Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...

Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
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                                    housing for an
                                   ageing populace
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
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Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
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Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...

      It is estimated that Hong Kong’s elderly population with age 60 or above will constitute
      34% of the city’s population by 2034 according to the Census and Statistics Department
      of the Government. While Hong Kong has one of the highest rates of elderly staying at
      institutional elderly nursing homes, many baby boomers prefer “ageing in place” at home.
      In this issue, we will explore the opportunities and challenges regarding “ageing in place”,
      and the role for surveyors in elderly-friendly housing.
      Kit M Yip

                    Sr Marco Wu                                           Sr Edgar Li                                               Prof Francis Wong
                                                                          Vice-Chairman of HKIS                                     Professor, Department of
                    Chairman of the Hong Kong
                                                                          Guangzhou Forum and former                                Building and Real Estate
                    Housing Society and
                                                                          Vice-Chairman of HKIS Housing                             at Hong Kong Polytechnic
                    Past President of the HKIS
                                                                          Policy Panel                                              University

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1. New housing blocks catering for the elderly such as these at Cheerful Court in Jordan Valley, Ngau Tau Kok are among the measures taken to meet the
   challenge of a rising aged population. (Photo: SCMP/Dustin Shum)
2. Proposed built elderly friendly housing by the HKIS Housing Policy Panel using BIM/VR technology. Scan the QR code to better understand the 3D effect.

      4    SURVEYORS TIMES                  MAY 2017
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...

    For every HK$1 invested, the AIP scheme generated HK$4.5 of social value in return.
    Residents with targeted intervention have reported increase in well-being, in terms of
    physical health, social support, and maintenance of cognition, as well as reduced falls
    and less depression.” The elderly become more confident in staying in their community
    rather than seeking institutional care.

As its aged population increases and the size of households        “According to a Social Return on Investment (SROI) study
falls, the proportion of elderly-only households in Hong           conducted by the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact
Kong will increase significantly from 12.9% in 2011 to 20.4%       Analysts commissioned by the HKHS in 2014-2016, for
in 2024. Hong Kong has an elderly institutionalisation             every HK$1 invested, the AIP scheme generated HK$4.5 of
rate much higher than those of many Asian and Western              social value in return,” says Wu. “Residents with targeted
countries, despite the fact that 85% of persons aged 50 and        intervention have reported increase in well-being, in terms of
above have considered ageing at home. There is imminent            physical health, social support, and maintenance of cognition,
need for elderly-friendly housing.                                 as well as reduced falls and less depression.” The elderly
                                                                   become more confident in staying in their community rather
According to the World Health Organisation, age-friendly           than seeking institutional care.
cities have eight particular features: housing, transportation,
outdoor space and buildings, community and health                  The HKHS also has purpose-built elderly-friendly housing
services, communication and information, civic participation       with units for life-long (from age 60 on) lease on upper floors,
and employment, respect and social inclusion, as well as           accompanied by residential care homes and elderly facilities
social participation.                                              on lower floors. There are two types: the Senior Citizen
                                                                   Residences Scheme (SEN) for middle-income groups, which
“Hong Kong lags behind some of the developed countries in          are means-tested and subsidised by the HKHS further to
the world in this respect,” says Sr Marco Wu, Chairman of the      government exemption of land premiums (i.e. Jolly Place
Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) and Past President of the         in Tseung Kwan O and Cheerful Court in Ngau Tau Kok),
HKIS. “In Singapore, there is a Minister for Health and Minister   and the Joyous Living Project for non-means tested, higher-
in-charge of Ageing Issues who looks after elderly-related         aspiration groups which operates on a self-financing model
matters encompassing all features of age-friendly cities. In       as the HKHS paid land premiums at full market value (i.e.
Hong Kong, however, there is no such a Bureau Director nor         The Tanner Hill in North Point).
is there an integrated, elderly-specific housing and healthcare
policy. We think elderly initiatives need totality rather than     It is worth noting that according to a survey undertaken by
compartmentalisation with its attendant silo effect.”              the University of Hong Kong in 2014, over 90% of the younger
                                                                   generation are willing to live close to their parents in separate
There is also a lack of government standards for the               units within the same building or neighbourhood despite only
provision of facilities catering to an elderly population. “The    25% of them choose to live with their elderly parents. The
government’s Planning Standards and Guidelines make                HKHS thus has a Mixed Housing Model to encourage the
provisions for facilities ranging from nurseries to secondary      younger generation to purchase residential flats on upper
schools according to youth population. However, there are          floors and the elderly to live in rental flats on lower floors (i.e.
few provision standards for elderly flats, elderly community       Harmony Place in Shau Kei Wan).
and day-care centres or residential care homes,” Wu
continues. “In many cases, elderly services can thus only be       “There are urgent needs for all models across all
provided as retrospective provisions.”                             sectors,” says Wu, who wishes to encourage more mixed
                                                                   development models in future. He also hopes that the
Often called a “housing laboratory”, the HKHS has been             private sector can render support even in less distinct ways
trying out pilot schemes with various models for the               such as increasing elderly-friendly facilities within their
government, public and private developers to consider,             developments.
one of them being Ageing-In-Place (AIP) Scheme for lower-
income elderly people. The HKHS has been providing more            As for existing private housing blocks, the HKHS recently
than 900 elderly flats in nine rental estates since the early      completed the four-year pilot Elderly Safe Living Scheme
1970s. Also, in all of its 20 rental housing estates, there is     (ESLS) in selected districts to provide professional advice
now home modification, health assessment and services,             to elderly home owners and dwellers to improve domestic
psychosocial and neighbourhood support, as well as active          environments based on elderly needs. There is also the
ageing activities through the AIP Scheme.                          Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners

                                                                                       MAY 2017      SURVEYORS TIMES                 5
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
    Ageing in place, coupled with an elderly-friendly community, is a better alternative for the
    “young old” and those who are not yet in constant need of professional care.

