Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Course Guide
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

With great pride, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice recently celebrated its 150th anniversary.            Introduction                        4
The university was founded in 1868 as the Scuola Regia Superiore di Commercio (Advanced
School for Commerce) by a group of innovative and learned scholars who introduced trade and
foreign language studies to Italy, and it continues to be characterised by the same innovative spirit    Why choose Ca’ Foscari?             6
and openness to the world today.
                                                                                                         University profile                  8
Located in the very heart of the inspiring city of Venice, with its beautiful canals and rich cultural
heritage, our university offers a uniquely stimulating and enriching academic environment. You           Ca’ Foscari for students           22
can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes in
either the humanities or the sciences, and we are world-ranked for our teaching and research
in economics, management, modern languages, history, environmental science, chemistry,                   Student life                       26
linguistics, accounting and finance, computer science, and geography. The education we offer
you encourages interdisciplinarity and exploits innovative teaching methodologies. To further            Italian university system          32
enrich your university experience, you can also broaden your horizons by adding a minor to your
undergraduate degree or by taking advantage of special extracurricular learning and training             Foundation year                    34
opportunities. Our Active Learning Lab workshops, for instance, refine your soft skills to make you
more attractive to employers.
                                                                                                         Bachelor’s degree programmes       36
Ca’ Foscari also provides you with a host of ways to grow thanks to our emphasis on international
education. Not only do we offer many degree programmes entirely taught in English, but we also           Master’s degree programmes         60
have a vast network of global partnerships that allow you to earn a joint degree with or carry out
an exchange experience at other top-ranked universities in both Europe and around the world.             Doctoral programmes                106
Since your life outside the classroom should be rewarding, too, we have a rich calendar of cultural
and social events to keep you stimulated and help you become an active part of our community.
                                                                                                         Professional master’s programmes   112
Ca’ Foscari and I hope to welcome you to Venice soon!
                                                                                                         Fees and how to apply              114

                                                                                                         Academic calendar                  118

Tiziana Lippiello
                                                                                                         Campuses                           120
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Established in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of
                                                       Venice is a modern research university with
                                                       over 24,000 students. It offers a varied array
                                                       of undergraduate and graduate degrees in both
                                                       the sciences and the humanities, a significant
                                                       number of which are taught entirely in English.

                                                       Ca’ Foscari has a strong international reputation
                                                       for both teaching and research. The QS World

                                                       University Rankings have acknowledged its
                                                       excellence in twelve different subjects, including
                                                       modern languages, economics and history,
                                                       and Ca’ Foscari attracts highly talented young
                                                       researchers. It is the fourth university in Europe,
                                                       and the most successful in Italy, with regard to
                                                       the number of prestigious Marie Skłodowska-
                                                       Curie Research Fellowships it has been awarded
                                                       by the European Commission.

                                                       Heavily invested in being connected to the
                                                       world, the university has developed a markedly
                                                       international character. Over 40 languages
                                                       are taught here and more than 1,500 students
                                                       participate in exchange programmes scattered
                                                       around the globe each year. What is more,
                                                       Ca’ Foscari offers more than 30 double and joint
                                                       degree programmes and has forged a network
                                                       of over 500 partner universities.

                                                       The Ca’ Foscari experience is particularly unique
                                                       due to the university’s location in Venice, an
                                                       inspiring city with a rich history and vibrant
                                                       present that animate and catalyse contemporary
                   Ca' Foscari, 15th century, Venice   creativity and innovation.

4                                                                                                            5
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
WHY STUDY AT CA’ FOSCARI?                              WHY STUDY IN VENICE?
                   • You can choose from a wide range of bachelor’s,      Most of the university’s campuses and buildings
                     master’s and doctoral degree programmes,             are located in Venice, and this makes the Ca’
                     including many taught entirely in English and        Foscari experience undeniably special. Located in a
                     dozens offering double or joint diplomas with        lagoon on the Adriatic coast in northeast Italy, the
                     other respected universities.                        city occupies 120 small islands separated by canals
                   • Ca’ Foscari rewards high-achieving students          and connected by bridges. As a result, its urban
                     with various incentives, including scholarships      fabric is characterised not by traffic-congested
                     and tuition fee waivers or reductions.               roads, but by pedestrian walkways and lively public
                   • You can give your university experience an           squares, so it encourages an environmentally
                     international edge by taking advantage of our        conscious, neighbourhood-based lifestyle.
                     hundreds of study abroad programmes around
                     the globe.                                           Most importantly, Venice is an intellectually and
    Ca’ Foscari?

                   • You can enrich your degree programme with            culturally stimulating city that offers countless
    Why choose

                     innovative and interdisciplinary workshops           ways to learn, grow and be inspired. It has been
                     dedicated to developing your soft skills and         classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks
                     learning to network and work collaboratively.        to its stunning historical art and architecture,
                   • You can complement your classroom learning           which conjures up the city’s extraordinary past
                     with real-world internships both in Italy and        as a cultural and commercial crossroads. What
                     abroad.                                              is more, every year it plays host to all kinds of
                   • Ca’ Foscari invests heavily in expert teaching and   internationally renowned exhibitions, events and
                     innovative research, particularly with the goal of   festivals, offering you endless opportunities for
                     supporting and promoting emerging scholars.          discovering different ideas, traditions and cultures.
                   • A Ca’ Foscari education prepares you for the         So studying at Ca’ Foscari in Venice means being
                     working world, as proven by the university’s high    exposed to top-notch teaching and research in a
                     graduate employment rate.                            vibrant, enriching setting.
                   • When you are not in the classroom, Ca’ Foscari
                     helps you cultivate your passions and interests
                     by organising cultural events and offering you
                     the opportunity to get involved in extracurricular
                     activities, including theatre, music, radio,
                     cinema, sports and more.

