                                                                                             •   BAND PERCUSSION 1, 2, 5, 6
                                                                                                             •   BUILDING TRADES & CONSTRUCTION 3
                                                                                                             •   CHORUS 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
                                                                                                             •   CHORUS HIGH/LOW 2, 3, 4
                                                                                                             •   CIVIL ENGINEERING & ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                             •   CULINARY ARTS 2
                                                                                                             •   DANCE JV
                                                                                                             •   DANCE TECHNIQUE 1, 2, 3, 4
                                                                                                             •   DANCE VARSITY
                          COURSE WAIVERS/SUBSTITUTIONS                                                       •   DIGITAL DESIGN 1, 2, 3, 4
                                                                                                             •   DIGITAL ELECTRONICS
  Students using a waiver or substitution may need to substitute other courses to
  meet the required number of credits for graduation. Please consult the SCPS                                •   DIGITAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  Student Progression Plan for information on waivers for the requirements for                               •   DIGITAL MUSIC/SOUND ENGINEERING
  physical education, fine arts and specific science courses prior to registration.                          •   EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 3
                                                                                                             •   ENGINEERING DESIGN AND
                                                                                        WA I V E R /
                                  COURSE                                              A P P L I ES TO:       •   ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY
                                                                                                             •   EURHYTHMICS 1, 2, 3, 4
Athletic Participation: Students who participate in interscholastic sports        Physical Education         •   FASHION APPLICATIONS
at the varsity or sub-varsity level, for two years (2 full seasons) satisfy the   graduation requirement
½ credit of Personal Fitness and ½ credit of elective physical education.                                    •   FASHION ESSENTIALS
                                                                                  including Personal
• Students who have taken or are currently enrolled in Personal Fitness           Fitness                    •   FASHION MARKETING MANAGEMENT
     or a PE elective may only waive the remaining .5 credit required to                                     •   FOUNDATIONS OF ROBOTICS
     fulfill the graduation requirement.
                                                                                                             •   FOUNDATIONS OF WEB DESIGN
Marching Band: Completion with a grade of “C” or better of one                    Physical Education         •   INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING
semester in an official marching band class (Band I – VI) or in a physical        graduation requirement         DESIGN
activity class that requires participation in marching band activities as an      but not Personal Fitness   •   JAZZ ENSEMBLE 1, 2, 3, 4
extracurricular activity shall satisfy the ½ credit of elective PE credit. The
student must still take Personal Fitness.                                                                    •   JOURNALISM 1
• This waiver may not be combined with the waiver for Personal Fitness                                       •   MARKETING APPLICATIONS
     through athletic participation.                                                                         •   MARKETING ESSENTIALS
• Marching band season is the first semester of the year only.
                                                                                                             •   MARKETING MANAGEMENT
Dance: Students who complete a semester of dance may satisfy the ½                Physical Education         •   MEDIA INTEGRATION ESSENTIALS
credit in physical education or ½ credit in performing fine arts (may not         graduation requirement     •   MUSICAL KEYBOARDING 1, 2
count for both requirements). This may not be used to satisfy the Personal        but not Personal Fitness   •   PORTFOLIO 1
Fitness requirement or the requirement for adapted physical education
under an IEP or 504 Plan.                                                                                    •   PORTFOLIO 2
                                                                                                             •   PRINCIPLES OF ENGINEERING
JROTC/Performing Fine Arts/Physical Education: Completion of two                  Physical Education         •   ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS
years in a JROTC class, a significant component of which is drills, shall         graduation requirement     •   ROBOTIC DESIGN
satisfy the ½ credit requirement in physical education (not Personal              (not Personal Fitness)
Fitness) and the one credit requirement in performing arts.                                                  •   ROBOTIC SYSTEMS
                                                                                  and Performing Fine Arts
                                                                                                             •   SPEECH 1/DEBATE
JROTC/Physical Education: A grade of “C” or better in a JROTC                     Physical Education         •   SPORTS & ENT MARKETING
class, a significant component of which is drills, shall satisfy the ½ credit     graduation requirement         APPLICATIONS
requirement in physical education. This may not be used to satisfy the            but not Personal Fitness   •   THEATRE 2, 3, 4
Personal Fitness requirement or the requirement for adapted physical
education under an IEP or 504 Plan.                                                                          •   THEATRE DESIGN 1, 2, 3, 4
                                                                                                             •   TV PRODUCTION 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Computer Science: An identified rigorous Computer Science course may              Math graduation            •   USER INTERFACE DESIGN
substitute for up to one (1) math credit. The following courses offered           requirement (excluding     •   WEB SCRIPTING FUNDAMENTALS
at Lyman High School have been identified as meeting the substitution             Algebra I and
criteria.                                                                         Geometry)
• AP Computer Science Principles
• AP Computer Science A

                                                                                                                   CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |      3
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...
                                                       CLASS OF 2022 - 2025
                                                S TA N D A R D D I P L O M A PAT H WAY
        CREDIT REQUIREMENTS           • English Credits (English 1 – English 4) or equivalent accelerated course(s)-4 credits
       (must include one (1) online   • Math Credits Grades (9-12) (must include Algebra 1 & Geometry)-4 credits
                                      • Science Credits (must include Biology I, (3) courses must contain a lab component, and 2 Equally Rigorously
                                        Courses)-4 credits
                                      • Social Studies (must include World History, US History, 0.5 US Government & 0.5 Economics)-3 credits
                                      • Fine or Performing Arts, Speech & Debate or Practical Art-1 credit
                                      • ½ Personal Fitness and ½ PE Elective-1 credit
                                      • Elective Credits-9 credits
                                      • Have a minimum, cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale
                                      • **An approved Computer Science course may take the place of a math or science credit**
       TESTING REQUIREMENTS           • Passing Score on: Grade 10 ELA FSA or concordant score & Algebra 1 EOC or comparative score
                                      • EOC’s in Algebra 1*, Geometry, Biology I & US History will count as 30% of the students overall grade
                                      • **A passing industry certification may take the place of a science or math credit**
                                      • Industry certifications that lead to college credit may substitute for up to two mathematics credits (except for
                                        Algebra I and Geometry).
                                      • An industry certification that leads to college credit substitutes for up to one science credit (except for Biology I).

