Notices Contributions - Foyle College

Notices Contributions - Foyle College


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Notices Contributions - Foyle College
                                                                                                                                     MAGAZINE 2020


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Board of Governors 2020-21                                   ....................................................................................................................05
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Graduations 2020                                             ................................................................................................................... 09
The School in 2020                                           .....................................................................................................................10
Non-Academic Prizes 2020                                     ..................................................................................................................... 12

Reports of the Year’s Events                                 ..................................................................................................................... 17
                                                             1 Honorary Chairman’s Report........................................................ 18
                                                             2 Honorary Treasurer’s Report ...................................................... 22
                                                             3 FCFPA Officers 2020-21............................................................... 25
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Notices (births/marriages)                                   .....................................................................................................................41
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Notices Contributions - Foyle College

Welcome to the 2021 edition           the new covid-19 regulations          Our Joint Presidents, Harriet
of the Former Pupils Magazine         for schools were put in place,        Love and Bob Elliott, agreed
which is a record of the              with hand sanitizers, social          to remain in post for a second
association’s activities during       distancing signage, one way           year until a suitable occasion to
2020.                                 systems and rearrangement             pass on their respective chains
                                      of classroom furniture. Pupils        of office could be arranged.
The year which has just passed        and staff were to wear masks          We are hopeful that this may
is one that many of us would          in communal areas as well             happen at a social event or
prefer to forget yet it is one that   as entering and leaving the           AGM in late Spring. While Bob
no one who has lived through          buildings. Great credit must          was confined to his home in
it will ever forget. The normal       go to the principal, senior           England, Harriet was able to
routine of our social gatherings      management, academic and              represent the FPA at the few
and traditional events was made       support staff for all their efforts   events which could take place
impossible by the covid-19            during this unforgettable year.       while observing the restrictions
pandemic which spread from                                                  imposed by the pandemic.
China in early January, quickly       As we go to print in January          Apart from those mentioned
affecting every continent and         2021 the province, like most          above, the United States Flag
country with the exception of a       of Europe, is in a second or          was flown on 4 July and 22
few isolated islands. Although        third period of lockdown and          November, and a Dedication
Ireland was one of the least          the spread and intensity of the       of Memorials for pupils who
affected areas, the infection         virus has far exceeded that of        died while still at school, took
took root throughout Europe           the first wave in March/April.        place in December. On these
and the Americas requiring            We are most grateful to Peter         occasions Joint Vice President,
most     countries     to    apply    Gault, Vice Principal, who has        Chris Henderson, represented
lockdown restrictions.                supplied us with a detailed and       Bob and we are grateful to him
                                      most interesting article on the       and Harriet for their support
As the year progressed with           life of the school during 2020        this year.
little sign of a respite, despite     which you can read in the
a summer recession of the             following pages.                      As the archive is accessed by a
virus, we in the editorial group                                            completely separate entrance
were uncertain if we should           The only traditional Former           from the rest of the school,
even attempt this publication.        Pupils’ social gathering last         work in there continued when
However, in the absence of            year was the Belfast Lunch held       there was no lockdown and
social functions and events to        in February. All subsequent           Donald Bigger, Jim Goodman
report, there was a steady flow       events, the Spring Lunch, the         and David Gallagher have
of interesting news, articles         AGM and the Annual Dinner,            carried out sterling work in
and alas, obituaries, so we           were cancelled. In an attempt         many aspects of preserving
proceeded to put this unique          to maintain some traditional          and displaying the artefacts
edition together.                     events in the school calendar,        and    material    which     has
                                      a scaled down version of the          accumulated over many years.
Life in the school was severely       Armistice Service in November         A detailed account appears in
disrupted with a long period          was recorded and streamed             Donald’s report for this edition.
of closure beginning on 20            to classrooms, while a low key
March and continuing until 2          award of non-academic prizes          Sadly there have been a number
September. Teachers swapped           took place at the close of term       of deaths, not all covid-related,
classroom teaching for online         in December, state and school         and we are grateful to friends
learning to which they and            examinations     having    been       and family members who
the pupils adapted very well.         cancelled in the summer term.         provided us with obituaries. On
During the summer months                                                    a happier note, we can include

Notices Contributions - Foyle College
                                                                                    MAGAZINE 2020

news of marriages, births and       At the time of going to print, it    meticulous proof-reading and
news of the many and varied         has not been possible to plan        his friendship. A tribute to him
activities and achievements of      future events but it is hoped to     appears in this edition. I thank
former pupils.                      have a lunch/AGM in May and          Martin McKeown, Keith Moore
                                    a dinner in September. Details       and Alistair Moorcroft for
The profiles of our Vice            and notifications will appear on     supplying photographs. Iprint
Presidents, Chris Henderson         the FPA website when dates           Design continues to produce a
and Anne Price-Owen, were           can be arranged.                     high quality magazine but the
included in the previous edition,                                        layout and general appearance
and they remain Presidents-in-      Finally I would like to thank my     is down to Mildred.
Waiting or Presidents Elect! As     Assistant Editor, Mildred Deans,
yet, the FPA committee, which       for all her efforts and support in   We hope you enjoy reading this
has met infrequently online,        the production of this edition.      edition of the magazine, either
has postponed the nomination        Sadly, Sean McMahon, the third       as a hard copy or online.
of new Vice Presidents until the    member of our team, passed
present post holders can be         away during the year and we          William M Lynn
elevated to their new positions.    will miss his wit and wisdom, his    Editor

Notices Contributions - Foyle College
         S O L I C I TO R S


          T: 028 7134 9531 & 028 7131 0600.
               DX3060 NR L’DERRY 1

                 T: 028 7188 2262.
              DX3311 NR STRABANE


Notices Contributions - Foyle College
                                                                                  MAGAZINE 2020

Governor’s Name                             Electing Body

Mr G Killeen                                The Honourable The Irish Society

Mrs A McAteer, Mr B Adair, Mr R Gillen      Parents’ Representatives

Mrs S Guthrie, Mr T Nutt, Mr D Barnett      Staff Representatives

Mr W M Lynn, Mr C Jeffrey,                  Former Pupils’ Representatives
Ms A Watson, Mrs C Arthur

Rev S McCrea                                Presbytery of Derry and Strabane Representative

Archdeacon R Miller                         Church of Ireland DiocesanRepresentative

To be confirmed                             University of Ulster Representative

Mr B Dougherty, Mr D Bigger,                Department of Education Representatives
Mr R O’Boyle, Mrs S O’Kane,
Mrs J McClintock, Mr K McCaughey,
Ms L Quigley, Mrs J Stewart, Mr K Hegarty

