Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Franchisee Opportunity
    Become a Franchisee Owner
Opportunity to Own World’s Biggest E-Mall   1
Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Table of Reference

     Company Overview & Our Vision                                4
            Our 2020 Targets                                       6
            Our Expansion Plan                                     7
            Current Rollout Status                                 10
            IOC – Strategic Tie Up                                 11
     Vakrangee Kendra – Business Overview                         14
            Model Outlet look and Feel                             29
            Promotional Rewards, Marketing & Advertising Support   32
     Franchisee Model for New Kendra (IOCL)                       38
     Service Wise Top-5 Performers – Case Studies                 44
     Action Plan                                                  53

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview :
About Us
• We are a Technology-driven company, focussing on creating India’s largest network of last-mile retail
• Today we have emerged as 4th Largest Franchisee network Globally.
    • First three are 7 Eleven – 55,000+ outlets, Subway – 42,000+ outlets & McDonalds – 36,000+ outlets)
• Current Market Capitalization – Rs. 22,755 crore (as on 30th June 2017) (~US$ 3.5 BILLION)
• Our Strategy is to leverage our vast network of retail outlets to deliver real-time Banking, ATM, Insurance
  Services, E-Governance Services (G2C), e-Commerce Services (B2C) & Logistics Services to the unserved and
  underserved rural, semi-urban and urban markets.

• Our aim is to potentially enable every Indian to seamlessly benefit from Financial Inclusion, Social Inclusion,
  Digital India, Skill Development, Employment, Government programmes and a wider access to basic goods and

                                                 Our Vision :
 “Vakrangee aims to be the most trustworthy Physical as well as Online convenience-store across
   India. We promise to give every Indian, their rightful access to a wide range of products and
 services, that are fairly priced and of high quality. We will keep expanding this network, until we
               are in close proximity to the last excluded person within the country”

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview :
 Awards & Certifications
                            Awards and Accolades                                Certifications
• Selected in the Top 50 BSE 500 Companies by Growth in M-Cap - Forbes
  India 2017
• MSCI ESG Research Inc. has scored Vakrangee 10 out of 10 for the research
  conducted for the assessment of performance across the three pillars i.e.
  environmental, social and governance.
• MSCI Research has ranked Vakrangee globally No.1 in “Access to Finance to
  Citizens in Underserved Markets” .
• Vakrangee has been features in 11 Indian companies, up from an all-time low
  of eight last year by Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion list for 2015
• ET-500 Companies for 2013 as published by ET
• Nominated (top 5) for the best CEO (IT & ITes) by Business Today in January
• 26th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 companies in India, 2012
• 18th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 companies in India, 2011
• 226th rank in Deloitte Fastest 500 growing Asia Pacific companies in 2011
• CA. Business Leader - SME (3rd Rank) of the Year Award, 2008 to the
  Chairman by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
• Economic Times ET 500 best companies in India in 2006-07
Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview :
Our 2020 Targets

     50,000 Rural
     25,000 Urban

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview :
Our Expansion Plan

                                                                                   Executed Till
              FY2016        FY2017        FY2018        FY2019         FY2020         Date –
                                                                                   March 2017

               15,000       25,000         35,000        45,000        50,000         25,131

                5,000       10,000         15,000        20,000        25,000         10,075

Total          20,000       35,000         50,000        65,000        75,000         35,206

  Achieved the Full Year Targets for FY2017. Set to rollout the Expansion Plan for FY2017-18.

