In Kilcock GAA Clubhouse - (SHARP) SUNDAY 24TH FEBRUARY 2019 AT 6.00PM



     In Kilcock GAA Clubhouse

Clár (Agenda)........................................................................................................................................... 3

Adoption of Standing Orders .................................................................................................................. 4

Minutes of Last AGM & EGM .................................................................................................................. 5

Kilcock GAA Club Officials 2018 ............................................................................................................ 12

Turscail an Runaí/Secretary’s Report 2018 ........................................................................................... 13

Election of Executive Committee and County Board Delegates ........................................................... 18

   Online Registration and Lotto ........................................................................................................... 19

   Club Coach ........................................................................................................................................ 19

   Christmas Party ................................................................................................................................. 19

   Social Initiative 2018: ........................................................................................................................ 20

   In Conjunction with….. ...................................................................................................................... 21

Club Sections Annual Reports 2018 ...................................................................................................... 23

   A.         Bord na nÓg Annual Report 2018.......................................................................................... 23

   B.         Camogie Club Annual Report 2018........................................................................................ 41

   C.         Ladies Football Annual Report 2018 ..................................................................................... 47

   D.         Hurling Annual Report 2018 .................................................................................................. 49

   E.         Men’s Football Annual Report 2018...................................................................................... 51

   Appendix A - GPO Report 2018 ......................................................................................................... 62

Clár (Agenda)
The following business shall be transacted at the Annual
General Meeting: -

  1. Adoption of Standing Orders

  2. Minutes of previous AGM & EGM

  3. Presidents Address

  4. Secretary’s Report

  5. Treasurer’s Report

  6. Chairperson’s Address

  7. Election of Officers and Members of the Executive

  8. Election of Co. Board Delegates

  9.     Motions/Amendments

  10. Any Other Business.

Adoption of Standing Orders
In order that the proceedings of the Annual General Meeting be carried out without delay,
the following standing orders will be observed: -

   1. The Proposer of a Resolution or an Amendment thereto may speak for 5 minutes, but
       no more than 7 minutes.
   2. A delegate speaking to a Resolution or of an Amendment thereto must not exceed 5
   3. The Proposer of a Resolution or of an Amendment thereto may speak a second time
       for 3 minutes before a vote is taken, but no other delegate may speak a second time
       to the same Resolution or Amendment.
   4. The Chairman may at any time he considers a matter has been sufficiently discussed,
       call on the Proposer for a reply, and when that has been given a vote must be taken.
   5. A delegate may, with the consent of the Chairman, move “that the question be now
       put”, after which the proposer has spoken, a vote must be taken.
   6. Where the AGM considers it appropriate, a vote may be by secret ballot.
   7. A speaker to the Annual Report or to any other general discussion shall not exceed 5
       minutes on any one topic.
   8. Any motion seeking additions or amendments to the Constitution or Rules must have
       a majority equal to two-thirds of those present, entitled to vote and voting.
   9. Standing Orders shall not be suspended for the purposes of considering any matter on
       the Agenda except by the consent of a majority equal to two-thirds of those present,
       entitled to vote and voting.
   10. The Chairman may change the order of items on the agenda with the support of a
       simple majority of those present, entitled to vote and voting.

Minutes of Last AGM & EGM

               Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
               of Kilcock GAA Club
               on Sunday 4th February 2018 at 6.00pm


                 Brian Connaughton           Evelyn Meenaghan                  Pat Larkin
                   Bernie Durkan               John McGrath                Donal Cummins
                   Caoimhin Flood             Brendan Macken                Declan Cahalin
                   Mick McGinley              Alan Hutchinson               Mark McCashin
                      Roy Walsh                   Paul Norris                 Peter Divilly
                  Brendan Shovlin            Ed Goodwin (Chair)             Declan Gibbons
                  Michael O’Brien                John Hurley               Eamonn Costello
                      Niall Jones             Eugene Kearney               Mark O’Flaherty
                     Paul O’Brien               Paddy Barker                 Sheena Byrne

No.    Item:                                                                                              Actions
1.     Opening. Standing Orders and Minutes
       The Chairperson opened the meeting at 6:10pm. The standing orders were accepted, proposed
       by John Hurley and seconded by Pat Larkin. The Minutes of the previous annual general
       meeting were read through silently – the minutes were accepted, proposed by Paul Norris and
       seconded by Eamonn Costello.
2.     Presidents Address
       The President thanked everyone who worked on a voluntary basis during the year. He also
       congratulated the U14 hurlers who got to the finals.
       He praised Sheena Byrne on winning the GAA Volunteer of the Year award.
       He noted that the Club coach had not been installed in the club and he appealed to all members
       to help him in his new role.
       Reflecting on the land acquisition during the year, the President noted that the process had been
       ongoing since 1998 with many bumps along the way. He noted that capacity had always been
       an issue for the club and he proposed that a feasibility study is undertaken and that a two-
       pronged action plan: on the development of pitches and the financing of the action plan; is
       implemented to be executed over a number of years.
3.     Secretary’s Report read out by Evelyn
       The highlights of the report was read out by Evelyn.
4.     Chairperson’s Address
       The Chairperson highlighted the sporting achievement of the year.
5.     Treasurers Report
       The Treasurer and Vice Treasurer provided an overview of the Accounts for the year.
6.     Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee                           Proposed/Seconded
       President(s):                                 Mick McGinley and Fr. George          Pat Larkin/Eamonn

Vice-President:                           Brian Connaughton                    Proposed/Seconded
                                                                                     Pat Larkins/Eugene
      Cathaoirleach (Chairperson):              Ed Goodwin
      Leas Cathaoirleach (Vice Chairperson):    Declan Cahalin                       Evelyn
      Runai (Secretary):                        Evelyn Meenaghan                     Brendan Shovlin/John
      Cohm Runai (Joint Secretary)              -
      Cisteoir (Treasurer)                      John McGrath                         Pat Larkin/Paul Norris
      Comh Cisteoir (Joint Treasurer)           Eugene Kearney
      Oifigeach Caidreamh Poibli (PRO):         -
      Registrar:                                Mark McCashin                        John Hurley/Brian
      Oifgeach Na Gailge (Irish Officer):       Michael Minogue (Michaél Ó           Pat Larkin/Brendan
                                                Muineog)                             Macken
      Children’s Officer                        Oisin Quigley                        Ed Goodwin/Eamonn
      Health & Wellbeing Officer:               Paul Norris                          John McGrath/Niall
                                                Eamonn Costello                        Declan Gibbons/Peter
                                                   Brendan Macken                      Brian
                                                   Peter Divilly                       D Cummins/John Hurley
      Bord na nÓg Chairperson                      Caoimhin Flood                      Declan Cahalin/Declan
      Bord na nÓg Secretary                        Roy Walsh                           Michael O’Brien/Declan
      Camogie Chairperson                          John Hurley                         Paul Norris/Donal
      Camogie Secretary                            Alan Hutchinson                     Michael O’Brien/Peter
      It was noted that Niall Jones and Frank Spellman would represent Hurling on the Executive, but
      there was no need to elect them formally.
      It was noted that the Football committee would be co-opted by the Executive.