(BMGS) with a grant of up to HK$40,000 for building repairs,     Laws and regulations should be in place to ensure that such
maintenance and improvement of building safety.                  housing will be managed by elderly-related NGOs or other
                                                                 licensed operators, and that changes of use are prohibited
Prof Francis Wong of the Department of Building and Real         unless approved by the Buildings Department. The
Estate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University says that in      endorsement of the Social Welfare Department should also
spite of the government scheme to purchase places from           be needed. Surveyors, on the other hand, will play important
elderly nursing homes, the state of some homes have led to       roles in building control, planning or leasing strategy and
concerns about quality, affordability and the emotional well-    facility management.
being of the elderly.
                                                                 An elderly-friendly building should have as part of its
Ageing in place, coupled with an elderly-friendly community,     common areas with wider corridors and lift lobbies, bigger
is a better alternative for the “young old” and those who are    lifts, and a temporary refuge space for wheelchair users
not yet in constant need of professional care. “The need         during emergencies. A bed-bound elderly person may be
remains pressing despite the fact that the Housing Authority     transferred to medical facilities within the same building
and the Housing Society being the largest suppliers of           using a lift designed for beds and through a corridor wide
elderly-friendly housing. The previous practice, for instance,   enough for beds to turn. There should also be allowance
of housing two elderly people who did not know one another       made in the units for wheelchairs to manoeuvre and to be
in the same unit, ran into trouble due to personal conflicts.    parked in all rooms.
Purpose-built elderly-friendly housing is a viable measure,
though the quantity remains limited thus far.”                   Li goes on to suggest that GFA exemption be granted to
                                                                 other buildings whose lower-floor common areas can be
Wong acknowledges that most existing blocks did not take         converted for GIC purposes into more elderly caring facilities
elderly-friendliness into consideration when they were being     and venues for activities. As long as fire safety, structural
built. Those built by the Housing Authority and the HKHS,        regulations and other legal measures are respected, the
with social responsibility in mind, have better chances of       option of partial-conversion is highly feasible. “We can
being enhanced such as having lifts installed. Old private       take reference from recent conversion projects in mainland
buildings however have issues due to divided ownership           China, which are often more advanced in providing incentive
and the developer no longer being in the market.                 measures,” Li pointed out.

“Although urban renewal is a way to rebuild the area with        As for urban renewal, Li thinks it involves not only the
universal access, it may also lead to the elderly being          replacement of pre-war buildings by newer buildings with
displaced elsewhere as property prices surge after               lifts, but also the formulation of facilitation measures for the
renewal,” Wong notes. “Developers need incentives, and           rejuvenation of older buildings and/or even conversion to target
there are concerns that provisions for the elderly may affect    use or industry buildings with exemption of plot ratio and site
property price.”                                                 coverage for adding lift to facilitate the circulation of an elderly
                                                                 person from the street to the upper floors, adding link bridge if
Sr Edgar Li, the HKIS’ Vice-Chairman of Guangzhou Forum          required and communal elderly caring facilities which can then
and former Vice-Chairman of Housing Policy Panel, suggests       be turned into elderly-friendly community district.
incentives for developers. To encourage hotel development
in the 1980s, hotels were allowed to be treated as non-          “Once the direction is determined, technical issues can
domestic buildings for site coverage and plot ratio purposes     be solved by planning and coordination. For instance,
so that certain supporting facilities could be exempted from     concerns over frequent ambulance visits can be solved
GFA calculations. Similar to the hotel concession, an elderly    by planned routes with less interference to the public. In
housing concession for public or private elderly-friendly        our ageing society, those opposed or indifferent to elderly-
housing can be introduced as an incentive measures to            friendly housing today might become users of it in a few
increase the maximum plot ratio of Class C sites from 10         decades; public sentiment will become more positive.
to 15, and from 8 to 15 for Class-A sites. These buildings       An Elderly Bureau should first of all be set up to provide
in extremely high demand in the society have to meet the         incentives, encourage professional input and coordinate
specific criteria and the required standard of provision in      efforts among departments,” Li reiterates.
space and facility.
                                                                 The article is published courtesy of Classified Post.

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Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
「投放於『樂得耆所』計劃的每一港元,均可帶來 4.5 港元的社會價值回報。計劃下的受惠長者住戶,其身心健康、