             Well on Track to deliver and achieve on the Planned Expansion Plan

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Company Overview:
Well Established Last Mile Infrastructure –
More than 1800+ Employees
                                                                        Independent Project Management Consultant
       Corporate PMO                                Head Quarters

         State PMO                                   State Office

                                Division Office 1        Division Office 2                Division Office N

                                District Office 1         District Office 2                District Office N

                                 Block Office 1            Block Office 2                  Block Office N

        Franchisee             SSA Level Office 1          SSA Level Office 2            SSA Level Office N
                                 Franchisee 1                Franchisee 2                  Franchisee N

              Vakrangee requires minimal additional human resources for incremental setup of
                                Vakrangee Kendras through franchise route

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Current Rollout Status

Franchisee Opportunity - Become a Franchisee Owner Opportunity to Own World's Biggest E-Mall - Vakrangee
Vakrangee Kendra:
Rollout Status as on March 31, 2017
          States       Rural Branches   Urban Branches   Total
                                                                             RURAL BRANCHES
Rajasthan                  10058            3014         13072
Uttar Pradesh              6648             3374         10022
Maharashtra                6848             2303         9151
Madhya Pradesh              565              317          882
Gujarat                     210              225          435
Bihar                       314              88           402
Haryana                     89               212          301
Punjab                      71               210          281
Jharkhand                   123              57           180    FY2015-16                    FY2016-17

Odisha                      70               56           126                URBAN BRANCHES
Delhi                        1               116          117
Chhattisgarh                46               23           69
Uttarakhand                 36               31           67
Goa                         31               20           51      5,006
Himachal Pradesh            15               12           27                     101.3%

Chandigarh                  1                13           14
Karnataka                    5                3            8
                             0                1            1     FY2015-16                    FY2016-17
Dadar & Nagar Haveli
Total                      25131            10075        35206
Vakrangee Kendra:
Strategic tie up with INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED for Pan India

 •   Strategic tie-up with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC), India's largest commercial enterprise
     for setting up Vakrangee Kendra at its retail outlets (distribution network).

 •   To set up Vakrangee Kendra in more than 20,000 IOC Retail Outlets (Filling/Gas Station) located in
     Pan India. (IOCL has more than 25,000+ Retail Fuel Outlets)

 •   Tie up to drastically increase the customer touch points at the Vakrangee Kendra and ensure a
     boost in its core objective i.e. Financial Inclusion, Digital Inclusion, Social Inclusion,
     Employment Generation and Skill Development.

Vakrangee Kendra:

•    Vakrangee Kendra shall be set up in all IOC Filling/Gas station located across India.

•    200+ Vakrangee Kendra outlets are operational in the state of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar
     Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Delhi NCR

Photograph of Vakrangee Kendra at IOC Filling / Gas Station
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh                                   Mumbai, Maharashtra

Vakrangee Kendra – Business Overview

Vakrangee Kendra :
Services Overview – What we do

  Being one of the company with the vast presence in urban, semi-urban and rural India and tangibly delivering last mile goods and
  services, we own a compelling and shared vision to be the catalyst for the change. With the vast experience and vigorous
  approach, our strategic priority is to be the enabler for shared prosperity. Vakrangee Kendra serves all three sectors of the society

                                 Scope of Services                                               Target Sectors


              Logistics                                Governa


             Insurance                                 Banking


Vakrangee Kendra:
Scope of Services
                      Technology Intensive Retail Distribution Platform for last mile touch points delivering services across
    Banking & ATM, Insurance, e-Governance, e-Commerce and Logistic services to domains on a real-time basis to potential 250 mn customers
                                                    across underserved rural and urban India
                    VAKRNAGEE VITT                              VAKRANGEE NAGRIK                                      VAKRANGEE BAZAAR

        BANKING                      INSURANCE                    E-GOVERNANCE                         E-COMMERCE                              LOGISTICS

