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02                                                                                                                                                                                                            1

                                                                       Top left clockwise:
                                                                       Liam Duggan, Assistant
                                                                       Director of Adult Education
                                                                       (Acting) LCFE Cappamore;
                                                                       Sinead Cross, Assistant
                                                                                                        C = Classroom Based Course O = Online Course
                                                                       Director of Adult Education;
                                                                       Eoin McCarthy, Assistant         Introduction & Welcome                       4
                                                                       Principal 2;                                                                                    Arts & Crafts
                                                                                                        Mission Statement                             5
                                                                       Arlene Douglas, Director of                                                        Art: Beginners C                               16
                                                                       Adult Education;                 Vision Statement                              5
                                                                                                                                                          Art: Continuation C                            16
                                                                       John Hehir, Assistant Director   Values                                        5
                                                                       of Adult Education;                                                                Interior Design C/O                            17
                                                                                                        Enrolment Procedure                           5
                                                                       Sandra McNamara,                                                                   Interior Design Skills (QQI L5) C/O            18
                                                                                                        Application Form & Tuition Fees              6
                                                                       Administrator Adult Education;                                                     Calligraphy for Beginners C                    19
                                                                                                        Covid-19 Health & Safety Notification        6
                                                                       Margaret Dwane, Assistant                                                          Embroidery - Beginners C                       19
                                                                       Principal 2;                     Information Evening                           7
                                                                                                                                                          Fashion Design - Dressmaking C                 20
                                                                       Marie Duggan, Administrator      Certificates of Attendance                    7
                                                                       LCFE Cappamore.                                                                    Fashion Design - Dressmaking: Continuation C 20
                                                                                                        January Enrolment                             7
                                                                                                                                                          Fashion Stylist C                              21
                                                                                                        Assessment Reasonable Accommodation           7
                                                                                                                                                          Hat Design (Millinery) C                       22
     LCFE Mulgrave Street
                                                                                                        Assignment/Project Submission                 7
                                                                                                                                                          Shop Window Design and Display C/O             23
                                                                                                        Examinations                                  7
                                                                                                                                                          Ceramics C                                     23
     Principal                                            Pat Maunsell                                  Issue of Assessment/Exam Results              7
                                                                                                        & Certificates                                    Leather Flower Making C NEW!                   24
     Director of Adult Education                          Arlene Douglas                                                                                  Upholstery C                                   25
                                                                                                        Course Suggestions                           8
     Assistant directors of adult education               Sinead Cross, John Hehir, Liam Duggan                                                           Mosaic Design - for the Interior & Garden C    26
                                                                                                        LCFE Cappamore                               8
     Assistant Principals 2                               Eoin McCarthy, Margaret Dwane                 Quality and Qualifications Ireland           9    Contemporary Doll Making for Beginners C       26
     Administrator                                        Sandra McNamara                               Change of Address                            9
     lcfe photography                                     Eoin McCarthy                                 Refund Policy                                9
                                                                                                                                                                       Beauty & Hair
                                                                                                        Programme Deferrals                          9    Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments C               28

                                                                                                        Property                                     9    Hair Up-Styles C                               28
     LCFE Cappamore                                                                                     Class Cancellation/Rescheduling              9    Reflexology – An introduction C                29

                                                                                                        Garda Vetting                                10   Eyelash Extensions C                           30
     Centre Manager                                         Liam Duggan
                                                                                                        Parking                                      10   Beauty: Sculptured Nails/Nail Extensions C     31
     Administrator                                          Marie Duggan
                                                                                                        FET Centre, Kilmallock Road Campus           10   Introduction to Barbering C                    31

                                                                                                        College Facilities (LCFE Mulgrave Street)    11   Special Effects Makeup – An Introduction C     32

                                                                                                        Useful Information                           12   Make-Up Techniques C                           33

