International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University

International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
ii Aberystwyth University

  Penglais Campus                         2         Department list                                         22
  Top 10 things to do in Aberystwyth      4         How to apply                                            42
  Why study in the UK                    6          Getting in touch                                        44
  Visas and Student Support               7
  Our residences at a glance             8
  Sports Centre and Societies           10
  International Office social programme  11
  Recent research highlights            12
  Campus community                      14
  International English Centre          15
  Study Abroad Exchanges                16
  Living costs                          19
  Fees and funding                      20

                                Choosing a university is probably one of the biggest decisions of your life.
                                It is a place where you can broaden your horizons, expand your knowledge
                                and develop your critical thinking skills; a place that can set you firmly on the
                                pathway to your future career and a place where you can make friends for life.
                                So it is important to choose the right university for you.

                                As you consider your options, I want to make sure you have all the information
                                you need about Aberystwyth. Established in 1872, we are a University known
                                for our world-leading research across a range of disciplines. Our research
                                makes a global impact. It also informs the high standard of undergraduate
                                and postgraduate teaching here at Aberystwyth, with lecturers who are leading
                                researchers in their field.

                                Aberystwyth University has been welcoming students from across the world for
                                almost 150 years. Today, we have students on campus from more than 90 different
                                countries who are drawn here by our reputation for research and teaching
                                excellence. We study, work and live in a diverse and supportive community, in a
                                historic seaside market town with a cosmopolitan Welsh culture.

                                At Aberystwyth, you will be part of a campus university with an active
                                Students’ Union and more than 150 clubs and societies. We have our own
                                well-equipped sports centre as well as a thriving Arts Centre. The National
                                Library of Wales is just a short walk away and is an important centre for study
                                and research.
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University 1

Take your time to find out more by reading our prospectus
and browsing our website. If you can, come to visit the
place for yourself so that you can talk to some of the staff
who will be teaching you, and hear from other students         UNIVERSITY
about their Aber experience. You can also take a virtual       GUIDE
tour during one of our online Open Days. Ask as many           2018
questions as you want. We are here to help so that you can     UNIVERSITY
make the right decision for you. I wish you well and hope      OF THE YEAR
to welcome you in the future to Aberystwyth University.        FOR TEACHING
Professor Elizabeth Treasure
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
2 Aberystwyth University

  Penglais Campus

  1         Accommodation
            a - Seafront Residences
                                      		Art Centre

            b - Pentre Jane Morgan
            c - Cwrt Mawr
                                      		Hugh Owen Library

  2     Student Union
                                      		TaMed Da

                                      		Student Welcome Centre

International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University 3

    		IBERS                                  10  		 International Politics
      Maths                                  11  		 Psychology
      Physics                                       Information Studies
      Computer Science                              Education
      International English Centre
                                             12  		 Theatre, Film and
      English and Creative Writing
                                                    Television Studies

      Welsh and Welsh History
      Modern Languages


          6                          5                                                      1c
              8                              4
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University

                                                                                            The National

                        TOP 10
                                                                                            Aberystwyth is home
                                                                                  to one of only five copyright
                                                                                  libraries in Britain entitled
                                                                                  to receive a copy of every
                      things to do whilst                                         book published in the UK.

                           you’re in                                              As a student, you have free
                                                                                  access to the National Library
                         Aberystwyth                                              of Wales and its millions of
                                                                                  books, journals, archives and
                                                                                  so much more!

           Watch the sunset
           Aberystwyth is home
           to some of the most
           beautiful sunsets.
           Sit back and enjoy
           the sight of the sun
           disappearing behind
           the horizon.

                                                           2          Barbecue on South Beach
                                                                     Have a barbecue on this Seaside Award
                                                                     winning vibrant beach. They’re great for
                                                           parties with your friends and toasting marshmallows
                                                           whilst looking out at the glistening sea.

                                                           4        Vale of Rheidol

    3        OneFest
             One of the most popular nights out in
             Aberystwyth, it takes over the Students'
             Union, Concourse and Arts Centre to bring
                                                           Board the narrow gauge steam
                                                           train and embark on a journey
                                                           through the Rheidol Valley to the
                                                           legendary village of Devil’s Bridge.
                                                           Discover parts of Abersytwyth
    you funfair rides, silent discos and some live music
                                                           and the surrounding area that
                                                           are harder to find by foot and
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University 5

                                         6        Nant yr Arian
                                                    Located a few miles
                                                    outside Aberystwyth,
                                         Nant yr Arian is home to
                                         the first ever purpose-built
                                         mountain biking track in
                                         Wales. You can also enjoy the
                                         scenic walks or sit back and
                                         enjoy the views of Aberystwyth.

9        Coastal walk
         to Borth
          The exquisite and
unspoilt scenery on the shores
                                                                               7       Rugby 7s
                                                                                         Aberystwyth is home
                                                                                         to the biggest Rugby 7s
                                                                               tournament in Wales, run by the
                                                                               Students' Union. Anyone can take
of Cardigan Bay boasts six Blue
                                                                               part in this action-packed weekend
Flag beaches. Relish these views
                                                                               whether you're an experienced
by taking a walk to Borth along
                                                                               player or novice.
the coastal path - you might
even see a bottlenose dolphin

                                        8        Watch a performance at the Arts Centre
                                                 Aberystwyth’s Arts Centre has a wide range of entertainment to
                                                 suit everyone, from comedy to dance and film to art - some of
                                         the biggest names appear here.

10            Kick the bar and go up Consti
               Take a walk along the promenade and kick the bar at the very
               end by Constitution Hill - a famous tradition here, reputedly
               for good luck, and some say to ward off the evil spirits! You
can also go up Constitution Hill by boarding our electric funicular railway,
which is the longest of its kind in Britain.
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
6 Aberystwyth University

  Why study in the UK?

  World Famous Education                                     Course Flexibility
  UK University Education is amongst the best in the         Many courses offer a range of core and elective
  world and is internationally renowned for high academic    modules, so that you can build a degree that suits your
  standards. Aberystwyth University was recently named       interests.
  University of the Year for Teaching Quality in the Times
  & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018.
                                                             Practical Experience
  Learning Environment                                       Several courses in the UK include or allow a wide range
                                                             of opportunities for practical work experience, many
  Within the UK higher Education system, students are        of which will count towards your degree. There may
  encouraged to think independently and express their        also be opportunities to gain professional accreditation
  own ideas. It is an interactive environment, designed      whilst studying.
  to encourage debate, critical-thinking and decision-
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University 7

Visa and Student Support

International Office
The University has a dedicated International Office which is responsible for promoting the University
overseas, co-ordinating student recruitment, developing and nurturing institutional and other links
world-wide, along with managing study abroad and student exchange opportunities. Staff attend
exhibitions and fairs in many parts of the world and can provide advice and guidance to you on
studying in Aberystwyth.