7.    Elections of Co. Board Delegates                                                 Proposed/Seconded
      Pat Larkin,                                                                      Eamonn Costello/Paul
      Mick McGinley.                                                                   Pat Larkins/Brendan
      Brian Connaughton.                                                               Pat Larkin/Eugene

8.    Motions                                                                             Proposer/Seconder
      1.Propose that a member from the senior panel have a committee position on          Declan
      Kilcock GAA club senior management committee.                                       Gibbons/Brendan
      Motion not carried as it did not clearly specify what rule it proposed to change.
      The proposal was withdrawn and the Chairperson undertook to identify a
      Football committee within 2 weeks or hold an EGM to address the issue.
      Post-meeting note: A football committee was formed led by Dave McTiernan with
      Eamonn Gallagher and Brendan Macken Jnr.

      2. Amendment to club constitution                                                    Pat Larkin/Ed Goodwin
      (a) Section 14.5 (1) (a), by the substitution of “ At any time on Christmas Day ”
      for “ At any time on Christmas Day or Good Friday”. and
      (b) Section 14.5 (1) (b) (iii) by the substitution of “Christmas Eve : between 10.30
      a.m. and 11.30 p.m.” for “Christmas Eve and the eve of Good Friday: between
      10.30 a.m. and 11.30 p.m.;
      (c) Section 6.2.1 by the substitution of “Exception: The Children’s Officer and the
      Healthy Club Officer, shall be appointed by the Executive Committee”. for “
      Exception: The Children’s Officer and the Health & Wellbeing Officer shall be
      appointed by the Executive Committee”.
      (d) Section 6.5 by the substitution of “ The Executive Committee shall be
      comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar,
      Children’s Officer, Healthy Club Officer , Camogie Chairperson, Camogie Secretary,
      Ladies Gaelic Football Chairperson, Ladies Gaelic Football Secretary and at least
      five Registered Full Members at least two of whom shall be under 21 years and
      over 18 years on the date of the Annual General Meeting”. for “ The Executive
      Committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer,
      Secretary,     Registrar, Children’s Officer, Health & Wellbeing Officer ,Camogie
      Chairperson, Camogie Secretary, Ladies Gaelic Football Chairperson, Ladies Gaelic
      Football Secretary and at least five Registered Full Members at least two of whom
      shall be under 21 years and over 18 years on the date of the Annual General
      Meeting”.                                                                            Pat Larkin/Michael
      Motion carried.                                                                      O’Brien

      3. All work to be carried out in pitches with regard to the following;              Brendan
      • Holes in all pitches repaired due to wear and tear fixed before a player suffers Shovlin/Declan
        an injury                                                                         Gibbons
      • All ball stop nets to be fixed in back pitch and main pitch
      • Pitches to be lined with flags for all home games as referees were giving out
        about this last year (Caretakers/Fas may take on this role)
      • Main gate of football pitch to be kept closed at all times bar matches for access
        to ambulance/24hr doc. Smaller gate to be put in behind Goals would be suffice.
        All managers to have key of main gate in case of injury at training.
      B. Linesmen and umpires for all home games. ( a must could be difference in
      winning and losing a game)
      C.     Hot showers for players after training and games. (players had major issue
      with this last year)
      D.     I propose that the Lotto should change from buying a line out of a book for
      2 euro to change to an envelope with 3 squares consisting of 36 numbers. 1 square
      2euro, 3 squares 5euro. I believe that this would generate more money for the

 E.    A panel of sellers put together to promote this (lotto) Don’t think it is fair to
 leave to a few individuals to sell or do draw each Sunday night.
 F.    Businesses to be approached to see if lotto envelopes can be left in their
 premises for purchase.
 G.     I propose that the metal barrier going around the field be removed which
 keeps supporters of the field of play (not always). I feel that this could cause a
 major injury to a player as it is too close to the playing field especially on slippery
 conditions it is a hazard.
 H.     The carpark around the club needs a face lift. A claim is in the waiting here
 as there is percolation covers sticking above the ground and sooner or later some
 person whether accidental or not will take a tumble and this could cause a major
 Insurance claim.
 I.    A member of the Executive committee to liaise with schools in relation to
 burn out. Some young players are playing with their schools and club. This could
 cause a major factors down the road. Young person’s being over trained which
 could lead to serious injury and shorten their football career. Team Managers also
 to be part of this to ensure young persons are getting proper rest between training
 sessions and games.
 J. PRO to send club notes to Chapels/Churches in the area so to keep people from
 the area updated in relation to lotto draw, upcoming games, fund raising Etc. I
 know also of this is on social media however a lot of the older generation within
 the club area would not be.
 K. During intermediate games I believe there should be tea/coffee and
 sandwiches available. The away team should be invited into the club after games.
 Supporters can pay 1.50Euro for a tea/Coffee and 2Euro for around of sandwiches.
 This could be facilitated by players of the senior panel that 3 or 4 players would
 make the sandwiches (Probably Mammy more than likely) for the day of the game.
 Players would only probably have to do this once a year. I believe that this would
 bring more people into the Clubhouse and generate a more homily atmosphere in
 the club.
 Motions discussed, countermotion was proposed to ask the Football committee
 (when appointed within the next 2 weeks) to address several of the individual Ed Goodwin/Declan
 items raised in motion 4.                                                               Cahalin

