Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design

Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Prospectus 2020
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
cape town college of fashion design

         Cape Town
         of Fashion
         Design (Pty) Ltd
         provides innovative
         education that is
         responsive to the ever
         changing creative and
         technological developments
         in the fashion industry and to
         produce designers who possess the
         knowledge, skills, design passion and
         work ethic to be highly employable in
         their chosen profession.
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Prospectus 2020 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design

2020 Academic Calendar                       1
Vision Statement                             1
Mission Statement                            1
Registration and Accreditation               1
Board of Directors                           2
Administration                               3
Faculty                                      3
Admission Requirements                       5
Application Portfolio                        5
International Students                       5
RPL Procedure                                6
Health & Safety                              6
Language Policy                              6
Policy on Disability                         6
Mode of Instruction                          6
The Diploma in Fashion Design                7
Programme Outline                            7
Assessment                                   7
Academic Credit Accumulation                 8
Progression                                  8
Certification                                8
Financial Information                        8
Financial Information (continued)            9
Financial Aid                                9
Accommodation                                9
Medical Aid (for Foreign Students)           9
Enrolment Contract                           9
Student Support                              10
Code of Conduct                              11
Achievements                                 12
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
1 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

2020 Academic Calendar

                                                                                               *Please note that these dates
   1st Term                                    3rd Term
   03 February – 03 April                      13 July – 11 September

                                                                                               are subject to change
   2nd Term                                    4th Term
   20 April – 19 June                          28 September – 27 November

Vision Statement                               Mission Statement
The vision of Cape Town College of             To provide innovative education that is
Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd is to:                responsive to the ever changing creative
                                               and technological developments in
• Be a centre of excellence.
                                               the fashion industry and to produce
• Be a respected member of the fashion         designers who possess the knowledge,
industry in South Africa.                      skills, design passion and work ethic
                                               to be highly employable in their
• Develop the full potential of each and       chosen profession or to be successful
every student.                                 entrepreneurs.
• Have a culture that recognises the
unique and diverse needs of the individual
and the greater community.
• To create awareness of ethical and
sustainable practice.
• Support the development of an African
Design Identity drawing from cultural

Registration and Accreditation
The Cape Town College of Fashion Design        Higher Education Act, 1977 (Act No 101
(Pty) Ltd has successfully achieved full       of 1077), and Regulation 16(4)(b) of the
accreditation through the Council              Regulations for the Registration of Private
on Higher Education to offer a 3 Year          Higher Education Institutions, 2002, until 31
Diploma in Fashion Design (Ref No: H/          December 2024. Registration No 2014/
PR122/E002CAN). The College is also            HE07/005. The Diploma is registered on
registered as a Private Higher Education       the NQF, SAQA No 87426.
Institution in terms of Section 54(3) of the
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 2

Board of Directors

           The Director’s of the Cape Town College of Fashion Design are:
                          Gregg Maragelis - Head of Institution
                        Michele Wallis - Head of Administration

Head of Institution                             Head of Administration
Gregg Maragelis                                 Michele Wallis
As a multi-award winning celebrated             Mrs Wallis, the daughter of college
designer, Mr Maragelis joined the college       founder Betty Keet, joined CTCFD at
in 2003 as the Fashion Design lecturer.         the end of 2007 having spent most of her
He was appointed as a Director and              working life working in the fashion industry
Head of Institution in 2010 and is also         in various administrative roles. Mrs Wallis
currently the HOD of Fashion Design,            has worked at Woolworths, Truworths and
facilitating this module on all three levels    Seasprite in a secretarial capacity. It was
of the programme. He has achieved               while at Seasprite that she developed
academic qualifications in both Fine            an interest in computers, and thereafter
Art and Fashion Design and thereafter           joined Deqtime, a company which ran a
had 15 years of fashion industry working        bureau for many clothing manufacturers.
experience, working alongside designer          Mrs Wallis assisted these companies
Errol Arendz, as the Head Designer for          with the running of their manufacturing
luxury brand Jenni Button and later,            processes using a computerised clothing
running his own business which supplied         manufacturing system.
45 stores internationally. Mr Maragelis also
                                                After working with Deqtime, she joined
produced menswear brand Alter Ego for
                                                a computer company lecturing on
YDE. This wealth of experience enables
                                                commercial computer packages as well
him to mentor fashion design studies way
                                                as continuing with the installation and
beyond just theory.
                                                training on the computerised clothing
Mr Maragelis is currently a Board Director      manufacturing system within the entire
for the Cape Town Fashion Council, and          Seardel group. In 2003 she qualified with
has served as Board Director for the South      a Diploma in Financial Management
African Fashion Council. Mr Maragelis           through Varsity College and thereafter
continues to mentor headline talent in          was involved part-time assisting with
South Africa and is known for his extensive     bookkeeping functions at two other small
reach in the industry.                          businesses before joining CTCFD.
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
3 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

