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RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Investment opportunity

  RacerRacer             A love story. An obsession.
RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Racer. A love story. An obsession
Racer is a heart stopping original screenplay by Oscar nominee and Bafta winning writer Ronan Blaney. A feature film
inspired by the early life of legendary motorcycle racing star, Joey Dunlop. Joey, from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, was
at the height of his sporting prowess from the dramatic and politically charged 1970s right through to his death in 2000,
winning the world renowned Isle of Man TT Races a record breaking, and not yet beaten, 26 times. Our film portrays the
early life of a conflicted and quiet man who remained true to himself whilst allowing his
enormous skill as a racer and his track record to do the talking.

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Ali MacP
Note from the Producer

Racer has the dual commercial power of being a thrilling sports
movie and an original love story.

This film will show the strength of the family bond and how
extraordinarily conflicted a character can become. How can Joey leave his wife and babies at home and immerse
himself in this lethal sport?

Joey witnessed first his friend and then even closer to home, his brother-in-law, being killed in horrific crashes in road
racing but yet still couldn’t give up the most dangerous motor sport of all.

The racers ride at speeds of up to 190 miles per hour on country roads with nothing but lamp posts, trees and dry-stone
dykes for natural crash barriers. At the beginning of the TT Race, the riders pass through the middle of a council estate –
a bizarre setting for a world-famous race – and a detail which many people will be unaware. We’ll capture the excitement
these racers feel when they’re riding at high speed, the tussle for position, the cat and mouse of their contest, the
physicality and strength demanded. The is the story of one man’s obsession with a sport which will ultimately kill him.

We expect this feature to attract a 20+ male/female audience domestically and internationally. With interest in Joey
Dunlop’s career undimmed over the years and his extraordinarily loyal fan base due to his phenomenal race record,
we naturally expect the audience to be male skewed. However, the love story element, the pure sexiness of racing,
the humanity of these lives and loves will also help lock-in the female demographic.

                                                                            Comparable films

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Racer – Key Team
John Matthews – Director                                                 Ali MacPhail – Producer
Award winning documentary producer-director who has dedicated his film   Ali has over 20 years experience in producing and executive producing
and TV career to motorsport.                                             high-end international TV drama, entertainment and film projects.

                                                                         Consulting widely for film and television organisations, Ali is a BAFTA
Credits include:
                                                                         television committee member and has mentored emerging television
Trained to Kill – 2nd Unit Director for Roger Corman
                                                                         and film talent.
Joey – The Man who Conquered the TT – ITV
Deadliest Crash, Grand Prix the Killer Years,                            Credits include:
Madness on Wheels BBC – distributed internationally                      Human Remains, Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible,
                                                                         Cruise of the God’s, Uncle Nighty Night,
John won a Royal Television Society Student Award, Killer Years was      The Mighty Boosh – BBC
longlisted for a BAFTA, Deadliest Crash nominated for                    King of Fridges – ITV
a Grierson Award & also won a BBC Top Gear Film Of                       Starlings – Sky
The Year award.                                                          Gifted – Sky Arts
                                                                         Timeless – Sky Arts
A keen motorbike rider since 9, John is passionate about bringing the    Common Ground – Sky Atlantic
story of Joey Dunlop to the big screen, no doubt the most amazing
                                                                         Ali has embraced the story of the little man from Ballymoney and has great
motorbike (and unusual) racer of all time.
                                                                         enthusiasm to deliver this emotive and gritty tale of love, loyalty and deadly

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Racer – Key Team
Sheryl Trinh – Executive Producer                                           Ronan Blaney – Writer
Sheryl has worked in the independent TV production and film industry        Ronan Blaney is a Bafta award winning and Academy Award nominated
overseeing business and commercial operations, production and               writer with a wealth of compelling work behind him. His most recent
development in both factual and drama for 20 years, with particular         film A Good Woman is Hard to Find, 2019, set in Northern Ireland was
success in financing and managing the successful delivery of large          recently praised by the New York Times as a ‘Minor Miracle’.
scale, high budget drama series.
                                                                            Other credits and awards include Boogaloo and Graham with Michael
Credits include:                                                            Lennox which won a BAFTA for ‘Best British Short Film 2014’ and also
Walking With Monsters, Ocean Odyssey and Space Odyssey,                     nominated for an Academy Award for ‘Best Live Action Short’.
One Humanity – BBC
                                                                            Another of his films won a Royal Television Society Award and the
Prehistoric Park, Pickles – The dog who won the World Cup,
                                                                            Premio Pianific Prize at the Locarno Film Festival.
Frankenstein – ITV
Perfect Disasters – Discovery
                                                                            John Sorapure – Director of Photography (TBC)
Sinbad - Sky 1
                                                                            Movie credits: Paddington Bear, Paddington Bear 2,
More recently Sheryl has worked within Bally Bee Pictures and with          Horrible Histories – The Movie, Bunny & The Bull, Fat Slags,
independent producers and companies structuring film, TV and event          George Michael – A Different Story, Round Ireland with a Fridge.
projects on a freelance basis.

