PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
Our Mission                                                Our Vision
Champlain Valley Educational Services                      We aspire to be a nationally recognized,
empowers students, schools and communities                 premier provider of dynamic and innovative
by providing exemplary education, training,                programs and services, serving as a catalyst
support and shared services.                               for personal and regional economic growth.

Our Core Beliefs
 1. Students are our first priority.                        7. We act with integrity, fostering respect
 2. We value open and honest                                   for all.
    communication.                                          8. Students, family and community are
 3. We embrace collaboration and shared                        valued partners for success.
    decision-making.                                        9. We ensure a safe, supportive learning
 4. We promote creativity and innovation.                      and work environment.
 5. All students can learn and be                           10. We all impact the educational process
    successful.                                                 and are dedicated to perform at the
                                                                highest possible levels.
 6. We all lead by example.

Public Non-Discrimination Notice:
Clinton-Essex-Warren-Washington BOCES a/k/a/ Champlain Valley Educational Services does not discrimi-
nate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or any other legally protected status in its
programs, activities, employment and admissions; and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other desig-
nated youth groups.

Inquiries regarding this nondiscrimination policy may be directed to:

James McCartney – Civil Rights Compliance Officer          Bonnie Berry
Cathy Snow – Civil Rights Compliance Officer               Section 504 Compliance Officer
1585 Military Turnpike                                     1585 Military Turnpike
P.O. Box 455, Plattsburgh, NY 12901                        P.O. Box 455, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Phone: 518-561-0100 ext. 243                               Phone: 518-561-0100 ext. 299

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
Champlain Valley Educational Services Administrative Staff    2

CVES Board President & District Superintendent’s Messages     3

Component Districts /Superintendents and Board Presidents     4

Calendar                                                      4

Administrative Support Services
District Superintendent’s Services                            5
Management Services                                           6
Cross Contracts Link                                          8

CV-TEC Program Descriptions
Division Overview                                             9
CV-TEC Co-Sers                                               10
Career and Technical Education and Academic Services         10
CV-TEC CTE Program Overview                                  11
Programs for 2020-2021                                       13
Pre-CTE Programs                                             18
Adult & Continuing Education                                 19
Business and Industry Training                               21
Adult Literacy Education                                     21
Online High School & Adult Courses                           22
CV-TEC College Articulations                                 23

Instructional Services Program Descriptions
Professional and Program Development                         25
Instructional Support                                        28
Informational and Communication Support                      30

Special Education Program Descriptions
6:1:1 and 8:1:1 Programs                                     33
Related Services                                             35
Itinerant Services                                           35

Index                                                        37

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
CVES Board
Larry Barcomb, President
Michael St. Pierre, Vice President
Bruce Murdock, Deputy Vice President

Leisa Boise                        Richard Harriman, Sr.             Thomas McCabe
Patricia Gero                      Donna LaRocque                    Lori Saunders
Evan Glading                       Richard Malaney                   Doug Spilling
Linda Gonyo-Horne                  Ed Marin                          Scott Thurber

Mark C. Davey, Ed.D.
District Superintendent/CEO
Teri Calabrese-Gray               Michele Friedman                   Christine Myers
Assistant Superintendent for      Director of Career and Technical   Treasurer
Instruction and 21st Century      Education

Eric Bell                         Bonnie Berry
Assistant Superintendent of       Interim Director of Special
Management Services               Education
PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
Dear Colleagues,                                       Dear Friends,
In operation since 1949,                               We share an ongoing
CVES is currently in its                               interest in expanding
70th year of service to                                educational opportunities
our 16 component school                                for all students under our
districts. We are proud to                             care. After 70 years of
support and serve their
                                                       collaboration, consultation,
13,500 students, their staff
                                                       and the application of
and Boards of Education
through a vibrant and                                  best practices to our
collaborative partnership.                             programs and services, our
Together, we provide excellent educational             cooperative and shared efforts have culminated in
opportunities throughout the North Country.            the 2020-2021 Programs and Services Guide before you.

On behalf of the CVES Board, I thank you for           As our offerings continue to evolve, we trust that the
your continued support of CVES, where students         CVES commitment to continuous improvement is
are our first priority, as it is in every component    apparent not only in this publication, but also in the
district, where our students, their families and our   dedication and purpose that all CVES staff bring to
communities are valued partners in our success.        work every day. Our students are your students: we
                                                       are one.
Your partner in education,
                                                       The value of BOCES shared services is more
                                                       important to our component districts than at any
                                                       time in our 70 year history. CVES is proud to offer
Larry Barcomb                                          its 16 component district partners the slate of cost-
President, CVES Board                                  effective programs and services detailed in the
                                                       following pages.


                                                       Dr. Mark C. Davey
                                                       CVES District Superintendent/CEO

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
Component Districts
DISTRICT                                 SUPERINTENDENT                           BOARD PRESIDENT
AuSable Valley                           Paul Savage                              Scott Bombard
Beekmantown                              Daniel Mannix                            Cathy Buckley
Boquet Valley                            Joshua Meyer                             Phil Mero
Chazy                                    Scott Osborne (Interim)                  Joey Trombley
Crown Point                              Shari Brannock                           Michael St. Pierre
Keene                                    Daniel Mayberry                          Ann Whitney & John Haverlick
Moriah                                   William Larrow                           Charles French
Northeastern Clinton                     Robb Garrand                             Gregory Sample
Northern Adirondack                      James Knight, Jr.                        Paul Gilmore
Peru                                     Dr. Thomas Palmer                        Bonnie Berry
Plattsburgh                              Jay Lebrun                               Leisa Boise
Putnam                                   Matthew Boucher                          Charles Bain, Jr.
Saranac                                  Javier Perez                             Tracy Allen-Waite
Schroon Lake                             Stephen Gratto                           Robert Claus
Ticonderoga                              John Donohue (Interim)                   Mark Russell
Willsboro                                Justin Gardner                           Phyllis Klein

CALENDAR - 2020-2021 Schedule of Requests, Services Guide, Budget and Co-Sers
November 1, 2019 - Programs & Services Guide and Request for Services to Chief School Officers

December 2, 2019 - Initial request due from districts to CVES

January 31, 2020 - CVES Co-Sers and proposed operating plans transmitted to the State Education Department

February 12, 2020 - Budget Presentations to CVES Board

February 14, 2020 - Review Budget with Chief School Officers

March 6, 2020 - Final Request for Services sent to Chief School Officers

April 8, 2020 - Annual Meeting - Adoption of 2020-2021 Budget

April 23, 2020 - Election of CVES Board Members & Vote on Administrative Budget

May 1, 2020 - Component school districts must notify CVES of intent to participate in shared services and identify
              those services

