Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design

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Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design


Bachelor of:
Engineering with Honours
Forestry Science
Product Design
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
                                                              new zealand’s
                                                                college of

Ngā Kai o Roto | Contents
Why study at UC?                                           Plan your degree                                          Subject guide
1    Welcome to Engineering                                14 Bachelor of                                            18 Subjects
2    Why Ōtautahi Christchurch                                Engineering with Honours
4    Study Engineering at UC                               15 Bachelor of Forestry Science
6    Deep industry engagement                              16 Bachelor of Product Design                             More information
7    Global reach and recognition                          17 Diploma in
                                                              Global Humanitarian Engineering                        37 Postgraduate studies
8    Passionate practising experts
                                                                                                                     38 Research centres
9    State-of-the-art facilities
                                                                                                                     39 Scholarships and events
10   Experience ‘on the job’
                                                                                                                     40 Frequently asked questions
11   Problem-solving creativity
                                                                                                                     41 Contact us
12   Collaboration and teamwork
13   Hands-on learning

Published Mei | May 2021. Information may be out of date   Front cover: In the design Makaurangi, a fingerprint,     Rainbow Diversity Support
at the time of print. Please check the website.            the three elements are representative of Ngā Kete o te
The University’s official regulations are at               Wānanga, the three baskets of knowledge, with the lines                           and koru a symbol of mana and mana whenua. This
                                                           design originates from traditional whakairo (carving)
                                                           and kōwhaiwhai designs which can often be seen on the
                                                           rafters inside wharenui (meeting house).
                                                                                                                     UC is proud to partner with Ngāi Tūāhuriri and Ngāi Tahu
                                                                                                                     to uphold the mana and aspirations of mana whenua.
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
Engineering Core

Nau mai ki te Pūkaha.
Welcome to Engineering at UC.
Kōkiri mai rā e ngā mana   UC’s Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College           UC also has close links with numerous
puipuiaki, e ngā reo       of Engineering started life as            local companies, which presents a
                                                                     unique opportunity for students to
                           the first Engineering School in
tongarerewa ki Te Whare    Aotearoa New Zealand. We are              work alongside them as part of the
Wānanga o Waitaha.         now internationally recognised            reshaping of our new and vibrant city.
                           for the excellence of our teaching        Pictured above is our Engineering
E tau mai nei ki           and research, and the calibre of          Core; we welcome you through those
Te Rāngai Pūkaha!          our graduates.                            doors into Te Rāngai Pūkaha College
                           We offer innovative degree                of Engineering where we will help you
                           programmes tailored to careers in         along your journey to become one
                           the real world, with study options in     or more of many things — engineer,
                           various different types of Engineering    scientist, inventor, designer, builder,
                           including our unique qualifications in    and great thinker.
                           Humanitarian Engineering, Forestry
                           Science, Product Design, and
                           Data Science.
                           In the last few years, we have invested
                                                                     Professor Jan Evans-Freeman
                           $163 million in new state-of-the-art
                                                                     Amorangi | Pro-Vice-Chancellor
                           laboratories and teaching spaces,         Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering
                           providing our students with enviable,
                           world-class study and research spaces.
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design

     Ōtautahi Christchurch is
     all about…
     The city                                           The campus lifestyle                      The clubs
     Ōtautahi Christchurch, in the iwi                  The Ilam campus, which sits within the    160 student-run clubs and
     region of Ngāi Tahu, is the largest city           hapū region of Ngāi Tūāhuriri, is the     organisations support the varied
     in Te Waipounamu South Island and                  central hub where learning and living     intellectual, artistic, cultural, social,
     the second largest in the country. It              are combined. It houses teaching and      and recreational pursuits of the UC
     is also Aotearoa New Zealand’s most                learning facilities, accommodation, and   community. Whether you’re looking
     affordable major city.                             leisure activities all together.          to take up a new hobby, find friends
     An abundance of restaurants, cafés,                The campus contains 4 libraries as well   with similar interests, strengthen your
     and bars paired with a lively arts and             as computer suites with 24-hour access,   connection to your culture, or gain
     entertainment scene mean you’ll find               lecture theatres, laboratories, and       academic support, joining a club is a
     festivals, concerts, sports, and cultural          studios. The campus is easy to stroll,    great way to connect and get involved.
     events nearly every week of the year.              cycle, or skate around and is linked      From engineering to film, rugby to
     Riverside Market, on the corner of                 together by shared walkways. Grab a       board games, politics to religion, acting
     Lichfield St and Oxford Terrace, is a              snack or meet friends for a drink after   to motocross, we have a club for you!
     unique 7–day indoor farmers’ market                class at one of the 15 cafés, bars, and
     and foodie experience. Connected to                eateries on campus.                       /studentlife/clubs
     the market is Riverside Lanes, which has 
     boutique shopping and further options              /studentlife/explore
     for foodies.

     2           For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
Christchurch Botanic Gardens

The adventure                              Mana whenua, mana tangata
                                           The opportunities
Canterbury is made for outdoor
recreation — from surfing and paddle       Ōtautahi Christchurch has transformed              14            ski fields

boarding at local beaches, to walking,     itself into one of the world’s most
biking, and some of the best rock          modern and sustainable cities with a
climbing and bouldering locations in
Aotearoa New Zealand.
                                           strong focus on ensuring the unique
                                           history and narratives of Ngāi Tūāhuriri
                                                                                            700             parks

Not to forget… 4 dual ziplines at          are included and celebrated in the city.
Christchurch Adventure Park, and 14 ski    Through its strong partnership with                              mountains,
fields within two hours’ drive from        Ngāi Tūāhuriri as mana whenua, the
                                                                                          plus              beaches, rivers,
                                                                                                            lakes — all
Ōtautahi Christchurch.                     post-quake landscape of Ōtautahi
                                           Christchurch now includes the many                               accessible for a
You can walk the path the early settlers
                                           cultural narratives of the region                                day trip
took and see what they would’ve seen
of 1850s Christchurch.                     woven into its city streets, spaces,
                                           and buildings.                              PS: Rents in Ōtautahi Christchurch are 30%
There is something to match every
enthusiasm and adrenaline level.           With connected ecosystems that drive        cheaper than Tāmaki-makaurau Auckland,
Check out Port Hills for fantastic views   enterprise, education, and government,      and 28% cheaper than Te Whanganui-a-Tara
                                           future-focused Ōtautahi Christchurch        Wellington. (Source: ChristchurchNZ)
of the Southern Alps, Banks Peninsula,
the historic French town of Akaroa,        is a test-bed for innovation, sustainable   We are leading the way in global health
the thermal Hanmer Springs, Arthur’s       businesses, and people who want to do       tech, aerospace and future transport, food
                                           things differently.                         fibre and agritech, and hi-tech services.
Pass National Park, and Kaikōura for
whale‑watching.                                     Tūranga, the central library in Ōtautahi
                                           /christchurch/economy                       and the biggest and most modern library                                                              in Te Waipounamu South Island, houses
/get-active/outdoors                                                                   more than 180,000 books. It features the
                                                                                       country’s biggest digital ‘touchwall’.

Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design

Study Engineering
                                                                                Passionate practising

at UC                                                                           UC lecturers teach and do. All
                                                                                of our staff are research-active
                                                                                practising experts, who work
Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering is always                             with industry, collaborating on
looking for ways to make everyday life better for                               projects, or acting as expert
                                                                                consultants (page 8).
everyone. Technology is relevant to all parts of society,
but is changing fast… and we’re here to keep up and
drive it forward.                                                               State-of-the-art
Deep industry                               Global reach                        Over the last few years we’ve
engagement                                  and recognition                     invested $163 million in new
                                                                                state-of-the-art laboratories,
Our connections are based on                Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of       teaching spaces, and study areas
‘real’ interactions that make               Engineering is internationally      (page 9).
engagement more meaningful                  respected, its qualifications are
for both industry and student               portable, and its graduates are
(page 6).                                   snapped up both in Aotearoa
                                            and overseas (page 7).

4    For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
Experience ‘on the job’
Our students are ready to start
work as soon as they graduate
(page 10).

If you’ve got a problem, our
students will be on to it, by
designing and building solutions
(page 11).

Collaboration and
At UC, we believe in learning
with and from others. These
soft skills go a long way for
our graduates (page 12).

Hands-on learning
Engineering is all about
learning by doing. We provide
you with the opportunity to
put your ideas into action —
before you even start work
(page 13).

Ngāti Kahungunu
Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering
with Honours in Civil Engineering

Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
Many final year projects are


                                                                                                     ‘My project is co-funded by

Deep industry
                                                                                                     industry, so there’s been a
                                                                                                     lot of engagement for me. We
                                                                                                     produce work and present it

                                                                                                     directly to industry leaders.
                                                                                                     As PhD students, we always
                                                                                                     want our research to be useful
                                                                                                     to the wider world.
We build our relationships to last, making engagement
                                                                                                     During my undergrad, I did
between you and the industry more meaningful.                                                        a three month placement
                                                                                                     with Mighty River Power,
Partnering with industry                           running employer information sessions, careers    now Mercury Energy. I was
All of our engineering students do a final year    fairs such as Engineering and Science Careers     in Rotorua assessing the risk
project, many of which are funded by industry,     Fair and ICT Careers Fair, networking events,     of “arcing” in equipment at
and may lead to jobs. Most project ideas come      interview preparatory sessions, and guest         their geothermal generation
from industry partners looking for a solution to   speaker evenings.
a problem, or to design a new product.
                                                                                                     stations. Arcing is essentially
                                                                                                     like lightning with the
Companies benefit from the creative problem-       Linking the energy industry
                                                                                                     equipment which, if it’s
solving of students and, in many cases, use the    to students
opportunity to identify top students for future                                                      powerful enough, can actually
job opportunities. Many companies also provide     UC hosts the EPECentre (Electric Power            vaporise someone. It was a
                                                   Engineering Centre), a world-class power
scholarships to students.                                                                            really cool project because I got
                                                   industry research incubator. They provide a
Networking opportunities                           link between academic research, industry, and     to acquire a whole new skillset.
UC hosts clubs such as the Engineering Society     students. With over 30 power industry partners,   I gained a lot of confidence
(ENSOC), Women in Engineering (WIE), and the       the EPECentre provides scholarships, careers      from that.’
UC Computer Society (CompSoc). Clubs engage        fairs, field trips, and projects for students
with industry members throughout the year by       interested in the field of power engineering.     Luke
                                                                                                     Ngāti Raukawa
                                                                                                     Studying towards a PhD in
                                                                                                     Electrical Engineering

6       For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
                                                                                                                      TOP 100 IN
                                                                                                                     THE WORLD
                                                                                                                         Civil and Structural

                                                                                                             ‘An Engineering degree

Global reach
                                                                                                             can take you pretty much
                                                                                                             anywhere in the world. There
                                                                                                             are so many job options, you

and recognition
                                                                                                             don’t even necessarily have
                                                                                                             to become an engineer. The
                                                                                                             degree provides a really good
                                                                                                             grounding and teaches you
The College is internationally respected, and your                                                           skills you could apply in a
qualifications will open doors, both in Aotearoa                                                             range of fields.
and overseas.                                                                                                I went to Purdue University
                                                                                                             in Indiana. It was great to be
Top rankings                                        Accredited programmes                                    in different surroundings,
We have an excellent reputation around the          A UC Engineering degree is a professional                although it took me a while
world for the quality of our teaching and calibre   degree. Our programmes are fully accredited by           to adjust to the -20°C
of our graduates, in all fields of study. UC        Engineering NZ, meaning they are benchmarked             temperatures! It was fun
is ranked:                                          with other engineering programmes worldwide.             studying in an American
• in the top 100 for Civil Engineering*             A UC Engineering degree is therefore recognised          university town. I met tons of
                                                    internationally — a ticket to a career that can
• in the top 250 in the world for Engineering       take you around the world.
                                                                                                             people and got to go to spring
  and Technology.*                                                                                           break in Florida. If I could do it
                                                    Global student exchanges                                 again I would. I just wish it was
International experts
                                                    We offer international exchange opportunities.           for longer!’
We host guest lecturers from around the world,      Many of our Engineering and Forestry Science
giving students the opportunity to interact         students go on a semester-long exchange to
with world-leaders in their fields. UC’s unique     another university during their degree. You can          Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Erskine Programme brings up to 70 academics         study at some of the most prestigious universities       in Civil Engineering
from around the world, from top universities.       around the world, diversify your degree, and make
You will learn from experts in the field from       the most of global networking opportunities.
the best universities across the UK, Europe,
North America, and Asia, allowing you to gain
a global perspective.                               *
                                                        QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2020.

Engineering Pūkaha - Bachelor of: Engineering with Honours Forestry Science Product Design
UC has one of the

                                                                                            Max                            who teach in NZ *

                                                                                                      ‘Our lecturers come from

                                                                                                      places all around the world
                                                                                                      and all have different stories.
                                                                                                      That’s great because you get

practising experts
                                                                                                      exposed to lots of different
                                                                                                      perspectives and the quality of
                                                                                                      their knowledge is very good.

