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Today more than 80% of our seed inventory – billions of seeds each year – passes through our
Ball Premier Lab for coating and pelleting, priming and testing. You benefit from reduced shrink,
reduced cost and improved yield.
BALL CONTROLLED GROWTH™ SEED (BCG)                       CERTIFIED ORGANIC SEED                              HIGH ENERGY SEED (HE)                             PELLETED SEED (PL)
Every Ball Controlled Growth seed is treated             Our organic seed is not treated with                Refined seed delivers improved                    Applying a uniform pellet for small
with A-Rest® at the optimum rate for each lot.           any chemicals. Visit for               germination and uniformity.                       seed items improves visibility and
It’s safe, sustainable, and saves you time and           a complete product listing.                         • Alchemilla • Aquilegia • Cosmos                 makes seeder pick-up easier.
money while producing quality products.                                                                      • Gaultheria • Gypsophila • Impatiens             • Ageratum • Angelonia • Basil • Begonia • Bellis
• African Marigold (CT)                                  FUSEABLES® PRECISION                                • Lavender • Leucanthemum • Penstemon             • Calibrachoa • Campanula • Cineraria • Coleus
• French Marigold (CT) • Zinnia (CT)                     MULTI-PELLETS (PMPL)                                • Perovskia • Ptilotus • Rudbeckia                • Dianthus • Digitalis • Dusty Miller (Genesis-
A-REST is a registered trademark of SePRO Corporation.   The first-ever professional-quality multi-species   • Salvia • Scabiosa • Strawberry                  pelleted) • Gloxinia • Heuchera • Isotoma
                                                         and single-species Precision Multi-Pellets are      • Verbena • Zea (Ornamental Corn)                 • Linaria • Lisianthus • Lobelia • Mimulus
BALL VIGOR INDEX® SEED                                   specially formulated to deliver a balanced mix                                                        • Nemesia • Nicotiana • Pentas • Petunia
Our patented plug testing method determines              of two or three varieties. Trialed and tested in    MULTI-SEED PELLETS (MPL)                          • Plectranthus • Portulaca • Ranunculus
the vigor and uniformity of the crop.                    the lab and in the greenhouse, they germinate       Eliminates the need to run trays through          • Saxifraga • Snapdragon • Strawberry
• Ageratum (PL) • Coleus (PL) • Dianthus (PL)            and grow compatibly. All combo components           the seeder multiple times.                        • Torenia • Verbascum • Veronica
• Dusty Miller (PL) • Impatiens (HE & CT)                are present at least 90% of the time. Go to         • Alyssum (7-9 seeds) • Bacopa (5 seeds)
• Pansy (GS) • Petunia (PL) • Phlox (GS)        for complete details and               • Begonia (3-4 seeds) • Dichondra (3-4 seeds)     TREATED SEED (TR)
• Salvia (HE) • Viola (GS)                               product listing.                                    • Gypsophila (13 seeds) • Helenium (4 seeds)      Uses Thiram for general seedling
                                                         • Single-Species Bacopa • Single-Species            • Helichrysum (3-4 seeds)                         disease control and Allegiance for
COATED SEED (CT)                                         Calibrachoa • Single-Species Coleus                 • Lemongrass (10 seeds) • Leycesteria (4 seeds)   protection against Downy Mildew.
Film-coated seed ensures better                          • Single-Species Petunia                            • Linaria (4 seeds) • Lobelia (6-9 seeds)         Seed is sealed, there is no change in
“flowability” through seeders.                           • Single-Species Viola • Multi-Species              • Ornamental Grasses (5-9 seeds)                  shape/size, and no dust or rub off.
• Alyssum • Arabis • Carthamus • Celosia                                                                     • Portulaca (5 seeds)                             • Helianthus (Sunflower)
• Craspedia • Dahlberg Daisy • Dahlia • Gazania          GENESIS® SEED (GS)                                  • SimplyHerbs (7-12 seeds)
• Geranium • Gerbera • Gomphrena • Impatiens             Primed seed germinates under a wider range          • SimplySalad (6-10 seeds)                        PLUG TESTING
• Lettuce • Lobelia • Lupinus • Marigold                 of temperatures and delivers better uniformity.     • Snapdragon (5-7 seeds)                          All Ball Premier Line seed is plug tested.
• Osteospermum • Pepper • Rudbeckia                      • Cleome • Coreopsis • Cyclamen • Pansy • Phlox
• Salvia • Spilanthes • Tomato • Zinnia                  • Poppy (Papaver) • Primula • Verbena • Viola

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15 NEW CUT FLOWERS FOR 2017                                                                        CUT FLOWERS

               NEW Cool Orange Snapdragon                                            NEW Planet Light Pink Delphinium

                                                                                 A Stunning Bouquet
                                                                                 of Colors & Textures
                                                                                 Celosia Sunday Gold. . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                                 F1 Delphinium Planet
                                                                                 2 colors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
                                                                                 Dianthus Sweet Deep Pink
                                                                                 Maxine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                                 F1 Flowering Kale Crane Feather
                                                                                 2 colors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
                                                                                 Lisianthus Rosita
                                                                                 2 Pink Flash. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                                                 Lisianthus Super Magic
                                                                                 Capri Blue Picotee & Pink. . . . 16
                                                             NEW Sweet Deep
                                                         Pink Maxine Dianthus    Matthiola Aida Apricot
                                                                                 Improved . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
                                                                                 Snapdragon Cool Orange. . . . 18
                                                                                 Sunflower Pro Cut Plum. . . . . 21
                                                                                 Sunflower Sunrich Lemon
                                                                                 Summer & Lime. . . . . . . . . . . . 20
                                                                                 F1 Sunflower Vincent
                                                                                 Deep Orange DMR. . . . . . . . . . 21

                                                                                 Order the complete
                                                                                 seed lineup at

                          NEW Super Magic                  NEW Crane Feather
               Capri Blue Picotee Lisianthus         Queen Red Flowering Kale

                                               Order at or 800 879-BALL          NEW VARIETIES   5   
A. houstonianum (Floss Flower)

Blue Horizon
Height: 30 in. (75 cm)
Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
Mid-blue; also works well in landscapes.

(Bishop’s Flower)


Queen of Africa
Height: up to 48 in. (1.2 m)
Spread: 8 to 12 in. (20 to 30 cm)
Mid-June sowings produce white-                        Mona Lisa Pink Anemone
flowering plants by mid-September.
Suitable for greenhouse, field and
garden cut flower production.


Green Mist
Height: 24 to 48 in. (60 cm to 1.2 m)
Spread: 48 in. (1.2 m)
Lacy, pale green to white flower heads
bloom in Summer, over feathery, fernlike
foliage. Useful fresh or dried.

A. coronaria

Mona Lisa® Series
Will flower under lower Winter light                                                                           Mona Lisa Wine
levels than other varieties.                            Mona Lisa Mix Anemone                           White Bicolor Anemone
Height: 18 in. (45 cm)
Spread: 6 in. (15 cm)
A PanAmerican Seed product.
Sturdy stems hold vibrant, 4 to 5-in.
(10 to 13-cm) flowers.
• Bicolor Red
• Pink
• Scarlet Eye
• White
• Wine White Bicolor
• Mix

A. curissavica

Silky Series
Height: 24 to 28 in. (60 to 70 cm)
Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
A Kieft Seed product.
Strong-stemmed plants have intensely                     Blue Horizon Ageratum   Queen of Africa Ammi        Green Mist Ammi
colored blooms all Summer.
• Deep Red Golden yellow centers.
• Gold
• Mix Intense reds and golds.

