Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair

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Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
Food Concessionaire
Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
       Welcome, and thank you for your interest in applying for a food concession at the 79th
       Marin County Fair. The 2022 OUTDOOR ONLY Fair runs from Thursday, June 30 through
       Monday, July 4, from 11 am to 11 pm daily.

       All food concession applicants must complete a new application and submit it no later than
       the deadline of Monday, February 14, 2022. We will notify those selected and contracts
       will be issued in March 2022.

       The Marin County Fair continues to be a great success, attracting over 105,000 fair guests
       in 2019. 2022 brings us a wonderful community celebration as we present an exciting and
       award-winning array of family fun. We look forward to another great community
       celebration! So Happy Together!

       Please let me know if you have any questions.

       Very truly yours,

       Gabriella C. Calicchio
       Phone: 415.473.6398

                            CONTACT INFORMATION 
                   Marin County Fair  10 Avenue of the Flags  San Rafael, CA 94903
     Regular Office Hours: Monday through Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
        Fair Office Hours: Thursday, June 30 through Monday, July 4: 8 am to 8 pm
Concessions Open to Public: Thursday, June 30 through Monday, July 5: 11 am to 10:00 pm
               Fireworks: 9:30 pm to 9:45 pm daily

                                       DIRECTIONS 
       From Highway 101 Northbound
       Take the North San Pedro exit, bear to the right. First left turn at the stoplight onto Civic Center
       Drive. Proceed past lagoon; make the second right turn onto Avenue of the Flags.
       Concessionaires entrance 200 yards straight ahead.

       From Highway 101 Southbound
       Take the North San Pedro exit. At the end of exit, turn left. First left turn at stoplight onto North
       San Pedro Road. Continue beneath Highway 101 and turn left onto Civic Center Drive at first
       stoplight. Proceed past the lagoon; make the second right turn onto Avenue of the Flags.
       Concessionaires entrance 200 yards straight ahead.

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
1. Submit your Food Booth application and Healthy Menu Option
   Application ONLINE by Monday, February 14, 2022.
Please read the food concessionaire application instructions carefully,
You may not refer to previous applications or contracts. An incomplete application or one without the required
photographs or application fee will be returned to the applicant for completion. Applications must be correctly
completed and received, along with the fee and photos, by the deadline of 5 pm on February 14, 2022. You
must submit the application online.

We require a $25 non-refundable application fee and non-returnable photographs of your vending vehicle
and overnight vehicles. The fee, and all required photographs, needs to accompany your completed

Electrical Requirements – In addition to listing the amps, volts, and phase for your electrical requirements for
connecting your vending vehicle, we require that you itemize each electrical connection you will need, along with
their amps, volts, and phase--including fans, night lighting, etc.

Also, please be sure to fill in your expected arrival date and time. All property belonging to
concessionaires must be removed by 5 pm on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

2. Applications are reviewed, selected and contracted.
Food Vendor Applications for the 2022 Marin County Fair will be reviewed, and selections made in February. All
selected applicants will be notified via email by the end of February and contracted in March 2022.

1st Time Concessionaire Deposit – If you are selected to be a concessionaire and it is your first time as a
concessionaire at the Marin County Fair a deposit of $1000 is required with your signed contract. Pending any
damages, the deposit will be deducted from the County of Marin commission settlement.

The County of Marin retains the following percentage of your sales:
Food vendor commission owed to the Marin County Fair shall be $1,100 or a percentage of gross sales (as detailed
below), whichever is greater, for each booth.
Food & Beverage Sale Percentages: 25% for commercial, 23% for non-profit
Alcohol Sale Percentages: 37% for commercial, 33% for non-profit

3. Environmental Health Temporary Food Facility Permit Required
The County of Marin requires that all food booths obtain a health permit. In the past, it was the Concessionaire’s
responsibility to send the application to Environmental Health Services. The Fair office collects all applications and
delivers them to EHS. An application will be enclosed with your contract.

You need to return the health application and fee made out to “County of Marin” to the Fair office
together with your signed contract. For further information please contact EHS at 415.473.6907 or On opening day, all concessions must be open and ready by 9 a.m.
for inspection by the Health Department and Food Auditor. You must remain in your concession
until they have both arrived.