                                                S C H O L A R S D I P L O M A PAT H WAY
    CREDIT REQUIREMENTS OF A          •   *Earn (1) credit in Statistics or equally rigorous mathematics course
     STANDARD DIPLOMA, PLUS:          •   *Earn (1) credit in Algebra II or equally rigorous mathematics course
                                      •   *Earn (1) credit in Chemistry or Physics
                                      •   *Earn (1) credit in science course equally rigorous to Chemistry or Physics
                                      •   *Earn (2) credits in the same world language course
                                      •   *Earn (1) credit in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, an Advanced International Certificate
                                      •    of Education, Dual Enrollment Course
       TESTING REQUIREMENTS           • Passing Score on Grade 10 ELA, Algebra 1 EOC, Geometry EOC, Biology I EOC, and US History EOC
                                                     M E R I T D I P L O M A PAT H WAY
     STANDARD DIPLOMA, PLUS:          • *Attain one or more Industry Certifications from the list established under S. 1003.492 F. S
                                      • ****Industry Certification Courses which lead to college credit may be substituted for up to two math credits and/
                                        or one science credit excluding Algebra 1, Geometry and Biology***
                             S C H O L A R S W I T H D I S T I N C T I O N D I P L O M A PAT H WAY
     CREDIT REQUIREMENTS OF           • * Cumulative Weighted Grade Point Average of 3.75 or higher
     A SCHOLARS DESIGNATION           • * (3) Consecutive years in the same World Language
              PATHWAY, PLUS:
                                      • * (6) credits in AP or IB classes earning a grade of A or B or (4)AP or IB and (2) Dual Enrollment Credits
                                      • * (1) credit in Experimental Research or equivalent with a grade of A or B or (1) Extended Essay, Senior
                                      • Portfolio or 4th year of World Language or (1) extra AP, IB or Dual Enrollment Credit.

                         C T E ( C A R E E R A N D T E C H N I C A L E D U C AT I O N ) PAT H WAY
         REQUIREMENTS OF A            • * Requires 18-credits
      STANDARD DIPLOMA (With          • * 4 electives instead of 9
          exceptions listed here):
                                               • * 2 credits in CTE Courses, must result in program completion and industry certification
                                               • * 2 credits in work-based learning programs or up to 2 elective credits, including financial literacy
                                      • * Physical Education is not required
                                      • * Fine and Performing Arts, Speech and Debate or Practical Arts is not required
                                      • * Online course is not required
                                                         BILITERACY DIPLOMA
     CREDIT REQUIREMENTS OF           • *Earn four world language course credits in the same world language
     STANDARD DIPLOMA, PLUS:          • *Earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
                                      • *Earn a qualifying score on a world language assessment
                                      • Qualifying score on a world language assessment
                                 A D VA N C E D P L A C E M E N T C A P S T O N E D I P L O M A
     STANDARD DIPLOMA, PLUS:          • *Satisfactory completion of the AP Seminar course as determined by College Board
                                      • *Satisfactory completion of the AP Research course as determined by College Board
                                      • *Satisfactory completion of four AP courses as determined by College Board
                                      • Satisfactory completion of AP courses as determined by the College Board

4    | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...

   SEMINOLE COUNTY PUBLIC                                  The Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma                  Seminole County will start each and every
                                                      is now being offered in partnership with College         student on the Scholars Pathway. We want to
  SCHOOL’S DIPLOMA PATHWAYS                           Board. Students who specialize in Advanced               ensure that students are setting their academic
    In the spring of 2013 the Florida Legislature     Placement courses and satisfactorily complete the        goals high as they begin high school. Through
created new diploma options for the students of       AP Seminar, AP Research and four additional              performance and self-selection, students and their
Florida. In doing so, they have offered students      AP courses as determined by College Board are            families may opt to change Pathways as they
more choice as well as an opportunity to align        eligible for the AP Capstone Diploma. This               progress through high school. Our goal is to have
their education to their future college and career    diploma option is being offered at all Seminole          all students qualify to earn a Scholars Pathway
plans. In Seminole County we refer to these new       County Public High Schools with the exception            diploma. In the end, regardless of the Pathway
choices as Diploma Pathways. We call them             of Crooms Academy of Information Technology.             Diploma, we want every student in Seminole
Pathways because we believe that students should                                                               County to exit our school system as a graduate.
use their time in high school to embark on their           Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year
own personal Pathway to success.         Students     students have the option to complete high school             Your administrators and school counselors are
may now choose a Pathway that will result in a        with the Career and Technical Education (CTE)            available to provide further guidance on what each
standard high school diploma, a high school           Pathway option. Students must earn 18 credits with       of the Pathways requires.
diploma connected with industry certification, a      a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Two of the
diploma designed to rigorously prepare them for       credits must be earned in CTE courses resulting in
the university setting, a diploma option in world     program completion and an industry certification.
languages, or an Advanced Placement diploma           Two credits will be completed in work-based
option.                                               learning programs or substitute up to two credits
                                                      of electives, including one-half credit in financial
     Seminole County offers the Florida Seal of       literacy for work-based learning program courses.
Biliteracy, which recognizes a high school graduate
who has attained a high level of competency in            In the chart on page 4, you will find the
one or world languages in addition to English.        Diploma Pathways and the corresponding
Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the         expectations associated with each one. In addition
Gold Seal/Silver Seal of Biliteracy will be awarded   to those offered by the state of Florida, Seminole
to high school students who earn a standard           County also offers the AP Capstone Pathway and
diploma and who earn four world language              Scholars with Distinction Pathway. These very
course credits in the same world language with a      rigorous Pathways will challenge even the most
cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher       talented and dedicated students to an even higher
on a 4.0 scale and achieve a qualifying score on a    level of academic accomplishment.
world language assessment.                                                                                                          “ S I G N I N G D A Y ” 2 019