UC lecturers teach and do — they are research-active                                                  My computer programming
                                                                                                      lecturer runs the competitive
practitioners who collaborate closely with industry.                                                  programming group at UC,
                                                                                                      and is a super enthusiastic guy
World experts who teach                              We have one of only three human interface        who has been involved in his
                                                     technology labs in the world — Hangarau
UC is leading the country for the proportion
                                                     Tangata, Tangata Hangarau | Human Interface
                                                                                                      field since forever. Another of
of researchers that teach and our lecturers are
                                                     Technology Laboratory (HIT Lab NZ).              my lecturers is doing active
passionate about sharing their knowledge with                                                         research into computer
you. From earthquakes to renewable energy,           Leaders in their field
researchers across all our disciplines are among
                                                                                                      security. It’s very relevant
                                                     UC is acknowledged as a leader in Computer
world leaders in developing new technology           Science education in Aotearoa. We are the home
                                                                                                      stuff, and also very tricky!
and responses.                                       of award-winning, internationally recognised     It’s great to learn from them
                                                     research groups, including Computer Science      because they know exactly
Research meets industry                              Unplugged and the Intelligent Computer           what to teach and what’s most
Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering is
                                                     Tutoring Group.                                  important for you to learn.’
home to several world-renowned research              Our staff has won national and international
centres and the industry looks to us for solutions   awards for their teaching and research in        Max
to problems.                                         the field.                                       Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
We have, among others, Te Hiranga Rū
QuakeCore, the Electric Power Engineering
Centre (EPECentre), and the Wireless Research                                                         *
                                                                                                          TEC Performance-Based Research Fund Assessment, 2018.
Centre (WRC).

8       For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
                                                                                                                 The UCDroneLab is the combined
                                                                                                                  expertise of our Engineering and
                                                                                                                  Science colleges. We secured the
                                                                                                                 first beyond-line-of-site test site in
                                                                                                                       Aotearoa New Zealand.
                                                                                           Sima (right)

                                                                                                            ‘The Chemical and Process

                                                                                                            Engineering (CAPE) labs are
                                                                                                            where we do the experimental
                                                                                                            work for our degree. My

                                                                                                            experiments included using
                                                                                                            a brand new biofuel reactor,
                                                                                                            where I got to test the
                                                                                                            efficiency of different oils.
Rata is one of the earliest engineers in Ngāi Tahu                                                          I also did a refrigeration
narratives, and the Engineering Core is designed to                                                         lab where we had to change
                                                                                                            a certain variable to try to
reflect the shapes of tools and resources that Rata used                                                    improve on the design.
to fashion his waka (voyaging canoe).
                                                                                                            It’s more interesting when
A student hub                                          Our specialist lab facilities include a Structures   you can physically see how
                                                       Lab, Fluids Lab, Control and Robotics Lab,           something works. It also
Our new Engineering Core is a student-hub,
complete with a café, chill out spaces, computer
                                                       Advanced Manufacturing Lab with 3D printers,         improves your understanding.
labs, and lecture theatres. The Engineering Core
                                                       a PC2 lab, and a Wind Tunnel Lab. We also have       You can ask questions and
hosts regular events for students and staff, and
                                                       a specialist Te Puna Pūkaha me te Pūtaiao            work things out as you go.
                                                       Engineering and Physical Sciences Library.
is frequently used by clubs for social, academic,                                                           The experiments we do give
and industry networking events.                        Innovative labs and equipment                        relevance to what we learn in
Purpose-built facilities                               We have rebuilt or completely refurbished every      the lectures.’
                                                       wing of the engineering precinct, including new
UC has world-class engineering facilities                                                                   Sima
including a futuristic augmented reality lab           teaching and research labs and equipment in all
                                                       of our engineering departments.                      Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in
and a new Structural Engineering Lab (SEL).                                                                 Chemical and Process Engineering, with a
The SEL ensures our Civil Engineering students         All of our departments and schools each have         minor in Bioprocess Engineering
experience the most modern educational                 dedicated buildings, with modern teaching
facilities in seismic testing available.               spaces and labs. Te Kura Hanga Otinga | School
The SEL allows students to be exposed to               of Product Design is our newest school. It offers
modern testing techniques that provide                 prototyping spaces, a virtual reality testing
first-hand experience of seismic loadings on           studio, high-end gaming computers, and a
structures and soils in real-time and at a realistic   collaborative creative open space, encouraging
scale as part of their degree.                         students to share innovative ideas.
Students spend around

                                                                                                                  on practical work placements
                                                                                                                      as part of their degree

                                                                                                          ‘I’ve worked the last two

                                                                                                          summers for the same
                                                                                                          company out in Rangiora. The
                                                                                                          first summer I was mostly

‘on the job’
                                                                                                          shadowing people and finding
                                                                                                          out how the company operates.
                                                                                                          The following summer, I had
                                                                                                          real projects, like harvest
We ensure you step into the workforce with                                                                planning and calculating
confidence, backed by skills and experience.                                                              the carbon footprint for the
                                                                                                          shipping side of the business.
Hit the ground running                                 Work placements                                    I went up to the head office in
Students start developing workplace skills             Practical work placements are an integral part     Auckland and worked for the
from the moment they begin their degree,               of the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours        export team. I got to meet the
progressively becoming more industry-ready             and Bachelor of Forestry Science degrees. As an    CEO and all the big shots which
by graduation. You will learn the professional         Engineering or Forestry Science student, you
skills you need at work — like communication           will complete 90–100 days of practical work
                                                                                                          was cool! They gave me a lot of
and report writing, handling issues such as            experience for an organisation.                    responsibility. I had my own
ethics, sustainability, safety, and interacting with   Work is generally done over the summers and        ute to use and I was included
customers and clients.                                 is paid. Students often work for at least one      in all the meetings. I really felt
                                                       company during their practical work placements,    like part of the team.’
Real-world problem solving                             allowing them to gain broad experiences in
                                                       industry while studying. Time in industry helps    Sarah
Our graduates acquire a versatile skillset and
knowledge base by combining the applied                them to develop skills such as communication,      Bachelor of Forestry Science
learning from labs and projects, balanced              teamwork, and leadership, and often leads to job
with academic theory, hands-on design, and             opportunities upon graduating.
industry projects. They learn to solve problems
in real‑world projects and have the opportunity
to work for companies while they are still
students, thus gaining a competitive edge in the
job market.

10      For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
UC has a unique diploma in


                                                                                                      ‘The Diploma has forced me

                                                                                                      to look at things differently.
                                                                                                      You have to change from a
                                                                                                      concise, logical, factual way of

                                                                                                      looking at things, to developing
                                                                                                      convincing ideas and
                                                                                                      arguments. It has definitely
                                                                                                      helped exercise the creative
You will learn to look at problems differently                                                        side of my brain!
and build creative solutions.                                                                         For example, in your final
                                                                                                      year project you’re given
Bringing ideas to life                              You can work on engineering issues and projects   a problem and you have to
                                                    in disadvantaged or developing communities,
We use real-world and simulated projects to
                                                    in Aotearoa, and help address pressing global
                                                                                                      come up with the solution for
teach you the creative problem-solving skills
                                                    issues such as food and water shortages, power    it yourself. Creativity is so
that employers (and the world) need.
                                                    supply, or climate change, or whatever you’re     important in engineering. You
For instance, our second-year Civil and Natural     impassioned about.                                have to be able to try different
Resources Engineering students complete a                                                             things if you want to succeed
bridge-design-and-building competition as part      Ingenuity to entrepreneurship                     and be useful.’
of their studies. Student groups must draw and
design a bridge, while understanding material       At UC, our students are encouraged to research
strength and estimating loads on structures         more and push the boundaries of their
                                                    thinking. When our students go big, we’re         Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in
before building and testing their bridge in a
                                                    here to back them with a solid grounding in       Natural Resources Engineering
fun competition.
                                                    science and technology, and the business and      Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering
                                                    entrepreneurial skills they need to make their    Studying towards a PhD in Civil Engineering
Humanitarian engineering                            ideas happen.
If you have a dream to use your engineering
                                                    Product Design students learn to combine
skills for humanitarian causes, we offer a unique
                                                    creative design, science, engineering, and
humanitarian engineering programme. The
                                                    business studies to plan and develop products
Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering can
                                                    for use in homes, businesses, and communities
be taken in parallel to your Engineering degree.
                                                    (see pages 29–31).

