BRANDIN COOKS
                2013 BILETNIKOFF AWARD WINNER
                • 2013 Biletnikoff Award Winner
                • 2013 Consensus First Team All-American (Associated Press, Football Writers
                  Association of America, Sporting News, Walter Camp Football Foundation)
                • Set Pac-12 record with 128 receptions in 2013
                • Set Pac-12 record with 1,730 receiving yards in 2013
                • Tied OSU single game record with 14 receptions at San Diego State in 2013.
                • Broke Oregon State record with 16 receiving touchdowns in 2013
                • Established OSU record with 24 career receiving touchdowns
                • Became just the third receiver in OSU history with multiple 1,000-yard receiving
                • Finished career with 226 receptions - second on OSU’s all-time list
                • Third on OSU career list with 3,272 receiving yards
                • Third in OSU history with 13 100-yard receiving games.
                • First-round selection (No. 21) in 2014 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints

                MIKE HASS
                2005 BILETNIKOFF AWARD WINNER
                • 2005 Biletnikoff Award Winner
                • 2005 First Team All-American (Associated Press, Walter Camp Football Foundation)
                • Set the then-Oregon State record with 90 receptions in 2005 breaking his own record
                  of 86 set the previous season.
                • Set the then- OSU record with 1,532 receiving yards in 2005 breaking his own record
                  of 1,379 previously set in 2004.
                • Produced a school-record nine 100-yard games in 2005 and 19 in his career.
                • Set OSU single game record with 14 receptions at Arizona State in 2004.
                • Tied the then-OSU record with 20 career receiving touchdowns
                • Only receiver in OSU history to posted three 1,000-yard receiving seasons.
                • Finished career with the then-OSU record 220 receptions
                • Holds the top spot on OSU’s career list with 3,924 receiving yards
                • Set school-record with 293 receiving yards at Boise State in 2004
                • Sixth-round selection (No. 171) in 2006 NFL Draft by the New Orleans Saints

                ALEXIS SERNA
                2005 LOU GROZA AWARD WINNER
                • 2005 Lou Groza Award Winner
                • 2005 First Team All-American (American Football Coaches Association)
                • 2005 Second Team All-American (Associated Press, Walter Camp Football Foundation)
                • Connected on 23 of 28 field goal and all 32 point after attempts in 2005
                • Tied OSU record by making 15 consecutive field goals in 2005
                • Set OSU record with 23 field goals made in 2005
                • Broke OSU record and tied Pac-10 record with 6-for-6 performance at Washington
                • Also booted five field goals in a game on three occasions.
                • Tied OSU record with a 58-yard field goal against California in 2006
                • Set OSU record with 80 field goals made in a career and PATs made with 144
                • Holds OSU record for points scored with 384
                • Played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League

#GoBeavs                                                                                             179
2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE                                                                                                                   ALL-AMERICANS
Below is the list of Oregon State players selected as All-Americans, led by Oregon State’s five consensus choices. Currently, to be considered a consensus All-American a player
must be a first team honoree by three of the following organizations; the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), Associated Press, Football Writer’s Association of America
(FWAA), Sporting News and the Walter Camp Football Foundation. In the past these organizations also had votes that counted toward being a consensus All-American: United Press
International (UPI), Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), Central Press Association, Time magazine, Football News.
Consensus                                                    FWAA                                                         Central Press Association
1956       John Witte, t                                     1956       John Witte, t                                     1956       John Witte, t
1963       Vern Burke, e                                     1962       Terry Baker, qb                                   1963       Vern Burke, wr
1968       John Didion, c                                    1963       Vern Burke, e                                     1968       John Didion, c
2012       Jordan Poyer, cb                                  1968       John Didion, c                                    1968       Mel Easley, db
2013       Brandin Cooks, wr                                 2013       Brandin Cooks, wr
                                                                                                                          Football News
AFCA                                                         Associated Press                                             1962       Terry Baker, qb
1956       John Witte, t                                     1928       Howard Maple, qb (second team)                    1968       John Didion, c
1958       Ted Bates, ot                                     1933       Ade Schwammel, t                                  2000       Ken Simonton, rb (second team)
1962       Terry Baker, qb                                   1933       Norman “Red” Franklin, hb (third team)            2000       Chris Gibson, c (honorable mention)
1963       Vern Burke, e                                     1937       Joe Gray, b (second team)                         2001       Ken Simonton, rb (honorable mention)
1967       Jon Sandstrom, g                                  1939       Eberle Schultz, og (third team)
1968       John Didion, c                                    1940       Jim Kisselburgh, b (third team)                   International News Service
2000       Ken Simonton, rb                                  1941       Quentin Greenough, c (second team)                1926       Jim Dixon, t (second team)
2005       Alexis Serna, k                                   1955       John Witte, t                                     1955       John Witte, t
2008       Andy Levitre, ot                                  1962       Terry Baker, qb                                   1956       John Witte, t
2012       Jordan Poyer, cb                                  1964       Rich Koeper, ot (second team)
                                                             1968       John Didion, c
                                                             1970       Craig Hanneman, dt (second team)
                                                                                                                          Newspaper Enterprise Association
Sporting News                                                                                                             1916       Herman Abraham, hb
1962       Terry Baker, qb                                   1974       Greg Krpalek, c (honorable mention)
                                                                                                                          1956       John Witte, t
1968       John Didion, c                                    1977       Jim Walker, c (honorable mention)
                                                                                                                          1962       Terry Baker, qb
2000       DeLawrence Grant, de (second team)                1979       Steve Coury, se (third team)
                                                                                                                          1964       Jack O’Billovich, lb
2000       Ken Simonton, rb (second team)                    1992       Fletcher Keister, og (third team)
                                                                                                                          1967       Jess Lewis, dt
2001       Dennis Weathersby, cb (second team)               1998       Inoke Breckterfield, de (third team)
                                                                                                                          1968       John Didion, c
2009       Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (second team)                2000       Ken Simonton, rb (second team)
2012       Jordan Poyer, cb                                  2000       Chris Gibson, c (third team)
2013       Brandin Cooks, wr                                 2002       Steven Jackson, rb (third team)                   Time Magazine
                                                             2003       Steven Jackson, rb (third team)                   1962       Terry Baker, qb
                                                             2004       Mike Hass, wr (third team)                        1968       John Didion, c
Walter Camp                                                  2004       Mitch Meeuwsen, s (third team)
1916       Herm Abraham, hb (third team)
1956       John Witte, t
                                                             2005       Mike Hass, wr                                     United Press International
                                                             2005       Alexis Serna, k (second team)                     1928       Howard Maple, qb (third team)
1958       Ted Bates, ot
                                                             2006       Sammie Stroughter, all-purpse (third team)        1930       Bill McKalip, e (third team
1962       Terry Baker, b
                                                             2008       Andy Levitre, ot (second team)                    1933       Norman “Red” Franklin, hb
1963       Vern Burke, wr
                                                             2008       Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (third team)                 1933       Ade Schwammel, t (third team)
1968       John Didion, c
                                                             2009       James Rodgers, all-purpose (second team)          1956       John Witte, t
1972       Steve Brown, lb
                                                             2009       Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (third team)                 1962       Terry Baker, qb
2000       Ken Simonton, rb (second team)
                                                             2010       Stephen Paea, dt                                  1963       Vern Burke, wr
2005       Mike Hass, wr
                                                             2012       Jordan Poyer, cb                                  1968       John Didion, c
2005       Alexis Serna, k (second team)
                                                             2013       Brandin Cooks, wr                                 1968       Bill Enyart, fb
2009       Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (second team)
                                                                                                                          1974       Greg Krpalek, c (honorable mention)
2012       Jordan Poyer, cb
2013       Brandin Cooks, wr

