Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore

Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore

Griffith University
Master of Health Services Management
Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
The Vice-Chancellor & President’s Message

                               Professor Carolyn Evans
                               Vice Chancellor and President

    Griffith University was established in 1975 and has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative public tertiary
    institutions. Our commitment to teaching and research for over 40 years has enabled Griffith University to be deeply connected
    to the Asian region, socially conscious and environmentally aware. The University is an integral part of the national and
    international community and is heavily industry focused. Griffith has become a comprehensive, research-intensive university
    ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

    Our teaching and research spans six campuses in South East Queensland and across several locations throughout the world,
    including Singapore. Our network of more than 200,000 graduates extend around the globe.

    Griffith University has a vision to be one of the most influential universities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We believe
    in a remarkable tomorrow, in doing our best to supporting others to do theirs.

    We rank highly as a young university being recognised on many teaching and research ranking systems which indicates we are
    one of Australia’s finest universities. By choosing to study at Griffith, students benefit from degrees informed by our world-class
    research, expert knowledge and industry connections.

    Griffith University now offers more than 200 degrees and is home to more than 50,000 students from over 130 countries.
    Ideally positioned in the fastest growing region in Australia, the University will continue to build on its established reputation
    for responding creatively to local, national and global change by embracing diversity and nurturing innovation. Griffith has
    partnerships with universities and higher education providers worldwide and works collaboratively to advance its commitment
    to scholarship, learning, social justice and equity.

    We welcome you to be a part of this vital journey.

    Strong and effective leadership and management competencies are critical for the growth and development of health, aged
    care and social care systems throughout the world. Gaining learning and experience in managing small, medium and large
    health facilities is a critical and essential part of delivering high quality care and support to communities in any country. At
    Griffith University our academic staff members have extensive experience in leading and managing health and related services
    in Australia and internationally. We deliver our postgraduate programmes in health services management through teaching and
    learning sessions both directly in Singapore and online using the latest in blended digital media.

    Griffith University works with Kaplan Higher Education Institution Singapore to enable access to world-class degrees in
    health service management and I look forward to welcoming you into the Graduate Certificate and Masters of Health Services
    Management programmes.

2 | Master of Health Services Management
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Kaplan – The Choice of Many
Kaplan in Singapore is part of Kaplan Inc., one of the world’s most diverse                        Registered with the Committee for Private Education
education providers and is the largest subsidiary of Graham Holdings,                              (CPE), part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
formerly The Washington Post Company. To date, Kaplan in Singapore has                             Kaplan Higher                              Kaplan Higher
students from over 35 countries and regions, and has served more than                              Education Academy                          Education Institute
65,000 graduates. With over 500 academic programmes and professional
certification courses for higher learning and skills development, Kaplan
provides opportunities for individuals to pursue lifelong learning.                                Cert No. EDU-2-2023
                                                                                                   Validity: 20/07/2019–19/07/2023
                                                                                                                                              Cert No. EDU-2-2125
                                                                                                                                              Validity: 20/07/2019–19/07/2023

                                     Over                                    Over                             Students From Over

                               500                              65,000                                                      35
                      Programmes & Certifications                  Diploma and Degree                          Countries / Regions
                              Available                                 Graduates

                      Your Lifelong Integrated Learning Partner
                                                   Higher Learning | Skills Development

Award Winning Private Education Provider In Singapore
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                      2016 Best Private Education Institution                                             JobsCentral Learning and Rankings Survey
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Kaplan Higher Education Academy UEN 199409389H; Validity 20/05/2018–19/05/2022. Kaplan Higher Education Institute UEN 198600044N; Validity 17/08/2018–
16/08/2022. 1Awarded to Kaplan in Singapore by JobsCentral Learning T.E.D. Awards. 2Awarded to Kaplan Higher Education Academy. 3Awarded to Kaplan Higher
Education Institute. 4Awarded to Kaplan in Singapore by BERG Icons of Learning 2017.

