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KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School

                IT’S TIME
              FOR YOU TO

Compassion   Achievement     Respect    Endeavour
    The cornerstones of our learning community
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
Essential Info                       Core Curriculum
Contents   Introduction and Key Dates
           Core and Optional Subjects
           Things to Consider
           Study Routes
                                                Core R.E.

                                                Optional Curriculum
           Support and Guidance            11
           Core Curriculum                 12
           Personalised Curriculum         13
                                                French/German/Spanish/Italian   22-23

                                                Art                             24-25
                                                Drama                           26-27
                                                Music                           28-29

                                                Geography                       30-31
                                                History                         32-33
                                                R.E. Full Course                34-35

                                                Physical Education
                                                P.E. GCSE                       36-37
                                                Dance                           38-39

                                                Business, Computing,
                                                Creative iMedia
                                                Computer Science                40-41
                                                Business Studies                42-43
                                                Creative iMedia                 44-45

                                                D&T with Graphics               46-47
                                                D&T with Resistant Materials    48-49
                                                D&T with Textiles               50-51
                                                Electronics                     52-53
                                                Food                            54-55

                                                Applied learning                        Post-16
                                                Business Studies BTEC           56-57
                                                Health & Social Care            58-59   Education
                                                Sport BTEC                      60-61   at Imberhorne
                                                Vocational                              See page 63
                                                Construction                      62
02                                                                                                      03
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
Make the right decisions
     As a school, we are committed            daughter in making the             is crucial, we must not forget
     to providing a broad and                 right decisions, all Year 9        that achievement in other
     balanced curriculum as the basis         students will have one-to-         aspects of school life creates
     for the well-rounded education           one mentoring that covers          well-rounded individuals. Playing
     that will enhance the future             Careers/Futures and Options        a full part in these activities, in
     career, training and educational         with a member of staff in the      school sports teams, in cultural
     opportunities of Imberhorne              week beginning 13th January        activities and on educational
     students. The National Curriculum        2020.                              visits, is central to a balanced
     provides the framework for most                                             curriculum. Managing time to fit
     courses in Years 10 and 11. We           We hope that your child will       in all of these opportunities is an
     expect students to maintain              enjoy studying during the          important skill.
     the study of a wide range of             next two years. Academic
     subjects but also provide, when          standards at Imberhorne are        Please ask your children to return    for their options, but this cannot
     appropriate, opportunities for           high and we shall make every       their options form to school no       be guaranteed as courses can
     some specialisation or access to         effort to ensure that students     later than Monday 3rd February.       only run if group numbers are
     additional support.                      fulfil their potential. However,   Every effort is made to provide       viable and suitable staffing and
     In order to support your son/            whilst success in examinations     students with their first choices     accommodation is available.

     Key Dates                           Presentation to Year 9 students -
                                         ‘How the Options Process Works’:
                                                                                   Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening:
                                                                                   Students attend with parents/carers.
                                         Thu 9th January 2020                      As well as the opportunity to discuss
                                         Period 1 & 2                              targets and progress in Year 9,
                                                                                   there will also be information about
                                         Year 9 Options Briefing Evening           Key Stage 4 courses and teachers
                                         for parents at Windmill Lane:             available to answer any questions:
                                         Thu 9th January 2020                      Thu 23rd January 2020

                                         Careers/Futures and Options
                                         Mentoring with Year 9 students:           Completed Options Form
                                         Week Commencing
                                         13th January 2020                         Mon 3rd February 2020

04                                                                                                                                                          05
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
or upgrade to full GCSE using
                                                                                                                                                  1 hour of Core P.E. time
                                                                                                P.E. (Core)                                       No examination
                                                                                                Personal Development                              No examination

      Core and Optional Subjects                                                             Optional Subjects - in addition, students may choose subjects from the
                                                                                            Optional  Subjects -areas:
                                                                                            following curriculum in addition, students may choose subjects from the following cu

