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Menu of Services - Langham Hotels
Menu of Services
Chuan Body + Soul
Chuan Body + Soul at The Langham, London has been designed to create an ambience of tranquillity for both contemplation
and inspiration. ‘Chuan’ is the Chinese word for a serene course of water. In Chinese culture, flowing water is seen to be the
source of life and balance; a key to keeping the mind, body and soul in check. The Chuan Body + Soul facilities are modelled to
reflect this harmony by using the principles of Feng Shui.

Chuan Body + Soul offers a luxury haven in the heart of London, with a philosophy steeped in the values of Traditional Chinese
Medicine, where guests transcend into ultimate relaxation through an individually planned holistic journey. Treatments are
designed to re-balance and revitalise the body and soul. You will feel refreshed, relaxed, and totally rejuvenated as we bring
you back to perfect harmony and balance with our range of five different element teas and blended oils. Chuan Body + Soul
creates a peaceful oasis away from the outside world, embracing a naturally aesthetic environment with interiors of soft and
calming hues.

The exclusive treatment facilities include herbal steam rooms, saunas and swimming pool which alongside The Langham,
London’s exceptional service, makes Chuan Body + Soul the perfect place to rediscover your source.
Product Ranges
Chuan Spa and the Five Elements                                          Kerstin Florian
The foundation of our Chuan signature treatments is           Kerstin Florian is a luxury skincare company that
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the five elemental     focuses on results, through powerful plant, marine and
forces of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These life      technically-advanced ingredients as well as professionally-
elements combined with your energy flow and the effect        designed treatments and products that are founded in
of hot and cold have great influence on your wellbeing.       advanced phytotherapy, aromatherapy, mineral, herbal
                                                              and marine technology. The result is a portfolio of skincare
Spending a moment to complete a five element                  programs that deliver noticeable results via memorable
questionnaire at the beginning of your journey ensures        and sensorial experiences.
your therapy addresses the imbalances of your life
elements. Your selected element may change on a daily
                                                              This powerful blend of passion, innovation and natural
basis and is affected by what you eat, the seasons of the
                                                              wellness, combined with its guiding philosophy of Outer
year as well as your bio-rhythms.
                                                              Beauty, Inner Health, has led Kerstin Florian to be
                                                              partnered with the finest luxury resorts and destinations in
Our range of five element essential oils, incense, candles,   Europe and across the world. Kerstin Florian International
teas and juices have been created exclusively and in          builds on the four cornerstones to wellbeing, proper
consultation with professionals in Chinese Medicine and       nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the
naturopathy.                                                  face and body and the products are free from chemical
                                                              preservatives and perfumes.
Product Ranges
         Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland                                    Sienna X
The skin care from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland, is now        The market leader in luxury self tanning, Sienna X is an
available for the first time in England exclusively at Chuan    award-winning brand that has earned their reputation
Body + Soul at The Langham, London. The range is a              through being the celebrity and people’s choice. Whether
combination of natural extracts, with Jacqueline’s family       you’re looking for a natural, healthy glow or a rich
secrets from the Swiss Alps, together with the latest           ‘sun-kissed’ tan, working with Sienna X means we have
advanced Swiss Bio High Technology. This unique recipe          the perfect tanning option for you.
has a potent effect on cell protection, cell renewal and cell
production. The luxury treatments will improve the tone
                                                                Jessica Nails
and texture of your skin, while infusing it with active
ingredients, which leave the skin refreshed and beautiful.      The Langham, London has selected Jessica Cosmetics as
You can maintain the amazing results of these facials with      its partner to deliver the highest quality nail treatments.
easy to use homecare products, available in our shop.           Renowned as a world-leading brand, Jessica Cosmetics
                                                                have developed a range of products to achieve and
                                                                maintain naturally beautiful nails.
         Basq NYC
Basq NYC are our choice for pregnancy treatments with a
best-selling product range that is specially formulated and     Wax XXX
delivers great results. Our therapists have undertaken          Wax XXX prides itself on being one of the world’s leading
specialist pregnancy massage training to give treatments        waxing brands. With different waxes for different hair types
that are not only blissfully relaxing, but also ease some of    and lengths, Wax XXX is a natural choice for Chuan Body
the common conditions associated with pregnancy, such as        + Soul, as it provides the most innovative and gentle
swollen legs, lower back and pelvic pain and sciatica. All      waxing experience available today.
Basq NYC pregnancy massage rituals are suitable from the
second trimester onwards.
Chuan Signature Escapes                                        Escapes continued
Our Chuan Escape packages combine unique elements              Ginger Renewal                         1 hour 20 mins
from our Chuan Signature and Kerstin Florian treatment         This relaxing treatment begins with an invigorating full
ranges, to provide timeless Chuan experiences.                 body exfoliation using a combination of healing ginger
Chuan Body Elements                      1 hour 30 mins        and minerals. This is followed by a pampering full body
                                                               massage with Organic Ginger Oil and warm healing
Start by restoring balance and reducing tension with our
                                                               stones. Next, the treatment nourishes and relaxes inside a
signature Chuan Harmony massage, then nourish the skin
                                                               warm cocoon while a luxurious foot and scalp massage
with the hydrating benefits of our Kerstin Florian facial.
                                                               completes this head-to toe service.
A perfect escape to soothe the soul and restore vitality.
                                                               The Lavender Dream                     1 hour 30 mins
Chuan Ritual                            2 hours 30 mins
                                                               Experience the healing and soothing powers of wild
Enjoy our Chuan Harmony signature massage, choosing
                                                               lavender, with a combination of refined lavender oil,
from one of two Kerstin Florian facials and an extra retreat
                                                               field lavender and earthly minerals for an invigorating
to create your own luxurious ritual.
                                                               exfoliation. This is followed by a soothing and relaxing
Choose from one of the following 1 hour facials:               massage using warm healing stones on the back, and a
Kerstin Florian Organic Aromatherapy Facial or BerryPlus       fingertip scalp massage.
Antioxidant Infusion.
