Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College

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Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College

Middle School
Curriculum 2021

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College

Handbook 2021                                                                        Contents
The curriculum handbook is an                                                        Introduction..................................................... 2
essential pathway for your child’s                                                   IB Learner Profile........................................... 3
                                                                                     What is MYP?................................................. 4
academic future – it provides
                                                                                     Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning.... 5
information on curriculum areas,                                                     Homework Guidelines................................... 6
subject choices and teaching and                                                     Dual Qualification Pathway........................... 7
learning across the Middle School.                                                   Middle School Curriculum
                                                                                     and where it leads.......................................... 8
The handbook also provides an up-to-date
explanation of the IB Middle Years Programme                                         Course Descriptions
and the pathways that lead from this into the                                        Visual Arts..................................................... 10
Senior School.                                                                       Scots TV........................................................ 11
                                                                                     Drama............................................................ 12
The Middle School academic framework delivers a diverse range of curriculum          Music.............................................................. 14
areas based on global standards and the desire to develop internationally            Design & Technology,
minded young students.                                                               Design & Visual Communications (Graphics),
Compulsory language learning and a diverse ‘Arts’ and ‘Technology’ focus set         Digital Design and Innovation.................... 16
Middle School students up to make well-informed decisions on their future            Humanities.................................................... 20
academic pathways. It is important that families and their children spend time       Year 9 Business Studies............................... 22
discussing the appropriate courses for their future aspirations. As a general rule   Year 10 Enterprise Studies.......................... 23
of thumb, courses should be chosen which leave doors open as young students          English............................................................ 24
are likely to change their goals as they move through the Middle School and set      Chinese, French, Spanish
themselves up for the Senior School.                                                 and English Language B.............................. 27
The curriculum handbook outlines the Learner Profile attributes, the Year 10         Mathematics.................................................. 30
Community Project and it also offers a detailed explanation into each curriculum     PE & Health................................................... 33
area so both students and parents gain a greater insight into the teaching and       Science........................................................... 35
learning within these disciplines. If you require further details and professional   Special Character (RE)................................ 37
advice related to your child’s academic decision making please don’t hesitate to     GATE Programme (Gifted & Talented) .... 38
contact Kate Bondett (MYP Coordinator).                                              Learning Support Overview....................... 39
Matt Allen                                                                           Year 10 Community Project........................ 40
Principal, Middle School                                                             Middle School HOD Contacts.................... 41
July 2020
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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Introduction                                                                         IB Learner Profile
Our Middle Years Programme                                                           The profile aims to develop learners who are:
(MYP) curriculum framework
                                                                                     Inquirers                                            Caring
provides academic challenges that                                                    We nurture our curiosity, developing skills for      We show empathy, compassion and respect. We
encourage students to embrace                                                        inquiry and research. We know how to learn           have a commitment to service, and we act to
                                                                                     independently and with others. We learn with         make a positive difference in the lives of others
and understand the connections                                                       enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning          and in the world around us.
between learning areas and the                                                       throughout life.
real world.                                                                          Knowledgeable                                        We approach uncertainty with forethought
                                                                                     We develop and use conceptual understanding,         and determination; we work independently
The curriculum further challenges students to                                        exploring knowledge across a range of                and cooperatively to explore new ideas and
become internationally minded and reflective thinkers. A focus on approaches to      disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that    innovative strategies. We are resourceful and
learning skills throughout the programme ensures your children are ready for the     have local and global significance.                  resilient in the face of challenges and change.
rapidly changing 21st Century world.
                                                                                     Thinkers                                             Balanced
The heart of the programme revolves around five key elements which:                  We use critical and creative thinking skills to      We understand the importance of balancing
                                                                                     analyse and take responsible action on complex       different aspects of our lives—intellectual,
• Encourage international mindedness in students to develop a foundation in          problems. We exercise initiative in making           physical, and emotional—to achieve well-being
  their own language and culture.                                                    reasoned, ethical decisions.                         for ourselves and others. We recognise our
• Encourage a positive attitude to learning by challenging students to solve                                                              interdependence with other people and with the
                                                                                     Communicators                                        world in which we live.
  problems, show creativity and resourcefulness, and participate actively in their
                                                                                     We express ourselves confidently and creatively
  communities.                                                                       in more than one language and in many ways.          Reflective
• Reflect real life by providing a framework that allows students to see the         We collaborate effectively, listening carefully to   We thoughtfully consider the world and our own
  connections among the subjects themselves, and between the subjects and real       the perspectives of other individuals and groups.    ideas and experience. We work to understand
  issues.                                                                                                                                 our strengths and weaknesses in order to
                                                                                     Principled                                           support our learning and personal development.
• Supports the development of communication skills to encourage inquiry,             We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong
  understanding, language acquisition, and to allow student reflection and           sense of fairness and justice, and with respect
  expression.                                                                        for the dignity and rights of people everywhere.
                                                                                     We take responsibility for our actions and their
• Emphasize, through the learner profile, the development of the whole student –     consequences.
  physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.
The culmination of the MYP programme is the Year 10 Community Project.               We critically appreciate our own cultures and
Working in small groups students are expected to identify a community need and       personal histories, as well as the values and
take action to either bring change themselves, raise money to finance change         traditions of others. We seek and evaluate a
carried out by others, raise awareness of the issue or provide an analysis of how    range of points of view, and we are willing to
                                                                                     grow from the experience.
this issue can be alleviated. Past projects include encouraging healthy eating at
Kahurangi School, maintaining bike trails and starting a beach clean up.