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
                   DESCRIPTION                             2022 DEADLINES           COMPLETED
Food Booth Application                                   Monday, February 14
$25 Application Fee (payable to Marin County Fair)       Due with application
Photos of Stand/Booth                                    Due with application
Photos of Overnight Vehicles (including license plate)   Due with application
List of Menu items with prices and sizes                 Due with application
Healthy Food Menu Item w/ nutritional facts              Due with application
Food Vendors Selected & Contracts Issued                 Monday, February 28
Return three copies of signed contracts                  10 days after receipt
Deposit Due (for 1st time vendors only) $1,000           Due with contract
Overnight Parking Fee ($150.00 or $200.00 per            Due with contract
vehicle – payable to Marin County Fair)
Insurance Certification & Endorsement Form OR            Due with contract

Worker’s Compensation Certificate (if applicable)        Due with contract

CFSA Fee (if applicable) $150                            Due with contract
Finalized Menu and prices                                Due with contract

Health Permit Application w/ Fee (check made out to Due with contract
County of Marin)
Crew Chart (non-profit only)                        Due June 6, 2022
Food Booth key pickup by non-Profits                June 24, 2022
Non-Profit Food Booths move-in begins                    June 27, 2022

Move-In – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.                                June 28 & June 29
Passes/Overnight Parking Permits issued at check-        June 28 & June 29
Cash Register ready for food auditors by 9 a.m.          June 30
Move-Out                                                 July 5 - by 5 p.m.

Commission Settlement Adjustments                        within 2 weeks following
                                                         close of Fair

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
CHECK-IN & SETUP: Contracts, insurance certificates, and other permits and forms as required, must be fully-
executed prior to move-in or setup. Check in at the Fair Office is required prior to placing your vending vehicles
or moving in for overnight parking. Check in dates and times: Tuesday, June 28 through Wednesday,
June 29: 9 am – 5 pm, unless other dates have been previously approved by Fair office.

STATE SALES PERMIT (Must appear on application): The State of California requires a valid Sales
Tax Permit (Tax Resale I.D.) on file with the Fair. There is no charge for obtaining this permit from California State Board
of Equalization (Regional Office – P.O. Box 730, Santa Rosa, CA 95402 707.576.2103)
VEHICLES:        Vending and overnight vehicles have a contracted size, electrical requirements, and move-in/check-in
date. NO changes may be made in vehicle size, electrical requirements, or arrival/check-in/checkout date or time without
prior approval of Fair Management. The County Fair will determine parking spaces for each vehicle in Lot B.

HEALTH PERMIT: Each Food Concessionaire needs to apply for a Health Permit from the County of Marin. EHS has
requested the Fair Office collect all the applications and money orders for submission. A Temporary Food Facility
Application Packet that includes the permit application will be provided by the Fair office with contracts. If you have
questions concerning the application please contact the Department of Environmental Health Services at or phone 415.473.6907.
         Permit Types and Fees, payable to EHS directly, County of Marin:
         Full Service (w/cooking): $412.00
         Limited Food Prep (includes espresso/coffee, show cones, ice cream): $392.00
         Pre-packed Food (includes wine & beer): $330.00
         Additional charge of $104.00 will be charged for late submittals

POINT OF SALE SYSTEM:                   Food concessions must have a Point of Sale system that is equipped with either two
(2) tapes or the ability to email a daily sales report to the Fair office. If using a system with register tapes, one tape goes
to the front office daily. This tape is kept by the Fair and will not be returned to the concessionaire. The second tape is for
customer receipts or concessionaire’s records. You must be able to provide a receipt to customer’s if they request one. If
you are using a tablet-based POS, it must have the capacity to email a daily sales report to the Fair office and email a
receipt to the customer if requested. NEW: All food vendors are required to take debit/credit cards. NO
Beginning in 2021 all food vendors will be required to use an All-in-One Point of Sale (POS). These POS systems will
need the ability to perform the following: provide real-time sales data, both record all sales transactions and process all
payments through a single platform. This means you will no longer be allowed to have a traditional cash register with a
separate credit card terminal. Examples of companies that provide All-in-One POS systems include, but are not limited to,
the following: Square, uAccept, Clover.

