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                    13.2 million
                      in new PI & Co-PI funding in
                            2018 and 2019

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                                   Faculty + Trainees

                                   2018 = 229
                                   2019 = 242

                 Faculty                                        Graduate Students
                Members                                             & Fellows

           2018/2019                                             2018 = 177
              = 52                                               2019 = 190

    Faculty                 Faculty                     Master’s                   Doctoral Students
  Researchers              Lecturers                    Students                     & Candidates

 2018/2019             2018/2019                 2018 = 159                         2018 = 14
    = 17                    = 35                 2019 = 175                         2019 = 13


                                                                    2018 = 4
                                                                    2019 = 2

                                         I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 2
Inside this
report   Message from the Director and
         Associate Director - Research

         Faculty Researchers                                                           5
         Welcoming the Susan E. French

         Research Chairs and Fellowships                                               8
         Research Career Awards                                                        8
         Researcher Highlights                                                         9
         The McGill Nursing Collaborative
         Contributions			                                                              11

         Update from the Réseau de recherche
         en interventions en sciences                                                  13
         infirmières du Québec (RRISIQ)

         Clinical Partner Researchers                                                  15
         Research Funding Awarded                                                      16
         Publications		            		                                                  30
         Mission and Values Statements                                                 45

         Contributors                                             Ingram School of
                                                                  Nursing Research Unit
         Renée Atallah             Marika Monarque
         Pierre Dubois             David Nguyen                   Faculty of Medicine
         Joni Dufour                                              McGill University
                                   McGill Nursing Collaborative
                                   Coordination Committee         680 Sherbrooke West,
         Owen Egan                                                Suite 1800
         Nancy Feeley              Jacqueline Vachon              Montreal, QC, Canada
         Rebecca Fox                                              H3A 2M7
         Anita J. Gagnon           Designers
         Daniel Héon
                                   Eliot Edwards                  nursing/research
         Christina Kozakiewicz
                                   Julie Roussy                      @McGill Nursing
         Catherine-Amélie Ledoux
         Carmen G. Loiselle                                          @McGillNursing

Message from
                                                                the Associate Director
                                                                - Research
                                                                This is a very exciting era for nursing research
                                                                throughout the world. The information
                                                                age, through technology, continues to
                                                                revolutionize the way nurses teach, practice,
                                                                and conduct investigations.

                                                                Nursing research agendas are, therefore, more dynamic,
                                                                inclusive, and highly responsive to current social and health-
                                                                related issues. Nursing research outputs are also more visible,
                                                                accessible, and increasingly implemented in various settings
                                                                with input from multidisciplinary researchers, knowledge users,

Message from                                                    funding agencies, and the public. This impressive two-year
                                                                report (2018 & 2019) is a testament to how accomplished ISoN

the Ingram School                                               researchers and trainees continue to transcend geographical
                                                                distances, disciplinary boundaries, and cultural differences,

of Nursing Director                                             working collaboratively to answer important research questions.
                                                                As nursing research continues to play a pivotal role in shaping
                                                                education, practice as well as policy, our contributions are
At McGill University’s Ingram School of                         recognized as key in shaping health care and social reforms as
                                                                well as optimizing health-related processes and outcomes in
Nursing we are committed to fostering
                                                                Canada and abroad.
excellence in scholarship, research and
                                                                Carmen G. Loiselle, RN, PhD, FCAHS
                                                                Associate Director - Research, Ingram School of Nursing
In the pages that follow, the culmination of two years
                                                                Christine and Herschel Victor/Hope & Cope Chair in
of work completed by our School’s researchers is
                                                                Psychosocial Oncology
highlighted and detailed. I am tremendously proud of the
contributions made by our faculty members. Continuing
a tradition of leadership established since the School’s
inception in 1920, the research carried out by our teams
serves not only to further advance the field of nursing,
but also to underscore the vital role that nurses play in
the health care system and our ultimate goal of better
care for patients and communities.

Anita Gagnon, RN, MPH, PhD
Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Director, Ingram School of Nursing

                                                            I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 4
Our Faculty Researchers

        Antonia Arnaert                        Franco Carnevale                                Nancy Feeley
         Master’s Program Director                        Professor                              Associate Professor
        (Direct-Entry & Nurse Entry)
            Associate Professor                Pediatric ethics, experience of               Neonatal intensive care,
                                                critically ill children and their        parent-infant interaction, perinatal
 Telehealth technologies, whole-person          families, childhood disability                women’s mental health
    care, health care in older patients

        Anita J. Gagnon                           Céline Gélinas                             Laurie Gottlieb
     Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine             Associate Professor                              Professor
      Director, Ingram School of Nursing
                   Professor                Critical care nursing, pain assessment    Development of Strengths-Based Nursing
                                            and measurement, pain management,          as an approach to practice, leadership/
        Migration, women’s health,                       palliative care                    management and education
     maternal-child health, public health

        Kelley Kilpatrick                         Sylvie Lambert                      Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay
             Associate Professor                      Assistant Professor                        Associate Professor
     Advanced practice nursing, team        Impact of cancer on patients and family     Administration/management of nursing
     effectiveness and processes, role       caregivers, psychometric analysis and      services, knowledge translation, action
      implementation and evaluation                   mixed methodology               research, health care leadership and policy          

Carmen G. Loiselle                                Christine Maheu                                Marjorie Montreuil
       Associate Director - Research                         Associate Professor                             Assistant Professor
                Professor                        Cancer survivorship care, cancer and work,      Mental health nursing, children’s services,
 Psychosocial oncology, person-centred            fear of cancer recurrence, clinical trials      ethics, participatory research, concept
    cancer care, e-health platforms                               analysis, knowledge mobilization                                                           

           John Pringle                                Margaret Purden                                   Sonia Semenic
             Assistant Professor                             Associate Professor                         Doctoral Program Director
                                                                                                           Associate Professor
       Global health, humanitarian                    Interprofessional education and
         ethics, research ethics                        practice, cardiovascular care                Breastfeeding, implementation of
                                                                                                  evidence informed practice in perinatal
                                                                                                         health, cultural diversity

      Argerie Tsimicalis                              Andraea Van Hulst
             Assistant Professor                             Assistant Professor
  Cancer care/oncology, infants/children,          Childhood obesity, environment and
vulnerable/at-risk populations, transitions in   obesity, associated health behaviours, risk
    care, health information technology            factors in youth with type-1 diabetes           

                                                                   I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 6
Photo Credit: Owen Egan and Joni Dufour, Medicine Focus 2019

Welcoming the Susan E.
French Chairholder
Following an international      Dr. Kilpatrick obtained her bachelor,        care. She developed a conceptual
                                master, and doctoral degrees in nursing      framework to link system-level structures
search and selection process,
                                at McGill University. She completed a        to team processes and outcomes.
the Ingram School of Nursing    one-year postdoctoral fellowship with        This framework includes patients and
(ISoN) recruited Dr. Kelley     the Canadian Health Services Research        families as team members, providing new
Kilpatrick as the Susan E.      Foundation/Canadian Institutes of Health     insights into how patient/lay involvement
                                Research Chair Program in Advanced           in care improve outcomes. Working
French Chair in Nursing
                                Practice Nursing at McMaster University.     closely with key stakeholders – from
Research and Innovative         She conducts research at the Research        faculty members to directors of nursing,
Practice (SEF Chair) in fall    Centre of the Centre intégré universitaire   clinicians, administrators, regulators, and
2018. Supported by the          de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS)     professional/patient associations – her
                                de l’Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal – Hôpital      work has influenced the implementation
Newton Foundation endowed
                                Maisonneuve-Rosemont. She has                of promising nursing roles within Quebec
by Mr. Richard Ingram, the      published over 100 papers and reports,       and internationally. This SEF Chair is
Chair is named after former     and given 160 presentations locally,         a natural extension of Dr. Kilpatrick’s
ISoN Director and Officer       nationally, and internationally.             research program.

