Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population

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Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
                            SUMMER/AUTUMN 2016 | VOL 2.1


                          Feature focus:
                            Capable People;
Cabinet               developing the needs
announcements       of our region's growing
set to transform                population
the region
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population

In this issue                                                                       Peel Development Commission Board
                                                                                    Mr Paul Fitzpatrick (Chairman)
                                                                                    Dr Sue Fyfe (Deputy Chair)
                                                                                                                        Dr Peter Hick
                                                                                                                        Mr David Napoli

Chairman’s Welcome                                                              1   Mr John Erren                       Prof Andrew Taggart
                                                                                    Cr Christine Germain                Mayor Marina Vergone
CEO’s Management Report                                                         2   Ms Maree Gooch
Game changer project set to transform Peel                                      3
Blueprint Launch                                                                8   Peel Development Commission Staff
                                                                                    Norman Baker 	Chief Executive Officer
A region in profile: Boddington                                            26                      E norman.baker@peel.wa.gov.au
Board Q&A                                                                  45       David Arkwright	Manager Policy and Planning
                                                                                                     E david.arkwright@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Kelvin Barr	Principal Officer, Economic and Regional Development
                                                                                                 E kelvin.barr@peel.wa.gov.au

  10             CAPABLE
                 PEOPLE                  34             THRIVING
                                                                                    Maureen Barr	Administration Officer
                                                                                                  E maureen.barr@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Kathleen Butler	Finance and Administration Officer
                                                                                                     E kathleen.butler@peel.wa.gov.au

  22                                     39
                                                        TOURISM                     Janine Hatch	
                                                                                                 Principal Officer, Economic and Regional Development
                 & FOOD
                                                        EXCELLENCE                               E janine.hatch@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Terina Henry	School Based Trainee
                                                                                                  E terina.henry@peel.wa.gov.au

  26                                     48
                 STRONG &
                 RESILIENT                              RECIPES                     Louise Hodges    Executive Officer
                 COMMUNITIES                                                                         E louise.hodges@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Simone Hutton    Grants and Projects Officer
                                                                                                     E simone.hutton@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Pip Kirby        Principal Officer, Economic and Regional Development
                                                                                                     E pip.kirby@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Mia Lacy	Corporate Communications Co-ordinator
                                                                                              E communications@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                    Victor Smith     Corporate Services Manager
                              Peel Development Commission                                            E victor.smith@peel.wa.gov.au
                              45 Mandurah Terrace (PO Box 543)                      Larissa Stacy	Finance and Administration Officer
                              Mandurah Western Australia 6210                                      E larissa.stacy@peel.wa.gov.au
                              Phone: (08) 9535 4140                                 Kristie Tonkin	Principal Consultant Industry,
                              Fax: (08) 9535 2119
                                                                                                    Skills and Regional Capability
                              Email: peel@peel.wa.gov.au
                                                                                                    E kristie.tonkin@peel.wa.gov.au
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                                                                                    Peel Development Commission

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                                                                                    Peel Development Commission is a statutory authority
                                                                                    established in 1993 by the Western Australian State
                                                                                    Government under the Regional Development Commissions
                                                                                    Act 1993. The Commission is one of nine regional development
                                                                                    commissions across the State, each established and operating
                                                                                    under the same legislation.
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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Chairman’s                                                                                Did you know?

                                                                                          Its estimated that more than
                                                                                          3.5 million people will live in the
                                                                                          Perth and Peel regions by 2050.

                                            As the name says, it will effectively
                                            transform the entire Peel and take us
                                            through to 2050. Transform Peel will
                                            be a true game changer: a hub for
                                            employment and innovation providing
                                            an integrated approach to building
                                            regional resilience.
                                            The Peel Development Commission
                                            has been the lead agency on the
                                            proposed regional business park
                                            which has morphed into Transform
“Transform Peel will be                     Peel through several stages over
a true game changer —                       several years. It is extremely gratifying    I first visited the bushfire devastated
a hub for employment                        to see this major announcement,
                                            which will do so much for the entire
                                                                                         areas in January with the
                                                                                         Commission’s CEO Norman Baker. We
and innovation providing                    region, made at the Regional Cabinet         have since followed up this visit with
an integrated approach                      Meeting held here in early April.            our February Board meeting which
to building regional                        Following on from the very successful        was held at the Shire of Waroona’s
                                                                                         Council Chambers and attended by
resilience.”                                launch of the Peel Regional Investment
                                                                                         invited special guest Andrew Hastie,
                                            Blueprint; Vision 2050, we have just
I’m pleased to welcome you to the           completed our Strategic Plan 2016–19.        MP for Canning.
third edition of Peel magazine. This is
a particularly exciting time for the Peel   The Peel Development Commission’s            The primary consideration
Development Commission as we see            Strategic Plan 2016–19 is based on our       must continue to be the
our vision for a progressive, prosperous    knowledge of the region’s aspirations
                                            for the future, our application of best      support required at all levels
and dynamic region become a closer
reality with Premier Colin Barnett’s        practice in regional development,            to re-establish infrastructure,
announcement of the long envisaged          and our focus on delivering outcomes         training, education and boost
                                            today that will best position the region
Transform Peel project.                                                                  economic development.
                                            for a strong future.
Comprising the Peel Business Park,                                                       The health and wellbeing of the
Peel Food Zone and Peel Integrated          In light of the recent devastating fires
                                                                                         people of the Waroona, Hamel,
Water Initiative, Transform Peel            in the Waroona, Hamel, Preston Beach
                                                                                         Preston Beach and Yarloop areas
presents the highest value opportunity      and Yarloop districts, it is all the more
                                                                                         are very much in the forefront of our
to transform the region and create          important to come together with a
                                                                                         minds as we continue the journey
an environment conducive to living,         clear vision of the future for our region.
                                                                                         together to recover, restore and
working and investing in 21st century       I have the utmost admiration for             reconnect this community.
Western Australia.                          the residents who harnessed their
                                                                                         Paul Fitzpatrick
                                            networks, pulled together support
                                            services, and reached out selflessly to      Chairman
                                            the needs of other people first.             Peel Development Commission

                                                                                             Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL           1
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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CEO’s Management Report

