DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick

DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick

Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
“The University of Warwick is one of the most exciting
universities in the UK. We have the highest teaching and
research standards, coupled with business acumen and a
thirst for innovation.

We know that our people are our very best asset. The
people I’ve worked with since joining Warwick have
consistently shown their energy, imagination, expertise,
dedication and potential. We encourage people to act on
their ideas, providing they’re first class.

If this sounds like an environment in which you’d thrive, our
Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics post could
provide you with a great opportunity to move into the next
phase of your career.”

Rachel Sandby-Thomas
Registrar, University of Warwick
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
57th                  DIRECTOR OF
                      AND ANALYTICS
  Rankings 2018

                      Your opportunity to sit at the heart of decision-making
                      at one of the UK’s top universities.
                      We’re looking for a strong              At Warwick, we’ve rapidly become           We’re proud of the links we have
                                                              one of the most successful young           with our home city of Coventry, and
                      leader who will ensure our
                                                              universities in the UK. With a             with communities across
                      management information                  dynamic and forward-thinking               Warwickshire and the West Midlands.
                      is utilised effectively across          culture, and a reputation for              We’re equally proud of the impact we
                                                              combining innovation with the              have on skills, social mobility, well-
                      Warwick. Your insights will
                                                              relentless pursuit of excellence, we       being and economic development,
                      inform and drive our                    are firmly established within the top      including activities with two
                      strategic planning                      ten of all UK university rankings – and    innovative higher education
                                                              since we entered the top ten we’ve         developments in industrial cold-spots
                      processes and resource
                                                              never left. We’re currently 57th in the    within the UK. But we’re ambitious
                      allocations.                            world (QS World University Rankings        enough to look beyond our
                                                              2018). In the Government’s recent          immediate surroundings: we recently
                                                              Teaching Excellence Framework we           opened a new space in London,
                      You and your team will be               were awarded silver status. This           adding to our presence in The Shard.
                      responsible for collecting and          shows we’re a university that              At the same time we’re developing a
                      analysing Warwick’s data,               ‘consistently exceeds rigorous             strong presence in Europe. Our global
                      providing insights into what it tells   national quality requirements for UK       relevance is growing, with one-third
                      us about performance.                   higher education’ and achieves             of our alumni living overseas, and
                                                              ‘excellent outcomes for its                increasingly strategic partnerships in
                      Your work will play a key role in       students…with an institutional             China, continental Europe and
                      our institutional strategy. And         culture that facilitates, recognises and   Australia.
                      you’ll work closely with colleagues     rewards excellent teaching’.
                      across our academic and
                      professional communities, as well
                      as external colleagues.
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
     of the world’s
   (Times Higher Education)

Pulling together several new and existing teams at Warwick, this
newly founded Group will play a significant role in the future success
of Warwick as it drives forward our strategy and policy agenda.
Your team, Strategic Planning and Analytics, is one of several within our Strategy and Policy Group. The other
teams include:

International Strategy and Relations – developing our relationships across the globe, whether in established
footholds or unchartered waters.

Social Inclusion – core to Warwick’s DNA has been our commitment to challenging the status quo. We’ve always
been passionate about our work in social inclusion and our reputation for widening participation is now firmly

Policy – building upon our strong engagement with regional and national elected officials and policy makers,
consistently and effectively co-ordinating and representing our strategic agenda.

Regional Strategy and Partnerships – working with our regional partners to connect the intellectual assets and
expertise of our staff and students, our facilities and capabilities. Together we deliver positive economic, social and
cultural impact, making our region a better place in which to live, work and study.
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
The Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics will lead, manage and develop the University’s effective
utilisation of management information. Responsible for collecting and analysing the University’s data,
providing insights into what it tells us about performance and using it to inform and drive the strategic
planning processes and resource allocations.

