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The complete guide to parking:

    Your guide to parking in Ealing is
    published by Ealing Council.

    The contents in this publication
    are believed to be correct at the time
    of printing, June 2009. Whilst every
    care has been taken to ensure all
    information is correct, Ealing Council
    can accept no responsibility for
    changes in the detail given, or for
    any expense of loss thereby caused.

Welcome to the complete guide
to parking in Ealing

This guide tells you where you can             Our parking enforcement work will never
park in the borough, where you can’t           be popular with those who are in the wrong
park and what to do if you are not sure.       but it must be fair, accurate and consistent.

There is no doubt that we need parking         Over the last year we have made
enforcement. Without it our roads would        strenuous attempts to improve this service.
quickly grind to a halt and be unsafe for      As a result, dealing with us will be much
pedestrians and other vehicles. In 2007        quicker and easier than before. You can
there were 131,930 vehicles registered in      now pay for resident permits or visitor
Ealing (up 15% from 1997). In our most         vouchers via the council’s website at
recent residents’ survey 23% said that If you do
traffic congestion was one of their main       get a parking ticket, you will be able to
concerns and 19% mentioned availability        pay it online. If you choose to dispute your
of parking.                                    ticket, you will now be able to track your
                                               case online.
This guide will give you the information
you need to understand the rules, to park
safely and to avoid getting a parking ticket   We hope you find this
(Penalty Charge Notice). We expect it          guide useful and you keep
to lead to a reduction in the number of
parking tickets issued.                        it in your glove box to
Parking is one of the areas of the council’s   provide a quick and easy
work where we sometimes attract criticism.
However we are working hard to be
                                               reference tool for all your
consistent when enforcing parking controls.    parking needs.

                                [   ParkSmart                                                  3

Introduction                             3      - Parking near schools                    26
Parking in Ealing                        6      - Loading, unloading
How to park                                   		 and load bans                         27-30

  - Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)      7      - Suspensions and dispensations 31-32

  - Resident parking and                      Parking and
		 visitor vouchers                     8-9   traffic enforcement

  - Disabled parking                  10-12     - Bus lanes and red routes                33

  - Parking on footways                         - Moving traffic contraventions        34-36
		 and footpaths                        13      - Types of enforcement                 37-38
  - Pay & display bays                14-15   Penalty Charge Notices
  - Free bays and stop & shop bays      16      - Parking contraventions               39-44
  - Motorcycle bays                     17      - Paying or challenging a             45-47
  - Car park information              18-23        Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

  - Dropped footways                  24-25     - Top tips on avoiding a ticket
                                                   (Penalty Charge Notice)             48-49
                                                - What to do if you get a
                                                   Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)            50
                                              Parking – online                     back cover

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Parking in Ealing – Parking in Ealing

    What the legislation says                       The London Local Authorities Act 1996 (as
                                                    amended) governs bus lane enforcement
    The Traffic Management Act 2004 is
                                                    activities in Greater London. It allows
    the primary legislation for civil parking
                                                    the use of camera enforcement systems
    enforcement in England. The Act came into
                                                    approved by the Secretary of State.
    force 31 March 2008 and replaced the
    Road Traffic Act 1991 (as amended) as the       The role of a Civil Enforcement
    main piece of legislation covering parking      Officer (CEO)
    enforcement in England.
                                                    The main objective of a Civil Enforcement
    In order to ensure a fair and consistent        Officer (CEO) is to ensure that parking
    approach to civil parking enforcement           controls are observed and enforced in a
    in England, the Traffic Management Act          fair, accurate and consistent manner. CEOs
    2004 also allows the Secretary of State         enforce parking regulations by serving
    to issue guidance to local authorities and      Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) where
    enforcement agencies to assist with the         vehicles are parked in contravention of the
    interpretation of the legislation.              relevant restrictions.

    Under the Traffic Management Act 2004,          CEO duties also involve helping the public
    parking and traffic enforcement activities      by acting as a point of contact, inspecting
    are carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers   parking equipment and reporting faults,
    (CEOs), previously known as parking             checking and reporting incorrect street
    attendants, or by using camera enforcement      furniture, road signs and markings and
    systems (known as CCTV) approved by the         by issuing information leaflets or warning
    Secretary of State.                             notices when required.

    The London Local Authorities and Transport      A CEO is also expected to record and
    for London Act 2003 governs decriminalised      provide accurate information about a PCN.
    traffic enforcement activities in Greater       This information can be used by the notice
    London. The Act allows the use of suitable      processing team when appeals are received
    devices including camera enforcement            against PCNs issued and ultimately by the
    systems to enforce decriminalised traffic       parking adjudicator in the case of a PCN
    contraventions such as banned traffic           being appealed.
    manoeuvres in London.

Controlled Parking Zones

What is a Controlled Parking Zone?            What happens if I park in a CPZ
                                              during the hours of operation?
In residential areas where there is a lot
of traffic, specially designated Controlled   The times on the sign show when single
Parking Zones (CPZs) are in force. These      yellow lines and paid-for bays are enforced.
zones have parking restrictions in place      If you park on a single yellow line within
and are marked with yellow lines and          these times, or in a parking bay without
parking bays. The entry points to these       making a payment (ie. purchasing a pay &
zones are signposted and indicate the days    display ticket), you may receive a Penalty
and hours for when restrictions apply.        Charge Notice (PCN). Double yellow lines
                                              are enforced 24 hours a day, and some
                                              individual parking spaces have their own
                                              signs indicating the hours of enforcement.
                                              What about parking restrictions
             ZONE                             outside of a CPZ?
                                              Outside of these zones, only some roads
                                              have parking restrictions and these will be

              Mon - Fri
          8.30am - 6.30pm
          8.30am - 1.30pm

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Resident parking and visitor vouchers

    Resident bays                                 Visitor vouchers
    If you live in Ealing you can apply for a     Residents and businesses can buy visitor
    resident parking permit for the zone in       vouchers (scratch cards) for the zone in which
    which you live. This enables you to park in   they live or run a business. These allow their
    dedicated resident bays in your zone.         visitors to park during the hours of control
    Many zones have resident-only bays,           in resident bays. Below is an example of one
    however, some zones have dual-purpose         version of visitor voucher available.
    bays, which allow both residents and
    vehicles displaying a valid pay & display
    ticket to park there. Please ensure you
    check the signs before parking.

