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Newport Nippers Junior Activities 2018/2019 Season Booklet - Newport Surf Life Saving Club
Newport Nippers
             Junior Activities

     2018/2019 Season Booklet

PO Box 57
Newport Beach 2106
Table of Contents

 Welcome                    3

 Team App                   5

 Office Bearers             6

 Calendar of Events         7

 Sponsors Thank-You         9

 Registration               10

 Age Groups                 11

 Newport Nippers Code of    12

 Age Managers               17

 Junior Skills Evaluation   21

 Club Merchandise           24

 BBQ Roster                 25

 Club Champs and Awards     26

 Carnival Information       29

 SLSA Principles            34
2018/2019 Season                 Page 2
Welcome to Newport Surf Life Saving Club Junior Activities Branch,
otherwise known as Newport Nippers. I’d like to extend a warm
welcome to all Nippers and their families to another great year at
We have endeavoured to include everything you need to know
about Newport Nippers in this booklet. Please keep it as a handy
reference guide. If you require any further information, please feel
free to ask any Age Manager or Committee member, or visit the
club website;
Nipper parents are required to join the Club as an Associate
member and assist where possible with the management and
training of the children. By joining the Club, parents are covered
by insurance against accidents on the beach, at carnivals and
sanctioned surf club activities, and have access to the Club
facilities and functions. It is your club, please enjoy.
Assistance with the training and activities on a Sunday morning is
more than welcome. Please assist your Age Managers in any way
that you feel comfortable (water safety, starting events, marking
lines, keeping score, etc).
  A parent must be present on the beach throughout Nippers in
                     case of an accident.
       We cannot and do not provide a childcare service.
Our objective at Newport is to educate our children to be
competent and safe in the beach/surf environment. Surf
knowledge and techniques are gradually introduced to the
children in accordance with their age and ability – ultimately at
the age of 13(U14) they can attain their Surf Rescue Certificate,
which is just one step below the Bronze Medallion.
Whilst all children are encouraged to improve their surf skills
through regular competition, no child is forced or pressured to do
something they are not comfortable with, or do not want to do.

   Our first and foremost aim is for the children to have FUN at
     Nippers and enjoy coming to the beach each week.
2018/2019 Season                                            Page 3
Coaching in both water and beach events is available to all
Nippers (Beach U8`s and over, Water U9`s and over) who wish to
improve their skills. We have the services of high quality beach
and water coaches to enhance Nippers basic skills and to
improve their competitive performance for those who are
competing in carnivals and championships.
Committee Meetings are held at the Surf Club on the third
Tuesday of each month. Should you wish to attend a meeting to
bring a matter to the attention of the Committee, you are most
welcome. To do this, please advise your Age manager or myself.
I hope you enjoy your season at Newport.

Matt Halakas
Newport Nippers Chairman

2018/2019 Season                                        Page 4
Newport Nippers utilises 2 Team App groups to post information
throughout the season.

For announcements and changes relating to regular Sunday
Nippers please download the Newport Surf Club Team App.
Follow these steps:
1. Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play
app store.
2. Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to
confirm your registration.
3. Log into the App and search for “Newport Surf Club".
4. Choose your applicable access group(s).
5. If you don't have a smartphone go to
to sign up and view this App online.

For the most up to date training information download the
Newport Nippers Comp Team App.

Follow these steps:
1. Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play
app store.
2. Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to
confirm your registration.
3. Log into the App and search for "Newport Nippers Comp
4. Choose your applicable access group(s).
5. If you don't have a smartphone go to
to sign up and view this App online.

2018/2019 Season                                          Page 5

 POSITION               MOBILE         EMAIL

                        0420 271 758
                        0469 631 371
 Clothing Officer
                        0421 529 676
 Gear Steward                          nippers_gear_steward@newportsurfclu
                        0404 865 012
 Brendan Capell
 Water Safety Officer
 Ilia Lakaev
 Age Manager
 Co-ordinator           0411 065 677
 Development                           nippers_comp_development@newpor
                        0416 085 493
 Jeremy Paul
 BBQ Co-ordinators
 Carla Pettitt
 Michelle Lye
                        0401 508 891

2018/2019 Season                                                 Page 6
2018/19 Calendar of Events

