LOCAL GROUPS moveurope! - Migration Miteinander

LOCAL GROUPS moveurope! - Migration Miteinander
moveurope!                                             moveurope!
                                                      LOCAL GROUPS
                                                       Become part of a european-wide network for more
                                                               mobility of refugees in Europe!

                                              You believe everyone should have the right to freedom of movement?
                                                                   You would like to engage actively
                                                         in the rights of refugees in Greece and the EU?

                                                     Let´s build up together a moveurope! network in Athens!

                                                                Contact us until the 10/03/2020!

  moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                                            +49 1775832322
LOCAL GROUPS moveurope! - Migration Miteinander
Content           The project
                   What is our aim?
              moveurope! enables legal migration ways for refugees with a
              residence permit of another EU-member state. Many thousands of
              refugees reach the EU crossing the external border, primarily in Italy, Greece
              and Spain. European Law requires them to apply for asylum in one these
              countries and to reside there permanently. The current EU-legislature barely
              enables a legal secondary migration in other EU-states. Until now, the only
              options would be a new asylum procedure or a life without a safe residence
              moveurope! constitutes a way of legal migration through the visa
              procedure for education purposes (§ 17 German Residence Code-
              GRC). As a necessary step on the way to an apprenticeship moveurope!
              organizes, with the help of a network of volunteers, hospitation internships
              (3 months) and voluntary services (12 months) for refugees.
              moveurope! is a project of the association migration_miteinander e.V.
              with its central place in Witten, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, which
              was founded by young committed people in 2017.

     What do we do?
     Target group of moveurope!

     The local groups in Greece
     Why do we want to build up local groups?
     Your benefits from the participation in a local group
     When? Starting date and duration
     What? Activities
     Funding and application procedure
     You are ready? Then let´s go!


moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                      +49 1775832322
What do we do?
     Currently, we offer in our moveurope! information-center in Witten (Germany)
     and in cooperation with our Italian partner Associazione Interculturale Universo
     in Bologna (Italy):
        legal consultation regarding the visa procedure and necessary documents,
        individual consultation and assistance: preparation of documents, necessary
        administration, linguistic assistance, accompaniment during the visa procedure,
        orientation and consultation regarding the selection and search for suitable
        mobility possibilities,
        organization of trainings for social workers, advisers, refugee supporters as well as
        refugees themselves who are interested in the legal fundament for mobility
        organization of events and publicity,
        we offer concrete mobilities for refugees in our association and in cooperation
        with partners in Witten and surroundings, e.g. two European Solidarity Corps (europ.
        voluntary service) in our office in Witten.

     Target group of moveurope!
        Refugees, who already reside in Germany with a residence permit of another EU-
        member state and look for a possibility to live and work legally in Germany (so-called
        Refugees, who look for a possibility to migrate secondarily to Germany in a legal

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                       +49 1775832322
The local groups in Greece

         at least 5 persons, between 18-30 years old
         each group member needs to have his/her legal residence in Greece.
         You are committed to the goals of moveurope!, want to stand up actively for refugees´
         freedom and possibility of movement, want to be part of a nation-wide network and to
         exchange ideas with other young people.
         Each group picks a local head of the group (legal representative) who will be the
         reference person for migration_miteinander and is therefore part of the network
         department of moveurope! As the local head of the group you are responsible for
         the management and administration (budget-monitoring, documentation of activities,
         planning of team meetings etc.) of the local group. Of course you will be prepared and
         supported by our team and you can always share responsibility with your group
         members. You, as the first contact person, would be committed to take part in
         additional online-meetings twice a month.

      Why do we want to build up local groups?
      In order to distribute the activities and offers of moveurope!, we need a strong
      network – in Germany, Greece and around Europe. Our greatest aims are to reach
      as many people as possible, to spread awareness of the (im)mobility of refugees in
      Europe and to inform as many refugees as possible about their rights and
      possibilities of movement within the EU. The local groups support us to build up and
      to strengthen a network around Greece.

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                       +49 1775832322
Your benefits from the participation in a local group:

        get to know new people in your city and Europe-wide who share your same
        interests (i.e. migration policy etc.)
        be part of a European network
        participation in a 5-day intensive European preparation training with the local group
        members of other EU countries in June/July 2020
        acquire (new) in depth knowledge and/or share your knowledge about the current EU
        legislation and already existing legal migration pathways for refugees in Europe
        learn about moveurope!’s legal framework and get an insight on our counseling
        do a voluntary work in a group, by getting financial support and regular coachings by
        migration_miteinander and other experts
        after successfully accomplishing, you’ll receive the Erasmus+ certificate for volunteering
        (Youthpass) and a certificate from our association
        for the Legal representative/Group representative: regular trainings in project
        management and budget monitoring


                                                 We are currently planning to build up local groups
                                                 in the following cities: Athens and possibly in one
                                                 or two Greek islands with the cooperation of the

                                                 Refugee Law Clinics of Germany. Our long-term
                                                 aim is to build up local groups in Germany, Italy,
                                                 Greece and all around Europe in order to create a
                                                 bigger network.