•   Bank A/C Opening         •    Corporate agency tie-up   •    Alliance with IRCTC for      •   Telecom - Mobile recharge          •   Alliance with FedEx
•   Cash Deposits,                for Life , General and         offering railway E-          •   DTH service - Recharge, bill           Express, Aramex India,
    Withdrawals, Money            Health Insurance.              Ticket booking                   payments                               Delhivery and First Flight
    Transfer.                •    Micro Insurance           •    Alliance with BBPS           •   Assisted E-Commerce Model              Couriers Limited for
•   Fixed/ Recurring              schemes under Atal             (Bharat Bill Payment             –                                      courier and logistics
    Deposits.                     Pension Yojna, Jeevan          Services) for all types of   •   Alliance with Amazon to                services (Forward Delivery
•   Balance Enquiry,              Jyoti Bima Yojna &             Bill payments                    facilitate sale of products.           as well as Reverse Pick Up
    Statement of Accounts         Pradhan Mantri            •    GST Services –               •   Alliance with Augmont for              services)
•   Disbursement of money         Suraksha Bima Yojna.           Registration & Filing            Sales of Gold Products
    under Direct Benefit                                    •    Enrolments-UID Card,         •   Alliance with Reliance Jio for
    Transfer                                                     NREGA job Card,                  issuance of sim connection
                                                                 Election Card                •   Alliance with Redbus for
                                                            •    Land Record                      offering bus ticketing services.
                                                                 Digitization, Electoral      •   Alliance with “Mahindra
                                                                 Rolls                            eMarket Limited”, a
           ATM                   FINANCIAL SERVICES         •    Other G2C services               subsidiary of M&M, for
                                                                 based on state to state          promoting and booking
•   Real time cash           •   Lead generation for Loan                                         automobile products
    withdrawals from all         Products – Consumer,
    banks through WLA            Housing, SME Loans
    (White Label ATM).       •   Mutual Fund
•   Co-located ATM in            distribution
    branches to cater to
    holistic banking needs
    of customers while
    optimizing cost of
Vakrangee Kendra:
Key Business Alliances – Strong Reputed Partners





Vakrangee Kendra Technology Setup

        BANK – CORE                           ALL PARTNER SYSTEMS –

                            PASS                                                           Vakrangee
                          THROUGH                                                           Kendra

    ACCOUNT               WALLET ACCOUNT            ACCOUNT

                   Technology                                                          Internet Connectivity

• Technology platform integrated with CBS of          • Seamless connectivity through V-SAT or Broadband Internet
  various banks, delivering real-time &               • Designed to operate 4 hours on battery backup in case of power failure
  interoperable banking access.
• Biometric authentication enabling quick KYC                                              Power Supply
  and paper less banking.
                                                      • UPS
• integration with all partner systems across E-
  Commerce, E-Governance, Insurance and                                               Security Specifications
• Technical Support Available - Resources at          • Defined User Policy -Authentication required for each and every user of the server;
  district level trained to handle day-to-day IT        Secured and safe transactions
  glitches and troubleshooting.                       • Quarterly security audit including vulnerability and penetration testing
                                                      • Information security audit by link bank before go-live certificate              17
Banking : Key Services

Banking        Account Opening
               Cash Withdrawal
               Cash Deposit
               Money Transfer / Fund Transfer
               Micro ATM for RuPay Card

         Recognition by RBI as an branch to the bank, hence highly
          reputable service to increase your goodwill in the market.
         Real Time, Interoperable & Paperless Banking services –
          Easiest Mode of Finger print banking for unserved & underserved
         High revenue opportunity: Due to large amount of unbanked
          population there is a huge scope of delivering banking service to the
         Banking business increases customer footfall which is beneficial for
          cross selling other services

ATM: Opportunity

    2,825                                               ATM per Mn Population
                                                                                                •   Low Penetration = Huge opportunity for WLAs
            2,048                                                                               •   As on Oct 2016, India had ~ 230,000 ATMs. It is expected
                     1,854                                                                          to cross 350,000 ATMs by 2017 in India.
                                            1,278 1,186                                         •   RBI WLA license to Vakrangee –

                                                                                                    •   Set up 15,000 WLA by March 2019
                                                                                375                 •   Maintain rural (Tier III to VI) to urban (Tier I & II) ratio
                                                                                                        of 2:1 (incl. minimum of 10% to be set up in Tier V &
    South   Canada   Portugal   Australia   Japan   Brazil   Turkey   South     China   India           VI)
    Korea                                                             Africa

Benefits of Vakrangee WLAs Over Other Players
 Sr. No.                        Operating Cost                                 Vakrangee            Peers                    COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES
                                                                                                                            URBAN BRANCH + ATM MODEL
1               Rent Expense
                                                                                                                                      COST SYNERGIES
2               Civil Work & Interiors                                                                                •   No requirement of security guard as the ATM
                                                                                                                          is located inside the urban BC branch
3               Internet Connectivity
                                                                                                                      •   Sharing of Civil Work, VSAT, Rent and
4               Cash Management Charges                                                                                   Electricity expenses.

