From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School

From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
JuLy 2019
    Issue 4

                         From the Principal’s Desk
We are heading towards the end of this term and there have been so many achievements across a range
of areas. The Agriculture team represent the school well and the students are developing strong
communication, team work, problem solving, presentation and leadership skills through their
engagement with the farm club and Agriculture shows.

We have two students in Year 7 and 8 that will be leaving Australia for Alabama USA on the 5th July for a
one week Space Camp. The two students are part of a group of eight students from Australia that will be
joining students from other countries and the USA. The event has been fully funded by Northrop
Grumman Foundation.

I enjoyed meeting up with students and their parents at Friday's Principal's morning tea for Gold Award
recipients. These students are to be congratulated on their efforts and achievements this term. On Friday
21st June Sue Thomas and a group of EMHS students mentors worked with 50 students from Narellan and
Narellan Vale Public Schools. They identified problems within their communities and then using a design
thinking process developed and pitched the prototyped or solving an identified problem. The program
was well received by the students with positive feedback given by the Primary School staff.

Peter Gleeson of Year 11 has achieved the Quota “Student of the Year” award for 2019, he is an
intelligent young man who is heavily involved in advocating for and addressing student needs through the
Student Representative Council at EMHS.

Funds have been committed to purchasing more lap tops for the senior study area based in the library.
Senior students that have study periods are provided with supervised teacher learning assistance in the
library along with planning support where incomplete assessment issues exist. Effective and optimal use
of student time to cope with the demands and rigour of Years 11 and 12 are critical to student success.

We are currently planning a maker space room where Teachers and smaller groups of students can plan,
design and prototype their creative ideas. At the P&C meeting we discussed funding gained for additional
shade structures. The land between the Science and English block has been cleared for a yarning circle to
be constructed. Six Year 12 female students have been busy consulting with the Aboriginal student
community at EMHS, local elders and the AECG.

Year 12 are currently sitting their trial examinations and I observed Year 10 students being interviewed by
teaching staff in the library last Monday as part of a job interview and preparation simulation. The Year 10
students had their taster lessons last Friday to inform their subject selection decisions for 2020. A Year 10
into 11 and Year 8 into 9 subject selection evening has been organised for Monday 1st July
from 6pm and 7pm respectively.

38 Waterworth Drive,                  EMAIL:
NARELLAN VALE NSW 2567                WEB:
PH: 4646 1899                         FAX: 4647 1569
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Page 2                          Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4

                                 … ..
It has been both a busy and productive term. Students will receive their reports at the end of this term.
Parents will be able to gain further teacher feedback at the parent Teacher night next term on Monday
weeks 2 and 3. I look forward to catching up with you at this important school event.

Martin Toaetolu
Relieving Principal

                                JULY–            AUGUST              2019

MON                     TUE                 WED                 THU                     FRI

Jul 1Homework Club      2                   3                   4 AEEP Farm Club        5
Year 12 Trials          Year 12 Trials      Year 12 Trials      Year 12 Trials          Year 12 Trials
                                            Assembly            Snow Excursion Pay-     Term 2 ends

8                       9                   10                  11                      12

15                      16
                                                    18                                  19

22                      23                  24                  25                      26
Staff Development Day Students return                           AEEP Farm Club          Japanese Exchange

29 Breakfast club       30                  31                  1 Aug                   2
restarts                Japanese Exchange   Japanese Exchange   Japanese Exchange
Japanese Exchange       Program             Program             Program
Program                                     Maths Olympiad      Australian Mathemat-
Parent Teacher Inter-                                           ics Competition (Year
views (Bookings                                                 7-12)
online)                                                         AEEP Farm Club

5 Education Week        6                   7                   8                       9
Parent Teacher Inter-                                           AEEP Farm Club
views (Bookings
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Mac Chat Newsletter                                        Volume 1, Issue 4                           Page 3

Year 7 and 9 Deputy Report

Year 7 have experienced their first of many events at high school with a strong representation at the
Athletics Carnivals and excellent behaviour at our NAIDOC and ANZAC Day assemblies. Year 7 have begun
their second trimester of learning where they rotate through Art, Industrial Arts and Life Tech Subjects. I
was really excited to see the products that students were able to create in their first rotations as they
applied the design process to their learning.

As report cards are proof read in preparation to send home later this term I was proud to see that so
many of our Year 7 and 9 students are achieving to their personal best, and I was particularly happy to see
that, overwhelmingly, students are prepared for learning and putting in effort.

Year 9 are half way through their 100 hour elective courses and should begin to think about what they
might like to choose for their 100 hour course for next year. These choices will be made late in term 3/
early term 4.

A reminder that if your child requires extra learning and/or wellbeing assistance, contact your Year
Advisor or Ms De Freitas, HT Teaching and Learning to access the many supports available to them.

