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                23 JANUARY
                > 13.00
                          PITCHING              PITCHING SESSION
                          SESSION               HOSTED BY
                          OPEN TO OBSERVERS     GITTE HANSEN
                          PLACE                 (FIRST HAND FILMS)
                          BELLEVUE              &
                          ESPACE ATLANTIQUE     MARGJE DE KONING
                                                (MOVIES THAT MATTER)
                > 17.30
                          CLOSED SESSION
                          ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS   FIPADOC’s international pitching session will feature
                                                15 projects: 5 French and 10 international, pitched
                                                to a panel of Commissioning Editors and other
                          BELLEVUE              industry professionals, with the goal of finding
                          SALLE VAGUE           new partners. The projects presented are ambitious
                                                and eclectic, and above all have high potential.
                                                They cover a broad spectrum of storytellings
                                                and subjects.
                                                As part of the 2020 Focus, the pitching
                                                session presents 3 Swedish projects.
                                                Among the projects selected from the hundred
                                                or so applications received, 4 projects have been
                                                scouted in partnering forums or markets:

                                                One french project and one international project
                                                will receive an award of 5.000€ in post-production
                                                services from our partner Saya.
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                IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

                4                         BIO            36   NATURAL

                8                         CHANCELVIE     40   SAMUEL
                                                              THE LIGHT

                12                        CITIZEN        44   THE SCARS
                                          TRIBUNAL            OF ALI BOULALA

                16                        DRAW           48   TO THE
                                          FOR                 NORTH

                20                        EXPEDITION     52   THE TRUE
                                          49                  STORY OF

                24                        FATNA,         56   TRUMP
                                          A WOMAN             VS THE FBI
                                          NAMED RACHID

                28                        THE            60   WILD WILD
                                          GOUROUGOU           LIFE

                32                        H2 – ONE
                                          OF CONFLICT
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INTERNATIONAL                                               INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                     PITCHES

BIO                                                         SYNOPSIS        ONE STORY, ONE                              is the seven years old daughter
                                          MIKAEL                            VALLEY, THREE FAMILIES                      of beekeepers Zhang and Chen.
                                                                            & A NATURAL CRISIS                          Ten months per year the parents
FEATURE LENGTH                               ÅSA
                                                                            Award-winning nature documentary            are forced to leave Hanyuan to keep
ONE-OFF                                   EKMAN
                                                                            director Mikael Kristersson teams           the bees from dying, leaving Yingling
SWEDEN                                        AUTHOR                        up with Åsa Ekman and Oscar Hedin           behind with the grandparents.
72 MIN                                        OSCAR                         to depict the valley of Hanyuan             As summer arrives, she travels thousands
                                               HEDIN                        in the Sichuan Province of China.           of kilometers to spend some time with
                                                                            At the bottom of the valley, bees           her mom and dad. High up on the top
                                  MARINA-EVELINA                            no longer exist due to widespread           of the mountains amidst the clouds
                                       CRACANA                              use of pesticides and monocultures.         Ye, a single parent, bets his last money
IN A VALLEY IN CHINA THE                  OSCAR                             This place is extreme but not unique.       on an organic cherry orchard.
POLLINATORS HAVE DISAPPEARED.              HEDIN                            All over the world, pollinators             But Ye’s father wants him to spray
THE LIVES AND FAMILIES OF THREE         Film and Tell,                      are dying due to human influence.           pesticides and Ye is prone to give
AGRICULTURAL WORKERS                         Sweden
                                                                            Hanyuan is an image of a possible           in as the orchard gets attacked by pests.
ARE AFFECTED BY AN ECOSYSTEM        info@filmandtell.com
                                        +46 855 803 830                     future for mankind – but it
ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE.                 filmandtell.com                   is happening here and now.                  Cao, Yingling and Ye are shown
                                      DELIVERY DATE                                                                     in relation to nature – in an orchard
                                          March 2021                        In the film, we follow three characters     without pollinating insects, among
                                                                            and their families who mark the lifestyle   the hives of the last domesticated
                                                                            and geography of the valley.                bees and in a mountainside forest
                                                                            Cao, a thriving fruit cultivator,           where wild bees still fly.
                                                                            has made a good life for his family         Human dramas, fascinating nature
                                                                            by following the recommendations            scenes and alarming environmental
                                                                            of the authorities to spray pesticides      problems form a fateful epic.
                                                                            and pollinate by hand. Yingling
6                                                                                                         7
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                             INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                   PITCHES

PROJECT         Mankind is exhausting the resources
                of the Earth at an increasing speed.
                                                               We will be employing modern camera
                                                               techniques and studio solutions
                                                                                                          BIOGRAPHIES                 Mikael Kristersson directed three documentary        Åsa Ekman has a Master in Documentary Film
DESCRIPTION     Vertebrate populations have decreased          to better understand the life inside
                                                                                                          MIKAEL KRISTERSSON
                                                                                                          ÅSA EKMAN
                                                                                                                                      features, theatrically released, that received
                                                                                                                                      the praise of the critics and reached large
                                                                                                                                                                                           from The Swedish National Film School.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Her Dragkingdom of Sweden (2002) is a cult
                by 30 percent during the last 40 years.        a beehive. We will be focusing             DIRECTORS                   audiences worldwide. Pica Pica (1987),               movie in the HBTQ-underground. It’s all about
                Nature is under great pressure.                on content and drama, not on                                           about the magpies in Vällingby Centrum, won          Edith (2006) got the jury’s honorary award
                                                               the perfect image (which is common                                     the Cinéma du Réel in Paris. Kestrel’s Eye (1998),   at Tempo Documentary Film Festival 2007.
                One third of our food depends                  within modern nature film). We will                                    about a couple of kestrels in the church tower       Ekman’s A Mother’s Comeback (2011) premiered
                on pollinators to grow. The pollinators        be working also with interviews                                        in Skanör, was nominated for a Guldbagge             at the Gothenburg International Film Festival
                                                                                                                                      award in the category Best Picture and won           2012. It was nominated for Best Documentary
                – butterflies, hover flies,                    with the protagonists, possibly with                                   first prize at the documentary festivals in Munich   and won the prize for Best Swedish Feature.
                wild and domestic bees, even bats –            a few short facts to guide the viewer.                                 and Marseilles and at Nordisk Panorama.              Her documentary diptych on children
                make a great but often forgotten                                                                                      Light Year (2009), about Kristersson’s garden,       exposed to domestic violence produced
                contribution for mankind. Now their            Cinematic nature photography,                                          was nominated as the Swedish contribution            with Oscar Hedin, My life My Lesson (2014)
                numbers are rapidly dwindling mainly           authentic human activities,                                            to the Nordic Council Film Prize and                 and Say Something (2015), won the Swedish
                due to widespread use of pesticides,           and Kristersson’s unique attention                                     won firstprize at the science festival Mostra        TV Prize Kristallen for best documentary
                                                                                                                                      de Ciencia e Cinema in Spain. Kristersson            two years in a row.
                monocultural cultivation,                      to animal behaviors, will make
                                                                                                                                      has an education as cinematographer from
                invasive species or viral diseases.            the viewers experience the tight,                                      the Dramatic Institute and has produced over
                                                               but still fragile, networks of existence                               thirty films. This year, the Musem of Moving Image
                We can capture this complex issue              that is put at risk without pollinators.                               in New York, at the initiative of Martin Scorsese,
                in one story. In one place with                                                                                       hosted an event dedicated to Kristersson’s work.
                a limited but disturbed ecosystem,
                through three compelling destinies,                                                       BIOGRAPHIES                 Oscar Hedin founded Film and Tell in 2010.           Marina-Evelina Cracana is an alumna
                each affected by a different kind                                                         OSCAR HEDIN            Before that he made several films that reached             of Scotland Screen Academy and Aristoteles
                                                                                                          MARINA-EVELINA CRACANA large audiences, formed opinions, changed laws            Workshop. She produced and directed
                of pollination. On a small scale,                                                         PRODUCERS                   and won awards. His film about the soccer team        two documentary shorts, among which,
                Hanyuan valley is an image                                                                FILM AND TELL
                                                                                                                                      Assyriska during their first year in the Swedish      The Fuel Filter (2017) won the Best International
                an ecosystem on the brink                                                                                             Premier League, A National Team Without              Documentary award at AKIFF 2018.
                of collapse, an omen                                                                                                  a Nation (2005), won the Golden Palm                 She is currently working as a producer
                for the entire global biosphere.                                                                                      at the Beverly Hills Films Festival. Aching Heart    at Film and Tell.
                                                                                                                                      (2007), focusing on the Jihadist movement
                                                                                                                                      in Sweden was nominated for a Guldbagge,
                We want to portray man as a species
                                                                                                                                      Prix Europa and Ikaros, and won the Amulet.
                of nature, a part of the local ecosystem.
                The bustling city centre of Hanyuan,
                for example, feels like another look
                inside a hive. The vendors, the workers                                                   BUDGET                      553.000€
                of the pear cultivation, everybody                                                        STILL
                trying to make a living in their own way                                                  REQUIRED                    247.250€
                mimic the work dynamics of a bee                                                          CONFIRMED
                                                                                                          SALES AGENT
                colony and contribution to society,
                while looking after their own                                                             BROADCASTER                 SVT
                nutritional needs.                                                                        FINANCING                   TYPE                       NAME                      STATUS            AMOUNT            % OF TOTAL
                                                                                                          SOURCES                     OF FINANCING               OF PARTNER                                  IN €              BUDGET
                Beekeepers, in turn, become just like                                                                                 PRE-SALE                   SVT                       CONFIRMED         77.000€           14%
                the wild bees, displaced, depopulated,
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING DEV.        THE SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE CONFIRMED        93.750€           17%
                forced to stay on the edge of society
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING             FILM I SKÅNE              CONFIRMED         24.000€           4%
                to be able to feed themselves.
                                                                                                                                      FOUNDATION GRANT           POSTKODSTIFTELSEN         CONFIRMED         59.000€           11%
                In this film, the strength of the portraying                                                                          OWN INVESTMENT             FILM AND TELL             CONFIRMED         52.000€           9%
                social documentary is paired with                                                                                     PUBLIC FUNDING DEV.        CREATIVE EUROPE           PENDING           25.000€           5%
                the magic of the artistic nature film,
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING PROD.       THE SWEDISH ARTS          PENDING           19.250€           4%
                Kristersson’s trademark. Scenes                                                                                                                  GRANTS COMMITEE
                and images will carry the narrative.                                                                                  PUBLIC FUNDING PROD.       THE SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE PENDING          96.000€           17%
                We will show life in the beehive
                                                                                                                                      PRE-SALES/CO-PRODS         BROADCASTERS              PROJECTED         107.000€          19%
                and the pupation of butterfly larvae
                                                                                                          WITH THE                    The Swedish Film Institute,
                as well as Zhang’s tearful parting                                                        SUPPORT OF                  Film i Skåne, Postkodstiftelsen
                from er daughter, Ye’s temptation                                                         ADVANCEMENT
                to introduce chemicals into his farming                                                   STATE                       Development
                routine and Cao setting out to give                                                       PREVIOUSLY                  Medimed 2019 – Speedy
                his grandchildren an education.                                                           PITCHED AT...               Pitches
8                                                     9
INTERNATIONAL                                         INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                               PITCHES