                                                                                                                  is available to all students,
                                                                                                                  with specialised mentoring
                                                                                                                   groups for ākonga Māori,
                                                                                                                    international, Pasifika,
                                                                                                                      and adult students
                                                                                        Rory (left)

                                                                                                          ‘I like it when different areas

Collaboration and
                                                                                                          combine because it means
                                                                                                          I’m not doing the same thing
                                                                                                          every day.

teamwork                                                                                                  Everyone involved in a
                                                                                                          collaborative project has
                                                                                                          different passions, connections,
At UC you’ll pick up skills that will take you a long way.                                                and personalities. It’s anything
                                                                                                          but boring. Even when I was
                                                                                                          getting my undergrad and doing
Working across disciplines                       Bicultural competence
                                                                                                          coursework, there were a lot of
                                                 and confidence
At UC, you have the opportunity to work
                                                                                                          opportunities for collaboration.
across disciplines. We encourage creative
problem-solving and collaboration between
                                                 Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering is
                                                                                                          You become more independent
                                                 committed to strengthening staff and students’
disciplines, through teamwork, group             bicultural competence and confidence. For                as you go into graduate studies,
projects, communication, and leadership          example, bicultural competence and confidence            so to be able to develop those
skills development.                              is being embedded across our Engineering,                connections throughout my
Having Te Kura Pāngarau | School of              Forestry Science, and Product Design degrees.            time at UC has been really nice.’
Mathematics and Statistics in our College        Negotiation, and cross-cultural skills are taught
gives students a more integrated understanding   in project management, and we engage kaiārahi            Rory
of their application to problem-solving.         as part of programmes.                                   Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Mathematics and statistics underpins                                                                      Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics
much of engineering, and is at the forefront     Student mentoring                                        Master of Science in Statistics
of breakthroughs in science, technology,         and engagement                                           Studying towards a PhD in Statistics
and finance.                                     All first-year Engineering students are part of a
Data Science is our newest subject on            peer mentoring group ENG ME! Second and third
offer, combining mathematics, computing,         year students, who have been‑there-done‑that,
technology innovation, and practical results.    give advice, tips and tricks, and will answer all your
                                                 questions, including where the cheap eats are. We
                                                 host a schedule of events for you, such as TEDX-
                                                 style talks from our Engineering programmes, a
                                                 final year project showcase, and a look at what our
                                                 innovative research centres do behind the scenes.

12      For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Our students have won

                                                                                                               for the design of their race cars
                                                                                                                    as part of the Formula
                                                                                                                       SAE competition

                                                                                                       ‘Our academic advisor is very

Hands-on learning
                                                                                                       passionate and sets a high bar
                                                                                                       for us. What comes together
                                                                                                       is a really beautiful piece of
                                                                                                       machinery. In 2016, we built an
Mentors, specialists, labs, and projects — you will be                                                 electric vehicle. I got to design
                                                                                                       a carbon fibre shroud for the
exposed to a lot of hands-on learning.                                                                 motor controllers. All the
                                                                                                       knowledge and experience gets
Final year projects                                 and race them. The competition tests the depth     passed down each year from
                                                    of your knowledge in engineering, business, and
Beca, Dawn Aerospace, Fisher & Paykel, Taska,
                                                                                                       student to student.
and Skyline are just a few industry names who
have sponsored final year projects.                 Our students have also created the world’s first   It’s the perfect real-life
Projects have spanned from building
                                                    3D-printed titanium internal combustion engine,    application of all the
                                                    as part of the Shell Eco-marathon Asia, a global
technologies to withstand earthquake damage,
                                                    event that attracts over 100 university student
                                                                                                       engineering skills you get
electric vehicles, robotic machines, rockets, and
                                                    teams around the Asia-Pacific region. UC teams     taught. With UCM, you get ten
apps. You complete your project as part of a
                                                    have won Business, Design, and Innovation          times the learning that you do
team, alongside industry and academic mentors,
and deliver concepts, prototypes, test data, and
                                                    Awards for their cars at competitions over         in a lecture theatre. It equips
detailed reports at the end of your project.
                                                    the years.                                         students to be industry ready
                                                                                                       too, because they’ve had that
In the 2019 project showcase, a team of 4           Specialist labs and field stations                 interaction with professionals
students was the people’s choice winner for
their vibration profiling of a rugged prosthetic    Get hands-on experience by applying what you       and the experience of working
hand, sponsored by Taska.                           have learnt in lectures to the labs.               on a large project.’
                                                    But, there’s more — field trips to Waitaha
Student engineering design                          Canterbury’s indigenous and exotic forests         Willy
leading the world                                   are an integral part of the Forestry Science       Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in
                                                    degree. UC’s unique field stations around          Mechanical Engineering
UC Engineering students have competed in the        Waitaha Canterbury and Te Tai Poutini West         Part of UC Motorsport (UCM) & UC Formula
international Formula SAE student competition       Coast support teaching and research, allowing      SAE team
since 2012. Students design and build their own     you valuable learning experiences outside of
cars, using the latest electronics and software,    the classroom.