June 2, 2020 - Preliminary Contracts to Districts

July 15, 2020 - Contracts for 2020-2021 services due back from Districts

July 23, 2020 - CVES sends letter listing preliminary contracts with component districts on file in District
               Superintendent’s Office

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
 » District Superintendent’s Services
 » Management Services

                                                                                    CVES Opening Day 2019

District Superintendent’s Services                        Consultation & Coordination
Co-Ser 001                                                The District Superintendent is available to consult
Liaison                                                   with school districts on a variety of education
                                                          concerns and assist in the coordination of resulting
The District Superintendent is available to:              programs or activities. Issues/topics may include:
  • Facilitate communications between districts and       Reorganization and Merger, Board-Administration
    the State Education Department.                       Relationships, School Boundaries, Superintendent
  • Interpret and clarify Commissioner’s                  Contracts, Superintendent In-Service and
    Regulations, Education Law and other policies         Professional Growth, Policy Development, District
    that may impact education in our region.              Goal Setting, Teacher Certification, District and
                                                          BOCES Report Cards, Graduation Requirements,
Selection of School Superintendents                       Local Assistance Planning, Shared Services, and
                                                          Commissioner of Education Initiatives.
The District Superintendent will assist a Board of
Education in leading the search process, developing
selection criteria, screening candidates, helping         Board of Education
coordinate selection surveys and community forums,
                                                          Professional Development
and presenting a slate of finalists for the position of   Co-Ser 650
Superintendent of Schools.
                                                          The Board of Cooperative Educational Services
This service is provided without charge except for        provides staff development programs and activities
the incidental cost of the recruitment and selection      at the request of participating districts for school
process.                                                  board members. The staff development for board
                                                          members can be customized to meet the needs of
                                                          the district.

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
CEWW Health Insurance & Workers’
Compensation Consortium Coordination
Co-Ser 602
The CEWW Health Insurance Consortium
coordination service coordinates with school
districts, third party administrators, stakeholders,
and consultants to provide health insurance
coverage to Board of Cooperative Educational
Services and 15 local school districts’ active
employees and retirees.                                                   Management Services staff at employee
                                                                                info booth - Opening Day 2019
Services include benefit analysis, plan design, cost
control measures, funding, bonding, auditing, claims          Central School Food Management
management, and all other requirements necessary
                                                              Co-Ser 642
in providing quality health coverage. This service
provides accounting and budgeting services for                The Central School Food Management Service
the over 90 million dollar health consortium and              provides management, direction and leadership to
makes recommendations to the board of directors               assist schools in increasing the cost effectiveness
comprised of 15 school superintendents, the BOCES             and overall quality of their food service programs.
district superintendent, and 4 labor representatives.         The program focuses on serving students healthy
                                                              meals in cost effective ways, centered on: cooking
The CEWW Workers’ Compensation service provides               from scratch, buying organic from local farms,
coordinated oversight with school districts, third            limiting sugar consumption, and avoiding serving
party administrators, stakeholders, and consultants           processed foods to students.
to reduce overall costs, improve the quality of
service, provide timely information, increase the
effectiveness of cost containment programs, and               GASB 75– Planning and Valuation
provide local control of funding and reserves.
                                                              Co-Ser 655
This service provides accounting and budgeting
                                                              This is a comprehensive service for school districts
services for the consortium and makes
                                                              which provides assistance and coordination with the
recommendations to the board of directors
comprised of 16 school superintendents and the
BOCES district superintendent.                                  • Establishes standards for the measurement,
                                                                  recognition, and display of Other Post-Employment
Personnel Recruiting Service                                      Benefits (OPEB) expenses and related liabilities
                                                                  in the financial reports of state and local
Co-Ser 606                                                        governmental employers
CVES operates a shared service designed to provide              • Improves financial reporting of post-employment
participating school districts with assistance in                 benefits through an actuarial valuation
recruiting certified personnel. Typical activities include:     • Assists public agencies to report their costs and
    • web-based posting of positions                              obligations of current/future retired employees
    • shared advertisements in local and statewide              • Each district must identify and disclose OPEBs as an
      newspapers                                                  expense and a liability on its financial statements
                                                                  which will be calculated by a contracted actuarial
    • attendance at job fairs                                     firm
                                                                • Certification

PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
Residency Service                                          of transportation routing and scheduling methods,
Co-Ser 575                                                 knowledge of vehicle repair methods and practices,
This service will assist school districts with potential   knowledge of budget preparation and control. The
student residency issues in an effort to limit the         Director must have the ability to plan, assign and
financial responsibility of the district. Personnel will   review the work of others, prepare required State
research student residency issues at the district’s        and Board reports, including narrative and tabular
request, as provided for by the State Education            presentations.
Department guidelines and Commissioner’s
decisions. Information provided through this process
will assist districts with residency determinations.
                                                                    CVES Board Members at Opening Day 2019
Coordination of Insurance Management /
Affordable Care Act Technical Assistance                   Bus Maintenance - Shared
Co-Ser 665                                                 Co-Ser 670
BOCES will provide a shared service designed to            CEWW BOCES will provide a shared Bus Maintenance
assist participating school districts develop and or       for school districts. The mechanics will be BOCES
maintain federal & state compliance with insurance         employees and will include all normal preventative
at the district level. BOCES will provide BOCES-           maintenance such as monthly and 10,000 mile
based technical support featuring a BOCES-based            inspections and body or mechanical repair. The
“help desk” and BOCES-based telephone support              program will be staffed with a FTE Head Mechanic
to the business officials, health insurance clerks and     who will supervise other mechanics, do job
Superintendents of participating school districts.         scheduling, inventory control, parts ordering,
BOCES will also construct and distribute an “ACA           etc. Mechanics will be employed to carry out the
Technical Assistance Manual” intended to help              maintenance tasks.
participating school districts plan ahead for – and
implement on a timely basis – federal & state              The service will provide a Head Mechanic
mandated employer reporting associated with the            with knowledge of State and Department
Affordable Care Act. BOCES will provide on-site            of Transportation Regulations. Trained bus
support, in-service workshops and periodic e-mail          maintenance mechanics will provide the
bulletins featuring suggested actions & timetables to      participating districts with engine repair, body work,
representatives of participating school districts.         safety maintenance and preventative maintenance,
                                                           such as periodic changes of fluids

