International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK

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International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
International highlights catalogue
January – June 2023
Bonnier Books UK
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
                         The Witches of                                                 The Physician’s
                         Vardo                                                          Daughter
                         Anya Bergman                                                   Martha Conway

                         Anna is the King’s Prisoner. The                               1865, the end of the American
                         only way to get a pardon and                                   Civil War. 18-year old Vita wants
                         her old life of privilege back                                 to become a doctor like her
                         is through the Witches. The                                    father. But when he tells her she
                         Governor of Vardø intends to                                   must get married instead, Vita
                         purge the island of all witches                                flees with war veteran Jacob.
                         and as the panic grows, any                                    Together they hatch a plan to
                         act of agency can brand you a                                  satisfy them both. Months later,
                         witch. Anna is caught between                                  Vita seemingly has everything
                         the Governor and the accused                                   she wanted, but she wonders if
                         women, but then she finds a                                    the life she wanted was too good
                         power within her she never knew                                to be true. When love competes
                         she had. In an age weighted                                    with ambition, what will win?
ISBN 9781786581921       against them, the Witches of           ISBN 9781838778217
Pub date January 2023    Vardø refuse to be victims.            Pub date January 2023
Trade Paperback £13.99                                          Paperback £8.99

                         Cruel Tides                                                    The English Führer
                         Maria Adolfsson                                                Rory Clements

                         Inspector Karen Eiken Hornby                                   The War is over. But the defeated
                         has returned to her native                                     Axis have one final deadly plot.
                         island, Doggerland. Also, Luna                                 Late Summer 1945, Off the coast
                         has chosen to secretly record                                  of Norfolk, a Japanese sub with
                         her comeback album there. The                                  a deadly payload surfaces. In
                         morning after the wrap party,                                  cahoots with fleeing German
                         Luna is missing. While the rest                                high command, they plan on a
                         of the force is searching for a                                final roll of the dice with hopes
                         suspect who brutally attacks                                   of ending Britain’s victory
                         women, Karen discreetly looks                                  celebrations in their tracks.
                         for Luna. Karen faces choices
                         that could spell life or death, for
                         herself and others.
ISBN 9781838776626                                             ISBN 9781804181089
Pub date January 2023                                          Pub date January 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                Trade Paperback £13.99

                         The Mirror Man                                                 Outcast
                         Lars Kepler                                                    Chris Ryan

                         17-year-old Jenny is abducted                                  After intervening in a deadly
                         in broad daylight and caged                                    terrorist attack in Mali, SAS
                         in a dilapidated house with                                    Officer Geordie is denounced as
                         several other girls. If they try                               a lone wolf by jealous superiors.
                         to escape, they rarely survive                                 An outcast, Carter is given a
                         their punishment. Five years                                   second chance with a deniable
                         later, Jenny is found dead, and                                mission: locate SAS hero-gone-
                         Detective Joona Linna sees a                                   rogue, David Vann. Tracking
                         connection with a death years                                  Vann through Afghanistan and
                         before. When Mia goes missing,                                 Tajikistan, Geordie discovers
                         Joona realises they are chasing                                Vann’s involvement in a
                         a serial-killer, and the girls are                             conspiracy and an imminent
                         placed in even greater danger.                                 attack.
ISBN 9781838776480                                             ISBN 9781838777623
Pub date February 2023                                         Pub date February 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                Paperback £8.99
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK

                         Dark Rooms                                                     Cover   Pure Evil                                                                        See No Evil                                                            The Empire
                         Lynda La Plante                                                        Lynda La Plante                                                                  David Fennell                                                          Michael Ball

                         Jane Tennison is leading a                                             It was supposed to be a simple                                                   Two men are found dead in                                              Welcome to The Empire Theatre.
                         murder investigation into the                                          case: a man arrested for armed                                                   London’s Battersea Park. One                                           This, the most beloved of all
                         recent brutal death of a young                                         assault. But as he awaits trial,                                                 of the bodies has been laid out                                        theatres, holds a special place
                         girl, her decomposed starved                                           Detective Jack Warr is warned by                                                 like a crucifix - with his eyes                                        in every music lover’s heart. For
                         body discovered in an old air raid                                     his mentor DCI Ridley that they                                                  removed and placed on his open                                         The Empire is not just a theatre.
                         shelter. Then, another body is                                         have only scratched the surface                                                  palms. DI Grace Archer and                                             It is, truly, a palace of dreams.
                         found, hidden in the walls of the                                      of the man’s crimes. Then DCI                                                    her DS, Harry Quinnare led to a                                        For its audience, for its actors
                         shelter. As the investigation and                                      Ridley is suddenly removed from                                                  religious commune lead by Aaron                                        and singers, for the stagehands,
                         search for answers intensifies,                                        his post. As Warr digs into the                                                  Cronin. They suspect Cronin’s                                          the front-of-house staff, for its
                         Jane travels to Australia. There                                       criminal’s past, Ridley is accused                                               involvement but his alibis are                                         backers and its debtors – but
                         she discovers the dark secret,                                         of a murder he insists he didn’t                                                 watertight. Archer must first                                          above all for its owners.
                         that the Lanark family has kept                                        commit. One of these men is an                                                   battle her way through religious
                         hidden for decades...                                                  evil soul. But which?                                                            fanatics, London gangsters - and
ISBN 9781804180334                                             ISBN 9781804181126                                                                  ISBN 9781838778231            her own demons.                       ISBN 9781804180570
Pub date March 2023                                            Pub date March 2023                                                                 Pub date March 2023                                                 Pub date March 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                Trade Paperback £14.99                                                              Paperback £8.99                                                     Paperback £9.99

                                                                                                                                                                                 Virtual Strangers                                                      The Love Algorithm
                                                                                        Draft                                                                                    Sam Canning                                                            Claudia Carroll
                         Murder Most Royal                                              Cover   The Mother
                         SJ Bennett                                                             T.M. Logan

                                                                                                                                                                                 Ada and Fraser find themselves                                         When Iris decides to take
                         A murder at her beloved                                                A woman attends a funeral,                                                       freelancing from the same                                              finding a partner into her own
                         Sandringham House threatens                                            standing in the shadows. But she                                                 café every day and strike up a                                         hands - using her extensive
                         to ruin Christmas for the Queen                                        is unable to reveal her secret. A                                                friendship. They answer calls the                                      research to create the most
                         in the third mystery in the Her                                        decade earlier, Heather awaits                                                   other wants to avoid, posing as                                        scientifically accurate algorithm
                         Majesty The Queen Investigates                                         the return of her husband Liam,                                                  assistants and Ada notices how                                         for love. She decides to launch
                         series. A human hand and a bag                                         little realising that this is the last                                           attractive Fraser is. But when                                         Analyse, a dating app like no
                         of drugs are found washed up                                           night they will spend together as                                                Ada’s friend puts her in touch                                         other. But she can’t do it alone,
                         on a beach next to the Queen’s                                         a family. Because tomorrow she                                                   with a mystery man, Fraser is                                          roping in Kim and Connie as
                         estate. The investigation leads                                        will be accused of Liam’s murder.                                                back to faux-assistant. They                                           guinea pigs, setting them up
                         the Queen to a pigeon racing                                           Now she will stop at nothing to                                                  meet, and get on brilliantly. But                                      with their scientifically-approved
                         club. But how do the seemingly                                         clear her name - and to get her                                                  why can’t Ada stop thinking                                            soulmates. Because, after all,
                         disparate pieces of the puzzle                                         children back.                                                                   about Fraser?                                                          love is just a numbers game,
                         fit together? And who is the next
                                                                                                                                                   ISBN 9781838779221                                                  ISBN 9781838778316               isn’t it?
                                                                                                                                                   Pub date March 2023                                                 Pub date April 2023
ISBN 9781838776206       victim?                               ISBN 9781804180846                                                                  Paperback £8.99                                                     Paperback £8.99
Pub date May 2023                                              Pub date March 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                Trade Paperback £13.99

                                                                                                                                                                         Draft                                                                  Draft
                         The Walled Garden                                                      The Messenger                                                            Cover   Nemesis                                                        Cover   Killing Jericho
                         Sarah Hardy                                                            Megan Davis                                                                      Wilbur Smith and                                                       William Hussey
                                                                                                                                                                                 Tom Harper

