Combining tradition with modernity,
      bringing together China and the West.
03   Study at CUHK-Shenzhen                        28   Master of Science in Data Science
     The Academic Environment                           Message from the Programme Directors
     Tailoring Your Studies                             Programme Overview
                                                        Educational Objectives
04   Master of Science in Finance                       Study Mode and Period
     Message from the Programme Director                Concentrations
     Faculty                                            Faculty
     Exceptional Curriculum                             Course Requirements
     Tuition Fee and Scholarships                       Target Group
     FINest Activities                                  Tuition Fee and Scholarships
     Academic Advisors                                  Industrial Partners
     Students Testimonials                              Employment Statistics (Class of 2019)
     Advanced Research Track (ART) of                   News and Activities
     MSc Programme in Finance                           Students Testimonials

10   Master of Science in Economics                34   Master of Science in Information Management
     Message from the Programme Directors               and Business Analytics (NEW!)
     Programme Overview                                 Message from the Programme Directors
     Faculty                                            Programme Overview
     Concentrations                                     Faculty
     Curriculum                                         Curriculum
     Featured Courses                                   Tuition Fee and Scholarships
     Tuition Fee and Scholarships
     Partnership Masters Programme in Economics
     Students Testimonials

16   Master of Science in Accounting               39   International Exchange

                                                                                            Prospectus 2021
     Message from the Programme Director
     Programme Overview and Features
     Faculty                                       39   How to Apply
     Curriculum                                         Admission Requirements
     Featured Courses                                   Application Procedure
     Tuition Fee and Scholarship                        Required Documents
     Students Testimonials                              Application Deadlines

22   Master of Science in Marketing                40   Career Development Center
     Message from the Programme Director                Introduction
     Programme Overview                                 Employment Service System
     Programme Objectives                               Employers of 2019 Graduates
     Recommended Study Plan
     Featured Courses
     Tuition Fee and Scholarships
     Students Testimonials

Director’s Message                                                                                      Welcome
A                                                                                                           欢迎
        fter forty years of economic reform,       of financial innovations and development,
        China is now the world’s second            and the increasing complexity and openness

                                                                                                      Добро пожаловать
        largest economy, and it increasingly       of financial systems have caused risks to
plays a pivotal role in world affairs. Over the    accumulate exponentially. Consequently,
past decade, China has contributed to more         financial stability has become more and
than one third of the world’s total economic       more essential for a country’s economic                   Velkommen
growth, helping drive a global recovery. In        development, social stability, and national
the past five years, China has spearheaded         security. To rise and meet the current tides,           Bienvenido
innovative ideas and solutions that have           SFI has established the Centers for Macro-
boosted economic development around the            Financial Stability and Innovation, FinTech               환영합니다
world. China's reform goes into great depth        and Social Finance, Institutions and Capital
and the opening up of its financial sector is      Market, and Economic Data Research, among              Selamat Datang

                                                                                                          ‫دیدمآ شوخ‬
underway.                                          others. We hope to convey our wisdom and
                                                   show our strength by generating a series of
Fortunately, our values are in sync with the       research initiatives that are rich in theory and
times. Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI,            valuable in practice. This way, we can better
thereafter) trains future business leaders         serve our nation’s interests, guard against
through engaging, innovative approaches to         financial instability, deepen financial reforms,
learning that will ensure their professional       and promote the development of a healthy
success in the financial industry. It is our       economy.
mission to prepare students for leadership
roles and foster their entrepreneurial spirit;     The saying, “mighty oaks grow
to conduct advanced research and encourage         from little acorns”, applies to the
academic exchanges that promote better             Shenzhen Finance Institute, as
financial practices; and to function as a          we carry on the commitment
state-of-the-art think-tank that can help          of the Chinese University
stimulate further economic development.            of Hong Kong to rigorous
Our internationalized faculty, researchers,        education and high academic
and administrators form a vibrant academic         standards. We will continue to
community that offers both local insights and      provide outstanding business
global outlook. At the same time, we maintain      education, while promoting
high levels of research productivity and           cutting-edge research in
guarantee that our students receive quality        finance. Meanwhile, we
education through effective and essential          will work toward our goal of
classroom instruction. We inspire our students     becoming a world-class institute
to study broadly and deeply, to think critically   that will prove instrumental
and analytically, and to work creatively and       to China’s success as
productively. We encourage them to develop         a key player on
a strong moral and ethical character while         the global
pursuing excellence in their studies. The goal     stage.
is for our students to become future business
leaders with a global mindset and an abiding
concern for society.

Finance is a country’s core competitive
strength, and risk management is the
essence of finance. The revolutions in
financial technology, the accelerated pace

Prof. Wei XIONG
Academic Director, Shenzhen Finance Institute
Academic Dean, School of Management
and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen
Study at CUHK-Shenzhen
  The Academic Environment                                                                 Tailoring
  Achieve your goals with prestigious professors and elite Chinese students                Your Studies
                                                                                           All our master programmes are
The Teaching Model                            The Academic Staff                           taught in English. Your studies will
CUHK-Shenzhen offers a modern                 Our academic staff have been carefully       include a mix of core courses to
international educational environment. The    selected for their knowledge and             focus your learning and your choice
academic year is divided into two 15-week     expertise. In addition to staff from         of electives to allow you to focus on
terms each year, the winter vacation being    CUHK, CUHK-Shenzhen faculty includes         a specialized area.
held in early January and summer from         outstanding talents from world famous
                                                                                           Academic programs are adapted
June until September. Classes vary from       universities or research institutions.
                                                                                           to the global industrial, economic,
small group seminars to mass lectures and     Priority has been given to members and
                                                                                           social and business environments.
is assessed separately by coursework and      fellows of international societies from
                                                                                           The credit system offers flexibility in
exams. Regardless of class style, the focus   interdisciplinary research and emerging
                                                                                           the selection, sequence, and pace
is on student learning.                       fields. The regular faculty are further
                                                                                           of courses. All courses are reviewed
                                              enhanced by the visiting academics
With all courses closely monitored for                                                     and supervised by CUHK for the
                                              program which attracts globally
quality, you can rest assured of globally                                                  purpose of imparting cutting-edge
                                              renowned professors.
renowned standards which will culminate                                                    knowledge and training first-class
in graduating with a CUHK degree. All                                                      scholars and professionals.
courses, coursework and materials are         Research
                                                                                           After completing the necessary
delivered in English.                         The Chinese University of Hong Kong,         course units and satisfying the
                                              Shenzhen is aiming to become one of          graduation requirements, you will
The Students                                  the world’s leading research institutions.   receive a CUHK Master’s degree.
                                              In our short history, we have established
Due to the strict admission selection         innovative platforms in robot and
system, local students represent the top      advanced manufacturing, big data and
1% recruited from prestigious local high      statistics, computer and information
schools around China. You will benefit        technology, finance and economics,
from the strong international networks        logistics and supply chain, biomedical
among elite faculty and alumni. These         and bioinformatics, material science,
networks are favorable for students’          new energy science and engineering.
future development both in China
and worldwide.