of the Order of Canada Dr.      Dr. Kilpatrick’s research focuses on
Susan E. French.                team processes to open the ‘black box’
                                of how advanced practice nursing roles
                                (e.g., clinical nurse specialist, nurse
                                practitioner) support teams and enhance

Research    Laurie Gottlieb, RN, PhD, PhD
              (hon), FCAHS
                                                           Carmen G. Loiselle, RN,
                                                           PhD, FCAHS

   Chairs &   Flora Madeline Shaw Chair of Nursing         Christine & Herschel Victor/Hope &
                                                           Cope Chair in Psychosocial Oncology

                                                           (2011-2016; renewed 2017-2021)
              Kelley Kilpatrick, RN, PhD
                                                           Elected Fellow into the Canadian
              Susan E. French Chair in Nursing
                                                           Academy of Health Sciences
              Research and Innovative Practice

              Sylvie Lambert, RN, PhD
              Canada Research Chair Tier 2 in
              self-care and illness self-management
              support interventions. Canadian
              Institutes of Health Research

  Research    Nancy Feeley, RN, PhD
              Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé
                                                           Kelley Kilpatrick, RN, PhD
                                                           Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé.

              (FRQS), Senior Research Career Salary        Research Scholar Junior 2. L’influence
              Award. Santé psychologique et habiletés      des infirmières praticiennes sur les

              parentales pendant la période périnatale     processus dans les équipes de soins
              (2014-2018)                                  et l’amélioration des résultats de soins
                                                           des patients atteints de conditions
                                                           chroniques (2017-2021)
              Céline Gélinas, RN, PhD
              Fonds de la recherche du Québec - Santé
              (FRQ-S), Senior Research Career Salary       Christine Maheu, RN, PhD
              Award. Innovation dans l’évaluation et la    Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé.
              gestion de la douleur dans les unités de     Research Scholar Junior 2. Enhancing
              soins intensifs adultes (2017-2021)          survivorship care services with
                                                           evidence-base practices and knowledge
                                                           translation activities (2016-2019)

                                  I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 8
1                                                                 2                                3                              4

 5                                6                                7                                                               8

Researcher Highlights
___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________
 1 MS. NORMA PONZONI and                               5 DR. SYLVIE LAMBERT was awarded                     DR. SONIA SEMENIC co-led the
DR. ANTONIA ARNAERT were awarded                      the CIHR – Institute of Cancer Research               development of the Registered Nurses
funding by the Quebec Consortium                      New Investigator Award in Psychosocial                of Ontario’s new clinical practice
for Industrial Research and Innovation                Oncology, which recognizes the                        guideline, “Breastfeeding – Promoting
in Medical Technology (MEDTEQ), for                   outstanding contributions of a Canadian               and Supporting the Initiation, Exclusivity,
their project titled “The Development                 Association of Psychosocial Oncology                  and Continuation of Breastfeeding for
of a Collaborative Telehealth Model for               (CAPO) member to research in this field.              Newborns, Infants, and Young Children.”
Improving the Provision of Healthcare                 (MAY 2018)                                            (JULY 2018)
and Experiences of Patients Undergoing                ___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________
Bariatric Surgery.” (FEB 2018)                                                                               8 ISoN Assistant Professor
                                                       6 DR. ANTONIA ARNAERT,
Left to right: Ms. Norma Ponzoni, AlayaCare CEO                                                             MS. FRANÇOISE FILION and ISoN
                                                      MS. FRANÇOISE FILION, DR. SONIA
Mr. Adrian Schauer, and Dr. Antonia Arnaert.                                                                Faculty Lecturer MS. CATHERINE-
                                                      SEMENIC, and MS. LIA SANZONE
___________________________________________________                                                         ANNE MILLER gave a presentation
                                                      (clockwise from top left) each presented
 2 DR. ANDRAEA VAN HULST’S                            on various nursing education-related                  titled “Improving the Primary Health
cardiovascular disease research was                   topics at the 2018 Canadian Nursing                   Care Principle of Accessibility through
featured in the weekly international press            Education Conference: Responding                      a University Nurse Led-Clinic in
review of the Secrétariat international               to a Changing World, organized by the                 a Homeless Men Shelter” at the
des infirmières et infirmiers de l’espace             Canadian Association of Schools of                    Community Health Nurses of Canada
francophone (SIDIIEF), an international               Nursing (CASN) in Montreal. (MAY 2018)                (CHNC) Conference in Saskatchewan.”
non-governmental organization with the                                                                      In addition, MS. FRANÇOISE FILION,
mission to unite the francophone nursing                                                                    MS. JOSÉE BONNEAU and MR. HUGO
community worldwide. (FEB 2018)                         7 DRS. CHRISTINE MAHEU,
                                                                                                            MARCHAND were awarded a seed
___________________________________________________   CÉLINE GÉLINAS, CARMEN G.
                                                                                                            grant from CHNC for their evaluation of
                                                      LOISELLE, and MÉLANIE LAVOIE-
 3 The Canadian Cancer Society shared                                                                       the ISoN’s Nurse-led clinic. MS. FILION
                                                      TREMBLAY (left to right) attended and
stories of women in science, including                                                                      and MR. MARCHAND also received a
                                                      presented at the 7e congrès mondial des
DR. CHRISTINE MAHEU, whose                                                                                  provincial award for this initiative.
                                                      infirmières et infirmiers francophones
research is helping cancer survivors                                                                        (JULY 2018)
                                                      in Bordeaux, France, organized by the
cope with uncertainty and fear of cancer                                                                    Left to right: Ms. Françoise Filion and
                                                      Secrétariat international des infirmières             Ms. Catherine-Anne Miller.
recurrence. (FEB 2018)
                                                      et infirmiers de l’espace francophone                 ___________________________________________________
                                                      (SIDIIEF). The year’s theme was “La
 4 DR. JOHN PRINGLE published a                                                                             DR. LAURIE GOTTLIEB received a five-
                                                      profession infirmière engagée vers l’avenir
book chapter with co-author Toby Moorsom                                                                    year CIHR/SSHRC partnership grant for
                                                      : CHERCHER, INNOVER, SOIGNER.”
titled “An Ethic of Refusal: The Political                                                                  her project titled “Transforming nurse’s
                                                      (JUNE 2018)
Economy of Humanitarianism under                                                                            work environments through a strengths-
Neoliberal Globalisation” in the                                                                            based leadership and management
Humanitarian Action and Ethics (Editors:                                                                    training program.” (SEPT 2018)
A. Ahmad and J. Smith, 2018). (FEB 2018)

9                               10                               11                                                              12

13                               14                              15                                16                             17

