LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool

LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
UPDATE - 2017
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
                                  Welcome to the annual edition of the Liverpool Development Update
                                  which I hope you will find informative and useful.

                                  I also hope that you, like me, will be delighted to see that the levels of
                                  investment in our city continue to top £1 billion per annum. Since I came
                                  into office in 2012, we have seen over £4 billion invested in new houses,
                                  roads, offices and hotels. Most satisfyingly, we have delivered on
                                  creating the 12 new schools I promised, supported the building of over
                                                      5,000 new homes and, arguably more importantly,
                                                           brought an unprecedented 5,000 empty homes
                                                               back into use.

                                                                      Our city is creating jobs and attracting
                                                                          people to make Liverpool their
                                                                            home. As well as creating
                                                                             affordable homes with our public
                                                                              sector partners, the rate of
                                                                               private sector homebuilding is
                                                                               accelerating. Liverpool is
                                                                               attracting interest from several
                                                                               investors seeking to build luxury
                                                                              Private Rented Sector homes in
                                                                             our city centre – many of which
                                                                            will be in the Princes Dock and
                                                                           Fabric District areas. Crucially, there
                                                                       is also high demand for aspirational 3
                                                                     and 4 bedroomed homes in our
                                                                 attractive neighbourhoods.

                                                       This regeneration drive includes how we continue to
                                           attract businesses. The announcement that HMRC are to move
                                  3,500 staff to the India Buildings, and the choice of Kings Waterfront for
                                  1,500 call centre staff in a new office block by YPG Developments, in
                                  association with The Contact Company, shows how attractive the city is
                                  to investors and developers. But more can be done. And is being done.
                                  With our city’s stock of Grade A office floorspace dwindling, we are
                                  working with partners CTP and Kier Property to build 400,000 sq ft at Pall
                                  Mall Exchange that will provide enough space for a further 3,000 jobs.

                                  Many retail jobs have also been created now that Derwent’s Liverpool
                                  Shopping Park has recently opened and more are to follow with Project
                                  Jennifer’s new district centre nearing completion. Other long term
                                  schemes are also seeing success: Lime Street Gateway (on site),
                                  Ellergreen – the redevelopment of the former Boot Estate in Norris Green
                                  (completed) whilst plans for the Welsh Streets are being implemented.
                                  Despite wider economic uncertainties the fact is, confidence in Liverpool
                                  is booming. There are currently over 270 major new projects planned,
     2       3                    with £14 billion worth of schemes in the pipeline. Indeed, the work we
                                  are doing with partners to develop the new £1 billion Paddington Village
1.   PROPOSED: ROYAL COLLEGE OF   in the Knowledge Quarter and the Ten Streets Creative District will
                                  redefine Liverpool’s economy over the next 30 years.
                                  So, in essence this document is a snapshot of a new Liverpool. An
3.   PROPOSED: TEN STREETS        ambitious Liverpool. A Liverpool fit for the 21st century. Enjoy the read!

                                  Joe Anderson, OBE     Mayor of Liverpool
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool

Development Overview – Citywide              1

Development Overview: City Centre            2

City Centre: Offices                         3

City Centre: Retail                          4

City Centre: Leisure & Culture               5

City Centre: Hotels                          6

City Centre: Knowledge Quarter               7

City Centre: Residential                     8

City Centre Development Schedule             9

Development Overview: Outside the City Centre 23

Neighbourhoods: Industry & Warehousing       25

Neighbourhoods: Retail & Leisure             26

Neighbourhoods: Schools                      27

Neighbourhoods: Health                       27

Neighbourhoods: Residential                  28

North Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone     31

Stonebridge Cross Mayoral Development Zone   35

Central Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone   37

South Liverpool Mayoral Development Zone     39
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
Development Overview: City-wide


  • Value of major schemes completed in the
    whole City of Liverpool since January 2012:
    £4.60 billion

  • Value of major schemes completed in
    Liverpool since January 2017:
    £527 million                                                      ON SITE: WOLSTENHOLME SQUARE, DUE TO COMPLETE IN 2018. DEVELOPER
                                                                      WOLSTENHOLME SQUARE DEVELOPMENTS HAS NOW SUBMITTED PROPOSALS
  • Number of potential new/safeguarded FTE                           FOR A £36 MILLION EXTENSION TO BUILD AN ADDITIONAL 11 STOREY BLOCK
    equivalent job spaces created by city-                            WITH 200 LUXURY APARTMENTS, SPA AND SWIMMING POOL.

    wide developments completed since
    January 2017: 2,080                                               INVESTMENT LEVELS SUSTAINED TO
  • Actual construction value of major                                MATCH PREVIOUS YEARS
    schemes currently on site city-wide:
                                                                      Construction activity across Liverpool has continued to
    £1.4 billion.
                                                                      achieve over £1 billion each year. At present the city
  • Number of potential new/safeguarded FTE                           has some £1.4 billion worth of development activity on
                                                                      site, with some £634 million of this taking place outside
    job spaces that will be created by new
                                                                      of the City Centre.
    developments that are currently on site:
    2,680                                                             Investment in the health sector continues to be high, despite
                                                                      construction on the Royal Liverpool University Hospital coming
Breakdown of development values by                                    to a close next spring and with only some £40 million of its £335
activity currently on site, Liverpool city-wide                       million cost still to complete (plus a further £90m+ for
                                                                      demolition of the existing facility). The figure has been boosted
as at September 2017 (£m)                                             by the start of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre next door to it.
                                          52                          As the amount of construction activity in the education sector
                                                                      winds down following completion of the last of the twelve
                            320                122                    schools and the £68 million Materials Innovation Factory that
                                                                      opened at the start of this year, investment in public sector
                                                                      infrastructure is rising. Network Rail are investing £145 million in
                                                                      expanding capacity of Lime Street Station in a two-phased
                                                                      operation taking place this autumn and later next year. In
                                                                      addition, Liverpool City Council is investing in highway
                                                                      improvements including the dualling of Great Howard Street to
                                                                 57   improve efficiency and safety along one of the main arterial
                                                            28        routes into the city from the north, and to prepare for Liverpool
                                                                      Waters, the first of whose schemes have now started to come
                 481                                                  in for detailed planning approval.

                                                     192              Investment in building new homes still dominates the values of
                                                                      current activity, with some £481 million worth of homes being
                                                                      either built or refurbished, whilst some £320 million worth of
                                                                      student accommodation remains on site.
                                                                      Developments for future years are in the pipeline, with several
                                                                      key announcements having been made during the last year
  HEALTH CENTRES & HOSPITALS                                          concerning such projects as a new cruise liner terminal, a
  EDUCATION (SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES)                         possible new football stadium for Everton Football Club at
                                                                      Bramley Moore Dock, a new creative district at Ten Streets,
  HOTELS                                                              new plans for the Welsh Streets, Paddington Village, leisure
  OTHER MAJOR LEISURE ATTRACTIONS                                     developments at Kings Dock, and redevelopment and
                                                                      restoration at the former Garden Festival site now known as
                                                                      Festival Park.
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
Development Overview: City Centre

                                                                                        CITY CENTRE DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                        ACTIVITY OVERVIEW:
                                                                                        KEY FACTS AT A GLANCE:

                                                                                             Value of major schemes completed in
                                                                                              the City Centre since January 2012:
                                                                                              £2.05 billion

                                                                                             Number of potential new FTE jobs
                                                                                              created or safeguarded in the City
                                                                                              Centre by developments
PROPOSED: THE £35 MILLION ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS, PART OF THE                            completed since January 2012
                                                                                              (when let and filled to capacity):

CITY CENTRE DEVELOPMENT HOTSPOTS                                                             Value of major schemes completed
                                                                                              in the City Centre since January 2017:
BECOMING APPARENT                                                                             £314 million
Several key development hotspots are now emerging in the
City Centre. The Fabric District area known as Islington is seeing                           Number of potential new FTE jobs
developer interest focussing on residential accommodation                                     created or safeguarded in the City
along this northern edge of the centre which has been                                         Centre by developments
neglected for so long. The Council is encouraging this new
focus of activity as long as it makes space for businesses at                                 completed since January 2017
ground floor level to maintain the area’s reputation for out-of-                              (when let and filled to capacity):
centre retail linked primarily to furniture warehousing,                                      2,120
haberdashery and crafts.