5               ATM Operational Costs
6               Security Guard
ATM :Cash Sourcing From Retail Outlets
By Franchisee – Daily Cash Uploading

                  Confirm amount to be obtained from
                  Retail outlet for loading in ATM and
                    transfer amount to his/her bank

                   Generate acknowledgement slip
                     from your VKMS login ID for
                       Respective Retail Outlet

                   Visit retail outlet to collect cash
Franchisee’s     Ensure cash is ATM fit & genuine        Amount dispensed from ATM will be
                                                            transferred by Vakrangee to      Vakrangee’s
Responsibility   Run the currency through Currency
                   Counting and Fake currency             Franchisee’s bank account the      Responsibility
                          detection machine                           next day

                 As per the ATM fit currency obtained,
                   Fill Acknowledgement slip & take
                  Retail Outlet representative’s sign

                     Upload Cash in ATM under
                 supervision of BE / DE. Submit Cash
                 loading report on VKMS along with
                       details of source of cash
ATM: Key Services

ATM              Financial Transaction - Cash Withdrawal

                 Non Financial Transaction – Balance enquiry, Pin change, etc.


         Increasing the credibility of the outlet: ATM adds to the
          credibility of the business model & also attracting high footfall.
         Low to No Maintenance : Sharing of Civil Work, VSAT, Rent and
          Electricity expenses. Also No manpower is required to operate this
         Significant savings as there is NO CRA charges - Due to Retail
          Outlet Model (RO model)
         Low risk business model with Quick payback period

E-Commerce: Key Services

E-Commerce       Assisted e-Commerce with Amazon India (If Available)

                 Mobile/DTH Recharge

                 Two wheeler booking with Mahindra eMarket Limited

                 Bus Ticket booking with RedBus

                 Gold jewellery and gold coin purchase with Augmont

                 Reliance Jio devices and connection


            Zero Inventory Model - No investment to maintain stocks of varied
            Biggest E-Mall for Products - Wide range of products: Availability
             of 10 Cr+ products under Amazon
            Low Ticket Gold Products - Addressing the need to purchase
             Gold on EMI
            Fast moving services like mobile & DTH recharge and bus ticket
             booking, which increases customer footfall

Insurance: Key Services

Insurance         Life Insurance

                  General Insurance (Motor / Vehicle Insurance)

                  Health Insurance

               There is immense potential to bring employed citizens & citizens from
                unorganized sector in rural under the ambit of Pension Schemes. The idea
                of APY scheme is to provide a definite pension to all Indians
               Huge Untapped Opportunity:
                      70% of two wheelers are not insured in India, giving this service can
                       get good revenues for the franchisee
                      Less than 20% people in India are covered under Health Insurance
                       schemes, therefore distribution of this service can be a good
                       revenue channel for franchisee
               Low Risk: Risk is underwritten by insurance provider
Logistics: Key Services

Logistics         Front-end Point for Courier Booking Services

                  Last Mile Delivery Services

                  Last Mile Reverse Logistics Services


               Benefit of Courier Booking services - Additional business revenue
                Stream. Hassle free, no cost operations as the shipments are delivered
                and picked up directly from Kendra
               Access to Best in Class Technology Platform - Highly innovative
                platform giving real-time tracking of shipment movement & activity status
                giving full control of operations to franchisee
               Get Captive Business from reputed partners – Globally reputed
                partners like Fedex, Aramex, Delhivery and other.