Kate Bondett
MYP Coordinator
July 2020
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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What is the MYP?                                                                                         Teaching and Learning
The Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students aged 11-16 is now                                          Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, a vital component of the
offered by over 850 IB World Schools. At Scots we run the MYP in                                         Middle Years Programme and a wonderful opportunity for students,
Years 7-10. The MYP is especially designed to help adolescents adjust                                    is becoming more prominent in the Middle School.
to life in the 21st century. It is a difficult time for these young people
                                                                                                         Interdisciplinary teaching and learning is
as they learn to cope with a constantly changing and increasingly                                        characterised by a genuine need for distinct
interconnected world. The MYP provides them with the knowledge                                           disciplinary knowledge or skills from two
and skills they need as they grow, helping the students to find a sense                                  subjects, to be taught together. Just like the
                                                                                                         workplace, knowledge does not sit in discrete
of belonging. The MYP emphasizes and builds on the IB Learner                                            silos, it is used seamlessly together to work
Profile. The key ideas behind the MYP are;                                                               towards a goal or outcome. We try, using the
                                                                                                         MYP interdisciplinary framework, to give
Holistic Learning                                   Communication                                        students an opportunity to experience the need
Whilst maintaining excellent standards of           Good command of one’s own language enables           for subjects to work together to achieve a result.
teaching and learning in across a wide and          clear expression of ideas, attitudes and feelings.   In 2019, all Year 9 students took part in an
balanced range of traditional subjects, the         The learning of other languages extends the          Interdisciplinary unit, between English and
MYP also has an extra emphasis on the               student’s ability to communicate and it teaches      Humanities, utilizing skills taught in each
interrelatedness of the subjects. This encourages   appreciation of different cultures and ways of       discipline to create a collaborative pitch,
the student to consider issues and problems from    thinking. Good communication is also about           promoting an innovative solution for one of
a variety of points of view. The students learn     listening to others and understanding variations     the 17 United Nations Global Sustainability
to combine relevant knowledge, experience and       and nuance. The MYP also encourages students         Goals. All Year 8 students will also take part
critical thinking to solve real problems.           to explore various modes of expression.              in their own unit at the end of the year, using
Intercultural Awareness                                                                                  disciplinary knowledge from Math and Science
The MYP develops students’ attitudes,                                                                    to work together towards a result.
                                                    MYP Programme Model
knowledge and skills as they learn about their                                                           We have committed to rolling this out to Year
own and others’ cultures. MYP teaching and                                                               7-10 to allow all students the opportunity to
learning encourages tolerance, respect and                                                               complete an interdisciplinary unit and learn in
empathy. This is an essential part of education                                                          an authentic real-world context.
to create a better and more peaceful world in the

Scots College is authorised to deliver the
MYP and is an IB World School.

More information about MYP is available at www.ibo.org
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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Homework Guidelines in                                                                                       Dual Qualification
the Middle School 2020-21                                                                                    Pathway
To allow students the time to experiment and           We recommend students become members of                             Years 1-6
challenge themselves with new activities the           their local libraries and making a fortnightly trip
Middle School have a homework policy that              to the library part of your family routine will
sees all MYP assessments completed during              contribute hugely to the success of this new                                    PYP
class time, and that most subjects will not set        initiative. We’d love the whole family to join in                     Primary Years Programme
homework. We believe this gives students and           the reading as a way to counteract some of the
opportunity to work on becoming the All-Round          concerns we have about the amount of time
Character.                                             students are spending on screens.
Is there any Homework?                                 Academic Competitions
                                                                                                                           Years 7-10
Yes, homework is based around reading, spelling,       We encourage students to become involved
mathematics and second language study.                 in academic competitions like the spelling bee
We envision students having over an hour of            and challenge themselves to follow their own                                       MYP
homework each night but a significant chunk of         interests in investigating the world around them
this is to be spent reading. Students may also use     as they do through the popular Science Badge                              Middle Years Programme
the time to catch up on missed lessons or spend        programme.
homework time acting on teacher feedback to
                                                       Leaving time for cultural pursuits,
improve an assessment grade for any subject.
                                                       sport and leisure
Year 10 students also undertake the MYP                A key aim of the College is the creation of the                     Year 11
Community Project where they identify a                “All-Round Character”. The Middle School
problem, analyse it and then take action to            Homework policy aims to allow students the
mitigate that problem.                                 time to play sport, develop a love of reading,                             Year 11 Programme
                                                       follow hobbies, learn instruments and generally
Science homework will consist of 2-3
                                                       maintain their own health whilst still reinforcing
consolidation tasks for each unit of work. In
                                                       the academic work done in class.
addition, students can expect two reflective
tasks per year in which they must consider how         How much homework will my child get?
scientific learning has been applied to a problem      Students will receive over an hour of homework        Year 12
and the implication of the use of that scientific      each night but a significant chunk of this is to be
learning.                                              spent reading.
                                                                                                                       NCEA                              IB
Why do we push reading?
Reading, even in the digital age, is crucial to                                                                        Level 2                   Diploma Programme
learning. We want our students to expand their
vocabularies (hence the spelling lists students
will be bringing home) so that when new
material is introduced to them as they move into
the Senior School they will have the language
                                                                                                             Year 13
skills to make the most of their ability. We also
believe that the ability to enter imaginatively into                                                                   NCEA                              IB
the world of fiction encourages empathy and
understanding that will improve the character of                                                                       Level 3                   Diploma Programme
our students as well. We are not saying that they
have to read every day but we think they should
do it on all the days they eat!