      This booklet aims to support our         achieve this aim, all students                 Curriculum area             Subjects offered                   Qualification
      students in making choices at            will be required to follow a
                                                                                              Languages                     French                           GCSE
      the end of Key Stage 3 (KS3). At         core curriculum plus optional
                                                                                                       Languages            German                           GCSE
      Imberhorne  Success
                   we aim to provide               subjects. Most courses lead to a                                         Spanish                          GCSE
      a curriculum   thattois support
                              broad and                                                                                     Italian                          GCSE
     This booklet aims                our students full GCSE, but
                                                    in making       someatlead
                                                                 choices       to BTEC
                                                                           the end of Key Stage 3 (KS3). At
     Imberhorne   we aim
      balanced whilst       to provide
                         meeting    thea curriculum   that is or
                                                   Awards     broad  and balanced
                                                                                   whilst meeting the individual
                                                                                                                            Art                              GCSE
     needs  of students.  Tostudents.
                               achieve this                                                            Arts                 Drama                            GCSE
      individual needs of               To aim, allCertificates.
                                                     students will be required to follow a core curriculum plus
                                                                                                                            Music                            GCSE
     optional subjects. Most courses lead to a full GCSE, but some lead to BTEC First Awards or OCR
     National Certificates.                                                                            Humanities
                                                                                                       Humanities           Geography                        GCSE
                                                                                                                            History                          GCSE
      Core Subjects - the core curriculum consists of the following subjects:
     Core  Subjects - the core curriculum consists of the following subjects:                          Physical  Education
                                                                                                       Physical Education   Dance                            GCSE
                                                                                                                            GCSE P.E.                        GCSE
         Core    Subjects                                Qualification                                 Computing/Business/  Business Studies                 GCSE
                                                                                                       Business, Computing, Computer Science
                                                                                                       Creative Media                                        GCSE
         English Language & English Literature           2 GCSEs                                       Creative iMedia      Creative iMedia                  Cambridge
         Mathematics                                     GCSE                                                                                                National
         Combined Science                                2 GCSEs                                       Technology
                                                                                                       Technology           Design & Technology
         R.E.                                            Higher Project Qualification                                            • Graphics                  GCSE
                                                         or upgrade to full GCSE using                                           • Resistant Materials       GCSE
                                                         1 hour of Core P.E. time                                                • Textiles                  GCSE
         P.E. (Core)                                     No examination                                                     Electronics                      GCSE
         Personal Development                            No examination                                                     Food                             GCSE
                                                                                                                 learning   Business Studies                 BTEC
     Optional Subjects - in addition, students may choose subjects from the following curriculum areas:                     Health and Social Care           Cambridge
                                                                                                                          Sport                              BTEC
      Core          area
           Curriculum             Subjects offered              Qualification                 Vocational                  Construction                       City and Guilds
                                                                                              Vocational                                                     Certificate
      The core curriculum is the compulsory element of the National
       Languages                  French                    GCSE                                                                          04-05
                                                                                                                                                             (Level 1)
      Curriculum for students in Key Stage 4. All students studyGCSE
      Language and English Literature                          GCSE will study
                                      as well as Maths. All students
                           Italian                              GCSE                         We encourage students to follow a broad and balanced curriculum. We
      Science and some may wish to follow the triple Science course as well.
       Arts                Art                                  GCSE                         recommend that students study a Language and a Humanities subject. Many
                           Drama                                GCSE                                                                                4
                                                                                             students will also opt for an Arts subject bringing a creative element to their
                           Music                                GCSE                         curriculum offer. Finally, a fourth option enables the majority of students to add
       Humanities          Geography                            GCSE                         a technical or practical subject in order to gain the broadest experience. This
                           History                              GCSE
                                                                                             will allow entry to the widest possible range of career opportunities.
       Physical Education  Dance                                GCSE
                           GCSE PE                              GCSE
06     Computing/Business/ Business Studies                     GCSE                                                                                                              07
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
Things to consider
     Twilight Options                      Modern Foreign Languages                Many students choosing Applied
     In order to retain curriculum         At Imberhorne we attach great           Learning courses in Key Stage 4
     breadth, we offer two twilight        importance to the study of              may wish to continue with those
     options. Twilight courses run after   languages at all levels in the          subjects as ‘Level 3’ courses (Level
     school for two hours on a set         school. We think it is important        3 means they are equivalent
     evening in the week and enable        that our students see themselves        to A-Level courses, i.e. of the           advice at critical points.
     students to specialise in the         as global citizens and therefore,       same value) in the Sixth Form.            Post-16 choices are important
     following:                            see the acquisition of language         Such courses are often suited to          because students may be making
     •Science - triple science course,     skills as a fundamental part of         students who perform better when          such choices with particular
     OR                                    21st century learning.                  developing portfolios of work             careers or degree courses in mind.
     •Languages - Italian                  Therefore, most students will study     rather than assessment through            We encourage students to study
                                           a language. Those wishing to            examinations.                             a broad and balanced set of
     Specialisation                        study two languages in Key Stage        Students who have studied mainly          subjects in Key Stage 4 to provide
     The school is aware that some         4 will be able to combine their         GCSE courses in Key Stage 4 often         the most flexibility for post-16 study.
     students may wish to specialise in    first language with twilight Italian.   progress to studying A-Levels; it is      If students have followed courses
     other subjects and therefore opt                                              also true though that many may            in English, Maths, Science, Modern
     for two subjects from a particular    Progression Routes - Post 16            transfer onto Applied Learning            Foreign Languages, Humanities,
     curriculum area. This may be          We encourage every student to           courses in the Sixth Form. Choosing       Arts, Sports and Technology during
     an appropriate option for some        do their best and to achieve their      to study either just A-Levels or a        Key Stage 4 they will have created
     students. However, students may       potential. To best cater for our        combination of Applied Learning           an appropriate platform that allows
     not specialise in Technology or       diverse student population we also      courses and A-Levels provides             them to specialise according to the
     Physical Education.                   wish to clarify what post-16 options    equal access to further or higher         demands of a very wide range of
                                           are available. Students will progress   education.                                university degree courses.
     Applied Learning                      to post-16 study in a number of         Those students who do not achieve
     We group some subjects                ways, according to their skills and     the number of GCSE qualifications         If students have clear career or
     under the heading of ‘Applied         preferred learning style.               (or equivalent) necessary to start        university objectives in mind at this
     Learning’. These subjects have                                                Level 3 Applied Learning courses          stage it may be worth considering
     a vocational element to them.                                                 or A-Level courses by the end of          what subject requirements are
     They are assessed through a                                                   Year 11, may decide to stay on            expected for degree courses. This
     portfolio of evidence (coursework                                             in the Sixth Form at Imberhorne to        information may be accessed
     or controlled assessment) and                                                 undertake our ‘Level 2’ courses           through the UCAS (Universities
     examined units. Learning in these                                             or move onto vocational courses           and Colleges Admissions Service)
     subjects usually has a vocational                                             at different institutions. All students   website. On this website you
     bias and may simulate the                                                     are supported in making these             can search courses to find more
     experiences students could have                                               decisions during their time in Key        detailed information about
     in the work place                                                             Stage 4 and will receive specialist       requirements

08                                                                                                                                                                     09
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
Study Routes                                                          Support and Guidance
                                                                            Support Option                        *make progress and achieve the
                                                                            For those students where the          highest standards they can

                           ‘Level 2’ Study                                  curriculum we have described
                                                                            will be too demanding, we also        Students will be expected to
                                                                            offer a Support Option. This option   spend between 1.5 and 2 hours
                       GCSE or GCSE equivalent courses                      is primarily intended for those       each evening on their homework
                                                                            who have been receiving special       tasks. We ask parents:
                                                                            needs support in Key Stage 3. We      *To encourage their children to

                           KEY STAGE 4                                      will invite students who we feel
                                                                            would be appropriate to choose
                                                                            this option.
                                                                                                                  develop a positive approach to
                                                                                                                  *To provide adequate working
                                                                            Year 9 Mentoring (Options and         *To be aware of the homework
                                                                            Careers) Interview                    and coursework deadlines
                                                                            In January of Year 9, students        *To discuss homework tasks with
                                                                            have an individual meeting with       their children
                                                                            their form tutor. This is where
         Achieve 3 grade                                                    they will have the opportunity to     Differentiation
                                        Achieve            Achieve          discuss likely options or pathways.   In some subjects, teachers
           4’s or less at               7 or more            5 or 6
               GCSE                                                         It is not expected that students      are required to judge which
                                        grade 6+           GCSE’s at        have made career decisions at         papers are most suitable for
                                        (or equivalent)    grade 4+         this point. We do however expect      each candidate, taking into
                                                                            them to start the process of          account his or her performance
                                                                            finding out about possible career     in the classroom and in previous
                                                                            routes and qualifications.            assessments. Students are then
                                                                                                                  entered for the appropriate
                                           3 A Levels     3 subjects from   Assessment at Key Stage 4             level. Each level of entry provides
     Vocational             Further      or 4 A Levels
                                                          a combination
                                                                            Subjects in Key Stage 4 are           access to a particular range of
       courses             ‘Level 2’        for high                        generally assessed through            grades.
       at other            study at       achieving        A Level/ BTEC    examinations and sometimes a
                                           students       Level 3 Courses
     institutions        Imberhorne                       (Possibly GCSE
                                                                            coursework component.                 Personal Development
                                           1 Applied         retakes in                                           Personal Development lessons
                                             Course         English and     Homework                              cover elements of Personal,
                                            (Double        Maths if grade
                                          Award) with       4 has not be    Imberhorne believes that regular      Social, Citizenship and Health
                                           2 A Levels        obtained)      homework is associated with a         Education, plus Careers
      ‘Level 3’                                                             good education. The school has        Education and Guidance.
        Study                                                               a clear homework policy. We set       The curriculum includes units
     Applied GCE’s                                                          homework to help students:            on Diversity, Relationships,
     A Level Courses                                                        *Understand, learn and practise       Healthy Lifestyles, Justice
                                                                            what has been covered in school       and the Law, Being a British
                                                                            *Learn how to work independently      Citizen and Careers. In Year 11
                                                                            and manage their time                 students complete a ‘Record of
                                                                            *Have opportunities to use            Achievement’ which focuses on
     Employment/Apprenticeship           Further/Higher Education           materials, ideas and information      their successes at Imberhorne,
                                                                            outside the classroom                 personal qualities and skills.

