Into Film Festival 2017 Report

Into Film Festival 2017 Report
Into Film Festival
2017 Report
Into Film Festival 2017 Report

Into Film Festival 2017 Report
1. Executive Summary                                                   5

2. Audience Breakdown                                                  8
   2.1 Attendee Breakdown vs. 2016 + 2015                              9
   2.2 Attendee Breakdown by Schools and Groups vs. 2015 + 2015        10

3. National Spread                                                     11
   3.1   Attendee Breakdown by Country vs. 2016 + 2015                 12
   3.2   Attendee Breakdown by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015          13
   3.3   Event Breakdown by Country vs. 2016 + 2015                    13
   3.4   Event Breakdown by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015             14

4. Audience Development                                                15
   4.1   Film Previews and a Premiere                                  17
   4.2   Pre-Screening Reel & Intellectual Property Awareness          17
   4.3   Bounceback Incentives                                         18
   4.4   Comms Campaign                                                19
   4.5   Enhanced Cinematic Experiences                                19
   4.6   Review Writing Competition                                    20

5. Added Value: Special Events, Speakers and Workshops                 21
   5.1 Breakdown of Special Events by Country vs. 2016 + 2015          24
   5.2 Breakdown of Special Events by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015   25

6. Exhibitors                                                          26
   6.1 Exhibitor Sites and Attendees vs. 2016                          28
   6.2 Capacity by Country vs. 2016                                    29
   6.3 Capacity by English Region vs. 2016                             29

7. Distributors                                                        31
   7.1 Top Ten Distributors by Attendance                              32
   7.2 Top Ten Performing Primary Films – Total Attendance             33
   7.3 Top Ten Performing Secondary Films – Total Attendance           34

8. Accessibility                                                       35

9. Education                                                           37
   9.1 Survey Results 2017                                             39

         9.1.1   Motivation to Attend the Festival                     39
         9.1.2   Overall Experience on the Day                         40
         9.1.3   Overall Quality of the Festival Programme             40
         9.1.4   Ease of Booking                                       41
         9.1.5   Curriculum Delivery                                   41
         9.1.6   Educational Resources                                 42
         9.1.7   Using Education Resources in Future                   42

10. Festival Programme                                                 43

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                              3
Into Film Festival 2017 Report
11. Communications                       46
    11.1 Film Club Leader Priority       47
    11.2 No Shows & Cancellations        47
    11.3 Website                         47
         11.3.1 Sessions                 47
         11.3.2 Festival Bookings Site   48

    11.4   E-Comms                       48
    11.5   Direct Mail                   49
    11.6   Social Media                  49
    11.7   Associations                  50

12. Learnings and The Future             51
    12.1   Specific Learnings            52
    12.2   Capacity Consolidation        52
    12.3   Added Value                   52
    12.4   Legacy & Year-Round           52

13. Partner Organisations                53
    13.1   Delivery Partners             54
    13.2   Exhibition Partners           54
    13.3   Distribution Partners         57
    13.4   Print Movement Partners       58
    13.5   Speakers                      59
    13.6   Media Partners                59
    13.7   3D Partners                   59
    13.8   Film Festival Partners        59

Appendix 1 – Press Report                60

Appendix 2 – Film List                   65

Appendix 3 – Event List                  71

Appendix 4 – Online Survey Statistics    81

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                4
Into Film Festival 2017 Report

Into Film Festival 2017 Report
The Into Film Festival is the largest free film festival for young people in the world and is
a key event in the education and film industry calendars. Now in its 5th year, the Festival
brings together UK exhibitors, distributors, print movement companies, industry talent and
other leading organisations to offer an exciting programme of free cinema screenings and
activities to schools and young people. So far almost 2 million attendees have benefited,
undoubtedly impacting on paid for admissions. The Festival plays a vital role in developing
the young, curious cinema-going audiences of the future – giving young people a chance
to see films they wouldn’t usually see or visit venues they may not have been to - offering
memorable cinematic experiences at a time when their social habits are forming.

Last year’s event took place from 8-24 November 2017          There were 24,742 bookings from over 4,000 schools
offering a packed programme of inspiring films and            involved in the Festival. Out of the 411,000 young people
industry events to develop young audiences. Highlights        attending there were 60,000 16-19 year olds with three
included pupil premieres of Paddington 2 and Coco             quarters of the audience from Primary schools. We
as the opening and closing moments, previews of The           ensured that 75% of the programme was available outside
Florida Project and Battle of The Sexes and titles ranging    of London and the South East.
from Blade Runner 2049 to Call Me By Your Name.
Across the programme there were talks from a range of         The Festival was made accessible to those with a
UK film talent (including actors Will Poulter, Dave Johns     disability, an access requirement or those with sensory
and Naomi Ackie, technicians, art department talent, film     impairment needs. Half of all screenings were offered as
critics and beyond) as well as exciting film experiences      either audio-described, subtitled or autism-friendly, and
like 4DX, VFX workshops, and talks from organisations         over 8,000 wheelchair spaces were available.
such as the UK Space Agency who brought space travel
to life in IMAX cinemas. This UK-wide spread of added-        Whilst we are ambitious to grow the Festival, we know
value opportunities makes the Festival stand out and helps    that there are many challenges to consider, including;
inspire such enthusiasm and loyalty amongst teachers and      increasing cinema capacity putting additional strain on
young people.                                                 sites – both chains and independents, availability of
                                                              appropriate titles from distributors and the logistics of
This year, over 486,000 young people and their educators      print movement given the films are often back catalogue.
walked through cinema doors to attend one of 3,000            Without a significant increase in investment to cover
screenings and special events. The programme offered          additional marketing and staffing, Festival attendance will
140 films from UK distributors at 602 venues across the       likely remain at a similar level in 2018 with a little room
whole of the UK.                                              for growth. The focus will be on the quality of experience,
                                                              growing the added value, broadening the audience
The Into Film Festival realises the extraordinary potential   development opportunity and raising the profile of the
of film to engage children and young people in complex        festival.
issues and curriculum areas. Through education, the
Festival aims to help build cinema audiences for the          The post-Festival survey shows that
future by showcasing cinema as the best platform in
which to view films and introduce young people to a                             of young people who attended the Into
broader range of films than they would normally go                 3            Film Festival are more likely to go and
and see, enabling teachers to build classroom activities           4            see other films at the cinema as a result
around the cinema trip. It also invites them to try new                         of the Festival.
venues and, in some cases, visit the cinema for the very
first time. Festival aims to help build cinema audiences
                                                                                of young people said they would talk
for the future by showcasing cinema as the best platform
                                                                                to their friends and family about the
in which to view films and introduce young people to a             88%          experience
broader range of films than they would normally go and
see. It also invites them to try new venues and, in some
cases, visit the cinema for the very first time.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                              6
Into Film Festival 2017 Report
Bounceback incentives were given out this year to over half of the festival attendees
to encourage this audience to return to the cinema as paying customers. Through
strengthening relationships between young people and exhibitors, the festival continues
to make a positive impact on cinema-going habits of 5-19 year olds.

                 of teachers would recommend the            of all screenings were offered as either
                 Festival to a colleague           1        audio-described, subtitled or autism-
                                                   2        friendly, and over 8,000 wheelchair
                                                            spaces were available.