根據政府統計處推算,於 2034 年香港 60 歲或以上長者人口                   下提升家居安全。另外,「長者維修自住物業津貼計劃」則為合資格長者提供最高
將佔本港人口 34%。儘管與世界其他地方比較,香港長者入
住安老院舍的比率偏高,事實上「居家安老」卻是很多長者的                        香港理工大學建築及房地產學系黃君華教授指出,雖然政府已實施長者院舍買位計
願望。本期內容將探討「居家安老」帶來的機遇和挑戰,以及                        劃,但某些院舍的不良營運手法已引起市民對院舍整體質素、長者負擔能力和情緒
Kit M Yip                                          好的選擇。「雖然房屋委員會(房委會)和房協是長者友善房屋的最主要供應者,
隨著人口老化,加上跨代共住的家庭住戶人數下降,純長者家庭住戶的比例將由                在同一單位居住,由此引發的個人衝突往往衍生出更嚴重問題。因此,建設長者友
2011 年的 12.9% 大幅增加至 2024 年的 20.4%。比較許多亞洲及西方城市,香港   善房屋以便更多長者可居家安老是一種可行的選擇,雖然有關供應目前仍然有限。」
的長者入住院舍比率一直偏高,另一方面,本港 85% 的 50 歲及以上人士希望能在
家中安老。此正好反映了香港市民對長者友善房屋的迫切需求。                       黃君華承認,目前大部分大廈在建築過程中並未考慮長者宜居的因素。房委會和房
根據世界衛生組織的定義,「長者友善城市」須具備八個特徵指標,包括:房屋、               (例如在大廈安裝電梯)。相比之下,舊樓由於業權分散及有關單位已不涉及發展
交通、戶外空間和建築、社區支援與健康服務、資訊交流、公民參與和就業、尊重               商,要落實加裝長者友善設施往往十分困難。
香港房屋協會(房協)主席、香港測量師學會前會長鄔滿海測量師認為:「香港在               者無法於原區安居。我們或需為發展商提供誘因令其提供適合長者居住的設施。另
這方面的發展落後於一些發達國家。以新加坡為例,他們設有專責長者事務的部                外,不少發展商憂慮涉及長者的樓宇規定會影響樓價。」
香港既無相關政策局長,亦未有制訂綜合的長者房屋及醫療政策。我們認為要成功               香港測量師學會廣州議會副主席兼房屋政策小組上任副主席李國華測量師就為發展
落實安老策略,必須有完整而統一的政策,而非部門之間各自為政。」                    商提供誘因提出建議。為推動酒店業發展,政府在 1980 年代允許酒店在計算上蓋
鄔滿海又指出,香港政府未有訂定針對老年人口所需的配套設施標準,他說:「政               積計算範圍。當局可參考有關做法,放寬發展公營或私人長者友善房屋的限制作為
府的《規劃標準與準則》主要配合年青人口的需要,提供幼兒園以至中學等設施;               鼓勵,將丙類地盤的最高地積比率由 10 提高至 15、甲類地盤由 8 提高至 15,當
但對於長者住屋、日間護理中心或安老院舍等,卻經常未被納入於《規劃標準與準               中這類社會上有極大需求的房屋建築須符合空間和設施所需的特定要求及標準。
房協一直擔當「房屋實驗室」的角色,嘗試不同的房屋試驗計劃,以供政府、公營               運者管理,改變樓宇用途必須得到屋宇署批准及社會福利署認可。另一方面,測量
機構和私人發展商作借鏡參考,其中一項是專為基層長者而設的「樂得耆所」計劃。              師在建築監控、規劃或租賃策略和設施管理上將肩負重要角色。
房協自 1970 年代初開始在九個出租屋邨提供超過 900 個長者單位。現時,房協透
過「樂得耆所」計劃於轄下全數 20 個出租屋邨為長者住戶提供家居改裝、健康評             長者友善房屋的公共空間應設有較寬闊的走廊及電梯大堂、大型電梯,以及在緊急
估及照顧服務、社交活動和鄰社支援,並不時為長者舉辦各類活動,讓他們在屋邨               情況下停放輪椅的臨時位置。為方便移送長期臥床的長者去使用大廈內的醫療設
享受活躍晚年。                                            施,大廈應設有床用電梯,而且走廊亦必需有足夠的寬度,確保病床能夠順利通過。
鄔滿海表示:「由房協委託香港社會效益分析師學會於 2014 至 2016 年進行的社
會投資回報研究顯示,投放於『樂得耆所』計劃的每一港元,均可帶來 4.5 港元的            李國華建議向樓宇提供總樓面面積寬免,鼓勵樓宇將低層公共空間改作「政府、機
社會價值回報。受惠於此計劃的長者住戶,其身心健康、鄰社支援和認知能力等方               構或社區」用途,並用於提供更多長者護理設施及活動場所。只要符合消防安全、
面均有所改善,而跌倒受傷和抑鬱的情況亦有所減少。」這些長者更有信心繼續留               樓宇結構規例及其他法例規定,這種局部改建方法實際可行。他指出:「我們亦可
在社區生活而毋須入住安老院舍。                                    參考最近在中國內地推行的同類改建計劃,有關計劃提供的鼓勵措施更為進取。」

此外,房協亦提供特別設計的長者友善房屋,長者可終身(自 60 歲起)租用位於             市區重建方面,李國華認為只等待設有電梯的新型樓宇取代戰前樓宇並不足夠,當局
較高樓層的長者單位,而低層則為長者院舍及各類長者設施。房協的長者友善房屋               可支援翻新較舊樓宇及/或將樓宇改建為指定鼓勵用途 / 行業樓宇(配合地積比率及
可分為兩大類:其一是專為中產長者而設的「長者安居樂」住屋計劃的屋苑。這類               上蓋面積寬免措施),推動在舊樓加裝電梯,讓長者能夠乘搭電梯直達地面及大廈各
屋苑獲政府豁免地價,故屬資助性質的長者房屋,住戶必須通過經濟審查(例如將               層;另可按需要增設天橋和社區長者護理設施,把空間改造成方便長者居住的社區。
活有較高要求的人士而設,毋須入息審查。原因是有關項目為非資助性質,房協須               李國華重申:「只要訂立明確方向,可規劃和協調解決技術上的問題。以救護車經
向政府繳付市值地價(例如北角的雋悅)。                                常進出屋苑為例,只需改善通道規劃,便可減少有關情況對公眾的影響。在我們這
值得一提的是根據香港大學於 2014 年進行的一項調查顯示,超過 90% 的年輕人願         後或會成為對這些單位有需求的使用者;我相信社情民意會漸趨正面。當務之急是
意與父母居住在同一幢大廈的不同單位或鄰近父母住處的居所,但只有 25% 受訪             設立安老事務局,以統籌各項長者相關政策,包括提供誘因、鼓勵專業參與和協調
者表示願意與年長父母住在同一單位。有見及此,房協特別推出混合式房屋項目,               不同部門等工作。」
如筲箕灣的樂融軒)。                                         本文由《Classified Post》撰文。
                                                                     MAY 2017   SURVEYORS TIMES   7
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...

                                                                support. We trust our members will continue to support
                                                                the Council’s worthy green initiatives.

                                                                Increase Membership
                                                                The HKIS is preparing to expand its membership base
                                                                by inviting qualified professionals and practitioners in the
                                                                building and real estate industries to become Affiliates. A
                                                                forum was held on 24 May to outline the concept behind
                                                                the Affiliate scheme. We will first consider surveying
                                                                professionals from China who are unable to take part in
                                                                our examination system. This may create a good basis
    Sr Thomas Ho                                                for a network of surveying professionals in China and
                                                                facilitate partnering with the HKIS members practising
                                                                on the mainland. An EGM is scheduled for 20 June to