Rebecca Turnbull
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Page 4                       Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4

Year 10
As we near the end of Term 2, Year 10 have been participating in a Future Pathways Program. This
program consists of several aspects designed to assist the students in making meaningful choices
regarding their future as they head into their senior years. Throughout their Careers lessons, students
have completed a Career Profiling Survey. This information provides insight for the students around the
types of occupations and industries they may wish to consider. Following this students were provided
with their subject selection information and participation in mentor meetings supported by staff. Each
student met with a member of staff to discuss the activities and subjects they enjoy, skills and personal
qualities and strengths, the results from their career profiling as well as their options for 2020 and
beyond. This involved conversations about subjects, ATAR, HSC, TAFE and school to work. Feedback from
both the students and the staff was that is was a highly successful day. Thank you Megan Jackson for your
coordination of this event.

Further to this students participated in a series of taster lessons. These provided a practical hands on look
into the nature of the subject, enhancing their understanding and assisting them in making informed
choices. The Future Pathways programme will conclude with Subject Selection night. Parents and
students will have the opportunity to hear about all of the requirements including NESA, HSC Minimum
Standards, the ATAR and the HSC as well as visit faculties and speak to teachers regarding subjects.

At this time on the students learning journey, they can become quite
stressed about the need to make decisions and how these decision may im-
pact them. All students are encouraged to ask lots of questions and there is a
suite of people available to assist from classroom teachers, Head Teachers,
Year Advisors, Careers Advisors, Counsellors and school executive. Please
spend time with your child discussing their options and supporting them
through this time.

Year 12
Year 12 have concluded the Term with their Trial HSC. The Trial HSC is an important period in the
students schooling as they continue to satisfy their school based assessment requirements, but also take
advantage of the opportunity to practice under examination conditions. During this period, students have
been able to take advantage of additional revision time. Seeking out teachers for feedback and assistance
as well as utilising the senior study space. HSC Rules and Procedures Guide for students
It's important to be well prepared for your exams. Each year there are some students whose results are
not as good as they could be because of simple, easily avoidable factors. Visit http://
On this page you can find important information to help you prepare, including:
      Preparing for your exams                       Things to remember in the exam
      What to expect in the exam paper               Where to write your answers
Andrew Ellis
Relieving Deputy Principal
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Mac Chat Newsletter         Volume 1, Issue 4                Page 5

Up Coming Events

                      Parent Teacher Night
                           Term 3 Monday Week 2 & 3

                              29th July & 5th August

                      Bookings online from 9am Friday 5 July


                                  Use code: 7q57d
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Page 6                       Mac Chat Newsletter                                       Volume 1, Issue 4

Such exciting opportunities are being offered here in the Creative and Performing Arts faculty. In the past
month our highly talented students have participated in events such as the:
    Dancers, Band, Singers - VetsteadFOOD 29 May rehearsal and 31 May the performance at Camden
     Civic Centre
    School Band – Make Music Day – 21June
    Dancers and Compares - In the Spot Light Dance Festival – 17, 24 and 26June.
    School Choir and Aboriginal Dance Ensemble – Naidoc Day Assembly – 19 June
    Choir – Performing at Currans Hill Primary School’s Naidoc Day – 2July
    Chelsea Nagel – Talent Development Program – 1 and 2 July
    Visual Artists - Ceramics Workshop – 29 May
    Selected Visual Arts Students – 2567 Visual Arts Initiative at Yandelora School, Narellan Vale Primary
     School and Narellan Primary School – 24, 25, 26 June.

As you can see from the above events, within the CAPA faculty we never stop providing boundless
opportunities to produce excellence and see our students succeed and thrive.

Our Year 10 students on the 28 June experienced a plethora of taster lessons delivered by Miss Mulley,
Mr Dawson and Miss South. These lessons were highly engaging and gave Year 10 students an insight into
the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty. We encourage all students to choose our subjects as this is a
wonderful outlet for students to connect, succeed and thrive in an environment which encourages
collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, catering our lessons and programs for the
21st Century learners.

If Year 8 into 9 or 10 into 11 students have any further questions regarding our subject areas please do
not hesitate to come and knock on the CAPA staffroom door. We are a very friendly bunch and are happy
to help answer any questions you may have regarding your subject selection choices.

I have had the pleasure of visiting many classrooms and seeing
very engaged students who are listening attentively or
participating in hands on practical activities. Students have many
opportunities that stem from their CAPA subjects that our amaz-
ing staff run. Please encourage your children to get involved and
have a go at the variety of programs we have running to expand
and strengthen their skills across all the arts.

We aim for extraordinary results with all of our students in the
Creative and Performing Arts Faculty. To assist us developing your
sons and daughters, it is essential that each student in our classes
has the appropriate equipment for each lesson.

