Luxury Lifestyle Living

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Luxury Lifestyle Living

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Luxury Lifestyle Living

Unique Living A water-lover’s paradise, this one-of-a-kind development incorporates a Crystal Clear Lagoon for swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding and sailing. Along with the on-site Lifestyle Centre and its many leisure facilities, The Blyde has something for everyone. The apartments come standard with free appliances, prepaid utilities and the quality finishes that Balwin is renowned for. All this with state-of-the-art security too. 1

Luxury Lifestyle Living

The Location N1 N4 N1 L y n b u r n R d Lynnwood Rd Lynnwood Rd Atturbury Rd Atturbury Rd Garsfontein Rd Garsfontein Rd Garsfontein Rd • Hoërskool Die Wilgers • Laerskool Garsfontein Glenstantia • Primary School Hatfield Christian School • • Hoërskool Garsfontein Constantia Park • Primary School • H A t t u r b u r y R d T a m b o ti e A v e Pretoria St Watermeyer St Solomon Mahlangu Dr D e l m a s R d D e V i l l e b o i s M a r e u i l D r Piering Rd J a n u a r y M a s il e la D r J a n u a ry M a s il e la D r Faerie Glen Lynnwood Menlo Park Garsfontein Moreletta Park R104 M12 M12 M6 M6 M33 M30 M30 M30 M33 M11 M11 M11 M10 M10 R50 Situated in the rapidly expanding suburbs East of Pretoria, The Blyde is a unique development in the Riverwalk Estate.

Balwin is the first to bring the beach to Pretoria to offer a unique lifestyle.

Allowing you to enjoy almost every leisure available in the development and surrounding area which is close to Woodhill Country Estate, Silverlakes Golf Estate, Trail & Mountain Bike Parks and so much more. With its prime location, The Blyde is situated perfectly with easy access to the N4, top education facilities and schools minutes away; Curro Hazeldean Primary School, Curro College, Curro Academy, University of Pretoria, various Preschools, Primary and High Schools. For entertainment outside the development you don’t need to look far, top restaurants, pubs and fast-food outlets are conveniently close by.

Also minutes away from shopping centres with supermarkets and popular retail stores. 2

Luxury Lifestyle Living

N4 Bronkhorstspruit Rd Bronkhorstspruit Rd Bronkhorstspruit Rd S im o n S im o n V e r m o o te n R d Lynnwood Rd G r a h a m R d G r a h a m R d • Curro College Hazeldean • Curro Hazeldean Primary School • Tyger Valley College Tyger Valley • Montessori • Laerskool Tygerpoort • Montessori Academy & College Willowbridge High School A t t u r b u r y R d A t t u r b u r y R d S o l o m o n M a h l a n g u D r Solomon Mahlangu Dr S o l o m o n M a h l a n g u D r D e V i l l e b o i s M a r e u i l D r De Vil leb ois Ma re uil Dr Silver Lakes Lombardy Estate Equestria n M10 M10 R104 M6 M6 M6 M6 M12 M10 M10 M11 M11 R223 R223 R223 R964 R964 R964 Bronkhorstspruit Rd R631 R631 R631 3

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Gate House With state-of-the-art developments it has to have state-of- the-art security. The Blyde has three secure main entrances with automated booms system and 24 hour security. The boundary walls have electric fencing. 4

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Development The exclusive development offers 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom apartments with private gardens for the ground floor apartments and private balconies for first, second and third floor apartments. Each apartment comes with 2 parking bays for the 3 and 2 bedroom apartments and 1 parking bay for the 1 bedroom apartment.

There is also visitors parking throughout the development as well as by the Lifestyle Centre. There is also an eco-friendly car wash facility. 5

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Crystal Lagoon A South African first, this unique development includes a beach-like crystal-clear sustainable lagoon to use for an array of water sports. The Crystal Clear Lagoon offers integrated swimming pools with separate children’s splash pool, two large beach areas, surrounded with board walks and resting areas. It is perfect for fun-filled day activities and then a peaceful stroll at night enjoying the created beach environment.

Luxury Lifestyle Living

Crystal Lagoons is an international water innovation company with 15 offices around the world, which has developed and patented a state-of-the-art technology that enables crystal clear lagoons to be built and maintained at very low costs, offeringanidyllicbeachlifestyleanywhere you can imagine.

SUSTAINABLE & ECOFRIENDLY Crystal Lagoons’ leading-edge innovation is eco-friendly and brings the following environmental advantages: • Uses up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pool or drinking water treatment technologies.

• Consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional filtration systems in swimming pools. • Fully complies with the most stringent international physicochemical and microbiological water quality standards. • The technology enables low water consumption in our lagoons, using 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water than is required by a park of the same size. • By using Crystal Lagoons evaporation control film technology, water consumption can be reduced even further. • Our lagoons can use any type of water: sea, fresh or brackish water, based on availability. For example, sea and brackish water sources are found in abundance in the world.

LOW COST TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN The greatest advantages this technology offers are its very low construction and maintenance costs.The construction costs are even less than that of a park of the samesize.Maintenancecostsarealsovery low due to the efficient use of energy and chemicals, with all of the lagoons around the world monitored, controlled, and operated by the Crystal Lagoons Control Center (CLCC), via the internet. Specially designed systems and sensors continually report specific physicochemical and other water quality parameters through a proprietary telemetry platform. The different mechanical and hydraulic systems are activated and controlled from the CLCC, allowing constant monitoring and continuous operation of the lagoons, ensuring excellent water quality 24/7.

CREATING PROPERTYVALUE The Crystal Lagoons’ concept and technology has changed the real estate paradigm of ‘location, location, location’, as an idyllic beach lifestyle waterfront is possible even in places nobody thought possible. This results in considerably greater sales and property value, and facilitates higher density projects. 7

Luxury Lifestyle Living


Lifestyle Centre The Blyde’s exclusive Lifestyle Centre brings the community together to a space of exclusivity and unique living. It offers superb entertainment and leisure facilities. The Lifestyle Centre has free Wi-fi and there is a variety of exclusive facilities; two restaurants and a sundowners bar, childrens play area, CSPA Wellness Spa by Camelot, cinema and games room, function room facility, concierge service and laundromat. 9

Lifestyle Centre 10

Active Living An active lifestyle makes you feel and look great! The Blyde’s Lifestyle Centre offers a fully equipped Training Science Gym with trainers.

It also offers a mini sports field and squash facilities. If you just cannot get enough of the beach, the Lifestyle centre offers a variety of watersports on the Crystal Lagoon, keeping you fit whilst having fun. 11

Show Apartment 12

Apartments All apartments include kitchen appliances; undercounter electric oven, hob with extractor, metalic colour fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher. Each apartment is Fibre & DSTV ready and comes with prepaid electricity & water. Each apartment block is solar supplemented. 13

Apartment Layouts UP U /C U /C U /C TV 3 3 2 LINEN BIC WC WHB SHR 3 U /C TV & DATA U /C U /C 3 3 U /C 2 U /C 3 U /C U /C U /C 3 3 2 U /C 2 3 3 U /C U /C BIC WC SHR WHB B DB BIC BIC TD WM FR/FZ DW D/SINK ST/OV U /C U /C 2 A /C 2 U /C A /C 3 E X .

I S O 2 A /C UP UP U /C 3 U /C 3 DB U /C 3 SH WHB U /C 3 2 U /C TV & DATA BR BIC WC SH WHB BIC 2 U /C TV & DATA U /C 3 U /C 3 2 U /C TV BIC 2 U /C TV U /C 3 U /C 3 BR Z F / R F V O / T S COMBO WM/TD DW D/SINK I S O E X TR . 2 U /C U /C 3 A /C U /C U /C 3 D/SINK DW COMBO WM/TD FR/FZ ST/OV IS O E XTR . 2 A/C U /C U /C 3 A/C U /C U /C 3 WC BIC 2 U /C TV WC WHB SH DB U /C 3 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom F - 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom G - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Ground Floor First Floor Apartment Area Covered Patio TOTAL AREA 97.80 m2 10.34 m2 108.14 m2 Apartment F Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 65.72 m2 6.67 m2 72.39 m2 Apartment G Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 35.06 m2 4.35 m2 39.41 m2 A F/G TYPE TYPE Phase 7 - 52 14