                                            John Witte                                                Ken Simonton                                                James Rodgers

180                                                                                                                                                    @BeaverFootball
ALL-AMERICANS                                                                                    2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE

 OSU ALL-AMERICAN TIMELINE                                                                                 FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICANS
 FIRST TEAM                                           THIRD TEAM                                           FIRST TEAM
 1916 Herm Abraham, hb (NEA)                          1916 Herm Abraham, hb (Walter Camp)                  2000 Richard Seigler, lb (The Football News,
 1921 George “Gap” Powell, fb (Athletic World         1926 Jim Dixon, t (All-American Board)               		 Sporting News)
 		 Magazine (SI), Football World, Malcom             1928 Vernon Eilers, g (Charles Parker)               2001 Mitch Meeuwsen, s (FWAA)
 		McLean)                                                 Howard Maple, qb (All-American Board,           2003 Brandon Browner, db (,
 1933 Norman “Red” Franklin, hb (UP, Lawrence         		 Herbert Reed Outlook, UP)                         		 Sporting News)
 		Perry)                                             1930 Bill McKalip, e (North American Newspaper       2005 Keenan Lewis, cb (
 1933 Ade Schwammel, t (AP, NY Post, Parke Davis)     		 Alliance, UP, Walter Turnball)                    2005 Jeremy Perry, ot (FWAA, Sporting News)
 1940 Vic Sears, t (NY Sun)                           1933 Norman “Red” Franklin, hb (AP, College Humor,   2008 Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (FWAA, Phil Steele)
 1946 Bill Gray, c (----)                             		 Charles Parker, Grantland Rice, Hearst,           		 Freshman of the Year (CBS,
 1955 John Witte, t (Consensus)                       		 Tom Thorp N.Y. Journal)                           		 Sporting News)
 1956 John Witte, t (AFCA, Football Writers, Walter   1933 Ade Schwammel, t (Hearst, UP)                   2009 Michael Philipp, ot (College Football News)
 		Camp)                                              1939 Eberle Schultz, og (AP, Charles Parker,         2011 Scott Crichton, de (Yahoo!Sports, Phil Steele,
 1958 Ted Bates, ot (AFCA, Walter Camp)               		 Dr. Lacy Lockert)                          , Sporting News, College
 1962 Terry Baker, qb (AFCA, FWAA)                    1939 Len Younce, g (Hearst)                          		 Football News)
 		 b (Walter Camp)                                   1940 Jim Kisselburgh, b (AP)                         2011 Sean Mannion, qb (FWAA)
 1963 Vern Burke, se (Consensus)                      1940 Vic Sears, t (Bill Cunningham)                  2012 Isaac Seumalo, c, (Phil Steele,,
 1964 Jack O’Billovich, lb (NEA)                      1941 Quentin Greenough, c (Bill Stern,       
 1967 John Didion, c (Consensus)                      		 Dr. Lacy Lockert)                                 2016 Xavier Crawford, cb (FWAA, USA Today,
 1967 Jess Lewis, dt (NEA)                            1941 George Peters, b (Hearst)                       		 Athlon, Campus Insiders)
 1967 Jon Sandstrom, g (AFCA)                         1979 Steve Coury, se (AP)                            2016 Gus Lavaka, ol (Athlon, Pro Football Focus,
 1968 John Didion, c (AFCA, FWAA)                     1992 Fletcher Keister, og (AP)                       		 Campus Insiders)
 1968 Mel Easley, db (CPA)                            1998 Inoke Breckterfield, de (AP)
 1968 Bill Enyart, fb (UPI)                           2000 Chris Gibson, c (College Football News, AP)     SECOND TEAM
 1972 Steve Brown, lb (Walter Camp)                   2000 DeLawrence Grant, de (College Football News)    1997      Terrance Carroll, s (TSP)
 2000 Ken Simonton, rb (AFCA,             2002 Steven Jackson, rb (AP)
 2004 Mike Hass, wr (                        2002 Dennis Weathersby, cb (College Football News)
 2005 Mike Hass, wr (AP,, Walter Camp)       2003 Steven Jackson, rb (AP)
                                                                                                           HONORABLE MENTION
                                                                                                           2000      Dennis Weathersby, cb (The Football News)
 2005 Alexis Serna, k (AFCA)                          2004 Mike Hass, wr (AP)
                                                                                                           2005      Keenan Lewis, cb (Sporting News)
 2007 Roy Schuening, og (Pro Football Weekly,         2004 Mitch Meeuwsen, s (AP)
                                                                                                           2011      Dylan Wynn, de (College Football News)
 		 ESPN)                                             2006 Sammie Stroughter, all-purpose (AP)
 2008 Andy Levitre, ot (AFCA, Pro Football Weekly)    2008 Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (AP,
 2010 Stephen Paea, dt (AP,                   2009 Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (AP)
 2012 Jordan Poyer, cb (Consensus)                    2012 Markus Wheaton, wr (
 2013 Brandin Cooks, wr (Consensus)
                                                      FOURTH TEAM
 SECOND TEAM                                          2009    Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (Phil Steele)
 1926 Jim Dixon, t (INS)
 1928 Howard Maple, qb (AP, NY Sun, Walter            HONORABLE MENTION
 		Eckersall)                                         1974 Greg Krpalek, c (AP, UPI)
 1933 Norman “Red” Franklin, hb (All-Players,         1977 Jim Walker, c (AP)
 		 Dr. Lacy Lockert, George Currie Brooklyn          1997 Inoke Breckterfield, de (----)
 		 Eagle, NY Post, NY Sun, 20 College                2000 Chris Gibson, c (CNN/, The Football
 		Newspapers)                                        		News)
 1933 Ade Schwammel, t (Bill Cunningham, Charles      2000 Ken Simonton, rb (CNN/
 		 Parker, 20 College Newspapers)                    2001 Ken Simonton, rb (Football News)
 1937 Joe Gray, b (AP)                                2003 Steven Jackson, rb (College Football News)
 1939 Eberle Schultz, og (All-Players, College        2003 Richard Seigler, lb (College Football News)
 		 Sportswriters, Bill Stern, Dr. L.H. Baker,        2006 Alexis Serna, k (
 		 NY Sun, Paul Williamson, What’s What in           2009 Sean Canfield, qb (
 		Football)                                          2009 Justin Kahut, k (
 1940 Jim Kisselburgh, b (Bill Stern)                 2009 Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (College Football News,
 1941 Quentin Greenough, c (AP)               
 1964 Rich Koeper, ot (AP)                            		 sophomore first team (CFN)
 1970 Craig Hanneman, dt (AP)                         2009 James Rodgers, wr (College Football News,
 2000 DeLawrence Grant, de (,       
 		 Sporting News)                                    		 all-purpose (
 2000 Ken Simonton, rb (AP, College Football News,    2012 Scott Crichton, de (
 		 College and Pro Football News, Gannett            2013 Soctt Crichton, de (
 		 News Service, The Football News,
 		 Sporting News, Walter Camp)
 2001 Dennis Weathersby, cb (Sporting News)
                                                      COLLECTIVE ROSTER
                                                      1917    Meier Newman, b (Stars of 1917)
 2005 Alexis Serna, k (AP, Walter Camp)
                                                      1917    Ozburn Walker, t (Stars of 1917)
 2006 Sammie Stroughter, wr (
 		 pr (
 2007 Alexis Serna, k (Athlon Sports)
 2008 Andy Levitre, ot (AP)
 2009 Jacquizz Rodgers, rb (Sporting News,
 		 Walter Camp)
 2009 James Rodgers, all-purpose (AP)
 2013 Brandin Cooks, wr (USA Today)
                                                                                                              Special thanks to Cindy Arbelbide with improving this section.