                         Alice is lucky to have her                                             Alex is part of the Parisian elite,                                              Paris, 1794. Crowds gather to                                          The gothic, helter-skelter thriller
                         husband Stephen home from                                              but he and his father have never                                                 watch victims of the revolution.                                       debut that introduces crime
                         the war at the grand Oakbourne                                         seen eye to eye. Alex seeks                                                      Among them is the Marquise de                                          fiction’s first ever Traveller
                         Hall, but Alice little recognises                                      freedom on and new-found                                                         Berenchy, formerly Constance                                           detective, Scott Jericho. Men and
                         him. Then George Ivens, a young                                        friend Sami teaches him how to                                                   Courtney. Her son Paul watches                                         women with no obvious link to
                         vicar from London, arrives in                                          survive. A plan to steal money                                                   her execution, and hides as                                            each other are being murdered.
                         Oakbourne. Facing a bleak                                              takes a sinister turn when                                                       part of Napoleon’s army. He is                                         As Jericho unpicks the threads,
                         future, Alice tries to pick up the                                     Alex’s father is found dead and                                                  sent up the Nile, but when his                                         a hunt for a killer begins. But as
                         pieces of her marriage and save                                        both boys are imprisoned for                                                     regiment is attacked, he flees.                                        the bodies pile up, a shocking
                         Oakbourne Hall from collapse,                                          murder. Seven years later Alex is                                                Paul finds himself at Nativity Bay                                     truth awaits him. A revelation
                         beginning with the walled                                              released, determined to discover                                                 on the East Coast of Africa, little                                    that will test not only Jericho’s
                         garden. As it starts to bear fruit,                                    who really killed his father.                                                    knowing that this is the home of                                       intellect but challenge the core
                         she finds herself drawn into a                                                                                                                          his distant Courtney relatives,                                        of his morality.
ISBN 9781838779269       new, forbidden love.                  ISBN 9781838778583                                                                  ISBN 9781804180136            and destined for battle.              ISBN 9781804181171
Pub date March 2023                                            Pub date March 2023                                                                 Pub date April 2023                                                 Pub date April 2023
Trade Paperback £13.99                                         Trade Paperback £13.99                                                              Hardback £22.00                                                     Trade Paperback £13.99
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK

                                                                                                                                                             Draft                                                                Author
                         Bear Woman                                                 The Girl on the                                                          Cover   The Polite Act of                                            Photo    Ghost Cat
                         Karolina Ramqvist                                          88 Bus                                                                           Drowning                                                              Alex Howard
                                                                                    Freya Sampson                                                                    Charleen Hurtubise

                         In 1541 Margeurite travels                                 When Libby arrives in London                                                     The drowning of a teenage                                             Twelve decades, nine lives, one
                         with her guardian on a French                              broken-hearted, the first person                                                 girl causes ripples in the town                                       cat. Follow Ghost Cat as he
                         expedition to the new world.                               she meets is pensioner Frank.                                                    of Kettle Lake. For Rosemary                                          witnesses the changes of the
                         After a sexual scandal, she is                             He tells her about the time in                                                   Kennedy, it dredges up                                                past two centuries as he purrs
                         punished with abandonment                                  1962 he met a girl on the bus.                                                   memories, and she drifts farther                                      his way through the fashion,
                         on a barren island in the North                            They made plans, but Frank lost                                                  from her family and reality. Mags                                     politics and technological
                         Atlantic. Centuries later, Swedish                         her number. For the past 60                                                      notices her mother’s attachment                                       advances of the modern era
                         writer Karolina Ramqvist heard                             years, he’s ridden the same bus                                                  to the mysterious professor                                           alongside the inhabitants of
                         the legend of the Bear Woman                               trying to find her. Libby decides                                                occupying the cottage across                                          an Edinburgh tenement. This
                         and became obsessed with the                               to continue the search. But with                                                 the lake. Then troubled Lucinda                                       memoir provides a feel-good
                         story of survival. Bear Woman is                           Frank’s dementia progressing,                                                    arrives in town, and Mags                                             read full of charm for any fan of
                         an exploration of motherhood                               their chance of finding the girl on                                              entrusts her with her own hidden                                      history, humour and fur-ridden
                         and life as a woman, both then                             the 88 bus is slipping away.                                                     secrets. Can break free from the                                      fun.
ISBN 9781786580597       and now.                              ISBN 9781838778392                                                   ISBN 9781804182451               cycle of trauma and forge her           ISBN 9781785304484
Pub date March 2023                                            Pub date June 2023                                                   Pub date April 2023              own path?                               Pub date May 2023
Paperback £9.99                                                Paperback £8.99                                                      Trade paperback £13.99                                                   Hardback £12.99

                         An Island Promise                                          Titans of War                                                                    The Illusions                                                         The Launch Party
                         Patricia Wilson                                            Wilbur Smith and                                                                 Liz Hyder                                                             Lauren Forry
                                                                                    Mark Chadbourn

                         Patricia Wilson’s latest sweeping                          For over 50 years Egypt has                                                      At a time of extraordinary                                            Ten people have won a place
                         historical romantic novel follows                          known only war at the hands of                                                   change, two women must                                                at the biggest launch event of
                         a Daphne, a young, Jewish Greek                            the Hyksos. Times are desperate,                                                 harness their talents to take                                         the century: the first hotel on
                         artist as she hides during the                             a resistance fights on under                                                     control of their own destiny. The                                     the moon. However, they soon
                         Nazi occupation of Athens. In                              Taita, a slave who has risen                                                     Illusions is the captivating new                                      discover that all is not as it
                         2023, Daphne’s granddaughter,                              beyond his ranks. Piay has grown                                                 novel from the much-lauded                                            seems. They are completely
                         Flora, an art restorer, is planning                        up with Taita as his master, but                                                 author of The Gifts. Inspired by                                      alone. When one of the guests
                         her 100th birthday, when Daphne                            is entitled and reckless. Taita                                                  real-life illusionists and early film                                 is found murdered, fear spreads.
                         tells Flora of a valuable piece of                         sets him a task to prove his                                                     pioneers, this astonishing story                                      But that death is only the
                         art which bought her freedom                               worth, and so Piay embarks on a                                                  of women and talent, magic and                                        beginning. Being three days’
                         during the war. Realising she                              dangerous mission to the lands                                                   power, sweeps you into a world                                        journey from home and no way to
                         knows so little about her family                           in the north. Can Piay succeed                                                   where anything is possible and                                        contact the outside, can any of
                         history, Flora heads to Corfu to                           - or will this mean the end of                                                   nothing is quite as it seems.                                         the guests survive their stay?
ISBN 9781804181249       uncover the secrets of their past.    ISBN 9781838776343   Egypt?                                          ISBN 9781786581877                                                       ISBN 9781838777517
Pub date May 2023                                              Pub date May 2023                                                    Pub date June 2023                                                       Pub date June 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                Paperback £8.99                                                      Trade Paperback £13.99                                                   Paperback £8.99

                         The Spider                                                 The Hive                                                                         What the Focaccia                                                     This Wild,
                         Lars Kepler                                                Scarlett Brade                                                                   Ginger Jones                                                          Wild Country
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Inga Vesper

                         Three years ago, Saga Bauer                                SHOULD HE LIVE OR DIE? YOU                                                       Escape to Italy with the brand-                                       1933. As a widow in New
                         received a threat about a gun                              DECIDE. Charlotte Goodwin has                                                    new romcom from the author of                                         Mexico, Cornelia Stover ought
                         with nine white bullets - one of                           killed her ex-boyfriend Lincoln’s                                                You Had Me at Halloumi. Ginger                                        to be taking care of her home
                         which is waiting for Detective                             new partner in cold blood. But                                                   Jones is back with her next                                           and daughter, instead, she is
                         Joona Linna. Time passed and                               she is not finished yet. Streaming                                               laugh-out-loud, mouth-watering                                        meddling with things which
                         the threat faded. Until now… A                             live on Instagram, Charlotte asks                                                tale from the rolling fields of sun-                                  don’t concern her. 1970. Former
                         decomposed body is found in the                            the viewers to decide whether                                                    drenched Italy. Add a dash of                                         cop Joanna flees an abusive
                         forest alongside a A milky white                           Lincoln should live or die. But                                                  romance to your life with a spicy                                     marriage, and hippie Glitter
                         bullet casing. Soon the police are                         as his past is revealed, how will                                                tale that’s sure to satisfy your                                      struggles to create a free-love
                         sent complicated riddles from                              he be judged? Now, Charlotte’s                                                   appetite . . .                                                        commune. Soo, they discover a
                         the killer and Joona Linna and                             friends also face a choice,                                                                                                                            crime and are caught up in the
                         Saga Bauer must fight to solve                             whether to help her get away                                                                                                                           decades-old disappearance of
                         the puzzle.                                                with murder.                                                                                                                                           Gillter’s grandmother, Cornelia.
ISBN 9781838777876                                             ISBN 9781838776787                                                   ISBN 9781838778446                                                       ISBN 9781838776695
Pub date May 2023                                              Pub date May 2023                                                    Pub date June 2023                                                       Pub date June 2023
Trade Paperback £13.99                                         Paperback £8.99                                                      Paperback £8.99                                                          Paperback £8.99
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK

                         Talking with                                                            Age Proof                                                                    Us and Them                                                       Stacked Against Us
                         Psychopaths and                                                         Professor Rose Anne                                                          Mark Blake                                                        Sabrina Cohen-Hatton
                         Savages: Letters
                         from Serial Killers
                         Christopher Berry-Dee
                                                                                                 Professor Rose Anne Kenny has                                                Between the 1960s and 1980s,                                      In Stacked Against Us, Sabrina
                         This is Christopher back to his                                         35 years of experience at the                                                design house Hipgnosis created                                    explores the everyday prejudices
                         original and best - a unique study                                      forefront of ageing medicine. In                                             some of the most iconic album                                     women experience through
                         of the criminal mind based on his                                       Age Proof, she demystifies why                                               artwork of all time. Having                                       the prism of success. From
                         extensive, and downright creepy                                         we age and shows us that 80%                                                 originally been approached to                                     leadership, to risk-taking,
                         correspondence with murderers,                                          of our ageing biology is within                                              design an album cover for their                                   perception and failure, Sabrina
                         serial killers and psychopaths                                          our control: food, genetics,                                                 friends Pink Floyd, students                                      exposes the invisible barriers
                         behind bars, with exclusive scans                                       friendships, purpose, sex,                                                   Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell and Storm                                      that are holding women back.
                         of letters and eerily-designed                                          exercise and laughter all effect                                             Thorgerson went on to define the                                  Sabrina unpicks why women are
                         envelopes. A must-have for fans                                         how we age. This illuminating                                                visual identity of rock and roll for                              judged differently, examines why
                         of the series.                                                          book will show you the steps                                                 the next fifteen years, gaining                                   that matters and offers practical
                                                                                                 you can take to stay younger for                                             international prominence for                                      solutions on how we can tackle
                                                                                                 longer.                                                                      their famed The Dark Side of the                                  our biases and overcome
ISBN 9781789466577                                              ISBN 9781788705066                                                                   ISBN 9781788705684       Moon artwork.                           ISBN 9781788707879        sustained systems.
Pub date January 2023                                           Pub date January 2023                                                                Pub date February 2023                                           Pub date March 2023
Trade Paperback £14.99                                          Paperback £10.99                                                                     Trade Paperback £14.99                                           Trade Paperback £14.99

                         Always Remember                                                 Cover
                                                                                                 Culture: A New                                                               How to Talk to Your                                              Military Intelligence
                         Your Name                                                               World History                                                                Cat                                                              Blunders
                         Andra & Tatiana Bucci                                                   Martin Puchner                                                               Claire Bessant                                                   Colonel John Hughes-

                         In March 1944, Italian sisters Tati                                     The book shows how art forms                                                 Cats have been favourite                                         A professional military-
                         (six) and Andra (four) were taken                                       have crisscrossed continents                                                 domestic pets since ancient                                      intelligence officer’s view of
                         to Auschwitz, to the Kinder Block                                       over centuries to produce                                                    times, and an understanding has                                  some of the greatest intelligence
                         presided over by Josef Mengele.                                         masterpieces. From Nefertiti’s                                               evolved between these animals                                    blunders of recent history.
                         Only 70 children survived the                                           lost city and the Islamic Golden                                             and their human counterparts.                                    Including the government misuse
                         camp. Throughout it all they                                            Age to twentieth century                                                     This book, written by a leading                                  of intelligence in the US-led
                         clung to their promise to their                                         Nigerian theatre and Modernist                                               cat expert, will guide you toward                                coalition’s 2003 war with Iraq,
                         mother to ‘always remember your                                         poetry, Martin Puchner explores                                              forging a more meaningful bond                                   and failures of intelligence
                         name’. It was this that brought                                         how contact between different                                                between you and your cat. Claire                                 in Ukraine in February 2022,
                         them back to their parents, years                                       peoples has driven artistic                                                  Bessant explains cats’ likes and                                 Colonel John Hughes-Wilson
                         later. The sisters lived long lives,                                    innovation in every era - whilst                                             dislikes, and analyses problems                                  analyses the events that
                         bearing witness as survivors of                                         cultural policing and purism have                                            that arise between cats and their                                conspire to cause disaster.
                         the Holocaust.                                                          more often undermined the very                                               owners, along with advice on
ISBN 9781786581242                                              ISBN 9781804182550               societies they tried to protect.                    ISBN 9781789465990       how to solve them.                     ISBN 9781789466690
Pub date January 2023                                           Pub date February 2023                                                               Pub date March 2023                                             Pub date March 2023
Paperback £9.99                                                 Trade Paperback £16.99                                                               Paperback £8.99                                                 Paperback £10.99

                         You, Me and the                                                         Ugly                                                                         Break Free                                                       Managing
                         Space Between Us                                                        Anita Bhagwandas                                                             Adam Atler                                                       Expectations
                         Matt and Sarah Davies                                                                                                                                                                                                 Minnie Driver

                         This book is for anyone                                                 We’ve all had moments where we                                               Everyone, at some time, will                                     A dazzling ‘tell-most’ memoir:
                         struggling in their relationship.                                       look in the mirror and nothing                                               go through episodes of simply                                    poignant and laugh-out-loud
                         Written by two relationship                                             looking back at us feels ok. We’re                                           being stuck; whether it’s in our                                 funny scenes from the life of
                         therapists, who are also a                                              told that this is part of ‘being                                             careers or relationships, our                                    actor Minnie Driver. This book
                         married couple, it unpicks why                                          a woman’. We’re encouraged                                                   personal, professional or artistic                               is memoir-ish. A collection of
                         communication breaks down.                                              to obsess over it and go to any                                              lives. Unstuck is the remedy to                                  stories about how things not
                         Every relationship goes through                                         length to change it, but we’re                                               identifying and overcooking the                                  working out - worked out in
                         periods of rupture, but Matt and                                        also ordered to ‘just love                                                   ‘friction points’ holding us back                                the end. How reaching for the
                         Sarah show us how to turn this                                          ourselves’. Ugly uncovers where                                              categorising them as existing                                    dream is easily more interesting,
                         into something positive. Written                                        these beauty standards started,                                              in our Head, Heart or Habits.                                    expansive, sad and funny than
                         with empathy and wisdom, this                                           why they’ve been perpetuated                                                 Unstuck then takes us through a                                  the dream itself coming true.
                         book is a blend of narrative,                                           and how they’re still being                                                  5-step process to strive for more                                Honest, funny, raw and brilliantly
                         advice, case studies and                                                upheld. It is time to finally break                                          and to thrive.                                                   written: essays from Minnie
ISBN 9781788708142       practical exercises.                   ISBN 9781788704762               free.                                               ISBN 9781788706209                                              ISBN 9781786581815        Driver.
Pub date February 2023                                          Pub date February 2023                                                               Pub date April 2023                                             Pub date April 2023
Trade Paperback £14.99                                          Trade Paperback £14.99                                                               Trade Paperback £14.99                                          Paperback £9.99
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK

                         Cover   The Ten                                                        Kitty’s Salon                                                                       Box-Set Business                                          Revenge
                                 Commandments                                                   Nigel Jones, Urs Brunner                                                            School                                                    Tom Bower
                                 Fats Timbo                                                     and Dr Julia Schrammel                                                              Rhianna Dhillon

                                 Born with Achondroplasia, Fats                                 Salon Kitty was the most                                                            Box-Set Business School leads                             Tom Bower, Britain’s leading
                                 Timbo entered a world which                                    notorious brothel in Berlin. But                                                    us through what TV series can                             investigative biographer, unpicks
                                 does not accept those outside                                  when the Nazis took power,                                                          teach us about business. From                             the tangled web surrounding the
                                 of its expectations. This is her                               it a spying centre with every                                                       why you should always put the                             Sussexes and their relationship
                                 10 commandments for living                                     room wired for sound, staffed                                                       product first in Breaking Bad                             with the royal family. From
                                 fearlessly. Fats will share how                                by women agents to coax                                                             to cash-flow being king in The                            courtroom dramas to courtier
                                 she came to love her body and                                  secrets from their VIP clients.                                                     Sopranos, and the importance of                           politics, using extensive
                                 face down her challenges. Each                                 Masterminded by Reinhard                                                            teamwork in Buffy the Vampire                             research, expert sourcing and
                                 chapter ends with personal                                     Heydrich, the exclusive                                                             Slayer. Learn all about business                          interviews from insiders who
                                 journaling space, and once you                                 establishment turned listening                                                      from the comfort of your sofa                             have never spoken before, this
                                 have finished, Fats wants you to                               post was patronised by the Nazi                                                     - and never feel bad about binge-                         book uncovers an astonishing
                                 rip those pages out and create                                 leaders themselves, not knowing                                                     watching until the early hours                            story of love, betrayal, secrets
                                 your own manifesto for living                                  that hidden ears were listening.                                                    ever again.                                               and revenge.
ISBN 9781788708500               fearlessly.                           ISBN 9781789466133                                                          ISBN 9781788707961                                                    ISBN 9781788705875
Pub date April 2023                                                    Pub date April 2023                                                         Pub date May 2023                                                     Pub date June 2023
Trade Paperback £14.99                                                 Trade Paperback £14.99                                                      Trade Paperback £12.99                                                Paperback £9.99

                                 All Else Failed                                                Season of the                                                               Draft   Catherine, Our                                            The Stone Age
                                 Dana Sachs                                                     Witch                                                                               Future Queen                                              Lesley-Ann Jones
                                                                                                Cathi Unsworth                                                                      Robert Jobson