A similar approach is being taken in the Baltic Triangle where a
                                                                                             Actual construction value of major
strong existing business community specialising in digital and                                schemes currently on site across the
other creatives continues to need space to grow. A strategic                                  City Centre: £763 million.
framework for the Baltic area has been produced.

Individual planning applications have now begun to arrive for
the various buildings that will form part of Paddington Village
next to the Health Campus in the Knowledge Quarter Mayoral
Development Zone. The first projects totalling over £122 million
will include the Royal College of Physicians, Liverpool
International College, and the Rutherford Cancer Centre North                                                        (818)
West. £12 million worth of infrastructure works will be                                                                      (713)
undertaken before development begins in order to prepare the                                                                  573
                               550                                                                           204
                                                                                               460    453
    £ millions

                 400                                                                                                  419

                 300                 312                                              321                    314
                                                            270     267
                 200                               223

                                                                                                                             140     135

                        2008          2009         2010    2011     2012     2013     2014    2015    2016   2017    2018    2019    2020

  Major Development Schemes in Liverpool City Centre since 2008
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
City Centre: Offices

                                                                         The last twelve months to September 2017 has
                                                                         seen £20 million invested in Liverpool City
                                                                         Centre’s office stock, with £15 million of that
                                                                         being the new Sensor City in the Knowledge
                                                                         Quarter which provided 27,000 square feet
                                                                         when completed in June 2017. The remaining
                                                                         £5 million included some 13,000 square feet of
                                                                         space being created at 20 Chapel Street for
                                                                         law firm Goldsmith Williams to relocate 165
                                                                         staff; and a refurbishment of several floors of
                                                                         Yorkshire House next door to it that has
                                                                         attracted new tenants including Prime Site
                                                                         Developments, Aspect Software and UK Law
BUSINESSES FOCUSED ON DRIVING INNOVATION IN SPORTS                       Take-up in the Commercial District during 2016
                                                                         was up a healthy 13%, the second highest
                                                                         figure since 2009. Much of this has been going
                                                                         into refurbished existing buildings; a sector
                                                                         where more refurbishments are predicted for
                                                                         2018 and 2019. This welcome news also
                                                                         highlights, however, the growing shortage of
                                                                         Grade A floorspace in the city: in March 2017
                                                                         it was reported there was just over 50,000 sq ft
                                                                         of vacant Grade A space remaining in the
                                                                         Commercial District, down from 91,869 sq ft in
                                                                         2015. With this in mind, the City Council has
                                                                         been working with preferred developers CTP
                                                                         and Kier Property to bring forward a joint
                                                                         venture that will see a £200 million
                                                                         redevelopment of Pall Mall Exchange. The first
                                                                         phase will deliver an office-led scheme
BOOTLE TO 270,000 SQUARE FEET OF THE GRADE II* LISTED INDIA BUILDINGS.   totalling 400,000 sq ft of space with retail and
                                                                         leisure uses, and a landscaped public realm.

                                                                         Since October 2016:
                                                                                         Value of office refurbishments or
                                                                               £20m      new space completed
                                                                                         Square feet of office floorspace
                                                                              91,646     created or refurbished
                                                                                         Net potential safeguarded or new
                                                                                  655    jobs created when the above
                                                                                         space is filled

                                                                         Currently on site (as at September 2017):
                                                                                         Value of office refurbishments/
                                                                               £7.5m     developments
                                                                                         Square feet of office floorspace
                                                                              22,000     being built or refurbished
                                                                                         Net potential safeguarded or new
                                                                                  200    jobs created when the above
                                                                                         space is filled

LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
City Centre: Retail

Investment in retailing in the City Centre has
remained relatively quiet over the last twelve
months, with the only schemes containing new
retail space completing being those on the
ground floor of mostly residential apartments (as
at The Cargo Building) and student
accommodation (as at Vine Street), all outside
of the traditional Main Retail Area.
There is currently an emphasis on refurbishment
and reconfiguration of existing stores such as at
Marks & Spencers on Church Street. Liverpool
ONE has seen several units refurbished for new
clients including menswear brand Ben Sherman
who opened its first full-price store outside              LIVERPOOL ONE HAS INVESTED IN REFURBISHMENTS DURING THE LAST YEAR,
London in April 2017, whilst JD Sports are currently       WITH BEN SHERMAN BEING ONE OF THE NEWCOMERS.

expanding their busy store on Paradise Street.
The Albert Dock’s new owners, Aberdeen Asset
Management, have announced plans to
overhaul the venue’s retail offer by converting
former office space at The Colonnades to new
shops. Three ground floor and three mezzanine
level units will be converted to create full two-
storey openings for retailers, all with simpler,
glazed shop fronts.
Footfall across the traditional Main Retail Area
has climbed 2.8% in the last 12 months (Sep-16
to Aug-17), now achieving 54.5 million shoppers.

Since October 2016:
                  Value of retail refurbishments/
       £2.0m      developments completed                   MEZZANINE LEVELS ARE TO BE INTRODUCED AT THE COLONNADES AT THE
                                                           ALBERT DOCK TO INCREASE RETAIL FLOORSPACE.
                  Square feet of new retail floorspace
      13,000      built
                  Net potential new jobs created
            60    when the above space is filled

Currently on site (as at September 2017):
                  Value of retail refurbishments/
         £7m      developments across city centre
                  Square feet of retail floorspace
      48,981      being built or refurbished
                  Net potential new jobs created
            200   when the above space is filled

Key Facts
                  Square feet total retail floorspace in
  3,000,000       Liverpool’s MRA
                                                           ACCORDING TO RECENT PRESS STATEMENTS, AUGUR LIVERPOOL HAS TAKEN
                  MRA Retail Vacancy Rate as at July       OVER THE INCOMPLETE FORMER CENTRAL VILLAGE SCHEME FROM
       11.6%      2017 (source: Livepool Data Company)     MEREPARK. AUGUR WILL BE SUBMITTING A NEW APPLICATION EARLY NEXT
                                                           YEAR TO MAKE AMENDMENTS TO THE PREVIOUSLY APPROVED SCHEME TO
                                                           BRING MORE RETAIL AND LEISURE SPACE TO THE SCHEME. THE PLANS WILL
                  Zone A prime frontage rents per
 £280-£320        square foot
                                                           ALSO ALLOW FOR THE EXPANSION OF CENTRAL STATION.

LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
City Centre: Leisure and Culture

                                                                  2017 saw a major new venue open on the city’s
                                                                  Waterfront when the British Music Experience
                                                                  arrived at the Cunard Building. Liverpool beat
                                                                  other contenders from across the UK to become
                                                                  the home of the attraction after it moved from
                                                                  its previous location at the O2 in London. The
                                                                  museum tells the story of British music from 1945
                                                                  to the present day.