 4.                                                                                    Mark Durkan/Brendan
 A. A supply of footballs (Last year there were only three proper footballs in the Shovlin
 training bag and three more were collected of other clubs during the year).
 B. Approach Scoil Dara for the availability of pitches. Last year there were a lot of
 teams crammed on top of each other and players of the team could not practice
 shooting skills etc before training as there was no space. The pitch was also
 severely damaged due to overuse of the pitch.
 C A goalmouth guard to be installed to prevent kids and teenagers entering the
 pitch and destroying the areas from the 21 yard line to the goals. This has been a
 problem of late and may stop kids entering the pitch to play soccer.
 D Scoreboard to be used during more games within the club as a whole. During the
 majority of ladies games, hurling games, camogie games, second team football
 games and underage age games the scoreboard was not set up. This should be
 used always.
 E The installation of modern gym equipment. The gym equipment at present is
 very aged, and not suited for any type of GAA training. The installation of top class

      gym equipment would be a long term club investment used for teams from U14 Ed Goodwin/Declan
      upwards across all levels for strength and conditioning. This would be fundamental Cahalin

      to the club teams driving forward and benefits many teams in the club. Although
      we are very grateful for the use of Sphere fitness, for the amount of money it costs
      to train there it may be wiser to think of the long term investment in a state of the
      art gym.
      Motions discussed, countermotion was proposed to ask the Football committee
      (when appointed within the next 2 weeks) to address several of the individual
      items raised in motion 5.
      5. All fundraising must be approved through the Executive Committee. Motion           John McGrath/Eugene
      carried.                                                                              Kearney.

9.    AOB
      Volunteers to help with Lotto were again requested. It was noted that
      implementing a 50/50 lotto needed a separate licence.
      It was noted that a development plan for the pitches will be implemented when
      membership money comes in for the year.
      It was agreed that a specific Grants Officer was required and Caoimhin Flood
      agreed to act as the Grants Officer to co-ordinate grants for the club and work with
      other members as required.

      ************************** end *****************************


      Identify Football committee members within 2 weeks or hold an EGM.                           Ed Goodwin

                                 Special Executive Meeting (EGM) Sunday 25th
                                          November 2018 at 6.30pm

                              ATTENDEES: (in Alphabetical order (first name)

                    Bernie Durkan            Donal Cummins              John Hurley
                   Brendan Macken              Ed Goodwin              Mark McCashin
                    Caoimhin Flood          Evelyn Meenaghan            Val Herbert
                    Declan Cahalin            John McGrath             Sheena Byrne
1.    Quorum
      A quorum being present the meeting opened at 6.40pm.

2     Annual Club membership subscriptions for 2019.
      The current membership was noted:-
           Student - €60

    Adult - €120
          Family Membership (two adults and any number of children) - €200
          One child - €100
          Two child - €180
          Discount for Life Member (per child) - €10
          Social Member - €30
          OAP - €5

  It was noted that subscriptions are used for
       Club Coach (Bord na nÓg mainly)
       Upkeep of pitches
       Equipment (jerseys, hurls, sliotars, footballs, trophies)
       Goalposts, Nets, Flags
       Referee fees, team expenses
       Light, Heat, Rates
       Employers liability and Public Liability Insurance
       GAA Injury fund contribution
       Hawkfield Levy
       Leinster Council training
       LGFA & Camogie subscriptions

          Membership Demographics
          General membership - 50% males and 50% females
          Student membership demographics for the Club currently is
          29 Females
          21 Males

       Membership Proposals
       1. Remove Student Membership entirely or
       2. Increase Student Membership to €120
       3. Retain Student Membership at current level (T&C’s apply )
       – Student ID required to be presented within 2 weeks of registration
       - Only for full time third level employees and registered Apprentices
      Unanimously agreed to increase student membership to €120.
      Limited to over 18 year old full time third level students and full time registered
      apprentices. Student Number/Apprenticeship ID to be provided.

       Adult Membership
       Increase Adult Membership to €140
      Proposed by Mark McCashin and seconded by John Hurley and agreed unanimously by
      those present.

       Child Membership subscription
       Increase Child Membership to €120
      Proposed by Declan Cahalin and seconded by Donal Cummins and unanimously agreed
      by those present that this membership be limited to those aged between aged 7-17.

       Introduce an Intake Programme
       Valid from August/September each year
       Subscription fee is €40/50

10 | P a g e
Proposed by John Hurley and seconded by Sheena Byrne and unanimously agreed by those
      present to the introduction of an intake programme at the rate of €50 due from August
      each year.

  Family Membership
        Increase Single Child Membership to €120
        Or remove the Single Child only Membership and introduce a family membership fee
        Family membership (one child) - €140
        Family membership (two children) - €210
        Family membership (three children) - €240
        Family membership (four or more children - €270
      Proposed by Mark McCashin and seconded by Ed Goodwin and agreed unanimously
      by those present.

       Long Term Family Membership
       Introduce an 10-year family membership
       Family membership (2 children) €1,500
       Family membership (3 or more children) €2,000
      This proposal was not carried.

        Social Membership subscription (there are no voting rights attached to Social
        Increase Social Membership to €40
      Proposed by Mark McCashin and seconded by Evelyn Meenaghan and agreed
      unanimously by those present to increase social membership to €40.

       OAP (there are voting rights attached to OAP membership)
       Increase OAP membership to €10
      Proposed by Ed Goodwin and seconded by Mark McCashin and agreed unanimously by
      those present to increase OAP membership to €10.

  Membership for 2019 Approved
       Juvenile (age 4-6) - €100
       Juvenile (age 7-17) €120
       Family* membership (one child) - €1740
       Family* membership (two children) - €210
       Family* membership (three children) - €240
       Family* membership (four or more children - €270
       Student (over 18 subject to terms & conditions**) - €120
       Full Adult Playing Member - €140
       Discount for Life Member (per child) - €10
       Social Member - €40
       OAP - €10
       Intake Programme (subject to terms & conditions***) - €50
       * - Family membership includes one playing adult membership
       ** – Student membership (must comply with all terms and conditions:-
              - A. Full time third level Students or registered Apprentices;
              - B. ID confirming A. above to be uploaded to MCF on registration or required
                to be presented within 2 weeks of registration.
       ***Valid 1 August to 31 December each registration year.

