Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division
Institut collégial

Vincent Massey

Course Description Guide
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division
Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate
                                            975 Dowker Avenue

INFORMATION EVENING - Thur. Feb. 20, 2020

                                               7:00 PM           All Programs & General Information (gym)

                                               Specialized Program Sessions
                                               6:30 PM           Sports and Arts School Information (band room)

                                                                 French Immersion Information (gym)
                                               6:00 PM
                                                                 Advanced Placement/Honours Information (library)

                                             About ICVMC
                                                •   UNESCO Associated School
                                                •   21st century teaching and learning focus
                                                •   Academics, arts, and athletics
                                                •   Dual track school
                                                •   Teacher Advisor Groups (TAG)
                                                •   Over 100 optional courses
                                                •   Honours courses
                                                •   Advanced Placement courses (AP)
                                                •   University of Winnipeg courses
                                                •   Extracurricular clubs
                                                •   Device-friendly environment
                                                •   Service and travel opportunities worldwide

                                                       A Proud UNESCO School - Home of the Trojans
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division
Introduction.............................................................. 2
School of Choice and Registration......................... 3

                                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
General Information................................................ 4
Course Codes............................................................ 5
Graduation Requirements....................................... 6
Diploma Options...................................................... 7
French Language Arts.............................................. 8
English Language Arts............................................. 10
Mathematics............................................................. 14
Social Sciences.......................................................... 18
Physical Education.................................................. 22
Science...................................................................... 24
Arts............................................................................ 28
Commerce, Technology, and Vocational............... 34
Languages.................................................................. 42
Student Services........................................................ 46
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate is a proud UNESCO      responsibility is to walk the halls, keep an ear to the ground and
school of over 1200 students with a dynamic, high-energy staff      proactively communicate with the administration. We believe
of more than 120 professionals. This vibrant dual track school      this strategy is uniquely “made at Massey”.
offers a grade 10-12 English Program and a grade 9-12 French
Immersion Program. Vincent Massey has a strong, rich tradition      ICVMC was the first, and is the only Pembina Trails high school
of academics, arts and athletics as well as an emphasis on social   to offer a unique strategy of programming for elite athletes or
justice and community service.                                      artists who must juggle training, travel, and school as part of
                                                                    their daily lives. That program has evolved into the Sport and
Our vision for the future of ICVMC is supported by the              Arts School, an initiative that is supervised by a teacher who
numerous physical changes that have occurred to make the            acts as a teacher and a mentor for student athletes.
space accessible for all. For example, a newly renovated
elevator, student services area, learning commons and front         We were also the first AspNet UNESCO school in Pembina Trails
entrance have all been completed.                                   School Division; a membership that links us to the international
                                                                    UNESCO goals and has impelled us to strongly encourage
Massey’s history of strong athletic teams, creative and             students to become leaders in local and global issues.
performing arts, and academic acknowledgements, encourages
all students to engage and participate in whatever interests        Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate is a sought after high
them. Beyond our competitive opportunities, Massey offers           school. It becomes a home to its students until each student is
over 30 clubs.                                                      ready to move on and take their own place in the world. If you
                                                                    study with us you will have opportunity to be transformed, with
While honouring Vincent Massey’s history and tradition, our         an open mind, a caring heart, and a strengthened body; join us.
faculty and community moves forward as a 21st century,              We look forward to working with you!
UNESCO school creating learning opportunities and challenges
for all students. Massey’s teaching faculty offers classroom
experiences that are current, relevant and rigorous. Students
can pursue their creative interests and curiosities, expand their
leadership and sense of belonging, challenge social justice
issues and take action while striving for excellence.

At Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate in the Pembina
Trails School Division, ‘Anything is Possible!’

At Massey, we believe school should be a safe place and to
that end, we have a dedicated hallway monitor whose sole

2        ICVMC 2020-2021
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division
                                                           and REGISTRATION

Massey’s catchment area is defined as all of Fort Garry,         All Pembina Trails’ catchment students automatically receive a
including Whyte Ridge. Waverley Heights has traditionally        registration package prior to the Open House and the process
been viewed as a dual catchment area, with students free to      plays out as follows:
opt for Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate as their    1. We visit our feeder schools to hand out registration packages
high school. Our catchment area schools include students         and explain the registration process. This occurs before the
attending Arthur A. Leach, General Byng, Henry G. Izatt, École   Open House.
Viscount Alexander and interested students from Acadia           2. The registration packages include the course description
Junior High. We also welcome French Immersion students           guide, a school registration form, an online course
from École South Pointe.                                         selection form (must be completed and attached to the
                                                                 school registration form), a letter from the administration,
School of Choice registrants are either within-division or       a personalized ID and password for online registration,
out-of-division. Within-division applicants would include the    information regarding payment via Permission Click, and an
following communities: Bridgewater, South Pointe, Linden         E-Fee payment form.
Ridge, Prairie Pointe and Linden Woods. Registrants from         3. Students not attending a Pembina Trails School Division
these communities must complete a package that includes          feeder school can expect support for completion of the
a “Within-Division” form that must be completed and              registration forms from ICVMC’s office staff or counselors.
returned with the registration forms in March. Packages will     Generic registration packages will be available at the Open
be available at the Open House. Out-of-division applicants       House. Families registering as School of Choice (out-of-division)
must complete a package that includes an “Out-of-Division”       must complete the process by May 15th, but preferably by
form that must be completed by May 15 and preferably is          March 1st.
completed and returned with the registration forms in March.     4. Grade 9 and 10 students are strongly encouraged to register
                                                                 for a minimum of 9 credits. Students in Grades 11 and 12 are
There is a prioritizing for acceptance as School of Choice       strongly encouraged to register for a minimum of 8 credits.
registrants:                                                     5. Acceptance after semester 1 (August 24, 2020) and semester
1. Students residing within the Pembina Trails School Division   2 (January 25, 2021) entry dates is limited. School of Choice
will be accepted providing there is space available, and the     registrants will be notified of acceptance by direct contact from
student does not require programming resulting in a higher       the ICVMC office staff.
level of support.                                                6. Sport and Arts School applicants should first contact the
2. Students residing outside of the Pembina Trails School        school. Students registering under the “Sport School” umbrella
Division but within the Province of Manitoba must provide        of the program will be directed to the Canadian Sport Centre to
a most current transcript and a letter of reference from a       initiate the registration process.
current school administrator. Space must be available and        7. International students, students on a study permit or visa,
admission to ICVMC must not result in a higher level of          and newcomers to the country must contact Pembina Trails
support being required to meet programming needs.                School Division (ISP department, 204-488- 1757) to initiate the
                                                                 registration process.

