QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints

QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints
QUT, Jill’s Background, Digital
    Collections, ePrints
Jill Rogers, Repository Resource Librarian
QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints
Jill’s background
•    From 1992 until now I have worked in the variety of library roles. I am currently working
     (80%) at Queensland University Technology (QUT) library as the Repository Resource
     Librarian. I have worked as a reference librarian (school), as solo librarian
     (Commonwealth government) and as a manager in local and state libraries and as a
     project officer for Queensland University of Technology (QUT). As I am committed to
     lifelong learning I have kept up with the changes in the industry by undertaking further
     study, reading and professional development courses. I enjoy working and
     communicating with others and firmly believe for an organization to thrive that a culture of
     knowledge sharing is vital.
•    My current role is Service Manager for QUT Digital Collections and I manage the day to
     operations of QUT ePrints
•    I am also the convenor of the QULOC Digitisation Practitioners Group that began in 2017
     that I initiated late in 2016 and a member of the new Trove Redesign Community of
     Practice Group (CAUL representative)
QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints
•   48,500 student enrolments
QUT at a glance   •   2,600 research students
                  •   2,000 academics
                  •   $101 million research income
                  •   Refereed publications in 2016
                       – 2800 journal articles
                       – 500 published conf. papers
                       – 400 books & chapters
                       – 400 theses
                       – Older QUT history here:
                       – More recent QUT history
QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints
•   QUT Library has three branch
QUT Library at a glance       libraries – Gardens Point
                              Library, Kelvin Grove Library
                              and the QUT Law Library, each
                              providing resources and
                              services to support the learning,
                              teaching and research needs of
                              the students and staff of their
                              campus or faculty.
                          •   https://www.library.qut.edu.au/a
                          •   The Library is a department
                              within the Division of
                              Technology, Information and
                              Library Services
QUT, Jill's Background, Digital Collections, ePrints
QUT Digital Collections
•   QUT Digital Collections, managed by QUT Library, brings together digitised and born digital collections
    for dissemination to and reuse by the global community.

•   When possible, items will be made open access and available via a Creative Commons license

•   QUT Digital Collections is built on EPrints repository software.

•   Digitized materials, include: images, videos, audio, or documents. Archived materials can take the form
    of preservation archives, where the focus is on:
            • Long -term preservation (eg.QUT Stories)
            • Working archives for active teaching and learning (QUT Landscape Architecture, QUT
               Technical Production, QUT Film Screen and Animation)

•   All the items in our digital collections are open access and can be searched via Google and are
    indexed via Trove (National Library of Australia)

•   There are now 15 QUT Digital Collections (this has grown from 4 in 2014)
     2012                2013                         2014                        2015                      2016                      2017                          2018
                                                                                Queensland                             QUT Exhibition
                                                                                   Law                              OGH “To Sir With Love”
              Asia-Pacific Images              Cilento Gift Scripts
                                                                             QUT Proceedings                 QUT Education
                                                                                                         Digital Yarning Project

                                          Sugar Research                     QUT Publications
                                                                                                            QUT Visual Arts
                                                                                QUT Landscape
                                    Construction                                 Architecture
                                     Innovation                                                          QUT Alumni Donations
                                                                                                         “L’Estrange Collection”
                                                                  QUT Stories

                                                                                                                                        QUT Technical                      QUT Film Screen
                                                                                                                                         Productions                         Animation
                                                                  QUT Dance

                                                   Ongoing promotion, management and addition of items to established collections.

Enabling Technologies, QUT Staff, External Vendors and Advisors:

    ePrints        Liaison               Web                        QUT                  QUT Printing              Graphic             Other Library Staff in Similar
   Software      Librarians            Developers               Photographer              Services                Designers               Roles (e.g. SLQ, UQ)
Why is digitisation important to libraries?

