Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College

Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College

                         Learning for                          Open Evening
                                                               Thursday September 27 th 2018
                         life                                  6pm - 8pm
                        A new world of 21st century learning
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
                                  Welcome to Creagh College. I am proud to introduce our
                                  school to you and hope that this prospectus will give you an
                                  insight into the special qualities of Creagh College and the
                                  outstanding all-round education we offer.

                                  Choosing a secondary school for your
                                  child is one of the most important
                                  decisions that you will make in terms of
                                  his/her education and career. We are very
                                  aware of the importance of a smooth
                                  transition for prospective students
                                  from primary to secondary school. In
                                  this regard, our first year students are
                                  supported from their first day in school by
                                  peer mentors who assist them in settling
                                  into school life at Creagh College. Our
                                  comprehensive induction programme

 MISSION                          ensures our new students settle-in quickly
                                  into a happy, caring and respectful                I am delighted to announce that we
 STATEMENT                        atmosphere where all students can achieve          are one of only three schools in Ireland
                                  their full potential. It is through the delivery   selected to offer the new Leaving
Creagh College believes in        of a quality education service coupled             Certificate PE and Leaving Certificate
the provision of a POSITIVE       with a strong emphasis on pastoral care            Computer Science subjects (see page7).
learning experience that          and positive discipline that makes Creagh          We are also offering the new Politics
nurtures MUTUAL RESPECT           College a school where our students can            and Society programme as a Leaving
and personal RESPONSIBILITY       effectively learn, grow and thrive                 Certificate subject this year. Our fifth
within a SAFE, fair and CARING
                                                                                     year students will begin studying these
environment.                      At Creagh College we encourage academic
                                                                                     subjects this September and this will bring
                                  excellence by creating an environment
We are committed to the                                                              an entirely new, modern dimension to
                                  where learning is encouraged and
pursuit of excellence in all of                                                      education and open new avenues for the
                                  fostered. The school provides a diverse
our activities.                                                                      futures of Creagh College students.
                                  range of educational experiences that are
                                  challenging and fulfilling. Our dedicated          Creagh College is a safe and secure
                                  and energetic teachers are encouraged              environment for girls and boys to learn
                                  to adopt a student-centred approach                and grow academically, emotionally and
                                  to education. This ensures that each               personally. I would strongly encourage
                                  individual student’s needs are catered for         parents and prospective students to
                                  in the school. We believe in empowering            visit our school and experience it for
                                  and equipping students to achieve their            yourselves. I look forward to welcoming
                                  potential whatever their aptitude. A great         you in person at our Open Evening on
                                  emphasis is placed on the social, spiritual        September 27th 2018 at 6pm.
Enrolment period begins
                                  and personal development of students
Thursday September 27th
                                  outside of the academic sphere of the
                                  classroom. There is a vast range of after-
Enrolment period ends 4pm         school activities in which all students are
Friday October 12th 2018.         encouraged to participate. The school
                                  is committed to the development and
Open Evening: Thursday            care of each and every person in our               Declan O’Toole
September 27th 6pm-8pm.           school community, where respect for one            Creagh College
                                  another is held in the highest regard.
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
    Creagh College is a co-educational post-primary school.

    Every student is a valued member of our community and we
    ensure that they are given every opportunity to develop their
    full potential. Students of Creagh College thrive because they
    are supported, encouraged, cared for and feel a real sense of

Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College

• Excellent pastoral care system which ensures a smooth
 transfer to second level education.
• Positive Affirmation Committee which focusses on rewarding
 positive behaviour.
• Wellness Wednesday which focusses on the wellbeing of the
 school community.
• Restorative practice creates a culture of positive relationships.

• Students stay on campus throughout the college day.

• Award winning healthy school canteen which demonstrates
 our commitment to our healthy eating policy.


• Excellent State Examination results.

• Excellent team of teachers.

• Varied, progressive curriculum.

• Leaving Certificate P.E. from September 2018.

• Leaving Certificate Computer Science from September 2018.

• Leaving Certificate Politics & Society from September 2018.

• Our students are very well prepared for progression to third level.


• State-of-the-art building.

• Excellent sporting facilities.

• €22 million educational campus.

• Fully equipped gym and indoor sports hall.

• Specialist classrooms equipped with every educational
 resource required.


• Hi-tech 21st century approach to education.

• iPads + eBooks = lighter schoolbags.

• High speed broadband and wifi throughout the building.

• Our specialist rooms are equipped with the very latest
 technology and equipment.
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
A NEW WORLD                                              Creagh College has developed an exciting IT vision. Our students
                                                          develop a high degree of digital literacy. These skills are essential in

 OF 21 CENTURY    ST                                      everyday modern life and for future career paths. All entrants to Creagh
                                                          College have their own personal iPad replacing traditional textbooks

                                                          and opening up an exciting array of learning opportunities.

