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      16th Edition - June 2021


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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide

    06           President’s
                 Message                    08            PMI adelaide
                                                          Event updates

    14           Understanding
                 the current
                                           16              Has your project
                                                           been vaccinated?

    18            Choose Your Wo W!
                                            20             Certifications
                                                           for every stage
                                                           of your career

    22            Mentor feedback
                                            24             PMI adelaide

    28            Industry
                  Engagement                30             PMI Adelaide
                                                           Volunteer’s Voice

    On this issue’s cover:
    The retail, residential development planned for old Le Cornu site
    Expected to be open: 2025
    Estimated Cost $250 M
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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
F  irst half of 2021 is gone            as members’ expectations
                          quickly but I’d like to use this as   • Extended the existing
                          an opportunity to reflect our           Partnership and sponsorship
                          achievements in the past 6 months.      with major organisations for
                                                                  another 2 years
                          Together we have:

                          • Held +10 networking and
                                                                With over 300 members and a
                            professional development events
                                                                diverse range of professional
                          • Launched revamped mentoring
                                                                development opportunities, our
    President’s Message     program
                                                                chapter has become stronger than
                          • Put more emphasis on active
                                                                ever. This could not be achieved
    HALF YEARLY REVIEW      and effective communication
                            with our members and wider
                                                                without our passionate and
                                                                dedicated group of volunteers and
                            community of SA
                                                                supportive members.
                          • Developed Chapter’s Strategy
                            Roadmap to better serve our
                            community based on the existing     Kamyar Kavousi
                            and future market needs as well     President, PMI SA Chapter

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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
Project Manager or Project leader Which one are you?
                         Events portfolio has been very busy in the past three months;

                         April 21 - Rex Buckingham, Director of Leadership thinking Academy.

                         Rex proposed some tools for Project Manager to use to be better
                         Project leaders.

                         Beer and Brains
                         A quarterly networking event PMI Adelaide chapter at The Astor Hotel
                         for Project Managers in Adelaide to get together with their peers, share
                         ideas and meet new people.

                         May 21 - SA Water PMI Adelaide Chapter Partner Mike Gibbons and Peter
                         Seltsikas presented their new procurement and delivery strategy for SA
                         Water’s 2021 Capital Program.

                         June 21 - Gina Brooks from Training x Design showed us how Emotional
                         Agility helps us navigate our constantly changing environment to
                         adapt quickly, build our resilience, and improve our Project Manager

                         In the next three months, PMI Adelaide Chapter is launching more events.
                         These events will be hybrid events delivered at venues and online.