    The Exceptional Student Education Department is comprised of                         ACCESS DIRECT INSTRUCTION COURSES
classes in the following divisions: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),                    English                Math              Science        Social Studies
Emotionally Behavior Disorders (EBD), and Deaf/Hard of Hearing
                                                                                      English 1          Algebra 1A             Biology         World History
(D/HH), Mild/Moderate Intellectual Disability (MID), Physically
Impaired (PI), Specific Learning Disabled (SLD), Gifted and Speech/
Language Therapy. Admissions to the programs must be approved                         English 2          Algebra 1B           Earth Space       United States
by the County Staffing Committee and students must have a current                                                               Science            History
Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or Educational Plan (EP).
                                                                                      English 3              Geometry          Integrated       United States
  STANDARD DIPLOMA OPTIONS ARE THE SAME AS                                                                                      Science         Government
ANY OTHER STUDENT REQUIREMENTS (SEE PAGE 4).                                                                                                        (0.5)
                                                                                      English 4       Liberal Arts Math        Chemistry         Economics
SKILLS COURSES                                                                                                                                      (0.5)
    • Social Personal Skills, 1 credit, 9-12
    • Learning Strategies
    • Job Experience Training (JET), Multiple Credits
                                                                                 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
                                                                                 CONSULTATION is for students who have an IEP but are not
    • ESE Skills for Autistic Students (1 credit) 9-12                           enrolled in any ESE classes. The monitoring teacher (case manager)
    • Social Skills for Students with ASD                                        consults with the general education teachers once a month about the
                                                                                 students’ progress.
                                                                                 MONITORING is for students who have an IEP but do not have
    • Occupational Therapy                                                       any ESE classes. The students are required to meet with their assigned
    • Physical Therapy                                                           monitor teacher (case manager) on a weekly basis to discuss getting
                                                                                 extra help, problem solving skills, organizational skills, grades, and
                                                                                 behaviors. The students will have an 8th period on their schedule which
    • Speech Therapy                                                             will display name of the monitoring teacher (case manager).
    • Language Therapy
                                                                                 SUPPORT FACILITATION is for students who have an IEP and
    • Skills for Students Deaf/Hard of Hearing                                   are enrolled in regular education classes. The ESE teacher works side
                                                                                 by side with the general education teacher in the classroom.
    • Career Prep                                                                ESE DIRECT INSTRUCTION is for students who have an IEP
                                                                                 and are in an ESE classroom setting with a certified ESE teacher.
                                                                                 GIFTED is for students who have an EP and are in an GIFTED
                                                                                 classroom setting with a certified GIFTED teacher.

                                                                                                                        CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |            5
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...

                   9TH GRADE PSAT, 10TH-11TH PSAT NMSQT
        The PSAT is given once a year at Lyman High School in October. Based on performance,
    juniors may qualify for scholarships and are better prepared for the SAT and ACT. The

                                                                                                          REGISTER FOR
    National Merit Corporation uses the test results of the junior year to determine National
    Merit Scholarship Finalists, Semi-Finalists, National Achievement, and National Hispanic
    Scholarship winners.
                                                                                                         THE ACT ONLINE:
                             LYMAN TESTING CALENDAR

                                                                                                          REGISTER FOR
                                                                                                         THE SAT ONLINE:

L A S T D A Y F O R S E N I O R S 2 019

      FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES                     you meet 3.0/3.5 grade point requirement.         a GSC Scholar may also receive an award
      SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS                       Access the web site “www.FloridaShines.           for a maximum of 60 credit hours toward
                                                 org” which will evaluate your transcript for      a bachelor of science degree program. Upon
    All     state      scholarships, eligibility the Bright Futures Scholarships. If you have      completion of an associate in applied science
requirements and award amounts are subject       any questions, please see your counselor.         program, a GSC Scholar may also receive an
to change. PENDING LEGISLATIVE                   ALL        STATE        SCHOLARSHIPS,             award for a maximum of 60 credit hours toward
ACTION. The Office of Student Financial          ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS AND                      a bachelor of applied science degree program.
Assistance (OFSA) within the Florida             AWARD AMOUNTS ARE SUBJECT TO
Department of Education administers the          CHANGE PENDING LEGISLATIVE                        Required postsecondary credit
renewal and disbursement activities for the      ACTION.                                            • Earn a minimum of 5
Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program,                                                           postsecondary credit hours
which includes the Florida Academic Scholars     Seniors who meet the preliminary                     through CAPE industry certifications
Award (FAS), the Florida Medallion Scholars qualifications can register online beginning              which articulate for college credit.
Award (FMS), and the Florida Gold Seal October 1st.                                                 • Community service, 30 hours
Vocational Scholars Award (FGS). Academic
criteria for eligibility and award amounts are     FLORIDA GOLD SEAL CAPE
described below.
                                                       SCHOLARS AWARD (G.S.C.)
    The Department of Education does not
                                                 Public & Private Institution
calculate your Bright Future GPA in the same
manner as Seminole County Public Schools.            Can only be used to fund a career education
Your weighted GPA for Bright Futures does        or certificate program. Upon completion of
not show on your transcript. Be aware of         an associate in science degree program that
this difference when determining whether         articulates to a bachelor of science degree,

                Up to date information regarding the Bright Future Program Qualifications can be found at:

6    | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...

 FLORIDA ACADEMIC SCHOLARS                   Test Scores                                             FLORIDA GOLD SEAL
        AWARD (F.A.S.)                        • Best combined score of 1330                             VOCATIONAL
                                                SAT (based on combined critical                    SCHOLARS AWARD (G.S.V.)
Public & Private Institution                    reading and math sections only)
                                                or the best composite score of 29              Public & Private Institution
Students will be notified of their award        for the ACT (excluding the writing
amount during the summer after graduation.      section). *                                    Can only be used to fund a career education
                                              • The writing sections for both the              or certificate program. Students will be
Grade Point Average (GPA)                       SAT and ACT will not be used in the            notified of their award amount during the
 • 3.5 weighted GPA using the credits           composite.                                     summer after graduation.
   listed below, combined with test           • SAT Subject Test exams are not
   scores and community service                 used for Bright Future eligibility.            Grade Point Average (GPA)
   hours listed below.                        • ACT scores are rounded up for
                                                                                                • 3.0 weighted GPA using the core
 • May use up to 2 additional credits           scores with .5 and higher; SAT
                                                                                                  credits listed below
   in subject areas below to raise              scores do not require rounding.
                                                                                                • 3.5 unweighted GPA in a
   GPA.                                       • For spring eligibility evaluations,
                                                                                                  minimum of 3 Career & Technical
 • NOTE: GPAs are not rounded                   test dates through January 31 will
                                                                                                  credits in one vocational
                                                be admissible.
                                                                                                  program (taken over at least two
Required Credits                              • For summer eligibility evaluations,
                                                                                                  academic years) combined with
 • 4 English (3 with substantial writing)       test dates through June 30 will be
                                                                                                  test scores listed below.
 • 4 Mathematics (Algebra 1 and                 admissible.
                                                                                                • NOTE: GPAs are not rounded
                                             Other Ways to Qualify
 • 3 Natural Sciences (2 with                                                                  Required Credits
   substantial lab)                          Students who meet any of the conditions listed     • 4 English
 • 3 Social Sciences                         below must also meet the community service         • 4 Math (including Alg. 1)
 • 2 Foreign Languages (in the same          hours requirement.                                 • 3 Natural Sciences (2 with
   language)                                                                                      substantial labs)
 • 16 credits                                 • National Merit or Achievement
                                                Scholars and Finalists                          • 3 Social Sciences (Am. Hist., World
                                              • National Hispanic Scholars                        Hist., Am. Govt. and Econ.)
Community Service
                                                                                                • 1 Fine Art
 • 100 hours (District approval needed                                                          • 1 PE (to include the integration of
   for community service hours)                                                                   health)
                                             * SAT and ACT Scores reflect requirements          • 16 credits
                                             for Graduating Class of 2021 and beyond.
                                                                                               Community Service, 30 hours required