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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Middle School Curriculum
and where it leads
                  Year 7             Year 8             Year 9             Year 10            Year 11                 Year 12              Year 13              IB Diploma Programme
                                                                                                                      Level 2 (NCEA)       Level 3 (NCEA)       Year 12 & 13 (2 year course)
    Arts          Visual Arts        Visual Arts        Visual Arts        Visual Arts        Foundation Art          Applied Art /        Applied Art /        Visual Arts
                                                                                                                      Studio Art /         Studio Art /
                                                                                                                      Industry Art         Industry Art
                  Drama / Music      Drama / Music      Drama / Music      Drama / Music /    Drama / Music / Film    Drama / Music        Drama / Music        Music / Film
                                                                           Scots TV
    Design        Design and         Design and         Design and         Design and         Biomimicry / DVC        Construction /       Construction /
                  Technology /       Technology /       Technology /       Technology /       (aka Graphics) /        Materials Design     Materials Design
                  DVC (aka           DVC (aka           DVC (aka           DVC (aka           Integrated Design       Technology /         Technology /
                  Graphics) /        Graphics) /        Graphics) /        Graphics) /        Challenge / Materials   DVC (aka             DVC (aka
                  Digital Design &   Digital Design &   Digital Design &   Digital Design &   Design Technology       Graphics)            Graphics)
                  Innovation         Innovation         Innovation         Innovation
                                                                                              Computer Science        Digital Technology   Digital Technology   Computer Science

    Individuals   Humanities         Humanities         Humanities         Humanities         Geography / History-    Classical Studies    Classical Studies    Classical Studies / Environmental
    & Societies                                                                               Ancient / History-      / Geography /        / Geography /        Systems & Societies / Geography /
                                                        Business Studies   Enterprise
                                                                                              Recent / Humanities     History              History              History / Psychology
                                                                                              Business Studies /      Economics /          Economics /          Economics / Business & Management
                                                                                              Consumer & Business     Business Studies     Business Studies
                                                                                              Law / Economics /       / Tourism Studies    / Tourism Studies
                                                                                              Financial Capability
    English &     English            English            English            English            English / English       English / English    English / English    Language and Literature / Language
    Literature                                                                                Studies / ESL           Studies / ESL        Studies              Acquisition / Language A Literature

    Languages     French / Spanish   French / Spanish   French / Spanish   French / Spanish   Chinese / French /      Chinese / French     Chinese / French     Ab Initio Language / Chinese /
                  / Chinese/         / Chinese/         / Chinese/         / Chinese/         Spanish / ESL           / Spanish / ESL      / Spanish            English Language Acquisition /
                  English B          English B          English B          English B                                                                            French / Language A Literature /
    Mathematics   Mathematics        Mathematics        Mathematics        Mathematics        Mathematics- Abstract Mathematics /          Calculus /           Analysis and Approaches /
                                                                                              / Mathematics- Real   Statistics             Mathematics-         Application and Interpretation
                                                                                              World                                        Real World /
    PE & Health   PE / Sport         PE / Sport         PE & Health        PE & Health        PE / Sports and         PE (Theory)          PE (Theory)          Sports, Exercise and Health
                                                                                              Exercise Science

    Sciences      Sciences           Sciences           Sciences           Sciences           Biomedical              Physics /            Physics /            Physics / Chemistry / Biology
                                                                                              Science / Biology       Chemistry /          Chemistry /
                                                                                              & Environmental         Biology              Biology
                                                                                              Systems / Chemistry
                                                                                              / Physics / Physics &
    Special       Religious          Religious          Religious          Religious          Religious Education     Religious            Extension            Theory of Knowledge
    Character     Education          Education          Education          Education                                  Education
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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Visual Arts                                                                                                                                                           Scots TV
MYP Subject Group: Arts                                     What enrichment opportunities will                   in terms of outcomes. There will be a focus in       MYP Subject Group: Arts
                                                            there be?                                            Year 9 Visual Art as well on the students’ ability
What is this subject is about?                              • Artist-in-residence programmes                     to thinking creatively, through verbal, visual and   What is this subject is about?
‘Arts stimulate young imaginations, challenge               • Community-based art projects                       written form, and document this within their         From learning about media, through Scots TV and
perceptions and develop creative and analytical             • Local and National Art competitions                Process Journals and their classes OneNote.          how to create media, students have the chance to
skills. Involvement in the arts encourages students                                                                                                                   understand better the power of media as a tool
to understand the arts in context and the cultural          Year 7 Course Outline                                Year 10 Course Outline                               for expression and investigation. Imagery in film
histories of artworks, thus supporting the development                                                                                                                tells a story that immediately crosses cultural
of an inquiring and empathetic world view.’                 Exploring Colour                                     T rangawaewae - A Place of Belonging                 boundaries to speak in a universal language. Scots
                                                            In this semester-long course students explore        In this semester-long course students look           TV will also allow students to develop planning
‘Arts students have opportunities to function as            the world of Superheroes and Pop Art. Students       at the genre of landscape art. This course           and organisational skills within a highly motivating
artists, as well as learners of the arts. Artists have to   will learn about some of the basic elements of       aims to set up students for Year 11 Art at           context.
be curious. By developing curiosity about themselves,       art to create comic-inspired work using a variety    the introductory level in regards to project-
others and the world, students become effective             of media including: pencil, pastels, paint, and      management, contextual understanding of art,         How will students be assessed?
learners, inquirers and creative problem-solvers.           photography. Students will gain skills related       creative thinking and development and response       Students will be assessed on their ability to use
Students develop through creating, performing and           to pencil control, process journal writing and       to artists’ work and their own work. Students to     the equipment required to produce at least two
presenting arts in ways that engage and convey              organisation, basic art-related research/literacy,   build on previous skills developed over Years        episodes of Scots TV. Students will then be
feelings, experiences and ideas.’                           exploration of colour, and a range of media.         7-9 and work in new materials and methods            assessed on their ability to create episodes of
                                                            There will be a focus in Year 7 Visual Art as        including: charcoal, woodblock and/or intaglio       Scots TV, and completion of a longer term project.
‘The arts are a universal form of human expression                                                                                                                    Students will also be expected to keep a process
and a unique way of knowing that engage us in               well on the students’ ability to organize and        printing, multi-media, and/or design.
                                                            self-manage themselves verbally, visually and in                                                          journal, to allow them to reflect on their creative
effective, imaginative and productive activities.
Learning through the arts helps us to explore,              written form, within their Process Journals and      Year 10 Course Outline                               journey.
shape and communicate our sense of identity and             classes OneNote.                                     (Full Year)                                          Where does this subject lead?
individuality. A focus on the individual enhances                                                                                                                     This subject allows students to develop the core
our self-confidence, resilience and adaptability.’
                                                            Year 8 Course Outline                                T rangawaewae - A Place of Belonging
                                                                                                                                                                      skills and knowledge required for IB Film in Year 12.
                                                                                                                 Similar to the semester-long course, students
(International Baccalaureate Organisation, 2014)            Traditional vs. Contemporary                         start the course by looking at the genre of          What enrichment opportunities will there
                                                            Portraiture                                          landscape art, specifically the Maori concept of     be?
How will students be assessed?
                                                            In this semester-long course students continue       t rangawaewae using materials such as pencil,        Students will be encouraged to involve themselves
The arts assessment is based on a portfolio
                                                            developing ideas around shapes and forms, as         conté stick, charcoal, paint, ink and multi-media    in the back stage effort for College events, such as
of evidence where all work is documented
                                                            well as learn about features of the face and body    work.                                                Scots’ Got Talent as camera operator’s etcetera.
in a process journal/visual diary. The scale
                                                            such as proportion. Students explore simple                                                               There is also opportunity for individual extension
and media used in creating the artwork is not                                                                    What do my other subjects look like?
                                                            forms that leads onto a mannequin study using                                                             in editing and sound engineering.
restricted by the process journal, as photographs                                                                This unit of work allows the students to explore
                                                            pastels. Students develop skills in painting,
and colour copies of original work will be a                                                                     what they have learned in another subject
part of the final assessment. Both group and
                                                            printmaking and/or digital illustration. Artist                                                           Year 10 Course Outline
                                                            models are more rigorously explored and there        area. It encourages more self-management
individual work will be assessed on the evidence                                                                 and interdependent learning. Students are            How can we express who we are through
                                                            is continued development of the process journal,
documented in the process journal by the                                                                         encouraged to use any media they want in the         art?