Job responsibilities and duties                                                              Skills and experience required
•   Provide leadership and development of strategy for university planning and
    resource allocation in relation to student numbers and teaching activity. This
                                                                                             Strategy and Policy
    includes responsibility for the overall framework for the provision of data and          •   Educated to degree level or equivalent
    management information and its accuracy. It also includes the ongoing
    development of management information systems to ensure they are fit for
                                                                                             •   Postgraduate qualification in a related area (desirable)
    purpose and can underpin robust strategic planning and forecasting. The                  •   Significant senior management experience to lead a diverse team of professionals
    management information framework will be cross-functional and University-wide to
    enable effective institutional planning. You’ll initiate and trial new management        •   Detailed knowledge and expertise of data management and application to policy
    information systems and frameworks to develop, lead and implement new areas of               and strategy
    policy and identify the emerging MI needs for the institution.                           •   A good understanding of government policy on higher education

•   Prepare and submit high quality data returns to the relevant regulatory bodies, both     •   Substantial experience of staff management and budgetary control
    in relation to staff and student data. This involves adhering to external                •   The capacity to master new areas of knowledge and skills rapidly and handle
    requirements and assessing institutional/reputational impact of external                     complex data
    submissions e.g. league tables.
                                                                                             •   The experience of leading, organising and planning numerous complex long term
•   Lead and analyse the nature and determinants of institutional performance to drive           activities and events
    management decisions.                                                                    •   Good IT skills and experience of management and implementation of systems and
                                                                                                 process development
•   Develop and deliver the management information-related elements of the
    institutional strategy and working with senior stakeholders including Professional       •   Excellent written and verbal communications skills including the ability to negotiate
    Services colleagues, the Provost and PVCs, manage its systematic implementation.             and influence individuals or groups on complex and potentially controversial issues.
                                                                                             •   The ability to influence senior stakeholders from both academic departments and
•   Develop and lead the process for academic strategic planning across the institution          professional services is crucial since the post holder will be the key source of
    both annually and over longer term horizons, including in relation to student                expertise on policy matters within their area of responsibility
    numbers/load, space demand and utilisation to inform wider strategic planning.
                                                                                             •   Meticulous attention to detail, a highly organised approach to dealing with work
•   Work in conjunction with academic schools/faculties in the process of strategy               and the capacity to progress a range of tasks and projects at one time
    development and renewal.                                                                 •   The ability to work across functions and departments and to demonstrate
                                                                                                 awareness of areas of related interest.
•   Be responsible for the University’s planning in relation to its teaching activities to
    negotiate, develop and identify potential new areas of academic development and
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
                                                                                Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council
                                                                                      Sir David Normington

                                                                                 Vice-Chancellor and President
                                                                                     Professor Stuart Croft

Commercial Director                               Registrar                                     Group Finance Director                                                                                      Secretary to Council
TBA                                               Rachel Sandby-Thomas                          Rosie Drinkwater                                                                                                 Philippa Glover

    Commercial                                                                                        Finance and Resources
      Business Development                                                                              Finance                                           Estates                         • Governance
      Tom Britton                                                                                       Andrew Smith                                      James Breckon                   • Internal Audit
                                                                                                        • Commercial and Systems                          • Finance                       • Institutional Resilience
      • Warwick Employment Group
      • Retail, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants                                                                • Group Accounting                                • Operations
      • Warwick Conferences                                                                             • Procurement and Insurance                       • Warwick Accommodation
                                                                                                        • Departmental Services                           • Capital Programmes
       • Warwick Arts Centre                                                                            • Financial Control and Projects
       • Warwick Sport                                                                                  • Taxation
            Senior Link Officer
            Ian Rowley                                                                                                                                    Corporate Finance
                                                                                                                                                          Jenny Greenway