                                                                                               Test Scores
               FLORIDA MEDALLION SCHOLARS AWARD (F.M.S.)                                        • Must earn the minimum score on
                                                                                                  each section of the CPT or SAT or
Public & Private Institution                 Community Service, 75 hours                          ACT. A student must qualify on
Students will be notified of their award Test Scores                                              the ACT alone, the SAT alone, or
                                                                                                  the CPT alone. Test types cannot
amount during the summer after graduation.
                                              • Best combined score of 1210 SAT                   be combined.
                                                (based on the combined Critical                 • PERT, Please see counselor for
Grade Point Average (GPA)
                                                Reading and Math sections only)                   scores needed.
 • 3.0 weighted GPA using the credits           or the best composite score of                  • SAT Subscore: Reading 24, Writing
   listed below combined with the test          25 on the ACT. (Writing section is                25, Math 24
   scores listed below                          excluded)                                       • ACT: Reading 19, English 17, Math 19
 • May use up to 2 additional credits         • SAT Subject Test exams are not used for         • For spring eligibility evaluations,
   in subject areas listed below to             Bright Future eligibility.                        test dates through January 31 will
   raise GPA                                  • ACT scores are rounded up for                     be admissible.
 • NOTE: GPAs are not rounded                   scores with .5 and higher.                      • For summer eligibility evaluations,
                                              • SAT scores do not require rounding.               test dates through June 30 will be
Required Credits                                                                                  admissible.
                                              • For spring eligibility evaluations,
 • 4 English (3 with substantial writing)       test dates through January 31 will              • Sections of the SAT, ACT, or CPT
 • 4 Mathematics (Algebra 1 and                 be admissible.                                    from different test dates may be
   above)                                     • For summer eligibility evaluations,               used to meet the test criteria.
 • 3 Natural Sciences (2 with                   test dates through June 30 will be
   substantial lab)                             admissible.                                    Career & Technical Education programs
 • 3 Social Sciences                                                                            • Automotive, Building &
 • 2 Foreign Languages (in the same                                                               Construction, Early Childhood,
   language)                                                                                      Marketing, TV Production, Web &
 • 16 credits                                                                                     Digital Design
                                                                                                • Successful completion of three
                                                                                                  consecutive courses with a 3.5
                                                                                                  GPA in any one vocational area
                                                                                                  (taken over two academic years)
                                                                                                  constitutes a vocational program.
                                                                                                • May only be used to fund a
                                                                                                  career education or certificate

                                                                                              “ S I G N I N G D A Y ” 2 019

                                                                                                      CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |       7
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...
ePathways is customized learning that results in our students being                                    PROGRAMS OF EMPHASIS
prepared for 21st century globally competitive work.                                               A Program of Emphasis provides a
Seminole County Public Schools offers a variety of choice options                                  structured study strand centered
to empower students to customize their educational pathway in                                      on a career pathway. Students
preparation for college, careers, and citizenship. These options include                           who are zoned for the school may
Magnet Schools/Programs, Programs of Emphasis, Pre-Apprenticeship                                  select the Program of Emphasis,
Training, Virtual School, Internships, After School Courses, and                                   and a limited number of seats
Computer Science Pathways. Each option has a unique application/                                   in some of the programs listed in
registration process and eligibility requirements. Additionally, each                              this guide may be available for
high school’s curriculum guide includes available Career & Technical                               9th grade students who are not
Education programs—most of these options include opportunities for                                 zoned to the school.
industry certification or college credit.                                                          Acceptance for out-of-zone students to a
                                                                                                   Program of Emphasis is by application only.
The following information and program descriptions acquaint students                               By signing the required transfer request form,
and parents with the additional high school options they can consider.                             parents and students agree to the commitment
                                                                                                   statements and understandings in the
MAGNET SCHOOLS/PROGRAMS                               ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING                       application.
Magnet schools & magnet programs are high-               Lyman High School                         ELIGIBILITY: Students must reside in
quality and innovative educational programs                                                        Seminole County and submit a Program of
that specialize in a particular theme and are • The Academy of Engineering offers                  Emphasis Transfer Application. Eligibility
open to all Seminole County students who        industry certification testing for all students
                                                which can lead to additional opportunities         requirements, timelines, and the application
meet the eligibility requirements.                                                                 process are described in detail on the
                                                for post-secondary employment.
ELIGIBILITY: Acceptance into a magnet • Renowned Project Lead the Way (PLTW)                       Seminole County Public Schools Student
school/magnet program for students applying                                                        Assignment & Program Access website:
                                                curriculum emphasizes critical thinking,
for grade ten and above is contingent upon an                                                     Programs
                                                creativity, innovation, and real-world
administrative review of their transcripts.                                                        designated with an * are not available as choice
                                                problem solving
                                                                                                   options and are currently only for students
TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is • Students choose to explore an area of                          zoned to attend that school based upon their
provided to all students who live more than 2 interest including aerospace engineering,            residence.
miles from the school/program.                digital electronics, civil engineering
                                              and architecture, and environmental                  TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact                 sustainability                                       NOT provided for Program of Emphasis
the Student Assignment & Program Access                                                            transfers. Students may seek assistance for
Department at 407-320-0329 or view the                                                             transportation if it is available through the
website at                 INTERNATIONAL                             Transportation Department’s Ticket to Ride
                                                      BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA                        program. Details about this program may
        CROOMS ACADEMY OF                                   PROGRAM                                be found on the Student Assignment &
                                                                                                   Program Access website by clicking on the
     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                               Seminole High School                     “Transportation” link.
• AA Degree Pathway allows students to
  earn a degree from Seminole State College            Winter Springs High School                  FOR MORE INFORMATION: In-zone
  at no cost to the family                        • Taught by IB trained faculty, the              students should contact their school counselor,
• Information technology industry                   international college prep curriculum allows   out-of-zone students may contact the Student
  certification opportunities allow students to     students to explore the world from a variety   Assignment & Program Access Department
  earn career credentials that make them job        of perspectives.                               at 407-320-0329 or view the website at www.
  ready upon graduation                                                                  
                                                  • The IB Diploma program has earned a
• Annual TechFest provides students                 reputation for rigorous assessment, helping
  opportunities to interact with business           IB diploma holders access the world’s                HAGERTY HIGH SCHOOL
  leaders and showcase their skills and             leading universities
  credentials to an authentic audience                                                                MODELING, SIMULATION AND
                                                  • The IB Diploma program is ideal for
                                                    knowledgeable and caring young people
    ACADEMY OF HEALTH CAREERS                       who are motivated to grow as individuals       In the Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
                                                    through significant academic challenge.        program students learn to navigate and create
        Seminole High School                                                                       detailed models and simulations. This pathway
                                                  • Students applying for the IB Program
• Health career industry certification              zoned to Hagerty, Lake Howell, Oviedo,         has the potential to lead to high-paying careers
  opportunities allow students to earn career       & Winter Springs High may only apply           in diverse fields related to modeling/simulation
  credentials that make them job ready upon         to attend Winter Springs High. Students        technologies and program management. This
  graduation                                        applying for the IB Program zoned Lake         program includes industry certification.
• Authentic lab spaces on campus allow              Brantley, Lake Mary, Lyman, & Seminole
  students to develop and practice clinical         may only apply to Seminole High.                       OVIEDO HIGH SCHOOL
• Career exploration through job shadowing
                                                                                                        BIOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY
  and clinical experiences in local healthcare                                                     The Bioscience Technology program provides
  facilities                                                                                       preparation for the career fields of applied
                                                                                                   biology in industry, medicine, and agriculture.
                                                                                                   This program includes industry certification.