                   “Projects like
                 this are essential
              if we are to keep the
                                                          “They [students]
             idea of cinema-going
                                                       want more, they want
              alive for subsequent
                                                        to go to the cinema
                                                       more, they’re buzzing.
                                                         Job done, mission

                   Stephen Follows

                                                   School teacher at a Festival event

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                         7
Into Film Festival 2017 Report

Into Film Festival 2017 Report
This year’s Festival attendance has shown a consistency of          telephone communication, a total attendance of 486,289
bookings in line with the previous year, with an increase of        was achieved. This shows a steady growth year-on-year
just under 8,000 teachers & young people. This can be put           following attendance of 246,434 in 2013, 371,521 in 2014,
down to a number of factors:                                        414,573 in 2015 and 478,583 in 2016.

• The Festival brand is established and dates are locked            There was significant growth in both secondary schools
  into teachers’ diaries                                            16-19 year olds (College, Sixth forms and Further Education).
• Now in its 5th year, we are getting more referrals                This was thanks to careful programme curation, screening
  between teachers and schools as a trusted educational             more films to appeal to this age group and pairing films with
  Festival                                                          the curriculum.
• With the Festival now well known, and the educational
  value clearly communicated, senior management are                 Although numbers are now consistently strong, this year
  more likely to sign-off on the trip as an extension of            has seen the smallest percentage rise in attendees since
  classroom work                                                    the Festival began (2% in comparison to 15% in 2016). Over
• Through partners, new data pools, and the increase                the first five years of the Festival there has been a very
  in Facebook referrals, new teachers and schools have              focused budget for recruitment of schools and teachers,
  been reached                                                      with a heavy reliance teacher databases. Over last 2 years
• The strategic programming now ensures that the most               the use of social channels has been introduced, which
  relevant titles and events are offered at each venue,             has certainly helped with the uplift. In order to grow
  reacting to audience demand                                       significantly at this stage, access to new data pools at
                                                                    greater scale will be required and a strategy developed so
Through a well versed communication strategy involving              we can market to them earlier and sell for longer.
email, direct mail, social media, pay per click and

College, Sixth Form & Further Education                             Secondary school

College, Sixth form & Further Education attendance in               Secondary school attendance in 2017 grew by 8% from 2016
2017 grew by 21% from 2017

2.1 Attendee Breakdown vs. 2016 + 2015

                                                                      2017                   2016               2015

  Young people                                                        411,466                407,058            353,416

  Adults                                                              74,823                 71,525             61,157

  TOTAL                                                               486,289                478,583            414,573

  Average school-group size                                           52                     58                 55
  (excluding home educators)

  Average number of bookings made by each user                        2.4                    2.5                2
  *(from a school – Further Ed, SEN, State, Private/

 *Filters have been changed from last year which accounts for the slight drop in reporting

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                  9
Into Film Festival 2017 Report
2.2 Attendee Breakdown by Schools and Groups vs. 2016 + 2015

  Booking by phase            No. of places              No. of places             % variance 2016           No. of places
  of education type           booked 2017                booked 2016               v 2017                    booked 2015

  Primary school              371,791                    377,298                   -1%                       314,804

  Middle school               N/A                        N/A                       N/A                       9,037

  Secondary school            44,707                     41,276                    8%                        39,145

  Whole School (5 –           3,857                      703                       449%                      N/A
  19 )

  College, Sixth Form         26,053                     21,575                    21%                       22,719
  & Further Education

  Other teacher (SEN,         N/A                        N/A                       N/A                       2,676
  LOTC etc.)

  Film club leaders +         272                        3,209                     -92%                      748
  Youth groups

  Home educators              39,609                     33,132                    20%                       25,316

  Unclassified                N/A                        1,390                     N/A                       128

  Total                       486,289                    478,583                    2%                       414,573

NB. Categorisation for phase of education has changed year on year to make reporting more accurate. However, this also means some of
the figures can be inconsistent. The best efforts have been made to make comparisons here as accurate as possible.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                     10

The Into Film Festival continually aims to make cinema accessible to all 5-19
year olds across the UK and actively seems to programme a range of film
genres and special events in each nation and region.

In 2016, there was a drop in exhibitor engagement within the      interest from schools in Greater London. We have seen
South-West of England, which was to be addressed for 2017         consistent growth in this region with a 15% rise in booking
Festival. By securing the participation of 6 additional cinemas   numbers year on year for the past 2 years. This is largely due
in the South West leading to 13 more screenings & events ,        to exhibitor involvement, good transport allowing schools
we have seen an 11% rise in attendees in the region this year.    access and an interested audience making targeted comms
As in previous years, we have seen a strong and growing           very effective.

3.1 Attendee Breakdown by Country vs. 2016 + 2015

  Where                      Total no. of places        Total no. of places      % increase               Total no. of places
                             booked 2017                booked 2016              from 2016                booked 2015

  England                    407,169                    397,989                  2%                       338,012

  Scotland                   45,146                     47,008                   -4%                      40,825

  Wales                      23,608                     23,654                   0%                       20,437

  Northern Ireland           9,420                      8,613                    9%                       12,288

  Overseas*                  946                        1,319                    -28%                     3,011

  Total                      486,289                    478,583                  2%                       414,573

*Festival events scheduled in army bases overseas to support young people in British education. These include Cyprus and Germany.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                  12
3.2 Attendee Breakdown by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015

  Where                       No. of places             No. of places             % increase              No. of places
                              booked in 2017            booked in 2016            from 2016               booked in 2015

  South East                  61,974                    65,081                    -5%                     53,070

  North West                  64,429                    63,631                    1%                      55,114

  Greater London              65,122                    56,584                    15%                     49,333

  South West                  38,667                    34,718                    11%                     35,296

  West Midlands               47,592                    49,026                    -3%                     40,956

  East of England             43,177                    41,287                    5%                      34,649

  Yorkshire and the           29,194                    30,943                    -6%                     25,977

  East Midlands               34,288                    33,226                    3%                      27,375

  North East                  22,726                    23,493                    -3%                     16,242

3.3 Event Breakdown by Country vs. 2016 + 2015
The team strategically programmed each venue through local teacher suggestions, consultations with venues and an
analysis of demand from previous years. This gave the most effective programme to maximise capacity. Total of 3,163
events offered across all areas.

