Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education

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Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education

Open day
Thursday 24th January 2019   2019/20
Further Education & Training
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
“We take pride in providing our learners with
      a valuable insight into the world of work
      supported by a comprehensive career guidance
                                                     Principal’s Message
      and learner support service.”                  Tugann se an-phleisiur dom ár                   We take pride in providing our learners

    – Pat Maunsell                                   Réamheolaire Chláracha Lánaimseartha
                                                     anseo ag Coláiste Breisoideachais Luimnigh
                                                                                                     with a valuable insight into the world
                                                                                                     of work supported by a comprehensive
                                                     (LCFE) a chur I láthair duit don bhliain        career guidance and learner support
                                                     acadúil 2019/20. Tá cáil thar na beartaibh      service. Our close links with local industry,
                                                     ar an gColáiste ardoideachas a sholáthar        research agencies and higher education
                                                     sa réigiún seo le blianta fada anuas agus ag    in developing courses ensure that
                                                     dul ó neart go neart atáimid ag freastal ar     learners have excellent job prospects and
                                                     riachtanais ár mic léinn I saol an lae inniu.   opportunities for furthering their education.
                                                                                                     LCFE supports its teaching and learning
                                                     Más mian leat tairbhe a bhaint as oiliúint      with state-of-the-art resources reflecting
                                                     de hardchaighdeán agus do dheiseanna            industry standards and local industry needs.
                                                     fostaíochta a fheabhsú, bheadh fáilte is céad   However, our greatest asset is our staff. They
                                                     romhat anseo linn. Le hatmaisféar cairdiúil,    are dedicated, professional and committed
                                                     ranganna beaga agus seirbhísí tacaíochta        to the learners who join us.
                                                     den scoth, táim cinnte gur féidir le LCFE
                                                     cabhrú leat barr do chumais a bhaint amach.     We have set out an ambitious strategy for
                                                                                                     LCFE over the coming years whereby we will
                                                     It gives me great pleasure to introduce         continue to strive for excellence in teaching
                                                     you to our full-time courses available at       and learning, in course development, in
                                                     Limerick College of Further Education           quality assurance, in continuous professional
                                                     (LCFE). The College, which is in existence      development, in ICT, in the physical
                                                     for 55 years, has provided the highest          infrastructure and in support for our learners.
                                                     quality education and training to the
                                                     people of Limerick and beyond. What             The Further Education and Training
                                                     started out as a second-level ‘College of       landscape has changed significantly in
                                                     Commerce’ in 1963 is today a thriving and       recent years with the establishment of
                                                     successful College of Further Education         the ETB’s, SOLAS and the QQI. Further
                                                     and Training in the Mid-West Region.            Education is now rightly recognised as a
                                                                                                     distinct sector achieving parity of esteem
                                                     We specialise mainly at Level 5 and Level 6     with primary, secondary and third-level
                                                     of the National Framework of Qualifications     education. Many challenges lie ahead for
                                                     and offer a wide range of quality assured       the sector but we at LCFE are embracing
                                                     courses in a wide variety of disciplines. Our   change and positioning the College to
                                                     purpose is to provide a quality education       provide the highest standard of education
                                                     and training experience to our learners so      and training possible to our learners.
                                                     that they can gain employment or progress
                                                     to higher education.                            Pat Maunsell, Principal

2   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                      Realising New Futures                 3
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Contents                                                               School of Business
                                                                           & Information
                                                                           Technology         44
                                                                                                                  IT Department
                                                                                                                  CSN1   Computer Systems &

                                                                                                                  CSN2   Advanced Computer             72
                                                                          Business Department                            Systems & Networks
                                                                          AFXX Accounting & Finance with     47   SD1X   Software Development          73
                                                                               Information Technology
                                                                                                                  SD2X   Advanced Software             74
                                                                          ATIX   Accounting Technician       48          Development
                                                                                 Ireland (ATI)
                                                                                                                  ASDX App & Software                  75
                              Principal’s Message             3           ACHX Arts Culture & History        49        Development
                                                                          BAXX Business Administration       51   CGPX Computer Games                  76
                              10 Reasons to come to LCFE      8                                                        Programming
                                                                          BCEX   Business Communications     52
                              Our Locations                   10                 with English as a Second
                                                                                 Language (ESL)                    School of Childcare
                              General Information             12
                                                                          BSXX   Business Studies            53    & Healthcare        77
                              How to Apply                    21   ECCE   CSOX   Customer Services           54   Childcare Department
                              QQI Links Scheme                22                                                  ECCE   Early Childhood Care &         81
                                                                          LIBX   Liberal Arts                55          Education (with Montessori
                              LCFE AND LIT                    24                                                         & Special Needs)
                                                                          CAXX Computer Applications         56
                              Progression Opportunities       25          EBXX Economics with Business       57   ACSN Advanced Certificate in         82
                                                                                                                       Early Childhood Care &
                              Life in Limerick                26          ESFX   European Studies with       58        Education with Special
                                                                                 French                                Needs
                              Students Union                  27          LAXX Legal Administration          59   Healthcare Department
                              Library/Learning Hub            28          MLXX Marketing                     60   APSS   Applied Social Studies        83
                              Open Day                        30          PAXX Pharmacy Assistant            61   HSMX Health Services Supervisory     84
                                                                          RNXX Reception/ Office             62        Management Skills
                              Equality & Diversity            31               Administration                     ECPX   Emergency Care Personnel      85
                              LCFE Learner Creativity         32          PHAX Payroll and HR                63   HSXX Healthcare Support              86
                              TV & Film - Creative Engagement 33                                                  NSXX Nursing Studies (Pre-Nursing)   87
                                                                          RSXX   Retail Studies              64
                              LCFE Erasmus Plus Programme     34          TTSX   Travel & Tourism Services   65    School of Beauty
                              Enterprise Engagement in LCFE   35          AAXX Advanced Certificate in       66    & Hair                              88
                              Graduation                      36                                                  Beauty Department
                                                                          ABXX Advanced Certificate in       67
                                                                                                                  BTXX Beauty & Complementary           91
                              Sport                           37               Business (Enterprise,
                                                                               Marketing & Management)
                              FAQ                             39                                                  Hairdressing Department
                                                                          ATTX   Advanced Certificate in     68
                                                                                 Travel & Tourism                 HDXX Hairdressing                    92
                              Vision, Mission + Values        41
                                                                          CSXX   Culinary Skills             69   SALM Salon Management                94
                              Our Experience                  42

4   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                 Realising New Futures            5
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
School of Creative                        Fashion Design Department                 MTXX Music Technology and
                                                                                                                        Sound Production
                               Media & Visual Arts 95                    CDTX Costume Design for             106
                                                                              Theatre, TV & Film                   ATVX Advanced Film & TV Studies 132
                              Art + Design Department
                                                                         FDTX   Fashion Design and Textile   108   PASX   Performing Arts                    133
                              ADAI   Art & Design Portfolio with   99           Portfolio
                                     Animation and Illustration
                                                                         FDAX Advanced Fashion &             109    School of Sports, Science
                              ADXX Art & Design Portfolio          100        Textile Studies                       + Engineering         134
                              ADGX Art and Design Portfolio     101      RBFX   Retail Practice & Blogging   111   SPORTS Department
                                   with Illustration & Graphics                 for Fashion
                                                                                                                   SRXX   Sports, Recreation & Exercise 137
                              ADMX Art, Craft & Design             102   FDKX Knitwear Design for            112
                                   (Mornings)                                 Fashion & Textiles                   SREX   Advanced Sports, Strength          138
                                                                                                                          and Conditioning
                              CCXX Creative Craft                  103   interior Design Department
                                                                                                                   SIMX   Sports Injury Management           139
                              AAXX Advanced Art                    104   IDXX   Interior Design Skills       113          (with Community Health Services)
                              ADXX Art, Design and Three           105          and Portfolio
                                                                                                                   LFXX   Leisure Facility Supervisory 140
                                   Dimensional Studies                   PHOTOGRAPHY Department                           Management
                                                                         LBPX   Lens Based Art               114   PSTX   Pre Physiotherapy/                 141
                                                                                (Photography & Video)                     Sports Therapy
                              “Education is the                         PH1X
                                                                                Advanced Photography
                                                                                                                   SCIENCE Department

