Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre

Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre

                       o i n  a w e l c o m i n g
                                           - Sidney Kaushansky

                                          WINTER 2019
                     Hear it from our members!
                     BUILD THE LIFE YOU WANT
                     Woodcarving, mandalas and more

                     LAUGH OUT LOUD

                     Explore humour through theatre,
                     film and courses

                     STAY CONNECTED
                     Learn online, volunteer

                     We’re in your neighbourhood
                     See insert inside
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
    Come in from the cold to the Cummings Centre!

    The shorter days and long nights of the winter season are upon us, but that’s
    no excuse to hibernate!
    Our Staff and Volunteers have come up with many new and exciting
    programs and, of course, some of your old favourites to make it easier to get
    you out of the house and into the welcoming atmosphere of the Cummings
    Centre—both the main and off-site locations. “It’s really about getting out
    and interacting with others,” says Roz Wiener, Cummings Centre President.
    “Our winter programming is specifically designed to keep you both
    physically and mentally engaged.”
    Moving, learning and socializing with others is guaranteed to lift your
    spirits, “The winter can be a lonely and isolating time of year, “says Pauline
    Grunberg, Executive Director. “We need to make that extra effort to push
    ourselves, get involved and try something new.” So now’s the time to sing,
    act, sculpt, learn mah jongg or make your point in a political debate—there
    is truly something for everyone at the Cummings Centre!

    Need a little help getting to and from the Centre? Our transportation service
    provides door–to-door service to Cummings. Prefer to stay close to home?
    Many programs are available right in your neighbourhood, or in the comfort
    of your home such as our Online Learning Program available for all our
    members. Be sure to browse our off-site insert in the middle of the Guide for
    a complete listing of programs in your neighbourhood.

    Wishing you a fulfilling winter season!

    Roz Wiener                                 Pauline Grunberg, M.Ed
    President of the Board of Directors        Executive Director

    PROGRAMS                                  SOCIAL SERVICES                           VOLUNTEER
    Learn, experience, share.                 Enhance your independence.                Connect and get involved.

    Staying active both mentally              We are here if you need us.               Helping others feels so good.
    and physically propels our                The Social Services Department is         As a volunteer-based
    members to their personal best.           comprised of an integrated team of        organization, we rely on the
    Innovative programming allows             professionals committed to enhancing      time and energy of our
    participants to continually learn         the quality of life of older adults and   dedicated corps of volunteers
    and evolve. Join and find                 their families. Individualized services   to fulfill our commitment to our
    out how!                                  are provided to help maintain             members. Come and share your
                                              independence. Specialized services        expertise with us.
                                              to Holocaust Survivors are offered
                                              through the Claims Conference.

Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
MEMBERSHIP                                                            MAIN CAMPUS & OFF-SITE LOCATIONS
             Membership has its privileges.
             Join and gain access to 300+                                          Cummings Centre Main Campus
             courses, programs, services,                                          5700 Westbury Ave.,
                                                                                   Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E8
             enriching volunteer opportunities
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.342.1234
             and more.
                                                                                   Fax: 514.739.6899
             For member benefits, visit:
                                                                                   Cummings West
                                                                                   96 Roger Pilon St.,
                                                                                   Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec H9B 2E1
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.734.1748
To empower and enhance the quality of life of adults age 50 and over by            —
providing dynamic and innovative programs, social services, and volunteer          Cummings Westmount
opportunities in a vibrant, respectful, inclusive and compassionate                c/o Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom,
environment. Building on its Jewish heritage, Cummings embraces people             395 Elm Ave.,
from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.                                    Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1A5
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.734.1748
Respect and Dignity                                                                —
Diversity and Inclusivity                                                          Cummings Chomedey
Empowerment                                                                        c/o Congregation Shaar Shalom,
                                                                                   4880 Notre-Dame Blvd.,
                                                                                   Laval, Quebec H7W 1V5
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.734.1788
We encourage all Cummings participants to read our Code of Conduct at
                                                                          or at page 7 in the Off-site insert.
                                                                                   Cummings Saint-Laurent
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.734.1785

ADAPTED PROGRAMS                          CJCS FOUNDATION                
Achieve strength and well-being.          The power of inspired giving.            Cummings Florida
                                                                                   Tel.: 514.734.1748
Everyone needs a helping hand             The CJCS Foundation raises funds
now and then. Innovative art,                                            
                                          to enrich and safeguard the quality of
fitness and social programs                                              
                                          life for the growing senior population
reintegrate individuals recovering                                                 —
                                          served by the Cummings Centre. Your
from surgery, with mobility               donations help provide an affordable     Cummings Côte Saint-Luc
problems and movement                     safety net of services and programs      c/o Aquatic and Community Centre
disorders including Parkinson’s           that nurture the body and spirit in a    5700 Mackle Road, Côte Saint-Luc
disease, post-stroke, MS                  warm and welcoming environment.          Tel.: 514.734.1823
and others.                                                              

Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
GENERAL DIRECTORY                                                           CONTACT
              Cummings Centre Main Campus
              5700 Westbury Ave.,                                                         Roz Wiener 514.342.1234
              Montreal, Quebec                                                            President
              H3W 3E8                               Wellness Centre             
              Tel.: 514.342.1234                                                          —
                                                    Our many fitness classes and
              Fax: 514.739.6899                     Workout Studio emphasize              Pauline Grunberg, MEd, 514.343.3501
                        fitness that is functional, fun and   Executive Director
            related to everyday movement.
              Mon - Thurs 9 am – 5 pm               Tel.: 514.734.1840                    —
              Fri 9 am – 3 pm
                                                     Lynn Gordon, BSW 514.734.1791
                                                    Mon - Thurs 8 am – 4 pm               Director, Volunteer Services
              CJCS Foundation                       Fri 8 am – 12 pm            
              Tel.: 514.734.1825                                                          —
              Fax: 514.343.3527
           Boutique                                Rebecca Levy, MSW 514.734.1741
              You can donate on-line at                                                   Director, Social Services
               Convenient one-stop shopping. 
              or call 514.734.1825                Mon - Thurs 9:30 am – 4 pm              —
              —                                   Fri 9:30 am – 12 pm
                                                  Tel.: 514.734.1770                      Kim Morand Zafrani 514.345.6496
              Bloom Family Tech Lounge                                                    Director, Human Resources
              Learn and stay connected. Use the   —                             
              computers, laptops and software.    Blood Pressure Clinic                   —

              Techies on hand to help you.
              Tel.: 514.734.1771                  Tel.: 514.734.1840                      Alissa Weinstein, CPA, CA 514.734.1787
              Mon - Thurs 9 am – 3 pm             Tues 10:30 am – 12 pm                   Director, Finance
              —                                   —                             
              Café Shalom                         Drop-in Program for                     —
              Tel.: 514.734.1810                  Older Adults                            Guila Abecassis, BA 514.734.1740
              Mon - Thurs 8:30 am – 3 pm          7500 Mackle Road, Côte St. Luc          Manager, Facilities
              Fri 8:30 am – 2 pm                                                
                                                  Tel.: 514.734.1763
              —                                  —
              Le Café                             —                                       Janice Besner, BA 514.734.1752
              Free kosher meals served to         Ombudsman                               Manager, Communications & Membership
              those in need.                      Voice your compliments,       
                                                  complaints and concerns.
              Tues & Thurs 5 – 6:30 pm                                                    —
                                                  Tel.: 514.343.3504
                                                    Nancy Master, BA 514.734.1759
                                                                                          Manager, Claims Conference
              Membership Inquiries                CJCS Foundation                         —
                                                  Stefani Novick 514.734.1819
                                                  Philip Abbey
              —                                                                           Manager, Program Services
                                                  President, CJCS Foundation
              Registration                        Tel.: 514.342.1234            
              5700 Westbury Avenue
              Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E8            —
                                                                                          Michael Beigleman, MBA 514.734.1749
              Tel.: 514.343.3510                  Cathy Simons, MSW                       Supervisor, Communications
              —                                   Executive Director, CJCS Foundation
              Donations                           Tel.: 514.734.1777
              5700 Westbury Avenue      
              Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E8
              Tel.: 514.734.1825

4             CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                  GENERAL DIRECTORY
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
                                                       What is the registration policy?
                                                       All participants are required to
                                                       register for programs in advance.

