Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland

Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Good Food
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Contents                                                                         Stirling has an opportunity. It could soon be renowned for its

3       Introduction: Stirling’s opportunity

8       Prosperity: A thriving local food economy
                                                                                 dynamic food culture, as a place where everybody enjoys good
25      Social Justice: A fair food system
                                                                                 food and a healthy diet, a region where conservation and food
30      Health: Promoting physical and mental wellbeing
                                                                                  production go hand in hand, where wildlife is thriving and food
   Environment: Protecting landscapes and wildlife
                                                                                  growing and shared meals are bringing communities together.
   Knowledge: Resilient and empowered communities
                                                                                 Stirling’s recently awarded City Deal                      given the health, environmental, social and
   Conclusion: Shaping the future of Stirling’s food system
                                                                                 signifies a chance to transform the region.2               employment benefits of local food, Stirling
                                                                                 It provides an opportunity to invest in                    should invest in supporting everyone to
                                                                                 people, and enable everyone to develop                     access it. The reward will be a more resilient,
                                                                                 new skills and lead fulfilling lives. Stirling             fairer and healthier society.
                                                                                 could be ambitious and raise expectations;
                                                                                 advancing a truly inclusive and dynamic
                                                                                 society where everyone feels empowered in                   The Scottish Government has already
                                                                                 their lives and their communities.                          demonstrated a commitment to becoming
                                                                                                                                             a ‘Good Food Nation’3 and plans to
                                                                                 Food should not be underestimated as an                     introduce a Good Food Nation Bill. It has
                                                                                 essential vehicle for this transformation. It joins         outlined six objectives for Scotland:
                                                                                 together Stirling’s economy, environment and
                                                                                                                                              • People who serve and sell food – from
                                                                                 society. It touches every aspect of life, from
                                                                                 jobs to culture, health to natural surroundings.               schools to hospitals, retailers, cafes and
                                                                                                                                                restaurants – are committed to serving
                                                                                 Creating a food system that provides enough                    and selling good food.
                                                                                 nutritious food for everyone in the region
                                                                                                                                              • Everyone in Scotland has ready access to
                                                                                 is achievable, and will result in many other
                                                                                                                                                the healthy, nutritious food they need.
                                                                                 benefits too. Developing Stirling’s local food
                                                                                 economy will create jobs with employment                     • Dietary-related diseases are in decline,

                                                                                 that offers creativity, connection with the                    as is the environmental impact of our
                                                                                 local community and continual professional                     food consumption.
                                                                                 development. Promoting local food, produced                  • Scottish producers ensure that what
                                                                                 in ways that support ecosystems, will protect                  they produce is increasingly healthy and
                                                                                 natural resources for generations to come. A                   environmentally sound.
                                                                                 local food system is a cultural asset for Stirling,          • Food companies are a thriving feature of
                                                                                 which will allow residents and visitors alike to               the economy and places where people
We would like to dedicate this Good Food Stirling report to                      enjoy delicious food.                                          want to work.
Bernard Barker who contributed a huge amount to the local
                                                                                 Due to the externalisation of costs in the                   • Other countries look to Scotland to learn
food scene in Stirling. Bernard worked tirelessly and with endless
                                                                                 current, globalised food system, local food is,                how to become a Good Food Nation.
enthusiasm to develop and create more opportunities for more people
                                                                                 or perceived to be, more expensive. However,
to get access to good local food. Through his involvement with Forth
Valley Food Links; with Forth Environment Link; his commitment, along with
his wife Hilary, to running Stirling Farmer’s Market; and as an individual who
wanted to see positive change, Bernard was a standard bearer for good food.

                                                                                 See references on page 54.

                                   Good Food Stirling        2                                                         Good Food Stirling            3
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland

                                              Arnprior Farm sheep
                                             Stirling could lead Scotland in committing to              once; therefore recommendations for action
                                             a new food system; it has an opportunity with              to develop Stirling’s food system may appear
                                             the City Deal to invest in its population and              in several sections. Programmes can support
                                             develop a reputation as an amazing place to                local businesses whilst addressing health
                                             live and visit.                                            challenges, or improve the natural environment
                                                                                                        whilst promoting knowledge about the food
                                             This will need leadership, partnership working,
                                             and ambition. Stirling is not starting from                system. For clarity, there is a summary of
                                             scratch and already has many thriving food                 recommendations on pages 49-51.
                                             enterprises and initiatives. It is small enough to         Achieving a transformation will require taking
                                             facilitate effective collaboration across sectors          a whole system approach, understanding
                                             and across the region, but big enough to draw              how each element impacts on another, and
                                             on people with a diverse range of skills.                  forging solutions that are coherent with the
                                             Ambition will need to be supported with                    big picture.
                                             investment. Creating opportunities that                    The big picture is bigger than Stirling. This
                                             enable individuals, businesses, public bodies              document focuses on opportunities for
                                             and communities to join the dots will enable               change at a local level: what Stirling can do
                                             initiatives to be greater than the sum of their            in order to feed its population well, whilst
                                             parts.                                                     looking after its natural environment. However,
                                             This report outlines what is happening in                  it will be local outcomes that fulfil national and
                                             Stirling’s food system at the moment, and                  international ambitions. Stirling cannot only
                                             presents ideas for the future. It is divided into          inspire other regions in Scotland, becoming
                                             five sections, following the Good Food Nation              a beacon of a Good Food Nation; it could
                                             framework: Prosperity, Social Justice, Health,             also support progress on the UN Sustainable
                                             Environment and Knowledge. However,                        Development Goals. Moving towards a
                                             this structure does not accurately reflect the             more localised food system in Stirling,
                                             nature of the food system; it is important                 which includes mutually beneficial trade
                                             to remember that it is a system and cannot                 relationships, can contribute to the UN goals
                                             effectively be separated into constituent parts.           to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure
                                             Mechanisms will pull on multiple levers at                 prosperity for all.4

                                             See references on page 54.

Gillian Mackay, Ardunan  Farm
                    Good Food Stirling   4                                         Good Food Stirling             5
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Where we are                                                                       3217
                                                                                                                                          In 2016 Start Up Stirling
                                                                                                                                          supported 1,900 people with

Imperatives for action
                                                                                            in Stirling
                                                                                         live in poverty                                  emergency meals
                                                                                       after housing costs.

                                                                                 That’s nearly the capacity of                          Meanwhile Stirling households
                                                                                      Forthbank Stadium                                    produce approximately

                                                                                                                                          9,900 tonnes
Each week, the population of                                                                                                                of food waste each year.
   Stirling spends around
                                                                                                                                                         That’s 32 bin lorries
£2,500,000                                                                           Less
                                                    74% of                                                  34%                                     Only one
on household food and drink                          Scots                           half                                                    food business in Stirling
                                                     said that the                   of babies in                                        is a registered Living Wage Employer
                                                 most convenient food
      (excluding alcohol).
                                                                                     Stirling had been
                                                                                     breastfed at all at the

But...                                            to buy outside of the
                                                   home is usually the
                                                       least healthy
                                                                                       6-8 week review, with
                                                                                          only 34% exclusively
                                                                                                                                                     n y,
                                                                                                                                                          o   f Stirling’s
around 95%
                                                                                             breastfed                                              a


of grocery shopping


      is done in supermarkets,
    which leaves local producers
    and processors unsupported.                                                         Less than
                                                                                        of Stirling’s arable
                                                                                          land is used to

  Supermarkets pay

                                                         There is only

                                                         one                              grow vegetables                                       s


  producers                                                                                                                                                                    r
                                                                                                                                                       to                  Sti
                                                                                                                                                          bre            n
                                                   fruit and vegetable shop                                                                                   ad eaten i
  just                                             on Stirling’s high streets.

