Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate

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Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
Interschool Showjumping
Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
Victory College invites all Primary and Secondary School riders to the annual

                         Victory College
                     Showjumping Competition

                 Saturday 26 - Sunday 27th March 2022
Victory College Equestrian Center, 1073 Old Maryborough Road, Gympie

               Start Time: 7:30 AM Walk Course both competition days.

     Details: Showjumping AM5 ( 238.2.2 Table A) and super 2 Phase (Article 274.2.)

                         Entries Close: Friday 18th March 2022

   Entry Fees: Showjumping - $25 per round (Two horses are permitted in the same
                                or difficult classes)
            Admin Fees: $20 non-refundable administration fee per rider

      Stabling: $25 per night $20 Stable bond applies. Stables must be cleaned
                                      after use.

                                Camping: $20 per night

                                   COVID -19 RULES
 This event will be run in accordance with Queensland covid safe guidelines all people
attending this event including competitors must sign in via the nominate app. Additional
            information regarding covid will be provided closer to the event

                         Numbers may be capped for this event
    The OC reserves the right to alter the program if classes do not have sufficient
  numbers. The competition will include an AM5 (Article 238.2.2 Table A) and Super 2
  Phase (Article 274.2.). The program may be altered on competition days to suit the
                       conditions and to keep the event flowing.

                      *Denotes classes for State Championships
                    **Denotes classes for National Championships

             Helmets need to be IQ standard and tagged before riding.
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
Day 1 - Saturday 26th March

Primary Classes Riders in         Secondary Classes Riders in
Grades 1 – 6                      Grades 7 - 12
Saturday AM5                      Saturday AM5
                                  Run after the primary Classes
                                  ** CLASSES 9-12 Are Nationals Classes*

1* Primary Qualifier AM5 50 cm    6* Secondary Qualifier AM5 60cm Non
2* Primary Qualifier AM5 60 cm    7*Secondary Qualifier AM5 70 cm
3* Primary Qualifier AM5 70 cm    8* Secondary Qualifier AM5 80 cm
4** Primary Qualifier AM5 80 cm   9** Secondary Qualifier AM5 90 cm
5** Primary Qualifier AM5 90 cm   10** Secondary Qualifier AM5 100 cm
                                  11** Secondary Qualifier AM5 110 cm
                                  12** Secondary Qualifier AM5 120 cm

Day 2 - Sunday 27th March

Primary Classes Riders in            Secondary Classes Riders in
Grades 1 – 6                         Grades 7- 12

Sunday Special 2 phase               Sunday Super 2 phase
                                     Run after the Primary

1* Primary Qualifier                 6* Secondary Qualifier
   Super Two-Phase 50 cm                Super Two-Phase 60cm Non Qualifier
2* Primary Qualifier                 7*Secondary Qualifier
   Super Two-Phase 60 cm               Super Two-Phase 70 cm
3* Primary Qualifier                 8* Secondary Qualifier
   Super Two-Phase 70 cm                Super Two-Phase 80 cm
4** Primary Qualifier                9* Secondary Qualifier
   Super Two-Phase 80 cm                Super Two-Phase 90 cm
5** Primary Qualifier                10* Secondary Qualifier
   Super Two-Phase 90 cm               Super Two-Phase 100 cm
                                     11*Secondary Qualifier
                                        Super Two-Phase 110 cm
                                     12*Secondary Qualifier
                                       Super Two-Phase120 cm
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
8.2.1 AM5
Article 238.2.2:
This is a competition against the clock, but in the event of equality of penalties for first
place, there will be one jump-off against the clock. Other athletes are placed according to
their penalties and time in the first round.

274.2 Super Two-Phase
Article 274.2 This competition comprises two phase round without interruption, each at
an identical or different speed, the finishing line for the first phase begin identical with the
starting line for the second phase.

The first phase is a course of 7 to 9 obstacles with or without combination (Table A against
the clock). The second phase takes place over 46 obstacles, which may include one
combination (Table A against the clock).

Athletes competing the first phase may continue in the second phase. Placing is according
to the penalties and time in both phases. (Faults on obstacles and penalties for exceeding
the time allowed in both phases) and, If necessary, according to the time of the second

It is a requirement BEFORE nominating that all riders wishing to compete in jumping
classes are registered with the IQ office. Any nominations received without the appropriate
registration will not be accepted and no discussion will be entered into. For more
information regarding registration please contact the IQ office. Note that IQ numbers are no
longer required.


• Sharon Johnston M: 0447 006 766 E:
• Sarah Davis M: 0429 858 849 E:
• Karen Robinson M: 0447 005 520 E:
• No refund for scratching after close of entries unless accompanied by veterinary/
  medical certificate
• No refund after draw and helpers roster has been posted (camping and stabling will be

DRAW & HELPERS ROSTER - No Helper No Rider Policy
• The draw and roster will be available on as soon as possible
  after the closing date.
• Every rider must nominate a helper for each discipline they enter.
• Helpers are to sign on at the office 10 minutes prior to job time and remain at their
  allocated task for the rostered duration.
• Results and qualifiers will be withheld if the job is not fulfilled.
• If they are not able to undertake their allotted job, helpers must organise for someone
  else to take their place – this is not a responsibility of the organising committee.
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
• Review the draw schedule once published on for the rider’s
  event time and ring/s.
• A Horse Health Declaration must be completed and handed in at the office upon entry.

CANTEEN will be available all day.

FIRST AID OFFICER will be available on the day.

