2015 BELL'S BEER BAYVIEW MACKINAC RACE - Notice and Conditions of Race Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 BELL'S BEER BAYVIEW MACKINAC RACE - Notice and Conditions of Race Saturday, July 18, 2015

   The World’s Most Challenging Freshwater Yacht Race

           Saturday, July 18, 2015

Notice and Conditions of Race

1. Management                                                                  design/level class shall be subject to their class rules. If there
                                                                               is any difference between a class rule and a handicap rule
Bayview Yacht Club is the organizing authority of the 2015 Bell’s              of the respective Division, the Notice of Race, the Sailing
Beer Bayview Mackinac Race (Race) and has appointed the                        Instructions or any additional Sailing Instructions, the more
Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race Authority (Race Committee)                    restrictive rule shall apply. Boats racing in a one-design/level
to conduct the Race and related activities. The Race Committee has             class shall be subject to any class-imposed crew weight and/
the authority to interpret the rules and conditions of the Race and,           or number. All one-design/level classes shall have their class
subject to RRS 76.1, to reject the entry of any boat at any time before        rules on file with the Race Committee. Additionally, each one-
the start of the Race. The Race will start on July 18, 2015. The               design/level class boat shall have a One-Design/Level Class
fleet will be divided into divisions and classes according to rating/          Certificate of Compliance endorsed by the respective class
handicap and other factors at the discretion of the Race Committee.            authority and submitted at the time of entry. A minimum of
                                                                               eight boats is required and at least one of the boats must have
2. Rules                                                                       a valid 2014 DRYA PHRF certificate for a one-design/level
                                                                               class to be approved.
The Race shall be governed by the “rules” as defined in the current
Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 (RRS), which include the
following (except as changed by the Sailing Instructions):                3. Responsibilities of Person-In-
a.   The prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association (US          Charge and Crew
     SAILING).                                                            a.   Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and
b.   This Notice and Conditions of Race (Notice of Race) and any               injury. Competitors in this event are participating entirely
     amendments.                                                               at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The Race
                                                                               organizers (organizing authority, its officers, members, race
c.   The Sailing Instructions and any amendments.                              committee, international jury or other protest committee,
d.   For monohulls, Bayview Mackinac Safety Requirements &                     sponsors, or any other organization or official) will not be
     Recommendations 2015 – Monohulls (SRR).                                   responsible for damage to any boat or other property or the
                                                                               injury to any competitor, including death, sustained as a result
e.   For multihulls, Bayview Mackinac Safety Requirements &
                                                                               of participation in this event. By participating in this event,
     Recommendations 2015 – Multihulls (SRR).
                                                                               each competitor agrees to release the Race organizers from any
f.   RRS Part 2 will be replaced by Part B, the Steering and Sailing           and all liability associated with such competitor’s participation
     Rules, of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions         in this event.
     at Sea (COLREGS) between 2200 hours and 0600 hours.
                                                                          b.   As used in the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, the
g.   Applicable U.S. and Canadian governmental rules and                       term “Person-in-Charge” means the person who is designated
     regulations.                                                              on the Entry Form as the Person-in-Charge, whether or not
h.   Rules of the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF),                    the owner.
     as administered by the Detroit Regional Yacht-Racing                 c.   The safety of a boat and its crew is the sole and inescapable
     Association (DRYA), for boats racing in Division I, and II. In            responsibility of the Person-in-Charge, who must assure that
     addition, cruising class entrants will be subject to the Mackinac         the boat is fully sound, thoroughly seaworthy and sailed by
     Cruising Class Race Rules.                                                an experienced crew who have undergone appropriate training
i.   Rules of the Great Lakes Multihull Racing Association                     and are physically fit to face bad weather. The Person-in-
     (GLMRA) for multihulls racing in Division III.                            Charge must be satisfied with the soundness of the hull, spars,
                                                                               rigging, sails and all gear. The Person-in-Charge must assure
j.   One-Design/Level Class – Boats racing in an approved one-
                                                                               that all safety equipment is properly maintained and stowed