9th   September          Registration #1   9am - 11am Newport SLSC
                         SRC Basin Camp
16th September           Registration #2   9am – 11am Newport SLSC
29th   September         Patrols Commence
                         Proficiency Swims Under 8`s – U14`s @ Brooke Withers
13th October
                         Pool Warriewood 4pm
14th October             Nippers Commences 845am Sunday
21st October             Sunday 9am Nippers
21st   October           Bennett Craft Carnival - Dee Why
28th   October           Sunday 9am Nippers
28th October             NB Council Environmental Presentation
28th October             Beach Only Carnival - Queenscliff
3rd   November           Water Only Carnival - Newport
4th   November           Round 1 Club Champs
11th November            Sunday 9am Nippers
11th November            Beach Only Carnival – North Steyne
18th   November          Sunday 9am Nippers
18th   November          Junior Teams Water Carnival – North Steyne
25th November            Sunday 9am Nippers
25th November            Bennett Fast & Furious Freshwater
2nd    December          Sunday 9am Nippers
9th   December           Sunday 9am Nippers
9th December             9-10`s Water Carnival – Dee Why
16th December            Christmas Nippers - 3PM Sunday
13 January
  th                     Beach Only Carnival – Narrabeen

      2018/2019 Season                                            Page 7
19th January          Nippers Returns 3pm Saturday
20th   January        Nipper Nats - Manly
27th January          Sunday 9am Nippers
3rd February          Sunday 9am Nippers
                      Sydney Northern Beaches Junior Branch Carnival -
3rd February
                      Water – Venue TBA
10th February         Sunday 9am Nippers
                      Sydney Northern Beaches Junior Branch Carnival -
10th February
                      Beach – Venue TBA
17th February         Round 2 Club Champs
                      Sunday 9am Nippers
24th February
                      Newport Club Championships Back Up Day
                      NSW State Junior Age Championships – Swansea -
1st-3rd March
3rd March             Sunday 9am Nippers
10th March            Sunday 9am Nippers
17th March            Final Nippers (Presentation) 3pm

   2018/2019 Season                                         Page 8
Newport Nippers would like to thank their sponsors this
season. Please support the businesses that support your

LJ Hooker Newport

Chargrill Charlies Mona Vale

Lucky and Peps

Roaming Café

Cocoa Bar

Newport Nippers are always in need of financial assistance to
continue our programs. Should any other employers or
corporates out there wish to help with a sponsorship please call
Matt Halakas on 0420271758 or email

2018/2019 Season                                          Page 9
Membership Fees are set by the Newport Surf Club Committee
each year. To ensure that all members remain covered by
insurance, in case of accident, these are due and payable by
30th September each year. Fees unpaid beyond 30 November
will void insurance coverage for the member. Any unregistered
children will not be allowed to participate in activities.
Nippers registering for the first time only at Newport SLSC will
receive a Newport cap and rash shirt as part of their registration
fee. These form part of the Newport Nipper uniform and for
safety reasons are compulsory for every nipper morning or
twilight event.

Nipper Fees
$85    for each Nipper
$100   for an Associate membership. At least 1 parent/caregiver
       is required to join from each Nipper family.
Under 14`s Surf Rescue Certificate $185
(includes course material)
Please Note:
Parents with an Active Senior Membership or who wish to obtain
their Bronze Medallion should contact our registrar for membership renewal.

2018/2019 Season                                           Page 10
Nippers are divided into nine age groups – from U6’s through to
U14’s. The age group is determined by the child’s age at midnight
on 30 September each year. For example, a child who is 11 on 30
September will be in U12’s. A child who turns 11 on 1 October will
be in U11’s. Children must have turned five years of age before
they can participate in Nipper’s activities. Please speak to the
Registrar should you need further clarification of the age groups.
Under 6
Birth date falls between 01/10/2012 – 30/09/2013
Under 7
Birth date falls between 01/10/2011 – 30/09/2012
Under 8
Birth date falls between 01/10/2010 – 30/09/2011
Under 9
Birth date falls between 01/10/2009 – 30/09/2010
Under 10
Birth date falls between 01/10/2008 – 30/09/2009
Under 11
Birth date falls between 01/10/2007 – 30/09/2008
Under 12
Birth date falls between 01/10/2006 – 30/09/2007
Under 13
Birth date falls between 01/10/2005 – 30/09/2006
Under 14 - SRC
Birth date falls between 01/10/2004 – 30/09/2005

There is also a Special Needs group of Nippers. These Nippers are
called The Dolphins and Marlins.