REGISTRATION: FAQ                                      Should you decide to join a course
                                                       on the day it begins, please call
                                                       ahead to confirm that the course is
                                                       running and there is space available.
When does winter registration                          Select programs are transferable.
begin?                                                 These are one time-only events such
                                                       as a special event, day trip, lecture or
Membership: Ongoing                                    concert. All holders of such a ticket
All courses/programs:                                  must identify themselves in advance
Monday December 10                                     to staff (or at least two days for day
How can I register?                                    trips) in order to attend the function.
1- R
    egister online at                                 What is the refund and credit note                         policy?
                                                       1. One time events and one time
                                                                                                           ONLINE REGISTRATION
2- Call Registration 514.343.3510                     workshops: No refunds or credit
                                                       notes apply*
                                                                                                           AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
3- R
    egister in person:                                                                                    YOUR ONE-STOP-RESOURCE
   5700 Westbury Avenue,                               2. Courses with two sessions or
                                                       less: No refunds or credit notes                    Log onto
   Montreal, Quebec H3W 3E8                                                                                from your desktop, tablet or
                                                                                                           smartphone and enjoy easy
What are the registration hours?                       3. Class extensions: No refunds or                  online registration 24/7.
                                                       credit notes apply*
Monday to Thursday                                                                                         Benefit from additional features
8:30 am – 3:30 pm and                                  4. Courses with three sessions or
                                                       more: No refunds or credit notes                    such as an improved search
Friday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm                                                                                  for courses and events, new
                                                       will be given within 5 days prior to

                                                       the start date of the session*                      program offerings, access to
Do I have to become a member?                                                                              Cummings Centre news, photos,
                                                       • Should a participant withdraw
The Cummings Centre is a                                                                                   stories and more.
                                                       more than 5 business days prior to
membership-based organization.                         the start date, one of the following                Log onto today,
All course registration requires an                    will apply:                               
updated 2019 membership.
                                                       a) Credit Notes: A full credit note
Can I bring or register as a guest?                    will be applied to be used against
                                                       a future course or program at the
Non-members can register as a                          Cummings Centre; or                                 When are the holiday closures?
guest for designated events at the
non-member rate.                                       b) Refunds: A $10 administrative
                                                       fee will be withheld. Refunds will                  Christmas Tuesday, December 25
                                                       automatically be applied against                    New Year’s Tuesday, January 1
  What are the membership fees?                        the credit card purchase.                           Erev Passover / Good Friday
  An annual membership fee of                          Only when cash, cheque, or debit                    Friday April 19
  $45 gives you access to the main                     cards have been used, will a refund
  campus and all off-site locations.                   be issued by form of cheque.                        Passover
  A $25 membership gives you                           *Should these sessions be cancelled                 Thursday April 25 (close at 2 pm)
  access to one of the following                       by the Cummings Centre, a full                      Friday April 26
  off-campus sites: Florida, West                      refund will be given.
  Island,Westmount, Côte Saint-                        Is there parking?
  Luc, Saint-Laurent or Chomedey.
  You can pay by cheque, cash,                         The Cummings Centre offers limited                  STORM WATCH
                                                       indoor parking at a cost of $5,                     Listen to CJAD 800
  Visa, Mastercard or debit card at
                                                       available on a first-come first-served              STORMWATCH and 92.5 FM
  our Westbury location.                               basis, Monday to Thursday 8 am -                    STORM BEAT SERVICES for
                                                       3:30 pm and Friday 8 am – 2 pm.                     announcements regarding class
                                                       Is financial aid offered?                           cancellations or building closures
                                                       The Cummings Centre will not turn                   due to inclement weather.
                                                       anyone away because of an inability
                                                       to pay. For more information call
The Cummings Centre reserves the right to make changes to any information contained in this publication.   © 2018 ISSN 1488-9536 Volume 20, Issue 2

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                                         REGISTRATION 514.343.3510           5
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
This winter get out, get social, get moving. This winter’s program
offering is designed to lift your spirits and keep those endorphins
flowing. Act, paint, sculpt, dance, debate, learn, share your ideas
or schmooze - with 200+ programs on or off campus, we have
you covered.

02. WELCOME                         23. ADAPTED PROGRAMS
04. DIRECTORY                     26. VOLUNTEER
07. FINE ARTS                     28. FOUNDATION
10. CRAFTS                          30. SOCIAL SERVICES
                                    FRENCH GUIDE (SEE REVERSE)
    11. BOOKS & WRITING             OFF-CAMPUS (INSERT)
    12. SPECIAL EVENTS                  02. WEST ISLAND
    13. GLOBAL AFFAIRS                  03. CHOMEDEY
    14. VIRTUAL LEARNING                04. FLORIDA
    14. COMPUTERS                       05. CÔTE SAINT-LUC
15. ARTS & CULTURE                      06. DROP-IN PROGRAM
15. SOCIAL & LEISURE                    08. OMBUDSMAN
                                                     Follow us online
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
                                                                        r t w i t h a b l a n k
                                                                    canvas- the resltace
                                                                    will fall into p                  – Gloria Pascal

                                                                                                                                     PROGRAM | FINE ARTS
                                           FINE 212 / FINE 212-01                    FINE 242 / FINE 242-01 / FINE 242-02

& PROGRAMS                                 Expand your skill set by learning how
                                           to use acrylic mediums, textures and
                                                                                     Learn the fundamentals of painting with
                                                                                     acrylics. Colour mixing, blending, brushes,
CONTACT                                    gels while studying the work of artists   painting surfaces as well as composition
PATRICIA KEHLER                            past and present.                         and design will be covered.
514.734.1823                               Tuesday Jan. 15 to March 26               Monday Jan. 14 to Feb. 11
                                           (No class March 5)                        9:30 am – 12:30 pm • 5 sessions • $90
                                           1 – 4 pm • 10 sessions • $180             Johanne Molaison, BFA
                                           Newsha Hamidi, BFA, MA                    —
                                           —                                         Monday Feb. 25 to March 25
FINE 259 / FINE 259-01                                                               9:30 am – 12:30 pm • 5 sessions • $90
                                           Friday Jan. 18 to March 29
ACRYLIC PAINTING - ABSTRACT                (No class March 8)
                                           9:30 am – 12:30 pm • 10 sessions • $180
                                                                                     Johanne Molaison, BFA
Experiment with non-traditional            Newsha Hamidi, BFA, MA
methods and materials to spark                                                       Thursday Feb. 28 to March 28
creative self-expression.                  FINE 206 NEW                              6:30 – 9:30 pm • 5 sessions • $90
                                                                                     Noa Neeman, BFA
Wednesday Jan. 16 to March 27
(No class March 6)
                                           DIGITAL PAINTING
                                           Learn this exciting new technique
                                                                                        HOLD THE DATE:
1 – 4 pm • 10 sessions • $180              where a stylus becomes your digital
Newsha Hamidi, BFA, MA
                                           paintbrush and a computer your digital       STUDENT FINE ARTS
Thursday Jan. 17 to March 28
                                           Tuesday March 26 & April 2
                                                                                        EXHIBITION & SALE
(No class March 7)
                                           1 – 4 pm • 2 sessions • $40                  Monday April 15
9 :30 am – 12:30 pm • 10 sessions • $180   Cristina Komaroff, BFA                       to Wednesday April 17
Newsha Hamidi, BFA, MA

  CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                     REGISTRATION 514.343.3510                         7
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
CSL 202
                             FINE ARTS CLASSES                           INTERGENERATIONAL             CÔTE
                             & PROGRAMS                                  PAINT NIGHT                    LUC
                                                                         A fun night of painting where you
                                                                         will be guided step-by-step as you
                             PATRICIA KEHLER
                                                                         create a personalized piece of art.
                                                                         Be amazed by your own creativity
                                                                         and take home a fabulous painting.
                                                                         No experience necessary.
                                                                         Wednesday February 20
                             FINE 2100                                   7 – 9 pm • 1 session • $45
                                                                         $60 for intergenerational pair
                             CHARCOAL SKETCHING                          Noa Ne’eman, BFA                        FINE 226
                             Discover the versatility of the charcoal
                             medium. Improve observation skills,                                                 FLOWER CARD WORKSHOP
                                                                         CSL 202                      CÔTE
                             develop expressive drawing techniques                                               Design and create greeting cards
                             and learn how to create harmony within      LANDSCAPES                  SAINT
                                                                                                                 using dried flowers.*
                             your work.*                                                                         Thursday Jan. 17 to March 21
                                                                         A soulful and imaginative approach
                             Monday March 4 to 25                        to painting landscapes. Experiment      1 - 3 pm • 10 sessions • $50
                             9:30 am – 12:30 pm • 4 sessions • $80       with colour and texture. A spectrum     Joan Barriere
                             Johanne Molaison, BFA                       of styles and techniques will be
                                                                         explored from abstract to figurative.   FINE 253
            | FINE SECTION

                             FINE 269                                    Tuesday January 8 to March 12           PAINTING – INTER. / ADV.