                                                                  This year has also seen investment continuing in
                                                                  Liverpool’s theatres. Liverpool’s Royal Court is
                                                                  currently undergoing the £3 million third phase
                                                                  of its £11 million refurbishment programme. The
                                                                  scheme will see a new 150-seat studio space
THE £3.1 MILLION BRITISH MUSIC EXPERIENCE OPENED ON THE GROUND    added to the theatre’s basement to host small
                                                                  comedy shows, music events and smaller
                                                                  theatre productions. Front of house
                                                                  improvements include remodelling work on the
                                                                  balcony seating and larger, more open bar
                                                                  areas on the third and fourth floors. Conversion
                                                                  of the neighbouring Penny Farthing pub to an
                                                                  extension of the theatre containing a courtyard
                                                                  bar and kitchen, and first floor restaurant was
                                                                  completed during the summer.

                                                                  Meanwhile, the Unity Theatre carried out
                                                                  £845,000 of improvements which included
                                                                  improved access for disabled visitors and an
                                                                  enlarged bar area.

                                                                  Figures have revealed that National Museums
IN 2017, LIVERPOOL HAS CONTINUED ITS ROLE OF AS ONE OF THE UK’S   Liverpool contributes around £53 million to the
TOP LEISURE AND CULTURAL DESTINATIONS, AS WELL AS HOSTING         local economy, with its city attractions bucking
LIVERPOOL AS ITS NEW HOME, AND IN JULY MOUNTED A THREE-DAY        the trend with an increase in visitors while
SPECTACULAR EVENT ACROSS SEVERAL VENUES IN THE CITY INCLUDING     numerous national museums are reporting a fall
                                                                  in numbers. Visitor numbers have risen by 360%
                                                                  since 2000, with 2016 having seen an increase
                                                                  of 11% when 3 million people attended its eight
                                                                  museums and galleries. The organisation, which
                                                                  includes the Museum of Liverpool, Walker Art
                                                                  Gallery and the World Museum among its sites,
                                                                  also employs more than 1,200 jobs locally.

                                                                  Since October 2016:
                                                                                  Value of leisure refurbishments/
                                                                       £7.2m      developments completed

                                                                  Currently on site (as at September 2017):
                                                                                  Value of leisure refurbishments/
                                                                      £26.0m      developments on site
                                                                                  Square feet of leisure floorspace
                                                                      312,067     being built or refurbished
                                                                                  Net potential new jobs created
                                                                           660    when the above space is filled

LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
City Centre: Hotels & Serviced Apartments

The last 12 months has seen 120 serviced
apartments brought to the City Centre, mostly in
two venues: the Shankly Hotel on Victoria Street
(69 suites) and 1 Arthouse Square (41 suites) both
completed at the end of 2016. In addition, Epic
Apart-Hotel Duke Street gained a further 7
serviced apartments when the first segment of
the new Wolstenholme Square development
completed in August 2017. These bring the
number of known serviced apartments (including
those in apart-hotels) in the City Centre to over

More apart-hotels are on site. The £16 million
                                                      COMPLETED: AMARIS HOSPITALITY SPENT £2 MILLION REFURBISHING
conversion of the Corn Exchange is underway to        AND REBRANDING THE ATLANTIC TOWER HOTEL ON CHAPEL STREET
bring 205 suites in Spring 2018, and 33 suites will   FOLLOWING THEIR ACQUISITION OF THE VENUE IN 2015. THE REFURB
                                                      COMPLETED IN FEBRUARY 2017.
shortly complete at 30-40 Seel Street. Renshaw
Hall off Benson Street will have 52 suites when it
completes in late 2018. Several more applications
have been made for a further 8 establishments
across the City Centre totalling 430 suites.

There are currently 330 traditional hotel bedrooms
on site across the City Centre. EasyHotel on
Castle Street will bring 77 this autumn. These will
be followed in 2018 by 122 rooms at The Times by
Vincent Hotel on Seel Street, and 100 rooms at
the new Premier Inn taking shape at Lime Street.

A new hotel celebrating Everton football legend
Dixie Dean has been announced by Signature
Living who propose converting the gothic
Jerome and Carlisle Buildings on Victoria Street
into a luxury 100-bedroom hotel as part of a plan
to create a world-first ‘Football Quarter’. The       ON SITE: THE £20 MILLION, 122 BEDROOM “THE TIMES BY VINCENT HOTEL”
65,000 sq ft hotel will contain restaurants, bars     WILL COMPLETE IN SUMMER 2018. OPERATED BY HOSPITALITY
                                                      ENTREPRENEUR PAUL ADAMS, IT WILL INCLUDE A ROOFTOP POOL AND
and an events space for weddings. A planning          SPA.
application is expected to be submitted later this

Since October 2016:
                Value of hotel/serviced apartments
    £30.1m      completed or refurbished
                New serviced apartments created
         120    in the last 12 months
                Net new jobs created from the
          55    above

Currently on site (as at September 2017):
                Value of hotel refurbishments/
    £56.8m      developments & serviced apartments
                Hotel rooms / serviced apartments
  300 / 290     being created
                                                      ON SITE: THE £3 MILLION EASYHOTEL ON CASTLE STREET WILL OPEN AT THE
                Net potential new jobs created        END OF NOVEMBER 2017. IT WILL HAVE 77 EN-SUITE BEDROOMS.
LIVERPOOL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 2017 - Regenerating Liverpool
City Centre: Knowledge Quarter Mayoral Development Zone

                                                                     Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter Mayoral
                                                                     Development Zone is the hub for the city’s
                                                                     burgeoning knowledge economy and one of
                                                                     the main economic drivers of the city region. It
                                                                     includes the city’s universities, the Royal Liverpool
                                                                     University Hospital (currently being rebuilt), the
                                                                     Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool
                                                                     Science Park, The National Oceanographic
                                                                     Centre, Mersey Bio Incubator, the Art & Design
                                                                     Academy, the Liverpool Institute for the
                                                                     Performing Arts and Liverpool Community
                                                                     College. Between them, these organisations
                                                                     provide accommodation for learning, research,
                                                                     incubation and commercialisation by new and
                                                                     growing businesses, and some £970 million has
                                                                     been invested since 2000.
INNOVATION FACTORY. IT BROUGHT 100 NEW JOBS WITH IT.                 The expansion of the Knowledge Quarter’s
                                                                     Health Campus is in full swing. The £25 million
                                                                     Life Sciences Centre completed in September
                                                                     2017, and will soon be followed by the £335
                                                                     million Royal Liverpool Hospital in spring 2018.
                                                                     The £124 million Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is
                                                                     now also on site and expected to open in
                                                                     summer 2019. These may possibly be joined by a
                                                                     relocated Liverpool Womens’ Hospital and
                                                                     additional research-led institutions which could
                                                                     see total investment exceed more than £800
                                                                     Plans are moving forward rapidly for Paddington
                                                                     Village that neighbours the Health Campus. Site
                                                                     infrastructure works are underway to prepare for
                                                                     construction of the Royal College of Physicians,
                                                                     Liverpool International College and Rutherford
WILL PROVIDE SPACE FOR OVER 540 NEW JOBS.                            Cancer Centre Northwest, all of which are the
                                                                     first major schemes confirmed as part of the £1
                                                                     billion development. Construction on all three
                                                                     facilities at Paddington Central could start in
                                                                     early to mid 2018.