Administration                                  Charis Corbishley
                                                Quality Assurance Manager
                                                Head of Department: Fashion
Gail Minnaar                                    Design
Administrative Assistant
                                                Mrs Corbishley graduated from CTCFD
With 15 years administrative experience,        in 2011, winning the coveted ‘Student
Ms Minaar joined CTCFD at the start of          of the Year’ award, which afforded her
2015. Ms Minaar’s role is to assist the         an internship with one of SA’s leading
Administrative Head as well as the Faculty      fashion designers, Suzaan Heyns. Having
Staff and students with the day-to-day          completed her Bachelor of Technology
running of the college.                         (Btech) degree at CPUT in 2014, Mrs
                                                Corbishley was selected as a finalist in
                                                the ELLE Rising Star Competition, showing

                                                her collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion
                                                Week Africa that year. She is currently
                                                completing a Masters Degree in Higher
                                                Education Studies at UCT.
Tammy-Ann Petersen
                                                Mrs Corbishley lectures in Fashion Design
Academic Head
                                                and Computer Studies across various
Head of Department: Garment
                                                levels of study and is the Advanced
Technology                                      Diploma supervisor. Mrs Corbishley was
                                                promoted to the position of Quality
Mrs Petersen joined CTCFD at the start          Assurance Manager at the beginning
of 2014. She achieved a Bachelor of             of 2018.
Technology (Btech) degree through
CPUT and has completed various short
courses which include Train-the-Trainer,
Assessor’s and Moderator’s certificates.
With 13 years teaching experience, Mrs          Zaida Orgill
Petersen has held positions which include       Garment Technology Expert
Head of Fashion Design Department               Practitioner
at institutions Damelin and Allenby, as
well as 3 years vocational experience
                                                Mrs Orgill joined CTCFD in 2005, and is a
working for Woolworths. Mrs Petersen
                                                skilled seamstress, having worked in this
is currently studying towards a Post
                                                capacity in the industry for many years
Graduate Diploma specializing in Higher
                                                prior to joining the college. She has an
Education Studies.
                                                integral role as expert practitioner in the
Mrs Petersen is the Head of Department          Garment Technology department, passing
of Garment Technology and lectures              on essential real-world experience.
on a second and third year level. She
was promoted to the position of Acting
Academic Head in 2017.
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 4

Devon Anderson                                  Amber-Rose Hennings
Marketing Manager /                             Part Time Lecturer
Full Time Lecturer
                                                Miss Hennings graduated with distinction
                                                plus in all areas of her final year, winning
Having completed his Diploma in Fashion         numerous academic awards. Her work
Design, Mr Anderson worked in the retail        and personal style has been featured
design industry with 3 years at The Foschini    extensively in both local and international
Group Design Centre as well as 2 years          publications, and Miss Hennings has
working under Gavin Rajah. He will be           been nominated as a finalist in both the
bringing his invaluable experience to the       Foschini Design Awards and the Bokeh
Clothing Production, Retail Management          International Film Festival ‘Emerging
and Fashion Buying Principles modules.          Designer’ category.
Having produced the CTCFD annual                Currently working four days a week
fashion show since 2010 under his brand         as a fashion designer at international
Devon Anderson Concept, Mr Anderson             sustainable retail brand Rhumaa, Miss
joined CTCFD in a full time capacity at         Hennings lectures History of Design on
the start of 2018. Mr Anderson will be          a first year level, and Contemporary
managing all marketing related areas            Fashion History and Textiles on a second
at CTCFD, including social media and            year level of study.
student expos.