                         Tickets are limited and are available on the following links. Book your

                         Our next exclusive networking event will be on Monday 6/9/2021 at The

                         Astor Hotel, 437 Pulteney Street,from 5.30pm to 7.30pm


    AnnMarie Colangelo
    Director of Events

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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                 More recently he has held national      This has included improvement
                                                                                    capability roles specialising in        initiatives to develop risk
                                                                                    Project / Program delivery, and         intelligence capability and
    Deliver real project value             About the speakers                       has consulted in technology and         performance measures,
    for your clients in your                                                        strategy implementation to large        particularly in relation to customer
    projects                                                                        and small businesses in the private     outcomes achieved through
                                                                                    and government sectors here in SA       meeting investment milestones
    Organisations are realising Delivery
                                                                                    as well as interstate.                  agreed by key stakeholders.
    Success is not driven just by time,
    cost, and quality constraints. We                                               Paul has delivered a wide range         Allan is currently the Innovation
    explore “supersizing” delivery by                                               of benefits management and              Manager, Capital Delivery for KBR
    focusing on benefits.                                                           realisation engagements, most           at SA Water. Working with senior
                                                                                    recently for the Commonwealth           management, he is leading the
    As project managers we are
                                                                                    Department of Finance.                  ambitious transformation program
    often challenged by clients to find    Paul MacDonald                                                                   “Delivering Capital Together”
    added value for stakeholders in        Principal Consultant,                                                            which aims to be recognised as
    our projects. Delivery of tangible,    Management Consulting                                                            leaders in the efficient and safe
    physical changes are historically      Services.                                                                        delivery of capital for customer
    well documented using traditional
                                                                                                                            and community benefit. Other
    project management approaches          Paul has 30+ years’ experience
                                                                                                                            career achievements Allan
    - by meeting agreed milestones         working in local and international
                                                                                                                            provided specialist advisory
    dates within budget and quality        business environments. He has
                                                                                                                            services to the newly formed Irish
    constraints.                           a history of leadership roles in
                                                                                                                            Water and was instrumental in
                                           industries including Defence,
    In this session we will share                                                                                           supporting the development of
                                           Manufacturing (both electronics          Allan MacMaster
    experiences from delivering                                                                                             their Operating Framework.
                                           and heavy engineering),                   International Regional Manager
    projects in asset intensive            Construction, Utilities, and             (Australia), Scottish Water             Allan is an expert in asset data
    industries and explain techniques      Management Consulting.                   Horizons.                               management and is highly sought
    to help you find stakeholder value
                                                                                                                            after by UK and international
    beyond the triple constraint.          He is a SME in Benefits                  Allan has 28 years of international
                                                                                                                            utility companies for his
                                           Management and Realisation and           utilities experience and is
    You will learn key principles of                                                                                        experience in implementing leading
                                           also has significant experience in       an industry expert in asset
    benefits definition, management,                                                                                        edge technology at Scottish
                                           Business Strategy development and        management, information systems
    and realisation which together give                                                                                     Water. Allan was responsible
                                           implementation, Risk Analysis, Digital   and business transformation
    you the advantage with clients                                                                                          for the management of the
                                           Transformation, and Organisational       programs. For the past five years,
    in explaining how to maximise                                                                                           master datasets for water and
                                           Change Management.                       Allan has been providing specialist
    stakeholder value for every project.                                                                                    waste water assets, providing
                                                                                    advisory services to Water Industry
                                           After achieving his MBA at                                                       governance and quality assurance
    • Magnificent 7 (principles)                                                    clients across Australia with a focus
                                           Stanford University, USA, he                                                     for the sole source of information
                                                                                    on efficiency and effectiveness
    • Benefits Management                  worked for 10 years in a range of                                                in Scottish Water for static asset
                                                                                    across capital program
      Architecture                         industries including New York (Wall                                              data. This data is now at the
                                                                                    development, organisational design,
                                           Street), the Mid-West (Chicago) and                                              heart of Scottish Water’s digital
    • Benefits logic mapping                                                        and systems & processes.
                                           Silicon Valley, (California).                                                    intelligence.
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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
What are Modern                        the areas of Strategic Management,
     Methods of                             Procurement, Design Documentation
     Construction(MMC) &                    Management, Project Team
     how is it project managed              Engagement & Motivation,
     in today’s construction                Programming and Scheduling, ESD