                       Academic Staff Numbers

    360+                       07                      17               18:1
  Faculty members         4 Nobel Laureates,       Academicians         Student-to-
  – from top              2 Turing Award           of National          faculty ratio
  universities            Laureates and            Science and
  around the world        1 Fields Medal           Engineering
                          Winner currently         Academies
                          in our faculty
                          - and growing

Master of Science
in Finance
                                                   elcome to the Master of Science   To bridge the gap between theory and
                                                   in Finance, the flagship of the   market practices, our regular series of
                                                   Shenzhen Finance Institute.       professional seminars allows students
                                       We are a rigorous and highly-selective        to learn and interact with a variety of
                                       programme, featuring an international         distinguished finance minds, including
                                       education standard, English immersion         visitors and lecturers from top academics,
                                       learning environment, led by top level        Nobel laureates, and C-suite leaders
                                       academics and financial industry leaders,     of private and government institutions.
                                       each with training and experience from        Our 18-month programme provides the
                                       top institutions throughout the world.        flexibility to take advantage of dynamic
                                                                                     Shenzhen, and students are encouraged
                                       The programme aims to cultivate               to supplement their classroom education
                                       exceptional, high-skills professionals        with a series of related internships.
                                       with both deep theoretical training and
                                       practical capabilities. Our programme is      One of our most popular courses,
                                       unique; it inherits the academic rigor of     Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial
                                       The Chinese University of Hong Kong, but      Development, enables direct contact with
 Prof. Tao SHU                         goes beyond in a variety of ways.             top finance practitioners and provides the
 Programme Director,                                                                 opportunity for students to apply what
 MSc in Finance, CUHK-Shenzhen         Professional, pragmatic and superior, the     they've learnt in the taught programme
 PhD., University of Texas at Austin   MSc Finance programme is a Finance            to real world challenges confronting the
                                       education tailored for you:                   Greater Bay Area.

                                       The key to our curriculum is the in-          Our curriculum is rigorous, but there’s an
Message from                           classroom experience. Courses are
                                       led by a combination of world-class,
                                                                                     extensive support network. Our small class
                                                                                     size results in a low student-faculty ratio,

the Programme                          internationally-trained faculty, and
                                       highly-accomplished senior financial
                                                                                     ensuring frequent contact with instructors
                                                                                     and tutors. Beyond this we have a strong
                                       practitioners. Students gain a deep           career center and an involved alumni
Director                               foundation of theory, supplemented with
                                       practical applications involving both
                                                                                     network, and coordinate an active social
                                                                                     calendar, to encourage development of the
                                       domestic and international financial          all-important professional network.
                                       sectors. The curriculum puts a particular
                                       emphasis on quantitative methods and          With our programme’s vision and extensive
                                       programming language training, to ensure      resources, we seek to make an outsized
                                       that students build a deep analytical         contribution to China’s ongoing financial
                                       toolkit. And a wide range of elective         reforms. Our goal is nothing less than to
                                       courses offer breadth and depth across        be recognized as one of the world’s top
                                       a variety of traditional financial market     finance programme.
                                       topics and emerging technologies.
                                                                                     We are FINest!

Your exceptional academic experience in SFI MSc Finance starts with an

Faculty                                  abundance of internationally-trained, world class faculty and highly-accomplished
                                         financial market practitioners. You’ll get to know these instructors personally,
                                         given our low student-to-faculty ratio.

                                                                                                                                                                   Master of Science in Finance
                                         Prof. Bohui ZHANG                         Prof. Si CHEN                            Prof. Lei MAO
                                         Ph.D., Nanyang Technological              Ph.D., University of Oxford              Ph.D., Hong Kong University
                                         University                                Assistant Professor, School of           of Science and Technology
   ACADEMICS                             Executive Associate Dean of School
                                         of Management and Economics,
                                                                                   Management and Economics,
                                                                                                                            Assistant Professor, School of
                                                                                                                            Management and Economics,
                                         CUHK-Shenzhen                                                                      CUHK-Shenzhen
                                         Presidential Chair Professor              Prof. Wen CHEN
                                         Co-Director of MSc in Data Science        Ph.D., University of Maryland,           Prof. Kwanlee SUNG
                                         Director of the Center for FinTech        College Park                             Assistant Professor, School of
                                         and Social Finance, Shenzhen              Assistant Professor, School of           Management and Economics,
                                         Finance Institute                         Management and Economics,                CUHK-Shenzhen
                                         Prof. Marlene AMSTAD                                                               Prof. Siyi SHEN
                                                                                   Prof. Yi DING

                                                                                                                                                                   2021 Entry
                                         Ph.D., University of St. Gallen                                                    Ph.D., Boston College
Prof. Wei XIONG                          Professor of Practice, School of          Ph.D., Queen’s University                Assistant Professor, School of
                                         Management and Economics,                 Assistant Professor, School of           Management and Economics,
Ph.D., Duke University                   CUHK-Shenzhen                             Management and Economics,                CUHK-Shenzhen
Academic Director of Shenzhen
                                         Former Head of the Investment             CUHK-Shenzhen
Finance Institute                                                                                                           Prof. Pengfei SUI
                                         Strategy and Financial Market Analysis
Academic Dean of School of
                                         at the Swiss National Bank (SNB)          Prof. Zongbo HUANG                       Ph.D., California Institute of
Management and Economics at
                                         Chair of the Board of Directors (FINMA)   Ph.D., Princeton University              Technology
                                                                                   Assistant Professor, School of           Assistant Professor, School of
                                         Prof. Dan LI                              Management and Economics,                Management and Economics,
Prof. Tao SHU
                                         Ph.D., University of York                 CUHK-Shenzhen                            CUHK-Shenzhen
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin     Associate Professor, School of
Associate Director of Shenzhen
                                         Management and Economics,                 Mr. Mark KOZNAREK                        Prof. Wenhao YANG
Finance Institute
                                         CUHK-Shenzhen                             MBA Wharton School University            Ph.D., The University of Utah
Presidential Chair Professor
                                         Associate Director of Hong Kong –         of Pennsylvania                          Assistant Professor, School of
Director of MPhil-PhD Programme
                                         Shenzhen Finance Research Center          International Enrollment Director in     Management and Economics,
in Finance
                                         Associate Director of Capital             Full-time MSc Programme Admissions       CUHK-Shenzhen
Director of MSc in Finance
                                         Markets and Asset Management              Team, Shenzhen Finance Institute
Co-Director of Hong Kong-Shenzhen
Finance Research Centre,
                                         Research Center                           The Wall Street Journal Recognized       Prof. Linlin YE
Shenzhen Finance Institute                                                         Stock Analyst                            Ph.D., University of California
                                         Prof. Hugh THOMAS                                                                  Los Angeles
Director of Capital Markets and
Asset Management Research Center,
                                         Ph.D., New York University                Mr. Zhibin KE                            Assistant Professor, School of
                                         Associate Professor, School of            Former General Manager of                Management and Economics,
Shenzhen Finance Institute
                                         Management and Economics,                 Alternative Investment Division,         CUHK-Shenzhen
Prof. Cong WANG                          CUHK-Shenzhen                             China Merchant Bank
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University                                                       Senior Lecturer, Shenzhen                Prof. Shuai YE
                                         Prof. Jinfan ZHANG                        Finance Institute                        Ph.D., Cornell University
Associate Director of Shenzhen
                                         Ph.D., Yale University                                                             Assistant Professor, School of
Finance Institute
Presidential Chair Professor
                                         Associate Professor, School of            Prof. Guangli LU                         Management and Economics,
                                         Management and Economics,                 Ph.D., University of British Columbia    CUHK-Shenzhen
Director of MSc in Business Management
                                         CUHK-Shenzhen                             Assistant Professor, School of
Director of the Center for Corporate
Governance and Employee Ownership,
                                         Co-director of Centre for Macro-          Management and Economics,                Prof. Shen ZHAO
                                         Financial Stability and Innovation,       CUHK-Shenzhen                            Ph.D., Hong Kong University of
Shenzhen Finance Institute
                                         Shenzhen Finance Institute                                                         Science and Technology
Prof. Yongxiang WANG                                                               Prof. Hongqi LIU                         Assistant Professor, School of
Ph.D., Columbia University                                                         Ph.D., The City University of New York   Management and Economics,
Presidential Chair Professor                                                       Assistant Professor, School of           CUHK-Shenzhen
Professor, School of Management                                                    Management and Economics,
and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen                                                       CUHK-Shenzhen