The basic required materials for each subject can be found on our
website and include such things as workbooks, pens, pencils,
erasers, a USB drive etc.
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Mac Chat Newsletter                                        Volume 1, Issue 4                        Page 7

It is vital that students who are studying Photography, Video & Digital Imaging and Visual Design bring
their own personal External Hard Drive or USB to school as the student files, and school network do not
support large PSD or video files.

We also encourage that all subject contribution fee’s be paid and up to date. This enables us to purchase
the finest recourses to support your child’s learning and development.

Miss Jamie-Leigh Russell
Acting Head Teacher of Creative and Performing Arts

Year 7 Visual Art students have been moving steadily though their introduction into Visual Arts using
Tone and Colour in the genre of Portraits. Students have completed a Picasso inspired self-portrait that
replicates his blue and rose period, allowing them to learn to create different tones of one colour. The
results being very expressive artworks that are a wonderful first task by these students. Following this
task students learnt how we associate colour with feeling and they completed a watercolour painting
exploring colour and emotion, choosing colour to express their own feelings. Miss Nestler.
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Mac Chat Newsletter                                       Volume 1, Issue 4                         Page 8

Year 8 Visual Arts students have been continuing their exterior artworks learning about appropriation,
using a Jeffery Smart artwork along with an Australian Landscape. This is the second year I have used this
unit and I am still astounded how different the works are completed with the student’s individual
approach to their compositions. Miss Nestler.
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Page 9                       Mac Chat Newsletter                                          Volume 1, Issue 4


Year 9 Photography have completed the Pop Art unit with the fun face painting task, that is still an
absolute blast for the students becoming a Pop Art painting come to life. We invited Miss Turnbull in to
join in the positive learning activity helping us with inspiring posing and story lines for the students work.
Miss Nestler.

Year 9 Visual Arts students have worked consistently throughout this semester to produce an impressive
body of work. This has included their Impressionism and Surrealism studies as well as their ceramic
works. Students have pushed themselves to experiment with a range of different mediums that will al-
low them to make informed decisions about their art making practice as they progress to their HSC.
This term we have experimented with slip casting using plaster moulds where the moisture in the liquid
clay is absorbed by the plaster leaving behind an even layer of hardened clay. This technique has applica-
tions beyond Visual Arts as students could 3D print an object and create moulds to enable the creation of
complex ceramic forms or models.
Ms South
From the Principal's Desk - Elizabeth Macarthur High School
Mac Chat Newsletter                                       Volume 1, Issue 4                       Page 10

Ceramic Workshop Incursion
Earlier this month some students from year 9 and 10 Visual Arts classes attended the Ceramic Workshop
incursion. Students were given the opportunity to extend their artmaking practice during the day long
workshop. Students experimented with leaf imprints, templates, different clays, coil and slab building as
well as getting a chance to learn how to use a pottery wheel. The students were incredibly successful on
the wheel with all students creating a vessel. This incursion allowed students to reflect on their ceramic
experience in their classes and apply it to their own self-directed projects. Look out for pictures of the
glazed ceramic works in the next issue of Mac Chat.
Ms South
Page 11                    Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4


This term in Art Club students have worked to fill their own Japanese bound sketchbooks with imagery
that they have been inspired by. This has included poems, Dr Phil, Sherlock Holmes (pictured), desserts
and student created characters. Students have continually impressed me with their commitment and
drive to complete this project in their own time. Keep an eye out for these sketchbooks and other Art
Club projects at the end of year CAPA Showcase.

Art Club has now moved on to creating educational posters for the English faculty. Some of these have
been informed by popular culture, our favourite books, and Shakespeare quotes. Students also
discussed the types of posters that would assist their writing and understanding of texts. This has led to
the creation of additional posters on punctuation and synonyms.
Mac Chat Newsletter                                      Volume 1, Issue 4                     Page 12

Ms South


Campbelltown Arts Centre & NAISDA Dance Workshop
On Tuesday 28th May some of our Aboriginal students participated in a dance workshop with
Campbelltown Arts Centre and NAISDA alumni Natasha Rogers. Students learnt some Contemporary
Indigenous movement sequences, as well as engaged in a range of choreographic exercises, where they
developed their own sequences based on their understanding of culture. It was so great to see the
students working together and really delving deeper into their understanding of Aboriginal culture and
movement. Thank you to Miss Burgess and Adam and Luke form Clontarf for their assistance on the day
                                               and in the
                                               lead up to
                                               the work-
Page 13                   Mac Chat Newsletter                                      Volume 1, Issue 4


NAIDOC – Aboriginal Dance Ensemble
Congratulations to our wonderful dancers who gave an exceptional performance at our recent NAIDOC
Assembly. Aboriginal students from Years 7 to 11 performed a dance that was composed of a series of
sequences learnt at workshops throughout the year including Bangarra Dance Theatre, Campbelltown
Arts Centre and NAISDA. A huge thank you to Miss Burgess for her co-ordination of the ensemble
throughout the year and in the lead up to this performance and Luke from Clontarf for stepping up to
perform with the boys. So great to see you all sharing your culture with our school community.
Mac Chat Newsletter                                     Volume 1, Issue 4                      Page 14

In the Spotlight Dance Festival – Comperes

This year, 4 students from Elizabeth Macarthur High School auditioned to be comperes at the In the
Spotlight Dance Festival. Zahra Pope and Cassie Stein were successful in gaining a position and were
comperes for 2 shows on Monday 17th July. We had excellent feedback on their behaviour, articulation,
confidence and overall professionalism from both the Dance Festival staff and general audience
members. Congratulations and well done on an excellent job girls!