10                                                                                                                                                      11
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
Options at Key Stage 4                                                                     Personalised Curricullum
                                                                                                The core curriculum takes up over half of the timetable. The Options
     Core Curricullum                                                                           process is how you can personalise the subjects that you study in the
                                                                                                remaining lessons. This table shows the subjects offered and it will help
     These are the subjects that all students study:
                                                                                                if you have this information in front of you when completing your
       ENGLISH                     MATHS                         COMBINED                       Options Form.
       LANGUAGE &                                                SCIENCE
                                                                                                  LANGUAGES                 P.E.                      TECHNOLOGY
       8 lessons                    8 lessons                     9 lessons                                                                            Design &
                                                                                                  French                    Dance
       (over week                   (over week                    (over week                                                                           Technology
                                                                                                  German                    GCSE P.E.                  Resistant Materials,
       A & B)                       A & B)                        A & B)                                                                               Graphics, Textiles
                                                                                                Students are recommended    Students may only          Students may
       CORE P.E.                   R.E. and                    Students can choose              to choose a language        choose one P.E.            only choose one
                                   PERSONAL                    to follow a GCSE                 unless advised              course                     Technology
                                                                                                otherwise                                              course
                                   DEVELOPMENT                 R.E. full course using
                                                               1 hour of Core P.E.
       3 lessons                   2 lessons                   time, instead of                   ARTS                      BUSINESS,                  HUMANITIES
       (over week                  (over week                  Core R.E. (HPQ)                                              SCIENCE,
                                                                                                  Art                                                  Geography
                                                                                                                            CREATIVE iMEDIA
       A & B)                      A & B)                                                                                                              History
                                                                                                  Drama                     Business GCSE,
                                                                                                  Music                     Computer Science,
                                                                                                                                                      Students are recommended
                                                                                                                            Creative iMedia           to choose a Humanity
     Qualification explanations                                                                                                                       course
     GCSE                General Certificate of Secondary Education; graded from 9-1.

     Higher Project      The Level 2 HPQ is a research project based on a topic chosen
                         by the student and agreed, as appropriately challenging, by the          APPLIED                   SUPPORT                    VOCATIONAL
     Qualification       school. It develops and extends one or more of their study areas.
     (HPQ)               Alternatively, the HPQ can follow an area of personal interest or        LEARNING
                         activity outside the main programme of study.                                                      Support Option             Contstruction
                                                                                                  Business BTEC
     BTEC First Award,   Work-related qualifications that are equivalent to GCSEs.
     Cambridge           Students who complete the course are awarded either a pass,              Health &
     National Award      merit or distinction.                                                                               Only for those
                                                                                                  Social Care                students who have         Spaces are very
                                                                                                                             been advised              limited
     English             A measure of school attainment. The Baccalaureate reflects the           Sport BTEC                 to choose
     Baccalaureate       fact that students have gained GCSE grades, at grade 5 or above,                                    this option
                         in English Language, Maths, Combined Science, a Humanities
                         subject (History or Geography) and a Modern Foreign Language.
                         The Baccalaureate is not an award and has no value in its own right.
                                                                                                     Triple Science or Italian can be chosen as a twilight course
12                                                                                                                                                                               13
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
What will you study on the                  In addition, students are prepared
                            course?                                     and assessed for the Non-Exam
                                                                        Assessment of Spoken Language,
                            The course consists of the study
                                                                        which is a compulsory requirement
                            of English Language and English
                                                                        of the course of study. The grade will
                            Literature. (Students receive two GCSEs.)
                                                                        appear on all students’ certificates
                            While studying English Language,
                                                                        as a separately reported grade,
                            students will read and comprehend
                                                                        alongside the overall grade issued.
                            a range of fiction and non-fiction
                                                                        In class, students will build their
                            texts to develop their analytical
                                                                        confidence in speaking formally,
                            skills. Students will be encouraged
                                                                        adapt vocabulary for audience
                            to examine the use of language
                                                                        and purpose and use a range
                            and structure and its impact on
                                                                        of techniques to make their
                            the reader. In addition, through
                                                                        presentation more engaging.
                            the study of quality texts, students
                            will be encouraged to develop
                            their individual writing style, with an     How will the course be
                            emphasis on technical accuracy              assessed?
                            and adapting style for audience             GCSE English Language and English
                            and purpose. In English Literature,         Literature are assessed by final
                            set texts are prescribed by the exam        exams at the end of Year 11.
                            board, AQA.                                 English Language is divided into two
                            We study the following:                     • Response to Fiction text (Paper A)
                            • Shakespeare: Much Ado About               and Perspectives and Viewpoints
                            Nothing                                     (Paper B).
                            • 19th Century: Jekyll and Hyde             Each paper consist of unseen
                            • Modern: An Inspector Calls                extracts, which provides students
                            • Anthology Poetry: Power and               an opportunity to demonstrate their
                            Conflict cluster (provided by the           analytical skills. In section B of each
                            exam board)
            A CORE          As a department, we encourage
                                                                        paper, students showcase their
                                                                        writing skills. Each paper is equally
            SUBJECT         students to purchase the texts, as it
                            allows them to annotate as we read
                            and it allows them an opportunity to        English Literature is also divided into
                            re-read at their convenience.               two papers:
                            Texts are studied in depth, which           • Paper 1 assesses Shakespeare and
                            includes a close examination of             19th Century texts. Students will be

                            plot, character, themes, social             given an extract and will write an
                            and historical context. Moreover,              essay response to the question.
                            students are encouraged to                         • Paper 2 is Modern text, Seen
                            develop a personalised                                Poetry and Unseen Poetry.
                            response to the texts.
                            Students will also develop                             For further information,
                            their analytical writing                               please contact please
                            skills to help create an                               contact Mrs E Best

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
                            informed response.                           

14                                                                                                                15
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
What will you study on the                in addition to work set outside of
                            course?                                   class and in the course textbook. A
                            There are 3 assessment objectives:        scientific calculator is essential for all
                            • Recall and use knowledge of             lessons, we recommend the Casio
                            prescribed content.                       fx-85GTX.
                            • Select and apply mathematical
                            methods in a range of contexts.           How will the course be
                            • Interpret and analyse problems          assessed?
                            and generate strategies to solve          Higher Tier - GCSE Grades 4 – 9
                            them.                                     Foundation Tier - GCSE Grades 1 – 5
                                                                      All the assessment is through
                            Students will be taught mathematics       examination; there is no coursework.
                            in the areas of number, algebra,          GCSE Maths has three examination
                            ratio and proportion, geometry and        papers (each 1 hour 30 minutes) at
                            measures, probability and statistics.     the end of Year 11.
                            There is an emphasis on problem           Paper 1 is non-calculator, and in
                            solving, explaining answers and           papers 2 and 3 calculators are
                            justifying choices.                       allowed.
                            Mathematics is taught in sets. For
                            those making good progress it is          For further information, please
                            possible to be entered for Higher         contact Mr I Andrews or Mr S Kay

            A CORE          Tier. There is a progress test every or

            SUBJECT         half term and sets are regularly
                            Lessons are teacher led with a
                            variety of student activities including