Mr S Lindsay, Mr R McBride                  Foundation Nominated Representatives
Dr L Bradley, Mr I McCarter

Mr P W J Allen                              Principal

Mr N Stewart                                Clerk to Governors

Governors tenable 2018 - 22

Foyle College                                       You can also contact us and
Springham Campus                                    submit news and information to:
67 Limavady Road
Londonderry                                         Mrs Mildred Deans
BT47 6LR                                            Tel: (028)71841454
Tel: (028) 71269321                       

School Website:                                     For submitting contact information:                       

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Notices Contributions - Foyle College

Headmaster         Mr P W J Allen                 Home Economics      Mrs F Feeney (Head of Dept)
                                                                      Mrs N McHugh
Vice Principal     Mr P G Gault
                                                  ICT                 Mrs S McLaughlin (Head of
Art & Design       Mr K F Ward (Head of Dept)                         Dept)
                   Mrs C J Kane                                       Miss E Kivlehan
                                                                      Mrs M M Leonard
Biology            Mrs I A Hannaway (Head of
                   Dept)                          Mathematics         Mr T S Nutt (Head of
                   Mrs L J Hand                                       Department)
                   (Head of Junior Science)                           Mrs B B McGowan
                   Mr P T Farmer                                      Mrs B A Gillen
                                                                      Mrs L E Buchanan
Business Studies   Mrs H Eakin (Head of Dept)                         Miss H McMullan
                   Mrs B B McGowan                                    Miss A Thompson

Careers            Mr P T Farmer (Head of Dept)   Modern Languages Mrs H Kane-Craig
                   Miss N S Sloane                                 (Head of Modern Languages)
                   Mrs J Campbell                                  Mrs J L Campbell
                                                                   Mr G R Young
Chemistry          Mrs J Millen (Head of Dept)                     Miss R McCarron
                   Mr C P McKinney                                 Mrs L S Wilson (Maternity)

Design & Technology Mr A C Moorcroft (Head of     Moving Arts Image Mr A Manning
                    Mr A J Manning                Music               Mrs B O’Somachain (Head of
                    Mrs K R McShane                                   Dept)
                                                                      Mrs E Moore
Engineering        Mr A Manning
                                                  Physics             Mrs S M O’Connell (Head of
                   Mrs K McShane
                   Mr D Phillips
                                                                      Mr D B Phillips
                                                                      Miss L M Carlin
English            Mrs K O Knox (Head of Dept)
                   Mr P G Gault                   Physical Education Mr D A Barnett (Head of
                   Mr D R Keown                                      Dept)
                   Mr B J Duffy                                      Ms K Eakin
                   Miss S McCallion                                  Mrs L Wilson
                                                                     Mr A J Ferguson
Geography          Mrs S J E Guthrie (Head of                        Mrs L Wylie
                   Dept)                                             Miss R L McSparron
                   Miss N S Sloane
                   Mr D T Gallagher               Religious Studies   Mrs J M Allen (Head of Dept)
                   Mrs L Wylie (Maternity)                            Mrs S Moore

Geology            Miss N S Sloane (Head of       SENCo               Mrs B B McGowan
                                                  Maternity Cover     Mr R McGregor
History            Mrs M Dougherty (Head of
                                                                      Mr C Duffy
                                                                      Miss R McCarron
                   Mrs C Robinson
                   Mr B Quigley

Notices Contributions - Foyle College
                                                                                  MAGAZINE 2020

School Bursar                           Mr Neil Stewart BSc
Principal’s PA                          Mrs Jennifer Galbraith
Senior Finance Officer/Exams Officer    Mrs Wendy Nutt
Senior Clerical Officer                 Mrs Joanne Cole
Senior Clerical Officer/Exams Officer   Mrs Judith Gallagher
Clerical Officer                        Mrs Lisa McGeady
                                        Miss Megan Deery
Study Supervisor                        Mrs Mairead Thompson
Classroom Assistants                    Mrs Ciara McShane
                                        Ms Danielle Kelly
                                        Miss Tracey Culbert
                                        Mrs Elaine Barr
                                        Ms Jade Leitch
                                        Mrs Ruth Wilson
                                        Mrs Angelo Callaghan
                                        Mrs Ciara Murphy
                                        Mrs Catherine Ward-Gallagher
                                        Mrs Anne Beattie
                                        Miss Delarose Peoples
                                        Miss Rachel Canning
                                        Miss Stephanie Murray
                                        Mrs Pauline Nutkins
                                        Miss Christine Doherty
                                        Mrs Michelle Mackey
Network Manager / IT                    Mr Sean Hamilton
Science Technicians                     Mrs Catherine Bailie-Hume
                                        Mrs Joanne Woods
                                        Mr Kieran Quigg
Technicians                             Mrs Marcella Mullan (Home Economics)
                                        Mr Mark Smith (Design & Technology)
Estates Manager                         Mr Clive Austin
Premises Officer / Reprographics        Mr Graeme Balmer
Grounds                                 Mr Noel Cole
Canteen Staff                           Mrs Jocelyn Scott (Business Manager)
                                        Mrs Vivienne Hockley (Senior Unit Catering Supervisor)
                                        Mrs Linda Murray (Assistant Cook)
                                        Mrs Joanne Doherty (Assistant Cook)
                                        Mrs Marion Ferguson (P/t Assistant Cook)
                                        Mrs Ann Wilson (P/t Assistant Cook)
                                        Mrs Velma Bratton           Ms Brigid McCallion
                                        Mr Janusz Geslak            Mrs Mary Duddy
                                        Mrs Donna Smith             Mrs Shirley Hunter
                                        Mrs Patricia McColgan       Mrs Margaret Campbell
                                        Mrs Glynis Love             Mrs Jean Havlin
                                        Miss Alex Pressland         Miss Ciara Stewart
Cleaning Staff                          Mr John Ferguson           Mrs Patricia McColgan
                                        Mr Janusz Geslak           Mrs Donna Smith
                                        Mr Richard Nesbitt         Mrs Velma Bratton
                                        Ms Deborah Wright          Ms Gunjid Guille
Notices Contributions - Foyle College


Pupils are proceeding to Degree Courses as follows:

University of Aberdeen             University of Liverpool          Staffordshire University
Jacob McDermott                    Hannah Duncan,                   Anna Creswell
                                   Karl Fisher,
AECC University College            Mandeep Haair,                   Stranmillis University College
Rebecca Spence                     Amisha Kular,                    Rebecca Cole,
                                   Cassy Murphy,                    Breanna Hunter,
Bangor University                  Abbie Nolan,                     Amber Miller
Abbie Gallagher                    Juliet Nutt,
                                   Euan Stanley                     University of Strathclyde
Cardiff University                                                  Naomi Lawther,
Cameron Knight                     University of Manchester         Olivia Allen
                                   Megan Kelly
University of Central                                               Swansea University
Lancashire                         Newcastle University             Elgin Matthew
Michael Downey                     Amy Konig,
                                   Adam Moore                       University College London
University of Chester                                               Luca Ward
William Wilson                     Northumbria University
                                   Murielle McDevitt,               Ulster University
University of Glasgow              Penny Amber                      Jack Hall,
Kyle Curry,                                                         Ellis Hastings-Gallagher,
Katherine Duncan,                  Nottingham University            Conor McKinley
Asha Elise Kelly,                  Caitlin Long,
Jack Mellon                        Sarah Thompson                   University of Wolverhampton
                                                                    Kirsty Schmid
Heriot-Watt University             Queen Mary University of
Ellie Curry                        London                           Apprenticeship NI Water
                                   Lauryn Wannell                   (Mechanical Engineering)
Lancaster University                                                Ben Galbraith
Alex Dougherty                     Queen’s University Belfast
                                   Sarah Caldwell, Leah Doherty,    North West Regional College
Liverpool Hope University          Robert Duncan, William Finlay,   Emma Dunne,
Caolán Dobbins,                    Ellie Goodman,                   Ruth McIlwaine
Zara Donaghey,                     James Goodman,
Lewis Hargan,                      Emily Gwynne, Joel Hargan,       Gap Year
Matthew Kennedy,                   Michael Hatrick,                 Hannah Dougherty,
Conall Kuan,                       Ben Hetherington,                Karl Duncan,
Alex Maria McLaughlin,             Peter Hunter, Ebony Leckey,      Tegan Nesbitt
Laura Olphert,                     Ellie Leckey, Lewis Logan,
Jessica Taggart                    Angus McGeady, Dylan McNee,
                                   Jack McQuillan,
Liverpool John Moores              Nicole Moloney, Beth O’Neill,
University                         Sarah Robinson, Ellie Smith,
Molly Gallagher,                   Amy Smith, Katie Torrens,
Ruairi Kirk,                       Hannah Wasson
Katie-Jayne McBride,
Alex Whittle

Notices Contributions - Foyle College
                                                                                   MAGAZINE 2020

Here we would usually include the list of former pupils who have graduated this year from university but
Covid-19 has meant that nothing is normal so Jenny’s request to the university for this list received the
following response:-

‘Unfortunately it is not possible to provide this information this year. As there were no graduation
ceremonies this summer there was no requirement for students to register for graduation – this is where
the students give their consent to release their details. As we do not have the required consent we are
unable to release any information.’

The graduation below was taken from a report in the local press.

                        Ulster University
                        Adam Dickson
                        First Class Honours

                     MOORES FUELS
                                    ARROW OIL
                                    EXPRESS DELIVERY NETWORK

                                                         Coal & Smokeless Fuels
                                                              Home Heating Oil
                                                        Farm & Industrial Fuels
                                                                     A name you can trust
                                                            Delivering on price & quantity

                    11 BONDS STREET, WATERSIDE. 028 7134 6227


                                    departments had maintained            so there were no unpleasant
                                    a spreadsheet of results which        surprises and our students got
                                    could be used to award grades         what they deserved.

with Covid
                                    and provide the rank order. This
                                    task was completed, checked,          From March until June provision
                                    double checked and checked            for pupils to work at home was

19: how
                                    again, before the school’s ‘Centre    a priority and given the different
                                    Assessed Grades’ were sent off to     levels of expertise in the use of
                                    CCEA, our exam board.                 online learning platforms held

                                                                          by our staff, this presented a
                                    August arrived and a new              challenge. In three short days,
                                    word could be added to the            classes were registered for

                                    ‘never want to hear it again’         learning platforms such as Google
                                    list: algorithm. This is simply       Classroom or Microsoft Teams,
                                    meant to mean a mathematical          booklets of work were produced

has fared
                                    process, but in Scotland, Wales       and teachers set about preparing
                                    and England it quickly became a       to work from home. Given the
                                    byword for unfairness, inaccuracy     way in which this was sprung
Coronavirus has brought quite       and confusion. There were more        on us, we coped well and most
a few words and phrases into        U-turns than a driving academy as     of our students were able to do
daily use that many of us would     the various education secretaries     meaningful work and have some
be happy never to hear again:       firstly  defended       and    then   interaction with their teachers.
unprecedented      times,    new    abandoned the grades awarded
normal, close contact, R number,    by the algorithms adopted by          Although the school was closed
bubble and self-isolation are a     their respective exam boards.         to most pupils, it is a matter of
few examples. When the first        When Northern Ireland’s A2 and        great pride that we remained
news reports about a new virus in   AS grades were released there         open throughout the lockdown
far-away Wuhan were broadcast,      was a similar furore: at Foyle        in order to provide for the
very few people in Northern         about 25% of grades at A2 were        children of key workers and
Ireland could have had any idea     below our prediction and about        for students with difficulties
that within four months the whole   7% were above, leaving over two       engaging in remote learning. We
country would be in lockdown        thirds as we predicted. At AS it      took pupils from other schools,
and that businesses, schools and    was much worse, with 50% of           including primary schools and
public amenities would be shut.     grades moving down, some by           covered bank holidays and the
                                    three or four grades (e.g. from       Easter holiday period as a hub
In March 2020, the order came       a B to a U), and less than 2%         school. Teachers and classroom
through from the Minister of        going up. What followed was 5         assistants operated a rota so
Education that schools were         days of tearful students, angry       that pupils were supported and
to close indefinitely, shortly      parents and indignant teachers        socially distanced exercise was
followed by the news that no        making their voices heard. Some       included as part of the school day.
public    examinations     would    of our students were in danger
take place in the summer and        of missing university places due      Planning for a return to work in
schools would have to provide       to being downgraded and this          August went on throughout the
their view on the grade students    was a very stressful time for them    summer term, using materials
might have obtained, using the      and their parents. We prepared        from    the    Department     of
evidence from previous public       several appeals and sent them off     Education and the Education
exams, our own ‘mock’ exams         for urgent consideration, only to     Authority to check our proposed
and other assessments. This         have our own U-turn announced,        arrangements. PPE became the
put teachers under a great deal     to the relief of all – ‘our’ grades   world’s best-known abbreviation
of pressure, but thankfully the     stood.    GCSE      grades     were   and we quickly set the school
school was well prepared, as        awarded solely on our grades,         up with hand sanitizers outside