                                                                                                           Silky Mix Asclepias

6   AGERATUM             Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

                             Bonita Series Aster                      Ball Florist Mix Aster                     Matsumoto Pink Aster

                                                   ASTER                                       BELLS OF IRELAND
                                                   Callistephus chinensis                      Moluccella laevis

                                                   Ball Florist Mix                            Bells of Ireland
                                                   Height: 25 to 28 in. (65 to 70 cm)          Height: 15 to 20 in. (38 to 50 cm)
                                                   Spread: 20 to 25 in. (50 to 65 cm)          Spread: 15 to 20 in. (38 to 50 cm)
                                                   Vigorous, upright plants produce large,     Large, lime-green calyces.
                                                   fully double flowers with incurved petals
                                                   similar to chrysanthemums.                  CAMPANULA
                                                                                               C. medium
                                                   Matsumoto Series
                                                   Height: 24 to 30 in. (60 to 75 cm)          Campana F1 Series
                                                   Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)           Strong stems have good foliage and
                                                   Yellow-eyed, spray-type flowers.            are 100% top-flowered.
                                                   • Apricot                                   Height: 30 to 34 in. (75 to 85 cm)
                                                   • Blue                                      Spread: 5 in. (13 cm)
                             Serenade Mix Aster    • Blue Tipped White                         A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                   • Light Blue                                Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                   • Pink
                                                   • Red                                       Uniform plants have a short harvest
                                                   • Rose                                      window. Well-matched series is a
                                                   • Scarlet                                   low-energy crop for both Summer
                                                   • White                                     and Winter production.
                                                   • Yellow                                    • Deep Blue
                                                   • Mix                                       • Lilac
                                                                                               • Pink
                                                                                               • White
                                                   Bonita Series
                                                   Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)          CARTHAMUS
                                                   Spread: 8 to 12 in. (20 to 30 cm)           C. tinctorius (Safflower)
                                                   Button-type flowers that open fully top
                                                   vigorous plants. Tolerant of fusarium.      Grenade Orange
                                                   Also makes a nice pot plant.
                                                                                               Height: 32 to 40 in. (80 cm to 1 m)
                                                   • Blue
                                                                                               Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
                                                   • Light Blue
                                                                                               A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                   • Pink
                                                                                               Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                   • Rose
                                                   • Scarlet                                   Round flower buds and round,
                   Campana Deep Blue Campanula                                                 thornless leaves are produced on stems
                                                   • White
                                                                                               of uniform length. Good for both indoor
                                                   Serenade Series                             and outdoor production, flowering earlier
                                                                                               than conventional strains. Useful fresh
                                                   Height: 30 in. (75 cm)                      or dried.
                                                   Spread: 7 to 8 in. (18 to 20 cm)
                                                   Early-blooming with 1.25-in. (3-cm),
                                                   semi-double flowers and a spray-type
                                                   habit for full bouquets.
                                                   • Blue
                                                   • Blue Tipped White
                                                   • Deep Rose
                                                   • Red
                                                   • Rose
                                                   • Rose Tipped White
                                                   • Scarlet
                                                   • White
                                                   • Mix

Bells of Ireland      Grenade Orange Carthamus

                                                           Order at or 800 879-BALL              CARTHAMUS   7   

                             Spring Green                              Sunday Wine Red

CELOSIA                                       C. PLUMOSA (FEATHER)

C. CRISTATA (COCKSCOMB)                       Century Series
                                              Height: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm)
Spring Green                                  Spread: 10 in. (25 cm)
Height: 40 to 48 in. (1 to 1.2 m)             Basal-branching plants produce 13-in.
Spread: 5 in. (13 cm)                         (33-cm) plumes. Suitable for greenhouse,
A PanAmerican Seed product.                   field or garden cut flower production.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.         • Fire
Suitable for higher-density plantings, with   • Red Bronze foliage.
a short programmable cultivation period.      • Rose
Ships well and delivers long vase life.       • Yellow
                                              • Mix All-America Selections
Bombay Series                                 National Winner.

Shorter production time, better               Sunday™ Series
transportability, better stress
resistance and longer vase life –             Height: 28 to 40 in. (70 cm to 1 m)
                                              Spread: 5 in. (13 cm)                                NEW Sunday Gold    Sunday Orange
up to 3 weeks – than others
of this type.                                 A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                              Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Height: 28 to 40 in. (70 cm to 1 m)
Spread: 5 in. (13 cm)
                                              Offers longer stem length with a nice         MUST
A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                              full plume and intense flower colors.         HAVE
                                              Good shipping and vase life.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                              • Bronze
Large, comb-shaped flower heads in            • Dark Pink
a wide range of appealing colors are          • New Gold Brighter yellow-gold color
produced on rounded stems, with no            than Yellow.
off-shoot flowers. Good for economical,       • Orange
high-density programs.                        • Red
                                              • Wine Red
Bombay classic colors:                        • Yellow
• Bronze Rich deep orange.                    • Mix Bronze, Dark Pink, Red and Wine
• Cherry                                      Red, selected for the most uniform mix
• Green                                       in a wide color range.
• Pink                                        SUNDAY is a trademark of Celex B.V.
• Purple
                                              Sylphid Lime
Bombay Fire colors (narrower with
smaller leaves):                              Height: 28 in. (70 cm)                                 Bombay Firosa    Bombay Bronze
• Fidor (Gold) Golden bronze-orange           Spread: 12 in. (30 cm)
comb; light pink neck.                        Masses of 6 to 12-in. (15 to 30-cm),
• Figo (Yellow) Golden yellow comb;           lime-green plumes on tall, straight
creamy white neck.                            stems make this an excellent bouquet
• Filemon Lemon yellow.                       filler and useful for all kinds of
• Fiora (Orange Rose) Orange comb;            arrangements. Responds very well to
rose neck.                                    light and temperature. In the greenhouse
• Fire Deep red comb; purple-red neck.        with lighting and heating, Winter
• Firosa (Rose) Rose-pink comb; light         production is possible.
pink neck.
• Fivio (Purple Rose) Vivid violet.
                                              C. SPICATA (WHEAT CELOSIA)

                                              Flamingo Series (Reintroduction)
                                              Height: varies by variety
                                              • Feather Light pink later fades to white
                                              under high heat. 18 to 26 in. (45 to 65 cm)
                                              • Purple Bushier, twice as large and later
                                              to bloom than Flamingo Feather. 36 to
                                              48 in. (90 to 120 cm)
                                                                                                     Century Yellow     Sylphid Lime

8   CELOSIA          Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

                                                                                 Sonata Mix Cosmos                          Drumstick Craspedia

                                                             COSMOS                                      DELPHINIUM         Also see Larkspur.
                                                             C. bipinnatus
                                                                                                         D. X BELLADONNA
                                                             Sensation Mix
                                                             Height: 48 in. (1.2 m)                      Belladonna
                                                             Spread: 20 to 25 in. (50 to 65 cm)          Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)
                                                             Large, single flowers with yellow center.   Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
                                                                                                         Sky blue.
                                                             Sonata™ Series
                                                             Height: 24 in. (60 cm)                      Bellamosum
                                                             Spread: 12 to 14 in. (30 to 35 cm)          Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)
                                                             A PanAmerican Seed product.                 Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
                                                             Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.       Deep blue. Good companion to
                                                             Easy-to-grow plants are free-flowering      Belladonna.
                                                             with golden-eyed blooms. Not short-day
                                                             types; plants flower in June from March     Blue Donna
                                    Blue Donna Delphinium    sowing. Good garden cut flower.
                                                             • Carmine                                   Height: 32 to 40 in. (80 cm to 1 m)
                                                             • Pink                                      Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
                                                             • Pink Blush                                A Kieft Seed product.
                                                             • White                                     Uniform, deep blue, semi double-flowered
                                                             • Mix                                       variety is heat tolerant with low disease
                                                                                                         sensitivity. Productive, multiple flush crop
                                                             CRASPEDIA                                   has a fast 12 to 16-week crop time from
                                                             C. uniflora (globosa)                       planting. Harvest when 25 to 30% of the
                                                                                                         flowers are open.
                                                             Height: 24 in. (60 cm)
                                                             Spread: 12 in. (30 cm)                      Height: 42 in. (1.1 m)
                                                             Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.       Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
                                                             Wiry stems hold golden yellow florets.      White; contains a small percentage of
                                                                                                         pale blue flowers. Can be grown year-
                                                                                                         round in coastal or mild Winter regions.