ICT FOR LEARNING                              STATE-OF-THE-ART IT FACILITIES                LEARNING IS FUN
Technology is incorporated across the         Our magnificent modern campus has             Our students engage in a greater variety of
curriculum adding real value to learning      100 MB broadband and Wi-Fi throughout         learning activities. The scope for delivery
in every subject. Our students are            which has opened up a new world of 21st       of new interactive and enjoyable learning
becoming independent, enthusiastic            century learning.                             activities has increased enormously across
and empowered learners.                                                                     all subject areas.
                                              CHANGE OF EMPHASIS IN THE
ICT FOR THE COMMUNITY                         NEW JUNIOR CYCLE                              ORGANISED & MORE EFFICIENT
We use technology to communicate              The new Junior Cycle will involve the         Our students need less time at lockers,
more effectively with parents and             use of IT in all aspects of the curriculum.   don’t have issues as a result of forgetting
the community allowing both the               Students will produce high quality            textbooks – everything now in one place!
opportunity to play significant roles in      project work in the form of ePortfolios
the day-to-day life of the college.                                                         Teachers easily share extra notes and
                                              which will replace some ‘pen and
                                                                                            resources with students using the latest
                                              paper’ written aspects of Junior Cycle
ICT FOR LIFE                                                                                apps. Likewise, students share their work
                                              assessment. Creagh College is to the fore
                                                                                            with teachers in an instant. This prepares
Our students are being recognised for         in implementing this new progressive
                                                                                            our students for third level and the world
their digital skills, developed and applied   model of education.
                                                                                            of work.
during their time in Creagh College.

Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
Creagh College is fully committed
to and engaged with the Junior
Cycle reform process. Students
starting post-primary education
in 2019 will follow the new Junior
Cycle specifications in all subjects.
The new subject specifications will
be assessed by classroom based
assessment in 2nd and 3rd year and
by a formal examination in June
2022. For more information see

1) Leaving Certificate Physical Education                          2. Leaving Certificate Computer Science

Creagh College are delighted to announce that we have been         Creagh College has been selected to be one of the pilot schools
successful in our application to the Department of Education       to be part of the phased introduction of Computer Science as
and Skills to be included in the first phase of schools to offer   a subject in the Leaving Certificate. Being a pilot school means
Leaving Certificate Physical Education (LCPE) as an optional       that Leaving Certificate Computer Science will be introduced
subject for examination.                                           to Creagh College 5th Year students starting September 2018.
                                                                   Our students will sit the Leaving Certificate Computer Science
Leaving Certificate PE will be introduced from September 2018      online exam in June 2020. Computer Science will be the first
at Creagh College. LCPE is an optional subject in which the        online Leaving Certificate exam.
students will study and are examined in, as part of the Leaving
Certificate, with CAO points allocated accordingly. The new        3. Leaving Certificate Politics and Society
Leaving Certificate Physical Education examinable subject will
have three assessment components:                                  Creagh College are delighted to announce that we have been
                                                                   chosen as a pilot school for phase two of the new Politics and
• A physical activity project,                                     Society course for Leaving Certificate. We will offer the course
• A performance assessment                                         to the incoming 5th year class to begin in September 2018. It
                                                                   will then be tested at Leaving Cert (higher and ordinary level) in
• A written examination.
                                                                   June 2020. The subject will have equal standing with all other
Sports psychology and skill techniques will be among the
                                                                   LC subjects and will be alloted the same amount of CAO points
areas studied. The subject will be available at both higher and
ordinary level.
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
“Students are well behaved and apply themselves
    diligently to work assigned”
Whole School Evaluation Report 2015

Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
JUNIOR CYCLE                             TRANSITION YEAR                            SENIOR CYCLE
1 - 3 Year
 st       rd
                                                                                    5th and 6th Year
Subjects Offered:                        Subjects Offered:                          Subjects Offered:
• Mathematics                            • English                                  • Mathematics
                                                                                    • English
• English                                • Irish
                                                                                    • Irish
• Irish                                  • Mathematics
                                                                                    • Physical Education
• Science                                • French/Spanish                           • Career Guidance
• Modern European Languages 		           • BT Young Scientist                       • SPHE
                                                                                    • Accounting
                                         • Chinese for beginners
• Wellbeing                                                                         • Agricultural Science
  (incorporating PE, CSPE, SPHE and      • Green Cert
                                                                                    • Applied Mathematics
                                         • Music                                    • Art
• Art, Craft & Design                    • Performing Arts                          • Biology
• Business Studies                                                                  • Business
                                         • Engineering
                                                                                    • Chemistry
• Classical Studies                      • Bake-Off
                                                                                    • Classical Studies
• Geography                              • Road Safety                              • Construction Studies
• History                                • Wellbeing                                • Computer Science (New L.C. Exam Subject)
• Home Economics                                                                    • Design & Communications Graphics
                                         • Construction Studies
• Materials Technology (Wood)                                                       • Economics
                                         • Design & Communication Graphics
                                                                                    • Engineering
• Materials Technology (Metal)           • Embedded IT Systems                      • French
• Music                                  • International Cuisine                    • Geography
• Religious Education                                                               • History
                                         • Young Social Innovator
• Technical Graphics                                                                • Home Economics
                                         • Global Development
                                                                                    • Music
• Technology                             • Mini-Company                             • Physics
                                         • Craft                                    • Physical Education (New L.C. Exam Subject)
                                                                                    • Politics & Society (New L.C. Exam Subject)
                                         • Japanese
                                                                                    • Religious Education
                                         • Forensic Science
                                                                                    • Spanish
                                                                                    • Technology

Subjects will be offered based on student demand and availability of places.

Transition Year is a one year optional programme designed to develop self-directed learning and to promote self-esteem and
maturity. It affords students the opportunity to acquire new skills while continuing to work in their core subject areas. Students
take modules in a variety of subjects which enables them to make informed choices when they enter Senior Cycle.
Creagh College offers both the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) programme and the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
(LCVP) alongside the established Leaving Certificate.
Life Learning for Open Evening Thursday September 27 2018 6pm - 8pm - Creagh College
A group of sixth year students are assigned as mentors to first year
students. The Meitheal students help the first years throughout the
year to settle into their new school by meeting them regularly and
organising events for them. The senior students act as positive role
models and provide encouragement and support for our new pupils.

As a post primary student you will make many important decisions.
Our counsellors are on hand to help students with these choices. They
are trained professionals with expertise and knowledge to help you
make choices regarding their educational and career issues.
Our counsellors also provide valuable support for students in dealing
with personal issues.
A student Care Team meets on a weekly basis to support student

Parents can meet with Guidance Counsellors, Year Heads, Class
Tutors, Subject Teachers as well as the Principal and Deputy
Principal. We work in partnership with our parents and encourage
a great deal of interaction between home and college. There are
several opportunities throughout the year when the college links
with home: Parent/teacher meetings, Reports, Parents’ Council,
Email and text messages home, new website, facebook page and
twitter account.

All students stay in the College for lunch. A range of healthy lunches,
both hot and cold are sold in the canteen. In conjunction with the
HSE, student council and our canteen provider we have developed
an excellent healthy eating policy. Healthy eating is promoted across
the College. Creagh College has received the Irish Heart Foundation’s
‘School Healthy Eating Award’ in May 2018.

In Creagh College we:
• Have been awarded the ‘Health Promoting Schools’ flag by the HSE.
• Promote physical activity within the school
• Attach great importance to the emotional needs of our students
• Ensure our students are safe and well cared for
• Keep our new campus clean, attractive and welcoming
• Promote healthy eating within the college

“A wide range of effective supports for
students is provided in the school”.
Whole School Evaluation Report 2015

Creagh College has high expectations of all its students with regard to:
Work Ethic , Attendance, Punctuality, Uniform, Equipment and Attitude
“The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular
     and co-curricular activities”
     Whole School Evaluation Report 2015

There is a massive range of extra-curricular activities for
students to choose from.

• Art Club
• Science Club
• Ciorcal Comhrá
• School Tours
 Examples include: China 2019, Athens 2018, Italy Ski
 Trip 2018, Munich 2017, Netherlands 2017, New York

• Basketball
• Equestrian
• GAA (Football, Hurling & Camogie)
• Debating
• School Business Enterprise
• Table Tennis
• Drama
• School Musicals
• School Choir
• Soccer
• Gaisce Awards
• Chess
• Cycle Against Suicide
• Charity Work
• Health Promoting School Initiative
• Green Schools
• Computer Coding Club
• Student Council
• Rugby
• Tennis
• Archery
• Creative Writing
• Athletics
• Cookery Club
Enthusiastic team provide a rich and
interesting learning experience.

“Teaching staff
                           demonstrate a strong
                             commitment to the
                     Whole School Evaluation Report 2015

                   The Creagh College Team

          “The atmosphere across the school
community is extremely good, mainly because
                  the teachers are so friendly”
                                             First Year Student
Learning for
Co. Wexford
Y25 V6Y9

Tel:   053 948 4035
Fax: 053 948 0554

                     Photography by: Michael Stokes


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