  20-50%                                                                         4,490 residential properties
                                                                                                  within the Forth Local Plan District
  of the price of products,                                                                    were identified as being at risk of flooding.
  making it difficult for
  farmers to make a living.
                                                                                 Agriculture is the major cause of soil compaction; healthy, well-functioning soils are crucial
                                                                                  to reducing the risk of floods and maintaining our capacity to grow food into the future.

                            Good Food Stirling     6                                                              Good Food Stirling                 7
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland

                                                                                                                                                                                                Kate and Iain,
                                                                                                                                                                                          Perthshire Preserves

  “Food companies are a thriving feature of the economy and
            places where people want to work.”
  “People who serve and sell food from schools to hospitals,
retailers, cafes and restaurants are committed to serving and
                       selling good food.”
A thriving local food system could play a                 Money spent in the local food system is           Research undertaken by the Campaign to                  jobs that do not pay the Living Wage and use
decisive role in fulfilling Stirling’s ambitions          re-spent several times locally; buying local      Protect Rural England found that supermarkets           zero hour contracts.13 Only one of the hundreds
to be a prosperous and inclusive city region.5            produce from local shops contributes to           employed one person for around every                    of food businesses in Stirling is registered as a
                                                          the incomes of people in the community,           £141,000 turnover, whereas shops that                   Living Wage Employer (Bespoke Catering).14
Developing a more localised food system
                                                          who in turn spend their incomes within the        sold at least 25% local produce employed                As outlined in the Scottish Government’s
holds opportunities not only for job creation
                                                          community, bringing a multiplied benefit to       one person for every £48,000 of revenue.9               Good Food Nation objectives, working in the
and local economic growth, but community                  the local economy. Although this multiplier       Consequently diverting 5% from supermarkets             food sector should be valued and entail a
cohesion and stronger connections between                 effect is documented through some                 to stores selling some local produce would              commitment to producing, selling and serving
the city and rural areas.                                 research6, the number of variables and lack       result in 45 more jobs in the retail sector             good food. Stirling could make use of its
                                                          of consistency with what is included make it      alone, with additional contributions to local           skilled population and develop a reputation for
Stirling isn’t an island; it is part of a highly          difficult to define the extent of the economic    production, processing and distribution.                high-quality food. With current uncertainty in
integrated global food system, which brings               multiplier for local food systems. One estimate                                                           the agricultural sector, now is the time to offer
                                                                                                            The food sector is a major employer in
benefits to the population in terms of choice             that is often used is from the New Economics                                                              alternative ways of distributing, selling and
                                                                                                            Stirling. In the agricultural sector there
and convenience in accessing diverse food.                Foundation, which found that £10 spent in a                                                               preparing food that meet the needs of farmers,
                                                                                                            are 644 occupiers and spouses of farm
However, without compromising these                       local food outlet could contribute £25 to the                                                             food processors and everyone working in the
                                                                                                            holdings, with 265 full-time employees, 151
advantages, there are opportunities to                    local economy, a local multiplier of 2.5.7                                                                food sector.
                                                                                                            part-time employees and 66 casual and
develop localised supply chains that will                 Each week, the population of Stirling spends      seasonal workers.10 5,000 of the 45,000                 A vibrant, diverse local food economy would
support producers, processors, retailers                  around £2,500,000 on household food               jobs in Stirling are in Accommodation and               both be an asset for the local population
and consumers in Stirling and generate                    and drink (excluding alcohol). It spends a        Food Service activities (11.1% compared to              and a motivation to visit Stirling. This section
employment in the food sector and beyond. A               further £880,000 on food and non-alcoholic        8.2% in Scotland as a whole).11 In 2014, ONS            will look at what Stirling eats, the food retail
more localised food system is advantageous                drinks outside of the home.8 Moving a small       calculated that 20.5% of employee jobs in               environment, local processing facilities and
not only in terms of increasing local prosperity          amount of this total of £3,300,000 into the       Stirling were paid less than the living wage,12         local production to consider what would be
it also offers more resilience in an increasingly         local food system would result in a significant   with Accommodation and Food Service known               needed for Stirling to produce more of what it
unpredictable global environment.                         contribution to local economic growth.            to be the sector with the highest proportion of         eats and eat more of what it produces.

        £10 spent                                                  Each week,
                                                          the population of Stirling spends                          The food sector                                        5,000 of the
in a local food outlet
   could contribute £25
                                                                   £880,000                                 is a major employer                                             45,000 jobs
         to the local economy
                                                          on food and non-alcoholic drinks                                 in Stirling                              in Stirling are in Accommodation
                                                                outside of the home                                                                                     and Food Service activities
See references on page 54.                                                                                  See references on page 54.

                                     Good Food Stirling            8                                                                           Good Food Stirling            9
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Prosperity                                                                                                     Prosperity

What does Stirling eat?                                                                                             Where do people in Stirling buy their food?

Each week the population of Stirling buys for household consumption:

                     Meat and fish

                                                                                    Fats and sugars

                                                                        £252,000    Dairy

                 Fruit and veg                              £304,800


Meat and fish: £723,400
• £126,800 (14,700 kg) of carcass meat,
                                                               Fats and sugars: £190,100
                                                               • £50,000 (14,200 kg) of fats                        Current picture                16

