Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...

Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...
Make personal phones
in the workplace work
for your business
Empower employees without putting security,
compliance or your brand at risk
Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...
How personal phones
infiltrated the workplace

First came the landline. Twenty                             Employees are happy using phones         This is the personal phone paradox.
years ago, that’s what most                                 they know and love and use all the
employees relied on when it                                 time anyway — it’s much more             Your people want to be able to use
came to making business calls.                              convenient than juggling two different   their personal mobile phones for
                                                            devices. And companies save a lot        work; you want a secure, effective
Fast forward ten years and most                             of time and money not having to buy      system that you can manage easily.
workplaces had gone mobile.                                 handsets or maintain them.
Suddenly, employees were juggling                                                                    The solution?
two phones: their own and their                             On the other hand...                     Simple. One phone. Two lines.
work BlackBerry.
                                                            It doesn’t come without risks, either.
But using their own mobile for work?                        Keeping business and personal
Unthinkable.                                                separate is difficult — it can be
                                                            difficult to maintain control of
Now? Now it’s totally, completely                           business contacts and make sure
normal. Up to 70% of employees                              communications are compliant and
use their personal phones for work.1                        secure. Employee reimbursements
                                                            can be a nightmare. And the
Letting employees use their personal                        customer experience suffers, too.
phones for work comes with some
definite advantages for both them
and the company they work for.

1. Frost & Sullivan 2018 Mobile Business Solutions Survey

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Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...
Empower them to use
personal phones with
Sprint MultiLine
The main issue with people using       It works on any smartphone,
their own phones for work is exactly   regardless of carrier. You can be
that — they own the phone. They        sure communications are compliant
own the number.                        and in line with your company
                                       standards without infringing on
If they leave, they might well take    anyone’s privacy. You can transfer
your customers with them — or at       the number to a different phone if
any rate, leave a gaping hole in the   the employee leaves the company.
customer journey.                      There’s no disruption to them, or to
                                       your customers.
But imagine if you could add a
second number on their phone —         In short, the potential impact is huge.
a company-owned, business number.
Suddenly, they have a separate work    And it all comes down to the four Cs.
number on their personal device.

One that the company owns.

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Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...
The four Cs of a
secure personal
device policy
Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...

The person who owns the number         • Put those numbers on your
owns the relationship.                   website without infringing
                                         on employee privacy.
Say your sales reps are giving out
their personal numbers to customers.   • Secure both your company’s
If they change territories or leave,     data and the company image.
they take that number with them.
At best, your customers can’t reach    • Forward calls to a centralized
the right resource. At worst, they       system outside of office hours for
follow your rep to their new job.        a more professional experience.

But if it were your company-owned      • Reassign an employee’s number
number, you’d stay in control.           to someone else when that
                                         employee leaves, no problem.
More than that, you can:
                                       • Gain visibility into business
                                         usage, making employee
                                         reimbursement easier.

                                       • Get more flexible coverage.

                                       Your employees are happy,
                                       your customers have a better
                                       experience, and you don’t
                                       have to buy new hardware.

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Make personal phones in the workplace work for your business - Empower employees without putting security, compliance or your brand at risk ...
See it in action:
Keeping contacts
in the company

A large enterprise dealing in         That’s not all though. The business
credit data and analytics wanted      is also saving money on mobility
to take back control over their       costs, and can train more
customer relationships and            salespeople using MultiLine’s
maintain continuity across            call recording capability.
their customer experience.
                                      This particular client saw a
They rolled out MultiLine, so their   90% reduction in per-user
employees could use their own         mobility costs.
phones without having to give out
their personal numbers. Instead,
they have a separate, company-
owned business number — that            “What gets me excited is the
still reaches their own smartphone,      ownership of the number
regardless of the carrier or model       that clients contact us at.”
they’re using.
                                        VP of Sales
This way, the company was able to
assign numbers to particular sales
territories — and those numbers
never have to change. Customers
can always reach them and any sales
transitions are smooth and easy.

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Customer Experience

It’s not just you and your employees       A separate business line can be
getting frustrated — customers             managed by someone else when
often find themselves on the               needed. It will also make your
wrong end of your workplace                business look a lot more professional
device policy too.                         — which your employee’s casual
                                           personal voicemail greeting could
We’ve already mentioned                    be undermining right now.
customers struggling to reach
the right resource because the
number they’re using belongs to
someone who’s left the company.
But it doesn’t stop there.

Customers increasingly expect
timely responses, which a single
employee can’t always provide.
And what about when they’re off
on vacation? If you rely on your
people’s personal phones, you’re
relying on them being available all
the time. It just isn’t realistic and it
will damage your customer service.

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See it in action:
Delivering the service your
customers expect

Happy employees deliver better          • Customers could easily get
customer experiences — fact.              hold of service people while
One of our clients, a construction        they were in the field.
company, was struggling with
their own employees having bad          • Appropriate redirects ensured
experiences and the impact that           customers wouldn’t be kept
was having on their customers.            hanging.