                                                                                                       ICVMC 2020-2021         3
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

    Student Timetable                                              Student Fees
                 Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri           Wed(late start)      In addition to the forms included in the registration package,
    Period 1        8:25 - 9:35                9:15 - 10:15        registration is not considered complete unless payment of
    Period 2        9:38 - 10:48               10:18 - 11:18       school fees is included.
    Period 3        10:51 - 12:01              11:21 - 12:21
    Period 4        1:06 - 2:16                1:26 - 2:26         Fees can be paid in the form of a cheque or cash, Visa,
                                                                   Master Card or debit card. Online payment can also be
    Period 5        2:19 - 3:29                2:29 - 3:29
                                                                   made via Permission Click. If paying by cheque it should be
                                                                   made out to Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate.
    Semester System                                                Cheques should not be postdated.
    The school year is divided into two equal parts (semesters).   If paying by debit, it must be done in person. Visa or Master
    The first semester runs from September through to the end      Card payment can be done in person at the main office or
    of January, and the second semester runs from February to      by telephone (204-453-8023).
    June. Most courses are completed within a single semester.
                                                                   All students are required to pay the general student fee
                                                                   of $60. This fee funds general improvements to common
    Attendance                                                     areas (including aesthetics and audio visual), the academic
                                                                   calendar, agenda and handbook. It helps with locker/lock
    “Everybody in school everyday” - Manitoba Education            maintenance, TAG activities and UNESCO events. It also
                                                                   subsidizes full school events, programming opportunities,
    We believe that all ICVMC students have a responsibility to    and partially subsidizing bussing for field trips. ICVMC also
    attend all classes for which they are scheduled. Research      has hallway and cafeteria supervision throughout the entire
    studies have shown that students who have attendace rates      school day and the fee funds that initiative.
    above 95% perform better academically Missing 2 days or
    more per month does affect the student success.                All graduating students are required to pay a fee of $55 in
                                                                   their graduating year.
    If a student needs to be absent dur to illness, medical
    appointments and/or emerengicies parents are asked to          All students have the option to purchase a yearbook. The
    report the absence via phone, email, or through the Edbsy      fee is $35. Yearbooks are generally available beginning of
    app.                                                           October of the following school year. Graduate students
                                                                   must return to pick up the yearbook personally.
    If an absence has not been communicated to the school
    an automated phone call and/or email is sent home in the       Should any student or family experience hardship by the
    evening.                                                       fees applied by Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate,
                                                                   please contact our principal.

4         ICVMC 2020-2021
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

Understanding the course codes
All course codes are established by the school division and linked to Manitoba Eduction course codes.
French Immersion courses will begin with an “X”.
First character:
indicates the course level (“1” for grade 9; “2” for grade 10; “3” for grade 11, and “4” for grade 12)
Second character:
0    Developed or approved by the Province of Manitoba for 1 credit
1    Developed by school or division and registered with Manitoba Education as School Initiated Credit ( SIC)
2    Developed by external authorities, and in the case of dual-credit, a post-secondary institution or Advanced Placement (AP)
5    Developed or approved by the Province of Manitoba for 0.5 credit
Third character:
A    Avancé - honours courses in French Immersion
E    English as an Additional Language courses
F    Foundation compulsory courses - required for graduation
G    General education experiences for all students
H    Honours course in English instruction
S    Specialized learning experiences focused on specific skill and content
M    Modified curriculum to take into account the capabilities of students with special needs
I    Individualized educational experiences intended for students with significant cognitive needs
U    University based courses that provide dual-credit between the high school and the Univeristy of Winnipeg

Here is an example of the course codes in the course description guide:
English Program Course Title
    Course code MIAP20S           Prerequisite Math 10F                  NEW Identifies courses new to ICVMC
       Honours MIAP20SH
French Immersion Course Title
      FI course XMQU20S           Prerequisite XMA10F
           code XMIAP20SA

                                                                                                         ICVMC 2020-2021          5
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

                       French Immersion Compulsory             Gr. 9   Gr. 10   Gr. 11   Gr. 12
                       Credits                                                                    Students in
                       ELA                                     10F      20F      30S     40S      the French
                       Francais                                10F      20F      30S     40S      Immersion
                       Mathématiques                           10F      20S      30S     40S      program
                       Education physique                      10G     20G       30F     40F      should take the
                       Sciences de la nature                   10F      20F                       credits outlined
                       Science humaines                        10F                                in this chart as
                       Géographie                                      20G                        well as optional
                       Histoire du Canada                                        30F              courses to total at
                                                                                                  least 30 credits.
                       Choose an additional 9 credits for a total of 30 credits.

                       English Compulsory Credits              Gr. 9   Gr. 10   Gr. 11   Gr. 12
                                                                                                  Students in the
                       ELA                                     10F     20F      30S      40S      English program
                       Mathematics                             10F     20S      30S      40S      should take the
                       Physical Education                     10G      20G      30F      40F      compulsory
                       Science                                 10F     20F                        credits outlined
                                                                                                  in this chart as
                       Social Studies                          10F                                well as optional
                       Geography                                       20G                        courses to total at
                       History: Canadian                                        30F               least 30 credits.
                       Choose an additional 13 credits for a total of 30 credits.

6    ICVMC 2020-2021
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

All students who meet the graduation requirements outlined on page 6 will receive a provincial high school diploma. Students
in the English Program require 17 compulsory credits and 13 optional credits for a total of 30 credits. Students in the French
Immersion program require 21 compulsory credits and 9 optional credits for a total of 30 credits (14 of which must be French
Immersion credits).

French Immersion Enrichi Diploma
Awarded to students who have completed 20 French credits

French Immersion Approfondi Diploma
Awarded to students who have completed 22 or more French credits

Vincent Massey UNESCO Diploma
Awarded to students who contribute to the UNESCO Pillars and Study Areas through action in their communities

                                                                                                    ICVMC 2020-2021              7
Vincent Massey Course Description Guide 2020-2021 - Institut collégial Collegiate - Pembina Trails School Division

French Language Arts
Français 10F, 20F, 30S, and 40S courses (French language arts) provide students with the opportunity to broaden and
deepen their skills in oral and written comprehension, speaking and writing. This language proficiency will allow
students to use French in various context, both academic and social. These are required courses for those students in
French Immersion.