  Where               No. of events    % of 2017          No. of events     % of 2016          No. of events       % of 2015
                      offered in       programme          offered in        programme          offered in          programme
                      2017                                2016                                 2015

  England             2,528            80%                2,390             80%                2,273               78%

  Scotland            314              10%                318               11%                324                 11%

  Wales               191              6%                 182               6%                 190                 6%

  Northern            113              3.5%               77                3%                 107                 4%

  Overseas*           17               0.5%               19                0.6%               19                  1%

*Festival events scheduled in army bases overseas to support young people in British education. These include Cyprus and Germany.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                 13
3.4 Event Breakdown by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015

 Where             No. of events   % of 2017   No. of events      % of 2016         No. of events    % of 2015
                   offered in      programme   offered in         programme         offered in       programme
                   2017                        2016                                 2015

 South East        442             17%         435                18%               416              18%

 North West        349             14%         329                14%               318              14%

 Greater           357             14%         308                13%               307              14%

 South West        302             12%         279                12%               299              13%

 West              279             11%         291                12%               258              11%

 East of           266             11%         241                10%               231              10%

 Yorkshire         199             8%          189                8%                188              8%
 and the

 East              205             8%          201                8%                172              8%

 North East        129             5%          117                5%                84               4%

                                                                              “An amazing
                                                                       experience and one that
          “We have enjoyed                                           the children from our school
         the film festival for                                    will not get often. Being a school
                                                                  with children where families have
       many years and would
                                                                high socio-economic disadvantage,
       highly recommend this
                                                               it means so much for the children to
          to other schools!”
                                                                be able to experience opportunities
                                                                 like this for free. So much learning
                                                                    and joy was had from the visit.
                                                                         Thank you so much.”
              Grace Elliot
        The Bemrose School Derby

                                                                        Into Film Festival 2017 Survey

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                   14

By driving young people into cinemas at a time when their social habits are
forming, the Festival provides an invaluable opportunity to showcase the
benefits of watching film on the big screen. It introduces young people to
films and cinemas that they may not be familiar with, and helps to build a
life-long affinity and respect for film and cinema.

The aim was to support exhibitors to develop and
                                                                              of exhibitors surveyed said they
strengthen their relationships with young people in their
                                                                              encouraged the audience to
local area, ensuring that the audience had a positive           78%           return as paying customers
experience which would lead to them returning as paying
                                                                              through additional activities
customers with friends and family after the Festival. The
Into Film Festival is part of a long-term partnership effort
to establish cinema-going habits amongst young people
and is a significant way Into Film delivers one of its four
central goals: to cultivate the largest possible curious,
passionate and diverse young audience for film.                             “I’m more of a
                                                                         sci-fi person, more
The Festival worked with some of the major cinema chains
                                                                      of a main stream movie
to develop bounceback incentives that directly promoted
return visits after the Festival had finished. Emails were              person. But to see an
sent to schools and parents both pre and post Festival to             independent movie like
support these incentives and encourage them to return to              this, I’m definitely going
the cinema as paid-for admissions, to see more films on
the big screen.
                                                                             to see more.”

The exhibitors pack, sent to all participating venues,
offered top tips on how to get the most out of the Festival.
It was suggested that managers open their doors 30                                 Student
minutes before the film started. This was important for        Into Film Festival 2017 Young People’s Survey
the smooth running of the events, but also gave any early
arrivals a chance to leaf through programmes and get a
feel for the venue.

All cinemas were encouraged to welcome attendees to                       “Seeing the film
their venue and speak directly to a ‘captive’ audience. 78%
of exhibitors surveyed said they encouraged the audience
                                                                      today really makes me
to return as paying customers through additional activities          want to go to the cinema
on site – a similar percentage to last year. This included           more because you get to
handing out programmes, introducing the screening
                                                                    see the visual effects more
and informing the audience of upcoming relevant titles,
giving out incentive vouchers and promoting their own                  and everything that
educational or school bookings programmes to the                       goes on in the film.”
teachers present.

The Festival developed other interesting initiatives to
inspire attendees to return to the cinema; these included
specific film promotions, the showcasing of new
                                                               Into Film Festival 2017 Young People’s Survey
technologies and a film review competition with free
cinema tickets for each of the winners.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                 16
4.1 Film Previews and a Premiere
The Festival kicked off with a Pupil Premiere of                       of young people surveyed
Studiocanal’s Paddington 2 and closed with an exclusive      95%       felt they had a good Into
preview of the new Disney/Pixar animation Coco, two                    Film Festival experience
months ahead of the film’s UK release. The inclusion of
previews and premieres in the Festival aimed to generate
word of mouth amongst the target age groups in the lead
up to each film’s release.                                             of young people really enjoyed
                                                             91%       the cinema atmosphere
The Festival Press team worked with distributors to
ensure the media campaign reflected their messaging.
Other preview titles included 20th Century Fox’s Battle of
the Sexes, Altitude’s The Florida Project and Lionsgate’s
Wonder, which coincided with World Kindness Day.                        of young people said they would
                                                             80%       recommend the Festival to other
A total of 1,937 young people attended these screenings.               people their age

4.2 P
     re-Screening Reel & Intellectual
    Property Awareness                                                 “Absolutely
One of the key objectives is to use the Festival to                   Fantastic... A
introduce ideas to young people, sparking wider                  Credit to you and all
discussions and go on to impact attitudes and behaviours       the team, thought it was
towards watching film.
                                                             totally inspirational. I believe
A pre-reel was played ahead of every Festival screening,     many of the kids visiting over
which featured a montage of movie and interview               the coming days across the
clips with film stars. This aimed to showcase the best         nation will be inspired as
of cinema through a young person’s perspective and
imagination. It also included a trailer to Paddington 2
                                                                  a result. Well done!”
designed to engage the young audience and promote the
opening of the film.

                                                                     Omniplex Newbury

                                                                         “It’s just
                                                                  completely different
                                                                  (the cinema) – it’s so
                                                                dark in there, the sound
The pre-reel also featured a short IP-awareness film
                                                               is better, it’s a big screen.
which has proven very effective at changing attitudes          That’s why it’s worth it to
towards piracy amongst young people. It was designed              go and see it and pay
to make young people consider the impact they can have
                                                                          for it.“
on the film industry, inspiring debate and encouraging
young people to watch films legitimately.


Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                        17
4.3 Bounceback Incentives
Three cinema chains took advantage of the audience                                        Showcase
development opportunity that the Festival presents and                                    Developed three vouchers, ‘4 Teen Tickets for £20’, ‘1
offered bounceback incentives. Vouchers were given out                                    Child free with 2 General Admissions’ and a ‘Small Popcorn
to over half of festival attendees. Offers were:                                          Combo’. All of these were available to customers from 5th
                                                                                          January 2018 – 31st January 2018.
Odeon offered two vouchers targeting different aged
audiences. ‘Get a free child’s standard 2D ticket with a full
price paying adult’ for the under-12s and ‘Bring a friend
                                                                                                                                                                                                  £20                  4 TEEN TICKETS FOR £20
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         5–31 JANUARY 2018 INCLUSIVE
for free on a Monday this winter. Buy a full price 2D teen
ticket and you’ll get the second teen ticket free’ aimed at
13-17 year olds. These were sent to all ODEON bookers
and were valid from 1st November 2017 – 19th January
                                                                                                                                                           teen ticket
2018. The voucher barcodes were scanned at the box                                                                                                          voucher
office to keep track of the business generated.
                                                                                                            BRISTOL AVONMEADS • CARDIFF NANTGARW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This voucher entitles you to
                                                                                                         COVENTRY CINEMA DE LUX • DERBY FORESTERS PARK                                                                                                      4 teen tickets for £20 at
                                                                                                           MANCHESTER • SOUTHAMPTON CINEMA DE LUX                                                                                                        Showcase Cinemas, between
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         5–31 January 2018 inclusive.
                                                                                                                       NEWHAM • WALSALL

                                                                                                                   BROUGHT TO YOU BY

                                                                                               3                1 CHILD FREE WITH

                                                                                                              2 GENERAL ADMISSIONS                                                                                                                1 SMALL POPCORN COMBO
                                                                                                                5–31 JANUARY 2018
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           FOR £5