• More exposure of existing collections to a wider audience

• Better meet reader expectation of ‘everything online’

• Engagement and Collaboration with internal and external

• Preserve material

• Save shelf and floor space
Collaboration (within QUT)
•   Library staff (Library Leadership Team, Copyright Officer, Liaison
    Librarians, Library Resource Services staff, Collection Access: KG &
    GP, all library staff)
•   EIS Library systems team – Web developer
•   QUT Printing Services GP e.g.– Landscape Architecture collection
    and printing of photos/glass slides, promotional posters
•   QUT Photographer (no longer a position)
•   QUT Alumni – Links magazine and donation of material
•   QUT Records – Specific queries
•   QUT Marketing and Communications – Graphic Designer
•   Staff in different faculties – Dance, Landscape Architecture, Technical
    Production, Film Screen and Animation
•   Old Government House Curator
•   QUT Precincts
•   QUT Gala 25 Year Dinner – anyone in the photos
User Engagement (external to QUT)
•   User/Collegiate engagement is critical to the value of digital
    collections. – How to measure this is tricky??
•   State Library of Queensland – Original materials librarian,
    Contemporary Collecting Coordinator, Executive Director Discovery
•   QULOC Digitisation Practitioners Group (2 face to face meetings and
    Yammer Group)
•   Variety of vendors for scanning
•   QUT Alumni for donations and accurate information
•   Historical societies – Glasshouse Mtns, Qld Rail, potentially
    overseas groups – L’Estrange glass plates, photos
•   Members of the public/students from other Universities
•   Digivol for crowdsourcing of unknown images
•   Historypin for more discovery of QUT collections
QULOC Digitisation Practitioners Group
Background (est Feb 2017)
Among the QULOC member community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding digital and
special collections work. A Digitisation practitioner group has been developed between QULOC institutions to
enable QULOC members the opportunity for new insights to be developed through knowledge sharing and
Terms of reference
* To facilitate a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge of digitisation matters pertaining to libraries in
the higher education sector.
* To monitor and discuss emerging digitisation and preservation issues, trends and developments in Australia
and internationally.
* To communicate and/or collaborate with QULOC Working Parties on matters of shared interest.
• To share and educate others on standards and metadata relating to digitization
• Yammer Group and 2 Face to Face meetings per year
• QULOC Digitisation Practitioners GroupNov 1st Poster University Librarians GroupMP4
Digital treasures: digitization as transformation [MP4 Poster]
•   QUT Alumni Links Magazine (needs regular articles have led to
    some very good donations particularly Education faculty)
•   ‘To Sir with Love’ exhibition October 2016 - February 2017
•   QUT Digital Workplace banner (internal QUT – eg ‘To Sir with Love’
    Exhibition and win in DPLA GIF competition 2016, Entry in DPLA GIF
    competition 2017
•   Australian Library and Information Association magazine
•   National Library of Australia Blog
•   State Library of Queensland Blog
•   Statistics (now have internal report: collection and ePrint level, and Trove monthly
    statistics via QDC)

•   Vice Chancellor’s Report – Landscape Architecture

•   Library Annual Report

•   Service Assessment
The Glam Sector (what does this mean for QUT
Digital Collections?)
•   From the museum community, success is about boutique digitisation, curated content
    and end-user experience

•   In the “To Sir with Love” exhibition from October 2016 to February 2017 at Old
    Government House included an oral history, created panoramas for 1862 and 1892
    rather than individual photos (these will remain in the Panorama room and added
    metadata and other information to make items discoverable)

•   Make something new and interesting – add detail, create Issuu.com magazines, share
    with others e.g. Maritime Museum, Qld Rail history group.
•   Develop robust strategies not just for ‘passive’ discovery but for
    the ‘active’ outreach of this service (social media channels?,
    crowdsourcing to obtain metadata details – L’estrange
•   Time (I work 80%, reduced working year and do other tasks)
•   Saying no at times when no order, nothing scanned
•   Adequate funding (staffing and equipment)
•   Sourcing new collections/material
•   Continuous training, sharing and learning
•   Getting some groups in QUT to share
Where to from here
•   QUT Digital Collections is further developing cross-institutional partnerships
    and within QUT faculties and divisions

•   QULOC Digitisation Practitioner’s group (Jill Rogers convenor)
    est Feb 2017 Community Practice

•   Launch Nov 2018 QUT Film Screen and Animation

•   Throwback Thursday – Twitter

•   State Library of Qld mining our metadata (under discussion 2018)

•   Participation in CAIRRS Community Days (networking/ongoing learning)
    Australia wide

•   Participate in the Trove Community Redesign Community of Practice Group
    (1 of 3 University representatives)
Jill Rogers
Repository Resource Librarian

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