                                                                     Since October 2016:
                                                                                      Value of schemes completed in the
                                                                        £123.7m       Knowledge Quarter over 12 months

                                                                                      Square feet of office/health/
                                                                         193,800      education floorspace completed

                                                                                      Net potential new jobs created
                                                                              640     when the above space is filled

RUTHERFORD CANCER CENTRE NORTHWEST WILL BE THEIR THIRD               Currently on site (as at September 2017):
ENCOMPASSING CANCER SERVICE FOR PATIENTS, OFFERING PROTON                             Value of developments under
BEAM THERAPY, CHEMOTHERAPY, TRADITIONAL RADIOTHERAPY AND                £802.7m       construction

City Centre: Residential

Liverpool City Centre’s population has now grown
to over 33,540 living in over 14,000 residences.
2017 has continued to see the creation of more
residential apartments, with over 1,000 units
expected to have completed by the end of this
year. This is welcome news as these not only
contribute to the number of new homes the city
has to offer, but give a clear indication of the
number of vacant or underused buildings or
brownfield sites being redeveloped within the
City Centre. These in turn attract more servicing
businesses and leisure/dining outlets which
benefit existing residents.
The new hotspot for student accommodation is                        COMPLETED IN JUNE 2017, CHANCERY HOUSE HAS BEEN CONVERTED TO 37
                                                                    APARTMENTS ABOVE COMMERCIAL FLOORSPACE NOW OCCUPIED BY
the Fabric District on the northern edge of the
                                                                    “THE CHANCERY” DELICATESSEN RESTAURANT.
City Centre where several schemes that could
contribute to over proposed 4,000 bedrooms are
about to commence.

Since September 2016:
                    Value of completed student
    £83.2m          accommodation schemes
                    Number of student bedrooms
        1,915       completed
                    Value of (non-student) residential
   £146.7m          schemes completed
                    Number of (non-student) new
        1,370       homes completed

Currently on site (at September 2017):
                    Value of student accommodation
   £239.0m          schemes under construction
                    Number of student bedrooms under
        3,394       construction                                    UNITE STUDENTS COMPLETED THE £35 MILLION 772 BEDROOM STUDENT
                                                                    ACCOMMODATION BUILDING “ST LUKES VIEW” AT 4-14 OLDHAM STREET IN
                    Value of (non-student) residential              SEPTEMBER 2017.
   £230.6m          schemes under construction

        2,083       Number of (non-student) new                             2582
                    homes under construction                 2427            48

 2200   Number of residential units completed                                                               2107
 2000   or on site in Liverpool City Centre
 1400                                                                                    1404
          STUDENT BEDROOMS ON SITE                                                                                           1319
 1200      849
                                  1244                                                                             1147
 1000                                             1102                                          288
  800                                                                                                 872
                     582                                                           537
  200                      218                                        262
               18                 24         19          114                                                              0
          2010        2011            2012    2013        2014          2015        2016         2017        2018         2019
City Centre Development Schedule
This schedule provides detailed information on schemes in the City Centre, some of
which have been completed in the last 13 months, are on site, have a live planning
application submitted/pending or have received planning consent.

CITY CENTRE COMPLETED                                 SEPTEMBER 2016 – SEPTEMBER 2017

MAP REF   ADDRESS                        DESCRIPTION                                                DEVELOPER             COST        COMPLETED
1         British Music Experience       Part ground floor conversion to museum of popular          British Music         £3.1m       March 2017
          Museum, Cunard Building        music                                                      Experience

2         Mercure Liverpool              Major refurbishment and rebranding of hotel as             Mercure               Not         February
          Atlantic Tower Hotel,          Mercure                                                                          known       2017
          Chapel Street
3         Unity, 20 Chapel Street        Creation of over 13,000 sq ft new office space within      Canmoor               £3m         August 2017
                                         existing building for law firm Goldsmith Williams
4         Yorkshire House, Chapel        Refurbishment of offices                                   Millfield Estates     £0.2m       June 2017
5         Orleans House, Edmund          Conversion of offices to 71 apartments with                Bruntwood             £5m         May 2017
          Street                         basement parking

6         “Byrom Point”, Great           New 14 storey building with ground floor commercial        Gipsy International   £12m        September
          Crosshall/Fontenoy Street      unit and 398 student bedrooms above                                                          2016

7         Royal Court Theatre,           Conversion of basement to 150 person performance           Royal Court           £2.9m       August 2017
          Roe Street                     venue and other internal refurbishments                    Liverpool Trust

8         97-105 Dale Street             Conversion of 1st to 3rd floors as 10 residential          Garry Usherwood       £0.5m       September
                                         apartments                                                 Associates Ltd                    2016
9         37 Cheapside                   Conversion and extension to create 12 bedroom              BTE Limited           £0.75m      December
                                         student bedrooms                                                                             2016
10        Bands Building, 8 Vernon       To convert 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors to provide 6            Amber View Estates    £0.3m       March 2017
          Street                         apartments.                                                Limited
11        Citrus House, 40-46 Dale       Conversion of upper floors from offices to 34              Day Architectural     £3m         Autumn
          Street                         apartments, and ground floor to 2 commercial units         Ltd                               2016
12        19 Castle Street               Conversion from retail/offices to cafeteria with 8 self-   Mr John Lee           £0.8m       June 2017
                                         contained flats on the upper floors.
13        25-27 Castle Street            Conversion of 1st to 3rd floors from office space to 16    Highneal Limited      Not         Winter 2016
                                         apartments                                                                       disclosed
14        2 Castle Street/1-3 Water      To convert upper floors to 8 self-contained                RSL Property          £0.6m       September
          Street                         residential apartments                                     Management Ltd                    2017
15        Oriel Chambers, 14             Refurbishment of two neighbouring office buildings         Bruntwood             £0.5m       October
          Water Street                                                                                                                2016
16        Tower Buildings, Strand        Conversion of 1st and 2nd floors to 32 apartments          HeadOffice3           £5m         July 2017
17        West Africa House, 25          Conversion from offices to 42 apartments                   Signature Living      £5.7m       May 2017
          Water Street
18        7 The Strand (Wellington       Conversion from offices to 96 apartments                   Seven Capital (The    £6m         September
          Buildings)                                                                                Strand) Ltd                       2016
19        Tom’s Tavern, 50               Refurbishment of bar and eaterie including The             C&G Holdings Ltd      £1m         August 2017
          Brunswick Street               Bentley Function Rooms on two upper floors

20        Chancery House, 96             Conversion/extension to mixed use scheme with 37           JCC Building          £5m         June 2017
          Paradise Street                apartments, ground floor retail unit and deli/café.        Services LLP
21        “Shankly Hotel”, Victoria      Conversion to 61 bedroom hotel, 22 suite apart-hotel,      Signature Living      £20m        August 2017
          Street                         gym, bar/restaurant and basement car park,
22        Parker Street, Elliot Street   Repaving works                                             Liverpool City        £3m         November
          and Houghton Street                                                                       Council                           2016
23        St John’s Market, St           Refurbishment of indoor market                             Liverpool City        £2.5m       October
          John’s Centre                                                                             Council                           2016

MAP REF   ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                                                 DEVELOPER                 COST     COMPLETED
24        “X1 Liverpool 1”, Seel       New 6/9 storey development with 331 student                 X1 Developments Ltd       £18m     September
          Street                       bedrooms above ground floor retail/commercial.                                                 2016
25        11-13 Wolstenholme           Conversion and new build to create ground floor             Hope Street               £2m      June 2017
          Square, 67-73 Duke Street    commercial units and extension to Epic Apart-hotel          Properties Limited
26        1 Arthouse Square, 61-69     Conversion from offices to 39 bedroom apart-hotel           Signature Living          £10.7m   December
          Seel Street                                                                              Arthouse Square Ltd                2016
27        “The Dome”, Central          To convert upper floors of building to 41 bed               OBG - NEXTDOM             £2.2m    September
          Hall, 35 Renshaw St          student accommodation                                                                          2017
28        “St Luke’s View”, 4-14       To erect max 12 storey building with 772 student            Unite Group Plc           £35m     August 2017
          Oldham Street                bedrooms, communal areas and ground floor retail
29        St Luke’s Church, Leece      Refurbishment of bombed out church as event space Liverpool City                      £0.5m    May 2017
          Street                                                                         Council

30        44 Nelson Street             Conversion to create a 16 bedroom HMO                       Frenson Limited           £0.3m    Sept 2016