Bachelor of Engineering with
Honours. BE(Hons)
Engineers design the                                            Bachelor of Engineering with Honours – example degree structure
future. They provide                                            First Year
                                                                                 ENGR          EMTH           EMTH           PHYS          COSC            100           100              100
innovative solutions to
                                                                   100            101            118            119           101            131          Level          Level            Level
meet the needs of our                                           Second Year
modern world.                                                     ENGR
From buildings and bridges, to apps and smart
                                                                Third Year
devices, to pharmaceuticals and renewable
energy, engineering feats are everywhere.                         ENGR
The BE(Hons) is a four-year professional
degree. The degree is accredited by Engineering                 Fourth Year
New Zealand, allowing our graduates to work                       ENGR
as professionally qualified engineers all over
the world.                                                           Zero-points,              Required First Year courses in           Other First Year courses             Three years of study in
                                                                     zero-fees courses         Engineering, Engineering                 from Engineering or other            one of the Engineering
Entry requirements                                                                             Mathematics, Computer Science,
                                                                                               and Physics
                                                                                                                                        subjects (depending on

Physics and mathematics secondary school                        Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.
study is essential to enter the first year of                   This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, go to
Engineering. Chemistry is also essential for some
Engineering disciplines.
You should aim to have at least:                                Top achievers                                                         As a BE(Hons) student you are able to take the
NCEA                                                                                                                                  Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering at
                                                                Direct entry to the second year may be offered
                                                                                                                                      the same time (see page 17).
• 14 credits in Level 3 maths or calculus                       to students who have achieved excellent results
  including both differentiation and integration*               in all relevant subjects at the discretion of the                      Disciplines
• 14 credits in Level 3 physics.                                College of Engineering Dean (Academic).                                Chemical and Process Engineering
For students wishing to study Chemical and                      Alternatively, a Modified First Year is offered                        Minors: Bioprocess Engineering,
                                                                                                                                       Energy Processing Technologies, and Environmental
Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Forest                  to students who have taken the MATH 199 or                             Process Engineering
Engineering, Natural Resources Engineering, or                  relevant STAR Science courses, and/or have
                                                                                                                                       Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, you should also aim to                  achieved excellent results in some subjects.                           Minors: Water and Environmental Systems Engineering,
have at least:                                                  You may be exempt from taking some of the                              and Structural Engineering
                                                                required courses in the first year and offered                         Computer Engineering
• 14 credits in Level 3 chemistry**.                            advanced/interest courses in their place.                              Minor: Communications and Network Engineering
18 credits are strongly recommended in
                                                                Introductory pathway                                                   Electrical and Electronic Engineering
all subjects.                                                                                                                          Minor: Power Engineering
                                                                If you didn’t achieve enough credits, you can take                     Forest Engineering
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
                                                                introductory courses in specific subjects to start
• minimum of 4 HL (or 5 SL) in maths                                                                                                   Mechanical Engineering
                                                                with (eg, MATH 101, PHYS 111, CHEM 114). You could
  (HL is recommended)                                                                                                                  Minor: Biomedical Engineering
                                                                then take the first year courses in Semester 2 and
                                                                                                                                       Mechatronics Engineering
• minimum of 4 HL (or 6 SL) in physics                          over summer, or do an extra year of study.
  (HL is recommended)                                                                                                                  Natural Resources Engineering
                                                                Degree structure                                                       Software Engineering
• minimum of 4 HL (or 6 SL) in chemistry**.
Cambridge International Examination (CIE)
                                                                The first year is comprised of eight courses                          Career opportunities
                                                                (120 points) — five compulsory courses, and three
                                                                further first-year courses which vary depending                       Graduates have a wide range of employment
• maths and physics — D grade or better at
                                                                on which discipline you want to specialise in.                        opportunities, from private companies and
  A level or A in AS level
                                                                Additionally, all Engineering First Year students                     consultancies through to government agencies.
• chemistry — D grade or better at A level or A in                                                                                    Many engineers progress into management.
  AS level**.                                                   complete ENGR 100 (a 0 points, 0 fee course).
                                                                Your first year is followed by three years of study         
  Including achievement standards 91578 — ‘Apply
differentiation methods in solving problems’ and 91579 —        in one of the Engineering disciplines. Entry into
‘Apply integration methods in solving problems’.                the disciplines is limited and based on your                             Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering
  The chemistry component is not required for the following     performance in the first year(s). All students                           T: +64 3 369 4271 or +64 3 369 4272
Engineering disciplines: Computer; Electrical and Electronic;   must also complete a total of 800 hours                                  E:
Mechatronics; Software Engineering.
                                                                (approx. 100 days) of practical work placement                 
                                                                over the course of their degree.

14        For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Bachelor of Forestry Science.
The Bachelor of Forestry                            Bachelor of Forestry Science – example degree structure
Science (BForSc) is a                               Year 1
professional degree offered                           FORE
by Te Kura Ngahere                                  Year 2
School of Forestry. It is an                          FORE           FORE               FORE                   FORE           FORE      FORE          SOIL
                                                       205           215                 218                    219           222       224           203
interdisciplinary degree
that prepares graduates for                         Year 3
                                                              FORE                      FORE                           FORE             FORE
managing forest resources                                     307                        316                           327              342
by combining core science                           Year 4
courses with management,                                      FORE
commerce, and technology.
                                                         Compulsory            Elective Forestry           Dissertation for honours           Elective courses from
                                                         courses               Science courses             students only                      Science or other degrees
Small classes and field trips make for an
                                                    Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.
engaging and rewarding learning experience at       This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, go to
UC. Forestry Science graduates are highly sought
after by employers and follow exciting and
rewarding career paths.
                                                    In the second, third, and fourth years, you                              If you are considering a double degree you
Recommended preparation                             will then apply your knowledge to the forest                             should consult Te Kura Ngahere | School of
                                                    situation, with elective options available in the                        Forestry or Te Rōpū Takawaenga | Liaison Office
The BForSc is open to all students who gain         third and fourth years.                                                  before enrolling.
University Entrance. It is recommended that
                                                    It is possible to study the first year of the BForSc                     There is also a Forest Engineering programme at
prospective students take NCEA Level 3 biology
                                                    at other Aotearoa New Zealand universities.                              UC, which students can study as a Bachelor of
and maths, including statistics and probability
                                                    Students considering this option should consult                          Engineering with Honours in four years.
— or the IB/ Cambridge equivalent.
                                                    Te Kura Ngahere | School of Forestry for their
You may be able to fast-track your degree and
gain direct entry to the second year if you
                                                    course selection, which would include FORE 102                           Further study
                                                    Forests and Societies or FORE 105 Forests of the
have excellent Year 13 results or a New Zealand     World (available by distance).                                           UC offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Forestry
Certificate in Science with outstanding merit.                                                                               for graduates looking to update or retrain, and a
                                                                                   master’s and PhD for those who wish to advance
It is possible to gain entry into the second or
third year of study with a Bachelor of Science                                                                               their Forestry Science studies and research.
(BSc) or a New Zealand Diploma in Forestry with     Bachelor of Forestry Science
outstanding merit.                                  with Honours                                                             Career opportunities
                                                    Students with a good grade average across                                UC students benefit from New Zealand Institute
Degree structure                                    200 and 300-level courses may be invited to                              of Forestry meetings, lectures on campus,
The BForSc requires a total of 480 points over      undertake honours as part of the fourth year of                          and summer work opportunities. Some of
four years. The first year provides a strong base   their degree. Honours involves the completion of                         the biggest companies in Aotearoa hire UC
in pure science, which is necessary for the         a research course FORE 414 Dissertation.                                 graduates and many obtain work overseas.
professional study of Forestry Science.                                                                                      Possible careers include forest management
First year courses cover a broad range of topics    Double degrees                                                           (plantation and native forests), iwi advisory,
from trees, forests, and the environment            You can combine the Forestry Science degree                              conservation, harvesting, wood processing,
to the commercial aspects of forestry               with the study of another degree, such as a                              planning, policy, forest science, timber appraisal,
and the importance of ecology, diversity,           Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or Bachelor of                               biosecurity, forest economics, sustainability,
and conservation. First year electives can          Science (BSc) degree. Normally you can complete                          and land management.
complement the degree or be of general interest     the two degrees in five years, but some degree                 
to students.                                        combinations may take longer. It is also possible
                                                    to complete a BCom degree with a strong
                                                                                                                               Te Kura Ngahere | School of Forestry
                                                    Forestry emphasis.
                                                                                                                               T: +64 3 369 3500