                                                                                                         D. ELATUM

   Bellamosum Delphinium     Aurora Deep Purple Delphinium                                               Aurora F1 Series
                                                                                                         Height: 35 to 47 in. (90 cm to 1.2 m)
                                                                                                         Spread: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm)
                                                                                                         Outstanding uniform flowering time is
                                                                                                         at least 1 month earlier than older O.P.
                                                                                                         varieties. The sturdy stems are covered
                                                                                                         with large, overlapping florets that
                                                                                                         completely cover the stem, over relatively
                                                                                                         small leaves. Also works well in bedding
                                                                                                         plant programs to sell green in packs or
                                                                                                         small pots, or as a garden perennial in
                                                                                                         1 to 2-gallon containers.
                                                                                                         • Blue
                                                                                                         • Deep Purple
                                                                                                         • Lavender
                                                                                                         • Light Blue
                                                                                                         • Light Purple
                                                                                                         • White
                                                                                                         • Mix

Aurora Lavender Delphinium        Aurora White Delphinium

                                                                     Order at or 800 879-BALL              DELPHINIUM   9
 HAVE                                                                                       NEW

                            Guardian Mix                         Magic Fountains Mix


Guardian F1 Series                            New Planet F1 Series
Very uniform blooming within each             Height: 16 to 20 in. (40 to 50 cm)
variety under short days and up to            Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
6 weeks earlier to flower than open-          The perfect bouquet component. Early
pollinated types.                             blooming, with delicate star-shaped
Height: 30 to 39 in. (75 cm to 1 m)           flowers. Also great as a bedding or
Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)            potted crop.
A Kieft Seed product.                         • Blue
                                              • Light Pink Also pictured on page 5.
Thin, strong stems and tight, narrow
flower spikes are great for shipping.
• Blue                                        Summer Series
• Lavender                                    Height: 24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm)
• White                                       Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
• Mix                                         Uniform, early and well-branched.
                                              Features dainty flower clusters rather
Magic Fountains Series                        than traditional long, spiky stems. Thrives
                                                                                                                                    NEW Planet Blue
Height: 24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm)            in heat and humidity without stretching.
Spread: 24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm)            • Blues Bright sky blue.
                                              • Cloud Bicolor blue and white.
Sturdy, compact plants.
• Cherry Blossom/White Bee
                                              • Morning Delicate light pink.                NEW
                                              • Nights Midnight blue.
• Dark Blue/Dark Bee
                                              • Stars Pure white.
• Dark Blue/White Bee
                                              • Colors Mix Sky blue, deep blue
• Lavender/White Bee
                                              and white.
• Lilac Pink/White Bee
• Mid Blue/White Bee
• Pure White
• Sky Blue/White Bee
• White/Dark Bee
• Crystal Mix White bee varieties only.
• Mix

Pacific Giants Series
Height: 4.5 to 6 ft. (1.4 to 1.8 m)
Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
Large, semi-double blooms. All have                                                               NEW Planet Light Pink   Pacific Giants Summer Skies
white bees, except Blue Jay, Black Knight
and Percival, which have black bees.
• Astolat Bluish pink shades with darker
tones. Can show both creamy white
and dark bees.
• Black Knight Dark blue.                     THE EASIEST WAY TO FIND –
• Blue Bird Mid-blue.
• Blue Jay Medium blue.
                                              AND GET – WHAT YOU NEED.
• Cameliard Lavender-rose.                    Ball WebTrack® puts tens of
• Galahad Pure white.                         thousands of products from
• Guinevere Lavender-pink.                    over 225 suppliers at your
• King Arthur Royal violet.
• Percival White.
                                              fingertips 24/7. Best of all, it’s
• Summer Skies Light blue.                    free! Manage your orders at
• Round Table Mix All of the series colors.

                                                                                                         Summer Cloud               Summer Morning

10   DELPHINIUM             Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL


                                                                                    Bouquet Purple Dianthus                         Bouquet Rose Dianthus

                                                                     DIANTHUS                                       D. BARBATUS

                                                                                                                    Sweet F1 Series
                                                                     D. BARBATUS INTERSPECIFIC SINGLE-
                                                                     FLOWERED TYPE                                  Height: 18 to 36 in. (45 to 90 cm) for field-
                                                                                                                    grown; taller from early Fall-transplanted,
                                                                     Amazon F1 Series                               greenhouse-grown plants
                                                                                                                    Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)
                                                                     Height: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm);
                                                                                                                    A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                                     finishes at 36 in. (90 cm) tall as a Winter
                                                                                                                    Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                     greenhouse-grown crop
                                                                     Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)             High-yielding plants are very uniform
                                                                     A PanAmerican Seed product.                    for height and flowering time. No
                                                                     Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          vernalization needed for first-year-
                                                                                                                    flowering. Produces long-lasting, very
                                                                     Vibrant blooms over very dark green,
                                                                                                                    fragrant blooms on vigorous, frost-
                                                                     glossy foliage. No vernalization required
                                                                                                                    tolerant plants.
                                                                     for flowering.
                                                                                                                    • Black Cherry
                                                                     • Neon Cherry
                                                                                                                    • Coral
                                                                     • Neon Duo 50:50 mix of Neon Cherry and
                                                                                                                    • New Deep Pink Maxine Offers a
                              NEW Sweet Deep Pink Maxine Dianthus    Neon Purple on separate plants.
                                                                                                                    more intense color than Sweet Pink.
                                                                     • Neon Purple
                                                                                                                    A top-selling color in most markets.
                                                                     • Rose Magic Each bloom starts white,
                                                                                                                    • Magenta Bicolor
                                                                     ages to pink, then deep rose; shows the
                                                                                                                    • Pink
                                                                     full color range on one flower head.
                                                                                                                    • Pink Magic
                                                                                                                    • Purple
                                                                     Bouquet™ F1 Series                             • Purple White Bicolor
                                                                     Height: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm)             • Red
                                                                     Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm); finishes   • Scarlet Deep scarlet; 3 to 5 days later to
                                                                     up to 36 in. (90 cm) as a greenhouse-          flower than others in the series.
                                                                     grown crop                                     • White Pure, clean white flower color with
                                                                     USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9                    no gray anthers.
                                                                     A PanAmerican Seed product.                    • Mix Includes Black Cherry, Purple White
                                                                     Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          Bicolor and White.
                                                                     Bedding/landscape and commercial cut
                                                                     flower series has lacy, lightly scented        DIGITALIS
                                                                     blooms on well-branched plants with            D. purpurea (Common Foxglove)
                                                                     strong, straight stems. Outdoors, the
                                                                     vigorous plants have good heat tolerance.      Camelot F1 Series
                                                                     Well-suited to 4-in. (10-cm) pots and
                                                                                                                    Height: 42 to 48 in. (1 to 1.2 m)
                                              Sweet Coral Dianthus   gallons for landscape and backyard
                                                                                                                    Spread: 15 to 24 in. (38 to 60 cm)
                                                                     cutting gardens.
                                                                                                                    Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                     • Purple
                                                                     • Rose                                         High germination and strong vigor, plus
                                                                     • Rose Magic                                   uniform growth and flowering. Very large
                                                                                                                    flower spikes hold bell-shaped, scented
                                                                                                                    • Cream
                                                                                                                    • Lavender
                                                                                                                    • Rose
                                                                                                                    • White
                                                                                                                    • Mix

      Camelot Mix Digitalis          Amazon Neon Cherry Dianthus

                                                                                Order at or 800 879-BALL                DIGITALIS   11

                   Glitter Blue Eryngium                        Silverdrop Eucalyptus                                 NEW Crane Feather King White Flowering Kale