                                                                                                                                                                               Looking forwards
  (including 9,800 kg/£93,00 of beef, 1,200 kg/£12,000 of        (including 4700 kg/£24,000 of butter and 4400
                                                                                                                                                                               According to Leigh Sparks, Professor of Retail
  mutton and lamb and 3,700 kg/£21,600 of pork)                  litres/£9,300 of vegetable and salad oil)                     15 major supermarkets, and a
                                                               • £19,000 (9,300 kg) of sugars and preserves                                                                    at Stirling University, although out-of-town
• £484,800 (74,100 kg) of non-carcass                                                                                          further 87 smaller convenience
                                                               • £121,100 (14,400 kg) of confectionary                                                                         supermarkets and hypermarkets continue
  meat and meat products                                                                                                       stores, grocery shops and
                                                                                                                                                                               to dominate the grocery market, there are
  (including 13,600kg/ £70,000 of uncooked chicken, 4,900                                                                      newsagents selling some food items.
                                                               Dairy: £252,000                                                                                                 some shifts in the pattern of retail and the
  kg/£23,500 of pork sausages and 17,200kg/£104,400 of
                                                               • £158,000 (161,600 litres) of milk                                                                             future is uncertain. A trend towards smaller,
  ready meals and convenience meat products)                                                                                   19 bakeries, including those that
                                                                 (milk and milk products, excluding cheese)                                                                    high street supermarkets, the rise of discount
• £111,800 (11,400 kg) of fish                                                                                                 sell household bakery items and
                                                               • £67,000 (9200 kg) of cheese                                                                                   stores and an increase in internet shopping
                                                                                                                               items to be eaten on the go.
                                                               • £27,000 (8,245 kg) eggs (around 164,900 eggs)                                                                 all feature in the shifting configuration of the
Fruit and veg: £504,000
                                                                                                                                                                               grocery retail market. Consumers are looking
• £125,000 (58,200 kg) of fresh and                            Other: £304,800                                                 19 butchers                                     for convenience and experience in retail.17
  processed potatoes
                                                               •    £116,000 (54,000 kg) of bread
• £182,000 (84,000 kg) of fresh and                                                                                            14 confectioners                                Catering to consumers who are interested in
                                                               •    £5300 (2,400 kg) of oatmeal and oat products
  processed vegetables                                                                                                                                                         a different experience of grocery shopping
                                                               •    £39,400 (11,100 kg) of breakfast cereals
  (excluding potatoes)                                                                                                                                                         has been where local food retail has thrived,
                                                               •    £17,500 (7,400 kg) of pasta                                Nine delicatessens
• £197,000 (94,000 kg) of fresh and                            •    £48,600 (7,100 kg) of pizza                                                                                for example Stirling Farmers’ Market has
  processed fruit                                              •    £78,000 (16,600 kg) of biscuits                                                                            been running for the last 23 years. Other
                                                                                                                               One fruit and vegetable shop,
                                                                                                                                                                               newer options such as the Food Assembly
                                                                                                                               and additional community projects
                                                                                                                                                                               or a Food Hub which take advantage of
Each week, outside the home, the population of Stirling consumes:                                                              supplying fruit and vegetables.
                                                                                                                                                                               the Internet to promote convenience for
• 7780 kg of meat and meat products                                     • 530 kg of pasta                                                                                      producers and consumers alike can also
                                                                                                                               There is no permanent
• 950 kg of fish and fish products                                      • 540 kg of soup                                                                                       provide a central distribution point while
• 230 kg of cheese (including quiche and cheese                         • 780 kg of fruit (fresh and processed)                fishmonger in Stirling, but street
                                                                                                                                                                               maintaining a social dimension to food.
    pies and pasties)                                                   • 220 kg of yoghurt and fromage frais                  traders selling fish supply Stirling.
•   960 kg of pizza                                                     • 630 kg of bread (including rolls,                                                                    This infrastructure could further support
•   750 kg of eggs (around 15080 eggs)                                    garlic bread, croissants, but excluding              Three permanent farm shops;                     availability of local food on the high street.
•   5840 kg of potatoes (including 4071kg of chips)                       sandwiches)                                          Stirling Food Assembly; three                   Stirling could look to reclaim urban centres
•   2840 kg of vegetables                                               • 5960 kg of sandwiches (including                     Farmers Markets, and some direct                for creating a sense of community around
•   1200 kg of salads                                                     3586 kg of meat/fish-based sandwiches,               farm delivery services, including a             food, where it is easy, interesting, and fun to
•   620 kg of rice (including fried rice, risotto and                     and 2395 kg of cheese/egg/vegetable-                 veg box scheme.                                 do food shopping.
    other cooked rice)                                                    based sandwiches)

See references on page 54.                                                                                          See references on page 54.

                                          Good Food Stirling                10                                                                            Good Food Stirling            11
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Prosperity                                                                                                 Prosperity

             Caterers, cafés and restaurants                                                                             Processing and manufacturing
Mhor Bread                                                     Looking forwards                                          Current picture               22

                                                               Overall, Stirling is an affluent region relative to       Meat                                                      Fruit and Vegetables
                                                               Scotland as a whole; however, it is not noted for
                                                                                                                         • There are two abattoirs in Stirling:                    • There is limited fruit and vegetable
                                                               its café and restaurant scene. Investment in the
                                                                                                                              cotbeef slaughter facility processes
                                                                                                                           - S                                                       processing in Stirlingshire. Knockraich Farm
                                                               City should look to promote a vibrant café and
                                                                                                                             2,500 cattle and 15,000 lambs each week.                produces apple juice from their orchard
                                                               restaurant culture focused on short supply chains
                                                                                                                                                                                     of 700 apple trees. One other company –
                                                               and local produce.                                             uncan Stevenson Ltd is a small,
                                                                                                                           - D
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bakeshaw Ltd, is listed as producing fruit and
                                                               Restaurants, cafés and public sector catering can             (certified for organic), which enables
                                                                                                                                                                                     vegetable juices.
                                                               play an important role in catalysing some of the              small local meat producers access to a
                                                               changes in consumption that are needed for a                  specialised market.                                   Bread
                                                               healthy and sustainable food system. For example,         • There are 19 butchers in Stirling, 11 of                • Many of the bakery companies, for example
                                                               creative recipes with local vegetables can                  which are listed as manufacturing - for                   Baynes and Greggs, sell bread and other
                                                               stimulate demand and encourage people to try                example, producing artisan pies, sausages                 savoury bakery items that are manufactured
                                                               new things. Similarly nose to tail butchering, and          and haggis.                                               outside of the region and brought in fresh
                                                               exposure to delicious recipes formed from meat                                                                        every day.
             Current picture                                   that is usually wasted, can help shift cultural norms.    Dairy
                                                                                                                         • The biggest dairy processor is Graham’s
                                                                                                                                                                                   • There are a number of smaller bakeries
                                                                                                                                                                                     producing bread in Stirling, for example:
             There are 400 cafes, snack bars, street           Stirling University has 12,000 students and Forth
                                                                                                                           Dairy, which produces around 2,784,480
             traders, caterers, canteens, takeaways            Valley College has 14,500 students in Stirling and                                                                    - The Village Bakery
                                                                                                                           litres of milk each week, and supplies to
             public houses and restaurants in the              the central belt. 28% of Stirling’s workforces are                                                                    - Mhor Bakery
                                                                                                                           all over Scotland. It currently employs 420
             Stirling Council area preparing food for          employed in Public admin, Defence, Education
                                                                                                                           people.                                                   - Riverside Bakery CIC
             people outside of the home. (This figure          and Health.21 Transforming the food offer in the
             increases to 580 companies if hotels and          public sector, with more organic, local ingredients       • Knockraich Farm is a farm and food
                                                                                                                                                                                   • 	There are other community bakeries in
             B&Bs are included).18                             would not only create a market and develop local            processing business, which has 60 cows
                                                                                                                                                                                     development, such as Drymen Community
                                                               supply chains, it could also result in a cultural shift     and produces yoghurt, fresh milk, crowdie
             It is estimated that £435,000 is spent                                                                                                                                  Bakery, and organisations which incorporate
                                                               and influence what people chose to eat at home.             and crème fraîche.
             each week on café and restaurant meals                                                                                                                                  baking into their activities such as Camphill
             in a five-mile radius of the city centre.19                                                                 • There are no cheese producers in Stirling.                Blair Drummond.
                                                               Stirling should be aiming for at least Soil
             Across the Stirling region there are a            Association’s Gold Catering Mark across the board
             number of cafes and restaurants, which            in public sector catering, which includes 15%
             already specialise in local food and              organic produce and promotes involvement of
             fresh produce. However, it is still a niche       the whole community in food. In public kitchens in
             market, with infrastructure to link farmers       Copenhagen, 88% of the food served is organic,
             and chefs, and make it easy for caterers
                                                               which was achieved without any increases in the
             to use local ingredients, limited.
                                                               food budget. Creative menus, seasonal produce,
             Stirling Council provides school meals            less meat and less waste can make sustainable
             and catering in civic buildings, totalling        food affordable. Catering staff will be at the heart
             900,000 meals a year.20 They have the             of this transition, and providing opportunities for
             Soil Association’s Silver Food for Life           cooks to learn new skills, get out on to local farms
             Catering Mark Award for meals served in           and be creative with food should be prioritised.
             primary and early years settings, but not
             for secondary schools or for canteens in          More broadly, Stirling should be looking to
             civic buildings. This is an independently         encourage and reward valued and creative
             verified award, which rewards the                 employment in the food sector, promoting the
             inclusion of local, seasonal, ethical and         Living Wage and opportunities for training and
             sustainable produce.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Theo, Riverside Bakery CIC
             See references on page 54.                                                                                  See references on page 55.