Itinerant Transportation Director
                                                           Regional Transportation - Home to School
Co-Ser 327
                                                           Co-Ser 672
CEWW BOCES will provide a shared Transportation
Director for school districts. The Director will           CEWW BOCES will provide participating school
be a BOCES employee and will be responsible                districts with home to school, field trip and sports
for the administration and planning of the bus             trip transportation for their public school pupils in
transportation system for each participating school        accordance with Education Law Section 3635.
                                                           Through a shared transportation service, CEWW
The service will provide a Director with knowledge of      BOCES will provide transportation using district
State Education Law as it pertains to reimbursement,       owned buses to public school pupils.
minimum student transportation limits,
transportation of the handicapped, bus operator
training and medical standards for operators;
knowledge of Transportation Law as it pertains to
driver qualifications, bus operations and traffic and
safety requirements and precautions, knowledge
PROGRAMS & SERVICES GUIDE 2020-2021 - Champlain Valley ...
    A large number of cross contracts are available through CVES. For more information,
    please consult the list of cross contracts on the CVES website at:

The primary mission of CV-TEC is to prepare students
for successful careers and lifelong learning including
post-secondary education.

DIVISION OVERVIEW                                        CV-TEC Co-Sers
                                                           1. Career and Technical Education (CTE) with
CV-TEC, the Career and Technical Education                 Integrated Academics
(CTE) Division of CVES, is the primary provider of         Co-Ser 101 Plattsburgh Main
Career and Technical Education and Adult Literacy          Co-Ser 102 Mineville
programs and services for secondary and post-              Co-Ser 104 Plattsburgh Satellite
secondary (adult) students in Clinton & Essex
Counties. The CV-TEC Division offers programs              2. Adult and Continuing Education
and services on four campuses: The Plattsburgh             Co-Ser 103
Main Campus and the Plattsburgh Satellite
Campus are both located in Clinton County and              3. Adult Literacy Education
the Mineville Campus located in Essex County all           Co-Ser 950
provide CTE Programming for secondary and post-            4. Online High School Courses
secondary students; the OneWorkSource Campus               Co-Ser 411
in Plattsburgh provides Literacy, High School
Equivalency (HSE) and Job Skills Training (JST)            5. Pre-CTE Program
programs for adult students.                               Co-Ser 115 Plattsburgh Main
                                                           Co-Ser 116 Mineville
All CV-TEC CTE two-year programs are approved by
the New York State Education Department (NYSED)
as CTE Approved Programs of Study. Students in
our programs can earn high school credit toward
graduation, advanced college credit, industry
certifications/credentials/licenses, participate in
work-based learning activities (including paid and
unpaid work experiences) and are eligible for the
NYS Board of Regents Advanced Designation: CTE
Endorsement. Core academic instruction is an
integral part of all of the CTE programs as well as
21st Century & Work Readiness Skills development.
                                                            2019 HSE Graduation

CV-TEC Daytime Career and Technical
                                                         Education (CTE) Program Descriptions
                                                         Allied Health I and II (Plattsburgh Main & Mineville)
                                                            Students will learn skills used across the
                                                            industry in a wide variety of health care
                                                            occupations. Lab practice, job shadowing and
                                                            clinical experiences are an integral part of the
                                                            program. Students receive preparation and
                                                            instruction in Certified Nurse Assisting, Certified
                                                            EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Tech. Upon
                                                            completion of the program students can earn
                                                            their CNA, EKG Technician, and Phlebotomy
                                                            Technician Certifications and enter the workforce
                                                            immediately. This program is a great start for
                                                            entering the world of work or for continuing in a
                Animal Science: Veterinary Assistant        post-secondary health profession career pathway.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)                     Animal Science: Large Animal Production
and Academic Services                                    (Plattsburgh Main)

Co-Ser 101 (Plattsburgh)                                    The swiftly changing livestock industry has a
Co-Ser 102 (Mineville)                                      variety of careers for the individual interested in
Co-Ser 104 (Satellite)                                      large animal production. This program offers basic
CV-TEC continues to respond to innovations in the           and advanced skills in areas such as nutrition,
workplace by developing rigorous and relevant               animal husbandry, anatomy and physiology of
Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs tied          animals and practical skills such as handling and
to state and national industry skills standards. The        restraint, clinical laboratory skills and medical
NYSED approved competency-based programs offer              terminology. Traditional instruction and hands
practical hands-on training for both high school            on learning enhances the students learning
and post-secondary students. More than 30 CTE               experience. Upon completion of the program,
programs are available to students who choose               students can continue on to a career or choose
to specialize in a career major at CV-TEC as part of        to enroll in post-secondary education to earn a
their graduation pathway. Most students enrolling           degree in an animal related field.
in a CTE program will engage in instruction for two
years at CV-TEC. High school students will spend         Animal Science: Veterinary Assistant
one-half of each day in their home school and the        (Plattsburgh Main)
remaining one-half day at one of the three CV-TEC
CTE campuses during their two-year program of               The Animal Science Veterinary Assistant Program
study. The resulting education affords students             at Champlain Valley Educational Services,
the opportunity to become immediately employed              CV-TEC is designed for those interested in
or continue in post-secondary education. Students           pursuing a career in an animal related field.
may also earn high school academic credit and               This program encompasses the study of dogs,
college credits, state and/or national certifications,      cats, pocket pets, livestock, equines and exotic
and the NYSED Career and Technical Education                species. Traditional instruction with hands
Endorsement seal on their Regents Diploma                   on learning provides students with practical
after passing a rigorous national or state industry         experience while focusing on critical thinking
assessment.                                                 and depth of understanding. Through hands on
                                                            application, shared skills and career exploration
                                                            opportunities, students will poses employability
                                                            skills, good work ethic and become a team player.