CHANCELVIE                                            SYNOPSIS        Chancelvie, 16, has spent half of her life   Since her early childhood, she has
                                   MARC-HENRI                         living in the streets of Kinshasa,           learned to fight and to be respected.
                                                                      Democratic Republic of Congo.                This portrait is not only that
FEATURE LENGTH                            AUTHOR                      Her daily life is a challenge to find        of an adolescent living in Kinshasa,
ONE-OFF                            MARC-HENRI                         odd jobs, to eat, to remain clean,           too young to face all these adult
BELGIUM                             WAJNBERG                          to sleep. Carpe diem is the motto            issues, but also that of a teenager
52 & 85 MIN                                                           of the street life in Kinshasa.              facing the injustice suffered by all
                                     CATHERINE                        Now that she is pregnant, the violence       street children who have to manage
                                         BOES                         she suffered as a child is resurfacing.      their destiny so early in life.
LOGLINE                               Wajnbrosse                      Where does she come from?                    Chancelvie is like Kinshasa, oppressed
                                     Productions,                     Who is this mother who threw                 and overflowing with vitality,
CHANCELVIE, 16 YEARS OLD                 Belgium
                                                                      heron the street, accompanied                poor and generous, in love with life,
AND PREGNANT, HAS BEEN LIVING          wajnbrosse@
                                    wajnbrosse.com                    by her younger brother, then                 its perfumes and its music.
ON THE STREETS OF KINSHASA          +32 477 673 416
                                                                      5 years old? Why would a mother              Chancelvie is very integrated
SINCE SHE WAS 8.                                                      take such a drastic action?                  in the artistic scene of Kinshasa.
                                                                      Who was her father?                          She dances with Strombo
                                       June 2020
FRIENDS, WILL SHE MANAGE        for 52 min version                    Although from a rival band, Shekina          Kayumba’s band, helps Bebson
TO BUILD A BETTER FUTURE         September 2020                       accompanies her long days. They beg,         De La Rue to make instruments,
FOR HER UNBORN BABY?            for 85 min version                    sleep together and have the same             shapes masks with Sambu,
                                                                      artist friends. These street performers      accompanies Nada in his costume
                                                                      customize waste – plastic bottles            made of phone scraps for street
                                                                      and bags, rusty car parts, broken            performances, which allows
                                                                      mirrors, cans – to make costumes.            her to earn a few pennies to get
                                                                      During street parades, they hope             through the day.
                                                                      to alert about the decline of their city.    Chancelvie has decided
                                                                      Chancelvie plans to integrate                to leave this life and to learn
                                                                      a center for girl-mothers after the          a trade as soon as she gives birth.
                                                                      birth of her son in the hope of offering     This involves moving away
                                                                      him a better future than her own.            from her street friends.
                                                                      Nothing is less certain. She is rebellious   Fate has put her in the streets,
                                                                      to any authority.                            will her determination carry
                                                                                                                   her away from it?
10                                                                                                            11
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                       PITCHES

PROJECT         This film shows the difficulty of living
                as a young girl in a city where
                                                              is an everyday routine for her
                                                              and her young friends and the many
                                                                                                              BIOGRAPHY                     Marc-Henri Wajnberg directed 3.000 very short        Kinshasa Kids (8 awards, selected in 70 festivals:
DESCRIPTION     the implicit codes of street life             scars that mark her body are its
                                                                                                              MARC-HENRI WAJNBERG films and his short film, Le Réveil (The Alarm Clock)
                                                                                                              DIRECTOR                      was awarded in Cannes and received 22 awards
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Venice, Toronto, Busan, New York...).
                                                                                                                                                                                                 His VR interactive movie Kinshasa Now is currently
                create a parallel society with equally        sad reflection.                                                               around the world. He directed numerous               in postproduction.
                stringent and constraining rules.                                                                                           documentaries (Oscar Niemeyer,
                As a young adolescent living                  But thanks to her permanent                                                   an architect committed to his century
                in the streets of Kinshasa, Chancelvie        contacts with the artists and musicians                                       – 12 awards and Evgueni Khaldei,
                faces various problems on a daily basis       of Kinshasa, Chancelvie never                                                 photographer under Stalin – 3 awards)
                                                                                                                                            and two long features; Just Friends (12 awards),
                that are enhanced by her feminine             considered her condition of street
                condition. This theme of the genre            child as a fatality. For her, there is still    BIOGRAPHY                     After a master’s degree in Germanic literature,      Up to now Wajnbrosse has produced
                is present in all the sequences               hope that one day she will build                CATHERINE BOES                Catherine Boes started working in the film           more than 50 documentaries.
                of the film. The situation of street girls,   her own home. The birth of her child            PRODUCER                      production industry. In 2018, she joined
                                                                                                              WAJNBROSSE PRODUCTIONS                                                             Their productions have been sold
                certainly fewer than boys,                    is probably the last boost                                                    the company Wajnbrosse Productions,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 to more than 150 TV channels
                is catastrophic. Often forced into            that Chancelvie needed to realize                                             founded in 1983 and well-known,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and awarded 70 international prizes.
                                                                                                                                            among others, for the productions
                prostitution, many are already mothers.       this dream in the near future.
                                                                                                                                            of the series CLAP (1.200 x 8 seconds,
                When girls are thrown out of the familial     Chancelvie shows a determination                                              directed by Marc‑Henri Wajnberg and sold
                shelter, often by their own parents           that is both poignant and impressive                                          in 50 countries), The Five Obstructions
                and for various reasons, they have            to make her dream come true,                                                  (directed by Lars von Trier and Joergen Leth).
                to find a protector, a man with whom          nourishing it with an energy that
                they have a privileged relationship           she draws particularly from artistic
                and who protects them in case                 inventiveness. Her past and present
                of aggression. This protection                journey and the one she traces
                has a price, a debt that drives               for the future creates the narrative
                them to accept rape and violence              thread of this documentary.
                and having to work for him.                   This film has no redemptive vocation
                This documentary also looks at the place      but it will already have achieved a goal        PROJECTED
                                                                                                              BUDGET                        350.262€
                of women in African society, and              if it allows to raise more awareness
                especially the place of a woman-child         about the fate of these children,               REQUIRED                      115.200€
                made vulnerable by her situation              but also about their resilience                 CONFIRMED
                as a street kid. It would be a positive       and their self-rescuing potential.              SALES AGENT