                                                                                       MAGAZINE 2020

every classroom, markings on the      reaction, others suffered seriously   would have been unthinkable at
floors and a cleaning kit in every    and were very unwell. Students        the start of 2020. Our staff have
room. We were asked to prepare        who had the virus sometimes           also risen to the challenge, gaining
for ‘blended learning’ (add this      showed symptoms and we could          skills quickly to deliver online
to the list); the idea was that we    identify their contacts and see       learning, producing resources for
would organise the school so that     how transmission occurred in          students to work remotely and
some pupils were at home and          school. More worryingly, several      covering for absent colleagues
others were in the building on        students only realised they had       without complaint. Thankfully
a rota basis. Some schools had        the virus when they were tested       there has been better news lately
new timetables drawn up, but          as a precaution, not having           about successful vaccines; it is
thankfully we chose to wait for       showed a symptom at any stage.        to be hoped that teachers will
clarity, which came in the form       Of all the phrases one might          be among the first groups to be
of another U-turn in mid-August       like to consign to the pile for       offered this, after the elderly and
- all pupils were to attend from      dumping, ‘asymptomatic super-         health and social care workers.
the beginning of September, with      spreader’ might top the list. We      I think when most of us reflect
social distancing ‘where possible’.   had to close for one day and          on our careers, we will have few
We had been told that any of          send three year groups home for       fond memories of 2020, but a
our pupils entered for an AS          2 weeks, so we could cover all        justifiable amount of pride in how
examination or a Year 11 GCSE         the classes where teachers were       well our school coped with the
module in 2020 would not have         absent – this was the blended         challenge of Covid.
to do these exams in 2021. There      learning we had planned for, now
was a U-turn on the GCSE ruling –     forced on us. We were told that       Peter Gault
despite having missed months of       schools would not close a week        Vice Principal
live teaching, all the modules were   early for half-term – the U-turn on
back in play and while some were      this quickly followed. We planned
eventually dropped, Mathematics       remote learning for the week’s
and English Language are to           closure, only to be told it was a
include the full set of exams. No-    holiday and we weren’t to do this.
one becomes a teacher because
they like disorder and chaos;         One of the hardest things about
standing in front of a class in       dealing with this virus has been
September telling them you’re         the glib and dismissive attitude
not sure how they will be assessed    shown by those in authority to
is not an enjoyable experience.       the adult staff of the school.
                                      We are told it’s a mild disease
In the background to this was the     for the young and therefore
virus. We had an early positive       schools should remain open –
case, but it seemed to be a           many employees in school, your
one-off, and although several         correspondent included, are not
classmates had to isolate, it did     young. We’re told schools aren’t
not affect the day-to-day running     drivers of transmission when we
of the school adversely. As we got    saw quite clearly that they are
to October however, the insidious     during October. We have had
nature of this virus was brought      to put up with policy changes
home to us. Several colleagues        announced towards the end of
tested positive and many others       a week which are rescinded at
received the dreaded ‘ping’ from      the start of the next week. Our
the Stop Covid app to tell them       students have shown themselves
they had to stay at home for          to be robust and resilient,
14 days. Some adults with the         adapting quickly to change and
disease had very little by way of a   complying with regulations that


The long tradition of an annual           award the non-academic prizes            hold a reunion barbeque in June
prize distribution at the beginning       at the end of the Autumn Term            when the Class of 2020 could
of September each year, as with           when students would have                 come together.
all other events in 2020, was             returned home for the Christmas
cancelled. Apart from lockdowns           break.                                   FCFPA Joint President, Harriet
and Covid-19 restrictions, the                                                     Love, and Joint Vice President,
absence of state and internal             The presentation took place in           Chris Henderson, officiated at the
school examinations meant that            an empty school assembly hall            hand-over of trophies, cups and
pupils could not be placed in the         with social distancing and masks         medal, and each recipient was
usual way for awards. Teachers            being the norm. The Principal,           presented with a copy of ‘A View
supplied their assessed grades for        Patrick Allen, welcomed the              the Foyle Commanding’.
A and AS Level, and GCSE, and             students and expressed his
university places were offered on         disappointment that it had not           A list of the awards is set out below
the basis of these assessments.           been possible to hold a proper           with a selection of photographs.
It was decided that it would              distribution ceremony with pupils
be possible and appropriate to            and parents present. He hoped to         William M Lynn

Chris presents Michael Hatrick with The Gransden Trophy for   Chris presents Michael Hatrick with The Lawrence Medal

Chris presents James Goodman with THe Boys’ Individual        Callum Buchanan, winner of THe Merchant Taylors Arkwright
Sports Cup                                                    Scholarship for Engineering with Patrick Allen
                                                                                               MAGAZINE 2020

SPORTS TROPHIES                             Duke of Edinburgh Award                 THE MacKILLIP MEDAL
Boys’ Individual Sports Cup                 Scheme                                  and THE LAWRENCE MEDAL
James Goodman                               The Richard MacCombe                    (traditionally awarded to the girl
                                            Memorial Peter Hunter                   and boy who contributed
Girls’ Individual Games Cup                                                         most to the school in their Upper
Ellie Goodman                               TOP AWARDS                              Sixth Year)
                                            The Lawrence Sword                      Ellie Goodman and Michael
The Gransden Trophy                         (for outstanding service to the         Hatrick
Awarded to the boy who has                  school-male)
done most to further sport in the           Michael Downey                          OTHER AWARDS
school Michael Hatrick                                                              Merchant Taylors’ Photography
                                            The Margaret (Gretta)                   Competition 2020
The Sportsmanship Trophy                    Cousins Salver                          Senior Category ‘Natural
Awarded to the girl who has                 (for outstanding service to the         Reassurance’ - Runner-up
done most to further sport in the           school-female)                          Lewis Street
school Ebony Leckey                         Tegan Nesbitt
                                            (Presented for the first time)          Merchant Taylors’ Arkwright
OTHER TROPHIES                                                                      Scholarshop 2020 for
CCF                                                                                 Engineering Callum Buchanan
The G C Gillanders Cup for Best
Cadet Clarke Lindsay

                                                              Patrick Allen presents Michael Downey with The Lawrence
                                                              Sword for Service

Patrick Allen presents The G C Gillanders Cup for the Best

Patrick Allen presents Lewis Street with his prize for The    Ellie Goodman with the ‘MacKillip Medal and the Girls
Merchant Taylors Photography Competition                      Individual Games Cup’

Harriet presents Peter Hunter with The Richard MacCombe
Cup for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award                          President Harriet & Vice President Chris

Harriet presents Ebony Leckey with The Sportsmanship

Harriet presents Tegan Nesbitt with The Margaret Cousins   James and Ellie Goodman. Captains of Foyle College Rugby
Salver for Service                                         1st XV and Hockey 1st XI
                                                                                         MAGAZINE 2020