                                                               Tranquil Deep Sleep Ritual                      2 hours
Choose from one of the following 30 mins Chuan extra
                                                               The ultimate escape to relieve stress, this ritual
retreats: Chuan Herbal Salt Scrub or Chuan Intensive
                                                               commences with warm pindas (rice balls) and an aroma
Scalp Treatment or Chuan Mini Feet Retreat.
                                                               breathing ritual to relax your mind, body and soul. It
                                                               continues with a warm lavender candle massage to nourish
                                                               the skin. Finally it’s completed with our soothing Organic
Escapes                                                        Aromatherapy Facial by Kerstin Florian.
Magnesium Bamboo Ritual                  1 hour 20 mins
                                                               Couples Escape                        2 hours 45 mins
Using the mineral power of magnesium, let your mind
                                                               Detox together with a spirilina body wrap starting with a
and body relax and heal with an infused foot ritual
                                                               full exfoliation. Then unwind with a Swedish body massage
followed by a full body exfoliation and therapeutic
                                                               and finish with the Organic Aromatherapy Facial or the
massage using bamboo. This treatment offers the ultimate
                                                               BerryPlus Antioxidant Infusion by Kerstin Florian.
in wellness as skin is nourished, muscles are relaxed and
tension is relieved.
Chuan Signature Massages                                        Massages continued
At Chuan Body + Soul our massage therapies combine              Deep Tissue Massage            50 mins / 1 hour 20 mins
Traditional Chinese Massage techniques and exclusive
                                                                This Western style massage focuses on the deeper layers
label blended oils to restore balance and harmony.
                                                                of the muscle tissue. It aims to relieve chronic patterns of
Chuan Harmony                    1 hour / 1 hour 30 mins        tension in the body through slow strokes and very deep
Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique             pressure on concentrated areas specific to your needs.
mind, body and soul experience combines the therapeutic         Couples Massage                                    50 mins
elements of acupressure with various relaxation massage
                                                                Enjoy precious time with your loved one or friend by sharing
techniques to induce a deep sense of calm. This full body
                                                                the spa experience side by side. Two therapists will carry out
oil massage stimulates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
                                                                the classic Swedish massage whilst you relax and unwind.
Chuan Stone Therapy                       1 hour 30 mins
                                                                Therapeutic Head Massage                           45 mins
Balance the Yin and Yang energies through the use of hot
                                                                This treatment is unique to Chuan Body + Soul London
(yang) and cold (yin) stones. Let your body unwind as the
                                                                combining Western technique and traditional Indian flair.
hot stones increase body circulation and assist immune
                                                                After a freestyle back massage, your therapist will
function by removing waste products. Finish with cold
                                                                concentrate on the upper back and scalp, before finishing
stones on the lower back to calm internal heat, assist injury
                                                                with a therapeutic pressure point massage to the face. It is
recovery and increase mental alertness. The use of hot
                                                                perfect for relieving tension headaches and migraines.
and cold stone is integrated in a therapeutic massage.
                                                                Warming Candle Massage                             50 mins
                                                                Choose your scent from citrus, lavender or olive and
Massages                                                        enjoy this luxurious melted candle massage. This unique
Chuan Back Massage                                 25 mins      therapeutic treatment will leave you with an enhanced
                                                                feeling of well-being and your skin nourished and smooth.
Soothe away tension in your upper body with this deeply
relaxing massage focusing on built up stress and tight          Urban Detox                                        50 mins
muscles across the back, neck and shoulders. Swedish            A light pressure massage using gentle drainage techniques to
massage techniques are used specifically to release toxins      open and stimulate the lymphatic system. Ideal for those
from the muscles and promote a state of deep relaxation.        looking for a light detox of the mind and body. Recommended
Swedish Massage               50 mins / 1 hour 20 mins          before a course of our advanced technology Body Sculpter.
                                                                Course of three (recommended over ten days).
This comforting and relaxing massage uses gentle
pressure and is tailor-made for you. Following a personal       Chuan Recommended Add-ons
consultation, your expert therapist will select the most        To complement our massages, we recommend the
suitable massage techniques for your needs and ensure           following treatments:
you get the most out of this bespoke treatment.
                                                                • Chuan Yu Signature Facial                 1 hour 15 mins
                                                                • Chuan Foot Treatments            1 hour / 1 hour 30 mins
Body Therapies                                                  Advanced Technology Body Treatments
            Sensory Scrub                          45 mins      Our Medi-Spa treatments use the advanced technology of
A full body holistic scrub personalised to your sensory         the Efficy machine which has three dynamic platforms:
journey. This treatment finishes with an all over body          • Radio Frequency
nourishment to complete your skin renewal treatment.            • Digital Transdermal Induction
                                                                • Vacuum Push-Pull
            Spirulina Wrap                           1 hour
Using a live, all-natural, spirulina algae, this seaweed        Body Sculpter                             1 hour 30 mins
treatment imparts essential vitamins, minerals and protein      Allow our skincare expert to provide the most targeted
to nourish and revitalise the body. The wrap is preceded        body therapy using the advanced technologies of our Efficy
by a full body exfoliation, a heavenly scalp massage is         machine with radio frequency, transdermal induction and
provided during the wrap and an application of a                vacuum lifting. Your bespoke therapy could target cellulite,
remineralizing crème to the body to finish. This is a           flaccidity, shaping, lifting and toning and stretch marks. It
very effective treatment for detoxifying and nourishing         is adapted specifically to your needs and concerns,
the body.                                                       providing a dramatic results-driven therapy. Course of 12
                                                                (recommend two treatments per week).