2018/2019 Season                                         Page 11
Parents have an important role in the delivery and support of
sporting activities for their own and other children. With it comes a
clear responsibility to always act in a constructive and
encouraging manner. As part of this responsibility the following
Codes of Behaviour have been adopted by the Newport Surf
Lifesaving Club Junior Activities Committee(Nippers):
Parents, Caregivers, & Spectators Code of Behaviour
•   Remember that children participate in sport for their
    enjoyment and development.
•   Encourage children to participate, do not force them.
•   Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than
    winning or losing. Set realistic goals.
•   Encourage children to always play according to the rules and
    to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
•   Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a
•   Remember children learn best by example.
•   Appreciate good performances and skilful plays by all
    participants. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical
    abuse from sporting activities.
•   Respect official’s decisions and teach children to do likewise.
•   Show appreciation for coaches, age managers, officials, and
    administrators. Without them, your child could not participate.
•   Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
•   If you disagree with an official, coach, age manager, raise the
    issue through the appropriate channels rather than question
    the officials` judgment and honesty in public. Remember that
    most officials, coaches, and Age Managers give their time and
    effort for your child’s involvement.

2018/2019 Season                                              Page 12
Nipper Code of Behaviour
•   Compete within the rules, and within the spirit of Surf Lifesaving
    and Newport SLSC
•   Never argue with an official. If you disagree have your Age
    Manager, coach or team manager approach the official
    during a break or after the competition
•   Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging of
    other competitors, deliberately distracting or provoking an
    opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours
•   Be a good sport. Applaud all good performances whether
    they are given by Newport SLSC or other clubs.
•   Treat all participants as you would like to be treated. Do not
    bully, interfere or take unfair advantage of another
•   Co-operate with your coach, age managers, teammates,
    officials and opponents. Without them there would be no
•   Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to
    please parents and coaches.
•   Respect the equipment you use, wash it and return it after use.
    Report any damage.

    By joining Newport Nippers - the Nipper, Parent or
    Caregiver acknowledges and accepts these Codes of
    Conduct. Any breach of these codes should immediately
    be reported to the JAC Chairman.

2018/2019 Season                                             Page 13
To ensure that Nipper activities can commence promptly at 9.00
am, all children are requested to assemble behind their respective
age sign at 8.45 am on Sunday mornings in front of the clubhouse
Our events are still conducted on days when light rain occurs but
may be modified to suit the conditions. The decision to cancel
activities due to adverse weather or surf conditions or other
unforeseeable events will usually be made on the day.
All children must have their name printed clearly on their
competition (Club) skull caps and all other items of clothing (t-
shirts, shorts, etc.).
Activities will commence at 9.00 am sharp (assemble at 8.45 am)
and finish around 10.30 am – but sometimes later for the older age
groups or on special days. All activities are organised in age
groups, each of which has its own Age Manager/s, with one or
more assistants. The objectives of Newport Nippers are to ensure
all children who are registered with the Club are provided with:

•   The best possible facilities to enjoy their activities.
•   The best possible opportunity to participate in Club activities.
•   The best possible tuition and coaching to achieve the Age
    Group National Awards.
•   The best possible opportunity for competition.
•   The best possible opportunity to learn and understand the surf
    and the beach.
•   An atmosphere which encourages and fosters the transition of
    children into the senior surf lifesaving movement.
•   A friendly, happy and safe environment for the children who
    are encouraged to perform to their capacity and no attempt
    is made to pressure them.
To enable Newport Nippers to run smoothly on Sundays, please
note the following:

2018/2019 Season                                           Page 14
•   Nippers commences at 9.00 am sharp. Could children please
    assemble behind their age group signs at 8.45 am so that Age
    Managers can mark the roll and the session can commence
    on time.
•   Announcements and important information for Nippers and
    parents is communicated at the start of the day by our Age
    Managers. Please be on time and listen to announcements so
    that you are aware and up-to-date with all matters
    concerning your children.
•   Children must wear their Newport Nippers skull cap and a high
    vis rash vest, both of which are to be clearly marked with the
    child’s name. Nipper skull caps, t-shirts and rash vests are
    available from the clothing shop.
•   Children should have sunscreen cream applied prior to
    commencement of Nippers.
•   At the end of the day’s events, children must have their names
    marked off the roll and remove their skull caps. This assists the
    Patrol on duty as children wearing skull caps are assumed to
    be under the supervision of an Age Manager.
•   Please assist your child’s Age Manager – for example finish
    judges or holding a wade rope, etc. and, where qualified and
    proficient, help in providing water safety.
•   The club website and email messages will be utilised for the
    flexible delivery of updates through the season.

•   Children are unable to participate on the beach or in the
    water unless they are a registered and financial member.
•   Children MUST wear their Club cap at all times on Sunday
    morning whilst participating in Nipper activities.
•   No one is to enter the water when the beach is closed.
•   An Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) must be operational before
    water activities can commence.
•   Water Safety Officers wear orange vests and are responsible
    for the safety of children participating in water events. Water
    Safety Officers must be appropriately qualified – proficient

2018/2019 Season                                            Page 15
bronze holders in addition to being registered financial
•   Patrol members wear red and yellow quartered caps and are
    responsible for people swimming in the patrolled area – these
    are the only areas in which public swimming is encouraged.
    Separate safe areas are designated for Nipper activities.
•   The Patrol Captain of the day is the ultimate authority in
    relation to water activities and events.
•   Club caps must be worn at all times while participating in an
    event. A competitor who finishes an event without their cap
    on their head and tied securely will be liable to disqualification.
•   No child will be able to participate in water events without first
    completing the junior activities skills evaluation swim and being
    certified proficient.
•   At the completion of Nippers, children MUST obtain their
    parents’ permission and remove their skull cap before re-
    entering the water. Please encourage them to swim only
    between the flags.

As a parent or guardian, you are REQUIRED to be at the
beach at all times during Sunday activities. Your child
remains your responsibility. Medication, trips to the toilet
and the individual general welfare of each child on Newport
Beach is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Nippers
is NOT a child-minding program.

2018/2019 Season                                              Page 16
Age Managers are usually volunteer parents of Nippers children
and young NSLSC members. They are allocated to each age
group with responsibility for organising and conducting the various
Nipper activities. The main responsibilities of the Age Managers
are as follows:
•   Encourage the children of their age group to participate,
    enjoy, co-operate and compete in all activities of the Club.
•   Keep weekly records of each child’s attendance and
    proficiency achievements.
•   Instruct the children in their age group of the necessary
    requirements for the National Awards.
•   Organise the children in their age group at carnivals.
•   Assist in the development of surf awareness and surf safety for
    the children in their age group.
•   Assist in the instruction of the correct techniques and point-
    scoring systems of the events the children may participate in
    at carnivals.
•   Keep children and parents informed of the requirements of the
    age group and of Club activities, carnivals, competition dates,
•   Ensure the children of the age group are aware of and
    encourage sun protection.
Parents are encouraged to make themselves known to their
child’s Age Manager and to offer assistance when required. If you
have any questions or concerns, or if your child has any medical
condition that may restrict him or her in any way, please speak
with your Age Manager.
Age Managers are NOT babysitters. Parents are required to be on
hand during the entirety of Nippers and to resume responsibility for
their child at the end of the day’s events.
Children MUST obtain their parents’ permission prior to re-entering
the water upon completion of the day’s events and swim
between the flags. Skull caps must be removed at the completion
of the day’s formal activities.

2018/2019 Season                                           Page 17
If you need to leave before events are finished, please inform your
child’s Age Manager BEFORE taking your child from the beach so
that their name may be marked off the roll.
Please provide your Age Manager with emergency contact
information and your current email address. For the contact
details of this season’s Age Managers please see the current
season junior booklet or club website.