6                                                                                                                             7
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
People                                 Degree Programmes

                         24,000 students, including             19 bachelor’s degrees (3 years)
                         1,500 international students
                                                                35 master’s degrees (2 years)
                         1,300 professors, lecturers
    University profile
                         and administrative staff, as well as   16 doctoral degrees (3+ years)
                         100 visiting professors each year
                                                                30+ professional master’s degree
                                                                programmes (1 year)


                         8 Departments                          Opportunities

                         3 Schools                              10,000+ internship agreements in Italy and abroad

                         6 Libraries                            700+ student exchange agreements

                         1 Language centre                      30+ double and joint degrees

                         1 Theatre                              2 Summer Schools in partnership with Harvard
                                                                University (USA) and Columbia University (USA)
                         1 Sports centre
                                                                1 Foundation Year
                         3 International Offices

8                                                                                                                9
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Research at Ca’ Foscari

Ca’ Foscari‘s international reputation for              INTERNATIONAL RANKINGS
innovative and impactful scholarship is a result
of its firm commitment to fostering research
excellence, especially thanks to the development
of international partnerships and the allocation
of resources to the funding of promising young
scholars’ work. Ca’ Foscari, in fact, ranks fourth in
all of Europe for the number of prestigious Marie
Skłodowska-Curie Fellows it has attracted.
The university actively promotes interdisciplinarity
in order to encourage faculty and students to
explore new frontiers, and it has recently built a
state-of-the-art science and technology campus.

10                                                                               11
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Research with an impact

     While Ca’ Foscari has been a leader in teaching        Social Innovation
     and research related to economics and modern           Research in this field aims to break down the
     languages since its founding in 1868, it has           barriers that inhibit social participation, to reduce
     greatly expanded its areas of expertise over time.     inequality and to promote integration, inclusivity
     Most recently, the university has been actively        and justice, and to improve healthcare by means
     developing research and degree programmes              of well-designed public policy.
     involving the study of digital transformation and
     social innovation, climate change and nanoscience.     International Studies
     As a means of harnessing the impactful work            Comparative cultural and area studies provide
     being carried out in such a wide range of fields,      the theoretical and conceptual basis for
     and in order to ensure that it have the kind of        addressing some of the most urgent challenges
     impact on the world around us that the best            of this century, such as radicalisation, migration
     research should, the university has established        and integration into increasingly multicultural
     the Institute for Global Challenges. The institute’s   and multilingual societies both within and beyond
     function is to encourage, support and coordinate       the European Union.
     cross-disciplinary collaboration among faculty
     members with the purpose of leveraging Ca’             Green and Blue Growth
     Foscari’s collective knowledge and expertise in        To help create a more sustainable future, Ca’
     the search for solutions to some of the greatest       Foscari’s research in this area is developing
     challenges facing us today by channeling the           nature-based solutions designed to improve
     university’s energy into six main research areas.      resource and energy efficiency, thereby enabling
                                                            green technologies (including nanotechnologies)
     Complexity                                             and promoting sustainable growth in the
     The transdisciplinary study of complex systems         maritime sector.
     generates innovative solutions to the most
     pressing scientific and societal challenges facing     Innovation Management
     the world today.                                       Research related to innovation management
                                                            investigates new frameworks and tools such
     Digital and Cultural Heritage                          as economic resilience, the circular economy,
     New digital technologies help to reveal new            systemic and interactive innovation, bio-based
     meaning in the world around us and create new          products and multi-actor approaches.
     fields of research such as the digital humanities
     and conservation science. The innovative
     approaches these technologies afford change
     the way cultural heritage is studied, preserved,
     restored, managed, disseminated and even

12                                                                                                             13
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Department of Asian                                     Department of Environmental Sciences,               Department of Linguistics                                 Department of Molecular Sciences
and North African Studies                               Informatics and Statistics                          and Comparative Cultural Studies                          and Nanosystems
Italian Ministry of Universities and Research           This department provides programmes that            Italian Ministry of Universities and Research             This department combines traditional areas of
“Department of Excellence”                              explore innovative approaches to the analysis and   “Department of Excellence”                                study in the field of chemistry with the study of
This department offers programmes in the study          management of the information and environmental     This department focuses on the study of foreign           renewable energy sources, green chemistry,
of classical and modern Eastern and African             systems that underpin both sustainable              languages, linguistics and cultures, emphasising          nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.
languages within their cultural, religious, artistic,   development and the preservation of cultural        the importance of taking into account their     
social and historical contexts. A particular emphasis   heritage.                                           connection to and development within broad and
is placed on the political, economic and legal                               complex cultural systems.                                 Department of Philosophy
systems of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.                                                                                    and Cultural Heritage                                  Department of Humanities                                                                                      This department focuses on the relationship
                                                        Italian Ministry of Universities and Research       Department of Management                                  between philosophy and the social, psychological,
Department of Economics                                 “Department of Excellence”                          Italian Ministry of Universities and Research             cognitive, anthropological and pedagogical
Italian Ministry of Universities and Research           This department offers interdisciplinary study      “Department of Excellence”                                sciences. It also offers programmes that explore
“Department of Excellence”                              programmes in history, archaeology, art history,    This department provides the academic knowledge           historical, art historical and cultural research
This department offers flexible programmes that         classical and Middle Eastern studies, as well as    and skills that facilitate the management of              dealing with the conservation, maintenance and
meets the needs of a complex global economic            Medieval Latin, Romance and Byzantine studies,      companies of any size or type in any field of activity.   management of cultural heritage.
environment. The main research areas are                Italian studies, linguistics, religious studies,    Classroom study is integrated with counselling  
economics and finance, but they also include legal      geography, philology, communication and text        and tutorials focusing upon the development of
and social issues, quantitative analysis and the        science.                                            entrepreneurial skills and the leadership qualities
development of decision-making tools.                                  new enterprises require.                                                                        