Tara Simeon
Full Time Lecturer                              Support Staff
Miss Simeon graduated from CTCFD, and
is completing her Advanced Diploma              Katherine Collins
in Fashion specializing in transformative       Short Course Manager
garment technology.
Having successfully facilitated a
number of vocational training Garment
                                                Sarah Share
Technology courses at sister campus The
                                                Support Tutor
Fashion Institute of Garment Technology,
Miss Simeon is currently facilitating the
Pattern Design and Garment Construction
modules on a first year level under the
guidance of Tammy Petersen.                     McDonald Mhone

                                                Wendy Venfolo
                                                General Cleaner
Prospectus 2020 - Cape Town College of Fashion Design
5 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

Admission Requirements
The minimum entry requirement is                basis of a presentation of the prescribed
a National Senior Certificate, or its           entry portfolio and have to be legal South
international equivalent.                       African citizens or present a valid passport
                                                and study permit.
Prospective Learners are evaluated on the

Application Portfolio
Please submit your application ‘portfolio’      Sketches
containing the following tasks, together
with the completed application form to          • Design a Range of 4 garments using
Cape Town College of Fashion Design.            the template provided.
                                                • Select an area for which you want to
Essay                                           design your range; i.e. women’s wear,
A written motivational essay is required        children’s wear, and state why.
which must contain the applicant’s reasons
                                                • Specify what fabrics and colours you
for choosing to study Fashion Design as
                                                would use and why.
well as their aspirations for their future in
the Fashion Industry.                           • Where did you do your research; i.e.
                                                stores, magazines, websites, other.

International Students
South African citizens will be given            • Certified copies of academic
preference during the selection procedure       transcripts, certificates or diplomas of
and acceptance of international                 any additional qualifications
students is subject to space availability.
International students are required to          • Registration fee
submit a completed application form in
                                                • Proof of sufficient English literacy
addition to the following documentation:
• Certified copy of passport (identification    Certified copy of study permit & proof
page)                                           of residential address will be required
                                                on registration.

RPL Procedure
Students who do not meet the minimum            embedded in the core of this qualification.
entrance requirements can apply for             A portfolio submission, interview and a
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Prior      variety of tests will be used to determine
learning will be recognised if the student      suitability. Please contact the College
is able to demonstrate competence in            for more details.
the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 6

Health & Safety                                         Policy on Disability
The Management team at the Cape                         The Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Town College of Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd                (Pty) Ltd will treat all employees and
will strive to do everything within reason              students with dignity and respect and
to protect the health and safety of its                 will provide an environment for learning
students and staff. The objective is to                 and working that is free from unlawful
provide an effective health and safety                  discrimination, harassment, bullying and
programme of a high standard which                      victimisation. The Cape Town College of
is subject to continuous improvement.                   Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd is committed to
                                                        an Equal Opportunities environment and
We believe that:
                                                        recognises the importance and value of
• Accidents, injuries and occupational                  diversity. It recognises it’s social, moral
diseases are preventable.                               and statutory duty to admit and employ
                                                        people with disabilities.
• Management is responsible for creating
an environment conducive to achieving                   The Cape Town College of Fashion Design
this.                                                   (Pty) Ltd would like individuals who apply
                                                        to The Cape Town College of Fashion
• Training staff to work safely is essential            Design (Pty) Ltd to be confident that
in this pursuit.                                        they will receive fair treatment and be
• Safety requires the involvement and                   considered on their ability to do the job
commitment of all staff members.                        or training. The Cape Town College of
                                                        Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd employment and
• Accident prevention is also good                      admissions policies aim to ensure that
business practice.                                      people with disabilities receive treatment
                                                        that is fair, equitable and consistent with
It is the right of all:
                                                        their skills and abilities. Similarly, The Cape
Staff, academic and administrative, both                Town College of Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd
full-time and part-time students, visitors,             admits students to the available places
incl. guest lecturers to work and learn in              on its courses based on their academic
an environment that is safe, clean, well-lit            ability and motivation.
and well-ventilated
                                                        The Cape Town College of Fashion Design
Full Occupational Health & Safety Policy is available   (Pty) Ltd will make every effort, if an
on request or can be downloaded from our website.       existing employee or student becomes
                                                        disabled, to retrain and retain them
                                                        wherever practicable.
                                                        Full Policy for Students and Staff with Disabilities is

Language Policy
                                                        available on request or can be downloaded from
                                                        our website.