8    | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...
LAKE BRANTLEY HIGH SCHOOL                                SEMINOLE HIGH SCHOOL                                      VIRTUAL SCHOOL
        ACADEMY OF FINANCE                                          AVIATION                           Virtual schools provide a high-quality
                                                                                                       education along with flexible options to meet
The Academy of Finance offers a curriculum         The Aviation Program of Emphasis is                 the demanding schedule of the 21st century
comprised of finance and business technology       designed to prepare students for employment         student. SCPS operates two virtual schools:
including accounting applications and personal     or advanced training in the aviation industry.      Seminole County Virtual School (SCVS)
financial planning. This program includes          This program gives students relevant                is a franchise of Florida Virtual School, and
industry certification.                            experience with tools, flight training              Seminole Academy of Digital Learning
                                                   materials, simulators, and actual aircraft: a       (SADL) uses curriculum created or purchased
         CREATIVE DESIGN AND                       Cessna 150 and Robinson R22HP helicopter.           by SCPS. Seminole also contracts with two
              ENTERTAINMENT                        There are two programs in the academy:              other Florida school districts for additional
                                                   Aviation Maintenance and Avionics. This             full-time instruction options.
Central Florida is a hub for art and program includes industry certification.
design entertainment, providing many job                                                               High School and Middle School student
opportunities for those with a creative passion.     PROBLEM SOLVING INCUBATOR                         choices include SCVS full-time, SCVS part-
Students have the opportunity to develop their                                                         time, SADL part-time, or full-time contracted
                                                                     (PSI HIGH)
artistic and digital skill set while preparing for                                                     district franchise. Full-time options allow
a future career. This program includes industry The future of high school: PSI High is an              students to earn a regular Florida high school
certification.                                     immersive, full-time program where students         diploma. Full-time enrollment in SCVS for
                                                   form teams with their peers and community           semester 1 will be open from Mon. April 5,
                                                   partners to solve real-world problems. In an        2021 through Tue. July 20, 2021. Part-time
    LAKE HOWELL HIGH SCHOOL                                                                            options are available throughout the school
                                                   environment that looks more like a high-tech
             CULINARY ARTS *                       office than a classroom, students develop their     year; virtual classes can be taken outside of
                                                   interests and skills to earn high school credit     the school day or during the school day at
The Culinary Arts program allows students through project-based work. Our learners are                 home or at the student’s school in a virtual lab.
to explore all facets of the culinary field, the innovators of tomorrow. The ideal student             Additionally, SCPS may offer virtual course
including entrepreneurship, in an industry- for PSI High is passionate about learning                  enrollment over the summer (SCVS 365).
standard commercial kitchen. This program and improving personally in order to make
includes industry certification.                                                                       Why should students select a Seminole County
                                                   a difference globally. This program includes
                                                                                                       Virtual School over other virtual providers?
                                                   industry certification.
             CYBERSECURITY                                                                             • schedule flexibility
The Cybersecurity program introduces and             WINTER SPRINGS HIGH SCHOOL                        • full-time local teachers
prepares students for careers in computer science                                                      • no waiting list to start classes
and cyber-defense in multiple industries. This           PUBLIC SERVICE ACADEMY
                                                                                                 • optional face-to-face sessions
program includes industry certification.          The Public Service Academy includes three • tax dollars stay in Seminole County
                                                  pathways for students to learn about a variety
   BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP                    of career opportunities. The pathways include: For more information, please visit www.scvs.
The Business & Entrepreneurship curriculum Principles of Teaching; Criminal Justice and us or call 407-871-7287.
introduces the broad spectrum of business, Emergency Planning and Response. Students
industry, and small business initiatives. are provided preparation for various career               What high school courses are
Students meeting specific criteria will also have fields in the public sector.                       available through Seminole
the opportunity to earn the credits required for
                                                             RENEWABLE ENERGY                             County Virtual School?
an A.A. degree from Seminole State College
as part of their high school curriculum. This The Renewable Energy Program allows Courses with a * are available at both Standard and
program includes industry certification.                                                         Honors level; H = honors class
                                                  students to study energy technologies and the
                                                    advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of      Math: Algebra I*, Geometry*, Algebra II*, Pre-Calculus
     LAKE MARY HIGH SCHOOL                          renewable energy resources for a sustainable       (H), Calculus (H), Liberal Arts Math I, Math for
                                                                                                       College Readiness, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC,
                                                    future. This program includes opportunities
 ADVANCED MANUFACTURING &                           to earn dual enrollment credit.
                                                                                                       AP Statistics