                                key to your future,                      Multimedia Department
                                                                                                                   ASLX   Applied Science/
                                                                                                                          Laboratory Techniques

                                we’ve heard it a                         MPAX Animation and Digital Media 118      ENGINEERING Department
                                                                                                                   AT CAPPAMORE CAMPUS
                                million times before                     MAXX Multimedia, Animation and
                                                                              Games Design
                                                                                                                   CTCC   Construction Technology            146

                                and it’s so true.”                       CGDX Computer Games Design          120   ETCC   Engineering Technology             148

                                – Audrey, TV and                         media Department
                                                                         DMPX Digital Media Production       122
                                                                                                                    Cappamore Campus 143
                                Film Production                          BJMS   Broadcast Journalism         123
                                                                                                                   BACC Business Administration              149
                                                                                & Media Studies                    ECCC   Early Childhood Care and           150
                                                                         EMTV Event Management with          124
                                                                              TV Studies                           HSCC Healthcare Support                   151
                                                                         PJXX   Print Journalism             125   NSCC Nursing Studies (Pre-Nursing) 153
                                                                         RBMM Radio Broadcasting &           126   ACCC Animal Care                          154
                                                                              Music Management                     BICC   Blacksmith & Iron Craft            155
                                                                         TFPX   TV & Film Production/        128   HSCC Horticultural Studies                156
                                                                                Film Studies
                                                                                                                   CSCC   Creative Sewing & Knitting         157
                                                                         JWMX Journalism (Writing Skills     129          (Mornings)
                                                                              with Radio) (Mornings)
                                                                         ARXX Advanced Certificate in        130    Evening Courses                     158
                                                                              Media Production/Radio
                                                                                                                    College Staff                       164
6   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                  Realising New Futures                 7
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
                                           to come
                                           to lcfe

    1      SUCCESS
           LCFE is the largest provider of further education and training in the Mid-West
           region. The college is a dynamic and thriving educational environment.            7   TECHNOLOGY +

                                                                                                 We have a fully stocked library,
                                     EQUALITY + DIVERSITY                                        computer rooms and well
                                                                                                 equipped workshops to help you
                                     You will be studying in a safe and secure
                                                                                                 learn. You can also use Moodle,
                                     environment where everyone is equal. We actively
                                                                                                 our online learning platform.
                                     promote diversity and respect for different cultures.

                           3         WITHIN REACH
                                     We are a multi-purpose campus college with
                                     connections to main rail and bus routes.
                                                                                                 8     WORKING

                                                                                                       We are proud to say that we work
                                                                                                       with hundreds of employers every
           RANGE OF courses                                                                            year through our work experience
                                                                                                       programme which provides
           We have courses at level 5 & 6 on the NFQ with choices from over
           80 different courses and disciplines.                                                       opportunities for our learners.

           We have a group of people who can improve your basic skills, revision
           techniques and who can help if you have dyslexia, hearing or sight
                                                                                                 9     TOP MARKS
                                                                                                       LCFE has excellent learner results and a well established
                                                                                                       reputation for excellence in teaching.
           impairment or any other type of learning or physical difficulty.

    6      FUN STUFF
           You can get Involved in clubs and societies, sports, go on trips, events and
           much more to make your time at college fun.
                                                                                                 10          FACILITIES
                                                                                                             We have purpose built studios with state of the art equipment,
                                                                                                             iMac Lab, Hair and Beauty Salons, Media Suite and Radio
                                                                                                             Station, Learning Resource Centres and much much more.

8   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                                     Realising New Futures         9
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Our Locations
                                 LCFE @ FET Centre,
     LCFE Main Campus            Kilmallock Road Campus
     Mulgrave Street, Limerick   Kilmallock Road, Limerick

                                                                              LCFE @ FET CENTRE,
                                                                           KILMALLOCK ROAD CAMPUS

                                 LCFE @ FET Centre Cappamore Campus
                                 Cappamore, Co. Limerick

                                                      LCFE @ FET CENTRE,
                                                     CAPPAMORE CAMPUS

10   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                               Realising New Futures    11
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Further Education Provision
                                                            provide opportunities to gain
                                                            employment or to access higher level
                                                            programmes in a number of Institutes
                                                            of Technology or Universities.
                                                            For further information on any of our
                                                            courses visit www.lcfe.ie
                                                            Limerick College of Further Education      Layout of this Prospectus
                                                            is the largest provider of Further         LCFE is divided into five Schools. These

                                                            Education and Training courses in the      are: the Schools of Business & Information
                                                            Mid-West region. We offer more than        Technology; Childcare & Healthcare;
                                                            80 courses over a diverse range of         Hairdressing & Beauty; Creative Media
                                                            disciplines. The College is a dynamic      & Visual Arts and Sports, Science &

                                                            and thriving educational environment,      Engineering. Information on day-time
                                                            with a significant increase in             courses is part of this prospectus. There is
                                                            enrolments in recent years.                a separate section for courses we deliver
                                                                                                       in our Cappamore Campus. There is also
                                                            The college is administered by Limerick
                                                                                                       some brief information about Evening
                                                            and Clare Education and Training
                                                                                                       Courses at the back of this publication.
                                                            Board, the state education and training
                                                                                                       If you wish to obtain further information
                                                            authority for the Limerick and Clare
                                                                                                       about Evening Courses, check out our
                                                            region. The authority is responsible
                                                                                                       website www.lcfe.ie, or contact the College
                                                            for the delivery of Further Education
                                                                                                       on 061 414344, extensions 122 or 123.
                                                            and Training provision to over 24,000
                                                            learners at almost 300 locations each      Course information is provided in the
                                                            year. With its enrolment figures, LCFE     following order: starting with Business
                                                            is the largest of the authority’s FET      and Information Technology; Childcare
                                                            centres in the region. The campi being     and Healthcare; Hairdressing and Beauty;
                               “The college is a friendly   up to date and well equipped means
                                                            the settings lend themselves to the
                                                                                                       Creative Media and Visual Arts; Sports,
                                                                                                       Science and Engineering; Cappamore
                                place. Both the learners    smooth acquisition of Awards for those     Campus and finally, Adult Education
                                                            willing to make the required effort.       (Evening Courses). Each section begins with
                                and teachers are really     These Awards are designed to prepare       QQI Level 5 courses. NB - The Accounting

                                supportive and sound.”      holders for progression to higher-level
                                                            awards in Institutes of Technology
                                                                                                       Technician (ATI) is NOT a QQI Award.
                                                                                                       Limerick College of Further Education
                                  – Eric, Construction      (IOTs), Universities and other Colleges.
                                                            Awards can also lead directly into the
                                                                                                       will only use the data supplied for the

                                                 Studies    workplace.
                                                                                                       purposes it was intended.