31        “The Cargo Building”,        3 new buildings (13, 10 and 8 storeys) to include retail/   Promenade Estates         £50m     August 2017
          Wapping                      commercial space and 308 apartments, residents-only
                                       gym, public square, underground car park.
32        24 Kitchen Street            Conversion to public event space, including café/           Windle & Roberts          £1m      September
                                       restaurant, pub, theatre space/ nightclub/art studio                                           2016
                                       with eating terrace on roof and garden nursery.
33        3a Bridgewater Street        Conversion to 20,000 sq ft offices                          Baltic Properties         £1.5m    July 2017
                                                                                                   North West (BPNW)
34        5-7 Bridgewater Street       8 to 10 storey building with 118 studio apartments          Baltic Properties         £7m      September
                                       above ground floor commercial unit and parking              North West (BPNW)                  2016
35        “Norfolk House – Phase       To erect 5 to 9 storey apartment building containing        Baltic Developments       £15m     September
          1”, 70-78 Norfolk Street     156 studio apartments.                                      Limited                            2016
36        “Norfolk House – Phase       9 storey building containing 100 studio apartments          The Elliot Group          £5m      January
          2”, Norfolk Street                                                                                                          2017
37        22 Jordan Street             To refurbish to provide 7 individual office units with      Baltic Creatives CIC      £0.5m    September
                                       independent access doors fronting Jamaica Street.                                              2016
38        “The Terrace at X1 The       To erect 101 apartments in a 17 storey building             X1 Developments           £11m     September
          Quarter”, Sefton Street                                                                  Ltd                                2016
39        Baltic Market, Cains         Conversion to retail/food hall, 2 bars, a performance       Independent               £0.5m    June 2017
          Brewery Village              area, multi-purpose hall, restaurant and cinema             Liverpool

40        Liverpool Institute for      To erect 2/3 storey extension to provide a sixth form       Liverpool Institute for   £5.4m    September
          Performing Arts, Mount St    college in its Hope Street wing.                            Performing Arts                    2016
41        19 Rodney Street             Conversion to 5 apartments                                  Ian Marlowe               £0.5m    July 2017
42        3-5 Rodney Street            Conversion of former NHS Centre to 25 bed HMO for           Metis Developments        £0.5m    November
                                       young professionals                                                                            2016
43        City of Liverpool College,   Conversion of 2 floors of existing college building to      City of Liverpool         £2.5m    September
          Myrtle Street campus         the UK’s first purpose-built digital coding academy         College                            2017

44        “Falkner Place”, 68          To erect 6 storey building with 109 flats, ground floor     Falkner Street Ltd        £15m     September
          Falkner Street               commercial space and parking                                                                   2017
45        Myrtle Parade, Myrtle        To erect two new blocks of 4 and 8 storeys with 303         Liverpool Edge            £15m     September
          Street                       student bedrooms and ground floor retail space.             (Myrtle Parade) Ltd                2016
46        “Vine Square”, Vine St/      To erect 2 blocks (8 and 4 storeys) providing 97 PRS        Carpenter                 £10m     September
          Chatham St/Myrtle Street     apartments and ground floor commercial space                Investments Limited                2017

47        Sensor City Incubator,       3-4 storey incubator facility comprising incubator units,   Sensor City               £15m     July 2017
          Russell St/Warren Street     laboratories, breakout spaces and meeting rooms             Liverpool Limited
48        City of Liverpool College,   New science laboratory                                      City of Liverpool         £3m      September
          Clarence Street                                                                          College                            2016
49        Materials Innovation         New 5 storey Research Laboratory Building                   University of             £68m     December
          Factory, Grove Street                                                                    Liverpool                          2016
50        Liverpool Life Sciences      New build research and development centre, internal         Royal Liverpool NHS       £25m     September
          Centre, Prescot Street       new road alignments and car park                            Trust                              2017

51        Post Office Public House,    Conversion from pub to shop with 6 self-contained           Stockton Properties       £0.3m    September
          2 Great Newton Street        student flats above                                                                            2016
52        “The Lightbox”, 3-5          To erect 5 storey block containing 34 student               Mr Barry Ramm             £2.5m    September
          Lower Gill Street            bedrooms and flats                                                                             2016
53        63 Kempston Street           To convert retail unit to student accommodation - 6         Try and Lilly             £1m      Sept
                                       clusters (18 beds in total)                                 Properties                         2016
MAP REF   ADDRESS                      DESCRIPTION                                                DEVELOPER             COST     TO COMPLETE
54        Royal Liver Building, Pier   Refurbishment of 2nd and 7th floors                        Liver Building        £0.5m    December
          Head                                                                                    Company Limited                2017

55        60 Old Hall Street           Conversion from office to create 115 serviced              Signature Living      £17m     January
                                       apartments with roof-top gym                                                              2018
56        Silkhouse Court,             Conversion from office tower to create 193 self-           Fortis                £25m     March 2018
          Tithebarn Street             contained flats.
57        “Exchange Station”,          Refurbishment of existing office building providing        Commercial Estates    £7m      2018
          Tithebarn Street             175,700 sq ft                                              Group
58        “Beetham Court/              Refurbishment of office space, and conversion of           Curtins               £1.5m    October
          Hadwens Apartments”,         third and fourth floors into 8 x 2 bedroom apartments                                     2017
          51-57 Tithebarn Street       with a new ground floor retail unit to Pall Mall.

59        “North Point”, 70-90 Pall    3 to 18 storeys comprising 507 live/work studios,        PHD1                    £90m     2019/20
          Mall, L3                     apartments and duplexes, car park, ground floor retail,
                                       café/bar, restaurants, spa, offices and first floor gym.
60        Blackstock Street/ Paul      New 5 to 8 storey building comprising 200 flats and        W.F. Doyle and Co.    £20m     September
          Street                       parking.                                                   Ltd.                           2018

61        “Studio 200”, 11             To erect nine storey building with 200 student             Key Design LLP        £15m     August 2018
          Fontenoy Street              bedrooms.

62        Royal Court Theatre,         Conversion of Penny Farthing pub to courtyard bar          Royal Court           £2.9m    December
          Roe Street                   and kitchen, and first floor restaurant                    Liverpool Trust                2017
63        Lime Street Station          Remodelling of station to include two new platforms        Network Rail          £72.5m   October
                                       for increased capacity (Phase 1)                           Infrastructure Ltd             2017

64        Princes Building, 81 Dale    Conversion of buildings to form 41 apartments,             Goodman Wells         £9m      Spring 2018
          Street, 11-13 Cheapside      including the reconfiguration of ground floor
          and 10 Hockenhall Alley      commercial units.
65        Victoria Street Car Park,    New 333 space multi-storey car park over 5 floors with     Liverpool City        £6.5m    December
          Victoria Street              ground floor bar/restaurant space with roof terrace        Council                        2017
66        Harrington House,            Conversion of upper floors to 33 apartments.               Derwent Lodge         £3m      November
          Harrington Street            Refurbishment of ground floor nightclubs/shopfronts.       Estates Limited                2017
67        EasyHotel, 47 Castle St      Conversion from offices to 77 bedroom budget hotel         EasyHotel             £3m      November
68        “The Residence”, 8           Conversion from offices to 96 apartments.                  Prospect Capital      £8m      December
          Water Street                                                                                                           2017
69        Reliance House, 20           Conversion from offices to 100 apartments                  Legacie               £8m      January
          Water Street                                                                                                           2018
70        Corn Exchange Building,      Conversion of lower ground floor and floors 1-8 from       BJ 201 Limited and    £16m     March 2018
          Fenwick Street               offices to a 205 bedroom apart-hotel.                      BJ 202 Limited
71        “Strand Plaza”, The          Conversion of office block to 124 apartments               Primesite             £26m     July 2018
          Strand                                                                                  Developments