                                                                                                                                Master of Health Services Management | 3
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Kaplan Helps You Get Ahead
    At Kaplan, we understand your need to pursue a quality education that can help you achieve your career goals. We offer one
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        CHOOSE FROM OVER                                CHOOSE FROM OVER                              KAPLAN DIPLOMA                          DIRECT ENTRY3 TO

        300 DEGREE                                      25 DIPLOMA
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                         PROGRAMMES1                               PROGRAMMES
                                                                                                           YEAR 2                           2ND      YEAR
                                                                                                                                            FOR DIPLOMA GRADS
                                                                                                    BACHELOR’S DEGREE2

            DEGREES AWARDED                            HEART OF THE CITY                           EASYAND                                  SkillsFuture
            SAME AS
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    One of the largest private education institutions in Singapore, our campuses at Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge and
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     Refers to Degree programmes at Kaplan in Singapore. 2With our university partners and other higher education institutions from Australia, Ireland and the UK (relevant
    disciplines and/or subject to university requirements). 3Subject to entry requirements & university approval. 4Terms and conditions apply. Subject to bank’s approval. 5Only
    for eligible Diplomas listed on

4 | Master of Health Services Management
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Raising Your Employability with
Industry Relevance
Kaplan in Singapore is committed to offering quality education through higher learning and skills development. As a result,
Kaplan students will experience a holistic education with emphasis on graduate outcomes that will enhance their employability.

       Higher Education
         Qualification                 +          Kaplan Employability
                                                        Services                      =             Industry-Ready

        Over 25 Diplomas and                          Comprehensive series of                       Our graduates will be
       300 Degree programmes                     initiatives including skills-based               career and industry-ready
              available                            training for full-time students

Kaplan Industry Advisory Boards (IABs)
Our six Kaplan Industry Advisory Boards comprising industry leaders and entrepreneurs provide industry perspectives
and insights that help us ensure our curriculum is current, relevant and robust. This, together with our enhanced
Employability initiatives, help us prepare our students to be industry-ready, with knowledge and key skillsets that
employers are looking for in a new graduate.

Developing Industry-Ready Talent
We have a comprehensive series of initiatives to complement our full-time students’ academic learning. Students
will be guided to build their professional profile and be equipped with soft, technical and digital skills, ready for
life after graduation. These initiatives promote skills-based learning that aim to help our graduates be career and
industry-ready to make an impact in the real world.

                                         Kaplan Employability Services

   01                               02                               03                                04
   4TH INDUSTRIAL                   INDUSTRY                         WORK EXPERIENCE                    INDUSTRY
   REVOLUTION (IR)                  PROJECTS                         (non-credit bearing                CLINICS
   COURSES                          Solve real-world industry        internship)                        Receive advice from
   Complimentary skills-based       problems                         Increase exposure to the           industry experts
   training courses to provide                                       workforce
   students with industry-
   ready skills

   05                               06                               07                                08
   MASTERCLASS                      KAPLAN                           PROFESSIONAL                      CAREER
   SERIES                           iCare                            DEVELOPMENT                       ADVISORY
   Access to industry trends        Contribute to society through    WORKSHOPS                         Personalised career
   and insights                     participating in community       Build online profile and          coaching sessions
                                    activities                       attend professional
                                                                     development workshops

                                    09                               10
                                    GRADUATE                         KAPLAN CAREER
                                    EMPLOYMENT                       FAIRS
                                    Access to Kaplan’s network       Attend career fairs with
                                    of employers for graduate        employers from different
                                    opportunities                    industries offering
                                                                     employment opportunities

                                                                                                Master of Health Services Management | 5
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Graduate Employability

                                           Over 95%
                                        of all employed graduates                                                            1

                                      secured full-time employment

                     More than                                               Close to                                            More than

                4 in 5
           employed after
                                                                       1 in 2
                                                                  Given pay raise                   3
                                                                                                                            1 in 4
                                                                                                                      Given promotion3
          successful course

                Our graduates have found employment with companies such as:
                AC Nielsen                          GlaxoSmithKline                      National Council of                 Republic of
                                                                                         Social Service                      Singapore Air Force
                Accenture                           HSBC
                                                                                         National Healthcare                 Resorts World
                Apple                               Keppel
                                                                                         Group                               Sentosa
                CapitaLand                          KPMG
                                                                                         Netflix                             Siemens
                Citibank                            Maybank
                                                                                         Nikon Singapore                     Singapore Airlines
                DBS Bank                            Mediacorp                            People’s Association                Singapore Police
                Deutsche Bank                       Ministry of Home                                                         Force
                                                                                         Pratt & Whitney
                DHL                                 Affairs                                                                  SMRT
                                                                                         Procter & Gamble
                Drew and Napier LLC                 Ministry of                                                              ST Engineering
                                                    Manpower                             PSA
                ExxonMobil                                                                                                   Standard Chartered
                                                    Nanyang                              PwC
                Facebook                                                                                                     Thomson Reuters
                                                    Technological                        Raffles Medical
                Far East Organization               University                           Group                               UOB