                                                                                         I look forward to working with the
                                                                                         leaders within the region and beyond,
                                                                                         to implement this Blueprint and see
                                                                                         the vision become a reality.
                                                                                         In mid-December we also submitted
                                                                                         the business case for the Transform
                                                                                         Peel: Nambeelup Business Park to the
                                                                                         Department of Regional Development.
                                                                                         This under went final due diligence
                                                                                         checks and was submitted to Cabinet
                                                                                         for approval. This is a significant body
                                                                                         of work and I’d like to thank our
                                        Norman Baker, Commission CEO, Hon.               partners — the City of Mandurah, the
                                        Terry Redman and Commission Chairman             Shire of Murray and LandCorp for
                                        Paul Fitzpatrick at the official launch of the
                                                                                         assisting in finalising the business case.
                                        Peel Regional Investment Blueprint.
                                                                                         In addition to the Blueprint launch
                                                                                         and Transform Peel business case,
                                                                                         Commission staff continue to work
                                        The last few months of 2015
                                                                                         on a number of projects including
                                        were a blur for Commission staff.
                                                                                         aged care facilities, tourism, secure
                                        Project and/or grant acquittals and
                                                                                         housing, agriculture and workforce
                                        reconciliations were being processed,
                                                                                         development initiatives.
                                        final Board meetings for the year
                                        were held, and project stakeholder               To all of our friends in
Welcome to the                          groups were still being held.
summer/autumn                                                                            Waroona, Yarloop and
                                        Of course, the biggest and most time             surrounds, our thoughts are
edition of the Peel                     consuming event for all of us was
                                                                                         with you during what have
Magazine. The last few                  the finalisation and launch of the
                                        Peel Regional Investment Blueprint               been difficult times.
months have absolutely                  on December 17 2015 at the Sebel
                                                                                         This magazine continues to remind
flown by but I would like               Mandurah. With over 120 regional
                                                                                         me of the natural wonders, business
to take this opportunity                leaders attending, including the
                                                                                         success stories and great people who
                                        Deputy Premier Dr Kim Hames MLA,
to wish all readers a                   the Minister for Regional Development
                                                                                         are living and working within the
                                                                                         region. I hope you enjoy this edition
happy, prosperous and                   Terry Redman MLA and a host of
                                                                                         of the Peel Magazine and find it as
safe 2016.                              other luminaries, the event was a
                                        huge success. More importantly, the
                                                                                         informative and inspiring as I do.
                                        Commission was able to convey a                  Norman Baker
                                        shared vision for economic and social            Chief Executive Officer
                                        prosperity for the Peel region out to            Peel Development Commission
                                        the year 2050.

2           PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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Game changer project
set to transform Peel
  WORDS & IMAGES | Peel Development
                                      The multi-million dollar Transform Peel project
  Commission                          announced this month by Premier Colin Barnett is a
                                      visionary project that will be a game changer for the
                                      Peel region according to Paul Fitzpatrick, Chairman
                                      of the Peel Development Commission.

                                                                    Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL   3
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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“Transform Peel will be a true game       At media conference that took place
changer: a hub for employment and         on April 4 2016 adjacent to the City
innovation providing an integrated        of Mandurah Council Chambers,
approach to building regional             Premier Barnett announced the
resilience. As the name says, it will     multi-million Phase 1 activation which
effectively transform the entire Peel     will see the creation of services for
and take us through to 2050,” said        290 hectares of the business park,
Paul Fitzpatrick.                         research into water initiatives and
                                          planning for the food zone.
Transform Peel comprises
                                          “As we researched and developed
three integrated and                      the business case for Transform Peel,
strategic projects: a 28,000              we grew confident that the State
hectare Peel Food Zone, a                 Government would share our vision
1.000 hectare Peel Business               for this hub for employment and
                                          innovation. We are looking forward
Park and an Integrated Water              to working with LandCorp and other
Resource Solution.                        agencies to enable Phase 1,” said Paul
The State Government’s investment of
$49.3 million via Royalties for Regions   “Transform Peel is an ambitious
will be augmented with private            project — the focus on sustainable
capital investment estimated to be        food and water supplies for the
$2.5 billion by 2050. Transform Peel      region differentiate it from anything
is projected to generate more than        previously conceived. Along with
$1.8 billion in export earnings over      its vast economic opportunities, the
the next three decades culminating        Peel Food Zone and Integrated Water
in $16.2 billion per annum economic       Initiative will provide sustainable
output by 2050.                           food and water supplies for the entire
                                          community for generations.”              Mr Fitzpatrick said Transform Peel
                                                                                   will combine the very best of public
                                                                                   and private sector knowledge and
                                                                                   investment in people and capital to
                                                                                   deliver economic, community and
                                                                                   environmental benefits over future
                                                                                   “The Peel Development Commission
                                                                                   has a clear mandate to support the
                                                                                   Peel region’s growth. Transform Peel
                                                                                   will be a catalyst for major investment
                                                                                   and employment that will give more
                                                                                   people an opportunity to live in a
                                                                                   region that offers the best of both
                                                                                   worlds — a relaxed coastal lifestyle
                                                                                   close to Perth and the South West.
                                                                                   The 33,000 jobs that the Transform
                                                                                   Peel initiative will help to create will
                                                                                   be as varied as the people that choose
                                                                                   to live in the region,” he said.
                                                                                   “Initially there be transactional,
                                                                                   development, and building
                                                                                   opportunities and these will grow
                                                                                   into retail, office and skilled jobs.
                                                                                   With the development of the
                                                                                   technology campus at Peel Business
                                                                                   Park, researchers, technicians and
Figure 1 Transform Peel precinct.                                                  innovators will be in demand. I am
Source: Peel Development Commission                                                confident the projects will trigger

4           PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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                                                                                             local jobs across
                                                                                              diverse sectors.

The program will deliver sustainable
food and water supplies for the entire
community for generations.

further development and growth
which will support our children and
their children.”
                                           33,000 local jobs across diverse sectors
Mr Fitzpatrick said the Peel
Development Commission will                $16.2 billion per annum economic output by 2050
continue to work on behalf of the
State Government, through the
                                           Multi-million Phase 1 activation launches
Royalties for Regions program, to
encourage prosperity and build
strong and resilient communities in        What is Transform Peel?                to the point where private sector
the Peel region.                           Transform Peel is a program of         investment can drive the program
                                           integrated and complex, multi-         into the future.
Transform Peel is an overarching
                                           faceted projects that will over the    Transform Peel responds to
strategy developed by the State
                                           next 35 years result in significant    some very important State
Government through the Peel
                                           economic development in the Peel       imperatives including diversifying
Development Commission;
                                           Region. Transform Peel comprises       the economy, and improving the
the Departments of Regional
                                           three main sub-projects — the          States competitiveness and fiscal
Development, Water and Agriculture
                                           Business Park Nambeelup, the Peel      sustainability.
& Food; and LandCorp, in partnership
                                           Food Zone and the Peel Integrated
with the City of Mandurah, Shire                                                  Transform Peel also responds
                                           Water Initiative.
of Murray, CSIRO and Peel-Harvey                                                  to number of regional and
Catchment Council.                         Stage 1 of Transform Peel is about     Metropolitan imperatives, including
                                           the “activation” of the program        the need to expand the Peel’s
MORE INFORMATION                           over the next four/five years, with    economy to meet the needs of
For further information contact the Peel   State government facilitating this     population that will expand from
Development Commission on (08) 9535        process and bringing the initiative    its current 130,000 to 440,000 by
4140 or email peel@peel.wa.gov.au

