GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances

GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances

        GKN 27930 FXP
        GKN 27930 FXR


GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances
GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances
1. Safety and environment
instructions                                     3    5.18 Moisture controlled
                                                      vegetable bin................................28
2. Your Refrigerator                              7    (This feature is optional)............28
3 Installation                                    8   5.19 Automatic ice machine .......29                DE
3.1 Appropriate installation                           (This feature is optional)............29
location..........................................8   5.20 Icematic and ice storage
3.2 Installing the plastic wedges..8                  container......................................30
3.3 Adjusting the feet.....................8          5.21 Using the water dispenser..30
3.4 Electrical connection...............9             5.22 Filling the water
3.5 Reversing the doors..............10               dispenser's tank..........................31
3.6 Reversing the doors..............11                5.23 Cleaning the water tank ....31
4 Preparation                                    12   5.24 Drip tray...............................32
4.1 Things to be done for energy                      5.25 HerbBox/HerbFresh............33
saving...........................................12   5.26 Deodoriser Module..............33
4.2 Initial use...............................13      5.27Freezing fresh food...............34
5 Operating the product                          14   5.28 Recommendations for
5.1 Temperature setting button..14                    preserving the frozen food..........35
5.2 Fast freeze ............................14        5.29 Deep-freeze information.....35
5.3 Vacation function...................15            5.30 Placing the food...................35
5.4 Thermostat setting button....16                   5.31 Door open warning..............36
5.5 Thermostat setting button....16                   5.32 Illumination lamp................36
5.6 Defrost...................................17      6. Maintenance and cleaning 37
5.7 Indicator panel.......................18          6.1 Avoiding bad odours..........37
5.8 Indicator panel.......................20          6.2 Protecting the plastic
5.9 Indicator panel.......................23          surfaces ......................................38
5.10 Ice bucket.............................26        6.3 Door Glasses . ......................38
 (This feature is optional)............26             7. Troubleshooting                             39
5.11 Egg holder............................26
5.12 Fan........................................26
5.13 Vegetable bin.......................26
 (This feature is optional)............26
5.14 Zero degree compartment..26
 (This feature is optional)............26
5.15 Using the second crisper of
the product..................................27
5.16Moving door rack..................28
5.17 Sliding storage box .............28
 (This feature is optional)............28

GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances
Please read this manual first!
    Dear Customer,
    We hope that your product, which has been produced in modern plants
    and checked under the most meticulous quality control procedures, will
    provide you an effective service
    For this, we recommend you to carefully read the entire manual of your
    product before using it and keep it at hand for future references.
    The user manual will help you use the product in a fast and safe way.
    Will help you use your appliance in a fast and safe way.
    Read the manual before installing and operating your product.
    Follow the instructions, especially those for safety.
    Keep the manual in an easily accessible place as you may need it later.
    Besides, read also the other documents provided with your product.
    Please note that this manual may be valid for other models as well.
    Symbols and their descriptions
    This instruction manual contains the following symbols:

     C            Important information
                  or useful usage tips.
                  Warning against

     A            dangerous conditions
                  for life and property.

     B            Warning against
                  electric voltage.
                  Packaging materials
                  of the product are
                  manufactured from
                  recyclable materials
                  in accordance with our
                  National Environment

GKN 27930 FXP GKN 27930 FXR - Ventura Malta Appliances
1. Safety and environment
 instructions                         – farm houses and by clients
This section provides the safety      in hotels, motels and other
instructions necessary to             residential type environments;
prevent the risk of injury and        – bed and breakfast type
                                      environments;                         DE
material damage. Failure to
observe these instructions will       – catering and similar non-retail
invalidate all types of product       applications.
Intended use                          1.1. General safety
         WARNING:                     • This product should not
         Keep ventilation                be used by persons with

A        openings, in the appliance      physical, sensory and mental
         enclosure or in the built-      disabilities, without sufficient
         instructure, clear of           knowledge and experience
         obstruction.                    or by children. The device
                                         can only be used by such
         WARNING:                        persons under supervision
         Do not use mechanical           and instruction of a person
         devices or other means

                                         responsible for their safety.
         to accelerate the               Children should not be allowed
         defrosting process,             to play with this device.
         other than those
         recommended by the           • In case of malfunction, unplug
         manufacturer.                   the device.

         WARNING:                     • After unplugging, wait at least
         Do not damage the               5 minutes before plugging in
         refrigerant circuit.            again.
         WARNING:                     • Unplug the product when not
         Do not use electrical           in use.
         appliances inside

         the food storage             • Do not touch the plug with wet
         compartments of the             hands! Do not pull the cable to
         appliance, unless               plug off, always hold the plug.
         they are of the type         • Do not plug in the refrigerator
         recommended by the              if the socket is loose.
                                      • Unplug the product during
This appliance is intended to be         installation, maintenance,
used in household and similar            cleaning and repair.
applications such as                  • If the product will not be used
– staff kitchen areas in shops,          for a while, unplug the product
offices and other working                and remove any food inside.
• Do not use the product when       • Do not touch frozen food with
      the compartment with circuit        wet hands! It may adhere to
      cards located on the upper          your hands!
      back part of the product
      (electrical card box cover) (1)   • Do not place liquids in bottles
      is open.                            and cans into the freezer
                                          compartment. They may
                                        • Place liquids in upright
                                          position after tightly closing
                                          the lid.
                                        • Do not spray flammable
                                          substances near the product,
                                          as it may burn or explode.
                         1              • Do not keep flammable
                                          materials and products with
                                          flammable gas (sprays, etc.)
    • Do not use steam or steamed         in the refrigerator.
      cleaning materials for
      cleaning the refrigerator and     • Do not place containers
      melting the ice inside. Steam       holding liquids on top of the
      may contact the electrified         product. Splashing water on
      areas and cause short circuit       an electrified part may cause
      or electric shock!                  electric shock and risk of fire.
    • Do not wash the product by        • Exposing the product to rain,
      spraying or pouring water on        snow, sunlight and wind
      it! Danger of electric shock!       will cause electrical danger.
                                          When relocating the product,
    • In case of malfunction, do not      do not pull by holding the
      use the product, as it may          door handle. The handle may
      cause electric shock. Contact       come off.
      the authorised service before
      doing anything.                   • Take care to avoid trapping
                                          any part of your hands or
    • Plug the product into an            body in any of the moving
      earthed socket. Earthing            parts inside the product.
      must be done by a qualified
      electrician.                      • Do not step or lean on the
                                          door, drawers and similar
    • If the product has LED              parts of the refrigerator. This
      type lighting, contact the          will cause the product to fall
      authorised service for              down and cause damage to
      replacing or in case of any         the parts.
                                        • Take care not to trap the
                                          power cable.
your installation. Consult
                                         Professional plumbers if you
                                         are not sure that there is no
                                         water hammer effect in your
                                       • Do not install on the hot
                                         water inlet. Take precautions
                                         against of the risk of
                                         freezing of the hoses. Water
                                         temperature operating
                                         interval shall be 33°F (0.6°C)
1.1.1 HC warning                         minimum and 100°F (38°C)
If the product comprises a               maximum.
cooling system using R600a gas,        • Use drinking water only.
take care to avoid damaging
the cooling system and its pipe
while using and moving the             1.2. Intended use
product. This gas is flammable.
If the cooling system is               • This product is designed for
damaged, keep the product                 home use. It is not intended
away from sources of fire and             for commercial use.
ventilate the room immediately.        • The product should be used
                                          to store food and beverages