#GoBeavs                                                                                                                                                                181
2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE                                                                                                                          ALL-AMERICANS

OSU’S ALL-AMERICANS                                            defensive side as a freshman. He had a school record
                                                                                                                                  Steve Coury
                                                               186 tackles as a senior. As a junior he led the team with
HERM ABRAHAM • 1916                                            134 tackles and had four interceptions against defending
Herm Abraham, was Oregon State’s first All-American in         conference champion Stanford. He also had 22 tackles
the sport. He led the Aggies to an upset at Michigan State     in that same ’71 game vs. Stanford. At the conclusion of
in 1915. He earned All-American honors by the Newspaper        his OSU career he played in the East-West Shrine Game,
Enterprise Association in 1916, after lettering three years.   Hula Bowl and Coaches All-American Bowl. Brown was
TERRY BAKER • 1962                                             the team captain of the West in the Shrine Game and
The Heisman Trophy winner was the nation’s most                co-captain of the North Squad in the Hula Bowl where
heralded athlete after leading OSU to a 1962 Liberty Bowl      he made 19 tackles and intercepted three passes. He
victory over Villanova. Terry Baker was a unanimous first      also had 15 tackles and one interception in the Coaches
team All-American in 1962, and in addition was named           All-American Bowl. He went on to play professionally for
the Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated, Helms         Calgary in 1973 and for the Portland Storm in 1974 before
Foundation Award recipient, AP, UPI, and the Sporting          suffering a career-ending knee injury.
News Player of the Year to name just a few. The two-time       BRANDON BROWNER • 2003
Oregon State team MVP played in the 1962 College All-          Brandon Browner played just two seasons at Oregon
Star Game. Baker also excelled in basketball where he          State leaving after his sophomore year to pursue the
helped the 1963 team to the Final Four. He was inducted        NFL. Browner, a cornerback, was the second OSU player
into the State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1980. His      in the history of the program to declare himself eligible
number 11 is the only number retired at OSU. He is (as of      for the NFL Draft prior to the end of his college eligibility.
June 2009) the only individual to win the Heisman Trophy       He redshirted in 2002 before earning 2003 Freshman
and play in the Final Four. Baker was the first individual     All-American honors. The 6-4 Sylmar, Calif., native was
from the West Coast to win the Heisman. He was drafted         the 2003 Pac-10 Freshman of the Year.
                                                                                                                                STEVE COURY • 1979
first overall in 1963 by the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL.                                                                       Steve Coury was by most accounts Oregon State’s MVP
                                                               VERN BURKE • 1962                                                in the decade of the 1970’s. He was selected first team
                                                               Vern Burke is still considered one the best receivers ever       all-league in the Pac-10 and third team All-American by
  Vern Burke
                                                               to wear an Oregon State uniform. He caught 69 passes             the AP as a senior in 1979. The offensive MVP also earned
                                                               for 1,007 yards in 1962, both NCAA records at the time. At       second team All-Coast. He played in the Blue-Gray Clas-
                                                               the time of his enshrinement into the OSU Sports Hall of         sic and East-West Shrine games. Coury set the record for
                                                               Fame in 1991, he held records for the most passes caught         career receiving yards (1,837) and receptions (135). He
                                                               in one game (12) and career receiving touchdowns (19).           accounted for 142 receiving yards in a 1979 game. The
                                                               He was a consensus All-American in 1963 and played five          four-year letterman went on to play at Ottawa in 1980
                                                               years of professional football. Burke played in the 1963         before embarking on a coaching career.
                                                               East-West Shrine and Hula Bowl games. He was inducted
                                                               into the State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1982.
                                                                                                                                XAVIER CRAWFORD • 2016
                                                                                                                                Xavier Crawford received Freshman All-American honors
                                                               SEAN CANFIELD • 2009                                             from several outlets including the Football Writers As-
                                                               Sean Canfield capped his excellent career by becom-              sociation of America, USA Today, Athlon, Campus Insiders
                                                               ing OSU’s first ever Pac-10 Conference First Team                at the conclusion of the 2016 season. Crawford started
                                                               quarterback and earning Honorable Mention                 all 12 games at cornerback for the Beavers and accumu-
                                                               All-American. He compiled a single season school record          lated a team-high 50 unassisted tackles and was fourth
                                                               completion percentage of 67.9 (303-446) as a senior,             overall with 70 stops. He tied for the team-lead with 10
                                                               resulting in 3,271 passing yards and 21 touchdowns. He           pass breakups and was the top freshman defender for
                                                               led the league as a senior with a 251.6 yards per game           that category in the Pac-12.
                                                               passing average. For his career he threw for 5,970 yards
                                                               and 38 touchdowns, both the fourth-highest total in
                                                                                                                                SCOTT CRICHTON • 2011, 2012 & 2013
TED BATES • 1958                                               school history at the time.
                                                                                                                                Scott Crichton was named to Freshman All-American
Ted Bates earned All-American acclaim as an offensive                                                                           teams by Yahoo!,, Phil Steele,
lineman in 1958, and was also named an All-Pacific             TERRENCE CARROLL • 1997                                          Sporting News and in 2011.
Coast Conference and All-Coast selection. He played in         Terrence Carroll is one of the top safeties in the pro-          Crichton started all 12 games at defensive end as a red-
the 1957 Rose Bowl and was the recipient of the 1958           gram’s history and earned Sporting News Freshman                 shirt freshman leading the Beavers with 6.5 sacks, 14.5
Hayward Award for the top amateur athlete in the state.        All-America honors in 1997 as a redshirt. He started all         tackles-for-loss and set a school record with six forced
Bates played in the 1958 East-West Shrine and Hula Bowl        11 games for first-year head coach Mike Riley, making            fumbles. In 2012, Crichton posted 17.5 tackles-for-loss
games. He played four NFL seasons with the Chicago             63 tackles, two interceptions and blocking two kicks. He         and 9.0 sacks to garner All-America honorable mention
Cardinals. Bates was a 1996 inductee into the State of         would go on to be a catalyst for the program that ended          status from Crichton earned All-America honor-
Oregon Sports Hall of Fame.                                    a 28-year losing streak and he went on to help the team          able mention from again in 2013 following another
                                                               win the 2001 Fiesta Bowl title as a senior. For his career       dominant season that included 19.0 TFLs and 7.5 sacks.
INOKE BRECKTERFIELD • 1997 & 1998                              he made 255 tackles and nine interceptions.                      Crichton left early for the NFL following his junior season
Inoke Breckterfield is one of Oregon State’s top all-time                                                                       and was taken in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft by
defensive lineman. He concluded his career by being            BRANDIN COOKS • 2013
                                                               Brandin Cooks established himself as one of the most             the Minnesota Vikings. Crichton finished his Oregon State
selected a third-team All-American in 1998. Breckterfield                                                                       career ranked among the top five in OSU history with
played in the Hula Bowl after being selected first team        explosive players in the nation in 2013. He was awarded
                                                               the Biletnikoff Award following a record-setting season          51.0 TFLs and 22.5 sacks and had the OSU record with 10
All-Pac-10. He won the conference’s prestigious Morris                                                                          forced fumbles.
Trophy, given to the league’s top defensive lineman. The       and became a consensus All-American earning recogni-
Honolulu native ended his career as the school’s all-time      tion from the Sporting News, Associated Press, FWAA              JOHN DIDION • 1967 & 1968
leader for quarterback sacks with 19.5 and tackles-for-        and Walter Camp Foundation among others. He was the              In 1968, John Didion earned consensus All-American
loss with 55.5. Breckterfield signed a free agent contract     first FWAA first teamer for OSU since 1968. Cooks set            honors as a center. As a junior, he was a second team
with Edmonton of the CFL following his collegiate career       the Pac-12 single season record with 128 receptions as           All-American selection by AP and UPI (1967). At the
and later played for Winnipeg and Toronto.                     well as the conference’s single season record with 1,730         conclusion of his college career, he played in the Coaches
                                                               receiving yards in 2013. In addition, he established OSU         All-America, Senior Bowl, Hula Bowl, College All-Star, and
STEVE BROWN • 1972                                             career record with 24 receiving touchdowns and single            East-West Shrine games. He was drafted in the seventh
Steve Brown was a three-year varsity letterman from            season with 16. Cooks was drafted by the New Orleans             round by the Washington Redskins and enjoyed a pro
1970-72. He earned All-American honors (1972) by nine          Saints in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.                 career that included stints with the Redskins, Saints,
organizations and publications, including seven first team                                                                      Bears and Seahawks.
selections, and he was a two-time All-Pac-8, two-time
All-Coast and two-time team defensive MVP selection.
Brown came to OSU as a fullback before moving to the