        INNOVATION                                                                                     Language Arts: English I*, English II*, English III*,
                                                                                                       English IV*, English IV College Prep, AP English
The Advanced Manufacturing program                                                                     Language, AP English Literature
gives students the opportunity to design and
prototype innovative products using high-tech,
                                                     PRE-APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING                       Social Studies: World History*, U.S. History*, AP U.S.
                                                                                                       History, Economics*, AP Macroeconomics,
industry standard equipment. This program Don’t leave high school with just a diploma—
includes industry certification.                    leave with a JOB! The Academy of Construction      AP Microeconomics, U.S. Government*, AP U.S.
                                                    Technologies (ACT) develops a well-trained         Government, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology
 FORENSIC SCIENCE & LEGAL STUDIES workforce in the construction industry by                            Sciences: Biology I*, AP Biology, Earth Space Science*,
                                                    integrating academics and a paid work-site         Chemistry*, Physics*, Marine Science*, Physical Science*,
This program of emphasis includes two tracks: experience when available. ACT offers
                                                                                                       Anatomy & Physiology*, Forensic Science
Forensic Science uses groundbreaking, modern students age 16 and older the opportunity to
scientific technology in crime scene investigation, begin a career in high school in building trades   World Languages: French I, II & III*, Spanish I, II &
and Legal Studies teaches the foundations of our and construction design technology, which is          III* IV*, Spanish for Spanish Speakers I, American Sign
legal system. This program includes opportunities offered at Lake Brantley HS, Lake Mary HS,           Language I, II, III*, IV*
to earn dual enrollment credit.                     and Lyman HS. Students must be on track for        Electives: MANY options, including Personal Fitness/
                                                    graduation and have a 2.0 GPA to participate.      Fitness Lifestyle Design, Art, Guitar, AP Art History,
                                                                                                       Drivers Ed, Hospitality and Tourism and much
         LYMAN HIGH SCHOOL                                                                             more!
    NEW FOR 2021-2022!!

Construction workforce demands in
Central Florida continue to rise and
career opportunities abound! All the
information on this academy is on page

                                                                                                                 CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |                  9
CURRICULUM gUIDE 2021-2022 - Seminole ...
INTERNSHIPS                                                     AFTER SCHOOL COURSES
Students in grades 11 and 12 may have the opportunity to participate    SCPS offers several after school Career and Technical Education
in a paid or unpaid internship in some of our region’s most in-demand   (CTE) courses for high school credit. Students can attend an after
fields. Academic credit will be earned upon successful completion of    school course at any of the participating high schools regardless of
133 hours of work along with other required assignments. Students       the high school they currently attend. Transportation is not provided.
can utilize flexible scheduling to work before, during, or after the    Courses typically meet from 3:30-5:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
school day to gain exposure to real-world working conditions. For       unless otherwise noted. Students who would like to add an after school
more information about workplace learning opportunities, visit the      course to their schedule should register using the course codes provided
ePathways website:     below. Please note that courses are subject to cancellation due to low
epathways/workplace-learning/                                           enrollment or change in instructor availability.

10   | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
    (Students Entering 9th Grade in 2014-2015 and After)

                                                    CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |   11

Lyman High School’s
Academy of Engineering                   REQUIRED PATHWAY                    ELECTIVE YE AR COURSES
students for rigorous               1 Credit
college coursework in                                                    1 Credit		                                        10
the field of engineering.              PRINCIPLES OF ENGINEERING         AE explores the evolution of flight, navigation and
                                                                         control flight fundamentals, aerospace materials,
Project Lead the Way                        MTB1329/EGS1006
                                    1 Credit		                   11
                                                                         propulsion, space travel and orbital mechanics.

(PLTW) is an engaging
                                                                         Students analyze, design, and build aerospace
                                                                         systems. They apply knowledge gained throughout
and thought-provoking                    ENGINEERING DESIGN &            the course in a final presentation about the future of
                                                                         the industry and their professional goals.
program where students                      DEVELOPMENT
develop critical thinking           1 Credit		                      12   ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY
skills through hands-on                                                            8600630
project-based learning,                                                  1 Credit		                10
preparing them to take                                                   In this course students explore the diverse fields
                                                                         involved in environmental sustainability. Hands-on
on real-world challenges.                                                projects engage students in engineering design

Students will have the                                                   problems related to biomechanics, including student
                                                                         investigation and solution design to real-world
opportunity to create,                                                   challenges related to clean drinking water, food
                                                                         supply, genetic engineering, and renewable energy.
design, and build robots
and automobiles,                                                         CIVIL ENGINEERING & ARCHITECTURE
applying what they are                                                            8600590
learning in math and                                                     1 Credit		                                        10
science to the world’s                                                   Students learn about various aspects of civil
                                                                         engineering and architecture and apply their
grand challenges.                                                        knowledge to the design and development
                                                                         of residential and commercial properties and
                                                                         structures. In addition, student use 3D design
                                                                         software to design and document solutions for
                                                                         major course projects. Students communicate and
                                                                         present solutions to their peers and members of a
                                                                         professional community of engineers and architects.

                                                                            COMPUTER SCIENCE HONORS
                                                                         1 Credit		               9-10
                                                                         Corequisite: Algebra 2 Honors. In this course
                                                                         students will explore the area of computer science.
                                                                         Students will be able to design and implement
                                                                         coding in order to solve real-world problems.
                                                                         Students who take this course are able to participate
                                                                         in the new computer science pathway which includes
                                                                         both AP courses and dual enrollment.

12   | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022

                                                                                                                   OPTIONAL ROBOTIC S PATHWAY
          PATHWAY                                                                                               This program allows students to learn how to
                                                                                                                design and build robotic systems while enhancing
This program offers students an opportunity to gain                                                             their knowledge of automation, including artificial
the technical knowledge and skills in the area of                                                               intelligence, electronics, physics, and principles of
computer science. The pathway is unique in its focus                                                            engineering. Students in this program can receive
on fostering students to be creative and encouraging                                                            industry certifications as well as participate in our
students to apply creative processes when developing                                                            FIRST robotics competition.
computational artifacts. Students design and
implement innovative solutions using an iterative                                                                  FOUNDATIONS OF ROBOTICS
process similar to what artists, writers, computer                                                                         9410110
scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life.
                                                                                                                1 Credit		                                              9

   COMPUTER SCIENCE HONORS                                                                                              ROBOTIC DESIGN
           9007610                                                                                                          9410120
1 Credit		               9-10                                                                                   1 Credit		                                          10

      AP COMPUTER SCIENCE                                                                                               ROBOTIC SYSTEMS
           PRINCIPLES                                                                                                       9410130
             0200335                                                                                            1 Credit		                                          11
1 Credit		                10-12
                                                                                                                      ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS
     AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A                                                                                                  94101401
            0200320                                                                                             1 Credit		                                          12
1 Credit		                 11-12

                                                               Engineering Pathways

                                          Required Pathway                                  Add-On                                            Add-On
                                                                                        Optional Pathway                                  Optional Pathway

                                            Introduction to
                                                                                                        Computer Science
         Year 1                           Engineering Design       No class taken
                                                                                                           Honors 1
                                                                                                                                                Robotics 1