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                              Saturday, July 18, 2015
and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be            Course instead of Division I.
     used. Neither the acceptance of a Crew List, the establishment     ii) Boats in approved one-design/level classes with a 2015 DRYA
     of equipment or safety requirements nor an inspection of a             PHRF certificate that have a Base Rating of 231 seconds per
     boat in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited           mile or less (faster), except that any one-design/level class
     responsibility of the Person-in-Charge.                                with a Base Rating between 99 and 231 seconds per mile,
                                                                            inclusive, may elect to sail in Division II – Shore Course
4. Conduct                                                                  instead of Division I.
The Person-In-Charge shall be responsible for the conduct               iii) Upon application and in the sole discretion of the Race
of the crew before, during and after the Race. In the event of a             Committee boats may be accepted into a Cove Island Course
serious misconduct, destruction of property or failure to comply             Cruising Class. Upon acceptance, boats will be required to
with a request of the Race Committee or instructions from the                sign the Cruising Class Certificate of Compliance agreeing
harbormaster in the Black River or on Mackinac Island, the Race              to comply with the “Cruising Class Race Rules”. These
Committee may file a protest or take such other action as it deems           documents may be found on the Official Bayview Mackinac
appropriate against the Person-In -Charge, boat and crew.                    Race website at www.bycmack.com.
                                                                             Power-driven winches and electromechanical steering devices
5. Advertising                                                               are permitted in Cruising Class. This changes RRS 52.

In accordance with RRS 80, advertising on a boat shall comply with      b. Division II – Shore Course
the requirements of ISAF Regulation 20. An application for entry        i)   PHRF boats with a 2015 DRYA PHRF certificate that have a
shall contain brief details of any advertising that a boat intends to        Base Rating between 99 and 231, inclusive.
carry. The Race Committee shall be advised of any changes to that
                                                                        ii) Boats in approved one-design/level classes that have a Base
advertising. The Race Committee may reject any advertising not-
                                                                            Rating between 99 and 231, inclusive.
compliant with ISAF Regulation 20.
                                                                        iii) Upon application and in the sole discretion of the Race
If supplied, a boat shall display the sponsor’s bow decals and
                                                                             Committee boats may be accepted into a Shore Course
backstay flags in accordance with this Notice of Race and the
                                                                             Cruising Class. Upon acceptance, boats will be required to
Sailing Instructions. This Section 5 applies from 0700 hours on
                                                                             sign the Cruising Class Certificate of Compliance agreeing
Saturday, July 18, 2015 until protest time ends.
                                                                             to comply with the “Cruising Class Race Rules”. These
The Race Committee or the International Jury shall be the only               documents may be found on the Official Bayview Mackinac
parties that may initiate any protest regarding a possible breach of         Race website at www.bycmack.com.
this Section 5. This changes RRS 60.1(a).
                                                                             Power-driven winches and electromechanical steering devices
                                                                             are permitted in Cruising Class. This changes RRS 52.
6. Eligibility                                                          iv) Double-handed class boats must be a monohull, have a valid
Participation in the Race is by invitation of Bayview Yacht Club.           2015 DRYA PHRF rating of 231 seconds per mile or less
An invitation may be requested by sending a letter, fax or e-mail to:       (faster) and sailed with two experienced and capable crew.
Bayview Mackinac Race, 100 Clairpointe, Detroit, MI 48215, Fax:              Double-handed class boats shall be equipped with a functioning
(313) 822-8020, e-mail: mack_chair@byc.com, or by submitting a               electromechanical steering device. Power-driven winches are
Race Information Request Form electronically, available at www.              allowed. This changes RRS 52.
bycmack.com. A boat’s invitation to race shall be conditioned upon
the Race Committee’s acceptance of the boat as an entrant in the        c. Division III – Cove Island Course - Multihull
Race after application as provided in this Notice of Race.                   Boats with a valid GLMRA Certificate are eligible to compete
To be eligible, boats must be of a seaworthy offshore type, at least         in this division.
24 feet LOA with accommodations and equipment in accordance                  Multihulls may request GLMRA applications from:
with the SRR. Note – monohulls and multihulls have separate SRR.             GLMRA, C/O LE Multihull
Competitors will have the option to select from the following                2131 N Camp Perry Rd., Clinton OH 43452
Divisions to race in:                                                        www.lake-eriemultihull.com
                                                                             E-mail: lemultihull@coastalwave.net
a. Division I - Cove Island Course
                                                                             The Race Committee may divide any division into multiple
i)   PHRF boats with a 2015 DRYA PHRF certificate that have a                classes and may offer one or more one-design/level classes
     Base Rating of 231 seconds per mile or less (faster), except            within a division as deemed appropriate by the Race
     that any boat with a Base Rating between 99 and 231 seconds             Committee in its sole discretion.
     per mile, inclusive, may elect to sail in Division II – Shore