                                                  Good Food Stirling         12                                                                               Good Food Stirling            13
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Prosperity                                                                                                Prosperity

                                              Cakes, biscuits and confectionery
                                              • This is the sector with the largest amount of micro-
                                                                                                       Wholesalers                                                                        Riverside Bakery CIC bread
                                                processing businesses. There is one larger business
                                                – Campbells Shortbread, based in Callander, which      Current picture
                                                produces shortbread that is exported worldwide as      Wholesalers are the link between producers
                                                well as sold all over Scotland.                        and independent retailers, local authorities,
                                              • IQ Superfood chocolate is a company based in           processors and manufacturers, cafés
                                                Stirling producing allergen-free chocolate.            and restaurants. Supermarkets generally
                                              • A number of cake micro-businesses including:           incorporate wholesaling into their businesses,
                                                Balmaha Larder Ltd; Cakes by Shirley; Eleganza         working directly with producers and building
                                                Cakes; Kelly G’s Gourmet Bakery; Macgowen              their own distribution systems.
                                                Patricia; Art 2 Eat; Cookroom.                         • Stirling Local Authority, and most of the
                                                                                                         independent retailers, cafés and restaurants
                                              Chutneys and jams
                                                                                                         rely predominantly on wholesalers based
                                              • There are also a number of micro businesses
                                                                                                         outside of Stirling, although many Scottish
                                                making chutneys and jams within Stirling, for
                                                                                                         wholesalers are used.
                                                example, Perthshire Preserves, The Wee Kitchen
                                                Company and Dollop and Scoff.                          • Similarly, wholesalers in Stirling supply
                                                                                                         to neighbouring regions, or the whole of
                                              • Communities at Sunlite Café and Camphill Blair
                                                                                                         Scotland, or beyond to the rest of the UK.
                                                Drummond are also producing jams and chutneys.
                                                                                                       • There are seven wholesalers listed in
                                                                                                         Stirling, a mix of large corporations and
  Looking forwards                                                                                         Booker is the UK’s largest wholesale
  Right-sized local processing can support              a variety of dairy products on site,               operator, providing a wide range of
                                                                                                           produce to retailers and caterers.
  meaningful employment and keep the
  whole supply chain local, making it easier
                                                        including yoghurt, crème fraiche, crowdie
                                                        and butter. They sell approximately 75%            Batley’s Cash & Carry, similarly has a
                                                                                                         -	                                                     Looking forwards
  to trace food from field to fork and ensure           of their produce through wholesalers,              range of products form key suppliers and              Wholesalers are a critical link in the
  that it is high quality produce. Small-scale          for food service and to Waitrose. The              own labels.                                           supply chain, allowing producers to
  infrastructure can play a critical role in            remaining 25% is direct sales from their                                                                 access markets without having to build
                                                        café or at the Stirling Food Assembly,           - C
                                                                                                            aledonia’s Larder is a national specialist
  creating positive relationships across the food                                                                                                                multiple relationships themselves.
                                                        which has stimulated demand for more               food company, with sole distribution
  supply chain and promoting connection with                                                                                                                     However, they can reduce the traceability
                                                        products, including by-products: Katy              rights for some Scottish products.
  our food, our environment and the people                                                                                                                       of food and the connection between
                                                        Rodgers now sell buttermilk to Stirling            Mushrooms Scotland is a key supplier of
  who work to get food on to our plates.                                                                                                                         producers and consumers.
                                                        Food Assembly customers.
                                                                                                           mushrooms to the Scottish and UK market.
  With an independent abattoir and local                                                                                                                         A Food Hub for Stirling could function as
                                                        On the other hand, producing baked
  butchers, the meat supply chain can stay                                                                 John Callum Ltd Potatoes is a family
                                                                                                         -	                                                     a wholesaler for local food, only working
                                                        goods relies on flour from outside the
  within Stirling. This should be protected as                                                             business that in the last 25 years has                with farmers within a specified region
                                                        region. Only Mungoswells in East Lothian
  it could be extremely damaging to farmers                                                                switched from supplying potatoes to                   and supplying the food service and retail
                                                        offers completely traceable Scottish
  producing meat for the local market if the                                                               grocery stores and now solely supplies the            sectors in Stirling with fresh, traceable
                                                        flour.24 Stirling could develop local grain
  independent abattoir closed. Without it, other                                                           chip shop trade with potatoes from the                produce.25
                                                        processing facilities, and keep the whole
  options such as mobile abattoirs would have           supply chain local.                                eastern counties of England.
                                                                                                                                                                 One future role for wholesalers may be
  to be explored, which ensure short journeys                                                                                                                    to bridge the gap between local demand
                                                        There is minimal fruit and vegetable               D. Mccallum & Son is a fruit and vegetable
  to the facility and so reduce animal stress.23                                                                                                                 and supply, building relationships with
                                                        processing in Stirling at the moment;              wholesaler, based just outside Stirling and
  There is opportunity with dairy products for          innovative local processing facilities could       serving West Central Scotland.                        producers, and food services, to increase
  the whole supply chain to be on-farm, as              help tackle waste in this sector, as well as                                                             the join up and encourage Stirling to
                                                                                                           Cariel Soft Drinks is a soft drinks
  Knockraich Farm in Fintry demonstrates. It has        stimulate demand for fruit and vegetable                                                                 produce more of what we eat and eat
  a herd of 60 Friesian cattle, and they produce        based products.                                                                                          more of what we produce.

See references on page 55.                                                                             See references on page 55.

                                   Good Food Stirling         14                                                                            Good Food Stirling        15
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Prosperity                                                                          Prosperity

            Food production
            Current picture
            Stirling has 926 agricultural holdings with a fairly even size distribution.