 Supporting you
International Student Adviser                                   Mentoring Scheme
We have an International Student Adviser based in the           Our Signpost Mentoring Scheme is free, friendly and
International Office who can offer advice and support           confidential. Our mentors, who are either third year
on a wide range of issues, as well as providing specialist      undergraduates or postgraduate students, will assist you
immigration advice and help with applying for visas.            with any aspect of University life and help you to settle
                                                                in smoothly.

Welcome Week
                                                                Compliance Team
A special international induction week is organised for
international students at the start of your first semester.     We have a Visa Compliance Team offering guidance and
We hold a Welcome Ceremony where you will get the               support on Visa Compliance issues before and after you
opportunity to meet the International Office staff and          arrive at Aberystwyth University. For further information
other international students and enjoy a buffet and             please see
drinks to welcome you to Aberystwyth.                           immigration-compliance
International Prospectus - Aberystwyth University
8 Aberystwyth University

  Our residences
  at a glance:
                                                                                     accommodation for

                                                                                   Price Band
                                                                                   Catered / Part-Catered Residence
                                                                                   Shower en-suite
         GUARANTEED                                                                Laundry Rooms
             first year                                                            Wi-Fi
         accommodation for
                                                                                   Dedicated Welsh Residences
            EU students
                                                                                   Social and Study Areas
                                                                              P Parking
                                                                                   Learning Centres

          Catered/part-catered residences

    Cwrt Mawr                            Pantycelyn-Penbryn                  Pantycelyn
                                    P                                   P                                         P
    • accommodation and                  • dedicated residence for            The University’s traditional residence
      part-catered food package            learners or Welsh-speaking         for Welsh speakers and learners is
                                           students who wish to live in a     being fully refurbished to provide
    • single rooms, in flats of 6-10
                                           Welsh speaking environment         catered, en-suite single study
                                         • accommodation with a catered       bedrooms with wi-fi and dedicated
    • shared communal facilities with      food package                       shared communal facilities. The
      fully-equipped kitchen             • single rooms in flats of 12-25     University is working towards
    • use of The Lounge @ Rosser           students                           reopening Pantycelyn by September
    • on Penglais Campus                 • shared communal facilities         2019. Pending completion
                                           including use of kitchenettes’     of construction, alternative
                                         • use of The Lounge @ Rosser         accommodation is available at
                                         • award-winning TaMed Da             Pantycelyn-Penbryn.
Aberystwyth University 9

Self-catered residences

Fferm Penglais                          Pentre Jane Morgan                      Cwrt Mawr
                                   P    (student village)                                                          P
• single en-suite rooms                                              P          • single rooms,
  (with double beds), in flats of                                                 in flats of 6-10 students
                                        • single rooms,
  6-8 students with shared
                                          in houses of 5 or 6 students          • shared communal facilities
  kitchen/living area
                                        • shared communal facilities            • use of The Lounge@Rosser
• single self-contained studios
• has an area dedicated to Welsh        • use of The Lounge@PJM                 • on Penglais Campus
  speaking students                     • 5 minutes’ walk from Penglais
• on site shop, café, with social and     Campus
  study areas
• 5 minutes’ walk from Penglais

Rosser                                  Trefloyne                               Seafront Residences

                               P                                          P    

                                        • single rooms,                         • single rooms (some en-suite),
• single en-suite rooms,
                                          in flats of 7 students                  in flats of 2-10 students
  in flats of up to 8 students
                                        • shared communal facilities            • shared communal facilities
• shared communal facilities            • use of The Lounge@Rosser              • use of learning centres on
• use of The Lounge@Rosser              • on Penglais Campus                      Penglais Campus
• on Penglais Campus                                                            • 20 minutes’ walk from Penglais

For information on our accommodation fees, and much more, visit 
10 Aberystwyth University

   Sports Centre and Societies

   Medieval Re-enactment Society

                                                                                              Nomadic Players
                                                                Debating Society              Theatre Society

                                                                Fencing                       Hiking Society

   Sports Centre                                              Clubs and societies
     The Sports Centre offers a range of equipment and         The Students' Union is home to Team Aber, which offers
     facilities to support your wellbeing. From the basics,    a range of competitive and non-competitive sport clubs
     including gym, treadmills and a swimming pool, to         for all abilities. There is even a Sports Week before
     the extras, including a female only weight room and       Welcome Week to give you the chance to start at uni
     sauna. If you don’t fancy exercising on your own you      early and try out some of the sports on offer. In addition
     could always join one of the wide range of classes        to the Students' Union over 100 academic, international,
     at the Sports Centre. All of these will be free to you    recreational, cultural and faith, arts and shared interest
     with the use of your Platinum membership that you’ll      societies, so everyone can find a new or existing hobby
     receive if you live in one of our halls of residence!     that interests them. You can even set up your own club
                                                               or society if it doesn’t exist yet!
Aberystwyth University 11

The International Office
  Social Programme
                                                           The Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) Machynlleth

International Student Trips
The International Office organises a social programme
which allows students to explore places outside of
Aberystwyth whilst meeting new friends. Day trips are
organised all year round to places such as St Davids,
Cardiff and Portmeirion and afternoon trips to local
beauty spots such as Newquay, Nant yr Arian and the
Elan Valley.

One World Week at Aberystwyth
One World Week is our annual Aberystwyth University
event celebrating the diverse culture of our University.
This is a student driven programme, including the One
World Gala Evening with traditional dance and music,
country themed evenings, international film afternoons,
debates, and the World Fair, with traditional food
and drink from student's home countries, as well as
menus reflecting our diverse nationalities served in our
University restaurant TaMed Da.
12 Aberystwyth University

   Recent research highlights…
     Making life easier
     Smashed smartphone screens
     could be a thing of the past, thanks
     to a new discovery by university
     researchers. A team of scientists
     from Aberystwyth University, the
     Australian National University,
     the Institut de Physique du Globe
     in Paris, and Orléans University
     in France have been studying
     the structure of alumino-silicate
     glasses which are used in a range
     of industrial processes, including
     the manufacture of screens for
     hand-held devices, and how the
     resistance of such glasses to
     breakages could be improved.

                                                                                Food security
                                                                                Scientists from the Institute of
                                                                                Biological, Environmental and
                                                                                Rural Sciences are celebrating
                                                                                the top listing of two new high
                                                                                sugar ryegrasses developed at
                                                                                Aberystwyth, adding further to
                                                                                the Aber High Sugar Grass (Aber
                                                                                HSG) range that has become a
                                                                                worldwide success story since
                                                                                the first variety was launched in
                                                                                2000. Now grown around the
                                                                                world, on farms as far afield
                                                                                as New Zealand, the award-
                                                                                winning Aber HSG varieties are
                                                                                renowned for their combination
                                                                                of dry matter yield and quality
                                                                                and offer livestock farmers
                                                                                a significant opportunity to
                                                                                produce more milk or meat from
                                                                                homegrown feed.