Français 10F                                                         Français Langue et Communication 30S
     FI Course XFR10F               Prerequisite gr 8 French              FI Course XFRCL30S              Prerequisite XFR20F
          code                                   Immersion                     code

This introductory course will help students develop their skills     In this course, students are asked to refine their perspective on

                                                                                                                                               FRENCH LANGUAGE ARTS
in a second language through guided projects targeting oral and      various topics and explain analytical and argumentative reason-
written comprehension and productions. Students will focus on        ing according to the rules of these types of communications. The
developing strategies for planning and                               course pays special attention to the characteristics of media com-
Français 20F
    FI Course XFR20F               Prerequisite XFR10F               Français Langue et Communication 40S
         code                                                             FI Course XFRCL40S              Prerequisite XFRCL30S
In this course, students are asked to continue their                           code
acquisition of the French language by exploring a variety of texts
to better understand their formats and structures.                   In this course, students are expected to exercise their critical think-
                                                                     ing on various topics and to clarify an argumentative reasoning
                                                                     according to the rules of these types of communications.

                                                                                                          ICVMC 2020-2021           9
English is a compulsory course each year of high school. The English program is designed to provide the study of lan-
 guage and various types of text. All English Language Arts (ELA) programs will deal in varying degrees with the follow-
 ing types of language:

• Literary Language: includes forms of communication                    English Comprehensive Focus 30S
  intended to stimulate emotions and imagination, provide                 Course code ELACF30S              Prerequisite ELA20F
  aesthetic pleasure, reveal truth about human nature, and              This intermediate course looks equally at literary and transactional
  cultivate universal moral values. Literary materials include          texts and a balance of practical or analytical and creative responses
  novels, short stories, plays, films, poetry, articles, and            to them.
• Transactional Language: is defined as language to get                 English Literary Focus 30S

                                                                                                                                                ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
  things done: to inform, advise, persaude or instruct peo-               Course code ELALF30S              Prerequisite ELA20F/H
  ple, Transactional materials include essays,letters, articles,             Honours ELALF30SH
  podcasts, speeches, book reviews, and summaries.                      This intermediate course focuses on literary texts in a variety of
• Technical Language: is a part of transactional language               genres, with a growing emphasis on the art and craft of writing.
  specifically related to areas such as science, engeneering            Students will read, discuss, and interpret literature and will write
  and industry. Technical materials include manuals, instruc-           both creative and analyt cal texts in response.
  tions, surveys, and a wide range of reports. Technical writ-
  ing involves communication for practical and educational              English Transactional Focus 30S
  purposes.                                                                Course code ELATF30S              Prerequisite ELA20F/H
                                                                        This intermediate course focuses on reading and writing non-liter-
Honours English                                                         ary texts, journalistic forms and creative non-fiction, but includes
The regular program follows the Manitoba curriculum and in-             some literary texts as well.
cludes English at the grade 9 (for French Immersion students
only), grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12 levels. The Honours
                                                                        English Comprehensive Focus 40S
program (4 credits) is designed for students who accept the
                                                                           Course code ELACF40S              Prerequisite ELA30S
challenge of an intensified study of English. The courses
ELA20FH, ELALF30SH, ELALF40SH, and ELALL40SH are com-                   This grade 12 course builds on experiences in ELACF30S, but any
                                                                        student who has completed a grade 11 focus course may register
pleted in the first two years at Vincent Massey, in the order
                                                                        for this course. Students look equally at literary and non-literary
listed. Only students with 80% or better in grade 9 should              texts and a balance of practical or analytical versus creative re-
register for the English Honours program. Students who                  sponses to them. All students shall write the required provincial
maintain a mark of 80% or better in each honours course will            ELA Standards Test at the conclusion of this course.
be able to continue to the next level in the program. Students
who complete all four courses in the first two years of the
                                                                         English Literary Focus 40S
honours program are eligible to enrol in the University of
                                                                           Course code ELALF40S              Prerequisite ELA30S/H
Winnipeg English course in their grade 12 school year.                        Honours ELALF40SH
                                                                         This grade 12 course builds on experiences in ELALF30S but any
English Language Arts 10F                                                student who has completed a grade 11 focus course may register
  Course code ELA10F                Prerequisite                         for this course. Students focus on literary texts and creative re-
This introductory course focuses on the acquisition of language          sponses to them. All students shall write the required provincial
and literacy skills through listening, speaking, viewing, and repre-     ELA Standards Test at the conclusion of this course.
senting, as well as reading and writing. In keeping with the literacy
demands placed on them, students now learn to read and produce          English Transactional Focus 40S
a wide range of texts.                                                     Course code ELATF40S              Prerequisite ELA30S
                                                                        This grade 12 course builds on experiences in ELATF30S, but any
English 20F
                                                                        student who has completed a grade 11 focus course may register
  Course code ELA20F                Prerequisite ELA10F
                                                                        for this course. Nonfiction reading and writing are emphasized.
     Honours ELA20FH
                                                                        Research skills and using technology are some activities students
This foundational course examines many types of text and lan-
                                                                        will explore. All students shall write the required provincial ELA
guage and experience many different points of view. Individual
                                                                        Standards Test at the conclusion of this course.
and group work help students interpret and respond to texts
using different forms.