CONCESSION VEHICLES/BOOTH/TENT RESTRICTIONS: The Marin County Fair’s height restriction
is 15’ including flags on top of your Concession vehicle/booth/tent. You will be required to remove any part of your
structure over this height prior to the opening of the Fair.
TENT RENTALS: It is required that Vendors needing to rent a tent for their concession do so through the Fair
Office. The tent will be rented through the Fair’s Tent vendor and the cost deducted from your final settlement- amount
TBD. The uniformity, durability and safety of the Fair tenting is of the utmost importance. Please fill out tent information
in the application.
OPERATING HOURS: Food concessions must be open and ready to serve, with cash registers operating, by 11
am, and may not close prior to 10 pm daily. All food concessions must always be staffed during the 5 days of the Fair.
Please plan inventory carefully so that food supplies will last the full run of the Fair. If you run out of food prior to the
fair close, you will not be invited back.
On Opening Day: All concessions must be open and ready by 9 am for inspection by the Health Department and Food
Auditor. You must remain in your concession until they have both arrived.

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
DELIVERIES: All deliveries to concessions shall be through the Exhibitors Entrance on Avenue of the Flags.
Someone must be present at your location to accept deliveries. Fair Staff is not permitted to receive or sign for deliveries
for concessions. All deliveries must be completed and delivery vehicles – including those for beer concessions
and grounds concessions – off the Fairgrounds no later than 10 am.

SIGNS:      All signage needs to be clean, clear and professionally made. Hand-drawn signs are not permitted.
Signs are to be placed on the exterior of the booth – above the counter level. County Fair Management reserves
the right to review and approve these signs. Menu signage overlays for non-profit booths will cost
approximately $30.00. The total fee will be deducted from your settlement with the Fair.
         Alcoholic Beverage Concessions must post signage required by Fair policy prior to opening.

BANKING SERVICES: The Fair Bank will operate onsite during the Fair to accept payments towards commission
balances. Exact location and hours of operation will be provided at a later date.

The Fair Bank will not provide change, start banks, nor check-cashing services. If cash is needed there are ATM
machines located throughout the fairgrounds.

The County Fair bank will provide deposit slips in duplicate at time of deposit. The County Fair bank will be on the
Fairgrounds for the first 3 days of the Fair to receive daily deposits but will not provide daily “starting” money.
COMISSION PERCENTAGES: The required commission will be calculated by taking an average of the
commission paid to the Fair over the last five years (or the number of years worked if less than that). You must pay the
estimated commission no later than the third day of the Fair, Saturday, July 2. This means you take home most of your
sales at the end of the fair rather than the county fair offices retaining it until we work out the settlement. Any balance
left of your deposit after the settlement will be returned to you. If your deposit doesn’t cover your balance, we will send
you an invoice for the remaining balance.

The Marin County Fair Bank will accept payments towards commission balances owed in the form of cash or a cashier’s
check. The Fair Bank will not accept credit card payments. If you wish to pay your commission balance by credit card or e-
check please make arrangements with the Fair Office.

First time concessionaires will work with me to determine their estimated commission based on historical fact.

OPERATING EXPENSES: Daily expenditures for operations, i.e. ice, soft drinks, supplies, etc., are NOT to be
deducted from daily gross receipts or from your deposits.

WASTE DIVERSION & RECYCLING: Marin Sanitary Service will deliver 10-yard bins behind the Food Building
each morning of the Fair. There will also be four 20-yard bins located at the end of Avenue of the Flags. When the bins
behind the Food Building are full, take your debris, secured in plastic bags or boxes, to the larger bins. All debris must be
securely tied or placed in boxes, well-wrapped, so that we can keep odor and flies to a minimum.
No Styrofoam products are to be used, i.e. cups, plates, as these products cannot be recycled.