     Addressing famine
     Aberystwyth Computer Science student Nathan Hughes has been
     researching CT technology in a pioneering wheat study. By extracting
     novel information from 3D images of wheat grain heads, Nathan’s work
     will help scientists to develop new types of wheat which can thrive in a
     changing climate.
Aberystwyth University 13

Advising policy
A leading expert on
international trade policy
from Aberystwyth’s Business
School has been providing
specialist research advice to
the National Assembly for
Wales on how Brexit is likely           First in the world again!
to impact the Welsh economy.
Part of Professor Nicholas              Glaciologists from Aberystwyth have successfully drilled 150m deeper
Perdikis’ brief was to examine          than they did when they completed the first ever drilling of the world’s
how a range of scenarios could          highest glacier. The team of scientists from Aberystwyth University and
impact on trade in Wales,               the University of Leeds undertook a six-week mission to the Khumbu
including no deal or trading            glacier in the foothills of Mount Everest as part of the EverDrill project.
on World Trade Organisation             Working at an altitude of roughly 5,000 metres, the team drilled into
terms as well as membership of          the 17km-long glacier at three different points. Sensors for recording
the European Economic Area              the glacier’s internal temperature and how it flows were installed to
as a transitional arrangement.          collect data and help scientists to monitor climate change.

Aberystwyth on Mars
Scientists from the University are part of an
international team who are developing and testing
the data processing tools for the camera system
that will feature on the European Space Agency’s
2020 mission to Mars. The PanCam instrument will
be the eyes of the ExoMars Rover and the images it
produces will be key to the success of the mission.

                                                             Addressing the problem of
                                                             human trafficking
                                                             The work of Professor Piotrowicz from the
                                                             Aberystwyth Law School, addresses the problem
                                                             of human trafficking by outlining the human rights
                                                             obligations of states towards people at risk of being
                                                             trafficked. Professor Piotrowicz’s work has already
                                                             influenced the guidelines published by the UNHCR
                                                             (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
                                                             and he participates in the European Commission’s
                                                             Group of Experts. This will directly affect the
                                                             treatment of victims of trafficking by states.
14 Aberystwyth University

   Campus Community

   Arts Centre                                                  Libraries
   The Arts Centre is the perfect place to see a show, watch    Aberystwyth University’s libraries offer flexible study
   a film, enjoy some treats, buy your books and socialise      spaces to suit everyone’s learning, including group
   with friends. There is something here for everyone           and individual study rooms, well-equipped computer
   whether it is a London West End show on tour, Abertoir       facilities, and a wealth of learning resources that will
   (Horror Film Festival), Christmas Spectaculars or our        enable you to thrive in your studies. The Hugh Owen
   annual food and craft fair.                                  Library is open 24 hours during term-times. The libraries
                                                                also hold several rare and special collections providing
   The Arts Centre is the hub of culture at Aberystwyth.        you with access to unique learning materials.
   Its Theatre, Great Hall and Studio have hosted
   performances by nationally-recognised theatre and
   dance companies, like the National Theatre of Wales.         Student lounges
   The Arts Centre cinema screens new releases and live
   screenings by theatre companies, including the Royal         On Penglais Campus we have two buildings dedicated
   Shakespeare Company.                                         to relaxed studying, and some departments offer their
   Recognised by the Arts Council of Wales as one of the        own study areas. The Rosser Lounge and Pentre Jane
   major galleries in Wales, the Arts Centre is the principle   Morgan Lounge are perfect for social study or studying
   regional contemporary art gallery for mid and west Wales.    in a more relaxed setting.

   The Music Centre                                             E-learning

   The Music Centre provides you with the opportunity to        Our Blackboard virtual learning environment gives you
   join our choir or orchestra, or to continue playing your     access to your course materials anywhere and anytime.
   particular instrument. Located in the Old College, our       This includes recordings of your lectures, submitting
   teaching and practice rooms hold numerous pianos,            your assignments online, departmental announcements
   a two-manual electronic organ, harp, harpsichord             and online reading lists to assist your studies. Across
   and chamber organ, as well as percussion and other           campus we have around 800 computers available to
   instruments. There is even a Music Scholarship available     use in libraries and dedicated computer rooms, some of
   to students who are skilled orchestral instrumentalists.     which are available 24 hours.
Aberystwyth University 15

English Centre
Our British Council Accredited International English Centre (IEC)
can support you before you begin your degree and all through your
studies. We offer pre-sessional courses of you have not yet reached
the level of English needed to study here, ranging from 6-42 weeks in
length. These intensive courses enable you to develop the language
and academic skills needed for degree success.

If you do not meet the entry requirements as stated
below, successful completion of the IEC's International
Foundation Certificate or Pre-Masters Programme offers
guaranteed entry onto a bachelors or masters degree at
Aberystwyth. We also offer a Target English course for
students who want to improve their language skills and
gain confidence studying in English.

We are also here to help you throughout your studies
with a wealth of language support. This includes
one-to-one language consultations; free writing
and communication skills classes; and credit-
bearing modules aimed at improving your written

English Language Requirements                              Subject IELTS
Undergraduate                                              Computer Science/Physics/Mathematics              6.0
As our degree courses are taught in English, you will be   English Literature and Creative Writing (MA)      7.0
required to demonstrate proficiency in English in order    English Literature and Creative Writing (PhD)     7.5
to study here. Examples of our typical English language    Geography and Earth Sciences                      7.0
requirements are:                                          International Politics                            7.0
                                                           Law and Criminology (LLM by Research, MPhil, PhD) 7.0
• IELTS – minimum of 6.0 (some subjects will require a     Psychology7.0
  higher level)                                            Theatre, Film and Television Studies              7.0
• TOEFL – score of at least 550 (paper based) or 80
  (internet based)                                         For more information on other English language tests
• Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English          that we accept, including the specific component scores
• Pearson Test of English Academic – score of 55           that are required, visit
• Brunei Cambridge O Level – grade C                       english-language
• Hong Kong UUse of English AS level – grade C
• INDIA Standard XII – 70%
• Malaysian SMP 1119 – grade C
• Singapore Cambridge O Level – grade C

Most subjects require a 6.5 IELTS score. However the
following subjects require a different overall score:
16 Aberystwyth University