                                                                                                            ICVMC 2020-2021          11
Option Courses
Film Studies 21G                                                          The following three grade 12 English option courses are
  Course code FILM21G                Prerequisite                         not mandatory; however, these courses provide essential
This introductory course is rooted in the history of film and meth-       skills for those continuing on to post-secondary studies.
ods used to amplify cinematic content. Students will focus on
understanding the function of narrative in film, identify/distinguish     English Language and Literary Forms 40S
film genres, styles/cinematic techniques, and analyze film for its          Course code ELALL40S               Prerequisite ELA30S
social, cultural, and political implications. This course is designed          Honours ELALL40SH
for students who wish to utilize a critical approach to understand-       This course explores a variety of literary genres and helps to famil-
ing film and will be a forum for investigating how film effectively       iarize students with many of the current critical approaches that are
conveys and creates thematic meaning.                                     used in the study of literature at the university level, as well as de-
                                                                          veloping the fundamentals of academic research and writing. There
Film Studies 31G                                                          is no final exam for this course; instead, students choose a topic of
  Course code FILM31G                Prerequisite FILM21G                 personal interest for a final literary research essay. This course pre-
This advanced course places focus upon some of the most well-             pares students for the types of reading and research that are required
known and respected films/film makers within film history. Stu-           in any field of study, but especially for studies in English, History, Psy-
dents will place classics under the microscope to understand con-         chology, Political Science, or the Humanities in general.
cepts such as auteur theory and will come to understand dynamics
that define a director’s body of work. Students will continue to          English Language and Technical Communication 40S
refine their critical approaches towards understanding film and will
                                                                            Course code ELATC40S               Prerequisite ELA30S
gain insights towards the makings of a film, from simple concept to
successful screen production.                                             This course covers practical approaches to communication and aca-
                                                                          demic writing to improve clarity and accuracy in students’ everyday
                                                                          communication, as well as to ensure success at university/college.
Creative Writing 31G                                                      This course is an asset to anyone, but may be of particular interest
  Course code CRWR31G                Prerequisite ELA20F                  to those interested in studies in Medicine, Business, Education, and
Students explore a range of writing forms, which may include po-          Engineering. There is no final exam; instead, students will choose a re-
etry, short story, storytelling, script, journalism, and online writing   search topic of their choice. This course will familiarize students with
that are shared through class readings, print, online publishing,         the types of formatting and writing expected in university.
and in some cases, performances. Students reflect on their writ-
ing, receive detailed peer/teacher feedback, and explore topics of
personal interest. Students do not write a final exam but create a        English Language and Transactional Forms: Journalism 40S
final portfolio of their work.                                              Course code ELATR40S               Prerequisite ELA30S
                                                                          This course is designed for students interested in studies in Journal-
Creative Writing 41G                                                      ism, Business, and Arts. Transactional language is the language used
  Course code CRWR41G                Prerequisite CRWR31G                 in media, academics and business. This course focuses on examining
Students who have already demonstrated an interest and strength           and creating a variety of forms such as feature articles, academ-
in writing will develop, polish, and share their work with other          ic writing, biographies, and photo essays. There is no final exam;
writers in a supportive, constructive environment. They will fur-         instead, students will focus inquiry on a topic of their choice. This
ther develop and refine their creativity and writing techniques.          course will familiarize students with the types of formatting and writ-
Additionally, students will study the writing styles and world of         ing expected in university.
prominent writers. Students do not write a final exam but create a
final portfolio of their work.

Language and Contemporary Song Lyrics 41G
  Course code LCSL41G                Prerequisite ELA20F
This introductory course is the study of popular music and the im-
pact lyrics can play upon contemporary society. Students will study
a variety of musical artists/groups from a wide range of musical
genres. The course will look at song as an invaluable poetic form
while understanding the history of contemporary music. Students
will have the opportunity to work directly/indirectly with the Rock
and Roll Hall of Fame on a variety of projects/research work.

12          ICVMC 2020-2021
College Board Advanced Placement English:                                University of Winnipeg English 42U
Literature and Composition 42S                                             Course code UELA42U               Prerequisite ELA40S
  Course code LIT42S                  Prerequisite ELA40S                    1.0 or 2.0
This Advanced Placement course is a full-credit university level                credits
English course designed to engage readers in close reading and           This course is designed for students who have completed the Hon-
critical analysis of imaginative literature; this is the type of read-   ours English program, although any students who have completed
ing and analysis required of post-secondary students. Students           grade 12 ELA by the end of grade 11 may take this course, which
will also receive specific preparation for the AP College Board          fulfills the first year requirements for university English. Credit can
Literature exam. AP credits are widely accepted at universities          be transferred to another university if students do not plan to attend
around the world and the course is offered to students at no             U of W. Students may also choose to have their credit in this course
                                                                         applied to their high school transcript as a dual credit. Students pay

                                                                                                                                                 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
                                                                         $400 plus registration fee to take this course, which is half the price
                                                                         of the regular 1 credit course at university.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Courses                          Electives for English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Transitional English 20E                                                  English as an Additional Language 21G
   Course code ELA20E                 Prerequisite                          Course code EAL21G                Prerequisite
Materials and expectations are adapted for EAL learners, but a            This is a beginner level course for students of English as an
grade 10 English curriculum is followed. Students must be pre-            Additional Language. Language use and Canadian culture are
pared for reading, writing and the study of literature.                   emphasized.

English Literature Focus 30E                                              English as an Additional Language 31G
   Course code ELALF30E               Prerequisite                          Course code EAL31G                Prerequisite
This course provides further English study using materials adapt-         This is a course for EAL students. Emphasis is placed on reading,
ed from provincial curriculum. Emphasis is placed on literacy and         writing, listening and speaking skills.
working with common themes found in ELA.

English Comprehensive Focus 40E                                          English as an Additional Language 41G
   Course code ELACF40E                Prerequisite ELACF30E                Course code EAL41G                Prerequisite
This course provides continued English study for students transi-        This is a course for EAL students continuing to develop their skills.
tioning to language arts. Emphasis is placed on later stage writing      Emphasis is placed on academic transitions.
and test preparation.
English Literature Focus 40E                                             English for Academic Success 40S
   Course code ELALF40E               Prerequisite ELALF30E                 Course code EALAS40S             Prerequisite
As an extension to ELALF30E, this course also provides further           This is an academic preparation course for EAL students entering
English study using materials adapted from provincial curriculum.        university. Emphasis is placed on advanced reading, writing
Emphasis is placed on literacy and working with common themes            and presentation/discussion skills. A component of this course
found in ELA.                                                            incorporates common university English entrance exam prepara-

                                                                                                            ICVMC 2020-2021           13

In an effort to assist with students’ choices of mathematics courses, we encourage students to speak with their current
mathemactics teacher to help with recommendations based on their previous grades. It is our expereince that students
who follow these recommendations achieve success.