___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________
 9 DR. CÉLINE GÉLINAS is co-author                    13 DR. ARGERIE TSIMICALIS was                          15 DR. CARMEN G. LOISELLE
on the international “Clinical Practice               awarded the 2018 Rosemary Wedderburn                  became an Elected Fellow into the
Guidelines for the Prevention and                     Brown Prize aimed at recognizing                      Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Management of Pain, Agitation/Sedation,               outstanding individuals in McGill                     (CAHS). Ottawa, Ontario. (SEPT 2019)
Delirium, Immobility, and Sleep Disruption            University’s Faculty of Medicine in the early         Left to right: CAHS President Dr. Linda Rabeneck
in Adult Patients in the Intensive Care               stages of their career. (NOV 2018)                    and Dr. Carmen G. Loiselle.
Unit.” (SEPT 2018)                                    Left to right: Dr. David Eidelman, Vice-Principal     ___________________________________________________
___________________________________________________   (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of            16 DR. MÉLANIE LAVOIE-TREMBLAY
                                                      Medicine, and Dr. Argerie Tsimicalis.                 is co-author of “Essential Professional
                                                      Credit: Med e-News/Nursing e-News
on enlarging our understanding of what                                                                      Nursing Practices in mental health:
                                                      ___________________________________________________   A cross-sectional study of hospital
it means to be a nurse earned her the
                                                       14 DRS. ANITA GAGNON and                             inpatient care”, which received a McGill
Nursing Alumni Award of Merit for the
                                                      CÉLINE GÉLINAS were listed among the                  MedStar Award in recognition of excellent
2018 Medicine Alumni Global Awards.
                                                      top 25 Canadian nursing faculty based on              research. (OCT 2019)
(OCT 2018)
                                                      number of career citations for all published          ___________________________________________________
Left to right: Dr. Nancy Feeley,
Dr. Margaret Purden, and Dr. David Eidelman           journal articles and first-authored journal            17 DR. MARJORIE MONTREUIL
___________________________________________________   articles:            (Principal Investigator) and
 11 DR. CARMEN G. LOISELLE                            doi/10.1111/jan.13977 (FEB 2019)                      DR. MÉLANIE LAVOIE-TREMBLAY
and her two doctoral students gave                    ___________________________________________________   (Co-Investigator) received a CIHR
six presentations at the International                In 2019, DR. GÉLINAS was the recipient                Operating Grant for improving suicide
Psychosocial-Oncology Society (IPOS)                  of the Pioneering Spirit Award from the               assessment and intervention with
conference in Hong Kong, China.                       American Association of Critical-Care Nurses          children. (NOV 2019)
(OCT 29 – NOV 2, 2018)                                (AACN) This award recognizes a significant            ___________________________________________________
Left to right: Ms. Saima Ahmed, Dr. Carmen G.         career and contributions influencing high             DR. FRANCO CARNEVALE (VOICE
Loiselle, and Ms. Samar Attieh.                       acuity and critical care nursing. (MAY 2019)          Founder and Principal Investigator) and
                                                      ___________________________________________________   DR. MARJORIE MONTREUIL
___________________________________________________   DR. ANTONIA ARNAERT (Principal                        (Co-Investigator) have been working
 12 DR. NANCY FEELEY was the                          Investigator) and colleagues received                 with an interdisciplinary group of
recipient of the 2018 Canadian Association            funding from the Government of New                    researchers and community partners
of Schools of Nursing (CASN) Award for                Brunswick, Public Health Agency of                    to identify, investigate, and develop
Excellence in Nursing Research (NOV 2018)             Canada, and Fonds de soutien à                        strategies for addressing pediatric and
Left to right: Dr. Nancy Feeley and CASN Board        l’innovation en santé et en services                  young adult ethical concerns.
Member Dr. Donna Murnaghan.                           sociaux to conduct research on
Credit: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
                                                      technology-enabled programs to support
                                                      patients with complex health care needs.
                                                      (SEPT 2019)

                                                                           I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 10
The McGill
  Nursing Collaborative
  By the Collaborative Coordination Committee*

  The McGill Nursing                      The Collaborative has over 30 ongoing        group to increase our understanding
                                          projects, impacting over 1,000 people        of the barriers and facilitators to
  Collaborative for Education
                                          and gaining visibility on the national       optimal delirium care with respect to
  and Innovation in Patient-              and international levels. These projects     interprofessional practice. Results will
  and Family-Centered Care                have been a source of scholarly              serve to identify targets for training
  is a partnership among                  productivity, generating 9 manuscripts,      interventions, as well as to inform the
                                          16 oral presentations, and 4 poster          MSSS ministerial directive.
  the ISoN and the nursing
  departments of the McGill
                                                                                       Leadership Development –
  University Health Centre                The McGill Collaborative                     LEADS training
  (MUHC) and the CIUSSS du                embarked on several new and                  As part of the ISoN Leadership
  Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-               exciting ventures in 2018 and                Development initiative, ISoN, MUHC,
  Montréal (Jewish General                2019, including:                             and JGH nurse leaders took part in four
  Hospital [JGH] Site).                   The Approche adaptée à la personne           training sessions presented by LEADS
                                          âgée (AAPA) directive from the Ministry      Canada in winter 2018. These training
                                          of Health and Social Services (MSSS) for     sessions instructed participants in
  Inaugurated in 2012 with a $6-million
                                          the prevention of functional decline and     how to apply the LEADS framework, a
  donation from the Newton Foundation,
                                          delirium in hospitalized elderly patients.   conceptual model for understanding
  McGill Faculty of Medicine, and the
                                                                                       the essential skills and knowledge for
  foundations and donors from both the    Addressing delirium in the clinical
                                                                                       effective leadership in the field of health
  MUHC and JGH, the Collaborative’s       context is challenging, despite strong
                                                                                       care. Overall, 45 nurse leaders from
  goal is to advance nursing research,    efforts in teaching and education. In
                                                                                       all 3 sites participated, providing an
  practice and education through the      2017, JGH, ISoN and MUHC AAPA
                                                                                       opportunity to strengthen and leverage
  combined efforts of its members.        nurse leaders created a working
                                                                                       clinical-academic relationships.

11 |
Nightingale Fellows Project                   featured authors Nathalie Rodrigue,
                                              Christina Clausen, and Nancy Feeley,
The year 2018 marked the full rollout
                                              who presented their respective
of the Nightingale Fellows Project, a
                                              research publications. As many as
mentoring program wherein small groups
                                              seven different sites were connected via
of nursing students in their final year of
                                              videoconferencing for each Journal Club,
study receive mentorship and support
                                              allowing over 70 people to participate
from nurses currently working in clinical
                                              simultaneously in the discussions.
settings in Montreal. Mentors met four
times with their small groups to provide
both an inside look at the challenges of
transitioning into clinical practice and
a safe environment for students to ask
questions and discuss their concerns.

Nursing Collaborative
Journal Club Series                               The McGill Nursing Collaborative Coordination Committee Members
This initiative launched in spring 2017,          coordination-committee):
with the objective of further honing
                                                  • Dr. Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Annie Chevrier, Dr. Antonia Arnaert,
the critical literature appraisal skills of
                                                    Cheryl Armistead, and Dr. Christine Maheu for the ISoN
ISoN students and faculty members, as
well as nurses in staff and managerial            • Dr. Alain Biron, Catherine Oliver, and Luisa Ciofani for the MUHC
positions at the MUHC and JGH. Three              • Valerie Frunchak, Dr. Christina Clausen, Dr. Margaret Purden, and
Journal Clubs were held in 2018 and                 Jessica Emed for the JGH.

                                                               I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 12
Update from the
  Réseau de recherche en
  interventions en sciences
  infirmières du Québec
  By Dr. Nancy Feeley and Catherine-Amélie Ledoux

                               New Network Leadership                       Science of Nursing and Health Practices.
                                                                            Since then, 54 manuscripts were
                               DR. CÉLINE GÉLINAS (pictured left)
                                                                            submitted with a 35% acceptance rate.
                               has been selected as Co-Director of
                                                                            There are 4 -5 publications per issue.
                               RRISIQ. Dr Gélinas is the third successive
                                                                            The publications were downloaded
                               McGill researcher (Celeste Johnston &
                                                                            4,121 times between April 2019-2020.
                               Nancy Feeley) to lead the network since
                                                                            Consider submitting a manuscript!
                               its inception in 2003 as a FRQS-funded
                               group. ISoN researchers lead one of          Details:
                               the RRISIQ’s three axes and co-lead
                               the knowledge mobilization platform.
                               McGill constitutes 14% of the researcher
                               membership and holds 28% of RRISIQ
                               leadership roles.

                               For the past decade, the RRISIQ
                               Co-Director Dr. Nancy Feeley, showed
                               keen leadership and dedication. She
                               has been integral to the creation and
                               expansion of the network.