Prof. Kalok CHAN                           Prof. Zhengqiang LI                     Prof. Myron S. SCHOLES
Former Dean, CUHK Business School          Former Chairman,
                                           Dalian Commodity Exchange
                                                                                   Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance,
                                                                                   Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School
Prof. James. J HECKMAN
2000 Nobel Laureate in Economic            Prof. Mingkang LIU
                                                                                   of Business, 1997 Nobel Laureate in
                                                                                   Economic Sciences
Sciences                                   Former Chairman, China Banking
                                           Regulatory Commission                   Prof. Jie TANG                               PROFESSORS
Prof. T.J. WONG                                                                    Former Deputy Mayor, Shenzhen
Former Dean, CUHK Business School          Prof. Paul MILGROM                      Municipal People's Government
                                           Shirley and Leonard Ely Professor
Prof. Yang JIANG                           of Humanities and Sciences in the       Prof. Xianchun XU
Former Vice Chairman, China                Department of Economics at              Former Deputy Commissioner,
Securities Regulatory Commission           Stanford University                     National Bureau of Statistics of China

                                           Mr. Xiaoyang KANG                       Mr. Jing LIU                              Ms. Emma WANG
                                           Chairman of the Board and Chief         Partner of V-Capital Co., Ltd.            Managing Director of Fountain
                                           Investment Officer of Shenzhen                                                    Vest Investment Advisory (Shanghai)
 PROFESSOR(S)/                             Lighthourse Wealth Management           Mr. Weijian PAN                           Co., Ltd.
                                           Co. Ltd.                                Director, Algorithmic Trading
 ADJUNCT                                                                           Quantification Department, Asia           Ms. Shirley HSU
                                           Mr. Simon LEE
 PROFESSOR(S)/                             Co-director of International Business
                                                                                   Pacific, Bank of America Merrill Lynch    Founder and CEO of Grace Capital
                                                                                                                             Group Ltd.
 PRACTITIONER(S)                           and Chinese Enterprise Programme        Dr. Jiying QIAO
                                                                                                                             Mr. Wenhui XU
                                           Senior Lecturer at CUHK                 Former Managing Director at Taikang
                                                                                   Insurance and Fosun                       Chairman of Shenzhen Daxin
                                           Dr. Keith LAW                           Former Executive Director at Vertex       Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
                                           Former Head of Global Synthetic         (Temasek)                                 Director of China Beststudy
                                           Equity Strategy & Equity Derivatives                                              Education Group
Prof. Thomas BAIN                          Strategy, UBS                           Dr. Yifei QIN                             Shareholders of Beijing Caiyi
                                           Former Vice President, Quantitative &   CEO and Chief Investment Officer,         Information Technology Co., Ltd.
MBA, Columbia University
                                           Derivatives Strategy, Morgan Stanley    Gezhi Industrial Development
Programme Industry Director                                                                                                  Mr. Jianbo YANG
                                           Adjunct Associate Professor of CUHK     Chief Economist, Asia Financial
Founder of Bain Leadership Advisors Ltd.
Formerly Worked at JPMorgan, Central                                               Risk Think Tank                           Senior Product Manager of Financial
                                           Mr. Chris LOBELLO                                                                 Products Department, First Capital
Bank of Bahamas and Barclays
                                           Adjunct Associate Professor of CUHK     Dr. Pengfei SUN                           Securities
Wealth at various managerial positions
                                                                                   Head of Risk Management, Haitong
Mr. Olivier COTARD                         Mr. Juzheng LIN                         International, Hong Kong                  Mr. Jianjun ZHANG
Founder and Managing Director, 3C          Deputy Inspector of Shenzhen                                                      Independent Director of Kaitai
                                           Local Financial Supervision and         Mr. Lei SHI                               Bank of Thailand (China)
Ventures Ltd.
                                           Administration, Vice Chairman of        Chairman of The Attractor Adviser         Former Governor of Shenzhen Branch
Mr. Zhengxuan CAI                          the Board of Directors of Shenzhen                                                of the people's Bank of China
                                           Institute of Financial Stability and    Dr. Wei WANG
Partner, Financial Services, KPMG                                                                                            Dr. Xu ZHANG
                                           Development                             Managing Director, Bank of China
Huazhen (SGP)
                                                                                   International                             General Manager of Houwei Runcheng
                                           Dr. Zhan LI                             Executive Vice President of Hong Kong     Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
Mr. Anhua DING
                                           Chief Economics of Zhongshan            Institution for International Finance
Chief Economics of China Merchants                                                                                           Mr. Ju ZHANG
                                           Securities Co., Ltd.
Bank and CMB International
                                                                                   Dr. Zhifeng WANG                          CFO and Secretary of the Board,
                                           Mr. Yuxin LI                            Vice President and Chief Researcher       Ubtech Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xiangsheng FANG
                                           Founder of Shenzhen TANDLL              of Tencent Financial Research Institute
Founder of Fanglue Capital                                                                                                   Dr. Lei ZHENG
                                           Investment Co., Ltd.
Management Co., Ltd.
                                                                                   Ms. Xiulu Wang                            Chief Economist of Glory Sun
                                           Mr. Shouyu LI                           Former Managing Director of               Financial Group
Prof. Yves GUO
                                           Vice president of Shenzhen Innovation   Merchants Securities                      Vice President of Hong Kong
Ecole Centrale Paris. Managing
                                           Investment Group Co., Ltd.              National Level Human                      International New Economic
Director at BNP Paribas.
                                           Chairman of Shenzhen Zhongxin Saike     Resource Manager                          Research Institute
Formerly worked at Goldman Sachs,
                                           Technology Co., Ltd.                    Senior Economist
Morgan Stanley and Standard                                                                                                  Ms. Yawen ZHENG
Chartered Bank at                          Mr. Shan LU                             Mr. Ziqiang WANG                          Research on quantitative
various managerial positions
                                           Chairman of Dayu Capital                Director and Vice President of            algorithm strategy
Mr. Rongfeng JIANG                         Management                              Beijing Wanbo New Economic
                                                                                   Research Institute                        Mr. Hong ZHOU
General Manager of CMB                     Mr. Meng LANG
International Asset                                                                Academic Member of                        Managing Director of Guoxin
                                           General Manager of Guohai Innovation    Pangu Think Tank                          Ronghui Equity Investment Fund
Management Limited
                                           Capital and Chairman of Investment                                                Management Co., Ltd.
                                           Decision Committee
                                                                                                                             * in alphabetical order by pinyin of last name

Exceptional Curriculum

                                                                                                          Master of Science in Finance
Pre-term Courses (Total 3 Courses/ Non-credits)
  Quantitative methods for Finance
  Introduction to Finance
  Accounting for Finance

Core Courses (Total 7 Courses/ 21 Credits)
  Financial Statement Analysis
  Communication and Computing (Spreadsheet/ VBA) for Finance