Make Music Day

Friday June 21st saw the EMHS School Band take part in Make Music Day. Fresh of their latest
performance at the Camden Civic centre for the VETstedFOOD the band made their mark on the
international celebration with a live
performance in the Quad during lunch 2.
Students were treated to the bands rocking
renditions of an eclectic mixture of Video
Game Soundtracks and Popular Music.
Performing hits such as Imagine Dragons’
‘Radioactive’ and their very own progressive
-rock composition ‘The Random Generator’
the event was such a raging success we
could barely make it close enough to take a
picture. The band is pumping out their
energetic brand of rock music both inside
and outside the school with style!

M Dawson
Page 15                      Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4

In the Spotlight Dance Festival:

This year 2 of our dance ensembles were successful in being selected to perform at In the Spotlight Dance
Festival. Our Junior Dance Company performed “Torn” and Senior Dance Company performed “Layered”.
As part of the festival, students also got to take place in a Commercial Jazz workshop with choreographer
Pete Evans. It was so great to see the students working hard to develop their skills in a different style and
they all learnt so much throughout the day. After a break and some shopping students performed in the
evening show and displayed excellent commitment and performance quality throughout. Congratulations
to all performers on a wonderful week at In the Spotlight Dance Festival.

Miss Mulley
Mac Chat Newsletter                                     Volume 1, Issue 4                     Page 16


Year 12 Drama
Year 12 Drama have been working hard preparing for their upcoming HSC trial exams. Students will be
completing a written examination based on four plays they have studied throughout the year. They will
also have a practical examination where they will present their Individual Performances/Projects and
their Group Performances. We are looking forward to seeing what they have come up with. Below are
some photos from rehearsals for the Group Performances as well as Aliyah’s filming for her Video
Drama IP.
Page 17                     Mac Chat Newsletter                                          Volume 1, Issue 4


School Choir
On the 19 June our beautiful choir sang the national
anthem in English and in Traditional Dharawal language
for the school Naidoc assembly. This is their first ever
in school performance and they sang wonderfully. They
have been invited to Currans Hill Primary school on the
2nd of July to perform at their Naidoc Day assembly,
which is an honour.

Our school choir was successful in their audition to the 2019 School Spectacular. The School Spectacular
is a show case of 5,500 talented performers where they take to the stage so proudly to demonstrate
their talents, their beliefs and their identity. Their faces light up with pride and achievement. The School
Spectacular celebrates their uniqueness in the universe, as they each have their moment to shine.
Whilst each has their own strength, it is together that they shine the brightest and have the biggest
impact. The Arena Spectacular, featuring over 370 schools is a world-class production that blows the
audience’s minds about the value of our kids, the arts and public education. The School Spectacular is
excited to honor these incredible
students, and announce STARS as the
2019 Schools Spectacular theme!

Students will receive a permission
note of the extensive rehearsals that
will take place and will need to sign a
permission note noting that you and
your parents accept to the terms and
conditions for participating in such a
prestigious events.

Tickets can be purchased from:

We will update you with more information as we receive it.

Page 18                    Mac Chat Newsletter                                      Volume 1, Issue 4

 As we near the close of Term 2, here’s an update on what’s been happening in Life Technology over the
 course of the Semester.
 Our Year 7 students completed their first Trimester rotation and developed some exceptionally well
 designed and innovative tasks for their Innovative Design assessment task.
 Year 10 Food Technology completed their Food Service and Catering practical of Chocolate mousse.
 Some excellent presentation and development of their delicious desserts.

 MWLP VETsteddFood

 Year 11 Hospitality
 commenced their first
 workplacement at the
 MWLP VETsteddFood as
 half of their 70 hours
 workplacement over two
 years. It was wonderful they
 could work together and
 participate in a positive
 team building experience
 and opportunity to have
 experienced a full service
 and to develop positive
 relationships with other
 schools and members of the
Page 19   Mac Chat Newsletter        Volume 1, Issue 4

Page 20                      Mac Chat Newsletter                                          Volume 1, Issue 4

Year 12 Food Technology recently completed the unit of work on studying how the Australian Food
Industry impacts us all. Their practical lessons all linked in to part of the food industry, developing their
understanding of where our food comes from and how it is manufactured.