                                                                                                        courses                                      14      HOBBY & LEISURE PURSUITS
                                                                                                        Arts & Crafts                                15
                                                                                                                                                          Floral Design C                                35
                                                                                                        Beauty & Hair                                27
                                                                                                                                                          Floral Design: Continuation C                  35
                                                                                                        Hobby & Leisure Pursuits                     34
                                                                                                                                                          Upcycling Furniture C                          36
                                                                                                        Business & Professional                      56
                                                                                                                                                          Woodcraft C                                    37
                                                                                                        Childcare & Care Skills                      96
                                                                                                                                                          Yoga C/O                                       38
                                                                                                        Media Studies                               126
                                                                                                                                                          Complete Bicycle Maintenance C                 39
                                                                                                        Computers & Social Media                    136
                                                                                                                                                          Advanced Bicycle Maintenance C                 40
                                                                                                        Languages                                   146
                                                                                                                                                          Vegan Ventures - Introduction to Plant Based
     The contents of this brochure are for information purposes only. No guarantee is given that the    CAPPAMORE CAMPUS                            159                                                  41
                                                                                                                                                          Cooking C/O NEW!
     programmes, syllabi or fees may not be altered, cancelled or otherwise amended at any time.
2                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3
    Exercise and Fitness C                          42   Training and Development (Train the Trainer          Mental Health Awareness QQI L6 C/O           117   German Beginners C/O                        156
                                                         Advanced Certificate) C/O
    Sports Nutrition (QQI L6) C/O                   43                                                        Human Growth & Development QQI L5 C/O        118   Chinese Beginners C                         157
                                                         Bookkeeping: Manual & Computerised C           81
    Sports Psychology (QQI L6) C/O                  44                                                        Infection, Prevention and Control in               Portuguese Beginners C/O                    166
                                                         Safety and Health at Work C/O                 82     Healthcare Settings C/O
    Nutrition C/O                                   45
                                                         Regional Tour Guide – QQI L6 Special                 School Age Childcare QQI L5 C/O              120           CAPPAMORE CAMPUS
    Photography: Beginners C/O                      46                                              83
                                                         Purpose Award in Regional Tour Guiding C/O
                                                                                                              Health Promotion QQI L6 C/O                  121   Blacksmithing C                             160
    Photography Digital Lightroom QQI L6 C          47
                                                         Reception and Frontline Office Skills C/O     85
                                                                                                              Gerontology QQI L6 C/O                       122   Blacksmithing: Intermediate C               160
    Photography Techniques - Digital & Film
                                                    48   Medical Terminology C/O                       86
    Cameras QQI L5 C/O                                                                                        Person Centred Planning QQI L6 C/O           123   Welding for Beginners C                     161
                                                         Auctioneering and Estate Agency Practices
    Photography Digital - SLR Digital Camera                                                           87     Special Needs Assisting QQI L6 C/O           124   Welding Intermediate C                      161
                                                    49   C/O
    QQI L5 C/O
                                                                                                              Palliative Care Support QQI L5 C/O           125   TIG Welding - an Introduction C             162
                                                         Medicine and Counter Assistant (MCA) Irish
    Strength & Conditioning Programme Design O      50                                                 88
                                                         Pharmaceutical Union C/O NEW!                                                                           Special Needs Assisting QQI L6 C            162
    Personal Training Programme Design O            50                                                                     MEDIA STUDIES
                                                         Accounting for SMEs: Manual &                                                                           Care of the Older Person QQI L5 C           162
    Creative Poetry Writing C/O NEW!                51                                                 89     Writing Skills for Journalism QQI L5 C/O     127
                                                         Computerised C                                                                                          Care Skills C                               163
    Mindfulness - Exploring and Living a Mindful         Leaving Certificate Maths Refresher C/O       90     Short Film Scriptwriting C/O                 128
                                                    52                                                                                                           Creative Studies for Special Needs with
    Life C/O                                                                                                                                                                                                 163
                                                         Strategic Management (ICM) C                   91    Video Production & Editing C                 130   Communications C NEW!
    Equine Psychology – An Introduction O           53
                                                         HR Development 1 (ICM) C                      92     Film Acting for Beginners C                  130   Computers C                                 164
    Genealogy – Tracing your family history C/O 54
                                                         Business Management & Administration                 Film Acting - Continuation C                 131   Spanish: Beginners QQI L3 C                 164
    Introduction to Philosophy O                    55                                                 93
                                                         (ICM) C                                              Music Production C/O                         132   Genealogy – Tracing your family history C   165
                                                         Marketing Management (ICM) C                  94
       BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL                                                                                Radio Podcasting for Beginners C NEW!        133   DIY Electricity C NEW!                      165
                                                         ICM Diploma & Graduate Diploma                       Radio Programme Production QQI L5 C          133   Strength & Conditioning C NEW!              166
    Human Resources Management C/O                  57                                                 95
                                                                                                              Sound Engineering Techniques C               134   Infection, Prevention and Control in
    Digital Marketing C/O                           58                                                                                                                                                       167
                                                                                                                                                                 Healthcare Settings C/O
    MS Project Planner Training C/O                 59
                                                             CHILDCARE & CARE SKILLS                          Creative Writing QQI L5 C/O                  135
                                                                                                                                                                 Traditional Home Baking C                   168
                                                         Child Development QQI L6 C/O                  97
    Criminology C/O                                 60                                                          COMPUTERS & SOCIAL MEDIA                         Basic Cake Decorating Skills C              168
    Supervisory Management C/O                      61   Child Development QQI L5 C/O                  98
                                                                                                              Computer Programming: Beginners QQI L5 C/O 137     Introduction to Plumbing C                  169
    Payroll: Manual & Computerised C                62   Early Childhood Literacy & Numeracy QQI
                                                                                                       99     Photoshop: Introduction C/O                  138   Growing Your Own Vegetables C NEW!          169
                                                         L6 C/O
    Pharmaceutical Science and Medical Device
                                                    63   Family Support Worker Training QQI L5 C/O 100        Graphic Design Skills QQI L5 C/O             139
    Operations – An Introduction C/O NEW!
                                                         Work Experience QQI L6 C/O                    101    AutoCAD-2D: Introduction QQI L5 C/O          140
    Payroll Manual & Computerised: Payroll
                                                    64                                                        Mobile App Design Introduction C/O           141
    Modernisation QQI L6 C                               Communications QQI L5 C/O                     102
    Self-Building and Renovation of Dwellings C/O   65   Personal Professional Development QQI L6             Website Development & Design C/O             142
    Green Energy Technologies C/O NEW!              66   C/O                                                  Networking Essentials QQI L5 C/O             143
    Renewable Energy Systems C/O NEW!               67   Care Support (With Work Experience) QQI              Computer Applications: Beginners C           144
                                                         L5 C/O
    Project Management QQI L6 C/O                   68                                                        Advanced Certificate in Spreadsheet
                                                         Childminding Practice QQI L5 C/O              105                                                 145
                                                                                                              Techniques QQI L6 C/O
    Administration Practice QQI L6 C/O              69
                                                         Care of the Older Person QQI L5 C/O           106
    Leadership C/O                                  70                                                                       LANGUAGES
                                                         Care Skills QQI L5 C/O                        107
    Conflict Management QQI L6 C/O                  71                                                        Irish for Beginners QQI L3 C/O               147
                                                         Children with Additional Needs QQI L5 C/O     108
    Supply Chain Logistics C/O                      72                                                        Sign Language: Basic C/O                     148
                                                         Childcare Siolta and Aistear C/O              109
    Personal Professional Development QQI L5                                                                  Polish Beginners C/O                         149
                                                    73   Anatomy & Physiology QQI L5 C/O               110
    C/O NEW!
                                                                                                              English as a Second Language: Beginners C/O 150
    Financial Reporting (Forensic Accounting)            Community Addiction Studies QQI L5 C/O         111
                                                    74                                                        English as a Second Language: Continuation
    C/O                                                  Child Psychology QQI L6 C/O                   112                                                 151
    Taxation QQI L6 C/O                             75   Applied Social Studies QQI L5 C/O             113
                                                                                                              Spanish Beginners C/O                        152
    Business Management C/O                         76   Disability Awareness QQI L6 C/O               114
                                                                                                              Spanish Intermediate C/O                     153
    Employment Law C/O                              77   Nursing Theory and Practice QQI L5 C/O        115
                                                                                                              Italian Beginners C/O                        154
    Business Administration C/O                     78   Introduction to Psychology QQI L5 C/O         116
                                                                                                              French Beginners C/O                         155
4                                                                                                                                                                                         5