ERYNGIUM                                      Crane F1 Series
E. planum                                     Height: 24 to 35 in. (60 to 88 cm)            NEW
Glitter Series                                Unique flower heads resembling large
                                              roses are tight and colorful; 6-in. (15-cm)
Height: 26 to 32 in. (65 to 80 cm)            diameter. Long-stemmed varieties are
Spread: 15 in. (38 cm)                        uniform and long lasting.
Dense spikes of flowers are shaped            • Bicolor Creamy white with rose center;
like small pink cushions. Tall, strong,       green outer petals.
silver-blue stems have dark green             • Pink Lighter color than Rose.
leaves. Very heat tolerant and easy-care.     • Red
Good vase life.                               • Rose
• Blue                                        • White
• White
                                              New Crane Feather F1 Series
EUCALYPTUS                                    Height: 20 to 30 in. (50 to 75 cm)
                                              The first uniform feather-leaf kale offers
E. CITRIODORA                                 two distinct colors, excellent stem                                     NEW Crane Feather Queen Red Flowering Kale
                                              length for easy harvest and uniform
Lemon Bush (Reintroduction)                   habit. Adds texture and interest to floral
Height: 36 to 60 in. (0.9 to 1.5 m)           arrangements.
Spread: 36 to 60 in. (0.9 to 1.5 m)           • King White
Fast-growing, shrublike plant has             • Queen Red Red stems.
textured, aromatic foliage with lemon
scent. Leaves contain citronella oil,         Lucir F1 Series
a natural insect repellent. Good in           Height: Varies by variety
containers and landscapes.
                                              Features long-lasting, shiny leaves and
                                              long, single stems ideal for arrangements.
E. GUNNII                                     • Rose 25 to 35 in. (63 to 88 cm) tall.
                                              • White 30 to 35 in. (75 to 88 cm) tall.
Height: 20 in. (50 cm)                        Sunset F1
Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
                                              Height: 24 in. (60 cm)
Fragrant, small, blue-green leaves on
vigorous, uniform filler plants with strong   Round-edged, dark green leaves with red
side branching.                               highlights on 6-in. (15-cm) heads. 6-in.
                                              (15-cm) spacing keeps heads compact.                                                                 Lucir Rose and
FLOWERING KALE (ORNAMENTAL                                                                        Crane Pink Flowering Kale                  White Flowering Kale
                                              Wine Bright
Brassica oleracea                             Unique and versatile focal variety
                                              adds a trendy look to bouquets.
Ball Seed is working hard to make sure
the seed you receive has been tested for      Height: 26 in. (65 cm)
seedborne diseases. Flowering Kale seed       Produces compact, serrated flowers
is tested according to the International      on tall, upright plants. Flower head size
Seed Health Initiative guidelines.            ranges from 2.5 to 4.75 in. (6 to 12 cm)
                                              and is dependent on growing density,
Sunrise F1 (Reintroduction)                   while color brightness depends on
                                              production temperatures. Works well
Height: 24 in. (60 cm)                        in Christmas and year-round bouquets.
Creamy white leaves around light pink         Suitable for cool, energy-efficient
centers. Well-matched to Sunset.              greenhouse or field production. Formerly
                                              Giraffe Wine Bright.

                                                                                                                                       Wine Bright Flowering Kale

12   ERYNGIUM             Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL


                                                                                                                                Hairy Balls
                                   QIS Rose Larkspur                            Grace Mix Godetia                            Gomphocarpus

                                                       GODETIA F1                                   LARKSPUR        Also see Delphinium.
                                                       G. whitney/Clarkia amoena
                                                                                                    DELPHINIUM CONSOLIDA
                                                       Grace Mix
                                                       Height: 30 in. (75 cm)                       Frosted Skies
                                                       Spread: 10 to 12 in. (25 to 30 cm)           Height: 40 in. (1 m)
                                                       Basal-branching plants hold 2-in.            Spread: 8 to 12 in. (20 to 30 cm)
                                                       (5-cm) flowers on strong stems.              Dense spikes on early, upright plants
                                                                                                    hold semi-double flowers of white with
                                                       GOMPHOCARPUS                                 a purple-blue picotee edge.
                                                       G. physocarpus (syn. Asclepias
                                                       physocarpa, Balloon Cottonbush)              CONSOLIDA AMBIGUA
                                                       Crop time: Gallon or field grown, 17 to
                                                       18.5 weeks
                                                                                                    Imperial Giants Series
                                                                                                    Height: 36 to 48 in. (90 cm to 1.2 m)
                                                       Hairy Balls                                  Spread: 12 to 15 in. (30 to 38 cm)
        Fireworks Gomphrena   QIS Dark Blue Limonium   Height: 47 in. (1.2 m)                       Strong stems hold high-quality flowers.
                                                       Light green, round, inflated fruits with     • Blue Spire Deep blue.
                                                       soft spikes top long, arching stems.         • Pink Perfection
                                                       Well-suited to butterfly gardens. Tender     • White King
                                                       perennial to USDA Zones 6b.                  • Mix

                                                                                                    QIS Series
                                                                                                    Height: 30 to 48 in. (75 cm to 1.2 m)
                                                       G. SPECIES                                   Spread: 10 to 20 in. (25 to 50 cm)
                                                                                                    Uniform color and stem quality.
                                                       Fireworks                                    • Carmine
                                                       Height: 4 ft. (1.2 m)                        • Dark Blue
                                                       Spread: 4 ft. (1.2 m)                        • Light Blue
                                                       A PanAmerican Seed product.                  • Light Pink
                                                       Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.        • Lilac
                                                                                                    • Rose
                                                       Vigorous, drought-tolerant plants are        • White
                                                       topped by many long-lasting, hot pink
                                                       flowers tipped with bright yellow. Resists
                                                       weather damage. Suitable for field and       LIMONIUM
                                                       garden cut flower production.                L. sinuata (Sea Lavender, Statice)
         QIS Red Gomphrena      QIS Pastel Limonium
                                                                                                    QIS Series
                                                       G. HAAGEANA
                                                                                                    Height: 30 to 35 in. (75 to 90 cm)
                                                       Crop Time: 18 weeks                          Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)
                                                                                                    A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                       QIS Series                                   • Apricot
                                                       Height: 24 to 26 in. (60 to 70 cm)           • Dark Blue
                                                       Spread: 8 to 10 in. (20 to 25 cm)            • Lavender
                                                       A PanAmerican Seed product.                  • Pale Blue
                                                       • Carmine                                    • Pastel Soft, pastel shades.
                                                       • Lilac                                      • Purple
                                                       • Orange                                     • Rose
                                                       • Purple                                     • White
                                                       • Red                                        • Yellow
                                                       • Mix                                        • Mix

                                                       HELIANTHUS See Sunflower.

       QIS Orange Gomphrena        QIS Mix Limonium

                                                                Order at or 800 879-BALL              LIMONIUM   13

                             Doublini Blue                        Doublini Rose Pink                                              ABC Series

F1 LISIANTHUS,                               Advantage Series
DOUBLE FLOWERED                              Height: 28 to 32 in. (70 to 80 cm)
Eustoma grandiflorum (Texas Blue Bell)       Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
All lisianthus seed is supplied pelleted.    Mid-early series offers well-shaped double
                                             flowers and good-quality, strong stems.
ABC Series                                   • Cherry Sorbet
Outstanding double flower form with          • Green
high petal counts.                           • Pink
                                             • Purple
Height: 36 to 45 in. (90 to 115 cm)          • Yellow
A PanAmerican Seed product.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.        Bolero Series
Uniform plants finish 1 to 2 weeks before
                                             Height: 28 to 32 in. (70 to 80 cm)
comparable varieties and have reduced
                                             Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
sensitivity to rosetting. The number in
the variety name is the “Speed Guide”        Early-flowering series works well in Winter
and tells whether the variety is faster or   production. Less susceptible to rosetting
slower to flower                             under warm growing conditions. Sturdy                Advantage Cherry Sorbet   Advantage Yellow
(1 = Early, 2 = Mid, 3 = Late).              stems and good vase life.
• 1 Deep Rose                                • Blue Blush
• 1 Green                                    • Blue Picotee
• 1 Misty Blue                               • Green
• 1 Purple                                   • White
• 1 Rose Rim
• 1 White                                    Doublini Series
• 1 Yellow
                                             Height: 26 to 34 in. (65 to 85 cm)
• 2 Blue
                                             Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
• 2 Blue Blush
• 2 Blue Rim                                 Group 1 series features extra-small, 1.5
• 2 Lavender                                 to 2-in. (4 to 5-cm) blooms shaped like
• 2 Misty Blue                               roses. Producing numerous branches on
• 2 Misty Pink                               each stem, these eye-catching, spray-type
• 2 Purple                                   varieties are ideal for bouquets.
• 2 Rose                                     • Blue
• 2 Yellow                                   • Rose Pink
• 3 Purple                                   • White
• 3 Rose
• 3 White
                                                                                                      Bolero Blue Picotee   Bolero Blue Blush