Year 12 Hospitality launched the first Elizabeth Macarthur High School student café, preparing and
serving espresso coffees to staff as a part of achieving their competencies. The experience has been
extremely rewarding for students and we would like to thank the staff so far for their continued support
in this venture. We will be roasting and brewing again next term.
Page 21   Mac Chat Newsletter                                    Volume 1, Issue 4


           Year 12 Community and Family Studies, Food Technology and Hospitality
           have also been preparing for their Trial HSC examinations and we wish
           them every success during the next 2 weeks.
           Mrs Robilliard and Life Technology Faculty Teachers
Mac Chat Newsletter                                       Volume 1, Issue 4                       Page 22

It's been a great start to 2019 for Social Science. Students have settled into their classes and
participated in several enjoyable introductory lessons. In particular, year 10 Geography created their
very own labelled and colour coded world maps which touched on the mapping skills component of
physical geography and reviewed basic concepts from year 8. Students found this activity extremely
helpful for memory retention as it allowed them to recap on concepts and skills previously learnt and
enabled them to use their creativity and imagination in the process. Students also had the opportunity
to conduct primary inquiry and fieldwork through soil testing conducted in different parts of the school.
It's been a positive start and Social Science look forward to a prosperous and successful year.
Ms Arti Maharaj-Sciberras

EVATT UN Security Council Model Competition

Several students participated in the EVATT UN Security Council
Model Competition this term. This is where students are
provided with a country to represent in teams and required to
actively debate and amend various resolutions about
contemporary global conflicts. The skills students develop
through the competition include diplomacy, negotiation, team
work, public speaking and problem solving.

Every year that we have entered the competition, we have
made it to semi-state finals; this means our school usually
comes in the top 30 teams out of approximately 500. This year,
Ashley Burgess and Neeraj Subbanna are representing
Elizabeth Macathur in the semi-state finals.

Good luck boys!
Mac Chat Newsletter                                      Volume 1, Issue 4                      Page 23

                           NAIDOC Week 2019 @ EMHS
Last week Elizabeth Macarthur High School celebrated NAIDOC Week with a whole school assembly on
Wednesday 19th June 2019 which included a range of performances from our amazing School Choir, our
Aboriginal Dance Ensemble and a special guest performance by the Guringai Culture Group. We
acknowledged and commended award recipients in areas of cultural engagement, academic
achievement, Kirra and Clontarf Academy excellence, respect and diligence and school attendance. Years
7-10 engaged in a lesson about the importance of Treaty and were asked to either write a letter to the
government asking for a Treaty for Indigenous people or collaborate a rap song. At lunch 1 our staff
organised a community BBQ for all providing Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile sausages for a gold coin
donation. At lunch 2 our PDHPE faculty hosted Indigenous games for all students to join and participate.
NAIDOC week is an important part of our EMHS community and was a success for 2019.

EMHS Aboriginal Education Committee
Mac Chat Newsletter                                        Volume 1, Issue 4                      Page 24

On Friday 22nd of March our Opens Boys Basketball team ventured out to Bankstown Basketball stadium
to take on the best of the best in the region. Our first game was against Mount Annan High School and we
started slowly, letting them skip out to a 10 point lead. However, after a motivational speech for the ages
from Mr White, the team rallied and soon began to assert their dominance. 3 pointers soon began to rain
from our players and our quick transitional play became too much for Mount Annan to contain and we
won convincingly 64 – 51. We came up against Fairvale High School in our second match and it soon
became apparent that this was going to be no easy task. Our opposition was a well-oiled machine,
resembling a 1990’s Chicago bulls with their slick passing and dribbling. Our players were gallant in de-
feat, going down 53 – 40.


  Jacob         Jeffrey
  Cameron       Waights
  Jay           Weeks
  Dylan         Woods
  Dylan         Anderson
  Isaiah        Tuiaki
  Alexander     Guerrero Junior
  Tomas         Arrieta
  Braydin       Good
  Samuel        Pape
  Ryan          Sanerivi


For the past 5 years Troy has attended the Australian National Gymnastic Championships in the sport of
trampolining. This year was the last year the event was held in Melbourne before it is moved to a
different state. At this year’s championships, Troy was trying out for selection in the Australian team
picked for the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan. To qualify, gymnasts had to reach a certain score
and be in the highest top four. Troy achieved both of these requirements in Melbourne. There is one
more opportunity for gymnasts, Troy included, to compete for qualifying.

We wish Troy all the luck in the world that he is selected to represent Australia and compete in the
upcoming World Championships in trampolining in Japan.