                                                                                    Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL      5
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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                                                                                         What will Government funds be
                                                                                         used for in Stage 1 Activation?
                                                                                         In Transform Peel Stage 1: Activation,
                                                                                         the following will be undertaken:
                                                                                         1.	Activation of the Peel Business
                                                                                             Park Nambeelup
                                                                                           The development of common-use
                                                                                           headworks infrastructure that will
                                                                                           allow for the first 74 hectares of
                                                                                           developable land to be brought to
                                                                                           the market by 2021, and a further
                                                                                           120 hectares of developable land
                                                                                           by 2031. Marketing of this land
                                                                                           to Perth-based, national and
                                                                                           international food processors
                                                                                           and manufacturers, to logistics
                                                                                           enterprise and to supportive light
                                                                                           industrial activities.
                                                                                         2. Activation of the Peel Food Zone
                                                                                           By 2021, the Peel Food Zone will be
                                                                                           planned and operational to receive
                                                                                           investment into food production
                                                                                           enterprise, and with essential
                                                                                           supporting infrastructure to
                                                                                           underpin that investment (research
                                                                                           facilities, environmental projects).
                                                                                           An “Integrated Hub” initiative is
                                                                                           also being developed separately
                                                                                           from this business case, and will
                                                                                           incorporate research, training, trial
                                                                                           cropping, food/food provenance
                                                                                           support initiatives, and other
                                                                                           industry cluster support initiatives.
                                                                                           Building a research capability in the
The focus on sustainable food and water                                                    Peel Region is considered a critical
supplies for the region differentiate it from                                              enabler for the development of a
anything previously conceived.                                                             future knowledge economy.
                                                Modelling suggests that
                                                                                         3. Activation of the Peel Integrated
                                                upwards of $3 billion worth
2050, the need to achieve better                                                            Water Initiative
                                                of private sector investment
environmental outcomes for the                                                             By 2021, an operational, innovative
Peel Harvey Catchment and Estuary               into land and buildings will               and integrated water management
system, and the need for the                    follow in the next 35 years.               system will have been developed
Metropolitan region to secure food                                                         with the capacity to deliver a new
                                                Government will make available
production (and nutrition) with shorter                                                    source of water to support industry,
                                                its funding in two tranches — a first
and more secure supply chains for its                                                      agriculture, mining and urban
                                                tranche of $49.3 million to get key
rapidly growing population.                                                                development, and which eventually
                                                infrastructure into the Business Park
                                                                                           will be able to reduce nutrient
What is the cost of Transform                   and undertake design of the Peel
                                                                                           flows across the Food Zone area by
Peel?                                           Food Zone and Peel Integrated water
                                                                                           up to 50%.
                                                Initiative, and a second tranche of up
The overall cost to the State                   to $19.5 million to implement the Peel   4. Activation of the Program
Government of “activating” Transform            Food Zone and Peel Integrated Water         Management Unit
Peel is estimated at $68.8 million,             Initiative — to be subject to further
following which it is expected that                                                        A Program Management Unit
                                                approval and subject also to any other     will be established to oversee the
private sector investment will drive the        funding having been attracted to the
program into the future.                                                                   Transform Peel program.
                                                initiative by that stage.

6           PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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5. Activation of the Peel Enterprise          What will Transform Peel deliver
   Competitiveness Support Program            for the region by 2050?
   The Program Management Unit will           By 2050, and on the assumption that
   establish a set of strategic initiatives   Transform Peel has fully developed by
   to support existing and new                then, it is estimated that Transform
   enterprise — including workforce           Peel will deliver the following
   development, entrepreneur                  economic outcomes:
   development, market intelligence
   and access, capital market                  	33,100 jobs of which 8,600 are
   access and strategic economic                 strategic (export and producer
   visioning and planning to attract             services),
   investment into food processing,            	Economic output of $16.2 billion
   food manufacturing, transport                 per annum,
   and logistics, light industrial and
   commercial enterprise.                      	Export value of $1.8 billion per
When will the Transform Peel                   	Gross value added of $5.3 billion
development commence?                            per annum,
The Transform Peel program will
commence immediately with the                  	Rates income for local government
establishment of strong governance               of $50 million per annum,
arrangements. There will be an overall         	Private sector investment at full
Steering Committee comprising                    build out will be $600 million (land
senior Government officials, a                   sales only),
Program Management Unit to oversee                                                      What will Transform Peel Deliver
the whole program, and project                 	Cumulative stamp duty accruing to      for the region in the first 10 years?
management capacity to deliver each              the State of $759 million,             LandCorp has estimated that the
of the individual sub-projects.                	Reduction of Total Phosphorous         Peel Business Park will deliver the
                                                 (TP) load from across the Peel Food    following economic outcomes in the
The focus in the first eighteen
                                                 Zone by 50%,                           first 10 years:
months will mainly be on all the
preparatory work that is needed                	Private sector investment into          	159 businesses established,
before implementation — including                buildings in Peel Business Park         	1862 jobs created,
technical work and detailed design.              Nambeelup of $2.5 billion, and
Implementation will follow over the                                                      	$218m private capital invested, and
next three and a half years.                   	Land tax contribution to the State
                                                 of a minimum of $100,000 per            	Economic output of $788 million
The Transform Peel program will                  annum from developed lots.                per annum.
commence immediately with the
establishment of strong governance                                                      What is the source for the
arrangements.                                                                           economic and population
                                                                                        The population forecasts for the
                                                                                        Peel Region are derived from the
                                                                                        recently released Perth and Peel @
                                                                                        3.5 million. Economic forecasts to
                                                                                        2050 are derived from economic
                                                                                        modelling undertaken by Pracsys
                                                                                        in the course of preparation of the
                                                                                        business case. Economic forecasts for
                                                                                        the first 10 years have been estimated
                                                                                        by LandCorp based on their extensive
                                                                                        experience in this area.

                                                                                        MORE INFORMATION
                                                                                        For further information contact the Peel
                                                                                        Development Commission on (08) 9535
                                                                                        4140 or email peel@peel.wa.gov.au

                                                                                            Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL        7
Feature focus: Capable People; developing the needs of our region's growing population
PEEL Development Commission
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           EVENT REVIEW