182                                                                                                                                                           @BeaverFootball
ALL-AMERICANS                                                                                            2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE
JIM DIXON • 1926                                             CHRIS GIBSON • 2000                                           against Oklahoma. At the conclusion of his senior season,
Jim Dixon played at Oregon State from 1924-26 and was        Chris Gibson lettered from 1998-2001 and is considered        he played in the Hula Bowl, Coaches All-American Bowl
an All-American and All-Coast left tackle selection as a     one of the program’s all-time best offensive centers. He      and East-West Shrine Game. He was drafted in the sixth
senior. He later served as an assistant coach at Oregon      was a third team All-American as a junior (2000) by the       round by the Pittsburgh Steelers and played for the club
State from 1933-51. The Dixon Recreation Center on           Associated Press and the College Football News after          from 1972-73. He concluded his professional career with
campus is named in his honor.                                helping the team to the Fiesta Bowl title. He was a first     the New England Patriots from 1974-76.
                                                             team All-Pac-10 selection in 2000 and second team in          MIKE HASS • 2004 & 2005
                                                             2001. Gibson also played in the O’ahu Bowl.                   Mike Hass was named first team All-American in 2005
Mel Easley earned first team All-American honors as
a senior following a standout career for the Beavers. Eas-   DeLAWRENCE GRANT • 2000                                       by the Walter Camp Foundation, and the As-
ley was a member of the famed 1967 Giant Killers football    DeLawrence Grant lettered at Oregon State as a de-            sociated Press. His honors as a senior included earning
team that defeated No. 1 ranked USC, No. 2 Purdue and        fensive end during the 1999 and 2000 seasons, after           the Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s premier receiver
then tied the new No. 2 team UCLA. He was named              transferring from El Camino College. Grant, who is one        after making a school record 90 receptions for a Pac-10
Oregon State’s Most Improved Player in 1969 and in the       of the quickest defensive lineman in the history of the       record 1,532 yards. He concluded his career with 19
same year was selected to the All-Pac-8 Conference           program, was a second team All-American by the Sport-         100-yard plus receiving yards games and was the first
Team. In addition, he played in the College All-Star and     ing News and, and third team by the College        player in Pac-10 history with three 1,000-plus receiving
East-West Shrine Games. The defensive back was a sixth       Football News (2000). Grant was a first team All-Pac-10       yards seasons. He caught at least one pass in his last
round 1970 NFL Draft selection of the New Orleans Saints     selection as a senior and was drafted in the third round      30 games. For his career he accumulated 3,924 yards
and later played two seasons in the Canadian Football        by the Oakland Raiders of the NFL.                            receiving, third in the history of the Pac-10 (Troy Walters,
League.                                                                                                                    Stanford, 4.047). He was selected to play in the East-
                                                             BILL GRAY • 1943 & 1946                                       West Shrine Game following his senior season. Hass was
VERNON EILERS • 1928                                         Bill Gray earned first team All-American status at center     also selected the Male Oregon Amateur Athlete of the
Vernon Eilers played at Oregon State from 1926-28 and        in 1946 after helping OSU to a 7-1-1 record. He was part      Year (Hayward Award) at the Oregon Sports Awards. Mike
was an All-American selection at guard as a senior by        of the freshman squad for OSU in 1942, before having his      earned third team Associated Press All-American status
Charles Parker. Helped Oregon State to a 7-1 record in       football career interrupted by WWII. Assigned to a V-12       as a junior in 2004. The first team All-Pac-10 Conference
1926.                                                        program while awaiting orders in Southern California,         selection in 2004 broke the league record for receiving
                                                             Gray earned All-America honorable mention while play-
BILL ENYART • 1968                                                                                                         yards when he collected 293 at Boise State on Sept. 10
                                                             ing for USC. After his tour with the Marine Corps, Gray       and later would add his name in the OSU record book for
Bill Enyart was the third all-time leading rusher in OSU
                                                             returned to Oregon State to finish his football career.       pass receptions in one game with 14 at Arizona State – all
history with 2,155 yards at the time of his induction into
                                                             Following his graduation, he was drafted by the NFL’s         in ‘03. He led the Pac-10 and was third in NCAA Division I
the OSU Sports Hall of Fame in 1991. He holds the OSU re-
                                                             Washington Redskins, where he played two seasons.             for receiving yards per game at 114.9 as a junior. He came
cord for rushing yards in one game with 299 against Utah
in 1968. He was a first team All-American in 1968 and was                                                                  to OSU originally as a walkon.
                                                               Bill Gray
twice named All-Pacific-8. Enyart also was a two-time                                                                      STEVEN JACKSON • 2002 & 2003
CoSIDA Academic All-American. He was named the 1968                                                                        Steven Jackson earned third-team All-American by the
Hula Bowl Most Valuable Back. Enyart also played in the                                                                    Associated Press and honorable mention All-American by
Senior Bowl, East-West Shrine, College All-Star and the                                                                    College Football News and Sports Illustrated in 2003. He
All-American Bowl games. He was inducted to the College                                                                    was a unanimous All-Pacific-10 Conference selection as a
Football Hall of Fame in 2011. He was drafted in the sec-                                                                  junior (’03) after rushing for 1,545 yards. He finished the
ond round by Buffalo and later played for Oakland.                                                                         ’03 season 10th in the nation for rushing and had 19 100-
                                                                                                                           yard plus rushing games for his career, including 239 vs.
  Bill Enyart                                                                                                              California (’02), 230 vs. Stanford (’02), 227 vs. Fresno
                                                                                                                           State (’02) and California (’03). Jackson, who announced
                                                                                                                           after his MVP performance in the Las Vegas Bowl (149
                                                                                                                           yards, 5 tds vs. New Mexico) that he was entering the
                                                                                                                           NFL Draft, finished his career 10th on the Pac-10 career
                                                                                                                           rushing list with 3,625 yards. He was named first team
                                                                                                                           All-Pac-10 and third team All-American as a sophomore
                                                             JOE GRAY • 1937                                               (2002) after rushing for 1,690 yards, the sixth-highest
                                                             “The Gray Ghost” was one of the most outstanding              total by any conference player and most by a Pac-10
                                                             halfbacks in Oregon State history. As a senior, in 1937,      athlete from a school other than USC. Jackson was taken
                                                             he received All-America honorable mention. Gray was           by the St. Louis Rams in the first round of the 2004 NFL
                                                             also a first team All-Coast pick in his final season and      Draft.
                                                             was mentioned on several other All-Coast teams as a
                                                             junior. At the time, he was called the greatest running and
                                                             passing back ever to play at Oregon State. Gray was the
                                                             first OSU player ever drafted in the first round by the NFL
                                                             QUENTIN GREENOUGH • 1941
                                                             Quentin Greenough played two seasons at Oregon State
                                                             and stared at center in the 1942 Rose Bowl against Duke.
                                                             As a senior he was named All-Coast and second team All-
RED FRANKLIN • 1933                                          American (1941). He played in the 1944 East-West Shrine
Red Franklin earned All-American honors in 1933. He had      Game. He later served as an assistant coach at Oregon
an outstanding career as a halfback and kick returner.       State. Greenough was inducted into the State of Oregon
At the time of his induction into the OSU Sports Hall of     Sports Hall of Fame in 1981.
Fame, he held the second longest kickoff return in school
history with 94-yard gallop against Fordham and San          CRAIG HANNEMAN • 1970
Francisco during the 1933 season. He played three years      A three-year letterman defensive lineman from 1968-70,
for Brooklyn of the NFL. Franklin was inducted into the      Craig Hanneman was selected a second team All-
State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.                 American in 1970 and first team All-Pac-8 and All-Coast.
                                                             He was named OSU’s 1968 Rookie of the Year, 1970 de-            Steven Jackson
                                                             fensive MVP and team captain. Hanneman’s top games
                                                             included 13 tackles versus UCLA and 12 against California
                                                             in the ’70 season. He also recovered two fumbles against
                                                             Houston and had three tackles for loss for 33 yards