            Number of holdings and area, by size, in Stirling Unitary Authority, June 2016
            Source: SG June Agricultural Census 2016. Provided by: Scottish Government RESAS.
              	No. of holdings                                 Hectares
Good Food Stirling - Nourish Scotland
Prosperity                                                                                       Prosperity

Crops and grass grown in Stirling Unitary Authority, 2016
Source: SG June Agricultural Census 2016. Provided by: Scottish Government RESAS.                                                                                    Kate, West Moss-Side
                                                             No. of holdings        Hectares
 Wheat                                                       33                     1,008
 Winter barley                                               22                     360
 Spring barley                                               77                     2,258
 Oats, rye, triticale and mixed grain                        68                     1,547
 Rape for oilseed and linseed                                c                      c
 Potatoes                                                    c                      c
 Peas and beans for combining                                c                      c
 Stockfeeding crops                                          37                     205
 Fruit and vegetables for human consumption                  12                     9
 Bulbs, flowers and nursery stock                            c                      c
 All other crops                                             30                     265
 Fallow land for 5 years or less                             91                     785
 Total crops, fallow and set-aside                           191                    6,524
 Grass under 5 years old                                     250                    3,935
 Grass 5 years and older                                     723                    32,829
 Rough grazings                                              365                    90,022
 Common Grazing land                                         0                      0
 Total grass and rough grazing                               869                    126,785
 Woodland                                                    394                    17,778
 Other land                                                  512                    3,107
 Total area                                                  924                    154,194
 Utilised agricultural area                                  890                    133,309
 c - suppressed to prevent disclosure of data relating to individual holdings

The table above, provided by the Scottish Government Agricultural Statistics department, refers
to the number of farm holdings that are producing crops, have an area of grassland, woodland
or other land. Normally farm holdings produce many different crops, with each counted here;
consequently the total number of holdings does not reflect the number of farms in Stirling.

                                                                                                  Looking forwards
                                                                                                  Stirling could lead Scotland in diversifying its agricultural sector, building a reputation for
                                                                                                  environmentally friendly food production, community engagement, food tourism, and short
                                                                                                  supply chains.
                                                                                                  There is a wealth of research, ideas, and action out there for new approaches to farming that
                                                                                                  promote biodiversity and work with ecosystems. Certainly, Stirling faces certain challenges
                                                                                                  due to the weather and terrain, but these are not insurmountable.
                                                                                                  For example, covered vegetable production, such as large greenhouses powered on
                                                                                                  renewable electricity, would allow Stirling to grow more diverse produce locally.
                                                                                                  Providing support, training, and opportunities to enhance cooperation for farmers in Stirling
                                                                                                  could stimulate a more resilient, diverse and sustainable agricultural industry.

                                   Good Food Stirling       18                                                                      Good Food Stirling        19
Prosperity                                                                                               Prosperity

             Sectors in focus                                                                                            Vegetables
             From retail and catering, through to                 plants – including fruit, vegetables, and grains,      Stirling could create a thriving horticultural            to around 10% of Stirling’s arable land.
             wholesale, processing and production,                and eating less meat.                                  sector and make it easy for the whole                     Certainly, Stirling will continue importing fruit
             there are many changes that could                                                                           population to eat at least 5 portions of fruit            and vegetables, but with some commitment
                                                                  This is not to deny that meat can be an important
             stimulate Stirling’s local food system,                                                                     and vegetables a day.                                     and creativity a lot more could be produced
                                                                  part of a healthy and sustainable diet, and
             creating meaningful jobs and local                                                                                                                                    locally. Investing in covered greenhouses,
                                                                  Stirling’s many farmers producing high quality         The population of Stirling, like the rest of the
             economic growth.                                                                                                                                                      powered by renewable energy, could
                                                                  meat play an important role in the food system.        UK, are not eating enough fruit and vegetables.
                                                                                                                                                                                   significantly increase the growing season and
             However, working towards the Good Food               However, there are also opportunities in Stirling to   A decade of consumer messaging around 5 a
                                                                                                                                                                                   allow more diverse produce.
             Nation ambitions for a fair, healthy, and            create local economies around more of the foods        day, has resulted in a good level of knowledge
             sustainable food system in Scotland, also            that we should be eating.                              that this is what we should be eating, but almost         Promoting organic production in Stirling
             necessitates changes in what we eat.                                                                        no change in actual consumption levels.                   would deliver positive environmental
                                                                  The following two examples – vegetables
                                                                                                                                                                                   outcomes and have also been found
             According to the Government’s Eat Well               and bread – illustrate how we could move to            The World Health Organisation and Scotland’s
                                                                                                                                                                                   to maximise health benefits, including
             Plate,27 which identifies a diet that is both        a more localised food system that is healthy,          Eat Well Guide recommend 5 portions of 80g
                                                                                                                                                                                   increased antioxidants.31
             healthy for people and the planet, the               environmentally friendly and supports good             of fruit and vegetables a day.28 In addition to
             principal shifts needed are eating more              livelihoods and wellbeing.                             vegetable consumption improving health and                In addition to jobs is horticultural production,
                                                                                                                         protecting against some diseases,29 eating an             a more developed horticultural industry
             See references on page 55.                                                                                  extra portion of vegetables each day and eating           in Stirling could stimulate jobs in fruit and
                                                                                                                         a little less meat consumption could reduce diet-         vegetable processing. Businesses making
                                                                                                                         related greenhouse gas emissions by 17%.30                soups, juices, and baby food could be
Local food producers                                                                                                          Taking this recommendation,
                                                                                                                                                                                   established to make best use of the locally

launch Harvest Festival                                                                                                         Stirling should consume
                                                                                                                                                                                   grown produce, and potentially help address
                                                                                                                                                                                   issues of food waste.

                                                                                                                         around 13,550 tonnes                                      In addition to physical health benefits,
                                                                                                                         of fruit and vegetables a year                            growing fruit and vegetables has been
                                                                                                                                                                                   shown to improve mental health and support
                                                                                                                         A conservative estimate of outdoor vegetable              community cohesion. There are a wide range
                                                                                                                         production is 20 tonnes a hectare. This would             of growing projects across Stirling from
                                                                                                                         mean Stirling would need 678 hectares in                  allotments to community gardens, these
                                                                                                                         horticulture to provide the required fruit                should be supported to encourage inclusive,
                                                                                                                         and vegetables for the region. This equates               diverse and empowering communities.

                                                                                                                           Next steps
                                                                                                                           • Make veg growing a priority in Stirling; reach out to farmers to consider switching some
                                                                                                                              of their land to horticulture. Develop a regional horticultural working group to facilitate
                                                                                                                              learning and cooperation.
                                                                                                                           • Explore piloting an extension of the Healthy Start scheme, for example to include children
                                                                                                                              up to 16 years old, or to ensure that vegetables are half price for everyone on low-medium
                                                                                                                              incomes at all outlets in Stirling. A scheme should look at establishing more direct links with
                                                                                                                              farmers and growers in the region, to support their livelihoods too.
                                                                                                                           • Work with educational institutions such as Forth Valley College to explore training
                                                                                                                              opportunities for people growing, cooking and selling vegetables which bring together
                                                                                                                              nutritional, environmental and practical knowledge.

                                                                                                                         See references on page 55.