                                                                                                          LCFE is dedicated to providing
    Introduction                                                                                        further education and training
    & Welcome                                                                                         through its innovative, relevant
                                                                                                         and high-quality programmes
                     Welcome to Limerick        (FET) division. Within this environment
                     College of Further         LCFE continues the tradition of developing
                     Education and thank you    more educational opportunities to reflect
                     for considering us as a    the diverse needs of adult learner here in
                                                                                             needs. Our greatest asset and key to our         Values
                                                                                             success is our staff. They are dedicated,        The values of the College have developed
                     venue to continue your     the Mid-West region.                         professional and committed to the                over a period of time and have had input
                     education.                                                              learners who come here.
                                                LCFE has many new programmes                                                                  from the staff, management and learners
    LCFE offers more than 160 part-time         available at our Mulgrave Street campus      The preferred method of enrolling on             in LCFE.
    evening programmes over many                and our Cappamore campus for January         programmes is to register online. This is a      • Professionalism
    disciplines and currently caters for        2021. We have as always revised a number     fast, secure and easy way to register your
    approximately 3,000 learners annually.      of our existing courses. New courses                                                          • Respect
                                                                                             application. So why not go to
    There is a wide range of relevant           include: Leather Flower Making, Creative     and explore the full listing of our              • Innovation and Creativity
    accredited and general interest             Poetry Writing, Medicine & Counter           programmes and prices. This booklet              • Inclusiveness
    programmes available every September        Assistant (MCA) certified by the Irish       provides you with an overview of what
    and January. The programmes on offer        Pharmacy Union, Radio Podcasting for         LCFE has to offer and our website                Enrolment Procedure
    are reviewed and updated bi-annually,       Beginners, Green Energy Technologies &       provides many of the answers to your             You may choose the following options
    reflecting changing demands and             Energy Management - An Introduction,         queries. You can also follow us on               when enrolling for a programme:
    feedback from learners and industry. Our    Pharmaceutical Science and Medical           Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    part-time programmes support those          Device Operations, Chinese for Beginners,                                                     Courses at each campus commence week
    in employment or seeking employment         Renewable Energy Systems QQI level           Best Wishes                                      beginning Monday 18th January 2021
    and provide others with the chance to       5, Personal Professional Development                                                          Please Note: (All Applications and
    explore new pursuits. We regard learning    (QQI Level 5), Grow Your Own Vegetables                                                       Enrolments for January 2021 Courses
    as a lifelong pursuit and see education     (Cappamore Campus), and Basic Cake                                                            will close on Sunday 10th January 2021)
    as an important step in the adventure       Decorating (Cappamore Campus).               Director of Adult Education
    towards greater personal development        Creative Studies for Special Needs with                                                       1	Online (Preferred Method)
    and growth. LCFE is both flexible and       Communications (QQI Level 6), DIY-
                                                                                             Mission Statement                                  Register online for the programme of
                                                                                             To add value to our learners, our staff            your choice by logging onto our website
    adaptable in meeting the needs of adult     Electricity, (Cappamore Campus).
                                                                                             and to the communities we operate in               and following the simple step by step
    learners and provides programmes
                                                In recent years, due to the popularity and   by providing a first class education               registration process:
    and expert tuition over many fields of
                                                expansion of our range of programmes,        and training experience. We do this by
    study with accreditation by a number
                                                LCFE has scheduled a number of them          providing accredited, quality assured,           2	Enrolment at LCFE
    of prestigious validating bodies. We
                                                at the Further Education and Training        skills-based vocational programmes on a            Mulgrave Street
    are delighted to present this booklet for
                                                Centre, Kilmallock Rd. campus (formerly      full and part-time basis to our learners to        Enrolment for Adult Education Evening
    January 2021 and invite you to join us on
                                                St. Endas). It is an excellent spacious      enable them to grow, develop and progress          Programmes for January 2021 will take
    a programme of learning at the College.
                                                facility with plenty of car parking          to work or to further and higher education.        place at the College as follows:
    Since 2013 Further Education and            spaces. There is also a range of evening
    Training has been recognised as the         programmes available in our second           Vision Statement                                   Enrolment - January 2021
    fourth pillar of the Irish Educational      facility at Cappamore, which you can         To be recognized as an outstanding               	Enrolment – for Adult Education
    System. SOLAS, as an agency of the          see in this booklet. We will endeavour       College of Further Education and Training          Evening Courses for Jan 2021
    Department of Education and Skills          to continue expanding the range of           in Ireland and abroad.                           	Wed 6th Jan to Friday 15th January
    (DES) has been tasked with creating a       programmes available to learners in          LCFE will be a leader nationally and               10am to 1pm (Mulgrave St Office closed
    world class integrated FET sector that is   LCFE, demonstrating our commitment to        internationally in the Further Education           for lunch from 1pm to 2pm ) – Office
    responsive to the needs of learners and     providing the widest variety of learning     and Training sector. The College is not            reopens from 2pm to 4pm.
    the requirements of a changed economy.      opportunities in the Mid-West.               only interested in best practice but in next     FOR SECURITY REASONS WE CANNOT
    LCFE operates as part of Limerick and                                                    practice. LCFE wishes to invent a new            ACCEPT CASH
                                                LCFE supports its teaching and learning
    Clare Education and Training Board                                                       future for itself in the new further education
                                                with up-to-date resources reflecting
    (LCETB) Further Education and Training                                                   and training landscape which is emerging.
                                                business standards and local industry
6                                                                                                                                                                                            7
    3	Enrolment at LCFE
                                                   20% discount on tuition fees for all
                                                                                               A contacts tracing sign in and out may be       Assignment/Project
      Cappamore                                                                                in place where guidelines will be issued on
      Enrolment for Adult Education Day and             full-time LCFE learners                entrance and exit to the college and also in
                                                                                                                                               Course work will not be returned to
      Evening Programmes for January 2021                                                      individual class settings and learning hubs
                                                                                                                                               learners once submitted for assessment.
      will take place at Cappamore campus as       20% discount on tuition fees for all        (Library).
                                                                                                                                               Learners are therefore advised to retain
      follows:                                              senior citizens                    Thank you for your assistance and               copies of all course work submitted. This
    	Enrolment – January 2021                                                                 cooperation in this regard.                     is necessary both for the learner’s own
      Adult Education Day & Evening Courses       Terms and Conditions:                                                                        future reference and in the event of the
      for Jan 2021 will take place at the         Discounts apply to tuition fees only         information evening                             tutor requesting a copy of the course work,
      Cappamore Campus as follows:                and not materials fees                       Due to the current Covid-19 emergency           for whatever reason. Electronic back-up
    	Wed 6th Jan to Friday 15th January                                                       and in the interest of safety, the college      copies should also be retained. All hard
                                                  Proof for the applicable discount must
      10am to 1pm ONLY                                                                         will be unable to host an Information           copy materials will be disposed of by 30th
                                                  be provided at registration
                                                                                               Evening this season. However, if you            September of every academic year.
    Where applicable, existing October 2020       Proof for a discount will not be             need any information on courses please
    longer courses will recommence on
    Wednesday 6th January 2021
                                                  accepted once a programme                    visit the part-time courses section of our      Examinations
                                                  commences                                    website or enquiries       Learners are encouraged to undertake
    NOTE: For convenience it is possible to      Discounts cannot be applied for              can be emailed to               examinations of the respective validating
    register for all of our programmes that       through the online registration system                                                       bodies. Learners will be informed by
    are available at each campus at either
                                                  Once a course starts no refunds are          Certificates of                                 the Examination Officer and teacher as
    Mulgrave Street or Cappamore where
    full adherence to social distancing and
                                                  issued                                       Attendance                                      follows:
                                                                                               Certificates of Attendance are posted to        Examination entry procedure and dates
    hygiene etiquette is a requirement.          Application forms cannot be processed         respective learners within two months           for examination entry:
    4	By Post                                   nor places reserved without the full          of programme completion. Certificates           It is the responsibility of the learner to
      It is possible to register by post by      payment of tuition fees. Cheques, bank        of Attendance are only issued where             register for all relevant examinations and
      returning a completed application form     drafts or postal orders should be made        a learner has 70% attendance on the             pay the appropriate examination fee.
      and payment by cheque, bank draft          payable to Limerick and Clare Education       programme.                                      Examination entry fees are non-refundable.
      or postal order. Please make payable       and Training Board (LCETB).                   Replacement Certificate: A replacement          Dates for presentation of projects and
      to Limerick and Clare Education            For Security Reasons WE CANNOT                fee of €20 will apply for the re-issuing of a   assignments:
      and Training Board (LCETB). FOR            ACCEPT CASH.                                  certificate of attendance.
      SECURITY REASONS, WE CANNOT                                                                                                              Projects cannot be accepted after the
                                                 Reasonable arrangements
      ACCEPT CASH. Return application
                                                 It is advisable that those representing       Assessment                                      specified dates.
      form(s) to:
                                                 Vulnerable Adults (Advocacy groups or         Reasonable                                      Dates of examination sitting:
                                                                                                                                               These will be located on the examinations’
    	Evening Courses,                           Service Organisations) should contact         Accommodation (QQI)                             notice board located on the ground floor
      Limerick College of Further Education,     the LCFE Adult Education Department in        Any learner wishing to avail of this must       and on the Adult Education notice board.
      Mulgrave Street, Limerick                  advance of registering service users so       contact the Adult Education Department
                                                 that proper safeguards can be identified to
    Application Form &                           accommodate particular needs.
                                                                                               at the commencement of his/her
                                                                                               programme. Details on the procedure
                                                                                                                                               Issue of Assessment/
    Tuition Fees                                                                               for examination accommodation will be           Exam Results &
    Fees published in this booklet are tuition   Covid-19 Health &                             provided on week one of the programme.          Certificates
    fees only, except where otherwise            Safety Notification                           Applicants will be requested to submit          QQI Programmes
    indicated. Some validating bodies charge     In the interest of all of our learners,       details of a professional assessment            Results for all QQI assessment will be
    separate registration/examination fees.      staff and visitors health & safety, when      outlining their special need/learning           posted to respective learners in June
    Please refer to their respective websites.   enrolling, or attending class-based           difficulty. Applications made to the Adult      of each year. Learners completing
    (See back of Booklet).                       courses please observe the Covid-19           Education office after the third week of        programmes in the first term in December
                                                 signage on entering and existing buildings    the programme may not be considered.            will also receive their results in the
                                                 and, follow the advice given at the college   This applies to written examinations only.      following June. QQI certificates are posted
          20% discount on tuition fees
                                                 concerning hygiene etiquette, hand            Higher Education Authority (HEA) Funding        to respective learners in August of each
         for individuals in receipt of Full                                                    only supports full time day programmes.
                                                 washing and to keep a safe distance from                                                      year. Learners wishing to appeal their
        Job Seekers Allowance/ Benefit,
                                                 others based on government guidelines.                                                        grades must do so within 14 days of
       Disability Allowance or One Parent                                                                                                      receiving results (from date of postmark).
                                                 Hand Sanitiser gel will be provided. Face
                 Family Payment                  masks/coverings or gloves must be worn                                                        Details of how to appeal will be issued
                                                 and must be provided by the learner.                                                          with results.
8                                                                                                                                                                                                    9
    If, in the unlikely event, a learner has not     Non-QQI Programmes                               and is also closer to areas in East Limerick   We regret we cannot entertain any other
    received any results by the end of August        Other validating bodies have their own           and South Tipperary regions. LCFE is           requests for refunds. Once a programme
    please contact the examinations officer          time frame for the issuing of results and        committed to ensuring Cappamore is a           commences participants cannot
    by emailing                     certificates. Please consult their respective    vibrant centre of Further Education and        defer their place on that programme to
    Assessment entry with QQI requires               websites or contact the examination              Training in the East Limerick area.            another term. It is the responsibility of the