#GoBeavs                                                                                                                                                                        183
2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE                                                                                                                     ALL-AMERICANS
JUSTIN KAHUT • 2009                                                                                                        BILL McKALIP • 1930
Justin Kahut (K-hoot) earned honorable mention All-                                                                        Bill McKalip earned three All-American honors in 1930, in-
America honors in 2009 from In his junior season                                                                   cluding by the United Press. “Wild Bill” as a senior earned
of 2009 he made 22 field goals (27 att.), one short of the                                                                 All-Pacific Coast Conference and Associated Press All-
single season OSU record. Kahut made four goals in wins                                                                    Northwest First Team. The end played in the East-West
over UCLA and Oregon in ‘09, earning Pac-10 Player of                                                                      Shrine game and went on to be a three-time All-Pro with
the Week honors for each (for his career he was selected                                                                   Portsmouth and Detroit. He was inducted into the State of
three times). He had two game-winning field goals on the                                                                   Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1991.
last play – a 33-yard boot at UNLV in 2009 and a 24-yard
                                                                                                                           MITCH MEEUWSEN • 2001 & 2004
kick at Arizona in 2008. Kahut also was a three-time Pac-
                                                                                                                           Mitch Meeuwsen left OSU in 2004 as arguably the
10 Honorable Mention academic selection. For his career
                                                                                                                           school’s top safety in the history of the program. The
he made 39 of 52 field goal attempts and was good on 84
                                                                                                                           2004 Associated Press Third Team and First
of 88 extra point tries.
                                                                                                                           Team All-American ended his career as the program’s ca-
FLETCHER KEISTER • 1992                                                                                                    reer leader for interceptions with 20. He was a semi-final-
Fletcher Keister earned third team All-American honors in                                                                  ist for the Jim Thorpe Award as a senior, given annually
1992 after serving as the team’s co-captain. The offensive                                                                 to the nation’s premier defensive back. Meeuwsen, from
                                                                Andy Levitre
guard earned the team’s MVP honor. Keister, from Albany,                                                                   Forest Grove, started 40 consecutive games and played
Ore., started 24 consecutive games to end his career. He                                                                   in three bowl games. He was invited to the Las Vegas All-
signed a free agent contract with the Houston Oilers after                                                                 American Classic following his senior year. Several organi-
his senior season.                                            ANDY LEVITRE • 2008                                          zations named him to their Freshman All-American teams
                                                              Andy Levitre is one of the most technically sound of-        in 2001. He made 217 career tackles.
Jim Kisselburgh played fullback for OSU from 1938-40          fensive linemen in Oregon State history. Levitre earned      MEIER NEWMAN • 1917
earning All-America honorable mention as a senior. Kis-       American Football Coaches Association and Pro Football       Meier Newman, along with Ozburn Walker, earned All-
selburgh was selected in the sixth round of the NFL Draft     Weekly First Team All-America honors as a senior in 2008     American honors from the Stars of 1917 after lettering for
by the Cleveland Rams.                                        and was named as an Associated Press Second Team             the Aggies from 1915-17 and helped the Aggies to an upset
                                                              All-American. He was a 2008 Pac-10 First Team, 2007          at Michigan State in 1915.
RICH KOEPER • 1964                                            Second Team and 2006 Honorable Mention selection. A
Rich Koeper was one of the greatest offensive linemen         co-team captain in 2008, was the Pac-10’s Tom Hansen         JACK O’BILLOVICH • 1964
in Oregon State’s history. He played in the 1962 Liberty      Medal winner and a four-time Pac-10 all-academic per-        Jack O’Billovich earned All-American honors as a junior
Bowl and 1965 Rose Bowl. He earned second team All-           former. Levitre was taken in the second round by the Buf-    (1964) and helped Oregon State to the 1965 Rose Bowl.
American honors as a senior (1964). Koeper also was an        falo Bills in the 2009 NFL Draft.                            He also earned All-Coast as a junior and All-Pac-8 as
All-Pac-8 pick as a senior and first team All-Coast his ju-                                                                a senior. He was the team captain as a senior and went
nior and senior seasons. of 1963 and ‘64. He played in the    JESS LEWIS • 1967                                            on to play in the Hula Bowl and East-West Shrine Game.
1964 Hula Bowl. He was drafted by Green Bay and played        Jess Lewis was a 1967 All-American and two-time All-         O’Billovich played the 1967 season with the CFL’s Hamil-
three seasons in the NFL. He later served as an assistant     Pac-8 Conference defensive tackle. He was selected the       ton TigerCats.
coach for the late Dee Andros.                                team MVP in 1969. He also was a standout wrestler, cap-
                                                              turing three conference and two NCAA wrestling titles. In
                                                              addition, Lewis competed in the 1968 World University          Jack O’Billovich
  Rich Koeper                                                 and Olympic Games. He was inducted into the State of Or-
                                                              egon Sports Hall of Fame in 1981.
                                                              KEENAN LEWIS • 2005
                                                              Keenan Lewis finished his career as one of the most cel-
                                                              ebrated cornerbacks in Oregon State history. Lewis made
                                                              47 starts during his career (third-highest ever at OSU as
                                                              of 2008) after earning a starting spot as a freshman. In
                                                              2005, as a freshman, Lewis earned College Football News
                                                              Third Team Freshman All-American and was honorable
                                                              mention by the Sporting News. Lewis was taken in the third
                                                              round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
                                                              SEAN MANNION • 2011
                                                              Sean Mannion took over the starting position in game
                                                              three of his redshirt freshman season. He finished the       STEPHEN PAEA • 2010
GREG KRPALEK • 1974                                           season having thrown for 3,328 yards and completed           Stephen Paea was one of the premier defensive tack-
Greg Krpalek was an All-Coast First Team selection by AP      64.5 percent (305-473) of his passes and 16 touch-           les in the nation as a senior. The two-time team captain
and UPI in 1973 and ‘74. He added UPI and AP honorable        downs. Along the way he established single game records      became the second Beaver to earn the Pac-10 Confer-
mention All-America honors following an outstanding           for passes thrown (66) and completed (40) at Arizona         ence’s Pat Tillman Defensive Player of the Year honor in
senior season (1974). He concluded his collegiate career      State. Mannion was named a first team Freshman All-          2010 and added his second straight Morris Trophy given
by playing in the Hula Bowl and was drafted by the Dallas     American by the Football Writers Association of America.     to the league’s top defensive linemen as voted on by the
Cowboys in the 11th round of the 1975 draft.                                                                               conference’s offensive linemen. Paea was selected to the
                                                              HOWARD MAPLE • 1928                                          Associated Press and Sports Illustrated All-American First
GUS LAVAKA • 2016                                             Howard Maple lettered at Oregon State from 1926-28.
                                                                                                                           Team in 2010. Paea was selected in the second round of
Gus Lavaka received Freshman All-American honors from         He was a second team All-American quarterback as a se-
                                                                                                                           the 2011 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.
Pro Football Focus and Campus Insiders following the          nior (1928). He earned All-Coast recognition twice. Knute
2016 season. Lavaka, who stepped into the lineup at left      Rockne called him “the ideal quarterback.” He went on to     JEREMY PERRY • 2005
guard in the season’s fourth game due to injury, helped       play pro football for the Chicago Cardinals and baseball     Jeremy Perry was named to the Sporting News Freshman
solidify the Beavers’ offensive line for the remainder of     for the Washington Senators. Maple was inducted into the     All-American team in 2005. Perry started all 11 games at
the season. He went on to start seven of the final eight      State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1981.                 left guard and concluded the season earning Pac-10 Con-
games, missing one due to an injury of his own. His play                                                                   ference Co-Freshman of the Year honors.
helped pave the way for OSU’s ballcarriers to establish
                                                                                                                           GEORGE PETERS • 1941
a school record 5.2 yards per carry in 2016 topping the
                                                                                                                           George Peters lettered as a back in 1940 and 1941. He re-
previous record of 4.9 ypc that had been set in 1960.
                                                                                                                           ceived All-America honorable mention following the 1941
                                                                                                                           season after helping the Beavers to the Rose Bowl. Peters
                                                                                                                           was taken in the eighth round of the 1942 NFL Draft by the
                                                                                                                           Washington Redskins.