                 Source: Kaplan Graduate Employment Survey 2018

    All statistics are based on Kaplan Graduate Employment Survey 2018 conducted by Forbes Research Pte Ltd between February to August 2019, with graduates between
    June 2017 and May 2018. Respondents include all full-time graduates: 638; and all part-time graduates: 904. This survey is not the same survey as conducted by the
    Committee for Private Education.
    1. Based on Full-time External Degree Programme graduates (Full-time & Part-time employed + Self-employed/Freelance)
    2. Based on Full-time External Degree Programme graduates who were employed (working full-time + working part-time + self-employed/freelance) and seeking
       employment; excludes those working in the same company prior to completion of course.
    3. Based on Part-time Diploma + External Degree Programme graduates (Full-time employed + Self-employed/Freelance)
6 | Master of Health Services Management
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Griffith University

Griffith University is an Australian public university established in 1975. The University offers teaching across all major learning
areas including health, sciences, business, as well as in arts, education and law. The university has 38 research centres and
institutes that focus on key problem-solving areas that benefit communities throughout the world. Health Services Management
is a major discipline area located within the School of Medicine.

Since its opening, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one
of the most influential universities in the Asia Pacific region. It has grown to be a large multi-campus institution in Queensland,
Australia, with campuses on the Gold Coast, Logan, Mt Gravatt, Nathan, South Bank and online throughout the world.

Griffith Health Faculty
The Master of Health Services Management and Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management are delivered through
the Griffith Health Faculty.

The Faculty’s high quality, innovative education programmes range from the foundational health sciences to professional
and clinical disciplines. Our teaching programmes are supported by our world-class health research centres.

It is one of Australia’s largest health faculties with more than 13,000 full-time students and 800 staff enjoying state-of-the-art
facilities and the most up-to-date teaching programmes.

Faculty and Schools
As one of the largest health faculties in the Australian university sector, Griffith University offers a comprehensive range of
medical, nursing and health faculties and schools:

z Dentistry and Oral Health                  z Nursing and Midwifery                      z Applied Psychology
z Medical Science                            z Pharmacy                                   z Human Services and Social Work
z Medicine                                   z Applied Health Sciences

                                                                                                  Master of Health Services Management | 7
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Why Study Health Services Management at
    Griffith University?
    z Awarded by Griffith University

    z Fully taught by Griffith University faculty staff

    z Plan the study schedule at your own pace

    z Complete the Master’s Degree programme in 24 months

    z Assignment-based programme

    z Ranked in the world’s 201 - 250 University in Times Higher Education World Rankings 2020

    z Ranked 37th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings Top 50 Under 50

    z Ranked 35th in the 2019 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings

    Faculty Support
    The Health Services Management faculty that will deliver the Masters and Graduate Certificate programmes from Singapore
    has extensive experience in both teaching and learning in the specialist area of health leadership and management. Our
    teaching staff have many years of experience in leading and managing health and aged care services and facilities in several
    countries at the executive levels.

    Faculty members will regularly be teaching and supporting students in Singapore throughout the courses in health management,
    assisting them with learning using online resources. That will include both live presentations and consultations, as well as
    through an extensive range of recorded and podcasted specialist learning materials.

    Students will also be supported by blended learning experts as well as Information Technology and Library support available
    live from Griffith University via internet access.

    We look forward to you joining us for your studies in Health Services Management, so as to expand and enhance your career
    opportunities in the health and aged care sectors across public, private and community organisations.

8 | Master of Health Services Management
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore

           I have always believed in continuous learning and expanding my knowledge as the healthcare
           industry is ever-changing. My current role is to obtain diagnostic images for clinicians, but
           there are many areas I can grow into, be it switching to a different imaging modality to gain
           experience or advancing towards a supervisory position.

           The courses taught under Griffith University’s Master of Health Services Management
           programme have provided me with insights that go beyond just being a ground staff, and I
           am now better prepared for the demands and expectations that come with progression into
           Management, should the opportunity arise.

           In particular, the change management and leadership courses have been beneficial as
           the theories are highly applicable at the departmental level where we constantly look for
           innovation and improvements. Furthermore, it was great to be able to connect with the Griffith
           University faculty during the block-teaching classes as they provided invaluable insights
           about the industry.