                result if this perspective could              The narrative force is centered                 CONFIRMED                     RTBF, Canvas, Canal +
                                                                                                              BROADCASTER                   International, Be-One
                stimulate reflection on women’s               on Chancelvie, her pregnancy
                                                                                                              FINANCING                     TYPE                       NAME                      STATUS            AMOUNT            % OF TOTAL
                rights in developing countries                and Kinshasa’s artistic inventiveness.          SOURCES                       OF FINANCING               OF PARTNER                                  IN €              BUDGET
                and the prejudices that condition             The film reveals an intimate and deeply                                       PUBLIC FUNDING             FÉDÉRATION                CONFIRMED         50.000€           14,28%
                and shape gender discrimination.              human story, animated by edifying                                                                        WALLONIE-BRUXELLES
                                                                                                                                            PUBLIC FUNDING             CENTRE AUDIOVISUEL        CONFIRMED         14.000€           4%
                The first protective barrier for a child      and moving protagonists.                                                                                 BRUXELLES
                is its family. Without her family,            Chancelvie, the film, is not just a portrait,                                 BROADCASTER                RTBF (COPRODUCTION)       CONFIRMED         33.000€           9,42%
                Chancelvie can only try to rebuild            it’s also a slice of life, an image of a life                                 BROADCASTER                CANVAS (COPRODUCTION)     CONFIRMED         15.000€           4,28%
                a protective circle around herself,           course, a life experience different                                           TAX INCENTIVE              BELGA FILMS FUND          CONFIRMED         40.000€           11,42%
                even if that circle is embodied               from the lives of young Westerners                                            PRODUCER’S                 WAJNBROSSE                CONFIRMED         10.612€           3,03%
                                                                                                                                            CONTRIBUTION               PRODUCTIONS
                by gangs of street children.                  and immersed in the animation
                                                                                                                                            FOUNDATION                 RACHEL & GEORGE ARTHUR    CONFIRMED         25.000€           9,99%
                But they suffer contempt and rejection        of an African metropolis both plagued                                                                    FORREST FOUNDATION
                from outside, the adult world.                by poverty and overflowing with vitality.                                     BROADCASTER                CANAL + INTERNATIONAL     CONFIRMED         20.000€           5,71%
                These children are in permanent danger.                                                                                                                (COPRODUCTION)
                                                                                                                                            CO-PRODUCER’S              EVA PRODUCTION            CONFIRMED         6.000€            1,71%
                The church should offer them                                                                                                CONTRIBUTION (FR)
                a shelter, yet the hundreds of Revival                                                                                      CO-PRODUCER’S              RG & CRÉATIFS             CONFIRMED         5.000€            1,43%
                Churches exploit the credulity, popular                                                                                     CONTRIBUTION (DRC)         ASSOCIÉS
                belief and urban myths that prevail                                                                                         BROADCASTER                BE-ONE (DRC)              CONFIRMED         10.000€           2,86%
                among the local population to blame                                                                                         FOUNDATION                 REEJER                    CONFIRMED         6.450€            1,71%
                children for witchcraft. As a result,                                                                                       PUBLIC FUNDING             CNC                       PROJECTED         19.000€           5,42%
                they are rejected by their family                                                                                           INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT      PROCIREP-ANGOA            PROJECTED         6.200€            1,77%
                and end up in the streets.                                                                                                  PRE-SALES, BROADCASTERS                              PROJECTED         90.000€           25,70%

                These children are attacked daily                                                             WITH THE                      Centre du Cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,
                                                                                                              SUPPORT OF                    Centre Audiovisuel de Bruxelles, Belga Films Fund Tax Shelter
                by other street children
                or police officers.                                                                           STATE                         Production
                The physical and psychological                                                                PREVIOUSLY
                violence undergone by Chancelvie                                                              PITCHED AT...
12                                                          13
INTERNATIONAL                                               INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                     PITCHES

CITIZEN                                                     SYNOPSIS        In 1966 protests against the war             Consequently, the hearings
                                               CLARA                        in Vietnam have gathered momentum            of the Russell-Sartre tribunal are held

                                                                            in the US and Europe. The Nobel prize        in Stockholm in Sweden and Roskilde
                                              AUTHORS                       winner for literature and tireless           in Denmark. The jury must weigh
                                              CLARA                         militant pacifist Bertrand Russell           the numerous testimonials
ONE-OFF                                          OTT                        contacts the French philosopher              and documents and qualify the facts
FRANCE                                          ERIC                        Jean‑Paul Sartre and proposes                in legal terms. Is the war in Vietnam
52 MIN                                       PRUNIER                        the creation of an international             a premeditated crime?
                                         PRODUCTION                         tribunal to judge the US army                Has the American government
                                               ANNE                         and government for war crimes.               authorized the bombing of civilian
LOGLINE                                      MOUTOT                         Composed of intellectuals                    targets and the use of weapons
                                              Calisto                       and personalities from all over the world,   forbidden by the rules of war?
IN 1967 TWO PHILOSOPHERS,                productions,
                                                                            the mission of the citizen tribunal,         As the hearings unfold, the public
BERTRAND RUSSELL IN BRITAIN                   France
                                                                            a tribunal of conscience, is to enlighten    is astounded by reports from
AND JEAN-PAUL SARTRE IN FRANCE,                 amoutot@
                                  calisto-productions.com                   public opinion and judge crimes              the commissions sent to Vietnam,
CREATE THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL            +33 662 866 842
                                  calisto-productions.com                   in accordance with international law.        but also by the photos and film footage
CITIZEN TRIBUNAL OF CONSCIENCE                                              From the opening of its constituent          and the lengthy depositions made
                                                                            assembly in London, the tribunal             by Vietnamese victims, by traumatized
                                     December 2020
IN VIETNAM.                                                                 meets with the opposition of European        GIs, the detailed presentations
                                                                            leaders who consider this alternative        by weapons experts, doctors,
                                                                            judicial procedure as a source               legal experts and historians
                                                                            of diplomatic problems. Preoccupied          from all over the world.
                                                                            by the potential impact of the initiative,   The notions of “war crimes”
                                                                            the American government organizes            and “crimes against humanity”
                                                                            a media propaganda campaign                  are evoked before the tribunal.
                                                                            to discredit it and puts the members         Inspired by principles inherited
                                                                            of the jury under CIA surveillance.          from the Nuremberg tribunal
                                                                            The sessions, initially organized            and post-war conventions,
                                                                            to take place in Paris, are prohibited       this unprecedented citizen tribunal
                                                                            by the French President, General             conducts a symbolic but carefully
                                                                            de Gaulle and the British Prime Minister,    argued trial and reaches a verdict.
                                                                            Harold Wilson.
                                                                                                                         It is an unprecedented historical
                                                                                                                         event in which the people voice
                                                                                                                         their aspiration for universal justice.
14                                                                                                       15
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                            INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                  PITCHES