14   LISIANTHUS              Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

EXCLUSIVE                                              EXCLUSIVE                                      EXCLUSIVE

                                    Flare Deep Blue                           Flare Deep Rose                                     Flare White

                                                      Echo Series                                    Flare Series
                                                      Height: 24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm)             Every stem looks like a bouquet,
                                                      Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          without any pinching.
                                                      Fully double blooms.                           Height: 36 to 45 in. (90 to 115 cm)
                                                      • Blue                                         A Ball Ingenuity product, available
                                                      • Champagne Peach center, rose edges.          exclusively through Ball Seed.
                                                      • Lavender                                     Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                      • Pink
                                                                                                     Spray-type Flare produces more flowers
                                                      • Pink Picotee
                                                                                                     on the top of each stem that open within
                                                      • Pure White
                                                                                                     a short window. No pinching is needed
                                                      • Yellow
                                                                                                     to deliver top-quality stems with multiple
                                                                                                     blooms on top, each resembling a
                                                      Excalibur Series                               bouquet. Available in three popular colors,
                                                      Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)             well-matched for attractive mid-size
                                                      Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          flowers and medium flowering speed.
                                                      Group 2 standard double series is              • Deep Blue
                                                      well-suited for growing in areas with          • Deep Rose
              Echo Champagne      Echo Pink Picotee                                                  • White
                                                      higher temperatures. Offers strong stems,
                                                      more usable flower buds, mid-size flowers
                                                      and good vase life. Flowers slightly earlier
                                                      than Flamenco or Mariachi, with less
                                                      sensitivity to rosetting. Top flowering
                                                      lowers the risk of Botrytis when sleeved.
                                                      • Blue Picotee
                                                      • Green
                                                      • Pure White                                   GET AN ELECTRONIC FILE
                                                      • Rose Pink                                    CABINET AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.
                                                      • Yellow                                       Ball WebTrack® helps keep all
                                                                                                     your documents in order and your
                                                                                                     business running like clockwork…
                                                                                                     for free. Save time and organize
                                                                                                     your documents at

            Excalibur Rose Pink     Excalibur Green

                                                              Order at or 800 879-BALL               LISIANTHUS   15
NEW                                                                                        NEW

                 NEW Super Magic Pink                            Rosita 1 Pink Picotee                                    NEW Super Magic Capri Blue Picotee

F1 LISIANTHUS DOUBLE-FLOWERED                  Rosita Series
                                               Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)
Mariachi Series                                Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Height: 30 to 38 in. (75 to 95 cm)             Group 1-2 spray double series offers top
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          flowering, strong stems and thick flower
                                               petals to assure easier transport without
2 to 2.75-in. (5 to 7-cm) flowers on strong    Botrytis issues. Mid-size, rose-shaped
stems.                                         flowers have excellent vase life with high
• Blue Deep blue.                              usable bud count.
• Carmine                                      • 1 Green
• Grande White                                 • 1 Pink Picotee
• Lavender                                     • 1 Rose Pink
• Lime Green                                   • 1 White
• Misty Blue White with frosty blue            • 2 Apricot
streaks.                                       • 2 Blue
• Misty Pink White with frosty pink            • 2 Blue Picotee
streaks.                                       • 2 Green
• Pink Rose pink.                              • 2 Hot Lips
• Pink Picotee
                                                                                                   Super Magic Apricot
                                               • 2 Jade
• Pure White                                   • 2 Pink
• Yellow                                       • New 2 Pink Flash
                                               • 2 Purple
Purple Flamingo                                • 2 Sapphire
Height: 36 to 40 in. (90 cm to 1 m)            • 2 White
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.          • 2 Yellow
                                               • 3 Pink
Mid-late variety features rich purple, dark-
                                               • 3 White
centered double blooms on strong stems.
                                               • 3 Yellow
Super Magic Series
Height: 28 to 32 in. (70 to 80 cm)
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Mid-early series offers well-shaped
flowers and strong stems.
• Apricot
• New Capri Blue Picotee
• Deep Blue
• Green
• New Pink                                                                                        Mariachi Pink Picotee                     Purple Flamingo
• White

16   LISIANTHUS            Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

HAVE                                                                                                    NEW

                                                                                    Aida Lavender                  NEW Aida Apricot Improved

                                                         MATTHIOLA                                     Quartet Series
                                                         M. incana                                     Height: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm)
                                                                                                       Early-blooming, sweetly scented
                                                         GREENHOUSE-GROWN SELECTABLE
                                                                                                       spray-type series has strong branching
                                                                                                       and hard stems, making it excellent for
                                                         Aida Series                                   bouquets and floral arrangements. Up to
                                                                                                       55% of the blooms are doubles. Pinching
                                                         Height: 32 in. (80 cm)                        is required to make a well-balanced spray
                                                         A PanAmerican Seed product.                   form. Also suited to 6-in. (15-cm) pot
                                                         Spring-flowering (primarily Group 2)          programs with PGRs.
                                                         varieties are well-suited to low light/cool   • Blue
                                                         temperatures.                                 • Cherry Blossom
                                                         • New Apricot Improved More uniform           • Deep Apricot
                                                         flowering; more consistant height and         • Lavender
                                                         color.                                        • Marine
                                                         • Blue                                        • Purple
                                                         • Lavender                                    • Red
                                           Katz Series   • White                                       • Rose
                                                                                                       • White
                                                         Cheerful Series                               • Yellow

                                                         Height: 32 in. (80 cm)
                                                                                                       EXTRA EARLY-FLOWERING TUNNEL
                                                         Plants set buds without a cold period,
                                                                                                       OR FIELD-GROWN TYPE
                                                         bearing 2-in. (5-cm) blooms. Recommended
                                                         for greenhouse cut flower production only,    Katz Series
                                                         due to 95% doubleness.
                                                         • White                                       Delivers shorter crop time, uniformity
                                                         • Yellow                                      in flowering for stem length and
                                                                                                       timing between colors, and better heat
                                                                                                       tolerance than traditional types.
                                                         FIELD-GROWN TYPE
                                                                                                       Stem Length: 32 in. (80 cm)
                                                         Column Series                                 A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                         (Non-Selectable Series)                       Can be grown earlier and later in
                                                         Height: 24 to 30 in. (60 to 75 cm)            the season, and even be sold in flower
                                                         A PanAmerican Seed product.                   for Christmas. About 55 to 60%
                                                                                                       double-flowering, with some selectability
                                                         Non-branching plants bear 50 to 60%
                                                                                                       possible. Tunnel production is
                                                         double blooms.
                                                                                                       recommended for overall quality and
       Column Miracle Crimson   Column Malmaison Pink    • Appleblossom
                                                                                                       weather protection.
                                                         • Apricot
                                                                                                       • Apricot
                                                         • Avalanche Pure white.
                                                                                                       • Blue
                                                         • Lilac Lavender
                                                                                                       • Bright Rose
                                                         • Malmaison Pink Pastel salmon-pink.
                                                                                                       • Cherry Blossom
                                                         • Miracle Blue Mid-blue.
                                                                                                       • Crimson
                                                         • Miracle Crimson
                                                                                                       • Lavender Blue
                                                         • Miracle White
                                                                                                       • Light Lavender
                                                         • Miracle Yellow
                                                                                                       • Pink
                                                         • Purple Heart
                                                                                                       • Purple
                                                         • Ruby
                                                                                                       • Ruby US PVP 201200438
                                                         • Sweetheart Pink
                                                                                                       • White
                                                                                                       • Yellow