                                                   Good Food Stirling         20                                                                              Good Food Stirling          21
Prosperity                                                                                                   Prosperity

Bread                                                                                                         What’s already happening?
Stirling could develop a reputation for                   makes fine flour that is easy to bake with. Fresh   The local food movement in Stirling is                   and now has 1163 members. Each week, an
amazing bread, with a diverse and creative                milling should be done as near to baking            developing rapidly, with Stirling’s new Food             average of 72 people (not always the same
community of bakers supplying tasty and                   as possible, and this technology only works         Assembly offering an excellent example of                people) purchase from the Food Assembly.
nutritious bread to the population.                       at a small scale. Consequently, it is perfect       the potential for growth.                                Average weekly sales are £1350.00, with
                                                          for enabling localised supply chains for                                                                     producers receiving an average of £1138.00.
The vast majority of Scotland’s wheat crop
                                                          community-supported bakeries.33                     Stirling Food Assembly
goes to the whisky industry or for animal feed,                                                                                                                        Over 17 weeks, the Food Assembly revenue
with little, if any, being used to make bread.                                                                Stirling Food Assembly opened in autumn                  totalled £23,104 (with producers receiving
Stirling’s wheat crop for 2016 was 8,770                         Stirling buys around                         September 2016 and provides an opportunity               £19,350). Using the NEF estimate of a
                                                                                                              for the people of Stirling to pre-order from local
tonnes, and followed a similar story.                     68,700 loaves each week                             producers, and to meet the farmers, bakers and
                                                                                                                                                                       local economic multiplier of 2.5, in four
Allowing for wastage, 1 tonne of wheat could                                                             34                                                            months Stirling Food Assembly contributed
                                                          with a significant amount of that wasted            cheese makers when they go to collect their order.
make approximately 1250 loaves of white                                                                                                                                approximately £57,760 to the local economy.
bread, and 1,700 loaves of wholemeal bread.               Local, integrated supply chains supporting                 There are currently                               The quick success of the Food Assembly
In Stirling, only 28% of the wheat crop would             local people to make high quality bread                                                                      indicates that demand for local produce is
                                                                                                              35 producers involved, offering
be needed to make all of the loaves of bread              would improve health, reduce waste, generate                                                                 already there, and can be further stimulated
bought in the region.                                     employment and contribute to culture and            138 local products                                       by creating ways for consumers to access it.
Scotland the Bread is an organisation                     community. Bread made in this way would be                 to the Stirling community.
                                                          more expensive, but Stirling could explore                                                                   Riverside Bakery CIC
supporting a home-grown grain economy.                                                                        At the Food Assembly, producers receive 80%
It has found that heritage varieties of wheat             including nutritious bread in an extension of                                                                Riverside Bakery CIC is an example of a new
                                                                                                              of the value of the produce, compared to
can be more resilient in Scotland’s climate,              Healthy Start, considering the health, social                                                                food business that is taking a whole system
                                                                                                              just 20-50% which they would receive going
provide a higher nutritional content, improved            and employment benefits of local bakeries.                                                                   approach, looking at the provenance, health
                                                                                                              through a supermarket.
digestibility and lower allergenicity, than the                                                                                                                        and accessibility of food. They support local
                                                          A community baker could make around 750
grains that are being used to make most of                                                                    The Food Assembly is based at Stirling railway           producers as much as possible, as well as
                                                          loaves a week. Shifting Stirling’s bread supply
Scotland’s bread today.32                                                                                     station, which is attractive for commuters.              offering training and bread making activities in
                                                          to nutritious, tasty, locally-baked bread could
                                                                                                              However, the initiative has grown quickly                the community.
New technologies for milling grain could also             create 115 jobs in baking alone; equating to
improve the nutrition in bread; Scotland the              13% of the registered unemployed in Stirling
Bread are now using a Zentrofan cyclone mill,             retraining as community bakers. Investing in
                                                          a local mill and grain storage facilities would
                                                                                                                Next Steps
which mills whole grains into cool, ultra-fine
wholemeal flour. The mill wastes less of the              create additional jobs and keep the whole
grain, preserves more of the nutrients, and               supply chain local.35
                                                                                                                A Food Hub for Stirling. In order to deliver prosperity across Stirling, creative approaches are
                                                                                                                needed to enhance the local food system, connecting producers, processors and consumers.
                                                                                                                Investing resources in to the development of a Food Hub could promote joined-up thinking,
                                                                                                                and support actors across the food system in different ways. It would need a large, multi-

  Next steps                                                                                                    functional central location and be designed primarily to support a local food network, from
                                                                                                                skills and training to distribution and socialising.
  • Support farmers to switch to heritage wheat varieties, which would be more resilient in
                                                                                                                For example, it could:
    challenging environmental conditions, as well as make more nutritious bread.
                                                                                                                • Offer support, training and marketing opportunities to local producers, processors and
  • Invest in building a local mill and grain storage facilities, looking at opportunities to use                 retailers.
    renewable energy wherever possible.
                                                                                                                • Provide a space and facilitation support to enhance cooperation between local food sector
  • Launch a public education campaign about bread, highlighting the health and                                   businesses.
    environmental benefits of local wholemeal bread.                                                            • Be a welcoming space for sharing ideas and developing innovative approaches to food
  • Explore including nutritious, locally made bread in a pilot extension of the Healthy Start                    waste, supply chain infrastructure, and other issues in the local food system.
    scheme, designed to ensure that income does not prevent anybody from accessing high-                        • Function as a distribution and/or retail point to support local supply chains, including
    quality, healthy food.                                                                                        providing local high quality, traceable food to the public sector.
  • Invest in a training programme for community bakers and millers.                                            • Be a venue for community meals and support a lively food culture.

See references on page 55.

                                     Good Food Stirling           22                                                                              Good Food Stirling           23

Support from the community
                                                                                Social Justice
“The Stirling Food Hub will provide local food retail space in
the City Centre, building on a culture of sustainable access           “Everyone in Scotland has ready access to the healthy,
to food. Working towards the outcomes desired by the                                nutritious food they need.”
Sustainable Stirling Partnership, the safe community space
will provide educational and advice facilities that seek to      What’s the issue?
deliver a lower carbon footprint for Stirling and the wider
Forth Valley area.”                                              Marginalised communities, and the
                                                                 hardships they face, are often invisible to
                                                                                                                           Stirling has the 5th highest gender pay gap
                                                                                                                           out of 32 local authorities in Scotland; average
                                                                 the rest of society. The recent emergence                 female pay is currently 15% less than male
David Hopper, Head of Sustainability, Stirling Council           of food banks has provided an explicit                    pay. Furthermore, women account for 91% of
                                                                 reminder of the stark issues of poverty                   lone parents with dependent children.39 3217
                                                                 and inequality. Although the dedication of                children in Stirling live in poverty after housing
                                                                 communities and charities to provide some                 costs.40 In 2016 the emergency food provider
                                                                 food in times of desperation is commended,                Start-Up Stirling noted an increase in the
                                                                 the existence of this patchy model for                    proportion of children they were supporting.41
                                                                 ensuring people in Scotland can eat is                    Although there are some schemes to support
                                                                 an illustration of collective failure. Food               parents to provide nutritious food, such as
                                                                 waste and food poverty are two significant                Healthy Start vouchers, these only apply for
                                                                 problems of our current food system,                      children under 5 years old and the uptake rate
                                                                 but giving poor people food that would                    in the Forth Valley region is 70-75%.
“The creation of a local food hub would                          otherwise be wasted is not a socially just                Quality of food is likely to be compromised

be a fantastic opportunity to improve                            response to poverty.36                                    when budgets are tight. Following the 2008
                                                                                                                           recession, households switched from higher
access to local produce for consumers                            The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
                                                                 (SIMD) shows that there are considerable
                                                                                                                           quality food to prioritizing calorie density,