         The label on the inner left
         side indicates the type of       only.
         gas used in the product.      • Do not keep sensitive
                                          products requiring controlled
1.1.2 For models with                     temperatures (vaccines,
water dispenser                           heat sensitive medication,
                                          medical supplies, etc.) in the
• Pressure for cold water inlet           refrigerator.
   shall be maximum 90 psi (620
   kPa). If your water pressure        • The manufacturer assumes
   exceeds 80 psi (550 kPa), use          no responsibility for any
   a pressure limiting valve in           damage due to misuse or
   your mains system. If you              mishandling.
   do not know how to check            • Original spare parts will
   your water pressure, ask for           be provided for 10 years,
   the help of a professional             following the product
   plumber.                               purchasing date.
• If there is risk of water
   hammer effect in your               1.3. Child safety
   installation, always
   use a water hammer                  • Keep packaging materials
   prevention equipment in                out of children’s reach.
• Do not allow the children to            1.6. Package information
      play with the product.                  Packaging materials of the product
    • If the product’s door                   are manufactured from recyclable
      comprises a lock, keep the              materials in accordance with our
      key out of children’s reach.            National Environment Regulations. Do
                                              not dispose of the packaging materials
                                              together with the domestic or other
    1.4. Compliance with WEEE                 wastes. Take them to the packaging
    Directive and Disposing                   material collection points designated
    of the Waste Product                      .by the local authorities
            This product complies with
    EU WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU).
    This product bears a classification
    symbol for waste electrical and
    electronic equipment (WEEE).
               This product has been
               manufactured with high
               quality parts and
               materials which can be
               reused and are suitable
               for recycling. Do not
               dispose of the waste
    product with normal domestic and
    other wastes at the end of its
    service life. Take it to the collection
    center for the recycling of electrical
    and electronic equipment. Please
    consult your local authorities to
    learn about these collection

    1.5. Compliance with
    RoHS Directive
    • This product complies with EU
      WEEE Directive (2011/65/EU).
      It does not contain harmful
      and prohibited materials
      specified in the Directive.

2.    Your Refrigerator

                                                        *1                              DE

                                         *15                       *2
                          *14                       *3
                               *5                       *4        *4



                         *12                       *5





               7                               7

1. Cooler compartment door                         9. Quick freeze compartment
     shelf                                         10. Ice cube tray & Ice bank
2.   Water dispenser filling tank                  11. Vegetable bin
3.   Egg section                                   12. Zero degree compartment
4.   Water dispenser reservoir                     13. Interior light
5.   Bottle shelf                                  14. Cooler compartment glass shelf
6.   Sliding storage containers                    15. Temperature adjustment button
7.   Adjustable legs                               16. Cooler compartment
8.   Deep freezer compartment                      17. Freezer compartment

         * optional:Figures in this user manual are schematic and

         may not match the product exactly. If the subject parts are not
         included in the product you have purchased, then those parts
         are valid for other models.
3     Installation                         • Product must not be subjected to
                                                  direct sun light and kept in humid
    3.1 Appropriate installation                • Appropriate air ventilation must
         location                                 be provided around your product
    Contact an Authorized Service for             in order to achieve an efficient
                                                  operation. If the product is to be
    the installation of the product. In
                                                  placed in a recess in the wall, pay
    order to prepare the product for use,         attention to leave at least 5 cm
    refer the information in the user             distance with the ceiling and side
    manual and ensure that electrical             walls.
    installation and water installation         • Do not install the product in places
    are appropriate. If not, call a qualified     where the temperature falls below
    electrician and technician to have any        -5°C.
    .necessary arrangements carried out
              WARNING:                          3.2 Installing the
              Manufacturer shall not be              plastic wedges

    B         held liable for damages
              that may arise from
              procedures carried out by
                                                Plastic wedges supplied with the
                                                product are used to create the
                                                distance for the air circulation
              unauthorized persons.
                                                between the product and the rear
              WARNING: Product                  wall.
              must not be plugged               1. To install the wedges, remove the

    B         in during installation.
              Otherwise, there is the
              risk of death or serious
                                                   screws on the product and use the
                                                   screws supplied together with the
              injury!                           2. Insert the 2 plastic wedges onto
              WARNING: If the door                 the rear ventilation cover as
              clearance of the room                illustrated in the figure.
              where the product shall be
              place is so tight to prevent

              passing of the product,           3.3 Adjusting the feet
              remove the door of the
              room and pass the product         If the product stands unbalanced
              through the door by               after installation, adjust the feet
              turning it to its side; if this   on the front by rotating them to the
              does not work, contact the        right or left.
              authorized service.
    • Place the product on an even floor
      surface to prevent jolts.
    • Install the product at least 30 cm
      away from heat sources such as
      hobs, heater cores and stoves and
      at least 5 cm away from electrical
3.4 Electrical connection

        WARNING:Do not make
        connections via extension
        cables or multi-plugs.
        WARNING: Damaged

B       power cable must
        be replaced by the
        Authorized Service Agent.
        If two coolers are to be

        installed side by side,
        there should be at least
        4 cm distance between

• Our company shall not be
  liable for any damages that will
  arise when the product is used
  without grounding and electrical
  connection in accordance with
  the national regulations.
• Power cable plug must be within
  easy reach after installation.
• Do not extension cords or
  cordless multiple outlets
  between your product and the
  wall outlet.
             Hot Surface Warning!
             Side walls of your product
           is equipped with refrigerant
           pipes to improve the cooling
           system. Refrigerant with
           high temperatures may

   C       flow through these areas,
           resulting in hot surfaces
           on the side walls. This is
           normal and does not need
           any servicing. Please pay
           attention while touching
           these areas.