Basq NYC                                                        Express Body Sculpter                              30 mins
Pregnancy Treatments                                            Choose your target area for this express treatment when
                                                                focusing on one specific area. Thirty minutes will be spent
Our Basq NYC pregnancy treatments may only be
                                                                on the stomach, bust, buttocks or thighs to increase
carried out after the first trimester.
                                                                oxygenation and boost circulation to the chosen area.
        Babymoon                                   45 mins
This treatment is designed to work specifically on tired legs
and to help prevent stretch marks and scarring to the
tummy area. A gentle sugar exfoliation to the baby bump
is performed before it is treated to a layering of Basq NYC’s
anti-stretch mark butter. The lower legs and feet are
treated to an exfoliation massage to improve circulation and
reduce swelling. Whilst the legs are wrapped in a cocoon,
a scalp massage is performed to provide utter relaxation.

        In the Moment                     1 hour 15 mins
A customised full body massage using safe pre-natal
techniques. Designed to relax, reduce fatigue, release
tension, aches, pains, swelling and other discomforts
associated with pregnancy. This indulgent massage will help
increase circulation and benefit mothers to be.
Chuan Signature Facial                                          Kerstin Florian Facials
Chuan Yu Facial                            1 hour 15 mins                   BerryPlus Antioxidant Infusion 50 mins
The ancient technique of Gua Sha is applied to revitalise       Ultra-oxygenating, anti-aging treatment based on
different skin types. Through scraping on important             vitamin-rich super berries and plant cell cultures to fortify,
meridian points it increases the flow of body circulation.      rejuvenate and renew. Concentrated, nourishing oils,
With the use of jade known as a healing stone, the              serums and plant essences combine with exclusive
treatment nurtures, heals and restores your skin. Suitable      acupressure and muscle-easing face and neck massage
for most skin types – not recommended for acne and very         followed by a nourishing algae-rich mask for increased
delicate skin.                                                  cellular renewal and a healthy radiance. A relaxing scalp
                                                                massage is also included.