Blueprint Launch
The Sebel Mandurah Thursday 17th December 2015

1                                                                  2

Business and community
leaders from around
the Peel and beyond
came together at the
Peel Development
Commission’s official
launch of the Peel
Regional Investment
Blueprint held at The
Sebel Mandurah.                          The Regional Investment                      1	Minister Terry Redman and Commission
                                                                                         Chairman Paul Fitzpatrick.
Minister for Regional Development        Blueprint Initiative is supported
Terry Redman MLA, launched the                                                        2	Deputy Premier Kim Hames, Mayor
                                         by a $330 million investment                    Marina Vergone and Minister Terry
Blueprint with Commission Chairman
                                         through the State Government’s                  Redman.
Paul Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chair Sue
                                                                                      3	Harry Nannup presenting Welcome to
Fyfe and Chief Executive Officer         Royalties for Regions program.                  Country.
Norman Baker. The event carried a
                                         Following two years of research and          4	Maree Gooch, Victor Smith and
theme celebrating regional wine and
                                         consultation with more than 200                 Alan Cross.
produce, arts and culture, and was
                                         stakeholders, the document will drive        5	Sue Leonard and Ewen McGregor.
extremely well received.
                                         the region’s economic development            6	John Lynch, Jacqui See and John Erren.
The Peel Regional Leaders Forum          with a collaboration between all levels of   7	Norman Baker, Hon Terry Redman,
(PRLF) outlined strong support for the   government, business and community to           Paul Fitzpatrick, Deputy Premier
Blueprint and its overarching strategy   make its vision a reality.                      Kim Hames and Dr Sue Fyfe.
with Chair and Mandurah Mayor                                                         8	Andrew Hastie MP, Commission
Marina Vergone commenting the            MORE INFORMATION                                Chairman Paul Fitzpatrick and David
Blueprint’s focus on Transform Peel as   To receive a copy of the Peel Regional          Arkwright.
particularly encouraging.                Investment Blueprint document please
                                         contact the Peel Development Commission
                                         on (08) 9535 4140 or peel@peel.wa.gov.au
                                         alternatively download the PDF via

8           PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
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           EVENT REVIEW

 4                                     5

 6                                7


                                           Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL   9
PEEL Development Commission
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Capable People                                                                        WORDS & IMAGES | Peel Regional
                                                                                      Investment Blueprint

2050 CAPABLE PEOPLE GOAL:               Ensuring there is access to world-          The region’s ongoing economic
                                        class education, training and higher        growth and prosperity is highly
The Peel’s workforce                    education systems is central to the         dependent on the resources industry.
                                        Peel’s future economic growth,              There is evidence1 however that the
will be highly skilled and
                                        employment and career prospects.            pipeline of future investment has
adaptable to structural and             These systems will not only assist with     fallen over the last year and that
technological change to                 attracting businesses and people into       Western Australian projects will
support an economy that                 the region, but will ensure existing        face an increasingly competitive
is strong, diverse and high             businesses and people remain in the         international environment in future.
performing.                             community.                                  Ongoing global economic conditions
                                                                                    are also uncertain2.
                                        The knowledge, skills and
                                                                                    The Peel Regional Investment
                                        capability of the people who                Blueprint’s (Blueprint) strategies
                                        live in the community and                   support the diversification of the
   •   Human capital will be            work in its institutions are                Peel’s economy and its workforce
       developed to ensure the                                                      into professional, scientific and
       region can grow and prosper.
                                                                                    technical areas, including new areas
                                        To support the needs of the Peel’s          of agriculture and agriculture-related
   •   Peel people of all working
                                        rapidly growing population, there           business sectors.
       ages, backgrounds and
                                        is a need to develop both broad-
       abilities will be more                                                       State labour market forecasts3 mostly
                                        based capabilities as well as more
       advanced skilled and                                                         suggest these moderate rates of
                                        specialised skills which will be
       experienced to be highly                                                     employment growth will continue (at
                                        fundamental to the attraction of new
       sought after and competitive                                                 least in the short-to-medium term),
                                        businesses and industries.
       in the labour market.                                                        but changes in future economic
                                        The development of skill sets and           conditions, particularly in the
   •   Peel residents have
                                        capabilities (such as adaptability,         resources sector where there is a shift
       substantially increased access
                                        flexibility, resilience, creativity and     from construction to operations, will
       to, and governance over,
                                        design thinking) will create a confidence   inevitably translate into changes in
       regionally based vocational
                                        and readiness in the community to           demand for skills and training.
       training and higher education.
                                        operate in an increasingly competitive
   •   Peel’s young people will have    and global environment.
       access to education and
                                        The capability of the Peel’s education      1 Investment in Resources Sector Infrastructure,
       training pathways programs
                                        and training systems — from early             Price Waterhouse Coopers and Chamber of
       that lead to employment in                                                     Minerals and Energy (Jan 2014).
                                        childhood through schools and on to
       priority industry occupations.
                                        tertiary institutions — will also need to   2 Reserve Bank of Australia, Minutes of
                                        be able to respond to an increasingly         Monetary Policy Meeting of the Reserve Bank
                                                                                      Board, 3 September 2013.
                                        complex and constantly changing
                                        environment.                                3 WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
                                                                                      Outlook, June quarter 2013.

10          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
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The Peel has had a strong                   The emphasis on economic drivers in         Transformational strategies, such as
representation of skills and labour         the Blueprint is to strategically counter   the development of Peel Business
in occupations largely driven by            these types of fluctuations and their       Park Nambeelup and development
the mining, manufacturing and               impacts on the local economy and to         of the agricultural sector through the
construction sectors. Close monitoring      proactively create new jobs. These new      Transform Peel initiative, will provide
of and planning for the inevitable          jobs are in addition to those naturally     strong and varied industry and
future shift in labour needs is essential   created in sectors such as retail, health   business sectors, and also create more
to protect the jobs of local workers        and community services as a result of       than 33,700 direct and indirect jobs4
and apprentices.                            population growth.                          which will support local employment
                                                                                        and protect the incomes of families in
Although the health and community           Without a dedicated focus on                the Peel.
services, retail trade, construction
and mining sectors are forecast to
                                            attracting new businesses                   Capable People strategies in the
continue to grow (at least in the short-    and supporting local                        Blueprint are focused on the
term), the softening of the resources       industry growth, jobs growth                development and up-skilling of
sector is also likely to impact on the      will be constrained and                     the local workforce, including
Peel’s small businesses, which play an                                                  marginalised community members.
essential role in supporting the growth     unemployment in the region                  The strategies are designed to create
of the larger companies involved in         is likely to continue to rise.              equal access to skill development
resource construction and major                                                         and educational opportunities that
project development.                                                                    will allow individuals and groups to
                                                                                        become competitive in the labour
                                                                                        market and take up the jobs that will
                                                                                        be created.
                                                                                        The Capable People theme identifies
                                                                                        two key areas of focus for the region
                                                                                        that together will establish the highly
                                                                                        skilled and adaptable workforce that
                                                                                        will be required to deliver thriving and
               Access to                                                                innovative industries. The key focus
              world-class                                                               areas for Capable People are:
         is central to the Peel’s                                                       1.   boosting productivity; and
             future economic                                                            2. pathways to employment.
          growth, employment
                and career                                                              A range of local initiatives which
                prospects.                                                              support the objectives of the Capable
                                                                                        People theme are showcased in this
                                                                                        edition of the Peel Magazine.

                                                                                        MORE INFORMATION
                                                                                        More information on the region’s
                                                                                        approach to Capable People is included
                                                                                        in the Peel Regional Investment Blueprint
                                                                                        which is available on the Commission’s
                                                                                        website www.peel.wa.gov.au

                                                                                        4 Peel Business Park Nambeelup Economic
                                                                                          Impact Assessment, (Pracsys Economics, 2015).