The Margaret (Gretta) Cousins Salver
Traditionally in school the
top academic prizes are the
Lawrence     Medal   and     the
Mackillip Medal, awarded to
the outgoing Head Boy and
Head Girl respectively, and the
Lawrence Sword, awarded to the
boy who has contributed most
to the school in his final year.
In recent years the latter has
been awarded to the girl judged
to have made this contribution
and has sometimes been shared
by two pupils. Recently the
opportunity has arisen to make
a new presentation exclusively
awarded to a girl, while the
Lawrence Sword would revert to
being a service award for a boy.
                                   The Margaret Gretta Cousins Salver awarded for the first time to Tegan Nesbitt

                                   The new award, presented                   her association with the Irish
                                   this year for the first time, The          Women’s Franchise League,
                                   Margaret       (Gretta)     Cousins        the Suffragette Movement and
                                   Salver, was commissioned by                the Pankhursts, and it refers
                                   the Former Pupils Association              to her emigration to India and
                                   as a fitting tribute to this former        her many achievements in
                                   pupil who, during her life, made           furthering the education and
                                   her mark in a range of fields,             advancement of women there
                                   most notably in upholding and              before she withdrew from public
                                   promoting the place of women               service, having become partially
                                   in society in Britain, Ireland and         disabled, and died in 1954 in
                                   India. The silver salver bears             Chennai. The full details of her
                                   an engraving of her image with             life can be read in her biography,
                                   her name and years above it                written by her great nephew, Dr
                                   and below, the citation ‘For               Keith Munro and published by
                                   Outstanding Service to Foyle               Hive Studio Books (Derry).
                                                                              She was a remarkable lady,
                                   The story of Margaret Cousins              undoubtedly one of the most
                                   née Gillespie was included                 significant of our female alumni,
                                   in the 2020 edition of the                 and we at Foyle College should
                                   Former Pupils Magazine, from               be justly proud of her association
                                   her birth in 1878 in Boyle,                with one of our earlier schools.
                                   County Roscommon, through                  The new salver is a fitting and
                                   her four years in Victoria High            lasting memorial to her.
                                   School, to her time in Trinity
                                   College, Dublin, where she                 William M Lynn
                                   received a music degree and
                                   it notes her marriage to James
                                   Cousins in that city. It charts
Tegan Nesbitt


Sadly, but totally understandably, the restrictions imposed to combat the COVID 19 pandemic have
driven a coach and horses through our programme of events for this year. Normally I would make my
Chairman’s Report at the AGM which was due to take place on Friday 8th May but this was cancelled.
To ensure we have a record of this year’s events I have produced this short report. Also attached is a
set of FCFPA Accounts for this year – many thanks to Neil for producing these.

The Association has three aims:
Connecting with the Past- keeping you connected to your ‘alma mater’ principally through our web
page on the school website, our Face Book page and the Former Pupils Magazine.

Supporting the Present - providing support to the current school community through fundraising,
provision of financial support (where appropriate) from the President’s Fund and advice and
assistance on an ad hoc basis.

Building for the Future - providing advice and support in the long term development of the school and
the wider school community; there are currently four members of the FCFPA Committee who are on
the Board of Governors for the school.

To all those that have done well,   Former Pupils Magazine.            mention to:
well done; to those that have       However, given the curtailment     • Neil for keeping us on the
not done well, and you know         of our social calendar, articles     straight and narrow when it
who you are, well done anyway!      and photographs will be very         comes to money.
Apologies if I have missed          thin on the ground for the next    • Gail for correcting my feeble
anyone out!                         edition. The proposal would          attempts at Record of
Joint Presidents for an             be to produce some form of           Decisions.
extremely busy year                 news sheet for this year and       • Louis for his help in bringing
supporting and representing         a bumper publication for the         the association’s social media
the association at a myriad         following year.                      presence at least up until the
of events throughout Ireland        To all the team in the Archives      end of the 20th Century if not
and beyond, and for being           for making it what it is today,      screaming and kicking into
regular attendees at committee      the envy of schools throughout       the 21st Century.
meetings, thus keeping me on        Ireland and indeed the UK.         • Finally, to William, frankly
the straight and narrow and         Special mention to Robert            without his advice, help,
allowing me to shoot down the       Montgomery, William Lynn, Jim        support, and workload this
good idea fairy when necessary.     Goodman and David Gallagher.         association would not exist.
William and Mildred for editing     To all on the committee for
another excellent ‘bumper’          their hard work. Special

The following events were    enjoyable evening, but only                 held in the Bishop’s Gate
completed prior to the COVID attended by 47 members.                     Hotel. Dress will be lounge
19 restrictions:             Our thanks to William for                   suit and equivalent for the
                             once again pulling this event               ladies, and the date will be
• Friday 20 September,       together. In an effort to                   slipped to the fourth Friday in
  Londonderry dinner held    increase numbers the 2020                   September to avoid clashing
  in the City Hotel. A most  Londonderry dinner will be                  with the City Culture Night –

                                                                                  MAGAZINE 2020

  see Future Events below.           thanks to all the committee        many members travel down
• Monday 11 November -               members who pulled this            to the Londonderry Lunch
  Remembrance Service in             event together.                    the following month it was
  School.                          • Saturday 22 February -             decided that we should run
• Thursday 19 December -             Belfast Lunch in the Royal         this event once every two
  Mulled Wine and Christmas          Belfast Golf Club. 17 members      years (so next in 2022) and
  Music in the Governors’            of the Association attended        potentially look to move the
  Suite. 28 members of the           this event and our thanks          date to the autumn to de-
  association attended this          to Jonathan Hegan for              conflict with the busy spring
  event and were entertained to      masterminding the event.           programme.
  some excellent singing by our      Given that numbers were
  very own ‘Mood Swings’. Our        again low and the fact that

• The following events were        • Friday 24 April - London          • Friday 8 May - Royal
  cancelled due to the COVID-19      Dinner.                             Marines Band Concert to
  pandemic restrictions:           • Friday 8 May - ‘Ringing             commemorate VE Day.
• Saturday 21 March -                the Bell Ceremony’ to             • Thursday 21 May - Derrie
  Londonderry Spring                 commemorate VE Day.                 Danders City Tour.
  Luncheon.                        • Friday 8 May - Foyle College      • FCFPA brief to Upper Sixth
• Saturday 4 April - Leitrim         Former Pupils Association           before the end of May.
  Percy French Appreciation          AGM.                              • Old Boys Cricket Match.
  Society costumed concert.                                            • Golf Society outings.