                                                              and the role it played in building
                                                              an international state of law which
                                                                                                         BIOGRAPHY             Clara Ott graduates from IDHEC-FEMIS                   Her film, Children for sale, stories from
DESCRIPTION     By telling the eventful story                 would prevent the “crime of silence”
                                                                                                         CLARA OTT
                                                                                                                               as director and film editor in 1985.
                                                                                                                               She is the laureate of the Académie de France
                                                                                                                                                                                      Albania (France 5, 2004), won the prize
                                                                                                                                                                                      of best documentary for Children’s Rights
                of the Russell-Sartre Tribunal                from being perpetrated and ensure                                in Rome at the Villa Medicis, section cinéma (1985.)   in the International Festival for Human Rights
                for the first time, the film investigates     that crimes against humanity would                               She devotes herself to the editing and direction       (FIFDH) in Paris. Nicaragua, a confiscated
                the work of this citizen initiative           not go unpunished in future.                                     of documentary films for international NGOs            revolution (ARTE, ORF, 2013) won The Journalist’s
                and its impact on the war in Vietnam.         A principle that urgently needed                                 for French and foreign channels.                       award IJBA at the international Festival
                                                              to be defended in 1967 as it still                               Most of her films directly or indirectly explore       of History films at Pessac.
                It also provides an account
                                                                                                                               questions concerning Human rights                      In her filmography, can also be noted,
                of the dynamic links between                  does today.                                                      either in today’s world or in history.                 The long Road (France 3, 2014), Vagabond
                the court and the anti-war movement                                                                                                                                   Angels (Canal + International, 2017) and
                of the late 1960s and the role it played      AN INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                        The Giacometti Affair (France 5, RTS, Rai, 2019).
                in promoting universal justice.               PROJECT
                As a whistleblower, the tribunal sets         This documentary recounts                  BIOGRAPHY             After 7 years of collaboration                         In 2012 she becomes General Secretary
                a precedent by denouncing the most                                                       ANNE MOUTOT           with Jean‑Michel Carré and Jill Emery                  of the Association Science & Television
                                                              a significant event in world history       PRODUCER              at Les Films Grain de sable, Anne Moutot creates       in charge of the scientific film festival Pariscience.
                blatant crimes of the American                which still has great resonance today.     CALISTO PRODUCTIONS
                                                                                                                               the company Calisto Productions in 2008.               She later joins the production company,
                military intervention and the repeated        It is intended for channels with history                         She develops and produces documentary films            French Connection Films, where amongst
                lies of its political leaders long            and international social affairs slots.                          for French and Foreign television channels.            others she produces: The Giacometti
                before these were confirmed                   The film will rely on the participation                          Her fields of predilection are history, culture,       Affair by Clara Ott (France 5, RTS, Rai).
                and recognized internationally.               of witnesses, historians and experts                             science and society. She notably produces:             Since 2019 she has reassumed her activity
                                                                                                                               The Scar – Along the former Iron Curtain by            as producer for Calisto Productions.
                                                              from countries such as the United
                The film, through the trial archives,                                                                          Dominique Maestrali (LCP-AN, Ria Storia, Viasat),      Citizen Tribunal is the 4th film directed
                                                              Kingdom, France, the United States,                              Moustaki as Ulysses by Rémi Lainé (France 5,           by Clara Ott and produced by Anne Moutot.
                filmed in black and white 16mm film,          Switzerland, Belgium, and Vietnam.                               AVRO) and Nicaragua, a confiscated                     It is also their 7th collaboration,
                will immerse the audience                     It will be based on extensive archive                            revolution by Clara Ott (ARTE, ORF).                   with the same vision and editorial exigency.
                in a dramatic atmosphere reminiscent          materials which will provide a vivid
                of a film noir of the 1960s.                  portrayal of the events and make it
                We will follow the work of                    possible to re-enact scenes from
                the prestigious jury composed                 the Russell-Sartre Tribunal proceedings.
                of fifteen highly politically engaged         We will use photographs and film
                personalities of the period such as           footage from several archive funds
                the French writers Jean-Paul Sartre           in Europe, and notably some remarkable
                and Simone de Beauvoir; the great             images from a Swedish film archive
                Italian politician and founder                that were shot during the first court
                of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal,           session in Stockholm. The materials
                Lelio Basso, and David Dellinger,             will also include footage from             PROJECTED
                                                                                                         BUDGET                188.000€
                one of the most influential nonviolent        the United States that have fallen
                peace activists in the United States.         into the public domain.
                The film footage and photos brought           These archives will clearly illustrate     SALES AGENT
                back by the members                           how the investigations and court           CONFIRMED
                of the commissions of inquiry                                                            BROADCASTER
                                                              proceedings were conducted
                in the field which were shown during          with rigor and will show
                                                                                                         FINANCING             TYPE                        NAME                       STATUS             AMOUNT              % OF TOTAL
                                                                                                         SOURCES               OF FINANCING                OF PARTNER                                    IN €                BUDGET
                the hearing will provide vivid                the remarkable work done                                         PRODUCER                    CALISTO                    CONFIRMED          20.000€             10,64%
                depictions of the effects of the war          in documenting these events                                                                  PRODUCTIONS
                on the civilian population.                   thus providing a vivid and accurate                              PUBLIC FUNDING              RÉGION GRAND EST           CONFIRMED          10.000€             5,32%
                Key witnesses who took part                   historical perspective on the war.                               PUBLIC FUNDING              CNC                        PROJECTED          24.000€             12,77%
                in the courtroom proceedings will                                                                                                          PRODUCTION
                tell us what they felt. The British writer,   To produce this documentary,                                     PUBLIC FUNDING              RÉGION GRAND EST           PROJECTED          15.000€             47,87%
                Tariq Ali, who was the court reporter;        we are seeking co-production
                the French lawyer, Gisèle Halimi,             partners, especially in Sweden.
                                                                                                                               BROADCASTER                 ARTE                       PENDING            90.000€             2,66%
                member of the commissions of inquiry;         We are looking for the involvement
                                                                                                                               BROADCASTER                 FRENCH
                                                                                                                                                                                      PENDING            5.000€              7,98%

                American activists who were on the jury       of producers and broadcasters                                    CO-PRODUCER                 INTERNATIONAL              PROJECTED          24.000€             12,77%
                and associated with peace movements           at several levels: editorial, technical                          AND PRE-SALE
                at the time; and Vietnamese                   and financial. In France, the project      WITH THE
                                                                                                                               Région Grand-Est
                                                                                                         SUPPORT OF
                civilians who testified at the hearings.      is supported by the Région Grand Est,      ADVANCEMENT
                Experts in international law                  and we are waiting for confirmation        STATE                 Development
                and historians will analyze the impact        from one or more French broadcasters.      PREVIOUSLY
                of this first citizen tribunal on the war                                                PITCHED AT...
16                                                    17
INTERNATIONAL                                         INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                               PITCHES

DRAW FOR                                              SYNOPSIS        In Draw For Change! each episode             The Russian Victoria Lomasko makes
                                    LAURA                             initially portrays a female cartoonist       cartoons about how women