The chart below outlines the basic pathway for mathematics in high school

       Grade 9 Mathématiques 10F (XMAT10F)
               Essentials              Introduction to Applied and
               Mathematics 20S         Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S
               (MES20S/XMQU20S)        (MIAP20S/XMIAP20S)



       Grade       Essentials                      Applied                     Pre-Calculus
       11          Mathematics 30S                 Mathematics 30S             Mathematics 30S
                   (MES30S/XMQU30S)                (MAP30S/XMAP30S)            (MPC30S/XMPC30S)


       Grade       Essentials                      Applied           Pre-Calculus
       12          Mathematics 40S                 Mathematics 40S   Mathematics 40S
                   (MES40S/XMQU40S)                (MAPC40S/XMAP40S) (MPC40S/MPC40S)

Honours Courses

       Semesters                1                                  2
       Grade 9                            Mathematics 10F / Mathématiques 10F (XMAT10F)
       Grade 10                 Introduction to                    Pre-Calculus Mathematics 30S
                                Applied and                        (MPC30SH/XMPC30SA)
                                Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S
       Grade 11                           Pre-Calculus Mathematics (MPC40SH/XMPC40SA)
       register for all three
       courses                  Introduction to Calculus       Advanced Mathematics
                                (MCI45S/XCAL45S)                (MAD45S)
       Grade 12
                                University of Winnipeg Calculus (UCAL42U)
Mathématiques 10F                                                     Applied Mathematics 30S
       FI course XMAT10F           Prerequisite                         Course code MAP30S               Prerequisite MIAP20S
The grade 9 mathematics course will help students develop their       Mathématiques Appliquées 30S
conceptual knowledge and basic skills that will prove useful in            FI course XMAP30S             Prerequisite XMIAP20S
grade 10. Topics include: powers, rational numbers, linear equa-
tions, geometry, measurements and algebra.                            This intermediate course uses technology. Strong algebra and com-
                                                                      putation skills are required. Grade 11 Applied Mathematics is in-
                                                                      tended for students considering post-secondary studies that do not
Essentials Mathematics 20S
                                                                      require a study of theoretical calculus. Topics include: Measurement,
     Course code MES20S            Prerequisite Math 10F
                                                                      Geometry, Logical Reasoning, Statistics, and Relations and Functions.
Mathématiques au Quotidien 20S                                        Additionally, students will complete a Mathematics Research Project.
       FI course XMQU20S           Prerequisite XMAT10F               This course is intended for students with a mark of 70% or higher in
            code                                                      MIAP20S.
This introductory course is intended for students whose
post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics
                                                                      Pre-Calculus Mathematics 30S
and science-related fields. Grade 10 Essential Mathematics em-
                                                                        Course code MPC30S               Prerequisite MIAP20S/H
phasizes consumer applications, problem-solving, decision-making
                                                                           Honours MPC30SH
and spatial sense. Topics include recreational mathematics and
games, problem analysis, personal finance and consumer deci-          Mathématiques Pré-Calcul 30S
sions, geometry, trigonometry and measurement. This course is              FI course XMPC30S             Prerequisite XMIAP20S/A
recommended for students with a mark of 70% or lower in grade 9                 code XMPC30SA
mathematics.                                                                 Avancé
                                                                      This intermediate course is designed for students who intend to
Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S              study Calculus and related mathematics as part of postsecondary
     Course code MIAP20S           Prerequisite Math 10F              education. The course comprises a high level study of theoreti-
        Honours MIAP20SH                                              cal mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving and mental
Introduction aux Mathématiques Appliquées et                          mathematics. Topics include the study of Quadratic Functions, Trigo-
                                                                      nometry, Algebra, and Reciprocal Functions. This course is intended
Pré-Calcul 20S                                                        for students with a mark of 80% or higher in Introduction to Applied
       FI course XMIAP20S          Prerequisite XMAT10F               and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S MIAP20S.
            code XMIAP20SA
This introductory course is a very challenging course, developed to
prepare students planning on taking either Pre-Calculus or Applied
Mathematics in grades 11 and 12. Topics include Linear Modeling,
Graphing and Functions, Number Sense, Measurement and Trigo-
nometry, Algebra and Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry and Sur-
face Area and Volume. This course is recommended for students
with a mark of 70% or higher in grade 9 mathematics.

Essentials Mathematics 30S
     Course code MES30S            Prerequisite MES20S
Mathématiques Au Quotiden 30S
       FI course XMQU30S           Prerequisite XMQU20S
This intermediate course is intended for students whose
post-secondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics
and science-related fields. Grade 11 Essential Mathematics em-
phasizes consumer applications, problem-solving, decision making,
and spatial sense. Topics include: Analysis of Games and Numbers,
Interest and Credit, Managing Money, 3-D Geometry, Relations and
Patterns, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Design Modeling.

16          ICVMC 2020-2021
Essentials Mathematics 40S                                           Optional Courses
  Course code MES40S                Prerequisite MES30S              Advanced Mathematics 45S
Mathématiques au Quotidien 40S                                         Course code MAD45S                 Prerequisite
     FI course XMQU40S              Prerequisite XMQU30S                 0.5 credit
          code                                                       This advanced course is designed as an enrichment program for
This advanced course is intended for students whose post-sec-        student interested in extending their mathematical skills. It may
ondary planning does not include a focus on mathematics and          be taken concurrently with Mathematics 40H or 40S. It is NOT
science related fields. MES40S emphasizes consumer appli-            a substitute for a Mathematics 40S course. Topics may include
cations, problem-solving, decision-making, as well as number         Matrix Algebra, Polar Coordinates, Complex Numbers, and Conic
understanding and use. Topics include problem analysis, analy-       Sections. This course is available to any student taking MPC40S
sis of games and numbers, personal finance, probability, mea-        and is strongly recommended for Honours Math students.

                                                                                                                                              ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
surement, geometry and trigonometry, owning and operating
vehicles and statistics. A Provincial Standards Test is a required   Introduction to Calculus 45S
component of this course.                                                Course code MCI45S                 Prerequisite
                                                                           0.5 credit

Applied Mathematics 40S                                              Intro au Calcul 45S
  Course code MAP40S                Prerequisite MAP30S or             FI course code XMCI45S               Prerequisite
                                                                            0,5 credit
                                                                     This advanced math enrichment course may be taken concur-
Mathématiques Appliquées 40S                                         rently with Mathematics 40H or 40S. It is NOT a substitute for a
     FI course XMAP40S              Prerequisite XMAP30S             Mathematics 40S course. Topics may include Limits, Derivatives of
                                                                     Algebraic Functions, Implicit Differentiation, Applications of Dif-
This advanced course is recommended for students who are             ferentiation, and Integration of Polynomial Functions. This course
not planning to take calculus in their post-secondary studies. A     is available to any student taking MPC40S and is strongly recom-
graphing calculator or a graphing application and other appli-       mended for Honours Math students.
cations are required in all Applied Mathematics courses. Topics
include Personal Finance, Logic and Set Theory, Counting Meth-
ods, Probability, Polynomials, Design and Measurement, Expo-         University of Winnipeg Calculus
nential And Logarithmic Functions and Sinusoidals. A Provincial        Course code UCAL42U                Prerequisite MPC40S/H
Standards Test is a required component of this course.                                                                 XMPC40S/A
                                                                     This University of Winnipeg Calculus course is available to stu-
                                                                     dents who have already completed Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S                                         40H or 40S (with a recommended mark of 80% or higher). This
  Course code MPC40S                Prerequisite MPC30S/H            course is taught at Vincent Massey and is accepted as a university
     Honours MPC40SH
                                                                     credit at the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba,
Mathématiques Pré-Calcul 40S                                         and at certain other Canadian universities. Students are required
     FI course XMPC40S              Prerequisite XMPC30S/A           to pay the University of Winnipeg a tuition/application fee. Topics
          code XMPC40SA                                              will include Limits, Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation,
       Avancé                                                        Integration, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions, and Tech-
This advanced course is designed for students who intend to          niques of Integration. Students may apply to count this course as
study Calculus and related mathematics as part of their postsec-     a dual credit (1.0 high school credit, 6.0 university credit hours).
ondary education. The course combines a high-level study of          There is an additional fee for this course of approximately $400.
theoretical mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving
and mental mathematics. Topics include the study of Trans-
formations of Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Exponential
Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Polynomial Functions, Radical
Functions, Rational Functions, and the Binomial Theorem. A
Provincial Standards Test is a required component of this course.