NEW: No single use plastic bottles. There are water filling stations located throughout the fair.
55-gallon drums are located behind the food building for collection of cooking oil and cooking grease. Used or
excess cooking oil needs to be deposited into one of these drums. (Vendors can move drums closer to their booth.)
Parking: Do not park your vehicles in a manner that will prevent the Marin Sanitary Service debris bins
from being serviced.
There is a separate bin at the end of Avenue of the Flags for recycling flattened cardboard. Please flatten all your
empty cardboard boxes. If this specified bin is filled, please flatten and leave them next to any of the bins for pickup. No
cardboard is to be placed in the other bins.
                                       DIVERSION & RECYCLING GUIDELINES.
Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
PASSES: Concessionaires will also receive 25 Single Admission Passes each and ten (10) 1-day Admission/Vehicle
Parking Passes that will not be replaced for any reason whatsoever. Non-Profit Concessionaires may request additional
passes based on their crew schedule chart due to the fair offices by June 1. These passes are taken at the gate when you
enter. If you or your staff need to leave and return to the grounds, have your hand stamped at the Main Gate, Embassy
Bridge Gate, or the Carnival Gate before leaving. NO workers will be admitted onto the grounds unless they have
a pass on their person. Please make sure, in advance, that each member of your staff has their pass for each
day they need admission to the grounds. No passes may be left at any Fair Gate for staff or volunteers. Single admission
passes at regular price may be purchased at the Marin Center Box Office at the Auditorium or online at
beginning in mid-May. There will be no refunds for unused passes.
Vendor passes are for the express use of the contracted Vendor and his or her staff; these passes are good
for one day only and must be surrendered on entrance to the grounds. They may not be given away to
patrons, discounted, sold, traded, copied or reproduced in any fashion. Violators will have their booth closed
immediately and will be restricted from future participation in the Marin County Fair.
Additional Vehicle Day Passes are not available due to the limited parking space at the Fairgrounds.

WATER/ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS: Come to the Fair Office to report your problem at the front desk. Requests
will be handled on a first come-first served basis.
ICE: For your convenience, San Francisco Ice Company will be on the grounds for food concessionaires. Ice prices
and delivery schedules will be available directly from San Francisco Ice Company on-site staff. Vendors will be charged
directly by San Francisco Ice Company. Onsite phone number will be provided closer to Opening Day.
SMOKE-FREE FAIR: The County of Marin has banned all smoking on all county property including parking lots. In
the past the Fair as been allowed to have three designated smoking booths set up in the parking lot outside the Fair gates
for those who chose to smoke. This is the plan for 2022 but if this allowance is revoked the tents will be eliminated and all
smoking will have to take place completely off County property.

PETS:     No animals except service animals for individuals with disabilities are permitted on the Fairgrounds. Vendors
staying in recreational vehicles at the Fairgrounds must leave their pets in the vehicle unless walking them and are
required to clean up after them.

MOVE-OUT: Food concessions may not be dismantled or moved-out prior to 11:30 p.m. on the closing night of the
Fair. No cars or trucks will be allowed on the grounds before that time. All materials, equipment, etc., must be removed
from the grounds no later than Monday, July 6 by 5pm

FOOD BUILDING & BEER BOOTHS: Plastic milk crates, bread trays, and soda canisters used during the Fair
  must be removed when you dismantle and move-out. Any removal of debris or equipment left in your booth requiring
  removal and disposal by the Fair will be charged to your concession’s account at the time of settlement.

OFF-SITE SHUTTLE PARKING: The County Fair offices highly encouraged Fair workers and volunteers to use
  the off-site Shuttle parking service located at Marin Commons, 1600 Los Gamos, just 2 exits north of the Fairgrounds.
  The Shuttle costs $2 per person which is good for a roundtrip ride. Parking is free. More information to follow.

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
FAIR PARTICIPANT PARKING: Parking for Fair participants is available in the Exhibit Hall Parking lot for those
with a Vehicle Parking Pass only. All other participants will need to pay for parking in surrounding lots or use the Fair
Shuttle Service. As parking is limited, carpooling and using the Fair Shuttle is much appreciated. Parallel parking or
double parking is not allowed. Parking attendants will be on duty for directions.
The saving of parking spaces is prohibited. All parking, except for the County Fair staff, is on a first come,
first serve basis. If there is an infraction, this could impact your ability to continue participating in the fair.