                                                                                                          2021 Entry
  Financial Econometrics and Financial Data Analysis
  Corporate Valuation & Fundamentals of Finance
  Derivatives Markets
  Quantitative Portfolio Analysis
  Finance within the Macroeconomy

Elective Courses (Select 5 Courses/ 15 Credits)
  Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial Development
  (Practitioner Workshops)
  Behavioral Finance
  Stochastic Models
  Internet Finance
  Chinese Financial System
  Mining Massive Datasets
  Banks and Financial Institutions
  Microstructure and Algorithm Trading
  Fixed-income Securities Analysis
  International Financial Management
  Mergers and Acquisitions
  Credit Risk Modelling and Products
  Electronic Payment Systems and Blockchain
  Emerging Companies Finance
  Capital Markets
  Quantitative Risk Management
  Directed Research in Finance
  Alternative Investment

Featured Course
FIN6108 - Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial Development
(Practitioner Workshops)

An example of the programme emphasis on integration of theory and
practice, is the course FIN6108 Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial
Development (Practitioner Workshops). In this course, a series of practitioners,
holding senior, director-level roles at top financial institution are invited to
deliver lectures on leading-edge topics, and share practical experiences. The
course culminates in a mix of small-group case studies on challenging current
issues. These examples of real-world financial challenges help students knit
together aspects of many different courses into a unified whole.

Tuition Fee and Scholarships
      Normative study period: 18 months.
      The tuition fee for the entire programme (2021 Entry) is RMB258,000.
      Merit-based Entrance Scholarships are granted to qualified candidates.
      Scholarship for Academic Excellence will be awarded subject to satisfactory academic performance.
      FINest Activities                                                                                           Academic advisors are
      For the benefit of our Finance programme (FINest) students, we coordinate a rich social calendar            assigned to guide our
      to encourage development of the all-important professional network.                                         students throughout the
                                                                                                                  process of academic study,
        FINest Jungle Guide                                                                                       making full use of a wide
        Senior students share experience with offer-holder students.                                              range of care and services for
                                                                                                                  students in terms of learning,
        FINest Study Buddy                                                                                        life and career development.
        Connect full-time and part-time students, benefiting each other for job-seeking                           They provide general
        advice as well as daily study.                                                                            supervision such as course
                                                                                                                  selection, guided study,
        Hello, FINest!
                                                                                                                  adaptation to university
        Welcome new students.                                                                                     learning modes and
        FINest Night/Day                                                                                          disciplinary fundamentals,
                                                                                                                  etc. They can also help the
        Introduce courses for the next term; relax after exam week.
                                                                                                                  students to better understand
        FINest Salon                                                                                              their academic strengths and
        Expand the social networks of current students by inviting practitioners or alumni students.              weaknesses; plan course
                                                                                                                  schedules; set goals;
        FINest Times                                                                                              and use resources and
        Unite class members, organized by class cadres, expense covered by the Programme Office.                  support services at the
        FINest Grads!                                                                                             university, etc.

        Farewell party for the graduate students.

                                   FINest Testimonials
                                   Compared with other postgraduates in the mainland, MSc Finance has a shorter and flexible
                                   educational system, our curriculums are practical and with full-English teaching. During my internship,
                                   the employer commented that our courses are excellent preparation for investment research.
                                   Overseas postgraduates can only find internships infrequently, when they return home for breaks, while
                                   we have more opportunities and time to intern, helping us accumulate work experience and improve
                                   industry recognition. Besides, the employment guidance help us a lot so the first class of MSc Finance
                                   students’ employment status is quite strong.
                                   What most notable is that our professors and teachers are warm-hearted and conscientious.
        Lingni JIANG
        Ping An Trust
        Class 2016 MSc FIN

MSc Finance gave us an opportunity to
                             learn the cutting-edge knowledge from        Advanced Research
                                                                          Track (ART) of MSc
                             the top scholars. With a solid theoretical
                             foundation, we did projects under
                             the guidance of experienced industry
                             mentors. Mentors were so kind and
                                                                          Programme in Finance

                                                                                                                                               Master of Science in Finance
                             patient that they helped us to found out
                             our career directions and even to offer
                             us job opportunities. Furthermore, we        Shenzhen Finance Institute is rapidly evolving, and the
                             received continuous help from the Career     Finance programme is leading the way. 2018 saw the
                             Development Centre when we were              introduction of a part-time Finance degree programme, and
Jie YANG                     moving towards our hopes and dreams.         2019 saw the launch of a new initiative, the Advanced
LU. com AI Lab               We really feel that SFI prepared us very     Research Track (ART).
Class 2017 MSc FIN           well.
                                                                          ART is a prestigious, high profile academic-focused track
                                                                          for elite students within the MSc Finance programme, in
                                                                          preparation for either top school PhD programmes or other
                             The MSc Finance programme at SFI             research-intensive industry positions.
                             truly provides students with high-
                             level training. Beyond learning Finance

                                                                                                                                               2021 Entry
                             theory, I feel I’m now equipped with the     Curriculum
                             hardcore professional skills required for      ART students follow the taught MSc programme
                             the industry such as VBA and Python            requirements of 36 credits , maintaining a minimum CGPA
                             programming. Our programme presents
                                                                            Supplementing this, each ART student will write a major
                             great opportunities such as 6108 course
                             and FINest Salon to network with many
                                                                            research thesis, of journal-publication quality, based
                             high-level professional practitioners          on a project designed to last the duration of the MSc
                             who can open the door to valuable              programme
Tieming LI                   internships and job opportunities. You’ll
                             find your progress here will be a crucial
Bachelor at The University
of Hong Kong                 stepping-stone towards your future
                                                                          ART Benefits
Class 2018 MSc FIN           success!                                       ART admission comes with the award of a prestigious
                                                                            “Dean’s Scholarship”, consisting of a full programme
                                                                            scholarship (100% tuition/fee waiver) plus a
                                                                            supplemental monthly stipend
                             Located in China’s most innovative city,       Develop close working relationships with SFI’s top
                             SFI provides us with a wide platform           finance scholars and high-level practitioners.
                             to broaden our horizons. For me,               Springboard to Top University PhD programmes:
                             choosing the MScFinance programme                 Preferred consideration for entry into SFI
                             was a choice to learn from the most
                                                                               PhD programme,
                             famous experts in the finance field and
                             study with top professionals of the next          If considering other universities, the ART student will
                             generation. It’s an employment-oriented           earn recommendation letters from highly-regarded
                             graduate program, and SFI’s MSc                   SFI/SME professors
                             Finance programme delivers, by offering        Research opportunities at SFI and/or leading Shenzhen/
                             us so many internship opportunities.           HK institutions; potential for employment consideration
Jiachen SUN                  Guided by experienced mentors, I can
Bachelor at Renmin           take a deep dive into real world business
University of China          challenges.                                  Admission Requirements
Class 2019 MSc FIN
                                                                            Exceptional English skills (TOEFL ≥100 or IELTS ≥7.5)
                                                                            Exceptional overall undergraduate performance - both
                                                                            academic and extracurricular
                                                                            Candidates must fulfill normal admission requirements,
                             Finance evolves as the market steps into
                                                                            followed by a supplemental interview with SFI
                             a more complicated situation. The era
                             of grand equilibrium has gone; instead
                                                                            Academic Panel
                             we are now faced with unprecedented
                             challenges from all directions. In my
                             view, updating the knowledge system
                             through postgraduate studies becomes
                                                                           Contact Us
                             even more important if one wishes to
                             ride the waves of changes. SFI provides            (86) 755 8427-3432
                             students with theoretical courses as well
                             as latest industry reviews, encouraging
Jiehan SU                    us to generate original insights with    
Bachelor at Tsinghua         grounded, cutting-edge financial training.
University                                                                 Address
Class 2020 MSc FIN
                                                                           Room 522-526, Teaching A, 2001 Longxiang Boulevard,
                                                                           Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 518172