                                 In 2015, huge numbers of                                       Cathi Unsworth provides the                                                         Kate Middleton’s life’s story                             Lesley-Ann Jones’s new history
                                 refugees and migrants, most                                    first comprehensive overview of                                                     seems like a modern-day                                   tracks this contradictory,
                                 of them fleeing war-torn                                       the music, context and lasting                                                      fairy-tale. Now, with the British                         disturbing, granitic and
                                 homelands, arrived by boat on                                  legacy of goth. This is the story                                                   monarchy in transition, Catherine                         unstoppable band through
                                 the shores of Greece, setting off                              of how goth was shaped by the                                                       is destined to become the first                           hope, glory and exile, into the
                                 the greatest human displacement                                politics of the era – from the                                                      ‘commoner Queen’ in British                               juggernaut years and beyond into
                                 since WWII. All Else Failed                                    miners’ strikes and privatisation                                                   history. As interest in the royals                        rock’s ongoing reckoning... where
                                 introduces us to those who                                     to the Troubles and AIDS – as                                                       continues to gain legions of new,                         the Stones seem more at odds
                                 volunteered to help them. This                                 well as how its rock ’n’ roll                                                       younger fans, there is increasing                         than ever with the values and
                                 is a compelling eyewitness                                     outlaw imagery and innovative,                                                      interest in their histories and                           heritage against which they have
                                 account of the volunteer relief                                atmospheric music cross-                                                            back stories of the principal                             always rebelled. Good, bad and
                                 network that emerged to meet                                   pollinated throughout Britain                                                       players in this story.                                    often ugly, here are the Rolling
                                 the enormous need.                                             and internationally, speaking to a                                                                                                            Stones as never before.
 ISBN 9781804440247                                                    ISBN 9781788706247       generation of alienated youths.                    ISBN 9781789466621                                                    ISBN 9781789465532
 Pub date May 2023                                                     Pub date May 2023                                                           Pub date June 2023                                                    Pub date June 2023
 Paperback £12.99                                                      Hardback £20.00                                                             Trade Paperback £16.99                                                Paperback £9.99

                                 Master the Art of                                              Something Wicked                                                                    The Islander                                              From CIA to CEO
                                 Trading                                                        Carol Ann Lee                                                                       Chris Blackwell                                           Rupal Patel
                                 Lewis Daniels

                                 Trading has never been more                                    In August 1612, ten people                                                          As the founder of Island Records,                         An ops manual for leaders and
                                 popular. From hobbyist investors                               from Pendle were executed at                                                        Chris Blackwell has discovered                            entrepreneurs that reveals how
                                 to day traders, in recent years                                Lancaster’s Gallows Hill. They                                                      and worked with some of the                               the techniques of the CIA can
                                 we have seen a boom unlike                                     had endured six months of                                                           most important musicians - from                           help anyone find their voice,
                                 anything before as people look                                 imprisonment and torture. Today,                                                    Steve Winwood to Cat Stevens,                             discover their potential, and
                                 to the markets for a boost in ever                             a thriving tourism industry exists                                                  Bob Marley to Grace Jones, U2                             thrive in the world of business.
                                 more precarious times. However,                                there, yet virtually everything we                                                  to Roxy Music, plus countless                             Agent-turned-entrepreneur Rupal
                                 while existing literature is either                            know originates from Thomas                                                         others. He is also widely credited                        Patel shares the unique skills
                                 too old, too niche or too arcane,                              Potts’ Wonderfull Discoverie                                                        with having brought reggae                                she developed as a woman and
                                 there is nothing comprehensive                                 of Witches, published in 1613                                                       music to the world stage. Now                             field agent in the high-stakes,
                                 and cutting edge to offer new                                  and skewed in favour of the                                                         Blackwell takes us back to the                            alpha-male world of the CIA, and
                                 investors as an entry point.                                   prosecution. Until now.                                                             island where it all began: Jamaica                        combines those insights with her
                                 Master the Art of Trading does                                                                                                                     where his musical instincts                               experiences as a business leader
ISBN 9781788708845               exactly that.                         ISBN 9781789465846                                                          ISBN 9781788705776               flourished.                          ISBN 9781788706742   and advisor.
Pub date May 2023                                                      Pub date June 2023                                                          Pub date June 2023                                                    Pub date June 2023
Trade Paperback £16.99                                                 Trade Paperback £14.99                                                      Paperback £9.99                                                       Paperback £9.99
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
Children’s (YA)
                                                                                                                               Footnote press
                          Map of Hope and                                                Voice of the Fish                                                               The Stolen Heir                                                        This Is How You Fall
                          Sorrow                                                         Lars Horn                                                                       Holly Black                                                            In Love
                          Helen Benedict & Eyad                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anika Hussain

                          Helen Benedict, award-winning                                  Lars Horn’s Voice of the Fish,                                                  #1 New York Times bestselling                                          When Zara’s best friend Adnan
                          British-American professor                                     winner of the Gray Wolf                                                         author Holly Black returns to                                          begs her to pretend to date him,
                          of journalism at Columbia                                      Press Non Fiction Prize, is a                                                   the opulent world of Elfhame in                                        she is hesitant. This isn’t the
                          University, teams up with                                      kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory                                                    the first book in a thrilling new                                      kind of thing she had in mind.
                          Syrian writer and refugee, Eyad                                memoir that explores the trans                                                  duology, following Jude’s brother                                      Zara agrees and the act begins,
                          Awwadawnan, to present the                                     experience through meditations                                                  Oak, and the changeling queen,                                         how different can pretending
                          stories of five refugees who have                              upon aquatic life and mythology,                                                Suren. A reluctant prince. A                                           to be in relationship with your
                          endured long and dangerous                                     set against the backdrop                                                        runaway queen. And a quest that                                        bestie be? Turns out, a lot. With
                          journeys from the Middle East                                  of travels in Russia and a                                                      may destroy them both.                                                 fake dating comes fake kissing
                          and Africa to Greece.                                          debilitating injury that left Horn                                                                                                                     and real feelings... And when a
                                                                                         temporarily unable to speak, read                                                                                                                      new boy turns up in Zara’s life,
                                                                                         and write.                                                                                                                                             things get more confusing than
ISBN 9781804440018                                             ISBN 9781804440179                                                               ISBN 9781471413629                                             ISBN 9781471412806
Pub date June 2022                                             Pub date September 2022                                                          Pub date January 2023                                          Pub date February 2023
Trade Paperback £12.99                                         Trade Paperback £12.99                                                           Paperback £8.99                                                Paperback £8.99
                                                                                                                                                12+ years                                                      12+ years

                          Strong Female                                                  Between Starshine                                                               Glow Up,                                                       Cover   Robin Hood 6:
                          Character                                                      and Clay                                                                        Lara Bloom                                                             Bandits, Dirt Bikes
                          Hannah Flint                                                   Sarah Ladipo Manyika                                                            Dee Benson                                                             & Trash
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Robert Muchamore

                          Hanna Flint speaks from                                        Award-winning author and                                                        When Lara meets Caiden, she                                            More outrageous and high-
                          the heart in Strong Female                                     cultural critic Sarah Ladipo                                                    begins to think that the way to                                        intensity action from teen
                          Character, a personal and                                      Manyika takes us on a                                                           his heart is to give herself a glow                                    rebel and social-media star
                          incisive reflection on how                                     remarkable journey across                                                       up. You should never glow up                                           Robin Hood and friends as they
                          cinema has been the key to                                     contemporary cultural and                                                       for a boy, only for yourself! As                                       continue their campaign against
                          understanding herself and the                                  political landscapes as she                                                     Lara and her friends embark on                                         the brutal and corrupt powers
                          world we live in. Warm, funny                                  speaks with some of the most                                                    their project of empowerment,                                          that be. The sixth episode in the
                          and engaging and full of film-                                 distinguished Black thinkers                                                    Lara shares all of her innermost                                       latest bulls-eye hit series from
                          infused lessons, this will appeal                              of our times, including Nobel                                                   thoughts with her online journal.                                      the bestselling author of Cherub.
                          to readers of all backgrounds                                  Laureates Toni Morrison and                                                     Then Lara’s journal is leaked for
                          and seeks to help us better see                                Wole Soyinka, and civic leaders                                                 everyone at school to see. Can
                          ourselves in our own eyes rather                               first lady Michelle Obama and                                                   her friends help set Lara back
                          than letting others decide who                                 Senator Cory Booker.                                                            on track?
ISBN 9781804440001        and what we can be.                  ISBN 9781804440193                                                               ISBN 9781471412912                                             ISBN 9781471412820
Pub date September 2022                                        Pub date October 2022                                                            Pub date February 2023                                         Pub date March 2023
Trade Paperback £12.99                                         Trade Paperback £14.99                                                           Paperback £7.99                                                Paperback £7.99
                                                                                                                                                11+ years                                                      12+ years

                          Drifts                                                         Wild Geese                                                                      The Sharp Edge of                                                      Steady for This
                          Natasha Burge                                                  Soula Emmanuel                                                                  Silence                                                                Nathanael Lessore
                                                                                                                                                                         Cameron Kelly