Daytime Career & Technical Education Programs

                                                                     Automotive Collision
                                                                     2-Year Program

                                                                                                                                                                                       Financial Aid Available
                                                                             Program Highlights
                                                                             • Welding
                                                                             • Frame-Unibody Alignment
                                                                             • Glass Installation
                                                                             • Automotive Reconditioning
                                                                             • Fiberglass Repair
                                                                             • Panel Reforming
                                                                             • Refinishing

                                                                             Career Connections
                                                                              • Auto Detailer

       Allied Health               Animal Science:                                    Animal Science:
                                                                              • Used Car Reconditioner                              Automotive Collision                              Automotive Service
                               Large Animal Production                              Veterinary Assistant
                                                                              • Glass Installer
                                                                              • Autobody Repairman
                                                                                                                                         Repair                                            Pre-CTE
                                                                              • Collision Repair Specialist                         A career that is part craftsmanship,
                                                                                                                                 and part artistry, that involves extensive
                                                                              • Painter/Refinisher
                                                                                                                                 practice and acquired skill. Students will
                                                                              • Damage Appraiser                                 learn how to restore vehicles using the
                                                                              • Fabricator                                       latest equipment and technology.
                                                                              • Assembly/Manufacturing
                                                                                                                                   As a member of a team, students will
                                                                                                                                 repair late model and classic vehicles from
                                                                             Articulation Agreements
                                                                                                                                   CTE:to finishFood
                                                                                                                                                in a state Services
                                                                                                                                                           of the art repair
                                                                                                                                facility, featuring a downdraft spray bake
                                                                             SUNY Canton, Lincoln Technical Institute
                                                                             and Universal Technical Institute
                                                                                                                                  They will repair frames and unibody
                                                                                                                              vehicles; repair auto plastics and fiberglass;
 Automotive Technology          Aviation Fundamentals                               Construction Trades
                                                                              • NOCTI
                                                                                                                              install glass and learn custom painting and
                                                                                                                              refinishing techniques. Students will be
                                                                                                                                                                                Culinary Arts Management
                                                                                                                              prepared for the growing job market in
                                                                             NYSED & Council on Occupational                  the collision
                                                                                                                         Program   Highlightsrepair industry.
                                                                             Education (COE) Approved Program            • In-House Work Site
                                                                                                                         • Employability Skills
                                                                                                                         • Co-Teaching Model
                                                                                                                         • High Quality Instruction
                                                                                                                         Career Connections
                                                                                                                          • Entry Level Food Service Workers
                                                                                                                          • Banquet Server
                                                                                                                          • Stock Clerk
                                                                                                                          • Cold Food Server
   Digital Art & Design        Early Childhood Education                       Electrical Design, Installation &               Environmental Conservation
                                                                                                                          • Table Busser                                            Food Services Pre-CTE
                                                                                      Alternative Energy                Certifications
                                                                                                                                       & Forestry
                                                                                                                         • NYS CDOS Commencement Credential
                                                                                                                                                                                     Pre-CTE in Food Service allows
                                                                                                                         With Further Education                                students the opportunity to explore entry
                                                                                                                         • Culinary Arts Management (CV-TEC)                   level positions in the food service industry
                                                                                                                                                                               while working on employability skills
                                                                                                                                                                               needed to be successful in the work force.
                                                                                                                                                                               Throughout the 2 + years in the program
                               Practical Nursing (LPN)                                                                                                                         students will have opportunity to work in a
                                                                                                                                                                               school cafeteria to fulfill work based learning
                                                                                                                                                                               hours towards the NYS CDOS Credential.
                               Adult Education - 1160 Course Hours                                                                                                             Students will work on targeted skills in the
                               Plattsburgh                                                                                                                                     areas of, cold food preparation, kitchen
                                                                                                                                                                               helper, storage, inventory, serving, product
    Graphic Design &                Heavy Equipment/                                 Marine Technology                            Medical Office Assisting                              Natural Resource
                                                                                                                                                                               identification, and nutrition. Students will
                                                                                                                                                                               gain skills necessary to meet job entry
    Communications                  Diesel Mechanics                                                                                                                                     Management
                                                                                                                                                                               requirements with a strong base for growth
                                                                                                                                                                               and continued education within the industry.
                               Program Highlights
                               • First Aid & CPR
                               • Issues & Ethics
                               • Human Body
                               • Nutrition
                               • Medical/Surgical Nursing
                               • Skills for the Practical Nurse: including
                                 client care, data collection, wound
                                 care, medication administration and
                               • Mental Health Nursing

New Visions: Medical Careers     PowerSport Technology
                               • Maternal and Child Nursing
                               • Medical Terminology
                                                                                 Practical Nursing (LPN)                       Security & Law Enforcement                                       Welding
                               • Infection-Control
                                                                                    Enter the world of health care!
d.09172019                             Follow us on Facebook at or on Instagram: @cvtecboces
                               • Medical Abbreviations
                               • Safety in the Health Care Environment
                                                                                Learn skills used across the industry in a
                                                                                wide variety of health care occupations.
                                                                                Classroom, lab practice, job shadowing and
                               Career Connections                               clinical experiences are integral parts of
                                • Licensed Practical Nurse                      the program. Students receive preparation
                                • With Further Education: Registered            for entering a health career in Practical
                                  Nurse, Radiology Technician and Surgical      Nursing. This program is a great start
                                                                                for continuing in a postgraduate health
                                                                                profession career pathway. Students

                               Articulation Agreements
                               North Country Community College
                                                                                gain the skills and knowledge that will
                                                                                allow them to deliver safe, effective
                                                                                nursing care, working in partnership with
                                                                                Registered Nurses and other health care
                               Certification                                    team members. This 1160 hour, adult
     Allied Health students learn industry-wide skills used                 Environmental Conservation & Forestry is designed to give
     in a wide variety of health care occupations. Students                 students a better understanding of our natural resources
     receive preparation for careers in Certified Nurse Assisting,          as they train for a variety of outdoor careers. Applied
     Certified EKG Technician, and Phlebotomy Tech.                         learning is provided through activity-based experiences
     Animal Science: Large Animal Production is a dynamic                   and opportunities in our outdoor classroom.
     program where students will train in all aspects of modern             Food Services this pre-CTE course provides specific
     livestock production. Hands on learning utilizing animals              preparation for employment in the food service industry
     on site, along with traditional instruction, prepare students          including entry level positions for kitchen helpers, fast
     with a skill set to be successful in today’s animal industry.          food cooks, bakers, etc.
     Animal Science: Veterinary Assistant is designed for those             Graphic Design & Communications students learn to use
     interested in pursuing a career in an animal related field             state-of-the art SLR digital cameras and computers with
     This program encompasses the study of dogs, cats, pocket               Adobe Creative Suite as well as design and layout, desktop
     pets, livestock, equines and exotic species.                           publishing and printing and reproduction.
     Automotive Collision Repair focuses on collision damage                Heavy Equipment/Diesel Mechanics covers the basic
     repair and refinishing using the latest technology in a                theory, operation and safety practices of heavy equipment.
     state-of-the-art commercial body shop.                                 It is designed to meet entry-level needs in the field of
     Automotive Service this pre-CTE course trains students in              diesel technologies and repair.
     basic vehicle maintenance including basic electrical and               Marine Technology is designed to provide students the
     brake repair. Instruction in interior and exterior detailing is        skills and knowledge for a career in the marine industry.
     also provided.                                                         Students will gain hands-on experience with all aspects of
     Automotive Technology teaches the skills necessary to                  marine service.
     troubleshoot and repair the complex systems of today’s                 Medical Office Assisting students are trained in medical
     high tech automobiles.                                                 office assisting and electronic health record data entry.
     Aviation Fundamentals provides high school students                    Training includes extensive office procedures, Microsoft
     with instruction in General Aviation and Airframe I as                 Office, and terminology in preparation for off-site work-
     well as extensive, hands-on, aviation-related learning                 based learning experiences. Post-secondary students
     opportunities.                                                         complete two additional 30-hour internships.