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                          Saturday, July 18, 2015
7. Ratings & Handicaps                                                  PHRF Handicaps. Multihull ratings are the sole responsibility of
                                                                        the issuing authority.
Competitors in Divisions I and II who do not have a 2015 DRYA
PHRF rating certificate should submit an application to the DRYA to
obtain a 2015 single purpose, Mackinac Race only DRYA PHRF rating       8. Entry
certificate. The application can be found online at www.drya.org.       Entrants are directed to the Official Bayview Mackinac Race
Competitors may appeal their 2015 single purpose, Mackinac              website, www.bycmack.com, for electronic registration and
Race DRYA PHRF rating to an independent Mackinac Race PHRF              downloading of all forms required to complete the entry and
Rating Appeal Committee by following the procedures identified          registration process. In addition, the website contains up-to-date
on the Race website, www.bycmack.com. The only grounds for              information on the Race in-cluding any official changes to the
appeal will be that the DRYA made an error in calculations or relied    Notice of Race and/or Sailing Instructions, ratings and class splits.
upon inaccurate or incomplete information.                              The Race Committee must receive the following items before 1700
All PHRF boats must furnish a copy of the boat’s valid 2015 DRYA        hours on Monday, June 1, 2015:
PHRF handicap certificate with the Entry Form. Competitors              a.   Completed Entry Form, submitted electronically.
will be deemed to have knowledge of their boat’s rating when it
is posted on the Official Bayview Mackinac Race Website www.            b.   Entry fee payment of $14.00 per foot Length Over All (LOA)
bycmack.com. Accordingly, competitors are encouraged to check                stated on the boat’s measurement certificate (rounded down
the website regularly.                                                       to the nearest whole foot). Payment can be made online by
                                                                             credit card or by check made payable to Bayview Yacht
Each competitor’s boat, rig and sail inventory carried in the Race           Club. Bayview members will have the option to have their
must conform in all respects to the DRYA PHRF handicap certificate           entry fee charged to their member account. Entry fees are not
and/or One-Design/Level Class Certificate of Compliance submitted.           refundable. Owners who are first-time competitors in the
If a DRYA PHRF Handicap or other rating application is in progress           Bayview Mackinac Race are entitled to a $50 (US funds)
on June 1, 2015, the Entry Form may be submitted without the                 discount from the applicable fee.
rating or handicap, provided that (i) the “IN PROCESS” box is           c.   Certificate of Insurance that verifies the Person-In-Charge has
checked on the Entry Form and (ii) the applicant contacts the                a minimum of $300,000 Boat Liability Insurance in force on
Bayview Yacht Club Race Management Office, (313) 822-9771,                   the boat entered in the Race for the period of the Race.
no later than 1700 hours June 1, 2015 for additional instructions.
                                                                        d.   Preliminary Crew List (submitted electronically), which shall
Competitors electing to change their division after the June 1, 2015         be completed online on the Official Bayview Mackinac Race
entry deadline may do so only with Race Committee approval                   website, www.bycmack.com, including the names, addresses
and payment of a $200 (US funds) administrative fee. Except for              and email addresses of at least the minimum number of crew
changes initiated by the Race Committee, no division or class                per Section 10(a), 10(b) or 10(c), the Person-In-Charge,
changes will be permitted after class splits have been determined.           navigator and watch captains and enough information to
Changes to ratings/handicaps will be allowed prior to 1700                   demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Race Committee that
hours on June 30, 2015, by submitting a copy of a valid changed              Person-In-Charge and crew are sufficiently experienced to
certificate. No original or revised handicap certificates will be            compete safely in offshore conditions.
accepted after this time. Exceptions to this may only be made           e.   Copy of the boat’s 2015 DRYA PHRF or GLMRA valid
by the Race Committee in its sole discretion and as a result of              handicap or rating certificate.
any rating appeal as described herein.
                                                                        f.   If a one-design/level class boat, One-Design/Level Class
Competitors who did not submit a valid 2015 DRYA PHRF                        Certificate of Compliance by the respective class authority.
Handicap Certificate or GLRMA certificate on June 1, 2015, but
had an application in process on that date must submit a valid 2015     g.   Race Tracking Application – Electronic submission of a
DRYA PHRF or GLRMA certificate by 1700 hours on June 30, 2015                completed Race Tracking Application, including a credit card
or they shall not be permitted to race. Exceptions to these deadlines        number for deposit purposes, to be completed online via the
may only be made by the Race Committee in its sole discretion.               Race website.