    Resident permit prices
    A resident permit currently costs either
    £25 or £45 depending on which zone you
    live in. To check your permit zone,

      P      Resident        P    Zone      K1
                               Permit holders
             holders                only
                                  Mon - Fri
            or                   9 - 10 am
      Pay At Machine              3 - 4 pm

        Display Ticket
        Max 4 Hours
         No Return
        within 1 hour

          Mon - Fri
        8.30 - 6.30pm

Resident parking and visitor vouchers

Visitors using the vouchers need to scratch       Service vouchers
off the date, month, year and time of arrival
                                                  Contractors can apply for service vouchers
and display it on the dashboard of the vehicle
                                                  whilst carrying out contractual works, such
with all details clearly visible. Vouchers only
                                                  as building works, gardening and plumbing.
need to be displayed during controlled hours
                                                  The voucher entitles the holder to park in a
(that is when payment is normally required)
                                                  resident bay in any zone within the borough.
and you must ensure that you are using the
correct voucher for the zone where you park.      Service voucher prices
Note: The vehicle for which you are applying      Service vouchers are £1 per voucher
must not exceed three metres in height and        and £10 for a book. Again, each voucher
1.83 metres in width.                             is valid for one hour.

Visitor voucher prices                            How to apply for a resident
                                                  permit or visitor voucher
A book of resident visitor vouchers cost
between £2 and £5 and they can last from          You can now apply for your resident
three hours to all day. The amount of parking     permit or visitor voucher online.
time per voucher varies from zone to zone.        Visit to
Please visit            complete an application form.
for more details.
                                                  Alternatively you can call 020 8825 6677
All business visitor vouchers cost £1 per         or visit customer services to request a form.
voucher and £5 for a book. Each voucher
in the book lasts for one hour.                   Parking in a resident bay
                                                  without a permit or voucher
                                                  If a vehicle is found in a resident bay without
                                                  displaying a valid resident permit or voucher
                                                  for that zone, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
                                                  may be issued and in certain circumstances
                                                  the vehicle may be removed. See our section
                                                  on Types of Enforcement on page 37 -38.

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Disabled parking

     Blue badges
     The blue badge scheme provides a range
     of parking concessions for drivers and
     passengers with severe disabilities or
                                                               P           Blue
     mobility problems who have difficulty
     using public transport. The scheme                                    only
     operates throughout the UK, although
     the parking concessions can vary between
     different London boroughs. The following
     information outlines the rules for blue        Yellow lines
     badge holders in Ealing.                       Blue badge holders can also park on
                                                    single or double yellow lines (without
     Where to park with                             causing an obstruction) for a maximum of
     a blue badge on-street                         three hours. A time clock should always
                                                    be displayed alongside the blue badge
     Parking bays                                   to indicate the time of arrival. If loading
     Blue badge holders can park free of charge     restrictions apply on a yellow line, blue
     for an unlimited time in the following bays:   badge holders are not permitted to park
                                                    at all whilst these restrictions are in force.
     • disabled bays
                                                    Loading restrictions are indicated by kerb
     • pay & display bays                           markings and a nearby no loading sign
     • stop & shop bays                             stating the restricted hours – see pages
                                                    27-30 for more information (loading
     • resident bays                                and unloading section).
     • loading bays (only if loading
       or unloading)
     • free bays.
     Note: the maximum stay restrictions in any
     of these bays do not apply to blue badge

Disabled parking

Where not to park                           Parking with a blue badge
with a blue badge on-street                 off-street (in car parks)
• suspended bays                            Blue badge holders can park free of charge
• bays reserved for the police,             for an unlimited time in any council run
  fire brigade, ambulance services,         car park (see page 18-22 for details). This
                                            concession only applies during the car park
  doctors, veterinary surgeons,
                                            opening hours and blue badge holders can
  religious places, buses, coaches,
                                            park in any bay except for those specifically
  taxis, motorcycles, mobile library        reserved for other users (as indicated by
  services and car club bays                signs and bay markings).
• on the pavement unless there are
                                            Some car parks have dedicated disabled
  signs and markings permitting
                                            bays with a three hour maximum time limit
  footway parking                           for blue badge holders. When displaying
• white zigzag lines at pedestrian          your badge, it must be accompanied by a
  crossings or on yellow zigzag lines       time clock. In these bays, once your parking
  outside schools.                          time has expired you are not permitted to
                                            return to the same bay for two hours.

 Important: Your blue badge should always be displayed on your dashboard
 with the wheelchair symbol facing outwards and should be removed from
 view when the parking concessions are not being used or the disabled driver
 or passenger is not present.

 It is against the law to give your badge to friends or family to allow them to
 park for free without you.

                              [   ParkSmart                                                 11
Disabled parking

     Please refer to the leaflet you received        Please take your completed blue
     with your blue badge, which tells you           badge application form and
     more details about your rights and              relevant documentation with a fee
     responsibilities under the blue badge           (if applicable) to:
                                                     for postcodes:
     How to apply                                    W5, W7, and W13
                                                     Customer Service Reception
     You can print out and complete the
                                                     14 – 16 Uxbridge Road
     application form by visiting our website
                                                     W5 2HL
     Alternatively, you can request one by calling
                                                     for postcodes:
     us on 020 8825 8000.
                                                     W3, W4, NW10 and W12
     If your application is successful, you will     Customer Service Reception
     also need to provide two recent colour          Acton Town Hall
     passport-style photos of yourself. Please       Winchester Street
     sign both photos on the back.                   Acton
     An administration fee of £2 is                  W3 6NE
     payable at the time of issuing.
                                                     for postcodes:
                                                     UB1, UB2, UB5 and UB6
                                                     Customer Service Reception
                                                     Greenford Area Office
                                                     301 Ruislip Road
                                                     UB6 9SE

Parking on footways

Parking on footways is generally not             Both these signs indicate the end of the area
permitted in London. Vehicles parked on          where you may park your vehicle on the
footways or an area of the road that forms       footway, i.e. no footway parking allowed.

part of a footway can cause a problem for

pedestrians, especially wheelchair users,
parents with pushchairs or people with
mobility difficulties.

However there are some areas where
parking on a footway is permitted.
Relevant signs and lines will indicate this,
as shown below.

     P                    P
                                                 These signs indicate that a vehicle may be
                                                 parked partially or fully (depending on how
                                                 the car is positioned on the sign) on the
                                                 footway in this area during the hours of
                                                 operation. Outside of these hours vehicles
                                                 must not be parked on the footway, otherwise
                                                 a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.