E-Governance: Key Services

  E-Governance    IRCTC – Railway Ticket E-Booking

                  GST – Registration & Filing Services

                  BBPS – All Type of Bill Payment Services

                  Aadhaar Enrolment / Update (As per Government Regulations)

                  PVC Card Printing

                  Other E-Governance services wherever available


           Pull based & Necessary Services – Services like GST registration /
            Filing, Railway Ticket e-booking and Aadhaar serices are highly popular
            need based services.
           Creates Trust - High visibility of service, hence building trust within
            citizens towards the Kendra

Potential New Key Services to be Added

  Potential New
  Services to be   Tie up with NBFCs – Loan Lead generation for Consumer, Housing and SME
  available        loan products

                   B2B E-Commerce - Wholesale/Bulk Purchase of products

                   Tie up with Mutual Fund Companies – Distribution of Mutual Fund

                   VISA support services – Visa support services

Unique Vakrangee Model – Salient Features & Advantages

                             Access to more than 100 million products and 1000+ services
 Own the World’s Biggest     under one roof - Access to various Licences / Empanelment's such
         e-Mall              as UIDAI, Banking, Insurance, E-Commerce & Logistics

  Zero Inventory Model –     There is no requirement of holding an inventory. Therefore, it is a
     Stockless Model         'Stockless Model'

  Trust & Respect within     In line with the PM’s vision of financial inclusion, digital inclusion,
     the community           social inclusion, skill development, and employment generation

     Fastest Return on       Vakrangee Kendra business model has evolved to give the fastest
        Investment           ROI in the retail and service industry

  Last Mile Infrastructure   Organisation Structure enables to provide local support till the last
  and Technology Support     mile ensuring smooth and seamless delivery of the services.
Model Outlet Look and Feel

Model Outlet Look and Feel

Inside Vakrangee Kendra

Vakrangee Kendra - Outlet Look and Feel

Promotional Rewards, Marketing &
Advertising Support

Performance Rewards : Monthly Reward Schemes
for the Best as well as Consistent performers

                                   Rewards announced over last 6 Months –
                                   • More than 10 Four wheelers
                                   • More than 75 two wheelers
                                   • More than 1000 Gold Bars & Coins

Performance based Monthly Award Winners

Marketing Support - Vakrangee Print Campaign

Marketing Campaign at Vakrangee Kendra

Marketing Campaign – National Level Advertising Support

Franchisee Model for
New Vakrangee Kendra

Selection procedure and
Mandatory Certification / Training Requirement

      Sr No.                         Selection Procedure
        1                        Basic KYC & Aptitude Check
        2                             Police Verification
        3                         Credit Check (CIBIL Check)
        4                                  Referral Check
        5                              GST Registration
        6                            PAN / AADHAAR Card

      Sr. No.         Service   Certification                     Fees to be Paid by Dealer

        1       E-Governance    NSE IT UIDAI                   Rs.365/- (inclusive of all taxes)

        2       Banking             IIBF                       Rs.800/- (exclusive of all taxes)

        3       Training                                    Expenses to be incurred by Franchisee

New Franchisee Vakrangee Kendra – IOCL
One time Cost is approx. 8 Lacs

Sl. No.     Vakrangee Kendra Requirements                          Delivery Items / Remarks

                                                                   Laptop with Adaptor, Pin Pad Device + Single Bio-metric
   1        Banking Vertical
                                                                   Finger Print Device & Currency Counting Machine

            ATM Machine                                            Supply of ATM Machine on Custodian basis

            Connectivity for ATM                                   Sofos (if required), 1KVA UPS with 42 Ah Batteries

   2        E-Commerce and Insurance Vertical                      Laptop with adaptor & LCD Monitor, Digital Signage (TV-LFD)