Apartment Layouts DN UP U /C 2 TV 3 U /C 3 U /C DB 3 U /C TV & DATA 2 U /C TV U /C 3 U /C 3 U /C 3 U /C 3 U /C 2 A/C 3 U /C DW WM FR/FZ TD D/SINK ST/OV E X. IS O BR A/C 2 U /C A/C 2 BIC BIC LIN NOOK WHB WC SHR B WC WHB SHR U /C 3 A /C 3 SHELF DN TV U /C 3 U /C 3 U /C 3 U /C 3 2 A/C ST/OV FR/FZ BR D/SINK 2 U /C 3 U /C TV & DATA IS O E XTR . 3 A/C DW COMBO WM/TD WC SHR WHB LINEN BIC 2 U /C U /C DB WM TD D/SINK FR/FZ BR U /C 2 TV 3 U /C TV & DATA U /C 3 A/C IS O E XTR . 2 A/C 3 U /C 3 U /C U /C DW ST/OV BIC SHR WC WHB 2 DB U /C 3 U /C 3 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom D - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom E - 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Second Floor Third Floor Apartment Area Covered Patio TOTAL AREA 88.49 m2 21.80 m2 110.29 m2 Apartment D Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 43.10 m2 7.70 m2 50.80 m2 Apartment E Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 46.20 m2 14.10 m2 60.30 m2 C D/E TYPE TYPE Phase 7 - 52 15

Apartment Layouts 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Phase 8 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Ground Floor Penthouse Second Floor Apartment Area Covered Patio TOTAL AREA 97.80 m2 10.34 m2 108.14 m2 Apartment Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 89.39 m2 21.64 m2 111.03 m2 Apartment Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 42.34m2 7.7 m2 50.04 m2 A C D TYPE TYPE TYPE 16

Apartment Layouts 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Phase 8 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Second Floor First Floor Apartment Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 46.2 m2 14.1 m2 60.3 m2 Apartment Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 65.72 m2 6.67 m2 72.39 m2 E F G TYPE TYPE TYPE 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom First Floor Apartment Area Covered Balcony TOTAL AREA 35.06 m2 4.35 m2 39.41 m2 17

Development Site Plan 18

Development Site Plan 19

INTERNAL WORKS External Brickwork - Sponge Plaster and Paint Internal Brickwork - One Coat Sponge Plaster and Paint Roof Covering - Roof Sheeting Windowsills - Concrete Sill - Internal Tiled Floor Covering - All Floors Tiled Ceilings - Painted Ceiling Windows - Aluminium Cornices - As per Show Unit Front Door - Fire Door with Frame Patio Door - Aluminium Sliding Doors Internal Doors - Hollowcore Doors with Painted Frames Locksets - Sliding Doors with Dead Bolt - Internal 3 Lever Brushed Stainless Steel - Front Door Knob Cylinder Wall Tiling - As per Show Unit Kitchen Tops - Quartz Stone Sanitary Ware Kitchen - Stainless Steel Sink - Pillar Type Sink Mixer - Washing Machine Stop Cock Sanitary Ware Bathrooms - White Free Standing Bath - Bath Mixer & Niki Spout - White Basin Vanity - Basin Mixer - White Toilet Semi-Close Couple - Bathroom Fittings as per Show Unit - Shower Rose and Arm - Chrome Shower Door With Clear Glass - Shower Mixer Skirting - Skirtings Plumbing - As Per Municipal Requirements Garden Taps - One per Ground Floor Unit in Garden Sewers - To Municipal Requirements Internal Lighting - As per Layout (Energy Efficient Lighting) External Lighting - As per Layout Plug Points - As per Layout EXTERNAL WORKS Boundary Walling - As per Site Layout Security - Electric Fence Paving - As per Plan Landscaping - As per Plan Entrance - Automated Boom System Garden Walls & Unit Position - To be determined according to Site Conditions Parking Bays - Two Covered Bays Per 3 Bed and 2 Bed Unit - One Covered Bay per 1 Bed - Positioning of Parking to be determined according to Site Conditions Refuse - Eco-Friendly Waste Management System TV Point - As per Layout (Lounge And Main Bedroom) Telephone (Point Only) - One per Unit as per Layout Water Heating - Hot Water System Electricity - Prepaid Meters Painting - As per Architect Specification Lighting Fittings - As per Show Unit Kitchen Appliances - Black Undercounter Electric Oven, Hob and Extractor, Metalic Colour Fridge, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer and Dishwasher Kitchen - As per Layout B.I.C.

- As per Layout Gutters - As per Layout Tiling - All Tiling to be as per the Show Unit. No deviation would be allowed.

Electrical - As per Layout Patio - As per Layout CLAUSE 1. Thedeveloperreservestherighttosubstituteorreplaceanyoftheabovewithanequival ent or improved product should problems of availability arise,or for any other reason. 2. No private work or alterations will be tolerated. 3. Garden sizes and configuration may vary from plan to accommodate site conditions. 4. Parking allocation may vary from plan to accommodate site conditions. Specifications & Features 20


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