     Construction Trades students learn all aspects of the trade,           Natural Resource Management is a diverse field that will
     from using hand and power tools, blueprints and rough                  develop the skills needed to become successful in a wide
     framing, to both interior and exterior finish work.                    variety of environmental technologies, forestry, and
                                                                            heavy construction.
     Cosmetology students develop skills in haircutting,
     hairstyling, and haircoloring as well as skin care,                    New Visions: Medical Careers is an intensive exploratory
     manicuring and pedicuring. Students receive hands-on                   course for high school seniors who are interested in
     practice in our salon.                                                 pursuing a career in the health sciences. This course is a
                                                                            culmination of academic coursework, clinical rotation/
     Culinary Arts Management provides hands-on training in                 shadowing experiences, and college preparation.
     cooking, baking, and management skills. Students operate
     the CV-TEC Café and cater special events.                              PowerSport Technology students obtain the knowledge
                                                                            and hands-on training needed to maintain and repair a
     Digital Art & Design will introduce students to several topics         variety of small engines used in recreation vehicles and
     during their first year, including: Graphic Design, Technical          outdoor power equipment.
     and Residential Drafting, 3-D Modeling and Animation, Web
     Design and Computer Programming. During the second                     Practical Nursing (LPN) is a rigorous 10-month program
     year, students are given more specialized training and                 that encompasses 1,160 hours of instruction. Enter
     practice in the field of their choosing.                               the world of nursing by preparing for licensure and
                                                                            employment in hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices,
     Early Childhood Education teaches students an overview                 nursing homes and home care.
     of a child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional
     development. Through the combination of academics                      Security & Law Enforcement is a para-military academy
     and hands-on practice in our Pre-K room the students are               providing training in arrest procedures, self-defense,
     prepared for real life situations and the opportunity to               handcuffing, forensics, and more. Work experiences are
     obtain jobs and/or continue to post-secondary education.               available with numerous law enforcement agencies.

     Electrical Design, Installation, & Alternative Energy trains           Welding teaches the knowledge and skills of metal cutting
     students for careers in electrical construction. 21st Green            and joining techniques. Students will become familiar with
     Energy Technology integrating solar and wind energy are                the tools and equipment of the metal fabrication industry.
     part of the electrical construction training.
     Follow us on Facebook: | Instagram: @cvtecboces                         518-561-0100
Automotive Collision Repair (Plattsburgh Main)            Cosmetology (Plattsburgh Main & Mineville)
   Students will learn how to restore vehicles               Students participate in the operation of a
   using the latest equipment and technology.                Cosmetology Clinic that offers them actual salon
   As a member of a team, students learn how to              experience working with clients and retail sales as
   repair late model vehicles from start to finish,          well as learning essential people skills. First-year
   remove and install glass, repair frames, work             students master basic Cosmetology competencies,
   with auto plastics and fiberglass, estimate costs         while those in the second year advance to more
   of repairs and write work orders. Graduates
                                                             refined skills including exposure to the dynamics
   will be prepared for a growing job market in
   the collision repair field. The program focuses           of cosmetology through local and international
   on collision damage repair and refinishing                style shows. New York State licensure requires the
   using the latest technology in a state-of-the-art         student to pass both a written and practical State
   commercial body shop.                                     exam. This program provides the instruction to
                                                             meet these requirements.

Automotive Technology (Plattsburgh Main &                 Culinary Arts Management (Plattsburgh Main)
                                                             This program introduces students to careers in
   This program teaches the skills necessary to              the hospitality and food service industries and
   troubleshoot and repair the complex systems               teaches the entry-level skills and knowledge they
   of today’s high tech automobiles. Experience              need for success in this field. Hands-on training
   the latest technology in a hands-on electronics-          along with classroom instruction enables
   based curriculum. Students will learn to                  students to experience all aspects of operating
   diagnose and service automotive electrical                and managing a food service establishment, and
   systems, drivelines, brakes, fuel injection systems,      also helps students build good business and
   emissions systems, steering, suspension, engines,
                                                             management skills. The nationally recognized
   and transmissions.
                                                             ProStart Curriculum is utilized to provide
                                                             comprehensive Hotel/Restaurant Management
Aviation Fundamentals (Plattsburgh Satellite)                instruction. The on-site CV-TEC Café allows
                                                             students to practice these acquired skills.
   Students enrolled in the Aviation Fundamentals
   program will receive instruction in General
   Aviation and Airframe I. All students will receive
   extensive hands on, aviation-related learning
   opportunities throughout the duration of
   their course of study. Students will also receive
   integrated academic credit.

Construction Trades (Plattsburgh Main & Mineville)
   The Construction Trades Program is a hands-
   on approach to gaining marketable skills
   toward employment in the general industry of
   construction. Students will have an introduction
   to carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills.
   Knowledge and skills learned will enable the
   student to gain employment and advance
   quickly within the construction industry.
                                                                                  Automotive Collision Repair