                                                                                                                                           Strategy and Policy                         • Press and Media Relations
    People                                 Education                                   Engagement
     People Group                           Education Group                              Engagement Group                                   Strategy and Policy Group
                                                                                                                                                                                       • Strategic Programme Delivery
     Gillian McGrattan                      Roberta Wooldridge-Smith (Acting)            Ian Rowley                                         Richard Hutchins
     • Human Resources                      • Academic Office                            • Marketing and Communications                     • International Strategy and Relations
     • Organisational Development           • Student Recruitment, Outreach              • Public Relations                                 • Social Inclusion                       IT Services
     • Children‘s Services                    and Admissions                             • Development                                      • Regional Strategy and Partnerships
     • Health and Safety                    • International Student Office               • Business Engagement                              • Policy                                   IT Services
     • Wellbeing Support Services           • Teaching Quality                                                                              • Strategic Planning and Analytics         Michael Roberts
     • Campus Security                      • Careers and Skills
                                                                                                                                                                                       • Warwick Print
                                                                                                                                           Knowledge                                   • Innovation Management

                                                                                                                                            Knowledge Group
                                                                                                                                            Robin Green                              Legal and Compliance Services
                                                                                                                                            • Library
                                                                                                                                            • Research and Impact Services             Legal and Compliance Services
                                                                                                                                            • Warwick Innovation                       Rachel Cower
                                                                                                                                            • Information and Data Compliance          • Legal Counsel (Contracts)

                                                                                                                                                                                     Departmental /                                                                                                                                                                   Faculty Administration
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
Our structure is relatively flat, empowering our people to act on their ideas
quickly and efficiently.

Heading up our professional services is our Registrar, who     The Engagement Group                                             The Commercial Group
reports in to our Vice-Chancellor and President. Core          Our Engagement Group provides professional oversight of          This Group brings together excellent teams and leaders to
functions of our administration are grouped under our          Warwick’s reputation and brand. Its remit is to increase         develop and deliver better, different services that generate
Registrar, each led by a Director. These groups are            understanding and support from the University’s key              surpluses.
supported by the Finance and Resources Group, which            constituents, internally and externally. Its core areas are
reports to the Group Finance Director, and the Commercial      Business Engagement, Development, Marketing and                  These surpluses are used to help fund the teaching,
Directorate which reports to the Commercial Director.          Communications, and Public Relations. The Directors of           research, facilities and experience necessary to achieve
                                                               Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick Sport are included within        Warwick’s ambition.
The Education Group                                            the Engagement Group to ensure that the activities of both
All aspects of the student academic lifestyle are managed      are part of the University’s overall approach to public and      The Group is made up of Warwick Employment Group,
within the Education Group. The group combines the             community engagement.                                            Warwick Conferences, Warwick Retail, Café, Bars and
Academic Office, Teaching Quality, Student Recruitment and                                                                      Restaurants. It also includes Warwick Arts Centre and
Outreach and Admissions, and Student Careers and Skills.       Strategy and Policy Group                                        Warwick Sport.
The Group works closely with academic departments and          This new formation combines our Policy and Regional
other professional service areas including Global              Partnerships, alongside our strategic aims of International      Secretary to Council’s Office
Partnerships and University Marketing.                         Partnerships and Social Inclusion. These areas will be           Independently reporting directly to the Pro-Chancellor and
                                                               supported via our Strategic Planning and Analytics team          Chair of Council, this office combines Institutional
The Knowledge Group                                                                                                             Governance, Internal Audit, and Institutional Resilience.
Our culture of enquiry and creativity is supported through     The Finance and Resources Group
the Knowledge Group, which pulls together our Library,         This Group draws together the Finance and Estates teams.         In addition to the above groups, some other teams report
Research and Impact Services, and Warwick Innovation.          The Finance Office supports business planning and                directly to our Registrar:
Responsibility for data management and data compliance         innovation in order to maximise the financial resources
institutionally also lies here.                                available to Warwick and create the long-term sustainable        •   Press and Media Relations, who work to tell Warwick’s
                                                               financial platform required for future growth. It also ensures       story to the media.
The People Group                                               that we maintain our reputation for financial integrity and
Support for our most valuable asset – our people – is led by   reliability.                                                     •   IT Services, which is charged with developing and
this group. It comprises Human Resources, Organisational                                                                            maintaining our IT infrastructure, and Warwick Print –
Development, Health and Safety, and Wellbeing Support          Estates plans, designs, builds, maintains and repairs our            the in-house publisher, alongside innovation.
Services. Wellbeing Support Services spans staff and student   campus and has an ambitious programme of campus
communities and helps ensure we have the best possible         development over the next ten years. Estates is also             •   Legal Services, which works across Warwick and leads
environment in which to live, work and study.                  responsible for Warwick Accommodation.                               the provision of legal guidance and contracts.