                          A strikingly original memoir of                                Wild Geese by debut novelist                                                    Charlotte is a straight-A student                                      Shaun is ready to smash the
                          autism and transcultural identity,                             Soula Emmanuel tells the story                                                  and girlfriend of the school’s star                                    competition at Raptology. But
                          Drifts takes us through the                                    of Phoebe Forde, an Irish trans                                                 rower. Scholarship student Max                                         when a livestream practice goes
                          souks, sands and cities of the                                 woman living in Scandinavia.                                                    is struggling until he joins the                                       wrong, Growls’s dirty laundry
                          Arabian Gulf, where the author                                 Overeducated and underpaid,                                                     rowing team. Quinn is a legacy                                         is literally exposed. He’s finally
                          is a native-born foreigner, to                                 Phoebe is finally settling into her                                             student, who watches the boy                                           achieved his dreams of going
                          discover a new mapping of the                                  new life when she unexpectedly                                                  who assaulted her continue                                             viral - not in the good way. He’s
                          self and a celebration of the                                  reconnects with her first (and                                                  to thrive. The solution to her                                         the joke of the school and there’s
                          many stories a self – and a place                              only) girlfriend, igniting memories                                             suffering? Colin Pearce must die.                                      no way he can show his face at
                          – can hold.                                                    she thought she’d left behind.                                                  The three students uncover just                                        the competition. Will he ever
                                                                                                                                                                         how far the school will go to keep                                     catch a break? It’s comeback
                                                                                                                                                                         ugly truths hidden. A tense and                                        season and they call him
                                                                                                                                                                         timely revenge thriller.                                               comeback king for a reason.
ISBN 9781804440100                                             ISBN 9781804440391                                                               ISBN 9781471413476                                             ISBN 9781471413223
Pub date March 2022                                            Pub date March 2022                                                              Pub date April 2023                                            Pub date April 2023
Trade Paperback £11.99                                         Trade Paperback £13.99                                                           Paperback £7.99                                                Paperback £7.99
                                                                                                                                                12+ years                                                      12+ years
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
Children’s (middle grade)
                                                                                                                                       Children’s (YA)
                             When Women Were                                                    You Are a Story                                                                   The Marvellers                                               Kate on the Case:
                             Dragons                                                            Laura Dockrill                                                                    Dhonielle Clayton                                            The Headline Hoax
                             Kelly Barnhill                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Kate on the Case 3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hannah Peck

                             Set in 1950s Wisconsin, this                                       Everybody can write. You don’t                                                    11 year-old Ella is the first                                Follow brilliant young reporter
                             is the story of Alex Green, a                                      need a fancy desk or a posh                                                       Conjuror to attend the Arcanum                               Kate as she heads to the city
                             young girl in a world much like                                    expensive pen. You don’t need                                                     Training Institute, a magic school                           for her biggest challenge yet!
                             ours - except women and girls                                      a degree or to be the smartest                                                    in the clouds. Ella discovers that                           Kate receives a VIP invitation to
                             can transform into dragons.                                        cookie in the jar. All you need is                                                being the first isn’t easy—some                              the headquarters of newspaper
                             This breath-taking novel follows                                   a brain and a heart. Celebrated                                                   Marvellers mistrust her magic.                               The Lookout Post to help her
                             Alex’s journey from innocent                                       writer Laura Dockrill knows that                                                  When a dangerous criminal                                    hero, top reporter Catherine
                             four-year-old to fiercely                                          the best writing comes when you                                                   escapes prison, Ella becomes the                             Rodriguez! But Kate’s dream
                             independent teenager as she                                        are speaking your own truth, with                                                 target of suspicion. Worse, her                              begins to sour when she finds
                             learns what force is needed for                                    your own voice. Laura’s stress-                                                   elixirs teacher Masterji Thakur                              that all is not as it should be
                             girls and women to reshape their                                   free invitations to creative writing                                              mysteriously disappears. Ella                                at the newspaper. Will Kate be
                             lives, and what strength they                                      encourage you to find your voice,                                                 must clear her family’s name and                             able to make the scoop of the
                             have when allowed to wield it.                                     celebrate it and use it.                                                          track down her mentor before it’s                            century?
ISBN 9781471412226                                                ISBN 9781471413148                                                                     ISBN 9781800785472       too late.                            ISBN 9781800781658
Pub date May 2023                                                 Pub date May 2023                                                                      Pub date January 2023                                         Pub date January 2023
Paperback £8.99                                                   Paperback £7.99                                                                        Paperback £7.99                                               Paperback £7.99
16+ years                                                         12+ years                                                                              9-11 years                                                    9-11 years

                             DIMILY Trilogy                                            Author
                                                                                                Just Don’t Mention                                                                Bob vs the Selfie                                             I, Spy
                             Estelle Maskame                                                    It                                                                                Zombies                                                       Rhian Tracey
                                                                                                Estelle Maskame                                                                   Andy Jones

                             DIMILY follows Eden and Tyler,                                     At 17, Tyler is a hot mess. His                                                   Bob doesn’t know why he can                                   12 year old Robyn has grown up
                             teenagers from different worlds                                    girlfriend is a knockout, his                                                     time travel, but when he comes                                in Bletchley Park. Then WWII
                             who are thrown together by fate.                                   reputation untouchable. But                                                       face to face with his future self,                            begins and everything changes.
                             When 16 year old Eden agrees to                                    inside Tyler is in ruins. Then one                                                he’s got no choice but to try and                             Robyn must sign the Official
                             spend summer with her father                                       summer Eden comes to stay.                                                        do something. In the future, an                               Secrets Act and can no longer
                             in the Santa Monica, California,                                   She’s upfront, sharp and far                                                      evil genius has created a selfie                              leave the grounds of the park.
                             she meets her three new step-                                      more enticing than a stepsister                                                   camera that turns people into                                 While the park is buzzing with
                             brothers. The eldest is Tyler, a                                   should be. She also sees straight                                                 zombies, and the world has                                    people in support of the war
                             troubled teenager with a short                                     through Tyler’s bad boy façade.                                                   completely collapsed. Now it’s up                             effort, Robyn is convinced that
                             temper and a huge ego. The                                         As irresistible and dazzling as its                                               to Bob to save them all. Perfect                              there’s trouble afoot. Along with
                             trilogy includes Did I Mention I                                   Californian backdrop, Just Don’t                                                  for fans of David Solomons,                                   her friends Mary and Ned, she
                             Love You?, Did I Mention I Need                                    Mention It is Tyler’s story from                                                  Dabid Bddiel and Greg James &                                 resolves to uncover the enemy
                             You?, and Did I Mention I Miss                                     the DIMILY series.                                                                Chris Smith.                                                  within their midst…
ISBN 9781785303807           You?                                 ISBN 9781785303814                                                                     ISBN 9781800783485                                             ISBN 9781800784406
Pub date May 2023                                                 Pub date May 2023                                                                      Pub date February 2023                                         Pub date March 2023
Paperback £14.99                                                  Paperback £8.99                                                                        Paperback £7.99                                                Paperback £7.99
12+ years                                                         12+ years                                                                              9-11 years                                                     9-11 years

                     Draft   Rhubarb Lemonade                                                   The Invocations                                                                   Nell and the Cave                                             Pixie at the Palace
                             Oskar Kroon                                                        Krystal Sutherland                                                                Bear: The Journey                                             Julie Sykes

                                                                                                                                                                                  Martin Brown

                             Vinga dreams of the sea. She’s                                     Five women are dead. The killer                                                   Join brave little Nell and her                                Princess Katie’s greatest wish
                             going to be a sailor when she                                      leaves no fingerprints, no DNA.                                                   beloved companion Cave Bear in                                is to have a kitten of her own to
                             grows up. It’s summer, and here                                    Police are utterly stumped. In a                                                  this second delightful adventure                              care for. So when she discovers
                             with Granddad on the island, all                                   world where only women can use                                                    from renowned illustrator Martin                              a litter of kittens in the forest,
                             her problems feel far away. A girl                                 magic and the men who know                                                        Brown. Nell and Cave Bear                                     it’s a dream come true! But back
                             named Ruth starts appearing                                        about it seek to eradicate them,                                                  are safe in the company of the                                at the palace she realises that
                             in Vinga’s workshop. Spending                                      three lonely teenage girls - one                                                  animal-loving Sea Clan. But                                   one of the kittens is missing!
                             time together, their friendship                                    cursed, one hunted, one out for                                                   when the Woodland Clan begin                                  Can Katie and her best friend
                             soon turns out to be something                                     revenge - will team up to track                                                   causing trouble, the two friends                              Becky find Pixie and bring her to
                             much more. Rhubarb Lemonade                                        down and take out a brutal                                                        are separated. Can Nell and Cave                              safety? Featuring short chapters,
                             is a story filled with empathy and                                 supernatural killer.                                                              Bear escape the greatest danger                               black and white illustrations and
                             heart about an unusual summer                                                                                                                        yet?                                                          fabulous facts about kitten care.
                             when childhood comes to an
ISBN 9781471413124           end.                                 ISBN 9781471410932                                                                     ISBN 9781800781931                                             ISBN 9781800785311
Pub date June 2023                                                Pub date June 2023                                                                     Pub date March 2023                                            Pub date March 2023
Paperback £7.99                                                   Paperback £7.99                                                                        Paperback £6.99                                                Paperback £6.99
12+ years                                                         14+ years                                                                              5-7 years                                                      5-7 years
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
Children’s (middle grade)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Children’s (illustrated)
                        Cover   Max Magic 2                                                   Big Sky Mountain:                                                                           Poppy Pickle                                                  The General
                                Stephen Mulhern with                                          The Sky Eagles                                                                              Emma Yarlett                                                  Michael Foreman & Janet
                                Tom Easton                                                    Alex Milway                                                                                                                                               Charters