12   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                      Realising New Futures               13
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Use of your personal data will be subject      Why choose Cappamore?
     to our stringent policies and terms on         Although based in a rural setting it’s still
     personal data use and protection.              only a 15 minute drive from Limerick city
                                                    centre; while it also serves the other areas
     Limerick                                       in East Limerick and South Tipperary.
     Limerick, the capital of the Mid-West,
                                                    The campus boasts ample free and safe
     has dramatically changed in recent
                                                    parking on its grounds. A range of niche
     years. Regeneration of the city centre
                                                    full time courses are on offer including
     and docklands has made Limerick a
                                                    Animal Care, Construction Technology
     vibrant and exciting city, made livelier
                                                    and Blacksmithing. Also on offer are full
     by the vast number of learners attending
                                                    time Healthcare and Childcare courses.
     the many Colleges in and around the
                                                    Due to the small nature of being small
     city. The city boasts numerous sporting
                                                    in a rural setting, we strive to provide
     and cultural events and is renowned
                                                    an excellent education and training
     for its cheerful and welcoming cafés,
                                                    experience for our learners. Our dedicated,
     restaurants and clubs.
                                                    helpful and professional staff here ensures
     Location                                       that qualifications and experiences gained
     Learners can choose the individual locations   will expand our learners ‘employment and
     of LCFE’s three campi as they offer a great    higher education opportunities.
     study/life balance. Each Campus has been
     developed to offer the Learner a positive
                                                    Our Learner Profile
                                                    Limerick College of Further Education
     learning experience at a location that is
                                                    offers a wide range of courses to meet
     convenient to their individual needs.
                                                    the needs of school leavers and mature
     LCFE Main Campus                               learners. The vast majority of courses
     Mulgrave Street, Limerick                      are QQI (Quality Qualifications Ireland)
     Limerick College of Further Education’s        accredited. QQI is the national awarding
     main Campus is situated on Mulgrave            body for further education and training.
     Street which is a 10 minute walk both          Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is
     from the city centre and Limerick Bus and      acknowledged in line with QQI guidelines.
     Rail Station. It is the largest of our three   Learning Support is also available.
     campuses offering courses in a variety of
     areas such as Business and Childcare.          Range of Courses
                                                    QQI courses at Limerick College of
     LCFE @ FET Centre, Kilmallock                  Further Education are offered at Levels
     Road Campus
     The second LCFE location is based at
                                                    5 and 6. These courses are part of the
                                                    National Framework of Qualifications
                                                                                                       “My course helped
     the FET Centre, Kilmallock Road. It is a
     modern building offering courses in the
                                                    (NFQ). Entry requirements are the                      me build great
                                                    Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate
     area of Science.
                                                    Applied (LCA), QQI Level 4 or                       professional links
     LCFE @ FET Centre Cappamore
                                                    equivalent. Mature learners are normally
                                                    exempt from entry requirements and
                                                                                                        through my Work
     Our third campus is a vibrant Further
     Education and Training centre situated
                                                    so are eligible to apply for all College
                                                    courses, once they have reached 23 years
     in the heart of East Limerick.                 of age, or 21 years for the ATI Course.        – Maeve, Hairdressing
14   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                              Realising New Futures   15
Full-Time Courses - 2019/20 Further education & training Thursday 24th January 2019 - Limerick College of Further Education
Other awarding bodies include City &          QQI Points
                                Guilds, Accounting Technicians Ireland,       The CAO score QQI applicants on
                                CIBTAC and ITEC. Holders of QQI Awards        their best 8 modules from a Major
     “I really love learning   may use their QQI CAO points to progress
                                to higher education. Please contact
                                                                              Award where applicants are eligible for
                                                                              consideration. Please see section on QQI
       a heritage skill from    the Admissions Office or current HEI          links scheme in this prospectus for more
                                literature of any College you plan to apply
       a great teacher.         to as a QQI applicant. They will be able to
                                                                              specific information. Applicants should
                                                                              consult HEI literature to establish
       The course is            provide you with up to date information.
                                You may also refer to the CAO website
                                                                              specific QQI level 5 and 6 requirements.

       extremely hands on       www.cao.ie to check QQI information.          Local Agreements
                                                                              Under the terms of a new Progression
       and has given me         Amalgamation of                               Agreement with LIT, LCFE learners who
                                QQI/FETAC, HETAC,                             achieve a major Award may now progress
       the opportunity to       IUQB + NQAI                                   to Year 1 of any level 6 or level 7 course

       further my studies       On the 6th November 2012, Quality
                                and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) was
                                                                              at LIT. Entry to Level 8 courses at LIT
                                                                              require a Major Award with 3 Distinctions.
       in England.”             established as a new integrated agency
                                                                              Portfolio requirements where applicable
                                                                              remain unchanged. Application is through
                                (replacing the Further Education and
     – James, Blacksmith        Training Awards Council, the Higher
                                                                              CAO. LCFE also has a bilateral agreement
                                                                              with Mary Immaculate College for
     and Iron Craft             Education and Training Awards Council
                                and the National Qualifications Authority
                                                                              learners from Media courses to progress
                                                                              to MI002 Bachelor of Arts. Application
                                of Ireland and incorporating the functions
                                                                              is through the CAO. In addition, LCFE
                                of the Irish Universities Quality Board).
                                                                              has also negotiated advanced entry
                                The establishment of this single              progression opportunities for holders of
                                unified agency to assure the quality of       QQI Level 6 Awards with various IOTs.
                                qualifications and of learners’ experience    Details of these arrangements are on the
                                of education and training at all levels       relevant course pages.
                                makes it easier for employers and others
                                                                              Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)
                                to make sense of Irish qualifications,
                                                                              offers preferential entry to learners who
                                including within a global context. This
                                                                              successfully complete a linked QQI FET
                                move has strengthened the focus on
                                                                              course in partner Colleges of Further
                                high quality learning experiences across
                                                                              Education. LCFE is one such partner
                                all education and training provision
                                                                              college. (WIT Further Education Progression
                                nationally. The strength of current
                                                                              Scheme; see www.wit.ie/progression)
                                qualifications and quality assurance
                                systems continues to grow, opening up         Counselling Service
                                new opportunities for people to engage        LCFE offers learners a comprehensive
                                and succeed in learning.                      Guidance Counselling Service,
                                                                              including advice on higher education
                                Fees                                          options and personal counselling.
                                Note that an Application Administration       The College Guidance Counsellors are
                                Fee of €20 now applies to all applications.   available for private consultations with
                                This is a non refundable payment.             all registered learners.

16   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                             Realising New Futures              17
Learners with                                    You will be required to bring in two
     Additional Needs                                 forms of ID. One photographic ID such
     LCFE makes every effort to facilitate            as an up-to-date Passport or Drivers
     applicants with Special Needs. Applicants        Licence. The other ID must show proof of
     should contact the Guidance Counselling          address such as CAO Application or Bank
     service at the time of registration.             Statement (within six months).
     The counsellors will facilitate the              The National Vetting Bureau Children &
     processing of applications for funding to        Vulnerable Persons Act, 2012 specifies
     the Higher Education Authority (HEA). The        that all persons who wish to undertake
     College is fully accessible to wheelchair        certain work, services or activities
     users and there is a lift to all floors.         relating to children or vulnerable adults
                                                      must have a Garda Vetting Disclosure.
     Learning Support                                 Since 29th April 2016, it is a criminal
     LCFE endeavours to provide learning              offence to work with young children and
     support for those experiencing                   vulnerable adults without this disclosure.
     difficulties with specific modules,
     subject to resource availability.                If you are over 18 years and have resided
                                                      outside of the Republic of Ireland and
     This service is designed so that all
                                                      Northern Ireland for a period longer than 6
     learners are enabled to:
                                                      consecutive months, many work placements
     - participate fully in the College community     in Childcare and Healthcare require original
     - develop in a supportive environment in        Police Vetting Clearance from the country/
         which they can enhance their individuality   countries that you have lived or worked in.