          Go on, it’s on us!
                                                                                               2                    INCLUSIVE

                                                                                                               Bring a child                                                                                                       small popcorn
                                                                                                                 For Free                                                                                                          combo voucher
              Get a free child’s standard 2D ticket
                                                                                                WALSALL • NEWHAM • MANCHESTER • LIVERPOOL • COVENTRY CINEMA DE LUX                This voucher entitles you to one           WALSALL • NEWHAM • MANCHESTER • LIVERPOOL • COVENTRY CINEMA DE LUX
                                                                                            PAISLEY • CARDIFF NANTGARW • BLUEWATER CINEMA DE LUX • SOUTHAMPTON CINEMA DE LUX                                           PAISLEY • CARDIFF NANTGARW • BLUEWATER CINEMA DE LUX • SOUTHAMPTON CINEMA DE LUX   This voucher entitles you to one
                                                                                                                                                                               free child’s ticket when you purchase
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          small popcorn combo for £5, at
                                                                                                READING CINEMA DE LUX • NOTTINGHAM CINEMA DE LUX • DERBY • GLASGOW                 2 general admission tickets at          READING CINEMA DE LUX • NOTTINGHAM CINEMA DE LUX • DERBY • GLASGOW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Showcase Cinemas, between
                                                                                             DERBY CINEMA DE LUX • LEICESTER CINEMA DE LUX • PETERBOROUGH CINEMA DE LUX            Showcase Cinemas, between            DERBY CINEMA DE LUX • LEICESTER CINEMA DE LUX • PETERBOROUGH CINEMA DE LUX
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           5–31 January 2018 inclusive.
                                                                                               DUDLEY • LEEDS CINEMA DE LUX • TEESSIDE • BRISTOL • BRISTOL CINEMA DE LUX           5–31 January 2018 inclusive.           DUDLEY • LEEDS CINEMA DE LUX • TEESSIDE • BRISTOL • BRISTOL CINEMA DE LUX

                 with a full price paying adult*                                               BROUGHT TO YOU BY                                                                                                         BROUGHT TO YOU BY

                                                                                          A ‘Free Child or Teen Ticket’ was given to every attendee
                                               *See reverse for details and exclusions.   on site. The validity period was 1st December – 31st
                                                                                          December 2017.

                                                                                            FREE CHILD
            Bring a friend for                                                              OR TEEN
            free on a Monday                                                                TICKET AT VUE
                                                                                               Valid from 1st to 31st December 201
               this winter!                                                                  Terms & Conditions
                                                                                             1. Present this voucher and receive a standard seat ticket for a 2D screening of any film (excluding Star Wars: The Last
            Simply buy a full price 2D teen ticket and                                       Jedi) at any Vue Cinema (excluding Vue Dublin, Vue London Piccadilly and Vue London West End). 2. This Offer is valid from
                                                                                             1 December 2017 until 31 December 2017. 3. To qualify for this Offer customers must be under 18 years of age. 4. This Offer
                                                                                             may only be redeemed at a participating Vue cinema box office. 5. There is no cash alternative and Vue reserves the right
             you’ll get the second teen ticket free!*                                        to withdraw or amend this Offer at any time. 6. This offer is not valid in conjunction with the following ticket packages/
                                                                                             screenings: Last Chance to See, Our Screen, Movie Marathons (multiple films for one price), Big Screen events including
                                                                                             but not limited to live, encore and recorded screenings of Anime, Comedy, Dance, Events, Family Animation, Film Festivals,
                                                                                             Foreign Language Films, Innovation (such as lectures/talks), Knowledge (such as documentaries), Limited Releases, Music,
                                                                                             Opera, Re-Releases, Special Previews, Sport, Theatre, TV, 3D, IMAX, Scene, Gold Class, Extreme. 7. This Offer is subject
                                                                                             to availability. 8. This voucher may only be used once and must be handed over to the Vue box office upon demand. 9.
                                                                                             Admission to Vue cinemas is subject to Vue’s Guest Admissions Policy, and Vue’s Offline Ticket Terms and Conditions apply
                                                                                             (see 10. Age restrictions for applicable screenings apply. 11. Vue reserves
                                                                                             the right to reject altered, forged or defaced vouchers. 12. Promoter: Vue Entertainment Limited, 10 Chiswick Park, 566
                                                                                             Chiswick High Road, London W4 5XS.

                                               *See reverse for details and exclusions.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               18
Vue’s bounceback incentive was the most successful                             of exhibitors surveyed believe
voucher with 13,376 redemptions made. Paddington                    2          the Festival will encourage
2 and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle were the most                  3          young people to see films more
popular titles, with 59% of the redemption vouchers used                       often at the cinema
on there 2 films. With the majority of redemptions used
for family friendly film, it is likely that additional tickets
were purchased which means attendance at cinemas                               Vue received a 10% redemption
would have exceeded the redemption numbers. Vue                                rate on vouchers handed out
took a very direct approach, handing out the voucher on           10%          during the Festival
site to Festival attendees and this with lack of restrictions
guaranteed it’s success.

4.4 Comms Campaign
Messaging throughout the Festival was designed to direct
schools and young people to their local cinemas to help                       “Your Into Film
forge lasting relationships with communities. Linking with                 representative was so
a wide range of exhibitor partners on social media and                welcoming and the gentleman
post-Festival e-comms, specific messaging was sent out                 from Brighton University was
to promote education events that partners were running               great with his opening guidance
and urge attendees to head back to their local cinema             and questions to the children. Please
during the festive period. The campaign strategy focused           pass on our thanks to both of these
on ease of access, promoting quality of content, the             gentlemen and also Cineworld Brighton
unique experience of seeing a film at a cinema and the             for hosting this event - all their staff
educational benefit to school parties attending.                   were also really helpful with regard
                                                                        to mini-bus parking, seating
                                                                         and movement within the
4.5 Enhanced Cinematic Experiences
The Festival wanted to offer memorable cinematic
experiences to young people showcasing the latest
technologies cinema has to offer such as 3D, 4DX, Dolby
Atmos and IMAX. Watching a film with audio and visual
immersive quality can be an unforgettable experience and
one out of budget for many young people:

• 55,604 people attended 3D screenings of Cars 3,
  Despicable Me 3 and Moana
• There was a special 4DX screening of Pirates of the
  Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge
• 14 screenings of A Beautiful Planet 3D in IMAX screens
  across the UK.
• A special screening of Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel
  allowed students to experience the 1916 Easter Rising
  via virtual-reality headsets, led by Catherine Allen, an
  expert in augmented reality technology.