72        Produce Exchange, 8          Refurbishment and conversion to 54 x 1, 2 and 3            Foster Marlon Group   £8m      October
          Victoria Street              bedroom luxury apartments                                                                 2017
73        JD Sports, 4 Paradise St     Refurbishment and extension                                JD Sports             £1m      Dec 2017
74        RBS Bank, 2-8 Church         Conversion of former clothes store to RBS Bank             RBS                   £1m      November
          Street                                                                                                                 2017
75        Playhouse Theatre,           Refurbishment including repairs to facade                  Playhouse Theatre     £0.55m   December
          Williamson Square                                                                                                      2017
76        Parker Street Residences,    Conversion of 2nd to 7th floors to 91 x 1 bed apartments   Property Frontiers    £5m      December
          11-17 Parker Street                                                                                                    2017
77        Clayton Square               Conversion of former Morrisons store to McDonalds          McDonalds             £1.2m    October
          Shopping Centre              restaurant                                                 Restaurants                    2017
78        Lanigans, 33-35              Conversion of upper floor to pod hotel with 12             Tipp Pool Limited     Not      Winter 2017
          Ranelagh Street              bedrooms of between 2 and 12 bedspaces.                                          known
79        “The Ascent”, Renshaw        New 13 storey building with 196 student apartments         IconInk               £24m     December
          Street                                                                                                                 2017

MAP REF   ADDRESS                     DESCRIPTION                                                 DEVELOPER                COST     TO COMPLETE
80        Renshaw Hall, Benson        Redevelop with 292 student bedrooms and 52                  NR Capricornus           £20m     Summer 2019
          Street                      bedroom apart-hotel
81        Havelock Building 139-      To change use of 2nd and 3rd floors to 7 residential        Mr Mark Rea              £0.5m    Spring 2018
          141 Wood Street             apartments.
82        “L1 Studios”, 16 Fleet      To erect seven storey block of 52 student bedrooms          Hope Street Properties   £10m     September
          Street                      with ground floor commercial uses                           Limited                           2018
83        “One Wolstenholme           Four blocks between 3 and 10 storeys to contain             Wolstenholme Square      £40m     March 2018
          Square”, 5 Parr Street &    replacement nightclub over two basement levels,             Developments
          Wolstenholme Square         commercial units and 333 studio apartments on               Limited
          plus land/premises          upper floors, and change of use of existing
          between northern edge       warehouse to mix of commercial uses, nightclub and
          of Wolstenholme Square      114 studio apartments above, together with re-
          and Seel Street             landscaping of Wolstenholme Square.
84        30-40 Seel Street           Conversion to 33 x 1 bedroom serviced apartments            Hope Street Properties   £2.5m    Autumn
                                      and 4 retail units at ground and basement levels.           Limited                           2017
85        “The Times by Vincent       To erect 5-7 storey building containing 116 boutique        Wolstenhome Square       £20m     July 2018
          Hotel”, 42-46 Seel Street   bedrooms                                                    Developments Limited
86        65 Duke Street/14           To replace existing buildings with a 3 to 7 storey          Lady Mia Limited         £5m      December
          Wolstenholme Square         building with 69 apartments with retail at ground floor.                                      2018
87        84-86 Seel Street           To demolish existing garage and erect new                   Mr Gleeson               £0.4m    Spring 2018
                                      bar/restaurant with 4 studio apartments above

88        New Chinatown –             To erect a 6 storey mixed use building comprising 6         Seeking replacement      £38m     2018/19
          Phase 1                     townhouses, 115 apartments, public events space             developer
                                      commercial space and underground car parking

89        “Kings Dock Mill – Phase    To erect 11/12 storey block containing 204                  YPG Developments         £15m     September
          2”, Land at Hurst Street    apartments                                                  Limited                           2018
90        62-64 Bridgewater           To convert existing industrial premises to craft brewery,   Higsons Brewery          £2.5m    October
          Street                      including beer production, distillery, visitor centre       Limited                           2017
91        Land bordering              To partially convert existing vacant warehouse into 5       HUP (BALTIC)             £1.7m    November
          Bridgewater Street and      town houses, erect 4 x 4 storey town houses and                                               2017
          Watkinson Street            erect commercial unit for use as office.
92        “Baltic House – Phase 1”,   New 9-11 storey building with 150 student bedrooms          Pinnacle Student         £14m     Scheme
          Norfolk St/Brick Street     communal facilities, and office/creative workshops          Developments Ltd                  stalled
93        “The Tower” at X1 The       To erect 25 storey building containing 196 residential      X1 Developments Ltd      £25m     September
          Quarter, Sefton Street      apartments                                                                                    2018
94        “Parliament Residence”,     44 apartments within a new 5/6 storey building with         Assetcorp                £3.5m    Spring 2018
          32-34 Parliament Street     ground floor parking, office/workshop space

95        “Philharmonic Rise”, 35-    Deconversion of existing student accommodation              Hollinwood Homes         £7m      Spring 2018
          4-22 Catharine Street       back to original 23 individual private town houses          Limited
96        32 Rodney Street and 45     Conversion to a ground floor public house with rear         Mr Gavin Heard           £0.25m   September
          Leece Street                terrace and 5 serviced apartments above.                                                      2017

97        Land bounded by             Mixed use development comprising 2 blocks for               Unite                    £70m     September
          Skelhorne Street, Bolton    ground floor commercial uses with 1,027 student                                               2019
          Street, Hilbre Street       bedrooms on upper floors
98        Lime Street Gateway:        Mixed use development with ground floor                     Regeneration             £39m     July 2018
          45-77 Lime Street and       commercial, retail and leisure uses, 90 bedroom hotel       Liverpool/Neptune
          20-22 Bolton Street         and student accommodation.
99        65-73 Smithdown Lane        To erect part 3, part 5 storey block of student             GC Capital Ltd           £2m      Spring 2018
                                      accommodation comprising 64 bedrooms
100       Royal Liverpool             Redevelopment to provide a hospital and related             Royal Liverpool &        £429m    Spring 2018
          University Hospital,        healthcare facilities comprising core hospital              Broadgreen University
          Prescot Street              buildings, energy centre, future healthcare buildings       Hospitals NHS Trust
101       Clatterbridge Cancer        New cancer treatment centre                                 Clatterbridge Cancer     £124m    July 2019
          Treatment Centre                                                                        Centre NHS Foundation