11 | P a g e
Kilcock GAA Club Officials 2018
 President(s):                            Michael McGinley
 Vice–President :                         Michael O’Brien
 Cathaoirleach (Chairperson):             Ed Goodwin
 Leas Cathaoirleach (Vice Chairperson):   Declan Cahalin
 Runai (Secretary):                       Evelyn Meenaghan
 Comh Runai (Joint Secretary):            -
 Cisteoir (Treasurer):                    John McGrath
 Comh Cisteoir (Joint Treasurer):         Eugene Kearney
 Oifigeach Caidreamh Poibli (PRO):        Mark Durkan
 Registrar:                               Mark McCashin
 Oifigeach Na Gaeilge (Irish Officer):    Michael Minogue (Michaél Ó Muineog)
 Children’s Officer                       Oisin Quigley
 Health and Wellbeing Officer             Paul Norris
 County Board Delegates                   Pat Larkin,
                                          Mick McGinley and
                                          Brian Connaughton

 Executive Committee
 Ed Goodwin                               Mark McCashin
 Alan Hutchinson                          Mark O’Flaherty
 Bernie Durkan                            Michael O’Brien
 Brendan Macken                           Mick McGinley
 Brian Connaughton                        Niall Jones
 Caoimhin Flood                           Oisin Quigley
 David McTiernan                          Pat Larkin
 Declan Cahalin                           Paul Norris
 Donal Cummins                            Peter Divilly
 Eamonn Costello                          Roy Walsh
 Eugene Kearney                           Sheena Byrne
 Evelyn Meenaghan                         Tom Durkan
 John Hurley                              Frank Spellman
 John McGrath

12 | P a g e
Turscail an Runaí/Secretary’s Report 2018
Seo cuir sios ar obair na bliana i Cumann Luthcleas Gael Cill Choca i mbliana 2018.

Thank you to all who have assisted me during 2018 in executing the role of Secretary of the
Club, which is a huge commitment. As a result of other priorities, I will not be seeking re-
election as Club Secretary in 2019. However, I wold like to offer special thanks, in particular
to Declan Cahalin, John McGrath and Ed Goodwin and to offer the club my best wishes for
the future.

2018 was a great year which saw the club win both the Camogie and Hurling junior county

For the second year in a row, our adult Camogie team won the Kildare Junior Camogie
Championship and promotion to Intermediate Camogie. Heartfelt congratulations to the
team and mentors led by Ciaran Heneghan and John Hurley.

The adult hurling team, led by Trevor Cummins and Fintan Keane, won the Kildare Junior
Hurling Championship and on the following weekend successfully gained promotion to
Intermediate Hurling in the relegation/promotion playoff.

Our first team in Men’s Intermediate Football managed by Declan Gibbons and the backroom
team of Eamonn Costello, Brendan Shovlin, Daniel McLoughlin and Stephen Sherrin had a
good year and made it to the quarterfinals but lost out on the day to eventual Intermediate
County and Leinster champions, Two Mile House.

Our U17 hurling team also won the Division 2 league and championship in 2018.

At County Football level, congratulations to Jason Gibbons on being part of the U20 Kildare
team that won the inaugural U20 All Ireland Championship. Jason has gone on to represent
Kildare at senior level making his Allianz League debut in January 2019. Caoimhe XXX and XXX
represented Kildare in Camogie

Daniel Courtney represented Kildare in the Alliance Leagues and was on the panel for the
Leinster Championship. On the Camogie side, both Lorna Murray and Caoimhe Shiel
competing at county level with Kildare. Bord na nÓg have numerous underage players on
development squad panels at County level. It is great to see the efforts of our coaches and
mentors in bringing these players through and hopefully they will go on to represent Kildare
at the highest level.

One Club
We have been “One Club” now for two years and the benefits are clear for all to see. The
gender balance in membership is virtually 50/50. We have a very vibrant Ladies section both
in Football and Camogie. The benefits of the ‘One Club’ approach will reap benefits over the
coming years allowing both Ladies sections grow and develop further.

13 | P a g e
The clubhouse and facilities are approaching 20 years old and the Executive has been working
to update the emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and external lighting to ensure the
building is compliant with all the necessary standards. This has been an expensive exercise
and will continue during 2019 with plans to update the fire alarm system and the audio visual
equipment and wifi in the club.

Development has commenced on the adjacent housing estate and the Development
Committee have been working closely with the builder to minimise the disruption during the
necessary building works.

In 2018 we completed the contract with Three Hutchinson for installation of telephony
equipment on one of the floodlighting masts. This contract runs for 10 years and provides
€10k per annum.

On the development side, there are plans to hold an externally facilitated strategic planning
session in early 2019 for all sections of the club to provide input into the development of the
club and grounds over the next 5/10 years.

Sport Capital Grants 2018:
During 2018, we submitted an application for sports capital grants funding to upgrade the
hall, floor, lighting and painting. We plan to make application for sport capital grants
associated with the new pitch developments in 2019. emergency lighting.

Juvenile Pitch
Great thanks to Mark McCashin for submitting an application for development funding for
our junior pitch which was successful, the work on this pitch will be carried out during 2019.

Sales of the Club Lotto has continued to fall further during 2018, we are now looking for new
volunteers to push sales in the town. Lotto is a huge source of day to day funding for the club
and the loss of this revenue means that we struggle to provide equipment to our teams and
develop our facilIties. An online lotto drive did increase the sales of lotto over 2018 however,
we are not harnessing fully the generosity and goodwill of the people of Kilcock and its
environs and a full review of Lotto and its operation is envisioned in 2019 as part of the overall
strategic planning and fundraising in the club.

Member Registrations
Registration is open for 2019 and the Executive committee request that you bring your
membership for 2019 before taking part in any training or games. GAA Croke Park has
tightened up the rules and operation of the Injury Benefit Fund so that no benefits may accrue
to unregistered players.

The review of our membership data retention is compliant with the GDPR regulations
introduced in May 2018. MyClubFinances/ClubForce software in use as part of our

14 | P a g e
registration process is compliant and the club does not retain personal data outside that
envisioned in the regulations.

Child protection
149 club members, involved in the club in a variety of voluntary roles including as mentors,
managers, committee members and relevant players attended Child Protection courses
offered by the Club during 2018. This number is likely to be the biggest cohort of any Club in

To build on this compliance with club governance in 2019, there will be further Child
Protection courses held during 2019.

First aid courses
The club contributes towards first aid courses for 20 club members such as Mentors and First
Aid officers to ensure that each team in the Club has access to a First Aid Officer.

Cash for Clobber
As a result of a large contribution of clothing from the Buy my Gúna fundraiser, organised by
the mentors and parents of the under 10 football team in 2017, the surplus clothes were
donated through the recycling facility in the club grounds,
Together with the clothing donated in our clothes bank a result, the club won “Cash for
Clobber” first prize in Ireland for the largest amount of recycled clothes and received a cheque
for €2,250. A big thank you to all involved, in particular Maura Geraghty.
We wish to take part in this for 2019 and are seeking volunteers to organise a clothes
collection day and manage the collection process.