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                19
4.6 Review Writing Competition
The Into Film Festival review writing competition aimed         Their Finest is an enlightening film based on film-
to engage the young audience and encourage them to              making itself and set in Britain during the bombings
critically evaluate the complexities of filmmaking and offer    of World War II.
additional education value to support in key skill areas such
as communication, analysis and literacy. Top film critics       The combined romantic comedy and wartime
Anna Smith and Charles Gant provided 5 review-writing           drama, adapted from Lissa Evan’s novel, Their Finest
tips to applicants.                                             Hour and a Half, portrayed several elements of
                                                                playing with the conventions of a woman’s role in
Nearly, 500 film reviews were received in 2017 across the       the 1940’s. Resilient Catrin Cole is a woman who
four categories:                                                fled her home in the Welsh valleys for love. Although
                                                                her ideal of a perfect life in England fizzles out when
                                                                her artist boyfriend, Ellis, struggles with selling his
•   Primary Review (ages 5-11)                                  canvases. This became the seed of Catrin’s ambition
•   Secondary Reviews (ages 11-16)                              to earn her own money to support the rent of their
•   Sixth Form Review (ages 16-19)                              apartment, thus instantly accepting when offered the
•   Audio-Description Review (ages 5-19)                        chance to work at the Ministry of Information’s film
                                                                division. Their Finest establishes several curveballs,
                                                                not only toward the production of the film but to the
                                                                protagonists’ relationship with one another, to keep
                                                                us as the audience on our toes: a little white lie, an
                                                                unexpected American, a fight against sexism, some
                                                                romantic complications, a tricky script ending and,
                                                                last but not least a couple of bombings.

                                                                The effective alternate side of this rather saddening
                                                                element of Their Finest is brought by none other
                                                                than Nighy, who steals his scenes by just being
                                                                Nighy, delivering a quick-witted line here and there
                                                                as a slightly vain Ambrose Hilliard, a narcissistic old-
                                                                timer who was once a matinee idol. Fundamentally,
                                                                Hilliar just will not accept he isn’t as young as he
                                                                used to be, which ends up being an excellent device
                                                                in his comedic relevance to the story.

                                                                To sum up, Their Finest is a soul stirring tale that has
                                                                strands of British wartime heroism, gentle mockery
                                                                and both fulfilling and unfulfilling romance. I believe
                                                                I speak for my entire class when I say we thoroughly
                                                                enjoyed it.

                                                                Krystal Littlechild
                                                                Mildenhall College Academy
                                                                (16-19) category

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                             20

Made possible by the support from a fantastic range of      Foley Artist Peter Burgis, screenwriter Paul Laverty. Film
partners, the Festival is able to involve great speakers    journalism/critic Anna Smith, Helen O’Hara, Alan Jones.
eager to take part. These speakers help to achieve the
objectives by engaging young people in different areas of   The Festival was launched with a Pupil Premiere of
the film industry.                                          Paddington 2 at the IMAX, Cineworld Leicester Square. A
                                                            packed audience were treated to a performance from the
125 special events were scheduled with over 15,000          Calypso band in the film, a Q&A with the writer, director
young people attending across the UK. This was fewer        and young actors from the film and even an appearance
events than last year in order to focus on ensuring a       from Paddington himself.
better experience for the speaker, venue and audience.
The deeper engagement these special events aspire to        The Festival closed with an exclusive advance preview
exemplifies why the Festival exists and therefore it is     of Pixar’s latest film, Coco in Leicester Square. Excited
essential to make sure they are a high standard.            attendees were serenaded by a Mariachi band while they
                                                            filled in Coco activity sheets, a perfect way to close the

                                                                  15,065           young people attended
                                                                                   special events.

                                                                                      great that
                                                                                   this programme
                                                                                demystifies the film
                                                                              industry a little bit and
                                                                               it really does nurture
                                                                                     interest and

These events varied from Q&As, masterclasses and                                     Will Poulter
hands-on workshops, aimed to enhance learning                                           Actor
opportunities and offer young people the chance to ask
questions directly to inspiring guest speakers.
Organisations such as the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Media                             getting kids
Smart and the Mental Health Foundation led discussions
                                                                                involved, it’s giving
on important issues directly affecting young people.
                                                                          them the opportunity to see
Speakers from Oxfam and the UK Space Industry provided
context to films and sparked discussion on the topics                  little snippets that they wouldn’t
raised.                                                                 necessarily get to see. Comment
                                                                       on it and using parts of their brain
Industry organisations offered talks to discuss film                     that sparks ideas - what is your
classification (BBFC), the animation process (Magic Light                  critique on the subject and
Pictures) and visual effects (Framestore).                                   what is your opinion on
                                                                              something and expand
A range of talent from across the industry including A
                                                                                    that to life.”
Caribbean Dream producer Melissa Simmons, production
manager Jeremy Johns, Rogue One art director Lydia
Fry, actor Dave Johns, Naomi Ackie, costumer designer
                                                                                    Naomi Ackie
Alexandra Byrne, directors Shola Amoo, Rebecca Brand,

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                           22
                   audience were                                  “We went to
                 well-informed and                            Shepperton Studios
            enthusiastic about the film                    on the 8th of November to
           and the subject matter, and it               see Fantastic Beasts and had a
           was particularly rewarding to              workshop with the Foley Artist. It
           be able to discuss the serious           was amazing. The kids had a fantastic
              implications of the film               time and were so engaged with the
            (effects of global warming)              workshop and the film. I would like
                immediately after its                  to thank you all at the Festival so
                     showing.“                          much for this opportunity, one
                                                           that we will never forget. “

                    Jenny Edward
                Climate Reality Leader


Special Events Highlights
Pupil Premiere of Paddington 2              The Academy Careers in Film Summit (Session 1: Above the
                                            Line Panel)
                                            Hosted by Into Film, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts
                                            & Sciences delivered three sessions about careers in film.
                                            At the ‘Above the Line’ event, a panel of talent, including
                                            the actor Will Poulter, writer Misan Sagay and producer
                                            Serena Armitage came together on a panel to answer
                                            questions from students and discuss their roles within the
                                            film industry.

Advance preview of Coco

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                      23
VFX talk with Artem                                         Screening and Q&A: Murder on the Orient Express with
Special effects company Artem delivered a workshop for      Agatha Christie’s Great Grandson
young people, which included demonstrations from various    Following a screening, Agatha Christie’s Great Grandson,
props used in films, encouraging student participation      James Prichard, took questions from the audience about
throughout.                                                 his involvement in the film. Harper Collins provided a
                                                            book of Murder on the Orient Express for each child that

5.1 Breakdown of Special Events by Country vs. 2016 + 2015

 Where             No. of special   % of 2017      No. of special   % of 2016        No. of events     % of 2015
                   events offered   programme      events offered   programme        offered in        programme
                   in 2017                         in 2016                           2015

 England           94               75%            114              69%              131               73%

 Scotland          17               14%            26               16%              16                9%

 Wales             10               8%             15               9%               23                13%

 Northern          4                3%             11               7%               9                 5%

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                     24
5.2 Breakdown of Special Events by English Region vs. 2016 + 2015

The majority of the programmed speakers and special           and talent during the three-week Festival timetable, the
events were centred in the South East of England and          organisers are somewhat limited. To make key events
Greater London; every attempt is made to encourage            accessible to the whole UK, many events were filmed or
more events outside of these areas. However due to the        recorded as podcasts to be made available on the Into
availability and location of film industry representatives    Film website.