               Quartet Marine           Quartet Yellow

                                                                 Order at or 800 879-BALL              MATTHIOLA   17

                  Opus Red Snapdragon                     Fama Deep Blue Scabiosa

SCABIOSA                                     Legend F1 Series
S. caucasica (Pincushion Flower)             Stem length: 36 to 52 in. (90 cm to 1.3 m)
Fama Series                                  (Group 1) Extra-early series is well-suited
                                             to Winter production. Uniform plants have
Height: 24 in. (60 cm)                       strong stems, dense spikes and strong
Spread: 24 in. (60 cm)                       petals for good shippability and vase life.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.        • Pink
Large flowers on strong stems.               • White
• Deep Blue                                  • Yellow
• White Non-fading pure white.
                                             Maryland Series
SNAPDRAGON                                   A PanAmerican Seed product.
Antirrhinum majus                            Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Stem Length: 39 to 60 in. (1 to 1.5 m)       (Group 1,2) Well-suited to cool-season,
unless noted                                 low-light/low-temperature conditions.
                                             • Appleblossom
Calima Series                                • Bright Yellow                                                                       NEW Cool Orange Snapdragon
                                             • Flamingo Bright salmon-rose.
(Group 3) Early-flowering series has thick
                                             • Ivory White
flower stems with large, 6-in. (15-cm)
                                             • Lavender
flower spikes and good harvest length.
                                             • Orange
• Deep Rose
                                             • Plumblossom White with light purple.
• Ivory White
                                             • Red
• Pure White
                                             • Royal
• Yellow
                                             • Shell Pink Clear pink with white tube.
                                             • True Pink
Cool Series                                  • White
A PanAmerican Seed product.                  • Yosemite Pink Darker than True Pink.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
(Group 1,2) Winter-flowering series          Monaco Series
of genetically matched varieties.            A PanAmerican Seed product.
Exceptionally uniform across a wide          Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
range of growing conditions for timing,
                                             (Group 2,3) Good choice for Summer
height and spike quality. Strong, sturdy
                                             transitions into Fall.
stems have long, full, tapered spikes
                                             • Baltimore Rose Deep rose.
that hold many blooms. Well-suited to
                                             • Red Heavily scented, deep wine red.
outdoor growing or under tunnels in
                                             • Rose Deep rose.
California Winter conditions.                                                                  Calima Deep Rose Snapdragon     Legend Pink and White Snapdragon
                                             • Violet
• Bronze Gold face with pink tube.
                                             • White
• Coral Unique rich bronzy rose.
                                             • Yellow Deep yellow.
• Crimson
• New Orange
• Orange Bicolor Unique color – orange       Opus Series
with yellow bee and white tube.
                                             (Group 3, 4) Late Spring to early
• Pink
                                             Fall-flowering. Tightly spaced florets,
• Rose
                                             superior stem length and caliper.
• White
                                             • Appleblossom III/IV
• Yellow
                                             • Early Bronze III
                                             • Early White III
                                             • Fresh White IV
                                             • Lavender III
                                             • Red III/IV
                                             • White III/IV
                                             • Yellow III

                                                                                           Maryland Appleblossom Snapdragon   Monaco Baltimore Rose Snapdragon

18   SCABIOSA            Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

                                                                               Pumpkin On A Stick Solanum                   Overture II Orange Snapdragon

                                                                     Overture II Series                             Red Delilah
                                                                     (Group 2) Winter-flowering varieties           Great choice to make top-quality,
                                                                     feature tightly spaced florets and superior    novelty bouquets.
                                                                     stem length/caliper.                           A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                                     • Orange                                       Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                     • Pink
                                                                                                                    (Group 2) Fun and first-of-its-kind
                                                                     • Red
                                                                                                                    snapdragon produces unique red and
                                                                     • White
                                                                                                                    white tube-patterned flower spikes
                                                                     • Yellow
                                                                                                                    on strong, sturdy stems. Can be grown
                                                                                                                    along with Maryland varieties, and is
                                                                     Potomac Series                                 suitable for greenhouse, field or garden
                                                                     A PanAmerican Seed product.                    cut flower production.
                                                                     Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                     (Group 3,4) Excellent for high light, long
                                                                                                                    Rocket Series
                                                                     days and warm temperatures. NOTE: The          Height: 30 to 36 in. (75 to 90 cm)
                                                                     “Early” varieties are Group 3 and listed for   Spread: 16 to 18 in. (40 to 45 cm)
        Purple Twist Snapdragon             Red Delilah Snapdragon   all but the warmest periods, when other        A PanAmerican Seed product.
                                                                     Potomac varieties should be used.              New! Now available as Ball Premier Line®
                                                                     • Appleblossom White and rose bicolor.         pelleted seed.
                                                                     • Cherry Rose Darker than Rose.                Flowers well under long days.
                                                                     • Crimson                                      • Bronze All-America Selections
                                                                     • Dark Orange                                  National Winner.
                                                                     • Early Orange Light golden bronze.            • Cherry
                                                                     • Early Pink                                   • Golden All-America Selections
                                                                     • Early Rose                                   National Winner.
                                                                     • Early White                                  • Lemon
                                                                     • Early Yellow                                 • Orchid All-America Selections
                                                                     • Ivory White White with yellow bee.           National Winner.
                                                                     • Lavender                                     • Pink
                                                                     • Orange                                       • Red All-America Selections
                                                                     • Pink                                         National Winner.
                                                                     • Red                                          • Rose Shades All-America Selections
                                                                     • Rose                                         National Winner.
                                                                     • Royal Purple.                                • White All-America Selections
                                                                     • Soft Yellow                                  National Winner.
                                                                     • White                                        • Mix
                                                                     • Yellow
  Potomac Lavender Snapdragon      Potomac Early Orange Snapdragon                                                  SOLANUM (ORNAMENTAL EGGPLANT)
                                                                     Purple Twist
                                                                     A PanAmerican Seed product.                    S. integrifolium
                                  MUST                               Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                                                                    Pumpkin On A Stick
                                  HAVE                               (Group 2) Novelty cut has unique
                                                                     purple and white striped flowers. Color
                                                                     pattern varies depending on the growing        Height: 3 to 4 ft. (90 cm to 1.2 m)
                                                                     environment – in warmer greenhouse             Spread: 2 to 3 ft. (60 to 90 cm)
                                                                     conditions, white stripes are more             Available as organic seed.
                                                                     dense/prominent; under cool outside/
                                                                                                                    A must for Fall decorating! The well-
                                                                     tunnel conditions, purple is more dense/
                                                                                                                    branched, upright plants have strong
                                                                     prominent. Good grown with Maryland in
                                                                                                                    woody stems and very large leaves that
                                                                     cool-season, low-light/low-temperature
                                                                                                                    protect the developing clusters of fruit
                                                                     conditions. Slightly fragrant.
                                                                                                                    from sun. Pale green fruit appear in late
                                                                                                                    Summer and mature to bright, deep
                                                                                                                    scarlet and finally orange.

                                                                                                                    STATICE See Limonium.

Potomac Cherry Rose Snapdragon    Potomac Appleblossom Snapdragon                                                   STOCK See Matthiola.

                                                                                   Order at or 800 879-BALL                STOCK   19
Helianthus annuus

(3 to 5 ft./0.9 to 1.5 m)

Jua Inca
Bred for less sensitivity to cultural
variations than traditional varieties.
Height: 3 to 5 ft. (0.9 to 1.5 m), depending
on culture
Days to maturity: 49 to 63
A PanAmerican Seed product.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Fast-growing plants produce big,
pollenless blooms over small, deep green
top leaves. Mahogany/gold bicolor flower
with a dark center. Very good vase life.                     Sunbright Supreme

Sunbright Supreme F1
Height: 4 to 5 ft. (1.2 to 1.5 m)
Days to maturity: 70
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Pollenless, bright yellow flowers have
a large, dark brown center. Earlier and
more uniform than Sunbright.

Sunrich F1 Series
Height: 3 to 5 ft. (0.9 to 1.5 m)
Days to maturity: 60 to 65
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Blooms 10 to 14 days earlier than
Sunbright. Single-stemmed plants bear
5 to 6-in. (13 to 15-cm) flowers. The three
Summer varieties flower 5 to 10 days
earlier than others in the series.
• Gold Green face matures to golden                         Double Quick Orange                                                   Jua Inca
• Lemon Bright yellow.
• New Lemon Summer
• New Lime Light yellow with a green                                               NEW                              NEW
• Limoncello Summer White-yellow with a
dark center.
• Orange Golden yellow.
• Orange DMR Offers added vigor and
disease resistance to multiple strains
of Downy Mildew.
• Orange Summer True orange.