A VET will be on call but the owner/rider of the horse will be obliged to pay for the service
not Victory College or their Equestrian team.

Victory college Equestrian Team, Gympie Showgrounds and IQ do not accept any liability
for any accident, loss, damage, injury, or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators or any
personal property whatsoever or any associated costs in the event of DPI lockdown

This competition is run in accordance with the Interschool Queensland Handbook 2022.
This handbook is available on the website. Please familiarise yourself with this document.

• Individual: Ribbons 1st – 5th place in each round
• Overall Awards: 1st - 3rd place
• Champion rugs for overall 1st place of each class
• Highest points overall Primary rider and highest points overall Secondary rider
• Overall teams prize for Highest Points Primary Team and Highest Points Secondary Team

• The competition times in the published schedule are correct at the time of publication
  and should be taken as a guide for competitors only.
• All competitors must be prepared to enter the ring when called on to do so and they
  should ensure that they are attentive to announcements to this effect on the day.
• Athletes who fail to comply with this rule may face elimination.
• Athletes may ride two horses in two different classes (one class per horse) at this event.

• No competitors or parents or coaches are to directly approach any judges, stewards,
  course builders or any other officials or volunteers with disputes, complaints or queries.
• Any disputes, complaints or queries during the competition must be lodged in writing
  with the Organising Committee through the School Convener with a fee of $50 within 30
  minutes after the happening which gave rise to the objection.
• These will be referred to the Technical Delegate/Ground Jury of the day.
• The decision of the Technical Delegate/Ground Jury will be final and may not be
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
• The judges are required to satisfy themselves regarding soundness of all horses and
  therefore have authority to stop an unsound horse from competing at any time during
  the competition.
• The Technical Delegate in consultation with the judges may at any time stop and
  eliminate from the competition any rider that they deem to be unsafe or to have the
  potential to cause harm to themselves and others

• When representing their school and whilst on competition grounds, all competitors
  must obey school rules and competition etiquette.
• Those who fail to do so risk elimination from the competition.

• Those competitors that wish to stable their horses or camp overnight may do so
  through Nominate when entering. Please note we only have 12 stables available for
  camping on-site at the College, so it will be first in best dressed.
• All other camping will be at the Gympie Showgrounds.
  Please contact the Gympie Show Society to arrange this. Phone 5482 1721 or visit

• A designated gear checkpoint will be made available and is compulsory for all
  competitors 15 minutes prior to their entry in each and every class. No competitor may
  compete until they have been cleared through the gear check station.
• All equipment should comply with EQ regulations for the particular discipline.
• It is the responsibility of the competitor and/or parents to ensure that saddlery
  and equipment is in good repair, meets the relevant safety standards and is fitted

• Riders MUST ride in their school equestrian uniform i.e. shirt, tie, jodhpurs or breeches,
  boots and school jumper/vest/jacket if applicable.
• Helmets of Australian Safety Standard 3838:1998 or EN 1384 or ASTN F1163 must be worn
  at all times whilst mounted. Helmets must be IQ tagged.
• A saddlecloth depicting the school emblem should be worn.
• Riders will be allocated a draw number, which must be worn either on the bridle or
  saddlecloth on both sides while competing.

• In the AM5 and Special Two-Phase classes the level of the event in cms is the maximum
  starting height in the first round. There may be a 10cm height rise in the second round.
• Back protectors are not compulsory under EQ rules, however IQ strongly recommends
  their use in the interest of safety.
• IQ jumping competitions run under EQ rules.

• Riders may substitute an alternative horse up until the start of competition on the day
  providing IQ registration is current and the request is accompanied by a veterinary
• No rider may be substituted for another.
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
In the case of tied scores in showjumping the following will occur:
• Tied scores in individual rounds, both riders awarded a tied place, the points for
  those places are shared and the next place is omitted.
• Tied scores for Champion with go to (1) the athlete with the highest place in the
  AM5 then (the athlete with the highest place in the P&S (3) the athlete with the
  highest place in the A2.

In the event of inclement weather, please contact organising committee.

• Neither the organizing committee, Victory college, Inter-school Queensland, Gympie
  Showgrounds or Equestrian Queensland accepts any liability for any accident, injury,
  illness to riders, spectators, horses, grounds or any other persons or property whatsoever
  in consideration of entries being accepted.
• No entries will be accepted unless riders and parents have noted the Acknowledgment
  and Indemnity Waiver.

1. Entries are to be made only through
2. No late entries will be accepted.
3. In the event of cancellation of the competition or part thereof, due to any
   circumstances beyond the control of the relevant organising committee, entry fees will
   be refunded less the administration charge to help defray administration costs.
4. All entries are to be accompanied by an email address and the parent’s helper roster will
   then be posted on the website when available prior to the competition. A nominated
   helper for each rider is required in order to process the nomination.

We are excited to be having 2 trade stalls on site at our event;

Aussie Blue Heeler

Mega Min Equine Supplements

Please support these local businesses that have come on board to support our event.
If you are needing anything specific brought to the event, please get in touch with Jenny
(Aussie Blue Heeler) or Shannon (Ag Solutions - Mega Min Equine Supplements) BEFORE the
event, so that they have enough time to ensure they can have your products in stock and with
them over the weekend.
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
Victory College would like to thank the following businesses
                 for sponsoring the event:
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
Tin Can Bay Bakery
Interschool Showjumping Competition - Saturday 26, Sunday 27th March 2022 - Nominate
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