184                                                                                                                                                      @BeaverFootball
ALL-AMERICANS                                                                                                2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE
MICHAEL PHILIPP • 2009                                          to be named as the Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year as       of his college career. He never played for the Steelers, but
Michael Philipp was named to Freshman All-American              well as the conference’s Freshman of the Year. With 1,253       played for Philadelphia for 10 years. Sears, who played in
teams by Phil Steele and in             yards, “Quizz” set the Pac-10 mark for rushing yards by a       the 1941 East-West Shrine Game, was inducted into the
2010. Philipp started all 13 games at left tackle, the first    freshman. He was named USA Today, and Col-           State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.
true freshman to start on the offensive line since 1997. Player of the Week after rushing
                                                                                                                                RICHARD SEIGLER • 2000 & 2003
                                                                for 186 yards and two touchdowns in a victory over then
GEORGE “GAP” POWELL • 1921                                      No. 1 USC. Surpassing the 100-yard plateau seven times,
                                                                                                                                Richard Seigler is one of OSU’s top linebackers in the his-
Gap Powell lettered in football and track from 1918-21. He                                                                      tory of the program. He earned recognition as a freshman
                                                                he was named Pac-10 Player of the Week on three occa-
was a two-time All-Coast selection in football and earned                                                                       in 2000 by being named to the Freshman All-American
                                                                sions en route to being named the Freshman
All-American honors in 1921. Powell was also the 1920 Pa-                                                                       teams by the Sporting News and Football News. The four-
                                                                of the Year, College Football News All-Freshman Team,
cific Coast Conference shot champion. He was inducted                                                                           year letterman was a 2004 fourth round NFL Draft selec-
                                                                Football Writers Association Freshman All-American, CBS
into the State of Oregon Hall of Fame in 1982.                                                                                  tion of the San Francisco 49ers. The Las Vegas native
                                                       Freshman of the Year and Sporting News Na-
                                                                                                                                was a two-time All-Pac-10 Conference selection (2002,
JORDAN POYER • 2012                                             tional Freshman of the Year. The Associated Press and
                                                                                                                                ’03) and was a co-team MVP after his senior year. Seigler
Jordan Poyer is arguably the best cornerback to ever   selected Quizz as a third team All-American.
                                                                                                                                played in the Fiesta, Insight and Las Vegas Bowls during
play for Oregon State after being lightly recruited to play     He finished his career as one of three players in history
                                                                                                                                his career, and at the conclusion of his OSU playing days
football out of Astoria High School. He was a consensus         to achieve 3,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiv-
                                                                                                                                competed in the East-West Shrine Game and was named
All-America selection as a senior, the first at OSU since       ing in only three years, joining Ryan Benjamin of Pacific
                                                                                                                                All-America honorable mention by College Football News.
John Didion in 1967, named to the All-America First Team        (1990-92) and Reggie Bush of USC (2003-05). He was
                                                                                                                                Seigler left OSU fourth for career tackles with 356.
from Walter Camp, AFCA, Sporting News and CBSSports.            taken in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Atlanta
com among others. Named to the All-Pac-12 Conference            Falcons.                                                        ALEXIS SERNA • 2005 & 2006
First Team as a senior and Second Team as a junior, he                                                                          Alexis Serna earned All-America honors in 2005 by the
                                                                JAMES RODGERS • 2009                                            American Football Coaches Association and was a second
was a semi-finalist for the Bednarik Award (top defensive       James Rodgers scored Honorable Mention All-America
player) and Jim Thorpe Award (top cornerback) in 2012.                                                                          team member by the Associated Press and Walter Camp
                                                                honors as a wide receiver and as an all-purpose player
He earned the Jim Thorpe Defensive Back of the Week and                                                                         Foundation. Serna was honored with the Lou Groza Award,
                                                                from in his junior season. He was named to the
Walter Camp Co-Player of the Week after a three intercep-                                                                       signifying the nation’s premier kicker in 2005. During his
                                                                Pac-10 Conference’s First Team as a junior as a wide re-
tion performance against Washington State. He ranked                                                                            stellar sophomore season Serna made 23 of 28 field goal
                                                                ceiver after making a school record 91 receptions. Rodg-
tied for second in the nation with seven interceptions as                                                                       attempts and all 32 extra point tries. He tied the OSU re-
                                                                ers set the school record in 2009 for all-purpose yards
a senior and finished his career with 13 to tie for fourth in                                                                   cord by making 15 consecutive field goals during the 2005
                                                                with 2,328 and set a single game record with 303 yards
OSU history. He was selected in the seventh round of the                                                                        season. He broke an OSU record and tied the Pac-10 re-
                                                                vs. Oregon. He was the first OSU player to achieve 1,000
2013 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.                                                                                      cord with a 6-for-6 performance at Washington, earning
                                                                yards rushing and 2,000 yards receiving.
                                                                                                                                him Pac-10 Special Teams Player of the Week honors.
                                                                JON SANDSTROM • 1967                                            Serna came to OSU originally as a walkon. He signed a
  Jordan Poyer                                                  Jon Sandstrom was a three-year starting defensive line-         contract to play for the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers at
                                                                man from 1966-1968. He was a first team All-American            the conclusion of his OSU career.
                                                                as a junior (1967) and was a preseason All-American in
                                                                                                                                ISAAC SEUMALO • 2012
                                                                1968. Sandstrom earned first team All-Pac-8 as a senior
                                                                                                                                Isaac Seumalo was named to the Freshman All-America
                                                                and was named the team’s MVP. He played in the Col-
                                                                                                                                Team by Phil Steele, and FoxSportsNext.
                                                                lege All-Star Game, Hula Bowl, Senior Bowl and Coaches
                                                                                                                                com. He was named as the No. 6 Top Freshman by Athlon
                                                                All-America Bowl at the conclusion of his college career.
                                                                                                                                Sports. Thrust into the starting center role from the first
                                                                Sandstrom was drafted in the third round in 1969 by the
                                                                                                                                day of fall camp, Isaac became the first freshman to start
                                                                Atlanta Falcons and would also play for the CFL’s Winnipeg
                                                                                                                                at center for OSU since 1978 and was one of only two true
                                                                Blue Bombers.
                                                                                                                                freshmen to start their season-openers at center in the
                                                                ROY SCHUENING • 2004 & 2007                                     nation. He was an All-Pac-12 Conference honorable men-
                                                                Roy Schuening concluded his collegiate career as one            tion selection.
                                                                of the best linemen in OSU history. Schuening started a
JACQUIZZ RODGERS • 2008 & 2009                                                                                                  KEN SIMONTON • 2000 & 2001
                                                                school record 50 games, all consecutively, during his ca-
In 2008, Jacquizz Rodgers had what was arguably the                                                                             Ken Simonton lettered from 1998-2001 and is considered
                                                                reer. As a senior in 2007, Schuening receivied Pac-10 First
greatest impact of a freshman in the history of the pro-                                                                        one of the school’s best running backs ever. Simonton
                                                                Team honors and was named to the Pro Football Weekly
gram. Despite missing nearly all of the last three games                                                                        concluded his career with a school record 5,044 yards
                                                                All-America squad. He was an All-Pac-10 Honorable Men-
of the season due to injury, he became the first freshman                                                                       and at the time of his graduation was one of only six play-
                                                                tion selection in 2005 and ‘06, and was a Sporting News
                                                                                                                                ers in Pac-10 history to rush for 1,000-plus yards in three
                                                                All-Freshman Team member in 2004. Schuening was
                                                                                                                                different seasons. His 5,044 yards ranked second most
                                                                taken in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the St.
                                                                                                                                ever in the conference, trailing only USC’s Charles White.
                                                                Louis Rams.
                                                                                                                                When he left OSU, he held 11 school rushing marks. Simon-
                                                                EBERLE SCHULTZ • 1939                                           ton rushed for 100-plus yards 26 times during his 46-
                                                                Eberle Schultz played both ways on the line, but earned         game OSU career, including three 200-yard plus marks.
                                                                most of his accolades for his play on the offensive side        Simonton led OSU to the Fiesta and O’ahu Bowls, but he
                                                                of the ball. He earned first team All-Coast honors in 1939      may be most remembered for scoring the winning touch-
                                                                and helped Oregon State post a 9-1-1 mark that season.
                                                                He was drafted by Philadelphia in the fourth round of the         Vic Sears
                                                                NFL Draft and played a total of six pro seasons, including
                                                                stops in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
                                                                ADOLPHE “ADE” SCHWAMMEL • 1933
                                                                Ade Schwammel lettered in football from 1931-33, earning
                                                                first team All-American and All-Pacific Coast as a senior
                                                                (1933). He was one of the key players in the now illegal
                                                                “pyramid play.” Schwammel played in the 1934 East-West
                                                                Shrine Game. He won two professional titles in his six
                                                                years with the Green Bay Packers.
                                                                VIC SEARS • 1940
                                                                Vic Sears was an All-American lineman in 1940, becom-
                                                                ing the second lineman in school history to earn such ac-
                                                                claim. He lettered three seasons and was drafted in the
  Jacquizz Rodgers                                              fourth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers at the conclusion