                             DRAWING BASICS                              6 – 8:30 pm • 10 sessions • $200
                                                                         Noa Ne'eman­, BFA
                                                                                                                 Discover and express your unique
                                                                                                                 artistic vision under the guidance of
        | IPSUM

                             Acquire essential drawing techniques
                                                                                                                 the instructor.
                             with traditional drawing media. Im-

                             prove your observational skills. Learn                                              Tuesday Jan. 15 to April 2
                                                                        FINE 231

                             about proportion, line, shape, value                                                9 am – 12 pm • 12 sessions • $215
                             and form.                                  DRY PASTEL - INTERMEDIATE                Rita Briansky
                             Thursday Jan. 17 to Feb. 14                & ADVANCED                               FINE 222
                             6:30 – 9:30 pm • 5 sessions • $90
                                                                        Achieve various effects with dry
                             Noa Neeman, BFA
                                                                        pastels while drawing creative           STAINED GLASS - WORKSHOP
                                                                        inspiration from diverse subject         Develop your personal projects
                             FINE 201 / FINE 201-01                     matter.                                  under the guidance of the instructor.
                                                                        Monday Jan. 7 to Feb. 25
                             DRAWING THE PORTRAIT                       1 – 4 pm • 8 sessions • $145
                                                                                                                 Wednesday Jan. 16 to March 20
                                                                                                                 12:30 – 3:30 pm • 10 sessions • $180
                             INTERMEDIATE                               Margaret Mankin, BFA                     Nora Golic
                             Learn proportions and construction
                             of the face and head with an               FINE 227                                 FINE 270
                             introduction to drawing the figure.
                             Develop a better understanding of          DRY PASTEL - ALL LEVELS                  STUDIO PRACTICE - ADVANCED
                             individual facial features, likeness                                                Explore a variety of painting
                                                                        Create vibrant paintings in soft
                             and proportion of the figure.                                                       techniques and methods of application
                                                                        pastel. Cultivate ideas, build skills,
                             Photographs, models and casts will                                                  including alla prima, underpainting
                                                                        explore techniques and nurture
                             inspire your imagination.                                                           and colour studies.
                                                                        artistic passion.
                             Monday Jan. 14 to March 18                                                          Tuesday Jan. 15 to March 19
                                                                        Thursday Jan. 10 to March 28
                             10 am – 12 pm • 10 sessions • $120                                                  5 – 8 pm • 10 sessions • $180
                                                                        1 – 4 pm • 12 sessions • $215
                             Donna Shvil, BFA                                                                    Donna Shvil, BFA
                                                                        Harvey Segal
                             Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                             1 – 4 pm • 10 sessions • $180
                             Donna Shvil, BFA
                                                                        * Materials included

 8                           CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                       PROGRAMS — FINE ARTS
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
FINE 203 / FINE 204
FINE ARTS CLASSES                            SCULPTURE - STONE                                     INSPIRE OTHERS
& PROGRAMS                                   Create a design in stone in three
                                             dimensions while developing
CONTACT                                      techniques and sculpting skills.
PATRICIA KEHLER                              A mask worn over the mouth and
514.734.1823                                 nose is compulsory when stone
                                             carving. Power tools are not permitted.
                                             Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                                             12:30 – 3:30 pm • 10 sessions • $190
FINE 298 / FINE 298-01                       Anne-Ingrid Helik
SCULPTURE – CLAY                             Tuesday Jan. 15 to March 19
                                             12:30 – 3:30 pm • 10 sessions • $190
Create expressive sculptures using
                                             Anne-Ingrid Helik
hand-building techniques. Fee                                                                LEARN AND GROW THROUGH
includes basic glazes and firing.                                                            THE WOODWORKING
Clay available for purchase in class.        FINE 296                                        APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM
Thursday Jan. 17 to Feb. 21
9 am – 12 pm • 6 sessions • $100
                                             STAINED GLASS - INTRODUCTION                    Since retiring two years ago,
                                             Learn how to cut glass and create               Hershey Fitleberg has been
Olga Maksimova                                                                               a faithful member of the
                                             small projects. Kit fee $60.
—                                                                                            woodworking team five days a
                                             Wednesday Jan. 16 to March 20
Thursday Feb. 28 to April 4                  9 am – 12 pm • 10 sessions • $180               week. ”I was always a weekend
9 am – 12 pm • 6 sessions • $100             Nora Golic                                      warrior and loved working with my
Olga Maksimova                                                                               hands, but I never thought I would
                                                                                             have the opportunity to hone my
FINE 263                                                                                     woodworking skills with the state-
                                                                                             of-the-art tools and equipment
WATERCOLOUR MAGIC                                                                            available at the Cummings
Express yourself by manipulating                                                             Centre,” says Hershey.
and combining watercolour with                                                               From challah boards and
other materials for captivating
results.                                                                                     Menorahs to a variety of children’s
                                                                                             toys and furniture, serving bowls
Tuesday Jan. 15 to March 19                                                                  and so much more, Hershey
1 - 4 pm • 10 sessions • $180
                                             Materials not included except where indicated   and the team produce dozens of
Marilyn Green, BFA
                                                                                             items for sale in the gift shop and
                                                                                             at the annual Craft Fair. "There
Materials not included except                                                                is tremendous satisfaction in
where indicated.                                                                             knowing that the monies raised
                                                                                             from the sale of our work are put
                                                                                             back into the Centre so we can all
                                                                                             benefit," points out Hershey.
                                        Unique gifts that are perfect                        Hershey oversees the Woodshop
                                        for all occasions!                                   Apprenticeship Program, where
                                        Mon. to Thurs. • 9:30 am – 4 pm                      small groups of men, and
                                        Friday • 9:30 am – 12 pm                             increasingly more women, learn
                                                                                             woodworking skills over a 6-week
                                        • Free gift wrapping                                 period. “I have discovered that
                                        • Taxes included                                     I love teaching and sharing my
                                        5700 Westbury Ave.                                   knowledge with others," says
                                        514.734.1770                                         Hershey. “Watching my students
                                                        uncover talents they did not know
                                        Proceeds from sales support Cummings Centre          they had is so gratifying.“
                                        programs. Cummings Centre members receive
                                        a 10% discount, the first Monday of each month.      - Hershey Fitleberg

  CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                      REGISTRATION 514.343.3510   9
Join a welcoming community - Cummings Centre
CRA 2045 / CRA 2045-01
                          CRAFT CENTRE                             CROCHET - INTER. / ADV.
                          COURSES                                  Continue to expand your crochet
                                                                   techniques. Materials not included.
                          CONTACT                                  Monday Feb. 4 to 25
                          PHILIPPE ELHARRAR                        1 – 3 pm • 4 sessions • $50
                          514.734.1751                             Tatiana Müeller
                                                                   Monday March 4 to 25
                                                                   1 – 3 pm • 4 sessions • $50
                                                                   Tatiana Müeller
                          CRA 220 / CRA 220-01
                                                                                                           CRA 208-20 NEW
                          BEADING TRENDS                           CRA 202 NEW
                                                                                                           POLYMER CLAY - CORAL
                          Create trendy jewellery with your
                          own bead collection either purchased     DECORATIVE PAINTING OR                  Using the “imitative” technique,
                                                                                                           fashion your own “coral” jewellery.
                          or handmade. Materials not included.
                                                                   ‘SECOND LIFE’ FOR SMALL                 Thursday Mar. 7 to 28
                          Thursday Feb. 7 to 28
                                                                   FURNITURE PIECE                         1 – 4 pm • 4 sessions • $70
                                                                   Transform and give a “second life”      Gaby Orbach, BA
                          10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $50
                          Gaby Orbach, BA                          to a small piece of furniture or
                          —                                        decorative object. Each participant     CRA 208-21 NEW
                                                                   will renew a small piece of furniture
                          Thursday March 7 to 28                   or decorative object brought from       POLYMER CLAY - MAGIC MIRROR