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                        15
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Ca’ Foscari attracts influential academics and         degree, you receive a single qualification that is        International Offices
dynamic students from around the globe by              jointly conferred by all of the partner universities      Since 2017, the university has been opening
fostering an inspiring environment in which to         involved. Ca’ Foscari has more than 30 of these           representative offices abroad called Ca’ Foscari
learn, teach and carry out research. In order          programmes, so be sure to check if the programme          Offices in the World. Their purpose is to enhance
to welcome an ever more varied community of            of study you are interested in offers this opportunity.   and leverage global engagement by allowing the
students, the university has a range of degree                                                                   university to become an active part of different
programmes taught entirely in English and a            Exchange Programmes                                       cultural and intellectual contexts. They achieve this
worldwide network of over 500 university partners.     Ca’ Foscari considers international mobility              goal by facilitating international research by faculty
In the firm belief that international study and        facilitated by student exchange programmes to             members and researchers, creating opportunities
research experiences foster creativity and             be a key tool in the development of your academic         for students (such as international internships),
innovation through intellectual and cultural           and cultural knowledge as well as your personal           and fostering cultural exchange through the
exchange, Ca’ Foscari encourages its faculty,          and professional growth, so it.offers a range of          organisation of events and activities for local
students and administrative staff to spend             different student exchange programmes in place            communities. The university inaugurated its first
formative periods abroad. To facilitate this, the      to help you learn around the world while working          Ca’ Foscari Office in the World in Suzhou, China,
university has established dozens of double and        toward obtaining your degree. Thanks to the               where it is hosted on the campus of Soochow
joint degree programmes with prestigious partner       European Erasmus+ Study Programme, you can                University. The newest one is the Ca’ Foscari
universities in a host of different countries and      take advantage of a study period abroad at one of         Moscow Information Corner hosted by the Higher
has over 700 exchange agreements in place,             hundreds of partner universities located in one of        School of Economics in Russia’s capital.
giving those who study and work at Ca’ Foscari the     the programme’s participating countries. As an  
chance to learn and grow in virtually every corner     Erasmus+ exchange student, you attend university
of the world. Whether you want to explore Asia or      courses and benefit from the facilities of your 
North America, Africa or Europe, South America or      chosen host institution without paying additional
Australia, Ca’ Foscari paves the way.                  tuition fees, all funded by a grant from the European
                                                       Commission. Upon successfully completing your
Double and Joint Degrees                               course work abroad, you obtain full recognition for
Double and joint degrees are educational               the courses you completed.
programmes that provide an integrated study            If you would prefer to carry out an exchange period
curriculum in cooperation with one or more             outside of Europe, Ca’ Foscari offers the Overseas
international universities, requiring you to carry     Programme. This programme, too, offers you
out your studies both at Ca’ Foscari and at the        access to hundreds of exchange agreements with
international partner institution(s). They offer       universities across the globe that do not require
you the invaluable opportunity of learning in more     you to pay tuition fees to the university hosting you
than one academic context while benefiting from        abroad, and the courses you complete while on
carefully coordinated study plans and institutional    exchange count toward your degree. What is more,
cooperation. Upon concluding a double (or              Ca’ Foscari has created a fund in support of this
sometimes multiple) degree, you obtain multiple        programme in order to allow participants to receive
academic qualifications issued separately by each      a bursary, helping to make the expense of studying
of the partner universities. When you finish a joint   abroad more manageable.

16                                                                                                                                                                        17
Course Guide 2021/2022 - Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
International partnershipS

AFRICA             Taiwan 3
Morocco 3          Thailand 1
South Africa   1   United Arab Emirates   1                                                  1
Tunisia 1          Vietnam 3
THE AMERICAS       EUROPE                                                                                 4
                                                                                                                   1      7
Argentina   6      Albania   1                                                                                4
Brazil 10          Austria   6                           7                                                5       2 1
Canada 7           Belgium 10                                                                    4   31 11     16
Chile 3            Bosnia-Herzegovina 1                                                                10 42 3
                                                                                                                        1                           1            1
Colombia 1         Bulgaria 3                                                                               6   6 3
Costa Rica 1       Croatia 4                                                                          51 11 3 4
                                                                                                               11 1
Cuba 1             Cyprus 1                                                                                          3          1
                                                                                                                 1                      1
Ecuador 3          Czech Republic 3
                                                              11                                 9 39                               1                                                        14
Mexico 2           Denmark 5                                                                                       13 18                                        12
                                                                                                           1 1            1 2                                                                     25
Peru 2             Estonia 1
                                                                                                                                1               1
United States 11   Finland 6                                                                      3                        3
                   France 51                                                                                                                            1
ASIA               Germany 42                                                                                                               1                                            3
Armenia   1        Greece 13                                                                                                                                4
Azerbaijan   1     Hungary 6                      2                                                                                                                                      1
China 12           Iceland 1                                                                                                                                         1
Georgia 1          Ireland 4                                   1                                                                                                                 3
India 4            Latvia 1
Indonesia 1        Lithuania 2
Iran 1             Malta 1                                                  1                                                                                            1
Iraq 1             Montenegro 1
                                                                    3                                                                                                                1
Israel 3           Netherlands 11
Japan 25           Norway 4
Kazakhstan 1       Poland 16
Lebanon 2          Portugal 9
Malaysia 1         Romania 3
Mongolia 1         Russian Federation 7       Turkey 18
Pakistan 1         Serbia 1                   Ukraine 1                         3
Philippines 1      Slovenia 3                 United Kingdom       31
Qatar 1            Spain 39
Singapore 1        Sweden 4                   OCEANIA                                                              1
South Korea 14     Switzerland 11             Australia   8

School for International Education                      International College
The Ca’ Foscari School for International Education      Ca’ Foscari’s International College (Collegio
(SIE) offers you the opportunity to learn Italian, to   Internazionale) is a centre of academic excellence for
take courses about Italian history, language and        high-achieving students from both Italy and abroad.
culture taught in English, and to obtain any missing    As a result, the college is one of the most vibrant hubs
credits that your chosen degree programme               of cultural and academic exchange in northeastern
requires you to have before beginning your studies.     Italy. If you are accepted for admission to the college,
You can also broaden and enrich your educational        you get to enhance your studies at Ca’ Foscari
experience by applying to participate in one of the     by participating in an innovative interdisciplinary
SIE’s intensive summer programmes, some of              programme of courses and activities organised
which are run in collaboration with distinguished       exclusively for the college’s academic community.
international partners such as Harvard University       As a member of the college, you are provided with
and Columbia University.                                accommodation on the Island of San Servolo, an                                      international residential campus located near St.                                          Mark’s Square, and may be awarded a full or partial
                                                        merit-based scholarship.