           Leong Bao Ru
           Radiographer, Public Healthcare Institution
           Master of Health Services Management (2018)

           As a Nursing Lecturer myself, I had two expectations of the Health Services Management
           programme—the rigour of the academic delivery and the practicality of my learning must add
           value to my professional field. The way Griffith University structured their programme delivery
           and assessment methods met these expectations.

           In addition, the programme stuck a balance between theoretical and practical approaches to
           clinical leadership and healthcare management perspective, supported by tailoring the academic
           delivery to be specifically relevant to Singapore context. This allowed me to apply what I had
           learned to good practice in terms of developing and mastering subject matter expertise to teach
           the curriculum to my students, where most of them would go on and embark on the journey to
           become Registered Nurses in the Healthcare sector.

           Jeffrey Woo
           Nursing Lecturer, Local Polytechnic
           Master of Health Services Management (2018)

           I felt it was time to empower myself with more knowledge and further develop my Nursing career.
           Thus, I decided to advance with a Master of Health Services Management qualification.

           I opted to study with Griffith University as the administrative staff and lecturers were friendly and
           supportive, and the flexible study schedule allowed me to balance work, study, looking after my
           child and spending time with my family.

           The Master’s programme contains several modules that have helped me in my work such as
           “Translating Clinical Innovation into Work Practice” and “Health Workforce”, and studying
           them has enabled me to progress along the Nursing management pathway and developed my
           leadership and management skills. I will recommend Griffith University due to its structured
           curriculum and excellent lecturers.

           Ng Yi Li
           Assistant Nurse Clinician, Government Hospital
           Master of Health Services Management (2019)

                                                                                     Master of Health Services Management | 9
Griffith University Master of Health Services Management Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management - Postgraduate Singapore
Programme Structure & Content
     Master of Health Services Management
     Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management

     These programmes provide you with a wide ranging and diverse base of specialist health management courses. They are
     designed for graduates or managers of health services wanting to develop their skills and knowledge of contemporary health
     service management issues, as well as for those commencing a career in the healthcare sector. The programmes are created
     to support students and career aspirants to work both in the Singapore healthcare system and other Asian or international
     healthcare services and systems. Careers may be available for professionals interested in moving into these areas or, for early
     and mid-career health professionals seeking advancement, broadening their expertise and/or moving into management.

       About the Programme

     Each course in this programme is 10-credit points except for Health Project 20-credit points and the Dissertation courses
     which are 40-credit points. To be eligible for the award of Master of Health Services Management, a student must complete
     120-credit points. To be eligible to graduate the programme with a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management, a
     student must acquire 40-credit points.
     z Healthcare Systems
     z Leadership in Management for Health Services
     z Health Economics
     z Change Management in Dynamic Healthcare Systems
     z Health Informatics
     z Health Finance and Project Management
     z Health Workforce
     z Translating Clinical Innovation into Work Practice
     z Strategic Decision Making in Health
     z Health Policy and Planning
     z Foundations of Research Inquiry in Health
     z Applied Ethics and Law for Health Services Managers
     z Health Workforce Planning and Innovation
     z Health Project
     z MHSM Dissertation

       Programme Management

     The Health Service Management’s Degree programme is managed by a professional management team at Kaplan Higher
     Education Institute. The team ensures that in addition to classes, students will receive regular programme newsletter
     and academic support via the Kaplan 360 mobile application, email or other online resources. Programme managers will
     also provide assistance with scheduling, study group formation, Kaplan City Campus library membership, assignment
     and examination management, student liaison and organisation.

     The Griffith University programme management team manages a range of services and student support functions
     including admission and student enrolment matters, student fees and learning materials.

       Assessment Methods

     A combination of written assignments (group and individual), presentations, essays, and online quizzes or tests will be used
     to assess the graduates’ competencies throughout the Health Services Management programmes.

10 | Master of Health Services Management
Learning Cycle

  Sample Trimester Schedule

For each of the Health Services Management courses, there is a combination of learning options including lectures, tutorials, online
materials and assessment items (assignments, quizzes, tests, etc). Each course has different approaches in the learning structures
and different assessment dates. For each course, a Course Profile is prepared to provide students with all of the details necessary on
learning topics, assessment due dates, and procedures and arrangements for learning and engagement in the respective courses.