                          10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $50         home or a small wooden stool,
                                                                                                           Create intricate patterns using
            | CRAFTS

                          Gaby Orbach, BA                          box or tray purchased from the
                                                                                                           simple manipulations to use as
                                                                   Cummings Centre wood shop.
        | IPSUM

                                                                                                           veneers for surfaces or jewellery.
                                                                   Wednesday Feb. 13 to March 6
                                                                                                           Thursday Feb. 7 to 28

                          CRA 2060                                 9 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $75
                                                                                                           1 – 4 pm • 4 sessions • $70
                          BUILDING BOWLS IN WOOD

                                                                   Michal Katz, DipGD
                                                                                                           Gaby Orbach, BA
                          Turn segmented bowls into artistic       CRA 2019
                          shapes and designs. Materials                                                    CRA 278-01 NEW
                          included.                                JEWELLERY STUDIO - ADVANCED             TOLE PAINTING
                          Wednesday Jan. 16 to Feb. 13             Share studio space and creative ideas
                                                                                                           Learn basic brush strokes and
                          8:30 – 11:30 am • 5 sessions • $75       with advanced jewellers. Self-led.
                                                                                                           techniques to decorate an object
                          Hershey Fitleberg, BA                    Monday Jan. 21 to Feb. 11               made of wood, metal, clay or
                                                                   10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $36        canvas. Wood pieces available
                          CRA 2031 / CRA 2031-01                   (No instructor)                         for purchase or bring your own.
                                                                                                           Painting materials included.
                          CROCHET - BEGINNER                       CRA 2039                                Tuesday Feb. 26 to March 26
                                                                                                           2 – 4:30 pm • 5 sessions • $90
                          Learn the art of crochet with Tatiana.
                          Choose a project such as table
                                                                   MANDALA THE MYSTIC CYCLE                Cindy Kanis
                          runner, scarf or kippah. Materials not   Learn to apply the principles of
                          included                                 “sacred geometry” and the               CRA 2065
                                                                   symbolism of colours and shapes
                          Thursday Feb. 7 to 28
                          1 – 3 pm • 4 sessions • $50
                                                                   as you create your own Mandalas, a      WOODSHOP APPRENTICE
                          Tatiana Müeller
                                                                   meditative and centering experience.    PROGRAM
                                                                   Mandalas will be designed using a
                          —                                                                                Learn to build a wooden project
                                                                   compass, coloured pencils or
                          Thursday March 7 to 28                                                           using hand tools and some
                                                                   felt pens.
                          1 – 3 pm • 4 sessions • $50                                                      machines. This is a partner
                                                                   Wednesday Jan. 16 to Feb. 6             program. Students will be evaluated
                          Tatiana Müeller
                                                                   9 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $75         before registering.
                                                                   Claude Aimée Villeneuve, BFA
                          Materials not included                                                           Thursday Jan. 17 to Feb. 14
                          except where indicated.                                                          8:30 – 11:30 am • 5 sessions • $75
                                                                                                           Hershey Fitleberg, BA
10                        CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                      PROGRAMS — CRAFTS
LAN 204
LANGUAGES                                HEBREW - INTERMEDIATE
CONTACT                                  Enhance your knowledge in our
LUNI BENDAYAN                            dynamic and interactive classes.
                                         Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                                         (No class Feb. 4 & 11)
                                         1:30 – 3 pm • 8 sessions • $80
                                         Bracha Kaufman

LAN 203                                  LAN 210
HEBREW - ADVANCED BEGINNER               FRENCH - ADVANCED BEGINNER                      LAN 214

Continue to expand your knowledge in     Continue to expand your knowledge               FRENCH - INTERMEDIATE
our dynamic and interactive classes      in our dynamic and interactive classes.         Tuesday Jan. 15 to March 5
Monday Jan. 14 to March 18               Monday Jan. 14 to March 4                       9:30 – 11 am • 8 sessions • $80
(No class Feb. 4 & 11)                   9:30 – 11 am • 8 sessions • $80                 Ho Diep Therien, MA
11:10 am – 12:40 pm • 8 sessions • $80   Ho Diep Therien, MA
Bracha Kaufman

                                                                                                                                                      PROGRAM | LANGUAGES & BOOKS & WRITING
                                         LIT 114-01
BOOKS & WRITING                          BOOK CLUB
CONTACT                                  Go where the reading takes you.
LUNI BENDAYAN                            Enjoy stimulating discussions on a
514.734.1788                             special selection of books. The club
                                         meets once a month. Book list upon
                                         Monday Jan. 14 to Aug. 5
                                         2 – 3:15 pm • $40
                                         Janet Forbath

                                         LIT 276

                                         WRITE ABOUT IT
         IF A STORY                      Be it a personal essay, creative
    IS IN YOU IT HAS TO                  fiction, poetry or any other writing
                                         genre, do it in a fun, stimulating and
        COME OUT*                        creative way.                                       CUMMINGS CENTRE MEMBER?
                                         Wednesday Jan. 23 to Feb. 27                                 GET 10% OFF! (Conditions apply)
                                         1 – 3 pm • 6 sessions • $90
                                         Suzanne Reisler-Litwin B.Ed, MA,
                                         Columnist, The Suburban                                          SEGALCENTRE.ORG
*William Faulkner                                                                                         514.739.7944

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                            REGISTRATION 514.343.3510                                     11
                                                                                                                                   1        2:27 PM

                                     LCT 202 NEW!

                                     WHEN    JEWS    WERE    FUNNY,
                                     THE MOVIE
                                     "When Jews Were Funny" surveys the often colourful history of
                                     Jewish comedy in America. The documentary is insightful, often
                                     hilarious and packed with one-liners. While taking the viewer on the
                                     journey through the history of Jewish comedy, a second journey is

                                     taken in the exploration of what it means to be Jewish in America.

                                     Wednesday March 13
                                     7 pm • $10
                                     Segal Centre for Performing Arts

                                     LCT 203 NEW!

                                     IN CONVERSATION WITH
                                     RUTH BADER GINSBURG
                                     LIVESTREAMED FROM THE 92ND STREET Y IN NEW YORK
                                     As the Supreme Court welcomes Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to its
                                     ranks, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a 25-year veteran
                                     of the court, sits down for a wide-ranging discussion with David
                                     Rubenstein on her career and the state of the nation.

                                     How does Justice Ginsburg, a lifelong trailblazer for gender equality,
                                     view the #MeToo movement? And what is the crucial role of the
                                     Supreme Court—and the rule of law—at a moment of huge political
                                     tumult for the US? Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the wit,
                                     wisdom and insight of one of the most influential figures in America.