                            use of ICT. Students are expected
                            to use specialist websites for
                            homework and revision,

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
16                                                                                                                 17
KEY STAGE 4 OPTIONS 2020-2021 - IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE - Imberhorne School
What will you study on the              The Triple Science route leads
                                                                    to completion of three separate
                                                                    Science GCSE’s; Biology, Chemistry
                            Science lessons will involve theory,
                                                                    and Physics. To allow the students
                            discussions, practical work, videos
                                                                    that choose Triple Science to cover
                            and group work. Lessons will be
                                                                    the extra content of three rather
                            similar in approach to the work
                                                                    than two GCSEs, students must
                            done in Science in Key Stage 3. The
                                                                    attend a ‘twilight lesson’ for two
                            work will build on Biology, Chemistry
                                                                    hours, between 3pm and 5pm,
                            and Physics topics studied during
                                                                    once a week. The twilight lesson
                            Key Stage 3. Practical work will
                                                                    is in addition to the nine lessons a
                            concentrate on the skills involved in
                                                                    fortnight for science as part of the
                            the design of experiments, carrying
                                                                    core curriculum.
                            them out, analysing the results and
                            evaluating the work.
                                                                    How will the course be
                            Students are given a revision
                            guide to help with homework and
                                                                    All Science GCSEs are assessed
                            preparation for exams. In addition,
                                                                    by final exams at the end of Year
                            a paper study guide is issued for
                                                                    11. The Biology exams make up one
                            each topic studied. In both Years 10
                                                                    third of the available GCSE marks
                            and 11 there will be discrete topics
                                                                    as do the Chemistry and Physics
                            on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
                            All students will be taught either
                                                                    All exams are available at
                            GCSE Combined Science or Triple
                                                                    Foundation Tier for students
                                                                    targeted up to a grade 4 or Higher
                            The ‘GCSE Combined Science’ is a
                                                                    Tier for more challenging exams that
                            double award and therefore gives
                                                                    allow access up to grade 9.
            A CORE          two GCSEs in Science and allows
                            progress to all Science A Level
                                                                    The Foundation Tier tests are more
            SUBJECT         courses.
                                                                    straightforward but have a ‘ceiling’
                                                                    of marks that they can contribute
                            For students identified as attaining
                                                                    towards a student’s total marks.
                            highly from Science during Key
                                                                    At all stages, the tier of entry and
                            Stage 3, there is the opportunity to
                                                                    preparation for assessments will
                            follow the ‘Triple Science’ route.

                                                                    be co-ordinated by the Science
                            Many of these students will have
                            been in the top set Science
                            groups during Year 9,
                            however other committed                           For further information,
                            students have done well                            please contact
                            on the Triple Science                              jhutchinson@
                            course without being in                  

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
                            a Year 9 top set.

18                                                                                                         19
What will you study on the                a 2000 word essay on an ‘Ethical or
                                          course?                                   Philosophical’ issue of their choice.
                                                                                    In addition to this, students have
                                          Students will:
                                                                                    to create a presentation and
                                          • Identify, design and complete an
                                                                                    complete a production log. The
                                          individual project, applying a range
                                                                                    project will be completed by Easter
                                          of organisational skills and strategies
                                                                                    of Year 11.
                                          to meet agreed objectives.
                                          • Obtain, critically select and use
                                          information from a range of sources.      How will the course be
                                          • Analyse data, apply it relevantly
                                                                                    The HPQ is assessed on four
                                          and demonstrate understanding
                                                                                    assessment objectives and is done
                                          of any appropriate linkages,
                                                                                    so holistically at the end of the
                                          connections and complexities of the
                                                                                    process in Year 11. Projects are
                                                                                    assessed internally and a sample will
                                          • Select and use a range of skills,       be sent for external moderation. This
                                          solve problems, take decisions            project is still graded A* - C
                                          critically, creatively and flexibly, to   For those wishing to study Full Course
                                          achieve planned outcomes.                 R.E., there will be an opportunity
                                                                                    to study an Extened Project
                                          • Evaluate outcomes both in
                                                                                    Qualification (EPQ) in Year 13.
                                          relation to agreed objectives, and
                                          own learning and performance.
                                          • Select and use a range of               For further information, please
                                          communication skills and media to         contact Mrs N Quick, Mr D Clubb or
                                          present evidenced outcomes and            Miss L Carey nquick@imberhorne.
                                          conclusions in appropriate format. or
                   A CORE                 This is a Level 2 qualification. The
                   SUBJECT                course will build upon the lessons
                                          at Key Stage 3 and will introduce
                                          students to more ethical and
                                          philosophical questions.
                                          Throughout Year 10, students will
                                          cover a variety of issues taken

                                          from the GCSE R.E. specification,
                                          to ensure that statutory
                                          requirements are met.
                                          Students will be taught the
                                          necessary skills to create

     Higher Project Qualification — HPQ
20                                                                                                                           21
Why study a language?                           If you would like to study two
                                     The ability to speak a foreign                  languages you can do this in the
                                     language is much valued by                      following ways:
                                     employers and universities. You                 • You can choose 2 five-hour
                                     will have the opportunity to visit              options in your chosen languages.
                                     a country where your chosen                     • You may study your first language
                                     language is spoken and learning                 for 5 hours per fortnight during the
                                     another language is believed                    normal timetabled day. You will also
                                     to help improve memory and                      choose Italian GCSE as a twilight
                                     concentration.                                  (after school) option for 4 hours per
                                                                                     fortnight. The twilight option will run
                                                                                     after school one day per week for 2
                                     What will you study on the                      hours.
                                     You will continue to develop the
                                                                                     How will the course be
                                     skills of listening, speaking, reading
                                     and writing. In addition you will
                                     be prepared to deal with real life              You will be entered for final
                                     situations abroad, such as going                examinations in Listening, Speaking,
                                     shopping and what to say if you are             Reading and Writing at either
                                     ill, as well as further developing the          Foundation or the Higher Tier. Each
                                     topic areas studied at Key Stage 3.             of the skills is worth 25% of the total
                                     Vocabulary and grammar learning                 grade.
                                     will play an important part in all Key
                                     Stage 4 language courses, and in                For further information, please
                                     order to achieve the highest grades             contact Ms C Garnsey or Mrs L
                                     you will be expected to manipulate              Hutcheson cgarnsey@imberhorne.
                                                                            or lhutcheson@imberhorne.
                                     the language confidently and

                                     Students who currently
                                     study 2 languages:
                                     If you wish to continue to study one

                                     language at KS4 :
                                     You may choose to study
                                     either your first Lanuage
                                     (French, German or                       Hola

                                     Spanish) or Italian.
                                                                 Bonjour               Hallo