There was no major fundraiser in 2018 but we plan to have a number during 2019. Your
support for the “Win a North Kildare House” which is an online-collaboration between Kilcock,
Carbury and Cappagh to raffle a 4 bed house in Derrinturn, worth over €250,000 which is
anticipated to raise €100,000 for club development for each of the clubs.

Bord na nÓg and LGFA will be running a novel “Winning Streak” fundraiser on 11 th May and
the Kildare Car draw tickets will be on sale in early March. It is very costly to run a club at
present. Fundraising is always on the agenda and it is not getting any easier, but the people
and businesses of Kilcock are great when approached for funds. We would like to thank all
those that gave so generously of their time and money in 2018.

Clubhouse Facilities
Kilcock GAA Club has the largest membership of all the sporting/cultural clubs in the town.
Our strategy during 2018 was to work more closely with other sporting and cultural groups to
forge closer ties; too foster greater cross-community involvement and to position ourselves
at the centre of the community.

In 2018 our facilities have been utilised by Kilcock Music and Drama Society for the first time.
KDMS lost their ‘home’ in St Joseph’s Hall in mid-2018 and we worked closely with them to
facilitate their Panto/Musical and plan to continue this partnership in 2019 and beyond.

15 | P a g e
Kilcock Celtic, Irish Dancing, Kilcock Fitness Bootcamps, Zumba, Pilates, Naoiora Siamsa, and
ARK club all use our facilities as part of our strategy to be a ‘Hub’ for the community. Local
residents associations and sporting groups have also used our facilities for meetings and
events during 2018. We have also facilitated some cross-cultural events to foster greater
community coheshion and integration. These activities generate approx.. €20,000 income for
the Club. Use of the club by community based external groups is a principle requirement of
government grant programmes.

Kilcock GAA Club employs 9 part-time staff directly and 3-5 through the CE Scheme and is a
direct contributor to the local economy.

The Club, along with all Football and Hurling clubs country-wide, received a donation from JP
McManus during 2018. The monies have been allocated to the development account. Kilcock
GAA Club wish to thank Mr McManus for his kind donation.
In addition, Intel has once again, via their “Matching-Grants Programme”, donated US$10,000
to the club in 2018 and we wish to thank the Intel employees: Jim Kenehan, Stephen Hunter,
Mark O’Flaherty, Conor McNichol and all the other Intel employees involved within the club
for their efforts in securing this major contribution for yet another year.

Christmas Party 2018:
The Christmas Party is a wonderful opportunity for the Club members old and new,
volunteers, parents and the community at large to enjoy celebrating the festive season
amongst friends in Kilcock. A great bunch of volunteers were involved in organising this event
this year, with thanks to Mary Moore, Orla McArdle, Mark Flaherty, Irene O’Connor, Barbara
Kirwan, Claire Flood, Anne-Marie Traynor, John McGrath, John Hurley, Peter Divilly, Donal
Cummins, Dave McTiernan, Dermot Finn in particular.

First Aid Training
During 2018 the Club contributed to First Aid training for 20 people across the various sections
of the Club to ensure there were sufficient numbers of qualified first aiders amongst the Bar
staff and for each team and code of the Club.

Child Protection
Compliance with the Garda Vetting and GAA Child Protection Guidelines during the year saw
131 people complete the Child Protection course offered by the Club and a rise in vetting
applications across the Club.

Vetting services for the GAA are currently overseen by the National Children’s Office in Croke
Park. In the GAA any person that interacts with any person under 16 as part of their club role
or who carries out a role of responsibility such as coaching, managing or training underage
teams or indeed adult teams that contain any player under 18 years of age must be vetted.
It also applies to organising underage activities or refereeing underage games. Such roles, also
referred to as ‘relevant work or regulated activity’ in the legislation, include the following but
are not exclusive to these roles:

16 | P a g e
•   Managing, training or mentoring teams that include players under 18 years of age,
        those who officiate at our underage games, those who work with young children at
        GAA Club Academies and Cúl Camps and all Club Camp personnel.
    •   Bar Staff and FAS employment scheme workers who may work with children and
        vulnerable persons.
    •   Juvenile and Executive Committee members who make policy decision for children at
        Club and County Level, other roles, identified at local level, may also come under the
        heading of roles of responsibility or relevant work and the Club may decide on the
        merits or necessity for vetting people who fulfil such roles of responsibility. The GAA
        Vetting Policy also applies to Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie.

Child Protection courses are underway at present in the club, please ensure that you attend
the course if required in your role. The Garda vetting procedure is now streamlined and
available online – The Club Children’s Officer Oisin Quigley can be contacted for any queries
you may have.

The ethos of the club is one of RESPECT and with that in mind we would ask all members and
patrons of the Club to be respectful of all others within the Club.

On behalf of the club we extend our condolences to all families who suffered bereavement
during the year. We thank all the committee members for their work during the year and all
players, managers and all others who helped to keep our club as a vital part of the community.

Thanks to our Club Coach, Cathal Jennings who has been growing the Academy numbers,
amongst other initiatives, during 2018, there are now over 60 children from 4 to 6 signed up.
Cathal has been ably assisted by Ellen Cahalin and a number of new volunteer parents
supported by some of our transition year players making the children’s first experience of
GAA games exciting and fun filled. Cathal continues to also work hard in the local schools to
bring our games to more children, with the overall aim to increase playing numbers year on
year. The Club depends on these young children to continue to flourish and develop

Thanks to our FAS staff of Seamus Lynam, Aidan O’Neill, Barry Gallagher, Ian Cummins and
Edel Stone. During 2018, Aidan and Barry completed their term with the Club and we would
like to thank them for their contribution to the club and wish them success in the future.

Thanks also to our Bar Staff who provided great service throughout the year. A special thanks
to Marie O’Keeffe for her commitment and professionalism in relation to all our
accounts/payroll. Thanks also to Stewart Phelan for food in the club over the year.

Thanks to the members of the Executive and members of all the sub-committees and all
coaches/mentors/managers across all codes and all those who work in the background doing
great work for the club for their sterling contribution to the success of the club during 2018.
There will be a Volunteers night in the club on Friday 1st March to recognise these efforts and
all volunteers, past and present are invited to attend.