These signs indicate that you may park
your vehicle partially or fully on the footway               P
(depending on how the car is positioned
                                                              6pm - 8am
on the sign).

                                                              6pm - 8am

                                 [   ParkSmart                                                   13
Pay & display bays

                Mon - Fri
               9am - 5pm             Pay & display bays are parking bays with
          Pay at machine             a single ticket machine for a number of
           Display ticket            parking spaces. The hours when payment
          Max stay 2 hours           is required, maximum stay limits and
                                     instructions on how to pay are all stated
                                     on the front of the machine. Once you have
                                     paid for the amount of time you require,
                                     the machine will print a ticket displaying
                                     the expiry time of your parking session.
                                     This ticket must be displayed clearly in your
                                     vehicle so our Civil Enforcement Officers
                                     (CEOs) can check all the details.

     [   ParkSmar t

Pay & display bays

Off-street (car parks)                           If the machine goes out of
                                                 order when you use it:
All our car parks use pay &
display machines.                                • tell a passing CEO so that it can
                                                   be reported
What happens if I exceed my time limit?
                                                 • buy a ticket from an alternative
If you do not move your vehicle before             pay & display machine nearby
the expiry time displayed on your ticket,
                                                 • if you have lost any money in a faulty
a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be
issued. The vehicle may also be removed.           machine, make a note of the machine
However, you can always add more time to           number and street name and write to
an existing parking session if you need it.        Ealing Parking Services, Ealing Council,
Simply return to the pay & display                 PO Box 46264, London, W5 2UN.
machine to buy another ticket.

What happens if the pay & display                Parking is usually free
machine is out of order?                         on public and bank holidays.
Our machines are checked by inspectors on        Please check the signs
a regular basis, so if the machine is out of
order, there will usually be a sign indicating   carefully before leaving
whether payment is required and where to         your vehicle.
find an alternative machine.

If the machine in the bay where you park is
out of order, then you need to buy a ticket
from a nearby machine. If no alternative
machine is available then you may park for
free up to the maximum stay limit.

                                 [   ParkSmart                                                15
Free bays and stop & shop bays

     Stop & shop and free bays are spaces         IMPORTANT: During controlled hours
     where you can park for a limited period of   you are only allowed to park for the
     time free of charge. The hours of control    time specified on the sign and you must
     when these bays are in force are stated on   not return to the same space within the
     a sign. Outside of these times you can use
                                                  ‘no return’ period stated, otherwise a
     the bays without restriction.
                                                  Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be
                                                  issued. This allows other drivers the

              P       Stop & Shop
                         Mon - Sat
                       8am - 6.30pm
                                                  opportunity to use these free bays.

                          30 mins
                    No return
                   within 1 hour

              P        Mon - Sat
                      8 am - 7 pm
                        20 mins
                  No return
                within 40 mins

Motorcycle bays

Within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)   IMPORTANT: Motorcycles should not
motorcycles can park in resident bays    be parked where they may cause an
or pay & display bays free of charge.    obstruction.
Some of our car parks have free
motorcycle-only bays.                    You cannot:
Please see page pages 18-22 for more     • park on the footway
information about these car parks.       • park across two bays
                                         • park outside the bay markings
                                         • lock your bike against a tree

                                            that is on a pavement.

Please note, there are also on-street
motorcycle-only bays outside our CPZs.

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Car park information

     There are 18 car parks in Ealing situated in all parts of the borough.
     Some of our car parks offer season tickets for discounted, year-round
     parking and the prices in all car parks have been frozen until 2010.
     All car parks are free of charge after 6pm and on bank holidays.

         Name         Spaces                Charges Opening Hrs Season Ticket
     1   Arden Road, 27 x Pay & display    £1 per  8am-6pm     £500 annual
         West Ealing,        bays           hour    Mon-Sun     permit
         W13 8RP      1 x Pay & display                        £150 quarterly
                           machine                              permit
                      2 x Disabled bays
                      3 x Motorcycle bays
     2   Churchfield 57 x Pay & display    60p per 8am-6pm        £360 annual
         Road, Acton,        bays           hour for Mon-Sun       permit
         W3 6BS       2 x Disabled bays    first three            £95 quarterly
                      1 x Car club bay      hours,                 permit
                      4 x Motorcycle bays   £1.20
                                            per hour
                      1 x Pay & display   after
                           machine          three

     3   Deans        46 x Pay & display   £1 per   8am–6pm
         Gardens,            bays           hour     Mon-Sun
         West Ealing, 2 x Pay & display
         W13 9LX          machines
                      4 x Disabled bays

Car park information

    Name           Spaces                 Charges Opening Hrs Season Ticket
4   Featherstone   143 x Pay & display   80p per 8am–6pm     £250
    Terrace,              bays            hour or Mon-Sun
    Southall,      7 x Disabled bays      £3 all
    UB2 5AL        2 x Pay & display     day
5   George         83 x Pay & display    60p per     8am–6pm   £250
    Street,              bays             hour        Mon-Sun   (Resident
    Hanwell,       10 x Motorcycle bays   or £2 all             permit £50)
    W7 3TA         3 x Disabled bays      day
                   2 x Pay & display
6   Greenford      149 x Pay & display   50p per 8am–6pm       £250
    Broadway,             bays            hour       Mon-Sun
    Greenford,     10 x Disabled bays     for the
    UB6 7LS                               first two
                                          then 80p
                                          per hour
                                          after that

                            [   ParkSmart                                     19
Car park information

         Name          Spaces                  Charges      Opening Hrs    Season Ticket
     7   Herbert       252 x Pay & display    £1 per       8am-Midnight   £500 annual
         Road,                bays             hour         Mon-Sun        permit
         Southall,     8 x Mother and child   £1 for       No charge
         UB1 1LH            bays               first hour   after 6 pm.    £150 quarterly
                       12 x Disabled bays      then                        permit
                       2 x Lifts               £1.50
                                               (Only Sat
                                               and Sun)
     8  Norwood        50 x Pay & display     80p per      8am-6pm
        Road 1,              bays              hour         Mon-Sun
        Southall       4 x Disabled bays
        (corner of     2 x Pay & display
        King St),           machines
        UB2 4EA
     9 Norwood         22 x Pay & display     80p per      8am-6pm
        Road 2,              bays              hour         Mon-Sun
        Southall       1 x Pay & display
        (Adjacent to        machine
        UB2 4EA
     10 Perivale       100 x Pay & display    £3 all       8am-6pm        £400 annual
        Station,              bays             day,         Mon-Sat        permit
        Perivale,      6 x Disabled bays                                   £150 quarterly
        UB6 8AE        2 x Pay & display                                  permit
                       1 x Motorcycle bay