                                     Wednesday February 6
                                     7 pm • $10

12                 CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                             PROGRAMS — EVENTS
GLOBAL AFFAIRS                           WHAT MAKES JEWS LAUGH                    DISCOVER THE RICHNESS
CONTACT                                  A history of Jewish humour from
                                                                                  OF OUR COLLECTIVE JEWISH
                                         biblical times until today. We will      EXPERIENCE
                                         explore jokes, folk tales, satires and
                                         parodies told among Jews throughout
                                         the ages.
                                         Thursday January 17 to Feb. 7
                                         10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $48
                                         Janie Respitz, MA

GLOB 2043                                FLA-201                                  Pic
SPY STORIES                              NEWS & VIEWS HOLLYWOOD
Join us for the fascinating stories      Learn about national and
behind the battle lines that played      international news of
a decisive role in the outcome of                                      FLORIDA
                                         the day.
Word War II.                                                                      LERN VEGN UNDZERE YERUSHE*
                                         Tuesday Feb. 5 to 26
Wednesday February 13                                                             From topics ranging from Yiddish
                                         3 – 4:45 pm • 4 sessions • $80
10 – 11:30 am • 1 session • $10                                                   language, Jewish history and
                                         Stan Nachfolger, MA                      folklore to Jewish criminals and
Ben Sperer
                                         Temple Beth-El of Hollywood,             so much more, Janie Respitz has
                                         1351 14th Ave. Hollywood, Florida        been teaching all things Jewish at
GLOB 287 NEW!                                                                     the Cummings Centre for close
                                                                                  to 30 years. “I am passionate
ARCHEOLOGY IN THE                        FLA-210
                                                                                  about all aspects of the Jewish
ANCIENT NEAR EAST                        NEWS & VIEWS BOCA RATON                  experience,” says Janie. “I find the
                                                                                  topics fascinating.”
An overview of civilizations that        Learn about national and
                                                                                  She can often be found beginning
preceded and were contemporary           international news of         FLORIDA    her classes singing a Yiddish Folk
to the Bible.                            the day.                                 song while strumming her guitar or
Monday Feb. 4 to 18                      Thursday Feb. 7 to 28                    recounting a folk story describing
1 – 3 pm • 3 sessions • $35              5 – 6:45 pm • 4 sessions • $80           the Shtetl experience. “The Jewish
David Bensoussan, PhD                    Stan Nachfolger, MA                      people have such a rich history
                                         JARC, 21160 95th ave., Florida           and culture that I want to share
                                                                                  with my students,” says Janie.
GLOB 200 NEW!                                                                     Creating stimulating, interesting
                                                                                  classes is a pure joy for Janie and
HISTORY OF CANADIAN ART                                                           she encourages class participation.
This three-lecture series will explore                                            “I love the back and forth
the evolution of Canadian art from the                                            discussions with the students as
                                                                                  I learn so much from them,” says
earliest classical styles through the
                                                                                  Janie. “Especially heartwarming
Group of Seven and to the modern             EXPLORE HISTORY                      are the many stories participants
works of people like Riopelle and
Bordua. The evolving art of the First
                                              AT CUMMINGS                         tell about their own families and
                                                                                  historical events they witnessed.”
Nations during the same periods will
                                                                                  Janie is now hard at work putting
also be examined.
                                                                                  together the curriculum for her
Wednesday Jan. 16 to 30                                                           new course – The History of
1 – 3 pm • 3 sessions • $35                                                       Jewish Humour, set for January.
Audrey Brener, MEd                                                                “I am very excited about this
                                                                                  new course which will focus on
                                                                                  how Jews use humour in various
                                                                                  situations and throughout different
                                                                                  periods of history.”
                                                                                  - Janie Respitz
                                                                                  * Meaning: To learn about our heritage in Yiddish

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                   REGISTRATION 514.343.3510        13
                             LEARNING                                                  Virtual Learning
                                                                                       For adults 50+
                             LUNI BENDAYAN                                  Funded by the
                                                                            Leonard Albert Family Foundation

                             VIRTUAL LEARNING PROGRAM
                             VLP-200                                                                                          BLOOM FAMILY
                             VIDEO LIBRARY AND FRIDAY LECTURES                                              FREE              TECH LOUNGE
                             Watch Friday lectures and recorded videos of past Cummings Centre            FOR MEMBERS         STAY CONNECTED
                             lectures and events from experts in the field. Topics include health and                         Learn and stay connected. Use
                             wellness, music and art appreciation, global affairs and tales and travel.                       the computers, laptops and
                             Check it out at:                                                      software. Techies on hand to
                                                                                                                              help you.
                             VLP-201 FREE FOR MEMBERS                                                                         Tel.: 514.734.1771

                             VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB                                                                                Mon - Thurs • 9 am – 3 pm
                             Meet online with a group of people to discuss books and express opinions, likes,
                             dislikes, etc. in a fun, relaxed and interactive setting. Meets monthly online.
                             Fridays $10 winter season
                             Jenny Fitzgerald, Editor, Mom, Wife

                             COMPUTERS                                                                                  VLP-205

                             LUNI BENDAYAN
                                                                                                                        PILLARS OF A
                             514.734.1788                                                                               HEALTHY BRAIN
                                                                                                                        In this self-study, interactive, online
                                                                                                                        course, you will learn about how
                                                                                                                        brain-healthy activities such
                                                                                                                        as cognitive stimulation, social
                                                                                                                        engagement, nutrition, sleep and
                             Nina and Harry Hart                                                                        self care, physical activity and stress
                             Computer Learning Centre                                                                   management, mindfulness can help
                                                                                                                        you to maximize your cognitive
                              COMP 266                                                                                  reserve.
                              iPHONE TIPS & TRICKS                                                                      Self Study • $60
                              iPhones are great at doing basic
                              things like making calls, but they can
                              do much more to automate our lives
                              and make tasks easier. Learn some
                              essential tips and tricks to get you
                              started. Bring your iPhone.
                              Tuesday Jan. 22 to Feb. 12
                              10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • $75
                              Guy Vezina

14                           CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                           PROGRAMS — VIRTUAL LEARNING
PER 202
PERFORMING ARTS                       ROCK ‘N SOUL CHOIR
& MUSIC                               Love to sing? Join our Rock ‘n Soul
                                      Choir. Perform hit songs from the
CONTACT                               60’s and 70’s under professional
MICHELLE LANDER                       musical direction. Learn to sing
514.734.1748                          melodies and harmonies that made
                                      rock ‘n roll history. No experience
                                      required but energy and enthusiasm
                                      are definitely an asset.
                                      Wednesday March 6 to 27
MART 207 NEW!                         7 – 9 pm • 4 sessions • $40
                                      Suzu Enns, D.Mus. and
MENDELSSOHN:                          Edward Enman, D.Mus.                     PER 201

MASTERY, MENTORSHIP AND A                                                      BAND - HEIMISHE HOUR
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM               PER 211                                  Love heimishkayt? Get into the
Learn about the life and times of     CUMMINGS THEATRE                         heart of a fun, healing space for
                                                                               caregivers, their charges and the
Felix Mendelssohn as well as his      Welcome to the wonderful world           50+ community. A freilach musical
most beloved works. Details from      of “make believe.” Discover various      group plays familiar singalongs
the musical score will be explained   acting techniques and styles through     mostly in Yiddish, Hebrew and
and illustrated by live violin        warm-ups and acting exercises. Then      English.
demonstrations. Listen to excerpts    plunge into the theatrical worlds
recorded by world class artists.      of comedy, tragedy, storytelling,        Wednesday Jan. 2 to March 27

                                                                                                                          PROGRAM | ARTS & CULTURE
                                      improvisation and mime.                  2 – 3 pm • No charge
Thursday January 17                                                            Hazela Wainberg
1 – 2 pm • 1 session • $10            Wednesday Feb. 6 to March 13
Ingrid Wissink, MAMT                   4 – 6 pm • 6 sessions • $60
                                      Jacqueline Van de Geer

                                      HOB 211
BRIDGE & SOCIAL                       SAMBA
GAMES                                 Join the latest craze. Learn and play
                                      this new fun six-deck card game.
CONTACT                               Knowledge of Canasta an asset.
                                      Wednesday Jan. 16 to 30
                                      10 am - 12 pm • 3 sessions • $34
                                      Susan Wiltzer

HOB 208                               PAY AS YOU PLAY

CANASTA                               SUPERVISED BRIDGE                                                  FREE
Have fun learning Canasta with its
strategies and playing of the hand.
                                      This is an ongoing activity where you
                                      can just drop in and play.
                                                                                 CARDS                FOR MEMBERS*

Both American and Canadian rules      Cummings Centre,
                                                                                 AND GAMES
are taught.                           5700 Westbury Ave.                         SOCIAL BRIDGE, CARDS,
Monday Jan. 21 to Feb. 11             Thursday ongoing, resumes Jan. 10          KALUKI, MAH JONGG, CHESS
1 – 3 pm • 4 sessions • $40           1 – 3:30 pm • $7 • light refreshments      AND SCRABBLE
Susan Wiltzer                         —                                          Monday – Friday: Varied Schedule
                                      Shaare Zedek Congregation,
                                      5305 Rosedale Ave.
                                      Tuesday ongoing, resumes March 19        *Free for members with an updated
                                      12:30 – 3 pm • $7 • light refreshments   2019 membership.
                                      Fred Hoffer and Norm Cohen