Ms Bowring
PD/H/PE Teacher
Mac Chat Newsletter                                           Volume 1, Issue 4                          Page 25

On Wednesday 20th June, Mr White took away our U13's and U15's Rugby League teams to compete in the first
round of the Wests League Cup competition. Whilst our teams went down in both games to much BIGGER Ashcroft
sides, Mr White was extremely proud of the boys effort and sportsmanship. We wish the players the best of luck in
their 2nd round games.
Mac Chat Newsletter                                        Volume 1, Issue 4                       Page 26

It has been another successful term with
our school Breakfast Club. It will
recommence in Week 2 Term 3. We
encourage students to attend to receive a
free breakfast and social connections in the
library from 8:10am- 8:40am on a Monday,
Tuesday and Thursday. We would like to
thank our sponsors; John Fairley at Country
Valley Milk, Picton for supplying the milk
and yoghurt and Eat Up for our supply of
sandwiches and Miss Tagg for her terrific
Tuesday toasties.

On Monday 3rd June Mackenzie from Big Yellow Umbrella attended EMHS with our new School Police
Liaison Officer to host a girls lunch for selected female students in Years 8-10. This provided them with an
opportunity to enjoy a yummy lunch, access a range of female products and chat with these ladies about
current issues they are facing. We would like to thank Amanda Kelly from Catermaid for the catering on
the day. Mackenzie and Melanie have also been busy working with a group of Year 10 students in the
Love Bites program. It aims to provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and
explore respectful relationships. We would like to thank Mackenzie and Melanie for presenting tis
wonderful program at our school and their support of our students.

Selected Year 8 female students are coming to the end of a program they have been participating in
during Semester One called ‘Links to Learning’. The students have spent time every Tuesday completing
numerous workshops and activities involving a range of different life skills as well as individual mentoring
by our youth workers Alicia and Jay. Selected Year 8 male students have been invited to participate in the
program in Semester Two and we encourage them to take advantage of everything the program has to
offer them.

We would like to thank our hard working Year Advisers for their Welfare Matters sessions and Year
Assemblies that have taken place this term. These are a fantastic opportunity to recognise student
success and achievements and deliver important announcements to the year group. The delivery of our
whole year group Welfare Matters sessions in the hall with Year 8, 9 and 10 were highly successful and
we want to thank Mrs Cuervo, Ms Cox and Mr Denmeade for the interactive presentations they engaged
the students with.

Junior reports will be distributed in Week 10 and we encourage you to have reflective conversations with
your child/ren about their progress and where improvements can be made in Semester Two. More
information to follow about Parent Teacher night which is early next term.

As always if you are concerned about your child’s wellbeing at school, please do not hesitate to contact
the Year Adviser of their respective year group. Please see below year group reports.

Mrs Simms and Ms Houghton
Head Teachers Welfare
Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4                        Page 27

Year 8
Firstly, I would like to congratulate our two winners of Year 8 student of the semester: Emily Rain and
Jake Hines. Both students were selected due to their commitment to learning, being a responsible and
well-mannered student, and taking pride in their work. It is always enjoyable to celebrate the hard work
and progression of our students.

A reminder that students will have the opportunity to discuss their Year 9 subject selections with
teachers at the Subject Selection Evening. There are many new and exciting electives being offered in

If any students are interested in Minecraft or Tinkering, there are school clubs that you can join. These
clubs are run by Mr. Parkes. It has been great to see so many friendship formations between students
who attend these lunchtime activities. Often, the memories that we cherish most are those we shared
with our peers during attendance of extra-curricular activities.

Mrs. Cuervo and Ms. Flintoft

Year 9
Term 2 has been a busy one for Year 9 students. We have had many examinations this term, beginning
with NAPLAN in the early weeks of the term and continued with mid semester examinations for
Mathematics and a range of Term 2 assessment tasks. Year 9 students’ dedication and mature
participation in these tasks showed their responsible behaviour and engagement in their learning.

Student of the Semester awards were presented this term to Lucas Taylor and Saraa Islam who have
consistently displayed a diligent attitude to their learning and positively engaged in all aspects of school
this semester.

Year 9 Boys Program completed a lovely project this term where they were restoring relationships with
staff. By building and presenting staff with bread boards, Year 9 Boys Program students demonstrated
great maturity and respect for staff members and their developing abilities to communicate and
acknowledge their actions.

Agriculture students have also been completing many farm and school improving tasks in Farm Club,
demonstrating their care for their environment and the animals that share it.

Ms Cox and Mr Huynh

Year 11
Year 11 have been working hard to complete their assessment task and homework during Term 2. It is
really important for Year 11 make sure they are organised, keeping up with their school work and
focusing on looking after their mental health. Ensuring they are staying active, sleeping well, connecting
with others and eating a balanced diet. If any students are feeling overwhelmed in this busy period there
is many support networks available to them at the school. If you are worried about a student please
contact Ms Murphy, Ms Tagg or Ms Houghton.

There will be a camp to begin Year 12 there is going to be a camp during the first week back on the 16 Oc-
Mac Chat Newsletter                                        Volume 1, Issue 4                       Page 28

tober—18 October before classes commence week 2. Notes are now due to the year adviser along with
their deposit to secure their position. If you have any inquiries about this camp please call the school and
ask to speak to Ms Murphy or Ms Tagg. This will be a great opportunity for students create memories
they will never forget and to get in the right frame of mind at the beginning of their journey in completing
their HSC.