 AGE                 MOBILE         EMAIL
 Under 6

 Glen Langley        0416 223 024

 Gavin Clarke
 Sally Finn
 Roxy Quinn
 India Spring
 Jasmin Crichton

 Scott Bridges            
 Andrew Jones             

2018/2019 Season                                          Page 18
AGE               MOBILE         EMAIL
 Brendon Capell    0404 865 012
 Alan Carroll      0481 399 335

 Caroline Thomas   0407 240 802
 Scott Newey       0418 213 562
 Esa Fleming       0404 000 080
 Alex Warwar            
 John Crawford          

 Rod Stevens       0469 631 371
 Tam Salehian           
 Gordon Spring          
 Cheryl Page            

 Phil Pettitt      0447 420 173
 Matt Thomas            
 Kevin Brennan          

2018/2019 Season                                      Page 19
AGE               MOBILE         EMAIL
 Nick Rogers       0425 262 753

 Sandy Menzies     0418 628 362
 Doug Menzies      0419 224 290
 Alex Symington-

2018/2019 Season                                    Page 20
To maintain safety and life-saving standards, Surf Life Saving
Australia has set a standard of proficiency that a Nipper must
achieve prior to involvement in any water activity, training or
competition being undertaken. Every junior member is required
to participate in the appropriate age group preliminary
evaluation, as outlined below.
         The club is not able to teach youngsters to swim.
We expect to lift the swimming skills of competent swimmers (for
their age) and teach them surf safety.
If you have any concerns about your child’s ability, please do not
hesitate to discuss the issue with the Age Manager.
Emphasis in Nippers is directed towards teaching water safety,
basic surf lifesaving skills and having fun.

To be eligible for either beach or water competition or training
sessions, junior members must complete an open water swim. The
competition evaluation (open water swim) outlined in the table
below must be achieved before members are eligible to
compete in inter-club competition or participate in Club training
The below are minimum standard water proficiency requirements
only. Our Club is responsible for ensuring that competitors who
compete in water events at carnivals are competent to safely
and satisfactorily negotiate the conditions on the day of the

2018/2019 Season                                             Page 21
Evaluation Required for
                                              Training Sessions and
                                              Carnival Participation

                   From a standing
                   position in waist
                   deep        water
                   perform a front
                   glide and recover
   Under 6         to     a   secure
                   position.                  Nil (no competition)
  Surf Play 1
                   Perform a back or
                   front float holding a
                   buoyant aid and
                   recover to a secure
                      From a standing
                   position in waist deep
                   water perform a front
                   glide, kick for 3m and
                    recover to a secure
   Under 7                position.           Nil (no competition)
  Surf Play 2      Perform a back or front
                   float for a few seconds
                      and recover to a
                       secure position.

                      25 m swim (any
                                                 Nil (no water
   Under 8                stroke).
                                              competition, except
 Surf Aware 1        1-minute survival

2018/2019 Season                                             Page 22
25 m swim (any
   Under 9                stroke)          Minimum 150m open
 Surf Aware 2        1-minute survival         water swim

                   25 m swim (freestyle)
   Under 10                                Minimum 150m open
                    1½ minute survival
  Surf Safe 1                                  water swim

                   50 m swim (freestyle)
   Under 11                                Minimum 288m open
                     2-minute survival
  Surf Safe 2                                  water swim

                       100 m swim
  Under 12              (freestyle)        Minimum 288m open
 Surf Smart 1        2-minute survival         water swim

                       150 m swim
  Under 13              (freestyle)        Minimum 288m open
 Surf Smart 2        3-minute survival         water swim

                         200 m swim
  Under 14*                                Minimum 288m open
                     in less than 5 min
    SRC                                        water swim
                     3-minute survival

2018/2019 Season                                       Page 23
The Nippers Shop is open on Sunday mornings throughout the
season and sells a full range of club clothing, fashion items and
beach essentials for both children and adults. It is located
downstairs on the beach side of the clubhouse, next to the first aid
room. The ladies who run and assist in the shop are volunteers so
please extend them your utmost courtesy, help and
You are also able to purchase items at any time online through
the club website and click on the
word SHOP.
No credit will be given, all goods must be paid for by cash, EFTPOS,
credit card or cheque at time of purchase (please make cheques
payable to: Newport Nippers).

A BBQ is run every Sunday morning and is not only a major fund-
raising activity for Nippers but a treat for the kids to look forward
to after Nippers. All parents will be asked to assist on a rostered
basis (this will probably only involve a couple of Sundays out of
the whole season). However, even if it is not your rostered week
and you see that the BBQ workers need a hand, please offer
your assistance if you can.