     market compared to                     Implementation, and the ability to
     traditional construction               reinforce these areas through his
                                            strong Leadershipcapabilities.
     In this sessions Daniel Rosato and
     Simon Mcarthy from Sensum will         He has also been involved in projects
     run through the MMC project            ranging from commercial, retail,
     management techniques :-               residential, industrial and land
                                            developments. Daniel has also had
     • An introduction to Sensum            significant experience working          retail, health, educational,            according to a limited catalogue of
     • What is Modern Methods of            in the Aged Care & Retirement           residential and industrial projects.    proprietary arrangements, Simon
       Construction (MMC)                   Living sector, having worked as         Simon is a Chartered Professional       draws on his wide variety of skills
                                            Group Manager of Capital Works          Structural Engineer (Aust.) and         in consulting engineering to build
     • Why MMC and what are the
                                            for Southern Cross Care for over        Registered Building Practitioner        structures that others cannot
       benefits / efficiencies
                                            8 years before joining Sensum in        (Vic.) and works closely with
     • How is MMC Project Managed                                                   architects, developers and builders
                                                                                                                            Other lined up Events:
                                            2020. Daniel has also successfully
       in comparison to traditional         completed the Diploma in Project        to help achieve efficient, practical    1. Industry Breakfast
       projects                             Management and a Master of              and successful solutions by utilising
                                                                                                                            2. Conflict Resolution
                                            Business Administration (MBA), both     his experience to develop sound
                                                                                    and efficient structural designs.       3. Adelaide Connected 5.0
                                            completed at the University of South
     About the speakers                     Australia.                              Simon works to predict and solve        4. Christmas Event
                                                                                    as many structural issues at the
                                                                                                                            We are in the process of planning
                                                                                    start of a project as possible and
                                                                                                                            our events for next year. If you are
                                                                                    during the design phase, so as
                                                                                                                            a speaker and would like to speak
                                                                                    to minimise any potential delays
                                                                                                                            at the PMI Adelaide Chapter event
                                                                                    or changes to design during
                                                                                                                            next year, please contact Events
                                                                                                                            Director AnnMarie Colangelo at
                                                                                    This is especially relevant in the
                                                                                    design of modular and pre-
                                                                                                                            For more information on upcoming
                                                                                    fabricated structures where the
                                                                                                                            events, visit
                                            Simon McCarthy                          benefits of off-site fabrication
     Daniel Rosato
                                                                                    were created to deliver time and        A special thanks to our Partners
     Daniel is the Managing Director of     Short Bio Simon is Principal            cost savings in the construction        and sponsors- SA Water,
     Sensum in South Australia. Daniel      Structural Engineer with Sensum         phase. Simon has significant            SENSUM, Paxus, PMOAus, BDO,
     has had over 20 years’ experience      in Victoria. Simon has over 20          knowledge in designing modular          SCOPETRAINING, and mfy.
     in the construction industry. He has   years of experience in the building     structures whilst being sensitive to
     gained a wide range of experience in   industry, specialising in the           architectural features. While most
11                                          structural design of commercial,        modular projects are designed                                                  12
PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
2021 has seen businesses find their     culture that previously never
                              feet and hit the ground running         existed, with candidates now
                              after a turbulent year navigating       having the luxury to select their
                              the global pandemic.                    employer. Even with all boxes
                                                                      ticked, candidates are becoming
                              Job vacancies are now surging,
                                                                      more reluctant to sign a contract,
                              and the growing demand for talent
                                                                      and we’re regularly experiencing
                              highlights as a nation, we’re ready
                                                                      counter offers. We’re not selling
                              to leave a phase of survival and
                                                                      the candidate to the organisation;
                              launch into a phase of growth. The
                                                                      we’re selling the organisation to the
                              recent federal budget indicates
                              that Australia’s on track to drive
                              unemployment below 5 per cent by        It’s certainly an interesting time
                              the end of 2022. More people are        for recruitment. Employers will
                              in work than ever before, and there     need to revisit whether they’re
                              is a resounding sense of optimism       offering enough security, training,
                              in the air.                             and compensation to attract and
                                                                      retain the right workers. It’s also
                              With that being said, we’re
                                                                      vital for businesses to assess
                              currently witnessing a significant
                                                                      employee wellbeing and take
                              disconnect between what
                                                                      additional measures to retain
                              employers want, and what
                                                                      their top talent in what is a strong
                              potential candidates want. Whilst
                                                                      candidate market.
                              the number of Seek ads were at
                              a 23-year record high in April, the
                              number of job applications were at
                              a 9-year low.