3.5 Reversing the doors

      Proceed in numerical order .
                                                1                             9


                       6                                                      10
                                            5                 11   12












3.6 Reversing the doors

 Proceed in numerical order .
                                          (8)          (13)


                                                  7               20
                             1                         1

          45 °                                         13     9


                      12        8
                      180°                        15



4      Preparation                      • Food should be stored using
                                                the drawers in the cooler
     4.1 Things to be done for                  compartment in order to ensure
                                                energy saving and protect food
            energy saving                       in better conditions.
                                              • Food packages should not be
                 Connecting the product to

                                                in direct contact with the heat
                 electronic energy-saving       sensor located in the cooler
                 systems is harmful, as it      compartment. If they are in
                 may damage the product.        contact with the sensor, energy
     •    Do not keep the refrigerator          consumption of the appliance
          doors open for long periods.          might increase.
     •    Do not place hot food or            • Make sure the foods are not
          beverages into the refrigerator.      in contact with the cooler
     •    Do not overfill the refrigerator;     compartment temperature
          blocking the internal air flow        sensor described below.
          will reduce cooling capacity.
     •    In order to store the maximum
          amount of food into the
          cooler compartment of your
          refrigerator, you should take
          out the upper drawers and
          place it onto the glass rack. The
          declared energy consumption
          of your refrigerator was
          determined by taking out the
          cooler, ice tray and upper
          drawers in a way that will
          enable maximum storage. Using
          the below drawer when storing
          is strongly recommended.
          Energy saving function should
          be activated for best energy
     •    You should not block the airflow
          by putting food in front of the
          cooler fan. A space of minimum
          3cm must be left in front of the
          protective fan wire when placing
     •    Depending on the product’s
          features; defrosting frozen foods
          in the cooler compartment
          will ensure energy saving and
          preserve food quality.
4.2 Initial use

                                            Front edges of the
Before using your refrigerator,             product might heat up.
make sure the necessary                     This is normal. These
preparations are made in line with          areas are designed to
the instructions in “Safety and             warm up in order to            DE
environment instructions” and               prevent condensation.
“Installation” sections.

                                          In some models indicator
• Keep the product running with
                                          panel turns off automatically
   no food inside for 6 and do not
                                          5 minutes after the door
   open the door, unless absolutely
                                          closes. It will be reactivated
                                          when the door is open or any

         A sound will be heard            button is pressed.
         when the compressor is
         engaged. It is normal to
         hear sound even when the
         compressor is inactive,
         due to the compressed
         liquids and gasses in the
         cooling system.

5      Operating the product

     5.1 Temperature setting button
                                              5.2 Fast freeze
      The interior temperature of your
     refrigerator changes for the following     If large amounts of fresh food
     reasons;                                 are going to be frozen, adjust the
     • Seasonal temperatures,                 temperature control knob to
     • Frequent opening of the door             (     ) max. 24 hours before putting
          and leaving the door open for       the fresh food in the fast freeze
          long periods,                       compartment.
     •    Food put into the refrigerator        It is strongly recommended to
          without cooling down to the         keep the knob at this position at least
          room temperature,                   24 hours to freeze maximum amount
     •    The location of the refrigerator    of fresh food declared as freezing
          in the room (e.g. exposing to       capacity. Take special care not to mix
          sunlight).                          frozen food and fresh food.
     •    You may adjust the varying            Remember to turn the temperature
          interior temperature due to         control knob back to its previous
          such reasons by using the           position once food has frozen.
          setting button.
     •    The numbers around the control
          knob indicate the temperature
          values in “°C”.
     •    If the ambient temperature is
          25°C, we recommend you to
          use the temperature control
          knob of your refrigerator at 4°C.
          This value may be increased or
          decreased as required in other
          ambient temperatures.

                                              May not be available in all models
5.3 Vacation function                   • When the setting operation is
                                          completed, you may press the
 If the doors of the product are
                                          temperature control knob and
not opened for 12 hours after the
                                          have it hidden.
temperature control knob is switched
to the hottest position, then the                                         DE
vacation function will be activated

  To cancel the function, change the
knob setting.
  It is not recommended to store food
in cooler compartment when the
vacation function is active.

5.4 Thermostat setting button            For this reason, it is recommended
                                             to close the door again as soon as
                                             possible after use.

                                             5.5 Thermostat setting button

                                              The interior temperature of your
                                             refrigerator changes for the following
                                             Seasonal temperatures,
                                             Frequent opening of the door and
                                             leaving the door open for long
                                             Food put into the refrigerator
       The operating temperature is
       regulated by the temperature          without cooling down to the room
       control.                              temperature,
                                             The location of the refrigerator
         W                            C      in the room (e.g. exposing to
     1=Lowest cooling setting (Warmest       You may adjust the varying interior
     setting).                               temperature due to such reasons
                                             by using the thermostat. Numbers
                                             around the thermostat button
     4=Highest cooling setting (Coldest      indicates the cooling degrees.
     setting).                               If the ambient temperature
       The average temperature inside the    is higher than 32°C, turn the
     fridge should be around +5°C.           thermostat button to maximum
       Please choose the setting according   position.
     to the desired temperature.             If the ambient temperature
       Please note that there will be        is lower than 25°C, turn the
     different temperatures in the cooling   thermostat button to minimum
     area.                                   position.
       The coldest region is immediately
     above the vegetable compartment.
       The interior temperature also
     depends on ambient temperature,
     the frequency with which the door is
     opened and the amount of foods kept
       Frequently opening the door causes
     the interior temperature to rise.

                              May not be available in all models
5.6 Defrost
Fridge compartment
  Fridge compartment performs full-
automatic defrosting. Water drops
and a frosting up to 7-8 mm can occur      DE
on the inner rear wall of the fridge
compartment while your refrigerator
cools down. Such formation is normal
as a result of the cooling system.
The frost formation is defrosted by
performing automatic defrosting
with certain intervals thanks to the
automatic defrosting system of the
rear wall. User is not required to
scrape the frost or remove the water
  Water resulting from the defrosting
passes from the water collection
groove and flows into the evaporator
through the drain pipe and evaporates
here by itself.
   Deep freezer compartment does
not perform automatic defrosting
in order to prevent decaying of the
frozen food.
  The freezer compartment defrosts
  Check regularly to see if the drain
pipe is clogged or not and clear it with
the stick in the hole when necessary.