   Study Abroad Exchanges
   Exciting opportunities to expand your studies

   International Exchange Programme
   Through the University's International   Currently our partners include:
   Exchange Programme, you can
   spend a semester or a full academic
   year studying at one of our partner
                                            - American University               -   University of Alabama
   universities. The time spent abroad
                                            - Boise State University            -   University of Georgia
   will usually take place during your
                                            - Bowling Green State University    -   University of Montana
   second year and is an integrated part
                                            - Carroll University                -   Utica College
   of the degree with many departments.
                                            - Purdue University                 -   Washington State University
   We have an exciting collection of        - Queen’s University of Charlotte   -   Willamette University
   partners around the world and we
   are delighted to be able to send out
                                            - Dalhousie University              - University of Ottawa
   students every year to countries such
                                            - McGill University                 - University of Victoria
   as the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong
                                            - University of Guelph
   Kong, China and Thailand.
   We are also delighted to welcome
                                            - University of New South Wales     - Murdoch University
   many incoming students through
                                            - Deakin University                 - University of Newcastle
   our link with intuitions across North
                                            - Griffith University
   America, Asia and Australia as well as
   in all other areas of the world.         The rest of the world
                                            - Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy     - Renmin University, China
                                              (Business and Management            (International Politics specific)
                                              specific)                         - Thammasat University, Thailand
                                            - Hong Kong Baptist University      - T.K. Zhurgenov, Kazakhstan

                                            *partnerships subject to change
Aberystwyth University 17

                                                           Erasmus+, the European Union's educational
                                                           programme, provides opportunities to study and work
                                                           abroad in a number of degree programmes. The period
                                                           of study or work abroad is an integrated part of the
                                                           degree with many departments and is a fantastic way to
                                                           broaden your horizons and experiences.

                                                           Students who undertake an Erasmus+ placement will be

Study Year Abroad                                          eligible for a non-means tested grant, calculated by how
                                                           many months you spend there and dependent on which
We offer international students the opportunity to study   country you will live in and whether you study or work.
at Aberystwyth for one academic semester of for the
                                                           We have a variety of partners in the following countries
full academic year. Grades and qualification gained at
Aberystwyth can be transferred to your home University.
                                                           Germany: Heidelberg University
We welcome application from international students
                                                           France: La Sorbonne
who are currently studying at university or higher
                                                           Spain: University of Cadiz
education institutions overseas who wish to experience
                                                           Norway: University of Tromso
life at a British University.
                                                           Italy: University of Padova
If you have any queries at all regarding a study abroad    Ireland: Trinity College Dublin
programme please contact out Study Abroad Office at        Poland: University of Wroclaw                                     Austria: University of Natural Resources
                                                           Denmark: Aarhus University
                                                           Turkey: Bilkent Univeristy
                                                           Malta: University of Malta

                                                           If you have any queries at all regarding any of our
                                                           Erasmus+ exchange opportunities please contact our
                                                           Erasmus Office at
18 Aberystwyth University

   These are just some of the opportunities waiting for you...

     University and departmental opportunities
     Become a University Ambassador and share your experience with applicants looking for the perfect university
     to start their next chapter. This role will include showing visitors around campus and assisting your department
     with other visits and events.

   AberWorks                                                   Year in Employment Scheme
   This scheme offers opportunities for part-time or           Our Year in Employment Scheme allows you to
   casual work within the University, ranging from catering    undertake a work experience placement between your
   and administrative work, to ambassador roles and            second and third year. The University will keep your
   more. During term-time, if work is available, you may       place on your degree course, and when you return you
   choose to work up to 15 hours per week, with more           will enter the third year of your degree, as if you’d never
   hours possible during vacation periods. Work could be       been away! Taking part in the scheme may also provide
   based on any of the University’s campuses including         you with the opportunity to make or test decisions
   the Old College and our Farms. What’s great about the       about a chosen career path; work abroad and learn a
   scheme is that you can accept work that fits around your    new language; secure sponsorship for your final year,
   schedule, so that you’re not disrupting your studies but    or a promise of work after graduation. Most graduates
   are still gaining experience, and additional money.         return saying they feel better placed to take on the
                                                               challenges of the third year by being more motivated,
                                                               energized, can take a fresh approach to their work, and
                                                               have acquired better time management skills.
Aberystwyth University 19

Living costs
  This is a general example of the kinds of costs incurred by an
  undergraduate staying at Aberystwyth. Remember, these will vary
  according to lifestyle. Costs are calculated over the academic year
  which is usually around 39 weeks.

                                     University Residences                   Private Sector
 Expenditure                         Cost per week     Cost per annum        Cost per week     Cost per annum
 Room                                From £85.40       From £3330            From £65          From £2890
 Food, Laundry & Toiletries          £45               £1,800                £45               £1,800
 Bills (energy, internet)            Included          Included              £15 - £25         £600 - £1000
 Contents Insurance                  Included          Included                                £88 – £178.13
 Phone Contracts                                       £12.50 + per month                      £12.50 + per month
 Books, Equipment & Stationery                         £150                                    £150
 Clothing                                              £200                                    £200
 Social                              £30               £1,170                £30               £1,170
 Aber Sport Residential Package      Included          Included                                £70 / £125
 TV Licence                                            £150.50                                 £150.50
 Extras                              £10               £400                  £10               £400

Please bear in mind that these are average costs. The residential costs at Aberystwyth are much lower than in some
parts of the country. Travel costs within the town are low and general living costs are much cheaper.
20 Aberystwyth University

   Fees and funding
   How you will finance your studies is a major consideration when you're choosing where to study.
   In this section we've included the main points of information to help you. For full details please see:


   European Students
                                                                 *The Welsh Government is still to confirm tuition fees
     Tuition Fees – Entry 2018*                                  for 2019/20 onwards, which means that for students
     Undergraduate degree                  Amount (£)            starting in 2018/19 or after, tuition fees may rise for any
     Full Session                               9,000            successive years of study, mapped according to any
                                                                 inflation-linked maximum tuition fee permitted by the
     Single Semester                            4,500
                                                                 Welsh Government. These increases would also apply
     Exchange out (Full Session)                 1,350           for the proportional fees charged for Year Abroad and
     Year in Industry                            1,800           Year in Industry.
     Year Abroad                                 1,350
                                                                   Student Finance Wales (Entry 2019)
     Postgraduate courses                  Amount (£)              European students are eligible for financial
                                                                   help towards the cost of studying in Wales.
     Arts and Social Sciences                   6,280
                                                                   Undergraduate students can receive a loan to cover
     MBA                                       12,000              the full cost of the tuition fees and Postgraduate
     Sciences                                    7,160             students can receive a loan of £13,000.
     PGCE (Teacher Training)                     9000              The Welsh Government has confirmed that funding
     PhD                                         4,260             will continue into 2019/20.