(5 to 7 ft./1.5 to 2.1 m)

Double Quick Orange F1
Height: 5 ft. (1.5 m)
Days to maturity: 65
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.                                   Full Sun
The only single-stemmed, early-flowering
double suitable for the mass market.
Fully double, golden-yellow, 4 to 5-in.        MUST
(10 to 13-cm) flowers have a pollenfree,
green disk. Upright habit.

Full Sun F1
Height: 6 ft. (1.8 m)
Days to maturity: 65 to 75
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Classic, golden yellow blooms are
6 to 8 in. (15 to 20 cm) wide.

                                                                  Sunrich Lemon          NEW Sunrich Lemon Summer         NEW Sunrich Lime

20   SUNFLOWER              Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

                                                                       Pro Cut F1 Series
NEW                                                                    Height: 5 to 6 ft. (1.5 to 1.8 m)
                                                                       Days to maturity: Varies by variety.
                                                                       Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                       Each bright, 4 to 5-in. (10 to 13-cm)
                                                                       flower features a dark, pollenless disk
                                                                       on single-stemmed plants. Daylength
                                                                       neutral varieties are excellent for
                                                                       mass market production.
                                                                       • Bicolor Mahogany with large yellow
                                                                       tips. 55 days.
                                                                       • Brilliance Unique petal color – yellow
                                                                       on outside intensifies to orange near the
                                                                       dark center. 55 days.
                                                                       • Gold 55 days.
                                                                       • Orange 50 days.
                                                                       • New Plum 60 to 65 days.
                                                       Pro Cut Gold    • Red 55 days.

                                                                       Sunbright F1
                                                                       Height: 5.5 to 7 ft. (1.7 to 2.1 m)
                                                                       Days to maturity: 50
                                                                       Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                                                       The single-stemmed plants each bear
                                                                       one 5 to 7-in. (13 to 18-cm), single, bright
                                                                       yellow bloom. Daylength-neutral; can be
                                                                       grown under short days.

                                                                       Vincent F1 Series
                                                                       Height: 4 to 5 ft. (1.2 to 1.5 m)
                                                                       Days to maturity: 55
                                                                       New! Now available as Ball Premier Line®
                                                                       treated seed.
                                                                       Daylength-neutral series allows for
                                                                       flexible programming, with production of
                                                                       high-quality crops in early, mid and late
                                                                       seasons. Upward-facing flowers on strong
      NEW Vincent Deep Orange DMR                 Pro Cut Brilliance
                                                                       stems have round, overlapping petals
                                                                       for better shipping, and an extra ring of
                                                                       petals for more attractive presentation.
                                                                       Also pictured on the cover.
                                                                       • Vincent’s Fresh Deep orange petals with
                                                                       a brown center.
                                                                       • Vincent’s Choice Green center.

                                                                       New Vincent Deep
                                                                       Orange DMR F1
                                                                       Height: 4 to 5 ft. (1.2 to 1.5 m)
                                                                       Days to maturity: 55
                                                                       Available as Ball Premier Line® treated
                                                                       All the impressive attributes of the
                                                                       original Vincent series, plus Downy
                                                                       Mildew resistance! Also features a deeper
                                                                       flower color and larger flower disc size
                                                                       than the original Vincent series.

                    Vincent Series                       Sunbright

                                     Order at or 800 879-BALL           SUNFLOWER   21
Mammoth Navy Blue Sweet Pea             Mammoth Salmon Cream Sweet Pea              Knee High Mix Sweet Pea

SWEET PEA                                     ZINNIA
Lathyrus odoratus                             Z. elegans

Knee High Mix                                 Benary’s Giant Series
Height: 24 to 30 in. (60 to 75 cm)            Height: 40 in. (1 m)
Colorful bush-type mix.                       Spread: 12 in. (30 cm)
                                              Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
Mammoth Series                                Thick stems hold 4 to 5-in. (10 to 13-cm),
                                              fully double blooms with excellent yield
Height: 5 to 7 ft. (1.5 to 2.1 m)             per plant.
Large, early flowers and long stems.          • Bright Pink
• Crimson                                     • Carmine Rose
• Deep Rose                                   • Coral
• Lavender                                    • Deep Red
• Mid Blue                                    • Golden Yellow
• Navy Blue                                   • Lilac
• Rose Pink                                   • Lime
• Salmon Cream                                • Orange                                     Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnia   ‘Blue Bouquet’ Veronica
• Scarlet                                     • Purple
• White                                       • Scarlet
• Mix                                         • White
                                              • Wine
Winter Elegance Mix                           • Mix Bright mix does not include Lime.
Height: 18 to 24 in. (45 to 60 cm)
                                              Oklahoma Mix
Multiflora blend useful for flowering under
short days from Winter to early Summer.       Height: 30 to 40 in. (75 to 100 cm)
                                              Spread: 28 in. (70 cm)
VERONICA                                      Powdery Mildew-tolerant plants bear
V. spicata                                    1.25 to 1.5-in. (3 to 4-cm), double and
                                              semi-double blooms.
‘Blue Bouquet’
Height: 12 in. (30 cm)
                                              Queen Series
Spread: 12 in. (30 cm)                        Tall specialty cut offers unique, showy
A Kieft Seed product.                         colors.
Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
                                              Height: 24 to 30 in. (60 to 75 cm)
Medium blue flowers top deep green,           Spread: 18 to 20 in. (45 to 50 cm)
textured leaves.
                                              Produces a mass of fully double, 2.5 to                                       Queen Lime Zinnia
                                              3-in. (6 to 7-cm) flowers. Well-branched,
                                              upright plants supply a high number of
                                              sturdy flower stems. Long vase life. Also
                                              makes a good garden cut flower.
                                              • Lime
                                              • Lime Red Exotic bicolor – maroon petals
                                              topped with lime green.

                                              TALL Z. ELEGANS

WORK WITH THE INDUSTRY’S                      Cut & Come Again Mix
LARGEST SUPPLIER LINEUP.                      (Reintroduction)

Access products from 225+                     Height: 24 in. (60 cm)
suppliers…no other distributor offers         Spread: 15 to 20 in. (38 to 50 cm)
                                              Available as Ball Premier Line® seed.
more. Connect with them today at
                                              Great for cutting, this bright mix shows                        a complete color range. Fully double
                                              to semi-double flowers have flat petals
                                              and grow up to 3 in. (7 cm) in diameter.
                                                                                                                         Oklahoma Mix Zinnia

22   SWEET PEA             Find growing info at or 800 879-BALL

                                                Mandatory Arbitration                             Payment                                         For all customers in the United States,
                                                ANY CLAIM WHICH PURCHASER MAY                     Payment is due in invoiced currency and         a FedEx call tag will be issued upon
                                                HAVE AGAINST SELLER ARISING OUT                   in accordance with the terms specified          authorization of return. There is a $10.00