                                Max Magic is back! His dad’s                                  The final exhilarating adventure                                                            Poppy has the most                                            There was once a general who
                                market stall is saved and the                                 in the great outdoors, from Hotel                                                           extraordinary imagination. When                               fell off a horse, only to discover
                                Crayfish Twins are behind bars                                Flamingo author Alex Milway.                                                                she is sent to tidy her room,                                 the beauty of flowers and nature.
                                but Max still has a lot to learn                              When Rosa wakes one morning                                                                 she can’t help imagining and                                  From that day on he vowed to
                                about his new magical abilities.                              to find Grandma Nan missing,                                                                suddenly her imagination comes                                change the world around him
                                Does Gran know more about                                     she must use all her survival                                                               alive. Soon her room is jam-                                  into one of peace and beauty.
                                the mysterious chest than she’s                               skills to find her. With the help                                  ISBN 9781800783898
                                                                                                                                                                                          packed with weird and wonderful                               Michael Foreman’s debut picture
                                letting on? Can Max triumph                                   of the mountain community,                                         Pub date January 2023    creatures. The mammoth puts                                   book, first published in 1961, is
                                in Britain’s Top Talent show?                                 Rosa’s investigation leads her to                                  Paperback £7.99          his foot through the floor and the   ISBN 9781848771604
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        reproduced in all its glory. The
                                                                                                                                                                 0-5 years
                                An unforgettable adventure                                    the summit of Big Sky Mountain,                                                             hungry crocodile thinks Poppy        Pub date February 2023   original artwork is beautifully
                                celebrating friendship, family                                where a family of eagles are                                                                would make a tasty snack. Poppy      Paperback £7.99          restored, bringing this well-loved,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               5-7 years
                                and MAGIC! Engaging black-                                    facing problems of their own.                                                               needs to get rid of all these                                 humorous story to a completely
                                and-white illustrations and a                                                                                                                             creatures FAST - but how?                                     new generation.
ISBN 9781800783829              dyslexic-friendly layout.             ISBN 9781848129757
Pub date May 2023                                                     Pub date June 2023
Paperback £7.99                                                       Paperback £6.99
9-11 years                                                            5-7 years

                                Just the Way                                                  What Do You See                                                                             Little Life Cycles:                                           Little Life Cycles:
                                You Are                                                       When You Look at                                                                            Bug                                                           Frog
                                Emma Dodd                                                                                                                                                 Maggie Li                                                     Maggie Li

                                                                                                                                     Children’s (illustrated)
                                                                                              at Tree?
                                                                                              Emma Carlisle

                                A heart-warming story that                                    This wonderful book explores                                                                From a small, wiggly caterpillar                              Follow the peep-through holes
                                celebrates unconditional love                                 themes of empathy, mindfulness                                                              to a beautiful butterfly, join                                on every page to discover each
                                from internationally bestselling                              and personal growth through                                                                 Bug on this wonderful journey.                                stage of becoming a frog. Little
                                author, Emma Dodd. Join a                                     the eyes of a child. Beautifully                                                            Follow the peep-through holes                                 Frog is waiting inside a tiny
                                lovable little tiger cub on a day                             written and illustrated by the                                                              on every page to discover each                                egg. But first, Frog must avoid
                                in the jungle, learning about                                 award-winning artist Emma                                                                   stage of growing into a butterfly.                            being washed away in the
                                unconditional love, respect and                               Carlisle, What Do You See                                                                   Tiny Bug is hungry and munches                                rain, blown away on the wind
ISBN 9781800781627                                                                                                                                               ISBN 9781800780910                                            ISBN 9781800780903
Pub date January 2023           acceptance. With its gentle,                                  When You Look At a Tree?                                           Pub date February 2023   through everything . At last, Bug    Pub date February 2023   or even gobbled up by hungry
Hardback £7.99                  rhyming text it reinforces the                                urges readers to reconnect with                                    Board Book £6.99         is full and VERY tired. After a      Board Book £6.99         fish! Watch as Frog grows from
0-5 years                                                                                                                                                        0-5 years                                                     0-5 years
                                importance of being yourself and                              nature by asking questions that                                                             long sleep, Bug emerges as a                                  a tadpole to a froglet, before a
                                                                      ISBN 9781800784383
                                being comfortable in your own         Pub date January 2023   encourage critical thinking and                                                             beautiful Butterfly!                                          fully grown Frog begins the cycle
                                skin.                                 Paperback £8.99         reflection, as well as helping to                                                                                                                         again. Is there another Frog
                                                                      5-7 years               establish a deeper appreciation                                                                                                                           waiting inside the next tiny egg ?
                                                                                              for the environment.

                                Little Explorers:                                             Little Explorers:                                                                           Tell Me About: The                                            Tell Me About:
                                Science                                                       Maths                                                                                       Human Body                                                    Plants
                                Dynamo Ltd                                                    Dynamo Ltd                                                                                  Emily Dodd                                                    Emily Dodd

                                This is a lively introduction to                              A lively introduction to the                                                                Making big science topics just                                Making big science topics just
                                the incredible world of science,                              world of mathematics, where                                                                 the right size for little readers                             the right size for little readers as
                                where children can lift the flaps                             children can lift the flaps to                                                              as we explore the human body.                                 we explore plants. Did you know
                                to learn all about what science                               learn how maths is important to                                                             Did you know that your lungs                                  that plants make their food from
                                is, and how it relates to every day                           the world around them - from                                                                are the size of a tennis court?                               sunshine? But that some plants
                                life. Covering everything from                                dividing up a pizza, to making                                                              Or that your bones are stronger                               eat bugs? And some plants have
                                anatomy, to forces, to space,                                 aeroplanes fly! Covering basic                                                              than cement? But your mum and                                 been around since before the
                                young readers will be amazed as                               counting, addition, subtraction,                                                            dad have fewer bones than you                                 time of the dinosaurs? Plants are
ISBN 9781800782570                                                    ISBN 9781800782587
Pub date January 2023           they discover just how fun (and       Pub date January 2023
                                                                                              multiplication, division, fractions,                                                        do? The human body is pretty                                  pretty amazing, and we’d like to
Board Book £10.99               simple!) these first steps into       Board Book £10.99       probability and more, young                                                                 amazing, and we’d like to tell you                            tell you why...
5-7 years                       science can be.                       5-7 years               readers will be amazed as they                                                              why...
                                                                                                                                                                 ISBN 9781787418097                                            ISBN 9781787418080
                                                                                              discover just how fun (and                                         Pub date February 2023                                        Pub date February 2023
                                                                                                                                                                 Hardback £9.99                                                Hardback £9.99
                                                                                              simple!) these first steps into                                    5-7 years                                                     5-7 years
                                                                                              maths can be
International highlights catalogue January - June 2023 Bonnier Books UK
Children’s (illustrated)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Children’s (illustrated)
                         Paper World:                                                   The Fixer of Broken                                                                    Myths, Magic                                                 Day and Night
                         Human Body                                                     Things                                                                                 and Pharaohs in                                              Lela Nargi & Xuan Le
                         Gail Armstrong                                                 Julia Patton                                                                           Ancient Egypt                                                In the morning twilight, mule
                                                                                                                                                                               Núria Tamarit                                                deer nibble grass while a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            mountain lion stalks nearby,
                         Paper World: Human Body uses                                   Bea is a fixer. People bring her                                                       The ancient Egyptian myths are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and hummingbirds flit through
                         ingenious paper cuts to reveal                                 everything - from tiny sprockets                                                       some of the oldest and most
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the air at sunrise. Fireflies mark
                         the wonders of the human body,                                 to enormous rockets - because                                                          famous stories in the world.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sparkle as the day fades to
                         from lifting the lid on your brain,                            they know she’ll have them                                                             This striking new comic book
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            night. Then nocturnal creatures
                         to following the journey of a                                  working again in no time. One                                                          collection will be the perfect
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            come out to begin their
                         single bite of food. With detailed                             day, Bea finds a broken thing.                                                         introduction to the world of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            business. View the pages in low
                         art by paper-cut artist Gail                                   It’s very small and very sad, and                                                      ancient Egyptians - containing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            light to see what lights up the
                         Armstrong, a fact-packed text,                                 try as hard as she might, she                                                          six tales full of mythical
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            night! Readers can delve into
                         and flaps and die-cuts on every       ISBN 9781787418356       cannot fix it. Bea soon realises                                                       creatures, gods, pharaohs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the labels to find out more about
                         spread, this unique novelty book      Pub date February 2023   that not every problem has to be                                                       and adventure. With striking
                                                               Paperback £7.99
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ISBN 9781787419346     how the plants and animals are
                         for children 7 plus will surely                                solved alone, and that talking to                                                      illustrations by Núria Tamarit,       Pub date April 2023
                                                               0-5 years                                                                                 ISBN 9781800783232                                                                 perfectly suited to waking up
                         appeal to all the family.                                      her friends is the answer she has                                Pub date March 2023   this retelling of the Egyptian        Hardback £12.99
ISBN 9781800782365                                                                                                                                                                                                   5-7 years              when they do.
Pub date February 2023                                                                  been looking for.                                                Hardback £14.99       myths will delight readers of all
Hardback £16.99                                                                                                                                          7-9 years             ages.
7-9 years