    learners to supply the Adult Education           officer for further details.                                                                    participants to inform themselves of the
    Department with a correct PPSN, first            Note: The college reserves the right
                                                                                                      Quality and                                    programme commencement date, content,
    name, surname and DOB. Failure to                to withhold certificates/ results from           Qualifications Ireland                         programme duration, etc.
    supply the correct details will result           participants whose accounts have not             Quality and Qualifications Ireland was
    in the unsuccessful processing of the                                                             established on 6 November 2012 under           Some classroom based courses
                                                     been paid in full i.e. Tuition, Exam Fees etc.
    entry. Throughout the duration of the                                                             the Qualifications and Quality Assurance       may be required to move ONLINE
    programme learners will be asked to              course Suggestions                               (Education and Training) Act 2012.             depending on Government
    verify their data by their teacher to                                                             The new Authority was created by an            Directives in relation to COVID-19
                                                     LCFE welcomes suggestions and requests
    facilitate the entry process. The data will                                                       amalgamation of four bodies that had
                                                     for specific programmes aimed at meeting
    be used for the purpose of assessment                                                             both awarding and quality assurance            IMPORTANT
                                                     the needs of our business and community
    entry only. See note regarding Data                                                               responsibilities: the Further Education        In all cases fees must be paid before
                                                     partners. Programmes can be designed
    Protection on page 10.                                                                            and Training Awards Council, the Higher        classes commence. Under no
                                                     and tailored to meet the requirements and
    Note: It is the responsibility of the learner                                                     Education and Training Awards Council          circumstances can learners attend a class
                                                     training needs of business. If you have
    to inform themselves fully of the details                                                         (HETAC), the National Qualifications           without an official receipt.
                                                     an idea for a specific programme, please
    of the certificate award in their chosen                                                          Authority of Ireland (NQAI) and the Irish
                                                     contact the Adult education Department
    field of study. If a learner is studying for a                                                    Universities Quality Board (IUQB). The         Applications received after the
                                                     or email who will be more
    full major award at QQI level 5 or 6 s/he                                                         new Authority assumed all the functions        commencement date of a programme will
                                                     than happy to assist with any queries.
    should pay particular attention to                                                                of the four legacy bodies while also having    only be accepted at the sole discretion of
    acquiring accurate information in relation       LCFE Cappamore                                   responsibility for new or newly-statutory      the Adult Education Department.
    to mandatory and optional modules                Our Second campus offers the opportunity         responsibilities in particular areas.
    of that award. Further information on            to study a variety of part time day or                                                          Programme Deferrals
    awards can be obtained at www.qqi.               evening programmes. Since early 2016 we
                                                                                                      Change of Address                              Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate
                                                                                                      The college needs to be informed of            applicants who wish to defer a registered
    ie. Any queries in relation to awards            have successfully expanded the range of
                                                                                                      any change of address to ensure the            place, either before or after a programme
    should be sent directly to the LCFE Adult        part time programmes available. We are
                                                                                                      prompt delivery of all correspondence,         commences, to another term. See
    Education Department by emailing                 committed to continuing that expansion,
                                                                                                      examination results, certificates etc.         Refund Policy.                                giving the learner greater flexibility to
                                                                                                      This can be emailed to:
                                                     study at times that suit.
                                                                                                      The college is not responsible for any         Property
                                                     Cappamore also boasts ample free and             delivery delays or non-delivery caused         Responsibility cannot be accepted for
                                                     safe parking on its grounds. It is only a 12     by a third party.                              the loss or damage to the property of the
                                                     minute drive from Limerick city centre,                                                         learner.
                                                                                                      Refund Policy
                                                                                                      Programme Cancellation                         Class Cancellation/
                                                                                                      For a programme to commence it is              Rescheduling
                                                                                                      necessary to enrol a minimum number            In the event of a Government ordered
                                                                                                      of participants. If this number is not         suspension of courses due to any
                                                                                                      reached the programme will be cancelled.       resurgence of Covid_19, LCFE Night
                                                                                                      Participants will be notified and a full fee   School is not liable or responsible for any
                                                                                                      refund will be processed. Any fees paid        failure to perform or delay classes when
                                                                                                      by cash are refunded by cheque and will        they are affected by events outside the
                                                                                                      require some time to process.                  college’s control - as has happened with
                                                                                                      Viable Programmes                              this unfortunate force majeure event. On
                                                                                                      All other programmes must remain               this basis we could not issue refunds to
                                                                                                      viable and be self-financing; therefore,       any learners. As you know Force majeure
                                                                                                      NO REFUNDS, UNDER ANY                          creates a situation when an extraordinary
    The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) is a 10 level system indicating an
                                                                                                      CIRCUMSTANCES, ARE AVAILABLE                   event or circumstance beyond the control
    academic or vocational value to qualifications in Ireland. FQ levels help show how an
                                                                                                      ONCE A PROGRAMME COMMENCES.                    of the parties involved such as a pandemic
    award can be used for training, education and employment (See diagram)
10                                                                                                                                                                                             11
     (an act of God) happens and impacts on          Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have an      Further Education                             Radio Studios
     the operations of a business. The college
     would instead endeavour to do our very
                                                     obligation and have made improvements
                                                     to how we use store and share the
                                                                                                  and Training Centre                           The college also has state of the art radio
                                                                                                                                                studios. LCFE college radio broadcasts
     best to deliver any balance of classes due      information we hold about you and we         Kilmallock Road                               online at
     to our learners when it is allowed by the       trust that you are happy that we safeguard   Campus (KRC)
     Government and if and when is safe to           that data. LCFE / LCETB are also Child       A number of LCFE’s part time                  Film & Photography Guidelines
     do so based on public health guidelines.        Protection compliant and all staff have      programmes now take place at the Further      Learners are not permitted to use images
     Due to unforeseen circumstances e.g.            undertaken training with Tusla – the Child   Education and Training Centre (formerly       of the College or its staff or learners or
     teacher illness; a class may be cancelled       Protection Agency to raise awareness         St. Enda’s community school) on the           persons within the vicinity of the college
     and rescheduled to another date. If             regarding the safeguarding of young          Kilmallock Road. The campus boasts            without written authorisation from the
     sufficient notification has been received       people, children and vulnerable adults on    great facilities and has ample free parking   Director of Adult Education.
     by the college, a text message will be          each campus.                                 spaces available.                             HAIR BEAUTY & HOLISTIC COURSE
     issued to all learners registered on                                                                                                       GUIDELINES
     the programme advising them of the              Parking                                      College Facilities                            Learners undertaking these courses must
     change. A cancelled class will usually be       LCFE Mulgrave Street                         (LCFE, Mulgrave                               respect and adhere to public health & safety
     rescheduled to the week following the last      LCFE wish to minimise LCFE night school      Street)                                       guidelines as specified for these course
     week of the programme, at the normal            learners cars causing any disruption                                                       areas and see general guidelines named
     time and day. However where this is not                                                      Photocopying
                                                     to residents, business premises and                                                        Covid-19 Health & Safety Notification
     possible another date will be selected.                                                      There are two learner photocopiers
                                                     property owners near the college in                                                        on previous pages in this booklet. Also
     On rare occasions it may be necessary                                                        available for evening learners.
                                                     particular on Garryowen Road, Rossa                                                        learners undertaking these courses must
     to reschedule a class because of a bank         Avenue & Rossa Villas, Markets Field         LEARNER RESOURCE CENTRE/                      adhere to the guidelines and procedures
     holiday. Learners must provide a valid          Terrace, Geraldine Villas & Arlington        LEARNER HUB 2                                 outlined by the certifying body e.g. start
     mobile number when they register to             Terrace. As part of the Colleges link to     To use Library (LRC) facilities, Learners     date of courses. A learner where required
     study with LCFE Evening School.                 Limerick Smart Travel initiative we are      need to show evidence of having               must agree to wear a uniform as specified
                                                     recommending that learners should Car        enrolled in their LCFE night course           and required by the certifying body and
     Garda Vetting                                   Pool as much as possible in the first        of choice via their LCFE receipt or           may need to supply their own Model(s) to
     LCFE/LCETB is committed to practices            instance to reduce traffic on Mulgrave       equivalent. Please check the Adult            successfully conduct the practical elements
     which safeguard the welfare of learners,        Street and the surrounding area. Parking     Education notice board, for information       of the course and to satisfy the on-going
     young people and vulnerable adults.             may be available in Cornmarket Square        on Library (LRC) opening hours.               assessment requirements of the course.
     LCETB is registered with the Garda              Car Park may be within walking distance                                                    Learners must adhere to all health, safety
     Central Vetting Unit and will be conducting                                                  Only full time PLC students / SOLAS
                                                     of the college, next to the Milk Market      trainees/students are entitled to use         and hygiene requirements of practical
     Garda Vetting on learners attending             with opening hours 7.30am to late at                                                       courses as specified.
     programmes where it is identified that                                                       the LCFE Learner ID or a Student Leap
                                                     1.00am on LCFE college nights Monday         Card. Students must have a minimum            All Models for Hair, Beauty or Holistic
     possible interaction with children and          to Thursday. There may also be a limited
     vulnerable adults is a feature of the                                                        of 16 hours of lectures/class time per        courses must be over 18 years. There are
                                                     number of car parking spaces available       week, and be enrolled for a minimum           some exceptions for Hair courses where
     programme. Any information disclosed            on LCFE grounds. It is the learners
     by the Garda Central Vetting Unit may                                                        of 6 months duration in any one 12            a model must be over 16 years. A short
                                                     responsibility to park legally if they are   month period. For more information            advisory session may take place before
     be shared with the appropriate decision         parking in the surrounding areas and we
     making personnel in prospective work                                                         See                   the start date of courses.
                                                     ask all learners to assist us with this.     frequentlyaskedquestions
     experience organisations. It is the learner’s
                                                                                                                                                English Language
     responsibility to ensure that all information   LCFE Cappamore                               Computer Rooms                                Requirements /Assessment
     is correct, as any omission will mean a         The campus provides free parking to all      LCFE is constantly updating its computer      On health & safety grounds, it is important
     delay in the processing of the application.     learners on the college grounds. LCFE        facilities and currently has 9 state-of-      that learners undertaking courses have a
                                                     are not responsible for loss or damage to    the-art Computer Rooms including an           safe level of written and spoken English.
     DATA PROTECTION &                               any motor vehicles or property contained     Apple iMac laboratory. All are networked      Where an interviewee may need an
     CHILD PROTECTION                                in any motor vehicle while parked on         and connected to a high-speed internet        English Language Assessment, it may
     COMPLIANCE                                      the premises. Motor vehicles are parked      connection.                                   be recommended and arranged via LCFE
     LCFE / LCETB is committed to acceptable         entirely at owner’s risk.                                                                  Library services.
     practices that comply with our obligations                                                   The Canteen Opening Hours are
     under all relevant data protection                                                           dependant on Government Social
     legislation in relation to the personal data                                                 Distancing Restrictions and are subject to
     we hold about you. Under the General Data                                                    change. Please check the Adult Education
                                                                                                  Notice board for up-to date information.
     QQI accredited courses - Work
     Logs and Record of hours:
                                                     We at LCFE endeavour to offer
                                                     Programme structures, class delivery         Skills to Advance
     For all QQI accredited courses Learners are     and assessment methodologies aimed at
     required to keep a learner log of worked        accommodating and facilitating learners