Cosmetology - Plattsburgh

Digital Art & Design (Plattsburgh Main)                          animation and Web design/development. Students
                                                                have the opportunity to complete more if they so
     Students will be introduced to several topics              desire. In the end, students have the potential to
     during their first year, including: Graphic Design,        receive up to 30 credits from colleges throughout
     Technical and Residential Drafting, 3D Modeling            the State of New York.
     and Animation, Web Design and Computer
     Programming. During the second year, students           Early Childhood Education (Plattsburgh Main)
     are given more specialized training and practice
     in the field of their choosing. The Digital Art and        Early Childhood Education focuses on
     Design curriculum is designed to give students the         developing skills in early childcare. This program
     opportunity to learn and practice skills on software       provides students an opportunity to work with
     (Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamworks,            young children. Instruction will be provided
     Autodesk AutoCAD, Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox, and               in all areas of child development as well as
     more) that was used to create films by studios such        participating in the operation of our on-site pre-
     as Pixar (Toy Story) and Dreamworks (Shrek) and            school. Students will learn how a child develops
     video games by companies such as EA (Mass Effect,          physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally.
     Dragon Age, The Sims) and Ubisoft (Assassin’s              Practical experiences and training will expose
     Creed, Splinter Cell, Raving Rabbids). During the          students to real life situations and prepare them
     student’s two years, he or she will be able to choose      to obtain jobs working with children. Students
     his or her own path of study to reach that individual      will explore career opportunities in family day
     student’s own goals. The course focuses on three           care, pre-school and education.
     categories: digital image creation and manipulation
     (including drafting and pre-engineering),               Electrical Design, Installation & Alternative Energy
                                                             (Plattsburgh Main)
                                                                The curriculum offers students the most
                                                                current trade methods and technology.
                                                                Electrical construction training is based on
                                                                compliance with the National Electric Code and
                                                                emphasizes the electrical design, installation
                                                                and maintenance of residential and commercial
                                                                construction. Students will acquire the capability
                                                                to meet the demands of a diverse trade using
                                                                current trade methods, new digital testing
                                                                equipment and hands-on experience. New
                                                                sources include a focus on alternative curriculum
  Culinary Arts Management - Plattsburgh                        components including solar and wind energy.
Environmental Conservation & Forestry                          greenhouse industry. Students learn how to safely
(Plattsburgh Main)                                             remove hazardous trees from the top down as they
                                                               train with modern tree climbing equipment and
   Students train for a variety of outdoor careers at our      techniques both on and off campus.
   off campus work sites located on property owned
   by the Miner Institute. All students learn basic and     Graphic Design and Communications (Plattsburgh Main)
   advanced chain saw operation while preparing
   for certificates that can lead to New York State            Students learn to use state-of-the-art SLR digital
   Logger Training. Working with a fleet of nearly 20          cameras and computers with Adobe Creative
   professional grade Stihl chain saws, students learn         Suite as well as design and layout, desktop
   both safety and efficiency while learning current           publishing and printing and reproduction.
   industry standards. Students learn a variety of             Students will learn the basics of photography,
   timber harvesting methods that include both horse           layout and design, desktop publishing and
   drawn logging as well as cable yarding. During the          computer graphics while working as teams
   timber harvesting portion of the program, students          on practical projects such as holiday cards,
   demonstrate their abilities to operate several pieces       booklets and posters. Students will also become
   of forestry equipment including both a 540G Cable           proficient in printing and reproduction through
   Skidder and 450H Bull Dozer.                                fundamental print and bindery operations.

   Students experience firsthand road construction
   and maintenance on nearly five miles of seasonal         Heavy Equipment/Diesel Mechanics (Plattsburgh
   roadways. During road construction and                   Satellite)
   maintenance, students learn not only how to                 This state-of-the-art program covers the basic
   apply the use of equipment such as bull dozers              theory, operation and safety practices of heavy
   and backhoes, but they learn traffic control and            equipment. It is designed to meet the entry-
   communication skills. Students participate in all           level needs in the field of diesel technologies
   aspects of maple syrup production in both our               and repair for agricultural equipment, stationary
   1,500 tap sugar bush and in our on campus sugar             power equipment, and class 6-8 highway
   house. This portion of the class includes training          vehicles. This course covers Two & Four Cycle
   in such things as; tubing installation and repair,          Engine Theories, Operations and Repair Practices,
   sap collection, reverse osmosis and evaporator              Troubleshooting and Repair, and Preventive
   operation, grading, and canning.                            Maintenance of diesel-powered equipment.
                                                               The course also covers Basic Hydraulic Theory
   All students learn basic seed germination and               and Principals, Fuel Systems, Basic Electrical and
   propagation through our greenhouse operation.               Electronic Systems, Brake Systems, Hydraulic/air
   From ordering the bedding materials and seeds, to           and ABS, On-board Diagnostic Procedures and an
   transplanting seedlings, followed by in-house sales,        Introduction to Net-based Information Systems
                                                               used by today’s equipment manufacturers.
   our students gain a working knowledge of the

                                                                                   2019 CV-TEC SkillsUSA Team

Marine Technology (Mineville)
     This course is designed to provide students the
     skills and knowledge to begin a career in the
     region’s prominent marine industry. Students
     will gain hands-on experience with all aspects of
     marine service, including basic yard operations,
     two-stroke and four-stroke engine theory, fuel
     injection systems, computer diagnostics, drive
     systems, engine and drive rebuilding, fiberglass
     and gelcoat repair, parts ordering, and service
     writing. Students will acquire all of the skills            Natural Resources Management Mineville
     necessary to begin a career as an entry level       Natural Resource Management (Mineville)
     marine technician.
                                                            Students will learn components and competencies
                                                            of Environmental Studies, Forestry and general
Medical Office Assisting (Plattsburgh Main)
                                                            heavy construction in the out-of-doors. This
     Students will learn extensive medical office           program’s foundation is built upon the philosophy
     procedures, medical terminology, ten-key               of “active learning”, hands-on instruction. Learning
     calculating, and Microsoft Office Suite, Internet      through experience helps develop both the skills
     research projects, “hands-on” training on              to perform work properly and sensitivity to the
     Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software,              environment in which the students work. Students
     create a professional portfolio and much more.         will engage in heavy equipment operations as
     Students also participate in off-site internships      well as surveying. In addition, students participate
     that will prepare them for a wide variety of jobs      in all aspects of maple syrup production in our
     in the medical field. Students in this program         on campus sugar house. This portion of the
     also become involved with community service            class includes training in such things as; tubing
     projects for the American Heart Association and        installation and repair, sap collection, reverse
     Breast Cancer Awareness. Former students are           osmosis and evaporator operation, grading, and
     now working in hospitals, doctor’s office and          canning.
     general office settings.
                                                            All work projects are community based and
                                                            students are involved in the planning from start to
                                                            finish. This diversified career field will develop the
                                                            skills needed to become successful in a wide variety
                                                            of environmental technologies and construction.