20                                                                                                                 21
GETTING STARTED                                      LEARNING CENTRES

                    COUNSELING AND Welcome Unit                          UNIVERSITY LANGUAGE CENTRE
                    The Counseling and Welcome Unit manages the          The University Language Centre (Centro
                    online application procedure you must complete       Linguistico di Ateneo) offers you foreign language
                    in order to be accepted for enrolment into your      courses in English, French, Russian, Spanish,
                    chosen degree programme. Then after you arrive       Portoguese and German at various levels. If
                    it helps you settle in by providing information      you are enrolled in a degree programme at Ca’
                    about and assistance with various administrative     Foscari, you are entitled to a 65% discount on the
                    processes and university services.                   cost.
                                                                         SCHOOL FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION
                    FINANCIAL AID UNIT                                   The School for International Education offers you
                    The Financial Aid Unit provides you with             the opportunity to improve your Italian and learn
     for students

                    information about tuition fees and offers            about Italy’s history and culture. It also offers
                    opportunities for grants, loans and fee              Ca’ Foscari’s Foundation Year programme and
     Ca’ Foscari

                    reductions.                                          organises summer schools in collaboration with
                                              prestigious international partners. The school’s
                                                                         Italian language courses are offered at all skill
                    HOUSING OFFICE                                       levels and are open to everyone. The teachers are
                    The Housing Office assists you in finding housing    native-tongue instructors and classes are held in
                    in Venice or on the mainland, whether you are        rooms with full multimedia access. If you enrol
                    looking for a room in a student residence or a       in an English-taught degree but are interested
                    space in a shared apartment.                         in beginning to learn Italian or improving your
                                        current knowledge of the language, the school
                                                                         offers you a 75% discount on the cost.
                    BUDDY PROGRAMME                            
                    This programme pairs international students like
                    yourself with experienced students who volunteer
                    to help welcome you to the city and to the
                    university by giving you a hand as you get settled
                    in to life at Ca’ Foscari.

22                                                                                                                      23

Ca’ Foscari’s Career Service is dedicated to         RECRUITMENT DAYS
preparing you to enter the workforce after           Ca’ Foscari’s Career Service organises a series of
graduation. Throughout the year, it organises        recruitment days related to all areas of study in
career guidance workshops with leading               collaboration with its network of international and
professionals that help you draw your roadmap to     Italian businesses. This year over 90 businesses
professional success, especially by teaching you     participated under the following themes:
how to shape your online presence and prepare        • Finance and Consulting
effective curriculum vitae and cover letters. In     • Fashion and Luxury
addition, the office provides you with useful        • Food and Beverage
information about how to tackle job interviews       • Retail and Lifestyle
both in Italy and abroad.                            • Industry and Services

INTERNSHIPS IN ITALY AND ABROAD                      These opportunities can be useful to you as an
To give you invaluable on-the-job training and       international student because your study visa
professional work experience, the Career Service     allows you to seek employment in Italy for a full
office promotes and organises internships both       year after graduation in order to launch your
in Italy and all around the world. The university    career.
has forged a well-consolidated network of
relationships with cultural organisations, NGOs,
Chambers of Commerce and a host of companies
in order to offer you the opportunity to carry
out an internship that will help you realise your
professional goals. Internships abroad can be set
up either during your studies or shortly after you

24                                                                                                         25

                    Student associations play a crucial role in
                    bringing students together and involving them in
                    university life, so Ca’ Foscari actively supports
                    their recreational and cultural initiatives.

                    Erasmus Student Network (ESN)
                    With over 12,000 members from 390 local
     Student life

                    sections in 36 countries, the Erasmus Student
                    Network supports and promotes international
                    mobility by providing you with opportunities for
                    cultural understanding and self-development
                    through a network of students helping students.

                    AIESEC VENEZIA
                    AIESEC is an international network that gives
                    you people the opportunity to discover and
                    develop your leadership potential with the aim of
                    helping you make a positive impact on society.
                    To achieve this, AIESEC members participate
                    in various activities such as conferences and
                    association events and carry out international

26                                                                  27

University Sports Centre                               University choir and orchestra
The University Sports Centre (Centro                   For more than twenty-five years Ca’ Foscari’s
Universitario Sportivo, or CUS) offers you the         choir and orchestra have been offering the
opportunity to participate in a wide variety of        opportunity to begin exploring or continue to
sports thanks to facilities located both in the city   foster a love of music. The groups’ repertoires
centre and on the mainland.                            change from year to year and range from                                      medieval to contemporary pieces.                            

Science Gallery Venice                                 Shylock
Part of the acclaimed Global Science Gallery           University Theatre Centre (CUT)
Network, the new Science Gallery Venice is set to      Shylock is a cultural association aimed at
open its doors next year. Its interactive exhibition   promoting technical-artistic innovation in
space will offer a stimulating environment for the     the field of theatre. It organises training
discovery of science, particularly for high school     and experimental workshops, hosts visiting
and university students.                               productions and shows, and carries out research                              and production projects. The association’s
                                                       activities involve a wide range of disciplines and
                                                       cultural professionals.
Radio Ca’ foscari                            
Created by students for students, Ca’ Foscari’s
online radio station is one of the university’s
newest communication tools. You can take part
in its organisation and operation on the basis of      Ca’ Foscari Theatre
your individual skills and experience.                 The Ca’ Foscari Theatre at Santa Marta offers                                a wide variety of performances throughout                                  the year. The detailed programme and ticket
                                                       information is available online.

28                                                                                                          29

                         Every day the city offers its residents – a large       OTHER NOT-TO-BE-MISSED EVENTS
                         number of whom are students – the chance                ON THE VENETIAN CALENDAR
                         to feed their thirst for knowledge thanks               • Carnival, usually in February: The traditional
                         to seemingly endless artistic and cultural                celebration before the beginning of Lent
                         exhibitions, initiatives and events. Studying             for which all of Venice’s public squares are
                         in Venice means living and breathing art,                 transformed into outdoor clubs hosting special
                         architecture and culture. It also means living an         events, parties and live music.
                         environmentally conscious lifestyle.                    • The Redentore Festival (Festa del Redentore):
                         One of the most eagerly awaited moments in a              A popular local festival celebrating the city’s
                         Venetian student’s day is the so-called aperitivo         recovery from the plague in the sixteenth
                         in campo, or outdoor aperitif: from the afternoon         century for which a spectacular fireworks
                         through to late evening, areas of the city such           display is organised. Venetians watch the show
                         as Campo Santa Margherita and the Erbarìa at              from the fondamente and their boats, eating
                         Rialto turn into venues where people gather to            and drinking.
                         chat and listen to music while they drink spritz        • Venice Biennale: The world’s premiere
                         and eat cicchetti – the traditional drink and             international contemporary art and
                         snacks for which Venice is famous.                        architecture exhibition that runs from May to
                                                                                 • Venice Film Festival: A world-renowned
                         CA’ FOSCARI CULTURAL EVENTS                               festival that takes place in September on the
                         Apart from regular events such as conferences,            Lido, showcasing some of the year’s most
                         guest lectures and seminars featuring prominent           noteworthy films and attracting influential
                         scholars and cultural figures, Ca’ Foscari                contemporary movie directors and actors.
                         organises some of Venice’s most popular cultural        For further information about Venice’s cultural
                         events. Here is a selection:                            events, visit
                         • Art Night Venezia, an evening of open
                           museums and galleries dedicated to art lovers
                         • Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, the first            NETWORKS
                           international festival in Europe created and          Learn about and keep up with what’s happening
                           organised by students that showcases student          at Ca’ Foscari!
                           work                                                  Find out about all of the initiatives and events
                         • Incroci di Civiltà (Crossroads of Civilisations), a   organised by the university in the online
                           renowned international literary festival              magazine Cafoscarinews at www.unive.
                         • Venetonight, the European Researchers’ Night          it/cafoscarinews and check out student
                         • International Universities Challenge during           life on Instagram by following the account
                           Venice’s annual Historical Regatta                    studentlifeinvenice.
                         • National and international Dragon Boat Races
     photo: MustangJoe