      Week 1 to 4                           Weeks 5 to 9                           Weeks 10 to 12
      • Orientation                         • Assignments / Projects               • Assignments /
      • Lectures
      • Tutorials
                                            • Independent study
                                            • Online learning and
                                                                                   • Independent study
      • Independent study                     assistance via                       • Online learning and                 TERM
      • Online learning and                   Learning@Griffith                      assistance via
        assistance via                                                               Learning@Griffith
        Learning@Griffith                                                          • Online quizzes or tests

  Delivery Methods

The Health Services Management programmes offer great flexibility in customising your learning needs to your own interests and career

To complete the Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management, students must complete 4 courses from an extensive offering of
12 courses on offer throughout the year.

Students enrolled in the Master of Health Service Management programme have a choice of two majors or pathways. The coursework
or standard pathway enable students to complete 3 compulsory courses and a further 8 courses available each year. The research
pathway provides for students to incorporate a research study and preparation of a dissertation or thesis involving the equivalent of 4
courses with the research project supported by an academic supervisor appointed to assist students in their research projects.

• You can commence studies at any of the three trimesters each year
• Courses are available in all three trimesters each year
• A course is studied in a semester over 12 weeks
• For each course, lectures/workshops are held for 14-16 hours at Kaplan in Singapore, with classes offered in the evenings and
  weekend blocks during the trimester
• The remainder of each course is delivered online

  Graduation & Recognition

Students who successfully complete the Master of Health Services Management programme
or the Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management programme will be awarded their
Master or Graduate Certificate Degrees by Griffith University. These Degrees are the same as
those awarded by Griffith University to students who studied and completed their programmes
in Australia.

The programmes comply with the current Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Degree
requirements. The Degree programmes are accredited by the Australian College of Health
Service Management.

Graduates are allowed to use the post-nominal titles of “MHServMgt” or “GCertHServMgt” after
their names should they choose to do so.

                                                                                                         Master of Health Services Management | 11
Unit Outline

     Master of Health Services

     Healthcare Systems                                            Health Economics
     The cornerstone of understanding how to effectively work,     The course examines the main issues in Australian health
     manage and lead in health services is to fundamentally        policy from an economic perspective and explains the
     understand how healthcare systems are structured and          relevance of economic thinking to decision-making in
     operate. The course will equip students with knowledge        healthcare. The content and issues discussed will consider
     on the evolution, rationale, approach and structures found    healthcare delivery systems within the context of scarce
     in health systems. It focuses on the Australian healthcare    resources competing for a multitude of health needs.
     system but also provides opportunities to examine             The course will also explore healthcare delivery within a
     international systems to provide information, comparison      framework of effectiveness, efficiency and equity.
     and contrast. The course content is transferable to a range
     of different healthcare settings and enhances decision-       Change Management in Dynamic Healthcare Systems
     making skills. Healthcare systems are examined in a range
                                                                   Healthcare system reforms and constant restructuring
     of delivery and work settings including public, private,
                                                                   require managers to acquire new skills and competencies
     and acute and community health. Numerous activities are
                                                                   and reframe their traditional approaches to health service
     drawn from actual experiences of managers and are used to
                                                                   management. One of the critical skills for today’s healthcare
     integrate theory and practice within the course.
                                                                   manager is the ability to successfully lead change. This
                                                                   course invites students to critically evaluate the ways in
     Leadership in Management for Health Services                  which health service management adapts to the competitive
     The course addresses the need to provide education            and changing healthcare environment and to explore
     in leadership to those who will manage health service         various approaches to effective and efficient healthcare
     organisations as well as programmes in public health. It      management. During the course, participants will expand
     is designed to focus on leadership traits, competencies       their change management acumen with methodologies for
     and opportunities for people working in different roles,      planning, evaluation influencing and negotiation, and their
     responsibilities, teams, units and structures, now and in     applications in health services with regards to a changing
     the future, within both health service sectors and other      environment. The management skills that students will
     sectors or industries. Students have the opportunity to       develop by completing this course will complement other
     examine and enhance their own individual leadership           essential management skills such as leadership, quality
     styles and approaches.                                        management, communication and strategic planning.