Ms Murphy and Ms Tagg.


QUOTA International Macarthur.
Peter Gleeson participated in the Quota International ‘Student of the Year’ competition on Monday 17
July. This completion involves a panel interview as well as a 4 minute prepared speech and a 1 minute
impromptu speech. Peter’s speech and the Virtues
of Youth Today was inspiring and won the
adjudicators over with his grace and humility.
Peter was names the ‘Student of the Year’ for
Also in an amazing week for Peter, he was also
successful in his application for ‘Secretary for a
Day’ where he is spend a day in the Phillip Street
office of the Department and participate in
leadership and network building activities. This is a
wonderful achievement as each school in the state
was able to submit two applications and only 42
students were chosen state-wide. An amazing
effort for an outstanding student.
Congratulations to all the students who
participate in the extra- curricular opportunities
offered at Elizabeth Macarthur High School. We
are truly demonstrating our values of respect,
responsibility and pride.

Ms Houghton
Senior Debating and Public Speaking coach.
Mac Chat Newsletter                                      Volume 1, Issue 4                       Page 29

Public Speaking and Debating News

The senior debater have been extremely busy over
the last term with a total of 9 debates being com-
pleted by 3 teams. Our A team were the Zone
Champions and narrowly missed out on an ex-
tremely close debate for a semi- final position de-
bating the topic ‘That social media influencers
should be liable for damages that arise from the
products that they promote’ amazing skills demon-
strated by Ashley, Neeraj, Rongon Nathanial and
Year 11 were also involved in the Metro round
which is just for Yr 11 students. We have has one
successful debate against Sarah Redfern and one
loss to Hurlstone. Excellent work by all member of
the team- Rongon, Anteneth, Larissa, Peter.

                                                 Plain English Public Speaking

                                                 Neeraj was also a successful speaker in the Plain English
                                                 Public speaking competition at Elderslie High School. He
                                                 then competed in the Regional Final at The Art Unit in

                                                 Continued on Page 26
Mac Chat Newsletter                                         Volume 1, Issue 4        Page 30

      Year 7 – 10 School Voluntary Fees $52.00
      Year 7 – 10 Site Contribution Fees $50.00
      P & C Levy $20 per Student (3 or more siblings $50 per Family)
                                           SUBJECT                                FEE
 7      Agriculture                                                              $15.00
        English                                                                  $20.00
        History                                                                  $20.00
        Industrial Arts                                                          $30.00
        Languages                                                                $15.00
        Life Technology – Mandatory                                              $30.00
        Mathematics                                                              $30.00
        Music                                                                    $30.00
        PD/H/PE                                                                  $15.00
        Science                                                                  $25.00
        Visual Arts                                                              $40.00
 8      Agriculture                                                              $30.00
        English                                                                  $20.00
        Geography                                                                $20.00
        Mathematics                                                              $30.00
        Music                                                                    $30.00
        PDHPE                                                                    $15.00
        Science                                                                  $25.00
        Industrial Arts – Technology Mandatory                                   $30.00
        Life Technology – Technology Mandatory                                   $30.00
        Visual Arts                                                              $45.00

 9      Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS)                            $50.00
        Agriculture 100 Hr & 200 Hr                                              $60.00
        Child Studies                                                            $40.00
        Commerce                                                                 $40.00
        English                                                                  $20.00
        Food Technology                                                          $80.00
        History                                                                  $20.00
        History Elective200HR                                                    $20.00
        Industrial Technology Metal 100HR (min fee + design project materials)   $50.00
        Industrial Technology Multi Media 200HR                                  $30.00
        Industrial Technology Timber 200HR                                       $50.00
        Information Software & Tech 100HR                                        $30.00
        Investigating Science                                                    $30.00
        Mathematics Ext 2 100HR                                                  $30.00
        Mathematics                                                              $30.00
        Music                                                                    $40.00
        PD/H/PE                                                                  $15.00
        Photographic and Digital Media                                           $60.00
        Photography Soc Med                                                      $60.00
        Visual Arts                                                              $50.00
        Science                                                                  $25.00
        Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)                                    $50.00
Mac Chat Newsletter                                     Volume 1, Issue 4               Page 31