#GoBeavs                                                                                                                                                                             185
2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE                                                                                                                       ALL-AMERICANS
down in the 1998 triple-overtime victory over Oregon.         OZBURN WALKER • 1917                                           tackles-for-loss. He set a school record with five fumble
                                                                                                                               Dennis Weathersby
Simonton’s professional career included stops in Buffalo,     Ozburn Walker, along with Meier Newman, earned All-            recoveries as a true freshman.
San Francisco and Calgary.                                    American honors from the Stars of 1917 after playing just
                                                              one season for the Aggies.
SAMMIE STROUGHTER • 2006                                      DENNIS WEATHERSBY •
Sammie Stroughter burst onto the scene in 2006 as a big       2000, 2001 & 2002
play threat at wide receiver and as a punt returner after     Dennis Weathersby was arguably Oregon State’s top cor-         LEN YOUNCE • 1939
two seasons in the shadow of two-time All-American Mike                                                                      Len Younce received All-American honorable mention fol-
                                                              nerback in the history of the program. He lettered from
Hass. Stroughter was named a third team All-American                                                                         lowing the 1939 season. Younce, an offensive guard, along
                                                              1999-2002 and helped the program compete in the Fi-
all-purpose player by the Associated Press following one                                                                     with linemate Eberle Schultz opened big holes for Jim Kis-
                                                              esta, O’ahu and Insight Bowls. Weathersby was a stand-
of the best seasons by a wide receiver in Oregon State his-                                                                  selburgh (All-American in 1940) as the Beavers finished
                                                              out on the field and in the classroom. He earned first team
tory. Stroughter converted 74 receptions into 1,293 yards                                                                    the season 9-1-1. He was an 8th round draft choice of the
                                                              District VIII All-Academic honors as a junior and senior. As
including a 223-yard game at Washington. In addition,                                                                        New York Giants in 1941. He was inducted into the Oregon
                                                              a senior he was a semifinalist for the Jim Thorpe Award,
Stroughter returned three punts for touchdowns during                                                                        Sports Hall of Fame in 1980 and entered the OSU Athletic
                                                              given annually to the nation’s premier defensive back,
the season to set a school record, including a memorable                                                                     Hall of Fame in 1988.
                                                              earned second team All-American by the Sporting News
70-yard return in one of the biggest upsets in OSU his-       and third team All-American by Colllege Football News. He
tory over No. 3 USC. He was drafted by the NFL’s Tampa        concluded his career by being selected to play in the East-
Bay Buccaneers at the conclusion of his career at Oregon      West Shrine Game and was later a fourth round selection
State.                                                        in the NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.
                                                              MARKUS WHEATON • 2012
                                                              Markus Wheaton finished his career as one of the most
                                                              prolific receivers in Oregon State history. As a senior he
                                                              tied the single season school-record with 91 receptions en
                                                              route to setting the school’s career record with 227 catch-
                                                              es. His 2,994 career receiving yards are third on OSU’s all-
                                                              time list, and 3,744 all-purpose yards are ninth at OSU. A
                                                              Pac-12 Conference First Team selection as a senior and
                                                              honorable mention as a junior, honored
                                                              Wheaton with Third Team All-America accolades. He was
                                                              drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round of the
                                                              2013 NFL Draft.