in Stirling and the wider Forth Valley                           pockets of poverty in the region. In 2016
                                                                                                                           including switching from fruit and vegetables
                                                                                                                           to processed products.43 The price difference
area; this initiative would benefit both                         Stirling had a larger share of the 20% most
                                                                 deprived data zones in Scotland than it did
                                                                                                                           between more healthy foods and less healthy

consumers and local food businesses                              in 2012.37 Although a growing population
                                                                                                                           foods is widening,44 with price regularly
                                                                                                                           described as the most important determinant
such as ours. “                                                  and changes in boundaries had an impact.38
                                                                 The index also outlines areas of deep-rooted
                                                                                                                           of food choices, nutritional quality of the
                                                                                                                           diet is compromised. People on low incomes
                                                                 deprivation, which have consistently been                 spend a greater proportion of their income
Susan Rodger, Knockraich Farm Orchard                            among the 5% most deprived in Scotland since              on food, around 18-23%, compared to
                                                                 the SIMD began in 2004, including Raploch                 around 10% for those on a higher income.
                                                                 in Stirling. In rural Stirling, there are hidden          However, the quality of the diet for those on
                                                                 pockets of deprivation, where food poverty and            low incomes is still poorer, with the relatively
                                                                 social isolation are affecting people’s lives, but        higher costs of a healthy diet representing a
                                                                 support services are less accessible.                     barrier to its consumption.45

                                                                 People on low incomes spend a greater proportion of their income on food:
                                                                         Low income food spend:                                    High income food spend:

                                                                   18-23% of wage                                                10% of wage
                                                                 See references on pages 55-56.

                                 Good Food Stirling      24                                           Good Food Stirling           25
SOCIAL JUSTICE                                                                                             SOCIAL JUSTICE

What’s already happening?
There are a number of projects and initiatives in Stirling to support people and families with
                                                                                                              Ideas from around the world
                                                                                                              In Canada, working for a socially just food system has been transformation for a community.
low incomes to access sufficient, nutritious food, which are mitigating the impact of food
poverty, but are not long-term solutions.
                                                                                                              The Stop: Making food the centre of community46

Start up Stirling                                          institutionalized, and the significant problem     The Stop is a community food hub, in Toronto,           Stop provides a space for parents to get
                                                           of insufficient incomes for a standard of living   Canada. It is a provider of emergency food              together, stimulating the development of
Start-Up Stirling has been supporting homeless
                                                           that affords secure access to enough nutritious    parcels, but has established numerous other             community support in the area.
people in Stirling for 23 years, and in October
                                                           food being left to charities to deal with.         programmes that mean it is seen as a space
2012 set up Stirling’s first food bank. By                                                                                                                            The Stop organises a Farmers’ Market,
                                                                                                              for community and learning, rather than the             attracting over 1500 people each Saturday
summer 2014, they had opened three food                    In January 2016, Start-Up began a Beyond the       stigmatising association with food poverty.             with local, organic and artisanal produce.
banks to meet the growing need for emergency               Food Bank project, which focus on education,
food provision, as people’s budgets were                                                                      In addition to the food bank hampers, there is          In addition to providing market spaces that
                                                           community development and providing
squeezed by government austerity and                                                                          a drop-in café offering delicious breakfast and         support local producers, The Stop directly
                                                           pathways to further support. This is in
changes to the social security system. In 2016                                                                lunches, including artisan sourdough loaves,            spent $123,000 on local food from Ontario
                                                           recognition that emergency food can mitigate
they supported 1,900 people with 103,000                                                                      all made on site. Anyone can come and enjoy             farmers and distributors in 2015, boosting
                                                           but not solve crises.
emergency meals.                                                                                              a nutritious meal, and at the same time attend          the local food economy.
                                                           Salvation Army                                     workshops, film screenings, arts & crafts and           The Stop is a crucial support, especially to
At the heart of the Start-Up Stirling service
                                                                                                              cooking demonstrations.                                 those at the sharp end of poverty and social
is an ambition to offer some temporary                     The Salvation Army provides an afternoon
relief in very difficult circumstances, through            meal for 35-50 people every weekday, 52            There are cooking programmes, including a               exclusion. However, embedded in their
nourishing people – not only with food, but                weeks a year. They serve a three course meal       men’s group and a Latino group, which provide           work is a commitment to tackling the root
                                                           and give everybody two pieces of fruit to take     safe and inclusive spaces for people to learn           causes of inequality, as well as mitigating
also by listening and providing a space for
                                                           away. The food is predominantly sourced            new skills and feel part of a community. There          the consequences. The Community Action
community. Recognising that there is a lot of
                                                           through Booker wholesaler, with the meat           is a community garden, a tool lending library,          Programme empowers members of the
stigma associated with a charity-model of food
                                                           coming from a local farm.                          gardening workshops, free seedlings and                 community experiencing poverty and
provision, Start-Up Stirling prioritises a dignified
                                                                                                                                                                      marginalization through building support
approach, and let the service be continually                                                                  community seed exchange, to help everyone
                                                           Again, the organisers would like to live in                                                                networks, raising political consciousness and
shaped by the ideas of the people who use it.                                                                 get growing.
                                                           a society where the service wasn’t needed.                                                                 taking action.
They work closely with Stirling Citizen Advice             However, in recent years the more and more         There is a state of the art 3,000 square foot
                                                           people have come to rely on these meals as                                                                 The Stop is an example of how building
Bureau (and a range of other local statutory                                                                  greenhouse growing a variety of produce,
                                                                                                                                                                      community around food can have multiple
and third sector agencies) who refer people                a key source of food, with benefit sanctions       which supports the programmes, the food bank,
                                                                                                                                                                      benefits. They have placed dignity and
to the Food Bank and provide advice for other              and inadequate rehabilitation services sited as    and volunteers with fresh organic vegetables.
                                                                                                                                                                      social justice at the heart of their work,
services and outreach.                                     plausible causes.
                                                                                                              The Stop also provides specific support for             with impressive consequences. 91% of
The extent of public concern about food                    There is a strong community around the             families and young people. There is a Healthy           participants said they belong to a community
insecurity is evidenced by the support Start-              meals, which have been running Monday-             Beginnings Programme offering pre- and                  at The Stop, and 84% of participants made
Up Stirling receives from the local community.             Friday for the past 17 years.                      post-natal support for women, and a peer-led            healthy changes to their diets because of
The vast majority of their food donations come                                                                breastfeeding café. The Food Family Fun at the          something they learned at The Stop.
from the general public, 63,000 kg of food in              Food and fun in the holidays
2016. In addition, Start-Up received £15,000               Stirling Council is working on a new initiative
in 2015 and £25,000 in 2016 for their Feed                 to ensure children are getting enough
a Family for Christmas appeal. This financial              nutritious food during the school holidays,
support allowed not only a delicious Christmas             providing a place for children and families to
food parcel, but supports Start-Up Stirling to             come together, play games and share meals.
purchase meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables
                                                           The Council, in partnership with Start Up
to ensure people are receiving plenty of fresh,
                                                           Stirling and Forth Environment Link, is
nutritious food throughout the year.
                                                           developing a new programme of leisure and
There is some disquiet (within the organisation            activity-based support for families with food at
and outside of it) about the service becoming              its core.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Photos ©
                                                                                                              See references on page 56.

