Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW

Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
The AIS Leadership Centre

Flagship Program
2017 – 2018
a rigorous, holistic program for
experienced senior leaders in schools
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
The AIS Leadership Centre Flagship Program is a rigorous, holistic program for
experienced senior leaders in schools. A year-long program, it begins in December
each year. Applications are encouraged from eligible candidates in schools across
all sectors within Australia and beyond.

                                                                                     Tim Hildebrandt, St Peter’s Catholic College, NSW

 What do participants say?                                                           The Flagship Program was undoubtedly the most
                                                                                     valuable professional learning experience I have
                                                                                     ever been engaged in. There was a solid academic
                       Elizabeth Brooks, St Vincents                                 base evidenced through a selection of well curated
                       College, NSW                                                  academic readings and an expectation of rigour
                        The Flagship Program has                                     in the written tasks. The learning experiences
                        enabled depth and breadth of        were varied and each very powerful. I interacted with international
                        learning through the experience     experts in educational leadership. I spent quality time with my Professional
                        of sharing the journey with         Companion. I visited schools and engaged in shadowing experiences and
                        colleagues from varying             most significantly, had the opportunity to learn with a strong team of
 educative contexts within an absolute climate of trust.    dedicated educational professionals who were passionate about their own
 The professional rigour of the program enabled me          journey through leadership. My learnings from the Flagship Program have
 to seek refinement through dialogue with the high          served me well so far and will continue to do so for many years to come. I
 quality academic research and current practice of          highly recommend this program to any aspirational school leader.
 expert voices. The opportunity to facilitate a project
                                                                                     Fiona Johnston, Australian International
 in my own school context challenged me to transfer
                                                                                     School, Singapore
 theory into practice, requiring a willingness to take
 risks to improve core purpose. I feel confident that my                              The Flagship Program has provided a wonderful
 continued growth as a leader will build the capacity of                              opportunity to meet and learn alongside fellow
 myself and colleagues to influence learning success for                              aspiring educational leaders. Involvement in the
 our students and their future.                                                       program enabled me to take time for reflection,
                                                                                      ask myself some of the challenging questions that
                       Belinda Vertriest, Billanook         leaders need to ask and combine my practical experience with theoretical
                       College, VIC                         knowledge. The opportunity to shadow an experienced Principal, to develop
                                                            the confidence to lead a school through change and to learn new skills has
                        Involvement in the Flagship         been invaluable. It has been an enriching and rewarding leadership journey.
                        Program has been a gift in my
                        professional leadership journey.                             Sean Corcoran, Redlands, NSW
                        Contemporary research on
                                                                                       The Flagship Program was the best professional
                        leadership profiles and practices
                                                                                       learning in which I have participated over the
 was explored through rigorous academic reading,
                                                                                       course of my career. Underpinned by extensive
 writing and the exceptional quality of speakers
                                                                                       theoretical research and practical experience,
 throughout the program. Of most value to me has
                                                                                       it allowed me to broaden and deepen my
 been the opportunity to share and learn collegially
                                                                                       understanding of educational leadership, while
 with others in similar roles.
                                                            also further develop my own personal values and vision as an educator.
 Our leadership challenges, fears, joys and dreams
                                                            We were able to learn from leading academics in the educational leadership
 were discussed in a collaborative relational context.
                                                            field and to shadow current leaders. In addition, the opportunity to be
 The Flagship Program has reinvigorated my passion
                                                            supported by a Professional Companion was priceless. Working and
 for leading the learning in my school and has unlocked
                                                            reflecting collaboratively with the other participants was enriching and
 self-knowledge that will undoubtedly remain with me.
                                                            has allowed me to develop a strong network which will be a valuable
                                                            support for me in the future. Rigorous, reflective and enriching, the Flagship
                       Alan Jones, Christ Church            Program is a must for anyone who wants to further explore educational
                       Grammar School, WA                   leadership opportunities.
                        The AIS Flagship Program is
                                                                                     Dr Nicole Archard, Loreto College, SA
                        the best professional learning
                        opportunity I have had the                                   The AIS Flagship Program is a wonderful
                        privilege of participating in.                               opportunity to make new connections and learn
                        Challenging and engaging, yet                                from other people’s experiences, as well as reflect
 highly collaborative and supportive, the Program ticks                              on theoretical understandings of leadership.
 all the boxes for high-end educational leadership.                                  In particular, the school visits and Principal
                                                                                     shadowing experiences have been enlightening
                                                            with regard to understanding different models of Principal leadership
                                                            and school structures. This program has enabled me to reflect on my own
                                                            practice in many positive as well as challenging ways.
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
“The most valuable personal and professional
   development I have ever undertaken.”
   Terrie Jones, St Michael’s Grammar School, VIC