                               New Scientific Journal
                               for the RRISIQ
                               In June 2018 the RRISIQ launched an
                               online, bilingual, open access journal,

13 |
Montreal to host the 2023                de-ses-ambassadeurs-et-honore-17-            Promoting interprofessional
International Council of Nurses          sommites/). Going forward, the network       research
(ICN) Congress                           will collaborate with CAN and ICN in
                                                                                      In 2015, the RRISIQ was the first
                                         conference program planning.
The RRISIQ’s Co-Directors worked                                                      Quebec network to initiate new
with the Canadian Nurses Association                                                  partnerships with other FRQS research
                                         Support for knowledge                        networks. The RRISIQ created a jointly
(CNA) and the Palais des Congrès and
won the bid to host the International
                                         production                                   funded project competition to strengthen
Congress of Nursing (ICN) in Montreal    One of the RRISIQ’s main funders,            interprofessional research capacity in
in 2023. ICN is a major international    the Ministry of Health and Social            Quebec. In 2019, competitions were held
scientific event attended by 8,000       Services (MSSS) increased their              with two new partners:
nurses and will be one of the largest    contribution with a request for the          1. Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and
scientific meetings ever to take place   RRISIQ to hold a special competition            Obesity Research Network (CMDO) and
in Montreal. In recognition of this,     based on their current priorities.
DR. NANCY FEELEY (pictured above),       Fifty percent of $100,000 grants             2. Réseau québécois de recherche en
past RRISIQ Co-Director, was named       were awarded to McGill Principal                soins palliatifs et de fin de vie (RQSPAL).
one of the ambassadors of the Palais     Investigators (Gélinas, Kilpatrick
and honoured by the Palais and the       & Maheu). McGill researchers
Chief Scientist of Quebec at an event    (Kilpatrick, Lavoie-Tremblay &
in February 2020. (https://congresmtl.   Rennick) were co-investigators on
com/2020/02/le-palais-des-congres-       other teams as well.

                                                          I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 14
The ISoN thanks
                                                                                                                          our clinical nurse
                                                                                                                          researchers for
                                                                                                                          their ongoing
                                                                                                                          leadership and

Left to right: Valerie Frunchak, JGH; Dr. Alain Biron, MUHC; Luisa Ciofani, MUHC; Annie Chevrier, ISoN; Dr. Susan
Drouin, ISoN; Dr. Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, ISoN; Cheryl Armistead, ISoN. Front: Dr. Christina Clausen, JGH.

       Clinically-based Researchers

           Dr. Alain Biron                                 Dr. Andréa Laizner                                 Dr. Christina Clausen
   McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)               McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)                      Jewish General Hospital
                                                                                                                    (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
                                                              Photo credit: Pierre Dubois,
                                                           MUHC Medical Multimedia Services

         Dr. Virginia Lee                                   Dr. Janet Rennick
   McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)               McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
                                                              Photo credit: Daniel Héon,
                                                           MUHC Medical Multimedia Services

15 |
Research Funding                                                           Active Funding in 2019
                                                                                (not including grants awarded

Awarded in 2018 & 2019
                                                                                        in 2018 & 2019)

                                                                             $84 million

              2018                                                            2019
    Total New Funding Awarded                                      Total New Funding Awarded

        $32.9 million                                                  $40.3 million
       Funding as Principal or                                       Funding as Principal or
      Co-Principal Investigator                                     Co-Principal Investigator

         $5.4 million                                                   $7.8 million
     Funding as Co-Investigator                                    Funding as Co-Investigator

        $27.5 million                                                  $32.5 million

                                  New Research Funding as PI/Co-PI










                 2014             2015      2016            2017             2018             2019

                                           I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 16
Research Funding
Awarded in 2018 & 2019
L E G E N D : ISoN Faculty Researcher

                                                                              Title of
 Role           Investigators         Sponsor             Program             Research Project              Awarded    Duration

 Principal      Arnaert, A., et al.   Fonds de soutien    Fonds de            Utilisation d’une solution    $480,000   2019-2021
 Investigator                         à l’innovation      soutien à           de télésurveillance à
                                      en santé et en      l’innovation        domicile pour les patients
                                      services sociaux    en santé et         vivant avec la maladie
                                      (FSISSS –           en services         pulmonaire obstructive
                                      MEDTEQ)             sociaux             chronique sur le territoire
                                                          (FSISSS)            du CIUSSS ODIM afin
                                                                              de réduire le nombre
                                                                              d’hospitalisations et des
                                                                              visites aux urgences

 Co-            Bogossian, A.,        Social Sciences     Partnership         Répit Une Heure pour          $21,685    2019-2021
 Investigator   Montreuil, M., &      and Humanities      Engage Grant        Moi : Ethnographie ciblée
                Pellerin, M.-J.       Research Council                        d’un programme de
                                      of Canada                               soutien familial à domicile
                                      (SSHRC)                                 pour les familles dont un
                                                                              enfant a des problèmes
                                                                              de santé mentale

 Co-            Boyer L. &            Ministère de la     Direction de la     Évaluation de                 $250,000   2019-2022
 Investigator   Lavoie-               Santé et des        planification, de   l’implantation nationale
                Tremblay, M.          Services Sociaux.   l’évaluation et     du référentiel de
                                                          de la qualité.      compétences infirmières
                                                                              en milieu hospitalier
                                                                              québécois de l’enfant à

 Principal      Carnevale, F.         Social Sciences     SSHRC               Developing a framework        $50,000    2019-2020
 Investigator   et al.                & Humanities        Connection          for Indigenous Pedagogy
                                      Research Council    Grant               on Childhood
                                      of Canada

 Principal      Carnevale,            Sciences and        Connection          Developing a framework        $50,000    2019-2020
 Investigator   F.A.,...              Humanities          Grant               for Indigenous Pedagogy
                Montreuil, M.         Research Council                        on Childhood
                et al.                of Canada

 Principal      Cossette, S.,         Fonds de            Programme           Réseau thématique             $789,500   2019-2023
 Investigator   Feeley, N.,           recherche du        de réseaux          subventionné par le
                Gélinas, C.,          Québec - Santé      thématiques         FRQS regroupant 120
                Maheu, C....          (FRQS)                                  chercheurs à travers le
                Semenic, S.                                                   Québec

17 |
Co-Principal   Cote, J., Lavoie-       Réseau               Competition         Mettre à contribution les     $90,000         2019-2021
Investigator   Tremblay, M.,           intersectoriel       programme           entrepôts de données
               Ardy-Dubois, C.,        de recherche         de projets          de deux CHU pour
               Brault, I.,             en santé de          intégrateurs        mesurer la performance
               Duhaux, A.,             l’Université du      stratégiques        et guider les initiatives
               Lavoie, P., Dery, J.,   Québec                                   d’amélioration en soins
               Beaudet, L,                                                      infirmiers
               Chouinard, V.

Co-            Dubois, C.-A.,          Fonds de la          Programme           Des interventions             $680,516        2019-2022
Investigator   Borgès da               recherche en         Développer          multidimensionnelles,
               Silva, Roxane,          sante du Quebec      et maintenir        coconstruites
               Lavoie-Tremblay         (FRSQ)               la résilience       avec les équipes
               M., Maheu C.,                                des équipes         interprofessionnelles,
               Marchand, A., &                              interprofes-        pour un mieux-être au
               Bentein, K.                                  sionnelles en       travail en cancérologie

Co-            Dubois, C.-A.,          Ministère de la      Direction de la     Imposition législative        $90,000         2019
Investigator   Borgès da Silva,        Santé et des         planification, de   de ratios minimaux
               R., Lavoie-             Services Sociaux.    l’évaluation et     obligatoires de personnel
               Tremblay, M.                                 de la qualité       de soins infirmiers -
               et al.                                                           Quels sont les effets
                                                                                observés dans les
                                                                                systèmes de santé
                                                                                ayant adopté une telle
                                                                                orientation et quelles
                                                                                sont les alternatives?