Master of Science
in Economics
Message from the Programme Directors

                                                     elcome to the MSc in Economics      Our programme emphasizes strong
                                                     Programme at Shenzhen               quantitative skills along with a command
                                                     Finance Institute (SFI)!            of microeconomic and macroeconomic
                                                                                         theory. These skills are highly demanded
                                          Our programme prepares students for            by today’s job market and top Ph.D.
                                          prominent professional careers in industry     programmes in the world. Our
                                          and government, or further study for the       programme’s courses on Chinese economic
                                          Ph.D. degree. To achieve this goal, we         and financial markets help students obtain
                                          combine globally well-known academic           competitive advantages for jobs and
                                          scholars and senior industrial practitioners   internship opportunities in the great China
                                          from prestigious multinational companies       area. Our offered courses also evolve with
                                          to teach our master’s programme. For           the latest industrial development and job
                                          instance, we invite executive members          market demand.
                                          from global financial companies and senior
                                          government officials as our programme          We are very proud of our programme’s
 Prof. Lixin YE                           mentors, who both teach classes and            outstanding faculty and industrial mentor
 Co-Director of MSc in Economics          work with our students on real-life projects   team, strong ties with local business
 Programme                                after the class.                               leaders and our brilliant students. With
 Ph.D., Stanford University                                                              our joint efforts, we can surely build our
                                          In addition, we collaborate with the top       programme one of the strongest in the
                                          universities and research institutions         great China area. Welcome to join this
                                          to expose our students to the cutting-         great venture!
                                          edge economic research. For instance,
                                          we have co-organized conferences with
                                          the universities such as Princeton, the
                                          international organizations such as the
                                          IMF and the Asian Development Bank
                                          Institute, and the central banks such as
                                          the People’s Bank of China and the Federal
                                          Reserve. In particular, the partnership
                                          masters programme with the University
                                          of Wisconsin-Madison offers students a
                                          unique opportunity of gaining international
                                          education at a globally famous Economics
                                          programme and the on-site experience
 Prof. Jian WANG                          of understanding Chinese economy and
                                          China’s financial markets at one of the
 Co-Director of MSc in Economics
 Programme                                most dynamic economic and financial
 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison   centers in China.

Master of Science in Economics
                                        his programme is designed to provide students with comprehensive training that combines
                                        economic theories, quantitative skills and real-world applications to launch them into a
                                        career in economic service sectors, including government agencies, financial institutions,
                                 multinational companies, business organizations and higher education.

                                 CUHK-Shenzhen and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) have established
                                 a partnership between master’s degree programmes in economics in February 2018. The
                                 Department of Economics of UW-Madison is regarded as one of the best around the world. In

                                                                                                                                                  2021 Entry
                                 2017, it is ranked #12 in the Best Graduate Economics Programmes by the U.S. News. This
                                 joint programme offers a unique opportunity for students to receive world-class education from

                                 a prestigious US programme and obtain knowledge about the Chinese economy and practical
                                 trainings/internships/job opportunities in China.

                                 Prof. Lixin YE                      Prof. Jinfan ZHANG                   Prof. Bin LIU
                                 Ph.D., Stanford University          Ph.D., Yale University               Ph.D., National University
                                 Co-Director, MSc in Economics       Associate Professor, School of       of Singapore
  ACADEMICS                      Programme , CUHK-Shenzhen
                                 Professor of Economics,
                                                                     Management and Economics,
                                                                                                          Assistant Professor, School of
                                                                                                          Management and Economics,
                                 Ohio State University               Former Economist at the              CUHK-Shenzhen
                                                                     International Monetary Fund (IMF).
                                 Prof. Bohui ZHANG                                                        Prof. Yangbo SONG
                                 Ph.D., Nanyang Technological        Prof. Xiaojian ZHAO                  Ph.D., University of California,
                                 University                          Ph.D., University of Mannheim        Los Angeles
                                 Executive Associate Dean, School    Associate Professor, School of       Assistant Professor, School of
                                 of Management and Economics,        Management and Economics,            Management and Economics,
                                 CUHK-Shenzhen                       CUHK-Shenzhen                        CUHK-Shenzhen
                                 Presidential Chair Professor,
Prof. Wei XIONG                  CUHK-Shenzhen                       Prof. Qihui CHEN                     Prof. Cong XIE
Ph.D., Duke University           Co-Director, MSc in Data Science    Ph.D., University of California,     Ph.D., University of California,
Academic Dean, School of         Programme, CUHK-Shenzhen            San Diego                            Los Angeles
Management and Economics,                                            Assistant Professor, School of       Assistant Professor, School of
CUHK-Shenzhen                    Prof. Jian WANG                     Management and Economics,            Management and Economics,
Academic Director, Shenzhen      Ph.D., University of                CUHK-Shenzhen                        CUHK-Shenzhen
Finance Institute                Wisconsin-Madison
                                 Assistant Dean (Academic), School   Prof. Liyu DOU                       Prof. Huihua XIE
Prof. Chunrong AI                of Management and Economics,        Ph.D., Princeton University          Ph.D., National University
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute   CUHK-Shenzhen                       Assistant Professor, School of       of Singapore
of Technology                    Associate Professor, School of      Management and Economics,            Assistant Professor, School of
Presidential Chair Professor,    Management and Economics,           CUHK-Shenzhen                        Management and Economics,
CUHK-Shenzhen                    CUHK-Shenzhen                                                            CUHK-Shenzhen
Co-Director, FEMBA/EDP           Co-Director, MSc in Economics       Prof. Jieshuang HE
Programme, CUHK-Shenzhen         Programme, CUHK-Shenzhen                                                 Prof. Sichuang XU
                                 Supervisor, Master Program in       Ph.D., Indiana University
                                 Finance, TSINGHUA PBC               Assistant Professor, School of       Ph.D., Hong Kong University
Prof. Tao SHU                                                        Management and Economics,            of Science and Technology
Ph.D., University of Texas       School of Finance
                                 Former Senior Research Economist    CUHK-Shenzhen                        Assistant Professor, School of
at Austin                                                                                                 Management and Economics,
Associate Director, Shenzhen     and Policy Advisor at the Federal
                                 Reserve Bank of Dallas              Prof. Ming LI                        CUHK-Shenzhen
Finance Institute
Presidential Chair Professor,                                        Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
                                 Prof. Feng LIU                      Assistant Professor, School of       Prof. Yiying ZHENG
Director, MSc in Finance         Ph.D., Cornell University           Management and Economics,            Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Programme, CUHK-Shenzhen         Associate Professor, School of      CUHK-Shenzhen                        Assistant Professor, School of
                                 Management and Economics,                                                Management and Economics,
Prof. Cong WANG                  CUHK-Shenzhen                       Prof. Zehao LI                       CUHK-Shenzhen
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University                                         Ph.D., University of
Associate Director, Shenzhen     Prof. Haichun YE                    Wisconsin-Madison
Finance Institute                Ph.D., University of Oklahoma       Assistant Professor, School of
Presidential Chair Professor,    Associate Professor, School of      Management and Economics,
CUHK-Shenzhen                    Management and Economics,           CUHK-Shenzhen
Director, MSc in Business        CUHK-Shenzhen
Management Programme,            Former Senior Economist at the
CUHK-Shenzhen                    Hong Kong Monetary Authority
 PRACTITIONER(S)                Mr. Ming CHANG                  Mr. Gang LIU                    Mr. Chunlai WU
                                MSc in Financial Mathematics    EMBA, Tsinghua University       MBA, University of Oxford
                                University of Warwick           Vice President of SenseTime     Senior Asset Allocation Strategist,
                                Vice General Manager at                                         Executive Director, Chief
                                Jwin Capital Co., Ltd.                                          Investment Office, Global Wealth
                                                                                                Management, UBS, Hong Kong