                                                                amend the Constitution and By-laws. I strongly appeal to
     his summer, the HKIS is gearing up for various             members to attend and vote as we need 100 members
     projects and campaigns to build our brands locally         to constitute a quorum.
     and globally. By May, we were already going full
steam ahead to propel the Institute to the next level,          Moreover, we will also explore and assess other possible
while diverse activities and initiatives, which we trust will   membership routes. We will look into cases where
gain the support of members and Divisions, are in the           experienced practitioners with qualifications equivalent
pipeline for the rest of the year.                              to those held by our members were not previously able
                                                                to obtain the HKIS membership. The study should lead to
Branding Project Kicks off                                      proposals being drafted for consultation later this year.
The long-awaited branding campaign was successfully             New Disciplinary Procedures
launched in late May with the “Create Your District”
Competition 2017. This novel contest encourages                 Since the Institute’s establishment, we have had few
secondary school students to promote the surveying              changes to our disciplinary procedures. To keep pace with
industry by designing an ideal community. They must             the development of the profession, the General Council
take account of government policies and environmental           considered it necessary to conduct a review of the existing
management. Sham Shui Po, as one of the earliest                disciplinary procedures. Legal advice has been obtained
developed areas in Hong Kong, is the first district selected    from a Senior Counsel who has proposed some amendments
for the competition. Guided tours will be arranged for the      to the Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct. A Forum will be
students so they can experience the neighbourhood’s             arranged on 23 June to consult members. Members are
community engagement and rich architectural history.            encouraged to attend this forum to give views on this.
Credit must go to OC Chairman Sr Dr Lesly Lam for
organising this activity which was formally initiated on 25     Opportunities in Bay Area/Qianhai
May 2017 by Mr Eric Ma Siu-Cheung, JP, Secretary for
Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative             The HKIS has submitted comments and suggestions
Region. The event was timed to coincide with the                to the Hong Kong Government through the Hong
celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the establishment      Kong Coalition of Professional Services regarding the
of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The             potential Bay Area and Qianhai development in China.
winning entries will be put on display later in the year.       In particular, we urged that policies be simplified to
                                                                open up more opportunities for surveyors to practise in
Greater Involvement in Professional                             the Bay Area. A similar letter was sent to seek the same
                                                                measures in Qianhai.
Green Building Council
                                                                Funding for Belt and Road Initiatives
This year, the HKIS members have taken up senior
leadership positions with the Professional Green Building       The Land Surveying Division has submitted a proposal
Council (PGBC). Sr Dr Paul Ho was elected Chairman              to apply for Professional Services Advancement Support
while Sr Dick Kwok and Sr Kenneth Yun became                    Scheme (PASS) Funding from the Government. Their
Directors. The PGBC periodically calls for the nomination       study comprises translation of survey law, regulations
of more co-opted members since it relies on industry            and operating conditions for surveying services in relevant

8    SURVEYORS TIMES            MAY 2017
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
                                        PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

countries. It also deals with demonstrating our satellite     議會相信業界支持有助議會發展,因此不時呼籲業界踴躍提名更多增選成員。我
imagery analysis services, showing the historical changes     們深信會員會繼續支持議會的環保工作。
of vegetation, bodies of water, and built-up zones as well
as showcasing our UAV 3D modelling power. I would             增加會員人數
like to encourage other Divisions to seize this opportunity
to propose activities relating to China’s Belt and Road       本會計劃邀請合資格的建築及地產界專業人士及從業員加入成為附屬會員。我
initiative and take advantage of Government funding.          們已於 5 月 24 日舉辦論壇,闡釋附屬會員計劃的理念。我們首先考慮邀請未能
Suggestions to the Government                                 絡,增加各會員與國內同業的合作。本會將於 6 月 20 日舉行特別會員大會,修
                                                              訂本會章程及則例,由於會議的法定人數為 100 人,懇請各會員抽空出席並投票。
In April and May, we submitted our views on Practice
Notes (PNAP ADV-33 and ADM-21) and Ownership Proof            此外,我們亦會研究開拓其他增加會員的途徑,包括審視一些具備與會員同等資
in Building Plan Submission. In April, we sent the Director   歷的資深業界從業員,但未能申請成為會員的個案,研究有什麼可行的入會途徑。
of Lands a letter on Marketing Cost in New Residential        預計稍後時間會就這項議題進行諮詢。
Development Projects, highlighting the HKIS Guidance
Notes on Valuation of Development Land which has              更新紀律程序
become effective from 9 Dec 2016 and recommend the
government to conduct research study on the quantum           本會自成立以來,內部紀律程序改動不多。要跟上我們的專業發展,理事會認為
of marketing cost and agency fees.                            有需要檢視現行的紀律程序。我們已得到一名資深大律師的法律意見及對本會則
                                                              例和專業操守規則的修改作出建議。本會將於 6 月 23 日舉辦論壇諮詢會員意見,
Brand-new HKIS Website                                        在此鼓勵會員出席論壇提供意見。

The IT Committee is conducting a full revamp of the           大灣區 / 前海發展機遇
HKIS website, which includes a new layout and which
aims to combine online registration and attendance            本會已透過香港專業聯盟向特區政府提交有關中國大灣區 / 前海發展機遇的意見
records. Due to be ready early next year, the revamped        及建議,我們促請有關政府部門簡化政策,增加測量師在大灣區執業的機會。本
site will be more attractive and user-friendly.               會亦提交了一封同類信件,促請有關政府部門為測量師在前海工作爭取同等待遇。

HKIS Charitable Foundation                                    一帶一路倡議的資助
The HKIS Charitable Foundation AGM will be held on 12         本會土地測量組已向政府提交計劃書,申請專業服務協進支援計劃資助。土地測
June. I would like to encourage Members to donate to          量組的研究範圍包括翻譯測量法例、規定和於相關國家執行測量服務的運作條
the Foundation and give back to society.                      件,以及展示本港的衛星影像分析服務(可提供植被、水體、已建區域的演變資
                                            Sr Thomas Ho      議有關的活動,善用政府資助。

本    我們的品牌形象。截至今年 5 月,我們已相繼舉辦各項推廣活動,年內
                                                              本會於 4 月及 5 月就作業備考(編號 PNAP ADV-33 及 ADM-21)以及提交建築圖
                                                              則的業權證明向政府提出意見;此外,我們在 4 月去信地政總署,就新發展區
                                                              項目的市場推廣成本提出意見,提議當局參考本會在 2016 年 12 月 9 日生效的
品牌推廣計劃正式展開                                                    Guidance Notes on Valuation of Development Land,並建議政府就市場推廣成本及代
我們期待已久的品牌推廣活動「區區有特色」地區發展創作比賽 2017 於 5 月底
正式啟動,比賽旨在鼓勵中學生發揮創意去設計他們的理想社區,從中促進測量                           全新香港測量師學會網頁
一,今次比賽特別挑選深水埗作為第一個比賽區域。參賽學生將會參加導賞團,                           資訊科技委員會正全面更新本會網頁,包括設計新版面和新增網上登記及出席紀
親身感受區內生活、探索區內深厚的建築歷史。在此感謝負責舉辦活動的籌備委                           錄功能。網頁預計下年年初完成更新,版面將會更美觀和易用。
員會主席林力山博士測量師。本會於 2017 年 5 月 25 日舉行活動啟動禮,並邀
得香港特別行政區發展局局長馬紹祥太平紳士擔任主禮嘉賓。是次活動舉行時間                           香港測量師學會慈善基金
特別配合以慶祝香港特別行政區成立 20 週年。獲獎作品將會於年內展出。
                                                              香港測量師學會慈善基金之會員大會謹訂於 6 月 12 日舉行,我呼籲各會員慷慨
積極參與環保建築專業議會的工作                                               捐獻,回饋社會。