• At present we should consider      it commemorates 75 years           year for drinks at the interval
  planning the following events      since the end of WWII, and         of a school production, but
  - all subject to change of         we really did not get the          it is unlikely that this will
  course:                            opportunity to commemorate         happen this year. One idea
• Flying of the ‘Stars and           VE Day. VJ Day remains to          is to run Christmas drinks
  Stripes’ on Saturday 4 July at     be seen? The Chairman will         in the Archives, take the
  11.00 hrs.                         speak with the Principal about     opportunity to officially open
• The FCFPA Londonderry              something similar to 2018          the Archives extension in
  Dinner is planned for Friday,      with the reading of the names      memory of Mr J E Bigger
  25 September, in Bishop’s          on the Memorial to the Fallen      and also invite in the Upper 6
  Gate Hotel. I suspect that date    and the placing of poppy           leavers from this year, present
  is a bit sharp and we may          crosses - more to follow. As       them each with a copy of ‘A
  have to consider moving this       an aside if you get the chance,    View the Foyle Commanding’
  to the end of October, start of    look at the two memorials          and present the Lawrence
  November. It will also be an       and you will note the much         Sword, Lawrence Medal and
  opportunity for a change of        greater number of RAF and          the MacKillip Medal. Having
  office for the Joint Presidents.   Navy personnel in WWII.            spoken with the Principal it is
  Decision will be taken by        • Flying of the ‘Stars and           almost certain that the Prize
  end of July at the latest, and     Stripes’ on Sunday, 22nd           Distribution will have to fall
  information promulgated            November to commemorate            by the wayside this year so
  immediately afterwards.            the assassination of JFK.          in this way the FCFPA would
• Wednesday 11th November          • We might want to consider          be actively involved in saying
  - Remembrance Service at           something around Christmas.        farewell to the class of 2019-
  school. An important year as       Normally, this would be the        20.


For 2021 it is proposed that         – should it run this year?         • Derrie Danders outing, June
we get back onto our normal        • Londonderry Lunch, March             2021.
calendar as soon as possible:        2021.
• Belfast Lunch, February 2021     • AGM, May 2021

• Despite the COVID-19               Londonderry High School.            Report. Establishing a web
  restrictions, and when           • A permanent Drama and               address so that archivists can
  circumstances have allowed,        Music display in the coffee         deal with enquiries directly.
  much work has gone into            area.                               Contact details are as follows,
  further developing the school    • Cabinet lighting and updated        and these are monitored and
  archives. Special thanks to        displays in the entrance            checked on a regular basis:
  Clive and Graham for all their     hallway. Cataloguing of all         Email: foylecollegearchive@
  technical help and expertise.      school photographs and    
  These developments include:        further digitisation of the
• The building of a display and      team photographs.
                                                                         Foyle College Archive@
  research room extension in       • Continuing digitisation of the
  memory of Mr J E Bigger,           school records and archives.
  master/teacher at Foyle          • The Foyle College Former            Instagram:
  College from September 1954        Pupils Association        
  to June 1991.                      memorabilia is now sold
                                                                        • Dealing with a myriad of
• Updating the displays with         through the Archives. A
                                                                          requests for information.
  a greater emphasis on the          price list is enclosed with this

• Attracting younger members         funding.                             additional funds for next year
  (30 and 40-year olds) to         • Cost - running the Archives          because of no expenditure on
  become active members              costs money, our social events       cancelled events.
  in the FCFPA, remember             run either at cost or a minimal    • Recruiting an archivist with
  all school leavers are             profit. We have no major             a specific interest in the
  automatically members.             income stream. However, I            Londonderry High School and
• Relevance to the current and       am pleased to note that this         its antecedents.
  future school community -          year we again remained in
  this will mainly be through        the black and will have some

• Briefing to the Upper and         above. If you have not yet,           its antecedents.
  Lower 6 in September by           you should visit - we will          • Better social media presence
  Chairman and Louis.               almost certainly be able to           on Face Book and the
• Voluntary £25 subscription        find pictures and just maybe          school website, but we must
  – standing order forms are        your school report (mine              continue to develop this.
  available. Could we ask all to    made for interesting reading!).     • Established a ‘Battle Rhythm’
  consider this. You will note      Challenges will be with               so that we can plan events
  that funding is one of the        funding and finding younger           and publish and advertise
  challenges listed above.          archivists, particularly              dates in a timely manner.
• The continued development         someone with an interest in
  of the school archives - see      the history of the LHS and all

           MAGAZINE 2020



                                            Year Ended         Year Ended
                                         31 March 2020      31 March 2019

Magazine donations                                     -         1,050.00
Magazine sales                                  362.00              612.00
Magazine adverts                                940.00          1,090.00
Annual Dinner - Note 1                        1,520.00          2,075.00
London Dinner - Note 1                        2,250.00                    -
Spring Lunch - Note 1                          2,155.00         2,500.00
Belfast Lunch - Note 1                          565.00             790.00
Wine & cheese                                   220.00             460.00
Shop trading account - Note 2                    491.80               52.44
Donations                                       770.00             350.00
Portrait restoration                                   -           2,115.00
School show excess                                     -              51.50
BBQ                                                    -            275.00
Other social events                             555.00                    -
Confederation of Grammar Schools                  143.31                  -
Roulston Family - In memory J E Bigger            381.91                  -
President’s Fund                                300.00                    -
Deposit Interest                                  38.66              40.49
                                             10,692.68          11,461.43

Magazine                                       1,450.00          2,285.00
Calligraphy                                             -            45.00
Annual Dinner - Note 1                          1,574.65          1,988.70
Spring Lunch - Note 1                         2,000.00           2,252.00
Belfast Lunch - Note 1                           482.00            650.00
London Dinner - Note 1                        2,620.96                 0.00
Functions expenditure                             276.37            324.00
Photography                                       210.00            335.00
Postage                                                 -             35.63
Bank fees                                           88.61              71.33
Portrait Restoration                                    -          2,115.00
Archive expenses                                 626.99                    -
Chain repairs                                     120.00                   -
In memory - Bishop Mehaffy                         50.00                   -
o/s debtor write off                               89.99                   -
President’s Fund – Laura Miller                  500.00                    -
                                            -10,089.57          -10,101.66

Surplus/(Deficit)                                603.11          1,359.77

                                                                               MAGAZINE 2020

Foyle College Former Pupils Association
Balance Sheet
As at 31 March 2020

                                          31 March 2020                31 March 2021

Ulster Bank Limited                              9,312.38                    7,495.14
Progressive Building Society – President’s Fund 8,476.41                     8,637.75
Paypal                                            695.58                      695.58
Sundry debtors                                      0.00                        89.99
Payments in advance                             1,450.00                    3,450.00
Stock                                           5,282.56                    5,400.36
                                               25,216.93                 25,768.82 5

Current Liabilities
Other cash received in advance                  1,850.00                            -

Functions - Cash received in
advance                              3,645.00 5,495.00           6,650.00 6,650.00

Net Current Assets                             19,721.93                    19,118.82

Represented By:
Balance b/f                                     19,118.82                   17,759.05
Net movement                                       603.11                    1,359.77
                                               19,721.93                    19,118.82

Treasurer’s Report
I have pleasure in presenting the above Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for the year
ended 31 March 2020.