                                                                      somewhere in the world.                      are traded for the local sex industry.
                            GHAEMMAGHAMI                              Then, zooming in on one of                   The cartoonists are often women
                                                                      her cartoons, she takes us on a              with a dramatic or unique story,
SERIES                              KAREN
                                  VÁZQUEZ                             journey through her country in search        such as that of the Iranian Firoozeh
BELGIUM                       GUADARAMMA                              of people who experience                     Mozafarri, a successful cartoonist
8 × 52 MIN                         MARIAM                             that cartoon in reality.                     in a country where you can be locked up
                                 ABOU-OUF                             Thus, the drawings come to life.             for the “wrong” drawing.
                                      ARYA                                                                         Cintia Bolia became pregnant
LOGLINE                             ROTHE
                                                                      In order to capture these encounters,        in Mexico at the age of 19.
                                                                      we will use a mixture of classic             Abortion is illegal there.
                                                                      documentary and animated film.               Despite the fact that she was forced
SEEN THROUGH THE EYES                   AUTHORS                       The animation will be based                  to stop her studies, she managed,
AND IN THE DRAWINGS               VINCENT                             on the drawings of the cartoonist.           without any education, to become
                                                                      Each episode will be co-written              an influential cartoonist and raise
                            VANDENBERGHE                              and directed by an established               her son as a single mother.
                                                                      female director who has a direct link
                                   PRODUCTION                         to the subject or country.                   In this series we will meet strong
                                         HANNE                                                                     women who each rebel in their own
                                                                      Through the eyes of female cartoonists       way: they draw because it is unthinkable
                                Clin d’œil films,
                                       Belgium                        the audience gets a unique perspective       for them not to do so. The price
                            hanne@clindoeilfilms.be                   on a number of important issues              they pay for this gives these characters
                                  +32 484 974 442                     that woman face. Cartoonists                 a dramatic tension. They were fired,
                                                                      are good observers; after all,               imprisoned or threatened with death.
                                 DELIVERY DATE                        it is their profession. But that’s not all   But none of them bends
                                 October 2022                         they do: every cartoonist we portray         and they manage, even a little bit,
                                                                      is politically and socially engaged          to change their community.
                                                                      in her own way and tries to bring
                                                                      about change or increase awareness           Draw For Change! is an ambitious,
                                                                      about the problems.                          international project of universal
                                                                                                                   importance. We are convinced
                                                                      Each episode has a specific                  that these female voices from all over
                                                                      subject, depending on the country            the world have the power to reach
                                                                      and the cartoonist we are portraying.        and move a wide audience.
                                                                      In Egypt Dooa El-Adl fights
                                                                      against female genital mutilation
                                                                      with her drawings.
18                                                                                                         19
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                    PITCHES

PROJECT         Why is there no human society
                that has achieved true gender equality?
                                                               We want to tell the stories with a mix
                                                               of documentary and animation.
                                                                                                           BIOGRAPHIES                Vincent Coen and Guillaume Vandenberghe,               After studying Political and Social Sciences,
DESCRIPTION     Why are women who speak out treated            This mixture feeds the narrative
                                                                                                           VINCENT COEN               having developed the concept, will work                Vincent went to the RITCS filmschool.
                                                                                                           GUILLAUME                  as showrunners on this series. Their tasks will        Guillaume studied photography at KASK
                harder than their male counterparts?           in many different ways: the dramatic        VANDENBERGHE               be assuring the coherence of the series                and then cameraman at the INSAS. Their debut
                Why is violence against women                  representation of memories                  AUTHORS                    as a whole, without compromising the artistic          documentary Cinema Inch’Allah! (2012)
                so omnipresent?                                and anecdotes, the integration                                         vision of the individual directors.                    was co-produced by RTBF/ARTE, Canvas,
                                                               of animated figures into documentary                                                                                          2M and SRF. Their second film Nothing
                                                                                                                                      Vincent Coen (1975) and Guillaume
                It is deeply unsettling for us as parents      images to comment on them or to give                                                                                          Is Forgiven (2017) premiered at FIPADOC
                                                                                                                                      Vandenberghe (1978) live and work in Brussels.
                                                                                                                                                                                             and was sold to numerous territories.
                to see our children grow up in a world         them humorous accent, the protection                                   They got to know each other as teenagers
                where they are not treated as equals.          of the identity of the interviewees…                                   in Ghent when they played together in a band.
                Even in the so-called developed world
                this injustice still exists. Just think        Each episode will be directed               BIOGRAPHY                  Hanne Phlypo is a Belgian producer and founder         Samuel In The Clouds (Golden Hugo at Chicago
                of #Metoo or the gender pay gap,               by an internationally recognized local      HANNE PHLYPO               of Clin d’oeil films. The company focuses              Film Fest), A Family Affair (Nominated for
                to name just a few issues. But of course,      female director. She knows the culture,     PRODUCER                   on creative documentaries and author-driven            European Films Awards), Houses With Small
                                                                                                           CLIN D’OEIL FILMS
                our intention for making this series           habits and issues of local women                                       film with a clear preference for films with a social   Windows (Nominated for EFA), Manu (IDFA 2018
                goes beyond our offspring: gender              and will be able to create an authentic                                or political statement by innovative filmmakers.       & SCAM Star Award 2019) and By The Name
                                                                                                                                      Hanne has produced over 20 feature                     Of Tania (selected for Generation 14+ at Berlinale
                equality simply is a basic human right.        and intimate portrait of the cartoonists.
                                                                                                                                      documentaries that have been screened                  2019 and winner of Best International Feature
                                                               Each film will have its own identity                                   and awarded at festivals around the world.             at Raindance). Hanne is an alumna of Eurodoc,
                Another important reason for making            depending on the style of drawing,                                     Among her prior films are Waiting For August           member of Flanders Doc and is tutoring
                this TV series now is the fact that            the subject matter and the director’s                                  (Nominated for EFA, Best International                 at the Belgian Film School INSAS.
                the art of cartooning is increasingly          artistic vision.                                                       Documentary Awards Hot Docs),
                under pressure. Recently the New York
                Times decided to stop publishing               For six episodes the directors have
                cartoon, after one of their cartoons           confirmed their cooperation: Laura Nix      PROJECTED BUDGET           3.008.000€
                featuring Trump and Netanyahu                  (US), known from The Yes Men Are            STILL REQUIRED             2.403.000€
                created a huge controversy. Cartooning         Revolting; Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami           CONFIRMED SALES AGENT
                is a crucial pillar of a free and democratic   (Iran) known from Sonita, for which         CONFIRMED BROADCASTER      VRT / Canvas
                press. If cartooning disappears, press         she won the jury and audience               FINANCING SOURCES          TYPE                        NAME                       STATUS            AMOUNT            % OF TOTAL
                freedom will follow soon.                      award at Sundance; Karen Vázquez                                       OF FINANCING                OF PARTNER                                   IN €              BUDGET
                                                               Guadaramma (Mexico)                                                    PUBLIC FUNDING              FLANDERS AUDIOVISUAL
                                                                                                                                                                  FUND – SCRIPT SUPPORT
                                                                                                                                                                                             CONFIRMED         25.000€           1%
                Our previous film Nothing Is Forgiven          is a Belgian‑Mexican filmmaker                                         PUBLIC FUNDING              FLANDERS                   PENDING           30.000€           1%
                shows how Zineb El Rahzoui,                    and her film When The Bull Cried                                                                   AUDIOVISUAL FUND
                                                                                                                                                                  DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT
                a Moroccan women’s rights activist             was shown at festivals all over                                        PUBLIC FUNDING              FLANDERS AUDIOVISUAL       PROJECTED         445.000€          15%
                and journalist, becomes the most               the world; Mariam Abou-Ouf (Egypt)                                                                 FUND
                                                                                                                                                                  PRODUCTION SUPPORT
                protected woman in France                      who made a short film selected
                                                                                                                                      BROADCASTER                 CANVAS                     CONFIRMED         180.000€          6%
                after the attack on Charlie Hebdo,             for Cannes and also numerous                                                                       PRODUCTION SUPPORT
                the satirical magazine. During                 documentaries; Arya Rothe (India)                                      BROADCASTER                 RTBF                       PROJECTED         50.000€           2%
                                                                                                                                                                  PRODUCTION SUPPORT
                the recordings we got to know many             made A Rifle and A Bag that will                                       PUBLIC FUNDING              CENTRE DU CINÉMA           PROJECTED         60.000€           2%
                impressive women’s rights activists            premiere on IFFR in 2020;                                                                          DE LA FÉDÉRATION
                and cartoonists and the idea                   and Ksenia Okhapkina (Russia)                                                                      PRODUCTION SUPPORT
                for this project came about.                   known for Come Back Free                                               PUBLIC FUNDING              DGCD – PRODUCTION          PROJECTED         118.000€          4%
                                                               (Best medium-length film IDFA)                                                                     SUPPORT TV SERIES
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING              CREATIVE EUROPE            PROJECTED         60.000€           2%
                Liza Donnelly, award-winning cartoonist        and Immortal (Best documentary                                                                     SLATE FUNDING
                for the New Yorker, took up the role           Karlovy Vary, longlist for the Oscars).                                PUBLIC FUNDING              TAXSHELTER BELGIUM         AUTOMATIC         400.000€          13%
                of consultant very early on                                                                                           BROADCASTER FRANCE          TBC                        PROJECTED         300.000€          10%
                and the concept was developed                  With this series we want to deliver                                    PUBLIC FUNDING              CNC                        PROJECTED         150.000€          5%
                in close collaboration with her. She will      an ambitious high-end product                                          PUBLIC FUNDING              AIDE REGIONAL              PROJECTED         50.000€           2%
                continue to accompany the series               that can play a role on the international                              PUBLIC FUNDING              NFF / TELEDOC              PROJECTED         50.000€           2%
                during shooting and post-production.           market in terms of artistic,                                           PUBLIC FUNDING              BROADCASTER THE            PROJECTED         240.000€          8%
                During her 30-year career she built            cinematographic and technical
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING              DUTCH TAX REBATE FUND      PROJECTED         150.000€          5%
                a global network of female cartoonists,        qualities. Not only the choice
                                                                                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING              CREATIVE EUROPE TV         PROJECTED         400.000€          13%
                many of whom became personal                   of talented and committed directors,                                                               PROGRAMMING
                friends. Also Cartooning for Peace,            but also the collaboration with a top                                  PRE-SALE &                  INTERNATIONAL PRE-SALES    LOOKING FOR       300.000€          10%
                                                                                                                                      COPRODUCTIONS               & COPRODUCTIONS
                an organization founded by Kofi Annan          animation studio will contribute to this.
                                                                                                           WITH THE SUPPORT OF        Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Canvas
                and Plantu that supports cartoonists
                who work under difficult conditions,                                                       ADVANCEMENT STATE          Development
                are a partner for this TV series.                                                          PREVIOUSLY PITCHED AT...
20                                                    21
INTERNATIONAL                                         INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                               PITCHES