5.7 Indicator panel
     Indicator panels may vary according to the product model.
     Audio – visual functions on the indicator panel helps you in using your

                                        8      1       2             3


                                               7       6             5    4

                                1.   Fridge Compartment Indicator
                                2.   Error status indicator
                                3.   Temperature indicator
                                4.   Vacation function button
                                5.   Temperature setting button
                                6.   Compartment selection button
                                7.   Freezer compartment indicator
                                8.   Economy mode indicator
                                9.   Vacation function indicator

                               May not be available in all models

              Figures in this user manual are schematic and may not match

              the product exactly. If the subject parts are not included in the
              product you have purchased, then those parts are valid for other

1. Fridge compartment indicator           6. Compartment selection button
  Fridge compartment light                 Selection button: Press
is illuminated while the fridge           compartment selection button to
compartment temperature is set.           switch between fridge and freezer
2. Error status indicator                 compartments.
  If your refrigerator does not perform   7. Freezer compartment indicator
enough cooling or in case of a sensor       Fridge compartment light is
fault, this indicator is activated.       illuminated while the freezer
When this indicator is activated,         compartment temperature is set.
“E” is displayed on the freezer           8. Economy mode indicator
compartment temperature indicator,          Indicates that the refrigerator
and numbers such as “1,2,3...” are        operates in energy saving mode.
displayed on the fridge compartment       This display shall be activated if the
temperature indicator. These              freezer compartment temperature is
numbers on the indicator inform           set to -18°C.
service personnel about the error.
                                          9. Vacation function indicator
3. Temperature indicator                   Indicates that vacation is activated.
 Indicates freezer, fridge
compartment temperature.
4. Vacation function button
  Press on Vacation Button for 3
seconds to activate this function.
When the vacation function is
activated, “- -” is displayed on the
fridge compartment temperature
indicator and no active cooling
is performed on the fridge
compartment. It is not suitable
to keep the food in the fridge
compartment when this function is
activated. Other compartments shall
be continued to be cooled as per their
set temperature.
  To cancel this function press
Vacation button again.
5. Temperature setting button
  Changes the temperature of the
relevant compartment between
-24°C... -18°C and 8°C...1°C.

5.8 Indicator panel
     Indicator panel allows you to set the temperature and control the other
     functions related to the product without opening the door of the product.
     Just press the inscriptions on relevant buttons for function settings.
                                               1 2


                 11 *10      9        8 7        6 5         4           3
     1. Power failure/High                     saving symbol is illuminated. (      )
     temperature / error warning                When energy saving function is
     indicator                                 activated, all symbols on the display
       This indicator ( ) illuminates during   other than energy saving symbol will
     power failure, high temperature           turn off. When the Energy Saving
     failures and error warnings. During       function is activated, if any button is
     sustained power failures, the             pressed or the door is opened, energy
     highest temperature that the freezer      saving function will be canceled and
     compartment reaches will flash on         the symbols on display will return to
     the digital display. After checking       normal.
     the food located in the freezer            Energy saving function is activated
     compartment ( ) press the alarm off       during delivery from factory and
     button to clear the warning.              cannot be canceled.
     2. Energy saving function (display      3.Quick fridge function
     off)                                    The button has two functions. To
       If the product doors are kept closed  activate or deactivate the quick
     for a long time energy saving function cool function press it briefly. Quick
     is automatically activated and energy   Cool indicator will turn off and the
                             May not be available in all models
             Figures in this user manual are schematic and may not match

             the product exactly. If the subject parts are not included in the
             product you have purchased, then those parts are valid for other
product will return to its normal        the vacation function is activated,
settings. ( )                            “- -” is displayed on the fridge

         Use quick cooling               compartment temperature indicator
         function when you want          and no active cooling is performed
         to quickly cool the food        on the fridge compartment. It is not
                                         suitable to keep the food in the fridge   DE
         placed in the fridge
         compartment. If you want        compartment when this function is
         to cool large amounts of        activated. Other compartments shall
         fresh food, activate this       be continued to be cooled as per their
         function before putting         set temperature.
         the food into the product.       To cancel this function press
                                         Vacation function button again.
         If you do not cancel it,
         quick cooling will cancel       6. Alarm off warning
         itself automatically after 8     In case of power failure/high
         hours or when the fridge        temperature alarm, after checking
         compartment reaches to          the food located in the freezer
         the required temperature.       compartment press the alarm off
                                         button ( ) to clear the warning.

         If you press the
         quick cooling button            7. Key lock
         repeatedly with short             Press key lock button ( )
         intervals, the electronic       simultaneously for 3 seconds. Key
         circuit protection will         lock symbol
         be activated and the              ( ) will light up and key lock mode
         compressor will not start       will be activated. Buttons will
         up immediately.                 not function if the Key lock mode
                                         is active. Press key lock button

         This function is not            simultaneously for 3 seconds again.
         recalled when power             Key lock symbol will turn off and the
         restores after a power          key lock mode will be exited.
         failure.                          Press the key lock button if
4. Fridge compartment                    you want to prevent changing of
temperature setting button               the temperature setting of the
 Press this button to set the            refrigerator ( ).
temperature of the fridge
                                         8. Eco fuzzy
compartment to 8, 7,6, 5,4,3, 2, 8...
                                           Press and hold eco fuzzy button for 1
respectively. Press this button to set
                                         seconds to activate eco fuzzy function.
the fridge compartment temperature
                                         Refrigerator will start operating in
to the desired value. ( )
                                         the most economic mode at least
                                         6 hours later and the economic
  5.Vacation Function                    usage indicator will turn on when
  In order to activate vacation          the function is active (   ). Press
function, press the this button ( )      and hold eco fuzzy function button
for 3 seconds, and the vacation mode     for 3 seconds to deactivate eco fuzzy
indicator ( ) will be activated. When    function.
      This indicator is illuminated after 6            If you do not cancel it,
     hours when eco fuzzy is activated.                Quick Freeze will cancel
     9. Freezer compartment                            itself automatically after 4
     temperature setting button                        hours or when the fridge
      Press this button to set the                     compartment reaches to
     temperature of the freezer                        the required temperature.

     compartment to -18,-19,-20,-21,                   This function is not
     -22, -23,-24, -18... respectively.                recalled when power
     Press this button to set the freezer              restores after a power
     compartment temperature to the                    failure.
     desired value.( )
                                               12. Economic usage indicator
      10. Icematic off indicator
                                                 Indicates that the product is running
      Indicates whether the icematic is on
                                               in energy-efficient mode. ( )This
     or off. ( )If On, then the icematic is
                                               indicator will be active if the Freezer
     not operating. To operate the icematic
                                               Compartment temperature is set to
     again press and hold the On-Off
                                               -18 or the energy efficient cooling is
     button for 3 seconds.
                                               being performed due to Eco-Extra

              Water flow from water            function.
              tank will stop when this

                                                        Economic usage indicator
              function is selected.                     is turned off when quick
              However, ice made                         cooling or quick freeze
              previously can be taken                   functions are selected.
              from the icematic.
     11. Quick freeze function button/
     icematic on-off button
       Press this button to activate or
     deactivate the quick freezing function.
     When you activate the function, the
     freezer compartment will be cooled
     to a temperature lower than the set
     value. ( )
       To turn on and off the icematic press
     and hold it for 3 seconds.

              Use the quick freeze
              function when you want
              to quickly freeze the
              food placed in fridge
              compartment. If you want
              to freeze large amounts
              of fresh food, activate this
              function before putting
              the food into the product.