Is Mise le meas - Evelyn Meenaghan, Runai

17 | P a g e
Election of Executive Committee and
               County Board Delegates

Vice–President :

Cathaoirleach (Chairman):

Leas Cathaoirleach (Vice Chairman):

Runai (Secretary):

Leas Runai (Joint/Assistant

Cisteoir (Treasurer):

Leas Cisteoir (Vice Treasurer):

Oifigeach Caidreamh Poibli (PRO):


Oifigeach Na Gaeilge (Irish Officer):

Children’s Officer:

Health and Wellbeing Officer:

County Board Delegates :

Executive Committee:

18 | P a g e
Online Registration and Lotto
The Club uses Clubforce for registering club
membership, online lotto and communications
with the membership base. 2018 saw a great
increase on membership compared to previous
years, it is encouraging to see this growth as this
builds a great foundation.

Club Coach
The Club Coach, Cathal Jennings, appointed to
the Club in September 2017 as part of the
Leinster Council initial three-year plan to
promote Gaelic games in Leinster, has now
completed more than a full year and the
positive effects of this initiative are being seen
in the Club. The report is in the Appendix.

Christmas Party
The Christmas party, which has become a
regular night in the annual calendar for Kilcock,
was held at the beginning of December and was
very well attended, music was provided by
White Diamond and food by the Hamlet Hotel.
The Players “Player of the Year” for each of the
senior teams was announced on the night.

Presentation Night
A presentation night was held in the club to celebrate club wins in 2018 including the Junior Camogie
and Junior Hurling. Members of the 21A Football champions from 1999 were also in attendance on
the night. A great night was had by all.

19 | P a g e
Social Initiative 2018:
The GAA’s mission statement states: “The GAA is a community-based volunteer organisation
promoting Gaelic Games, Culture and Lifelong Participation”. For many age-groups, our
games can meet their participation needs, however, as an adult gets older their needs
increase while participation opportunities diminish. The reality is that many fall away from
their GAA club and the connection with what once was an integral part of their lives dwindles.
This can in turn lead to less engagement with their community as a whole. The GAA is
committed to reversing this trend through the Social Initiative.

The Social Initiative Committee in Kilcock
GAA comprises of Brian Connaughton,
Brendan Macken and Michael McGinley.
This year we organised a coach trip to
Powerscourt House and Gardens and
Avoca Village and Woollen Mills on a
beautiful summers day 20th June and 40
people enjoyed the day. We had a very
good lunch at Lynhams Hotel in Laragh, Co.
Wicklow and we also visited the old ruins
and tower at Glendalough.

                                             We also hosted well known playwright, actor and
                                             comedian Seamus O’Rourke at the Club with his
                                             own play “And Thank You” on 11th November. This
                                             was a very enjoyable evening with a packed house.

                                             The two events seem to have been appreciated by
                                             all who took part. It is mainly older people who
                                             support these events which brings different and
                                             new people to our club.

                                             Brendan Macken runs the Card game every
                                             Wednesday night. This is a great outlet for card
                                             players. It has been running successfully for several

We urge the next committee to support the Social Initiative and also look in to organising the
Scór this coming year as this is a very important area of GAA Clubs all over the country and it
is a pity that there has been no commitment within the Club to keep this going. The County
final and Leinster semi-final of Scór was held in Allenwood GAA hall. I attended and was
saddened that our Club was not represented.

Brian Connaughton

20 | P a g e
In Conjunction with…..
Pop Up Gaeltacht

In conjunction with the Club, Kilcock Conhaltas
established a pop up Gaeltacht in late 2018.
During 2019, this will run fortnightly on a
Thursday evening with musical guest
appearances from time to time.

Darts Club
The Kilcock GAA Darts Club hosted Wayne
Mardle in the Club in October 2018 and a good
night was had by all attending.

A.R.K. Club
A before and after school club has been set up
in the Club. Open from and from 1.30-
6pm and children are walked to and from
school. The A.R.K. Club oversees homework,
arts and crafts activities and sports and exercise
activities in the Hall or weather permitting,
outside. The A.R.K. Club is a great facility for
parents of Kilcock and may be used from to 1-
40 hours per week A.R.K. club offers a 10%
discount to Club members.

Irish Dancing

The club hosts Irish dancing lessons another
example of the Club being an integral part of
the larger community.

21 | P a g e
Fitness sessions are held in the club several
times a week. Damian also provides swimming
lessons using Johnstown House hotel swimming

Zumba Tribe

The Club hosts Zumba on Tuesdays and
Thursdays in the hall. Providing an opportunity
for both members and non-members to use the
club facilities in a continued effort to be an all
inclusive club for the community at large.

Kilcock Musical and Dramatic Society (KMDS)
KMDS relocated to the Club during 2017 and
hosted its first Panto in its new home in January
2019. The Panto was a great success and the
members of KMDS were delighted with their
new home and facilities. KMDS will be hosting
their Easter show, a well kept secret for now, in
the club from 24th to 28th April.

There is Pilates in the Club on Monday mornings
and one evening a week.

22 | P a g e
Club Sections Annual Reports 2018
    A.         Bord na nÓg Annual Report 2018
This year proved to be a very successful year for Bord na nÓg both on and off the field of play.

The club fielded 28 teams during 2018, with 20 teams at Go Games level (U7s to u12s) and 8
teams in Juvenile (u13s to U16s) who entered into the North Board Spring and Autumn
Leagues, Cross County leagues , took part in many Blitzes during the year and also welcomed
an hosted teams from other counties who were travelling to Croke Park to watch their county
teams in championship action in Hurling and Football and teams in 2018,

The club was represented at every age group from under 7 to under 16 in both football and
hurling. Bord na nÓg would like to thank all club volunteers, parents and players for their
support throughout the year.

Club Coach
Our Games Development Officer, Cathal Jennings, was appointed in September 2017. This
was part of a Leinster Council plan to promote Gaelic games in counties with increasing
populations within Leinster. This initial three-year project will be jointly funded by Croke Park
and the club itself. The appointment could not be made without the support of the Club
Executive to whom we are very appreciative. Cathal has settled in and performed very well
to his role and the club are bearing the fruits of his hard work now and for years to come.
Among Cathal’s objectives for 2018 were the following:

    •    Increase our playing numbers at all age groups with particular emphasis on the nursery
         and teams from under 7 to under 10.
    •    Ensure that every boy and girl in Kilcock receives regular GAA coaching through our
         primary schools.
    •    Develop a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship with our primary
         schools, camogie and ladies football sections.
    •    Upskill all club coaches with regular workshops.
    •    Create a framework for all club coaches to ensure our players are trained to a
         consistently high standard.
    •    Development of our internal club camps to upskill players, to provide coaching
         experience for our young adults, and as a consistent source of revenue for Bord na

(See appendix A for GPO report Kilcock GAA 2018 at the end of this report.)