                                                                                                            ICVMC 2020-2021             17

ICVMC is a proud UNESCO school and our Social Sciences course offerings integrate a variety of UNESCO themes
within the classroom and beyond. Environmental concerns, intercultural learning, human rights, democracy, and toler-
ance are mainstays within the curricula of our course offerings, and teachers use a variety of tools (guest speakers, video
conferences, English as an Additional Language courses, school-initiated conferences, field trips, and a variety of tech-
nological resources) to help students grasp the significance of those UNESCO themes in our present-day world.

Sciences Humaines: Le Canada Dans Le Monde                            History of Canada 30F
Contemporain 10F                                                        Course code HIS30F                Prerequisite GEOIC20F or
     FI course XSSCCW10F           Prerequisite                                                                        GEOIC20E
          code                                                        Histoire du Canada 30F

                                                                                                                                              SOCIAL SCIENCES
This introductory course will assure an understanding of Cana-             FI course XHIC30F              Prerequisite XGEOIC20F
dian society, focusing on Canada’s regional diversities, as well as             code
the roles and responsibilities of everyday Canadians. Students will   This intermediate course supports the development of citizenship
reflect on the question: “What is a Canadian?”, while examining       through student engagement in historical inquiry into Canada’s so-
the multicultural components of our society. An emphasis will be      cial and political past, present and future. Themes of study include:
placed on the challenges faced by Canada over the course of its       First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples; French-English Duality;
existence.                                                            Canadian Identity; Diversity and Citizenship; Governance and Eco-
                                                                      nomics; and Canada’s relationship with the World.
Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20F
  Course code GEOIC20F             Prerequisite Social Studies        History of Canada 30E
                                                10F                     Course code HIS30E                Prerequisite
Les Enjeux Géographiques du 21e Siècle 20F                            This EAL history of Canada course focuses on the same topics as HIS
     FI course XGEOIC20F           Prerequisite 9e Sciences           30F, but is designed for the specific English as an Additional Lan-
          code                                  Humaines              guage (EAL) needs of the student.

This introductory course focuses on contemporary issues in Geog-
raphy with the intention of using geographic knowledge, skills, and
methods to ask geographic questions, evaluate information for va-
lidity and/or bias, provide models for decision-making, and devel-
op thinking around contributions that young citizens can make to
affect positive political, economic, and environmental change.
Canada, and its position in the World is the focus of the following
5 clusters: Geographic Literacy, Natural Resources, Food from the
Land, Industry and Trade, and Urban Places.

Geographic Issues of the 21st Century 20E
  Course code GEOIC20E             Prerequisite
This EAL geography course focuses on the same topics as
GEOIC20F, but is designed for the specific English as an Additional
Language (EAL) needs of the student.

                                                                                                            ICVMC 2020-2021            19
Optional Courses

American History 20G                                                Global Issues 40S
     Course code HIS20G           Prerequisite                        Course code GI40S                  Prerequisite
This introductory course is a survey course of American History     Enjeux mondiaux
from Pre-Colonial times to the present. Through historical inqui-        FI course XEMCD40S              Prerequisite
ry, students will be prepared to understand American culture                  code
and politics and their influence on Canada and the World. Topics    This advanced course is designed to allow students to acquire a
include: the American Revolution, American Slavery, the American    greater understanding of major world issues and analyze the impact
Civil War, the World Wars, the Civil Rights movement, domestic      of those issues on people living in a variety of political, economic
and global terrorism, and more.                                     and social systems throughout the world. This course is based on
                                                                    principles of active democratic citizenship, ecological literacy, critical
                                                                    media literacy, and ethical decision-making, and consolidates learn-
                                                                    ing across disciplines to empower students as agents of change for a
Anthropology and Sociology 31G                                      sustainable and equitable future.
     Course code ANTH31G          Prerequisite
This introductory course focuses on human beings and their an-
cestors, and how they interact with their immediate environment.    Law 40S
The anthropological focus is on evolution, and human ancestors        Course code LAW40S                 Prerequisite
adapting to environments and cultural pressures, while sociolo-     The study of Law promotes the development of critical thinking and
gy focuses on the study of human behavior within cultures and       problem-solving skills, while engaging students in conversations
societies. Both components of this course focus on cultures, and    about important philosophical and ethical issues. This introductory
how membership within certain groups influences what people         course provides an overview of the sources of Canadian Law, Alter-
do, and how they see the world.                                     native Justice Models, the Judicial System, Trial Procedure, and the
                                                                    Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Topics include: Criminal Law, Civil
                                                                    Law, and Family Law.
History of Western Civilization 40S
     Course code HWC40S           Prerequisite
This advanced course engages students in inquiry of how human
civilization began and developed over time, through an overview              Current Topics in First Nations, Métis and
of its ancient beginnings to the modern day. The knowledge            NEW
                                                                             Inuit Studies
gained from this study will help students place their lives and
                                                                      Course code FNMI40S                Prerequisite
communities in a broader context, think critically about the cul-
ture which surrounds them, and become engaged and productive
citizens of the global community.                                   A foundation for implementation explores the histories, traditions,
                                                                    cultures, worldviews and contemporary issues of Indigenous peo-
                                                                    ples in Canada and worldwide. Students will use critical thinking,
                                                                    communication, analytical and inquiry skills that will enable them
                                                                    to better understand past and present realities of Indigenous peo-
                                                                    ples. Additionally, exploration of topics such as self-determination,
                                                                    self-government, and language and cultural recovery allows stu-
                                                                    dents to understand and work towards a positive future envisioned
                                                                    by Indigenous peoples and all Canada.