                                                            subject-specific literacy, experimentation of wet
individual student.                                                                                              creation of an artwork that examines a topic or      Students will explore life at Scots College through
                                                            and dry media and the digital realm.
Where does this subject lead?                                                                                    idea they have learned in another class.             the lens of Scots TV. Students will create a five
In Year 11 students can continue with Art. In               Year 9 Course Outline                                What does Old vs. New look like?
                                                                                                                                                                      minute long, ‘slice of life’ expression of their
Year 12 students may opt into either NCEA                                                                                                                             experiences at the College.
                                                            Abstracting Colour                                   This is the second of the collaborative
Level 2 Design or NCEA Level 2 Painting or IB                                                                    projects, this time with the Music and Drama         How can you make an audience want to
                                                            In this semester-long course students look at the
Visual Art (two-year programme). In Year 13                                                                      departments. The students each develop               experience an art work?
                                                            genre of abstraction. Students will solidify ideas
students may opt into a maximum of two art                                                                       individual responses to the changing face of         Students will collaborate with students from MYP
                                                            around what abstract art is and how and way
courses of either NCEA Level 3 Design or NCEA                                                                    Scots College during a time of re-development        Music and Art, to create a film trailer. Students will
                                                            artists make abstract art. Students will continue
Level 3 Painting or NCEA Level 3 Printmaking                                                                     as a starting point. This project allows students    need to exhibit an understanding of both genre
                                                            to acquire and apply skills in dry and wet media,
or NCEA Level 3 Photography or NCEA Level 3                                                                      to develop their own outcome which will              conventions, and conventions of movie trailers.
                                                            such as pencil, paint, as well as photography and
Sculpture or continue working on IB Visual Art.                                                                  be created using the media of photography,
                                                            digital platforms. Artist models are again more
                                                            rigorously explored and greater choice is given      studying both traditional and contemporary
                                                                                                                 photographers like Rodchenko.
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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MYP Subject Group: Arts                             Year 7 Course Outline                                 Year 9 Course Outline                                 Year 10 Course Outline
What is this subject is about?                      Our Homegrown Heroes                                  How do we communicate without                         (Full Year)
Drama in the MYP engages students in an             Students through play-based role learning,            words?                                                In addition to the content from the
active relationship with theatre and encourages     explore the lives of real-life New Zealand Heroes     Students will explore how a narrative idea            Semester course outlined previously,
autonomous learning and exploration. It             such as Sir Edmund Hilary, Sir Peter Blake, Kate      can be expressed though the theatre form of           full year drama students will study;
encourages the growth of creative, reflective       Sheppard, Willie Apiata, Jonah Lomu and many          Mime. Students will develop universal skills
and communication skills through practical          more. Students will learn how to use drama            of mime and look at world practices of the art        Year 10 Exhibition in Arts
work. Emphasis is placed on the artistic process    conventions of storytelling and exploration/play.     form. The students will workshop the specific         The full year programme will work on a chosen
and the students’ understanding of this process     Working collaboratively with improvisation and        techniques of Oriental, French, Italian and           topic along with other subject areas in the
as an essential component to their artistic         storytelling skills they will develop their ability   Nouveau mime forms. Working both individually         Arts and Technology to work towards a public
development through continuous investigation,       to communicate to an audience with integrity          and collaboratively students will select and use      performance exhibition. Works created in the
planning, goal setting, rehearsing, performing,     and consideration to the source material while        performance skills of the art form studied to         past have been centered around a theme such
reflection and evaluation.                          working in role. The second part of the course        communicate an intention to an audience. The          as 15 Minutes of Fame, What a Load of Rubbish
                                                    will explore shadow puppet making, technology         students self-directed work explores the ATL          and Old meets New. The Drama students work
How will students be assessed?                                                                                                                                  on creating an original piece of Drama. They will
                                                    and performance through the story of a New            skills of collaboration and communication and
Assessment in drama is based on performance                                                                                                                     choose a style of theatre such as The Happenings
                                                    Zealand WW1 hero based on the book “The Red           gives student ownership of the creative process.
tasks supported by evidence and documentation                                                                                                                   experimental theatre, that often raised political
                                                    Poppy”. Collaboration and time management             In the second part of the course they will explore
in a process journal. Both group and individual                                                                                                                 ideas of the time.
                                                    skills are explored in this project-based task.       performance skills of voice, body movement
performances will be assessed as well as the
                                                                                                          and use of space. They will transfer their mime
process journal.                                                                                                                                                Are plays of the past entertaining to
                                                    Year 8 Course Outline                                 skills into an open scripted piece of work where      today’s audiences?
Where does this subject lead?                       In what ways do we handle the concept                 they can interpret role, situation and place as a     Students will examine the world of Melodrama.
Drama is a senior school academic option from                                                             culmination of all skills explored in the semester.
                                                    of death through art?                                                                                       Using specific performance features from the
Year 11 to 13 including scholarship. NCEA           Using the Children’s Theatre play “Johnny                                                                   period students will create a performance where
Level 2/3 drama can be counted towards a            and the Dead”, by Terry Pratchett students
                                                                                                          Year 10 Course Outline                                they can demonstrate their understanding of the
student’s literacy credits. Many drama students     will explore how through performance we               What does it mean to be Kiwi?                         features of Melodrama in performance. They will
also take part in a wide variety of co-curricular   can communicate the rights of dead people in          Students will explore the Pasifika play of “Niu       reflect on how a play from the past can still be
activities within the school including our major    society. They will consider if dead people have       Sila” by Dave Armstrong and Oscar Kightley.           entertaining and understood by a contemporary
production.                                         rights and how drama can comment on political         Examining racial stereotypes, cross cultural          audience.
What enrichment opportunities will                  events to appeal to our conscience. We will also      friendships and our New Zealand societies
there be?                                           consider how the use of comedy in performance         prejudice and past through the use of comedy
In class: performance to other classes, school      can normalise death. In the second part of the        and satire with serious undertones. The students
community                                           course students will explore Physical Theatre to      will perform an extract from the play as an
                                                    create responses to the ideas of war and the Pals     assessment task. The second part of the course
Outside of class: Shakespeare Festival, College     Battalions of WW1 in “Johnny and the Dead”.           is devised based work on the idea of a culture
Production, Middle School Production, Year 10       Using the skills of movement students will work       clash in a New Zealand context. Students
Exhibition Evening, visit to or by professional     cooperatively to create their own dance drama         will explore an intention and theme through
theatre groups.                                     that explores how art can express the concept of      improvisation and convention based drama to
                                                    death through a different drama lens to explore       create an original piece of work.