     Scholarships and Awards - Entry 2019
     Award                                Amount (£)     Notes
     Entrance Scholarship &              Up to 2,000     The Entrance Scholarship competition involves sitting two exams
     Merit Award                         per year        on Tuesday 29th January. Scholarships are worth up to £2,000
     (Undergraduate)                                     a year. All award holders are given a reduced offer of a place at
                                                         the University and a guarantee of a place to live in a University
                                                         residence throughout their time as an Undergraduate student.
     Academic Excellence                 2,000           To reward academic excellence achieved prior to beginning
     Studentship                         in first year   your degree we are pleased to offer Academic Excellence
     (Undergraduate)                                     Studentships worth £2,000 in the first year of study to
                                                         applicants from the UK/EU who place Aberystwyth University at
                                                         their Firm choice through UCAS and go on to achieve at least
                                                         the equivalent of Grade AAA at A level. Please contact us for
                                                         grade equivalences.
     Departmental Awards                 Up to 500       A number of our academic departments offer Department
     (Undergraduate)                     per year        Awards – Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics,
                                                         Department of Computer Science.
     Aberystwyth Bursary                 500             Applicants from the UK and EU whose residual income is
     (Undergraduate)                                     £35,000 or lower will be entitled to receive £500 a year towards
                                                         their living costs. Applicants from EU should complete and
                                                         return the tuition fee support from (EU18N) for new students
                                                         from Student Finance Wales.
Aberystwyth University 21

International Students
Tuition Fees – Entry 2019
Undergraduate degree               Amount (£)
Full Session Arts                         13,450
Full Session Sciences                   15,000
Exchange out (Full Session)                1,800
Year in Industry                           1,800
Year Abroad                                1,800

Postgraduate courses               Amount (£)
Masters Arts and Social Sciences        14,500
MBA                                     16,000
Masters Sciences                          15,750
PGCE (Teacher Training)                 14,500
PhD - Arts and Social Sciences          14,500
PhD - Sciences                            15.750

Scholarships and Awards - Entry 2019
Level                              Name                              Amount (£)              Deadline
Undergraduate                      International Excellence          Year 1 – 4,000          30th June 2018
                                   Scholarships                      Year 2 – 2,000
                                                                     Year 3 – 2,000
Undergraduate & Postgraduate       Aberystwyth International         UG - 2,000 per year     31st July 2018
                                   Scholarship (AIS)                 PG – 2,000
Postgraduate Taught                International Postgraduate        5,000                   27th July 2018
                                   Excellence Scholarship (IPES)
PhD                                AberDoc Scholarship Competition   Full grant for up       26th July 2018
                                                                     to three years
                                                                     covering tuition fees
                                                                     and maintenance
22 Aberystwyth University

      Department list
      School of Art                23   Information Studies                  32
      Biological, Environmental and      International Politics               33
        Rural Sciences (IBERS)     24   Aberystwyth Law School               34
      Aberystwyth Business School  26   Mathematics35
      Computer Science             27   Modern Languages                     36
      Education28                       Physics37
      English and Creative Writing 29   Psychology38
      Geography and Earth Sciences 30   Theatre, Film and Television Studies 39
      History and Welsh History    31   Welsh and Celtic Studies             40
+44(0)1970 622460             Aberystwyth University 23

School of Art
                                                                Key Facts
The School of Art offers stimulating and creatively
                                                                 94% Student Satisfaction
challenging courses. Our school has accredited museum
                                                                  (NSS 2018)
status and our international significant art collections
                                                                 2nd in the UK for Student
and galleries are a fitting symbol of our aim to bridge
                                                                  experience and 3rd for Teaching
traditional skills with new technologies.
                                                                  quality (The Times and Sunday
                                                                  Times Good University Guide
Undergraduate courses                                            97% of our graduates were in
                                                                  work or further study within
Art History
                                                                  6 months (HESA 2018)
Creative Arts
                                                                 Top 10 in the UK for the Subject
Fine Art
                                                                  of Art and Design (The Times
Liberal Arts                                                      and Sunday Times Good
                                                                  University Guide 2018)
Postgraduate courses
Art History
Art and Art History
                                                               Our graduates are:
Fine Art
                                                               •   University educators
                                                               •   Secondary school teachers
                                                               •   Art gallery managers
                                                               •   Museum or exhibition curators
                                                               •   Journalists
                                                               •   Art directors in publishing
                                                               •   Conservators of easel painting, ceramics and
                                                                   works on paper

                                                               “I study Fine Art and Education here at Aber.
                                                               I love how stunning the area is with hills
                                                               rolling straight into the sea. Aberystwyth is
                                                               amazing for walks; I find myself taking my
                                                               sketch book out with me. I will take so many
                                                               memories with me, being surrounded by people
                                                               that make me laugh and all the fun antics we
                                                               get up to.”
                                                               Paulina Kyprianou
24 Aberystwyth University                      +44(0)1970 621986

   Biological, Environmental and
   Rural Sciences (IBERS)
                                                                   Key Facts
   At IBERS you will become part of a world-class teaching
                                                                    Internationally recognised
   and research Institute. We are known for our innovative
                                                                     research and teaching centre
   work that impacts on international, national and
                                                                    92% Overall student
   regional challenges in biology and health, and we pride
                                                                     satisfaction (NSS 2018)
   ourselves on training skilful graduates that are ready to
                                                                    Top 5 in the UK for research
   make their own impact on these challenges.
                                                                     Quality (The Complete
                                                                     University Guide in the Times &
                                                                     Sunday Times)
   Undergraduate courses
                                                                    6th in the UK for research power
                                                                     ratings (REF 2014)
                                                                    20 course accredits by the
   Animal Behaviour
                                                                     Royal Society of Biology
   Animal Science
                                                                    98% of graduates were in work
                                                                     or further study within six
                                                                     months (HESA 2017)
   Conservation / Countryside Management
   Equine Studies
                                                                   Our graduates are:
   Genetics and Biochemistry
   Human Biology and Health                                        •   Research Scientists
   Life Science                                                    •   University Professors
   Marine and Freshwater Biology                                   •   Zooplankton Taxonomists
   Microbiology                                                    •   Executive Secretary, International Whaling
   Plant Biology                                                       Commission
   Sport and Exercise Sciences                                     •   Environmental Officers
   Veterinary Biosciences                                          •   Development Scientists, Thermo Fisher Scientific
   Wildlife Conservation                                           •   Veterinarians
   Zoology                                                         •   Lab Technicians
                                                                   •   Journalists

   Postgraduate courses
   Animal Science
   Environmental Management
   Equine Science
   Livestock Science
                                                                   “My degree in Genetics and Biochemistry
   Parasite Control                                                gave me a good grounding that prepared
   Statistics for Computational Biology                            me very well for my PhD. In fact, one
                                                                   of the courses, Gene Expression and
                                                                   Developmental Genetics inspired me to work
                                                                   in Developmental Biology, which is what I
                                                                   work at today. I will be eternally grateful for
                                                                   the chance I was given and the teaching I
                                                                   Roger – Professor of Neurosciences,
                                                                   University of Copenhagen
Aberystwyth University 25

“Aberystwyth as a town is fabulous and
the best part about it is the coastline, and
the friendliest people out there, they are
truly amazing and welcoming. Aberystwyth
University has made me more confident
in life and has taught me.”
Vikram Kittagali Mahadevaiah
26 Aberystwyth University               +44(0)1970 622500