12 | Master of Health Services Management
Unit Outline
Health Informatics                                            Strategic Decision Making in Health
This course considers the increasing impact of technology     The primary purpose of this course is to develop
in contemporary society with a particular focus on health     knowledge and skills that can be applied in a variety of
services. It explores some current applications of health     healthcare settings to assist health service managers
informatics and identifies a number of issues associated      in making value-added decisions, policy interpretation,
with the use of technology in healthcare. The course          service planning, and service strategy and structure.
provides the foundation for ongoing exploration of health     Participants will apply high levels of critical analysis and
informatics. The role of government with respect to health    evaluation as they examine these areas. This course is
ICT policy, strategy and funding is also explored.            designed to equip participants with the skills to address
                                                              these issues in strategic decision-making in health
                                                              systems, policy implications, health services planning
Health Finance and Project Management
                                                              priorities and the allocation of resources. Current issues
The Health Finance and Project Management course has          will be contextualised within political, economic and
been designed to be relevant to the industry and will offer   ideological frameworks.
a range of activities that participants may encounter in a
typical workplace and in informatics management. The          Health Policy and Planning
course links theory and practice by discussing contemporary   The course deals with health policy and planning
theoretical concepts and applying this knowledge in           through the consideration of general policy formation
reflective questions and assessment items. An industry-       issues, contexualised within health service policy
based scenario in the implementation of projects in health    development and health services planning.
services and financial systems provides a further link to
practice and an enhanced understanding of the application     Foundations of Research Inquiry in Health
of theoretical principles.                                    This course introduces students to the application of
                                                              research approaches in health, social work, and human
Health Workforce                                              and community services. It aims to provide students
This course provides students with an opportunity to          with the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary
study the principles of human resource management,            for them to conduct their own research project. It will
especially the integration of functional practices and        also encourage them to critically examine research
processes in systems which drive the achievement of the       methods in terms of their inclusiveness, ethics, validity
strategic objectives of the organisation. Health services     and reliability when applied to research in health and
are open systems and human resource management                human services.
is a critical process for developing organisational
competency to transform inputs into effective outcomes.       Health Project
Health service workforces are highly complex and the          The course provides students with an opportunity to
environment undergoes competition for resources, rapid        work on a project of interest to them and to develop
technological change and high levels of community             research, investigation and analysis skills. The project
demand. The industrial relations landscape is impacted        might involve preliminary examination of issues and
by the dominance of the public sector in the labour           problems to be further explored in later research, which
market, high levels of union membership, rapid change         relate to service operations or policy reform areas, or
and the culture of health professionals.                      link to work-related activities and questions. Students
                                                              work independently but are supported by experienced
                                                              academic staff.
Translating Clinical Innovation into Work Practice
This course provides students with the opportunity to gain    Applied Ethics and Law for Health Services Managers
knowledge and insight to a number of facets of innovation,    The contemporary health manager requires a working
and the translation of new ways and transformative working    knowledge of the law that governs many aspects of health
into the healthcare workplace. The focus is on clinical       services planning, delivery and management. Knowledge of
innovation which looks at direct consumer, patient and        the fundamentals of law, including contract, employment,
client care across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.   commercial and administrative law, is essential in the
                                                              contemporary health setting to assist the health service
                                                              manager to fully appreciate the accountabilities and risks
                                                              that are inherent within the health services environment.
                                                              The course will provide students with an appreciation
                                                              of the Singapore legal system and alternatives across
                                                              jurisdictions, as well as better enabling health service
                                                              managers to understand the legal system, and provide an
                                                              insight into legal process.

                                                                                           Master of Health Services Management | 13
Unit Outline
     Health Workforce Planning and Innovation                     MHSM Dissertation
     Students participating in this course can link workforce     The Dissertation research course gives students the
     planning into the strategic and operational planning         opportunity to undertake a substantial piece of research on
     required for health organisations and systems. Students      a topic of their interest. The course involves the completion
     will learn about the integration of the planning process     of a research proposal, including experimentation and
     and how it is critical that workforce planning is a          analysis of research results. This is an opportunity for
     component of the whole planning function in a health         students to prepare and present a completed Masters
     organisation. The course aims to assist students in not      degree dissertation or thesis while developing their
     only requiring a set of workforce planning skills but also   research skills. Students work with an appointed academic
     to develop a capacity to think critically on this major      supervisor. The dissertation courses is the equivalent of
     responsibility area in health management.                    4 courses in the Master of Health Service Management
                                                                  programme (40 credit points).