                                                    role, situation, theme and mood to an audience.
                                                    Students will consider the importance of making
                                                    drama in response to world events.
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
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MYP Subject Group: Arts                               Where does this subject lead?                        Year 7 Course Outline                               Year 10 Course Outline
                                                      In Year 11 students can continue with Music which
What is this subject is about?                        follows a programmme combining performance,          Heroes and Villians - How does music                Rocking New Zealand – Which aspects
Music is a complete art form that is beneficial       composition and music studies. In Year 12 students   tell a story and how do instruments                 of New Zealand’s culture have been
in so many ways. Learning, creating and               may opt into either NCEA Level 2 Music or IB         convey character?                                   expressed in our popular music?
performing music has been proven to produce           Music. The NCEA programme has some optional          Students will learn some famous ‘character’         In this unit students will learn some ‘classic’ New
significant academic, social and health               standards which allow strengths to be followed.      themes (e.g. Darth Vader) and study what makes      Zealand songs that reflect different aspects of
improvements. It also a highly enjoyable way to       In Year 13 NCEA students tend to specialise in       them effective. They will then develop their own    our culture and then create and perform their
spend your time. In the MYP Music programme           the areas that interest them such as performing,     compositions and performances based on this         own songs.
music is looked at through different topics,          composition or music technology through a wide       material.
                                                                                                                                                               Expression – creating an emotional
but the goal is always the same: to be actively       choice of standards, or continue working on IB       The Hills are Alive - How is vocal music            journey in music
involved in music making.                             Music.                                               a vital tool for human expression and               Can you imagine a film without music? How do
Students will learn how to perform music with         What enrichment opportunities will                   identity?                                           composers tell an emotional story with music?
confidence and expressiveness. Often there is a       there be?                                            This unit will focus on developing singing,         This unit is an opportunity to create music
choice of what music to perform within a topic,       In class: All projects have been structured to       ukulele, guitar and sound editing skills within a   for a short film of occasion while learning the
and students are always encouraged to develop         allow students to extend their different musical     context of folksongs from around the world.         techniques of the great film composers.
their skills further by either working in different   skill levels.
styles, with other students or learning a new                                                              Year 8 Course Outline                               Year 10 Course Outline
                                                      Outside of class: concerts, music competitions
instrument. Singing is encouraged at all levels
                                                      and additional musical instrument lessons.           Beatlemania - How did The Beatles                   (Full Year)
and all instruments and levels able to be catered
                                                                                                           change music forever?                               Sample the Muse – How can music
for. Creating music is the other main aim in MYP
                                                                                                           There can be little doubt about the enormity        reflect another medium?
Music. To this end, students will learn how to
                                                                                                           of The Beatles. But what lasting influence          In this second collaborative unit with Art and
use vital computer skills to aid the making and
                                                                                                           did they leave? Students will learn to perform      Drama, students will develop compositions and
mixing of their compositions.
                                                                                                           some classic songs and develop the recording        performances for a showcase performance that
How will students be assessed?                                                                             techniques pioneered by The Beatles.                responds to a common stimulus. New skills
There are two main assessments at each level; a                                                                                                                such as sampling and looping will be developed
                                                                                                           I’m So Popular
performance that is videoed, and a composition                                                                                                                 alongside unique performance and composition
                                                                                                           What are the elements that make up a hit
that is made into a sound file. Some written tasks                                                                                                             settings
                                                                                                           song? Students will learn about songwriting
discussing the performance and composition
                                                                                                           and recording by creating their own hit songs.      Settle the Score – How does
process are also required, and together these
                                                                                                           The very best of these will be recorded in our      interpretation bring music to life?
make up the music section of the MYP Arts
                                                                                                           amazing recording studio.                           From aural traditions, through scores and
‘Process journal’.
                                                                                                                                                               recordings... music has been transmitted and
                                                                                                           Year 9 Course Outline                               interpreted between musicians in many ways.
                                                                                                           Feelin’ Blue - When The Blues became                This unit will focus on developing students’
                                                                                                           Rock Music                                          interpretation skills to best communicate the
                                                                                                           The story of how The Blues became Rock              music of the composer, through the performer to
                                                                                                           Music. Students will use the movie The Blues        an audience.
                                                                                                           Brothers as a stimulus for the study and
                                                                                                           performance of music from The Blues traditions.
                                                                                                           EDM – What advances in technology
                                                                                                           have had the largest influence on live
                                                                                                           and recorded music?
                                                                                                           Students will study the history of recorded
                                                                                                           sound and gain an understanding of how
                                                                                                           the technologies have influenced peoples’
                                                                                                           experience of music by studying and creating
                                                                                                           their own EDM songs.
Middle School Curriculum 2021 - Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Scots College
16                                                                                                                                                                                                                 17

Design & Technology, Design
& Visual Communication
(Graphics), Digital Design and
                                                                                                        Year 9 Course Outline                                  Design & Visual
Innovation                                                                                              Students will further develop their design skills      Communication
                                                                                                        by learning 2D and 3D drawing and digital
MYP Subject Group: Design                           What enrichment opportunities will                  design techniques. Students will study the world       (Graphics)
                                                    there be?                                           of space travel and research the function and
What is this subject is about?                      Students are encouraged to extend the               designs of a variety of different space craft. After   Year 7 Course Outline
As part of the Middle Years Programme, Design       complexity and refinement of their design           researching how rockets work, students will            Students are introduced to the world of design
challenges all students to:                         projects as far as time allows. Prototyping tools   create a range of hand drawn design concepts           and will be taught basic drawing techniques
                                                    such as the 3D printer and laser cutter are         and then continue to produce more ideas on a           that enable them to express their design ideas
• Apply practical and creative thinking skills to
                                                    available for students who wish to make and test    3D digital drawing design software. Once they          through visual communication. Students will
  solve design problems.
                                                    their ideas.                                        have developed their designs, they will then           follow the design process to produce an outcome
• Explore the role of design in both historical
                                                                                                        make a scale model on a laser resin printer and        to design scenarios that involves the use of hand
  and contemporary contexts.