       GCSE Exam board: AQA                                                   Ciao

22                                                                                                                             23
Why study Art?                          ● consider and develop original
                                If you enjoy developing your visual     ideas from initiation to realisation.
                                skills, being creative, experimenting   ● analyse critically their own work
                                with different approaches to making     and the work of others.
                                Art, visiting galleries, museums,       ● express individual thoughts and
                                workshops and studios; you are          choices confidently.
                                enthusiastic and imaginative, then      ● take risks, experiment and learn
                                our GCSE Art and Design is the ideal    from mistakes.
                                subject for you.
                                This course provides students with      How will the course be
                                opportunities to explore their
                                interests in art and design in ways
                                                                        The Art and Design course is
                                that are stimulating, personally
                                                                        assessed in two components:
                                relevant and developmental in
                                                                        • Unit 1: 60% Personal Portfolio -
                                nature. Students develop their
                                                                        internally set and marked; evidence
                                skills and have the opportunity to
                                                                        of working in at least two disciplines
                                explore and respond to our visual
                                                                        should be presented.
                                surroundings whilst developing
                                                                        • Unit 2: 40% Externally Set
                                their creative and expressive
                                                                        Assignment - externally set theme,
                                abilities. They will increase their
                                                                        internally marked.
                                understanding of the place of art
                                and design in history and in today’s
                                                                        Both units are marked using four
                                                                        assessment objectives. These
                                This course is essential for those
                                                                        can be summed up as: Develop,
                                students who wish to progress to
                                                                        Review/Experiment, Record and
                                A Level in Art at Sixth Form. These
                                courses can lead on to university

              OPTION            degrees and a wide range of
                                careers in the creative industries.
                                                                        For further information, please
                                                                        contact Mrs R McElvenny
                                What will you study           
                                on the course?

                                Students will learn to:
                                ● apply a creative approach
                                to problem solving.

     GCSE Exam board: Edexcel
24                                                                                                               25
Why study Drama?                          perform an original piece of drama
                            GCSE Drama is an immensely fun            from a given stimulus and will study
                            course which provides students            and perform extracts from a second
                            with a huge range of transferable         scripted play.
                            key skills which are invaluable in        Although most students will be
                            the world of work and in further          assessed as actors in performance,
                            education opportunities. Students         those who have a strong interest
                            frequently work in groups to create       in technical theatre or production
                            imaginative performance pieces.           work are able to be assessed in the
                            During the creation of performance        following areas: lighting, sound and
                            work, students develop skills in          costume. Thorough preparation for
                            communication, negotiation,               the written examination will also be
                            working to deadlines, problem             undertaken during the course which
                            solving, decision making, creativity      will include watching professional
                            and empathy. The key skills in            theatrical productions.
                            performance are confidence,
                            projection, self-control, thinking-on-    How will the course be
                            your-feet and awareness. Within           assessed?
                            the written aspects of the course,        Devised performance: 40%
                            transferable skills include analysis,     • Students will research and explore
                            evaluation, research and reflection.      a stimulus, work collaboratively and
                            This course is wonderful for students     create their own devised drama.
                            wishing to pursue a career on the         This coursework unit will be assessed
                            stage or screen but, fundamentally,       via their written process and
                            the course enhances skills that all       performance.
                            students can use in a variety of          Performing scripted work: 20%
                            different ways in their futures outside   • Students develop and apply
                            of drama.                                 theatrical skills in acting or design
                                                                      by presenting a showcase of two
                                                                      extracts from a performance text.
                            What will you study
                                                                      Written Examination: 40%
                            on the course?                            • Students will practically
                            Students will practically explore a       explore a performance text to
                            scripted play (Blood Brothers) and        demonstrate their knowledge and
                            gain a deep understanding of the          understanding of drama and will
                            play’s characters, plot, themes and       answer questions on this text. They
                            design elements. In groups, they will     will also analyse and evaluate a

                            perform extracts of this play and         live theatre performance and it is
                            complete written responses. Through       an expectation on the course that
                            studying this text, students will              students will see at least two
                            also gain a good knowledge                        professional productions.
                            of theatrical terminology,
                            stage-craft techniques                             For further information,
                            and designing for theatre.                         please contact
                            Students will also work                            Mr J Watson

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
                            in groups to devise and

26                                                                                                            27
Why study Music?                          A wide variety of music genres
                               The GCSE Music course provides            are studied through four study
                               exciting opportunities to develop         areas. These are Musical Forms and
                               and extend the knowledge,                 Devices, Music for Ensemble, Film
                               understanding and skills gained           Music and Popular Music.
                               at Key Stage 3. It gives students         The composition and performance
                               the opportunity to make music,            aspects of the course allow the
                               both individually and in groups, to       flexibility to concentrate on the
                               develop a life-long interest in music     genres of music which interest
                               that can progress to further study.       students most.
                               Many universities and employers
                               regard music as a highly valued           How will the course be
                               GCSE. The course is challenging yet       assessed?
                               extremely rewarding.
                                                                         The Music course is assessed in three
                               The vital pre-requisites for the course
                               are a love of music and a willingness
                                                                         Performance: (30%) solo and
                               to explore a variety of musical styles.
                                                                         ensemble performance submitted in
                               Students need to play an instrument
                               or sing to a good standard
                                                                         Composition: (30%) two
                               (minimum grade 3). Students who
                                                                         compositions submitted in advance
                               do not meet these criteria should
                                                                         Listening and Appraising: (40%)
                               discuss the course suitability with Mr
                                                                         a listening exam: students are
                               Davis during the options process.
                                                                         expected to answer questions on
                               Students are expected to have
                                                                         musical excerpts both familiar and
                               independent instrumental or vocal
                               lessons throughout the two years
                               of study where possible. There is an
                                                                         For further information, please
                               expectation to participate in the
                                                                         contact Mr N Davis ndavis@
                               extra-curricular opportunities within
                               the department.

                               What will you study

                               on the course?
                               The GCSE course has three
                               elements: listening and
                               appraising, performing
                               and composing.

     GCSE Exam board: EDUQAS
28                                                                                                               29
Why study Geography?                      How will the course be
                                  Geography is not only up-to-date          assessed?
                                  and relevant, it is one of the most       The final exams at the end of Year
                                  exciting, adventurous and valuable        11 will consist of 3 papers:
                                  subjects to study today.
                                  So many of the world’s current
                                                                            • Paper 1: Global Geography Issues
                                  problems boil down to geography,
                                                                            Section A: Hazardous Earth
                                  and need the geographers of the
                                                                            Section B: Development dynamics
                                  future to help us understand them.
                                                                            Section C: Challenges of an
                                  Global warming, sustainable food
                                                                            urbanising world 1hr 30mins
                                  production, natural disasters such
                                  as earthquakes and tsunamis, the
                                                                            • Paper 2: UK Geographical
                                  spread of disease, the reasons for
                                                                            Section A: The UK’s evolving physical
                                  migration and the future of energy
                                                                            landscape, including a general
                                  resources are just some of the
                                                                            section, coats, rivers and UK Issues-
                                  great challenges facing the next
                                  generation of geographers.
                                                                            Section B: The UK’s evolving human
                                  What will you study                       Section C1: Fieldwork in a physical
                                  on the course?                            evironment - Coasts
                                  In Geography, you will acquire a          Sections C2: Fieldwork in a human
                                  variety of skills throughout the course   environment - Urban
                                  including literacy, numeracy and          1hr 30mins
                                  ICT, graphical, cartographic and
                                  photographic skills.                      • Paper 3: People and Environment
                                  Fieldwork forms an integral part of       Issues - Making Geographical

                                  the course where you will spend           Decisions
                                  2 days out of school completing           DME: Sections A (biosphere),
                                  human and physical fieldwork at the       B (forests), C (energy) and D
                                  end of Year 10.                           (decision)
                                  Students are encouraged to                1hr 30mins
                                  purchase the revision guide, exam

                                  question booklet and mark scheme          For further information, please
                                  which will aid their learning                 contact Mr P Quigley pquigley@
                                  throughout the course.                   