CONDITIONS                                      OF OR RELATING TO THE SALE OF THE
                                                MERCHANDISE SHALL BE SETTLED BY
                                                BINDING ARBITRATION IN ACCORDANCE
                                                                                                  on invoice. In the event of default in the
                                                                                                  payment of any amount when due, and in
                                                                                                  addition to all other rights and remedies
                                                                                                                                                  freight charge for the FedEx return. Seed
                                                                                                                                                  must be returned in the original condition
                                                                                                                                                  within thirty (30) days of the ship date
OF SALE                                         WITH THE COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION
                                                RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION
                                                                                                  available to Seller, SELLER SHALL BE
                                                                                                  ENTITLED TO COLLECT A LATE CHARGE
                                                                                                                                                  for full credit. No open packages will
                                                                                                                                                  be accepted. If seed is returned within
Visit for current                  ASSOCIATION, SAID ARBITRATION                     OF 2% PER MONTH (24% PER YEAR)                  thirty one (31) to sixty (60) days after
Terms & Conditions of Sale.                     TO BE VENUED IN COOK OR DUPAGE                    OR THE MAXIMUM RATE ALLOWED                     ship date, full credit will be given but a
                                                COUNTIES, ILLINOIS. The laws of several           BY LAW, WHICHEVER IS LESS, ON ALL               15% restocking charge will be assessed.
Note: Ball Terms & Conditions of Sale are       states require arbitration, conciliation or       AMOUNTS PAST DUE FROM THE DATE                  No credit or replacement will be given
country/region specific. The following          mediation of disputes involving allegedly         DUE UNTIL THE DATE PAID. A FEE OF               for seed returned after sixty one (61)
Terms & Conditions of Sale apply to product     defective seed before legal action may            $25.00 WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY                  days from our ship date. Because Ball®
sold within the United States and Canada.       be taken. Purchaser should contact                RETURNED CHECK, DECLINED EFT                    Controlled Growth seed is perishable
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Acceptance of Terms                             information. Such laws typically require          TRANSACTION.                                    these products will be accepted.
These terms and conditions shall govern         that a complaint be filed with the State
orders for seeds, bulbs, plants, supplies       Department Of Agriculture in time to              Freight & Handling Charges,                     Delays, Shortages & Substitutions
and other materials (merchandise) placed        permit inspection of the seed, crops or           Inspection, Damaged Goods                       Seller shall not be responsible for delays
with Seller. All negotiations with sales        plants. If such a complaint is filed, a copy      The freight and handling charge on              in delivery or for losses resulting from
representatives or other agents of Seller       must be sent to Seller by registered or           Purchaser’s invoice covers shipment             such delays. Seller reserves the right to
are merged herein. No modification              certified mail.                                   of the merchandise to Purchaser’s               make partial shipment. In the event of
of these terms and conditions shall                                                               destination, and replacement or credit for      shortages, Seller may substitute such
be effective unless in writing signed           Governing Law, Jurisdiction & Venue               damaged merchandise if the steps listed         other, similar merchandise as is available.
by Seller. Placement of the order shall         The laws of the State of Illinois,                here are followed. PURCHASER WILL
constitute Purchaser’s acceptance of            including but not limited to the Uniform          NOT REFUSE OR RETURN GOODS, OR                  Plant Protection
these terms and conditions. All orders          Commercial Code as adopted therein,               THE RIGHT TO FILE A CLAIM IS LOST               Varieties described herein may be
are subject to acceptance by Seller at our      shall govern all matters arising out of or        AND PURCHASER WILL STILL BE LIABLE              protected by United States Plant Variety
offices in West Chicago, Illinois.              relating to Seller’s sale of merchandise.         FOR THE MATERIAL AND THE FREIGHT.               Protection, United States Plant Patents,
                                                ANY DISPUTE NOT SUBJECT TO                        When Purchaser receives shipment:               Utility Patents, and/or Plant Breeders’
Limitation of Warranty                          ARBITRATION AND ANY ACTION TO                     1) Count all cartons. 2) Inspect all            Rights. Many of the varieties are also
Seller warrants, to the extent required         ENFORCE AN ARBITRATION AWARD                      cartons for external damage. 3) Check           protected by the Flowering-Only License
by law, that merchandise conforms to            ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THE                 for open or resealed cartons. 4) Note any       Agreement as well as registered with the
the description appearing in Seller’s           SALE OF MERCHANDISE HEREUNDER                     damages, shortages, open or resealed            Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation.
catalog and on container labels, within         SHALL BE MAINTAINED IN THE STATE                  cartons on the delivery receipt; the            These varieties may not be reproduced
recognized tolerances. SELLER MAKES             OR FEDERAL COURTS LOCATED IN                      carrier’s representative must also sign         without authorization. The breeder
NO OTHER OR FURTHER WARRANTY,                   DUPAGE OR COOK COUNTIES, ILLINOIS,                the receipt. 5) Open all boxes immediately      or authorized representative has the
EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. ALL OTHER OR                AND PURCHASER SUBMITS TO THE                      and inspect for damage due to weather-          right to inspect customer’s nurseries
FURTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY               JURISDICTION OF AND VENUE IN SAID                 related issues, such as scorched, frozen        during normal business hours to assess
WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY,                  COURTS.                                           or broken plants; material shortages;           compliance with the restrictions on use
TITLE, NON-INFRINGEMENT AND                                                                       etc. NOTIFY SELLER IMMEDIATELY IF               of protected varieties.
FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE,               Indemnity                                         A SHIPMENT IS DAMAGED. Call the Ball
ARE EXCLUDED. Certain merchandise               By accepting merchandise, Purchaser               Traffic Department at 800 879-BALL to           Trademarks
may be separately warranted by the              agrees to defend Seller, to hold it harmless      report the damage and receive details           Trademarks are the property of
manufacturer. Seller does not adopt             and indemnify it from and against any             on what is needed to file a claim.              Ball Horticultural Company, unless
or ratify any manufacturer warranties,          claim or loss asserted by any or all                                                              otherwise indicated.
express or implied, and Seller shall            transferees of such merchandise or users          Cancellation Policy
have no liability thereunder. Seller does       of the products of such merchandise who           Cancellations for unrooted cuttings             Sales Limitations
not adopt or ratify any manufacturer            are not notified by Purchaser in writing          must be received at least 30 days prior         THE COMPANY’S PRODUCTS MAY NOT
warranties, express or implied, made            of Limitation of Warranty, Limitation             to scheduled ship date. Cancellations           BE SOLD, DIVERTED, TRANSFERRED OR
by Purchaser upon resale of the                 of Remedy, Mandatory Arbitration,                 for liners or seed-raised plugs must be         RE-EXPORTED, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY,
merchandise, and Seller shall have no           Governing Law Jurisdiction and Venue,             received prior to stick or sow date.            TO ANY INDIVIDUAL, ENTITY, OR
liability thereunder.                           and Notice Regarding Seed-Borne                                                                   DESTINATION THAT IS SUBJECT TO
                                                Diseases in language substantially                Notice & Return                                 UNITED STATES OR UNITED NATIONS
Limitation of Remedy                            equivalent to that contained in these             Seller shall have no liability for any defect   SANCTIONS PROGRAMS OR EMBARGOS
PURCHASER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE                  Terms and Conditions of Sale.                     unless notice is given promptly, not to         (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO
REMEDY SHALL BE REFUND OF THE                                                                     exceed thirty (30) days after such defect       OFAC SANCTIONS PROGRAMS AND
PURCHASE PRICE. SELLER’S LIABILITY,             Prices                                            is or should have been discovered. No           THOSE LISTED ON OFAC’S “SPECIALLY
WHETHER FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT,                 All prices are subject to change without          merchandise may be returned without             DESIGNATED NATIONALS” LIST)
BREACH OF WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE,                 notice. The price in effect at time of            Seller’s prior written authorization.           WITHOUT AN APPROPRIATE EXPORT
PRODUCTS LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER                 shipment will prevail. Prices do not              Requests to return merchandise must be          LICENSE.
THEORY OF LIABILITY, IS LIMITED TO              include installation; Seller takes no             made within ten (10) days after delivery.
THE AMOUNT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE.               responsibility, and shall have no liability       All returns must be in accordance with          Notice Regarding Seed-Borne Diseases
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL                    for installation. Requests to package seed        Seller’s shipping instructions with freight     Seller makes no representation regarding
SELLER BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES IN                 in unlisted sizes will incur a charge of          paid by Purchaser. All requests for return      the freedom from seed-borne diseases
EXCESS OF THE PURCHASE PRICE,                   $0.75 per packet. Additional processing           of merchandise must be made to Ball at          of the seed sold and disclaims any
OR FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL,                 and handling charges may be added.                800 879-BALL. The Purchaser will also           liability relating to such diseases, whether
INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL                                                                         be asked to provide a letter stating the        previously known to exist or not identified
DAMAGES.                                                                                          reason for the return. The order number         until this seed is grown.
                                                                                                  or invoice number must accompany the
Excluded Use                                                                                      return in order to expedite the credit.
Merchandise is not intended for immediate                                                         NOTE: No seed will be accepted without
or eventual sale to commercial growers,                                                           prior notification to Ball at 800 879-BALL.
truck farmers, market gardeners or others                                                         Effective immediately, seed that is
who sell fruit or vegetables to the end user.                                                     returned without authorization will not be
                                                                                                  accepted and credit will not be issued.

                                                                                               Order at or 800 879-BALL                TERMS & CONDITIONS   23
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