                                                               Computer Science                          AP Computer
         Year 2                               Elective Year       Honors 1
                                                               (as 10th grade engineering elective)
                                                                                                        Science Principles                      Robotics 2

                                              Principles of      AP Computer                              AP Computer
         Year 3                               Engineering       Science Principles                         Science A
                                                                                                                                                Robotics 3

                                          Engineering Design       AP Computer                        Principles of Computer
         Year 4                            and Development          Science A                             Programming
                                                                                                            (Dual Enrollment)
                                                                                                                                                Robotics 4

                                                                                                                                CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |            13
Academy of                                           Academy of Web & Digital
                                       Television Technology                                       Design Technology
      OVER 1,200                    This Academy introduces students to television              Web Design students learn about HTML, CSS,
                                    production. The use of lights, lighting, cameras,           graphics, advanced web languages, and making and
        Lyman students              microphones, camera mounts and editing is studied.          publishing websites. Digital Design students learn about
                                    Various Adobe products are introduced in each year.         making newsletters, fliers, posters, logos, photography,
       enrolled in Career           Students within the Academy of Television Technology        printing, and more. Students will have the opportunity
                                    will have the opportunity to earn college credits through   to earn multiple industry certifications in Microsoft
         and Technical              Seminole State College Career Pathways as well as earn      Office Specialist (MOS) as well as products within the
     Education courses in           Adobe industry certification. Courses must be taken
                                    in sequential order.
                                                                                                Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Students who pass MOS
                                                                                                certifications will earn college credit college hours.
      2019-2020. Over 400                                                                       Even more college credit opportunities are available
                                                                                                through the Web and Digital Paths. Bring your designs
     students chose more                TELEVISION PRODUCTION 1
                                                                                                to life! Courses must be taken in sequential order.
     than one CTE course.           1 Credit		                 9-10
                                                                                                          WEB DESIGN PATH
                                        TELEVISION PRODUCTION 2
                                                 8201520                                        DIGITAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
                                    1 Credit		               10-12                                           8207310
                                                                                                1 Credit		                 9-12
                                         TELEVISION PRODUCTION
       Participating in a                       HONORS 3                                            FOUNDATIONS OF WEB DESIGN
                                                 8201530                                                    HONORS

     CTE Academy is an              1 Credit		                11-12
                                                                                                1 Credit
                                         TELEVISION PRODUCTION
     exciting opportunity                       HONORS 4                                        USER INTERFACE DESIGN HONORS
                                                 8772140                                                   9001120
                                    1 Credit		                                           12     1 Credit		               10-12
         for students to
                                                                                                 WEB SCRIPTING FUNDAMENTALS
     choose electives that                                                                                  9001130
                                                                                                1 Credit		              10-12
     inspir e them,                                                                             MEDIA INTEGRATION ESSENTIALS
     build teamwork skills,                                                                                9001140
                                                                                                1 Credit		              10-12

                                                                                                       DIGITAL DESIGN PATH
         in college and                                                                          DIGITAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
        career interests.                                                                       1 Credit		                  9-12

                                                                                                    DIGITAL DESIGN 1 HONORS
                                                                                                1 Credit		                  9-12

                                                                                                    DIGITAL DESIGN 2 HONORS
                                                                                                1 Credit		                10-12

                                                                                                    DIGITAL DESIGN 3 HONORS
                                                                                                1 Credit		                10-12

                                                                                                    DIGITAL DESIGN 4 HONORS
                                                                                                1 Credit		                10-12

14   | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022

   Academy of Marketing
The three marketing education paths listed below
provide a foundation for careers in marketing,
finance, hospitality, and management. Students
participate in leadership development, community
service, career development, scholarships,
employment opportunities, college recruitment,
and competition. Industry certification is offered
within each program. Students in the marketing
academies are members of DECA, which is the
student organization for marketing. Courses
must be taken in sequential order.

1 Credit		                9-12

1 Credit		               10-12

1 Credit		            11-12

1 Credit		               9-12

1 Credit		                10-12

1 Credit		                11-12

1 Credit		                9-12

1 Credit		               10-12

1 Credit		               11-12

1 Credit		              11-12
Prerequisite: Marketing Program Completion

                                                     CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |   15

        Academy of                                                   Academy of                                    Academy of
 Early childhood Education                                          Culinary Arts                            Automotive MAINTENANCE
Students within the Early Childhood Program have         The Culinary Arts program is designed for
                                                                                                                 & LIGHT Repair
the opportunity to become CPR certified and earn         students who want to explore all aspects of the
industry certification through the Department of         culinary field. This program is designed for the   This program offers a sequence of courses that
Children and Families (DCF), ServSafe®, as well as the   student who enjoys hands‐on experiences with       provide coherent and rigorous content aligned
Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™.           food and wants to learn about the food service     with challenging academic standards and relevant
Students can also earn up to 6 college credits through   industry. Students are exposed to commercial       technical skills needed to prepare for education/
Career Pathwathys at Seminole State College. Courses     kitchen equipment and procedures. This             careers in the Transportation, Distribution, and
must be taken in sequential order.                       program includes industry certification.           Logistics career cluster. Students learn workplace
                                                         Courses must be taken in sequential order.         success skills, safety, shop operations. As they
                                                                                                            progress they will learn engine fundamentals, brakes,
  EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 1                                                                               computer and electrical diagnosis. They will also
             8405110                                             CULINARY ARTS 1                            learn brakes, steering & suspension systems, auto/
1 Credit		                9-12                                                                              manual drive and engine performance. Students
  EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 2                            1 Credit		                                    9    could earn a range of industry certifications through
             8405120                                                                                        Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as well the
1 Credit		               10-12                                   CULINARY ARTS 2                            Florida Automotive Dealers Association (FADA).
                                                                     8800520                                Students may also earn up to three college credits
  EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 3                                                                               through SSC Career Pathways. Courses must be
             HONORS                                      1 Credit		                                   10
                                                                                                            taken in sequential order.
1 Credit		               10-12                               CULINARY ARTS 3 HONORS
                                                                    8800530                                   AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE &
             HONORS                                      1 Credit		                                   11          LIGHT REPAIR 1 HONORS
             8405140                                                                                                     9504110
                                                             CULINARY ARTS 4 HONORS
1 Credit		               10-12                                                                              1 Credit		                  9-10
                                                         1 Credit		                                   12      AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE &
                                                                                                                  LIGHT REPAIR2 HONORS
                                                                                                            1 Credit		                 10-11

                                                                                                              AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE &
                                                                                                                 LIGHT REPAIR 3/5 HONORS
                                                                                                                     9504130 & 9504150
                                                                                                            2 Credits		                 11-12

                                                                                                              AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE &
                                                                                                                 LIGHT REPAIR 4/6 HONORS
                                                                                                                      9504140 & 9504160
                                                                                                            2 Credits 		                 12

   16   | CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022
                                               Academy of Building and design
Construction workforce demands in Central Florida continue to rise and career opportunities abound! The Academy of Building and Design
gives students the opportunity to explore careers in General Building Trades, Electrical, HVAC/R, and Welding. Students will follow a progression
of courses aligned with a chosen trade. In addition to industry specific course content, students will have the opportunity to take and earn
industry certifications that will help them obtain post-secondary employment in the construction industry. All Academy of Building and Design
Careers programs are part of the Academy of Construction Technologies (ACT) organization, a registered pre-apprenticeship program. The
        ACT program offers students the opportunity to begin a career in high school, integrating academics and paid work experience.