                         I Say Oh, You Say                                              Faruq and the Wiri                                                                     Little Explorers:                                           Little Explorers:
                         No                                                             Wiri                                                                                   Let’s Go! Hospital                                          Let’s Go! Building
                         John Kane                                                      Sophia Payne & Sandhya                                                                 Dynamo Ltd                                                  Site
                                                                                        Prabhat                                                                                                                                            Dynamo Ltd

                         Can you help me read this book?                                Faruq loves his grandmother                                                            With sturdy flaps to lift on                                With sturdy flaps to lift on
                         Fantastic - when I say OH, you                                 Ajee, and he loves her cooking.                                                        every page, little ones can have                            every page, little ones can
                         say NO. Let’s try it. Would you                                In fact, Faruq would like to be a                                                      hands-on fun finding out about                              have hands-on fun finding
                         like to meet OH? Are you sure?                                 chef, but Ajee says he has to be                                                       what goes on inside a hospital.                             out about what goes on at the
                         He’s no ordinary bear, he’s a                                  a doctor like his father. One day                                                      Young readers will love seeing                              construction site. Young readers
                         bear with a BARE BEAR BUTT!                                    Ajee is too ill to make the family                                                     what’s in each room and finding                             will enjoy recognising each big
                         Bare butt bears like to boogie                                 feast, so Faruq picks some hot                                                         out what the different people in                            machine and finding out what
ISBN 9781800785120
Pub date March 2023
                         and he’d like someone to boogie                                wiri wiri chilli peppers and cooks                                                     the hospital do. Meet a surgeon,                            the different people on the
                                                                                                                                                         ISBN 9781800782181                                         ISBN 9781800781351
Paperback £7.99          with. Read the third book in the      ISBN 9781800782624       up a banquet. Preparing food for                                 Pub date April 2023   a radiologist and a triage nurse,    Pub date April 2023    construction site do. Meet an
0-5 years                fantastically funny, bestselling I    Pub date March 2023      his family fills Faruq’s heart with                              Board Book £10.99     find out what happens when           Board Book £10.99      excavator driver, a crane operator
                                                               Paperback £7.99                                                                           3-5 years
                         say, You say series - perfect for                              love - and sets a different course                                                     a baby is born and learn how         3-5 years              and a bricklayer, find out how
                                                               0-5 years
                         sharing with individual children                               for his future.                                                                        therapy dogs help patients feel                             a new house is built and what
                         as well as groups big and small.                                                                                                                      better.                                                     tools each worker needs to do
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           their job.

                         Prehistoric Beasts                                             Human 2.0                                                                              Egyptology                                                  Be Happy!
                         Dean Lomax                                                     Patrick Kane                                                                           Various                                                     Maddy Bard

                         From a mighty whale to a tiny                                  Imagine being able to hear for                                                         Explore the journal of lost                                 Filled with pearls of wisdom and
                         dragonfly, find out about the                                  the first time, or see in full-                                                        adventurer and Egyptologist,                                positivity originally written during
                         wild creatures and their animal                                colour, or take your first steps                                                       with a special anniversary edition                          lockdown, this heartwarming
                         families today. Then open                                      on Earth. This incredible book                                                         cover. With a stunning gold foiled                          and inspirational story is told
                         the fold-out pages to reveal                                   celebrates the remarkable                                                              and embossed cover featuring                                by the creators’ two adorable
                         awesome pop-ups, bringing you                                  achievements made in medical                                                           three ‘jewels’. Full of novelties                           dogs, Hucky and Buzz. In
ISBN 9781800782099       face-to-face with their long-                                  engineering, and offers a glimpse                                                      and recreations, such as a piece                            this deceptively simple book
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ISBN 9781800783744
Pub date March 2023      extinct ancestors. Discover how                                of what the future might hold for                                                      of mummy cloth, a booklet on         Pub date April 2023    Maddy Bard, a mindfulness and
Hardback £16.99
5-7 years
                         these animals lived long ago,                                  humanity.                                                        ISBN 9781840118520
                                                                                                                                                                               hieroglyphs and a working board      Hardback £7.99         meditation coach, shares her
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0-5 years
                         how they are different to their                                                                                                 Pub date April 2023   game , the book brims with                                  tips on boosting confidence,
                                                               ISBN 9781800781689
                         modern relatives - and how they       Pub date March 2023
                                                                                                                                                         Hardback £25.00       fascinating facts about Ancient                             positivity and self-belief.
                                                                                                                                                         9-11 years
                         are the same.                         Hardback £16.99                                                                                                 Egypt, and a has a magnificent
                                                               7-9 years                                                                                                       novelty in the back case.
Children’s (illustrated)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Children’s (illustrated)
                      Baby on Board: Car                                          Baby on Board:                                                                        Animalium Junior                                          Oceanarium Poster
                      Ruth Symons &                                               Train                                                                                 Jenny Broom & Katie                                       Book
                      Sebastien Braun                                             Ruth Symons &                                                                         Scott                                                     Teagan White
                                                                                  Sebastien Braun

                      A brand-new novelty series all                              A brand-new novelty series all                                                        Welcome to Animalium. This                                Big, bold and beautifully
                      about things that go! All aboard                            about things that go! All aboard                                                      museum is open all hours, and                             illustrated, these stunning
                      the baby car. Buckle up and off                             the baby train, we’re going on a                                                      there are over 160 specimens                              posters from Teagan White’s
                      we go! All aboard the baby car.                             ride today. All aboard the baby                                                       to explore. Meet ferocious                                Oceanarium are perfect for
                      Driving fast or driving slow.Climb                          train, the whistle PEEPS - we’re                                                      lions, flamboyant tropical                                pinning on your walls. This
                      aboard the car in this brand-new                            on our way! Climb aboard the                                                          birds, tiny poisonous frogs and                           large-format poster book lets
ISBN 9781800781573    novelty series, perfect for babies    ISBN 9781787419261
                                                                                  train in this brand-new novelty                                                       gentle giants in this beautifully                         you decorate your walls with
Pub date April 2023   and pre-schoolers. With tabs to       Pub date April 2023   series, perfect for babies and                                                        illustrated book which looks at                           images from Teagan White’s
Board Book £6.99      slide and wheels to spin, little      Board Book £6.99      pre-schoolers. With tabs to slide                                                     creatures from every walk of life.                        Oceanarium. Featuring ocean
0-5 years                                                   0-5 years
                      ones will love to make the car                              and wheels to spin, little ones                                                       With text especially written for                          life of all kinds from around
                                                                                                                                                   ISBN 9781800783706
                      move on every page.                                         will love to make the train move                                 Pub date June 2023
                                                                                                                                                                        younger readers, step inside to                           the world, this is a stunning
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISBN 9781800783652
                                                                                  on every page.                                                   Hardback £12.99      explore our incredible animal        Pub date June 2023   collection of prints.
                                                                                                                                                   7-9 years            world.                               Paperback £14.99
                                                                                                                                                                                                             7-9 years

                      The Spaces In                                               Aloha Albatross                                                                       Noah’s New Home                                           There are Reptiles
                      Between                                                     Francesca Dryden                                                                      Zeshan Akhter                                             Everywhere
                      Jaspreet Kaur & Manjit                                                                                                                                                                                      Britta Teckentrup

                      Traffic! Road works!                                        Palila loves to fly above the                                                         In a tale of home and healing,                            There are reptiles everywhere!
                      Ambulances! Where do you go                                 ocean’s waves. Anuenue loves                                                          Noah’s family moves to a                                  Some of them live in jungles,
                      when the hustle and bustle of                               to dance. When they meet, the                                                         different country as refugees.                            some of them in the savannah,
                      the city gets too much? The                                 two albatrosses know there’s                                                          Settling into their new house,                            and some may be in your back
                      Spaces In Between weaves                                    no one else they’d want to                                                            Noah misses his father and                                garden! There are Reptiles
                      between the busy lives of several                           become a parent with. Based                                                           their old home, especially                                Everywhere is the third in a
                      children who are all seeking                                on the true story of the same-                                                        when a fireworks night brings                             series of non-fiction books from
                                                            ISBN 9781800783768
                      secret spaces where they can          Pub date May 2023     sex Laysan Albatross couples                                                          back memories of difficult                                Britta Teckentrup. Young readers
                      go to find peace and quiet. With      Paperback £7.99       of O’ahu, Hawaii, this picture                                   ISBN 9781787419360   experiences. But with the help of                         will learn where in the world all
ISBN 9781787419353                                          5-7 years
                      themes of anxiety, fear, kindness                           book celebrates the unique                                       Pub date June 2023   his family and the kind welcome      ISBN 9781787419094
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  sorts of reptiles can be found,
Pub date April 2023                                                                                                                                Paperback £7.99
Hardback £12.99
                      and joy, join the children over the                         relationship between two birds                                                        of their new community of            Pub date June 2023   and the weird and wonderful
                                                                                                                                                   3-5 years
0-5 years             course of one day, and explore                              as they take their first steps into                                                   friends, teachers and neighbours,    Paperback £7.99      things about them that they
                                                                                                                                                                                                             5-7 years
                      how each of them copes with                                 parenthood.                                                                           he faces his fears.                                       never imagined were true.
                      their emotions.