     Garda Vetting                                    If you are under the age of 18 years,
     LCFE/LCETB (Limerick and Clare                   parental consent will be required before the
     Education and Training Board) is                 Garda Vetting process can be carried out.
     committed to practices which safeguard           In order to obtain work placements,
     the welfare of learners, young people and        Garda Vetting is mandatory for some
     vulnerable adults. LCETB is registered           specific vocational areas. It is necessary
     with the Garda Central Vetting Unit              to pass the work experience module in
     and will be conducting Garda Vetting
     on learners attending courses where it
                                                      order to obtain a full award.
                                                                                                           “My course helps
                                                      English Language
     is identified that possible interaction
     with children and vulnerable adults is a         Assessment                                        me grow as a person
     feature of the course. Any information
     disclosed by the Garda Central Vetting
                                                      All applicants whose first language is
                                                      not English will be asked to complete
                                                                                                         because it’s not just
     Unit may be shared with the appropriate          an English Language Assessment. This               nursing, it’s people,
     decision making personnel in prospective         assessment takes place in May and
     work experience organisations. It is the         again in August. The purpose of this                 ethics and about
     learner’s responsibility to ensure that all
     information is correct, as any omission
                                                      assessment is to ascertain the applicant’s
                                                      competence level in relation to the
                                                                                                               making you a
     will mean a delay in the processing of the
     application. Garda Vetting Application
                                                      course requirements. Limerick College of
                                                      Further Education has links with ESOL
                                                                                                              better person.”
     must be completed at Induction stage.            @ FET Centre, Kilmallock Road Campus.          – Charity, Pre-Nursing
18   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                 Realising New Futures   19
This may assist referral and progression      Students’ Union
                                                             for learners. NOTE: Applicants who have       LCFE has a vibrant Students’ Union
                                                             completed or are currently taking Leaving     which was established to represent the
                                                             Certificate English are exempt from this      interests of the learners and to advance
                                                             assessment. A copy of their Leaving           their rights. While it works within the
                                                             Certificate must be provided.                 policies and procedures of the College,
                                                                                                           it is an independent voice for learners.
                                                             Further Education Grants                      It has its own office within the campus
                                                             Means-tested Maintenance Grants are           and organises many social and cultural
                                                             available to qualifying learners. These       events throughout the academic year.
                                                             grants are administered by Learner
                                                             Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)              Open Day
                                                             through www.learnerfinance.ie.                The best way to find out what LCFE has to
                                                             All applications must be made online.         offer is to visit on our Open Day on Thursday
                                                             The College has a Grants Officer, who         24th January 2019. Come along and meet
                                                             will advise applicants, as necessary.         with academic staff and existing learners
                                                                                                           and enjoy viewing our Art/Ceramics/
                                                                                                           Photography and Fashion exhibitions.

                                                             How to Apply
                                                             It is a fast, user-friendly procedure         Applicants applying for Visual Arts
                                                             and your application will be processed        courses are required to bring some
                                                             quickly. You must select 3 courses of         samples of relevant personal work to the
                                                             your choice. Please do not omit your          interview.
                                                             Mobile Phone Number, PPS Number
                                                                                                           Equally, those interested in Childcare,
                                                             or email address. Receipt of your
                                                                                                           Healthcare, Hairdressing or Beauty
                                                             application will be acknowledged by text
                                                                                                           Therapy, are advised to try to gain some
                                                             message and email. Interviews will be
                                                                                                           relevant work experience and perhaps
                                                             held in May and places will be offered at
                                                                                                           bring references along to interview. Any
                                                             that stage. Interviews will also be held in
                                                                                                           other evidence of relevant work done is
                                     “The Applied Social     late August to fill any remaining places.
                                                             Therefore, early application is advisable.
                                                                                                           well worth bringing along.

                                Studies course has given
                               me a great taste of what to   You may also download an Application Form
                                           expect at LIT.”   from our website www.lcfe.ie
                                         – Roy, Applied      Applicants are strongly encouraged
                                           Social Studies    to APPLY ONLINE

20   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                          Realising New Futures                21
QQI Links                                                                                  “I like the link to Higher
                                                                                                  Education with
     Scheme                                                                                       LIT after I finish
                                                                                                  this course.”
     National Framework of Qualifications                                                       – Jamie,
     All QQI Awards have been placed on the       Institutes of Technology from September       Advanced
     National Framework of Qualifications. It     2017, all QQI level 5 and QQI level
     is easy to see at a glance where the Award   6 awards will be scored to deliver a          Business
     you wish to pursue stands on the 10-Level    maximum of 390 CAO points.
     Framework. All QQI course content            Scoring: A minimum of 120 credits
     information in this Prospectus is correct    must be presented. Points will only be
     at the time of going to press. Limerick      calculated if the required awards and/
     College of Further Education accepts         or modules are presented. Starting with
     no responsibility for any changes which      Distinctions, then Merits, then Passes,
     occur and affect any existing course.        add all the credits until a cumulative
                                                  value of 120 is reached. Ignore any
     QQI Links Scheme Progression to
                                                  credits above 120. For the credits that
     Institutes of Technology, Universities
                                                  you are including, multiply the credit
     and Other Colleges
                                                  value by the grade weighting, i.e.
     QQI: Further Education and Training          multiply by 3 in the case of a Distinction,
     Awards Council - Quality and                 by 2 in the case of a Merit, by 1 in the
     Qualifications Ireland.                      case of a Pass. Add these scores. Multiply
     HETAC: Higher Education and Training         the total by 13, then divide the answer by
     Awards Council.                              12. If you get a decimal place, round your
                                                  result to the nearest whole number.
     Note: Progression to Universities and
                                                  For further details, visit www2.cao.ie/
     other Colleges from QQI courses is
                                                  fetac/FETAC_scoring.pdf. Please refer to
     possible through the Higher Education
                                                  relevant HEI literature and CAO website
     Links Scheme (HELS). For entry into
                                                  for specific requirements.