The Race Committee may correct obvious rating or handicap errors        Entry forms, entry fees or documents submitted (except as noted
at any time.                                                            herein) after the entry deadline of 1700 hours on June 1st will be at
                                                                        the sole discretion of the Race Committee and subject to a special
PHRF handicaps assigned by DRYA are final subject only to a             processing fee of $300 (US funds) in addition to the applicable
pre-race appeal to the independent Mackinac Race PHRF Rating            entry fee. Entry Applications received after June 19, 2015, shall
Appeal Committee by adhering to the dates in this NOR and the           not be accepted without the prior approval of the Race Committee.
procedures identified on the Race website, www.bycmack.com.
The International Jury will not entertain protests related to DRYA      Incomplete applications will be subject to rejection.

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                          Saturday, July 18, 2015
9. Registration                                                           The Inspection Committee will inspect randomly selected boats
                                                                          immediately after finishing the Race at Mackinac Island. Boats not
The Person-In-Charge of each boat or a representative with the            in compliance with the SRR or hindering the inspection process
written authorization from the Person-In-Charge shall register the        will be subject to protest by the Race Committee.
boat at one of the following locations and times:
a.   Bayview Yacht Club: 1200-1900 hours on Thursday, July 16, 2015.
                                                                          12. Sailing Instructions
b.   Port Huron Race Headquarters: 0900-1600 hours on Friday,
     July 17, 2015.                                                       Sailing instructions will be distributed at registration and will be
                                                                          available on the Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race website,
The Person-In-Charge or their representative is encouraged to             www.bycmack.com.
register their boat at Bayview Yacht Club at the times noted. Your
cooperation with this request is appreciated.
The following shall be required prior to registration:                    13. Courses
a.   Electronic certification of compliance with the SRR on the           a.    Cove Island Course - Divisions I and III: From the
     Official Bayview Mackinac Race website, www.bycmack.com.                   starting line in lower Lake Huron then to the Cove Island
                                                                                buoy set off Cove Island, Ontario, Canada, then to the finish
b.   For boats accepted to the Cruising Class, electronic certification         line at Mackinac Island, leaving the Cove Island buoy to
     of compliance with the Cruising Class Mackinac Rules.                      port, the Duck Islands to starboard, Bois Blanc Island to port
c.   Final Crew List submitted electronically online containing                 and the Round Island Passage Light to starboard. The Cove
     the information referred to in Section 8(d) of this Notice of              Island buoy will be set at approximately latitude 45° 20.00’
     Race for those that will actually be on board for the Race. Any            N, longitude 081° 51.00’W.
     change of crew after registration must be submitted to the Race            The Cove Island buoy is a conical buoy with a yellow strobe
     Committee in writing prior to 0900 hours, or via VHF before                light flashing once every four seconds. The Round Island
     the boat’s scheduled starting time, on Saturday, July 18, 2015.            Passage Light is described on NOAA Chart 14880 (Straits
                                                                                of Mackinac) as “ROUND ISLAND LT Fl R 5s 71ft 11 St
10. Special Requirements and 			                                                M HORN RACON (-..-)”. The description on NOAA Chart
     Restrictions                                                               14881 is the same except that it omits “ROUND ISLAND LT”.

a.   The number of crew for Double-handed class boats shall be            b. Shore Course - Division II:            From the starting line in
     two experienced and capable sailors otherwise the minimum                 lower Lake Huron, then to the finish line at Mackinac Island,
     number of crew for Divisions I and II shall be five experienced           leaving Thunder Bay Island, Bois Blanc Island to port and the
     and capable sailors. Exceptions to this requirement may be 4              Round Island Passage light to starboard. See Section 13(a) for
     granted at the sole discretion of the Race Committee.                     the chart descriptions of the Round Island Passage Light.