Neil Stewart
Honorary Treasurer

Auditors’ Report
We have examined the above accounts as at 31 March 2020, along with respective receipts, vouchers
and bank statements, and hereby certificate them to be correct.

Signed: (Hon Auditors)
B Peoples:   Brian V. Peoples
R Young:     Robin J. B. Young


Note 1 - Functions Income & Expenditure

Annual Dinner 2018
Receipts                                                 1,520.00

Less Expenditure
City Hotel                                 1,574.65      -1,574.65
Deficit                                                     -54.65

Belfast 2020
Receipts                                    565.00

Less Expenditure
The Royal Belfast Golf Club                 482.00        -482.00
Surplus                                                     83.00

Spring Lunch 2019
Receipts                                                 2,155.00

Less Expenditure
Bishops Gate Hotel                         1,840.00
Gift to guest speaker                        160.00     -2,000.00
Surplus                                                     155.00

London Dinner 2019
Receipts                                                 2,250.00

Less Expenditure
Farmers’ Club                              2,620.96     -2,620.96
Deficit                                                   -370.96

Note 2 – Shop Trading Account
Turnover                                     609.60

Less: Cost of Sales
Opening Stock                 5,400.36
Purchases                     0.00
Less: Closing Stock           (5,282.56)     (117.80)

Surplus                                      491.80

                                                                                   MAGAZINE 2020

MAY 2019 - 2021

The difficulties presented by the onset of COVID 19 and its attendant restrictions meant that the
Annual General Meeting of the association which is usually held in May had to be cancelled. As a
result the team of office-bearers remains unchanged. We are deeply grateful to our Presidents and
Vice Presidents who have agreed to remain in post until it is possible for us to meet again and for their
successors to be appointed.

Presidents                                 Mrs Harriet Love           Mr Bob Elliott
Vice Presidents                            Dr Anne Price-Owen         Mr Chris Henderson

Chairperson                                Mr Donald Bigger
Vice-Chairperson                           Mrs Laura Hegarty
Hon Secretary                              Mrs Gail Atkinson
Hon Treasurer                              Mr Neil Stewart

Members of Executive Committee             Mrs Isabel McNally         Mr Colin Jeffrey
                                           Mrs Cathy Arthur           Mr Louis Fields
                                           Mr Nicky Morton            Mr Paul Curtis
                                           Miss Ann Watson            Mrs Jocelyn Scott
                                           Mr Brian Adair             Mr William Lynn
                                           Mr Marshall Kilgore

Hon Auditors                               Mr Robin Young and Mr Brian Peoples


Mrs Harriet Love          Mr Bob Elliott               Dr Anne Price-Owen        Mr Chris Henderson

Spring Luncheon/AGM                        May
Annual Dinner                              September


22 FEBRUARY 2020
The Belfast Lunch was held once
again in the Royal Belfast Golf
Club, Cultra, and we are grateful
to Jonathan Hegan for securing
this excellent venue for us and
making arrangements with the
caterers. Numbers were smaller
than usual with only 24 members
attending but the atmosphere
was most convivial as we were
seated at three large tables in
the elegant dining room with
spectacular views over Belfast
Lough.                              Doreen Black, Bob Elliott, Lowry Cunningham
After a drinks reception in the
adjoining bar, all were seated
and Joint President, Bob Elliott,
said grace. An excellent lunch
followed and after coffee
was served there were short
William Lynn updated those
present about developments in
the school and progress within
the archive. Donald Bigger
outlined the need for fund-
raising efforts by the governors
and this was reinforced by Bob,
who emphasised the importance
of strong links between the
school and its former pupils in
                                    Donald Bigger, Anne Dawson, Elisabeth and Roger Thompson
his concluding speech.
William M Lynn

Royal Belfast G C Entrance Hall     Chris, Lorna, Doreen and William

                                                                                    MAGAZINE 2020

William, Donald, Chris                   Professor Eric Beattie, Robin Eagleson, Winston Irwin, Judi Allen, Joan
                                         Milliken, Jonathan Hegan

Donald                      President Bob Elliott                      William

Brian and Chris Henderson                           William, Lorna and Elma

                                              MAGAZINE 2020

While    the    onset  of    the
pandemic effectively ensured
that the usual gatherings and
get-togethers were rendered
impossible in 2020, one very
pleasant event took place at
the end of the previous year
when seven members of the
Belfast Branch from the Class
of 1967 met up for lunch at the
Ulster Reform Club, Belfast,
on 29 October 2019. Those
present were, Patricia Blake
née Drummond, Joan Milliken
née McCartney, Helen Knox,
Janet Hill née Graham, Christine
Crockett née Wilson, Dorothy
Gault née Stewart and Lorraine
McElhinney née McConnell.

The photographs below show
the ladies enjoying a most
pleasant afternoon in very
elegant surroundings.
Joan Milliken


                                                                                 MAGAZINE 2020

It has been a very difficult and   Carol for doing so as we know      had hoped to have our Annual
challenging year for us all but    the Taggart family appreciated     Get Together in December. Sadly
we trust as we look forward to     the thought.                       due to the ongoing restrictions
2021 that we will experience                                          we did not       meet although
some normality. How lovely it      Pearlie was a very active member   Carol Corrigan had a date in her
would be to enjoy the company      of the Old Girls Association for   diary and was looking forward
of many of our Old Girls again     many years and we miss her so      to having us around her dining
soon!                              much. In December 2017 she ably    table sampling Lily’s Christmas
                                   hosted our Annual Get Together.    cake and Gertrude‘s mince pies
We were very saddened to learn     She was very determined she        among the many treats. Calories
of the death of our good friend    wanted to do it while she was      are never counted on such
Pearlie Taggart on 12 April. Due   able (her words). Those who        occasions! We can hope, come
to lockdown restrictions we were   were there that evening have       December 2021, that we will be
not able to attend her funeral     many happy memories of a           around Carol’s table again.
but Carol Corrigan very kindly     wonderful evening when Pearlie
went to Ballywillan Cemetery in    was a perfect host. (Pearlie’s     In the meantime, take care and
Portrush on the day of Pearlie’s   family have written an obituary    every blessing for 2021.
funeral to represent the Old       which appears in this magazine).   Rosaleen Ramsey née
Girls (even although it sadly      We were not able to have our       McClements
was from a distance). Thanks to    Annual Lunch in April/May but


Updates sent out to the LHSOGA London girls by their committee and their President Elect in
December 2020.