• Consider their responsibilities when making       Design & Technology                                 then collaboratively produce an exhibition to
                                                                                                        showcase their collective designs. Finally they
                                                                                                                                                               drawn and computer generated designs. They
  design decisions and taking action.                                                                                                                          will develop an understanding of how to use
                                                    Year 7 Course Outline                               will evaluate their learning styles and methods of     computer controlled programming to develop
MYP uses the design cycle, a way to structure                                                           working as well as the quality of their design.        a design that will be manufactured on a laser
inquiry and analysis of problems, development       Students will be introduced to the design cycle
of feasible solutions, the creation of solutions,   through a series of design and make projects.       Year 10 Course Outline
                                                    Projects are produced using resistant materials
and testing and evaluation of the student’s
                                                    in the college workshop. Students investigate an    In Year 10, students are expected to be                Year 8 Course Outline
solution for the design problem.                                                                        more autonomous in their application of the
                                                    issue through research and develop a physical                                                              Students will develop their design skills by
How will students be assessed?                      outcome to the brief. Basic construction            design cycle. Possible solutions are explored,
                                                                                                                                                               learning 2D and 3D drawing techniques and
Each assessment follows the design cycle,           techniques are introduced working with both         refined, produced and tested. Evidence of
                                                                                                                                                               rendering skills through the study of two major
requiring students to solve a problem in a given    wood and plastic. There is a focus on accuracy      this is recorded in a portfolio. Computer
                                                                                                                                                               projects based on spatial and product design
brief:                                              of measurement and application of hand tools.       aided manufacture is further explored and
                                                                                                                                                               tasks. For the spatial design task, students
                                                    Final outcomes are evaluated in order to judge      new techniques such as pewter casting are
1. Describe the issue                                                                                                                                          will study architectural layout by designing
                                                    the success against the brief.                      introduced. There is an opportunity for students
2. Research related concepts                                                                                                                                   an Alpine hut for a specific function. This will
                                                                                                        to produce an independent project in which they
3. Generate initial ideas through freehand                                                                                                                     involve students learning how to draw in 2 point
                                                                                                        will select their own materials and manufacture
   sketching                                        Year 8 Course Outline                                                                                      perspective, render buildings to show materials
                                                                                                        methods from the range available.
4. Identify and develop the strongest idea/s                                                                                                                   and light direction and how to use 3D digital
                                                    Students will practice and apply the design cycle
5. Present the final design                                                                                                                                    design programmes to create a fully rendered
                                                    to their own design and make projects. Projects     Year 10 Course Outline                                 interior design. For their product design, they
6. Evaluate the success design against the brief
                                                    are produced using resistant materials in the       (Full Year)                                            will be introduced to ergonomic design through
Where does this subject lead?                       college workshop. Students investigate an issue
                                                                                                        In choosing the full year course, students have        the task of designing a drink bottle for a chosen
In the senior school Scots offers full year         through researching and will consider a range of
                                                                                                        the opportunity to extend their breadth of             target market.
NCEA Graphics/DVC and Product Design &              possible solutions. Basic construction techniques
                                                    are developed as pupils explore more complex        understanding. Students are encouraged to
Construction Technology at Years 11, 12 and
                                                                                                        practice new techniques such as wood turning
                                                                                                                                                               Year 9 Course Outline
13, where students broaden their repertoire of      3 dimensional products which require increased
techniques to tackle increasingly challenging       accuracy of measurement and construction            and welding in order to consider them for use in       Students will further develop their design skills
design problems. NCEA Digital Technology            using hand tools and some workshop machinery.       their independent projects.                            by learning 2D and 3D drawing techniques and
courses at Years 11, 12 and 13 build upon                                                                                                                      rendering skills through two major projects
the fundamental ideas explored during Years                                                                                                                    based on spatial and product design tasks.
7-9 Robotics and Year 10 Digital Technology.                                                                                                                   For the spatial design task, students will study
The focus moves away from physical projects                                                                                                                    architectural layout by designing a “sleep out”
to digital ones, including; Web Design,
Programming, 3D Modelling and
Information Technology.
18                                                                                                                                                                                                                 19

                                                                                                          test a multi-level game for a specific audience.      digital design. They will investigate and present
                                                                                                          They will learn more about aspects of digital         the uses and effects of Big Data in a sector of
for their own property. This will involve students
learning how to create a site plan, and how
                                                      Digital Design and                                  design and the role that research, and human          the community, for example, in business, health
to draw in 1 and 2 point perspective, render          Innovation                                          computer interaction plays in this field.             services, marketing and social media.
buildings to show materials and light direction.                                                          Year 9 Course Outline                                 Web Design
For their product design, they will be introduced     Year 7 Course Outline                                                                                     This topic explores practical HTML coding skills
to branding design through the task of designing                                                          The Year 9 builds further on the principles of        and how humans interacts with information in a
                                                      The Year 7 course introduces students to the
an aftershave or perfume for a chosen target                                                              computational thinking, design thinking and their     digital environment. The outcome of this project
                                                      fundamentals of computational thinking, digital
market. This will involve them studying a range                                                           role in digital innovation. Students will continue    will be a multipage website for a given event.
                                                      innovation and the MYP design cycle. The
of target markets and identifying how design                                                              to use the framework of the MYP design cycle.
                                                      semester is split over two projects:                                                                      Programming
elements are incorporated into products to make                                                           The semester is split over two projects:
                                                                                                                                                                Students will learn how to code using Python
them attractive to specific demographic groups.       Robotics and Post Conflict Hazards
                                                                                                          There’s an app for that                               and will develop an application that will have a
                                                      Students will use design thinking to create
                                                                                                          Students will explore more complex                    practical use in their community.
Design & Visual                                       robotic solutions for a post conflict global
                                                                                                          programming concepts and apply them to
                                                      community For example, students could look at
Communication                                         how landmines continue to affect people long
                                                                                                          create an application around a topic of personal      Year 10 Course Outline
                                                                                                          significance. they will research their chosen         (Full Year)
(Graphics) cont...                                    after war has ceased. Students will also learn
                                                      how to code their robots to move autonomously
                                                                                                          topic and develop a focused inquiry into their
                                                                                                          target audience. After creating their app, they       This full year Digital Technology course offers a
                                                      through a complex course.
Year 10 Course Outline                                                                                    will design a test plan for their users in order to   range of experiences using digital design tools.
                                                      Imagining a Sustainable Future                      get specific feedback on the usability of their       The course is designed to give students an in-
Students will apply the design cycle to two major                                                                                                               depth introduction to senior digital technology
                                                      Students will be given a series of STEM             solution.
projects, covering areas such as architecture,                                                                                                                  and computer science options in the future.