                                                                                             Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL           11
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                   PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


Our region. Our people.
                                                                                   good understanding of the existing
                                                                                   condition of the catchment,
                                                                                   understand the consequences of any
                                                                                   remedial action and ensure we are
                                                                                   measuring the right things to indicate
                                                                                   change. Embedding this scientific
                                                                                   method in our operations is my key
                                                                                   task at the PHCC,” says Steve Fisher.
                                                                                   NRM adaptive management

                                                                                   priorities have a strong focus on
                                                                                   water quality but also include
                                                                                   biodiversity, species dispersal,

                                                                                   wetland restoration, adaptation in a
                                                                                   changing climate and more.

                                                                                   Water quality science

NRM                                                                                priorities will include
                                                                                   nutrient pathways,
                                                                                   assimilation of nutrients
                                                                                   in drainage systems and
Steve Fisher — Science Advisor at
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council.                                                     Monosulphidic Black Ooze
                                                                                   associated with sediment
                                        Introducing Steve Fisher, Science          loss from erosion.
  WORDS & IMAGES | Mia Lacy, Peel
                                        Advisor at Peel-Harvey Catchment           “This process throws up questions to
  Development Commission
                                        Council                                    which we sometimes don’t know the
                                        Since joining the region’s peak            answers, so we work alongside and
                                                                                   partner with the right people who
As this edition’s theme                 natural resource management body,
                                                                                   do know. For example, I’m working
centres around the                      The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council
                                        (PHCC), in July 2015 science advisor       with government departments and
Peel Development                        Steve Fisher has worked with decision      universities to develop indicators for
                                                                                   the Peel-Harvey Estuary system that
Commissions’ Blueprint                  makers and practitioners at all levels
                                                                                   measure whether its environmental
                                        to apply evidence based knowledge
approach to the region’s                to improve the environmental health        health is improving, getting worse or
Capable People, it                      of the Catchment.                          staying the same. These indicators
                                                                                   include for example water quality,
seemed fitting to profile               It’s a role he relishes, as it brings      algal blooms, fish and crab abundance
not one, but two people                 together Steve’s considerable expertise    and habitat and remnant native
                                        in watery science, his communication
who call the Peel region                skills and his love of the Peel-Harvey
                                                                                   vegetation. My job is to collate the
                                                                                   information already gathered, to make
home.                                   Estuary environment to guide better-       sure we aren’t duplicating effort and
                                        informed decision making.                  to promote research programs to fill in
                                        “It’s really important that any projects   the gaps in our knowledge,” said Steve.
                                        we undertake or advice we give is          The environmental health of the Peel-
                                        underpinned by science. The PHCC           Harvey Estuary also has implications
                                        follows the adaptive management            for the societal values and economic
                                        cycle: plan, act, monitor and evaluate     values of the estuary. “The recreational
                                        to natural resource management             and commercial crab fisheries in the
                                        (NRM). It’s essential we have a

12          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                               PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


Estuary are currently being assessed
by the Marine Stewardship Council        Regional business
                                         set for expansion
to determine whether the crabbing
activities are environmentally
sustainable. This is not just about
sustainability of the population of
crabs but also for other ecological                                            Introducing Craig Salt, C-Wise
values of the system, for example the      WORDS | Melissa Worthington, Cork
impact on birds and their habitat.         and Cheese                          Craig Salt has called the Peel region
I am keeping a close eye on the            IMAGES | C-Wise                     home for over 10 years but it wasn’t
assessment process and working with                                            the most direct path that lead him to
the Department of Fisheries to protect                                         settle here, establish a business and
the ecological values of the estuary                                           raise his young family.
while acknowledging the importance
of sustainable crab fisheries to                                               Born and raised in Perth,
tourism, commerce and recreation                                               Craig spent stints living and
values,” said Steve.                                                           working south in Albany,
Steve has a PhD in Chemistry from                                              before heading north to
Curtin University where he specialised                                         Kununurra.
in petroleum and environmental
organic geochemistry. He spent much                                            Along the way, his passion for the
of his childhood fishing, swimming                                             natural environment led him to
and boating on and around the Swan-                                            complete a double major degree in
Canning Estuary. Since the 1970s,                                              botany and soil science at University of
Steve has regularly holidayed in the                                           Western Australia (UWA).
Mandurah region spending many
hours out on the Peel-Harvey Estuary
as a recreational fisherman.

This affinity with water is a
common thread throughout
his 30–year career as
a scientist, academic,
consultant and while
working at the CSIRO, WA
Department of Fisheries and
WA Department of Water.
Steve is also an experienced science
communicator, having made oral
presentations at international and
national conferences as well as
to workshops for community and
volunteer organisations.

For further information visit:
                                         C-Wise operating site at Nambeelup.

                                                                                   Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL     13
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                      PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


It was here Craig secured first class     where customers are willing to pay a        believe Mandurah is particularly well
honours for a rehabilitation-focused      premium for the right food grown in         positioned to become a haven for
project at the Argyle Diamond Mine        the right way.”                             knowledge workers.”
which saw him based in the north
                                          Looking at C-Wise from a volume             An active community member,
west for more than 10 years.
                                          and scale of production, it is currently    Craig has been an affiliate of a
In search of a cool change, “I set up     licenced to produce up to 90,000            range of organisations over the
my own home-based ‘sustainability-        tonnes per annum of compost and             years, including a committee
focused management consultancy’           related products, and well positioned       member at Rockingham
business (Sustainable Consulting)         in the market. Craig stated, “We have       Regional Environment Centre,
in 2001, largely to spend more time       aspirations to grow the business            a member of the Rockingham
with my two young daughters. I            further moving forward.                     and Mandurah Chambers of
was based in Rockingham at that                                                       Commerce and founding President
                                          “We believe there is a significant
stage and moved to Madora Bay in                                                      of the Sustainability Practitioner’s
                                          opportunity to improve soil health
2006 where I have lived ever since.”                                                  Association. “I have recently played
                                          and productivity in a range of
Craig said. It was during these early                                                 a leadership role on behalf of local
                                          settings and circumstances. We see
days consulting that Craig met Andy                                                   community members in relation to
                                          a particularly significant opportunity
Gulliver — a fellow sustainability                                                    the Madora Bay North development
                                          in the horticultural and broadacre
champion — who provided the                                                           and joined the Peel Regional
                                          farming sectors where improved
connection that led to his current role                                               Development Australia committee.”
                                          water-holding capacity, nutrient
as CEO of C-Wise.                                                                     Craig is also currently helping to
                                          availability and microbiological
                                                                                      establish the Western Australian
Established by Dave Cullen                activity associated with composted
                                                                                      branch of the Australian Organics
                                          products are beneficial to producers
and Andy Gulliver in the late             and the natural environment.” These
                                                                                      Recycling Association.
1990s; the business has since             opportunities within the market,            Asking Craig what’s the best advice
grown to a team of over 40,               together with an increased level of         he has ever received, he responded,
with most employees based                 consumer driven awareness indicate          “follow your passion and treat others
                                          strong potential for the C-Wise offer in    as you want to be treated, although I
in, or adjacent to the Peel               the longer term.                            admit this is easier to say than to do.”
                                          “We have a unique opportunity               This advice lead brilliantly to his
C-Wise is a Western Australian owned      to be part of a new Peel region             response when questioned about
company whose primary business is         where sustainable practices are the         how he likes to spend any downtime,
recycling organic carbon. Providing       cornerstone. This includes better           “I have a passion for sustainable living
smart, natural solutions to farms,        recycling of local waste, more              and am always looking for ways to
communities and industry that allows      productive land use (think of the           reduce my environmental footprint in
them to make organic carbon an            ‘food bowl’ concept being driven by         a way that is accessible to others. I am
integral part of their operations.        the Peel Development Commission),           a keen gardener and love preparing
                                          reduced nutrient loads into the Peel        and sharing food sourced from my
With an operating site at Nambeelup
                                          Harvey system (one of the benefits          home garden. I also spend regular
C-Wise transforms organic waste into
                                          of composted products), increased           time visiting the Great Southern
a range of value-added products that
                                          local employment, celebration               region.”
improve soil health and productivity.
                                          of local Indigenous culture and
Such is the growth of the business;
                                          establishment of a world-class              MORE INFORMATION
C-Wise recently established an office
                                          Nambeelup Industrial Estate (perhaps        For further information visit:
in Cockburn and are looking to
                                          with a closed-loop underpinning).”          www.cwise.com.au
expand the business interstate.
                                          With C-Wise expanding, I asked Craig
Asking Craig what he is observing
                                          what he sees as the benefits of living
in terms of business trends, he
                                          and working in the region, “the Peel
commented, “we are seeing a
                                          offers a unique opportunity to live
number of trends that help to shape
                                          in a semi-rural setting with good
our business including increasing
                                          access to nature, while retaining ready
environmental impacts from both
                                          access to the benefits of city life. With
waste and land use practices, and the
                                          the right institutional leadership I
emergence of niche food markets