23 | P a g e
Briefly outlined below are the various activities involving Bord na nÓg throughout the year.

Child Protection Course (CPC)
Due to a GAA directive and in the interest of all of our members, there were child protection
courses run over a 3 months period at the beginning of the year. All members involved with
minors are required to have completed the CPC course (as well as Garda vetting). There was
huge support for this from Bord na nÓg with all coaches, mentors and referees attending the
course. We would like to thank the executive of the club for organising and in particular club
Vice chairman Declan Cahalin and club Secretary Evelyn Meenaghan for coordinating and

St Patricks Day
The annual tradition of Bord na nÓg players walking in the St. Patricks Day parade was upheld
this year with players from nursery, u7, u8, u9, u10 teams participating along with their
coaches and parents.

Bord na nÓg awards night
An Awards night was held on the 26th April to present players with their medals and awards
from the previous years competition. A particular thanks to All Ireland winner, Jason Gibbons,
for presenting the awards.

Juvenile Pitch
It was successfully approved at a Club executive meeting that the previous "training area" to
the side of the main pitch was to be allocated as a Juvenile Pitch, that was for the use of Bord
na nÓg, LGFA & Camogie kids. The pitch has been marked out, and allocated a slot on the
clubs "TeamUp" booking app. Mark McCashin has successfully applied for Kildare county
council grant of €4,500 to assist with the development of the pitch and purchase of
permanent goals. I want to extend a massive thank you to Mark for achieving this.

Back pitch Goals and repair
The "back pitch" underwent some repair work and also had new goals installed. A large
number of the Bord na nÓg mentors contributed financially and worked on the pitch and new
goal purchase and installation.

Easter & Halloween Camp
The club ran its second annual Easter camp in March & October 2018 with roughly 40 children
attending each camp. Such camps represent a great opportunity for the club to develop the
skills of our players while at the same time generating revenue. A special thanks to all the
coaches who helped during the week and to Cathal Jennings who coordinated the camp for
the week.

Street Leagues
Our annual football street leagues were held over the first two weeks of June for players up
to under 10. Over 100 players took part in the leagues. We had 8 teams managed by current
club mentors and parents. The finals day was a great success played on Saturday 9th June with
children and parents enjoying a BBQ in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. A massive thanks to all
mentors involved in keeping this worthwhile tradition so vibrant.

24 | P a g e
Cúl Camp
Kildare GAA’s Cúl camp was held in the club in the fourth week of
July with over 100 players attending.

Due to declining numbers at our disco and increase in kids visiting other discos in Maynooth,
Leixlip and Trim, and from feedback from the kids who had attended the Kilcock and other
discos a decision was taken not to have a disco in Kilcock as it was loss making. It is hoped to
have a couple of discos or have alternative youth social activities in place for 2019.

Kildare GAA underage programme review 2018
With an unprecedented event, Kildare GAA sent out a survey for all mentors, members, clubs
and parents to comment on and respond to in order for the Kildare GAA county board to
survey all it's members and participants to respond to in order to get feedback from the
grassroots on what the county board are doing well and what can be improved on. Kilcock
members were involved in the survey and hopefully the issues raised will be addressed.
Camán and have fund workshop:

In June this year, the club hosted Paudie O'Neill to have a workshop, primarily for younger
age groups. This was a hugely successful event and great participation numbers.

Donie Buckley Training session
In July this year, Kilcock had the privilege of having a Training session hosted by Donie Buckley.
This was a great session for all the players and mentors involved.

Hurling Foundation course:
In August, Club coach, Cathal Jennings, provided and facilitated a Hurling Foundation course,
open to all Kilcock mentors and was well attended.

Coaching Clinic
In November, a coaching clinic was arranged and facilitated by Cathal Jennings in Na Fianna
GAA club and open to all Kilcock mentors. The football session was delivered by Kildare u20s
All Ireland winning manager Davy Burke and the hurling session delivered by National Hurling
development manager, Paudie O'Neill. It's great to have such high calibre coaches providing
excellent coaching techniques to Kilcock coaches.

Athletic Development Combine:
In October this year, the club hosted this event particularly for 13 -17 year olds. This is a hugely
important course that offered both on field and off field coaching. This course was:
    • Balancing School & Sport                Tony Óg Regan
    • Strength & Conditioning workshop Paul Divilly
    • Hurling Field Session                   John Doran
    • Football Field Session                  Jamie Queeney

This was well supported and enjoyed by the younger members of the club, and lessons they
can take with them throughout their sporting careers.

25 | P a g e
Jason Gibbons All Ireland Champion and homecoming
it was a particularly special year for the club as Kilcock had it; first All Ireland winner in 99
years. Jason was a player with Bord na nÓg from a young age and is great to see him achieve
such great heights and personal achievements. The club hosted a homecoming for Jason in
August this year and was hugely supported by all of Bord na nÓg. Jason continues to support
Bord na nÓg as shown above in presentations and is appreciated by everyone in Bord na nÓg.

Kids Christmas Party
Our annual kids Christmas party will be held on Saturday 15th December with a juvenile disco
and a special visit from Santa. All players, brothers, sisters and parents are invited to attend.

Roy Walsh (Secretary)

Team Reports

U7’s Football & Hurling

Mentors: Liam Duff, Paul Brennan, Mark McCashin, Eoin Ryan, Ger Collins

U7’s Football
In the spring and autumn leagues we entered 2 teams and on reflection maybe could have
entered a 3rd in the autumn league.

At the start of the year we had numbers in the mid teens and this grew to high twenties. We
played 6 games in the spring league and 2 in the autumn mainly due to weather.

We have the same coaches as the hurling and we train on alternative Wednesdays one week
hurling and the next football.

All the teams we met played us with enthusiasm, respect and fairness and we all seemed to
be on a par.

The enthusiasm with our team was great and there was lots of fun at all times which left a
great atmosphere between the kids and parents. Some parents remarked that as blow in’s it
was a great way of meeting people.

We will all be coaching the under 7’s next year and are looking forward to building on this
with new kids coming up from nursery football. We hope to sponsor a new set of jerseys for
the kids early in the year also.