EXPEDITION                                            SYNOPSIS        Expedition 49 will be a teenage               Valentyn decides to launch
                                       ALISA                          adventure documentary,                        a rehabilitation project helping

                                                                      an observational apprenticeship film:         children who have psychologically
                                        AUTHORS                       the encounter between an aging man            suffered the horrors of war.
                                       ALISA                          who has never given up on                     For his 49th and last expedition
ЕКСПЕДИЦІЯ                        KOVALENKO
49                                                                    his childhood dreams, and five war            to the Himalayas, he will train and bring
                                   STÉPHANE                           trapped teenagers craving for new             with him 5 teenagers from the war
                                     SIOHAN                           horizons. The film will explore the fragile   zone in Eastern Ukraine, offer them
                                                                      and shiny world of adolescence: with          their first eternal snow and bow out
FRANCE                             PRODUCTION
90 MIN                              STÉPHANE                          the war in Eastern Ukraine as a rumbling      in style. The alpinist publishes
                                      SIOHAN                          background, but above all with                a call for teenagers aged 13 to 16.
                               East Roads Films,                      a fantastic expedition to the Himalayas
                               France / Ukraine
LOGLINE                                  stephane@
                                                                      as a horizon, an open door
                                                                      to the outside world.
                                                                                                                    The key word is: “Do you want to climb
                                                                                                                    your first Himalayas?” This message
AGED 73, VALENTYN, UKRAINE’S      +380 50 832 18 51                                                                 spreads like a powder trail… Dozens
GREATEST ALPINIST, PREPARES       DELIVERY DATE                       At the age of 73, Valentyn Scherbatchev       respond with letters, phone messages,
HIS LAST EXPEDITION.                    Mid 2021                      is a living legend of Ukrainian alpinism,     smartphone videos… Five of them
TO LEAVE A LEGACY,                                                    a former football matches TV host             emerge: Lera, Ruslan, Alexander,
                                                                      and a famous sports commentator               Lisa and Andriy, the “Adventurous
                                                                      on the public radio in Kyiv.                  Five”, modern Ukrainian reincarnations
DONBASS TO FIND                                                       He has extreme adventure in his blood:        of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
FIVE YOUNG APPRENTICES.                                               he was parachuted in Antarctica,
DESTINATION: THE HIMALAYAS.                                           sailed on the oceans and climbed              During one year, the old man
                                                                      48 times the Himalayas… Recently,             and the kids will train hard under
                                                                      he’s been working on the creation             the sun or in the snow of Donbass,
                                                                      of a sports television for children.          to prepare for a long journey.
                                                                                                                    In the middle of this process, we will
                                                                      But lately, Valentyn has been feeling         discover each of the characters,
                                                                      disturbed. Born just after WW2,               their story, their family, the situations
                                                                      he’s been profoundly shocked by               in which they struggle, their personal
                                                                      the return of war in Ukraine. And then,       dramas. On the way, they will find
                                                                      he feels that his energy is declining:        themselves and find a new horizon:
                                                                      he will not roam in the mountains             to build a life which is not synonym
                                                                      forever. Valentyn’s mind begins               of being just a war victim.
                                                                      to wander and he draws the outlines
                                                                      of his next expedition. But the last one
                                                                      has to be a first one for someone.
                                                                      How to pass the baton?
22                                                                                                       23
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                            INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                  PITCHES