Car park information

   Name          Spaces                 Charges Opening Hrs Season Ticket
11 Salisbury     63 x Pay & display    80p per 8am–6pm     £360 annual
   Street,             bays             hour    Mon-Sun     permit
   Acton, W3     4 x Disabled bays
   8NW           1 x Car Club bay                            £95 quarterly
                 4 x Motorcycle bays                         permit
                 4 x Pay & display
12 Singapore     46 x Pay & displayy   60p per   8am–6pm
   Road (multi-        bays             hour or   Mon-Sun
   storey), West 1 x Pay & display     £3 all
   Ealing,            machine           day.
   W13 0UF
13 Singapore     72 x Pay & display    £1 per    8am- 6pm   £250 annual
   Road                bays             hour      Mon-Sun    permit
   (surface),    2 x Pay & display
   West Ealing,       machines
   W13 0UF       12 x Disabled bays
                 2 x Motorcycle bays
14 South Ealing 28 x Pay & display     80p per   8am–6pm
   Road,               bays             hour      Mon-Sun
   South Ealing, 1 x Pay & display
   W5 4QT             machine
                 2 x Disabled bays
                 5 x Motorcycle bays

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Car park information

        Name           Spaces                 Charges    Opening Hrs      Season Ticket
     15 Springbridge   465 x Pay & display   £1 per     7am-10pm         £500 annual
        Road                   bays           hour       Mon-Sun          permit
        (multi-        7 x Pay & display     e.g £2     No charge        £150 quarterly
        storey),            machines          for two    after 6pm        permit
        Ealing         8 x Disabled bays      hours up                    (both permits
        Broadway,                             to £15     From 1 June
                       9 x Motorcycle bays               2009, the car    seven days a
        W5 2AA                                for 15                      week)
                       9 x Mother and        hours.     park will open
                            child bays                   24 hours a
                       2 x Lifts                         day.
     17 Town Hall,     283 x Pay & display   £2 all     Sat & Sun:       Staff permit
        Ealing                 bays           day        8am –6pm         holders
        Broadway,      2 x Pay & display                                 Mon-Fri 8am-
        W5 2BY               machines                                     5pm
                       7 x Disabled bays                                  Public car park
                                                                          after 5pm
                                                                           All day Sat &
                                                                          Sun (charge)
     18 Witham         13 x Pay & display    £1 per     8am-6pm
        Road, West           bays             hour       Mon-Sun
        Ealing,        1 x Pay & display
        W13 0TG             machine

[   ParkSmart       23
Dropped footways

     Enforcement of dropped footways                 You, members of your family and friends
                                                     can park in front of the dropped footway
     Dropped footway means any part of the
                                                     outside your property as long as there are
     footway or verge where it has been lowered
                                                     no parking restrictions in force at the time.
     to meet the level of the carriageway of a
     road for the purpose of:                        If someone else parks across your dropped
                                                     footway (without your permission), you
     • assisting pedestrians crossing the road,      can request the council to issue them with
       especially parents with prams and             a PCN. In order to do this, you need to be
       wheelchairs and the less mobile such as       registered with the council. You are then
       elderly and disabled people                   able to telephone the council about specific
     • assisting vehicles to enter or leave the      incidents and request the council to issue
                                                     a PCN.
       road across the footway or verge, to
       provide access to an off-street parking       Note: If you live within a controlled parking
       space such as a drive or garage.              zone (CPZ), the same process applies.
     Any motorist parking in front of or adjacent    Please note all vehicles must have a valid
     to a dropped footway may be issued with         permit/voucher displayed if parking during
     a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) unless the        controlled hours of the CPZ.
     vehicle is parked within a legally marked
     permitted parking place e.g. displaying a
     valid resident permit / voucher in a resident
     parking area during the hours of operation
     of a CPZ.

Dropped footways

To register                                    Note: If you live within a controlled
                                               parking zone (CPZ), the same process
To register with the council you need to
                                               applies. The council is also able to issue a
complete the enforcement of a dropped
                                               PCN at any time whether in or out of the
footway form and return it (with supporting
                                               controlled hours. Please note all vehicles
documentation). You can obtain the form
                                               must have a valid permit/voucher
by visiting
                                               displayed if parking during controlled
Please send your completed form to: Ealing
                                               hours of the CPZ.
Council, Parking Services, PO Box 46264,
London, W5 2UN.

The registration list will be updated on the
first working day of each month.

To request enforcement
To request the enforcement of a dropped
footway, please contact parking services on
020 8825 6677 from Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm, or call 020 8825 5000 at all
other times.

                                [   ParkSmart                                                 25
Parking near schools

     School keep clear markings

                                                                                Keep entrance clear of stationary
                                                                                vehicles, even if picking up
                              SCHOOL      KEEP    CLEAR                         or setting down children

     These restrictions are provided for safety        Additionally, you must not load or unload
     reasons to ensure clear sight lines for both      within the restricted area during the time and
     motorists and children outside schools. They      period that the restriction is in operation.
     are identified by yellow zigzag lines and large
     yellow signs placed either in the centre of or    If the school lies within a Controlled Parking
     at the end of the restrictions.                   Zone (CPZ), then the keep clear area may
                                                       also be covered by a single yellow line
                        No                             restriction. This prohibits parking within the
                     stopping                          school keep clear area during the CPZ hours
                     Mon - Fri
                   8am - 9.30am                        of operation. If you are not sure of the hours
                   3pm - 4.30pm                        of operation, check the CPZ entry signs,
                 1st Jan - 31st Jul
                1st Sept - 31st Dec                    permit parking bay signs or signs at pay &
                    on entrance                        display machines.

     School zigzags are only operational during        If you park on a yellow line (without causing
     school term times on Monday to Friday             an obstruction) near a school whilst dropping
     8-9.30am and 3-4.30pm.                            off or picking up your child, you can park for
                                                       up to five minutes for free. If you stay longer
     IMPORTANT: Please check the signs                 than five minutes you may get a PCN.
     carefully before parking or stopping.No
                                                       If you park in a resident parking bay near
     vehicles, including vehicles displaying
                                                       a school whilst dropping off or picking
     a disabled person’s blue badge, are               up your child, you can park for up to ten
     permitted to stop within the area of the          minutes for free. If you stay longer than ten
     markings during the times and dates the           minutes you may get a PCN.
     restriction is in force, even for picking up or
     setting down of passengers. If you park on
     a yellow zigzag line, you will get a PCN.