14 | Master of Health Services Management
Career Fair
The annual Kaplan Career Fair is the biggest employment event held on campus. The Fair offers an opportunity for students
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                                                                                          Master of Health Services Management | 15
Application & Fees Schedule
Fees Schedule                                                               • Internet-based (Ibt) TOEFL score of 79 (no sub-score less than
                                                                              19); or
Please refer to the insert for the information on:                          • No score less than 3+ in each skill of the ISLPR (conducted by
• Tuition Fee              • Refund Policy                                    ISLPR Language Services only); or
• Non-tuition Fee          • EduTrust Certification                         • Minimum grade C on the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced
                                                                              English (CAE); or
For more information, please contact our programme consultant               • Minimum grade C on the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in
or email to                                                English (CPE); or
                                                                            • Overall score of 58 in the Pearson Test of English (Academic)
Entry Requirements & Application                                              with no score less than 50

Applicants for admission to the Master of Health Services                   English test results must be no more than two years old.
Management will normally:
                                                                            In all cases, the final decision for admission to the programme
• Hold a Bachelor Degree in a health-related field such as Public           rests with the University.
  Health, Health Services Management, Environmental Health,
  Allied Health, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Clinical Research           Study Loans
  and Biomedical Health
• OR have completed the Graduate Certificate in Health Services             Study loans are available with most banks and financial
  Management (3317) offered by Griffith University (these students          institutions. Interested candidates may contact:
  will be eligible for 40-credit points of advanced standing towards
  the Masters programme)                                                    Maybank: 1800 629 2265          
• OR hold a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Bachelor              OCBC Bank: 1800 363 3333        
  Honours Degree in a health-related field such as Public Health;
  Health Services Management; Environmental Health; Allied                  Only applicable for local students.
  Health, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Clinical Research
  and Biomedical Health (students admitted with one of these                Closing Dates
  qualifications will be eligible for up to 40-credit points of credit
  towards the Masters programme depending upon the courses                  Application deadlines for each intake is listed in the application
  completed in the prior qualification)                                     form. Usually, the University takes about 3 weeks to process each
                                                                            application. Therefore, it is advisable for potential students to
Applicants with extensive experience in health services                     apply for admission at least 6 weeks before the start of each intake.
management who do not hold qualifications listed in the above
requirements may be admitted to the Graduate Certificate in Health          Who to Contact
Service Management programme with progress to the Master of
Health Services Management being dependent upon a minimum                   For enquiries on this course:
Pass-grade in all courses.                                                  SMS GUBMHSM  Name  Email Address to 8338 1333.

Applicants for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Health              By sending the code via SMS, you have given your consent to have
Services Management will normally:                                          a representative from Kaplan contact you regarding your request.
                                                                            For other information or enquiries on other Griffith University
• Hold a Bachelor Degree in any discipline                                  programmes, please contact:
• OR a health-related Diploma with two years of relevant work
  experience in the health or aged care sector                              Telephone : 6733 1877
• OR have a minimum of five years equivalent full-time work                 Facsimile : 6225 3605
  experience in administrative, management and leadership roles             Email Address :
  within healthcare organisations (students would be expected to            Kaplan Website :
  have career goals to work in health-related organisations)                Griffith Website :

Note: Progression for students admitted to the Graduate
Certificate in Health Services Management to the Master of Health               The full application package should be sent to:
Services Management is dependent upon achieving a minimum                       Director, Griffith University
Pass grade in all of the Graduate Certificate courses.                          Master of Health Services Management
                                                                                Kaplan Higher Education Institute
Language proficiency:                                                           Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge
                                                                                8 Wilkie Road, #02-01, Singapore 228095
English Language requirements apply to international applicants and
other applications whose previous study was undertaken in a language
other than English. The minimum English language requirements for
such applicants for entry to this programme are as follows:                 Griffith University and Kaplan Higher Education Institute reserve the rights to alter, amend
                                                                            or delete any programme fee, programme, admission requirement, mode of delivery or
                                                                            other arrangements without prior notice.
• A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS (Academic) with
                                                                            The information contained in this brochure is correct at time of printing (December 2019).
  no sub-score of less than 6.0; or                                         Registered with Committee for Private Education (CPE), part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
• Minimum score of 575 on TOEFL; or

                                                                                                                                                Kaplan Higher
                                                                                                                                                Education Institute
Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge 8 Wilkie Road, Level 2, Singapore 228095
Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo 1 Selegie Road, Level 6, Singapore 188306

     6733 1877                                                                                                      Cert No. EDU-2-2125
                                                                                                                                                Validity: 20/07/2019–19/07/2023

                 KaplanSingapore                                                                                           UEN:      198600044N
                                                                                                                                                Validity: 17/08/2018–16/08/2022
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