Dr. Shi CHENG                   Mr. Biao GONG                   Dr. Dongning SUN                Dr. Shengzu WANG
Ph.D., Fudan University         MSc in Economics                Ph.D., Columbia University in   Ph.D., McGill University
Head of Research, Managing      Peking University               the City of New York            Co-head of Investment Strategy
Director and Chief Economist,   EMBA, Cheung Kong               Research Scientist,             Group Asia of the Investment
ICBC International              Graduate School of Business     Peng Cheng Laboratory;          Management Division in Goldman
                                President of Citic New Future   Adjunct Professor,              Sachs; Adjunct Professor,
                                Investment Management           Shenzhen Finance Institute      Shenzhen Finance Institute

                                                                Dr. Xiangqian SONG              Dr. Jie ZHANG
                                                                Ph.D., Tsinghua University      Ph.D., University of
                                                                Founder of Harvest Capital      Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                                                Executive Director and
                                                                                                General Manager, Shanghai
                                                                                                Electric Hong Kong Company
                                                                                                Limited; Adjunct Professor,
                                                                                                Shenzhen Finance Institute

Master of Science in Economics
Concentrations                                                                                  Electives    (Choose 5 courses/ 15 units)
                                                                                                  Applied Time Series Analysis
  Macro-Finance                                  Economic Data Science                            Applied Econometrics
                                                                                                  Banking Supervision and Regulation

                                                                                                                                                2021 Entry
  Applied Economics                                                                               Banks and Financial Institutions
                                                                                                  Behavioral Economics
                                                                                                  Big Data for Business and Economics
Curriculum                                     Required Concentration Courses
                                               (Two courses/ 6 units)
                                                                                                  Capital Markets
                                                                                                  Contemporary Issues in Chinese Financial
5 Required Core Courses+2 Required                                                                Development (Practitioner Workshops)
                                                 Macro-Finance Concentration
Concentration Courses+5 Elective Courses                                                          China’s Economic Policies and Their Effects
                                                 International Finance                            Directed Research in Economics
Required Core Courses                            Advanced Monetary Economics and                  Entrepreneurial Finance and Economics
(Five courses/ 15 units)                         Financial Markets                                International Financial Management
  Advanced Microeconomics                                                                         International Trade
                                                 Economic Data Science Concentration              Machine Learning for Text
  Advanced Macroeconomics
  Quantitative Methods in Economics              Machine Learning in Finance                      Stochastic Models and Their Business
  Advanced Econometrics                          Data Mining for Economics                        Applications
  Machine Learning in Business                                                                    ……
                                                 Applied Economics Concentration
  and Economics                                                                                 The elective offerings are subject to change
                                                 Industrial Organization                        and not all listed elective courses will be
                                                 Market Design                                  offered in each academic year.

Featured Courses
Contemporary Issues in Chinese                 China’s Economic Policies                        Entrepreneurial Finance
Financial Development                          and Their Effects                                and Economics
In the popular course Contemporary             The course is designed to bridge the             The course Entrepreneurial Finance and
Issues in Chinese Financial Development,       gap between academic economics and               Economics was firstly introduced in the
students are taught by seven practicing        the reality of China. It focuses on the          MSc Economics Programme in 2018.
professionals from financial companies         interaction between the government and           This course examines key elements of
in Shenzhen, Beijing and Hong Kong and         the market. It will help students understand     entrepreneurial finance and economics,
also the financial policy-making units of      how the Chinese government works, and            focusing on technology-based start-up
the government sector. This course helps       how their fiscal/financial/industrial policies   ventures and the early stages of company
students gain practical insights into the      affect the real economy and shape many           development. The course helps students
latest trends of the financial sector and      current affairs.                                 gain insights into real business issues,
gives students the opportunity of working in                                                    focusing on how to make good judgements
teams on a nine-week real-world case study                                                      in new environments characterized by high
under the supervision of the practitioners.                                                     degrees of uncertainty.

Tuition Fee and Scholarships
  The tuition fee for the entire programme (2021 entry)                    Subject Prize will be awarded to students with the best academic
  is RMB168,000.                                                           performance in each required core course.
  Merit-based entrance scholarships of as high as                          Scholarship for Academic Excellence will be awarded to students
  RMB168,000 are granted to qualified candidates.                          who have exhibited distinguished academic performance during
                                                                           their study in the MSc Economics Programme at CUHK-Shenzhen.

Partnership Masters Programme in Economics
   Students will be offered two Master                  UW-Madison Master Programme Courses
   degrees after successfully completing
   the graduate studies at both                         Core Courses                                  Elective Courses
   UW-Madison and CUHK-Shenzhen.                        (Total 5 Courses/ 15 Credits)                 (Select 2 Courses/ 6 Credits)
                                                           Microeconomics I                              Macroeconomic Policy
   Degree Requirements:                                    Econometrics I                                Economic Forecasting
   UW-Madison: 30 credits in total with a                  Microeconomics II                             Economics of Growth
   minimum of 21 credits taken in Madison                  Econometrics II                               Game Theory & Economic Analysis
   CUHK-Shenzhen: 36 credits in total                      Macroeconomics I                              Economics of Health Care
   with a minimum of 18 credits taken                                                                    Issues-International Finance
   in Shenzhen                                                                                           Data Analytics for Economics
                                                                                                         Economics of Machine Learning

   *The course offerings are subject to change. Courses taken at CUHK-Shenzhen are the same as the courses offered by
    MSc in Economics Programme. Normative Study Period: 2.5 years

