MBA Master of Business Administration - Milpark Education

MBA Master of Business Administration - Milpark Education
Master of
MBA Master of Business Administration - Milpark Education
 Master of

Milpark Education offers business education via distance and contact learning, focussing on the areas of management,
commerce, financial planning and insurance, and banking across South Africa and in other parts of Africa. Milpark Education
comprises several academic schools streamlined to provide the best experience to our varied student body within each school’s
area of specialisation. Milpark’s Business School continues to offer its highly rated MBA while other schools will focus on their
specialised range of offerings. Milpark has been rated as the Number One Private Provider of the MBA degree and was placed
third in the overall rankings of accredited business schools in the 2014 national survey on accredited business
schools offering MBA/MBL degrees in South Africa.

Milpark Education (Pty) Ltd is registered as a private higher education institution with the Department of Higher Education and
Training (DHET) under the registration number 2007/HE07/003.

All Milpark’s higher education programmes are accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC), a permanent
sub-committee of the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The Master in Business Administration has been accredited by the
Council on Higher Education and is registered on the National Qualification Framework at Level 8 under the SAQA ID 62271.

A key objective of Milpark’s Business School is to enhance the potential of present and future business leaders in southern Africa
by enabling them to compete successfully in the global marketplace. To address this goal Milpark offers a multi-disciplinary MBA
programme with a strong practical orientation.

Milpark’s MBA curriculum is responsive to business needs and aims. A purposefully selected blend of modules ensures the
development of managers skilled in the areas of social responsibility, the environment and corporate citizenship. At its core the
programme remains focused on the key management areas while paying attention to the critical skills that prepare our students
to be outstanding performers in the business environment.

The ideal MBA graduate is a well-educated and well-rounded individual able to tackle the myriad of problems facing managers
in business. S/he is respected by the community, cares about the environment, understands global issues and conducts business
in a responsible way.
MBA Master of Business Administration - Milpark Education
 Master of


  Year 1 – Semester 1                                 Year 1 – Semester 2
  Business Report Writing, Quantitative Analysis      People Management
  and Presentation Skills                             Operations and Technology Management
  General Managerial Environment                      Marketing and Sales Management
  Business Ethics and Corporate Governance            Business Research Methodology
  Social Responsibility and the Environment

  Year 2 – Semester 1                                 Year 2 – Semester 2
  Management Accounting and Finance (Part 1)          Management Accounting and Finance (Part 2)
  Leadership and Change Management                    Integrated Business Strategy
  Global Trade                                        Electives (select one):
  Dissertation                                        • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
                                                      • Business in Emerging Markets

The programme consists of four semesters. Students can complete four modules per semester (with the exception of the last
semester). Students have 9 months in which to complete the dissertation (this is included in the minimum duration of two

Distance learning students are permitted to enrol for fewer modules per semester and may obtain permission to complete the
programme over a slightly longer period of time.


In the fourth semester of study, students select one elective. Electives are delivered in the same format as other modules except
for those electives where overseas visits are conducted. Distance learning students will also have to attend the overseas visits
should they select this elective.
MBA Master of Business Administration - Milpark Education
 Master of


Contact Learning (Part-Time)
The contact learning MBA is presented as a part-time programme to students in the Gauteng area and/or within travelling
distance from our Melville Campus, Johannesburg.

Programme duration: 2 years minimum

Tuition (compulsory)
Classes are presented for four weeks in the first quarter and four weeks in the
second quarter of each semester. Students have the option of attending either
weekday evening classes (i.e., Monday to Thursday – four hours per evening) or on
weekends (Saturday and Sunday – full days) in Melville.

Group work
Course work consists of class attendance, group work, individual assignments,
group presentations, class activities and field trips on selected modules.

All students on the part-time programme are required to be part of a syndicate.
Group members are assigned by the Head of Department. Regular syndicate
meetings are required to work on group assignments. The group assignment marks
are shared and require a substantial contribution from each group member in order
to share both ideas and expertise.

Tests and exams
Exams for contact learning students are written on the Melville Campus.
 Master of


Tutored distance learning
The Distance Learning MBA makes it possible for students from anywhere in the country
to enrol for the Milpark MBA with Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban serving as the
main centres for face-to-face interacion and tutoring sessions via video conferencing.
Foreign students are also welcome to apply.

Programme duration: 2 years minimum

Tutors are on standby to assist with any questions from students. Tutoring per module
is provided, also via videoconferencing, at crucial stages in the learning experience (pre-
assignment, post-assignment and exam revision).

Course work consists of independent study, group work (where students are able to
form groups), tutoring sessions, individual assignments, group presentations (or an
individual presentation) and field trips on selected modules (depending on logistics).

Course work/assignments
Course work consists of independent study, group work (where students are able to
form groups and via online forums), tutoring sessions, individual assignments, group
presentations (or an individual presentation) and field trips on selected modules
(depending on logistics).

Tests, group work, presentations and exams
Some modules require the writing of tests. Group work and presentations are required
on a number of modules. Exams for distance learning students are written at venues
country-wide, under standard supervised conditions.
Master of


 Admission to the qualification is subject to academic selection criteria.

 The applicant must:
 • Be at least 25 years or older
 • Have a recognised three-year degree or equivalent (note that an Honours degree, Postgraduate Diploma or
    equivalent is preferable)
 • Have a minimum of three to four years’ relevant work experience
 • Be proficient in English
 • Be computer and Internet-literate
 • Achieve an acceptable rating in the Milpark assessment test.

 In limited cases, admission to the qualification may take place via Recognition of Prior Learning. More information on RPL
 application is available on request.


There are two contact learning and distance learning intakes per year. Registration opens in October of each year and
students may apply for the second semester throughout. Late applications may be accepted until the end of January for
the first semester and the end of July for the second semester.
Master of


  1.      Ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements.

  2.      Apply online for admission - new students only:

  3.Admission will only be considered if all the required documentation is submitted with the application:
    • A condensed curriculum vitae
    • Certified copies of:
  		 o ID document or passport
  		 o Matric Certificate
  		 o Academic qualification/s and academic record/s
  		 o Marriage certificate (where surname differs from Matric certificate)
    • Proof of payment of the admission fee (R875) and the admission test fee (R1 520) if undertaken
  		 with Milpark.

  4.      All students successfully admitted onto a Milpark programme are provided with a unique username and
          password to access myMilpark, the online student environment.

  5.      Once you have been admitted onto the programme and have received your login details for myMilpark, you
          will need to register online for your semester subjects:
          Log in, select Apply to study / Registration and follow the step-by-step instructions.

  6.      Important: You have to complete the admission process and receive academic acceptance onto the
          programme before you can register for subjects. Ensure that you apply for admission well before the close of
          registration to avoid disappointment. Late applications will only be considered for the following semester.

   Fees cover all tuition and course materials but exclude textbooks. Fees are reviewed annually.

   All applications for admission must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee. For the latest fees, visit:
                                     CALL US:      086 999 0030
                                     EMAIL US:
                                     APPLY ONLINE:

                                     Melville, Johannesburg
                                     Corner Landau Terrace and Main Road East, Melville Ext 2

                                     Claremont, Cape Town
                                     2nd Floor, Sunclare Building, Corner Protea and Dreyer Roads, Claremont

                                     Westville, Durban
                                     Westville Office Park, 54 Norfolk Terrace, Westville

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Milpark Business School

Milpark Education is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) with the Department of Higher Education and Training in terms of the Higher Education Act, 2007, under the registration number 2007/HE07/003.
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