                                                                                                                    “I really enjoy the practical
                                                                                                                          side of my course and
                                                                                                                               working outside.”
                                                                                                                               – Kev, Advanced
                                                                                                                           Sports & Recreation
22   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                    Realising New Futures   23
LCFE continues
     to create                                                             Progression
     pathways for                                                          Opportunities
     LIT enrols a very significant number of
     learners from LCFE every year based
     on course links to each LIT course. This
                                                                           Higher Education                            Links to Nursing
     number has grown significantly since
     LIT and LCFE formalised their links
                                                                           Links Scheme                                Programmes
     across all courses, which helps to create                             A large number of higher education          Learners are eligible for consideration
     smooth and seamless pathways for                                      institutions including Universities,        for entry to Nursing programmes when
     learners. Such pathways operate through                               Institutes of Technology and private 3rd    they achieve the QQI Level 5 Award
     the CAO for learners entering first year.                             Level Colleges offer places to QQI CAO      5M4349 (Nursing Studies), 5M4468
                                                                           applicants.                                 (Community & Health Services),
     Learners successfully completing QQI
                                                                                                                       5M4339 (Health Care Support), 5M3782
     Certificate Level 5 with LCFE are offered                             In addition to the Higher Education
                                                                                                                       (Health Service Skills) and/or obtain
     entry to LIT courses based on the                                     Links Scheme (HELS), which links
                                                                                                                       a Distinction in 5 modules in the QQI
     collaboration agreement. Learners who                                 specific QQI Level 5 Certificates and
                                                                                                                       Level 5 programme, which must include
     complete Advanced Certification Level                                 some Level 6 Advanced Certificates to
                                                                                                                       a Distinction in 5N0749 (Anatomy and
     6 with LCFE can apply for advanced                                    a number of reserved places on higher
                                                                                                                       Physiology), 5N4325 (Nursing Theory &
     entry straight into second year for linked                            education programmes, the Institutes of
                                                                                                                       Practice), and 5N1279 (Human Growth
     courses. Currently, LIT learners coming                               Technology and some higher education
                                                                                                                       and Development) or 5N2746 (Biology).
     from LCFE are attending a diverse range                               Institutions operate admissions criteria
                                                                                                                       A quota of reserved places are allocated
     of courses across all disciplines and
     these discipline areas have grown under
                                                  “What I have learned     and scoring system for non-specific QQI
                                                                           Levels 5 and 6 Certificate applicants.
                                                                                                                       to applicants presenting with QQI
     the collaboration agreement.                       on my course is                                                qualifications. Places are allocated
                                                                                                                       on a competitive basis. The best eight
                                                                           Note: Applicants are advised at all times
     This collaboration agreement follows
     from a wider Memorandum of
                                                      really interesting   to confirm linked Awards, any additional
                                                                                                                       modules, generally at a single sitting,
                                                                                                                       are considered for scoring purposes.
     Understanding between Limerick and               and relevant and     module requirements, application
                                                                           processes and scoring systems with the
     Clare Education and Training Board
     (LCETB) and LIT that was signed in             therefore it is much   Admissions Offices of the participating
                                                                           higher education institutions, or visit
     February 2015. Close collaboration
     between LCFE and LIT is the
                                                       easier to study.”   www.cao.ie
     cornerstone of this wider agreement
     with Limerick and Clare Education
                                                   – Caoimhe, Applied      Further information may be obtained
                                                                           from the CAO website www.cao.ie or the
     and Training Board.                                Social Studies     QQI website www.qqi.ie

24   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                     Realising New Futures            25
Life in Limerick                                                                     Students’ Union
     The College’s main campus is located      We understand that the time you spend
     in the heart of Limerick City and         with us is not only about education,
     this allows the learners to enjoy the     but also about socialising and time for
     atmosphere and activities of City life.   personal development. Here at LCFE
     Within walking distance from the          you can have it all - a warm caring
     College, learners can access every        environment where you will meet new
     amenity available. There is a vibrant     people and make new friends.
     café culture and cuisine from every
                                               Studying in LCFE is not just about the
     ethnic origin. The Hunt Museum, King
                                               qualification and skills you graduate
     John’s Castle and the home of Munster
                                               with. Sometimes, it is the experiences
     Rubgy, Thomond Park are all within
                                               along the way. LCFE has a vibrant
     walking distance from our Mulgrave
                                               community of over 1,200 learners from
     Street Campus.
                                               all over the Mid-West region and beyond.

                                                                                          Meet like-minded people and make
                                                                                          your college experience something
                                                                                          to remember!
                                                                                          Limerick College of Further Education        of the College, this gives the learners
                                                                                          has a vibrant democratically elected         a say in the operation of the college as
                                                                                          Student Union. The Student Union             well as the future of the college. The SU
                                                                                          operates from offices within the college.    provides support for the many clubs
                                                                                          As a learner of LCFE you automatically       and societies within the college. Joining
                                                                                          become a member of the union. It is          a club or society widens your circle
                                                                                          the learner’s voice within the college       of friends and gives you a chance to
                                                                                          and is the representative body for all       explore and participate in interests you
                                                                                          learners of LCFE. It assists learners in     might not encounter in your studies.
                                                                                          areas such as welfare, timetables, advice    Each club operates on its own, with the
                                                                                          etc. Each class will elect 2 Reps to speak   backing of the union and the college. So
                                                                                          on their behalf to the Student Union.        you can meet like-minded people and
                                                                                          Two members of the Student Union             make your college experience something
                                                                                          also sit on the Board of Management          to remember!

26   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                                     Realising New Futures             27
Library/                                                                             iMix Studio
     Learning Hub                                                                         The College’s broadcast media suite
                                                                                          supports an online campus radio station
                                                                                          for LCFE. ‘iMix - LCFE Online Radio’
                                                                                          provides 10 hours of live programming,
                                                                                                                                      which enable listeners to access over
                                                                                                                                      50,000 radio stations around the globe. It
                                                                                                                                      also streams from its own website www.
                                                                                                                                      imixradio.ie and utilises social media
                                                                                          Monday to Friday, during the academic       for much of its content. iMix - LCFE
                                                                                          year. All the station’s news, current
                                                   “There is a great                     affairs and music output is presented by
                                                                                                                                      Online Radio carries a mix of live and
                                                                                                                                      voice-tracked course content. It provides
                                                     sense of community                   learners on the QQI Level 6 Advanced
                                                                                          Media Production course. The broadcast
                                                                                                                                      specific training and on-air experience
                                                                                                                                      to QQI Level 5 and Level 6 media
                                                     in the class.”                       media suite consists of two studios: one
                                                                                          for course pre-production & news and
                                                                                                                                      courses within the College. The station
                                                                                                                                      creates a ‘Learner radio’ environment
                                                   – Brian, Advanced                      the second is an on air studio utilising    for learners to communicate with each

                                                   Photography                            the RCS Master Control play-out system.
                                                                                          Radio Computing Services, the world’s
                                                                                                                                      other and greater enhances a sense of
                                                                                                                                      ‘community’ both on and off the LCFE
                                                                                          leading provider of broadcast software      campus. It also disseminates core and
     The Library is a central and essential part   Opening Hours                          to more than 9,000 radio stations and       extracurricular LCFE information
     of the learner’s academic experience. It      8.00am - 5.00pm                        internet stations, supplied and installed   for day courses, evening courses and
     provides a service that supports teaching,    6.45pm - 8.45pm                        the hardware and software that enables      College events. It continues to enhance
     learning and research activities of the                                              LCFE learners to use the latest in radio    the delivery of other courses’ core
     LCFE community, including:
                                                   Learning Hubs                          automation software used by the radio
                                                                                          broadcast industry. ‘iMix’ streams 24
                                                                                                                                      components such as: communications,
                                                                                                                                      business, political studies and ESOL
     • An atmosphere of research & study           Our Learning Hubs have recently
                                                                                          hours a day on the web and has its own      through studio interviews, news items
     • Well-trained, service-oriented staff        been updated and refurbished.
                                                                                          iPhone App. The radio station is also       and documentaries.
     • Technology for easy information access      Learning Hub One is a large room
                                                                                          available via Apps like TuneIn Radio
                                                   with individual stations containing
     Members of the library can borrow books       the most up to date software and
     for a period of 7 days. Membership is
     free. The learner ID card serves as a
                                                   hardware. It has a central docking
                                                   area for Learners to use their own
                                                                                          iMac Lab
                                                                                          The College has a state-of-the art iMac     industry standard products. The College’s
     library membership card. Resources            devices or recharge them (BYOD).       Lab on the College campus. These 21.5       iMac Lab will expose learners to the
     include computer workstations                 This room also has round tables to     inch iMacs have 16 Gigabytes of RAM         latest technology and software available.
     providing access to the internet, printing    accommodate Study Groups or Team       and 1Terabyte of Storage. Each has an       Industry experts say that colleges
     and photocopying facilities and wireless      Learning and a suite of IMACs. This    i5 Processor with a 500 Megabyte Video      utilising Mac facilities have the edge
     internet access.                              is also where our Drop in Study        Card. The installation also includes        when it comes to training learners in
     The aim of the library service is to          Service is located.                    a RAID Storage system with Backup.          order to meet workplace demands. LCFE
     respond to the varying needs of the           Learning Hub Two is located directly   The software installed on the iMacs         learners from Art & Design, Fashion,
     college community, learners and staff.        beside the Library and includes        includes Adobe® Creative Suite® 6           Media, Multimedia, IT and Photography
     Every effort is made to provide all titles    individual stations with the most      Design Premium software which bring         are enjoying using this facility.
     recommended by the tutors to supplement       updated technology and makes for a     rich designs to life on smartphones and
     the programmes of study being taught.                                                tablets, including the iPad, Motorola
                                                                                                                                      Opening Hours
                                                   quiet, productive working space                                                    8.00am - 5.00pm
     Learners are assisted in the selection of                                            XOOM™, also installed are Final Cut
     appropriate additional reading.               Active Learning=Real Results!          Pro X, Logic Studio and numerous other
                                                                                                                                      6.45pm - 8.45pm