      Year 7 – 10 School Voluntary Fees $52.00
      Year 7 – 10 Site Contribution Fees $50.00
      P & C Levy $20 per Student (3 or more siblings $50 per Family)
                                     SUBJECT                                      FEE
 10     Physical Activities and Sports Studies (PASS)                             $50.00
        Agriculture                                                               $60.00
        Building & Construction 100HR (min fee + design project materials)        $50.00
        Commerce                                                                  $40.00
        Dance 200HR                                                               $55.00
        Duke Of Ed                                                                $30.00
        English                                                                   $20.00
        French                                                                    $15.00
        Food Tech                                                                 $80.00
        Geography                                                                 $20.00
        History Elective 100HR                                                    $10.00
        Industrial Tech Multi Med 200HR                                           $30.00
        Industrial Tech Timber 200HR (min fee + design project materials)         $60.00
        Information Software Technology 100HR                                     $50.00
        Mathematics                                                               $30.00
        Mathematics Extension                                                     $30.00
        Music 100HR                                                               $40.00
        PD/H/PE                                                                   $15.00
        Photography Dig Med 200HR                                                 $60.00
        Science                                                                   $25.00
        Sport Studies                                                             $50.00
        Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)                                     $50.00
        Visual Arts 200HR                                                         $50.00

                       Deadly Homework Centre

                                                            Monday afternoons
                                                    Location: Elizabeth Macarthur High
                                                    School Library.
                                                    Time: 3.15pm-4.45pm
                                                     Permission note at back of newsletter—
                                                                    page 32
Mac Chat Newsletter                                       Volume 1, Issue 4         Page 32

       Year 11-12 School Voluntary Fees $85.00
       Year 11-12 Site Contribution Fees $50.00
       P & C Levy $20 per Student (3 or more siblings $50 per Family)

                                      SUBJECT                                 FEE
 11      Agriculture                                                           $50.00
         Ancient History                                                       $20.00
         Biology                                                               $60.00
         Business Studies                                                      $20.00
         Chemistry                                                             $60.00
         Community & Family Studies                                            $30.00
         Dance                                                                 $45.00
         Design & Tech (min fee + design project materials)                    $50.00
         Drama                                                                 $45.00
         Economics                                                             $20.00
         English Standard                                                      $35.00
         English Advanced                                                      $35.00
         English Studies                                                       $35.00
         Food Tech                                                             $80.00
         French                                                                $20.00
         Geography                                                             $20.00
         Hospitality Food & Bev                                                $80.00
         Hospitality Tool Kit Hire (2yrs 11-12)                                $20.00
         Hospitality Uniform Hire (2yrs 11-12)                                 $20.00
         Industrial Tech Multi Med                                             $50.00
         Industrial Tech Timber (min fee + design project materials)          $100.00
         Info, Process & Tech                                                  $50.00
         Investigating Science                                                 $60.00
         Languages                                                             $15.00
         Legal Studies                                                         $20.00
         Maths Extension                                                       $40.00
         Mathematics                                                           $40.00
         Mathematics Standard                                                  $40.00
         Modern History                                                        $20.00
         Music 1                                                               $50.00
         PD/H/PE                                                               $30.00
         Physics                                                               $60.00
         Primary Industries                                                    $50.00
         Society & Culture                                                     $20.00
         Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (SLR)                                 $50.00
         Studies of Religion                                                   $10.00
         VET Construction – Elderslie                                         $100.00
         Video Photography & Digital Media                                     $80.00
         Visual Arts                                                           $80.00
Mac Chat Newsletter                           Volume 1, Issue 4              Page 33


       Year 11-12 School Voluntary Fees $85.00
       Year 11-12 Site Contribution Fees $50.00
       P & C Levy $20 per Student (3 or more siblings $50 per Family)

                                   SUBJECT                              FEE
12       Agriculture                                                    $50.00
         Ancient History                                                $30.00
         Biology                                                        $60.00
         Business Studies                                               $25.00
         Chemistry                                                      $60.00
         Community & Family Studies                                     $30.00
         Dance                                                          $45.00
         Drama                                                          $45.00
         Economics                                                      $25.00
         English Standard                                               $35.00
         English Advanced                                               $35.00
         English Studies                                                $35.00
         Food Tech                                                      $60.00
         Geography                                                      $25.00
         History Extension                                              $15.00
         Hospitality Food & Bev                                         $80.00
         Industrial Tech Multi Media                                    $50.00
         Industrial Tech – Timber                                       $50.00
         Information, Process & Tech                                    $50.00
         Legal Studies                                                  $25.00
         Math Ext 2                                                     $40.00
         Maths Advanced                                                 $40.00
         Maths Std 1                                                    $40.00
         Maths Std 2                                                    $40.00
         Maths Ext 1                                                    $40.00
         Mathematics                                                    $40.00
         Modern History                                                 $30.00
         PDHPE                                                          $35.00
         Physics                                                        $60.00
         Society & Culture                                              $25.00
         Sport & Rec                                                    $50.00
         Studies of Religion                                            $15.00
         Video, Photo & Digital Med                                     $80.00
         Visual Arts                                                    $80.00
Mac Chat Newsletter   Volume 1, Issue 4   Page 34
Mac Chat Newsletter   Volume 1, Issue 4   Page 35
Mac Chat Newsletter   Volume 1, Issue 4   Page 36
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