Overnight Parking Requests for overnight parking MUST be accompanied by a photo with license plate number of each
vehicle for each overnight space needed. Only vehicles registered with the Fair office will be permitted. Arrangements
for this parking must be made and paid for in advance with the return of the signed contract. Overnight parking space is
limited and is available on a “first come, first served” basis. April 1 is the deadline for Vendors from the previous year, in
good standing, to contract an overnight parking space. Any remaining spaces will be open to other vendors.

Overnight parking permits will be issued at check in time. They may be placed in the front right-hand corner of the
windshield. Vehicles not registered with the Fair Office and found outside their designated areas on the Fairgrounds
will be subject to additional parking fees. Vehicles will be required to be moved or will be towed at the owner’s expense.
There are 2 types of overnight parking: with services and without.

Personal cars may not park overnight at any time during the Fair. A listing of near-by RV parks and other lodging
information can be found on page 16.

In Location A (see photo below) $150 per vehicle: Vans, storage trucks, pickup trucks, and self-contained campers or
RV’s park overnight in the dirt lot behind the Exhibit Hall parking lot. No services available. (No electrical service,
water, sewage provided.)
In Location B (see photo below) $200 per vehicle: Vehicles needing electrical service (refrigerator trucks, food storage
vehicles, and stock trucks or vehicles) have precedence for parking in Location B. Service will be limited to each vendor
in accordance with electrical service available. Vendor will be advised pre-Fair regarding assigned space and electrical
service available.

All grey waste or sewage must be self-contained and is not allowed to be dumped at or on the Fairgrounds.

Food Concessionaire HANDBOOK - Marin County Fair
In 2008, the Marin County Fair instituted the requirement that all Food Vendors offer at least one Healthy Food choice on
their menu. This year the Fair is promoting the sale of Organic Foods and/or Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)
foods. On the application, separate from listing your menu items, you will list 1 or more of your healthy choice food items.
Creating Healthier Choices
1. Add fresh fruit, vegetables, legumes or whole grains.
2. Replace sodas and sugary beverages.
3. Reduce portion sizes by including “Bitsy Bites”.
4. Reduce added sugar or fat.
5. Think “Fresh, Fun & Local”! Get inspiration from your favorite local food truck, farmer’s markets or favorite restaurant.
Healthy Food Choice Requirements
1. Represent 1 or more of 5 major food groups: Whole grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Low-Fat Dairy or Lean Protein
(skinless poultry, fish, legumes)
2. Be prepared in a healthy way: Raw, steamed, baked, grilled or sautéed with no added sweeteners or fats
3. Be served in appropriate portion sizes, especially for children (bite sized portions are encouraged):
    • Lean proteins (3 oz. servings)
    • Grains & Starches (1/2 to 1 cup servings)
    • Dairy products – 1 cup (8 fluid oz. servings)
4. Follow the state-wide guidelines for schools & vending products:
       a. Calorie limits                                              c. Fat limits
                i. Snack items: ≤ 200 calories                                  i. Total fat: ≤ 35 of calories
               ii. Entrée items: ≤ 350 calories                                ii. Saturated fat: < 10% of calories
       b. Sodium limits                                                       iii. Trans fat: zero grams
                i. Snack items: ≤ 230 mg                              d. Sugar limit
               ii. Entrée items: ≤ 480 mg                                       i. ≤ 35% of weight from total sugars
NON-GMO FOODS The Fair encourages all vendors to use signage to indicate Non-GMO Project Verified products to make
it easier for Fair goers to identify GMO free food items. And wherever possible please reduce the number of products that
could potentially contain GMOs, while labeling existing products that may contain them. We at the Fair wish to educate our
team members and customers on the dangers of GMOs and on their right to know what is in their food.
                     Is it Healthy? This is a sample of a BBQ sauce that meets the healthy guidelines:
          Nutrition Facts                                           Calories per gram: Carbohydrate 4         Protein 4 Fat 9
Serving Size: 2 Tbsp (1.13 oz.)
Servings Per Container: APPROXIMATELY 10                            Do the (easy) math!
Amount Per Serving: Calories 40      Calories from Fat 0
                                                                    ___Fat:(calories from fat/total calories x 100%)
                             % Daily Value*
Total Fat           0g                0%                            ___Saturated Fats:
Saturated Fat       0g                0%                                      (sat. fat g x 9 = sat. fat calories / total calories x 100%)
Trans Fats          0g                0%
Cholest.            0mg               0%                            ___Sugar (sugar g/# of oz. per serving x 28.35 x 100%)
Sodium              170mg             7%
Total Carbohydrate           17g
Dietary Fiber       0g                0%                            Reading Nutrition Labels:
Sugars              0g
Protein             0g                                              Fat: No more than 35% calories (calories from fat/total calories x 100%)
Vitamin A: 2%       Vitamin C: 4%
Calcium: 0%         Iron: 2%                                        Saturated Fats: No more than 10% calories (sat. fat g x 9 = sat. fat
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.            calories / total calories x 100%)
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on
Your calorie needs:                                                 No Trans Fats
                    Calories            2,000     2,500
Total Fat           Less Than            65g       80g              Sugar: No more than 35% total weigh (sugar g/ (# of oz. per serving x
 Sat Fat            Less Than            20g       25g              28.35) x 100%)
Cholesterol         Less Than           300mg 300mg
                                        2,400     2,400
Sodium              Less Than            mg        mg
Total Carbohydrate                      300g      375g
Dietary Fiber                            25g       30g