                                                                   Logistics Kit Includes Weighing Machine,
   3        Logistics Vertical
                                                                   T-Shirt, Biker Pouch and Bag & Barcode scanner.
                                                                   Kit Includes Slap Biometric Scanner, Iris Scanner, Web
                                                                   Camera, Laptop/Desktop, Printer
   4        E-Governance Vertical - UID Kit
                                                                   For Aadhaar (Enrolment/Update)
            E-Governance Vertical - PVC Card Printer               PVC Card Printing

   5        Single Finger Bio-Metric Device (2 Devices)            E-KYC Facility

   6        Branding (does not include interiors and Civil work)   Kendra Branding as per Vakrangee specifications

Total Goods worth approx. Rs. 8,00,000 /-
 Note: These rates are exclusive of applicable Freight and Taxes
New Franchisee Vakrangee Kendra – IOCL

                                                             BEST PRICE Rs. 8 Lakhs
                                                            Rs. 4.5 LAKHS + Taxes Only
                                                           ATM FREE (Custodian Basis)

                                                           Pay In three simple steps
         Offer Valid only                                  • Step 1 : Rs. 2 Lakh on Signing Agreement
      Upto 15th August 2017                                • Step 2 : Rs. 1.50 Lakh within 10 days
                                                           • Step 3 : Rs. 1 Lakh on completion of

Tax Details –
For Rs. 4,50,000 option – Total Tax Payable : Rs. 96,651
Freight Charges as actual to be paid
Payment Process & Details for New Franchisee
Vakrangee Account Details :
Name               : Vakrangee Limited
Address            : Vakrangee House, Plot no-66, Marol Co- Op Indl Estate, M.V. Road , Marol Naka , Andheri (E), Mumbia- 400059

Name of Bank        : HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch Address       : Unit no.1,Town Centre,Andheri Kurla Rd., Near Kobe Sizzlers,Andheri (E),Mumbai-400059

IFSC CODE of Bank   : HDFC0000592
Branch Code          : 0592
Type of Account     : Current
Account no          : 05922320000242

Mandatory Requirement – After making the Payment, the Payment details need to be
Updated on the below Link within next 3 working days else the Payment shall be
transferred to Suspense Account
Important - Payment made in the last 6 months also need to be updated by 21st July 2017
                     Click on the Following Link for Payment Update : (If VKID Generated)

                 Click on the Following Link for Payment Update : (If VKID not yet Generated)
Targeted Financial Earnings for IOCL Franchisee

                                                Particular (Amount in INR)                                   Monthly Earning
Sales & Services under Vakrangee Kendra
E-Governance Services (IRCTC Railway e-booking, GST Services, BBPS, Aadhaar Update & PVC Card Printing)*          15,000
Banking Services (Bank A/c Opening, Cash Handling-Deposit & Withdrawal, Remittance/Fund Transfer)                 30,000
Insurance (Life, General and Health)                                                                              12,500
ATM (Financial & Non Financial Transaction)                                                                       25,000
•    DTH & Mobile Recharges & Bus Ticketing                                                                        2,500
•    E Commerce / Amazon                                                                                          50,000
•    Assisted E-Commerce (Goods)                                                                                  10,000
Logistic Services                                                                                                  5,000
Gross Earning for Franchisee (A)                                                                                 1,50,000
    Less: Operating Expenses
Operator Salary ( 3 Employees / Operators)                                                                        30,000
Manager Salary (1 store manager)                                                                                  20,000
Rent (Mini.200 Sq. Feet to 500 Sq. Ft. Recommended)                                                               25,000
Office Expenses including Electricity Charges, Connectivity Charges, Insurance & Hardware Maintenance Cost        15,000
Localized Marketing Cost                                                                                          10,000
Total of Operating Cost (B)                                                                                      1,00,000

Net Earning for Franchisee per Month (A-B)                                                                      50,000
Pay Back Period (In Months)                                                                                      9-12
Return on Capital Employed (In Percentage)                                                                      35% +          43
     Note * - Depending upon whichever services available in that Location
Success Stories : Service wise Performers
Case Studies