30                                                                                                                                  31
Undergraduate studies              Graduate studies

                           Bachelor’s degree                  Master’s degree                     Doctoral degree
                           Laurea triennale                   Laurea magistrale                   Dottorato di ricerca

                           1st cycle                          2nd cycle                           3rd cycle
     Italian university

                           180 ECTS credits                   120 ECTS credits

                           3 years                            2 years                             3+ years

                          To learn more about Italy’s higher education system, visit or


                          The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation          For more information about the ECTS system and
                          System (ECTS) facilitates the transfer of              grade conversion, visit
                          university credits between universities in Europe.
                          It is based on the clarity and transparency of
                          students’ study plans and on the assignment of
                          appropriate credits for the studies they complete.
                          The system is designed to guarantee that an
                          exchange student’s courses and exams are
                          recognised by his or her home institution. Ca’
                          Foscari has established that 1 CFU, or Ca’ Foscari
                          credit (credito formativo universitario),
                          is equivalent to 1 ECTS credit.

32                                                                                                                              33
Ca’ Foscari’s School for International Education       Ca’ Foscari’s Foundation Year has three
                                             offers an English-taught university preparatory        component parts, two of which allow you to tailor
                                             programme called the Foundation Year. The              the preparation you receive to your personal
                                             programme is designed to get high school               needs and interests:
                                             graduates ready to enrol in a bachelor’s degree
                                             programme taught in either English or Italian.         A. General curriculum
                                             The programme runs for 8 months, from October          All Foundation students take this block of courses,
     Foundation Year

                                             until June.                                            which include Critical Thinking, Modern and
                                                                                                    Contemporary Italian History and Academic Skills.
                                             The Foundation Year is right for you upon
                                             completion of high school if:                          B. Language module
                                             • you will have only 11 years of schooling instead     The programme’s language-focused component
                                                 of the 12 required to enrol in a bachelor’s        concentrates either on improving your knowledge
                                                 degree programme in Italy                          of English (International Option) or on learning
                                             • you want to improve your English language            Italian (Bridge Option), depending on the
                                                 skills before applying for admission to an         language in which you wish to carry out your
                                                 English-taught bachelor’s degree programme         university studies.
                                             • you want to learn Italian in order to apply for
                                                 admission to an Italian-taught bachelor’s          C. Study track
                                                 degree programme                                   This block of courses helps you prepare for
                                             • you studied in the United States and do not          university study in your specific field of interest.
                                                 have the three Advanced Placement exams            There are four tracks from which to choose:
                                                 required to enrol in a bachelor’s degree           • Economics and Management
                                                 programme in Italy                                 • Humanities and Arts
                                             OR                                                     • Science
                                             •   you studied in the UK and do not have the          • Architecture, Art & Design
                                                 three A-levels required to enrol in a bachelor’s
                                                 degree programme in Italy                          Entry language level: certified knowledge
                                                                                                    of English at a B1 level (lower intermediate,
                                                                                                    according to the Common European Framework
                                                                                                    for Languages)

                                                                                                    Fees: € 5,000; some partial scholarships are
                                             CONTACTS:                                              available
                                             School for International Education
                                                                   How to apply: online at
                       photo: Tony Hisgett

34                                                                                                                                                     35
Economics and Management                   Public Governance
                         • Business Administration                  and Social Change
                         • Digital Management                       • Social Sciences and Social Work
                         • Economics and Business
                         • Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism     International Studies
     Bachelor’s degree
                         • International Trade and Tourism          and GlobaliSation
                                                                    • International Trade and Tourism
                         Languages and Cultures                     • Language, Culture and Society
                         • Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism       of Asia and Mediterranean Africa
                         • Language, Culture and Society            • Language, Civilisation
                           of Asia and Mediterranean Africa           and the Science of Language
                         • Languages, Civilisation                  • Philosophy, International

                           and the Science of Language                and Economic Studies
                         • Linguistic and Cultural Mediation
                                                                    Preservation and Management
                         Science and Technology                     of Cultural Heritage
                         • Engineering Physics                      • Conservation of Cultural Heritage and
                         • Environmental Sciences                     Performing Arts Management
                         • Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism     • Science and Technologies
                         • Informatics                                for Cultural Heritage
                         • Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies
                         • Science and Technologies
                           for Cultural Heritage

                         Arts and Humanities
                         • Conservation of Cultural Heritage
                           and Performing Arts Management
                         • History
                         • Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism
                         • Humanities
                         • Philosophy
                         • Philosophy, International
                           and Economic Studies

                                                                      Interdisciplinary programmes
                                                                      appear in more than one study area.