Study Plan (for reference only)                    Admission Requirements                                A Copy of TOEFL/ IELTS score sheet
                                                                                                         Three Reference Letters in English
 Year 1                                            To join the partnership programme,                    (An invitation email will be sent
Fall Term – CUHK-Shenzhen                          applicants must:                                      automatically to your referees by the
Quantitative Methods in Economics                     Hold a Bachelor’s degree from a                    application system)
Advanced Econometrics                                 recognized university and have achieved            Math Preparation Form from The
Advanced Macroeconomics                               an average grade of not lower than “B”;            University of Wisconsin-Madison: can be
Machine Learning in Business and Economics            or equivalent;                                     downloaded from the official website
                                                      Take the TOEFL/ IELTS examination                  Other supporting documents
Spring Term – UW-Madison                              (required only if you are a non-native             Note: Applicants are required to pay a non-
ECON 701: Microeconomics I
                                                      English Speaker). In most cases,                   refundable application fee of RMB300.
ECON 702: Macroeconomics I
                                                      students required to take the test must
ECON 704: Econometrics I
                                                      achieve a TOEFL score of 92 or better,
Electives                                                                                             Tuition Fees and Scholarships
                                                      OR a IELTS score of 7 or better.
Summer Term – UW-Madison                                                                              Tuition Fees: CUHK-Shenzhen and UW-
Students may have the following two options:                                                          Madison are responsible for setting and
Option A: Stay at UW-Madison and take courses      Application Checklist
                                                                                                      collecting tuition/fees through their own
Option B: Participate in internship (0 credits).                                                      university. Full-time Enrollment Tuition at
                                                   Applicants MUST apply online via the
 Year 2                                            online application system (http://apply.           UW-Madison is currently $2000-$2200
                                          and              US dollars per credit.
Fall Term – UW-Madison
                                                   submit the following supporting documents.         Scholarships: The students admitted to the
ECON 708: Microeconomics II
ECON 705: Econometrics II                            Curriculum Vitae (English)                       partnership Programme have the opportunity
Electives                                            Personal Statement (English)                     of receiving scholarships from both CUHK-
Graduate from UW-Madison                             Official Bachelor’s and/or Master’s              Shenzhen and UW-Madison to cover
                                                     Degree Certificate or Student Status             full/part of their tuitions.
Spring Term – CUHK-Shenzhen
                                                     Certificate in Chinese and English (must            Scholarship offered by UW-Madison:
Required Concentration Courses
                                                     have stamp/seal of school and signature             up to USD20,000
                                                     of an authorized school official.)                  Scholarship offered by CUHK-Shenzhen:
Summer Term – CUHK-Shenzhen                          Official Transcript in Chinese                      up to RMB168,000
Electives                                            and English (must have stamp/seal
 Year 3                                              of school and signature of an
                                                     authorized school official.)
Fall Term – CUHK-Shenzhen
Graduate Internship (off campus)
Graduate from CUHK-Shenzhen

Students Testimonials

                                                                                                                                                       Master of Science in Economics
                     Yiling GUI
                     MSc in Economics Programme, 2017 Cohort.
                     IDG Asia Incubator

                   Life in CUHK-Shenzhen was full of challenges and opportunities. As
                   a bioengineering undergraduate, I struggled to get into the finance
                   field until I met economics programme which is a great platform
                   providing high-quality education resources and good job opportunities
                   to us. Here I met many nice people, acquired professional knowledge
                   and entered the new stage of my life. Much appreciation to CUHK-
                   Shenzhen for its cultivation, accompany, education and innovation.            Ying WANG
                                                                                                 MSc in Economics
                                                                                                 Programme, 2017 Cohort.
                                                                                                 Ph.D. Candidate,
                                                                                                 Toulouse School of Economics
                     Chunyu ZHU

                                                                                                                                                       2021 Entry
                     MSc in Economics Programme, 2017 Cohort.
                     Ping An Fund Management Co., Ltd.                                          Master of Science in Economics
                                                                                                is a well-organized and full-
                   As Philip Fisher said: "Successful companies are always capable              source-equipped programme.
                   and lucky." I firmly believe that is also true for successful people.        Through its training, I
                   When looking back to the way from CUHK-Shenzhen to Ping An                   established a solid foundation in
                   Fund, I finally find that it‘s my effort and luck that help me achieve       economic theory and equipped
                   my goal after graduation. I am very lucky to choose MSc Economics            myself with many analytical
                   Programme because with the help of teachers and classmates, I                tools used in modern economic
                   always have optimistic expectation for future and have a passion for         research. For students who
                   study and work.                                                              would like to pursue a further
                                                                                                deepening study in economics,
                                                                                                MSc Economics Programme
                                                                                                is an excellent choice. Every
                     Tao HUANG                                                                  semester, students have
                     MSc Economics Programme, 2018 Cohort.                                      opportunities to do real
                     Tencent                                                                    academic research under
                                                                                                the supervision of one of the
                   With inspiring professors and outstanding classmates, studying at            outstanding professors. What’s
                   CUHK-Shenzhen and SFI helped me enrich my understanding of                   more, students are free to
                   economics and strengthen my quantitative analysis abilities. If studying     join every seminar held in the
                   advanced-level economics is like struggling in a rainstorm, then CUHK-       school so they could catch up
                   Shenzhen and SFI will guide you and provide you with abundant                with the front edge of today’s
                   resources to pass the rainstorm safely. The career development center        academic world.
                   also offered us plenty of trainings for internship and job seeking.
                   Choosing MSc Economics Programme was the nirvana of my life.

                     Sihui LI
                     MSc Economics Programme, 2018 cohort.

                   As a master student in CUHK-Shenzhen in the last one and half year,
                   I immersed myself in the field of economics with the instructions
                   and inspirations from professors and tutors, which helped to lay
                   me a solid foundation in analytical and logical thinking in my
                   further exploration in this world. Besides, administrators in the MSc
                   Economics Programme are very considerate and helpful no matter in
                   study, daily life or even career path. I’m thrilled to call this period of
                   time in CUHK-Shenzhen a highlight in my life.

Contact Us                                  Address
    (86) 755 8427-3454 / 3417               Room 527-531, Teaching A, 2001                      Longxiang Boulevard, Longgang District,              Shenzhen, China 518172                                                      Follow us on Wechat for
                                                                                                                        more information

Master of Science
in Accounting                                                                                Overview
                                                                                             Accounting in the Era of Big Data:
                                                                                             From Data Generation to Data Application

Message from the Programme Director                                                          To nurture business elites who are capable of coping
                                                                                             with the increasingly complex and global business
                                                                                             environment. At our accounting programme, data
                                                                                             analytics is integrated into accounting curriculum.

                                               students to understand the institutions       TWO Concentrations
                                               of the Chinese emerging market, such            Professional Accounting
                                               as showing how formal institutions              Accounting Analytics
                                               shape market practice and how informal        Our focus is not only to provide students with
                                               institutions embed in Chinese culture and     comprehensive training that combines
                                                                                             professional accounting knowledge and skills for
                                               social norms.                                 technical problem-solving, but also on
                                                                                             problem-framing, so students can learn to ask the
                                               MSc in Accounting Programme has an            right questions and think strategically.
                                               established reputation for excellence         MSc in Accounting Programme does not require
                                               extending in teaching and learning,           applicants to have a background in accounting,
                                               and therefore employs a rich variety of       and students with a good initial training in science
                                                                                             subjects such as statistics, computer science and etc.,
                                               teaching staff with a range of experience     would be an advantage to the Accounting Analytics
                                               and status. Members of in-house faculty,      concentration. With tailor-made curriculum in a way
                                               who have published innovative research        to combine academic rigour with practical learning,
                                               would lecture majority of the courses. This   it is ideal for applicants who wish to pursue a career
                                                                                             in accounting, finance, banking, consultancy and
                                               ensures that our teaching is always at        management industries. All classes are conducted in
                                               the cutting edge of the accounting theory.    English* with normative study period of 24-month.
 Prof. Tianyu ZHANG                            Some courses are taught by distinguished      * There may have exception in practitioner workshops
 Programme Director of MSc in                  practitioners from the frontier institutes
 Accounting at CUHK-Shenzhen                   of finance industries. They would use
 PhD, Hong Kong University of Science          many real-life case studies and practical     Features
 and Technology                                assignments to underpin the theory. These
                                               courses are specifically designed to enable   REAL-WORLD LEARNING
                                               students to gain deeper practical insights