   Aberystwyth Business School
                                                             Key Facts
   The Aberystwyth Business School has an excellent
                                                              Best in Wales for Marketing
   reputation for the quality of its teaching, learning
                                                               (Complete University Guide
   environment and the cultural experience it offers its
   students. We emphasise small-group teaching on our
                                                              97% of graduates were in work
   workplace-relevant degree schemes and are highly
                                                               or further study within
   regarded by both students and employers.
                                                               6 months (HESA 2018)
                                                              10th in the UK for student
                                                               satisfaction in Management
   Undergraduate courses                                       (NSS 2018)
                                                              4th in the UK for Assessment
   Accounting and Finance
                                                               and feedback in the subject
   Adventure Tourism Management
                                                               area of Finance (NSS 2018)
   Business Economics
   Business Finance
   Business Management
   Economics                                                Our graduates are:
   Tourism Management                                       •   Chartered Accountants
                                                            •   Economists
                                                            •   Retail Bankers
   Postgraduate courses                                     •   Financial Traders
                                                            •   Marketing Executives
                                                            •   Advertising Copywriters
                                                            •   Media Buyers
   International Business Management
                                                            •   Hotel Managers
   International Finance
   International Finance and Banking
   Management and Marketing
                                                            “I enjoy learning about how the economy
   Management and Finance                                   works. How money isn't just printed out at
   MBA Management                                           any time but is controlled by the government.
                                                            Economics allows me to understand the
                                                            fundamental problems that all societies face.
                                                            Moreover, it focuses on the interaction of the
                                                            market and people, how economic agents behave
                                                            or interact and how the economy works.”
                                                            Fon Yih Young
+44(0)1970 622424                Aberystwyth University 27

Computer Science
                                                                 Key Facts
We are one of the longest established departments of
                                                                  One of the longest established
computer science in the UK. Our commitment to our
                                                                   departments of Computer
students has helped us build an outstanding reputation
                                                                   Science in the UK
amongst employers for producing innovative and
                                                                  11th in the UK and 1st in Wales
forward-thinking graduates. The Department’s strong
                                                                   (REF 2014)
links with major international companies offer our
                                                                  98% of our graduates were in
graduates and students the opportunity to work all over
                                                                   work or further study within 6
the world.
                                                                   months (HESA 2018)
                                                                  Year in employment and
                                                                   industrial year options available
Undergraduate courses
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Business Information Technology                                 Our graduates are:
Computer Graphics, Vision and Games
Computer Science                                                •   Software designers
Computer science and Artificial Intelligence                    •   Web developers
Data Science                                                    •   IT Consultants
Internet Computer and Systems Administration                    •   Game designers
Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering                       •   Computer Sales Executives
Software Engineering                                            •   Educators
Space Science and Robotics

Postgraduate courses
Computer Science (Software Engineering)
Computer science Software Engineering
  (inc. Integrated Industrial and Professional Training)
Data Science
Statistics for Computational Biology

  Idris is the 4 x 4, 4-wheel steering electric vehicle
  used for our research in field robotics, especially
  visual navigation. It is shown here undergoing
  field trials in Tenerife as part of the EU-funded
  PRoViScout project (Planetary Robotics Vision
  Scout) for future autonomous planetary exploration
28 Aberystwyth University              +44(0)1970 621580

                                                               Key Facts
   At the School of Education we lead by example and
                                                                Top 5 in the UK for teaching
   believe that education should be inspiring and creative
                                                                 quality for the subject of
   to stimulate students’ minds. Our courses, along with
                                                                 Education and for student
   the School’s supportive and inclusive atmosphere, have
                                                                 experience (The Times and
   ensured that 98% of our students are in work or further
                                                                 Sunday Times Good University
   study within 6 months of graduating (HESA 2018).
                                                                 Guide 2018)
                                                                98% of our graduates were in
                                                                 work or further studying within
   Undergraduate courses
                                                                 6 months (HESA 2018)
                                                                Placement modules available to
   Childhood Studies
                                                                 provide work experience
                                                                Highly supportive learning
                                                                 environment and excellent
   Postgraduate courses                                          teaching facilities

                                                              Our graduates are:
   “I came to Aber to study my PGCE in                        •   Nurses
   Modern Foreign Languages. It is very easy to               •   Social Carers
   fall in love with Aberystwyth; a place full of             •   Speech therapists
                                                              •   Teachers
   life and unforgettable sunsets. It has the charm           •   Social Workers
   of a town but the possibilities of a city. I met           •   Play therapists
   my boyfriend here, watched sunsets on the pier
   and it is something I will never forget. It is a
   magical town with beautiful views.The people
   here are all very kind and have a heart of gold.
   The atmosphere is always very international,
   and you feel at home.What I will miss the
   most will be the familiar atmosphere. Every
   student is important, and teachers listen and
   have an interest in you.”
   Beatriz Gómez
+44(0)1970 622534           Aberystwyth University 29

English and Creative Writing
                                                                 Key Facts
The Department of English and Creative Writing at
                                                                  Top 10 in the UK for student
Aberystwyth delivers an outstanding student experience
                                                                   experience for Creative Writing
– our students are some of the happiest and best taught
                                                                   (The Times and Sunday Times
undergraduates in the country. Our staff are world-
                                                                   Good University Guide 2018)
leading literary scholars and award-winning writers who
                                                                  97% of research is of
inspire our students and support their development as
                                                                   international standing or higher
experts in their chosen fields of study.
                                                                   (REF 2014)
                                                                  Staff comprise of a team of
                                                                   literary scholars and award-
Undergraduate courses                                              winning writers
                                                                  Provides research led teaching
Creative Arts
                                                                   of the highest quality
Creative Writing
                                                                  96% of graduates were in work
English Literature
                                                                   or further study within
English Literature and Creative Writing
                                                                   6 months(HESA 2018)
Liberal Arts

Postgraduate courses                                             Our graduates are:
Creative Writing                                                 •   Art Directors in Publishing
English                                                          •   Graphic Designers
Literary Studies                                                 •   Editors
                                                                 •   Journalists
                                                                 •   Marketing and Communication Directors
                                                                 •   Teachers
30 Aberystwyth University

   Geography and
   Earth Sciences

   The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences is
   one of the largest and most well-respected of its kind in    Key Facts
   the UK, celebrating its centenary year in 2018. We offer a
                                                                 Best in Wales and in the top 15
   range of exciting, contemporary degree schemes across
                                                                  in the UK for research quality
   Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.                   (REF 2014)
                                                                 One of the oldest Geography
                                                                  Departments in the UK
   Undergraduate courses                                         100% Student satisfaction for
                                                                  Human and Social Geography
   Environmental Earth Science                                    (NSS 2018)
   Environmental Science                                         No 1 in Wales and top 20
   Geography                                                      in the UK for the subject of
   Human Geography                                                Geography and Environmental
   Physical Geography                                             Science (The Times and Sunday
                                                                  Times Good University Guide
   Postgraduate courses                                           2018)
                                                                 100% overall student
   Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation                    satisfaction for our F840
   Geography and Earth Sciences                                   Physical Geography Degree
   Practising Human Geography                                     (NSS 2018)
   Remote Sensing and GIS                                        Options of integrated masters
                                                                 Year in employment or year in
                                                                  industry available
   Our graduates are:
   •   Environmental consultants
   •   Planners
   •   Civil Servants
   •   Surveyors
   •   Teachers