不少會員今年開始出任環保建築專業議會的高級管理層,當中何學強博士測量師                                                                                  會長
更獲選為主席,而郭岳忠測量師和甄英傑測量師則獲委任為董事。環保建築專業                                                                              何國鈞測量師

                                                                                MAY 2017     SURVEYORS TIMES              9
Refashioning housing for an ageing populace - surveyors - The Hong Kong ...
Sight Line

       A court ruling that presents
       difficulties for surveyors
       Kit M Yip

                                    Sr C K Lau                                                             Sr C K Chan
                                    Immediate Past President of                                            Chairman of the HKIS
                                    the HKIS and Chairman of                                               Housing Policy Panel
                                    the HKIS Land Policy Panel

                                                                                                                               Photo: SCMP/David Wong

The development of areas such as this one, in To Kwa Wan close to the former Kai Tak airport, could be affected by the Court of Final Appeal’s decision.

       10   SURVEYORS TIMES               MAY 2017

      In this issue, Surveyors Times will explore a              with “building”, and straddling several lots,
      court ruling and a subsequent Practice Note                caused no difficulties since a building or
      by the Lands Department which may have                     buildings could have occupied the whole of
      implications for surveyors’ work in relation to            the mother lots under the original Conditions of
      redevelopment.                                             Exchange.

      In 2013, the Director of Lands won a case                  Ultimately, in May 2013 the Court of Final Appeal
      brought by Fully Profit (Asia) Limited which               (the “CFA ”) restored the trial judge’s orders.
      sought to redevelop five lots of land at Nam Kok           It rules that the government leases specified
      Road in Kowloon City. Fully Profit was looking to          the lots not be used for industrial purposes,
      build a 26-storey composite building straddling            no factory building to be built, and no more
      the five lots with shops on the ground floor,              than one “house” on each lot. Emphasising the
      utility, sports and function rooms on the first            overall importance of context and ascertaining
      floor and residential units on the floors from the         the intention behind such covenants, the CFA
      second to the 26th.                                        held that the meaning of the word “house” in
                                                                 the restrictive covenants must have reference
       The history of the lots dates back to the last            to those characteristics of the houses which
       century. The five lots came into existence                were actually standing on the lots at the time the
       after the subdivision of one of two mother lots,          government leases were entered into. On proper
       both of which the former colonial government              construction, the only permitted redevelopment
       exchanged with a property owner in 1952 when              is the building of no more than one house on
       the latter surrendered his own property on                each lot with characteristics of the houses in
       Kennedy Road through conditions of exchange.              existence at the time the government leases
       By the end of 1952, 20 five-storey houses were            were entered into, and no other type of building.
       erected on the mother lot, each occupying
       about 1,143 sq ft. In the 1960s, individual               As a result, the proposed redevelopment
       government leases were entered into for each              was prohibited. One year later in 2014, the
       of the now 20 subdivided lots, all of which               Director of Lands issued a Practice Note (Issue
       had one house built on them. The government               No. 3/2000A) which states that any building
       leases provide restrictive covenants of the five          proposal not in accordance with the type
       lots, the subject matter of the appeal in the past        and characteristics of the house standing on
       decade. In 2006, redevelopment of five of the             the lot at the time the government lease was
       20 lots prompted a court case which ran for               entered into, particularly the building height,
       years. Initially, the trial judge in the Court of First   is not permitted under the “house” restriction,
       Instance dismissed the developer’s application            and a lease modification subject to payment
       on the basis that a composite 26-storey building          of premium and administrative fee would be
                         was not a “house” contemplated          required.
                             by the government leases,
           “Now that            as “house” had to be             Surveyors have had varying responses to the
       redevelopment is            considered in light of        case. Sr C K Chan, Chairman of the HKIS’
    curbed, or allowed only         what the term meant          Housing Policy Panel, says that industry
with land premium, the cost of at the time the leases            practitioners were shocked and found the ruling
redevelopment is substantially were created, and it              difficult to comprehend. “I do not agree that
  greater. Developers need to        would require a leap        redevelopment should be allowed only based
  readjust the compensation          of imagination for the      on what already exists on the site. For instance,
    formula to keep up with         proposed building to be      the conditions of sale may allow six storeys to be
      expected economic           described as a “house”.        built on a given lot, though the developer may
              gain.”                                             end up building five storeys due to shortage
                            The Court of Appeal however          of financial resources. With the current ruling,
                       allowed the developer’s appeal on         redevelopment in this scenario would have to be
                  the basis that “house” was synonymous          limited to five storeys.”