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                            REGISTRATION 514.343.3510                 15
LEISURE -                                SOCIAL CLUBS                                CHOM 137

                                                                                                                STITCH ’N BITCH              CHOMEDEY

                           SOCIAL GROUPS                            Clubs meet weekday afternoons,
                                                                    September through June, to
                                                                    provide educational, recreational
                                                                                                                Learn how to knit or crochet.
                                                                                                                Enjoy a friendly, relaxing afternoon.
                           CONTACT                                  and social activities.*                     Work on personal or community proj-
                           LUNI BENDAYAN                                                                        ects. Full year program. Meets weekly
                           514.734.1788                             Registration is ongoing throughout          in Chomedey.
                                                                    the year.
                                                                                                                Monday • 1 – 3:30 pm • Ongoing
                                                                                                                Rosalind Warhaft & Louise Troyansksy
                                                                    SHALOM CIRCLE
                                                                    Social club where members are
                           CIRCLE OF FRIENDS 50+                    encouraged to participate in the
                                                                                                                WSG 200

                           ACTIVE SINGLE WOMEN                      programs offered on a weekly basis,         WIDOWS’ SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                    including speakers, entertainment
                           An exciting group of young-at-           and discussion.                             You are not alone. This group is for
                           heart widowed, divorced and single                                                   those going through the grief process.
                           women. You will find a warm place to     Tuesday • 1 – 3 pm • $5
                                                                    Marge Cracower                              Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                           develop new and meaningful female                                                    2:30 – 4 pm • 8 sessions • $100
                           friendships through social network-
                           ing, interesting lectures, theatre and
                           special events..                         RUSSIAN SENIORS                            SHOLEM SHTERN YIDDISH
                                                                    A weekly gathering, featuring
                           Tuesday • 6:30 – 9 pm • $15 annually
                           Leaders: Ellen Smiley, Florence Simons
                                                                    entertainment, music and Russian           CULTURAL AND SOCIAL GROUP
                                                                    culture.                                   Discuss Yiddish culture and literature

                                                                    Thursday • 3 – 5 pm                        in an informal group atmosphere.
            | LEISURE

                                                                    Ella Bazlov
                           GEVURAH CLUB                                                                        Discussions are held in Russian
        | IPSUM

                           Social club with games   CHOMEDEY                                                   Tuesday • 10 am – 12 pm
                           and snacks. Meets weekly                                                            Boris Sela

                           in Chomedey.

                           Tuesday • 1 – 3 pm • Ongoing
                           Claire Nudel
                                                                                                             *No charge to join club unless indicated.
                                                                                                              Participants must have an updated
                                                                                                              2019 membership.

                                                                       ENGAGING SPEAKERS                                            FREE
                                                                                                                                 FOR MEMBERS
                                                                       FREE LECTURES FOR MEMBERS
                                                                       EACH FRIDAY 10 - 11 AM
                                                                       Guests speakers present topics in their areas of expertise or interest,
                                                                       followed by lively discussions. Topics and speakers are announced

                                                                       TOPICS INCLUDE:
                                                                       January 1 1 — Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Liat Lev Ary
                                                                       January 18 — Getting Art “Out There,” Vanessa di Francesco
                                                                       January 25 — What is Loss? Victoria Brewster

                                                                       For a full listing of the winter season's Friday lectures visit

16                         CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                        PROGRAMS — PERFORMING
                                                                                                                                        ARTS &— CULTURE

                                                                                                                                      PROGRAM | WELLNESS
THE WELLNESS CENTRE                                                                       WELLNESS POLICY
The programming at the Wellness Centre emphasizes fitness that is functional, fun         A fitness assessment is mandatory,
and related to everday movement. The Wellness Centre is uniquely designed for             at a nominal fee of $20, for anyone
the adult 50 years and older, keeping in mind that overall health and well-being is       who wishes to participate in wellness
physical as well as mental. Small classes, personal attention and monitoring set us       programs and activities.
apart. Individual programs developed by the Centre’s professionals emphasize brain
health, physical movement, strength,balance, posture and flexibility. The focus is on     In some cases, codes for wellness
empowering and maintaining general health and enhanced quality of life as well as         classes are not listed because our
prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, back and joint problems and fall prevention.   professionals work with you to find
                                                                                          the best class to fit your needs and
"Exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, independent and healthy as you         interests.
age. You must keep your body fit if you want to be able to enjoy other aspects
of your busy life," says Annette Vezina, Program Manager, Wellness Centre. The
Wellness Centre has a wide array of classes and specialized gym programs that will
help you attain your fitness goals.

Sponsored in part by the Maurice Gross Family Foundation

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                                        REGISTRATION 514.343.3510              17
                          FITNESS                                  Keep the mind sharp and the heart
                          CONTACT                                  strong with this energy boosting
                          ANNETTE VÉZINA                           class! The aerobic section of the
                          514.734.1782                             class will surely get your heart
                                                                   pumping. Includes mat work,
                                                                   weighted balls, bars, kettle bells and
                                                                   balance pads.
                                                                   Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
                                                                   8 – 9 am • 27 sessions • $114

                          MOVE AND GROOVE!                         CHAIR AEROBICS
                                                                   All exercises are performed seated
                                                                                                              This high-energy class focuses on
                          AEROBIC DANCE                            in a chair and include movements
                                                                   that improve coordination,
                                                                                                              coordination and balance and includes
                                                                                                              integration of both upper and lower
                          CLASSES                                  flexibility, posture and mobility.         body exercises. Warm up, breathing
                                                                                                              technique and proprioceptive training
                          These fun-filled aerobic classes         Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
                                                                                                              are emphasized.
                          will leave you energized for the         11:30 am – 12:30 pm • 27 sessions • $114
                          day! Improve strength, cardio                                                       Tuesday Jan. 8 to April 9
                          endurance, posture, balance,                                                        1:30 – 3 pm • 14 sessions • $250   ISLAND
                          stability and brain function while       GROOVE!                                    Grant Brothers Boxing
                          engaging in fun cardio dance             GROOVE is a simple and refreshing          2101 TransCanada

                          steps, functional muscular                                                          Highway, Dorval
           | WELLNESS

                                                                   dance workout which will get you in
                          conditioning and stretches.              touch with your body. Each song has        —
                                                                   very simple steps that you dance in

                                                                                                              Thursday Jan. 10 to April 11
                                                                   your own unique way. Everyone can
                          AQUA FITNESS                             do it!
                                                                                                              1:30 – 3 pm • 14 sessions • $250    WEST
                                                                                                              Grant Brothers Boxing

                          This stimulating workout challenges      For more information, visit:
                          all muscle groups using water and                 2101 TransCanada
                          water dumbbells as resistance. Ideal                                                Highway, Dorval
                                                                   Monday Jan. 7 to April 8                   —
                          for participants who are overweight
                                                                   5:15 – 6:15 pm • 14 sessions • $102
                          or suffer from arthritis.                                                           Friday Jan. 11 to April 12
                                                                   Diane Dupuis
                          Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to August 29                                                    11 am – 12:30pm • 14 sessions $250
                          8 – 9 am • 8 months • $110                                                          Cummings Centre
                          YM-YWHA                                  MORNING CARDIO                             5700 Westbury Ave.
                          5400 Westbury Ave.                       Improve cardio posture, balance and
                                                                   whole body strength. A great work-
                                                                   out for the brain as well. Includes
                          CARDIO DANCE                             mat work, weighted balls, bars, kettle
                          Simple yet stimulating cardiovascular    bells and balance pads.
                          aerobic dance and step exercises are     Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
                          followed by balance training, strength   9:10 – 10:10 am • 27 sessions • $114
                          and posture exercises, as well as
                          relaxing stretches done seated.
                          Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10             ZUMBA!
                          10:30 – 11:30 am • 28 sessions • $118    An aerobic class that feels like a
                                                                   party! Experience a very dynamic,
                                                                   exotic and powerful feeling as you
                                                                   flow and move to Latin and world
                                                                   Monday Jan. 7 to April 8
                          Please note that there will be no
                                                                   9:20 – 10:20 am • 14 sessions • $102
                          classes on Thursday, March 14.