Advanced Technology Facials                                                 Organic Aromatherapy Facial            50 mins
Our Medi-Spa treatments use the advanced technology of          Reconnect with nature, spirit and self with this deluxe facial
the Efficy machine which has three dynamic platforms:           based on the ancient and influential art of aromatherapy.
• Radio Frequency                                               Centred around a bouquet of skin renewing aromatic oils
• Digital Transdermal Induction                                 from around the world, this facial imparts complete vitality
• Vacuum Push-Pull                                              and relaxation, and includes a massage for the facial area,
                                                                arms and feet.
Skin Rejuvenation                         1 hour 30 mins
Combining radio frequency, lymphatic drainage and vacuum
push-pull therapy, the advanced technology facial targets the
layers of the skin to stimulate the circulatory system,
increase the provision of oxygen and nutrients whilst
remaining non-invasive. This treatment provides effective
results that can be seen from the first treatment. Course of
six (recommend two treatments per week).

Express Glow                                       30 mins
This treatment concentrates on giving you an immediate
glow through cleansing, exfoliation and radio frequency
technology. Perfect for that lunchtime lift!
Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland Facials
         Pollution Defense                            1 hour                Timeless Tailor-made
With the exclusive Pollution Defense skin care line, you                    Facial for Men                              45 mins
detoxify, hydrate and protect your skin from harmful toxins.      Using the latest technology, this skin treatment takes
The revolutionary Triple Action Peeling works in three            special care of men’s stressed, tired and irritated skin, as
different ways and layers. It is supported by a special           well as supporting the regenerating process after shaving
massage technique, to eliminate skin toxins and impurities        and environment stress. The special cleanser can also be
for a radiant renewed skin. The special Anti-Stress and           used as shaving cream. The Triple Action Peeling, with its
Detox Massage and Refining Mask complement each other             special massage, softens the skin and leads to less ingrown
to treat an environmentally damaged and stressed skin.            hair. The anti-stress massage helps to relax and restore the
         Timeless Alpine Radiance 1 hour 15 mins                  skin barrier and reduces wrinkles, which results in skin
With this treatment you will receive the latest advanced          radiance and rejuvenation.
Swiss bio high technology, which will help to create a potent               Timeless Express Booster                    30 mins
effect on cell protection, cell renewal, and cell production.
                                                                  The Timeless Express Booster by Jacqueline Piotaz
The Triple Action Peeling prepares for a deeper penetration
                                                                  Switzerland is ideal for anyone who needs a boost
of the ingredients. With our signature Lifting Massage, the
                                                                  between the regular treatment routine. The cleansing and
tone and texture of the skin will look improved, plumped
                                                                  exfoliating, together with the innovative mask, give the skin
and firmed. At the same time expression lines and wrinkles
                                                                  a refreshing lift. It’s ideal for tired and stressed skin and for
will appear reduced and the facial features look relaxed.
                                                                  both men and women.
Ideal for stressed, tired and mature skin, as well as skin that
                                                                  The recommended add-on option:
has lost its radiance.

         Advanced Repair & Lift            1 hour 30 mins                   VitalCell® Eye Contour Pads
                                                                  The eye pads intensively hydrate the skin, support cell
This ultimate anti-aging facial offers an immediate lifting,
                                                                  metabolism and minimize the appearance of fine lines
firming and rejuvenation effect. Ultrasound helps to
                                                                  and wrinkles. This treatment boosts the skin regeneration
penetrate the advanced anti-aging ingredients in high
                                                                  and provides tired and weary eyes with renewed energy
concentration with a multi-dimensional effect. The Triple
                                                                  and youthful freshness. The result is visible immediately.
Action Peeling activates the skin all the way to the dermis
                                                                  Suitable in combination with every facial.
and the Anti-Stress and Detox Massage helps to infuse
second-generation antioxidants and restores the skin
barrier, reduces wrinkles and lifts the skin from within,
which result in overall skin rejuvenation.
Chuan Foot Therapies                                          Jessica Nails Hand and Foot Treatments
                                                                    Chuan Feet Retreat                                1 hour      Please inform the spa team in advance if you have nail
                                                                                                                                  enhancements or shellac to be removed as this requires
                                                                    This refreshing treatment enhances circulation and enlivens
                                                                                                                                  extra time.
                                                                    tired and aching feet. Relax as we immerse your feet in a
                                                                    warm aromatic foot soak, before softening the skin with the   Classic Jessica Prescriptive Manicure            45 mins
                                                                    warm oil and herbal salt exfoliation. A foot mask is then     Your therapist will analyse and decide the best treatment
                                                                    applied to revitalise the feet. Integrating the benefits of   basecoat for you depending on your nail condition.
                                                                    acupressure to release tension and clear energy blocks,       Shaping, cuticle work, buffing and a relaxing hand and arm
                                                                    your feet will be completely refreshed and pampered.          massage are included. Choose your nail colour and take
                                                                    Chuan Heavenly Jing Luo                   1 hour 30 mins      the midi bottle home with you!