                                                      challenges to undertake. Each challenge will be
product, and graphic design. Freehand sketching                                                           Autonomous Vehicles
                                                      comprised of computational and critical thinking,                                                         Big Data
techniques are refined and idea generation                                                                Students will research the development of
                                                      and hands-on digital design components.                                                                   Students will learn about the fundamentals of
techniques are introduced to enable students                                                              autonomous vehicles and analyse them from a
                                                      Students will work independently and be guided                                                            Big Data and the impact that this has on the
to explore a wide range of potential outcomes.                                                            road safety viewpoint and as an application of
                                                      by their deeper understanding of the MYP                                                                  individual, business and service organizations
Computer aided design skills are extended to                                                              the Internet of Things. They will then use the
                                                      design cycle.                                                                                             and on society as a whole. They will investigate
allow students to effectively communicate and                                                             result of their research to design an autonomous
test their ideas. Students will develop ideas using                                                       vehicle to complete a course with a variety of        and present their findings on the uses and effects
advanced 2D and 3D drawing and modelling
                                                      Year 8 Course Outline                               test points and obstacles.                            of Big Data in a sector of the community, for
techniques and will develop the skills and            The Year 8 course provides students with a                                                                example, in business, health services, marketing
                                                                                                          Students work with a far greater degree of            and social media.
knowledge to thoroughly prepare them for              deeper understanding of computational thinking,
                                                                                                          independence in all aspects of this development.
Year 11.                                              digital innovation and the MYP design cycle. The
                                                                                                                                                                Web Design
                                                      semester is split over two projects:                Along with the use of Lego Mindstorms                 This topic explores practical HTML coding skills
Year 10 Course Outline                                                                                    equipment students will have access to a 3D           and how humans interacts with information in a
                                                      Rescue Me!
(Full Year)                                           Students will design and create robotic solutions
                                                                                                          printer and electronics components in the             digital environment. The outcome of this project
                                                                                                          classroom to allow them to customize their            will be a multipage website for a given event.
Students will apply the design cycle to two major     to assist in search and rescue operations.
projects, covering areas such as architecture,        Students will research and draw inspiration from
product, and graphic design. Freehand sketching       current technology in a range of hazardous
techniques are refined and idea generation            situations such as mining disasters, earthquake     Year 10 Course Outline                                Students will learn how to code using Python
                                                                                                                                                                and will develop an application that will have a
techniques are introduced to enable students          zones and urban conditions. Students will           This Year 10 Digital Technology course is a half      practical use in their community.
to explore a wide range of potential outcomes.        also learn how to code their robots to move         year subject that focuses on key areas of digital
Computer aided design skills are extended             autonomously through an obstacle course based       design. This course gives students a foundation       Passion Project
to allow students to effectively communicate          on the situation that they have chosen. Along       for senior digital technology and computer            Students will choose an aspect of digital
and test their ideas. In choosing a full year         with the use of Lego Mindstorms equipment           science options in the future.                        technology and develop an individual project
programme, students are offered an opportunity        students will have access to a 3D printer in the                                                          based around the application of digital
                                                      classroom to further customize their designs.       Big Data                                              technology to solve a problem. They will use
to extend their breadth of understanding and
                                                                                                          Students will learn about the fundamentals of         the MYP design cycle to guide them during
build a foundation of practical skills in order to    Good Game                                           Big Data and the impact that these concepts           development and then pitch their product to a
confidently transition into Design and Visual         Students will learn to use a range of coding        have for them personally and in the area of           panel of experts.
Communication at NCEA Year 11.                        techniques to enable them to design, create and
20                                                                                                                                                                                                                      21

MYP Subject Group:                                       What enrichment opportunities will                    Year 8 Course Outline                                 How can business help our community?
                                                         there be?                                                                                                   This unit is an inquiry into economic and trade
Individuals and Societies                                In class: Interdisciplinary teaching opportunities,   How do people work for Justice?                       systems. It examines access to markets, fair
                                                         inquiry based learning where students ‘dig            This unit focuses on justice and human rights. It     trade and globalization and how some people are
What is this subject is about?                                                                                 examines the Atlantic slave trade as a case study
‘The social sciences learning area is about how          deeper’, further analysis and evaluation using                                                              marginalized by these systems.
                                                         Blooms Taxonomy.                                      before shifting focus to contemporary issues like
societies work and how people can participate as                                                               child labour and human trafficking.                   What is the real impact of war?
critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens.’   Outside of class: competitions, conferences or                                                              This unit is an enquiry into the long term effects
(The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007)                       events such as Model United Nations Assembly,         How did whaling change over time?                     of war on people. This is explored through
                                                         Climate Challenge Wellington, Race Unity              This topic is an inquiry into whaling practises       examining child soldiers, refugees and the
Humanities is about how societies work and                                                                     in New Zealand and around the world and
how people can participate as critical, active,          Speech Competition, Create One World, the                                                                   destruction of cultural icons.
                                                         Veteran Affairs Passchendaele Competition and         examines change in this industry with regard to
informed, and responsible citizens. Units
are drawn from the past, present, and future             Year 10 Essay Competition.                            economic and technological developments as            Year 10 Course Outline
                                                                                                               well as social attitudes.
and from places within and beyond New                                                                                                                                What makes a civilization ‘great’?
Zealand. Humanities helps students to develop
                                                         Year 7 Course Outline                                 How do we respond to natural disasters?               Using the case study of Ancient Greece
inquiry skills that lead towards conceptual              How do we read our Environment?                       This topic is an inquiry into natural disasters       students will examine art, culture and political
understandings of the relationships between              This topic is an inquiry into mapping                 and peoples responses to these disasters.             organization to determine whether it was a
individuals, societies and the environments in           conventions and how the universality of maps          The context of study is New Zealand and the           ‘great’ civilization.
which they live.                                         connects people across time, place and space.         wider world and in particular how the world is
                                                                                                               interconnected by such emergencies.                   How has disease changed the world?