36                                                                                                            37
ADMISSION TO BACHELOR’S DEGREE PROGRAMMES                                                                        EnRICH your Degree

ENTRANCE QUALIFICATIONS                                ADDITIONAL LEARNING                                       MINORS                                             While a wide range of minors are available in
In order to enrol in any undergraduate degree          REQUIREMENTS                                              A minor is a course of study comprising 18 ECTS    Italian, ranging from topics about management
programme, you must have at least 12 years             Ca’ Foscari’s pre-evaluation process makes sure           credits that are broken down into three modules    to cultural studies, and from finance to gender
of compulsory education and your educational           that you will be properly prepared to carry out           of 6 ECTS credits each. It allows you to enrich    studies, two were taught in English during the last
history needs to be pre-evaluated by Ca’ Foscari       your university studies. If you are missing some of       your education by broadening your horizons         academic year:
in order to confirm that it grants admission to an     your programme’s entry requirements, you will be          beyond your principal study area. You can          • Computer and Data Science
undergraduate study programme in Italy.                asked to fulfil Additional Learning Requirements          choose from any of the minors as long as there     • Energy, Climate Change
                                                       (obblighi formativi aggiuntivi, or OFA) by taking         is no overlap in content with your chosen degree      and Environmental Risks
ADMISSION                                              the appropriate remedial courses. OFAs have               programme.
Some undergraduate programmes have limited             no impact on the number of credits that you are
enrolment (accesso programmato) whereas others         required to obtain during your studies or on your
do not (accesso libero).                               grade point average – they are pass/fail only.
If you apply for a programme without an admission
cap, you can enrol directly, and then, if necessary,   LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS
satisfy any Additional Learning Requirements           All of Ca’ Foscari’s undergraduate programmes
established by your pre-evaluation.                    require you to have a certified minimum B2-level of
If you apply for a programme with limited              knowledge (as defined by the Common European
enrolment, you must be ranked through a pre-           Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR)
enrolment selection process. Depending on your         of your programme’s language of instruction. If you
citizenship and country of residence, this involves    are a native speaker or have already studied in the
taking a written or oral entry test whose results      relevant language, you do not need a certificate.
place you on a ranked list of applicants. Those        If you are interested in an Italian-taught
ranked highest are offered a place.                    programme, you must demonstrate a certified
To be sure about which test you would need to          minimum B1-level knowledge of English. To prove
take, please write to                your level of Italian, If you are not an EU citizen and
                                                       you reside outside Italy, you must demonstrate
                                                       your level in Italian either by obtaining one of the
                                                       certificates recognised by the Italian Ministry of
                                                       Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) or
                                                       by taking the Italian language test that Ca’ Foscari
                                                       arranges in Venice shortly before the beginning of
                                                       the academic year. You can find more information
                                                       about language requirements at

Business Administration                                                                                         Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Performing
Language of instruction:         or                                                                             Arts Management
                                                                                                                Language of instruction:

Do you want to work in an industrial, commercial         ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION                       Would you like a career as a conservation            • Museum professional
or financial institution? This programme                 • Non-EU citizens must have a cumulative grade         specialist or an artistic heritage manager? This     • Art valuation
provides you with the skills you need for                  point average of at least 7.5/10                     innovative programme is designed to help you
the marketing sector, administration and                 • EU citizens interested in the Business               achieve this goal. Different curricula allow you     ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION
business management, organisation and staff                Administration curriculum must take an Italian-      to specialise in art history, archaeology, the       • A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and
management, and the finance and financial                  language written entry test evaluating their         performing arts and media, or the management           a certified B1-level knowledge of English are
intermediation sectors. Thanks to agreements               knowledge of logic and mathematics; EU citizens      of arts and cultural activities. The programme         required.
with the Order of Chartered Accountants and                interested in the Business Administration and        incorporates both historic and artistic aspects
Accounting Experts of Venice and the Order of              Management curriculum must take an English-          because working in the field of cultural heritage
Labour Consultants of Vicenza, you have the                language written entry test that assesses their      requires you to have an in-depth knowledge
option of carrying out a professional internship           knowledge of mathematics.                            of a specific historical context. Depending
during the final year of your degree.                    • Non-EU citizens interested in either curriculum      on the curriculum you choose, you also
If you are interested in pursuing a career                 must take either an oral entry test via Skype or     acquire methodological skills in management
in an international context, the Business                  one of the written tests described in the previous   (legislation), conservation (restauration,
Administration and Management curriculum,                  point in the language of instruction of their        maintenance, prevention), documentation
which is entirely taught in English, is right for you.     chosen curriculum; for more information, write to    (cataloguing, graphic reproduction), promotion
                                                                                     (project design, finding resources and funding,
CURRICULA                                                • For the Business Administration curriculum, a        financial planning) and cultural heritage.
• Business Administration                                  certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and
• Business Administration and Management                   a certified B1-level knowledge of English are        CURRICULA
                                                           required; for the Business Administration and        • Archaeology
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                       Management curriculum, a certified B2-level          • Art History
Graduates can find employment as managers                  knowledge of English is required.                    • Economics and Management of Arts
and consultants in industrial, business,                                                                          and Cultural Activities
banking, finance and insurance companies and                                                                    • Performing Arts and Media Studies
enterprises, both in Italy and abroad. Potential
career fields include:                                                                                          CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
• Management and supervision in the private sector                                                              Graduates can find employment in local
• Human resources                                                                                               government and with agencies involved in the              CONTACT INFORMATION:
• Workplace organisation                                                                                        protection, conservation and management of                Department of Philosophy
• Accountancy                                                     CONTACT INFORMATION:                          archaeological and historical-artistic heritage           and Cultural Heritage
• Finance                                                         Department of Management                      or the in promotion of artistic events, the               Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà
• Sales and distribution                                          Cannaregio 873, Venice                        performing arts and the culture industry. Possible        Dorsoduro 3484/D, Venice
• Marketing                                                                  careers include:                                
                                                                                                                • Event organiser
                                                                              • Television, film and theatre producer         

40                                                                                                                                                                                                                     41
DIGITAL MANAGEMENT                                                                                  Economics and Business
Language of instruction:                                                                            Language of instruction:      or