                                                         New Visions: Medical Careers (High School Seniors
                                                         by Application Only) (Plattsburgh Satellite &
                                                            The New Visions: Medical Careers Program is an
                                                            academically rigorous, competitive application
                                                            based one-year exploratory program for selected
                                                            college-bound seniors planning to major in
                                                            a field of study such as pre-med, chemistry,
                                                            biology or other allied health fields. The
                                                            academic curriculum is combined with practical,
                                                            applied work experience as students observe
                                                            the work day of health care professionals as they
                                                            deliver patient care at one of the area medical
                   National Technical Honor Society         facilities. Learn what the health care field is really
                  Induction Ceremony - Plattsburgh          about by working alongside the professionals.
New Visions: Applied Engineering (High School              motorcycles, large and small watercraft, lawn,
Seniors by Application Only) (Plattsburgh Satellite        garden and golf course maintenance equipment.
& Mineville)                                               Students will acquire all the skills needed from
                                                           basic tune-ups to rebuilding engines.
  Application-based program for high school
  seniors expressing an interest in a post-secondary
  educational experience in the field of Engineering.   Security & Law Enforcement (Plattsburgh Main & Mineville)

  This rigorous one-year exploratory program is for        The Security and Law Enforcement Academy is a
  select college-bound seniors planning to major           NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
  in a field of study in Engineering and/or related        Security Guard Training School. Cadets receive
  fields. The academic curriculum is combined with         nationally recognized certifications in: Teen
  practical, applied work experience as students           CERT (Community Emergency Response Team);
  engage in STEM concepts at the Institute of              Certified Protection Officer; PPCT Defensive
  Advanced Manufacturing (IAM) and clinical                Tactics and Smith & Wesson Academy Military
  observations with business partners in the field.        and Police Handcuffing. In addition, New York
  The program would incorporate dual enrollment            State certifications are provided in the areas of
  in college and high school credit-bearing                Office of Homeland Security; Defensive Driving;
  coursework with career exploration and Work-             and DCJS Security Guard. A Department of
  Based Learning (WBL) experiences in Applied              Homeland Security Law Enforcement Explorer
  Engineering. Students will participate in daily          Program is integrated into the curriculum.
  ½ day sessions for the course of the school year
                                                           Work experiences are available with several area
  during the Senior Year.
                                                           law enforcement agencies, including, but not
  The program would have two locations: The                limited to: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton          (CBP); U.S. Border Patrol; CBP Air Branch, Clinton
  Community College in the north, and the CV-TEC           County Sheriff’s Department and the Plattsburgh
  Mineville Campus in the south; each with dual            City Police Department.
  credit options at both CCC and North County
                                                           Cadets perform security related duties on
  Community College.
                                                           campus and in the community. The curriculum
                                                           includes instruction in all areas of the security
                                                           profession, corrections, law enforcement and
                                                           homeland security.

                                                        Welding (Plattsburgh Satellite)
                                                           Students performing extensive hands-on
                                                           work will learn welding techniques in MIG, TIG,
                                                           shielded metal arc welding, pulse welding,
                 Security & Law Mineville Campus           plasma arc cutting, and oxy-acetylene brazing
                                                           and cutting in new state-of-the-art welding lab
PowerSport Technology (Plattsburgh Main)                   and classroom facilities. These processes will
                                                           be learned on steel, stainless steel, aluminum
   This program is a hands-on approach to a                and cast iron. Students learn to process work
   marketable trade in the world of recreational           orders, identify the correct repair procedure, and
   vehicles. Students obtain the knowledge needed          perform new material layout and fabrication
   to maintain and repair a variety of small engines       from a blueprint. Upon completion of this course
   used on portable power equipment. Students              the student will be prepared to take a variety of
   will learn the principles of basic machining,           welding certification tests.
   internal combustion engine operation, read
   technical manuals and how to develop customer
   relations. Students also work on snowmobiles,

Academic Services                                         PRE-CTE PROGRAMS
     The Academic Services Department works in               The CV-TEC Pre-CTE programs are designed to
     conjunction with our component school districts,        deliver differentiated and targeted introductory
     CV-TEC Career and Technical Education (CTE)             service-level Pre-CTE instruction and is open
     faculty and staff, and CV-TEC students to meet          to all high school students in grades 9-12. In
     the New York State Education Department                 addition, the Pre-CTE Programs meet the NYSED
     (NYSED) graduation requirements. Academic               requirements for the Career Development and
     services are available to CV-TEC students enrolled      Occupational Studies (CDOS) Credential. This
     in our NYSED CTE Approved Programs of Study.            program will allow students to explore the career
     Services provided through the Academic                  field, develop technical and work readiness skills
     Services Department:                                    and earn two general education CTE credits.
     • High School Regents Core Academic Course              The following required elements are included:
       Instruction & Examination Preparation in:
                                                            • Service-level Pre-CTE Technical Skills
              • Math
              • English/Language Arts                       • Career Related Coursework
              • Social Studies                              • Work-Based Learning (WBL) Experiences
              • Science                                       (54 hour minimum)
              • Health                                      • CDOS Standards
              • Career and Financial Management
     • Integrated & Specialized Core Academic Courses     Pre-CTE: Auto Services (Plattsburgh Main)
       as approved by NYSED
                                                             Students in grades 9-12 will learn basic principles
     • Workplace Readiness Skills integration and            and practices necessary for employment in the
       implementation                                        automotive maintenance, basic repair and minor
                                                             auto collision repair fields. This program will
     • Dual Credit Courses Instruction for College
                                                             provide students with hands-on training as well as
                                                             classroom instruction suited for diverse learning
     • Student Professional Portfolio                        styles.

     • Computer Assisted Instruction                         Students will train in basic vehicle maintenance
                                                             including basic electrical and brake repair.
     • Student Leadership Development                        Instruction in interior and exterior detailing is also
                                                             provided. This program will prepare students for
     • On-Line High School Courses
                                                             job placement or and/or into the CTE Automotive
                                                             Tech, Auto Collision Repair, Heavy Equipment/
                                                             Diesel Mechanics, Small Engines, or Marine
                                                             Technology Program to further their education.