Programmes are delivered in English in
accordance with the College Language
                                                        Mode of Instruction
Policy. It is the student’s responsibility to           Programmes are delivered face-to- face
ensure that s/he is able to understand                  and full-time attendance is compulsory
and communicate effectively in                          in accordance with College Rules
this language.                                          and Regulations.
7 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

The Diploma in Fashion Design
Duration:                       Credits:                         NQF level:
3 years full-time               360                              6

Programme Outline
1st Year                        2nd Year                         3rd Year
Fashion Design I                Fashion Design II                Fashion Design III
Garment Construction I          Garment Construction II          Garment Construction III
Pattern Design I                Pattern Design II                Pattern Design III
History of Design I             Contemporary Fashion             Contemporary Fashion
                                History I                        History II
Business Studies I
                                Business Studies II              Business Studies III
Clothing Production I
                                Retail Management I              Fashion Buying
Textiles I
                                Textiles II                      Principles I
Digital Fashion Application I
                                Digital Fashion Application II   Brand Design I
                                                                 Experiential Learning I
                                                                 Digital Fashion
                                                                 Application III
                                                                 ELECTIVE MODULES:
                                                                 Costume Design I/
                                                                 Fashion Styling I

The College adopts a continuous                   determine the student’s ability to work
assessment approach, in line with the             independently as well as to verify the
principles of outcomes based education.           authenticity of a learners work.
Student competence is determined by
                                                  All formative assessments are internally
their ability to demonstrate the required
                                                  moderated and all summative
learning outcomes.
                                                  assessments are externally moderated
Assessment criteria are clearly set out           by suitably qualified and experienced
and communicated to students and all              subject specialists.
assessment results are made available
                                                  An Appeals Policy is in place for students
for verification and appeal.
                                                  who wish to have results reassessed, in
Theory and practical examinations,                which case the guidelines of this policy
conducted in June and November, form              will be observed.
part of the continuous assessment strategy
and are used as a diagnostic tool to
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 8

Academic Credit Accumulation
In order to receive the Diploma in Fashion                All courses must reflect a grading of 50%
Design (360 credits); the student must                    or higher, on the academic transcript
successfully demonstrate that s/he is                     in order for the learner to be awarded
competent in all the exit level outcomes                  the relevant credits. Credits will only be
of the programme and must have                            awarded in full and no partial credits will
accumulated all the credits assigned                      be awarded to any learner.
to the qualification.

Progression                                               Certification
Progression through the qualification is                  Students will be awarded their Diploma
dependent upon the student having                         when they have met all the exit level
passed all core modules in the previous                   outcomes of the programme and
year, where 50% is the pass mark.                         have been awarded a grade of 50%
                                                          or more for all modules that make up
                                                          the qualification.

Financial Information
 Fee Structure 2019:                                             1st Year        2nd Year          3rd Year
 APPLICATION FEE:                                                   R 300
 REGISTRATION FEE – non-refundable amount to be
                                                                  R 5 000           R 2 500          R 2 500
 paid on registration per year
 TUITION FEE                                                     R 62 590         R 65 095          R 68 350
 RESOURCE LEVY – annual subscription to Worth
                                                                  R 1 100           R 1 100          R 1 100
 Global Style Network / StyleSight
 STARTUP KIT                                                     *R 3 000
 TEXT BOOKS                                                      *R 2 000
 TOTAL                                                           R 73 990         R 68 695          R 71 950

Please note:                                              Extra Costs to be provided for:
•  (*) These costs depend on the exchange rate            •   Sewing Machine – approx. R4 500
at the time of purchase as well as supplier’s annual      • Overlocker - approx. R2 800 and R5 000 dependant
price increases.                                          on the make purchased.
• Resource Levy, Start-up Kit and Text Books must be      • Students must have access to a laptop or a home
paid for on or before the 1st day of the academic year.   computer with the minimum requirements to run the
                                                          Adobe Suite of programs, e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator.
                                                          •  Fabric required for realising designs throughout
                                                          the year.
9 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