18                        CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                        PROGRAMS — WELLNESS
FITNESS                                 Pilates makes you acutely in tune with     KEEP YOURSELF HAPPY
CONTACT                                 your body by emphasizing proper
ANNETTE VÉZINA                          breathing and correct spinal and
514.734.1782                            pelvic alignment. Pilates elongates
                                        and strengthens, improving muscle
                                        elasticity and joint mobility. A body
                                        with balanced strength and flexibility
                                        is less likely to be injured.
                                        Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10
                                        Section A
                                        9:15 – 10:15 am • 28 sessions • $280
SHAPE & ALIGN!                          —
                                        Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
YOGA AND PILATES                        Section B
                                        9 – 10 am • 27 sessions • $270
                                                                                   WORK OUT YOUR BODY

CLASSES                                                                            AND BRAIN
                                                                                   Staying fit both mentally and
                                                                                   physically has been a priority for
YOGA                                                                               Connie since turning 50. “I have
                                                                                   maintained a very active lifestyle
Yoga creates strength, awareness                                                   and I was over 80 when I joined
and harmony in the mind, body                                                      Cummings,” says Connie. “Now
and soul. Practice simple Yoga
                                                                                   approaching 89, I have never looked
moves and postures, and learn
basic breathing and relaxation
techniques. Improve sleep, relieve                                                 Connie has become somewhat
tension and boost energy levels.                                                   of a role-model at the Centre
Excellent for improving balance.                                                   participating in Cardio-Balance
Mat work is involved.                                                              and Aerobic classes four times
                                        WEL 1200                         CÔTE
                                                                       SAINT-LUC   a week. ”I am passionate about
CHAIR YOGA                              PICKLEBALL                                 these classes as they provide me
                                        Pickleball is at the Cummings              with a full-body workout under the
Thurs Jan. 10 to April 11                                                          watchful eyes of the highly trained
12:35 – 1:35 pm • 13 sessions • $82     Centre! Play the exciting game
                                        of Pickleball with new and old             staff,” points out Connie. “I know I
                                        friends. Get exercise and have             will not hurt myself and feel more
                                        fun! No partner or previous                than 100% safe in the classes.”
YOGA - BEGINNERS                        Pickleball experience required.            With a love for forming new
                                        Registration is limited.                   friendships and helping others,
Wed Jan. 9 to April 10
9:20 – 10:20 am • 14 sessions • $88     Wednesday Jan. 16 to April 10              Connie volunteers in the
                                        11 am - 12:30 pm • 13 sessions • $104      Registration area, attends a variety
                                        To register, please contact                of lectures and is an avid participant
YOGA - INTERMEDIATE                     Annette Vezina 514 .734 .1782              in the bi-weekly ‘Circle of Friends’
Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
10:20 – 11:20 am • 27 sessions • $170                                              “I am always open to new
                                                                                   experiences and Cummings
                                                                                   provides so many opportunities
                                                                                   for everyone,“ says Connie. “I can
                                                                                   put my worries aside and be happy
                                                                                   keeping both my brain and body
                                                                                   active – it’s more important to
                                                                                   be busy and be with people than
                                                                                   worrying about being tired!”

                                                                                   - Connie Abramovitch

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                               REGISTRATION 514.343.3510   19
                          ANNETTE VÉZINA

                          BALANCE DOESN’T                            WEL 2045
                                                                                                             TRIM, TONE & BUILD
                          JUST HAPPEN –                              AIKIBUDO FORM                           BONE – STRENGTHENING
                          EXERCISES TO                               Practice relaxed, centered, defensive
                                                                     movements with a partner. Standing
                          IMPROVE STABILITY                          or sitting, the idea is to get out of
                                                                     the way of an attack, making power
                                                                                                             Muscular conditioning is essential
                                                                                                             in order to maintain muscle mass
                          & MOBILITY                                 with body movement and breathing.
                                                                     The key elements of Aikibudo-form
                                                                                                             and strength, improve bone health,
                                                                                                             posture and balance. This class will
                                                                     are breathing, balance, intention and   focus on full body exercises where
                          BALANCE & MOBILITY                                                                 light to medium resistance is used

                                                                     harmony of movement.
                                                                                                             to challenge muscles in order to
           | WELLNESS

                          TRAINING                                   Friday Jan. 11 to April 12              improve overall conditioning and
                          Improve your overall strength,                                                     functional strength.

                                                                     10 – 11:30 am • 14 sessions • $36
                          coordination, mobility, agility and        Réjean Larouche
                          balance through exercises that

                          work all muscle groups. Gain
                          self-confidence and increase               ADP 204                                 TOTAL STRENGTH - BEGINNER
                          mobility so that daily activities can      TAI CHI                                 NO MAT WORK
                          be done with ease and energy                                                       This muscular conditioning class is
                                                                     Develop strength, balance and
                          Section A –                                                                        structured to accommodate a beginner
                                                                     coordination. Improve mental focus
                          Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10                                                       to intermediate level clientele.
                                                                     and agility. Movements flow with
                          11:40 am – 12:40 pm • 28 sessions • $118   grace and fluidity.                     Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
                          —                                                                                  -Section A
                                                                     Thursday Jan. 10 to April 11
                          Section B –                                                                        10:20 – 11:20 am • 27 sessions • $120
                                                                     10 – 11 am • 14 sessions • $190
                          Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10
                                                                     Andrew Dearlove,
                          11:35 am – 12:35 pm • 28 sessions • $118                                           Tues & Thurs Jan. 8 to April 11
                                                                     Master Tai Chi Instructor
                                                                                                             -Section B
                                                                                                             11:30 am – 12:30 pm • 27 sessions • $120
                          POSTURE & BALANCE TRAINING
                          While posture is an often neglected
                          part of physical training programs,                                                TOTAL STRENGTH –
                          it provides a myriad of benefits and
                          can boost both your physiological                    ENERGIZE                      INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED
                          functions and your confidence.
                                                                               YOUR DAY                      WITH MAT WORK
                          This class will focus on muscular                                                  This muscular conditioning class
                          conditioning as well as specific                                                   incorporates more dynamic
                          exercises for improving posture and                                                movements geared to an intermediate
                          balance.                                                                           to advanced level clientele.
                          Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10
                          10:30 – 11:30 am • 28 sessions • $125                                              Mon & Wed Jan. 7 to April 10
                                                                                                             8:10 – 9:10 am • 28 sessions • $125

20                        CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                      PROGRAMS — WELLNESS
                     THE BRAIN WORKOUT
ANNETTE VÉZINA       Brains continue to develop
514.734.1782         throughout our lives. The functional
                     restructuring of brain cells means
                     that it is never too late to learn
                     new information, change thought
                     processes and boost brainpower.
                     Processing speed, logical reasoning,
                     memory and other cognitive skills
                     will be challenged through written
                     brainteaser type problems done
                     individually and in groups during this   WEL 281
                     five-part series.                        MEDITATION FOR BRAIN HEALTH
                     Tuesday January 22 to Feb. 19            Learn strategies for deep relaxation,
                     1:30 am – 3 pm • 5 sessions • $56        stress management and brain
                     Annette Vezina, BSc.                     health.
                                                              11 am – 12:30 pm
                     BLOOD PRESSURE                           Date and cost to be announced
                     A retired registered nurse will be on
                     duty to take your blood pressure and
                     answer your questions. FREE!

                                                                                                          PROGRAM | WELLNESS
                     Tuesday January 8 to April 9
                     10:30 am – 12 pm
                     No appointment necessary

                     WEL 260 / WEL261

                     SKI & SNOWSHOEING
                     This winter, join our outdoor
                     club and make the most of the
                     cold and the snow! Our ski and
                     snowshoeing club meets on                IN-HOME
                     Fridays for invigorating strolls
                     in the woods at the Morgan               TRAINING
                     Arboretum, Gailuron, Ste-Agathe          Inactivity and muscle loss can
                     and l'Esterel. The registration          interfere with autonomy and ruin
                     fee includes bus transportation,         the pleasures of life. Our team
                     but excludes park entrance fees          of fitness trainers will bring their
                     ($8 - $16).                              expertise to your home to help
                     Outings will begin Friday, Jan. 18,      you improve your functional
                     weather and conditions permitting.       strength, mobility, endurance and
                     Fridays • 8 am – 4 pm
                                                              For more information and
                     PAYMENT OPTIONS:                         rates contact Maria Fragapane
                     $86 for 4 outings                        514.734.1797
                     $68 for 3 outings

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                            REGISTRATION 514.343.3510             21
                           ANNETTE VÉZINA

                                                            FUNCTIONAL CIRCUIT TRAINING

                                                            WORKOUT STUDIO

                                                            Train smarter, not harder. Let our updated Workout Studio help improve
                                                            overall cardiovascular health, muscle strength, balance, posture and agility
                                                            by working through a series of functional training stations.