28   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                                    Realising New Futures              29
Equality &
                               Open Day                                       LCFE is very proud it’s multicultural
                                                                              campi, hosting learners from all over the
                                                                              world every year.
                                                                                                                          feels welcome, comfortable and a valued
                                                                                                                          part of the College.
                                                                                                                          Every year the college encourages
                                 LCFE holds an annual Open Day. The
                                 highly successful event attracts large       The college is committed to providing       staff and learners to participate in
                                 numbers of people interested in learning     an environment that promotes and            an Intercultural Day; an event that
                                 more about the College’s courses and         develops a positive approach to learning.   celebrates all of the cultures in the
                                 facilities. Teaching staff will be on hand   All learners can expect to learn and        college. The event is an opportunity for
                                 to provide all the information required      study in a space free from discrimination   all our learners to experience different
                                 to prospective learners, parents and         and harassment.                             cultures, languages, customs, and live
                                 guidance counsellors. Details are also                                                   entertainment and to taste a variety of
                                                                              LCFE strives to create an open and
                                 provided on maintenance grants as well                                                   foods from all over the world.
                                                                              friendly atmosphere where each learner
          Our Open               as social welfare information.

        Day is on 24th           The Open Day also features an exciting
                                 Visual Arts Exhibition (Art and Design,
        January 2019             Fashion, and Photography). Produced by
                                 LCFE learners and staged by academic
           Visit www.lcfe.ie     staff, the high-quality exhibition can be
              for details        enjoyed by all visitors.

30   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                        Realising New Futures            31
LCFE Learner                                                                            TV & Film
     Creativity                                                                              - Creative
                                                 “I am a past student of
                                                   LCFE. After finishing
                                                   my City and Guilds
                                                   certificate in Fashion
                                                   and Textile Design in
                                                   2008 I went on to do a
                                                                                                   Each year the Level 6 Advanced TV
                                                   BA in Fashion Design
                                                                                                   & Film s engage with the Creative
                                                   at UCA Rochester.
                                                                                                   Engagement programme to develop,
                                                   I now live in London where I work as a
                                                                                                   script, produce, film, edit and promote
                                                   costume maker/designer.
                                                                                                   a short film. learners are encouraged to
                                                  The technical training I received                participate at all stages of the project and
     Learner focused integration of course
                                                  at LCFE played a vital role in my                gain an insight into the process of apply
     content allows LCFE to collaborate
                                                  current career path as I found I had             for funding for their own future projects.
     with local businesses and industry with
                                                  great interest not solely in the design
     various projects which enhances college                                                       The Creative Engagement programme
                                                  element but also the development and
     experience.                                                                                   affords the college the ability to draw
                                                  construction of pattern making and
                                                                                                   on industry talent to mentor the
     The Creative Engagement programme,           clothing. I have no average day in my
                                                                                                   Level 6 students across all aspects of
     has kindly supported the Fashion and         line of work and the diversity of my
                                                                                                   producing a short film. It culminates
     Costume Department to bring back             jobs has spanned from Hollywood
                                                                                                   in a screening of the finished piece
     past graduates who have succeeded in         film, working for the likes of Warner
                                                                                                   with members of the production
     their professional careers working with      Brothers and 20th Century Fox to
                                                                                                   crew, families, friends and industry
     Hollywood films such as Star Wars,           working on much smaller productions
                                                                                                   spokespersons all attending.
     working as luxury head designer for          where it may be a one man/woman
     Pucci and Max Mara in Milan and as           play. Each job teaches something new             The Creative Engagement programme
     make-up artist for Stella McCartney,         and the roles are always interesting.            is co-funded by the Department of
     Ted Baker and All Saints. Again Creative     The work always poses challenges but             Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht,
     Engagement programme allows LCFE             the rewards by far outweigh these. It            the Department of Education and Skills
     to work on exciting projects and give        was a fantastic opportunity for me to            and the Heritage Council. The aim is
     motivational guidance to the learners.       come back to LCFE and spend time                 to encourage creativity, initiative and
     This helps to provide a framework            with the current students aspiring to go         expression in students. It is facilitated by
     for extending their course work into         into the world of fashion and costume            the National Association for Principals
     realistic projects for business and gives    and I hope that they benefited from the          and Deputy Principals Association
     departments an opportunity to showcase       time we had together.”                           (NAPD) and Limerick and Clare
     talent to a broad audience and industry.    – Annette, Past Fashion Design Student            Education and Training Board (LCETB).

32   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                  Realising New Futures               33
Lcfe                                     Enterprise
     Erasmus                                  Engagement in
     Plus                                     Lcfe

                                              The SOLAS Strategy, 2014-2019,             and Training Board’s Enterprise
                                              highlights the need for all stakeholders   Engagement Support Service (EESS).
                                              to work collaboratively in implementing
                                                                                         Through the LCFE Work Experience
                                              the national FET Strategy. Enterprise
                                                                                         Programme and the LCFE Job Placement
                                              Engagement is a key priority here.
                                                                                         Service the College works collaboratively
     Erasmus Plus is the EU’s programme       LCFE has very productive                   with many local employers.
     to support education, training, youth    relationships with employers and
                                                                                         The College maintains strong
     and sport in Europe which is open to     other bodies in Limerick for many
                                                                                         relationships with local employers and
     individuals and organisations.           years. LCFE’s Enterprise Engagement
                                                                                         is constantly developing new alliances.
                                              Strategy is informed by the Limerick
                                                                                         Through liaising with the Mid West
     LCFE’s current Erasmus Plus              and Clare Education and Training
                                                                                         Regional Skills Forum LCFE can ensure
     Programme enables learners to            Board (LCETB). FET Enterprise
                                                                                         that courses provided at LCFE are in
     undertake a short period of work         Engagement Framework (2017 –
                                                                                         line with the local industry needs in the
     experience in their vocational area in   2020). LCFE works in collaboration
                                                                                         region while at the same time enhance it’s
     another EU work environment.             with Limerick and Clare Education
                                                                                         links with local employers in the region.