                                                                                                  Would you like to
     hours, employment support / references          by assisting each learner to achieve their
     and recommended self-directed learning          chosen QQI Award.
     hours and must submit Learner Log
     Sheets fully documented as part of their
     portfolio of work.

     Useful Information
                                                                                                  update your skills
                                                                                                  to improve your
     Limerick College of Further Education offers an excellent range of professional career
     programmes, certified and accredited by nationally and internationally recognised
     examining and professional bodies.

                                                                                                  opportunities at
      Limerick College of Further
                                         061 414 344    

      Quality and Qualifications
                                         01 905 8100    
      Ireland (QQI)

      Accounting Technicians
      Ireland (ATI)
                                         01 637 7363
      International Therapy
                                         +44 (0)20 8994 4141
      Examination Council (ITEC)

      University College Cork            021 490 3000   
                                                                                                                                                                                 Skills to
      National Counselling Institute
                                         061 226 870                                                                                                  Advance Applicants
                                                                                                                                                                           are welcome to apply
      Institute of Commercial
                                         +44 (0)12 0249 0555
                                                                                                                                                                          for applicable Certified
      Management (ICM)                                                                                                                                                           Courses
      City & Guilds                      0844 543 0033                                                                                      for more information

                                                                                                   Up-skilling and reskilling may be free depending on your skill level. If you think you are eligible
                                                                                                   - You need to talk to your employer about potentially accessible training opportunities.
                                                                                                   Skills to Advance is for Employees:
                                                                                                         • In an Industry at risk of displacement or with emerging opportunities and / or
                                                                                                         • In lower skilled jobs and / or
                                                                                                         • Who are 50 plus

                                                                                                  For further information see page 129 and contact LCFE at or email
                                                                                                  indicating what type of training needs you have in agreement with your employer.

                                                                                                  learning works

                            find us


                                                Arts & Crafts
January 2021
                                       Arts &

Apply online    fin d u s
16                                                                                                                                                                                                        17

                 Art Beginners Classroom Based Course                                                        Interior Design introduction
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Arts & Crafts
                                      Mon 19.30 - 21.30               Duration 10 Weeks                      Classroom Based Course
                 COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €100                materials FEE €20                                          WED 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 Weeks
                 AC001                                                                                       COURSE CODE
                                                                                                                                 Tuition FEE €110
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance                                AC019
                                                                                                                                 Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                Participant Profile                          • Knowing your medium (oil paint /
                This course is suitable for individuals        water colour / pastels / charcoal) learn      AC019ON Interior Design Introduction
                                                               the different properties and create a
                with no previous knowledge of art
                                                               finished work of art
                                                                                                             online Course
                who wish to develop their artistic and
                sketching skills through a variety of        • Having completed this course                                                           • Products: variety & quality of
                                                               participants will have an overall
                                                                                                            Participant Profile
                mediums in a relaxed and supportive                                                                                                       products; fabrics, flooring, carpets etc.
                setting.                                       understanding of the creative process        This course is suitable for individuals
                                                               and complete a selection of original art     who wish to develop a range of creative    • Window Treatments: curtain design
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                             works                                        skills and apply them to improve              and types; roman and roller blinds;
                • Develop observation skills working                                                       their personal space in the domestic          window poles; measuring windows for
                                                             • This course may progress onto the ‘Art                                                    poles/curtains/blinds etc.
                  from still life using various pencils                                                     environment.
                                                                Continuation’ programme at LCFE
                • Understanding basic drawing                                                              COURSE DESCRIPTION                         Note: This course may take place at
                                                             • Certain basic drawing materials will be                                                the Further Education and Training
                  techniques such as shape/form/                provided                                    • Introduction to Interior Design
                  texture/composition                                                                                                                  Centre, Kilmallock Rd. Campus (KRC),
                                                                                                            • Colour Schemes: starting points; mood   Limerick.
                                                                                                               & temperature; colour theory and        NOTE: Learners undertaking online
                                                                                                               colour exercises; develop your colour
                 Art Continuation Classroom Based Course                                                       scheme; paint effects and finishes
                                                                                                                                                       courses must have basic IT skills and
                                                                                                                                                       have access to the necessary ICT
                                      wed 19.30 - 21.30               Duration 10 Weeks                     • Design Principles: balance, rhythm,     equipment, software and Broadband
                 COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €100                materials FEE €20                        proportion, harmony & emphasis          capability to enable them to undertake
                 AC002                                                                                      • Lighting: various types and their       an online course.
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance                                 appropriate use; electrical layout
                                                                                                            • Space Planning: floor/room plans;
                Participant Profile                           instruction in the understanding of
                                                              various painting mediums and their               furniture layout; kitchen planning/
                This course is suitable for individuals                                                        lighting
                who wish to further develop their             individual qualities. The correct use of
                artistic skills and explore the process of    Acrylic, oil, gouache and watercolour
                creating art on a more intensive level.       paints will be covered
                Learners will receive tuition that is        • Colour Theory: An investigation into
                based on their individual artistic goals        the nature of colour and light
                and abilities.                               • Drawing: Advanced drawing techniques
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                             using pencil, charcoal, and ink