Principal      Duby, J.,               Steinberg            Seed Grant          Family Integrated             $50,000         2019-2020
Investigator   Tagoola, A. &           Fund for             Program             Care for Hospitalized
               Feeley, N.              Interdisciplinary                        Newborns in Uganda
                                       Health Research

Principal      Feeley, N. &            Fonds de             Infrastructure      Réseau de recherche en        $1,740,800      2019-2021
Investigator   Cossette, S.            recherche du         grant               interventions en sciences
                                       Québec - Santé                           infirmières du Québec
                                       (FRQS) & Ministry                        (RRISIQ)
                                       of Health & Social
                                       Services (MSSS)

Principal      Gallani, MC.,           Réseau de            N/A                 Utilisation du Nursing        $5,000          2019
Investigator   Dallaire, C.,           recherche en                             Activities Score au
               Douville, F.,           interventions                            sein d’Unités de soins
               Raymond, B.,            en sciences                              intensifs de Québec: de
               Laviolette, F.,         infirmières du                           la recherche à la pratique
               Tsimicalis, A.,         Québec (RRISIQ)                          (Café scientifique)
               & Martel, B.

Principal      Gélinas, C. &           Louise and           LAEF Grant          Determinants of chronic       $100,000        2019-2021
Investigator   Martel, M.O.            Alan Edwards                             pain and prolonged
                                       Foundation                               use of opioids in ICU
                                       (LAEF)                                   survivors

Co-            Gosselin, E.,           Canadian             Research Grant      Realistic Evaluation of the   $2,500          2019-2020
Investigator   Feeley, N.,             Association of                           Intervention for Patients
               Sidani, S., &           Critical Care                            Intubated and Conscious
               Lavoie, S.              Nurses (CACCN)                           - Peritraumatic Distress
                                                                                (IPIC-PTD): Exploring the
                                                                                Results Model

                                                                  I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 18
Co-Principal   Haiek, L. &        Quebec Ministry     N/A              Development of an on-        $22,000      2019-2020
 Investigator   Semenic, S.        of Health and                        going monitoring system
                                   Social Services                      for the Baby-friendly
                                                                        Initiative (BFI) standards
                                                                        in Quebec

 Co-            Henderson, M. &    Canadian            Regular          Linking lifestyle            $1,089,360   2019-2023
 Investigator   Nicolau, B...      Institutes of       Project Grant    behaviors, microbiota,
                Van Hulst, A.,     Health Research     Competition      and cardiometabolic
                & Zappitelli, M.   (CIHR)                               health from childhood
                                                                        to early adulthood: The
                                                                        QUALITY Cohort

 Co-            Hunt, M.,          ELRHA               Humanitarian     Ethical Humanitarian         $106,000     2019
 Investigator   Schwartz, L.,      Humanitarian        Innovation       Innovation Toolkit
                Krishnaraj, G.,    Innovation Fund     Ethics Toolkit
                Pringle, J.,       (HIF)
                Okhowat, A., &

 Principal      Pringle, P. &      Médecins Sans       MSF              Médecins Sans Frontières:    $50,000      2019
 Investigator   Arnaert, A.        Frontières          Telemedicine     Evaluation of the MSF
                                                                        Telemedicine Pilot Project
                                                                        in Madaoua, Niger

 Co-Principal   Kazantseva, O.,    Nursing Research    Small Grants     Development and pilot-       $10,000      2019-2021
 Investigator   Gervais, L.,       Grants for Nurses   Program          testing of a multi-modal
                Semenic, S.,       at the MUHC                          educational program on
                Mardakis, S.,
                Arpin, S.,
                Milton, S.,
                Lenoir, M.,
                Labelle, C., &
                Launay, A.

 Principal      Kilpatrick, K.,    Réseau de           Knowledge        Clinique de proximité        $20,000      2019-2021
 Investigator   Tchouaket, É.,     recherche           Mobilization     Cloutier : un modèle de
                Bouabdillah, N.,   en sciences         Competition      soins interdisciplinaire
                Houle, J.,         infirmières du                       novateur
                Jabbour, M.,       Québec
                Savard, I., &
                Champagne, M.

 Principal      Kilpatrick, K.,    Ministère de        N/A              La contribution des          $155,776     2019-2021
 Investigator   Tchouaket, E.,     la santé et des                      infirmières praticiennes
                Jabbour, M.,       services sociaux                     spécialisées en soins de
                & Gauthier, N.     du Québec                            première ligne au travail
                                                                        des équipes de soins à
                                                                        domicile et la perspective
                                                                        des patients et des

 Co-            Lapierre, J. &     Social Sciences     Concours         Living lab numérique         $25,000      2019
 Investigator   Gottlieb, L.N.     and Humanities      Engagement       international en pratiques
                                   Research Council    partenarial      préventives de proximité
                                   (SSHRC)                              : Co création d’une
                                                                        communauté virtuelle
                                                                        de pratiques à base
                                                                        communautaire au
                                                                        Burkina Faso pour la
                                                                        santé des femmes et le

19 |
Principal      Maheu, C. et al.   Réseau de           Grant support    Development and               $1,500            2019
Investigator                      recherche en        submission       Evaluation of a
                                  interventions                        Community-Based
                                  en sciences                          Survivorship Online
                                  infirmières du                       Program for Young Adults
                                  Québec (RRISIQ)                      with Cancer in their
                                                                       Prime (PRIME+)

Principal      Montreuil, M.,     Fonds de            Joint network    Grief in the age of           $20,000           2019-2020
Investigator   Wright, D.,        recherche du        pilot project    medical assistance
               Cadell, S., &      Québec Santé        funding          in dying: A narrative
               Macdonald, M.E.    and Réseau                           study of bereavement
                                  québécois de                         experiences
                                  recherche en
                                  soins palliatifs
                                  et de fin de
                                  vie et Réseau
                                  québécois de
                                  recherche sur
                                  le suicide, les
                                  troubles de
                                  l’humeur et les
                                  troubles associés

Principal      Montreuil, M.,     Social Sciences     Insight          Children’s perspectives       $53,018           2019-2022
Investigator   Bogossian, A.,     and Humanities      Development      to improve an after-
               Ménard, J.F., &    Research Council    Grant            school community
               Racine, E.         of Canada                            program: Comparing
                                  (SSHRC)                              participatory approaches
                                                                       to ethically and
                                                                       meaningfully engage

Principal      Montreuil, M.,     Canadian            New              Improving suicide             $62,685           2019-2021
Investigator   Genest, C.,        Institutes of       Investigator     assessment and
               Gilbert, E.,       Health Research     Grants in        intervention with
               Lavoie-            (CIHR)              Maternal,        children: A participatory
               Tremblay, M.,                          Reproductive,    action research project
               Maltais, N.,                           Child & Youth    informed by children’s
               & Rassy, J.                            Health           experiences

Principal      Montreuil, M.,     Canadian            New              Improving suicide             $62,685           2019-2021
Investigator   Genest, C.,        Institutes of       Investigator     assessment and
               Gilbert, E.,       Health Research     Grants in        intervention with
               Lavoie-            (CIHR)              Maternal,        children: A participatory
               Tremblay, M.,                          Reproductive,    action research project
               Maltais, N.,                           Child & Youth    informed by children’s
               & Rassy, J.                            Health           experiences

Co-            Nugus, P.,         Instituts de        Project Grant    Understanding                 $170,000          2019-2022
Investigator   Sussman, T.,       recherche en                         organizational culture
               Denis, J-L.,       santé du Canada                      to improve admission-
               Lavoie-                                                 discharge processes:
               Tremblay, M.,                                           A systems approach to
               Rodriguez, C.,                                          health care performance,
               Grad, R.,                                               evaluation and education
               Lang, E.,
               McLane, P.
               & Reay, G.