    HVAC REFRIGERATION PATH                                       BUILDING TRADES &                                              ELECTRICAL PATH
                                                                  CONSTRUCTION PATH
This program focuses on the fundamentals of Heating                                                                 This program focuses on the fundamentals of electricity
Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration        As this industry continues to grow and drive the Florida    utilizing the same equipment, materials, tools and
(HVAC/R) utilizing the same equipment, materials,       economy, the demand for qualified professionals in          techniques as industry professionals. Students will
tools and techniques as industry professionals.         the field of residential and commercial structures          learn how to troubleshoot, repair, and replace various
Students will learn how to troubleshoot, repair, and    is increasing. The program focuses on foundational          types of electrical systems from teachers who are
replace various types of HVAC systems from teachers     skills that can be used in trades like HVAC, and            trained experts in the field. For students who are age
who are trained experts in the field For students       electrical. Students can take the knowledge learned         16 and older, this course provides pre-apprenticeship
who are age 16 and older, this course provides pre-     in these courses to the next level by pursuing industry     training and may lead to summer employment through
apprenticeship training and may lead to summer          certifications, workplace learning experiences, or          Academy of Construction Technologies (ACT). The
employment through Academy of Construction              apprenticeship. Students within the Academy of              progression of courses will contain Electrical level 4 in
Technologies (ACT). The progression of courses will     Building & Design have the opportunity to earn              the 2022-2023 school year. Courses must be taken in
contain HVAC level 4 in the 2022-2023 school year.      a range of industry certifications. Courses must be                            sequential order.
    Courses must be taken in sequential order.                         taken in sequential order.
                                                                                                                          BUILDING TRADES AND
      BUILDING TRADES AND                                     BUILDING TRADES AND                                           CONSTRUCTION 1
        CONSTRUCTION 1                                          CONSTRUCTION 1                                                   8722010
             8722010                                                 8722010                                        1 Credit		                                        9-12
1 Credit		                                     9-12     1 Credit		                                       9-12
                                                                                                                             ELECTRICAL 1
      HVAC/REFRIGERATION 1                                    BUILDING TRADES AND                                               8727210
             8713010                                            CONSTRUCTION 2
                                                                                                                    1 Credit		                                       10-12
1 Credit		                 10-12                                     8722020
                                                        1 Credit		                10-12                                      ELECTRICAL 2
      HVAC/REFRIGERATION 2                                                                                                      8727220
             8713020                                          BUILDING TRADES AND
                                                            CONSTRUCTION 3 HONORS                                   1 Credit		                                       10-12
1 Credit		                 10-12
                                                                     8722030                                              ELECTRICAL 3 HONORS
      HVAC/REFRIGERATION 3                              1 Credit		                10-12                                         8727230
             8713030                                                                                                1 Credit		                10-12
                                                              BUILDING TRADES AND
1 Credit		                 10-12                            CONSTRUCTION 4 HONORS
            PROUD PARTNERSHIP                                        8722040
                  WITH                                  1 Credit		                10-12

                                                                  Year 1                                  Building Trades & Construction 1

              WELDING PATH

The Welding Fundamentals program prepares
students for entry into the welding industry.
Students explore career opportunities and
requirements of a professional welder. Content                                       Building
of emphasizes beginning skills and progressively                  Year 2             Trades &             HVAC/R 1            Electrical 1           Welding 1
                                                                                   Construction 2
introduces advanced skills key to the success
of working in the welding industry. Students
study workplace safety and organization, basic
manufacturing processes, metals identification, basic
interpretation of welding symbols, and oxyfuel gas
cutting practices. Students demonstrate learned
skills by creating and producing a finished product.
The progression of courses will contain Welding level
2 in the 2022-2023 school year. Courses must be                                      Building
taken in sequential order.                                        Year 3             Trades &             HVAC/R 2            Electrical 2           Welding 2
                                                                                   Construction 3
1 Credit		                                     9-12

           9204410                                                                   Building

1 Credit		             10-12
                                                                  Year 4             Trades &             HVAC/R 3            Electrical 3           Welding 3
                                                                                   Construction 4

                                                                                                                             CURRICULUM GUIDE 2021-2022 |                17

                               9 10 11 12
                           English 1 Standard              English 2 Standard           English 3 Standard          English 4 Standard
                                1001310                          1001340                     1001370                     1001400

                            English 1 Honors                English 2 Honors            English 3 Honors             English 4 Honors
                                1001320                          1001350                     1001380                     1001410

                                                                                      Advanced Placement
         FOUR YEARS OF ENGLISH                                                          AP Lang & Comp                 AP English Lit
                                                                                             1001420                      1001430

                           9 10 11 12                                                                              Analysis/Trig Honors

Standard                                                                                    Algebra 2            Probability & Stats Honors
                                                                                             1200330                      1210300
                                Algebra 1                       Geometry
                                 1200310                         1206310
                                                                                        Liberal Arts Math 1      Math College Readiness
                                                                                             1207300                      1200700

                                                                                                                        Liberal Arts 2
                                                                                                                         1207310 ++

       ++Not an approved course for NCAA
                  Requirements                                                                                      Precalculus Honors

Honors / Advanced Placement                                                                   AP Statistics         Analysis/Trig Honors
Students comfortable with Algebra concepts are encouraged to take a Computer                    1210320               1201315/1211300
Science course

        Algebra 1 Honors             Geometry Honors               Algebra 2 Honors        Precalculus Honors           AP Calculus
             1200320                        1206320                    1200340                  1202340               1202310/1202320

                                                                                          Analysis/Trig Honors   Probability & Stats Honors
                                                                                            1201315/1211300               1210300

                                                                                                                        AP Statistics
             REQUIREMENT.                                                                                                 1210320

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