Financial Information (continued)
The following Tuition Fee Payment options are available:
 South African Students                                             1st Year          2nd Year            3rd Year
 Payment in full – 5% discount for fees settled in full
                                                                    R 59 460           R 61 840           R 64 932
 by end February
 Termly payments – 1st week of each term x 4                        R 15 907           R 16 545           R 17 150
 Monthly payments – last day of each month –
                                                                      R 7 175            R 7 465            R 7 740
 February to October x 9 payments
 International Students                                             1st Year          2nd Year            3rd Year
 Payment in full – 5% discount for fees settled in full
                                                                    R 59 460           R 61 840           R 64 932
 by end February
 Bi-Annual Payment – end February and end July                      R 31 824           R 33 097           R 34 370
 Monthly payments – 1st day of academic year                        R 10 000           R 10 000           R 10 000

 March to September x 7                                               R 7 753            R 8 064            R 8 375

Payments can be made in cash, by cheque, direct              taking part in any further tuition until such time as the
deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). In the case of   outstanding fees are paid up.
direct deposits or electronic funds transfer the student’s
name or student number must be used as a reference for       Should a student decide to discontinue their studies
identification purposes.                                     at any time during the academic year the full year’s
                                                             tuition is liable to be paid according to the contract
In the event of non-payment a Letter of Suspension           signed on enrolment.
will be issued to the student preventing them from

Financial Aid                                                Accommodation
The College offers a limited number of                       Please go to our website to download
bursaries each year and is available to                      the document containing our preferred
those students who have completed the                        providers or contact Administration for
a year of ‘self-paid’ study and who have                     further information in this regard.
proven to be worthy of this opportunity.
Student loans can be obtained through
any commercial banking institution, e.g.                     Medical Aid
                                                             (for Foreign Students)
ABSA, Standard, or through Eduloan,
who specialise in student loans. These                       Momentum Health is our preferred service
loans are able to cover both fees and                        provider so please contact Administration
extra study requirements. Please contact                     for further details and application forms.
Administration for further information in
this regard.
                                                             Enrolment Contract
                                                             An example of the Enrolment Contract
                                                             is available on request or can be
                                                             downloaded from our website.
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 10

Student Support
The first year orientation programme            Counselling Support
introduces the student to the College
staff, the premises and facilities, the         This is provided in the form of information
academic rules and regulations and the          regarding possible service providers who
support services available.                     are able to cater for the specific type of
                                                support/counselling the student requires.
Academic Support
                                                Student Development
The Academic staff provide each
and every learner with the support              The Student Representative Committee
required to perform academically, and           is made up of representatives from
encourage active engagement from the            each year and is responsible for
students through:                               organising student fundraising events
                                                and for communicating any student
• Establishing a supportive relationship        recommendations or concerns.
with all students
                                                Regular student and staff social events
• Adopting a creative approach to               provide an opportunity to strengthen
teaching and learning                           relations and take a break from the
                                                demands of the intensive curriculum.
• Providing regular constructive
assessment feedback
• Mentoring and coaching
Students receive an Academic report on
a quarterly basis to assist them to monitor
their progress and to identify any areas
of concern.
The College student-at-risk programme
ensures that students who are not
performing academically, are identified
and provided with appropriate support
and guidance to achieve their
full potential.
Administrative Support
Administrative staff are available to assist
the students with any query they may
have related to the programme that
they are studying.
A binding/ printing/ copying/ scanning
service is provided to all registered
students, at a competitive rate.
11 | Cape Town College of Fashion Design | Prospectus 2020

Code of Conduct
Cape Town College of Fashion Design (Pty) Ltd takes the conduct of students and staff
seriously, it is imperative that all people are treated fairly and respectfully, in keeping with
our values.
The Code of Conduct will be upheld in all instances and can be read as follows:

• Students must act in a respectful               suspension, or the student could face
manner towards all staff and fellow               expulsion from the College.
students regardless of race, gender,
                                                  • It is College policy not to display, under
religious beliefs, language or disablement.
                                                  any circumstances, any religious, political,
Rudeness will not be tolerated and
                                                  cultural or racist propaganda or material
disciplinary action will be taken
                                                  on the premises.
against offenders.
                                                  • Students shall refrain from eating,
• At all times and everywhere that the
                                                  drinking, sleeping or not paying attention
student represents or can be identified as
                                                  while in lectures.
a student at the College, the student shall
conduct themselves in such a manner so            • Students shall not sexually harass
as not to discredit the College in any way.       another person, nor in any way victimise
                                                  or intimidate any fellow student or
• Students shall not maliciously,
                                                  staff member.
negligently or wrongfully destroy,
damage, abuse or remove any property
belonging to the College.                         Misconduct
• Students must at all times give an              A student shall be guilty of misconduct
honest account of their ability in class          should he/she attempt to infringe or
tests, examinations or other academic             undermine any Regulation, Rule,
assignments. The formulation of an                Instruction or Code of Conduct of the
assignment, whether written, oral or              College, and could be subject to the
practical must under all circumstances            following Disciplinary measures:
be the honest work of the student,                • A student could be suspended from
demonstrating academic and intellectual           class attendance for a period of time.
integrity by avoiding plagiarism,
infringement of copyright and/or                  • A verbal reprimand and / or a written
others’ rights to intellectual property.          warning will be issued.
Non-conformance to this rule will lead            • A student’s parents or guardian shall
to disciplinary action.                           be notified
• Policy in respect of dishonesty: Students       • Any other suitable educationally
are to refrain from any form of dishonesty,       justified disciplinary measure could
be it lying, cheating, stealing or plagiarism.    be taken.
Offending students will be reported to
the Education Committee, who will
hold a formal hearing. If found guilty,
the disciplinary measure could include
Prospectus 2020| Cape Town College of Fashion Design | 12

As evidence of our statement that we are ‘The Ultimate in Fashion Education’ we list
the following achievements over the last 3 years:

2018     • Leading alumnus named winner of the Young Designer Competition at Source Africa
         and showcased her collection at TexWorld in Paris, France.
         • Advanced Diploma student selected as a finalist in the AFI Fastrack competition,
         showcasing his collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.
         • CTCFD graduate class interviewed by Werner Wessels and featured on the ViaTV
         series Kroonprins.
         • Graduate collection featured at the Miss Namibia pageant.
         • 2 graduate students selected to showcase at the Cape Town Fashion Council Graduate
         Designer Stands at Source Africa.
         • 3 Advanced Diploma students featured on SABC 2’s Hectic Nine9.
         • Leading alumnus interviewed for ELLE’s Style Across Africa series.
         • Students on all levels of study featured in major international fashion publications.

2017     • Advanced Diploma student selected as finalist in the ongoing local reality television
         show ‘The Intern by David Tlale’.
         • CTCFD featured in the 2017 Vogue Italia Talent Issue with 2 graduates selected as ‘180
         Emerging Designers to Watch’ globally.
         • Leading alumnus selected to style and be the face of international brand Trenery’s
         2017 resort collection.
         • Leading alumni selected to create a capsule collection for Woolworths’ Style by SA
         • Leading alumnus presented designs at the international seminar for WGSN’s (World
         Global Style Network) Spring/Summer 2018 trend forecast.
         • 3 nominees and 1 overall winner of the Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival
         Emerging Creative Talent Award.
         • Leading Alumnus named winner in the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2017.

2016    • 1 graduate selected as a finalist in the AFI Fastrack competition, showcasing her
         graduate collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg.
        • 3 students selected as finalists with 2 overall winners of the Foschini Design Awards 2016.
        • Leading alumni featured in Vogue Portugal.
        • 7 graduates selected to showcase looks at the CTFC Graduate Designer Show in
         association with BOKEH Fashion Film Festival.
        • 3 graduates selected to create short fashion films for the BOKEH Fashion Film Festival
         as part of the CTFC Graduate Designer Initiative. These 3 graduate films went on to be
         nominated for awards at the festival.
        • 8 graduates selected to showcase at the Cape Town Fashion Council Graduate
         Showcase 2016.
Contact Person
Michele Wallis or Gail Minnaar   7 Delaney Road, Plumstead
                                 Cape Town, 7800
T 021 762 6710
C 082 823 4456                   P O Box 320, Plumstead, 7801
F 086 515 8062
E              		      @ctcfd                
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