14          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                           PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


Paving the way forward for
our children Child Australia
                                               As the organisation contracted to           The approach calls for multiple
  WORDS | Kerrie-ann Cugley, Child
                                               undertake this project, Child Australia     organisations or entities from different
                                               helped to facilitate a gathering            sectors to abandon their own agenda
  IMAGE | Jennifer Chaplyn
                                               of professionals that collectively          in favour of a common agenda, shared
                                               could develop a way of working              measurement and alignment of effort
                                               collaboratively to address some of the      towards a shared goal.
With a significantly                           issues highlighted in the Plan.
                                                                                           “… we believe that there is no
high portion of five                           A series of forum workshops were
                                                                                           other way society will achieve
year old children in                           held with existing Early Years network
                                                                                           large-scale progress against
                                               chairs, local and State government
the Peel region — 1                            representatives and other identified        the urgent and complex
in 4, falling within                           regional children and family service        problems of our time, unless
the ‘developmentally                           stakeholders. Together the group
                                                                                           a collective impact approach
                                               identified and developed key objectives
vulnerable on one or                           on improving early childhood                becomes the accepted way of
more domains1, the need                        development outcomes. Participants          doing business.”
was very real to bring                         actively engaged and explored an
                                               increased understanding of the need
                                                                                           John Kania and Mark Kramer
together a group of                            for greater collaboration to support the    The series of workshops concluded
committed people that                          Early Years sector for regional children.   with a broad agreement around
                                                                                           a call for action to engage a wide
                                               They also investigated the complexities
could help to pave the                         around barriers, possible causes, and       range of local stakeholders. The
way forward.                                   developed a strategy to prioritise          participants reached consensus on
                                               increased collaboration.                    future directions and actions, creating
The Peel Regional Children’s Services                                                      a common agenda and a formal
Plan2, proposed a way of working on            The group adopted an evidence-              alliance to support change.
developing a sustainable Education             based ‘Collective Impact’ model.
and Care Sector, focused towards               This approach is based on the belief        MORE INFORMATION
community managed services, through            that no single policy, government           For further information contact Kerrie-
ways that support the viability of all         department, organisation or program         ann Cugley on 0458 905 305 or email
education and care services to provide         alone, can tackle or solve the              Kerrie-AnnC@childaustralia.org.au
ongoing quality care in the region.            increasingly complex social problems
The Plan highlighted the specific              that we face as a society.
needs of the region and also                                                               BELOW: Peel strategic collective group.
addressed some of the challenges
and impacts that regional service
operators encounter in providing
quality services for children and
families in regional areas.

1 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)
  2012 data.

2 Regional Community Child Care Development
  Fund administered by the Department of
  Local Government and Communities and
  funded through the State Government’s
  Royalties for Regions program.

                                                                                               Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL      15
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                     PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


The Fairbridge CARE School
                                            CARE (Curriculum and
  WORDS | Dianne Wing, Fairbridge           Reengagement in Education) schools,
  IMAGES | Fairbridge                       currently enrol over 800 disengaged
                                            students across 10 sites throughout
                                            Western Australia. The proposed CARE
                                            school at Fairbridge will be the first
From its original opening                   CARE school in the Peel region.
in 1920, Fairbridge Village
                                            These specialised non-government
has been involved in                        schools provide education programs
the education of young                      for students with social, emotional
people; with the running                    or behavioural difficulties, and play
                                            a pivotal role in re-engaging at risk
of an on-site school until                  students in the education system and
the late 1970s/early 80s,                   further training.                        Historical photograph of boys in an original
                                                                                     Fairbridge classroom.
when the international                      CARE schools aim to increase
Fairbridge organisation                     school attendance, improve
closed its doors.                           literacy and numeracy skills             Education Minister Peter Collier
                                                                                     states, “The work of CARE schools is
Fairbridge Western Australia Inc. came      and provide appropriate life             unique and different to mainstream
into existence in 1983 and took over the    skills for students to increase          schools,” he said “the schools work to
ownership and running of the Village.       their work, training or study            re-engage students who no longer fit
From that time, education has been                                                   traditional education models and this
one of the focuses of the organisation      opportunities after school.
                                                                                     also means educational outcomes of
and through various partnerships                                                     students in mainstream schools are
including the Department of                 Mark Anderson, CEO Fairbridge and        not affected.”
Education, an Alternative Education         Jen Newlands, Educational Services
program operated from Fairbridge            Coordinator Fairbridge.
Village for over 20 years. Currently each
year over 50 schools access Fairbridge
Village, its services and programs
which not only add value to the
education of young people, but play
an important part in building the great
State of Western Australia.
Nearly 100 years later, Fairbridge
is still providing quality training at
an accredited level. With thanks to
the generous support of the Peel
Development Commission through
a Royalties for Regions funded
Community Chest Fund grant,
Fairbridge are planning to open a
                                                                                                             100 years later,
CARE school in 2016 on completion
                                                                                                              Fairbridge is still
and sign off of the Business Case and                                                                         providing quality
School Registration being confirmed                                                                            training at an
by Department of Educational                                                                                  accredited level.