Exhibit "B"
                   INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS 
-   Certificate of Liability Insurance with Endorsement Form
-   Workers Compensation Insurance (needed if employees are on your payroll)
-   Special Events Liability Insurance through CFSA (in place of the above – see next page)
    o If you have existing CFSA Insurance, please enclose the CFSA number in your application.


Vendor is responsible for providing a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the following insurance requirements: Each
Vendor who has employees (on payroll vs contracted) working at the Fair must also provide a copy of their Workers’
Compensation insurance. If no employees are working at the Fair, please indicate on application.
             • $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate
             • Commercial General Liability—Combined                       Bodily Injury and Property Damage
             • $500,000 Liquor Liability (ALL ALCOHOL VENDORS MUST HAVE COVERAGE)
             • Statutory Workers' Compensation (where applicable)
             • Shall contain no riot exclusion clauses
     •   Description of Operation:
            "It is understood and agreed that the Marin County Fair, County of Marin, its officers, employees,
            and agents are named as additional insured as respects to operating a food concession at the
            2022 Marin County Fair, June 30 - July 4, including set-up dates June 28 & 29 and teardown
            July 5, or from the time they arrive at the fairgrounds to the time they are completely torn down
            and off the fairgrounds property."
     •   Certificate Holder: “Marin County Fair, County of Marin, its officers, employees, and agents as
         additional insured.”

                            ** ENDORSEMENT FORM (Returned with signed contracts.)
Certificate of insurance AND SEPARATE ENDORSEMENT FORM shall be returned to the Fair Office with the return
of signed contract and will be reviewed to be certain adequate coverage is provided. Information that must be
included is listed below:
            •   Complete name of insurance company
            •   Policy Inception and Expiration Dates
            •   Limits of liability for the required coverages, as specified above
            •   Additional Insured endorsement to read as follows:

            •   The Commercial General Liability insurance policy shall be endorsed to name the Marin County
                Fair, County of Marin, its officers, employees, and agents as additional insured.

    If you have Liability Insurance through CFSA you may submit that in place of a Certificate of Liability
    Insurance and an Endorsement Form.

     If your organization does not carry the required liability insurance, you can purchase your liability insurance
     the California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) through our office. California Fair Services Authority (CFSA) is a
     profit joint powers authority (JPA) established to manage and administer workers' compensation, property and
     general liability self-insurance pools related services and programs exclusively for California fairs. Further
     can be found on the CFSA website at or Lianne Lewellan at 916.263.6145 or

    Please review the instructions below. If you have any questions regarding coverage, please call 415-
    473-5062 at least two (2) months prior to the Fair.

        A.       Call with Credit Card Information OR send 2 Money Orders to the Marin County Fair office:

             -   Liability Insurance: A money order made payable to California Fair Services        $135.00
                 Authority (CFSA) in the amount quoted.