5.9 Indicator panel
Indicator panel allows you to set the temperature and control the other
functions related to the product without opening the door of the product.
Just press the inscriptions on relevant buttons for function settings.
                  1                  2


                      11    10   9       8 7.1 7.2 6   5   4

1. Economy                             reaches will flash on the digital
This symbol is illuminated when        display. After checking the food
the freezer compartment is set to      located in the freezer compartment
-18°C’ye as the most economical        ( ) press the alarm off button to
setting value (    ). Economy          clear the warning.
indicator is turned off when quick     3. Energy saving function (display
cooling or quick freeze functions      off)
are selected.                          If the product doors are kept
2. Power failure/High                  closed for a long time energy
temperature / error warning            saving function is automatically
indicator                              activated and energy saving symbol
This indicator ( ) illuminates         is illuminated.When energy saving
during power failure, high             function is activated, all symbols
temperature failures and error         on the display other than energy
warnings. During sustained power saving symbol will turn off. When
failures, the highest temperature      the Energy Saving function is
that the freezer compartment
                       May not be available in all models
        Figures in this user manual are schematic and may not match

        the product exactly. If the subject parts are not included in the
        product you have purchased, then those parts are valid for other
activated, if any button is pressed    6. Fridge compartment tempera-
     or the door is opened, energy          ture setting
     saving function will be canceled       When the button no. (6) is pressed,
     and the symbols on display will        you may set the temperature of the
     return to normal.                      fridge compartment to 8,7,6,5,4,3,2
     4. Quick cool                          and 1 respectively ( ).
     Quick cooling indicator                7.1. Energy saving function (disp-
     ( ) is illuminated when quick          lay off):
     cooling function is activated and      Energy saving symbol ( ) is
     fridge compartment temperature         illuminated and Energy saving
     indicator value is displayed as        function is activated when you
     1. To cancel this function press       press this button ( ). When energy
     Quick cooling button again. Quick      saving function is activated, all
     cooling indicator will turn off        symbols on the display other than
     and refrigerator will return to its    energy saving symbol will turn off.
     normal settings. Quick cooling         When the Energy Saving function is
     function is canceled automatically     activated, if any button is pressed
     in 1 hour if you do not cancel it      or the door is opened, energy
     before. If you want to cool large      saving function will be canceled
     amounts of fresh food, press           and the symbols on display will
     the Quick cooling button before        return to normal. Energy saving
     putting the food into the fridge       symbol is turned off and energy
     compartment.                           saving function is deactivated when
     5. Vacation function                   you press this button ( ) again.
     In order to activate vacation          7.2.Alarm off warning:
     function, press the button no.         In case of power failure/high
     (5) ( ) for 3 seconds, and the         temperature alarm, after checking
     vacation mode indicator activates.     the food located in the freezer
     When the vacation function is          compartment press the alarm off
     activated, “- -” is displayed on the   button to clear the warning.
     fridge compartment temperature         8. Key lock
     indicator and no active cooling        Press key lock button ( )
     is performed on the fridge             simultaneously for 3 seconds. Key
     compartment. It is not suitable        lock symbol ( ) will light up and
     to keep the food in the fridge         key lock mode will be activated.
     compartment when this function         Buttons will not function if the
     is activated. Other compartments       Key lock mode is active. Press key
     shall be continued to be cooled as     lock button simultaneously for 3
     per their set temperature.To cancel    seconds again. Key lock symbol
     this function press Vacation           will turn off and the key lock mode
     function button again.                 will be exited.

Press the key lock button if            Quick freeze indicator will turn
you want to prevent changing of         off and refrigerator will return to
the temperature setting of the          its normal settings. Quick freeze
refrigerator ( ).                       function is canceled automatically
9. Eco fuzzy                            in 24 hour if you do not cancel it
                                        before. If you want to freeze large
Press and hold eco fuzzy button
for 1 seconds to activate eco fuzzy     amounts of fresh food, press
function. Refrigerator will start       the quick freeze button before
operating in the most economic          putting the food into the freezer
mode at least 6 hours later and the     compartment.
economic usage indicator will turn
on when the function is active (
). Press and hold eco fuzzy function
button for 3 seconds to deactivate
eco fuzzy function.
This indicator is illuminated after 6
hours when eco fuzzy is activated.
10. Freezer compartment tempe-
rature setting
Temperature setting for freezer
compartment is performed here.
When button no. 9 is pressed,
you may set the temperature of
the freezer compartment to -18,
-19, -20, -21, -22, -23 and -24
11. Fast freeze
Press button no. (11) for fast
freeze operation, quick freeze
( ) shall be activated.
Quick freeze indicator is
illuminated when quick freeze
function is activated and fridge
compartment temperature
indicator is displayed as -27. To
cancel this function press quick
freeze button ( ) again.

5.10 Ice bucket                            5.12 Fan
                                                Fan was designed to distribute circu-
     (This feature is optional)                 late the cold air inside your refrigera-
                                                tor homogeneously. Operating time of
     • Take the ice bucket from the
                                                the fan might vary depending the fea-
       freezer compartment.                     tures of your product.
     • Fill the ice bucket with water.          While in some products fan only op-
     • Place the ice bucket into the            erates with compressor, in others con-
       freezer compartment.                     trol system determines the operating
     • The ice will be ready after              time based on the need for cooling.
       approximately two hours. Take
       the ice bucket from the freezer
       compartment and bend in
       sightly over the holder that you
       are going to serve. Ice will easily
       pour into the serving holder.
                                                5.13 Vegetable bin

                                                 (This feature is optional)
                                                • Product’s vegetable bin is
                                                   designed to keep vegetables
                                                   fresh by preserving humidity.
                                                   For this purpose, the overall
                                                   cold air circulation is intensified
                                                   in the vegetable bin.

                                                5.14 Zero degree compartment

                                                 (This feature is optional)
     5.11 Egg holder
                                                Use this compartment to
     You can put the eggholder on the
                                                keep delicatessen at lower
     door or body rack of your choice. If you
                                                temperatures or meat products for
     decide to put it on the body rack, it is
                                                immediate consumption.
     recommended to prefer the shelves
                                                Zero degree compartment is the
     .below as they are colder
                                                coolest place where foods such

               Do not put the eggholder         as dairy products, meat, fish and
               into the freezer                 chicken can be stored in ideal
               compartment.                     storage conditions. Vegetables
                                                and/or fruits should not be stored
                                                in this compartment.
5.15 Using the second                   Figure 3.
    crisper of the product                With the door is open 90°, pull the
                                        second crisper up to the first stopper
                                        as shown in Figure 3.
                                          In the case that the drawer is more    DE
                                        open, first of all, open the door by
                                        at least 135° degrees. After that, as
Figure 1.
                                        shown in Figure 4, lift the second
 As shown in the figure, there are
                                        crisper for about 5 mm so that it is
2 stoppers in the second crisper of
                                        freed from the first stopper.
K70560 model product.