                • Observation: Learners will have           • Introduction to further education in art,
                  the opportunity to further develop            funding bodies and art workshops
                  their observational skills and use         Open class discussions throughout the
                  these abilities to visually record their   programme on work in progress. This
                  observations on paper                      course serves as an excellent gateway
                • Painting: A thorough exploration of       to the QQI LEVEL 5 modules in ‘Painting
                  different methods of using paint and       and Drawing’
18                                                                                                                                                                                                     19

                 Interior Design Skills QQI Level 5                                                      Calligraphy for Beginners
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Arts & Crafts
                 Classroom Based Course                                                                  Classroom Based Course
                                      Thurs 18.45 - 21.45            Duration 10 Weeks                                        Tues 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 Weeks
                                                                                                         COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €250               Materials Fee €30                                        Tuition FEE €110                Materials Fee €30
                 COURSE CODE

                 AC017                Accreditation QQI Level 5 Minor Award in                                                Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                                      Design Skills 5N0784
                                                                                                        Participant Profile                         COURSE DESCRIPTION
                 AC017ON Interior Design Skills
                                                                                                        Calligraphy is an ancient art and its       • Basic skills of letter forms and formal
                 QQI Level 5 online Course                                                              popularity still exists today. Centered        scripts along with learning to use tools
                                                                                                        around letter forms and symbols,               and materials.
                Participant Profile                         • Organise a work schedule with            calligraphy celebrates the written word     •L
                                                                                                                                                      earn different lettering styles from
                This course is aimed at those wishing to       agreed deadlines. Generate a range of    in many different ways, from how the         centuries old to modern day free-style
                further themselves with the knowledge,         design solutions through visual and      individual letters are arranged to the       brush lettering.
                skill and competence in the principles         verbal brainstorming, lateral thinking   rhythm and flow between them.
                                                               and exploration of materials within                                                  •L
                                                                                                                                                      earn a range of the classic calligraphy
                and practice of design skills in relation                                                                                            scripts for example Celtic Uncial, Italic,
                to interior design utilising a range of        a budget and schedule / selected         This introductory course is suitable for
                                                               ideas. Communicate these visually        individuals interested in learning basic     Gothic and Copperplate and practice
                creative processes whilst working                                                                                                    with simple personalised compositions
                independently or with others.                  & verbally / problem solving in the      calligraphy.
                                                               context of your design brief and                                                      in a supportive class setting.
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                             develop the design solutions further/                                                No experience is necessary and
                                                               objective / design criteria – evaluate                                               complete beginners are welcome.
                • Get involved in the design process
                                                               strategies you used and the outcome/
                  - problem solving activity, find
                                                               result and its success while working
                  strategies to respond to your design
                                                               independently and as part of a design     Embroidery for Beginners
                                                               team.                                     Classroom Based Course
                • Understand Inter-relationships
                                                            NOTE: Learners undertaking online                                 Mon 19.00 - 21.00               Duration 10 Weeks
                  between those involved in a design
                                                            courses must have basic IT skills and        COURSE CODE
                  process - the client, the designer, the                                                                     Tuition FEE €100                Materials Fee €40
                  maker and the user.
                                                            have access to the necessary ICT             AC015
                                                            equipment, software and Broadband                                 Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                • Get familiar with Tools, materials and   capability to enable them to undertake
                  technologies and the health and safety    an online course
                  issues relating to the design field.                                                  Participant Profile                         • Learn about the main stitches- satin
                                                            NOTE: The ONLINE course does not                                                           stitch, seed stitch, feather stitch, fly-
                • Evaluate your design outcomes in                                                     This course is suitable for individuals
                                                            include the Materials Fee, however the                                                     stitch, blanket stitch.
                  an historical and cultural context                                                    who wish to learn the skill of hand
                                                            course may require materials to be                                                      • Decorative stitches- French knots,
                  and Engage in the design process                                                      embroidery.
                                                            purchased by the learner separately as                                                     buillion stitch, spiders web.
                  from briefing, through research and       advised by the Tutor, for the ONLINE
                  development, to presentation and
                                                                                                        COURSE DESCRIPTION                          • How to transfer a design to fabric.
                                                            course - approximate cost € 30.
                  execution.                                                                            • Introduction to Embroidery tools,        • Embroider an item of clothing-eg. a
                                                                                                           threads, fabric and equipment.              shirt collar.
                • Interpret the design brief / target
                  audience, budget and deadlines,                                                       • Learn the basic embroidery stitches
                  Research your design brief.                                                              including:
                                                                                                        • Outline stitches-straight stitch,
                                                                                                           backstitch, chain stitch, stem stitch,
                                                                                                           couching, split stitch.                     find us
20                                                                                                                                                                                                            21

                 Fashion Design - Dressmaking                                                                Fashion Stylist classroom Based Course
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Arts & Crafts
                 Classroom Based Course                                                                                             Thurs 19.00 - 21.00                 Duration 6 Weeks
                                                                                                             COURSE CODE
                                     Tues 19.00 - 21.30               Duration 10 Weeks                                             Tuition FEE €120
                 COURSE CODE
                                     Tuition FEE €130                 Materials Fee €30
                 AC011                                                                                                              Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                                     Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                                                                                                            Participant Profile                               • To identify with and develop a strong
                Participant Profile                          • How to take measurements and adjust         This introductory course is suitable for             visual sense as well as understand
                                                               patterns and garments to suit                those that wish to learn how to become               colour, proportion and the principles
                This course is suitable for individuals
                                                             • Fabric preparation: how to lay and cut      a Fashion Stylist.                                   and elements of design
                who wish to develop their skills in
                dressmaking with a view to making and           out pattern pieces                                                                            • To understand the work involved if
                altering their own clothes. The course       • Sewing techniques: seams, darts, zips,      Fashion stylists work with editorial, retail,        working as an image consultant where
                is suitable for beginners and those with        buttonholes, hems, waistbands etc.          photography and entertainment clients and            they work primarily with individual
                basic sewing experience.                                                                    occasionally with one-on-one celebrity clients.      private clients on their appearance.,
                                                             • Garment construction and finishing:
                                                                                                                                                                 consult with corporate clients as well
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                              learners are invited to make and finish     COURSE DESCRIPTION                                   as do personal shopping, closet edits
                                                                a basic skirt and top of their choice       This course will help you
                • Pattern drafting and alteration: how                                                                                                          and wardrobe planning
                  to prepare and follow commercial                                                          • To understand and relate to a                  • To gain an understanding of body
                  patterns                                                                                     range of clients e.g. editorial, retail,          shape, fit, tailoring, color, hair and
                                                                                                               photography and entertainment clients             personality traits