                                                                    This unique Chuan Signature foot treatment is designed to     Luxury Langham Prescriptive Manicure               1 hour
                                                                    maintain a healthy equilibrium between mind and body          Based on the Jessica Prescriptive Manicure, but with added
                                                                    by optimising the blood and “Qi” flow, strengthening          Langham luxury - a full arm and hand exfoliation, LE
                                                                    the immune system and promoting revitalisation. With the      REMEDI hand mask and thermal warm-up mitts make this
                                                                    use of Jing Luo acupressure techniques and reflex points,     the indulgent option for your manicure.
                                                                    along with Traditional Chinese herbs and hot stones,
                                                                    this treatment helps aid in detoxification, induce deep       Classic Jessica Pedicure                           1 hour
                                                                    relaxation and nourishes the skin.                            We have selected the ZEN SPA lemongrass range for all
                                                                                                                                  our pedicures to give you an aromatic experience. Starting
                                                                    Sienna X Spray Tan                                            with a foot soak, scrub, nail and cuticle work, followed by
                                                                              Full body                              20 mins      buff and foot massage, you will choose a midi colour for
                                                                                                                                  your toes and can take the bottle home with you.
                                                                    For an enviable golden glow all year round. A natural-
                                                                    looking self tan which doesn’t just make you look great on    Luxury Langham Pedicure                  1 hour 15 mins
                                                                    the outside but it also makes you glow from the inside.       For the added element of Langham luxury, we recommend

*For the full list of treatments, please refer to our price list.
                                                                                                                                  upgrading to this pedicure treatment. Experience the full
                                                                    Waxing by Wax XXX                                             treatment plus microdermabrasion foot peeling, ZEN SPA
                                                                    Wax Treatments                            from 10 mins        foot mask and heated booties which will leave you feeling
                                                                                                                                  like you’re walking on air.
                                                                    A full range of wax services are available including our
                                                                    luxury treatments where we offer a full spa experience        File and Polish                                  20 mins
                                                                    including exfoliation, massage and mask for the face
                                                                    and legs.*
                                                                                                                                  Chuan Recommended Add-ons
                                                                    Tinting Treatments                                            To complement our manicures and pedicures, we offer the
                                                                    A full range of tinting treatments are available.* A patch
                                                                                                                                  • CND Shellac Application                     20 mins
                                                                    test is required 24 hours prior to this treatment.
Chuan Body + Soul cordially invites you to sculpt your            Swimming Pool
body and soul.                                                    Located in our sub-level basement, the setting of the old
Health Club                                                       banking vault, our 16-metre swimming pool will help you
                                                                  swim away a hard day.
Located on the lower ground floor is our Health Club with
state-of-the-art Technogym equipment featuring touch              Changing Room
screen entertainment systems. Our range of equipment              After your workout, retreat to our well-appointed
includes cardiovascular machines, strength machines               changing rooms to enjoy the sauna, aroma steam room or
together with a comprehensive range of free weights.              freshen yourself in the shower and vanity areas equipped
Personal Training                                                 with private lockers.