                              We discussed the Adelaide market
                              with Lesley Gardner, SA Paxus

                              State Manager.

                              “The Adelaide team are

     CURRENT MARKET           experiencing very high job demand.
                              While that is great for the business,
                              we’re facing a great challenge
                              finding candidates to fill these
                              vacancies.” Lesley explains.
     Lesley Gardner
                              “Candidates currently have control
     SA Paxus State Manager   over their salary and conditions.
                              We’re also seeing an emphasis
                              on the importance of brand and
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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
The old adage of “make plan,            corporations are now selecting
                             expect plan to change” is now           online as their learning preference.
                             more relevant than ever. However,
                                                                     The same can work for you.
                             what I’m finding across industries is
                                                                     Regardless of the nature of your
                             that when in times of uncertainty,
                                                                     project or industry, making backup
                             increased planning takes a
                                                                     plans is more critical than ever. This
                             back seat as failure now has a
                                                                     doesn’t need to be complicated;
                             convenient scapegoat.
                                                                     let’s say you’ve booked a face-to-
                             The phrase “sorry, because of           face meeting with an interstate
                             COVID” seems to cover all matters       client in two weeks’ time. What
                             of sin, and it needs to be deleted.     would you do if the border closed?
                             It’s almost as cliché as “I’m busy”.    You would react, and probably not
                             As project managers our job is to       make the best decision.
                             be one step ahead, to consider
                                                                     With a little bit of pre-planning,
                             the external environment, plan and
                                                                     you wouldn’t panic or need to
                             replan, and guide our projects to
                                                                     make decisions in real time, you
                                                                     would just follow the contingency.
                             Project management has always           This could be as simple as sending
                             been a proactive vehicle and            alternatives within the email. For
                             when we’re forced to react,             example, if situations change this
                             that reaction should have been          meeting will be conducted through
                             previously planned. Over the            video conferencing or rescheduled
                             years, the team at Scope have           as per the tentative meeting
                             facilitated many risk workshops         invitation sent.
                             for organisations. What we’re
                                                                     Now this is planning. Think about
                             increasingly recommending are
                                                                     your project and how you can
                             contingency planning workshops:
                                                                     vaccinate certain parts of it so
                             making plans for when your plans

                                                                     that if it does experience adversity,
                             are challenged.
                                                                     the impacts are less threatening.
                             The ability to facilitate in-person

     VACCINATED?             workshops faces risks, so how do
                             we vaccinate against these? Well,
                             for us it’s through collaboration.

     Scope Training          Scope Training teams up with
                             e-learning business Easy Train Now,
                             which gives us the ability to deliver
                             high quality training regardless
                             of restrictions. We’re actually
                             finding that many individuals and
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PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
A single Agile framework may not     to join our upcoming DA Scrum
                        work effectively for different       Master (DASM) boot camp (2
                        teams and across all projects.       days, 14 PDUs) on 30 – 31 Aug in
                        Maybe your company may have          Adelaide:
                        multiple approaches to deliver       disciplined-agile-scrum-master
                        values to customers, are they        ($150 vouchers from the early bird
                        effective? What are the ways to      pricing for PMI Adelaide Chapter

     CHOOSE YOUR WoW!   improve your team’s performance
                        across all organization areas?

                                                             PMO AUS provides training,
                        Disciplined Agile (DA) enables you   coaching and consulting services in
     PMO Australia      to choose your way of working        the areas of Agile, Scrum, Scaled
                        (WoW) that fits your team’s          Agile SAFe®, PMP® and Project
                        context. Based on Lean and           Management, to organizations,
                        Agile principles, the Disciplined    communities and individuals.
                        Agile provides strategies to         Based in Adelaide, we support
                        improve your processes and           many clients here and other cities
                        strengthen your teams. The           in Australia and New Zealand.
                        principles, guidelines and DA tool
                        kit will continue to support your
                        company journey towards business
                        agility! Read more and welcome
17                                                                                                 18
PMINSIGHT - - PMI Adelaide
In an increasingly projectized world, PMI professional certification ensures
                   that you’re ready to meet the demands of projects and employers
                   across the globe.