We feel the kids that are moving to under 8’s are strong team players full of enthusiasm and
have a passion for the game.

It was a pleasure to be involved with such a great bunch of kids and looking forward to next

26 | P a g e
U7’s Hurling

We entered 2 teams in the Spring and Autumn leagues.
In the fore front of everything this year there was great fun and friendship within the team
and parents.

We started in the beginning of the year with training on Wednesday evenings with numbers
of 14 or so. Numbers grew to mid 20’s as the year went on.

Eoin and Ger came on board mid year, both with a strong back ground of hurling.
All teams we met played the games in great spirt, fairness respect and all on par with each

Spring league was successful with six games played. The Autumn league not so strong due to
being placed against teams in the south of Kildare and Wicklow leading to problems getting

The same coaching team is together with the under 7’s next year and we look forward to the
new kids coming on board and we can build on what we started this year. We have secured
sponsorship for a kit of jerseys early next year.

The kids that are moving up are quite strong at the hurling and I can see a lot of potential in
them for the coming future.

We finished off the year with a Christmas party and there was a lovely atmosphere between
kids and parents. Finally it was a pleasure coaching such a great bunch of kids

Under 8 Football & Hurling

U8 (2010) Hurlers Report 2018
The u8 hurlers entered 2 teams in both the Spring and Autumn Leagues in 2018.
Our goals for the end of last year were to improve the standard of all hurlers, recruit some
new players and secure a set of jerseys, all of which were achieved during the season.

The size of our hurling panel increased to an average of 20 players per game, which is a great
increase on last season. Much thanks must go to Cathal Jennings for his great work with the
schools and also the very successful Street Leagues attracted some new footballers and
hurlers to the panel.

6 games were fulfilled in the Spring Leagues and 5 in the Autumn leagues.
Kilcock were very competitive in all games.

There is a great spirit in the group and some very talented players. The players have come on
in leaps and bounds since their first hurling game last season. They are a great bunch to coach
and have an appetite to learn.

27 | P a g e
Much thanks again to Cathal Jennings and to all the parents who helped throughout the
season and more importantly brought their children to the games well turned out and on

All of this couldn't happen without a large number of coaches and helpers, and we thank
everyone involved.

Next years goals would be to further improve the standard of all players and to hopefully play
more games and to play in and host a few tournaments.

John O'Neill

U8 Football report:
Under 8 football report. We entered two teams in both the spring and autumn leagues. We
played 12 games in total and were competitive in the majority of matches. We trained once
a week from February to the end of June and also from August to the end of October.

Training numbers increased significantly from September on which was mainly due to the
excellent work done by Cathal in the schools. The kids are all a smashing bunch to work with
and the future of Kilcock football is bright if they keep progressing as they did this year.

I would also like to thank all the coaches who helped out during the year. Finally I would like
to thank all the parents for ferrying their kids to and from both matches and training during
the year.

Kevin Behan.

Under 9 Football & Hurling
Mentors - Stewart Brennan, Gary Kirwan, Paul White, Eamon Gallagher, Ger Kiely

The spring league - The competition was non-competitive, with the results noted as a draw
on each occasion, we had great turnout of players ranging from 24 to 30. We rotated the
players at each quarter allowing all players to play in different positions. We played 3 football
teams & 2 Hurling teams.

The Autumn league – Again the competition was non-competitive, with a strong turnout of
players, again we had entered 3 teams in the football and 2 teams in the hurling competition.
We fielded 3 teams each weekend with every player getting at least 3 quarters of field time.
We rotated the players at each quarter allowing all players to play in different positions.

Mini-Muckers – We arranged a mini-muckers with the teams in Punchestown and had a great
turnout with approx. 22 players taking part in the event.

28 | P a g e
Spring League - Football

 Sat, Mar 10 15:30
 Kilcock                   v   Celbridge
 Sat, April 7 15:30
 Naas                      v   Kilcock
 Sat, Apr 21 15:30
 Kilcock                   v   Leixlip
 Sat, May 5 15:30
 Kilcock                   v   Kill
 Sat, May 19 15:30
 Maynooth                  v   Kilcock
 Sat, Jun 2 15:30
 Celbridge                 v   Kilcock
 Sat, Jun 16 15:30
 Kilcock                   v   Naas

Both games against Naas were cancelled due to weather conditions and were not replayed.
We fielded three teams against the other opposition, our games were competitive and closely

Spring League – Hurling

 Sun, Mar 25 11:00
 Maynooth                  V   Kilcock
 Sun, Apr 15 11:00
 Kilcock                   V   Celbridge
 Sun, Apr 29 11:00
 Ardclough                 V   Kilcock
 Sun, May 13 11:00
 Kilcock                   V   Éire Óg Corrachoill
 Sun, May 27 11:00
 Clane                     V   Kilcock
 Sun, June 10 11:00
 Kilcock                   V   Naas
 Sun, June 24 11:00
 Sallins                   V   Kilcock

The Clane match was cancelled due to weather conditions and was not replayed. We fielded
two teams against the other opposition, our games were competitive and closely fought,
however Eire Og and Coill Dubh were much stronger.

29 | P a g e
Autumn League – Football

    Sat, Sept 1 15:30
    Kilcock                v    Maynooth
    Wed, Sept 12 18:45
    Edenderry              v    Kilcock
    Sat, Sept 15 15:30
    Kilcock                v    Balyna & Carbury
    Sat, Sept 29 15:30
    Kilcock                v    Kill
    Sat, Oct 13 15:30
    St Kevins, Allenwood
                           v    Kilcock
    & Cappagh

The Edenderry game was cancelled due to weather conditions and was not re-fixed. We
fielded three teams against the other opposition, our games were competitive and closely

Autumn League - Hurling

     Sun, Aug 26 11:00
     Leixlip               v     Kilcock
     Sun, Sept 9 11:00
                                 Broadford & Coill
     Kilcock               v
     Sun, Sept 23 11:00
     Celbridge             v     Kilcock
     Sun, Oct 7 11:00
     Kilcock               v     Maynooth
     Sun, Oct 21 11:00
     Kilcock               v     Sallins

All games were played. We fielded two teams, our games were competitive and closely
fought, however Celbridge, Broadford & Coill Dubh were much stronger on the day.

Under 10 Football
Mentors: Andy Quinn, Jason Miley, Darren Conroy & Paul Norris.

U10 Hurling 2018
We have a panel of about 14/15 players who are very interested in hurling. On average 11/12
players at training and games.

30 | P a g e
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