                                        Figure 4.
Figure 2.                                After lifting, pull the second drawer
 The second crisper looks like Figure   up to the second stopper as shown in
2 when closed.

                                        Figure 5.

5.16Moving door rack                     5.17 Sliding storage box
     (This feature is optional)
      Moving door rack can be fixed in 3      (This feature is optional)
     different positions.
                                               This accessory has been designed
      In order to move the rack, push the
                                              to increase the usage volume of the
     buttons on the side evenly. Rack will
                                              door racks.
     be movable.
                                               Thanks to its ability to move
      Move the rack up or down.
                                              sideways, it enables you to easily
      When the rack is in the position that
                                              place long bottle, jar or boxes that you
     you want, release the buttons. Rack
                                              put in the bottle rack below.
     will be fixed again in the position
     where you have released the buttons.

                                              5.18 Moisture controlled
                                                  vegetable bin

                                              (This feature is optional)
                                                With moisture control feature,
                                              moisture rates of vegetables and
                                              fruits are kept under control and
                                              ensures a longer freshness period for
                                                It is recommended to store leafed
                                              vegetables such as lettuce and
                                              spinach and similar vegetables prone
                                              to moisture loss not on their roots
                                              but in horizontal position into the
                                              vegetable bin as much as possible.
                                                When placing the vegetables, place
                                              heavy and hard vegetables at the
                                              bottom and light and soft ones on the
                                              top, taking into account the specific
                                              weights of vegetables.
                                                Do not leave vegetables in the
                                              vegetable bin in plastic bags.

Leaving them in plastic bags causes              In products with automatic
vegetables to rot in a short time. In          ice machine, you might hear
situations where contact with other            a sound when pouring the ice.
vegetables is not preferred, use               This sound is normal and is not
                                               a sign of failure.
packaging materials such as paper                                                DE
that has a certain porosity in terms of
  Do not put fruits that have a high
ethylene gas production such as pear,
apricot, peach and particularly apple
in the same vegetable bin with other
vegetables and fruits. The ethylene
gas coming out of these fruits might
cause other vegetables and fruits to
mature faster and rot in a shorter
period of time.

5.19 Automatic ice machine

(This feature is optional)
  Automatic ice machine enables you
to easily make ice in your refrigerator.
In order to obtain ice from the ice
machine, take out the water tank in
the cooler compartment, fill it with
water and fix it back.
  First ice will be ready in about 2
hours in the ice machine drawer in
the cooler compartment.
  After placing the full water tank, you
can obtain about 60-70 cubes of ice
until it is fully empty.
  If the water in the tank has waited
for 2-3 weeks, it should be changed.

5.20 Icematic and ice                      5.21 Using the water dispenser
         storage container                      *optional

     *optional                                              It is normal for the first
     Using the Icematic                                   few glasses of water taken
      Fill the Icematic with water and                    from the dispenser to be
     place it into its seat. Your ice will be             warm.

     ready approximately in two hours.                      If the water dispenser is
     Do not remove the Icematic from its                  not used for a long period
     seating to take ice.                                 of time, dispose of first few
      Turn the knobs on the ice reservoirs                glasses of water to obtain
     clockwise by 90 degrees.                             fresh water.
      Ice cubes in the reservoirs will fall     1. Push in the lever of the water dis-
     down into the ice storage container           penser with your glass. If you are
                                                   using a soft plastic cup, pushing
                                                   the lever with your hand will be ea-
      You may take out the ice storage             sier.
     container and serve the ice cubes.         2. After filling the cup up to the level
      If you wish, you may keep the ice            you want, release the lever.
     cubes in the ice storage container.

                                                            Please note, how much
     Ice storage container                                water flows from the
       Ice storage container is only                      dispenser depends on
     intended for accumulating the                        how far you depress the
     ice cubes. Do not put water in it.                   lever. As the level of water
     Otherwise, it will break.                            in your cup / glass rises,
                                                          gently reduce the amount
                                                          of pressure on the lever
                                                          to avoid overflow. If you
                                                          slightly press the arm, the
                                                          water will drip; this is quite
                                                          normal and not a failure.

5.22 Filling the water
    dispenser's tank
  Water tank filling reservoir is
located inside the door rack.
  1. Open the cover of the tank.                                                  DE
  2. Fill the tank with fresh drinking
  3. Close the cover.

            Do not fill the water
          tank with any other liquid
          except for water such as
          fruit juices, carbonated
          beverages or alcoholic
          drinks which are not
          suitable to use in the water
          dispenser. Water dispenser
          will be irreparably damaged
          if these kinds of liquids are
          used. Warranty does not
          cover such usages. Some
          chemical substances and         5.23 Cleaning the water tank
          additives contained in these    1. Remove the water filling reservoir
          kinds of drinks/liquids may        inside the door rack.
          damage the water tank.          2. Remove the door rack by holding
                                             from both sides.

 C         Use clean drinking water       3. Grab the water tank from both si-
          only.                              des and remove it with an angle of

 C          Capacity of the water tank
          is 3 litres; do not overfill.

4. Remove the cover of the water tank
        and clean the tank.

               Components of the water
              tank and water dispenser
              should not be washed in

                                             5.24 Drip tray
                                               Water that dripped while using the
                                             water dispenser accumulates in the
                                             spillage tray.
                                               Remove the plastic filter as shown
                                             in the figure.
                                               With a clean and dry cloth, remove
                                             the water that has accumulated.