                                                                                                                                •   Strategic Programme Delivery, which supports
                                                                                                                                    institutional programmes and projects.
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
Professor                                                                             Rachel
                                       Stuart Croft                                                                          Sandby-Thomas CB
                                       Vice-Chancellor and President                                                         Registrar

Stuart Croft became Warwick’s sixth Vice-Chancellor in                                  Rachel joined Warwick as Registrar in September 2016
February 2016 after serving as Provost of the University                                and is responsible for the professional and administrative
of Warwick, when he led fundraising.                                                    services of the University, under the direction of the
                                                                                        Vice-Chancellor and President.

Before this, Professor Croft was Pro-       From January 2009 he was the                Rachel chairs the University’s             Before becoming a Director General,
Vice-Chancellor for Research (arts and      Chair of the British International          fundraising trusts in Singapore and        Rachel worked at the Government
social sciences). Stuart joined the         Studies Association, becoming               South Africa, and is a member of the       Legal Service, which she joined from
University of Warwick in January 2007       President in 2011.                          Friends groups established in the USA      City firm Linklaters where she qualified
as Professor of International Security                                                  and in Hong Kong. Rachel also plays an     as a solicitor. Rachel graduated from St
in the Department of Politics and           Stuart was appointed to the Council of      active role in the development of the      Catharine’s College, Cambridge with a
International Studies (PaIS). He was        the Economic and Social Research            international partnerships for the         double first class honours in Law.
previously a Professor of International     Council in 2011 and, in 2013, was the       University and serves on various
Relations and Head of the School of         Ngee Ann Kongsi Professor of                boards.                                    She is a Trustee of LEAP Confronting
Social Sciences at the University of        International Relations at the S                                                       Conflict, a charity helping young
Birmingham before coming to                 Rajaratnam School of International          Immediately before becoming                people handle conflict positively, and
Warwick.                                    Studies at Nanyang Technological            Registrar, Rachel was Shadow CEO of        Future-Fit, a social enterprise helping
                                            University in Singapore.                    the UK Government’s Institute for          organisations to be sustainable.
His research focuses on the political                                                   Apprenticeships. This followed eight
and societal impact of security policy      Outside Warwick, Stuart chairs the          years of being a Director General in       Rachel was made a Companion of the
and he has published and edited a           Board of the Equality Challenge Unit,       the Department of Business,                Order of the Bath in 2012 and named
number of key publications and              the sector agency that leads on             Innovation and Skills where she held       as one of the 2016 FTSE 100 “Women
journals in that field. He also directed    equalities and diversity. He also sits on   roles in legal, corporate services and     to Watch”.
the Science and Security Programme          various boards including those of           policy (skills, regulation, large and
for the Economic and Social Research        the Russell Group and the Guild of          small businesses and local
Council (ESRC).                             European Research Intensive                 government).
                                            Universities. Stuart is a member of the
In 2006, Stuart was elected as an           Coventry and Warwickshire Local
academician in the Academy of Social        Enterprise Partnership Board, where
Sciences and in the same year, as a         he is co-chair of the Skills sub-
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.        committee.
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
THE UNIVERSITY                                                                                            000
OF WARWICK                                                                                               STUDENTS