                   Developed by practitioners for practitioners, PMI certifications are based
                   on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world
                   needs of organisations. With a PMI certification behind your name, you
                   can work in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world, and with any
                   project management methodology.
 OF YOUR CAREER    Wherever you are in your career,       The CAPM demonstrates your
                   PMI has a certification for you.       understanding of the fundamental
                   The PMP is the gold standard of        knowledge, terminology, and
                   project management certification.      processes of effective project
                   Recognized and demanded by             management.
                   organizations worldwide, the PMP
                   validates your competence to
                   perform in the role of a project
                   manager, leading and directing
19                 projects and teams.                                                            20
     The PMI-PBA highlights your
     expertise in business analysis. It
                                           PMI’s portfolio management            Amena Siddiqui
                                           certification recognizes the
     spotlights your ability to work       advanced experience and skill of      Executive Support &
     effectively with stakeholders to
     define their business requirements,
                                           portfolio managers. The PfMP          Special Projects Officer
                                           demonstrates your proven ability
     shape the output of projects,         in the coordinated management of      Regional Development Australia
     and drive successful business
                                           one or more portfolios to achieve
                                           organizational objectives.
                                                                                 Limestone Coast.
                                                                                                                        not only encourages and empowers
                                                                                                                        me, but also helps me think about
                                                                                                                        my career goals and assess my
                                                                                                                        strengths and weaknesses.

     The PMI-RMP certification             The PMI-Scheduling Professional                                              The webinars allow a wide array
     recognizes demonstrated               certification recognizes                                                     of participants from around SA
     knowledge and expertise in the        demonstrated knowledge and                                                   and beyond to come together
     specialized area of assessing and     advanced experience in the                                                   and engage in discussions. The
     identifying project risks along       specialized area of developing and                                           presenters and presentations
                                                                                 According to WordPress founder
     with plans to mitigate threats and    maintaining project schedules.                                               provide indispensable information
                                                                                 and CEO, Matt Mullenweg,
     capitalize on opportunities.                                                                                       that makes you think outside the
                                                                                 “Technology is best when it brings
                                                                                                                        box and is extensively applicable.
                                                                                 people together.” That is precisely
                                                                                 what the PMI Adelaide SA Chapter       In a nutshell, the webinars and
                                                                                 does.                                  mentoring program have helped
                                                                                                                        me expand my horizon in project
                                                                                 I joined the PMI Adelaide Chapter in
                                                                                                                        management, build on my
                                                                                 March 2021 and signed up myself
     Designed for those who manage         The PMI Project Management                                                   capabilities while saving time and
                                                                                 for the Mentoring program as
     multiple, complex projects            Ready is PMI’s newest certification                                          other logistics, while building a
                                                                                 well as upcoming webinars, which
     to achieve strategic and              and introduces high school and                                               network of professionals in the
                                                                                 in today’s time and age, seems
     organizational results.               post-secondary students to the                                               industry. I feel connected to a
                                                                                 to be the new norm. Little did I
                                           concepts and skillsets of project                                            network without being physically
                                                                                 know, I would be connecting with
                                           management.                                                                  present. I would highly recommend
                                                                                 like-minded people and gaining a
                                                                                                                        all project management
                                                                                 wealth of knowledge, while sitting
                                                                                                                        professionals to become members
                                                                                 430 kms away from Adelaide.
                                                                                                                        of the PMI Adelaide SA Chapter,
                                                                                 The online mentoring program           join the mentoring program and
21                                                                               matched me with a mentor who           make use of the hybrid events.       22
PMI Adelaide mentoring program is designed to support a wide range of
                                     participants from university students and graduates to senior project
                                     managers. We have two program streams named Career Booster and
                                     Career Development. Through the feedback that we received from our
                                     student and academic bodies, we identified the struggle that some of
                                     the students or entry level project practitioners might have in transition
                                     from university to the industry. Career Booster mentoring program is
                                     designed to bridge this gap and help the participants to achieve their
                                     short term career goals.

                                     Career Development is our next mentoring program which is designed
                                     for mid-career and senior professionals who would like to further develop
                                     their career through longer term objectives and soft skills. So, no matter

 PMI ADELAIDE                        what stage you are in your career, PMI Adelaide mentoring program has
                                     something for you.