Dear girls                           your part by adhering strictly to   bottom of our hearts for being
I hope this email finds you all      the government guidelines.          our champion during your very
in good spirits. What a year                                             difficult year in office. I hope
we have all had. Our world has       As for our luncheon, the            we will get to see photographs
turned upside down, inside           committee think it wise not         of you wearing our magnificent
out and right now is doing           to book it for our usual time       LHSOGA presidential chain.
somersaults in an attempt to         in early Spring. We believe
conquer this most vicious and        moving it to October 2021           We are all so passionate about
unrelenting threat to mankind.       would be more sensible, giving      the LHSOGA lunch so it has
I imagine for most of us             us time to assess how the           been a hard and cruel blow
Christmas has been disrupted         vaccine performs and whether        for us to have missed catching
in order to protect our loved        it is safe for us to meet up        up with each other this year.
ones.                                again.                              Here’s to an enjoyable and
                                                                         magical time in October 2021.
Most importantly, there is hope      Last, but not least, our lovely,
out there and we must all            amazing and vivacious London        Take care - keep safe - keep
persevere and stay positive no       President, Anne Price-Owe,          well - keep strong, we are all in
matter what misfortunes have         was forced into the shadows         this together. Wishing you all
passed our way. Unbelievably,        because of Covid. It has been       a most joyous Christmas and
the vaccine gives us the             a very unfulfilling time with       New Year.
best chance of getting some          events being repeatedly
normality back into our lives,       postponed and also not being        Kanchu McAllister, Ruth
but there is still a long road       able to play out her role to its    Edwards, Carol Parker & Hilary
ahead before we achieve this         full potential.                     Jahanpour
goal. Patience, tolerance and                                            LHSOGA Committee
common sense are the only            Anne, on our behalf, I would
ways forward, so please play         like to thank you from the


Dear LHSOGA and all who              I simply want to remind you         haven’t met over the past year,
identify with the old school and     that I remain your President        or even communicated much,
to those also who wish they          Elect after a year when all         the annual camaraderie we look
had attended school with us!         meetings and merriment were         forward to in normal years, is
                                     cancelled, owing to the law of      verboten.
2020 has been a much                 the land. I have been like a lady
maligned year going by the           in waiting, or an actor awaiting    One of the most stringent rules
comments I’ve heard, so I shall      her cue from the stage wings,       of the lockdown process we
refrain from defending these         never quite sure if the show is     have had to endure is that we
opinions (which probably says        going to go on. It’s not often      are not permitted to sing! While
it all) and now it is being buried   that we have an ‘old girl’ who      we can comprehend the reason
with little ceremony as we           insists on doing a Trump, in        for this draconian measure, we
approach 1st January 2021.           refusing to quit her post. But,     are prevented from actually
                                     of course, we know, that as we      nourishing our own souls,

                                                                                     MAGAZINE 2020

psyches or characters which          groups with no distancing, but        Orchards and dark-green
are enriched by the breathing        instead, fraternising and raising     fields; on – on - and out of
exercises and other movements        a glass or two to those who           sight.
and positions we take in the         can join us at our meeting, and
formation of the choir with          drink a cup also to our absent        Everyone’s voice was suddenly
which we join our voices. In         friends.                              lifted;
addition, I’m sure that a number                                           And beauty came like the
of you are probably church-          And finally, on what some             setting sun;
goers and one of the treats          might see as a defiant gesture,       My heart was shaken with
of attending church is often         I’d like you to join me in singing    tears; and horror
the songs, the harmony, the          Siegfried Sassoon’s poem              Drifted away … O, but
tunefulness, when numbers of         ‘Everyone Sang’:                      Everyone
voices blend to a lyrical show of      Everyone suddenly burst out         Was a bird; and the song was
oneness.                               singing;                            wordless; the singing will
I sincerely hope that next             And I was filled with such          never be done.
year we shall all have the             delight
opportunity of meeting up to           As prisoned birds must find in     Looking forward to singing with
celebrate our old schooldays,          freedom,                           you all in 2021.
hug our friends, maybe make            Winging wildly across the          Love, Light and Peace,
some new ones, sit in tight            white                              Anne

                                    GARDEN CENTRE
                           GARDEN SUNDRIES SHOP

                          AND PET SUPPLIES
                             Altnagelvin Garden Centre,
                     100-102 Irish Street, Londonderry, BT47 2ND
                                 Call Us: 028 7134 3846
                           Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 6:00pm, Sunday: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
                           (Excluding January, February, July & August)


                                              MAGAZINE 2020

12 MARCH 2020

Winston Irwin

Last year’s magazine displayed
an advertisement for Foyle
College Spring Concert to be
held on 12 March which was to
feature the first of a series of
tributes planned for the year to
celebrate the centenary of the
death of former pupil, Percy
French, in 1920.

As usual, the pupils
entertained and impressed the
large audience with the range
and variety of their talents
and at the invitation of the
music department Winston
Irwin performed some of Percy
French’s well known songs,
accompanied on the piano by
Jim Goodman.

Those of us who enjoyed that
splendid evening could not
have foreseen that Winston’s
tribute to Percy French would
be the only one to survive the
arrival of Covid-19 nor could
we have imagined the impact
the pandemic would have
on all our lives in what has
become a year to forget.

Mildred Deans

On 22 November 1963 John                  Naval Communications Station,      school promised to fly the
F Kennedy, 35th President of              Londonderry, now the location      flag on the station’s original
the United States of America,             of the new Foyle College, was      flagpole on 4 July and 22
was assassinated in Dallas,               presented by the US Navy           November each year.
Texas. The flag which was                 Veterans Association to the
flown on that day at the US               school in 2019. In return the

4 July 2020
In fulfilment of that promise             of the US Navy Veterans            was raised by Frank Elstrom
and beginning what will                   Association gathered at the        and the National Anthem of the
now become a tradition,                   school on 4 July. Mindful of the   USA was played electronically.
representatives of the FCFPA              Covid-19 restrictions prevailing   Light refreshments were
together with a small group of            at that time, numbers had been     provided for the visitors in the
people with connections to the            kept to a minimum.                 Archive afterwards.
USA and two representatives               In a short ceremony, the flag

Group attending

Becky and Chris Henderson, Harriet Love, Frank Elstrom and William Lynn

You can also read