                                                                               MAY 2017   SURVEYORS TIMES       11
Sight Line

According to Chan, there were high hopes              uncertainty for similar or related
that when the old Kai Tak airport was closed,         cases in the market. “This is
Kowloon City would see quick redevelopment.           not beneficial to Hong
There were indeed various high-rises which            Kong; it may lead to              “On proper
sprung up on small lots during that period. Due       developers and owners       construction, the only
to the court case however, a backlog of similar       shying away from         permitted redevelopment is
cases accumulated. Some developers were               redevelopment. Yet      the building of no more than
originally in the process of acquiring units from     those buildings that     one house on each lot with
owners by giving compensation which took into         are old (like more      characteristics of the houses
account not only the five-storey buildings, but       than 50 years) require   in existence at the time the
the air rights of what was above them ─ with the      substantial repair         government leases were
assumption that the redeveloped building would        and maintenance. If       entered into, and no other
be way higher than the original building.             such buildings have not       type of building.”
                                                      got proper repairs and
Now that redevelopment is curbed, or                  maintenance, the physical
allowed only with land premium, the cost              structures may threaten the safety of their
of redevelopment is substantially greater.            occupants.”
Developers need to readjust the compensation
formula to keep up with expected economic             Lau continued: “development of such lots
gain. With lowered compensation, owners               is severely hindered now subject to the
become less interested in selling and                 implementation of the Lands Department’s
redevelopment; many still reminisce about the         practice note”. When the said lots were
high prices once offered by developers.               granted to the first developer in the 1950s,
                                                      the government preferred that the developer
“Now owners and developers are adopting a             build buildings which were not too small on the
wait-and-see attitude; this affects the pace of       mother lot, which was over 22,000 sq ft. When
redevelopment in most parts of Kowloon City,”         the subsequent owners applied for government
said Chan. So far the known cases are mainly          leases in the 1960s for the sub-divided lots,
confined to Kowloon City.                             however, the drafting had been changed – now
                                                      no more than one house could be built on each
This CFA judgment has a knock-on effect on            of the five sub-divided lots, which were only just
leases that require the Director’s consent for        1,143 sq ft each.
redevelopment or addition of buildings to the
existing development. Even though there is            “When the lot is too small, land resources cannot
no restriction on development parameters, the         be fully utilised at an economic rate, resulting
Lands Department may charge a premium if              in land potential being locked up. Too many
the new development is considered to be more          restrictions lead to a conundrum,” said Lau.
valuable than the existing one.
                                                      Lau thinks the key lesson learned is developers
“For scenarios that fall outside the Practice         have to follow Lands Department’s practices
Note, it becomes difficult for us to give advice to   and review its Practice Notes carefully.
developers. They may have to submit building          Surveyors should be extremely careful when
plans to try things out, or ask Lands Department      faced with similar cases in future: conduct
directly in the hope that the questions will be       research, seek necessary advice; “caution” is
answered,” Chan remarked.                             the word.

Sr C K Lau, Chairman of the Land Policy Panel         The article is published courtesy of Classified Post.
and Immediate Past President of the HKIS, also
expresses concern that the ruling has created

12   SURVEYORS TIMES      MAY 2017




Kit M Yip                                   低收購價後,業主未必願意出售物業進行重建,有一些業主則仍懷緬著

今期《測量師時代》將探討近年一項法院裁決及一份地政總署作業備考,            陳昌傑說:「現時業主和發展商均採取『靜觀其變』的態度,這影響了
如何影響測量師參與樓宇重建發展的工作。                         九龍城區大部分土地的重建速度。」目前大部分已知的待決案例均涉及
角道的地段提出訴訟,法院在 2013 年判地政總署一方勝訴。案情指,          針對需要得到地政總署批核,才能在現有發展項目增建新建築物或進行
裕昌有意在涉案的五個相連地段進行重建,興建一座橫跨五個地段的 26           重建的租契,有關裁決將引發連鎖反應。雖然發展參數未設有限制,但
層高的綜合用途建築物:在地下開設商舖;一樓提供公用設施、運動室             如新發展項目的價值較現有建築物高,地政總署可能會就此收取補地價
及活動室;2 樓至 26 樓則為住宅單位。                       費用。

案中所涉地段的發展歷史可追溯到上世紀。當時一位業主和前殖民政府             陳昌傑表示:「對於作業備考無列明的情況,我們較難向發展商提供意見。
訂立一份換地契約,交還其位於堅尼地道的私人土地,以換取在南角道             發展商可能需要先提交建築圖則,嘗試請地政總署直接解答其疑問。」
在 1952 年年底興建了 20 座五層高各佔約 1,143 平方呎土地的房屋。政   香港測量師學會上任會長及土地政策小組主席劉振江測量師關注有關裁
府在 1960 年代為這 20 個分割地段發出租契,每個地段當時建有一間房       決對市場上類似或相關個案所造成的影響。他說:「有關裁決對香港沒
屋。涉案地段的租契均載有限制性契諾,而這正是引發訟案的關鍵。發             有好處,發展商或業主可能因此不願進行重建工程。但事實上不少舊樓
展商在 2006 年計劃在 20 個地段中的五個地段發展重建計劃,因而引起       (如樓齡超過 50 年的建築物)有進行維修的迫切性。這些樓宇若無適
這宗歷時多年的訴訟。原訟法庭的主審法官最初駁回發展商興建 26 層           當維修保養,其結構問題將威脅住客安全。」
高樓宇的申請,理由是一幢 26 層的綜合用途建築物並非政府租契所預
期建造的「房屋」。由於「房屋」的涵義應考慮有關政府租契訂立時該             劉振江續指:「地政總署編訂作業備考後,增加了發展這類土地的困難。
詞所包含的涵義,因此該綜合用途建築物不能被視為等同於租契所指的             當涉案地段在 1950 年代批給發展商後,政府預期發展商能夠在佔地超
「房屋」。                                       過 22,000 平方呎的主地段上興建一定數目的樓宇。當業主在 1960 年
但上訴法庭其後接納發展商的上訴,理由是「房屋」和「樓宇」兩詞意             上分別只可興建不超過一間房屋,而當時每個地段面積只有 1,143 平方
義相同,即使橫跨數個地段也不構成任何問題。因為根據原本的換地契             呎。」
終審法院於 2013 年 5 月恢復主審法官的判決,認為政府租契列明有關        太小,我們便無法以符合經
地段不可作工業用途或建造工廠,及每個地段不可興建超過一間「房              濟效益的方式善用土地資
屋」。在考慮案件的核心問題及有關契諾背後的意圖後,終審法院認為             源,亦無法全面釋放土地潛
「房屋」一詞在限制性契諾的涵義必須包含在訂立有關的政府租契時實             力。太多限制只會帶來更多
際已豎立在有關地段上的房屋的特性。同時,政府租契所准許的重建方             問題。」
有關的政府租契時已存在的房屋的特性,任何其他類型的建築物均不准             劉振江認為這宗案件提醒發
興建。                                         展商必須遵從地政總署的作
有關重建計劃最後被擱置。地政總署一年後(即 2014 年)發布作業備          也必須小心處理類似情況,
考(編號 3/2000A),當中指明根據「房屋」限制,任何樓宇建築方案         研究和尋求合適建議,謹慎
如不符合在訂立有關政府租契時已存在的房屋的特性,特別是涉及高度             行事方為上策。
金額及行政費。                                     本文由《Classified Post》撰文。   法院的判決有可能影響日後的重建項目
                                                                      相片提供 : SCMP/FELIX WONG
                                      MAY 2017 SURVEYORS TIMES 13