 Hossein Derakhshanfar
 Professional Development Director

23                                                                                                                24
Alison Kidd                              Brett Nilsen                           Mark Dickson                           Dr Morteza SHOKRI
                                                                                                                            GHASABEH, PMP, CCP
     Alison has been a project delivery       Brett has successfully delivered       Mark Dickson is a leader of            I believe in the power of
     and assurance professional in            a wide range of civil, transport,      multi-disciplinary teams for           sharing ideas and enabling
     the corporate world for the              defence, resources and water           multi-faceted businesses and           their actualisation. I’m a project
     past 25 years. Her expertise and         infrastructure projects for            projects, and is adept at delivering   management consultant and
     skills have enabled her to build         government and private entities.       advisory services and multi-           an academic collaborator
     an international career living and       In his 25 years with Aurecon,          billion dollar programs in a global    with 20 years of experience
     working in cities such as London,        Brett has worked on numerous           context. Mark’s background is in       in enabling professionals and
     New York, Melbourne and Sydney.          major projects around Australia        professional services providing        projects to succeed. I’m proud
     Returning to her hometown of             including the Ord Irrigation           widely diversified technical and       of being a pivotal contributor
     Adelaide (and its world renown           Scheme in Western Australia, the       business management skills             to the successful delivery of
     wine regions) in 2010 Alison has         Tiger Brennan Tunnel in Northern       across geography, industry and         various significant projects in
     continued to evolve and grow her         Territory, the West Gate Tunnel        function. Mark brings a broad          Construction, Infrastructure,
     career building skills in business and   and North East Link in Victoria, and   understanding of industries such as    Mining, Oil & Gas, IT, Automation
     program advisory and organisation        the Adelaide Desalination Plant.       urban development, infrastructure,     and Health. My hands-on
     design and development.                  He is currently Aurecon’s Head         resources, transport, aged             experiences in such projects
                                              of Major Projects responsible          care, telecommunications,              provided me with a tremendous
     Industry Sectors:
                                              for overseeing major projects in       information systems, research          amount of lessons.
     Defence; Federal and State
                                              Australia and New Zealand.             and development and defiance
     Government; Financial Services                                                                                         Industry Sectors: Construction;
                                                                                     in a regional, national and global
     (Retail Banking; Investment Banking      Industry Sectors:                                                             Infrastructure; Mining; Oil & Gas;
     and Insurance) and Energy and            Civil; Water; Defence; Transport;                                             Automation; IT, Health
     Utilities                                Resources                              Industry Sectors:
                                                                                     Urban Development, Infrastructure,
     Specialties:                             Specialties:                                                                  Leadership; Confidence Building;
                                                                                     Resources, Transport, Aged
     Project, Programme and Portfolio         Governance; Leadership, Team                                                  Building Trust; Collaboration;
                                                                                     Care, Telecommunications,
     Management; Programme Assurance,         Building, Procurement and                                                     Embracing the new professional
                                                                                     Information Systems, Research and
     Controls and Governance; Portfolio       Contracting Models, Commercial                                                culture; Project Management
                                                                                     Development, Defence
     and Operational Management;              Management, Schedule and Risk                                                 Knowledge Areas: Project Controls
     Vendor and Contracts Management;         Management                                                                    Methods; Program Management;
25   Organisational Design and Development                                                                                                                       26