                                                            In performing these functional exercises, you will be mimicking movements
                                                            that you do out in the real world, thereby reaping full body benefits.

                                                            *A fitness consultation is mandatory at a nominal fee of $20 for anyone who
                                                            wishes to participate in the Workout Studio program.

                                                               HOURS OF OPERATION
                                                               Monday to Thursday 8 am – 4 pm
                                                               Friday 8 am – 12 pm
                                                                Days and times by appointments
                              ONE-ON-ONE                       FEES
                              TRAINING                         $250 for full year, pro-rated at time of registration
                                                               Workout Studio registration is an annual fee for the year
                              This service is designed to      ending in August 2019
                              help individuals who may         Payable in full or with cheques dated: January,
                              need one-to-one support          April and June 15, 2019.
                              throughout their workout.
                                                               You may also register for the following sessions within the year:
                              Rates apply.
                                                               Winter – Jan. 2 to March 31 $75
                              For more information             Spring/Summer – April 1 to August 31 $125
                              contact Annette Vézina
                              514.734.1782.                    A multiple use card is available for the Workout Studio allowing you
                                                               15 sessions for $98. Valid for one year from the purchase date.

22                         CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                             PROGRAMS — WELLNESS
        Help others to oals
        achieve their g
      - Glenn Derstenfeld

                                                                                                                          ADAPTED PROGRAMS
Everyone needs a helping hand when recovering from surgery or adjusting         ADP 220
to life with a long-term condition. The Adapted Exercise Clinic is more than
a rehab facility – it is a place where individuals exercise together, laugh     ART CLASSES
together and share ideas. “There is a place for everyone at the Cummings        (Parkinson’s, MS, Post Stroke/Rehab)
Centre,” says Maria Fragapane, Program Manager.                                 Gentle art techniques designed to
For over 15 years Adapted Program participants have continued to train and      increase neuromuscular activity
improve whether following a stroke, progressive neuromuscular disorders         and well-being while still allowing
(Parkinson’s disease, MS) or from other health challenges. Successful           for individual and group creative
rehabilitation comes from exercising body and mind and the Cummings             expression. We will do both large
Centre provides so many opportunities to do just that.                          scale and small scale drawings
                                                                                emphasizing pattern making and
Unique offerings such as adapted boxing and sailing complement a full           abstract drawing. Appropriate for
roster of innovative programming. Lecture series highlight relevant and         post-stroke, Parkinson's, ataxia,
timely topics and provide opportunities for exchange and outreach with the      dystonia and other neurological and
greater community. Volunteers complete the team. “We could not function         neurodegenerative disorders.
without the invaluable collaboration of our volunteers,” says Stefani Novick,   Thursday Jan. 10 to April 11
Program Manager. “They create a unique link of seniors helping seniors.”        10 am – 12 pm • 14 sessions • $200
                                                                                Annette Manning

                                                                                 Funded by the Fels Family

CUMMINGSCENTRE.ORG                                                                            REGISTRATION 514.343.3510            23
                                                            ADP 200
                                                            SING ME YOUR STORY
                                                                                                      SUPPORT GROUPS
                                                                                                      ADP 268
                   CONTACT                                  (Post-Stroke, Aphasia)
                   STEFANI NOVICK                           Personal expression is encouraged         CAREGIVERS OF INDIVIDUALS
                   514.734.1819                             in this choir for individuals with
                                                            post-stroke aphasia or progressive
                                                                                                      WITH APHASIA
                                                            primary speech impairment.                A bi-monthly support group for
                                                                                                      individuals caring for a loved one with
                                                            Monday Jan. 7 to April 8                  aphasia (Offered in the West Island),
                                                            3 – 4 pm • 14 sessions • $200             3350 Sources Boul., DDO
                                                            Victoria McNeil, MTA
                                                                                                      Tuesday Jan. 29, Feb. 26, Mar. 26,
                   BOXING                                   ADP 2050 / ADP 2050-01
                                                                                                      April 30

                   This high energy class focuses                                                     10 am – 12 pm • 4 sessions • No charge
                   on coordination and balance and          SUPPORTED CONVERSATION                    Maureen Stafford
                   includes integration of both upper
                   and lower body exercises. Warm up,
                                                            AND SOCIAL PROGRAM FOR                    ADP 285-01 / ADP 285-03
                   breathing technique and proprioceptive   APHASIA
                   training are emphasized. Led by          Regain the confidence to interact with    INDIVIDUALS WITH
                   Jessy Thompson.                          others. This social program includes      PARKINSON’S DISEASE
                   Tuesday Jan. 8 to April 9                activities that encourage conversation
                                                                                                      A monthly support group offered in
                   1:30 - 3 pm • 14 sessions • $250         and communication. Bilingual.
                                                                                                      partnership with Parkinson’s Canada.
                   Grant Brothers Boxing                    Tuesday Jan. 8 to April 9                 Relaxed and welcoming environment.
                   2101 TransCanada Highway, Dorval         3 – 4:30 pm • 14 sessions • $265          Led by Hélène Deutsch.
                   —                                        Victoria McNeil, MTA

                                                                                              WEST    SECTION A - Cummings Centre
                   Thursday Jan. 10 to April 11             —                                ISLAND   Tuesday Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 19,
                   1:30 - 3 pm • 14 sessions • $250         Wednesday Jan.16 , Jan. 30,               April 23 • 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
                   Grant Brothers Boxing                    Feb. 13, Feb. 27, Mar. 13, Mar. 27        No charge
                   2101 TransCanada Highway, Dorval         2 – 4 pm • 6 sessions • No charge         —
                   —                                        Ariana Fraid
                                                            3350 Sources Boul., DDO                   SECTION B - 3350 Sources Boul,
                   Friday January 11 to April 12                                                      DDO
                   11 am – 12:30 pm • 14 sessions • $250
                   Cummings 5700 Westbury Ave.                                                        Thursday Jan. 24, Feb. 21, Mar. 21,
                                                            ADP 204                                   April 25 • 1:30 - 3:30 pm

                   ADP 203
                                                            TAI CHI                                   No charge
                                                            Develop strength, balance and
                   BROADWAY                                 coordination. Improve mental focus
                                                                                                      ADP 264
                   (Dystonia, Parkinson’s, Ataxia and
                   other movement disorders)
                                                            and agility. Movements flow with
                                                            grace and fluidity.
                                                                                                      CAREGIVER'S SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                                                      Explore issues seminal to those
                   Improve voice projection and             Thursday Jan. 10 to April 11              caring for a loved one with a chronic
                   flexibility in this innovative program   10 – 11 am • 14 sessions • $190           or long-term illness. Open to men
                   that features both music and             Andrew DearLove, Tai Chi Master           and women.
                   movement. Focus on vocal, breathing,                                               Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                   swallowing and percussive exercises                                                12:30 – 2 pm • 8 sessions • $115
                   to improve balance, coordination                                                   3350 Sources Boul., DDO
                   and proprioception in a highly
                   social setting.
                   Wednesday Jan. 9 to April 10                                                       WSG 200
                   2 – 4 pm • 14 sessions • $240
                   Victoria McNeil, MTA                                                               WIDOWS’ SUPPORT GROUP
                                                                                                      You are not alone. This group is for
                                                                                                      those going through the grief process.
                                                                                                      Monday Jan. 14 to March 18
                                                                                                      2:30 – 4 pm • 8 sessions • $100

24                 CUMMINGS CENTRE                                                                                              ADAPTED PROGRAMS
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