                                                    WHY ENROL?
                                        • Posion yourself for principalship
                                        • Gain hands-on experience in leading school-wide change
                                        • Enhance your ability to lead confidently and with autonomy
                                        • Be stretched by a rigorous program that blends theory and pracce
                                        • Develop the knowledge and skills needed for successful senior
                                        • Bring new energy and insight to your role and career
                                        • Gain 25 per cent of a Master of Educaonal Leadership degree
                                          or possible arculaon towards a higher research degree

                                                    AIS Leadership Centre
                                                      Flagship Program
        WHY INVEST?                                                                        WHO ENROLS?
     • Your school will gain new insights from key                                 • Experienced senior leaders who want to deepen
       research and praconer wisdom that can be                                    their knowledge and re-energise their pracce
       shared with the school community                                            • Deputy Principals
     • The capacity of senior leaders and the school                               • Heads of Campus
       will be enhanced and sustained                                              • Heads of Junior School
     • A priority area of school life can be addressed                             • Heads of Middle School
       through the professional project component
                                                                                   • Heads of Senior School
                                                                                   • Those considering principalship within
                                                                                     a year or two of being credible

“Contemporary school administrators play a daunting array of roles. They must be educational
visionaries and change agents, instructional leaders, curriculum and assessment experts, budget
analysts, facility managers, special program administrators and community builders ... Principals also
need a sophisticated understanding of organisations and organisational change. Further, as approaches
to funding schools change, Principals are expected to make sound resource allocations that are likely
to improve achievement for students.”				                        Darling-Hammond, LaPointe, Meyerson & Orr, 2007
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
What is The Flagship Program all about?
About the AIS Leadership Centre                             The time frame
Our purpose is to develop confident,                        The 2017 – 2018 Flagship Program begins on Sunday, 10th December
competent and visionary educational                         2017 and ends in mid-October 2018.
leaders who will improve the learning and                   Full attendance at all program days is required.
personal growth of students, staff and school
communities. Our programs, processes and
services to schools are soundly underpinned                 Features of The Flagship Program
by contemporary theory, delivered by top-level
                                                            • Built on a commitment to clearly articulated values and vision, and
presenters, and focus equally on practitioner
                                                              an understanding of leadership as an inner and outer journey
and academic perspectives.
                                                            • Critiqued and endorsed by key stakeholders and our Academic
                      David Smith, Calrossy Anglican          Reference Group of leading international scholars
                      School, NSW                           • Leading practitioners and scholars as presenters and facilitators
                        The Flagship Program is the         • University credit towards a Master of Educational Leadership
                        most significant and valuable         degree, or possible contribution towards a higher research degree
                        experience I have undertaken as     • Addresses both the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
                        an educator and school leader.        and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals. This
The combination of contemporary leadership theory,            Standard applies to current and emerging Principals and executive
best practice and practical experience in the year-           team members
long program was formative and inspiring. I greatly
                                                            • Rigorous evaluation – formative, summative and longitudinal
benefited from access to world leaders in education,
the opportunities to reflect, feedback from peers and
undertaking a professional project in my school context.    The format
Most valuable were the experiences in shadowing a
                                                            • Ten face-to-face course days and three days of focused school visits
Principal, undertaking a 360 evaluation of my own
practice and working with a Professional Companion          • Online meetings
for the year. Participation in The Flagship Program         • Ongoing journalling
equipped me with the confidence and awareness               • Pre-reading tasks
required to take on the role of school leadership.
                                                            • Ten hours of Professional Companioning
                      Deb Magill, Roseville College,        • Regular feedback on the progress of the Professional Project
                      NSW                                   • Summative presentation of the outcomes of the
                                                              Professional Project
                       The AIS Flagship Program is a
                       leadership course like no other.     • Final reflective paper
                       It is a program built on a sound
                       research base and with a clear       The venues
expectation of rigour. It offers solid content as well as
guided reflection on current practice and the challenge     The Flagship Program face-to-face days will be held at either the AIS
of personal reflection of one self. Two distinguishable     Conference Centre or at the The SHORE School.
factors I truly appreciated were the personalised           (see detailed program on page 6).
learning through a 360 Degree review process and the
                                                            AIS Conference Centre                 SHORE
privileged opportunity for Professional Companionship;
                                                            Level 12, 99 York Street              Blue Street
the learning from both of these experiences was
                                                            SYDNEY NSW                            NORTH SYDNEY NSW
then contextualised through the professional
project. I am encouraged by the ongoing nature of
                                                            (easily accessible from               (easily accessible from
trusted connections made through the program with
                                                            Town Hall or Wynyard stations)        North Sydney station)
peers, experienced school leaders and Professional
Companions. If those in senior leadership positions are
                                                                  Accommodation for the residential component is at the
thinking about Principalship, I highly recommend The
                                                               North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, 17 Blue Street, North Sydney.
AIS Flagship Program.
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW

   “The Flagship Program has been the most amazing opportunity to learn about current theory of
   leadership in school and reflect and focus on oneself. The course has been delivered with such care and
   intent that it has been a very safe place to explore personal strengths and challenges. It really has been
   an honour to have been a participant of this course. I highly recommend this to anyone in leadership
   positions in a school.” Garry Case, Emanuel School, NSW

The four content areas                                           The four core elements
Contextual leadership                                            • An emphasis on the person of the leader, ‘understanding
The program supports participants to connect not only              self’, including completion and debriefing of The
with their local context, but also with national, global and       Leadership Circle Profile, an internationally recognised
educational contexts                                               360° survey

Instructional leadership                                         • Professional Companioning – a paired process, conducted
How to lead learning in all the diversity necessary for            by former Principals who have been trained as coaches. It
holistic student achievement and enhanced quality of               addresses both the ‘self’ of the leader and the context of
teaching                                                           their work
                                                                 • Peer learning – the group learns with, through and from
Relational leadership
                                                                   each member of the cohort
This is a pivotal area of contemporary leadership which
includes communication skills, building effective professional   • A professional project – leadership of a school-wide
relationships, working in teams and with a board                   change initiative which each participant identifies,
                                                                   implements and evaluates within their own school,
Organisational leadership
                                                                   supported by an in-school mentor
Included in this area are strategy and direction;
understanding culture; leading change and innovation; legal
and accountability matters; and resource management                “Knowing others is intelligence; Knowing yourself
                                                                   is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength;
                                                                   mastering yourself is true power.”
                                                                                                          Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
Dates                       Mode    Program Event
                                   Term 4, 2017
                                   Sunday – Monday                     Program Days 1 and 2
                                   10th – 11th December                SHORE, Blue Street, North Sydney
                                                                       Please note: RESIDENTIAL
                                                                       on the evening of 10th December
                                                                       at North Sydney Harbourview Hotel
                                   Term 1, 2018
                                   Early February                      Completion of The Leadership Circle™ 360O profile

                                   One day to be completed             School visit day 1
                                   by Friday 9th March

                                   Tuesday 13th March                  Online meeting 1
The Flagship Program 2017 – 2018

                                   9:00am – 10:30am

                                   Term 1, non-term time
                                   Tuesday – Thursday                  Program Days 3, 4 and 5
                                   17th – 19th April                   AIS Conference Centre
                                                                       (includes one-to-one Professional Companioning)

                                   Term 2, 2018
                                                                       One-to-one Professional Companioning