                                              元首和政府首腦在內的來自 130 多個國家和 70 多個國際組
2017 年 4 月 27 日香港測量師學會北京區域的第一場會員活             織約 1500 名代表出席此次高峰論壇。
                                              5 月 15 日下午,中國國家主席習近平出席“一帶一路”國際
 隨著中國“一帶一路”國家戰略的推動,沿線眾多大型工程                   合作高峰論壇記者會,介紹論壇成果。記者會上,國家主席
 項目的建設帶來了項目融資的巨大增長。保險為風險轉移的                   習近平宣布,中國將於 2019 年舉辦第二屆“一帶一路”國
 一種重要工具,提供貸款人及借款人因意外事故遭受的損失                   際合作高峰論壇。習近平表示,“一帶一路”國際合作高峰
 的補償。本次研討主要是針對項目融資中貸款人在融資合同                   論壇對有代表性的成果進行梳理,形成了 270 多項成果清單;
(Facility Agreement)及相關合同中保險的要求提出說明。          論壇期間,與中國簽署“一帶一路”合作協議的國家和國際
                                              組織達到 68 個;論壇各方深入交換了意見,達成了廣泛共識,
同時,保險顧問在草擬相關保險要求的原意及方法進行解                     通過了聯合公報。
雄先生通過以下方面展開演講:項目典型架構和全項目週期                    一 是把自身發展和世界共同發展結合起來;
支持;項目融資的定義和項目融資的關鍵特質;項目風險的                    二 是傳承絲綢之路精神,致力於合作共贏;
項目融資項目的特殊保險要求;項目融資與保險需要提供給                    三 是繼續加強政策協調和發展戰略對接;
貸款行的條件;項目風險分配;貸款人保險顧問的職責;風                    四 是規劃合作路線圖,確定重點合作領域和行動路徑;
大家合影留念,北京議會主席胡煜琳測量師代表學會向陳志                    五 是以高峰論壇為平台,取得一系列成果,務實合作。
吃的開心,在輕鬆愉悅的氛圍中結束了此次的活動。                       “一帶一路”中國要幹這些大事

                                              一、 與 68 個國家或地區簽署合作協議

                                                本屆論壇期間,中國同 68 個國家或地區簽署合作協議,
                                                對有代表性的成果進行梳理,形成了 270 多項成果清

                                                2014 年至 2016 年,中國同“一帶一路”沿線國家貿易
                                                總額超過 3 萬億美元。中國企業已經在 20 多個國家建
                                                設 56 個經貿合作區。

                                              二、 增加資金投入,並與各合作機構制定融資指導原則

“一帶一路”峰會圓滿落幕中國取得                                中國國家主席習近平表示,中國將加大對“一帶一路”

 八大成就,你將享受五大切身福利                                建設資金支持,追加了 7800 億元。包括向絲路基金新
                                                增資金 1000 億元人民幣,鼓勵金融機構開展人民幣海
(本文出自和訊網)                                       外基金業務,規模預計約 3000 億元人民幣。中國國家
                                                開發銀行、進出口銀行將分別提供 2500 億元和 1300
                 “一 帶 一 路 ” 國 際 合 作 高 峰 論 壇     億元等值人民幣專項貸款,用於支持“一帶一路”基礎
                  圓 滿 落 幕, 碩 果 累 累。 外 媒 表       設施建設、產能、金融合作。
                  史上很少有倡議可以比肩“一帶                此前根據中國國務院發展研究中心的估算,2016 年至
                  一路”,它構成了中國有雄心的                2020 年“一帶一路”沿線國家基礎設施合意投資需求
                  經濟與地緣政治議程的支柱。繼                至少在 10.6 萬億美元以上。
                  2014 年 北 京 APEC 峰 會、2016
                  年杭州 G20 峰會後,中國又迎來             在“一帶一路”高峰論壇上,中國財政部部長肖捷與英
                  了一次更加受到全世界矚目、更                國、俄羅斯、瑞士、伊朗等 17 國財政部長或代表簽署
                  彰顯中國在全球經濟中重要角色                了《“一帶一路”融資指導原則》,本著“平等參與、
                  的國際盛會——“一帶一路”國                利益共享、風險分擔”的原則,推動建設長期、穩定、
                  際合作高峰論壇。包括 29 位外國             可持續、風險可控的多元化融資體系。


三、 與有關國家簽署深化中歐班列合作協議

  目前,中歐班列已累計開行 3000 多列,覆蓋 21
  個省區市,到達歐洲 11 個國家的 28 個城市。未

四、 中國將在 2019 年舉辦第二屆高峰論壇

五、 中國將從 2018 年起舉辦中國國際進口博覽會

六、 啟動“一帶一路”科技創新行動計劃

七、 提供 600 億元人民幣援助建設民生項目

八、 設立“一帶一路”國際合作高峰論壇後續聯絡機制



一帶一路”給你帶來 5 大切身福利!
福利 1:

福利 2:

福利 3:

福利 4:
截至目前,教育部已與 46 個國家和地區簽訂了學歷學位互
認協議。截至 2016 年,我國高校已在境外舉辦了 4 個機構
和 98 個辦學項目,分佈在 14 個國家和地區,大部分在“一

福利 5:

                                  MAY 2017   SURVEYORS TIMES   15

Extraordinary General
                                                           This invitation is available mainly to middle managers
                                                           in established and up-and-coming building and real
                                                           estate industries in major cities outside Hong Kong.

Meeting for Proposed                                       Its purpose is two-fold. First, it is to arouse interest
                                                           in propelling China to First World status. Second,

Affiliate Membership
                                                           it is to build up a pool of surveying professionals in
                                                           China to facilitate partnering with HKIS members who
                                                           practise there. Hopefully this will create more outreach
                                                           opportunities for local surveying professionals and
An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for                 graduates.
the Resolutions in respect of the proposed
establishment of affiliate membership will be              Qualifications
held on 20 June 2017. Notice of the EGM                    HKIS affiliates shall possess the prerequisite academic
and its details have been sent to all corporate            and professional qualifications commensurate with
members by post. Members may download the                  those of fellow members of the Institute. These include:
related EGM papers at:
                                                           (1) A bachelor’s degree or equivalent
                                                           (2) Relevant practical experience of not less than                      seven years, with the last three years at senior level
details.php?id=4099.                                       (3) At least 20 hours per year of continuous self-

The General Council organised a discussion                 Application and Admission
forum on 24 May to explain the rationale behind
the Resolutions.                                           Each applicant shall provide documentary evidence
                                                           of his/her qualifications, which shall be duly verified.
                                                           A candidate who satisfies the minimum requirements
                                                           will be invited to demonstrate his/her professional
                                                           competence at an interview conducted by the Institute.
                                                           Once his/her application is satisfactorily processed, he/
                                                           she will be admitted as an affiliate of the Institute.