Bachelor of Product Design.
Product Design combines                               Bachelor of Product Design – example degree structure
creative design, science,                             Year 1
engineering, and business                                        PROD                  PROD 110 or        MATH or         MGMT              100              100              100
                                                                   101                  ENGR 101         100 Level          100            Level            Level            Level
studies. Product designers                            Year 2
plan and develop items for                                       PROD                     PROD            PROD             PROD             200             200           MKTG 100 or
                                                                                                                                                                          ECON 104 or
use in homes, businesses,
                                                               200 Level                200 Level       200 Level        200 Level         Level1           Level1         ACCT 102

and industry.                                         Year 3
                                                                                                                           300              200         200 or 300 Level 200 or 300 Level
                                                                 PROD                     PROD            PROD                                           MGMT, MKTG,      MGMT, MKTG,
                                                               300 Level                300 Level       300 Level          Level3          Level3         ECON, FINC
                                                                                                                                                           or ACCT2
                                                                                                                                                                           ECON, FINC
                                                                                                                                                                            or ACCT2
From creating a new lightweight kayak or a
phone app, to formulating rongoā (medicinal                Compulsory                Courses required
                                                           courses                   for major
products) or a virtual training world, studying
product design will equip you for a wide range        1 Select courses from the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degrees, depending on chosen major.
                                                      2 If students have not completed MKTG 100 then at least 15 points of MKTG 200 or 300-level courses.
of occupations.
                                                      3 Select 15 points above 200-level from the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours or Bachelor of Science degree schedules.
Graduates will be able to develop creative ideas      Each small block represents a 15-point course. However, some courses may be 30 points or more.
based on their knowledge of related sciences          This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, go to
and engineering disciplines, as well as gain the

practical business skills needed to commercialise
new products.                                         The remaining three 100-level courses vary                            The Postgraduate Certificate in Product
With a structure that is unique among design          depending on which major you choose to study.                         Innovation and Master of Product Innovation is
qualifications, this is the only university product                                                                         open to students of any study background.
design degree available in Te Waipounamu
South Island.
                                                       Applied Immersive Game Design                                        Career opportunities
                                                       Chemical Formulation Design
                                                                                                                            The scope of product design roles is widening
Entry requirements                                     Industrial Product Design                                            from the traditional design of commercial
                                                      Design projects will involve independent                              products to include the design of user
Entry to the BProdDesign is open to all students
                                                      work on open-ended projects, with a mix of                            experiences, systems, and processes, as
with entry to the University. However, it is
                                                      individual and team-based activities, under close                     well as implementing virtual reality into
strongly recommended that you have at
                                                      supervision by academics with experience in                           existing applications.
least 14 credits in NCEA Level 2 science and
mathematics. Those intending to take the              product design.                                                       Increasingly, many product designers work in
Chemical Formulation Design major should                                          multidisciplinary teams. Graduates may be
ideally have 14 credits in NCEA Level 3 chemistry                                                                           employed in large manufacturing companies,
(or the IB/CIE equivalent of these).                  Double and conjoint degrees                                           design agencies, iwi, educational and training
                                                                                                                            companies, engineering consultancies, and
Secondary school studies in related subjects          It is possible to combine the study of a                              central and local government.
such as digital technologies, technology, or          BProdDesign with other degrees, such as a
design and visual communication would be              BSc or BCom. Conjoint programmes leading                              They may do design work for businesses
an advantage.                                         to a BProdDesign/BCom or a BProdDesign/BSc                            in many industries such as medical, home
                                                      can be completed in just four years. Students                         appliances, packaging, computing, education,
For more details on recommended preparation,
                                                      considering a double or conjoint degree should                        graphic design, cosmetics, or therapeutics and
including an outline for different qualification
                                                      seek advice from a Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of                      pharmaceutical companies.
frameworks, go to
/engineering/product-design                           Engineering Student Advisor.                                          Product designers can choose to start their
                                                                                                                            own company.
Degree structure                                      Further study                                                         More broadly, BProdDesign graduates will be
The BProdDesign is a three-year 360 points            Students may go onto postgraduate studies with                        prepared to work in a variety of roles for modern
qualification with a combination of coursework        the Postgraduate Certificate in Product Design,                       companies that not only require a technical
and design projects:                                  the Master of Product Design, and the Doctor of                       background, but value innovation, customer
                                                      Philosophy (PhD) in Product Design.                                   focus, and business sense.
• 135 points of Product Design courses
                                                      See other options for postgraduate study,                   
• 165 points of Science and Engineering courses
                                                      including qualifications in Engineering,
• 60 points of Business or Management courses.        Computer Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and                           Te Kura Hanga Otinga | School of
The first year covers four compulsory courses in      Business and Marketing on page 37.                                       Product Design
Engineering, Mathematics, Management, and                                                                                      T: +64 3 369 4271 or +64 3 369 4272
Product Design.                                                                                                                E:
16      For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Diploma in Global Humanitarian
Engineering. DipGlobalHumanEng
This diploma will
allow you to apply your
knowledge in engineering
humanitarian service,
broaden your skills, and
widen your perceptions
of engineering.
The Diploma in Global Humanitarian
Engineering can only be completed in parallel
with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
degree, in any engineering discipline. It is an
additional qualification that can be completed
in the same time it takes to complete a four-year
BE(Hons) degree.
Enrolment in this diploma is open to Engineering
students in their second, third, and fourth years,   Photo: Australasia’s first Global Humanitarian Engineering students literally dug deep as part of their studies, tapping
from any discipline. To enter, you must have         into a disused water well in Ilam Fields on Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury campus as part of a
successfully completed the first year and your       hypothetical post‑disaster scenario in which the local water supply was knocked out.
application will need to be approved by the
College of Engineering Dean (Academic).
As part of this diploma you must complete a
                                                                                                                   ‘With my interest in the social
minimum total of 120 points, including:                                                                            sciences, the Diploma in Global
• 45 points of which can be cross-credited from
                                                                                                                   Humanitarian Engineering
  a BE(Hons) degree                                                                                                seemed right up my alley,
• 45 points made up of courses from a list of
                                                                                                                   because it encouraged cross-
  humanities and social sciences courses                                                                           disciplinary study. It allowed
• a 30 point capstone course in humanitarian
                                                                                                                   me to learn about Engineering
  engineering, which includes either a                                                                             concepts in a setting that
  professional report or practical component.                                                                      was more challenging and                                                                                   interesting.’
  Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering                                                                        Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
  T: +64 3 369 4271 or +64 3 369 4272                                                                              in Natural Resources Engineering, and a
  E:                                                                              Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering

Aratohu Kaupapa | Subjects
30   Applied Immersive Game Design             33   Financial Engineering           29 Product Design
21   Chemical and Process Engineering          24   Forest Engineering              27 Software Engineering
30   Chemical Formulation Design               28   Forestry Science                35 Statistics
21   Civil Engineering                         31   Industrial Product Design
                                                                                    See our full list of subjects at
23   Computer Engineering                      34   Mathematics           
31   Computer Science                          25   Mechanical Engineering
32   Data Science                              26   Mechatronics Engineering        It is not always possible for all courses to be offered
                                                                                    every year. See the online Course Information System.
23   Electrical and Electronic Engineering     27   Natural Resources Engineering

18      For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Engineering                                            • We host clubs such as ENSOC, Women in
                                                         Engineering, and Engineers Without Borders
BE(Hons), DipGlobalHumanEng                              NZ, which provide tutoring, mentoring,
Engineering is a challenging and exciting field          industry networking, community engagement
that uses physical science and mathematics to            opportunities, and many social activities
solve complex problems. Engineers must enjoy             throughout the year.
design work, thinking creatively and analytically,     • Our programmes are accredited by
working as part of a team, and communicating             Engineering New Zealand. An Engineering
their ideas to others.                                   degree from UC is internationally recognised,
If you are interested in developing new,                 allowing graduates to work overseas upon
innovative technology to improve the quality             gaining their degree.
of our lives and provide solutions to meet the         • All first year Engineering students have
needs of our modern world, then Engineering is           access to peer mentoring opportunities and a
for you.                                                 schedule of engineering events.
Engineers understand the underlying
mechanisms of how things work, ensuring that           Recommended background
almost everything that underpins our society           Entry into the first year is open to any student
functions effectively, safely, and efficiently. They   with the relevant background. See the BE(Hons)          ‘The internships helped me
are responsible for designing, analysing, and          degree information on page 14 or                        narrow down the type of
improving basic infrastructure; water resource                        industry that would suit me, and
management; telecommunications systems; and                                                                    to succeed beyond the degree.
the generation and distribution of electricity.        100-level courses                                       My placement took place at
Engineers improve the operation of processing          The first year of the BE(Hons) consists of eight        Hamilton Jet in Christchurch.
plants and factories, and design new medical           courses plus ENGR 100 (0 points, 0 fees). Five
technology, digital systems, and electronics.          of these core courses are compulsory for all            I worked for the Manufacturing
                                                       Engineering disciplines (see table below).              Engineering Department.
Why study Engineering at UC?                           You’ll also complete a further three courses specific   Manufacturing Engineering
As a UC Engineering student, you will have             to the Engineering discipline(s) you’re considering     is an area that I thought was
access to some of the best engineering staff and       studying from your second year onwards.
resources in the world.
                                                                                                               interesting from my third‑year
                                                        Course code       Course title                         papers. From doing the
• UC is ranked in the top 100 universities in the
  world for Civil and Structural Engineering,
                                                        ENGR 100          Academic Writing Assessment          placement, I have identified
  and in the top 250 for Electrical and Electronic
                                                                          (0 points, no cost)                  what to look out for when
  Engineering and Chemical Engineering (QS
                                                        ENGR 101          Foundations of Engineering           looking at graduate positions.’
  World University Rankings by Subject, 2020).          EMTH 118          Engineering Mathematics 1A
  UC is also ranked 9th in the world for Civil          EMTH 119          Engineering Mathematics 1B           Lizzie
  Engineering (Academic Ranking of World                PHYS 101          Engineering Physics                  Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering
  Universities, 2020).                                                    A: Mechanics, Waves,                 with Honours in Mechanical Engineering
                                                                          Electromagnetism and
• UC Engineering students have access to
                                                                          Thermal Physics
  state‑of-the-art labs and facilities in all
                                                        COSC 131          Introduction to Programming
  engineering departments after a $163 million
                                                                          for Engineers
  investment in infrastructure, including the
  Engineering Core space for students.
                                                       Other first year courses
• UC has world-class engineering facilities
                                                       The remaining three courses can be selected
  including a futuristic augmented reality lab.
                                                       from Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, or
• UC Engineering has connections with a                other approved subjects to complete the nine
  number of international universities, and            courses (120 points) required in your first year.
  Engineering students can do a semester               The particular combination of courses required
  abroad as part of a UC Exchange programme,           depends on the Engineering discipline you
  adding an international flavour to                   intend to study in the following three years.
  your studies.                                        If you are undecided on which discipline you
• We have specially-designed computer                  wish to pursue, it is possible to keep your
  laboratories and software as well as a               options open for more than one discipline
  specialist Te Puna Pūkaha me te Pūtaiao              (and is encouraged given the popularity of
  Engineering and Physical Sciences Library.           some disciplines).
• There are numerous scholarships available to         For guidance as to how to structure your first
  Engineering students throughout your studies,        year, use our interactive course planner at
  many of which are industry‑funded and include
  summer employment opportunities.                     /qualifications-and-courses/engineering

Entry into the following years of the Engineering                                                Practical work
programme is limited, however most students                                                      Before graduating with the BE(Hons), you
who pass their first year courses gain entry                                                     must complete 800 hours (approx. 100 days) of
to their first or second choice of Engineering                                                   practical work in the engineering industry. This
discipline. If you are not successful in gaining                                                 includes a compulsory zero fees work placement
a place, or if you decide not to continue with                                                   course ENGR 200 Engineering Work Experience
Engineering, you can normally credit passes to                                                   during the second year, and further practical
the Bachelor of Science and other UC degrees.                                                    work normally carried out during the summer
It is worth checking the website or contacting a                                                 breaks of the following years.
Student Advisor to make sure you plan your first
year to keep your options open.                                                                  You are also required to carry out a workshop
                                                                                                 training course or a site safety course during
200-level and beyond                                                                             the second year. These courses will vary
Once you have completed the first year of the                                                    depending on Engineering discipline, and aim
degree, you can apply for entry into one of the                                                  to prepare you in the use of common tools and
nine Engineering disciplines:                                                                    equipment that you are likely to need for your
                                                                                                 practical work in industry. You must also hold
• Chemical and Process Engineering
                                                                                                 a University‑approved first aid certificate while
• Civil Engineering                                                                              enrolled in the BE(Hons).
                                                       ‘The Engineering courses here
• Computer Engineering
                                                       at UC not only teach you a lot            For more information on the Engineering
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering                                                          disciplines, see pages 21–28.
                                                       about your specialisation, but
• Forest Engineering                                   also help you to develop a great          Career opportunities
• Mechanical Engineering                               set of problem-solving skills
                                                                                                 Throughout their degree, students take part
• Mechatronics Engineering                             that you can apply to almost              in practical work experience, on-campus
• Natural Resources Engineering                        anything.                                 events, careers fairs, and industry talks,
• Software Engineering.                                                                          giving them multiple opportunities to make
                                                       I like how with every project             industry contacts.
A Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering           I work on I am exposed to                 Engineering students work on final year projects
can be studied alongside any of the engineering        more areas of research and                as part of their degree, many sponsored
disciplines, giving you an extra qualification and     get to learn from a range of              by industry, which increases professional
a point of difference without adding any time to
your studies. Find out more at
                                                       disciplines and experts in order          capability and encourage leadership, teamwork,                             to come to up with solutions.’            and innovation.