                      I Love You (Our                                             Goodnight (Our                                                                        Aya’s Imagine if...                                       Aya’s Imagine if...
                      Family)                                                     Family)                                                                               Fruits!                                                   Veggies!
                      Christiane Engel                                            Christiane Engel                                                                      Aya Watanabe                                              Aya Watanabe

                      Celebrate lots of different kinds                           Celebrate lots of different                                                           If you use a little imagination,                          If you use a little imagination,
                      of loving families as they follow                           kinds of loving families as they                                                      the world is a wondrous place:                            the world is a wondrous place:
                      their daily routines, in this study                         follow their bedtime routines,                                                        oranges become spinning bicycle                           asparagus become speedy trains;
                      board book. Whether you are                                 in this sturdy board book. Join                                                       wheels; watermelon slices                                 corn on the cob look like busy
                      cared for by one parent or two,                             toddlers from diverse families                                                        transform into umbrellas; and                             apartment blocks; and a tomato
                      stepparents, a carer, two mums                              as they get ready for bed, saying                                                     pineapple rings turn into lilos.                          is a shining sunshine. Lift, slide,
ISBN 9781787419001
                      or two dads, grandparents or          ISBN 9781787418998
                                                                                  “Goodnight” to the adults who                                    ISBN 9781800784666
                                                                                                                                                                        Lift, slide, push, pull and spin                          push, pull and spin the wheels in
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ISBN 9781800784659
Pub date May 2023     siblings, every family is special.    Pub date May 2023     look after them. From splashing                                  Pub date June 2023   the wheels in this gloriously        Pub date June 2023   this gloriously interactive book
Board Book £6.99      Join toddlers from diverse            Board Book £6.99      in the bath to snuggling up for a                                Board Book £6.99     interactive book for babies          Board Book £6.99     for babies and toddlers, that’s
0-5 years                                                   0-5 years                                                                              0-5 years                                                 0-5 years
                      families as they go about their                             bedtime story, this cosy board                                                        and toddlers, that’s practically                          practically bursting with colour
                      everyday activities and say “I                              book follows toddlers from lots                                                       bursting with colour and humour.                          and humour.
                      love you” to the adults who care                            of different kinds of families
                      for them.                                                   as they go about their bedtime

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BookTok sensations
                        Gigantosaurus: The                                               Gigantosaurus:                                                       The Cruel Prince                                           We Were Liars
                        Dino-Sitters Club                                                Dino Egg Hunt                                                        Holly Black                                                E. Lockhart

                        Bill, Tiny, Rocky and Mazu are                                   An EGG-tastic lift-the-flap                                          One morning, Jude and her                                  A beautiful and distinguished
                        on the lookout for an EPIC                                       adventure with our favourite four                                    sisters see their parents                                  family. A private island. A
                        adventure. But just as they’re                                   dinos. Read this brand new story                                     murdered in front of them. The                             brilliant, damaged girl; a
                        about to set off, they hear                                      based on the Gigantosaurus TV                                        assassin abducts all three girls                           passionate, political boy. A group
                        something in the distance . . .                                  series and characters by Jonny                                       to the world of Faerie, where                              of four friends - the Liars - whose
                        IT’S THE DINO BABIES! Now                                        Duddle.It’s a beautiful spring                                       Jude is installed in the royal                             friendship turns destructive. A
                        the four friends have tiny dinos                                 day and Cretacia is bustling with                                    court, but the stairway to power                           revolution. An accident. A secret.
ISBN 9781800784482                                              ISBN 9781800782969
Pub date January 2023   to look after, their adventure is       Pub date February 2023   busy dinos . . . apart from four                                     is fraught with shadows and                                Lies upon lies. True love. The
Paperback 6.99          looking quite unlikely. Unless          Board Book £6.99         dino friends who just CAN’T                                          betrayal. And looming over all is                          truth. Read it. And if anyone asks
5-7 years                                                       5-7 years
                        they take the dino babies with                                   agree on what to do. That is, until                                  the charismatic Prince Cardan.                             you how it ends, just LIE.
                        them? Could this be the babies’                                  Trey comes along, and sends                                          Dramatic and thrilling fantasy
                        FIRST adventure in Cretacia?                                     them on a very special quest!                                        with enthralling storytelling to
                                                                                                                                                              create a seductive world of magic
                                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781471407277    and romance.                          ISBN 9781471403989
                                                                                                                                        Pub date July 2018                                          Pub date May 2014
                                                                                                                                        Paperback £8.99                                             Paperback £7.99
                                                                                                                                        12+ years                                                   12+ years

                        Gigantosaurus:                                                   Sophie la girafe:                                                    Clap When You                                              What I Love
                        Crying Wolfasaurus                                               Sophie Goes to                                                       Land                                                       About You
                                                                                         Nursery                                                              Elizabeth Acevedo

                        Based on the Gigantosaurus                                       Join Sophie for her first day at                                     On the day that Camino’s father’s                          What I Love About You, the
                        animated TV series. Bill realises                                nursery in this book specially                                       plane is supposed to land,                                 TikTok bestseller, is the perfect
                        that crying Giganto can get him                                  made for little ones settling into                                   Camino arrives at the airport to                           inspirational fill-in gift book to
                        out of all sorts of situations he                                a new day care environment. This                                     see crowds of crying people. In                            complete and give to a loved one.
                        doesn’t want to be in. But his                                   short story is perfect for reading                                   New York City, Yahaira is called                           This beautiful journal is a very
                        friends soon figure out what                                     aloud together with babies and                                       to the office, where her mother is                         special way to say ‘I love you’. Fill
ISBN 9781800782334
                        he’s up to and vow not to fall                                   toddlers, building familiarity and                                   waiting to tell her that her father                        in the prompted pages and gift to
                                                                ISBN 9781800783676
Pub date May 2023       for his tricks any more. So what        Pub date March 2023      confidence about their days at                                       has died in a plane crash. The                             your significant other as a sign of
Paperback 6.99          will happen when Giganto really         Board Book £6.99         nursery or with a childminder.                                       girls are forced to face a new                             your love to one another. With a
5-7 years                                                       0-5 years
                        is crashing through the forest                                   Each scene picks out key first                                       reality in which their father is                           range of prompts to answer from
                        straight towards his oblivious                                   words, to help toddlers building                                     dead and their lives are forever                           the hilarious to the heartfelt, this
                        friends?                                                         their language skills.                                               altered. Beautifully told in verse.                        is a unique and personalised gift.

                                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781471409127                                          ISBN 9781787413726
                                                                                                                                        Pub date May 2020                                           Pub date May 2018
                                                                                                                                        Paperback £7.99                                             Hardback £9.99
                                                                                                                                        12+ years                                                   12+ years

                        Sophie la girafe:                                                Sophie la girafe:                                                    To Kill a Kingdom                                          Excuse ME While
                        Lift-the-flap                                                    Sophie and Friends                                                   Alexandra Christo                                          I Ugly Cry
                        concept book                                                                                                                                                                                     Joya Goffney

                        Learn about colours, shapes,                                     This gentle story is perfect for                                     Princess Lira is siren royalty and                         Quinn keeps lists of everything
                        opposites and numbers in this                                    reading aloud with babies and                                        the most lethal of them all. With                          - from the days she’s ugly cried,
                        vibrant board book, perfect for                                  toddlers. Chunky tabbed pages                                        the hearts of seventeen princes                            to all the boys she’d like to kiss.
                        reading with babies and toddlers.                                are easy to turn for little hands,                                   in her collection, she is revered                          Then her journal goes missing.
                        Little ones will love lifting the big                            and bright colours will draw                                         across the sea. Until a twist                              An anonymous account posts
                        flaps on every page. Can they see                                in even the youngest readers.                                        of fate forces her to kill one of                          one of her lists on Instagram and
ISBN 9781800784758
                        who’s hiding in the scenes? Older       ISBN 9781800781832
                                                                                         With things to look for, and a                                       her own. An unforgettable dark                             blackmails her into facing seven
Pub date May 2023       readers will love to practice their     Pub date October 2021    friendly face to meet on every                                       romantic YA fantasy about the                              of her greatest fears. Desperate,
Board Book £6.99        colour and shape recognition, or        Board Book £6.99         page, this adorable book is a                                        siren with a taste for royal blood                         she teams up with Carter - the
0-5 years                                                       0-5 years
                        try their hand at counting.                                      gentle introduction to first words,                                  and the prince who has sworn to                            last known person to have her
                                                                                         colours and numbers.                                                 destroy her.                                               journal and who Quinn loathes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - in a race to track down the
                                                                                                                                        ISBN 9781471407390                                          ISBN 9781471410116
                                                                                                                                        Pub date March 2018                                         Pub date May 2021
                                                                                                                                        Paperback £8.99                                             Paperback £7.99
                                                                                                                                        12+ years                                                   12+ years
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