Loading, unloading and load bans

Loading and unloading of goods                     display, stop & shop (limited time
                                                   free bays) or shared use bays for a
The regulations allow drivers to park for a
short period for the purpose of delivering         maximum of 20 minutes only.
or collecting goods or for loading and          • In a loading bay. Loading bays are
unloading. This does not mean stopping to         indicated by white bay markings and
buy a newspaper, nor does it cover choosing       a loading symbol on an accompanying
and paying for goods.                             sign. In some circumstances, the words
The vehicle involved does not have to be a        ‘Loading Only’ may be displayed on the
goods vehicle, but use of the vehicle must        road surface. The accompanying sign
be necessary for loading and unloading, and       may also indicate whether loading and
not merely convenience. For example, it may       unloading is restricted to goods vehicles
not be necessary to stop immediately outside      as well as the times of operation. If no
a shop to collect a small item even if it is      times or days are shown, the loading
convenient, whereas it would be necessary         bay may be used at any time for loading
to stop there for a heavy item that could not
                                                  and unloading purposes.
easily be carried far.

You can deliver, load or unload:                                   Loading
• On a yellow line during restricted hours,
  unless there are yellow markings on the
  pavement kerb and an adjacent black
                                                                        LOADING ONLY

  and white sign showing that a loading
  ban is in force (see picture on page 29).
  Loading or unloading is permitted on a
  single yellow line up to a maximum of
  40 minutes.
• In a permitted parking space which
  includes resident, business, pay &
                                                              Loading only
                                [   ParkSmart                                                 27
Loading, unloading and load bans

     If you require more time to allow for building   Load bans
     operations, domestic removals, weddings,
                                                      Yellow marks on the kerb or at the edge
     funerals or special events, you can apply
                                                      of the carriageway indicate that loading
     for a parking suspension or a dispensation
                                                      or unloading is prohibited at the times
     (waiver). Please refer to pages 31-32 for
                                                      shown on the nearby black and white signs.
     more information.
                                                      If no days are indicated on the signs, the
     Note: If you are loading or unloading within     restrictions are in force every day including
     a Controlled Parking Zone, the hours of          Sundays and Bank Holidays.
     operation will normally be the same as the
     hours of operation of that zone unless a sign
     indicates otherwise.

     You cannot deliver, load or unload:
     • on zigzags (yellow or white) at any time
       e.g. pedestrian crossings and school
       keep clear markings
     • in a bus stop or bus stand
     • during the operation hours of a
       loading / unloading ban
     • on the pavement, except in exceptional
       circumstances i.e. scaffolding, glass etc.

Loading, unloading and load bans

                                                   Please note that outside the stated times
            No loading
             Mon - Sat                             for loading restrictions, parking restrictions
         8.30 am - 6.30 pm                         may also apply.

                                                   If there are no kerb markings, you can load
                                                   and unload on a single or double yellow line
                                                   for a maximum period of 40 minutes at
                                                   any time.
         No loading or unloading                   If there is a single kerb marking, you may not
           at the times shown
                                                   load or unload during the time the restriction
                                                   is in force but outside the time of restriction
                                                   you can load and unload for a maximum
          No loading                               period of 40 minutes.
          at any time
                                                   Double yellow kerb markings mean no
                                                   stopping or loading and unloading at
                                                   any time.

                                                   What happens if I park here?
                                                   Any vehicle parked when restrictions are in
        No loading or unloading
              at any time
                                                   place may be issued with a Penalty Charge
                                                   Notice. Vehicles may also be removed.
What do these markings mean?
                                                   Any vehicle, including vehicles displaying a
These are markings on pavement kerbs that          disabled person’s blue badge, may receive a
accompany single and double yellow lines.          Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if parked on a
They direct drivers to look for signs displaying   loading or unloading ban during the times of
additional time restrictions that apply to         operation or at any time as indicated by an
loading and unloading on yellow lines in           accompanying sign.
that area.

Loading, unloading and load bans

     Single yellow lines                                Note: Within a controlled parking zone
                                                        (CPZ), the single yellow line restrictions
     Parking on single yellow lines is permitted
                                                        normally have the same times of operation
     only outside the times of operation that apply
                                                        as the controlled parking zone and are not
     to that particular section of single yellow
                                                        individually signed. The CPZ entry sign will
     line. The times and days of operation for a
                                                        show the hours of operation that apply in
     single yellow line will be shown on a yellow
                                                        that zone. However, if a particular section of
     sign next to the single yellow line. If the time
                                                        yellow line has different hours of restriction
     plate does not show any days of operation
                                                        from the CPZ hours, then a plate will show
     then the restriction applies on
                                                        the alternative times of restriction.
     all week days.
                                                        Double yellow lines

                  8am - 6pm
                                                        Parking on double yellow lines is not
                                                        permitted at any time of the day or night.

                  No waiting during
                times shown on sign
                                                                         No waiting
                                       [                                 at any time

[    ParkSmart

Suspensions and dispensations

What is a parking suspension?                    What happens if I park in a
                                                 suspended bay?
Suspensions allow you to reserve specific
parking bays or part of a single yellow line     Yellow suspension signs are usually put up
for a specific activity such as moving house     three days before the suspension is due to
or carrying out works. They are available to     take place and indicate the dates, times
residents, builders or contractors, removal      and location that the suspension is in force.
workers, civil works/utility companies and       Any vehicles found to have parked in the
organisers of special events.                    suspended bays during the times stated
                                                 on the signs may be issued with a Penalty
                                                 Charge Notice (PCN).

                                                 What is a dispensation?
                                                 Dispensations are temporary permits that
      WARNING                                    allow people to park in a resident bay in
                                                 a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for a set
            Parking                              period of time. Dispensations are issued in
          suspension                             the following cases:

                                                 • residents awaiting the documentation
How much does it cost?                             they need to apply for an annual
A suspension currently costs £30 for up to         resident parking permit
three bays for three days. Prices will vary if   • existing resident permit holders who
you want to reserve more bays for a longer         are changing their vehicle
period of time, please contact parking
                                                 • residents using a courtesy car
services on 020 8825 6677 or see our
website at
for more details.