                                                                Markus Wheaton

  Sammie Stroughter

Jim Walker earned Associated Press Honorable Mention
honors as a center his senior season in 1977. He also was
a member of the All-Pac-8 Conference and All-Coast sec-
ond teams. The team captain also played in the Challenge
Bowl in Seattle. He signed a free agent contract with the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers following his senior year.

  Jim Walker

                                                              JOHN WITTE • 1955 & 1956
                                                              John Witte was a two-time All-American selection (1955-
                                                              56), the only OSU player to ever achieve such status at the
                                                              time of his playing career. He played in the 1957 Rose Bowl
                                                              game against Iowa. He also was an outstanding wrestler,
                                                              finishing second at the NCAA Championships as a fresh-
                                                              man. He was inducted into the State of Oregon Sports Hall
                                                              of Fame in 1983.
                                                              DYLAN WYNN • 2011
                                                              Dylan Wynn was named a Freshman All-American hon-
                                                              orable mention by College Football News in 2011. Wynn
                                                              started seven games at defensive end recording 5.5

186                                                                                                                                                       @BeaverFootball
HEISMAN SALUTE TO TERRY BAKER                                             2018 OREGON STATE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDE
                                HIS HEISMAN TROPHY SEASON OF 1962:

                                ALL-AMERICA FIRST TEAMS
                                Associated Press                     Football News
                                United Press International           The Sporting News
                                Football Coaches Association         Time Magazine
                                Football Writers Association         Coach & Athlete Magazine
                                NEA                                  Academic All-America
                                Williamson Rating System             CBS-TV Sports

                                INDIVIDUAL AWARDS
                                Heisman Trophy (Outstanding Player in Nation)
                                Maxwell Award (Outstanding Player in Nation)
                                Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
                                Helms Foundation Award (top athlete in North America)
                                AP, UPI, The Sporting News, Coach & Athlete Magazine Player of the Year
                                Captain NEA All-America Team
                                AP, UPI, L.A. Times Back of the Year
                                Pop Warner and Voit Awards (outstanding senior on Pacific Coast)
                                AP & UPI three-time All-Coast
                                OSU two-time team MVP
                                Grantland Rice Award (Top Phi Delt Player in nation)
                                Arthur Priest Award (Phi Delt of the Year)
                                Football Foundation Hall of Fame Award (scholar-athlete)
                                Buzz Randall Award (top scholar-athlete at OSU)
                                Liberty Bowl MVP

                                GAME HIGHLIGHTS
                                *389 total yards (163 rush, 226 pass) vs. Colorado State in 1962
                                *319 total yards (46 rush, 273 pass) vs. Idaho in 1962
                                *317 total yards (65 run, 252 pass) vs. Iowa State in 1962
                                *302 total yards (87 run, 215 pass) vs. Washington in 1960
                                *OSU, Liberty Bowl and NCAA record 99-yard run in 1962 Liberty

                                B.S. Mechanical Engineering (1963)
                                Ph.D, Jurisprudence, University of Southern California (1967)

                                TERRY BAKER YEAR-BY-YEAR FOOTBALL STATISTICS
                                           {-----------Rushing-----------}           {-----------------Passing----------------}          {-------Punting-------}
TERRY BAKER                     YEAR       ATT. NET YDS. AVG.           TD           ATT. COMP. INT.             YDS.        TD          ATT.     YDS.     AVG.
1962 HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER      1960        111      610     5.5         5            117       60        12      863         3           13       549     42.3
                                1961        73       355     4.9         2           134         61       8       875         5           23       684     29.7
                                1962        115      538     4.7         9           202        111       5      1,723       15           33      1,233    37.4
                                TOTAL      299 1,503         5.0        16           453       232       25      3,461       23           69      2,466 35.7
                                * also scored a touchdown in the 1962 Liberty Bowl (postseason stats did not count toward season/career stats at the time)

                                YEAR        G        FG-FGA       PCT.      FT-FTA       PCT.        REB          TP        AVG.
                                1961        20       40-110       .364       67-77       .870         37         147         7.4
                                1962        26      102-228       .447      73-106       .688         77         277        10.7
                                1963        25      120-280       .429      94-127       .728         71         334        13.4
                                TOTAL       71      262-618       .424     234-310       .755        185         758        10.7
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