Employees were getting calls from       • Customer communication
customers at all hours of the day.        no longer impinged on
It was interrupting their work and        people’s private lives.
their private lives, and leading them
to try and restrict communications      • Employees could manage all
to emails. The employees were             of the above — while still only
stressed, and the customers weren’t       carrying one phone.
getting the service they wanted
— and going elsewhere to find it.       Win-win.

By installing Sprint MultiLine, the
company managed to transform
both the employee experience
and the customer experience:

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Compliance is another major                                 A separate business line means
area where your people using                                your people can use the tools
their personal phones for work                              best- suited to their job, without
can create serious headaches                                your company risking fines or
for your business.                                          suspension from regulators.
                                                            You’ll have access to the call
That’s especially true if you’re in                         recordings and text logs you
a highly regulated industry, like                           need for compliance — and you
healthcare or finance — but it also                         can use them for training, too.
applies to your own corporate or                            Your people will retain their
company policy.                                             privacy, as well as the flexibility
                                                            and freedom to choose their
Texting, in particular, is often                            own phones and carriers.
noncompliant, making it one
of the biggest points of exposure
for companies. In some workplaces,
it’s been banned altogether, even
though it’s one of the most effective
communication tools available —
with 90% of texts opened
within minutes.2


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See it in action:
Being responsive and
staying compliant are
not mutually exclusive
A home healthcare service               The company was better able to
provider needed to track                serve their clients and no longer
employee communications to              had to worry about things like
meet compliance requirements.           logging communications or
                                        sensitive patient data accidentally
Enterprise-level security and           going astray via text.
the right controls — like the ability
to record calls and log texts —
were required, but impossible
on their employees’ personal              “Compliance was an added
phones. It was a problem that              bonus. The staff wants to text,
was losing them customers, by              but I need to be able to check
hampering their staff’s ability to         to make sure they’re compliant.”
be responsive to patients.
                                          Head of Nursing
The solution? Adding separate,
company-controlled numbers to
their employees’ personal phones
with the ability to record calls and
log texts on the business line.
Their employees could go back
to responding instantly to patients,
without putting the company at risk.

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Cost containment

Many businesses would consider         Think about it:
paying more for a system that gives
them control, compliance, and a        • It means you don’t have to buy
better customer experience.              hardware every time someone
                                         is hired.
But the good news is they don’t
have to. The right system not only     • You don’t incur huge maintenance
brings those advantages, it actually     costs keeping that hardware going.
reduces costs, too.
                                       • It cuts the administrative costs
Using employee-owned phones              associated with compliance.
can avoid the capital expense
of providing company-owned             • It makes employee reimbursement
handsets, not to mention the             simpler and more reliable.
time and money that goes into
maintaining them. On the flip          MultiLine is a good move for small
side, employees using their            businesses who can’t afford to give
personal devices for work can          their employees corporate handsets.
be an expensing nightmare —            It’s a good move for large businesses
both for them and the company.         who want to reduce the amount
                                       they’re already spending on corporate
Having a business line on a personal   phones and complicated, high-
phone is none of those things.         maintenance infrastructure.

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See it in action:
Spend your money
on better things than
company handsets
Working in the education sector
means you’re always looking to            “The difference between
make the most of your budget.              issuing a full device with
There’s generally not a lot of money       service and just paying for
to burn on things like expensive           Sprint’s MultiLine service is
communication systems.                     [that the] cost is cut in half.
                                           It meets the need of having
Our clients were paying over $25k on       a unique district-owned,
cellular services annually in order to     district provided contact
give their administrators corporate        number without the
phones. And if that wasn’t enough,         additional overhead or the
their IT department was spending a         additional costs associated
lot of time managing and maintaining       with providing full service.”
those phones.
                                          Director of IT
MultiLine helped them cut their
cellular costs by half. Their employees
now have the freedom and flexibility
to choose the phone and service that
suit their needs. And IT doesn’t have
to chase after them managing and
updating those phones all the time.

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More of the benefits,
less of the risk

The way people communicate               All of the benefits of mobile
at work has changed. More                communications — better,
importantly, the way people want         more responsive customer
to communicate has changed.              experiences, greater flexibility,
                                         and more convenience for your
The best option isn’t newer, better,     employees — and none of the risks.
extra phones, or complicated             So you no longer have to worry
infrastructure. The best option is the   about compliance, costs, or who
simplest. Let people communicate         controls the customer relationship.
on their own phones, on the handset
and carrier of their choice, but with    Beat the personal phone paradox
a separate work phone number.            and make the most of personal
                                         phones at work. Your employees
One phone, two lines.                    and your customers will thank you.

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Let’s talk
We’re Sprint Business and we help businesses like
yours find the solutions they need to the problems that
hold them back. Whether you’re a small company
looking to empower your people to use their personal
cell phones for work, or a big one looking to simplify
your infrastructure and make your workforce more
mobile — or anything in between.

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