2018/2019 Season                                             Page 24

                             BBQ Duty includes set up and
                             pack up. Duty starts at 8am.
          14th October                   13
          21st October                   12
          28th October                   11
         4th November                    10
        11th November                     9
        18th November                     8
        25th November                     7
         2nd December                     6
         9th December                    13
        16th December          XMAS TWILIGHT NIPPERS
   20th January (Saturday)
          27th January                   12
          3rd February                   11
         10th February                   10
         17th February                    9
         24th February                    8
           3rd March                      7
           10th March                     6
           17th March          PRESENTATION NIPPERS

2018/2019 Season                                   Page 25
2 Rounds of Nippers Club Championships will be held on
November 4th(Round 1) and February 17th(Round 2) (conditions
permitting) in the format of a regular carnival.
If for whatever reason we are unable to run on these dates, there
is a back-up date of February 24th.
Events for the Age Championship are Beach Sprint, Beach Flags,
Swim Race and Board Race for U9 to U14 and U/8’s Beach Sprint,
Beach Flags and Surf Wade. Additional events, such as Iron Man,
may be included in the older age groups at the discretion of the
Age Manager.
Competition Point Scores
Point scores for competitions will be allocated as follows:
First place            = 1 point
Second place           = 2 points
Third place            = 3 points
Fourth place           = 4 points
Tenth place            =10 points
Eleventh and above     =11 points
Non-entry              =15 points
Non-attendance         =15 points
The winner is deemed to be the competitor with the least amount
of points over the 2 Club Championship days. If a child does not
compete in an event, they will be allocated 15 points.
Example: A member who achieved second place in the 10 years
Board Race, fifth in the Swim, tenth in the Beach Sprint and third in
Flags would receive twenty points (2+5+10+3).

•   Any Nipper who participates and does not finish between 1st
    and10th would receive eleven (11) points.
•   Any Nipper who chooses not to participate in an event will
    receive fifteen (15) points for that event.
•   Any Nipper who misses the Club Championship days will
    receive 15 points for each event run on the days.

2018/2019 Season                                              Page 26
Club Champions
In each age group (excluding U6 and U7 and Dolphins), awards
will be presented for the first three placegetters (boys and girls) in
individual events, based on accumulated point-score. The boy
and girl with the least number of combined event points over the
2 mornings of Club Championships shall be the Age Champion.

End of Season Nipper Awards
Most Improved
Awarded to either a boy OR a girl from each age group (U7 to
U14) that has exhibited personal significant skills improvement
throughout the year.
Encouragement Award
Awarded to encourage a nipper that may not be the one who
always wins, but who always gives it a go. It is awarded to a boy
OR a girl from each age group (U7 to U14) that has actively
participated and shown an improvement in skills throughout the
Life Saver of the Year
This award is to recognise the nipper that embodies the ideals of
surf lifesaving. It is awarded to a boy OR a girl from each age
group (U7 to U14) based upon attendance/behaviour, willingness,
and helpfulness.
Award Eligibility
To be eligible for any Nipper award; including Age Champions
(1st, 2nd or 3rd), Encouragement Award, Most Improved, Lifesaver
of the Year and Chairman’s Award a Nipper must attend at least
60% of all Nipper Sundays and 60 % of Non-Carnival Nipper Days.
That is - out of 18 Newport Nippers Sundays and 1 Newport Nipper
Saturday a Nipper must attend 11 days.
Also, if there are 6 Carnivals that fall on a Sunday then the Nipper
still needs to attend 60% of the remaining Nipper days that are not
carnival Days (19 days – 6 Carnivals = 13, 13 x 60% = 8days).

2018/2019 Season                                             Page 27
These attendance rules are to reward and encourage
attendance at Newport Nippers as well as Northern Beaches
Branch Carnivals.

For safety reasons, it is a requirement of the club that nippers are
marked on and off a roll kept by the Age Manager at the start
and end of nippers each session.
That roll is the document used to determine the 60% participation
requirement for awards. Should a child be unable to participate
in specific activities they are required to remain on the beach with
their age group and, where possible, join in to satisfy participation
requirements for that day.
This attendance includes normal Nippers and carnivals. If a
competitor attends a carnival on the Saturday and normal
Nippers on Sunday, the child is credited with one day only.