     Paul MacKeddie                           Richard Cawley                             Yudhi Mohan-Ram                       A new offering this year will be
                                                                                                                               seeking further engagement with
                                                                                                                               many of the local organisations
     Paul is a strategic leader with proven   Richard started his career in              Dedicated, self motivated and         who rely on high quality project
     capability building and maintaining      the construction sector, working           organised, multi tasking IT           management services to
     high performing teams. Paul coaches      his up to manage multi-million$            professional with strong Project      deliver the change across their
     and supports others to achieve           civil engineering projects. He             Management Leadership qualities.      businesses.
     organisational and team success,         has managed business and
                                                                                         Expertise in all aspects of program   If You:
     and to resolve challenging problems.     environmental involvement projects
                                                                                         and project management for
                                              for blue chip clients, including British
     Paul is a professionally qualified                                                  both software development             • currently have responsibility
                                              Airways, Honda and British Telecom.
     Civil Engineer with over 30 years of                                                and infrastructure deployment.          for large or complex projects,
                                              Richard also has experience in
     experience in the Water Industry in                                                 Significant Operations                  programs or workforces
                                              project finance including managing
     the United Kingdom and Australia.                                                   Management experience within          • are an executive leader in
                                              Public Private Partnerships projects
     Paul has highly transferable                                                        the automotive industry. Strong         your organisation with this
                                              to delivery recycling facilities
     leadership and management skills                                                    consulting skills with the ability      responsibility (e.g. CIO, CTO,
                                              for local government, and was
     and experience. Commercially                                                        to communicate with all levels of       COO, Head of PMO, Head
                                              responsible for securing finance for
     astute, Paul effectively influences                                                 leadership within an organisation.      of Project Delivery, Project
                                              $300m renewable energy power
     and negotiates for mutually                                                                                                 Director)
                                              station development.                       Industry Sectors: Financial,
     agreeable project and program
                                                                                         Government, Education, Retail,        • would like hear more about
     outcomes for all parties.
                                              Industry Sectors: Construction             Defence, Emergency Services             what PMI products and
     Industry Sectors: Local Authority /      / Civil Engineering, Utilities (Water                                              services are now available to
                                              and Electricity), Environmental            Specialties: Leadership and             assist with improving your
     Councils; Water Industry; Transport
                                              (Recycling, Renewable Energy,              Team Management; People                 project capability
     Specialties: Behavioural                 Waste Management)                          Management; Program and Project
                                                                                                                               then please reach out to
     Management Techniques;                                                              management; Budget Management;
                                              Specialties: Leadership and People                                     
     Leadership and Coaching; Continual                                                  Operational Management;
                                              Management, Project/Program/                                                     to seek further information.
     Improvement; Program and Project                                                    Change Management; Incident
     Management; Asset Management;            Portfolio Management, PMO, Risk            Management;
     Risk Management (former member of        and Governance, Project Finance,
     Standards Australia Risk Management      Business Planning, Business
     Committee); Strategic Planning           Improvement / Change Management
27                                                                                                                                                                28
We from PMI Adelaide are glad to be welcoming our new volunteers in the
                        Marketing and Communications team.

                        Welcome Rakshita Rajkumar & Kay Kim!

                        Rakshita Rajkumar

                        “I am so honoured to be
                        volunteering for the PMI Adelaide
                        chapter. PMI is one of the unique
                        professional organisations which
                        has the expertise and helps us in
                        gaining knowledge through their
                        resources and tools which are
                        delivered to us through various
                        networking events and professional
                        development programs organised
                        by the chapter. This gives many of
                        us a chance to learn and keep our
                        knowledge abreast. I am so grateful   Kay Kim
                        to be a part of this organisation
                                                              “I am delighted to be on board
                        and contributing my bit. This is
                                                              and to be part of a much bigger
                        going to be a FUN-LEARNING
                                                              community. As a master’s student in
                                                              Project Management, I figured PMI
                                                              Adelaide would allow me to learn
                                                              the more in-depth and practical

                                                              side of Project Management and
                                                              communicate with the industry
                                                              people to build meaningful
 VOLUNTEER’S VOICE                                            relationships.

                                                              My aspiration to join the team
                                                              came after attending one of
                                                              Kamyar’s talk during a leadership
                                                              lecture. Hearing about the practical
                                                              struggles, hardships, challenges
                                                              and innovations from incumbent
                                                              industry leaders provides quality
                                                              insight. I hope to hear more of
                                                              the team’s – from all around the
                                                              World – stories and learn from their
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