20          ICVMC 2020-2021
Psychology 40S                                                      College Board Social Sciences: Advanced Placement
  Course code PSY40S               Prerequisite                     Psychology 42S
Psychologie 40S                                                       Course code PSY42S                Prerequisite PSY40S
     FI course XPSY40S             Prerequisite                     This Advanced Placement course is a university level course de-
          code                                                      signed to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study
This introductory course engages students in the scientific study   of the behaviour and mental processes of human beings and other
of behaviour and mental processes. By exploring the scientific      animals. Topics include the psychological facts, principles, and phe-

                                                                                                                                            SOCIAL SCIENCES
methods upon which psychology is based, students can apply          nomena associated with the major subfields within psychology, as
what they have learned to their daily lives. Content areas in-      well as the ethics and methods psychologists use in their practice.
clude: an Introduction and Research Methods, Biopsychology,         Students can earn a high school credit in PSY42S, as well as the
Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Variations      equivalent of a first year university credit in Psychology by writing
in Individual and Group Behaviour. Note: Students interested in     the AP College Board exam in May. Note: PSY42S is only offered
taking the Advanced Placement Psychology 42S (PSY42S) should        in Semester 1, and is based on a rigorous academic AP Psychology
enroll in PSY40S in Grade 11 as PSY42S is only offered in semes-    curriculum, therefore PSY40S in Grade 11 is a prerequisite.
ter 1 of Grade 12.

                                                                                                          ICVMC 2020-2021            21

Coures Requirements
Students are required to complete a Physical Education credit for each grade level. Only one option of physical education is offered in
grades 9 and 10.

Grade 11 and 12
Grade 11 and 12 offer a variety of streams to complete the requirements. Students should look at interest and activity level when select-
ing their stream.

French Immersion
If taking a sports stream they must replace the grade 11/12 French credit with another French course to meet their French credit re-

Explanation 75-25 and 50-50 options:
• PE(75)30F is made up of 75% in - school time with 25% out of class activities

                                                                                                                                                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION
• PE(75)40F is made up of 75% in - school time with 25% out of class activities
• PE(50)40F is made up of 50% in - school time with 50% out of class activities . Approval form required with course registration.
  Students grade 11 PE teacher must approve.

Sports Stream
Sports Stream classes are 100% in class, however field trips and out of class activities will be scheduled to enrich the students experi-
ence. Additionally, there is a course fee attached to all Sports Stream classes.

Fitness Stream
Fitness Stream classes are offered for Gr. 12 only. They place an emphasis on personal fitness and are enriched with community field
trips. Additionally, there is a course fee attached to all Fitness Stream classes.
       * Female Fitness is offered in both French and English

Outdoor Education Stream
Using the outdoors as a classroom, students will cover the grade 11/12 HPE curriculum, learning how to live an active and healthy
lifestyle. Excursions will be tailored to the seasons. Additionally, there is a course fee attached to this course.

                Grade 9 PE10F / XEP10F
                Grade 10 PE20F / XEP20F
                Grade 11 General - PE(75)30F / XEP(75)30F
                         Outdoor Education - PEOE30F
                         Basketball - PEBB30F
                         Volleyball - PEVB30F
                         Hockey - PEH30F
                         Football - PEF30F
                Grade 12 General - PE(75)40F / XEP(75)40F
                         General 50-50 (prerequisite/approval required) - PE(50)40F / XE-
                         Outdoor Education - PEOE40F
                         Basketball - PEBB40F
                         Volleyball - PEVB40F
                         Hockey - PEH40F
                         Football - PEF40F
                         Female Fitness - PEFF40F/ XEPFF40F*
                         Male Fitness - PEMF40F

                                                                                                                ICVMC 2020-2021             23

Science courses give students the opportunity to learn how scientists work and how scientific knowledge is obtained. The inquiry
approach, in which students learn through experimentation, is used to help students feel the excitement of science.

Honours Courses
The honours courses (English or French) demand self-reliance, independent study and curiosity. Topics are covered in more depth
(and still at a quicker pace) than the regular courses. It is highly recommended that students who register for the
honours courses have at least a mark of 75% in the prerequisite course.

To take the honours science 20 class (offered in the first semester of the grade 10 year), it is assumed that the student has excelled
in grade 9 science. All grade 11 level honours courses have the grade 10 honours course as a prerequisite.

Honours chemistry (grade 11 level) must be taken before honours chemistry (grade 12 level). Typically, in the grade 11 year, stu-

dents take honours chemistry (grade 11 level) in the first semester and honours chemistry (grade 12 level) in the second semester.

In the grade 12 year, assuming successful completion of the two honours chemistry courses, students may take the University of
Winnipeg Chemistry course. This courses allow the student to earn a university credit while still in high school. This course is of-
fered subject to minimum enrollment.

Honours biology (grade 11 level) must be taken before honours biology (grade 12 level).

Note that a student does not have to take both honours chemistry and honours biology. Also, if a student finds an honours course
too difficult, the student may switch to a regular course path.

Sciences de la nature 10F
      FI course XSCI10F                 Prerequisite Grade 8 science
Students will use scientific methods such as observation, measure-
ment, inference, classification, prediction, data organization and
problem solving. Topics include: reproduction and heredity, electrici-
ty, the periodic table and the elements, and the stars and planets.

Science 20F
  Course code SCI20F                    Prerequisite Grade 9 Science
     Honours SCI20FH
Sciences de la nature 20F
      FI course XSCI20F                 Prerequisite 9e Sciences
           code XSCI20FA
This course offers a balanced survey of motion, ecosystems, chem-
ical reactions and meteorology using a blend of mathematical and
descriptive elements.
Science 20E
     Course code SCI20E                   Prerequisite SCI10F
This course focuses on the same topics as Science 20F but the student resources
and teaching materials are chosen to meet the specific English as an Additional
Language (EAL) needs of the student.

                                                                                                             ICVMC 2020-2021             25
Optional Courses

                                                                       Biology 40S
Biology 30S
                                                                          Course code BIO40S               Prerequisite BIO30S/H
     Course code BIO30S            Prerequisite SCI20F/H
                                                                             Honours BIO40SH
        Honours BIO30SH
Biologie 30S                                                           Biologie 40S
       FI course XBIO30S           Prerequisite XSCI20F/A                    FI course XBIO40S             Prerequisite XBIO30S/A
            code XBIO30SA                                                         code XBIO40SA
         Avancé                                                                Avancé
This course focuses on the anatomy and physiology of human or-         This course focuses on genetics and biodiversity. Patterns of inher-
gan systems. Digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and excre-   itance, genetic abnormalities and classification of microbes, fungi,
tory systems are discussed.                                            plants and animals are some of the topics discussed.