Created in partnership with the digital business     that evaluates their knowledge of logic and    Do you want to specialise in economics and be        CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
incubator H-Farm, this innovative programme is       mathematics.                                   capable of working both in Italy and abroad?         Depending on the curriculum they complete,
unique in Italy and trains you to be a motivated   • Non-EU citizens must take either an oral       This flexible and in-depth programme provides        graduates can find employment as consultants in
specialist in digital transformation capable of      entry test via Skype or a written entry test   you with the skills you need to critically analyse   the field of economics or take on a professional
launching start-ups or helping a business go         that evaluates their knowledge of logic and    economic phenomena and tackle the world of           role in the public and private sectors of tourism.
digital.                                             mathematics; for more information, write to    private businesses or public organisations. Apart    Career opportunities can be found in the
The degree is entirely taught in English and                              from the lecture-based courses, the programme        following fields, among others:
offers you an engaging learning experience that    • A certified B2-level knowledge of English is   incorporates workshops and internships to            • Accounting
emphasises interdisciplinary training, problem       required.                                      help you acquire the expertise you need for the      • Financial and administrative management
solving and team-based teaching. It features a                                                      working world. Thanks to two separate curricula,     • Banking
strong programme of extra-curricular activities                                                     can choose whether to study in Italian or in         • Advertising
that include soft skills development, and from                                                      English.
your very first year you will be put in close                                                                                                            ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION
contact with mentors involved with start-ups                                                        CURRICULA                                            • Non-EU citizens must have a cumulative grade
and the digital world. Project work in companies                                                    • Economics and Business                               point average of at least 7.5/10
plays a fundamental role in the curriculum,                                                         • Economics, Markets and Finance                     • EU citizens interested in the Economics and
and the companies within the Ca’ Foscari and                                                                                                               Business curriculum must take an Italian-
H-Farm network offer opportunities for personal                                                                                                            language written entry test that evaluates their
development by introducing you to innovative                                                                                                               knowledge of logic and mathematics; EU citizens
business ideas. The programme is taught on the                                                                                                             interested in the Economics, Markets and Finance
H-Campus at Ca’ Tron, Roncade (near Treviso).                                                                                                              curriculum must take an English-language written
                                                                                                                                                           entry test that evaluates their knowledge of logic
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                                       and mathematics.
Graduates possess the training they need                                                                                                                 • Non-EU citizens must take either an oral entry
to become business executives capable of                                                                                                                   test via Skype or one of the written entry tests
identifying, interpreting and managing new                                                                                                                 offered to evaluate their knowledge of logic and
organisational processes and business methods.                                                                                                             mathematics; for more information, write to
Possible careers include:                                                                                                                        
• Digital project manager                                                                                                                                • For the Economics and Business curriculum, a
• Digital manager                                     CONTACT INFORMATION:                                                                                 certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and
• Business developer                                  Department of Management                       CONTACT INFORMATION:                                  a certified B1-level knowledge of English are
• Growth hacker                                       H-Campus                                       Department of Economics                               required; for the Economics, Markets and Finance
                                                      Via Sile 41, Roncade                           San Giobbe Campus, Cannaregio 873, Venice             curriculum, a certified B2-level knowledge of
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION                                                     English is required.
• Non-EU citizens must have a cumulative grade
  point average of at least 7/10                          
• EU citizens must take a written entry test

42                                                                                                                                                                                                        43
ENGINEERING PHYSICS                                                                         Environmental Sciences
Language of instruction:                                                                    Language of instruction:

This programme trains you to be a modern,                                                                                               If you are interested in developing solutions
professionally cosmopolitan engineer with the                                                                                           for environmental problems, diagnosis plans
skills you need to tackle a wide range of issues                                                                                        or prevention strategies, this programme
related to advanced technology, whether these                                                                                           prepares you to do so by equipping you with the
are linked to energy, materials, computer                                                                                               multidisciplinary skills you need. The degree
science, biomedicine or “quantum computing”.                                                                                            involves core courses in mathematics, physics,
Engineering physics experts are multi-skilled                                                                                           chemistry, biology, ecology and geology, as well
professionals who combine expertise in two                                                                                              as specific courses in environmental science, in
disciplines: the fundamentals of science and                                                                                            order to provide you with a rich understanding of
the practicality of engineering. This makes                                                                                             environmental economics, ecology, environmental
them capable of adapting to situations in                                                                                               chemistry, law and environmental planning. It also
continuous technological evolution, including                                                                                           teaches you how to evaluate environmental impact.
the fields known as Complexity Sciences such as                                                                                         You can push your knowledge further thanks to
neuroscience or quantum physics.                                                                                                        workshops, labs and field activities, and during your
                                                                                                                                        second year you will get to spend a special intensive
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                    week with professors, researchers and tutors, a
Graduates of the programme will be able to work                                                                                         unique opportunity in Italy. What is more, thanks
in all technologically advanced sectors related                                                                                         to Ca’ Foscari’s numerous exchange agreements,
to both production (materials, nanotechnology,                                                                                          you can choose to spend a semester or a year at a
biomedicine) and processing (numerical                                                                                                  partner university abroad.
modeling, multi-variable systems, cyber
security). There are employment prospects for                                                                                           Career opportunities
graduates in both Italy and abroad.                                                                                                     Graduates can leverage their multidisciplinary
                                                                                                                                        skills to work in the diagnosis and prevention of
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION                                                                                                        environmental issues, as well as the development
• EU citizens must take a written entry test that                                                                                       of strategies for managing them, at both public
  evaluates their knowledge of mathematics,                                                                                             and private agencies and organisations. Possible
  science, logic and verbal comprehension.                                                                                              fields of employment include:
• Non-EU citizens must take either an oral entry    CONTACT INFORMATION:                        CONTACT INFORMATION:                    • Renewable energy and energy conservation
  test via Skype or a written entry test that       Department of Environmental Sciences,       Department of Environmental Sciences,   • Environmental control
  evaluates their knowledge of mathematics,         Informatics and Statistics                  Informatics and Statistics              • Waste collection and management
  science, logic and verbal comprehension; for      Scientific Campus                           Scientific Campus                       • Agriculture and forestry
  more information, write to      Via Torino 155, Mestre                      Via Torino 155, Mestre
• A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and                    Entry requirements and admission
  a certified B1-level knowledge of English are                                                                                         • A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and
  required.                                                             a certified B1-level knowledge of English are

44                                                                                                                                                                                        45
History                                                                             Hospitality Innovation and E-Tourism
Language of instruction:                                                            Language of instruction:

This programme provides you with the foundation                                     This innovative degree is designed to help you            CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
for carrying out historical, anthropological, social                                launch a career in the field of hospitality and           Once you graduate, you will have the preparation
and documentary research in different historical                                    tourism. To achieve this, it equips you with the          you need to assume operational, managerial or
periods. Based on the curriculum you choose, the                                    cutting-edge skill set and knowledge required to          consultancy roles in a wide range of contexts
programme introduces you to ancient, Roman,                                         take on a managerial role in the hospitality industry     within the hospitality and tourism sectors
medieval, modern or contemporary history as well                                    while also familiarising you with the phenomena of        both in Italy and abroad. You will be ready to
as to aspects of anthropology and geography. The                                    digital transformation and sustainability in relation     forge a professional career at modern tourism
anthropological, archival and historical approaches                                 to the tourism sector. The study plan is calibrated to    companies and hotels in all of their departments
employed will allow you to explore other fields as                                  ensure that you acquire a nuanced understanding of        (e.g., Marketing, Information and Communication
well. Thanks to the skills that the degree helps you                                the complex phenomenon of tourism from a variety          Technologies, Food and Beverage, Guest
to acquire, you are prepared to launch a career                                     of complementary perspectives by exploring it             Relations, Events Planning and Management) as
in a variety of fields, including cultural heritage                                 through social, economic, cultural, anthropological       well as at destination-management organisations
management, communication, cultural event                                           and environmental lenses.                                 and public bodies connected with tourism.
organisation and publishing.                                                        What makes this degree particularly special is that
                                                                                    it is offered through the Scuola Italiana di Ospitalità   ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION
CURRICULA                                                                           (Italian School of Hospitality), which partners Ca’       • EU candidates must take a written entry test
• Anthropological                                                                   Foscari with the Italian hospitality company TH             that evaluates their logic skills and knowledge
• Archival Librarian                                                                Resorts. This university–private sector partnership         of mathematics.
• Historic – The Mediterranean World from                                           is designed to expose you to real-world contexts          • Non-EU candidates must take either an oral
  Antiquity to the Middle Ages                                                      and dynamics throughout your degree in order to             entry test via Skype or a written entry test that
• Historic – From European Hegemony to                                              provide an invaluable springboard for the launch            evaluates their logic skills and knowledge of
  Globalisation                                                                     of your managerial career: almost a third of your           mathematics; for more information, write to
                                                                                    university credits are earned through professional
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                internships in hospitality-related contexts and           • A certified B2-level knowledge of English is
Graduates are equipped either to continue on to                                     businesses, so during your studies you already              required.
graduate study or to seek employment at both                                        get tangible work experience and begin to create a
public and private institutions connected to the                                    professional network.
study or preservation of history. Possible career                                   While graduates of the degree are able to proceed
fields include:                                        CONTACT INFORMATION:         with their university studies at the master’s level,           CONTACT INFORMATION:
• Archives and museums                                 Department of Humanities     the programme is designed for students who                     Department of Environmental
• Arts administration                                  Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà    want to jump into the working world at the middle              Sciences, Informatics and Statistics
                                                       Dorsoduro 3484/D, Venice     management level immediately after having                      Scientific Campus
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION                concluded their undergraduate studies.                         Via Torino 155, Mestre
• A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and                                                                                          
  a certified B1-level knowledge of English are

46                                                                                                                                                                                             47
Humanities                                                                                                        InFORMATICS
Language of instruction:                                                                                          Language of instruction:

This programme focuses on linguistic history                 ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION                     The thorough theoretical and experimental                •   Computer programmer
and the figurative and literary culture of Europe            • A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and      knowledge of computer science that this                  •   Applications expert
and the ancient Mediterranean world from the                   a certified B1-level knowledge of English are      programme offers has been recognised as                  •   Web technician
medieval period to the present day. You can                    required.                                          outstanding by several Italian professional              •   Database technician
choose between two curricula: Antiquity; or                                                                       associations. The degree provides you with core          •   Network and systems technician
Science of the Literary Text and Communication.              DOUBLE/JOINT DEGREE AVAILABLE                        conceptual competencies in informatics, as well
The programme offers you the unique                          Double degree with University College London         as analytical, planning and development skills,          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSION
opportunity to apply for a double degree in Italian          (UK): After completing their studies, students       methodological and technological know-how                • A certified B2-level knowledge of Italian and
Studies and the History of Art with the University           receive a Laurea in Lettere from Ca’ Foscari and     and other professional skills. If you choose the           a certified B1-level knowledge of English are
College London, attending classes in both Venice             a Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Studies/Italian and   European Computer Science curriculum, you have             required.
and London. The programme provides you with a                the History of Art from UCL.                         the opportunity to apply to spend a year abroad
direct knowledge of texts and original documents             Applications are submitted via the UCAS portal       at one of Ca’ Foscari’s partner universities. If you     DOUBLE/JOINT DEGREES AVAILABLE
as well as a critical approach with regard to how            and are evaluated by UCL.                            choose the Data Science curriculum, you acquire          Double degrees in European Computer Science
knowledge, ideas and information have been                                                                        focused skills related to data collection, a new and     are in place with: University of Hamburg
passed on over the centuries. Thanks to the                                                                       active market. The more traditional Technologies         (Germany), Universidad de Burgos (Spain),
skills you gain, you will be equipped to establish                                                                and Information Science curriculum, in contrast,         Istituto Politécnico de Coimbra (Portugal),
yourself in a range of professional fields, from the                                                              allows you to explore professional informatics fields    Université Paul Verlaine–Metz/Nancy (France),
dissemination of information to cultural heritage                                                                 such as web technologies and design or informatics       Université François Rabelais–Tours/Blois
conservation and management, and from archival                                                                    system administration. All curricula include             (France), Timisoara (Romania), Turku University
cataloguing to the critical analysis of information.                                                              workshop activities and experimentation as well          of Applied Sciences (Finland). At the end of their
                                                                                                                  as a knowledge of English, especially the technical      studies students receive a double degree in
CURRICULA                                                                                                         language used in relation to ICT.                        European Computer Science (ECS).
• Antiquity                                                                                                                                                                Ca’ Foscari issues a yearly call for applications for
• Science of the Literary Text                                                                                    CURRICULA                                                each of these double degree programmes.
  and Communication                                                                                               • Data Science
                                                                                                                  • European Computer Science (ECS)
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                              • Technologies and Information Science
Graduates possess the basic knowledge necessary
for teaching at middle schools and high schools.                                                                  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                           CONTACT INFORMATION:
They are also prepared to take on a professional role           CONTACT INFORMATION:                              Graduates can pursue careers in the software                   Department of Environmental Sciences,
at public or private institutions in a variety of cultural      Department of Humanities                          production and data analysis sectors with                      Informatics and Statistics
areas. Possible career fields include:                          Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà                         manufacturing companies in the fields of                       Scientific Campus
• Journalism                                                    Dorsoduro 3484/D, Venice                          information systems and processor networks, or                 Via Torino 155, Mestre
• Cultural management                                                         with organisations, local authorities and professional
• Cultural consulting                                                                                             laboratories that work with complex information
• Administration                                                                 processing systems and methods. Possible careers     
• Archives and libraries                                                                                          include:

48                                                                                                                                                                                                                           49
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