5.25 HerbBox/HerbFresh                    bad odours dissolve while the air is
  Remove the film container from          actively being passed on the odour
HerbBox/HerbFresh+                        filter, then the air that has been
  Take the film out of the bag and put    cleaned by the filter is re-emitted to
it into the film container as shown in    the fresh food compartment. This           DE
the image.                                way, the unwanted odours that may
  Seal the container again and replace    emerge during the storage of foods in
it into HerbBox/HerbFresh+ unit.          the refrigerator are eliminated before
  HerbBox-HerbFresh+ sections are         they permeate the surfaces.
especially ideal for storage of various     This is achieved thanks to the fan,
herbs that are supposed to be kept        LED and the odour filter integrated
in delicate conditions. You can store     into the module. In daily use, the
your unbagged herbs (parsley, dill,       deodorising module will turn on
etc.) in this section horizontally and    automatically on a periodic basis. To
keep them fresh for a much longer         maintain efficient performance, it is
period.                                   recommended to have the filter in the
  The film shall be replaced in every     deodorising module by the authorised
six months.                               service provider every 5 years. Due
                                          to the fan integrated into the module,
                                          the noise you will hear during
                                          operation is normal. If you open the
                                          door of the fresh food compartment
                                          while the module is active, the fan
                                          will pause temporarily and resume
                                          where it has left off after some time
                                          the door is closed again. In case of
                                          power failure, the deodoriser module
                                          will resume where it has left off in
                                          the total operation duration once the
                                          power is back.
                                            Info: It is recommended to store
                                          aromatic foods (such as cheese,
                                          olives and delicatessen foods) in their
                                          packaging and sealed to avoid bad
                                          odours that may result when smells
5.26 Deodoriser Module                    of various foods get mixed. Besides,
                                          it is recommended to take spoiled
(OdourFresh +)                            foods out of the refrigerator quickly to
(This feature is optional)                prevent the other foods from getting
 The deodoriser module quickly            spoiled and avoid bad odours.
eliminates the bad smells in your
refrigerator before they permeate
the surfaces. Thanks to this module,
which is placed on the ceiling of
the fresh food compartment, the
5.27Freezing fresh food              • Label each pack of food by
                                            adding the date before freezing.
     • In order to preserve the quality     You may distinguish the
       of the food, it shall be frozen
                                            freshness of each food pack in
       as quickly as possible when
                                            this way when you open your
       it is placed in the freezer
                                            freezer each time. Store the
       compartment, use the fast
                                            food frozen before in the front
       freezing feature for this
                                            side of compartment to ensure
                                            that they are used first.
     • You may store the food longer

       in freezer compartment when                 The freezer compartment
       you freeze them while they are             defrosts automatically.
     • Pack the food to be frozen and     • Frozen food must be used
       close the packing so that it         immediately after they are
       would not allow entrance of air.     thawed and they should not be
     • Ensure that you pack your food       re-frozen.
       before putting them in the         • Do not freeze too large
       freezer. Use freezer containers,     quantities of food at one time.
       foils and moisture-proof papers,
       plastic bags and other packing
       materials instead of traditional
       packing papers.

Freezer            Fridge
Compartment        compartment                      Remarks
   Setting           Setting
-18°C                   4°C      This is the normal recommended setting.
                                 These settings are recommended when the
-20,-22 or -24°C       4°C                                                          DE
                                 ambient temperature exceeds 30°C.
                                 Use when you wish to freeze your food in a short
Quick Freeze           4°C       time. Your product will return to its previous
                                 mode when the process is over.
                                 Use these settings if you think that your fridge
                                 compartment is not cold enough because of the
-18°C or colder        2°C
                                 hot ambient conditions or frequent opening and
                                 closing of the door.

5.28 Recommendations for               Foods to be frozen should not be
                                       allowed to come in contact with the
    preserving the frozen food         previously frozen items to prevent
Compartment shall be set to -18°C at   them from getting thawed partially.
  least.                               Boil the vegetables and drain their
 1.     Put packages in the freezer    water in order to store vegetables
        as quickly as possible after   for a longer time as frozen. After
        purchase without allowing      draining their water, put them
        the to thaw.                   in air-proof packages and place
 2.     Check whether the “Use         them inside the freezer. Food such
        By” and “Best Before” da-      as bananas, tomatoes, lettuce,
        tes on the packaging are       celery, boiled eggs, potatoes are
        expired or not before free-    not suitable for freezing. When
        zing it.                       these foods are frozen, only their
 3.     Ensure that the package of     nutritional value and taste shall
        the food is not damaged.       be affected negatively. They shall
                                       not be spoiled so that they would
5.29 Deep-freeze information           create a risk for human health.
According to IEC 62552 standards,
the product shall freeze at least      5.30 Placing the food
4.5 kg of food at 25°C ambient                               Various frozen
temperature to -18°C or lower                                food such as
within 24 hours for every 100-litres    Freezer
                                                             meat, fish,
of freezer volume.                      compartment
                                                             ice cream,
It is possible to preserve the food     shelves
                                                             vegetables and
for a long time only at -18°C or                             etc.
lower temperatures.
You can keep the freshness of
food for many months (at -18°C or
lower temperatures in the deep
Food in pans,        5.32 Illumination lamp
                         covered plates
     Refrigerator                             LED lamps are used as
                         and closed
     compartment                              illumination lamps. Contact
     shelves                                  authorized service in case of any
                         eggs (in closed
                         container)           problem with this type of light.
                                              The lamp(s) used in this appliance
     Door shelves        Small and            is not suitable for household room
     of fridge           packaged food        illumination. The intended purpose
     compartment         or beverage          of this lamp is to assist the user to
                         Vegetables and       place foodstuffs in the refrigerator/
                         fruits               freezer in a safe and comfortable
                         Delicatessen         way.
                         (breakfast food,
     Fresh zone          meat products
     compartment         that shall be
                         consumed in a
                         short time)

     5.31 Door open warning
     (This feature is optional)
       Door open warning is given to user
     both visually and acoustically. If the
     warning continues for 10 minutes,
     interior lights will be turned off.

6.    Maintenance and cleaning           clean the outer surfaces and
Service life of the product extends       chromium coated parts of
and frequently faced problems             the product. Chlorine causes
decrease if cleaned at regular            corrosion on such metal
intervals.                                surfaces
                                        • Do not use sharp, abrasive           DE

B         WARNING: Unplug the
          product before cleaning it.
                                          tools, soap, household cleaning
                                          agents, detergents, kerosene,
                                          fuel oil, varnish etc. to prevent
• Never use gasoline, benzene or          removal and deformation of the
    similar substances for cleaning       prints on the plastic part. Use
    purposes.                             lukewarm water and a soft cloth
•   Never use any sharp and               for cleaning and then wipe it dry.
    abrasive tools, soap, household
    cleaners, detergent and wax         6.1 Avoiding bad odours
    polish for cleaning.
•   Dissolve one teaspoon of            Materials that may cause odour
    carbonate in half litre of water.   are not used in the production of
    Soak a cloth with the solution      our refrigerators. However, due
    and wrung it thoroughly. Wipe       to inappropriate food preserving
    the interior of the refrigerator    conditions and not cleaning the
    with this cloth and the dry         inner surface of the refrigerator
    thoroughly.                         as required can bring forth the
•   Make sure that no water enters      problem of odour. Pay attention to
    the lamp housing and other          following to avoid this problem:
    electrical items.                   • Keeping the refrigerator clean
•   If you will not use the                is important. Food residuals,
    refrigerator for a long period of      stains, etc. can cause odour.
    time, unplug it, remove all food       Therefore, clean the refrigerator
    inside, clean it and leave the         with carbonate dissolved in
    door ajar.                             water every 15 days.Never use
•   Check regularly that the door          detergents or soap.
    gaskets are clean. If not, clean    • Keep the food in closed
    them.                                  containers.Microorganisms
•   To remove door and body                spreading out from uncovered
    shelves, remove all of its             containers can cause
    contents.                              unpleasant odours.
•   Remove the door shelves by          • Never keep the food that have
    pulling them up. After cleaning,       expired best before dates and
    slide them from top to bottom to       spoiled in the refrigerator.
•   Never use cleaning agents or
    water that contain chlorine to