     GCSE Exam board: Edexcel B
30                                                                                                                  31
Why study History?                            In Year11 you will study:
                                History is a highly valued subject            • The American West 1835-95
                                and is seen as a useful qualification
                                for anyone considering a career               • Early Elizabethan England 1558-88
                                that involves making decisions, such
                                as law, personnel management,
                                                                              How will the course be
                                politics, social work, journalism or
                                the civil service. However, it can            assessed?
                                and has led to students acquiring             This course will be examined by
                                employment in fields as broad as the          three exam papers and these will be
                                computer industry and performing              sat at the end of Year 11.
                                arts.                                         Paper 1— Medicine in Britain
                                The GCSE course is also good                  1250-present day & the British sector
                                preparation for A Levels in                   of the Western Front, 1914-1918:
                                Government and Politics,                      Injuries, treatments & the trenches
                                Economics, Psychology and of                  (30%)
                                course History. It will train you to think,   Paper 2— Early Elizabethan England
                                analyse, research, debate, discuss,           1558-1588 & American West c1835-
                                provide explanations and improves             1895 (40%)
                                literacy. Choose History if you enjoy         Paper 3—Weimar & Nazi Germany,
                                finding out about events and people           1918-1939 (30%)
                                from the past and how the past
                                shapes the world you live in.                 For further information, please
                                                                              contact Mr N Booth nbooth@
                                What will you study
                                on the course?
                                There are three main periods
                                • The Medieval period (500-1500)

                                • Early Modern (1450-1750)
                                • Modern History (1700-present day).
                                These cover local, British, European
                                and World history.

                                In Year10 you will study:

                                • Medicine in Britain 1250-present
                                day & the British sector of the
                                Western Front, 1914-1918

                                • Weimar & Nazi Germany

     GCSE Exam board: Edexcel
32                                                                                                                    33
This additional provision for R.E., which leads to a full GCSE, sits in the same
                            block as Core P.E. Students will have 2 lessons of Core P.E. per fortnight
                            instead of 3. Choosing to do full course R.E. does not affect other options.

                            Why study R.E.?                             You will develop analytical
                            Choose R.E. full course if you are          and critical thinking skills, the
                            interested in moral and ethical             ability to work with abstract ideas,
                            debates and if you enjoy thinking,          leadership and research skills.
                            analysing and debating issues. The          All these will help prepare students
                            course encourages reflection upon           for further study.
                            common human experiences that               Although the syllabus stresses the
                            raise questions about the meaning           importance of ‘Religious Beliefs and
                            and purpose of life. It develops            Attitudes’, the students are also
                            reasoned response to these                  expected to formulate and express
                            questions. This course should prove         coherently their own opinions too.
                            useful to students who hope to go           The study of religions: beliefs,
                            on to study Philosophy, Sociology,          teachings and practices of two
                            Psychology and/or Politics at A             religions (Christianity and Buddhism).
                            Level. R.E. is a useful qualification       We arrange two trips to cover much
                            for anyone who works directly with          of the syllabus requirement in this
                            other people. It is particularly useful     area.
                            for careers in areas such as social         Thematic Studies:
                            work, medicine, personnel work, law         • Religion and life
                            and teaching.                               • Religion, crime and punishment
                                                                        • Religion, human rights and
                                                                          social justice
                            What will you study                         • Religion, peace and conflict
                            on the course?
                            The R.E. GCSE course will cover two
            OPTION          religions and four philosophical and
                            ethical themes. You are challenged
                                                                        How will the course be
                            with questions about belief, values,        The final assessment, at the end
                            meaning, purpose and truth,                 of Year 11 consists of two written
                            enabling them to develop their              exam papers each lasting 1 hour 45

                            own values and attitudes towards            minutes.
                            religious issues. Students will also
                            gain an appreciation of how                        For further information, please
                            religion, philosophy and                             contact please contact
                            ethics form the basis of                                Mrs N Quick nquick@

                            our culture.                                  

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
34                                                                                                               35
Why study P.E.?                          a sport and students are expected
                            This is an ideal course for those        to be able to demonstrate practical
                            students with a passion and talent       skills in controlled practice and
                            for sport and provides a good            match situations.
                            grounding for further studies
                            and Sports Leadership courses in         How will the course be
                            the Sixth Form. It is essential that     assessed?
                            students realise that lessons are
                                                                     • 60% written examination at the
                            mostly class based and not all
                                                                     end of Year 11.
                            practical. To do well in GCSE, P.E.
                            students are advised to play sport
                                                                     There are two exam papers based
                            outside of school for local clubs and
                                                                     on the theory components studied
                            participate in extra-curricular sports
                                                                     in Years 10 and 11.
                                                                     • 30% of the course is school based
                            What will you study                      practical assessment of skills and
                            on the course?                           knowledge in 3 areas of sport.
                            The course combines the theory
                                                                     • 10% is written coursework.
                            and practical elements of physical
                                                                     This is based on the observation
                            education. The theory component
                                                                     and analysis of yourself or another
                            deals with human anatomy and
                            physiology, the effects of exercise,
                            fitness and training on the body,
                                                                     All GCSE P.E. students are
                            biomechanics, sports psychology
                                                                     encouraged to obtain the GCSE
                            and it also deals with sport in a
                                                                     P.E. options package which consists
                            social and historical context. The
                                                                     of a white polo top, work booklets,
                            application of these components to
                                                                     a revision guide and a textbook
                            physical education and sport is an
                                                                     to be kept at home to help with
                            important aspect of the course.
                                                                     homework and revision. The cost
                            Students will study a number of
                                                                     for this is approximately £40 and it
                            physical activities during core P.E.
                                                                     ensures students are prepared for
                            lessons and need to be aware
                            that there is a limited number of        the two year course.
                            sports to choose from in which to
                            be assessed. Sports that cannot          For further information, please

                            be catered for on site can still be      contact Mrs E Wood ewood@
                            assessed such as swimming            
                            and skiing. The practical
                            elements consist of being
                            the performer/player of