                                 [   ParkSmart                                                   31
     •           and dispensations

     • contractors and builders when they are      How to apply for a suspension
       carrying out works on a property            or dispensation
       within a CPZ                                Visit to
     • removal workers who need to park a          download the application form.
       removal van in a CPZ for carrying out a
                                                   Alternatively you can call 020 8825 6677
       domestic or business move.
                                                   or visit customer services to request a form.
                                                   For dispensations, residents will need to
     Who can apply for a dispensation?
                                                   provide proof of residence dated within
     Dispensations are issued only to residents    the last month such as a utility bill or bank
     within a CPZ, removal workers, builders       statement.
     and contractors. Requests are limited per

     Dispensation information

      Reason for dispensation          Length of           Extension allowed?         Cost
      New resident permit applicant    6 weeks             No                         £5
      Change of vehicle on existing    Up to 6 weeks       No                         £5
      Courtesy car                     Up to 6 weeks       Yes                        £10
      Contractors/builders             2 weeks             Yes                        £10
      Awaiting permit                  2 weeks             No                         £10

Bus lanes and red routes

Bus lanes are clearly marked on the road with      What happens if I drive or stop in
a sign at the start of the lane stating the days   a bus lane?
and times when it is in operation. They are
                                                   If you enter a bus lane during the hours
controlled using CCTV camera enforcement.
                                                   of operation you may be issued with a
                                                   Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), which will
                                                   be sent by post.

                     BUS                           Making an appointment to
                                                   view PCN video recording

                    LANE                           If you wish to view any images
                                                   or footage connected to your PCN,
                                                   contact us for a video viewing form.
                                                   or write to: Parking Services, Ealing Council,
Who can drive in a bus lane during                 PO Box 46264, London, W5 2UN.
the hours of operation?
                                                   There is no charge to view the video
• buses
• London black cabs
                                                   Red routes
• motorcycles
• bicycles                                         Red routes are primary routes throughout
                                                   London, which are controlled by Transport
• vehicles with capacity for more than             for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan
  eight passengers.                                Police, a few of which run through Ealing.
Other than what is stated above, vehicles          These are usually indicated by single or
may not drive or stop in a bus lane during         double red lines on the road and the hours
its operational hours. You can however, load       of control will be indicated on signs at
or unload on a bus lane as long as there is        relevant locations. For more information
no operational load ban in force.                  visit the TfL website:

                                   [   ParkSmart                                                    33
Moving traffic contraventions

     Various traffic signs and road markings   What happens if I do not follow
     are monitored in Ealing using CCTV        traffic regulations?
     camera enforcement to help keep
                                               If you do not drive in accordance with
     traffic moving and ensure road safety.
                                               traffic signs and road markings you may
                                                be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice
                                               (PCN), which will be sent by post.

     Sign / marking                                What it means

                                                      You must not enter a box junction
                                                      unless your exit is clear. You may
                                                      enter when you are turning right
                                                      but need to wait for oncoming
                                                      traffic to clear before proceeding.

                                                      Part of the road outside a school
                  SCHOOL   KEEP   CLEAR               entrance where vehicles should
                                                      not stop.

                                                      No right turn.

Moving traffic contraventions

Sign / marking             What it means

                             No left turn.

                             No u-turns.

                             Priority must be given to vehicles
                             coming from the opposite

                             You may not enter or reverse
                             beyond this sign.

                             Goods vehicles exceeding the
                             maximum gross weight indicated
                             on the goods vehicle symbol are

                 [   ParkSmart                                    35
Moving traffic contraventions

      Sign / marking                                 What it means

                                                        You must keep to the left-hand
                                                        side of the road.

                                                        Traffic must proceed in the
                                                        direction of the arrow.

                                                        Traffic must turn ahead
                                                         in the direction of the arrow.

                                                        One-way traffic only.

                                                        Route for use by buses
                                                        and pedal cycles only.

     Making an appointment to view               Email:
     PCN video recording                         Post: Parking Services, Ealing Council,
                                                 PO Box 46264, London, W5 2UN.
     If you wish to view any images or footage
     connected to your PCN, contact us for a     There is no charge to view the video
     video viewing form.                         recording.

Types of enforcement

Ealing uses a variety of methods                Fixed CCTV cameras
to carry out the enforcement of                 CCTV enforcement cameras are securely
different types of parking and traffic          fixed on rigid mountings at visible locations
contraventions in the borough including         from which they can monitor parking and
Civil Enforcement Officers (formerly            traffic regulations. Ealing Council owns
parking attendants), fixed and mobile           some of these cameras and others cameras
CCTV cameras and enforcement                    in the borough are owned by Transport for
vehicles equipped with mobile cameras.          London (TfL). These cameras are linked to
                                                our enforcement control centres where staff
                                                record potential contraventions.
Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)
CEOs monitor parking regulations by
patrolling regulated areas on foot. They also
use mopeds in the course of their duties,
especially when covering larger areas.

When they come across a vehicle, which
they believe is in contravention, they will
issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) via
their handheld computer. The PCN will
usually be fixed to the vehicle or handed
to the driver. If you do see a CEO in the
process of issuing a PCN, please do not
drive away. This can be very dangerous to
both you and to the CEO.

A PCN can also be issued by post if the
motorist drives away whilst the CEO is in
the process of issuing the PCN, or if the
motorist prevents the CEO from issuing
the PCN at the time.

                                      ParkSmart                                                 37
Types of enforcement

     Mobile CCTV Cameras                            Camera equipped mobile
                                                    enforcement vehicles
     Mobile CCTV cameras are similar to fixed
     CCTV cameras but can be moved to               Ealing has a number of mobile CCTV
     different locations according to enforcement   enforcement vehicles. They are equipped
     needs, allowing us to provide a more           with CCTV cameras and are also capable
     efficient and responsive service. A mobile     of wirelessly connecting to on-street
     CCTV camera is normally sited temporarily      mobile CCTV cameras. The vehicles provide
     on an existing street light or lamp post and   flexibility to monitor contraventions
     operated wirelessly from a nearby mobile       anywhere in the borough and are useful
     enforcement vehicle.                           when rapid enforcement action is required.
                                                    For example, when an illegally parked
                                                    vehicle is causing a significant obstruction
                                                    to traffic and inconveniencing other road

                                                    All of our camera enforcement

                                         [          operatives are trained and qualified. Any

                                                    contraventions are recorded in real time
                                                    and the evidence is reviewed before

                                                    issuing a PCN. The PCN is then sent by first
                                                    class post to the person registered as the
                                                    vehicle’s keeper with the Driver and Vehicle
                                                    Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Parking contraventions Penalties

The regulations state that higher penalties        If you park or drive illegally,
should be issued for more serious parking          you may be issued with a PCN
contraventions and that a lower rate               instantly but in some
should apply to those which have less              circumstances a CEO will allow
serious implications.                              a brief observation period.