 Where             No. of special    % of 2017        No. of special   % of 2016        No. of events    % of 2015
                   events offered    programme        events offered   programme        offered in       programme
                   in 2017                            in 2016                           2015

 Greater           50                53%              48               42%              62               47%

 South East        14                15%              16               14%              20               15%

 North West        3                 3%               12               11%              12               9%

 Yorkshire         7                 8%               11               10%              7                5%
 and the

 West              8                 9%               9                8%               8                6%

 East              4                 4%               6                5%               3                2%

 South West        4                 4%               6                5%               6                5%

 East of           4                 4%               4                3%               7                5%

 North East        0                 0%               2                2%               6                5%

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                       25

The Festival team worked to secure a diverse selection of exhibitors across
the UK and, with the support of the UK Cinema Association and the BFI Film
Audience Network, we had a record 602 participating venues this year. A
comprehensive UK-wide reach.

In addition to the retention of previous participants, this increase in venues was
due to a focus on bringing on new sites in areas with lower Festival attendance
plus the chains continued to show their support by increasing numbers of sites

In 2017, the Festival took a clear strategic approach to
programming, analysing previous attendee data and booking
patterns from previous years. We saw some clear results from
this approach especially with the chain sites – ODEON, for
                                                                         “I just wanted
example, saw an increase of 10% across all sites, with Empire
Cinemas seeing an increase in attendance of 13%. These                to say a huge thank
successes reflect the strategic approach taken by the Festival     you - today’s screening
team to programme according to advice and feedback from           was awesome, the team at
exhibitors and local teacher suggestions.                        Uckfield were so professional
                                                                 and welcoming, and the film
Other venues included The British Library, the Science
Museum IMAX, the UK’s smallest cinema – the                         was very touching and
Bournemouth Colosseum, Croyde Deckchair Cinema and                        memorable.”
the first cinema to show a film in the UK – the Regent
Street Cinema, as well as key UK independent and arts
To help improve exhibitor processes and dialogue, the
Into Film Festival consulted with key UK chains and
independent and cultural centres. As a result:

• Exhibitors were provided with an online profile, which
  showed live booking numbers, venue and programme                       “Just a quick
  details                                                             note to say a huge
• Exhibitors were provided with a full information pack,
                                                                   thank you to everyone
  which offered hints and tips on how best to prepare for
  the Festival and make the most of this new active and              at Tyneside Cinema
  engaged audience                                                 for allowing us to view
• The Festival offered PR support to assist exhibitors with        The Eagle Huntress this
  local press and marketing to reinforce recruitment and           morning. Our children
  regional promotion for each site
                                                                    were totally inspired
• Some of the cinemas made use of the opportunity
  to drive this audience back into their cinemas post-                   by the film.“
  Festival as paying customers via voucher incentives
  and promoting programmes
• Some chains created bespoke snack offers for their                        Teacher
  audience, which were advertised online to bookers

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                   27
6.1 Exhibitor Sites and Attendees vs. 2016

                          Sites                 Total Attendance
                          2017    2016   2015   2016           2016      2015

 ODEON                    96      94     95     148,665        135,419   139,722

 Vue                      86      82     82     124,302        128,769   110,145

 Cineworld                84      81     72     86,217         88,217    57,305

 Independent arts         225     200    168    70,943         71,626    57,729
 and cultural centres

 Showcase                 21      20     19     22,569         22,755    15,701

 Empire                   13      13     17     14,876         13,169    11,998

 Reel                     14      15     15     5,037          6,873     6,576

 Picturehouse             21      21     20     4,941          3,635     4,963

 SSVC                     7       7      8      798            1,390     4,668

 Omniplex                 13      9      10     2,105          1,200     3,119

 Movie House              5       5      5      3,252          3,515     2,933

 Everyman                 13      10     4      2,296          1,676     1,165

 Curzon                   4       2      4      288            212       160

 Total                    602     562    527    486,289        478,583   414,445

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                     28
6.2 Capacity by Country vs. 2016

Focus was on increasing capacity in Northern Ireland, where     England to accommodate the increasing demand in our most
numbers had declined in previous years. Increased capacity in   popular country.

  Where                    Capacity in 2017          Capacity in 2016      % variance       Capacity in 2015

  England                  600,774                   561,169               7%               562,976

  Scotland                 69,453                    74,093                -6%              80,275

  Wales                    38,120                    37,061                3%               41,683

  Northern Ireland         22,287                    14,735                51%              23,917

  Total                    730,634                   687,058               6%               708,851

6.3 Capacity by English Region vs. 2016

  Where                           Capacity in 2017               Capacity in 2016              % variance

  South East                      100,016                        99,968                        0.04%

  North West                      87,689                         87,132                        1%

  Greater London                  87,464                         74,151                        18%

  South West                      67,248                         55,053                        22%

  West Midlands                   67,221                         69,424                        -3%

  East of England                 65,323                         55,952                        17%

  Yorkshire and the
                                  45,731                         45,901                        -0.4%

  East Midlands                   48,059                         43,382                        11%

  North East                      32,023                         30,206                        6%

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                        29
“Communication and                                    83% of Exhibitors were satisfied with
 support from Into Film                                 the ongoing communication and
is really good - swift and                   83%        support they received from the Into
                                                        Film Festival Team
  clear. Would like it to

                                             84%        of Exhibitors surveyed plan to take part
                                                        in the 2018 Festival

                           “We did it
                        because it’s an
                       excellent thing to
                      do, and loved being               Over half of Exhibitors believe that the
                                             >50%       Festival has attracted a new or different
                           part of it.”
                                                        audience to this venue

      “Great festival
   which offers a great
 opportunity for young
 people to engage with
 film. Very happy to be
   involved with this.”

                                                     “Business wise, it’s the
                        “It’s great - keep           venue promotion and
                       doing what you’re            exposure we got and the
                      doing and continue            possible kids returning to
                             to grow!”               our venue in the future
                                                          with others.”

           QUOTES from the Into Film
         Festival 2017 Exhibitors’ Survey

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                  30

The Into Film Festival received continued support from
distribution companies again this year. 35 distributors
provided access to over 130 film titles which were screened
over the 3 weeks. A diverse range of titles offered major                             of students said the Festival had
blockbusters, awards favourites, foreign language titles and           72%            inspired them to watch more
films from the archive, which gave young people access                                films
to a variety of genres and topics which connected to the

                  Over 130 films provided by 35                              screenings provided with DCPs/KDMs
                  distributors                                               & DVDs
  130+                                                          3,000

7.1 Top Ten Distributors by Attendance

  Distributor                    Number of Films               Number of Screenings          Attendees

  Disney                         12                            642                           124,550

  20th Century Fox               12                            575                           102,043

  Warner Bros.                   8                             504                           89,758

  Universal                      12                            304                           61,432

  Sony                           10                            151                           26,156

  Altitude                       7                             141                           22,256

  Entertainment One              8                             152                           17,711

  Lionsgate                      6                             109                           7513

  Park Circus                    6                             34                            5456

  Imax                           1                             14                            4733

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                        32
7.2 Top Ten Performing Primary Films – Total Attendance

  Film                                  Distributor        Attendees

  LEGO Batman                           Warner Bros        48,791

  Despicable Me 3                       Universal          29,199

  Sing                                  Universal          28,076

  Moana                                 Disney             26,599

  Cars 3 (3D)                           Disney             26,266

  Beauty and the Beast (2017)           Disney             25,856

  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul   20th Century Fox   24,786