             -   Liquor Liability Insurance: A money order made payable to California Fair          $890.00
                 Services Authority (CFSA) in the amount quoted.

             -   A money order made payable to the Marin County Fair to cover the handling          $ 25.00
                 fee of $25.00. If the money orders are received in the Fair Office                  OR
                 less than thirty (30) days prior to the Fair, the handling fee is $100.00.         $ 100.00

        C.       Our office will process the paperwork and send you a County Auditor’s Receipt for your handling
                 fee, a receipt for your payment to CFSA, and a copy of your Evidence of Coverage.

        Please be reminded that if your money orders are received later than thirty (30) days prior to your contracted Fair
        date(s), your handling fee will be $100.00.

       - Certificate of Liability –

- Endorsement Form –

Food Vendor Instructions: It is the goal of the Marin County Fair to produce an environmentally friendly
event. In support of our goals and our already impressive 92% diversion rate; you will notice a
comprehensive resource recovery program. Please follow the instructions below to assist the event in
exceeding our recycling efforts. We appreciate your support!
            Picture                 Item                     Instructions          Waste Diversion
                                                                 Place items in a
                                                             separate container and
                                                              leave in a designated
                                  Landfill items (e.g.,      area for Revolutionary
                               plastic meat bags, chips      Green to collect – trash
                                bags, candy wrappers,         containers will not be
                                  aseptic containers,                provided
                                granola bar wrappers,
                               and condiment packets)        Note: Do not leave black
                                                                trash bags next to
                                                              public waste diversion

                                                             Place in ‘blue’ recycling
                                Recyclable plastics 1-7
                                                             container; provided by
                                 metals (tin and clean
                                                             CCNB. Place in the blue
                                 aluminum foil, etc.),
                                                              bin for Revolutionary
                                  paper (newspaper,
                                                                Green to collect.
                                   magazines, etc.)
                                                             Place ‘clean’ and ‘dry’
                               ‘Clean’ plastic film (e.g.,
                                                              plastic film into one
                                 bubble wrap, plastic
                                                               large clear bag for
                                 bags, ice bags, and
                                                             Revolutionary Green to
                                    produce bags)

                                                               Place in a separate
                                                                ‘green’ container,
                                    Food scraps and
                                                               provided by Marin
                                compostable materials
                                                                Sanitary Service.
                                 (i.e. coffee, tea bags,
                                  soiled paper, paper
                                                               Every night place full
                                    plates, and paper
                                                              container(s) in front of
                                                             booth for Marin Sanitary
                                                                Service to collect.

                                                              Flatten and place in
                                                             designated location for
                                                             Revolutionary Green to

Since 2009, The Marin County Fair has led the way with an innovative resource recovery program.
We want to remove as much plastic as possible from the food services at this event. We will continue
our recycling efforts by using COMPOSTABLE cups, plates, food containers and napkins and collect
all food scraps behind the food vendor booths!

New for 2022! All single use water bottles are banned in 2022! There are water filling stations
throughout the Fair.

                          PLEASE FOLLOW GUIDELINES BELOW

   •   Use PAPER or COMPOSTABLE products certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.
       The BPI website is

   •   All cutlery must be wood or bamboo products. Do not use COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC cutlery.

   •   No plastic straws. If you must offer straws, they must be paper.

   •   Do not use polystyrene cups, bowls, plates or clamshells as they will contaminate the compost
       stream and have been banned in Marin County.

   •   Bamboo and/or wood alternatives are compostable, (e.g., chopsticks, cutlery, plates, and

   •   Do not use ANY plastic plates, cutlery, cups, straws, cup lids, or containers of any kind. There
       are alternative products available!

   •   Paper plates, boats, cups and bowls are fine, even printed ones.

   •   If clear compostable (BPI certified) cups are used, the cups must contain easily recognizable
       marking (e.g., a green band), as this will serve as a visual reminder to attendees that the cups
       are compostable.

   •   If the compostable items are individually packaged (e.g., sometimes a fork and a napkin are
       packaged together), the packaging must also be compostable (BPI certified).

   •   Condiments and dressing (such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.) are available to fair
       guests in bulk containers – not individually packaged.