b.   The minimum number of crew for multihulls in Division III
     shall be three experienced and capable sailors.                      14. Scoring
c.   The sale of commercial items by a boat owner, Person-In-             a. Division I and II: Time allowances for boats accepted to
     Charge, crew or guest in or near the racing area, including the           race in the cruising classes will be based upon the boat’s DRYA
     Black River and Mackinac Island, a week prior to the Race and             PHRF “Cruising Class Handicap” rating. Time allowances for
     until 1200 hours Wednesday, July 22, 2015, will be grounds                all other boats racing in Divisions I and II will be based upon the
     for rejection or cancellation of the boat’s entry in accordance           boat’s DRYA PHRF “Racing Handicap” rating using time-on-
     with RRS 76.1 or subject to protest by the Race Committee.                time coefficients as recommended by the US SAILING formula.
                                                                          b. Division III: Time allowances shall be based on time-on-
11. Inspection                                                                 time scoring.
Each competing owner and Person-In-Charge is responsible for              c. One-Design/Level: Elapsed time will be used for those one-
assuring that the boat meets the SRR. However, as a courtesy and               design/level classes that elect to race level. Corrected time will
without relieving the owner or Person-In-Charge of responsibility,             be used to determine Division scoring using the boat’s PHRF
the Inspection Committee will be available for consultation before             “One Design Handicap” rating. Boats racing in a one-design/
the Race. The Race Committee may also require any competitor                   level class will be eligible for Division scoring only if they
to submit to an Inspection Committee safety consultation before                have submitted a valid 2015 DRYA PHRF rating certificate.
the Race. Such consultations may be arranged through the Race             d. Doyle Sails Yacht Club Challenge: Teams will be scored
Committee by submitting a request in writing via e-mail to mack_               based on corrected times in accordance with the applicable
chair@byc.com or by mail to, Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                  rules published by the Race Committee at www.bycmack.com.
Committee, 100 Clairpointe, Detroit, MI 48215.

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                              Saturday, July 18, 2015
15. Protests and Alternative Penalties                                   17. Black River Rendezvous
a.   There will be an International Jury constituted in compliance       Boats may rendezvous in the Black River before the Race. Boats
     with RRS Appendix N, and there may be a second Jury not             are requested not to arrive in the Black River before Tuesday, July
     so constituted. In accordance with RRS 70.5, there shall be         14, 2015. Boats arriving on Friday, July 17, 2015, should plan to
     no appeal from the decisions of the International Jury. The         arrive as early as possible and before 1800 hours unless special
     Chairman of the International Jury in his discretion may assign     arrangements have been made with the Race Committee. Contact
     protests, requests for redress and reports received under RRS       the Port Huron Dockmaster at (810) 531-4497 for any special
     69.1 to either Jury.                                                docking arrangements.
b.   Two-Turns Penalty shall only apply within two hours of a            The Port Huron Harbormaster will give specific docking instructions
     boat’s starting signal. This changes RRS 44.1.                      to each boat as it enters the Black River.
c.   Penalties that may be imposed by the Jury include                   The Race Committee and the Commodore request all Persons-In-
     disqualification, or in lieu of disqualification, the Jury may      Charge dress ship while in the Black River.
     penalize a boat by (a) increasing her elapsed and corrected
     times by an amount that the Jury deems appropriate or (b)
     assigning a penalty score equal to the place worse than her         18. Docking at Mackinac Island
     finishing position by the whole number (rounding 0.5 upward)        Dock assignments are determined in part by the timing of the
     nearest to 40% of the number of boats entered in its respective     complete satisfaction of requirements of Section 8 herein.
     class. The scores of other boats shall not be changed; therefore,
                                                                         Upon finishing, the Race Committee will direct competitors to dock
     two boats may receive the same score.
                                                                         in a Docking Zone. Docking Zones will be labeled A through J.
     This changes RRS 44.3.                                              Competitors will receive a card labeled “Mackinac Island Docking
                                                                         Chart” at registration identifying the location of the various Docking
                                                                         Zones. Dockage is provided until 1200 hours Wednesday, July 22,
                                                                         2015. Those wishing to stay after 1200 hours on Wednesday must
16. Communications While Racing                                          make such arrangements with the Mackinac Island Harbormaster,
a.   RRS 41(c) - Outside Help is changed to read as follows: Help        (906) 847-3561, and pay applicable dockage fees.
     in the form of information freely available to all boats and any    Due to the limited amount of dockage available on Mackinac Island,
     publicly offered internet or broadcast weather information          the Person-In-Charge is required to follow the docking instructions
     from sources available to all competitors, whether on a             given by the Harbormaster or the Race Committee. Boats shall race
     subscription or free basis.                                         with sufficient and appropriately sized dock lines, spring lines and
     Allowable services must provide the same information to all         fenders appropriate for rafting with up to ten other boats. Boats
     competitors and not provide boat-specific weather or routing        unable to comply with this regulation maybe required by the Race
     information. Competitors may use any means to retrieve the          Committee to depart from all Race Committee controlled docking
     data. Accessing other information during the Race will be           locations.
     considered a violation of RRS 41.                                   In addition, upon leaving the harbor, the Person-In-Charge and/or
b.   The Race Committee is requiring the use of position                 crew shall act responsibly when untying any boat rafted off from it.
     transponders for all boats. Transponders will be supplied           Failure to comply with this Section 18 or with instructions from the
     by the Race Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the        Harbormaster may result in the Race Committee filing a protest, or
     Person-In-Charge to ensure that the transponder is installed        taking such other action as it deems appropriate, against the Person-
     according to supplied directions and must make every effort to      In-Charge, boat and crew. In addition, such failure to comply may
     ensure it is functional for the duration of the Race. The Person-   result in the boat not being invited to compete in future races.
     In-Charge is also responsible for returning the transponder
     to the Race Committee in a timely fashion after the Race as
     directed in the Sailing Instructions. The Person-In-Charge          19. Awards
     will be required to provide a valid credit card number to the       Flags will be awarded on Tuesday afternoon, July 21, 2015, on
     Race Committee to serve as a security deposit for any loss          Mackinac Island as follows:
     of or damage to the transponder and for any postage/shipping
     expenses incurred as a result of the failure of the Person-In-      a.   Class flags will be awarded to the first, second and third place
     Charge to turn the transponder in timely fashion as directed in          finishers in each class.
     the Sailing Instructions.                                           b.   Division flags will be presented to the first, second and third
                                                                              place boats in Divisions I, II and III, provided that there is more
                                                                              than one class in the Division.