16          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                   PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


The Peel region has a shortage of
alternative pathways to education and
a high rate of youth who are at risk
of disengaging or disengaged from
education. Disengagement and lack
of alternatives is a predictor for high
youth unemployment, poor social
economic outcomes and increased
youth crime.
CARE schools, operating under the
Department of Educational Services,
receive supplementary funding to assist
these students with increased support,
diverse and engaging curriculum
activities and specialist services.
Fairbridge, with its peaceful rural                                                It is envisaged that the Fairbridge CARE
setting and large range of facilities                                              School will become a centre for learning
including oval, swimming pool,                                                     excellence.
climbing walls, gym, recording studio,
original school buildings and state-
of-the-art training precinct is well
appointed to accommodate the first
25 year 7 to 10 students, with eventual
intake of 60 students predicted in the    We would not be where we are             learning that are appropriate to their
following years.                          currently at without the ongoing         needs.” Further, Jen believes, “a CARE
It is envisaged that the Fairbridge       support and partnership we have with     school at Fairbridge will be uniquely
CARE School will become a centre          the Peel Development Commission          positioned to maximise the amount
for learning excellence in the fields     and the State Government of Western      of support afforded to students and,
of sustainability, renewable energy       Australia and thank them for their       as a result, increase the likelihood
and technologies and environmental        ongoing partnership.”                    of the students’ success as they
studies.                                                                           move through secondary school and
                                          Well known Perth Philanthropist,
                                                                                   transition to further education, training
Fairbridge CEO, Mark Anderson             Jack Bendat, through the Bendat
                                                                                   or employment.”
commented, “Fairbridge is very            Family Foundation, has also
appreciative of the funding               recognised the need for alternative      In this regard, the school will
                                          and innovative education pathways
provided by the Peel Development
                                          and has provided a foundational
                                                                                   be firmly embedded in the
Commission to establish the business
                                          grant to support the employment of a     philosophy of Fairbridge and
case and apply for registration as a
CARE School.                              Foundational Principal and Business      utilise all of the exceptional
                                          Manager to complete the Business         resources the site has to offer.
Community demand for the CARE             Case, confirm sign off by the Board of
school has been overwhelming              Governors of Fairbridge and confirm      In Jen’s words, “it is my goal to build a
with an average of five phone calls       Registration of the CARE School with     school model that is based on sound
a day from parents, students and          Department of Educational Services.      educational practice, which takes into
community organisations expressing        Once completed, their role will be to    account the individual needs of the
an interest in enrolment places for       implement the school.                    students. I hope that in three to five
young people.                                                                      years the Fairbridge CARE School will
                                          Jen Newlands, who has recently been      be a lighthouse school for others in the
We have a way to go to complete           appointed as Educational Services        region that wish to work with those
the Business Case, obtain sign off by     Coordinator in charge of CARE school     students who may not fit into the
the Board of Governors of Fairbridge      development, is a former senior          mainstream educational setting.”
and confirm Registration of the           teacher at another CARE school
CARE School with Department of            and a Doctoral student at Murdoch        MORE INFORMATION
Educational Services. Once this is        University. According to Jen, “the
                                                                                   The CARE school is expected to open in
achieved our aim would be to have         Fairbridge CARE School will provide      July 2016. For further information please
the school operational from July 2016     educationally at-risk youth from         email edservices@fairbridge.asn.au
onwards.                                  the Peel region with opportunities
                                          for academic and social/emotional

                                                                                       Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL       17
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                    PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


Deadly Koolinga Chefs Program
and the Bindjareb Yorgas Health Program

                                                                                    In addition, a community
                                                                                    vegetable garden has been
                                                                                    established at the Centre,
                                                                                    which provides fresh produce
                                                                                    for the cooking programs, and
                                                                                    to the Bindjareb community
                                                                                    to assist with food security.
                                                                                    The aims of the BYHP and DKCP are
                                                                                    to create a supportive environment to
                                                                                    encourage participation, encourage
                                                                                    communication and relationship
                                                                                    building, to develop personal skills in
                                                                                    achieving and maintaining wellness
                                                                                    and to strengthen community actions
                                                                                    by facilitating community ownership
                                                                                    and leadership.
                                                                                    To share the participants personal
                                                                                    experiences of being involved in the
                                        Both programs are jointly                   programs, the participants of the
  WORDS | Caroline Nilson, Murdoch      coordinated by Karrie-Anne                  BYHP and the DKCP participated in
                                        Kearing (MDAA Chairperson) and              a narrative art project, and through
  IMAGES | Murdoch University           Caroline Nilson (Academic Chair —           the sponsorship and support of the
                                        Undergraduate Nursing).                     City of Mandurah, Healthway and
                                                                                    Murdoch University, their works of
Collaboration and                       The BYHP receives funding from
                                        Soroptimist International of Mandurah
                                                                                    art were showcased in an exhibition
consultation between                    and engages 10 to 15 Bindjareb women
                                                                                    at the Contemporary Art Spaces
                                                                                    Mandurah gallery.
key women leaders and                   in weekly cooking and nutrition classes.
                                        The DKCP receives funding from              As Aboriginal art is used to convey
Elders of the Murray                    Soroptimist International of Riverside      different kinds of storytelling and is
District Aboriginal                     and engages Bindjareb children aged         an important link to disseminating
Association (MDAA) and                  11 and 12 years of age in a nutrition and   important knowledge of an aboriginal
                                        cooking adventure; where they learn         society, this method is considered
Caroline Nilson from                    how to plan, shop for and prepare a         meaningful to cultural information
Murdoch University                      healthy meal for four. Each week the        sharing. Moreover, it is important that
School of Health                        children take home their prepared           the innovative approach taken here
                                        meals, together with their new skills and   will also lead to embedded stories in
Professions has led to                  knowledge, to share with their family.      the local cultural group, around the
the development of the                  Currently, both programs are delivered
                                                                                    processes and outcomes; a re-telling
“Bindjareb Yorgas Health                from the MDAA community building
                                                                                    of the narrative of the project.

Program” (BYHP) and the                 (Centre) situated on Bindjareb Park on      This will ensure that positive stories
                                        Hampton Road, Pinjarra. The cooking         can be told many times over with
“Deadly Koolinga Chefs                  programs provide an opportunity for         different groups of people and the
Program” (DKCP).                        involvement and engagement, which           potential influence of the project is
                                        will have a positive impact on the          on-going and leading to changes in
                                        health and well-being of the Pinjarra       peoples’ lives.
                                        Bindjareb community.