                                                          Pre-CTE Food Services (Plattsburgh Main)
                                                             Students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity
                                                             to engage in hands-on instruction and training
                                                             in food and hospitality services. This program will
                                                             prepare students for entry level employment in
                                                             the food and hospitality services industry and/or
                                                             into the CTE Culinary Arts Management Program
        Detailing - Automotive Services - Plattsburgh        to further their education.
Career opportunities include food preparation        Practical Nursing (LPN)
   worker, dishwasher, dining room attendant, food
   server, meal server, prep cook, wait staff, hotel       This rigorous 10-month program encompasses
   or hospital housekeeping assistant, receptionist/       1,160 hours of instruction. Enter the world
   front desk clerk, retail sales clerk, stock clerk,      of nursing by preparing for licensure and
   banquet set up, meetings and events planning.           employment in hospitals, clinics, physicians’
                                                           offices, nursing homes and home care.
                                                           Accredited by the NYS Department of Education.
                                                           Offered on the Plattsburgh Campus in
Pre-CTE Exploration (Mineville)
                                                           cooperation with several health care agencies.
   Contact Student Services for more information.          Prepares graduates to take the NCLEX-PN State
                                                           Board Examination.
Adult & Continuing Education                            Nurse Assisting (CNA)
Co-Ser 103                                                 The Certified Nurse Assistant Program provides
                                                           students with 120 hours of instruction and training.
   The CV-TEC Adult and Continuing Education               The CNA works as a member of the nursing team
   department provides programs and services               delivering personal care to clients who need
   on site to area adults on the Plattsburgh Main,         assistance. Certification is available through the
   Mineville and Satellite campuses and off-site           State Department of Education.
   including in area schools. The programming
   for adults encompasses: Career and Technical         CPR
   Education, Academic Preparation, Continuing
   Education Courses and Apprenticeship Training.          Learn how to save a life. This course leads to
   The programs are self-supporting through                certification for CPR for infants, children and
   registration fees paid by participants or through       adults. Eight hours of instruction is provided over
   special funding. No component school district           two sessions. Certification is available through the
   money is expended for Adult and Continuing              National Safety Council or American Red Cross.
   Education Programs.                                  Standard First Aid
                                                           The workshop details management of basic
Career & Technical Education for Adults                    injuries and medical emergencies. Standard First
                                                           Aid can be provided in conjunction with CPR or
   Adults can register for any CV-TEC daytime              as a 6-8 hour stand-alone workshop. Certification
   Career and Technical Educational (CTE) program          is available through the National Safety Council
   on a space available basis. Enrollment is on a          or American Red Cross.
   self-pay basis or with special funding through
   CV-TEC Literacy, HSE, and Job Skills Training
   (JST) Program, ACCESS-VR, CCETA, DOL, Veterans
   Administration or other sources including special
   training vouchers. Low interest loans are also
   available through the Sallie Mae Corporation.
   Programs for adults who wish to enter, re-enter
   and/or gain advancement in employment
   are offered during the daytime and in shorter
   courses in the evening on all campuses.

                                                                         New Visions: Medical - Plattsburgh
AED                                                       Academic Preparation
     This program provides hands on training of the          Instruction is offered in a number of areas
     Automated External Defibrillator to individuals         including: basic academic skills, GED preparation,
     who plan to volunteer as responders to cardiac          Career, Family and Life Skills, career-planning,
     emergencies where trained medical personnel             computer instruction, job seeking and keeping
     are not immediately available. Topics include           skills and a CV-TEC daytime Career and Technical
     the use of the machines, maintenance of the             Education program of the student’s choice. Work
     equipment and legal liabilities to the volunteer.       experience opportunities may be available,
     This workshop can be combined with CPR/First            depending upon the program of enrollment.
     Aid or be offered as a stand-alone workshop.
     Certification is available through the National
     Safety Council or American Red Cross. This           Apprenticeship Programs
     workshop is available to component districts in         CV-TEC is the authorized Designated Lead
     order to provide training for meeting the new           Educational Agency (DLEA) certified to conduct,
     AED mandate.                                            administer, oversee and approve classroom
                                                             instruction for Union Apprenticeship Training
Phlebotomy                                                   Programs in the region. Apprenticeship Training
                                                             is conducted in the areas approved by the New
     Our Certified Phlebotomy Technician course              York State Department of Labor.
     prepares the learner to perform finger punctures
     and venous blood drawing for the purposes of
     obtaining blood samples for laboratory analysis.
     Certification is available through NHA and/or NCA.
     This 70-hour course meets 1-2 times per week
     during the evenings. Certification is available
     through the National Health Career Association.

                                                                                             CDL-A Student
                                                                               Plattsburgh Satellite Campus

Continuing Education Courses                             Other Career Certificate Programs
   Numerous continuing education courses are             Adult Online Learning Experiences
   offered to adults on various campuses. The
   courses are offered year-round for any interested        CV-TEC offers hundreds adult online education
   adult. These are offered in conjunction with             courses. Participants may enroll in a variety of
   Career and Technical Education courses.                  instructor led, self-paced or enhanced tutorials
                                                            at affordable prices. Participants can enjoy
   A registration fee is set to cover the costs of the      the convenience of learning at home and of
   programs. Although courses vary by semester,             accessing coursework on a 24/7 basis. Students
   some frequently offered courses have included:           can select from a number of national online
                                                            Ed2Go programs through CV-TEC. Certificates of
     • Assembling Industry: Manufacturing &                 completion provided by Ed2Go in a number of
       Education (AIME)                                     career and technical programs.
     • Blue Print Reading
     • Introduction to Computers                         Adult Literacy Education
     • Precision Measurement                             Co-Ser 950
     • Welding
                                                            CV-TEC offers free Adult Basic Education,
                                                            Adult Secondary Education, and High
Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)                           School Equivalency preparation to adults,
   CV-TEC offers a popular 60-hour CDL Tractor              age 18 or older. Programs are offered at the
   Trailer Driving Program for those seeking                OneWorkSource Centers in Plattsburgh and
   to receive a Class A driver’s license from the           Elizabethtown, Champlain Library, United
   Department of Motor Vehicles. The program                Methodist Church in Keeseville, North Country
   features an extremely high pass rate and offers          Community College, Behavioral Health Services
   participants a flexible driving training schedule.       North, CV-TEC, Ellenburg Depot Fire House
   Candidates must possess a CDL permit prior to            and Twin Oaks Halfway House. Instruction is
   acceptance, and must pass a drug and medical             provided through distance learning programs
   examination prior to admission.                          and ABE/ASE classes. CV-TEC’s Adult Literacy
                                                            programs are all New York State approved
                                                            and taught by certified teachers. CV-TEC is an
                                                            approved Test Assessing Secondary Completion
Business and Industry Training Programs                     (TASC) test site in both Plattsburgh and Mineville.
   Training programs for business and industry
   designed to meet the educational needs of local       ABE/ASE Classes
   businesses are available in technical, academic
   and 21st Century Skills areas.                           Offered in Clinton & Essex counties at various
                                                            locations. Classes are offered morning,
                                                            afternoons, and evenings.
Customized Training For Business And Industry
   Customized training programs are tailored to          Job Skills Training
   meet the needs of local business and industry.
   These programs are designed to upgrade                   Funding is available for eligible adults to enroll
   employees’ technical and management skills.              in job skills training programs Training programs
   These programs can be designed cooperatively,            include Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health
   based on the needs and interest of our business          Aide, Welding, Computer Classes, CDL, Customer
   partners. Tuition and fees will vary depending on        Service Training and Assembling Industry:
   the length and content of the training program.          Manufacturing and Education (AIME).

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