2018/2019 Season                                            Page 28
We encourage all Nippers to represent NLSC. The Club places a
high priority on Team Events and will enter as many teams as
possible in events. The numbers of teams permitted may be
regulated by carnival organisers. Being part of a team represents
important values, such as working together for the good of the
team, mateship, and sharing in the highs of success, or the lows of
not doing so well. It is therefore a Club requirement that those
wishing to compete in individual events make themselves
available for team selection prior to the teams being selected.
Refusal to compete in a team event could mean the competitor
will not be permitted to compete in events for individuals.
Parental support is required to ensure Carnivals can be attended
by Newport Nippers. We ask that at least one parent in every
competition family lend us regular support at carnivals and
training. You do not need to be Bronze qualified to help (only
required if doing water safety). Parents without their Bronze can
do their Level 1 Officials Course.
As with all Nipper activities all Nippers and their Parents are bound
by the Rules & Regulations of SLSA; SLSNSW; Newport SLSC and by
the Code of Conduct found in this Handbook. Any breach of
these Rules and Regulations or the Code of Conduct by Nippers
or Parents WILL result in the Child and parent being removed from
the beach.

Entry to Competition Areas
Competition areas are limited to nominated officials per club. If
other club officials or parents are found in the competition area
this may result in the club being disqualified from an event. Also,
please be familiar with the Code of Conduct as this will be strictly

2018/2019 Season                                            Page 29
Carnivals are held on several Saturdays and Sundays during the
season, culminating with Branch and State Championships. All
Nippers who are eligible, i.e. have successfully completed the
junior competition skills evaluation, are encouraged to represent
Newport at these carnivals.
Competition against other clubs promotes sportsmanship, club
loyalty and gives children the opportunity to mix with their peers.
Emphasis is placed on participation and friendly competition
rather than winning.
Final selection of teams for team events will be the responsibility
of the coaches and Competition Development Manager.

Entry Fees
The Club will pay Carnival Entry Fees for Nippers to participate in
the carnivals as listed in the Calendar of Events table earlier in this
Where a Nipper enters a Carnival, and subsequently fails to
attend, or withdraws from an event for which they have been
nominated (unless withdrawn by the Age Manager and/or
coach), the Nippers Parents will be required to reimburse the Club
for the Entry Fee of events not competed. Nippers will not be able
to nominate for subsequent Carnivals until outstanding fees are
A few points to remember regarding carnivals:
•   Nominations for events that the children are to compete in
    must be in 1 week prior to the Carnival. The parent/guardian
    may be liable for late entry fees, at the club’s discretion.
•   Competitors must wear the gold and maroon Newport skull
    cap and maroon club swimmers. Caps must be kept on
    during races. If both these rules are not followed, the
    competitor could be disqualified.
•   Meet at the Newport tent at least twenty minutes prior to your
    first event and report to your Age Competition Manager.
Carnival registrations usually start at 6.30am, with the first events
commencing at 7am.

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•   All competitors in beach and water events (except for U8’s)
    must have passed their junior competition skills evaluation
    swim to be eligible to compete in events at carnivals – this
    includes those participating in beach events only.
•   Carnivals generally follow a standard format with a detailed
    event program being made available during the week prior
    to the carnival. If not, they will be available on the day.
    Program details may be altered up until the last minute to take
    weather and surf conditions into consideration.
•   Entry fees are incurred for each carnival that a child enters.
    These fees are paid directly by Newport Nippers. However,
    should a competitor not turn up at their nominated carnival
    the parent/guardian may be liable to reimburse the club for
    entry fees paid, at the club’s discretion. Please let us know if
    you are unable to attend as early as possible to avoid
    unnecessary costs.