102       “One Islington Plaza”,      To erect 8/10 storey block containing 317 student units     Islington Regeneration   £15m     September
          Devon Street/Moss Street    with ground floor commercial floorspace.                    Company                           2018
103       33 Devon Street             New part six, part eight storey building with ground        YPG Devon House Ltd      £17.5m   March 2019
                                      floor retail and 218 student studio bedrooms
104       “Pembroke Studios”, 4-      New six-storey building comprising 94 student studios       Yu Property Group        £6.5m    October
          10 Pembroke Place           and ground floor retail                                                                       2017
105       “The Paramount”, 28         488 bedroom student accommodation in 7 to 11                Pinnacle Student         £35m     Winter
          London Road                 storey building                                             Developments Ltd                  2017
MAP REF   ADDRESS                  DESCRIPTION                               DEVELOPER             STATUS                  COST     COMPLETION
106       Isle of Man Ferry        New ferry terminal                        Isle of Man           Planning application    £15m     Not known
          Terminal                                                           Government            awaited
107       “The Lexington”,         34 storey residential block with 304      Moda Living           Permission granted      £82m     2019
          William Jessop Way       private rented sector apartments                                September 2016
108       “The Hive”, William      30 storey tower with 276 private          Your Housing          Planning application    £48m     September
          Jessop Way, Princes      rental apartments, “premium               Group                 anticipated                      2019
          Dock                     restaurant and bistro facilities”
109       “Plaza 1821”, William    New tower with 105 one and two-           Peel/The              Planning application    £21m     Not known
          Jessop Way               bedroom PRS apartments and                Regenda Group         17F/0913 submitted
                                   ground floor commercial                                         April 2017
110       “William Jessop          To erect 8 storey office building with    Peel Holdings         Application 15F/0560    Not      Not known
          House”, William          ground floor commercial retail            (Land and             awaiting signing of     stated
          Jessop Way                                                         Property) Ltd         legal agreement
111       Liverpool Cruise Liner   Replacement cruise liner terminal         Liverpool City        Planning application    £60m     2020
          Terminal, Princes Dock                                             Council               anticipated
112       2nd floor, Cunard        To carry out internal alterations to      Interserve            Permission granted      £0.5m    Not known
          Building, Pier Head      part of second floor (11,000 sq ft).      Investments Ltd       December
113       Canning Dock             To connect Mann Island with the           Amey                  Application 17F/2197    Not      Not known
          pedestrian link          Pump House at Albert Dock with                                  submitted August        known
                                   series of pedestrian bridges.                                   2017
114       Albert Dock              Conversion of offices to retail           Aberdeen Asset        Application 17F/1420    Not      Not known
                                                                             Management            submitted May 2017      known
115       The Block, 19 Keel       Conversion from storage areas to 8        Artisan H (Kings      Permission granted      Not      Not known
          Wharf                    apartments                                Waterfront) Ltd       January 2017            stated
116       Land at Monarchs         To erect a four storey, 45,000 sq ft      Monarchs Quay         Application 17F/2490    Not      Not known
          Quay, Kings Dock         office storey building with leisure use   Holdings Limited      submitted Sept 2017     known
117       “The Keel” – Phase 2     To erect 2 x 8 storey buildings of 257    Queens Dock           Permission granted      £45m     Not known
                                   PRS apartments                            Liverpool Property    March 2017

118       Irwell Chambers, 9       To erect 2 storey roof extension to       RDI Property          Application 16F/2012    £2m      Not known
          Union Street             provide 20 residential apartments                               submitted August 2017
119       Pall Mall Exchange       To erect new Grade A 400,000 sq ft        Development           Application awaited     £20m     Not known
          Phase 1                  office building                           partner sought
120       Pall Mall/Exchange       Major new mixed-use development           To be                 Supplementary           £200m    3-15 years
          Phases 2 & 3             to provide offices, retail/restaurants,   determined            Planning Document
                                   residential units, car parking                                  approved.
121       30-36 Pall Mall          10 to 22 storey tower with 336 flats      Anwyl                 Permission granted      £50m     Not known
                                   and ground floor commercial units         Construction          July 2017
122       Ovatus 1, 122 Old        27 storey tower with 168 apartments       122 Old Hall          Application 17F/0042    £35m     Not known
          Hall Street              for PRS rent                              Street Limited        submitted Jan 2017
123       Ovatus 2                 530 apartments in 48 storey tower         122 Old Hall          Planning application    £40m     Not known
                                                                             Street Limited        awaited

124       “Infinity”, Leeds        Three towers of 39, 33 and 27 floors      The Elliot Group      Application 17F/0340    £250m    Not known
          Street/Pall Mall         to include 1,002 apartments                                     submitted Feb 2017
125       “The Northern            Redevelopment with 5 blocks from 4        Eldonian Projects     Application 15F/3121    £90m     Not known
          Quarter”, Leeds          to 12 storeys containing 914 flats with   Limited               submitted March 2016
          Street/Vauxhall Road     ground floor commercial space
126       Vauxhall Road/           To erect two linked blocks of 11 and      Azure Horizon's Ltd   Permission granted      Not      Not known
          Freemason's Row/         13 storeys creating 312 apartments,                             May 2017                known
          Gladstone Street/        ground floor commercial space,
          Naylor Street and 60     together with associated new
          Vauxhall Road            vehicular access, car parking for 53.
127       9-27 Freemasons Row      11 to 15 storey blocks with 656 PRS       Vinco Group           Application 17F/0874             Not known
                                   apartments above ground floor             Limited with John     submitted March 2017
                                   commercial space and.                     and Elaine Sutch
128       4 Paul Street            To erect 20 x 3/4 storey town houses      Vauxhall Develop-     Application 16F/1088    £2m      Not known
                                                                             ments Limited         submitted July 2016
129       “Bevington House”,       To erect four 8-16 storey blocks with     Bevington             Application 15F/2557    £40m     Not known
          Bevington Bush/          1,019 student bedrooms, ground floor      Developments          submitted March 2016
          Aldersey Street          communal/retail space.                    Limited
130       Bevington Bush/          To erect three blocks containing 381      NR Scorpio LLP        Application 16F/3078    £30m     Not known
          Gardners Row/Edgar       residential units and ground floor                              submitted December
          Street                   commercial unit.                                                2016

MAP REF   ADDRESS                 DESCRIPTION                               DEVELOPER           STATUS                 COST     COMPLETION
131       Trueman Court, 21       Conversion from offices to 4 serviced     Alexander           Permission granted     £0.5m    Not stated
          Trueman Street          apartments.                               Property Group      May 2017
132       Kingsway House,         Conversion from offices to 76 x 1 and     Signature Living    Permission granted     £7.5m    Not known
          Hatton Garden           2 bedroom apartments                                          August 2017

133       Lime Street Station     Remodelling of station to include two     Network Rail        Permission granted     £72.5m   Autumn
                                  new platforms for increased capacity      Infrastructure      March 2017                      2018
                                  (phase 2)                                 Limited

134       87-95 Dale Street/2-    Building rebuild with 6 ground floor      Jamworks            Permission granted     £1.5m    Not known
          6 Cheapside             commercial units and 18 flats above                           June 2016
135       Union House, 19-21      Conversion/extensions to form 35 bed      Pure Manage-        Permission granted     £2m      Not known
          Victoria Street         hotel on upper floors                     ment Inc            June 2016
136       Colonial                To convert ground floors and floors 1-5   Colonial            Permission granted     £3m      Not known
          Chambers, 3-11          to 94 x 1 bed studio apartments.          Chambers            August 2016
          Temple Street                                                     Development
                                                                            Company Ltd
137       North House, North      Conversion of 1st to 7th floors from      Park House          Permission granted     £2.5m    Not known
          John Street             offices to 43 x 1 and 2 bed apartments    Developments        June 2017
                                                                            (NW) Limited
138       14 Cook Street          Conversion of former office space to      Pierce &            Permission granted     £0.5m    Not known
                                  18 apartments                             Biersadorf          October 2014
139       19 Castle Street        Conversion of upper floors to 9           Machett             Permission granted     £0.9m    May 2018
                                  apartments                                Limited             April 2017
140       16 Queen Avenue         To refurbish vacant offices.              Bruntwood           Permission granted     £0.5m    Not known
                                                                            Estates             January 2016
141       Martins Building,       Conversion into 227 bedroom 5 star        Principal Hayley    Permission granted     £50m     Early 2018
          Water Street            hotel with bars, restaurants, and spa     Group Hotels        August 2015
142       District House, 18      Conversion from office to 16 x 1 bed      The Flanagan        Permission granted     £1m      Not known
          Water Street            apartments                                Group               December 2015
143       Drury House, 19         Conversion from office to 92 studios, 5   Signature Black     Permission granted     £6m      Not known
          Water Street            one bed flats and 7 two bed flats         Limited             September 2017
144       Drury Lane/             To erect 8 to 11 storey apart-hotel       Fold                Application 17F/2513   Not      Not known
          Brunswick Street        with 63 suites and ground floor           Architecture        submitted September    known
                                  commercial unit                                               2017
145       Crown House, 10-12      Conversion of office building to 23 x 1   District and        Application 16F/2466   Not      Not known
          James Street            bedroom apartments                        Urban               submitted Sept 2016    known
146       Victoria House, 7-11    Conversion of office building to 71 x 1   Pinnacle            Permission granted     Not      Not known
          James Street            bedroom studio apartments                 Developments        April 2014             known
147       Strand House, 21        Replacement 16/19 storey mixed use        FT Patten           Permission granted     £40m     Not known
          Strand Street           development comprising 395                Properties          April 2017
                                  apartments with residents gym,            (Liverpool) Ltd &
                                  cinema, roof terrace), and two            Panacea
                                  ground floor commercial units             Property