Sheryl, who has Northern Irish roots and grew up in South East London
during the 70’s and 80’s is thrilled to be working on this seminal and
exciting film, set in that era charting the inspiring story of one of the
greatest racers of all time.

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Racer – Key Team
Kevin Riddle – Casting Director                                     David Mousley – Executive Producer
Credits: Mamma Mia!, The Hatton Garden Job, Swung,                  David is the former CEO of Red Vision, which grew from a small team in
The Woman in Black, Angel of Death, Strawberry Fields,              Manchester when he joined in 1996 to become one of the most highly
The Wolfman, The Infidel, Misfits, Tomorrow, Second Life,           regarded UK Visual Effects and CGI companies, winning two BAFTA
Combat Kids, The Enemy Within, How Do You Solve                     and two Royal Television Society awards for excellence and innovation.
a Problem Like Camilla? and The Rivals.
                                                                    David, who lives on the Isle of Man, is the Director of Business
Kieran Clarke – Stunt Performer                                     Development, Isle of Media (the private sector media development
Credits: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Transformers: The Last   partner to the Department of Enterprise, Isle of Man Govt). David
Knight, The Mummy, Eat Locals, Mary Poppins Returns Mission         advises on media, games and entertainment businesses and the
Impossible: Fallout                                                 overall development of this sector.

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Note from the director

                                                                                                 John M
Racer is Rush meets The Fighter and Drive, with Northern
Soul, The Goob and Dark River sprinkled over the top.

Hand held camera, vérité in style, it will look and feel authentic, the camera moving around dynamically, very much
based on personal experience self-shooting racers.

Contrasting lighting will bring dark, gloomy low-lit garage shots, Joey’s cigarette glowing in the darkness. The colour
palette will be the blue and green saturation of the 70’s, with those lovely drudge browns.
The racing shots will be full of jeopardy, the bike looking like it’s about to fall to pieces in similar vein to Grand Prix.

Music and sound will be phenomenal, high pitched engine noises, a rider being dragged 180 miles per hour down
tarmac, gravel ripping leathers and skin, the terrible thuds and screeching tyres.

The tender moments, Joey and his love affair, delicate in between the mayhem, will be complemented
with classical piano harmonies, glam rock playing on the radio in the background. In the 1970’s Punk Rock flourished
in Belfast; rebel sounds against the violence of ‘The Troubles’.

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Joey Dunlop (Age 17–28)                                                    Linda Dunlop (Age 17–28)
An oddness, edgy but shy, conflicted, quiet, modest raw talent             Strong, nurturing and protective

  Paul Mescal       Anthony Boyle    Fionn Whitehead         Dean          Eileen O’Higgins    Niamh Algar        Saoirse Ronan   Lianne Harvey

Walter Desmond (age 50 – 60)                                               Merv ‘Robbo’ Robinson
Scary, shrewd, cunning and clever                                          Dashing, vulnerable, Joey’s best pal

Stellan Skarsgard    Brian Cox      Liam Cunningham     Peter Mullan       Aaron McCusker      Aiden Turner   Domhnall Gleeson    Jamie Dornan

Kieran Clarke, who doubled for Tom Cruise in the Mission
Impossible films, is our main stunt rider and will bring with him a team
of tried and trusted world class riders.

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
                         David Mousley is engaged                                                                                                           Early development – Film Idea
                           as Financing Executive           Isle of Man Govt confirm support                    Bill Holroyd CBE invests in early           is devised by John L. Matthews
                         Producer in The Isle of Man          and assistance for film project                       stage development activity                       who invests.

                              
                                2019                                                                                          2018
                                                                                                                                                                       2017

                                                          Ali MacPhail & Sheryl Trinh join as              A catalogue of IP is built and a successful            Support is given by
                                                                Co-producing partners                      read through is staged in Soho in London             Northern Ireland Screen
                                                                                                                gathering a lot of film industry interest
             A major
                          2020        Bill Holroyd CBE is engaged and invests

distributor’s offer of                significant development funding into this
    20% (£600k) is                    film production venture, taking an early-bird
   received against                   position on the film investment raise.
    the film budget.

                                      Northern Ireland Screen, film

                                      production funding pledged (£200k)

                          Aug–Sept
                            2020                                                         
                                                                                   Sept 2020
                                                                                             Apr 2021
                                      Key team and Heads of Department                TT Race organisers             April 27th – 1st day of
                                         are engaged and a budget and                 confirm access and             principal photography
                                      production schedule is produced for         support for filming at 2021                planned
                                            filming in April-May 2021

RacerA love story. An obsession - Investment opportunity - Paradigm VL Group
Investment Opportunity for Investors into our Film
                                           Production funding proposal

                                                             Angel/hnw/Private Investor Opportunity – £780,000
                     £3,057m                                 We are thrilled to open this unique investment opportunity to Angel & HNW
                                                             investors within the UK. A detailed recoupment schedule is attached to this
                                                             IM for further information, however, a summarised model is provided below
                                                             for information. The anticipated close date is 12th December 2020 and we
                                                             will be holding investor meetings between now and then.