PROJECT         Eastern Ukraine, 2020. The largest           enrolled by the pro-Russian militias,
                                                                                                         BIOGRAPHY          Alisa Kovalenko (1987) is an Ukrainian director,      at Sheffield Doc/Fest and was selected
                mining and metalworking area                 while her brother is a cadet
DESCRIPTION     in Europe has been devastated                at the Ukrainian army academy.
                                                                                                         ALISA KOVALENKO
                                                                                                                            living in Kyiv. She graduated the Karpenko-Kary
                                                                                                                            University of Cinema of Kyiv and the Andrzej‑Wajda
                                                                                                                                                                                  in 70 festivals, including IDFA Amsterdam 2018,
                                                                                                                                                                                  winning 10 awards. Home Games was nominated
                by a six-years war between Ukraine           They could fight each other.                                   cinema school of Warsaw. After a first                for the best Ukrainian documentary act in 2019
                and Russia, which has taken 13.500           She’s panicked by the situation.                               feature-length documentary, Sister Zo, directed       at the the Ukrainian Film Academy and had
                lives and forced 2 millions of people                                                                       during the last year of university, Alisa directed    its French premiere in the international
                to leave their homes. 3.500 civilians        Ilya, 15 years old, would like to become                       her real debut feature‑documentary Alisa in           competition of FIPADOC 2019 in Biarritz.
                                                                                                                            Warland, about the early period of the war            The same year, Alisa has become a member
                were killed, among them 300 children.        an actor. Ruslan, 16 years old,
                                                                                                                            in Eastern Ukraine, premiered at IDFA Amsterdam       of The European Film Academy (EFA) and
                700 schools have been destroyed              lives in Zolote. From his bedroom,                             in 2015 in the First appearance competition.          she’ll be the head of creative documentary
                by artillery, one in five schools            he can see the explosions. His father,                         Alisa’s second documentary, Home Games,               teaching at the Karpenko-Kary Film School in Kyiv.
                in the region.                               a miner digs coal with a hammer like                           an intimate family drama, had its World Premiere
                                                             a century ago and he wants his son
                “The psychological trauma these kids         to become a miner too. But while            BIOGRAPHY          Stephane Siohan (1978) is a French documentary        Alisa Kovalenko’s award-winning Home Games.
                suffered will forever remain in their        his dad doesn’t receive his salary,         STÉPHANE SIOHAN    producer, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. A senior reporter   East Roads Films also produces creative
                                                                                                         PRODUCER           specialized in foreign affairs, Stephane covers       documentary and television content
                lives”, according to the Unicef.             Ruslan’s making money for the family        EAST ROADS FILMS
                                                                                                                            Ukraine and Eastern Europe for the newspaper          for commissioners such as The Guardian
                In October 2019, the government              commenting Counter Strike
                                                                                                                            Le Figaro, Radio France and televisions such as       Documentary (UK), Current Time TV (USA),
                of Ukraine granted the official status       tournaments online.                                            the Swiss public broadcaster RTS. He has also         Canal+ (France), RTS television (Swiss)
                of “war victim” to 33.000 children                                                                          directed two interactive documentaries:               and advocacy short docs for non-governmental
                who lives on the immediate frontline         Andriy, 16, is the local Elon Musk!                            Gol (2012), selected at the Doclab IDFA 2012          organizations. Stéphane will co-write
                of Donbass. In 2020, Donbass new             From his workshop, he invents                                  in Amsterdam, and Kinshasa FM (2013). In 2016,        and produce Expedition 49, the second
                teens turning 13 will have spent half        and repairs everything. Recently, after                        he has created East Roads Films, a French             full-length doc of East Roads Films.
                of their life in a war zone.                 a bombing cut off power, he provided                           production company supporting author-driven
                                                                                                                            creative documentaries from Ukraine
                                                             electricity for the whole neighborhood!                        and the region. Stephane produced
                What kind of adults does a war rise?         All of them are beautiful dreamers:
                Does one have a chance to heal               With the heroes of “Expedition 49”, we
                his or her wounds and build himself          found the krainian brothers and sisters     PROJECTED
                                                                                                         BUDGET             288.000€
                as an adult. Are they doomed to pain,        of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn!         STILL
                violence and self-identification                                                         REQUIRED           178.000€
                as a victim? This is the question raised     The main narrative conflict that            CONFIRMED
                                                                                                         SALES AGENT
                by this film, with the background            underlies “Expedition 49” is this vital
                of Europe’s single raging war.               force, this will, this incredible ability   CONFIRMED
                                                             of our five teenage protagonists            FINANCING          TYPE                        NAME                      STATUS            AMOUNT            % OF TOTAL
                The war has transformed daily lives          to build a world of adventure, while        SOURCES            OF FINANCING                OF PARTNER                                  IN €              BUDGET
                to a wild wild east, full of guns,           the centrifugal forces of war are locking                      PUBLIC FUNDING              UKRAINIAN STATE           CONFIRMED         100.000€          35%
                                                                                                                                                        FILM AGENCY
                landmines and shell shrapnels.               them within four walls and confining
                                                                                                                            OWN INVESTMENT              OWN INVESTMENT            CONFIRMED         10.000€           3,5%
                They discovered death and pain way           them in a deadly narrow environment.                           PRIVATE FOUNDATION          SUNDANCE INSTITUTE A&E    PENDING           20.000€           7%
                too early. What strikes at most: here                                                                                                   BRAVE STORYTELLER AWARD
                kids are different. They’re not afraid       The war locks up children, while                               PRIVATE FUNDING             HOTDOCS CROSS CURRENTS    PENDING           17.000€           6%
                                                                                                                                                        DOC FUND
                about the same things. They don’t            they want to open up very wide                                 PRIVATE FUNDING             IDFA BERTHA FUND          PENDING           17.500€           6%
                move an inch when a bomb falls,              the windows of life. Preteens have                                                         CLASSIC (PRODUCTION)
                but they’re terrified of the unknown,        this need for transgression. To get                            PRIVATE FUNDING             CATAPULT FILM FUND        PENDING           15.000€           5%
                the outside world.                           out of the family cocoon, to see                               PUBLIC FUNDING              CNC – AIDE AU          PENDING              AMOUNT NOT
                                                                                                                                                        DÉVELOPPEMENT RENFORCÉ                      SPECIFIED
                                                             if the grass is greener somewhere,                             PRIVATE FOUNDATION          FORD FOUNDATION        PENDING              16.300€           5,5%
                Our heroes live in small dusty cities,       to confront the unknown. What                                                              JUSTFILMS INQUIRY
                in the region of Luhansk, Ukrainian          is adventure? It is freedom: freedom                           PRIVATE FOUNDATION          CINEREACH              PENDING              AMOUNT NOT
                side of the frontline. Lera, 14 years old,   of movement and the freedom                                    PRIVATE FUNDING             IDFA BERTHA FUND – EUROPE PROJECTED         40.000€           14%
                is a refugee from Luhansk. Now               to choose one’s own destiny.                                   PUBLIC FUNDING              SORFOND NORWAY            PROJECTED         30.000€           10,5%
                she lives in the little frontline town                                                                      PUBLIC FUNDING              DOHA FILM INSTITUTE       PROJECTED         AMOUNT NOT
                of Stanytsia Luhanska, in a foster           Our heroes are being deprived of                                                                                                       SPECIFIED
                home settled in a former library             that possibility. Suddenly, a deus ex                          PRIVATE FUNDING             JIHLAVA FILM FUND                           AMOUNT NOT
                with her seven siblings. She dreams          machina appears: an old man                                    BROADCASTERS                                                            AMOUNT NOT
                of becoming a photographer.                  who proposes them to reach their inner                                                                                                 SPECIFIED
                                                             Everest and maybe find what they really     WITH THE
                                                                                                                            Ukrainian State Film Agency
                                                                                                         SUPPORT OF
                Lisa, 15, also lives in Stanytsia.           want from their lives: social determinism
                In the future, Lisa would like to create     or freedom! The very conflict line which    STATE              Advanced development / Pre-production
                animated films. Her boyfriend lives          is crossing Ukraine as a society after      PREVIOUSLY
                on the separatist side and might get         six years of revolution and changes…        PITCHED AT...
24                                                     25
INTERNATIONAL                                          INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                PITCHES

FATNA,                                                 SYNOPSIS        In the National Archives of the Kingdom    on her ideas in a profoundly shifting
                                        HÉLÈNE                         of Morocco, a huge project is beginning:   society that is still under close

                                                                       a meticulous inventory of the files        surveillance. Only the rare moments
                                          AUTHOR                       of thousands of recognized victims         she spends singing with her friends

NAMED RACHID                            HÉLÈNE
                                                                       of human rights violations during
                                                                       the “years of lead”. Among these files
                                                                       is that of a former missing person
                                                                                                                  in the choir, or talking on the phone
                                                                                                                  with her two daughters living abroad,
                                                                                                                  allow her to relax.
FATNA UNE FEMME                     PRODUCTION
NOMMÉE RACHID                             ILHAM                        and political prisoner, Fatna El Bouih.    As she travels around, Fatna shares
                                          RAOUF                        Driving all over the labyrinthine city     with us the intimate and sensitive story
FEATURE LENGTH                      ABEL AFLAM,                        of Casablanca, Fatna keeps dreaming        of a life punctuated by the great events
                                          Maroc                        of change after years of rebuilding.       of our time, from country girl born
ONE-OFF                                       ilham@                   Today, with her NGO Relais-Prison-         in the year of Moroccan independence
MOROCCO                               abelaflam.com
                                   +212 661 46 06 80                   Société, she is fighting to organize       to revolutionary schoolgirl in 1970s
FRANCE                             +212 661 46 06 99
                                                                       a film festival in the impenetrable        Casablanca; from underground activist
80 MIN                                abelaflam.com
                                                                       Oukacha prison.                            to former missing person. Today,
                                                                       Despite the many obstacles                 we see the strength and resilience
                                                                       the Moroccan authorities                   of a woman whose whole life
LOGLINE                                   LABÉ
                                       WENDIGO                         are putting in the way of her project,     is dedicated to the traditionally
FORMER POLITICAL PRISONER,               FILMS,                        Fatna has not given up her other           male arena of political activism.
                                         France                        commitments: helping the                   Through Fatna El Bouih’s story,
FATNA EL BOUIH IS KEEPING UP               nadege@
                                                                       reintegration of former prisoners,         the film tells us how women must
HER FIGHT IN MOROCCO DESPITE       wendigofilms.com
                                     +33 148 304 961                   taking a keen interest in the schooling    transgress if they are to enter history,
THE OBSTACLES. SHE DREAMS           +33 623 910 090
                                                                       of little girls, and sharing her own       questions the constant risk
OF OPENING THE IMPENETRABLE        wendigofilms.com
                                                                       story with newly released young            of their erasure from the collective
                                                                       Syrian political prisoners.                memory, and highlights the great
THROUGH A FILM FESTIVAL.                      2021
                                                                       Every day, Fatna struggles humbly          changes of our time.
                                                                       and discreetly to exist and pass
26                                                                                                        27
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                             INTERNATIONAL
PITCHES                                                                                                   PITCHES