18          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                       PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


During the exhibition, the Bindjareb        The DKCP commenced in 2011 and
children participants of the DKCP           has been running successfully since.
engaged with children from the              Involvement in the program has taken
wider community in a special                the Bindjareb children on a journey of
cooking experience. The Bindjareb           fun while developing skills to maintain
children were able to demonstrate           social and emotional wellbeing. This
their learned cooking and nutrition         learning journey has benefited the
knowledge and skills by working with        Bindjareb children in many ways.
the other children to prepare and
                                            It has:
cook a delicious meal of spaghetti and
Kangaroo meatballs.                          ∙∙ Helped the children learn about
                                                nutrition and healthy eating.
The special activity was also important
                                             ∙∙ Boosted their self-esteem.
for bringing different cultures together.
                                             ∙∙ Created family time and bonding
Culture is the fundamental                      as the children contribute to family
building block of identity,                     food work.
and the development of                       ∙∙ Developed lifelong skills in
                                                planning, preparation, problem
a strong cultural identity                      solving, and the cooking of food.
is essential to children’s
                                            The Deadly Koolinga Chefs Program
healthy sense of whom they                  and the Bindjareb Yorgas Health
are and where they belong.                  Program has been made possible
                                            through the State Government’s             Developing lifelong skills: children taking
In this experience, children were                                                      part in the program learn planning,
exposed to opportunities to value           Royalties for Regions Peel Community       preparation, cooking and nutrition skills.
other children’s cultural capacities        Chest Fund administrated by the Peel
and abilities and to respect the            Development Commission.
differences in families’ food choices.
                                            MORE INFORMATION
It also encouraged the two-way              For further information please contact:            Children
process of cultural competence              Caroline Nilson on 0439 988 139 or email          were able to
building in the children.                   C.Nilson@murdoch.edu.au                         demonstrate their
                                                                                            learned cooking
                                                                                              and nutrition
                                                                                             knowledge and

                                                                                           Summer/Autumn 2016 | PEEL        19
PEEL Development Commission
                                                                                      PROGRESSIVE | PROSPEROUS | DYNAMIC


Peel Workforce
Development Alliance
                                             The importance of regional workforce     In developing the Peel
  WORDS | Rebecca Holliday,                  planning is a key message of
  Department of Training and Workforce
                                             Skilling WA and as a result, the Peel
                                                                                      Workforce Development Plan,
                                             Workforce Development Alliance was       the Alliance worked closely
  IMAGES | Department of Training and
  Workforce Development and Peel
                                             established along with alliances in      with regional stakeholders to
  Development Commission                     other regions.                           ensure the plan addresses the
                                             The Peel Alliance was created            current and future needs of
                                             in partnership with the Peel
In late 2010, the                            Development Commission and
                                                                                      the community and industry.
Minister for Training and                    Department of Training and               The plan, through its priority actions,
Workforce Development                        Workforce Development and is             makes an important contribution to
                                                                                      achieving the Peel Regional Investment
                                             currently chaired by the Commission’s
released the whole of                        CEO Norman Baker.                        Blueprint’s 2050 Capable People
State workforce planning                     The main focus of the Alliance is to
                                                                                      aspirational goal: The Peel’s workforce
                                                                                      will be highly skilled and adaptable to
and development                              provide strategic guidance and local     structural and technological change
framework: Skilling WA —                     intelligence in relation to workforce    to support an economy that is strong,
                                             planning matters and to oversee the
A workforce development                      implementation of the Peel Workforce
                                                                                      diverse and high performing.
plan for Western Australia                   Development Plan released on 25          It is imperative that implementation
(Skilling WA).                               August 2015. The plan aims to build,     of these plans are undertaken in a
                                                                                      collaborative and targeted manner.
                                             attract and retain a skilled workforce
                                             to meet the economic needs of the        To achieve this, the Alliance has
L–R Industry Representative Robert Taylor,
Commission Board member Maree Gooch,         Peel region.                             recently amended its terms of
the Hon Liza Harvey, Commission A/CEO                                                 reference to ensure alignment and
Norman Baker with Chair Paul Fizpatrick.

20          PEEL | Summer/Autumn 2016
PEEL Development Commission
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 Table 1 Peel workforce development issues alignment
 Workforce Plan                                     Blueprint
 Issues                                             Capable People objectives                            Alliance focus
 Youth unemployment and a lack of                   Human capital will be developed to ensure the        Addressing career aspirations
 career aspirations                                 region can grow and prosper
 Lack of employability skills and work              Peel people of all working ages, backgrounds         Improving education and
 readiness amongst young people                     and abilities will be more advanced skilled          training outcomes
                                                    and experienced to be highly sought after and
                                                    competitive in the labour market
 Lack of public transport connections               Peel residents have substantially increased          Developing linkages between
 between regions                                    access to, and governance over, regionally based     industry and education
                                                    vocational training and higher education
 Limited education and training                     The Peel’s young people will have access to          Building industry capability
 infrastructure outside Mandurah                    education and training pathways programs
                                                    that lead to employment in priority industry
 Need for greater connection and
 pathways between education and
 Source: Department of Training and Workforce Development

now aims to facilitate the availability
of an educated and highly skilled
workforce which has the capacity
and capability to flexibly respond
to current and future workforce

Membership on the Alliance
comprises industry,                                                                                                            The Alliance
community and government                                                                                                      focuses on 17
representatives from the Peel.                                                                                              practical priority
                                                                                                                             actions that are
The Alliance has recently welcomed                                                                                        categorised into four
new members from Alcoa, Challenger                                                                                         theme areas in the
Institute, Murdoch University, Peel CCI                                                                                           plan.
and Regional Development Australia
Peel. Secretariat support for the
Alliance is provided by the Department
of Training Workforce Development.
                                                    The Peel Workforce Development Plan
In order to address the workforce                   aims to build, attract and retain a skilled    In addition to its involvement in the
participation and development                       workforce to meet the economic needs of        implementation of these two critical
challenges facing Peel, the Alliance                the Peel region.                               plans, the Alliance will continue to
focuses on 17 practical priority actions                                                           collaborate and develop partnerships
outlined in the plan through the                                                                   with other organisations and groups
                                                    These four theme areas reflect the             within the Peel to help address
support of local stakeholders. These
                                                    key workforce issues identified in the         barriers to workforce participation,
actions have been categorised into the
                                                    workforce plan and the objectives              planning and development.
following four theme areas:
                                                    under the Blueprint’s Capable People
 ∙∙ Addressing career aspirations;                  theme (see Table 1).                           MORE INFORMATION
 ∙∙ Improving education and training                                                               For further information regarding
                                                    The Alliance will continue to oversee
    outcomes;                                                                                      the Alliance please contact the
                                                    the implementation of the plan and
 ∙∙ Developing linkages between                                                                    Peel Development Commission. An
                                                    will work in partnership with the Peel         electronic copy of the Peel Workforce
    industry and education; and                     Development Commission to aid in               Development Plan can be accessed at:
 ∙∙ Building industry capability.                   the implementation of the Blueprint.           www.dtwd.wa.gov.au.

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