Angel/HNW/Private Investors            £           780       Day One – Investment                         Apr 21          £   (100,000)
Distribution/Sales Advance             £           610
British Film Institute                 £           500
                                                             Return of capital from gross receipts		                      £     100,000
                                                                                                   +18 months
UK Film Tax Credit                     £           572       25% premium paid from gross receipts		                       £      25,000

Gap Funding/Production Loan            £           305
                                                             50% share of net profits                    Ongoing          TBC
Northern Ireland Screen Film Funding   £           200
Isle of Man Production Funding         £            60
Post Production Deal                   £            30
Total Funding                          £         3,057

                                            As an investor in this film there are of course a range of other benefits on offer. We are
                                            happy to speak to individuals and companies during this fundraise in order to put together
                                            more bespoke packages and to make this movie making experience an inclusive and
                                            rewarding experience for all involved.

                                                                      1 X 90’ Production
                  (Budget – Subject to revision based upon the precise content of completed screenplay, schedule, locations and support/deferments)

Development costs, writer, director, producers, artists (cast/stunts)                                                                                  £950,000
Art department, builds, dressing, action props,studio rental. locations, facilities, SFX                                                               £622,000
All aspects of post-production including music + CGI                                                                                                   £252,000
Bond fee, overheads, insurances, legals, production contingency etc                                                                                    £381,000
Labour (all departments), technical equipment, wardrobe, travel/transport, hotel/living (ind. catering) etc                                            £845,000

TOTAL                                                                                                                                                 £3,050,000

financial projections
We are awaiting sales estimates from a distributor however, we have had an indicative view of gross
sales of between £10 - £15m.

Final negotiations are currently underway with a distributor. These figures will be confirmed in the
coming weeks once a distributor has been assigned.
Comparable recently released films are Eddie the Eagle, Rush and Le Mans 1966.

                                                                      LOW       MID        HIGH       GOAL!

GROSS RECEIPTS                                                      5,000,000 7,000,000 10,000,000 15,000,000

LESS COMMISSION & COSTS                                             2,432,500 3,057,500   3,995,000   5,557,500

ADJUSTED GROSS                                                      2,567,500 3,942,500   6,005,000   9,442,500
LESS GAP OR PRODUCTION LOANS                                          426,476 426,476       426,476     426,476
LESS PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTORS REPAYMENT & PREMIUMS, PLUS BFI, NIS   1,738,906 1,738,906   1,738,906   1,738,906
LESS DEFERRED FEES/ BONUSES                                           400,000 400,000       400,000     400,000

NET PROFITS                                                            2,118 1,377,118    3,439,618   6,877,118

50% TO PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTORS (PARRI PASSU)                          1,059   688,559    1,719,809   3,438,559
50% TO PRODUCERS                                                       1,059   688,559    1,719,809   3,438,559


‘Tim Richards, the Vue chief
        executive, believes when
        some form of normality
         returns the cinema business
         will boom, with a glut of
         delayed releases to fill the

          ‘By 2022, we are going to be firing on all cylinders
          again as an industry,” Richards said. “And by 2023
          we are going to be setting records again, particularly
          given the film slate. Once the Covid lid is lifted you
          are going to see record-breaking numbers come out
          because we know there is a pent-up demand.’

We are now opening this unique opportunity to outside investment with the creative team holding virtual
presentations during November 2020.

We intend on closing the investment round by 21st December 2020 with the first day of principal
photography anticipated to be 1st May 2021.

A more detailed Investment Memorandum is available on request. Contact details for the creative team
can be found below.

John L. Matthews

Sheryl Trinh

Ali MacPhail

appendix 1
                                                   RECOUPMENT SCHEDULE ‘WATERFALL’
         Theatrical              Non-theatrical        Home Entertainment                  Television                VOD                     Other
          income                   income                   income                          income                 income                   income

                                                                                                                                        
                                                                    Gross receipts
     CAM (Collection Agent Management 5%k fee                                                                    Sales agents commission, distribution
      + 1% commission up to 2m then 0.75% +                   Guild costs/trade association costs            advance recoupment, distributor’s commission
        expenses capped at 1.5k per annum)                              (assume 0.5%)                              + expenses including P&A costs

                                                             Adjusted gross receipts
 1                                                 Production loans or gap financier repaid + interest (TBC)
       Private equity film investors repaid 100%            BR (British Film Institute) – if used – film           NIS (Northern Ireland Screen) film
                    + 25% premium                              production funding repaid 100%                         production funding repaid

 3                                              Deferments – 100% of ‘in budget’ deferred fees or bonuses

 4                                         Completion bonder repaid any costs incurred to deliver (assume N/A)

                                                                       Net profits
                          Producer’s 50% net profit share                                Private equity investor’s/BR – if used – 50% parri passu share

                 Producer’s net profits
     Writer’s   Life rights   Executive    Other Producer’s net
     % share      owner       Producer’s    share participants
                 % share       % share

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