                                      Good Food Stirling           26                                                                            Good Food Stirling          27
SOCIAL JUSTICE                                                                                          SOCIAL JUSTICE

                                                                           Start Up Stirling                                                                          Stirling Food Assembly
                                                                                                        Next steps for Stirling
                                                                                                        • Stirling Council to invest in a food and drink
                                                                                                          team who will work with departments across
                                                                                                          the Council as well as public bodies and
                                                                                                          communities, to ensure a joined-up approach to
                                                                                                          the progressive realisation of the right to food.
                                                                                                        • Stirling Council should use procurement
                                                                                                          standards to promote the living wage, as well as
                                                                                                          working with employers across the food sector
                                                                                                          to ensure incomes are adequate for accessing
                                                                                                          enough nutritious food.
                                                                                                        • Ensure that all agencies are promoting Healthy
                                                                                                          Start vouchers, and work with Stirling Food
                                                                                                          Assembly, Stirling Farmers’ Markets and other

Where are we going?                                                                                       possible distribution systems, to support local
                                                                                                          producers and farmers to accept Healthy Start
By 2030, Stirling’s food system can guarantee          In addition, mechanisms are needed that            vouchers and make local, fresh, nutritious food
that everybody in society is able to eat well.         can facilitate access to nutritious food,          accessible for those on low incomes.
This means incomes are adequate for people             when disposable income is lacking. This          • Make spaces available for community meals
to be able to access nutritious food with choice       holds potential for a more structural              and community growing, and support agencies,
and dignity, and that mechanisms are in place          transformation of the food system; rather          organisations and volunteers to develop the
so that nobody is anxious about where the next         than providing income to participate in            community food sector so that everyone in
meal is coming from, nobody trades down on             the current food system, with its high             Stirling knows of a growing project and regular
quality of food due to budget constraints or           toll in public and environmental health,           community meal near them.
relies on charity to access basic foodstuffs.          mechanisms can be used to reconfigure
                                                       the system by directly supporting
There are broadly two ways in which the right to
                                                       producers, promoting healthy food, and
food can be realised. The first approach focuses
                                                       favouring environmentally friendly food
on income, ensuring that everyone has adequate
money. This crucially facilitates access to food
with choice and dignity. Raising the national          Fundamentally, both increasing incomes for
minimum wage to the living wage and aligning           the poorest in society and exploring other
social security entitlements with minimum              ways of guaranteeing dignified access to       Support from the community
income standards are key interventions needed          sufficient, nutritious food are necessary to
to ensure that everyone can access food.               realise the right to food.                     “I would much rather there was not a need in Stirlingshire
                                                                                                      for our food bank services but whilst there is we will continue
“Stirling recognizes                   “We believe that access to sufficient                          to strive, with the support of our local community, to ensure
that encouraging                       nutritious food is a basic human right                         that those who find themselves in crisis can be supported with
growth and reducing                    and that no one in a nation that is                            the offer of a listening ear along with food with our end to
poverty is a single                    as rich as Scotland should have to                             end provision delivered in as dignified a manner as possible.”
agenda.”                               access food banks”
                                                                                                      Linda Sterry, Project Coordinator, Start-Up Stirling.
Stirling City Deal,                    Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Communities,
November 2016                          Social Security and Equalities, February 2016

                                  Good Food Stirling        28                                                                            Good Food Stirling     29

            “Dietary-related diseases are in decline, as is the
             environmental impact of our food consumption.”

What’s the issue?
In Scotland all dietary goals have been                  Scotland currently spends almost £1 billion
missed every year since reporting began in               annually, or £100,000 every hour, on
2001.47 Unhealthy diets are a consequence                diabetes, 80% of this goes on managing
of unhealthy food environments. The food                 avoidable complications. There is a growing
environment is the physical and social                   body of evidence linking food insecurity
surroundings that influence what we eat.                 with increased healthcare costs, and robust
It has been described as an obesogenic                   arguments that interventions to reduce food
environment because it is very easy to eat               insecurity could offset considerable public
                                                         expenditure in healthcare.52
unhealthily, and harder to eat healthily in
Scotland today.48 74% of Scots said that the             Diet can have a profound and ongoing
most convenient food to buy outside of the               impact on health; studies are associating                                                                    Stirling Food Assembly customers
home is usually the least healthy.49                     nutrition in childhood with health later in life.
                                                         For example, breastfeeding provides some
The food environment is not constant across all          protection against childhood overweight and
segments of society. From adverts specifically                                                               protects against coronary heart disease                 powerful tool to help vulnerable people, bring
                                                         obesity.53 Breastfeeding provides babies with
targeted at children, to increased exposure to                                                               and cardiovascular disease. Vegetable                   diverse communities together and encourage
                                                         a complete source of nutrients, containing
unhealthy food in deprived communities, the                                                                  consumption has also been linked to                     healthier and greener lifestyles.60 Similarly to
                                                         immunological substances that cannot be
physical and social food environment intersects                                                              protection against type 2 diabetes and certain          physical health, initiatives such as community
                                                         manufactured.54 Less than half of babies in
with other factors, such as income, to increase                                                              types of cancer.58                                      gardens that can treat and prevent mental
                                                         Stirling had been breastfed at all at the 6-8
the risk of certain groups to overweight and             week review, with only 34.2% exclusively                                                                    health problems can generate substantive
                                                                                                             There is also growing evidence that diet
diet-related diseases.50                                 breastfed.55 Similarly, poor diet in childhood                                                              savings for the NHS and create broader
                                                                                                             plays a significant role in our mental health.
                                                         increases the chances of suffering from a                                                                   financial and economic outcomes along with
Being overweight or obese is the most                                                                        A diet that provides adequate amounts of
                                                         range of chronic conditions later in life.56 In                                                             social and wellbeing ones.61
significant risk factor for Type 2 diabetes. In                                                              complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino
                                                         Stirling, 19% of P1 children are overweight,        acids, vitamins and minerals and water, can             Exercise supports healthy lifestyles; however,
March 2014, 3963 people in Stirling were
                                                         with an overall child obesity weight of 7.6%,       help promote a balanced mood and feelings               it is not a solution to obesity or associated
registered with diabetes51 and this figure
                                                         below the Scottish average of 9.8%.57               of wellbeing.59 Furthermore, involvement in             diseases. The type and amount of calories
is likely to have increased. If current trends
continue, almost one tenth of the population             Increased consumption of vegetables, with           communities and spending time outdoors                  consumed are far more influential in
will be living with diabetes by 2035. NHS                a greater variety of vegetables in the diet,        can promote good mental health and act as a             determining weight.62

              In March 2014
                                                               Only 34.2%
                                                                                                                               Diet plays                                     vegetables
         3963 people                                          of babies in Stirling are
                                                                                                             a significant role                                      in the diet protects against
          in Stirling                                        exclusively breastfed
                                                                                                                  in our mental health                                  coronary heart disease and
                                                                                                                                                                          cardiovascular disease
were registered with diabetes
See references on page 56.                                                                                   See references on pages 56-57.

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