                                                                                             Participates in Real-World Projects
           Sc Accounting Programme             and links to the local capital markets.       with Professionals
           aims to form a community that
           cultivates future business elites   The programme is housed within the            STUDENT CENTERED
by providing them an advanced academic         Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI).             Studies in Supportive Learning Environment
training in professional accounting and                                                      & Sophisticated Collegiate System
                                               Students will enjoy a resourceful alumni
related fields with ultimate emphasis on       network, interactions with business           WELL-DESIGNED CURRICULUM
business ethical standards.                    elites by joining international forum,        Fosters Critical Thinking & Combines
                                               insights from top scholars, and research      Application of Advanced Technology
This programme is distinctive in its           opportunities with our faculty.
approach. Different from a traditional                                                       MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIP
accounting programme. Cross-disciplinary       The programme will pave your path to a        Rewards Students with Entrance
training, such as data mining and business                                                   & Academic Performance Scholarships
                                               prominent career and we have confidence
analytical courses are intergraded in our      to support you to becoming your best self     PROMISING PROSPECT
curriculum. Building from a sound basis        in two years’ time. Look forward to seeing    Connects Tightly to Industry and Provides
in accounting theory, the programme is         you in the future!                            Professional Career Training
featured with comprehensive training for
                                                                                             GLOBAL EXPOSURE
                                                                                             Experiences in Diversified Culture through
                                                                                             Variety of Exchange and Visiting Programmes

Faculty                               This Programme represents a joint effort between the
                                      best in academic and the best in the industry.

                                                                                                                                                              Master of Science in Accounting
                                      Professor of School of                    Prof. Hugh THOMAS                       Prof. Yakun WANG
                                      Accountancy at CUHK                       PhD, New York University                PhD, City University of New York,
                                      Director of the Center for Institutions   Associate Professor of SME              Baruch College
   ACADEMICS                          and Governance at CUHK
                                      Editorial Board Member of
                                                                                at CUHK-Shenzhen                        Assistant Professor of SME
                                                                                                                        at CUHK-Shenzhen
                                      The Accounting Review                     Prof. Yi CAO
                                                                                PhD, University of Maryland             Prof. Shijie YANG
                                      Prof. Bohui ZHANG                         Assistant Professor of SME at           PhD, The University of
                                      PhD, Nanyang Technological                CUHK-Shenzhen                           Hong Kong
                                      University                                                                        Assistant Professor of SME
                                      Executive Associate Dean of               Prof. Peng-chia CHIU                    at CUHK-Shenzhen
                                      SME at CUHK-Shenzhen
                                      Associate Director of the Institute       PhD, University of California, Irvine
                                                                                Assistant Professor of SME at           Mr. Simon LEE
                                      of Global Finance (IGF)
Prof. Wei XIONG                       Co-Director of MSc in                     CUHK-Shenzhen                           Co-director of International

                                                                                                                                                              2021 Entry
PhD, Duke University                  Data Science Programme                                                            Business and Chinese
Academic Dean of SME at                                                         Prof. Yufei LIN                         Enterprise Programme
                                                                                PhD, Duke University                    Senior Lecturer at CUHK
CUHK-Shenzhen                         Prof. Marlene AMSTAD
Director of Shenzhen Finance          PhD, University of St. Gallen             Assistant Professor of SME
Institute                                                                       at CUHK-Shenzhen                        Dr. Yifei LU
                                      Member of the Board of
                                      Directors of the Swiss Financial                                                  PhD, Hong Kong Baptist
Prof. Tao SHU                         Market Supervisory Authority              Prof. Na LIU                            University
PhD, University of Texas at Austin    (FINMA)                                   PhD, Nanyang Technological              Lecturer of SME
Associate Director of Shenzhen        Former Head of Investment Strategy        University                              at CUHK-Shenzhen
Finance Institute                     of Swiss National Band (SNB)              Assistant Professor of SME
Programme Director of MSc in          Professor of Practice of SME              at CUHK-Shenzhen                        Dr. Wai Pong Wilburn TSANG
Finance at CUHK-Shenzhen              at CUHK-Shenzhen                                                                  PhD, The University of Hong Kong
Professor of SME at CUHK-Shenzhen                                               Prof. Zhuang LIU                        Executive Director of MSc
Co-Director of Hong Kong-Shenzhen     Prof. Smart POWPAKA                       J.S.D., University of Chicago           Accounting Programme at
Finance Research Centre               PhD, University of Texas at Arlington     PhD, Peking University                  CUHK-Shenzhen
                                      Associate Professor of SME at             Assistant Professor of SME              Lecturer of SME
Prof. Cong WANG                       CUHK-Shenzhen                             at CUHK-Shenzhen                        at CUHK-Shenzhen
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Associate Director of Shenzhen        Prof. Bin MIAO                            Prof. Jong Han PARK                     Dr. Ho Yin William WONG
Finance Institute                     PhD, Nanyang Technological                PhD, Florida State University           PhD, Lingnan University
Professor of SME at CUHK-Shenzhen     University                                Assistant Professor of SME              Lecture of SME
                                      Associate Professor of SME                at CUHK-Shenzhen                        at CUHK-Shenzhen
Prof. Tianyu ZHANG                    at CUHK-Shenzhen
PhD, Hong Kong University                                                       Prof. Xiaoqiao WANG                     Dr. Wen ZHANG
of Science and Technology             Prof. Rui SHEN                            PhD, Queen's University                 PhD, Rutgers, the State
Director of Center for Institutions   PhD, Hong Kong University                 Assistant Professor of SME              University of New Jersey
and Capital Market at Shenzhen        of Science and Technology                 at CUHK-Shenzhen                        Lecturer of SME
Finance Institute                     Associate Professor of SME                                                        at CUHK-Shenzhen
Programme Director of MSc in          at CUHK-Shenzhen
Accounting at CUHK-Shenzhen


Dr. Hu CHEN                           Mr. Hou Yin John KAM                  Dr. Yi LONG                      Mr. Yi SHAO
Postdoctoral at School of Economics   Former Executive Director &           PhD, The University of           Former Economist at the World Bank
and Management Tsinghua University    Chief Executive Officer of            Hong Kong                        Former Derivatives Trader at
CEO of Financial Cloud, ZTEHoldings   Century Ginwa Retail Holdings Ltd.    Chief Executive Officer at       Goldman Sachs
New Cloud Ltd.Consultant of the       (HKSE code: 0162) Member of           Datago Technology Ltd.           Former Board of Directors at
Accounting Information Committee of   Standing Committee of                 Postdoctoral Fellow at CUHK      Deutsche Bank (Hong Kong)
the Ministry of Finance               the Chinese People’s Political                                         Adjunct Professor of School of
Adjunct Professor of MSc in           Consultative Conference of                                             Accountancy at CUHK
Accounting at CUHK-Shenzhen           Futian District, Shenzhen

Mr. Wenjie GUO                        Dr. Xiaoxu LI                         Ms. Qi LU                        Mr. Ning YAO
Managing Director,                    PhD, The Hong Kong University         Head of Credit and               Founder & CEO of E-Supporting
Investment Banking Department,        of Science and Technology             Collection, Philips              Finance & Taxation
Founder Securities                    Data Scientist at Shell Street Labs   Former Financial Director,       Technology Co., Ltd.
Former General Manager,               Former Data Architect at              Greater China, Philips (China)   Former Partner at Ruihua
Investment Banking Department,        Goldman Sachs                         Investment Co., Ltd.             Certified Public Accountants
Yintai Securities Co., Ltd.                                                 Adjunct Lecturer of MSc in       (Special General Partnership)
Adjunct Lecturer of MSc in                                                  Accounting at CUHK-Shenzhen
Accounting at CUHK-Shenzhen

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