  Zootropolis                           Disney             24,595

  The Boss Baby                         20th Century Fox   21,935

  Captain Underpants                    20th Century Fox   21,679

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                         33
7.3 Top Ten Performing Secondary Films – Total Attendance

 Film                                      Distributor         Attendees

 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   Warner Bros         13,617

 Hidden Figures                            20th Century Fox    6,876

 Wonder Woman                              Warner Bros         5,802

 Dunkirk                                   Warner Bros         4,986

 A Monster Calls                           Entertainment One   4,944

 Their Finest                              Lionsgate           4,079

 Queen of Katwe                            Disney              2,848

 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story              Disney              2,189

 Goodbye Christopher Robin                 20th Century Fox    2,183

 Spider-Man: Homecoming                    Sony                1,909

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                             34

The Into Film Festival is committed to making sure
participation in the Festival is open to all young people
across the UK, regardless of background, ability or
                                                                 1           of all screenings offered as
location. Reflecting our commitment to universal access          2           AD/ST or Autism-Friendly
and inclusion, half of all screenings offered Audio-
Description/Subtitles or were Autism-Friendly. There were
1,183 audio-described or subtitled screenings attended by
211,629 and 46,008 attendees over 246 Autism-friendly
                                                               873           wheelchair users
Cinemas provided capacity for 8,719 wheelchair users,                        attended the Festival
with 873 wheelchair users attending the Festival. Both
of these are an increase from 2016 numbers due to
a concerted effort to ensure all wheelchair facility
information was accurate and we were in accessible
screens wherever possible.
                                                             46,008          people attended
The Festival worked with charity partners, such as the                       autism-friendly screenings
National Autistic Society, the National Deaf Children’s
Society) and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.
The expertise gained through these organisations helped
during the programming process and the Festival aims to
maintain these relationships to ensure future programmes
are inclusive and representative of a wider demographic.     211,695         people attended screenings with
These organisations also help to promote the Festival to                     audio description or subtitles
their members, which helps to create awareness amongst
groups that can really benefit from these facilities.

                                                                  “We have many young
                                                                  people with additional
                                                                  needs, such as Autism,
                 “We’ve got a lot                                and they benefit hugely
                of children on the                             from having their teachers
              autism spectrum and                               and teaching assistance’s
              seeing the film brings                             supporting them during
                the story to life.”                                 the film viewing. ”

                         Teacher                                             Teacher
         Into Film Festival 2017 Teacher Survey              Into Film Festival 2017 Teacher Survey

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                              36

of teachers believe that the
The 2017 programme presented a thought provoking                               Festival activities are valuable in
collection of diverse stories, genres and themes that were
                                                                  94%          terms of the broader education
designed to engage and excite young people using the                           of young people
cinematic experience.

Using six thoughtfully curated strands, films addressed
a variety of themes including achievements over the                            of teachers said the Festival
                                                                  83%          activities were useful in helping
course of history, the importance and legacy of activism, a
selection encouraging creativity and play and a celebration                    to deliver the curriculum
of British film.

Mapped against the curriculum from across the UK                               of teachers said the Festival has
and with support from the Festival’s various education                         made them more likely to use
                                                                   73%         cinema visits to support the
resources, the programme offered an array of subject
specific learning, and wider personal development                              delivery of the curriculum
opportunities for all 5-19 year olds.

Free education resources were created to support the
six Festival strands with a film guide, activity sheet or
                                                                                   an incredibly
film-specific resource developed for each film. These
                                                                             powerful and important
classroom materials were designed to enhance the
experience of visiting the cinema and could be used to
                                                                        form of film, documentaries rarely
increase engagement before or after the screening. With                get the distribution and promotion
resources for primary and secondary ages that could                they deserve. Having the opportunity to
immediately be used in the classroom, activities included          watch Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel,
quizzes, discussion questions, individual and collaborative       within a theatrical context was, therefore,
tasks and filmmaking prompts.                                    an invaluable one. For many of our students,
                                                                      it was among the first feature-length
The Strand resources also contained ‘Simplify’ and ‘Extend’         documentaries they had seen. As such,
options to enable teachers to modify activities for learners         it served as both a useful introduction
or different ages and abilities.                                          to documentary cinema and a
                                                                          masterclass in how film can be
96 Film Guides were available and covered many of                           used as a powerful vehicle
the films featured in the Festival. These were one-page                         for social change.”
resources that explored a film’s key topics and themes
through discussion.
                                                                                     Lee Bone
Into Film Festival guides offering an overview of the Festival                   Film Studies Tutor
with associated event activities and curriculum links for
each key age group were popular pre and post event and
an SEN guide to support educators working with students                              “I think it
with special educational needs was also available.                                was a valuable
                                                                                experience for our
                                                                           children. Especially as many
                                                                          had not visited a cinema like
  >2000            There were over 2,000                                   the one we visited before…
                   downloads of the resources                             The event really enriched our
                                                                         curriculum. It was the first time
                                                                             for most of our children
                                                                              to see a subtitled film.
                   of teachers said they would                                     Thank you.”
      98%          recommend the Festival to
                                                                             Spalding Parish Day School

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                       38
9.1 Teacher Survey Results 2017
9.1.1 Motivation to Attend the Festival

The survey reflects a similar result to previous years in terms                                                                                                                                                                                        Using the Festival to develop social skills, public behaviour
of what motivates teachers to take young people to the                                                                                                                                                                                                 and to broaden educational goals were also key reasons
Festival. Year on year, the most popular results are to get                                                                                                                                                                                            cited. Many teachers named particular films that attracted
young people excited about film, to offer a fun excursion as                                                                                                                                                                                           them to book, including Eagle Huntress, Beautiful Planet and
a trip and to widen access to the cinema amongst children.                                                                                                                                                                                             Despicable Me 3.

What motivated you to attend the Festival?
                                                                                              To help develop young people’s social skills and public behaviour

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To see a particular film
                                                                                                                                                                  To widen access to the cinema among students
      To support a particular part of the curriculum

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A particular event attracted us
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To get young people excited about film
                                                       To support broader educational goals

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To offer a fun excursion as a treat

                                    38.1%                                      41.9%                                                      48.9%                                                 53.9%                                    57.2%                                              55.9%                          16%                              7.4%          17.6%

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 39
9.1.2 Overall Experience on the Day

The findings show that 95% of teachers surveyed said that      This is a 1% increase from 2016. The pattern of responses
they had a good to excellent experience on the day.            remain largely the same.

How would you rate your overall experience on the day,
where 1 is extremely poor and 7 is excellent?                                                      71 %   70 %



                                                                                           18 %
                                                                                    15 %

          1%       1%   1%   1%      1%    1%               2%

Poor           1             2            3                4              5                6              7       Excellent

9.1.3 Overall Quality of the
Festival Programme

The findings show that 96% of teachers surveyed said the       This is a 2% increase from 2016.
quality of the Festival programme was good to excellent.

How would you rate the overall quality of the Festival
programme and content, where 1 is extremely poor                                                   66 %
and 7 is excellent?                                                                                       62 %



                                                                                           25 %
                                                                                   20 %

                                                                     8%     9%
                                                   4%       2%
          0%   0%       0%   1%      1%    0%

Poor           1             2            3                4              5                6              7       Excellent

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                             40
9.1.4 Ease of Booking

93% of teachers surveyed said the ease of booking was
good to excellent.