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                             Saturday, July 18, 2015
c.   The J.L. Hudson Trophy will be awarded to the boat with the
     best corrected time in Division I.
d.   The Canadian Club Classic Trophy will be awarded to the boat
     with the best corrected time in Division II.
e.   Flags will be awarded to the 1st place team in the Doyle Sails
     Yacht Club Challenge.
A formal trophy presentation will be made at the invitational
Mackinac Awards Dinner at Bayview Yacht Club on Saturday,
September 12, 2015.

20.Environment Control
The laws of Michigan and Ontario prohibit any through-hull fittings
that may be used to pump toilets or holding tanks overboard. The
Race Committee will not inspect for compliance, but governmental          Important Dates to Remember
authorities may do so.

21. Website and E-mail                                                                 Bell’s Beer
                                                                              Bayview Yacht Club
The Race Committee will post information on the Official Bayview
                                                                                  Mackinac Race..........July 18, 2015
Mackinac Race website at www.bycmack.com, and competitors
will be deemed to have knowledge of such information from the
                                                                                   Entry Deadline..........June 1, 2015
time it is so posted. The posted information will include assigned
ratings and may include amendments to the Notice of Race and/or
the Sailing Instructions. Accordingly, competitors are encouraged
                                                                                       Deadline..........June 29, 2015
strongly to check the website regularly. Notices to competitors also
will be posted on the Official Notice Board(s) as provided in the
                                                                              Registration at BYC..........July 16, 2015
Sailing Instructions.
Competitors are required to supply a working email address             Registration at Port Huron..........July 17, 2015
and cell phone number on the Entry Form as a condition to
entry in the Race. The Race Committee will attempt (but not be                   Awards Party at
obligated) to notify each competitor of amendments to the Notice                 Mackinac Island..........July 21, 2015
of Race and/or the Sailing Instructions by e-mail or text message to
the address or cell phone number so supplied.                                    Awards Party at
                                                                              Bayview Yacht Club..........September 12, 2015
22. Photography
For and in consideration of participation in the Race, each of
the boat’s Person-In-Charge, owner(s)/char-terer(s) and crew
extend to Bayview Yacht Club, its officers, directors, agents and
committees the right to reproduce and use for any purpose, in their
sole discretion, any photographs, drawings and other pictorial
representations of the boat and any persons racing on that boat.

       Bayview Yacht Club Mackinac Race                                                                      Saturday, July 18, 2015
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