148       Hilton Hotel, 3         New two storey extension to provide      Ability Hotels       Permission granted     £2.5m    Not known
          Thomas Steers Way       extended 1st floor ballroom/             (Liverpool)          February 2015
                                  conference facilities above ground       Limited
                                  floor commercial unit. Conversion of 7th
                                  floor to 6 additional hotel bedrooms,
                                  and ground floor entrance lobby/
                                  concierge to a new executive lounge
                                  with main hotel entrance relocated
                                  from the west to north elevation
149       1-3 Temple Court        Conversion of first to fourth floors of   Highneal            Permission granted     £1.5m    Not known
                                  existing office premises into 18 flats    Limited             August 2016
150       42-44 Stanley Street    Conversion of 1st to 4th floors from      The Flanagan        Permission granted     £1.4m    Not known
                                  offices to 20 x 1 bed apartments.         Group               August 2016
151       Sir Thomas House, 5     To change use from office to 44           Urban Point         Permission granted     £2.5m    Not known
          Sir Thomas Street       residential studios                       Limited             April 2017
152       13-17 Tarleton Street   Conversion of upper storeys to 6 studio   Miller Brook        Permission granted     £0.3m    Not known
                                  duplex apartments                         Properties Ltd      November 2015
153       Former George           Conversion of levels 2-7 from retail to   Broadley Group      Application 17F/1940   £7m      Not known
          Henry Lee Building,     105 room apart-hotel                                          submitted July 2017
          53-57 Church Street
154       58-72 Church            To convert 2nd to 4th floors to 100       Quest               Application 17F/2225   £5m      Not known
          Street                  bedroom aparthotel and erect two          Apartments          submitted August
                                  storey roof extension.                                        2017
MAIN RETAIL AREA                continued
MAP REF   ADDRESS                 DESCRIPTION                              DEVELOPER            STATUS                  COST    COMPLETION
155       Bling Building, 69      Conversion of existing hair salon to     Signature Living     Application 17F/2037    £1m     Not known
          Hanover Street          mixed use development comprising                              submitted July 2017
                                  restaurant at ground floor, hair
                                  salon at first floor, offices on upper
                                  floors, and rooftop extensions.
156       13-17 Ranelagh          Conversion of existing ground floor      Poseidon             Permission granted      £0.5m   Not known
          Street                  unit to fast food restaurant and 1st     Investments          September 2015
                                  and 3rd floors into 7 bed HMO
157       21-23 Ranelagh          Conversion of ground and lower           Rathbone Trust     Permission granted        £0.5m   Not known
          Street                  ground floor into restaurant and 1st-    Company Ltd as     March 2015
                                  3rd floors above into 9 apartments       Trustees for York
                                                                           Terrace Settlement
158       “Circus”, Lime Street   New retail/leisure development with      Augur Liverpool      New planning            £50m    Not known
                                  shops, cafes, restaurants, cinema.                            application awaited

159       9-19 Bold Street        Conversion of 1st and 2nd floors from    AEW UK               Permission granted      £0.5m   Not known
                                  office to 10 flats                                            May 2017
160       21-25 Bold Street       Conversion of 1st and 2nd floors from    AEW UK               Permission granted      £0.5m   Not known
                                  office to 10 flats                                            June 2016
161       41 Bold Street          Conversion of upper floors to 8          Zoe Newington        Application 17F/1781    £0.8m   Not known
                                  serviced apartments                      Ltd Andreas          submitted June 2017
162       48-54 Renshaw Street    To demolish part of existing building    YPG Renshaw          Permission granted      Not     Not known
                                  and erect 11 storey building,            Street Limited       August 2017             known
                                  creating 90 x 1 bed studio
                                  apartments, aparthotel with 75
                                  units and commercial space at
                                  basement and ground floor levels.
163       10 Mount Pleasant       To convert upper floors into 7           Original NW          Permission granted      Not     Not known
                                  bedroom hotel.                           Limited              August 2016             known
164       3 Oldham Place          New 6 storey building with 154           Oldham Place         Application 17F/0174    £15m    Not known
                                  student bedrooms and retail unit         Limited              submitted August 2016
165       89-99 Renshaw Street    New 8 storey building with 77 flats      Citylife             Permission granted      £7m     Not known
                                  and ground floor retail/office uses      Developments Ltd     September 2017
166       108 Wood Street         To erect 5 storey building, comprising   Mr Tareq Alblooshi   Permission granted      Not     Not known
                                  commercial unit to ground floor and                           September 2017          known
                                  4 self-contained apartments above
167       181-185 Duke Street     To erect 3 storey building with 3        Ropeworks Limited    Application 17F/1294    £0.5m   Not known
                                  apartments above ground floor retail                          submitted May 2017
168       66 Bold Street          Conversion of former pub to hotel        Zoe Antonis          Permission granted      Not     Not known
                                  (17 bedrooms and 6 suites) including     Limited              May 2015                known
                                  construction of new fifth floor.
169       Holmes Building, 46     Conversion of upper floors to 8          JSM Bar & Leisure    Permission granted      Not     Not known
          Wood Street             bedroom boutique hotel                   Group                September 2015          known
170       84-86 Seel Street       To demolish existing garage and          Mr Gleeson           Permission granted      Not     Not known
                                  erect new bar/restaurant with 4                               October 2016            known
                                  studio apartments above
171       56 Parr Street          To erect four storey seven bedroom       Signature Living     Permission granted      £2m     Not known
                                  student town house following                                  November 2015
                                  demolition of existing garage.
172       151-155 Duke Street     To change use of 3 vacant                Epic Liverpool       Application 17F/1226    £4m     Not known
                                  commercial buildings to 21 self-         Limited              submitted May 2017
                                  contained aparthotel units with
                                  café/restaurant at ground floor.
173       118-124 Duke Street     To redevelop site with conversion of     Henry Space          Permission granted      £12m    Not known
                                  existing building and erection of 4-8    Development          June 2016
                                  storey new building to create 151        Limited
                                  residential units with ground floor
                                  communal use
174       Former Council          To erect 7 storey block with 47          Mr Kevin Doran       Application 17F/1766    £4.5m   Not known
          Depot Site, Lydia Ann   apartments, ground floor retail and                           submitted June 2017
          Street                  parking
175       13-23 Seel Street       Conversion of second and third           Hope Street          Permission granted      £3m     Not known
                                  floors to offices and education uses     Properties Limited   April 2015
176       “The Address at One     11 storey block with 200 luxury          Wolstenholme         Planning application    £36m    2019
          Wolstenholme            apartments, spa, pool, and ground        Square               anticipated
          Square”, Seel Street    floor commercial space.                  Developments Ltd
177       Bateson Building, 28-   Conversion from basement parking         Yu Group             Permission granted      £1m     Not known
          30 Henry Street         to 15 bedroom budget hotel                                    April 2016
178       3-5 York Street         Conversion into 18 apartments            York Street          Application 17F/0664    £0.5m   Not known
                                                                           Limited              submitted April 2017

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