/qualifications-and-courses                                                                      Our graduates find work on projects of social,
                                                       Ben                                       economic, and environmental significance
/diploma-in-global-humanitarian-engineering            Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in   to society. Many UC engineers progress into
                                                       Chemical and Process Engineering          management or consultancy.
Some limits on entry into each discipline apply,
                                                       Master of Engineering in Chemical and
with selection based on your Grade Point
                                                       Process Engineering
Average achieved during the first year.
After first year, your studies will focus your                                                     Te Rāngai Pūkaha | College of Engineering
learning on knowledge and skills that are                                                          T: +64 3 369 4271 or +64 3 369 4272
relevant to your chosen Engineering discipline                                                     E:
through a combination of lectures, laboratory                                            
work, and field classes.
In the third and fourth years, you will have the
option of choosing courses which concentrate
on a particular field (or fields) within your chosen
Engineering discipline.

Minor subjects
See page 14 for your minor options.

20      For the most up-to-date information, please check our website.
Chemical and                                        Why study Chemical and Process                         Department of Chemical and
Process Engineering                                 Engineering at UC?                                     Process Engineering
BE(Hons)                                            • Our BE(Hons) in Chemical and Process                 T: +64 3 369 3784
                                                      Engineering is fully accredited by the     
A Chemical and Process Engineering degree             Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) as        /schools/cape
will develop your skills so you can add value         well as Engineering New Zealand.
to the world in a way that directly correlates to
                                                    • Class sizes of diverse backgrounds encourage
wellbeing, life-expectancy, and improves the
sustainability of a modern lifestyle. You can         friendships and collaboration that will last the   Civil Engineering
achieve this by taking physics, chemical, or          rest of your career.                               BE(Hons)
biological science ideas from the laboratory and    • UC is ranked in the top 250 universities in the    Civil Engineers are entrusted to achieve a
deploying them on a commercial scale.                 world for Chemical Engineering (QS World           sustainable world and raise the global quality
You will tackle society’s greatest challenges:        University Rankings by Subject, 2020).             of life. They tackle challenges of the 21st century
                                                                                                         such as climate change and inequality, creating
• converting natural resources to high-
                                                    200-level and beyond                                 earthquake-resilient communities, and ensuring
  value products                                                                                         clean water for future generations.
                                                    Designing an entire chemical process and
• supplying clean, safe drinking water                                                                   Civil engineers are:
                                                    performing cutting-edge research is the
• creating sustainable energy                       culmination of your degree.                          • Planners, designers, constructors, and
• harnessing microbes to produce designer           The path starts with second year developing            operators of the built environment —
  chemicals and pharmaceuticals                     fundamental tools in chemical process                  the spaces where people live, and the
• improving society’s health and wellbeing          technology, modelling, principles of biology,          infrastructure we depend on like buildings,
                                                    engineering chemistry, thermodynamics, and             bridges, transportation, drinking water, and
• providing a sustainable food supply.
                                                    fluid mechanics.                                       wastewater systems

Minor in Bioprocess Engineering                     The third and fourth years further develop your      • Kaitiaki (stewards of our natural environment)
                                                    knowledge and skills into to real applications.      • Innovators and integrators of ideas, people,
This minor prepares biologically-minded
                                                    Specialised courses include bioprocessing,             and technology
engineers to meet industry demand for products
                                                    renewable energy, reaction engineering,
such as medicines, vaccines, beverages,                                                                  • Managers of risk and uncertainty. Civil
                                                    separations, management, industrial pollution
vitamins, alternative fuels, and clean water. You                                                          engineers work in interdisciplinary teams and
                                                    control, and advanced modelling.
will learn about harnessing the natural power of                                                           with communities, including mana whenua,
bacteria and algae for creating new products and    In your final semester, you will be part of            to come up with cutting-edge and creative
treating waste.                                     a four‑person team in your design project,             approaches to solve the complex and large-
                                                    developing a complete process such as recycling        scale challenges we face.
Minor in Energy Processing Technologies             and reprocessing plastic, recovering energy from
                                                    sewage, creating high-value chemicals from           Why study Civil Engineering at UC?
This minor prepares energy-focused engineers to
                                                    wood, and extracting cannabidiol from cannabis.
develop renewable and existing energy sources                                                            • UC is ranked 9th in the world for Civil
(such as hydrogen, solar, wind, natural gas,        You will also complete an individual research          Engineering (Academic Ranking of World
and oil).                                           project with one of the department’s academic          Universities, 2020), and in the top 100
                                                    staff — anything from extracting nutrients from        universities in the world for Civil and
You will understand how natural resources
                                                    waste food products, integrating a heating             Structural Engineering (QS World University
produce the power, fertilisers, and fuels that
                                                    system for a hot spring resort, or developing new      Rankings by Subject, 2020).
enable our society to function, and gain
                                                    battery materials.
insight into electricity generation and storage,                                                         • World-class, high-tech laboratories on campus.
environmental issues, sustainable engineering,
                                                    /academic-regulations                                • Mentorship opportunities.
and energy stewardship.
                                                                                                         • Ability to build and compete in fun and
Minor in Environmental                              Career opportunities                                   engaging programmes, such as the bridge
Process Engineering                                 Our previous graduates found positions in areas
                                                                                                           competition within your second year.
This minor prepares environmentally‑minded          of renewable energy, biofuels, environmental         • Close community of students and professors.
engineers to meet society’s growing                 control, consulting, fermentation, waste             • The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
commitment to improving the environment.            treatment, food production, biotechnology,             in Civil Engineering is fully accredited by
You will learn about strategies, legal              pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, resource              Engineering New Zealand.
requirements, and appropriate mitigation and        management, and manufacturing.
treatment technologies for industrial pollution     Our graduates are eligible for full membership of
control, sustainability measures, and cultural      both IChemE and Engineering New Zealand after
issues related to environmental treatment           a period of experience as a practising engineer.
technologies. We prepare you for designing,
improving, and operating processes that treat
contaminated water, air, and soil.

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