Our highly prestigious     Warwick today is a world-leading        excellence and scholarships are
                           university with the highest academic    recognised internationally. We’re a
British institution of     and research standards. We have         prime attraction for some of the
higher education is        grown to encompass 29                   biggest names in worldwide
one of the most            departments and more than 50            business and industry, and ranked
                           research centres and institutes in      highly among great UK and world
successful “young”         the arts, medicine, science, and        universities.
universities in the        social sciences. Warwick includes a
world, is distinctive in   business school, a medical school,      All of this contributes to a
                           an engineering school and a centre      compelling story, one that’s little
its global ambition,       for education studies. The University   more than 50 years old. Warwick
and is unafraid to take    enrols more than 24,000 students        has earned a formidable reputation,
risks. Our remarkable      with one-third of them coming from      but remains young enough to be
                           overseas, representing 120              entrepreneurial and innovative,
success has been           countries.                              committed to changing the world.
achieved in a
relatively short period    Warwick is a place of possibility,      To learn more about Warwick,
                           always looking for new ways to          please visit:
of time and we             make things happen. We provide a
continue to excel in       tireless yet supportive environment
research and teaching.     in which dedicated students,
                           innovative lecturers, and ambitious     Life on Campus
                           corporate partners can make an
                           impact. Our students, alumni and
                           staff are consistently making an        Residential locations near to the
                           impact - the kind that changes lives,   University of Warwick
                           whether close to home or on a 
                           global scale.                           resources/vacancies/relocation/inte
                           The achievements of our people
                           help explain why Warwick’s research
DRIVE DECISIONS Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics | the University of Warwick
We’re one of the UK’s   In the UK Government’s Research               interdisciplinary research in 11 key areas
                        Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, we           of international significance, including
leading research        ranked 7th in the UK for the quality of       food, sustainable cities, energy,
universities, and the   our research, with 87% of the University’s    cybersecurity, innovative manufacturing,
quality and impact of   research activity classified as “world        science and tech for health, behavioural
                        leading” or “internationally excellent”. In   science, global governance, materials,
our research is         all, 19 departments ranked in the top 10      international development, and
reflected in our        in the UK for research.                       connecting cultures - all among the most
rankings.                                                             challenging issues we’ll face over the next
                        Warwick’s research breaks new ground          decade.
                        every day. Through its work, Warwick
                        contributes to the world and aims to          Additional information about Warwick’s
                        enhance life – from advancing delivery of     research programmes and priorities is
                        public services to improving human            available at:
                        health. Warwick’s Global Research   
                        Priorities programme tackles the world’s
                        toughest problems through
At Warwick, we           The global profile of both our students    at university. Therefore, we ensure
                         and staff ensures our teaching and         teaching and learning goes hand-in-hand
believe that teaching    learning benefits from an international    with both physical and mental wellbeing.
doesn’t end with         approach, broadening the Warwick’s         It’s why our campus is a hive of
learning your subject.   community’s horizons.                      opportunities to stimulate, celebrate and
It’s why our teaching    Those who teach at Warwick are
is so highly regarded    passionate about deepening the learning    And our students realise how our
around the world.        of all our students, whether that’s by     distinctive approach prepares them for
                         using fantastic learning spaces,           the future. We understand that the
                         supporting in research, promoting          world’s employers are increasingly calling
                         learning across disciplines, or through    upon a particular breed of leaders and
                         innovative teaching methods.               thinkers. We nurture students that are
                                                                    prepared to ask difficult questions, and
                         We also understand that a healthy mind     uncover surprising answers.
                         and body will help our students flourish
Warwick is a          Core benefits include:
fantastic place to
                      • Competitive salary
work, a place where
you should expect     • Attractive pension scheme
the unexpected.       • Generous annual leave
                         You’ll enjoy 30 days’ paid annual leave, on top of four customary shut down days
                         over Christmas and eight statutory bank holidays. If this isn’t enough, you’ll be able
                         to buy up to 10 days extra.

                      • Support with relocation (if applicable)

                      To find out more about the many benefits of working at Warwick, visit
We know that attracting the highest quality staff is fundamental to achieving
our aims. We’re committed to ensuring that recruitment and selection
practice is professional, fair and effective.

Discover more at

To find out how to apply, please contact our partners in this search,
Search Higher. Email or phone Mark Holleran
on 07920 531297.

The closing date for applications is Monday 29 January 2018.
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