6.2 Protecting the                           These glasses are tempered to
         plastic surfaces                       increase their durability against
                                                impacts and breaking.
     Do not put liquid oils or oil-               A safety film is also applied to
     cooked meals in your refrigerator          their rear surfaces as an extra
     in unsealed containers as they             safety measure in order to prevent
     damage the plastic surfaces of             them from causing damage to their
     the refrigerator. If oil is spilled or     surrounding in case of a breakage.
     smeared onto the plastic surfaces,           *Alkali is a base that forms
     clean and rinse the relevant part          hydroxide ions (OH¯) when it is
     of the surface at once with warm           dissolved in water.
     water.                                       Li (Lithium), Na (Sodium), K
                                                (Potassium) Rb (Rubidium), Cs
     6.3 Door Glasses                           (Cesium) and artificial and radioactive
       Remove the protective foil on the        Fr (Fan-sium) metals are called
     glasses.                                   ALKALI METALS.
       There is a coating on the surface of
     the glasses.This coating minimizes
     the stain build-up and helps to
     remove the possible stains and dirt
     easily.Glasses that are not protected
     with such a coating may be subject
     to persistent binding of air or water
     based organic or inorganic dirt such
     as limescale, mineral salts, unburned
     hydrocarbons, metal oxides and
     silicones that can easily and quickly
     cause stains or material damage.
     Keeping the glass clean becomes too
     difficult despite the regular cleaning.
     Consequently, the appearance
     and the transparency of the glass
     deteriorates. Harsh and corrosive
     cleaning methods and compounds will
     intensify these defects and speed up
     the deterioration process.
       Water-based cleaning products that
     are not alkaline and corrosive must be
     used for regular cleaning purposes.
       Non-alkaline and non-corrosive
     materials must be used for cleaning
     so that the service life of this coating
     lasts for a long time.

7.   Troubleshooting                      cooling system is not balanced,
Check this list before contacting          which triggers the compressor
the service. Doing so will save you        thermic safeguard. The product
time and money. This list includes         will restart after approximately 6
frequent complaints that are not           minutes. If the product does not
                                           restart after this period, contact
related to faulty workmanship
or materials. Certain features             the service.
mentioned herein may not apply to      • Defrosting is active. >>>
your product.                              This is normal for a fully-
The refrigerator is not working.           automatic defrosting product.
• The power plug is not fully              The defrosting is carried out
   settled. >>> Plug it in to settle       periodically.
   completely into the socket.         • The product is not plugged in.
• The fuse connected to the                >>> Make sure the power cord is
   socket powering the product             plugged in.
   or the main fuse is blown. >>>      • The temperature setting
   Check the fuses.                        is incorrect. >>> Select the
                                           appropriate temperature
Condensation on the side wall of           setting.
the cooler compartment (MULTI          • The power is out. >>> The
ZONE, COOL, CONTROL and FLEXI              product will continue to operate
ZONE).                                     normally once the power is
• The door is opened too                   restored.
   frequently >>> Take care not
   to open the product’s door too      The refrigerator’s operating noise
   frequently.                         is increasing while in use.
• The environment is too humid.        • The product’s operating
   >>> Do not install the product in       performance may vary
   humid environments.                     depending on the ambient
• Foods containing liquids are             temperature variations. This is
   kept in unsealed holders. >>>           normal and not a malfunction.
   Keep the foods containing           The refrigerator runs too often or
   liquids in sealed holders.          for too long.
• The product’s door is left open.     • The new product may be larger
   >>> Do not keep the product’s           than the previous one. Larger
   door open for long periods.             products will run for longer
• The thermostat is set to too             periods.
   low temperature. >>> Set the        • The room temperature may
   thermostat to appropriate               be high. >>> The product will
   temperature.                            normally run for long periods in
Compressor is not working.                 higher room temperature.
• In case of sudden power failure      • The product may have been
   or pulling the power plug               recently plugged in or a new
   off and putting back on, the            food item is placed inside. >>>
   gas pressure in the product’s           The product will take longer to
                                           reach the set temperature when       39
recently plugged in or a new        The food items kept in cooler
        food item is placed inside. This    compartment drawers are frozen.
        is normal.                          • The cooler compartment
     • Large quantities of hot food may        temperature is set to a very
        have been recently placed into         low degree. >>> Set the freezer
        the product. >>> Do not place          compartment temperature to a
        hot food into the product.             higher degree and check again.
     • The doors were opened                The temperature in the cooler or
        frequently or kept open for         the freezer is too high.
        long periods. >>> The warm air      • The cooler compartment
        moving inside will cause the           temperature is set to a very high
        product to run longer. Do not          degree. >>> Temperature setting
        open the doors too frequently.         of the cooler compartment has
     • The freezer or cooler door may          an effect on the temperature in
        be ajar. >>> Check that the            the freezer compartment. Wait
        doors are fully closed.                until the temperature of relevant
     • The product may be set to               parts reach the sufficient level
        temperature too low. >>> Set the       by changing the temperature of
        temperature to a higher degree         cooler or freezer compartments.
        and wait for the product to reach   • The doors were opened
        the adjusted temperature.              frequently or kept open for long
     • The cooler or freezer door              periods. >>> Do not open the
        washer may be dirty, worn out,         doors too frequently.
        broken or not properly settled.     • The door may be ajar. >>> Fully
        >>> Clean or replace the washer.       close the door.
        Damaged / torn door washer          • The product may have been
        will cause the product to run for      recently plugged in or a new
        longer periods to preserve the         food item is placed inside. >>>
        current temperature.                   This is normal. The product
     The freezer temperature is very           will take longer to reach the
     low, but the cooler temperature is        set temperature when recently
     adequate.                                 plugged in or a new food item is
     • The freezer compartment                 placed inside.
        temperature is set to a very        • Large quantities of hot food may
        low degree. >>> Set the freezer        have been recently placed into
        compartment temperature to a           the product. >>> Do not place
        higher degree and check again.         hot food into the product.
     The cooler temperature is very         Shaking or noise.
     low, but the freezer temperature       • The ground is not level or
     is adequate.                              durable. >>> If the product is
     • The cooler compartment                  shaking when moved slowly,
        temperature is set to a very           adjust the stands to balance the
        low degree. >>> Set the freezer        product. Also make sure the
        compartment temperature to a           ground is sufficiently durable to
40      higher degree and check again.         bear the product.
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