         Discounts from food service ware distributors are available to help with cost. Please
         contact Teresa Bradley at 415-377-8931 or to
                             receive the World Centric discount code.

   •   Serve condiments in bulk rather than single serve packets
   •   Reduce unnecessary packaging from products and produce by buying in bulk
   •   Use washable rags for cleaning instead of disposable napkins and towels
   •   Use washable tablecloths, rather than disposable paper ones
   •   Donate leftover food to service organizations
   •   Many other leftover items can be donated to schools for art projects
   •   Donate floral arrangements and decorations to schools, senior residences and hospitals
   •   Use blank side of printed documents for scrap paper
   •   Cut up old T-shirts that are unsuitable for donation and use as cleaning rags
   •   Reuse or recycle plastic film & packing materials

   •   Be sure to recycle other event materials including pallets and scrap metal. Information on locations that
       accept reusable pallets and other items for donation will be distributed to food and commercial vendors
       a couple days before the Fair
   •   “Close the recycling loop” by buying products made of recycled materials

Oil: (Located out of public view adjacent to food concession booths in oil drums)

                               SAN RAFAEL                                                      NOVATO

Embassy Suites                                               Best Western Novato Oaks Inn
101 McInnis Parkway                                          215 Alameda del Prado
415.499.9222                           415.883.4400
Mileage: Walking Distance                                    Mileage: 4

Four Points by Sheraton                                      Marinwood Inn & Suites
1010 Northgate Drive                                         275 Alameda del Prado
415.479.8800                    877.883.2406, 415.883.2406
Mileage: 1.0                                                 Mileage: 4.54

Marin Lodge                                                  Courtyard by Marriott Novato
1735 Lincoln Avenue                                          1400 N Hamilton Pkwy
855.344.7496 / 415.578.2827               800.321.2211, 415.883.8950
Mileage: 1.66                                                Mileage: 5.9

Villa Inn                                                    Days Inn
1600 Lincoln Avenue                                          8141 Redwood Boulevard
888.845.5246 415.456.4975                   415.493.0114, 800.225.3297
Mileage: 1.8                                                 Mileage: 5.95

Panama Hotel                                                 Inn Marin Hotel
4 Bayview Street                                             250 Entrada Drive
415.457.3993                             415.883.5952
Mileage: 3.48                                                Mileage: 5.7

Motel 6                                                      America’s Best Value Inn
737 Francisco Boulevard East                                 7600 Redwood Boulevard
415.453.3450                                  415.892.7500
Mileage: 4.34                                                Mileage: 9.43

North Bay Inn
855 Francisco Boulevard East                                                               MILL VALLEY
Mileage: 4.14                                                TraveLodge Mill Valley
                                                             707 Redwood Highway
TraveLodge San Rafael                                        415.569.3948
865 Francisco Boulevard East                                 Mileage: 9.2
Mileage: 4.15                                                America’s Best Value Inn
                                                             155 Shoreline Highway
Extended Stay America                                        415.332.1732
1775 Francisco Boulevard East                                Mileage: 10.8
Mileage: 6.22                                                Holiday Inn Express
                                                             160 Shoreline Highway
                           CORTE MADERA                      800.972.3165 415.332.5700
                                                             Mileage: 10.9
Marin Suites Hotel
45 Tamal Vista Boulevard                                     Tamalpais Motel
833.827.3206                             680 Redwood Highway
Mileage: 6.8                                                 415.381.4775
                                                             Mileage: 10.6
America’s Best Value Inn
1595 Casa Buena Drive
415.924.3570                                            RV PARKS
Mileage: 7.9
Best Western Corte Madera Inn                                Marin Park, Inc.
56 Madera Boulevard                                          2140 Redwood Highway
800.777.9670 415.924.1502             888.461.5199 415.461.5199
Mileage: 7.9                                       
                                                             Mileage: 5.4
Courtyard by Marriott                                        Novato R.V. Park
2500 Larkspur Landing Circle                                 1530 Armstrong Avenue
800.321.2211, 415-925-1800            800.733.6787
Mileage: 6.6                                                 Mileage: 9.65

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