 Examples of more serious contraventions:
 On street
 • Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours.
 • Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/
   unloading restrictions are in force.
 • Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place without clearly displaying either
   a permit or voucher or pay & display ticket issued for that place.
 • Parked in an electric vehicles’ charging place during restricted hours without
 • Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit.
 • Using a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale, offering or
   exposing for sale of goods when prohibited.
 • Parked in a loading gap marked by a yellow line.
 • Parked in a suspended bay/space or part of bay/space.
 • Parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle.
 • Parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading.

                              [   ParkSmart                                               39
Parking contraventions Penalties

        • Vehicle parked more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway and not
          within a designated parking place.
        • Parked adjacent to a dropped footway.
        • Parked in a designated disabled person’s parking space without clearly
          displaying a valid disabled person’s badge.
        • Parked in a parking place designated for diplomatic or police vehicles.
        • Parked on a taxi rank.
        • Stopped on a restricted bus stop/stand.
        • Stopped in a restricted area outside a school.
        • Parked wholly or partly on a cycle track.
        • A commercial vehicle parked in a restricted street in contravention of the
          overnight waiting ban.
        • Parked in contravention of a commercial vehicle waiting restriction.
        • Parked in contravention of a coach ban.
        • A heavy commercial vehicle wholly or partly parked on a footway, verge or land
          between two carriageways.
        • Parked with one or more wheels on any part of an urban road other than a
          carriageway (footway parking).
        • Stopped on a pedestrian crossing and/or crossing area marked by zigzags.

Parking contraventions Penalties

  Off street
  • Parked in a loading area during restricted hours without reasonable excuse.
  • Using a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale, offering or
    exposing for sale of goods when prohibited.
  • Parked in a restricted area in a car park.
  • Parked in a permit bay without clearly displaying a valid permit.
  • Parked in a disabled person’s parking space without clearly displaying a valid
    disabled person’s badge.
  • Vehicle parked exceeds maximum weight and/or height and/or length
    permitted in the area.
  • Parked in a car park or area not designated for that class of vehicle.
  • Parked causing an obstruction.

                            [   ParkSmart                                            41
Parking contraventions Penalties

        Examples of less serious contraventions:
        On street
        • Parked after the expiry of paid for time.
        • Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket.
        • Parked with payment made to extend the stay beyond initial time.
        • Parked displaying multiple pay & display tickets where prohibited.
        • Parked without payment of the parking charge.
        • Parked in a residents’ or shared use parking place displaying an invalid
          permit, an invalid voucher or an invalid pay & display ticket.
        • Re-parked in the same parking place within one hour (or other specified
          time) of leaving.
        • Not parked correctly within the markings of the bay or space.
        • Parked for longer than permitted.
        • Parked with engine running where prohibited.

Parking contraventions Penalties

  Off street
  • Parked without payment of the parking charge.
  • Parked for longer than the maximum period permitted.
  • Parked after the expiry of paid for time.
  • Parked in a car park without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket.
  • Parked beyond the bay markings.
  • Re-parked within one hour (or other specified time) of leaving a bay or space
    in a car park.
  • Parked in car park when closed.
  • Parked in a parking place for a purpose other than the designated purpose for
    the parking place.
  • Parked with engine running where prohibited.

                            [   ParkSmart                                           43
Parking contraventions Penalties

     Some parking contraventions are enforced         TRACE – London wide vehicle
     using CCTV. For these Penalty Charge             tracing service
     Notices (PCNs) the discount period is 21
                                                      London Councils provide a free 24 hour
     days. This will be stated on the PCN.
                                                      helpline service (TRACE) for anyone whose
     Vehicle removals                                 vehicle may have been towed away, call
                                                      020 7747 4747.
     For some more serious contraventions,
     vehicles may be removed to our car pound,
     especially if they are causing an obstruction.
     Please see below for relevant charges,
     which will be added to the fee for the
     original PCN.
     • Removal fee within 24 hours £200
     • Daily storage fee £40 (begins midnight
       on the day following the removal of
       the vehicle).

Paying or challenging a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Paying a PCN                                     Ways to challenge:
The amount you need to pay will be stated        • online:
on the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). All PCNs     • email:
qualify for a 50% discount if paid within 14
days of the PCN being served (21 days if it is   • by post: Ealing Council, Parking
a CCTV-issued parking PCN).                        Services, PO Box 46264, London,
                                                   W5 2UN
Ways to pay a PCN:                               • by fax: 020 8825 8715
• pay your PCN online:                           Once we receive your challenge, your case                      will be put on hold while it is investigated.
• by phone: 020 8825 6565 (24hrs)                When a decision has been made you will
                                                 be informed in writing about whether your
• by post - send a cheque or postal order
                                                 challenge has been accepted or rejected. If
  to the address on the PCN with your            you submit your challenge online you can
  PCN attached and your details written          login to check its progress at any stage.
  on the back of the cheque.
                                                 Formal and informal challenges
• in person at customer serrvices,
  Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road,           For all types of PCNs you can make a formal
  W5 2HL, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.                      representation upon receiving a Notice
  Please avoid peak times (eg. lunch             to Owner, or an Enforcement Notice or a
  times) as you may experience longer            postal PCN. Either notice may be issued at
                                                 different times according to the type of PCN
  waiting times.
                                                 and how it was issued. However, for PCNs
                                                 issued by Civil Enforcement Officers and
Challenging a PCN
                                                 bus lane PCNs you can make an informal
If you feel that a PCN has been issued           challenge immediately upon receiving
incorrectly, we encourage you to challenge       the PCN before the Notice to Owner or
it. All challenges must be made in writing.      Enforcement Notice is issued.