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
36                                                                                                          37
Why study Dance?                         of them as a solo assessment. These
                            Students will develop movement           will require students to consider
                            as a medium of expression and            and refine their physical and
                            communication in the performance,        expressive dance skills in order to
                            creation and appreciation of             achieve the best performance they
                            dance. Students who opt for GCSE         can and to develop mental skills
                            Dance need to demonstrate the            which will aid them in the rehearsal
                            potential to involve themselves in the   phases of lessons. The other two
                            study and application of dance. The      will be used to create a duet or
                            course will require commitment and       trio which will act as the third form
                            energy but in return, the rewards        of practical performance and
                            will be exciting. Confidence as both     technique assessment. Finally, as
                            a choreographer and performer            part of the choreographic stage
                            will increase as skills develop but it   of the course, students will learn a
                            is important that all students show      variety of techniques for building
                            a commitment to improving their          and structuring choreography
                            own dance technique through              in response to a given stimulus.
                            rehearsals. GCSE Dancers must also       Students will then draw from these to
                            show a willingness to contribute to      create their own choreography.
                            group choreography with a variety
                            of peers and be willing to share         How will the course be
                            ideas and take on feedback from          assessed?
                            both peers and staff.                    Students will be expected to write
                                                                     critically about dance and perform
                            What will you study                      different dance works set by the
                                                                     exam board as well as those they
                            on the course?                           have created themselves. There
                            Both the theory and practical            is one written exam, students are
                            aspects of dance are studied.            predominantly assessed on their
                            Students will develop; a deeper          practical ability. The practical

                            understanding of what it is like         assessment pieces will have strong
                            to be a dancer, the different            links to professional dance works.
                            choreographic devices and
                            movement components used in              Examined components:
                            dance and how to effectively             • Component 1: 60%
                            create expressive choreography.          Solo performance x 2
                            Students will study 6 different          (1 min each)

                            professionally choreographed             • Trio performance (3.5 mins)
                                                                     • Choreography
                            dances and be required to use their
                                                                     • Solo (2.5 mins) or Group (3.5 mins)
                            knowledge of them to create
                                                                           Component 2: 40%
                            both practical work and be                       • Dance Appreciation –
                            able to critically analyse                        Written exam (1hr 30 mins)
                            them in the written exam.
                            As part of the performance                         For further information,
                            element, students will                             Mrs S Pollard spollard@

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
                            have to learn four set                   
                            dances and perform two

38                                                                                                           39
Why study Computer                      What will you study
                            Science?                                on the course?
                            This exciting GCSE gives you an         The course will help you learn
                            excellent opportunity to investigate    about critical thinking, analysis and
                            how computers work, how they are        problem solving. These skills can
                            used and to develop computer            be transferred to other subjects and
                            programming and problem-                are used in many areas of day-to-
                            solving skills. You will build on the   day life.
                            knowledge and understanding             The Computer Systems and
                            gained at Key Stage 3 to learn and      Programming will teach you the
                            think about real world applications.    theory about a wide range of issues
                            This is a challenging course with       such as hardware and software,
                            a high level of technical and           the representation of data in a
                            theoretical content. There is also      computer system, databases,
                            an element of mathematics – both        computer networking and
                            arithmetic and logic. Students          programming. In the Programming
                            considering this course may also        Project you will design, code and
                            wish to consider Creative iMedia        test a solution to three tasks using
                            as an option. It is advised that you    the Python programming language.
                            should discuss this with your Key
                            Stage 3 Computing teacher to            How will the course be
                            determine the best option for you.
                            If you take a GCSE in Computer
                                                                    The final exams at the end of
                            Science and then go on to study the
                                                                    Year 11 consist of:
                            subject at A Level or university you
                                                                    • Computer Systems - Exam 50%
                            will have an advantage over other
                                                                    • Computational thinking,
                            students who are only starting the

                                                                    algorithms and programming -
                            subject at these higher levels. The
                                                                    Exam 50%
                            increasing importance of I.T. means
                            that there is a growing demand for
                                                                    For further information, please
                            people who are qualified to work in
                                                                    contact Mr D Muchamore

     GCSE Exam board: OCR
40                                                                                                          41
Why study Business Studies?                 • Theme 2 - Building a Business
                                 This course helps prepare students          This theme builds on theme 1
                                 for further study or entry into the         and examines how a business
                                 business world, particularly for roles      develops beyond the start-up
                                 where they will be expected to              phase. It focuses on the key business
                                 use communication and I.T. skills,          concepts, issues and decisions used
                                 liaise with customers and carry out         to grow a business, with emphasis
                                 customer facing roles. Students             on aspects of marketing, operations,
                                 will be encouraged to acquire a             finance and human resources.
                                 range of practical skills, including        Theme 2 also considers the impact
                                 decision-making, problem-                   of the wider world on the decisions
                                 solving, communication and the              a business makes as it grows. It is
                                 quantification and management               divided into five topics; Growing
                                 of information. Students taking this        the business, Making marketing
                                 course would be able to extend              decisions, Making operational
                                 their studies in the Sixth Form by          decisions, Making financial decisions
                                 following the popular and successful        and Making human resources
                                 Business Studies or Economics               decisions.
                                 courses.                                    Theme 1 will be taught in Year 10
                                                                             whilst theme 2 will be completed
                                                                             during Year 11.
                                 What will you study
                                 on the course?                              How will the course be
                                 There are two themes:                       assessed?
                                 • Theme 1 - Introduction to Small
                                                                             Both themes are assessed by final
                                                                             exams at the end of Year 11.
                                 This theme concentrates on the
                                                                             The paper will consist of
                                 key issues and skills involved in
                                                                             calculations, multiple-choice,
              OPTION             enterprise. It provides students
                                 with a framework to consider
                                                                             short-answer and extended-writing
                                                                             questions. Questions will also be
                                 the marketing, financial, human
                                                                             based on business contexts given
                                 and operational issues involved
                                                                             in the paper. Themes 1 and 2 are
                                 in starting and running a small
                                                                             equally weighted accounting for
                                 business. It is divided into five topics;
                                                                             50% each of the GCSE.

                                 Enterprise and entrepreneurship,
                                 Spotting a business opportunity,
                                                                                  For further information, please
                                 Putting a business idea in
                                                                                     contact Mr C Mumby
                                 practice, Making the
                                 business effective and
                                 Understanding external
                                 influences on business.

      GCSE Exam board: Edexcel
42                                                                                                                   43
Why study Creative imedia?                  Students will understand the
                              Many students develop an early              importance of reviewing and making
                              interest in designing for the screen        improvements to the final product
                              by creating digital images. The aim         before it is submitted to the client.
                              of this course is to take a closer look     There is an early emphasis on
                              at a range of digital media and to          understanding the key aspects of the
                              develop a critical understanding of         Creative iMedia course such as the
                              the design process when creating            pre-production process through to
                              projects for different audiences.           the evaluation of a product. Whilst
                              This course is an ideal grounding for       the tasks are structured, students
                              those wishing to develop practical          will need to develop research
                              design skills while gaining an insight      skills and show creative initiative
                              into the role it plays in today’s digital   when carrying out the assessments.
                              media industry.                             They will need to be able to work
                                                                          independently and meet deadlines.

                              What will you study                         How will the course be
                              on the course?                              assessed?
                              Students will learn about the pre-          The course consists of four units;
                              production process by planning a            Creating digital graphics, Storytelling
                              creative digital media product to suit      with a comic strip, Digital video
                              a client brief. Students will conduct       sequence and an external exam.
                              some independent research to write          The first three units are made up of
                              a detailed report on where and how          controlled assessments, all internally
                              digital graphics are displayed in print     assessed in school and then
                              and on the screen. This course will         moderated by an external examiner.
                              look at the difference between raster       The fourth unit is a 1 hour 15-minute
                              and vector images, file types, image        external exam. Students are given
                              compression, version control and            two attempts at the exam unit,
                              copyright implications. Further works
                                                                          with the first attempt being sat in
                              include storyboarding ideas, using          the summer of Year 10. This gives
                              specialist hardware and software            students the chance to reach their
                              to bring an idea to life. Students will     target grade twice. Each unit is
                              build their knowledge on how to             worth 25%.
                              manage a professional project from
                              start to finish. This course will help      For further information, please

     Creative iMEDIA
                              students develop valuable skills such       contact Mr M Aucock maucock@
                              as working towards deadlines from 
                              pre-production to the creation
                              stage, building upon practical
                              software skills (Photoshop,
                              Dreamweaver and Premier).