34   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                       Realising New Futures              35
Graduation                                                                           Sport
                                                                                          Sport is a vital part of Limerick life and   As part of our Induction Week, LCFE
                                                                                          this is reflected in the vast number and     hold an Annual Induction Soccer
                                                                                          variety of sports clubs in the city.         Tournament which takes place in the
     The College Graduation takes place      learners’ achievements. It also gives past
                                                                                                                                       University of Limerick Arena. Last year
     annually in October and the numbers     learners an opportunity to catch up with     Joining and participating in sports at
                                                                                                                                       was a great success with over 20 teams
     attending is indicative of the growth   classmates and exchange stories about        LCFE not only provides you with the
     in the College over the last number     their chosen career paths. Through its       opportunity to remain fit and healthy
     of years. It has become the highlight   five schools, the College offers an ever-    but also offers lifelong memories of the
     of the College’s academic year, as it   expanding range of full-time day and         camaraderie, the competition and the
     bestows official recognition on our     part-time evening courses.                   celebrations involved in taking part.

36   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                                     Realising New Futures           37
                                                     Your Questions,
                                                     Our Answers
                                                     What are the course fees
                                                     and how do I pay?
                                                     There are no tuition fees payable to
                                                     the College by EU nationals. However,
                                                     learners are liable for registration fees,
                                                     examination fees, and for some courses,
                                                     materials fees. Registration fees vary
                                                     depending on course choice. Applicants
                                                     will be informed of individual course
                                                     fees and possible exemptions at

                                                     How do I choose
                                                     which course?
                                                     When choosing what to do, you should
                                                     ask yourself a number of questions
                                                     such as:
                                                     - What am I interested in and what
                                                       do I enjoy studying?
                               “Coming to LCFE      - What do I want to do in the future

                                 has really helped     and what do I need to get there?

                                                     What entry requirements
                                 me realise what I   do I need?
                                 would like to do    For details please refer to the entry
                                                     requirements section on all of courses in
                                 in the future.”     this prospectus. If you are still unsure,
                               – Chloe,              come along to our open day where you
                                                     can find out what courses are available
                               Fashion Design        and speak to people who can help such
                                                     as career guidance, admissions staff,
                               & Textile Studies     course tutors and previous Learners.

38   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                    Realising New Futures             39
How different is
     college to school?                                Vision, Mission
                                                       & Values
     Limerick College of Further Education
     offers a more adult environment than
     school. You get to study the things that
     really interest you and you will meet
     people of all ages and backgrounds who
     are interested in the same things. There
     are no bells or uniforms and there are
     free sports clubs and societies that you                                    To be recognised as an outstanding College of Further Education
     can get involved in.                                                        and Training in Ireland and abroad. LCFE will be a leader nationally
                                                                                 and internationally in the Further Education and Training sector.
     As a mature learner I am
                                                       Vision                    The College is not only interested in best practice but in next
                                                                                 practice. LCFE wishes to invent a new future for itself in the new
     nervous going back to                                                       further education and training landscape which is emerging.
     At Limerick College of Further
     Education we have courses for people
     of all ages and abilities. We have a very
                                                       Mission                   To add value to our learners, our staff and to the communities we
                                                                                 operate in by providing a first class education and training experience.
     diverse community of learners. With 50
     years experience we feel we can provide                                     The values of the College have developed over a period of time and
     an environment where all learners can             Values                    have had input from the staff, management and learners in LCFE.
     thrive and achieve their goals.

                                                       Professionalism                                            Innovation and Creativity
                                                       • We will undertake our work, engage and                   • We will be open, aware and responsive to new
                                                         collaborate with our learners, colleagues and              ideas and flexible in our approach to change;
                                                         partners with honesty and integrity;                     • We will contribute to a culture of continuous

             “LCFE is a vibrant and diverse college    • We will strive for quality and excellence in our work;
                                                       • Continuous learning will be an integral part
                                                                                                                    improvement, supporting learners and
                                                                                                                    colleagues in realizing their full potential;

      and being the IT guy I have the opportunity        of our work;
                                                       • Self-Leadership with be encouraged
                                                                                                                  • We will promote creativity and innovation in our
                                                                                                                    work with learners, colleagues and partners;
              to support all the departments of the      throughout the College.                                  • We will take responsibility to find solutions to
                                                                                                                    problems and empower others to do the same.
       college. The staff here are from all walks of   Respect
        life and are some of the most friendly and     • We will show respect for all in our
                                                         communication and interaction with others;               • We will promote equality, transparency and

                 professional people I have had the    • We will lead by example and actively demonstrate
                                                         high standards of personal responsibility;
                                                                                                                    fairness in LCFE;
                                                                                                                  • We will be learner-centred and transparent in
                         pleasure of working with.”    • Show respect for the needs and views                       our work;
                                                                                                                  • We will foster and celebrate diversity and
                                                         of every individual through our
                               – Dave, IT Engineer       communications and actions.                                promote LCFE as an equal opportunities College.

40   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                                                   Realising New Futures                   41
                                                                        5 Schools across
                                                                        3 Campuses
     Limerick College of Further Education
     (LCFE) has transformed itself over the
     last 55 years. It started out in 1963 as a
     second-level vocational school known
     as the ‘School of Commerce’ and is
     now a thriving College of Further
     Education with three campuses in
     the Mid-West Region. We have grown
     from humble beginnings in the 1960s
     to one of the largest colleges of further
     education in the country with over
     3.500 enrolments each year. This
                                                                        School of Business &
     transformation did not happen by
     accident. It happened because of the
     dedication and sheer hard work of
                                                                        Information Technology
     the staff who have passed through its
     doors supported by a progressive and
     equally hard-working Limerick and
                                                                        School of Childcare & Healthcare            77
     Clare Education and Training Board
     (LCETB).                                                           School of Beauty & Hair                     88
     The Further Education and Training
     landscape has changed with the                                     School of Creative Media
     establishment of SOLAS and QQI.                                                                                95
     The spotlight is now on this sector                                & Visual Arts
     because never before has the value
     of education, training and upskilling
                                                    “My course has      School of Sports, Science
     been more important. Whether you’re
                                                  helped me gain so                                                134
     leaving school, unemployed or wish to
     upskill, LCFE can play a vital role in                             & Engineering
     your education and training and help          much confidence
     you achieve your full potential.
                                                    in my abilities.”   Cappamore Campus                           143
                                                   – Ellen, Applied
                                                     Social Studies
                                                                        Evening Courses                           158

42   Lcfe PROSPECTUS 2019-20                                                                        Realising New Futures   43
School of
     Business &
     Information                                   The School of Business & Information Technology
                                                   is dynamic, progressive and creative. It’s courses offer

     Technology                                    learners QQI qualifications at both Levels 5 and 6.

                                                   The Business Department has adapted
                                                   its courses to respond to the challenges
                                                                                              As an NDP-funded programme, there are
                                                   faced by the Irish economy over the        no tuition fees. Learners, however, are
                                                   past number of years. The suite of         liable for registration and examination
                                                   business courses provides participants     fees. Additionally, learners are expected
                                                   with a comprehensive understanding         to supply prescribed study materials.
                                                   of fields such as administration,          Means-tested Maintenance Grants are
                                                   accounting, marketing, management          available.
                                                   and enterprise. Depending on the area
                                                   of study, graduates of the Business
                                                   Department are prepared for further        Work Experience
                                                   progression opportunities, employment      Work experience is a mandatory part
                                                   and business start-up.                     of all Level 5 and Level 6 courses and
                                                                                              learners are required to participate. It
                                                   Changes in the Information Technology      offers a valuable opportunity to further
                                                   sector have led LCFE to develop            develop skills and gain an understanding
                                                   vibrant new Business and Information       of the workplace.
                                                   Technology courses. Progression
                                                   opportunities offer graduates the chance
                                                   to pursue careers in exciting industries   Communications
                                                   like web development and software          Communications is a mandatory part
                                                   development.                               of all Level 5 and Level 6 courses and
                                                                                              learners are required to participate. It is
                                                                                              a necessary skill which is transferable
                                                                                              to both personal and work life where
                                                                                              benefits can be gained in dealing with
                                                                                              everyday experiences.