                                [   ParkSmart                                                    45
Paying or challenging a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

     Informal challenges (CEO-issued                 IMPORTANT: if you make an informal
     parking PCNs and bus lane PCNs only)            challenge or formal representation
     You can submit an informal challenge at         within the discount payment period
     any time up to 28 days of receiving the PCN     (usually 14 days), you will still be able
     (before the Notice to Owner/Enforcement         to pay the PCN at the discounted rate
     Notice is issued). If your informal challenge   if your challenge is rejected.
     is received within the discount period your
     case will be put on hold at the discounted
     rate. You do not need to select any specific    What happens if I make
     grounds upon which to challenge the             a formal representation?
     PCN, but should try to include as much          The council has 56 days to consider your
     information and supporting evidence             representation. If it is accepted, you will
     as possible. If your informal challenge         receive a Notice of Acceptance stating
     is rejected you can still make a formal         that the PCN has been cancelled. If it is
     representation.                                 not accepted, you will receive a Notice of
     Formal representations                          Rejection along with an appeal form if you
                                                     wish to submit an appeal to an independent
     Once you receive a Notice to Owner/             adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic
     Enforcement Notice or PCN for a Moving          Appeals Services (PATAS).
     Traffic contravention, you have 28 days to
     submit a formal representation and the          What happens if I don’t make
     grounds upon which you can make your            a formal representation?
     representation will be provided on the          If you do not pay your PCN or respond to
     Notice to Owner/Enforcement Notice              the Notice to Owner/Enforcement Notice in
     or PCN.                                         any way, then the PCN will progress to the
                                                     stage where a Charge Certificate is issued
                                                     and the fine will increase by 50%. At this
                                                     point you lose your right to appeal the fine

Paying or challenging a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

and you must either pay within 14 days of        PATAS) and the decision of the adjudicator
the date of service of the Charge Certificate,   is binding on both parties.
or wait for an Order for Recovery to be
issued. Your case will then be registered        For contact details for PATAS,
with the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC)        visit their website at
at Northampton County Court as an unpaid
fine. A £5 registration fee will be added to
                                                 Challenging a vehicle removal?
the fine.
                                                 Once you have paid the PCN, the removal
At this stage you must make a payment            fees and storage charges if applicable,
within approximately 21 days or file a           you have the right to make a representation
statement with Northampton County                against the PCN. If your representation is
Court if you believe you have grounds for        not successful you also have the right to
not paying the charge. More information          make an Appeal to the Parking and Traffic
about this process will be included on the       Appeal Service (PATAS).
Charge Certificate.

Appealing to the Parking and Traffic
Appeals Service (PATAS)
You may only appeal to PATAS if you
have have received a Notice of Rejection
to a formal representation. The Notice of
Rejection will include an appeal form which
can then be submitted to an independent
adjudicator at PATAS. The grounds for
making an appeal are the same as those for
making a formal representation (as stated
on the Notice to Owner/Enforcement Notice
or postal PCN). Appeals can be made by
post or in person (by prior arrangement with

                                [   ParkSmart                                                  47
Top tips on avoiding a ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

     1. C
         heck for kerb marks and signs              4. C
                                                         learly display your disabled blue
        before you leave you car on a                   badge - if you have a blue badge,
        single yellow line – these let you              always make sure your badge is clearly
        know there are extra parking restrictions       displayed in the windscreen with your
        in place. Look for nearby signs to see          serial number visible. Often badges
        when they apply.                                slip down the dashboard and our Civil
                                                        Enforcement Officers are unable to see
     2. When you pay & display - note                  them.
         the time you have paid for. Our Civil
         Enforcement Officers will only wait three   5. C
                                                         heck for yellow suspension signs
         minutes before they give you a ticket on       – on occasion, parking bays may need to
         an expired pay & display bay. If you need      be suspended for emergency reasons or
         more time, simply go back to the pay &         to allow works to take place. These are
         display machine to buy another ticket.         indicated by temporary yellow signs. No
                                                        parking is allowed during the dates and
     3. L ook out for special permit bays -            times stated on these signs.
         many bays are reserved for the exclusive
         use of permit holders. Be sure to check
         the signs in any bay before leaving your
         vehicle to make sure you don’t need a
         special permit to park there.

                                              [      ParkSmar t

Top tips on avoiding a ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

    6. M
        ake sure your visitor voucher               8. O
                                                         n Bank Holidays, Sundays or
       scratch card is correctly scratched –            in the evenings – outside the hours of
       if you are using a visitor voucher,              operation, parking bays are free but it is
       you need to scratch the day, date                not free to park on yellow lines.
       and time you wish to park. The
       voucher must be clearly displayed in          9. K
                                                         eep dropped footways and ramps
       the windscreen ensuring all details are          clear - be considerate to people
       visible. Please ensure you use the correct       who need access to the kerb side, eg.
       voucher for the zone where you park.             pedestrians, parents with pushchairs and
                                                        wheelchair users. Make sure that you
    7. Drive safely, you’re on camera –                don’t block a dropped footway or access
        remember, Penalty Charge Notices will           ramp when you park.
        be issued by CCTV for moving traffic
        contraventions, such as banned right         10. If you’re in doubt – about whether
        turns and driving in bus lanes. These are         you can park your vehicle or not, ask a
        sent by post to the registered owner of           Civil Enforcement Officer, they’re there
        the vehicle within 14 days of the incident        to help.
        taking place.
                                                     11.Keep a copy of the Highway Code
                                                         in your car - so that you can check
                                                         signs and lines for your own peace of

                                     [   ParkSmart                                                   49
What to do if you get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

         Please do not argue with the Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO)
         or ignore the PCN. CEOs are not permitted to cancel a PCN
         once it has been issued and the fines increase if the PCN
         remains unpaid.

         You can now pay for a PCN online, making it much quicker and
         easier than before. For PCN payments and enquiries,
         or email
         or call us on 020 8825 6565, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.

         If you feel your PCN was issued incorrectly, then you can challenge
         it and have your case reviewed.

         For more information visit
         or email
         or call us on 020 8825 6677 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

ParkSmart       51
Parking - online

Pay your permit online
Save time, stress and effort when purchasing resident parking
permits or visitor vouchers. You can apply for them online.
Visit to complete an application form.

Pay your Penalty
Charge Notice (PCN) online
If you do receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), you can pay
it online. This new quick and easy payment option will help you
to get the 50% discount for paying your PCN within 14 days.

Challenging a Penalty
Charge Notice (PCN) online
If you feel that a PCN has been not been issued correctly, we
encourage you to challenge it. You can challenge a PCN online.
You can also check the progress of your case online and get
details of what to do next.
You can also read
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