                                                           I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 20
Principal      Pellerin, G.,          Government of      Healthy Seniors   Implementation and           $3,949,599   2019-2022
 Investigator   Arnaert, A.,           New Brunswick      Pilot Project     evaluation of a novel
                Godbout, P.,           and Public         Community         technology-enabled,
                Sirois, C.,            Health Agency of   Initiatives New   integrated case
                Arbeau, D.,            Canada             Brunswick         management program for
                Auffrey, M., &                                              complex-needs patients
                Sargent, G.                                                 in Northumberland
                                                                            County, New Brunswick

 Co-            Perron, A.,            Social Sciences    Social Sciences   The experience of            $145,491     2019-2022
 Investigator   Gagnon, M., &          & Humanities       & Humanities      whistleblowing among
                Carnevale, F.          Research Council   Research          nurses in Quebec
                                       of Canada          Council
                                       (SSHRC) Insight    of Canada
                                       Grant              (SSHRC)

 Co-            Tchouaket, É. &        Réseau             Pilot Project     Identification des           $35,000      2019-2020
 Investigator   Chouinard, M-C.,       intersectoriel     Competition       indicateurs sensibles à la
                Kilpatrick, K.,        de recherche                         pratique des infirmières
                Bouabdillah,           en santé de                          praticiennes spécialisées
                N., Houle, J.,         l’Université du                      de première ligne au
                Jabbour, M.,           Québec                               Québec : Une étude
                Savard, I.,                                                 pilote au CIUSSS de la
                McMahon, C., &                                              Mauricie-Centre-du-
                Champagne, M.                                               Québec

 Co-            Tchouaket, É.,         Canadian           Project Grant     Analyse économique           $439,875     2019-2021
 Investigator   Borges Da Silva, R.,   Institutes of                        de la prévention et
                Brousseau, S.,         Health Research                      contrôle des infections
                Brousselle, A.,                                             nosocomiales au
                Dubois, C.A.,                                               Québec: AnéPCI
                Kilpatrick, K., &
                Sia, D.

 Principal      Tsimicalis, A.,        Réseau de          N/A               PICH2Go “Coping              $1,000       2019
 Investigator   Thorstad, K.,          recherche en                         Circus.” Concours
                Stinson, J., &         interventions                        de mobilisation des
                Noel, M.               en sciences                          connaissances
                                       infirmières du
                                       Québec (RRISIQ)

 Principal      Van Hulst, A.,         Canadian           Operating         Neighbourhood                $74,746      2019
 Investigator   Morrison, K.,          Institutes of      Grant: Data       environments and weight
                Ross, N., &            Health Research    Analysis          management outcomes
                Thabane, L.            (CIHR)             Using Existing    in the Canadian Pediatric
                                                          Databases and     Weight Management
                                                          Cohorts.          Registry

 Co-            White, M.,..           Employment         Opportunities     Harnessing Talent:           $1,499,637   2019-2022
 Investigator   Maheu C., ...          and Social         Fund for          Alliance for Recruiting
                Parkinson, M.,         Development        Persons with      and Retaining Canadians
                Wilkinson, A., &       Canada.            Disabilities –    with Disabilities,
                Yates, T.                                 Working with      Employment and
                                                          Employers         Social Development
                                                                            Canada - Opportunities
                                                                            Fund for Persons with
                                                                            Disabilities – Working
                                                                            with Employers

21 |
Co-            Wong, P.,                 Ministère de        Fonds             Quebec Cancer                 $27,900,000       2019-2024
Investigator   Knoppers, B.,             l’Économie,         d’accélération    Consortium Activity 1.
               Saad, F., &               Science et          des               Double patient recruitment
               Loiselle, C.G.            Innovation          collaborations    into high priority
                                                             en santé          oncological clinical trials

Principal      Arnaert, A.,              Réseau              Pilot Project     Exploring the                 $10,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Ponzoni, N., &            Québécois sur                         Experiences of
               Larocque, J.              le Suicide, les                       Emergency Triage
                                         Troubles de                           Nurses during Police
                                         l’Humeur et les                       Personal’s Handover of
                                         Troubles Associés                     Mentally-Ill Patients

Principal      Arnaert, A.,              Fonds de soutien    Project Grant     The Development of a          $500,000          2018-2020
Investigator   Ponzoni, N.,              à l’innovation                        Collaborative Telehealth
               Wanrudee, I.,             en santé et en                        Model for Improving the
               Laurence, B.,             services sociaux                      Provision of Healthcare
               Gail, R., &               (FSISSS –                             and Experiences of
               Demyttenaere,             MEDTEQ)                               Patients Undergoing
               S.V.                                                            Bariatric Surgery

Co-            Bender, J.,               Canadian Centre     Seed Grant        Connect 4 Health: Needs       $30,000           2018-2019
Investigator   D’agostino, N.,           for Applied         Competition:      and Require-
               Gupta, A.,                Research in         Patient-          ments for Peer Naviga-
               Mitchell, L.,             Cancer Control      Oriented          tion Digital
               Howard, F.,               (ARCC)              Research          App for Adolescent
               Garland, S.,                                                    and Young Adults with
               Tsimicalis, A.,                                                 Cancer
               Drake, E.,
               Karine, X.,
               Marrato, A.,
               Mckean, N.L., &
               Lombardo, A.

Co-            Benedetti, A.,            Canadian            Personalized      Using Individual Patient      $200,000          2018-2020
Investigator   Thombs, B.D.,             Institutes of       Health Catalyst   Data Meta-Analyses
               Boruff, J.,               Health Research     Grants            to Develop Individual
               Cuijpers, P.,             (CIHR)                                Prediction Models for
               Gilbody, S.,                                                    Depression Screening
               Levis, B.,
               McMillan, D.,
               Patten, S., Shrier, I.,
               Steele, R.,
               Ziegelstein, R.,
               Comeau, L.,
               Henry, M.,
               Ismail, Z.,
               Loiselle, C.G.,
               Mitchell, N.,
               Tonelli, M.,
               Vigod, S., &
               Ioannidis, J.P.A.

Co-            Bernard, L.               Réseau de           Projects          Formation numérique           $15,000           2018-2019
Investigator   & Lavoie-                 recherche en        Transfert de      pour améliorer la
               Tremblay, M.              interventions       Connaissance      compétence infirmière
                                         en sciences                           en prévention des
                                         infirmières du                        infections et contribuer à
                                         Québec (RRISIQ)                       une culture collaborative
                                                                               de sécurité au CHUM

                                                                   I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 22
Co-            Bourgeault, I.L.,    Canadian           Healthy and      Healthy Professional/        $1,425,000    2018-2023
 Investigator   Adams, T.L.,         Institutes of      Productive       Knowledge Workers:
                Arnold, K.A.,        Health Research    Work -           Examining the Gendered
                Atanackovic, J.,     (CIHR)             Partnership      Nature of Mental
                Benoit, C.M.,                           Grants           Health Issues, Leaves
                Brondani, M.,                                            of Absence & Return to
                Bujaki, M.L.,                                            Work Experiences from a
                Covell, C.L.,                                            Comparative Perspective
                Ferguson, K.A.,
                Hedden, L.K.,
                Himick, D.,
                Kelloway, K.E.,
                Klassen, R.M.,
                Lapierre, L.M.,
                M... & de
                Montigny, F.

 Co-            Boutros, M.,         Rossy Cancer       Cancer Quality   Understanding the            $100,000      2018-2019
 Investigator   Liberman, S.,        Network            & Innovation     Educational Needs
                Anderson, A.,                           Program          of Rectal Cancer
                Loiselle, C.G.,                         Grants           Survivors with Low
                Posel, N.,                                               Anterior Resection
                Vuong, T.,                                               Syndrome: Development
                Kavan, P.,                                               of a Comprehensive
                Bhatnagar, S.,                                           Educational Booklet.
                Vasilevsky, C.-A.,
                Morin, N., &
                Faria J.