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                       +49 1775832322
When? Starting date and duration

     Duration: 12 months
     Composition of local groups: latest until 10/03/2020
     Application for funding: until 30/04/2020 (see below)
     Duration of implementation: Starting date is 01/09/2020 (bis 31/09/2021)

     What? Activities
     The local groups support us to create a nationwide network in Greece.
     Therefore, you operate in the name of the project moveurope!, meaning you would
     become familiar with our values and aims and are committed to represent them in public.

     All local groups have the common aim of networking for moveurope! which
       spreading information about the existing mobility possibilities and the consultation
       offers of moveurope!
       sensibilise the local population about the movement rights and the (im)mobility of
       refugees in the European area.
       awareness spreading about the Dublin III Convention and its consequences on the
       life of refugees in Europe, i.e. Dublineers andtheir rights; deportation of refugees
       and consequences
       contact institutions and employers who would like to be part of our network and
       offer concrete mobilities for refugees (voluntary services, apprenticeships)

     Each local group decides autonomously, HOW to get active:
     Whether (information-)events for help-networks for refugees, campaigns, workshops
     for refugees themselves (adapted to the target group), legal work-groups, info-stands
     at your Uni, a fundraising-marathon, building up a consultation or mobility desks for
     refugees in your city (similar to Street Lawyers), information evenings with
     presentations – you are allowed to get creative!

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                        +49 1775832322
The target group of your local activities is the local population and/or
     refugees. Each local group can decide autonomously who you want to
     address or reach out to. It is about the sensibilization for mobility rights and
     already existing legal secondary migration possibilities in the framework of
     moveurope!. Whether you will only work with refugees, social workers, students
     at University or the local population in general is completely up to you.
     Important for moveurope! is that the local groups would be available as mediators
     between moveurope!’s representatives in Germany and potential (refugee)
     candidates who would like to migrate legally from another EU-member state to
     Germany, in order to be able to offer together a smooth organization of each individual

     Accompaniment and support by migration_miteinander e.V.
     You, as a member or head of the local group, will be prepared, trained and supported
     during the implementation of the project. For this purpose we will offer
        a professional coaching once a month
        an intensive, 5-day European Kick-Off Training to introduce two members of
        each local group to the relevant legal framework, taking place in Witten,
        Germany in July 2020
        an intensive, 5-day European Follow-Up Training, taking place in Bologna, Italy
        in July 2021
     At the same time, we will be kept track about your local activities regularly. Furthermore,
     there will be regular exchange meetings between all local groups (off-and online, see

     Meetings of the local groups in Greece:
        every fourth month all the local groups in Greece come together to connect
        between each other, meaning 3 meetings during the duration of the implementation:
        Kick-off meeting, mid-term meeting, closure meeting.
        During the duration of the implementation the local groups will be furthermore
        connected actively online. We will found an own online platform to exchange ideas and
        support each other.
        In case of legal questions the local groups can always directly get in touch with our info-
        center in Witten, Germany if you cannot answer something right away.

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                         +49 1775832322
     The local groups will be funded by the funding programme of the European Solidarity
     Corps from the Erasmus+ of the EU. You can find more information here:
     The funding per month amounts to 500€ per month

     Use of funding:
     The three national meetings of the local groups will be funded out of the funding
     resources. Besides that, you can manage the EU-funding in your city as you wish!
     Plus: additional arising costs for the participation of adolescents with fewer chances, in
     our case especially young refugees (18-30 years old), can be refunded up to the total
     cost. Also, you can apply for the refund of extra costs for intercultural mediation.
     Deadline for the application: 1/04/2020

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                         +49 1775832322
Detailed application procedure:
     migration_miteinander would like to contribute to a high independence and
     allegiance of the local groups. Part of this is that you are actively part of the
     project management, from the beginning (application) until the end (final report)
     and that you are familiar with all the necessary steps. At the same time, we, as an
     association, have already had experience with the application procedure for the Solidarity
     Corps and will support you.

     That is why we offer you the following application procedure:
      1. Your group will create a group account for the EU-login with a suitable email address.
        This account is a condition in order to have access to all the portals of the European
        Commission. You can create the account here: EU-Login
      2. Each member of your team registers separately in the European Youth
        Portal. For this, you need to click on the following link on the button „Take part in the
        Solidarity Corps!“ Then, each one of you will receive their own personal participation
        number (PRN): Europäisches Jugendportal
      3. The "Legal Representative" (meaning the person of your team who submits the
        application for your group, takes care of the group´s organization and signs all the
        documents) has to register once on the platform of the EU-Commission
        (Organization Registration System) and receives a personal identification
        number (Organization ID) for the whole team. You will find the website for the
        registration here:: Organisation Registration System and more information here:
      4. migration_miteinander will give you access to a pre-formulated application form which
        you can adjust to your local needs an ideas.
      5. As soon as you gathered 5 members for your local group, the application can be
        submitted. Therefore, we will have a Skype-meeting with the duration of 1,5h to
        explain you the application form and all the important steps.
      6. For the application period until the 1/04/2020 we will be by your side as
        supporters and you can always contact us if questions arise.

moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de                           +49 1775832322
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moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de              +49 1775832322
                                    For more information:


                                 Our partner in Bologna, Italy:

 moveurope@migrationmiteinander.de           +49 1775832322
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