                                   One day during Term 2               School visit day 2

                                                                       One-to-one Professional Companioning

                                   Monday 4th June                     Online meeting 2
                                   11:00am – 12:30pm

                                   Term 2, non-term time
                                   Wednesday – Friday                  Program Days 6, 7 and 8
                                   18th – 20th July                    AIS Conference Centre

                                                                       One-to-one Professional Companioning (face to face)

                                   Term 3, 2018
                                   One day during Term 3               School visit day 3

                                                                       One-to-one Professional Companioning

                                   Tuesday 14th August                 Online meeting 3
                                   9:00am – 10:30am

                                   Thursday and Friday                 Program Days 9 and 10
                                   30th August – 31st August           AIS Conference Centre

                                                                       One-to-one Professional Companioning (face to face)

                                   Second week of                      One-to-one Professional Companioning
                                   October 2018

                                   Monday 15th October                 Completion of final paper
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
Application process                                                                    What do Principals say?
The Flagship Program is open to experienced senior leaders from                        Phillip Heath, Head of Barker
                                                                                       College, Sydney, NSW
across and beyond Australia, and from all education sectors. Places
are limited and competition for these places is keen, so potential                     The AIS Flagship Program combines
                                                                                       deep scholarship and research with
participants are encouraged to apply early. Applicants need the                        outstanding practical experiences of
endorsement of their Principal and, in consultation with their                         reflective leadership in real settings.
Principal, will identify a senior leader within their school who will                  Participants in the Program bring
                                                                                       their extensive personal attributes
act as an in-school mentor for the duration of the program.                            to learn collaboratively and respectfully from others.
(The in-school mentor may be the Principal.)                                           The professional shadowing experiences offer insights
                                                                                       into the layers of leadership that are required to
The Flagship Program is a rigorous and high-quality course,                            inspire the culture of a thriving school. The calibre
appropriate to the calibre of those who gain a place. The application                  of participants in the Flagship Program fills me with
form is available from the AIS Leadership Centre website:                              hope for the future of leadership in independent
www.aisnsw.edu.au/flagshipapplication                                                  Megan Krimmer, Headmistress,
                                                                                       Abbotsleigh, NSW
For more information please contact Anita Tam
at adminLC@aisnsw.edu.au                                                               The AIS Flagship Program is
                                                                                       impressive in its research based
               Applications close on Friday, 1st September 2017.                       and scholarly approach to leading a
                                                                                       school in the 21st century Australian
                                                                                       context. The readings, thinking and
The AIS Leadership Centre                                                              resulting discussions are rich and lead
                                                                                       to quite profound insight. The program is equally

Academic Reference Group                                                               impressive in the practical arena. Those undertaking
                                                                                       the Flagship Program have opportunities to learn
                                                                                       from a variety of Principals and to shadow an
This is an advisory body of renowned national and international                        experienced Principal. I have found that participants
scholars, from educational leadership and related fields, who act as                   have developed a deep knowledge of strategic,
critical friends to the AIS Leadership Centre Flagship Program.                        macro and micro thinking and have understood as
                                                                                       much about what the role of headship truly entails.
                                                                                       The Flagship Program certainly provides an excellent
                                                                                       preparation for an aspiring Principal.
                                                                                       Tim Bowden, Principal, Inaburra
                                                                                       School, NSW
                                                                                       Two of our senior staff have
                                                                                       participated in the AIS Flagship
                                                                                       Program. Both have shared with
                                                                                       me that the experience broadened
                                                                                       and deepened their understanding
Professor Louise Stoll      Professor Andy Hargreaves       Professor James Spillane   of themselves, of educational
(UK)                        (USA)                           (USA)                      leadership in general and of independent school
                                                                                       leadership in particular. My observation is that
                                                                                       their capacity and their confidence has increased
                                                                                       through their experiences in the program. I
                                                                                       think that the scope and rigour of the course are
                                                                                       pitched appropriately, being both demanding and
                                                                                       accessible for staff in senior positions.

