How ZAGA Centers Are Working To Reduce Dental Complications Of Missing Teeth?

How ZAGA Centers Are Working To Reduce Dental Complications Of Missing Teeth?
How ZAGA Centers Are Working To Reduce Dental Complications Of
Missing Teeth?
In the old days, individuals that shed their teeth because of accidents or dental cavity had no option. However, over
time, with innovation in dental techniques and medical science, there are many alternatives to restore missing or lost

Nowadays, nonetheless, zygomatic implants are taking the pain out of missing teeth and giving a lot of individuals a
whole new hope, as well as a complete face-lift. If you are missing complete upper teeth and you have actually been
informed that you are not a good prospect for dental implants due to the high degree of bone degeneration, do not
worry! There is still an irreversible solution called the Zygomatic implant course for your upper arch.

In the past, individuals with significant bone loss in the upper jaw put on dental implant dentures which can be fixed to
the top jawbone utilizing titanium implants. But sometimes there is severe bone traction in the top jaw providing not
enough anchorage for the prosthesis. In such instances, a bone graft surgical procedure is performed. In this surgical
treatment, some bone is taken from the patient's very own hip section and implanted into the jaw bone. After about six
months of healing, the denture is implanted into the person's upper jaw.

Presently, there is a ZAGA Concept dental implant that eliminates the demand for bone grafting or sinus
augmentation. Zygoma implants or zygomatic implant surgical procedure involves marginal surgeries with reduced
recovery & healing time, without the requirement for painful bone grafting.

This graft-less strategy utilized in ZAGA Centers in America also called the Zygoma strategy is employed where jaws
do not have the essential elevation and/or size to sustain implants.

Unlike the conventional implants, Zygoma implants are attached directly to the body of the cheekbones, medically
described as Zygoma.

Who needs Zygoma Implants?

Zygomatic implants are appropriate for anyone with missing or lost teeth and severe bone resorption in the maxilla
area. Individuals of every age group, except kids, can benefit from this technique. This treatment cannot be performed
on individuals with sinus issues.

The Treatment

The Zygomatic implant treatment is carried out in 3 steps in simply one straightforward surgery. Firstly, the diagnosis
of the resorbed frontal alveolar bone of the top jaw, X-rays as well as essential checkup is carried out. The tooth is
removed if there is decay or cavities. The front top is fixed with 2-4 dental implant post positioning. The positioning of
prosthetics is employed on the very same day the implants are positioned.

Post-operative Treatment

For the long life of Zygomatic implants, it is really crucial to keep proper oral hygiene. On the very first day following
the surgical treatment, you must only eat soft, cold food. You should rinse your mouth with and salt or tidy your teeth
just 24-hour after the implants. At the very least 10 days later, regular cleaning around the implants and bridge along
with cleaning is important. Make sure you get the treatment from the best network of ZAGA Centers.

Cost of the Procedure
Zygomatic implants are longer than conventional implants manufactured particularly for the purpose, therefore, they
are quite expensive. This procedure is performed by an expert group of maxillofacial and skilled dental surgeons like Dr
Aparicio which amounts to the cost.

For further info, head over to the official website of Zygoma ZAGA Centers S.L. ZAGA Centers offer clients suffering
from chronic maxillary atrophy with a safe treatment solution for the placement of fixed teeth on zygomatic implants.
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