Success story : E-Governance – AADHAAR Enrollment
Case Study

    Service – E-Governance Transactions
    VK ID : RJ3311032
    Franchisee Name : Vinod Jain
    Location : Udaipur Sarda, Rajasthan

    Commission Earned during the Month : Rs.    1,48,824
    Aadhaar Enrollment : 6,201

Success story : E-Governance – AADHAAR Update & PVC
Case Study

    Service – E-Governance Transactions
    VK ID : RJ2303036
    Franchisee Name : Hemlata Khandelwal
    Location : Kota Lalpura, Rajasthan

    Commission Earned during the Month : Rs. 51,032
    Aadhaar Update & PVC Card Transactions : 2,571

Success story : Amazon Assisted E-Commerce Services
Case Study

    Service – Amazon Assisted E-Commerce Services
    VK ID : RJ3205013
    Franchisee Name : Abhishek Jain
    Location : Tonk, Rajasthan

    Earnings during the Month : Rs. 1,92,072
    Insurance Policies Sourced : 1,141

Success story : Banking
Case Study

     Service – Banking Transactions
     VK ID : UP3712049
     Franchisee Name : Anand Kumar Dixit
     Location : Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh

     Commission Earned during the Month : Rs.   89,250
     Account Opened : 68
     Cash Handling Done : Rs. 2,35,35,548

Success story : ATM Services
Case Study

     Service : ATM - Financial / Non Financial Transactions
     VK ID : MH2305039
     Franchisee Name : Sarojini Subhash Katakdound
     Location : Osmanabad, Maharashtra

     Commission Earned during the Month : Rs.63,557
     Financial Transactions Done : 6,047
     Non Financial Transactions Done : 1,029

Success story : Logistics – Courier Booking Services
Case Study

     Service – Courier Booking
     VK ID : UP4809021
     Franchisee Name : Jasmeet Singh
     Location : Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

     Commission Earned during the Month : Rs.          10,266
     Courier Bookings Done : 869

Success story : Logistics – Last Mile Delivery Services
Case Study

     Service – Last Mile Delivery Services
     VK ID : MH2810029
     Franchisee Name : Bharatkumar Vasantrao Patil
     Location : Sangli, Maharashtra

     Commission Earned during the Month : Rs.         27,929
     Courier Bookings Done : 1,833

Success story : Insurance
Case Study

     Service – Insurance Services
     VK ID : UP4809021
     Franchisee Name : Jasmeet Singh
     Location : Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

     Earnings during the Month : Rs.   44,808
     Insurance Policies Sourced : 94

Action plan

Action Plan :
 Setting Up of new Franchisees

In order for any Potential Franchisee to own a Vakrangee Kendra , he/she should agree with the following 3 conditions:

        SET UP COST–               • Franchisee to pay the Discounted Set up cost for all Hardware, New Branding and ATM
                                   Machine (on custodian basis)

   EXCLUSIVITY & MINIMUM           • Franchisee should only provide Vakrangee services through the Kendra
      WORKING CAPITAL              • Franchisee should be ready to invest the required Minimum Working Capital for smooth
        INVESTMEMT                 functioning of services

                                                IOCL Retail Outlet                                 KSK Outlet
                                    Wallet : Rs. 2 Lacs                            Wallet : Rs. 1 Lacs
                                    Banking (settlement account) – Rs. 5 Lacs      Banking (settlement account) – Rs. 2 Lacs
                                    ATM – Rs. 5 Lacs                               ATM – Rs. 1 Lacs

                                   • Franchisee to ensure activation of all Mandatory services in the Kendra on consistent basis
      CONSISTENT BASIS             • Franchisee should be ready to achieve the targets decided by the management

    CONTACT THE NEAREST            • If the Potential Franchisee is in agreement with the above terms and conditions, then feel free
        BC OR DC FOR               to contact the nearest Vakrangee BC/DC Officer.
    ON-BOARDING PROCESS            • Initial Set-Up support and Training Support would be provided by the Vakrangee Team.
Thank You

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