 Co-            Carnevale, F.A.,     Genome Canada      Operating        Tackling Childhood Brain     $12,997,000   2018-2023
 Investigator   Jabado, N.,                             Grant            Cancer at the Root to
                Taylor M.,                                               Improve Survival and
                Majewski, J.,                                            Quality of Life
                et al.

 Co-Principal   Dayan, N.,           New Investigator   Project Grant    Breastfeeding and            $75,000       2018-2020
 Investigator   Semenic, S.,         Funds from Dr.                      blood Pressure patterns
                Pilote, L., Da       Dayan                               in MOthers with
                Costa, D.,                                               recent hypertensive
                Dennis, C-L,                                             coMplications of
                Smith, G., &                                             pregnancy (BP-MOM)
                Nguyen, T-V.

 Co-Principal   Feeley, N.,          Réseau de          Project Grant    Café Scientifique au lait:   $2,800        2018
 Investigator   Heon, M.,            recherche en                        Exprimez-vous/Express
                Semenic, S.,         interventions                       Yourself
                Cinquino, C.,        en sciences
                Larone-Juneau,       infirmières du
                A., Savaria, M.,     Québec (RRISIQ)
                Francoeur, M.,
                Costa, D.,
                Somera, J.,
                Mantha, G., &
                Rizler, R.

 Co-Principal   Feeley, N.,          The Tiny Miracle   Project Grant    Café Scientifique au lait:   $1,000        2018
 Investigator   Heon, M.,            Fund, Jewish                        Exprimez-vous/Express
                Cinquino, C.,        General Hospital                    Yourself
                Semenic, S., &
                Larone-Juneau A.

23 |
Co-            Fox, S., Breton,      Réseau de           Project Grant     Development of a              $16,000           2018-2020
Investigator   Kilpatrick, K.,       recherche en                          tool to improve nurse
               Duhoux, A.,           interventions                         practitioner−team
               Levasseur, I.,        en sciences                           communication in GMFs
               Lussier, M.-T.,       infirmières
               Gaboury,              du Québec.
               Vachon, B., &         Concours
               Cherba, M.            collaboration bi-
                                     réseaux Réseau
                                     de recherche
                                     en interventions
                                     en sciences
                                     infirmières du
                                     Québec (RRISIQ)-
                                     Réseau-1 Québec

Principal      Gélinas, C.,          Fonds de la         Consortium        Implantation des              $160,000          2018-2021
Investigator   Bernard, F.,          recherche du        pour le           meilleures pratiques de
               Choinière, M.,        Québec - Santé      Développement     gestion de la douleur à
               Houle, J.,            (FRQ-S)             de la             l’unité des soins intensifs
               Morin, S.,                                Recherche en      de traumatologie: Un
               Perreault, M., &                          Traumatologie     travail d’équipe
               Williamson, D.

Co-            Genest, C.,           Centre de           Pilot Project     Comprendre                    $5,000            2018-2019
Investigator   Labelle, R.,          Recherche et                          l’Expérience, le
               Gendron, A.,          d’Intervention                        Risque Suicidaire, les
               Roy, F.,              sur le Suicide et                     Besoins des Premiers
               Alderson, M.,         l’Euthanasie                          Répondants (Policier
               Corthésy-                                                   et Pompier) Lorsqu’ils
               Blondin, L., &                                              Sont Confrontés à des
               Montreuil, M.                                               Traumas à Répétition

Principal      Gottlieb, L.N.,       Canadian            Healthy and       Transforming Nurses’          $2,058,916        2018-2023
Investigator   Ashley, L.A.,         Institutes of       Productive        Work Environments
               Ballantyne, M.L.,     Health Research     Work -            through a Strengths-
               Boies, K.,            (CIHR)/Social       Partnership       Based Leadership and
               Chevrier, A.,         Sciences and        Grants            Management Training
               Christina, T.,        Humanities                            Program
               Gottlieb, B.,         Research Council
               High, S.C., Hubley,   (SSHRC)
               P., Lambert, S.,
               M., Ménard, G.,
               Proulx, R., Richer,
               M.-C., Rummens,
               J.W., & Wagner, M.

Co-            Hunt, M.,             Réseau de           Concours          Justice and Obligations       $15,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Chung, R.,            recherche           Initiatives       for the Closure of
               Eckenwiler, L., &     en santé des        Structurantes     Humanitarian Healthcare
               Pringle, J.           populations du      du RS Éthique     Projects
                                     Québec (RRSPQ)

Co-            Joucdar, A.,          McGill University   Peer Review       Qualitative analysis of       $10,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Laizner, A.,          Health Center       2017              the elements supporting
               Kusaian, T.,          (MUHC)              Competition       or hindering the
               & Lavoie-                                                   implementation and
               Tremblay, M.                                                sustainability of the
                                                                           Approche Adaptée à la
                                                                           Personne Agée. MUHC
                                                                           Small Grants Program

                                                               I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 24
Co-            Kakinami, L.,      Canadian            Project Grant   Examining the               $313,650     2018-2023
 Investigator   Bacon, S.,         Institutes of                       Longitudinal Associations
                Barnett, T.,       Health Research                     between Neighbourhood
                Serbin, L.,        (CIHR)                              Socioeconomic
                Stack, S., &                                           Position and the Built
                Van Hulst, A.                                          Environment on Future
                                                                       Health throughout the
                                                                       Life Course: Data from a
                                                                       Large Multigenerational
                                                                       Cohort Study

 Principal      Lambert, S.D.,     Réseau de           Project Grant   Predictors of burden        $8,458       2018-2020
 Investigator   Dubé, V.,          recherche en                        among informal
                Laizner, A.M.,     interventions                       caregivers of patients
                Mehta, A.,         en sciences                         with cancer: A systematic
                Bitzas, B.,        infirmières du                      review and meta-analysis
                Allard, M.,        Québec (RRISIQ)
                Frati, F., &
                Ould-Brahim, L.

 Principal      Lambert, S.D.,     St. Mary’s          Project Grant   e-IMPAQC:                   $400,000     2018-2022
 Investigator   Fara, R.,          Hospital                            Implementation and
                Rosberger, Z.,     Foundation                          evaluation of an e-Health
                McCusker, J.,                                          application for the
                Kildea, J.,                                            systematic assessment
                Hendren, L.,                                           of patient and caregiver
                Hijal, T.,                                             reported outcomes
                Beauchamp, S.,                                         in Quebec across the
                Ly, A., &                                              cancer continuum
                Hamel, M.

 Principal      Lambert, S.D.,     Canadian            Project Grant   e-IMPAQC:                   $1,500,000   2018-2022
 Investigator   Fara, R.,          Partnership                         Implementation and
                Rosberger, Z.,     Against Cancer                      evaluation of an e-Health
                McCusker, J.,      (CPAC)                              application for the
                Kildea, J.,                                            systematic assessment
                Hendren, L.,                                           of patient and caregiver
                Hijal, T.,                                             reported outcomes
                Beauchamp, S.,                                         in Quebec across the
                Ly, A., &                                              cancer continuum
                Hamel, M.

 Co-            Lawrence H.P.,     Canadian            Project Grant   The Oral Health and         $580,635     2018-2021
 Investigator   Macdonald, M.E.,   Institutes of                       Dental Care Pathways of
                Nicolau, B.F.,     Health Research                     Humanitarian Migrants:
                Carnevale, F.A.,   (CIHR)                              Advancing a Mixed
                Ka, K.,                                                Methods Program of
                Keboa, M.T.,                                           Research
                McNally, M.E.,
                Singhal, S., &
                Suleiman, N.M.N.