       GCSE Exam board: OCR
        Cambridge National
44                                                                                                                  45
Why study Graphics?                       •How to plan, sketch and draw
                            Do you enjoy: Thinking creatively?        ideas using traditional technical
                            Problem solving? Designing                drawing and illustration techniques.
                            products of the future? Promoting,        • How to present information,
                            advertising, informing, educating         images, lettering and apply colour
                            others on important issues?               in a variety of ways including CAD
                            Designing 2D & 3D products using          generated design. This could
                            computer aided design and                 include scanning hand generated
                            computer aided manufacture?               artwork making it commercially
                            Developing and testing ideas              viable.
                            through modelling-making?                 CAD programs used include
                            Graphics will build on skills learnt at   Photoshop and Techsoft 2D Design.
                            Key Stage 3 and has been designed         (CAD-CAM)
                            to encourage students to design           CAM includes using machines
                            and make products with creativity         such as a plotter cutter and laser
                            and originality, using a range of         cutter to manufacture precise
                            artistic, graphic and modelling           and accurately made prototypes
                            techniques to generate quality 2D         reflecting industrial manufacturing
                            graphic designs and apply them to         methods. Great fun!
                            a 3D product or prototype.
                                                                      How will the course be
                            What will you study
                                                                      In Year 10 students will undertake a
                            on the course?                            series of modules or mini projects.
                            Students will study Core Technology       Each module or project will be
                            which revisits knowledge and              assessed to monitor student
                            experience gained during Key              progress.
                            Stage 3 in all areas of Technology        At the end of Year 11, students will
                            except Food. However, most of the         be examined: 50% written paper,

                            course will focus on the students’        50% coursework
                            specialism—Graphics, where                Students must undertake a
                            building skills, designing and making     “substantial design and make task”
                            products will take place.                 based on contexts supplied by
                            The Graphics course content will          the exam board. This coursework
                            include:                                  is largely completed in lesson time
                            •How to work to a brief and design        and assessed internally.

                            specifications, and work with a
                            client or target audience                        For further information,
                            by taking their needs and                          please contact Miss
                            wants into consideration                             S Purcell spurcell@

                            during the design and                       
                            making process.

     GCSE Exam board: AQA
46                                                                                                           47
Why study Resistant                    covers theory relevant to the world
                                                                      of design in general, including social
                                                                      and environmental considerations,
                               Resistant Materials covers a wide
                                                                      manufacturing systems, study
                               range of activities based on
                                                                      of design styles and designers,
                               designing and making products in
                                                                      mechanical and electronic
                               materials such as wood, metal and
                                                                      systems, properties of materials and
                                                                      communication skills.
                               It is a subject which involves
                                                                      Students will also be taught to
                               creative thinking and application of
                                                                      analyse products, generate and
                               knowledge to practical situations.
                                                                      develop design ideas and present
                               Whether you are interested in a
                                                                      design solutions.
                               practical career, in product design,
                               engineering, manufacturing, interior
                               design or simply enjoy designing       How will the course be
                               and making things then this course     assessed?
                               has a lot to offer.                    Students will sit a final paper exam
                                                                      at the end of Year 11. This is worth
                               What will you study on the             worth 50% of the final award.
                                                                      For a large part of Year 11, students
                               Resistant Materials builds on
                                                                      must undertake a “substantial
                               experience gained in Design and
                                                                      design and make task” based on
                               Technology at Key Stage 3.
                                                                      contexts supplied by the exam
                               Students will develop their
                               knowledge and understanding of
                                                                      This is largely completed in lesson
                               a wide range of specialist materials
                                                                      time, worked on as homework and is
                               and processes used in Design &
                                                                      assessed by their teacher.
                               Technology and manufacturing to
                                                                      Students are encouraged to utilise a
                               prepare them for the exam and
                                                                      range of materials and techniques
                                                                      to demonstrate their skills and
                               They will learn about wood, metal,
                                                                      knowledge fully in the completion of
                               plastic and modern and smart
                                                                      this task.
                               materials and design in a variety
                               of contexts including industrial
                                                                      For further information, please
                               and commercial practice, the

                                                                      contact Mr R Jeffs rjeffs@
                               importance of quality checks
                               and health & safety issues.
                               The subject content also

        GCSE Exam board: AQA
48                                                                                                             49
Why study Textiles?                      particular purpose. This will include
                              If you have an interest in the world     the study of revolutionary new
                              of fashion and textiles design, then     technical and smart fabrics designed
                              studying Textiles could be for you.      for a range of practical uses.
                              Textiles Technology enables creative     Students will learn how to do more
                              and practical students to build          complex decorative techniques.
                              on their Key Stage 3 knowledge,          e.g batik, tie dye, silk painting and
                              allowing them to achieve a               sublimation transfer printing, enabling
                              GCSE Technology with a Textiles          the addition of creative designs to
                              specialism.                              their garments. They will use ICT to
                              The course involves designing and        research and study new ideas and
                              making products and garments             to develop pattern designs for fabric.
                              inspired by studies of fashion and the   Bulk manufacturing, fabric recycling
                              world of creative textiles, drawing      will also be investigated.
                              on a range of source material from       There will be a strong emphasis on
                              history, fashion genres to literature    creativity and innovation.
                              and the natural world.                   In Year 10, students will study a
                                                                       number of short projects that are
                                                                       designed to give students the
                              What will you study                      knowledge to answer the written
                              on the course?                           paper in Year 11.
                              Students will study the fashion          In Year 11, students focus on their
                              industry, the world of haute couture,    “Substainantial design & make task”.
                              famous designers, past and present       This is a design project which involves
                              and how fashion is designed and          individual research, practical work
                              created for the High Street. They        and development of students’ own
                              will learn to present work effectively   ideas.
                              with the use of mood boards and          How will the course be
                              how to create fashion drawings to
                              communicate ideas.                       assessed?
                              Students will make prototypes,           The GCSE exam is made up of 50%
              OPTION          garments and products using
                              commercial patterns and then
                                                                       coursework, with the written exam
                                                                       making up the remaining 50%. In
                              learn the basic practical skills that    Year 10, the work will be assessed
                              will help construct their design, e.g.   against the GCSE criteria through
                              using the sewing machine and other       both practical and written tasks.
                              equipment, also learning about the
                              way fabric is made and how it is used    For further information, please

                              to make a variety of items. Through      contact Mrs J Bonaccorsi
                              practical work, students will learn
                              how fabric has different

                              properties and functions and
                              how to choose fabric for a

       GCSE Exam board: AQA
50                                                                                                               51
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