                                                                                       “Whatever one’s style, every leader, to
                                                                                       be effective, must have and work on
Professor Brian Caldwell    Professor Karen Seashore
(Australia)                 Louis (USA)                                                improving his or her moral purpose.
                                                                                       Moral purpose is about both ends and
  “The AIS Leadership Centre has demonstrated that it offers                           means. Authentic leaders, in other
  world-class programs for the support of school leaders. It sets a                    words, display character, and character
  high benchmark for other organisations that seek to do this well.”                   is the defining characteristic of authentic
                                                        Professor Brian Caldwell       leadership.” 			                  Fullan 2001
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
Message                                 Cost
                         from the Dean                           Experienced senior leaders from any education sector within and
                                                                 beyond Australia are invited to apply. AISNSW recognises AIS
                                                                 membership of schools in other states and territories. The AIS
                                                                 member discounted rate applies to these schools.

                                                                 Cost for participants from:                            GST inclusive
   In these times of ambiguity, complexity
                                                                 AIS Member Schools (in any state/territory)                $9,350
   and increasing velocity of change,
                                                                 Applications from any other school will be
   senior leaders and emerging Principals                        considered. Please contact Jennifer Davies
   need more support than ever. In                               at jdavies@aisnsw.edu.au to discuss.
   the education and the corporate
                                                                 The program fee is inclusive of all course materials, one night’s
   sectors, leadership is now seen as
                                                                 accommodation for the residential component, and the program
   both an inner journey of change                               dinner on 10th December 2017. Participants will be responsible
   and growing self-awareness and an                             for bookings and costs associated with flights, ground travel and
   outer journey of acquiring knowledge                          additional accommodation if required.
   and skills. The Flagship Program                              Participants and their schools might consider sharing the cost of
   incorporates extensive material for                           the program.
   the outer journey – sound research,
   practical strategies, knowledge and
   skill development – and also multiple                         Partial scholarships are available thanks to the generosity of
   opportunities to equip oneself for the                        sponsors for which the AIS Leadership Centre is grateful.
   inner journey of reflection, resilience,                      A scholarship application form is available at:
   creativity and wisdom.
                                                                 NGS Super – five $3,000 scholarships for
   Jennifer Davies                                               participants who are members, or eligible for
   Dean, AIS Leadership Centre
                                                                 membership, of NGS Super.
   The Association of Independent Schools of NSW
                                                                 NGS Super Steiner Education Australia – two
                                                                 $3,000 scholarships for participants from Steiner
   Successful completion of The Flagship                         Schools across Australia.
   Program converts to approximately two
                                                                 NAB Education – five $3,000 scholarships.
   units of university credit towards a Master of
                                                                 Successful applicants will demonstrate awareness
   Educational Leadership degree, or possible
                                                                 of NAB educational initiatives.
   articulation towards a higher research degree,
   at a number of leading Australian universities.               Aon – three $3,000 scholarships for participants
                                                                 from schools who are clients of Aon Insurance.
The AIS Leadership Centre is proudly sponsored by:
                                                                 QBE – two $3,000 scholarships for participants
                                                                 from schools who are clients of QBE Insurance.
                                                                 Integroe Partners – two $3,000 scholarships for
                                                                 participants from rural or regional schools.
                                                                 Nexia – two $3,000 scholarships for participants
                                                                 from schools in rural locations.
                                                                 Independent Schools Tasmania – one $5,000
                                                                 scholarship for a participant from Tasmanian
                                                                 independent schools.
                                                                 Karen Seashore Louis – one $5,000 scholarship
                    Completing The AIS Leadership Centre
                                                                 to a participant from a school in South East Asia,
                    Flagship Program will contribute 65 hours    Papua New Guinea or Western Australia
                    of NESA registered professional learning
                    addressing 6.1.4, 6.3.4, 7.2.4 and 7.4.4     AIS ACT – two $3,000 scholarships for participants
                    from the Australian Professional Standards
                                                                 from ACT independent schools.
                    for Teachers towards maintaining Lead
                    Teacher Accreditation in NSW.
Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW Flagship Program 2017 2018 - The AIS Leadership Centre a rigorous, holistic program for experienced senior leaders in schools - AISNSW
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