   “Geography at Aberystwyth is a match made in
   heaven.With two rivers running through the town,
   being a coastal environment and a tourist town as
   well as breath-taking scenery, the possibilities for
   research are endless.There are a vast amount of
   options you can study, all taught by world renowned
   experts who are happy to give you help whenever
   you need it. It can be summed up as the perfect place
   to study!”
   Thomas Cottrell
+44(0)1970 622606      Aberystwyth University 31

                                                         Student walking out of an ice cave on the
                                                                            Franz Joseph Glacier
32 Aberystwyth University         +44(0)1970 622662

   History and Welsh History
                                                                    Key Facts
   From the ancient world to contemporary America,
                                                                     Oldest History Department in
   from the Samurai of Japan and the monks of medieval
                                                                      Wales (1872) and one of the
   Wales to Victorian scientists and twentieth-century
                                                                      oldest in the UK
   dictators, the Department of History and Welsh History
                                                                     Work placements available
   at Aberystwyth will introduce you to cultures from
                                                                     Small group and one to one
   across the globe and throughout time. The department
   has a staff of leading historians in their fields and a
                                                                     92% student satisfaction for the
   commitment to research-based teaching and small-
                                                                      subject of History (NSS 2018)
   group classes.
                                                                     99% of our graduates were in
                                                                      work or further study within 6
                                                                      months (HESA 2018)
   Undergraduate courses
   History and Welsh History                                        Our graduates are:
   Liberal Arts
   Medieval and Early Modern History                                •   Law professionals
   Modern and Contemporary History                                  •   Archivists
   Politics and Modern History                                      •   Publishers
                                                                    •   Politicians
   Postgraduate courses                                             •   Civil Servants
                                                                    •   Armed Forces professionals
                                                                    •   Entrepreneurs
   History and Heritage
   History of Wales
   Medieval Britain & Europe
                                                               “What I love about studying History at
   Modern History
                                                               Aberystwyth is everything! It is such a great
                                                               degree scheme, with a wide range of modules to
                                                               choose from in each year of study.The tutors are
                                                               fantastic and always helpful and knowledgeable.
                                                               Everyone within the department is friendly - staff
                                                               and students alike - which creates a lovely working
                                                               atmosphere. We have a fantastic resource just
                                                               down the road, the National Library ofWales,
                                                               which not only contains every book published in
                                                               the UK after 1911, but is also a beautiful building
                                                               to study in and commands the best view over the
                                                               whole of Aberystwyth town. Studying History at
                                                               Aberystwyth is the best decision I have ever made!”
                                                               Rachel Twomey

   A colorful sunset over Pentre Ifan burial chamber
+44(0)1970 622157                Aberystwyth University 33

Information Studies
                                                                   Key Facts
Information Management, Libraries and Archives at
                                                                    International research
Aberystwyth is one of the largest providers of specialist,
professional education in information studies in
                                                                    Flexible learning options
the UK. We offer a wide range of tailored courses in
                                                                    Access to the National Library
contemporary information, archives and records,
                                                                     of Wales, one of the Top
digital curation and library studies.
                                                                     European Libraries
                                                                    Dedicated Virtual Learning
Undergraduate courses                                                Environment for Distance
Distance Learning
Information and Library Studies
                                                                   Our graduates are:
Postgraduate courses
                                                                   •   Information Officers
Campus Based                                                       •   Information Managers
Archive Administration                                             •   Information Systems Officers
Digital Curation                                                   •   Information Analysts
Information and Library Studies                                    •   Computer Systems Officers

Distance Learning
Archive Administration
Digital Curation
Digital Preservation
Information and Library Studies
Management of Library and Information Services
34 Aberystwyth University                 +44(0)1970 622709

   International Politics
                                                                Key Facts
   International politics today is about understanding
                                                                 First department of its kind in
   and tacking global challenges. As a student in the
                                                                  the world, founded in 1919
   Department of International Politics you will be perfectly
                                                                 Best in Wales and 7th in the UK
   placed to gain a deeper understanding of what those
                                                                  for research quality (REF 2014)
   challenges are and what opportunities and obstacles
                                                                 94% of graduates were in work
   shape how we manage them.
                                                                  or further study within 6 months
                                                                  (HESA 2018)
                                                                 8th in the UK for student
   Undergraduate courses
                                                                  satisfaction for the subject area
                                                                  of Politics (NSS 2018)
   International Politics
                                                                 International renowned faculty
   International Politics and Global Development
                                                                  focussed on understanding how
   International Politics and Intelligence Studies
                                                                  we tackle the challenges of the
   International Politics and Military History
                                                                  21st century
   International Politics and Strategic Studies
   Politics and Modern History
   Strategy, Intelligence and Security                          Our graduates are:

   Postgraduate courses                                         •   Development sector professionals
                                                                •   Local and national government officials
                                                                •   Civil servants
   International Politics
                                                                •   Government researchers
   Welsh Politics and Society
                                                                •   Social researchers
   Politics, Media and Performance
                                                                •   NGO professionals
                                                                •   Journalists

                                                                “The location, the course itself, feeling like
                                                                home, being able to live on the seafront, and
                                                                the affordability of the course compared
                                                                to other universities in Britain, whilst
                                                                maintaining the same quality of teaching, were
                                                                all factors that influenced my decision to come
                                                                here. It was clearly a good decision, as I have
                                                                loved every second of it!”
                                                                Nora May Engeseth
+44(0)1970 622460                    Aberystwyth University 35

Aberystwyth Law School
                                                                  Key Facts
Law and Criminology, and their multiple facets,
                                                                   Founded in 1901 as the first Law
influence and affect all areas of modern life and society.
                                                                    School in Wales.
Since 1901, the Aberystwyth Law School has built upon
                                                                   77% of graduates enter
a rich heritage of academia and experience while also
                                                                    professional level employment
embracing modern learning techniques and resources to
                                                                    or graduate level further study
equip its students for careers in Law and Criminology.
                                                                    (HESA 2018)
                                                                   98% of research activity rated
Undergraduate courses                                               internationally recognised and
                                                                    above (REF 2014)
                                                                   Strong international profile
BA Law
                                                                   All LLMs are available through
                                                                    Distance Learning
Criminology and Applied Psychology

Specialist/Themed LLB Degree in:                                  Our graduates are:
Business Law
Criminal Law                                                      •   Lawyers
European Law                                                      •   Solicitors
Human Rights                                                      •   Legal Consultants
                                                                  •   Legal Directors
Postgraduate courses                                              •   Partners
                                                                  •   Investment Bankers
Environmental Law and Policy                                      •   Corporate Finance Specialists
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
International Commercial Law
Legal Practice