If you need more guidance using the fitness equipment or          Chuan Body + Soul and Health Club
extra motivation to achieve your goals, a Personal Trainer can    Membership
help boost your knowledge and confidence.                         Join us today and enjoy more privileges. Coming to Chuan
We offer a wide range of options for Personal Training, with      Body + Soul and Health Club is more than mere
an introductory option offering two sessions to be used within    relaxation and enjoyment. It is a place where you can
the same week, a Silver package offering four sessions within     re-create the harmony between the mind and body to
a month, a Gold package with six sessions within a month and      help restore one’s self.
a Platinum package offering eight sessions within eight weeks.    At Chuan Body + Soul and Health Club, membership is
Single sessions can also be booked.                               much more than access to spa treatments or exercise. It is
Our professional Personal Trainers are available for individual   your ticket on a journey to health and wellbeing. From
or course sessions. Your Personal Trainer can advise you on       our attentive service and inspiring surroundings, to an
the number of sessions best suited to your requirements and       extensive array of services and products, we pay attention
achieving your goals. They will guide you through each step of    to the smallest details to ensure you enjoy every moment
your new lifestyle, setting up workouts for the week, planning    of your Chuan experience. Enquire about the benefits and
your nutrition, fitness assessment, monitoring your progress      details of our membership programmes today.
and providing detailed reports on every aspect of your health
and fitness. Your Personal Trainer then guides you through a
one to one training session focusing on technique, posture
and overall level of fitness.

Please refer to our price list for more details. Reservations
are recommended 24 hours in advance.
Chuan Experience
Chuan Scheduling                                              Chuan Gift Vouchers
We highly recommend you book your treatment in                The perfect gift for all occasions. Gift vouchers are
advance to secure your preferred day and time.                available for any of our treatments and packages. The
This can be done in person, by phone 44 (0) 20 7973 7550,     vouchers can also be set to any face value redeemable
via email: or via our         as part-payment for any spa services. Monetary
website                                vouchers can also be purchased as part or full payment
                                                              for any spa services, to purchase these please visit
A valid credit card and telephone number are required to
reserve all treatments and packages. Any changes to a
scheduled treatment booking time requires a minimum of
24 hours notice.
We invite you to arrive 1 hour before your scheduled
appointment time to check in and enjoy the facilities at
Chuan Body + Soul.

Chuan Cancellation Policy
To cancel a scheduled treatment booking, a minimum of
24 hours notice is required. If less than 24 hours, a full
treatment fee will be levied. In case of no-show, full
treatment fee will be levied. All packages and products are
How To Spa
Check-in                                                        Health
When you arrive at Chuan Body + Soul you will be asked          Please remember to drink fluids, especially water during
to complete a brief lifestyle and elemental questionnaire to    and after your time at Chuan Body + Soul. Gentlemen are
determine how your treatment can be personalised. At            advised to shave a few hours prior to any facial treatments
this time please inform our Spa Concierge if you have any       to increase treatment benefit and comfort. If you have
health concerns. We recommend arriving 1 hour before            enjoyed a massage we suggest you leave the oils on your
your treatments to shower and enjoy the therapeutic             skin for up to two hours before taking a shower so that
benefits of our wet facilities - steam, sauna and swimming      your skin fully absorbs the oils’ properties. If you are
pool. While we will always try to accommodate your              pregnant or have any other conditions that you feel we
treatments, late arrival may mean a reduction in your           should be aware of, please inform our Spa Concierge and
treatment time due to prior bookings. The full value of         therapist. Please inform our therapist if at any time you are
your treatment will be charged.                                 uncomfortable or require anything else during your
                                                                treatment – massage pressure, room temperature or
                                                                volume of music.
Mobile phones, while a necessary part of modern living,
are not permitted in any of our treatment rooms or guest        Valuables
areas within the spa. Please be considerate of other guests     We recommend you leave your valuables in your hotel
and switch them to quiet or meeting mode.                       room or at home during your visit. We do not assume
                                                                liability for any valuables.
Minimum Age
The minimum age requirement for access to the Chuan             Gratuities
Body + Soul and Health Club is 16 years. Please note            Gratuities for good service are at the guest’s discretion.
children’s swimming times are available for hotel guests. All
children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an
                                                                Gambling, smoking and alcohol consumption within the
adult. For the children’s swimming times please contact the
                                                                Chuan Body + Soul and Health Club including the pool
Spa Concierge.
                                                                area are strictly prohibited. Please refrain from drinking
Spa Wear                                                        any alcoholic beverage three hours or longer before
We provide disposable underwear for your privacy and            your visit.
your therapist will advise you on their usage. They should      The therapist reserves the right to terminate the treatment
be worn during water based treatments and massage               if he/she feels the guest’s behaviour is undesirable.
treatments – our therapists are fully trained to drape you
to protect your privacy at all times.
The Langham, London

          2 Cavendish Place, London W1B 3DE

T 44 (0) 20 7973 7550

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