                                                                       Chemistry 40S
Chemistry 30S
                                                                          Course code CH40S                Prerequisite CH30S/H
     Course code CH30S               Prerequisite SCI20F/H and
                                                                             Honours CH40SH
        Honours CH30SH                            MIAP20S (math)
                                                                       Chimie 40S
Chimie 30S
                                                                             FI course XCH40S              Prerequisite XCH30S/A
       FI course XCH30S              Prerequisite XSCI20F/A
                                                                                  code XCH40SA
            code XCH30SA
                                                                       This course focuses on atomic structure, chemical bonding, reac-
This course focuses on chemical reactions, physical and chemi-
                                                                       tion rates, equilibria, acid-base chemistry and electrochemistry. It
cal properties and changes, states of matter and organic chem-
                                                                       is strongly recommended that the student has obtained marks of at
istry. The student should have good mathematical skills to excel
                                                                       least 60% in the Grade 11 Chemistry course and the grade 11 Pre-Cal-
in this course. MIAP20S/H or XMIAP20S/A is strongly recom-
                                                                       culus Math course or a 75% or higher in Grade 11 Applied Math.

Physics 30S                                                            Physics 40S
     Course code PHY30S            Prerequisite SCI20F/H and             Course code PHY40S               Prerequisite PHY30S
                                                Grade 10 Math
                                                                       Physique 40S
Physique 30S
                                                                            FI course XPHY40S             Prerequisite XPHY30S
       FI course XPHY30S           Prerequisite XSCI20F or
            code                                XSCI20FA
                                                                       This course focuses on dynamics, work, energy, electric fields, mag-
This course focuses on waves, mechanics, fields and the nature         netic fields, electric circuits and electromagnetic induction. It is
of Science. The student should have good mathematical skills to        strongly recommended that the student has obtained marks of at
excel in this course. MIAP20S or MIAP20SH is strongly recom-           least 60% in the grade 11 Physics course and the grade 11 Pre-Calcu-
mended.                                                                lus Math course (or 75% in the grade 11 Applied Math course).

26          ICVMC 2020-2021
Current Science Topics 30S

                                                                      ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
  Course code SCI30S               Prerequisite SCI20S
This general course, available to grade 11 and grade 12 students,
focuses on everyday Science topics. These might include proper-
ties of matter, cells and cancer, heart attacks, extreme weather
systems, astronomy. Description is favoured over detailed math-
ematical analysis. Students who are enrolled in, or have obtained
a credit for Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 Chemistry, Physics and/or
Biology credit cannot take the course.

University of Winnipeg Chemistry
  Course code UCHEM42U             Prerequisite CH40SH or
Students who have successfully completed CH40SH or XCH40SA
may take this first-year six university credit course (a minimum
mark of 80 % is strongly recommended). Students who have
excelled in Chemistry40S/Chimie40S may take the course with
instructor permission. The course is the sum of two university
half-courses: (Introduction to the Chemical Properties of Mat-
ter (Chem1111) and Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity

The lecture component is taught every other day at ICVMC
(spanning both semesters) and the laboratory component is
taught at The University of Winnipeg itself. The lab is one evening
a week. Students may apply for dual credit for this course (1.0
credit high school; 6.0 credit university).

                                      ICVMC 2020-2021           27

Visual Arts

Visual Art 10S                                                       Digital Photography 20S
  Course code ART10S                Prerequisite                       Course code DP20S                Prerequisite
This course is a hands on introduction to the main elements of art This course will take students through the major aspects of
production and artistic literacy. Students will work in a variety of digital photography by using a DSLR camera which is supplied if
drawing, painting and sculptural mediums. Diverse forms of artistic you do not have your own. Students will learn about elements
expression are encouraged.                                           of composition, the major settings on the camera such as aper-
                                                                     ture, shutter, white balance, ISO, focus modes, and about the
Visual Art 20S                                                       style of environmental portraiture. This introductory course aims

   Course code ART20S                Prerequisite                    to get students shooting on fully manual mode. Students help
                                                                     with photography for school publications including the yearbook,
This course is a foundation-level studio art class which serves      website, and student publication. All students will share their
as an introduction to a variety of 2D and 3D artistic mediums        photography with other classmates and with the public in our
and experiences. Assignments are hands-on and project based,         gallery show.
providing ample opportunities for individual expression and per-
sonal growth whole fostering the development of artistic skills
and literacy.                                                        Digital Photography 30S
                                                                       Course code DP30S                Prerequisite DP20S
Visual Art 30S
                                                                     This intermediate digital photography course builds on the skills
  Course code ART30S                Prerequisite ART20S
                                                                     from Digital Photography 20S, which is a prerequisite. In this
This intermediate course is intended to further the concepts and     course, the focus is on styles of photography such as food, archi-
skills introduced in Art 20S. At this level, students continue to    tectural, special event, specialty lenses and effects, and the me-
be involved in hands-on art making using a variety of 2D and 3D      dium of visual communication in terms of ethics and ideology. All
mediums. Art history and Art appreciation will be discussed, but     students will share their photography with other classmates and
in the context of hands-on Art projects. This is a studio-based      with the public in our gallery show.

Visual Art 40S                                                       Digital Photography 40S
  Course code ART40S                Prerequisite ART30S                Course code DP40S                Prerequisite DP30S
In this advanced course, students will explore drawing, painting,    The advanced digital photography course builds on the skills
sculpture, ceramics and printmaking in greater depth with a focus    from 20S and 30S, both of which are prerequisites for this
on self-directed problem solving and individual expression. Formal   course. The aim of this advanced course is to develop your own
written research in Art history and Art appreciation is continued    style as a photographer. Topics include studio lighting, nature and
from Art 30S. This is a studio-based class.                          travel photography, and night painting. All students will share
                                                                     their photography with other classmates and with the public in
 NEW   Indigenous Art 20/30/40S                                      our gallery show.
  Course code INDART20/30/40S        Prerequisite
A new art course will be offered this year for students wishing to
explore a variety of Indigenous art mediums. Beading, moccasin
making, sculpture and print making are a few possibilities.

                                                                                                           ICVMC 2020-2021            29
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