How would you rate the ease of booking, where 1 is
extremely poor and 7 is excellent?                                                                                                                   73 %   72 %


                                                                                                                                       16 %
                                                                                                                                              14 %
                                                                              2%   3%
          0%    1%       1%     1%                  1%   1%

Poor           1              2                          3                         4                           5                              6             7      Excellent

9.1.5 Curriculum Delivery

92% of those surveyed, who identified themselves as
teachers, said the Festival is useful in helping to deliver
the curriculum.

Overall, how useful are the Festival activities in helping you to deliver the curriculum?
                                                                                                                   Not at all useful
                                                                                        Not very useful
                                                              Fairly useful
                                      Very useful

                                             32%                       61%                        5%                           2%

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                                                                           41
9.1.6 Educational Resources

There were over 2,000 total resource downloads recorded
across the film guides and strand resources offered as part                   of teachers surveyed said that their class
of the Into Film Festival. This is fewer than we’ve seen in       60%         was more engaged with the curriculum
previous years and could be due to the following factors:                     following the Into Film Festival

1. Fewer resources were available this year due to XXX
2. In an effort to keep emails as clean and concise as possible
   to help drive bookings, the hyperlinks to other areas of
   the Into Film website, such as education resources, were
   largely removed, making users work a little harder to find
   resources (rather than one click)
3. All resources were held in one Into Film resource bank
   which is behind a member-login wall, to ensure all Festival
   bookers created an Into Film account. This created an
   additional step from previous years for teachers looking to
   download documents.

Positive anecdotal feedback shows how valuable the
resources are to teachers and so learnings from this year
will be applied to the 2018 digital and communications
plans to ensure the resources are as easy to locate and
download as possible.

9.1.7 Using Educational Resources
in the Future
                                                                        “I still can’t believe
89% of teachers said that they would be interested in using               such a stunning
the educational resources in the future.
                                                                       resource was made
                                                                   available to us. Next year, I
Would you be interested in using the Festival’s educational
                                                                  plan to make more use of the
resources in the future?
                                                                   festival and provide access
     Yes                                                             for more learners in our
                                      11%                              school community.”

                                                                  Into Film Festival 2017 Teacher Survey


Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                   42

The Festival programme is curated to engage young people, broaden their
interest in film and deliver clear learning outcomes. Providing a range of titles
from new releases to archive and linking them to themes with curriculum
links gives teachers the option to maximise the educational value.

This year, 130 films were on offer. This was fewer that
last year to allow for more of a communications focus                    of teachers said the quality of
on specific titles, giving us the chance to maximise the        95%      the programme and content
capacity available.                                                      was good to excellent

The programme was developed after extensive
consultation with various teachers and divided films into
six strands. Each strand was linked to UK primary and
                                                                         of young people surveyed said
secondary key stages curriculum.
                                                                         they saw a type of film that
                                                                63%      they would not have chosen for
Festival themes and strands:

Activate: Effecting Change A specially selected programme
of films featuring stories of individual, communal and
global activism that inspire change for the better.

Let’s Play! A specially selected programme of films that                 of young people went to
celebrate creativity, play and exploration.                     57%      a cinema they’d never been
                                                                         to before
No Borders, No Boundaries A specially selected
programme of films that explores ideas of the boundaries
and borders that exist within cultures and traditions around
the world and across history.

Generation Z A specially selected programme of films                        “We’ve
focused on the wellbeing, issues and ideologies of young
                                                                         used the film
people today.
                                                                     to inspire us in our
History in Action A specially selected programme of                writing in English week
films that bring history to life through fiction, archive and   at school and are just really
documentary. This strand is for Secondary only.
                                                                thankful for the free tickets.
Thriller A specially selected programme of Thriller films to      For some children, it was
complement the BFI’s Blockbuster Season, including films          their very first visit to the
curated by young people.                                             cinema so this was
                                                                        very exciting.“

                                                                      Amy Periam, Teacher
                                                                        Hotham School

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                             44
“Into Film has
                                                     “It was really
           helped not only helped
                                                   great to watch a
         to develop my knowledge
                                             documentary in a cinema;
         and understanding of Film
                                             I’ve never been able to do
      Studies but also provided a wider
                                          that before. It was also a really
      perspective on current modern-
                                           interesting film, discussing an
      day issues. It has exposed me to
                                          issue I had little knowledge of,
      ideas and opinions that I had not
                                             so it was wonderful to be
       known before and inspired me
                                              able to view such an eye-
          to explore them further.“
                                                    opening film.“

                        Lucy, 18                       Holly, 18
                        Student                        Student

Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                45

To ensure large scale, nationwide attendance, a high level, multi-channel,
  communication approach was needed to drive bookings from previous audience
  and new schools. Using emails, direct mail, social media platforms, online and
  press features. A communication touch points were designed to be clear and
  concise, outlining the educational and enjoyment benefits that the Festival offers.

  11.1 Film Club Leader Priority                                11.2 No Shows & Cancellations
                                                                Exhibitors have always reported back about the
  Priority booking was made available to all Into Film club     implications of last minute cancellations or schools
  leaders, in order to reinforce the whole film education       simply not turning up on the day. This can prove costly to
  programme offered and to provide exclusive access to          partners, whose involvement the Festival relies on.
  incentivise teachers to sign up. 1,461 bookings for 82,486
  attendees were made on this priority day.                     As in 2016, every booking confirmation, reminder and
                                                                Festival preparation email had a clear message about
  Out of 22,263 club leaders, 3,909 booked tickets for the      cancellations. Bookers were asked to give a minimum
  Festival. 67% of the unique schools that booked in 2017       of 48 hours notice, or face a potential charge for no-
  have an Into Film Club at their school. This is the same as   shows. No charges were issued this year and it seems the
  in 2016.                                                      notification made a positive impact with Into Film staff and
                                                                partners reporting an improvement.
  By advertising the early-booking offer to the wider
  audience, it not only showed transparency but added an        Very few exhibitors reported back about no-shows and
  incentive to book as early as possible.                       although there were cancellations in the lead up to the
                                                                Festival, the longer lead time gave us the chance to fill the
                       would both
                just like to express our
                                                                11.3 Website
         gratitude and appreciation for this
        wonderful opportunity.The children                      11.2.1 Sessions
     in Year 6 have gained so much in relation
   to the PSHEE curriculum learning intentions                  All comms directed recipients to the Into Film Festival
from watching the film ‘When Marnie was there’                  page on the website and an increase in sessions was
It has prompted deep thinking, questioning and                  evident from September (bookings launch) to November
a real opening up of the emotional theme which                  (Festival), with the largest spike registering at the launch
    flows throughout the film. From this movie                  of bookings. Other clear spikes correlate timewise with a
   we will be discussing Secrets, Bereavement,                  range of regional email and direct mails.
    Isolation, Friendship, Forgiveness. and how
       to cope with emotions and changes in
          emotions… We are also now very
            much looking at setting up a                                           of teachers rated the ease of
               Film Club in the future.”                             94%           booking as good to excellent

                                                                                   of teachers surveyed felt the
                                                                                   communication and provision
                                                                     94%           of information before the event
                                                                                   was good to excellent

  Into Film Festival 2017 Report                                                                                           47
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