 Principal      Loiselle, C.G.     McGill University   McGill          2018 International          $1,500       2018
 Investigator                                          University      Psycho-Oncology
                                                       Paper           Society Conference

25 |
Principal      Loiselle, C.G. &      Rossy Cancer        Cancer Quality    Implementation and            $98,642           2018-2019
Investigator   Maheu, C.             Network             & Innovation      Testing of a Sustainable
                                                         Program           Support Program as
                                                         Grants            a complement to an
                                                                           Ongoing RCN Patient
                                                                           Reported Outcomes
                                                                           (PROs) Initiative

Principal      Loiselle, C.G.,       Relations           Coopération       Acceptabilité et              $7,000            2018-2019
Investigator   Malki, E., &          Internationales     bilatérale        Contributions d’une
               Ahmed, S.             et Francophonie     Québec-Israël     Application Mobile en
                                     Québec                                Cancer “BELONG”

Principal      Maheu, C. &           Pfizer              Sponsorship       Administration of the         $5,000            2018
Investigator   Parkinson, M.                             Fund              Cancer and Work

Principal      Maheu, C.,            Réseau de           Pilot Project     Systematic Review             $17,450           2018-2019
Investigator   Thewes, B.,           recherche en                          of the Fear of Cancer
               Mobach, L.,           interventions                         Recurrence Measures
               Power, J.,            en sciences
               Drummond, N.,         infirmières du
               Bilodeau, K., &       Québec (RRISIQ)
               Tsimicalis, A.

Co-            McCusker, J.,         The Fonds           Project Grant     Adaptation et                 $156,633          2018-2019
Investigator   Beauchamp, S.,        de soutien à                          implantation d’un outil
               Lambert, S.D.,        l’innovation                          axé sur le patient pour
               Proulx, R., &         en santé et en                        une amélioration de la
               Yaffe, M.             services sociaux                      planification du congé
                                     (FSISSS)                              hospitalier auprès des

Principal      Montreuil, M.,        Quebec Network      Pilot Project     Étude de l’implantation       $19,850           2018-2019
Investigator   Racine, E.,           on Suicide, Mood                      du Guide d’Evaluation
               Richard-              Disorders and                         de la Personne à Risque
               Devantoy, S.,         Related Disorders                     Suicidaire
               Rassy, J., &
               Bogossian, A.

Co-            Nicolau, B.,          Network for         2018 McGill       Network for Canadian          $25,000           2018
Investigator   Carnevale, F.A.,      Canadian Oral       Summer            Oral Health Research,
               et al.                Health Research     Institute in      Summer Research
                                     (NCOHR)             Innovative        Methodology Institute
                                                         Methodologies     Program

Co-            Nouvet, E.,           International       Rapid Research    Strengthening the Ethics      $360,000          2018-2020
Investigator   Konde, M.K.,          Development         Fund for Ebola    of Clinical Research in
               Pringle, J., et al.   Research Centre     Virus Disease     Ebola Affected Countries:
                                     (IDRC)/Canadian     Outbreaks         A Toolkit Developed
                                     Institutes of                         for and with Potential
                                     Health Research                       Research Participants
                                     Sciences and
                                     Research Council

                                                               I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 26
Principal      Pringle, J.,           Research            Seed Funding     Potentialities and         $14,698       2018
 Investigator   Arnaert, A.,           for Health in                        Contextual Challenges of
                Ponzoni, N.,           Humanitarian                         Providing Telemedicine
                Jha, Y.,               Crises (R2HC)                        Services in Humanitarian
                Schneider, F.                                               Contexts: Setting the
                Nouvet, E.,                                                 Course with MSF (LOI)
                Hunt, M.,
                Schwartz, L., &
                Kouyate, S.

 Principal      Pringle, J.,           Doctors Without     Project Grant    Evaluation of the Niger    $17,000       2018-2019
 Investigator   Arnaert, A.,           Borders (MSF)                        Telemedicine Pilot
                Ponzoni, N.,                                                Project: A Qualitative
                Nouvet, E.,                                                 Study
                Hunt, M., &
                Schwartz, L.

 Principal      Purden, M.,            McGill Faculty of   Infrastructure    Interprofessional         $218,000      2018-2019
 Investigator   Perlman, C.,           Medicine            Support          Education Program
                Asseraf-Pasin, L.,                                          to Promote the
                Root, K., Daly, M.                                          Advancement of
                & Mondou, M.                                                Interprofessional
                                                                            Education and Scholarly
                                                                            Activities within the
                                                                            Faculty of Medicine

 Principal      Racine, E.,            Quebec Network      Pilot Project    Ethics and Suicide:        $7,260        2018-2019
 Investigator   Montreuil, M., &       on Suicide, Mood                     Workshops with Mental
                Séguin, M.             Disorders and                        Health Care Teams
                                       Related Disorders

 Co-            Rennick, J.,           Canadian            Project Grant    When Expertise Collides:   $462,824      2018-2022
 Investigator   Vigneault, K.,         Institutes of                        Using Experience-Based
                Buchanan, F.,          Health Research                      Co-Design to Enhance
                Carnevale, F.A.,       (CIHR)                               Care Experiences for
                Cohen, E.,                                                  Children with Medical
                Dryden-Palmer,                                              Complexity in the
                K.D., Fontela, P.S.,                                        Pediatric Intensive Care
                Law, S.K.,                                                  Unit
                Patel, H.,
                Razack, S.I.,
                St-Sauveur, I., &
                Zhang, X.

 Co-            Simard, J.,            Genome Canada       2017 Large-      Personalized Risk          $10,660,000   2018-2022
 Investigator   Chiarelli, A.,         and Génome          Scale Applied    Assessment for
                Andrulis, I.,          Québec              Research         Prevention and Early
                Antoniou, A.,                              Project          Detection of Breast
                Brooks, J.,                                Competition:     Cancer: Integration
                Chiquette, J.,                             Genomics         and Implementation
                Devilee, P.,                               and Precision    (PERSPECTIVE II)
                Dorval, M.,                                Health
                Droit, A.,
                                                           Sector: Health
                Easton, D.,
                Eloy, L.,
                Goldgar, D.,
                Joly, Y.,
                Knoppers, B.,
                Loiselle, C.G.... &
                Rabeneck, L.

27 |
Co-            Tchouaket, É.,     Ministère de       Project Grant    Analyse économique            $89,175           2018-2020
Investigator   Boivin, S.,        la santé et des                     de la prévention et
               Brousseau, S.,     services sociaux                    contrôle des infections
               Dubreuil, B.,      du Québec.                          nosocomiales au Québec
               Kilpatrick, K.,                                        : Projet AnéPCI. Direction
               Larouche, C.,                                          de la prévention et du
               Parisien, N. &                                         contrôle des maladies
               Sia, D.                                                infectieuses

Principal      Tsimicalis, A. &   Newton             Project Grant    Nursing Research              $100,000          2018-2021
Investigator   Thorstad, K.       Foundation

Principal      Tsimicalis, A. &   Al Shamal Shrine   Project Grant    Nursing Research in           $50,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Thorstad, K.       Temple                              Child and Family Health

Principal      Tsimicalis, A. &   Mazul Shrine       Project Grant    Nursing Research in           $10,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Thorstad, K.       Temple                              Child and Family Health

Principal      Tsimicalis, A. &   Tunis Shrine       Project Grant    National Pain in Child        $25,000           2018
Investigator   Thorstad, K.       Temple Donation                     Health Meeting (PICH2Go)

Principal      Tsimicalis, A. &   Tunis Shrine       Project Grant    Nursing Research              $50,000           2018-2019
Investigator   Thorstad, K.       Temple Donation

Principal      Van Hulst, A.      Cardiometabolic    Support          QUALITY Cohort                $500              2018
Investigator                      Health, Diabetes   Program for      Research Day
                                  and Obesity        Scientifics
                                  Research Network   Events

Principal      Van Hulst, A.      Cardiometabolic    Support          Café Scientifique : Le        $1,500            2018
Investigator                      Health, Diabetes   Program for      Grand-Défi CIRCUTI Futé
                                  and Obesity        Scientifics
                                  Research Network   Events

                                                          I N G R A M S C H O O L O F N U R S I N G R E S E A R C H R E P O RT | 28
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