Through Humanities, students will understand,            How and why should we remember the                                                                          This topic focuses on how societies have reacted
be inspired to become contributors to the local,         ANZACs?                                               How do people live in extreme                         and changed in response to disease. It examines
national, and global communities in which                This topic examines New Zealanders’                   environments?                                         disease from the past such as the Black Plague as
they live and work. Students collect, describe           relationships with other nations during the           This topic examines extreme environments such         well as contemporary epidemics such as Malaria,
and analyse data used in studies of societies;           Gallipoli campaign of World War One.                  as tropical rainforests, polar regions and deserts.   H.I.V. and Ebola.
test hypotheses; and learn how to interpret                                                                    It investigates the people who live there and how
increasingly complex information, including              Students look at the process of grief and             they have adapted to survive in such extreme          Why do people value land?
original source material. They will be asked             reconciliation as former enemies look to rebuild      conditions.                                           This topic focuses on land and peoples
to engage critically with societal issues and            their world after conflict.                                                                                 connection with the land in NZ and Australia. It
evaluate the sustainability of alternative social,       How does our Government work?                         Year 9 Course Outline                                 examines indigenous land values and how these
economic, political, and environmental practices.        This unit of work is an inquiry into systems of                                                             contrasted with land values of their colonisers.
                                                                                                               Can the Earth cope?
How will students be assessed?                           government. It examines our own government            This unit focuses on environmental issues and         When is it OK to break the rules?
There are a range of formats of assessment task          system as well as other government models from        how these are affecting the Earth. It examines        This topic explores human actions like protest,
formats such as; letter, speech, newspaper article       around the world.                                     the human interaction with the environment            civil disobedience and social action across a
and essay writing. Resource interpretation,              How have explorers changed the world?                 and how we can make change to minimise our            variety of contexts such as Parihaka, South
research tasks and PowerPoint presentations are          This unit of inquiry examines explorers, their        footprint.                                            Africa and India.
also used.                                               methods and achievements including Kupe,              What starts a World War?
Where does this subject lead?                            Magellan and Columbus. It particularly focuses        This unit focuses on global interactions in the
In Year 11 students can opt for Geography,               on change associated with exploration.                form of historical forces such as imperialism,
Economics and History. In Year 12 these                                                                        nationalism and alliance systems and how this
subjects continue, whilst BAM (IB),                                                                            led to World War One.
Environmental Systems & Societies (IB),
Classical Studies (NCEA and IB) begin. In Year
13 students can take NCEA Art History.
22                                                                                                                                                                                                                  23

Year 9 Business Studies                                                                                      Year 10 Enterprise Studies
MYP Subject Group:                                      Year 9 Course Outline                                MYP Subject Group:                                      Year 10 Course Outline
Individuals and Societies                               How do communities manage                            Individuals and Societies                               How does this product satisfy the needs
                                                        sustainable economic choices?                                                                                of my community?
What is this subject is about?                                                                               What is this subject is about?
                                                        This unit of work is an inquiry into considering                                                             This unit of work is an inquiry into creating
‘MYP Individuals and Societies encourages learners                                                           ‘MYP Individuals and Societies encourages learners
                                                        perspectives of household, producers,                                                                        and evaluating products which manage societal
to respect and understand the world around them                                                              to respect and understand the world around them
                                                        communities and government to assist in                                                                      needs.
and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire                                                         and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire
                                                        economic decisions. Students investigate a
into historical, contemporary, geographical,                                                                 into historical, contemporary, geographical,            How can I market my message?
                                                        proposed change to an area of Wellington
political, social, economic, religious, technological                                                        political, social, economic, religious, technological   This unit of work is an inquiry into how
                                                        including the positive and negative impacts any
and cultural factors that have an impact on                                                                  and cultural factors that have an impact on             marketing strategies help organisations remain
                                                        change would have on different stakeholders.
individuals societies and environments.’ (MYP                                                                individuals societies and environments.’ (MYP           competitive in a global market. Students engage
                                                        Students examine and appreciate the
Individuals and Societies Guide, 2014/2015).                                                                 Individuals and Societies Guide, 2014/2015).            in the entire marketing process by evaluating an
                                                        perspectives of different groups impacted by
                                                                                                                                                                     adventure-based tourism business utilising the 4
Students explore the choices, resources and             change.                                              Students engage in the research process about
                                                                                                                                                                     P’s of marketing.
processes that are available to communities                                                                  how businesses create solutions to cater
                                                        Managing financial systems and
whilst engaging with the financial literacy                                                                  for community needs, and make marketing
concepts of economic scarcity, income and                                                                    decisions. An emphasis on evaluating viewpoints
                                                        This topic encourages students to inquire into
budgeting, and saving.                                                                                       and the impacts of these solutions allows
                                                        budgeting and its impact on varying levels of
                                                                                                             students to recognise the challenges faced by
How will students be assessed?                          income, wants and needs. “Students examine
                                                                                                             modern day entrepreneurs.
There are a range of formats of assessment              how individuals families can prepare for their
tasks including creation of a family budget,            future quality of life by their present day saving   How will students be assessed?
development of a report comparing holiday               decisions.”                                          There are a range of assessment tasks: Students
destination costs, and analysis of different                                                                 engage in the research process of modifying and
stakeholder perspectives to a change proposal.                                                               existing product to meet community needs. As
Research and investigation forms an important                                                                part of the product unit, students are required
part of all assessment tasks.                                                                                to present an action plan, provide evidence of
                                                                                                             research and reflect on the research process
Where does this subject lead?
                                                                                                             that they followed. As part of the marketing unit,
This subject leads to Year 10 Enterprise Studies.
                                                                                                             students will be assessed on research into a local
It also provides a background which is useful
                                                                                                             tourism business and the marketing strategies
in all aspects of working and personal life.
                                                                                                             adopted by the organisation that allow them to stay
The theoretical aspect leads towards Year 11
                                                                                                             relevant in a global community. Their findings will
Commerce subjects which can then open up the
                                                                                                             be presented in the written presentation format.
opportunity to take NCEA Level 2 Economics
and/or NCEA Level 2 Business Studies, or                                                                     Where does this subject lead?
IB Business and Management and/or IB                                                                         To Year 11 Commerce subjects which can then
Economics.                                                                                                   open up the opportunity to take NCEA Level
                                                                                                             2 Economics and/or NCEA Level 2 Business
What enrichment opportunities will
                                                                                                             Studies, or IB Business and Management and/
there be?
                                                                                                             or IB Economics. It also provides for valuable
• SavY Financial Literacy workshops
                                                                                                             entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for young
• Field trip to Shelley Bay development
                                                                                                             people who will contribute towards New
• Online budgeting simulation through Banqer
                                                                                                             Zealand’s economic future.
                                                                                                             What enrichment opportunities will
                                                                                                             there be?
                                                                                                             • Product presentation day
                                                                                                             • Local business owner presentation
You can also read