                 Fashion Design - Dressmaking:
                 Continuation Classroom Based Course
                                     Wed 19.00 - 21.30                Duration 10 Weeks
                 COURSE CODE
                                     Tuition FEE €130                 Materials Fee €30
                                     Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                Participant Profile                          • How to mend/alter garments
                This course is suitable for learners         • Fabric treatments: fusing, bonding,
                who wish to improve their sewing                dying, decorative trimmings, appliqué
                skills and learn more advanced sewing        • Sewing techniques: concealed zips,
                techniques. This course is intended             facings, sleeves, collars, pockets,
                as a continuation from the beginner             linings etc.
                dressmaking and fashion wear courses         • Garment construction and finishing:
                and it is desirable that learners would         learners are invited to make and
                have attended either of these before            finish a dress, trousers, jacket or lined
                attending this class.                           garment of their choice
                COURSE DESCRIPTION
                • Pattern drafting and alteration: how to
                  draft & adjust your own patterns for a
                  skirt and top
22                                                                                                                                                                                                   23

                 Hat Design (Millinery)                                                                 Shop Window Design and Dressing: An
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arts & Crafts
                 classroom Based Course                                                                 Introduction classroom Based Course
                                      Mon 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 weeks                                       Thurs 19.00 - 21.30            Duration 10 Weeks
                 COURSE CODE                                                                            COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €110               Materials Fee €40                                       Tuition FEE €110
                  AC024                                                                                 AC028
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance                                                Accreditation Cert of Attendance

                Participant Profile                         • Working with Millinery wire.             AC028ON Shop Window Design and
                This introductory course is designed        • How to create base for chosen hat.       Dressing: An Introduction online Course
                for those who have an interest in hat       • Blocking a button-shaped headpiece
                design. It is suitable for beginners, and   • Mounting pieces on a comb, headband     Participant Profile                         • Display Techniques
                will introduce the students to a variety       or base with elastic etc.               This course is suitable for individuals     • Thematic Displays
                of hat design techniques. The student                                                  who wish to acquire or update skills in     • Use of colour in merchandising and
                will learn a number of technical skills     Note: Each participant needs to bring
                                                                                                       the area of retail display. The course         display
                and will create ONE hat during the class    along a sketchbook and notebook
                                                            with pens and colour pencils for           would appeal to anyone working in a         • Use of graphics in display
                duration.                                                                              retail setting or learners who wish to
                                                            concept design and their own choice of                                                 • Contribution of lighting to display
                                                                                                       prepare for employment in retail display
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                          additional materials following the first                                               NOTE: Learners undertaking online
                                                            demonstration class. The Materials Fee     or visual merchandising. Learners
                Basic Millinery techniques, such as                                                    will have the opportunity to plan and       courses must have basic IT skills and
                working with Sinamay: one of the            covers a Beginners Kit ONLY containing:                                                have access to the necessary ICT
                                                            1 metre of Sinamay, Elastic, Comb,         construct retail displays applying a
                main hat making foundations used in                                                    range of techniques.                        equipment, software and Broadband
                Millinery.                                  1 metre of trims, Brides & Scribes.                                                    capability to enable them to undertake
                • Using stripping to create sculptural     Additional choice materials are not        COURSE DESCRIPTION                          an online course.
                  organic pieces.                           covered by the materials fee.
                                                                                                       • Different types of display
                                                                                                       • Merchandising
                                                                                                       • Selling Positions

                                                                                                        Ceramics classroom Based Course
                                                                                                                             Wed 19.00 - 21.30              Duration 10 Weeks
                                                                                                        COURSE CODE
                                                                                                                             Tuition FEE €110               Materials Fee €30
                                                                                                                             Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                                                                                                       Participant Profile                         and slab-building techniques, pinch
                                                                                                       This course is specifically designed        pots and mould making. A variety
                                                                                                       to introduce the complete novice and        of decoration methods and glaze
                                                                                                       more experienced learner to clay and        applications will also be considered.
                                                                                                       who wish to create individual pieces in a   Demonstrations on all techniques will
                                                                                                       relaxed and friendly atmosphere.            be given and self directed projects are
                                                                                                                                                   encouraged . All work will be glazed and
                                                                                                       COURSE DESCRIPTION                          it is expected that all learners will have a
                                                              find u s                                                                             series of finished work on completion of
                                                                                                       The course will incorporate basic coil
                                                                                                                                                   the course.
24                                                                                                                                                                                                     25
                 Leather Flower Making classroom                                                           Upholstery classroom Based Course
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Arts & Crafts
                 Based Course                                                                                                   Tues 19.00 - 21.30               Duration 10 Weeks
                                                                                                           COURSE CODE
                                      Thurs 19.00 - 21.00            Duration 10 Weeks                                          Tuition FEE €100                 Materials Fee €40
                 COURSE CODE                                                                               AC018
                                      Tuition FEE €110               Materials Fee €40
                 AC030                                                                                                          Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                                                                                                          Participant Profile                           • Stitch by hand and machine as required
                Participant Profile                         • Cutting and preparation of petals and      This course is designed for individuals       • Apply traditional techniques
                                                               leaves                                     with no previous experience of                • Safe use of hand tools and equipment
                Making flowers out of genuine leather
                                                            • Construction of buds and composition       upholstery and who wish to learn and          • Webbing
                or silk is an ancient art that came to
                                                                                                          develop creative and design skills.
                us from Japan and it is now known all       • Using variations of fascinators: broche,                                                 • Finishing Techniques
                over the world. This course is for those      bracelet, crochet, wreath, hair clip        COURSE DESCRIPTION                            Project: Drop-in Seat. Footstool. Small
                who want to learn the basic techniques
                                                                                                          • Measure and record sizes accurately        Ottoman.
                of creating flower compositions out of
                leather. After the course completion,       NOTE: Each participant needs to bring         • Recognise the characteristics of a range   Note: This course may take place at the
                learners can take their flower creations    along pen and notebook, scissors,                of basic upholstery fabrics and fillings   Further Education and Training Centre,
                home to proudly showcase and display        cotton napkin/towel, large flat plate,                                                      Kilmallock Road Campus, Limerick.
                                                                                                          • Prepare fabrics for cutting and
                them.                                       PVA glue, glue brush and apron. The
                                                                                                             stitching/fixing and make an accurate
                                                            materials fee covers Italian Leather for 3
                                                                                                             lay/cutting plan
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                          flowers, fascinators for broche and hair
                • Introduction to the traditional          clip, Japanese stamens, Japanese floral
                  Japanese flower making art                paper and Japanese floral wire

                • Basic techniques of working with real
                • Principles of creating flowers and
                  flower compositions

                                                                                                                 The teacher used different teaching styles and was very
                                                                                                                 eloquent in the delivery of the lessons. I would definitely
                                                                                                                 recommend the course to my friends.
                                                                                                                                                                          – Mary, Limerick
26                                                                                                                             27

                 Mosaic Design – For the Interior &                                                     find us
Arts & Crafts

                                                                                                                            Arts & Crafts
                 Garden classroom Based Course
                                    Thurs 19.00 - 21.30             Duration 10 Weeks
                 COURSE CODE
                                    Tuition FEE €110                Materials Fee €60
                                    Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                Participant Profile                        COURSE DESCRIPTION
                This course is suitable for individuals    • Background to Mosaic design

                wishing to acquire a knowledge in          • Design techniques - colour and pattern
                Mosaic design. Both traditional and
                                                           • Contemporary application of Mosaic
                modern applications of Mosaic will be
                explored. You will learn design skills,    • Application of glass or tiles - use of
                                                              different adhesives

                                                                                                                   & hair
                glass cutting, design layout, tiling and
                grouting. You will leave with one or       • Interior Mosaic on walls and floors
                more pieces of Mosaic Artwork. You         • Mosaic on furniture/vessels and
                will also have sufficient knowledge to        garden sculpture
                Mosaic your bathroom, kitchen or create
                a piece for your garden.