44   SCHOOL OF Business & Information Technology                                                          Realising New Futures             45
Accounting & Finance with
                                                   Information Technology
                                                   Course Code               Award(s)

                                                   AFXX                      QQI Level 5 Business Studies 5M2102

                                                   Course Overview                                  Entry Requirements
                                                   This is a 1 year, full-time course. It is        • Applicants must have Leaving
                                                   designed to meet the growing demand                Certificate, LCA or equivalent.
                                                   in the market place for staff with               • Holders of a QQI Level 4 Award are
                                                   practical accounting skills and relevant           also eligible to apply.
                                                   computer experience. This course                 • Mature learners (over 23) may be
                                                   will give participants experience with             exempt from the above academic
                                                   computerised accounting systems.                   requirements.
                                                   Successful course participants can               • In addition applicants will have to
                                                   progress to Advanced Accounting and                undertake an interview.
                                                   Finance with IT QQI Level 6.
                                                                                                    Employment Opportunities /
                                                   Typical Modules                                  Progression
                                                   • Accounting Manual and Computerised            • Learners can pursue careers in the
                                                   • Applied Economics                                areas of office administration, payroll
                                                   • Business Administration Skills                   or as assistant accountants.
                                                   • Communications                                 • Institutes of Technology and other
                                                   • Work Experience                                  Colleges around the country may
                                                   • Spreadsheet Methods                              be offering opportunities for further
                                                   • Taxation                                         studies. Please check with the
                                                   • Business Law                                     individual Admissions Offices of
                                                                                                      any institution you are interested in
                                                                                                      attending or visit www.cao.ie

     “Limerick is a great city, with
       a vibrant student scene.”
     – Michal, Software Development
46   SCHOOL OF Business & Information Technology                                                                   Realising New Futures        47
Accounting Technician Ireland (ATI)                                                          Arts, Culture & History
     Course Code               Award(s)                                                           Course Code               Award(s)

     ATIX                      Membership of Accounting Technicians Ireland {ATI}
                               QQI Level 5 Component Certificate Spreadsheet Methods 5N1977 &
                                                                                                  ACHX                      QQI Level 5 Cultural and Heritage Studies 5M2154

                               Information & Communication Systems 5N1952

     Course Overview                                 • Mature learners (over 23) may be           Course Overview                                  Employment Opportunities /
     This 2 year, full-time course is for those        exempt from the above academic             This is a course for those who wish to           Progression
     aspiring to become members of the                 requirements.                              acquire an in-depth knowledge of local           • Positions in tourist attractions, in
     Accounting Technicians Ireland (ATI),           • In addition applicants will have to        history, European folklore, ethnology,             research and many other areas.
     a professional body sponsored by the              undertake an interview.                    culture and heritage. Writing skills for         • Institutes of Technology and other
     Institute of Chartered Accountants.                                                          journalism are all taught, topped off with         Colleges around the country may
     Accounting Technicians work in                  Employment Opportunities /                   word processing skills. Employment                 be offering opportunities for further
     accountancy firms, the corporate sector         Progression                                  opportunities would arise in the tourism           studies. Please check with the
     or the public sector. The ATI Course is         • Assistant Accountant, Credit Controller,   industry and beyond.                               individual Admissions Offices of
     an ideal preparation for the pursuit of a         Cost Assistant, Accounts Supervisor,                                                          any institution you are interested in
     career in professional accountancy.               Audit Assistant, Payroll Administrator,    Typical Modules                                    attending or visit www.cao.ie
                                                       etc.                                       • Customer Service                                 This qualification may entitle learners
     Typical Modules                                 • Exemptions from certain modules            • Local History                                    to apply for Arts Degree programmes at
     YEAR 1                                            of Professional accountancy bodies         • Archaeology                                      3rd Level.
     • Financial Accounting                            are available. Apply directly to these     • Communications
     • Taxation                                        professional bodies for exemption          • Folklore and Ethnology
     • Law and Ethics                                  details. Members may also apply for        • Writing Skills for Journalism
     • Business Management                             admission to Year 3 of the Accounting      • Word Processing
                                                       and Finance - Bachelor of Business         • Work Experience
     YEAR 2                                            Studies (BBS) Degree Programme at
     • Advanced Financial Accounting                   Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT).
     • Advanced Taxation                                                                          Entry Requirements
                                                     • Institutes of Technology and other
     • Management Accounting                                                                      • Applicants must have Leaving
                                                       Colleges around the country may
     • Integrated Accounting Systems (IAS)                                                          Certificate, LCA or equivalent.
                                                       be offering opportunities for further
                                                                                                  • Holders of a QQI Level 4 Award are also
     Learners also take QQI modules in                 studies. Please check with the
                                                                                                    eligible to apply.
     Spreadsheet Methods and ICS in year one.          individual Admissions Offices of
                                                                                                  • Mature learners (over 23) may be
                                                       any institution you are interested in
                                                                                                    exempt from the above academic
     Entry Requirements                                attending or visit www.cao.ie
     • Applicants must have Leaving                                                               • In addition applicants will have to
       Certificate, LCA or equivalent.                                                              undertake an interview.
     • Holders of a QQI Level 4 Award are also
       eligible to apply.

48   SCHOOL OF Business & Information Technology                                                                                                               Realising New Futures           49
Business Administration
     “The teachers are                            Course Code              Award(s)
       so cooperative and                          BAXX                     QQI Level 5 Business Administration 5M2468

       the students are
       really friendly.”
     – Hina,
     Accountancy                                   Course Overview                                Entry Requirements
     Technician                                    This 1 year, full-time course covers a
                                                   wide range of business, accounts, legal,
                                                                                                  • Applicants must have Leaving
                                                                                                    Certificate, LCA or equivalent.
                                                   marketing, numeric and Information             • Holders of a QQI Level 4 Award are also
                                                   Technology skills, resulting in a valuable       eligible to apply.
                                                   qualification in Business Studies/             • Mature learners (over 23) may be
                                                   Administration. Course participants take         exempt from the above academic
                                                   a broad range of Business Administration         requirements.
                                                   modules, combined with Information             • In addition applicants will have to
                                                   Technology and Accounts.                         undertake an interview.

                                                   Typical Modules                                Employment Opportunities /
                                                   • Business Administration                      Progression
                                                   • Bookkeeping/Payroll Manual                  • Business Administration
                                                      & Computerised                              • Accounts
                                                   • Communications                               • Newspapers, journals, magazines
                                                   • Word Processing                              • Marketing
                                                   • Spreadsheet Methods                          • E-business
                                                   • Human Resource Management                    • Application to the Bachelor of Business
                                                   • Financial Services                             Studies Degree (LM050) at the
                                                   • Work Experience                                University of Limerick may be possible
                                                   • Customer Service                               subject to UL’s entry requirements. See
                                                                                                    the CAO website www.cao.ie
                                                                                                  • Institutes of Technology and other
                                                                                                    Colleges around the country may
                                                                                                    be offering opportunities for further
                                                                                                    studies. Please check with individual
                                                                                                    Admissions Offices of any institution
                                                                                                    you are interested in attending or visit

50   SCHOOL OF Business & Information Technology                                                              Realising New Futures            51
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