Distance Learning
Environmental Law and Policy
Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
International Commercial Law
36 Aberystwyth University                   +44(0)1970 622802 

                                                                Key Facts
   A mathematics degree at Aberystwyth introduces you
                                                                 First University to teach
   to one of the most widely applicable of disciplines.
                                                                  Mathematics in Wales
   Aberystwyth has the longest tradition in Wales of
                                                                 All Mathematics research
   excellence in teaching and research in mathematics
                                                                  judged to be internationally
   and our inclusive community will help you realize your
                                                                  recognised (REF 2014)
   ambition and use what you’ve learnt to make your mark
                                                                 Top in the UK for teaching
   on the world.
                                                                  quality for the subject of
                                                                  Mathematics (The Times and
   Undergraduate courses                                          Sunday Times Good University
                                                                  Guide 2018)
                                                                 100% overall student satisfaction
   Applied Mathematics / Pure Mathematics
                                                                  (NSS 2018)
   Applied Mathematics / Statistics
                                                                 Foundation year available
   Data Science
                                                                 96% of graduates were in work
   Financial Mathematics
                                                                  or further study within 6 months
   Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
                                                                  (HESA 2018)
   Pure Mathematics / Statistics

   Postgraduate courses                                         Our graduates are:

   Data Science                                                 •   Statistical analysts in computational statistics
   Mathematics                                                  •   Teachers
   Statistics for Computational Biology                         •   Aeronautical Engineers
                                                                •   Accountants and Bankers
                                                                •   Risk Analysts in actuarial work
                                                                •   Financial Managers in investment analysis

                                                                “Maths is a great course with really friendly
                                                                and approachable lecturers.The content is
                                                                always really interesting but challenging to
                                                                the right extent.The whole department works
                                                                effectively to offer all the facilities needed to
                                                                gain a good degree.”
                                                                Jennifer O'Neil
+44(0)1970 622552 / 55    Aberystwyth University 37

Modern Languages
                                                               Key Facts
Modern Languages is a warm and supportive
                                                                8th in the UK for Modern
multilingual department that respects its students
                                                                 Languages (The Guardian
and what they bring to the community. We value our
                                                                 League Tables 2019)
students’ voice and we aim to motivate and engage
                                                                6th in the UK for student
you, making your time with us an enjoyable and
                                                                 satisfaction for German
stimulating experience. We strive to provide innovative
                                                                 (Complete University Guide
teaching which allows you to excel and achieve your full
potential, so that you are ready for life after your degree.
                                                                95% of graduates are in work or
                                                                 further study within 6 months
Undergraduate courses                                            (HESA 2018)
                                                                Well-equipped language
                                                                 laboratories with computer and
                                                                 video recording equipment
Liberal Arts
Modern Languages
Spanish and Latin American Studies

Postgraduate PhD courses
European Languages

                                                               Our graduates are:
                                                               •   Translators and Interpreters
                                                               •   Broadcasters
                                                               •   Teachers
                                                               •   Marketing professionals
                                                               •   Human Resources professionals
                                                               •   Website Developers
                                                               •   International Bankers
                                                               •   Civil Servants

                                                               “The seafront is beautiful, the town is nice,
                                                               and the university is great.The best memories
                                                               are the moments I spent with the friends I
                                                               met here, it was amazing to meet people from
                                                               all around the world, and we had really good
                                                               times in pubs or at the beach. I miss my friends
                                                               the most, as well as the sunsets at the beach.
                                                               Actually, I think I miss almost everything,
                                                               as I had a really good time in Aberystwyth.”
                                                               Maude Gonthier
38 Aberystwyth University                       +44(0)1970 62802

                                                                   Key Facts
   When you study Physics at Aberystwyth, you will be part
                                                                    Institute of Physics (IOP)
   of a friendly, informal atmosphere in a Department with
                                                                     accredited courses
   over 140 years of excellence in teaching and research.
                                                                    Top 10 in the UK for teaching
   We are committed to small-group and laboratory-based
                                                                     for the subject are of Physics &
   teaching and we place a strong emphasis on project work
                                                                     Astronomy (NSS 2018)
   where you can share our passion for the subject in our
                                                                    Research Led Teaching
   specialist areas of space, materials and quantum physics.
                                                                    Integrated Masters and
                                                                     integrated year in industry
   Undergraduate courses                                             options available

   Engineering Physics                                             Our graduates are:
   Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
   Physics                                                         •   Medical Physicists
   Physics with Planetary and Space Physics                        •   Radiation Protection Practitioners
   Space Science and Robotics                                      •   Research Scientists
                                                                   •   Systems Developers
   Postgraduate PhD courses                                        •   Product Developers
                                                                   •   Technical Authors
   Materials Physics                                               •   Meteorologists
   Solar System Physics

                                                                   “Aber has a very close-knit community with
                                                                   very kind people. Aber being a student town,
                                                                   it was very easy to adjust here. I was easily
                                                                   accustomed to the student life here with tons of
                                                                   friends who became a second family.”
                                                                   Avishaa Kulkarni
+44(0)1970 628796    Aberystwyth University 39

                                                               Key Facts
When you study Psychology at Aberystwyth you get more
                                                                Top in the UK or teaching
than an education in theory. You’ll receive a passionate
                                                                 quality and student experience
understanding of the subject from staff who care not only
                                                                 for the subject of Psychology
for psychology, but also the community spirit we are so
                                                                 (The Times and Sunday Times
very proud of. You’ll find a home here, a personal and
                                                                 Good University Guide 2018)
dedicated approach where you can be yourself.
                                                                96% of graduates were in work
                                                                 or further study within 6 months
Undergraduate courses                                            (HESA 2018)
                                                                Department and all degrees
                                                                 accredited by the British
                                                                 Psychology Society (BPS)
Psychology and Criminology
                                                                95% overall student satisfaction
Psychology and Education
                                                                 for the department of
                                                                 Psychology (NSS 2018)
Postgraduate MPhil / PhD course
                                                               Our graduates are:
                                                               • Clinical, Educational, Occupational, Sports and
                                                                 Exercise psychologists;
                                                               • Psychotherapists and Counsellors;
                                                               • Social Workers;
                                                               • Health Care professionals;
                                                               • Careers Advisors;
                                                               • Marketing, Publishing, and Advertising

                                                               “I love my tutors - they are truly amazing,
                                                               passionate about their specific psychology
                                                               areas and very, very kind! I also love my
                                                               department - new, modern and accessible!
                                                               I love how this course made me think deeper,
                                                               explore new theories and come up with new
                                                               ideas.The department is also very receptive to
                                                               bilingual people coming from other countries!”
                                                               Maryna Chwaszczewska
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