A list of carnival events are as follows:
Sprint – Open and Girls
Ages U8 to U14 years, in age groups
Sprint Distances
Ages U8 to U14 years – 70 metres
Relay – Open
Ages U8 to U14 in age groups (four competitors to a team)
All Age Relay – Open
Ages 7 to 13, one competitor from each age group (7 competitors
in a team)
Beach Flags – Open and Girls
Ages U8 to U14 years in age groups
Flag Distances
Ages U8 to U10 years – 8 metres
Ages U11 to U14 years – 15 metres
Water Events
Wade and water events will be decided on the day according to
water conditions.
Surf Swim – Open and Girls
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Ages U9 to U14 – in age groups
Surf Teams Race – Open
Ages U10 to U13 in age groups
Junior 2 x U8 years and 2 x U9 years (4 competitors in each team)
Senior U10 to U13 years (1 competitor from each age group – 4
competitors to a team)
Board Race – Open and Girls
Ages U9 to U13 in age group. The girl’s event is limited to five
competitors per club in each age group. This restriction is not
applicable to the open event.
Board Rescue – Open
Ages 10 to 13 in age groups. Two competitors to a team – one
swimmer (patient) and one board paddler (rescuer).
Board Relay – Open
Ages 10 to 13 in age groups. Three competitors to a team.
Cameron Relay – Open
Junior – ages 10 to U11
Senior – ages 12 to U13
Three competitors to a team – one swimmer, one runner and one
board paddler.
Iron Man – Open
Ages U10 to U13 in age groups. Swim, board paddle and run.
Diamond Lady – Girls
Ages U10 to U13 in age groups. Swim, board paddle and run.
Limited to five competitors per club in each age group. This
restriction does not apply to the open iron man event. All swim
distances are 80 metres from waist deep water. Board distances
for most events are 120 metres from the water’s edge.

2 Person Rescue and Resuscitation – Open
Ages 9 to 11, two competitors to a team – one rescuer and one
patient (positions decided by draw).
4 Person Rescue and Resuscitation – Open
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Ages 11 to 13, five competitors to a team – one rescuer, one-reel
person, one cardiac operator, one resuscitator and one patient.
March Past – Open
Ages 7 to 13, 12 competitors to a team – one standard bearer,
one belt person, 6-reel squad and four rear rank.
The first carnivals of the season are Selection Carnivals. It is from
these carnivals that competitors from 10 to 13 years from all
Nippers clubs in the Northern Beaches Branch are selected to
compete in the Interbranch Carnival.
All events at the Interbranch are open – i.e. there are no separate
events for girls. A selection committee has the final approval to
select which competitors will be eligible. A competitor achieving
a first or second place in an event (at both selection carnivals) has
a good chance of becoming a Northern Beaches Branch
Some events at the State Carnival are only open to competitors
who have qualified through gaining a place at the Branch
Carnival. These events are:
2 Man Rescue and Resuscitation – three teams per Branch.
All Age Relay – three teams per Branch.
The competitors selected for the State Championship team will
have met the selection criteria. That criteria being, attending all
regular training sessions for either Water or Beach activities,
attending a minimum of two SLS carnivals throughout the season
and attending the Branch Carnival.
Please note that on carnival days, except for the Newport
Carnival, Nippers at Newport Beach will still be held as normal for
those not competing. With reduced numbers of Nippers, age
groups may be combined for some or all activities.

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Surf Life Saving Australia’s Surf Education curriculum is based upon some
key principles. These principles form the backbone of each stage of a
child’s development in lifesaving.
The principles are:
Participation: The notion that all children should be offered the
opportunity to learn about surf lifesaving and aquatic safety philosophies
and methodology. Where possible, they should experience samples of
the activities that are undertaken by surf lifesavers.
Social Justice: The notion that everyone should be given a fair go. This
is particularly important when learning about surf lifesavers and during
activities that they be part of an overall surf lifesaving educational
Environment: A supportive environment means one in which assistance
is provided by parents, teachers, instructors, coaches, clubs, etc. which
promotes the development of surf lifesaving and aquatic safety
education and skills.
Surf education is designed to develop and enhance essential skills and
understandings. For example:
Health and safety knowledge – an understanding of the need for
physical and emotional safety and the wellbeing of one’s self and others.
Communications skills – particularly the relationship between reading,
writing, listening and speaking as well as the understanding of a broad
range of verbal and non-verbal means of communication.
Environmental knowledge – an understanding and appreciation of our
environment, its management and the relationship we have in it.
Information skills – which enable the child to recognise the need for
information and provide the ability to identify and access it from a range
of resources.
Social skills – an understanding of the values, attitudes and practices
that contribute to social justice and effective participation.

  Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure that the details
 contained in this booklet are correct at time of publishing but may be
                           subject to change.
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