                 Contemporary Doll Making for
                 Beginners classroom Based Course
                                    Tues 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 Weeks
                 COURSE CODE
                                    Tuition FEE €100                Materials Fee €20
                                    Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                Participant Profile                        COURSE DESCRIPTION
                This course is designed for those who      • Different techniques such as working
                have an interest in learning about the       with light air-dry clay, modelling the
                Art of making Contemporary Dolls. It         face, arms, legs, sanding techniques,
                will open to the students the wonderful      drawing, painting with watercolours,
                world of doll making. Students will          hand sewing and embellishing.
                learning not only doll making skills but   • Styling and designing of the costumes.
                will also learn about the works of the
                                                           • The students will learn about different
                world’s best known Art Dolls makers.
                                                              techniques in creating a mini garment
                It is suitable for beginners. Come and
                                                              for the doll using basic pattern
                enjoy with us a fascinating Art of
                                                              cutting, sewing, embroidery and
                making contemporary Dolls in a relaxed
                                                              embellishment techniques.
                and creative atmosphere.
                                                           • At the end of the course each student
                                                              will have completed one Doll.
                                                           Note: The materials fee covers a
                  f i nd us                                beginners kit only.
28                                                                                                                                                                                                  29

                 Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments                                                               Reflexology – An introduction
beauty & hair

                                                                                                                                                                                                  beauty & hair
                 classroom Based Course                                                                       classroom Based Course
                                      Thurs 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 Weeks                                         Thurs 19.00-21.00               Duration 10 Weeks
                 COURSE CODE                                                                                  COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €100                 Materials Fee €100
                 BH012                                                                                        BH015              Tuition FEE €110
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance                                                    Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                Participant Profile                           • Tweezing                                     Participant Profile                        • What is reflexology?
                This course is for beginners or individuals   • Eye brow and eye lash tinting                This course is suitable for learners       • The history of reflexology
                who may want to pursue a career in beauty.    • Strip and individual lash application        that wish to gain an understanding of      • The benefits of reflexology
                                                              • Perfect brows                                reflexology. It is ideal for those who     • How the feet and hands are mapped
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                           simply want a general understanding
                                                              • Practice days included                                                                     out.
                • Facial Waxing                                                                             of how it works or those who wish
                                                              See guidelines for models under Hair, Beauty   to pursue further studies in the area.     • Some specific reflexology techniques
                • Facial Threading
                                                              & Holistic Course Guidelines on page 11.       You will learn how the feet and hands      • Some hand reflexology and hand
                                                                                                             are mapped out and also leaner some           massage techniques
                                                                                                             simple and basic reflexology massage       For hand massage- students may be
                                                                                                             techniques to use on friends and family.   asked to bring in their own pillow and
                                                                                                             COURSE DESCRIPTION
                                                                                                                                                        Note: This course is simply an
                                                                                                             Reflexology believes that our organs       introductory taster course that does
                                                                                                             and skeletal system are mapped out on      not allow the learners to practice
                                                                                                             our feet an through the massaging of       professionally after completion;
                                                                                                             specific areas of the feet, one can help   however it will assist learners with
                                                                                                             balance the body’s system and allow an     future professional course choices.
                                                                                                             overall relaxing experience.
                 Hair UpStyles classroom Based Course                                                                                                   See guidelines for models under Hair,
                                                                                                                                                        Beauty & Holistic Course Guidelines on
                                      Mon 19.00 - 21.00                Duration 10 Weeks                                                                page 11.
                 COURSE CODE
                                      Tuition FEE €100                 Materials Fee €100
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                Participant Profile                           • Vintage Styles
                This course is suitable for beginners,        • Current up style trends
                trainees and qualified hairdressers           • Fashion curls/ barrel curls/ new
                who want to either learn or up skill             techniques
                themselves with various techniques            • Braiding
                for hair up styles. It is also suitable for
                individuals who would like to get into        • Interviews
                the hairdressing industry; and is also        • Creativity
                an excellent stepping stone for makeup        • Special Occasions
                artists who want to do up styles.
                                                              • Photo shoot
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                            See guidelines for models under Hair,
                • Introduction                               Beauty & Holistic Course Guidelines on
                                                              page 11.
                • Product Knowledge
30                                                                                                                                                                                             31

                 EyeLash Extensions classroom                                                         Beauty: Sculptured Nails/ Nail
beauty & hair

                                                                                                                                                                                            beauty & hair
                 Based Course                                                                         Extensions classroom Based Course
                                      wed 19.00 - 21.00              Duration 10 Weeks                                    wed 18.45 - 20.15               Duration 10 Weeks
                                                                                                      COURSE CODE
                 COURSE CODE                                                                                              Thurs 18.45 - 20.15
                 BH022                Tuition FEE €110               Materials Fee €100               BH002/              Tuition FEE €80                 Materials Fee €80
                                      Accreditation Certificate of Attendance                         BH003
                                                                                                                          Accreditation Certificate of Attendance
                Participant Profile                         • Contra Indications
                This course is suitable for complete        • Treatment                             Participant Profile                         • Application of Sculptured Nails/Nail
                beginners that are interested in learning                                            This course is suitable for individuals        Extensions using Gel Products
                                                            • Removal of Product
                about the art of semi-permanent eye                                                  who wish to develop skills and              • Refill Procedure
                                                            • Client Aftercare
                lash extensions. This new innovative                                                 techniques in the application and design    • Maintenance of Sculptured Nails/Nail
                popular treatment to thicken and            • Pricing and Retail Business           of sculptured nails/nail extensions            Extensions
                lengthen eye lashes can be learned with        Development & Opportunities           so that the participant can offer this      • Manicures: Theory and Practice
                no prior skills of knowledge. This course   • Classic Basic Lashes                   service to the public.
                may also interest qualified therapists                                                                                           • Manicure Techniques including Nail
                                                            • Volume Lashes
                wishing to update their skills.                                                      COURSE DESCRIPTION                             and Hand Treatments
                                                            See guidelines for models under Hair,
                                                                                                     The application of sculptured nails         See guidelines in this booklets
                COURSE DESCRIPTION                          Beauty & Holistic Course Guidelines on
                                                                                                     is an art in itself that takes time,        Introduction section for models
                                                            page 11.
                • Consultation with Client                                                          precision and skill. Sculptured nails are   under Hair, Beauty & Holistic Course
                • Disorders or Diseases of the eye                                                  semi-permanent nails made from an           Guidelines on page 11.
                                                                                                     extension nail which is applied to the
                                                                                                     natural nail with a gel placed over it,
                                                                                                     which is cured under a UV lamp.

                                                                                                      Introduction to Barbering
                                                                                                      classroom Based Course
                                                                                                                          Wed 19.00 - 21.30               Duration 8 Weeks
                                                                                                      COURSE CODE
                                                                                                                          Tuition FEE €110                Materials Fee €100
                                                                                                                          Accreditation Certificate of Attendance

                                                                                                     Participant Profile                         • Colour Application (Basic)
                                                                                                     This course is suitable for individuals     • Hair Care
                                                                                                     who want to learn the basic skills and      • Learners will be required to provide
                                                                                                     techniques involving Barbering.                models for certain classes.

                                                                                                     COURSE DESCRIPTION                          • A kit with the necessary equipment is
                                                                                                     • Introduction to Barbering
                                                                                                                                                 See guidelines for models under Hair,
                                                                                                     • Basic Cutting and Styling Techniques     Beauty & Holistic Course Guidelines on
                                                                                                     • Client Care and Consultation             page 11.
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