PROJECT         On reading her file for recognition
                as victim of human rights violations
                                                            anywhere else. All the rest is nonsense.
                                                            It’s not natural.” How did a little girl
                                                                                                          BIOGRAPHY                  Her philosophy studies at École Normale              Casamantes supported by CNC’s
DESCRIPTION     during the “years of lead”,                 from the poor Moroccan countryside,
                                                                                                          HÉLÈNE HARDER
                                                                                                                                     Supérieure (Paris) disrupted by a serious
                                                                                                                                     accident, Hélène Harder turns to cinema.
                                                                                                                                                                                          New Media fund.
                                                                                                                                                                                          She is more recently introduced by film
                Fatna El Bouih, a feminist activist         raised to lower her eyes, dare to get                                    After training at UC Berkeley Film & Media           producer Jean David Lefebvre to Moroccan
                of the Moroccan left, describes             involved into politics? This film tells us.                              School, she works as director’s assistant            former political prisoner Fatna El Bouih
                her frustration at seeing her past          In a nod to the clandestine political                                    in New York and Paris and directs her first          and decides to make about her a second
                as a political prisoner summarized          activities of her youth, the film plays                                  feature documentary Ladies’ Turn in Senegal          feature documentary Fatna, a woman named
                in a one-page administrative form.          with and subtly subverts the codes                                       in 2012 (65’) produced by Wendigo Films.             Rachid. She gets a writing residency
                                                                                                                                     Selected at festivals in 15 countries and awarded    at Groupe Ouest for this project produced
                This film attempts to tell us what          of the spy movie genre. Here, the hero                                   four times, the film is broadcast on ARTE,           by Abel Aflam and Wendigo Films.
                the form can’t reveal by portraying         is a woman, transgressing all the roles                                  TV5 Monde and US public broadcaster PBS.             She works regularly as a filmmaker
                a Moroccan activist whose story             imposed on her gender by the society                                     Since 2013, she works between France                 and photographer with dance
                resonates with the contemporary             she lives in. The cinematography                                         and Morocco with theatre director Karima             and heatre companies, contemporary
                history of an entire generation well        and the sound design will suggest                                        El Kharraze on the transmedia project                artists and independent media.
                beyond Morocco’s borders. But how           an ever-present underlying threat.
                to tell a story that left behind            Fatna is presented little by little,          BIOGRAPHIES                After completing her studies in English Literature   Passionate by creative documentaries,
                                                                                                          ILHAM RAOUF                and Linguistics at Hassan II University              Nadège develops international co-productions
                no marks? As I delved into for Fatna’s      in a fragmented way, often emerging           PRODUCER                   in Casablanca, Ilham Raouf started working           (Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Morocco, Switzerland)
                past, it was her present activism           from or disappearing behind closed            ABEL AFLAM
                                                                                                                                     in Moroccan production companies                     to make possible independant and innovative
                that really caught my attention:            doors, echoing her transgressions             NADÈGE LABÉ                as production coordinator. She worked on             cinema, carried by a young generation of directors.
                campaigning on multiple fronts, driving     of the endless limits imposed on her.         PRODUCER                   TV series such as Game of Thrones, Homeland,         Since 2011, she has produced a dozen films,
                                                                                                          WENDIGO FILMS
                around Casablanca, and often traveling      Through the film, Fatna: A Woman                                         Tyrant and Bureau des Légendes and on feature        including De que vuelan, vuelan, winner of
                outside of Morocco (Lebanon, Spain,         Named Rachid, I question the position                                    films such as Paris by Cédric Klapisch,              an “Etoiles de la Scam” in 2014; The third shore
                                                                                                                                     A view of Love by Nicole Garcia,                     by Fabian Remy, coproduced with TremChic
                Turkey, United States, Germany, etc.),      and role of women in political action,
                                                                                                                                     Of Gods and Men by Xavier Beauvois                   (Brazil), selected in international festivals
                she has the beauty of an Egyptian           the lack of recognition                                                  and Queen of the Desert by Werner Herzog.            including Dok Leipzig, Forum Doc, Traces de vie
                movie star and, at over 60 years of age,    they face and the constant risk                                          Since 2014, Ilham Raouf joined Abel Aflam            (Best first film), It’s all true (Best Brazilian Film)
                her energy remains undiminished.            of their disappearance                                                   Company. She accompanies fiction                     and broadcasted on Tënk. This year, she finalizes
                I knew then that I wanted to make           from the collective memory.                                              and documentary directors in their creative          three films, co-produced with France 3,
                a movie firmly rooted in the present,                                                                                process, as an executive producer on                 Public Sénat and viàVosges and follows
                in which the past shines through like                                                                                Burn Country by Ian Old and Wakhan Front             the post-production of the feature lenght
                                                                                                                                     by Clément Cogitore. As producer she develops        documentary, Mother Lode, co-produced
                a light or tone in which all the facets                                                                              documentaries that reflect the social, political     with Italy and Switzerland, supported, among
                of Fatna’s personality are refracted.                                                                                and cultural situation in Morocco like Mothers       others, by the CNC-Innovation and the Aide
                Throughout the film, we follow Fatna’s                                                                               by Myriam Bakir, Unbeloved by Amina Harar            aux Cinémas du Monde. This film has just
                struggle to organize a film festival                                                                                 and Mark Lautal, The Secret Garden of Tsunami        received the Eurimages award during
                in one of the most impenetrable                                                                                      by Anas Oueld Mhamed and now Fatna                   the Work in Progress of Thessaloniki Festival.
                and remote places in Morocco,                                                                                        a woman named Rachid with Hélène Harder.
                the huge Oukacha prison in Casablanca.
                At the wheel of her car, she takes us                                                     PROJECTED BUDGET           275.833€
                through the labyrinthine streets                                                          STILL REQUIRED             238.271€
                of the city, the main theatre                                                             CONFIRMED SALES AGENT      TBC
                of her various militant operations,                                                       CONFIRMED BROADCASTER      TBC
                which are revealed as the film
                                                                                                          FINANCING SOURCES          TYPE                       NAME                      STATUS             AMOUNT              % OF TOTAL
                progresses. During her various rides,                                                                                OF FINANCING               OF PARTNER                                   IN €                BUDGET
                we will hear Fatna’s inner voice reliving                                                                            PRODUCER’S INVESTMENT      ABEL AFLAM                CONFIRMED          16.500€             6%
                the major events of her life journey                                                                                 PRE-SALE                   MOROCCAN BROADCASTER      PROJECTED          15.000€             5,4%
                as if they were happening in front
                                                                                                                                     PUBLIC FUNDING             CCM                       PROJECTED          75.000€             27,2%
                of us, creating disturbing present-past
                                                                                                                                     PRODUCER’S INVESTMENT      WENDIGO FILMS             CONFIRMED          15.522€             6,5%
                continuity effects. We will learn
                that Fatna not only paid dearly                                                                                      PRE-SALE                   FRENCH BROADCASTER        PROJECTED          40.000€             14,5%

                for her commitment to revolutionary                                                                                  PUBLIC FUNDING             CNC                       PROJECTED          40.000€             14,5%
                Marxism, but was also punished                                                                                       PUBLIC FUNDING             RÉGION IDF                PROJECTED          12.500€             4,5%
                for getting involved in the male                                                                                     PRIVATE FUNDING            PROCIREP ANGOA –          CONFIRMED          5.590€              2%
                territory of political activism.                                                                                                                DEVELOPMENT

                As she recounts in her book Une femme                                                                                PRIVATE FUNDING            PROCIREP ANGOA –          PROJECTED          10.500€             3,8%
                nommée Rachid, her torturers intended
                                                                                                                                     FOUNDATION                 DOHA FILM INSTITUTE       PROJECTED          45.271€             16,4%
                to restore the gender order: “For us,
                                                                                                          WITH THE SUPPORT OF        Procirep – société des producteurs et Angoa (development)
                you are a man, we treat you as such.
                (…) Women should stay at home                                                             ADVANCEMENT STATE          Development
                to raise the kids. They shouldn’t be                                                      PREVIOUSLY PITCHED AT...   Sitges – October 2019
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