                                                           Privileges and Obligations

                                                           Affiliates will be designated by the abbreviation,
                                                           “AffilHKIS,” and are entitled to describe themselves as
                                                           “Affiliate of HKIS” or “香港測量師學會附屬會員”.

                                                           Affiliates are not corporate members of the Institute.
                                                           They will be attached to the Institute’s relevant Mainland
 From left:                                                Forums for close liaison purposes. They will receive the
 Sr Tony Chan, Honorary Secretary                          Institute’s relevant publications and may participate in
 Sr Thomas Ho, President                                   its conferences and social activities.
 Sr Stephen Lai, Chairman, Mainland Affairs Committee
 Sr Prof Barnabas Chung, Chairman, Board of Membership
                                                           Affiliates should constantly enhance their professional
                                                           knowledge and expertise by undertaking self-learning
                                                           activities of not less than 20 hours per year. They shall
                                                           also pay annual subscription fees to the Institute to
 Background                                                sustain their affiliation.

 The HKIS is prepared to invite qualified professionals    Implementation
 and practitioners from the building and real estate
 industries to serve as HKIS affiliates (香港測量師學會附          To promote the notion of affiliates at the Institute, it will
 屬會員; hereafter referred to as “affiliates”) to mutually   be necessary to amend the HKIS Constitution and Bye-
 exchange surveying knowledge and expertise outside        Laws to create such a mandate and provide for the
 Hong Kong.                                                relevant requirements.

16   SURVEYORS TIMES            MAY 2017

Frequently Asked Questions                                             Q: How many years (and hours) of continuous self-
                                                                          learning will the applicant have to provide?
Q: Was there any members’ consultation before the
   Resolutions were put to an EGM?                                     A:     An applicant should demonstrate that he/she has undertaken
                                                                              at least 20 hours of continuous professional development
A:   Urged by the HKIS Mainland Affairs Committee in mid-                     over the past year before submitting his/her application.
     2014 and supported by the General Council, Committee
     members agreed to study the possibility of establishing           Q: Can affiliate members apply for corporate
     a new membership category to absorb mid-managers                     membership of the HKIS?
     in China and overseas. A task force was set up in 2015.
     Since then, five meetings (on 20 May 2015, 6 August 2015,         A:     Affiliate members may be considered for admission to
     27 April 2016, 17 June 2016, and 15 February 2017) have                  corporate membership provided he/she has fulfilled all
     been held. Each division’s views were fully deliberated and              the entry requirements including the completion of the
     considered. The views from three Mainland Forums (Beijing,               Assessment of Professional Competence Scheme (APC). A
     Shanghai, and Guangzhou) and members stationed                           prospective member has to obtain a recognised academic
     in China were also obtained. A proposal of “affiliate                    qualification, join the HKIS as a probationer, and undergo
     membership,” which was noted and supported by the                        the relevant divisional APC.
     Board of Membership, was then proposed to the General
     Council. Legal advice was also obtained for the proposed          Q: How many members will need to be present at the
     amendments of the HKIS Constitution & Bye-Laws.                      EGM for a quorum?  Will proxies be allowed?

Q: Is affiliate membership an indiscriminate issuance                  A:     According to the Constitution, there should be a minimum
   of membership qualifications?                                              of 100 corporate members present for a quorum to amend
                                                                              the Constitution or the Bye-Laws relating to membership.
A:   Affiliates are not corporate members of the Institute. They              Voting by proxy is permitted. At least 75% of the votes,
     do not have a right to vote in any General Meeting whether               including those from members physically present and by
     in person or through proxies. Affiliates shall attain the                proxy, are required for a valid resolution to be passed.
     prerequisite academic and professional qualifications
     commensurate with those of fellow members of the Institute        Q: Can proxies be sent by fax?
     before they are considered for admission.
                                                                       A:     For members resident in Hong Kong, the proxy form must
Q: Is affiliate membership open to mid-managers in                            be returned by post or in person. A photocopy of the form
   Hong Kong (and overseas)?                                                  bearing the member’s original signature is also acceptable.
                                                                              For members with registered residential addresses outside
A:   According to the proposed amendments to the Constitution                 Hong Kong, the form may be returned by fax (852-2868
     and Bye-Laws, affiliate membership is not restricted by                  4612) or e-mail (
     location. Mid-managers who fulfil entry requirements and
     are interested in building connections with the HKIS and its
     members are eligible to apply to become affiliate members.                       announcement
                                                                              THE HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF SURVEYORS
Q: How would the HKIS assess academic qualifications                             EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING
   at the bachelor’s degree level or equivalent?
                                                                                  PROPOSED AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP
A:   The HKIS believes that applicants should demonstrate                   Date:      20 June 2017 (Tuesday)
                                                                            Time:      6:30 pm
     that they have reached at least Level 5 of the Hong Kong               Venue:     Lecture Room, Surveyors Learning Centre,
     Qualifications Framework.                                                         Room 1207, 12/F, Wing On Centre,
                                                                                       111 Connaught Road Central,
Q: How would the HKIS determine if an applicant is at                                  Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
   a “senior level”?                                                        Agenda
                                                                            1. Apologies for absence.
                                                                            2. Briefing and discussion on the Resolutions.
A:   An applicant is required to attend an interview arranged               3. Voting on the Resolutions.
     by the Board of Membership/Mainland Forums. The
     interviewers shall be able to determine whether the                    Notice of the EGM and full details of the resolutions have been
                                                                            sent to all Corporate Members by post. For further enquiries,
     applicant has attained a senior level upon verification of his/        please contact 2526 3679 or email to
     her working experience.

                                                                                             MAY 2017       SURVEYORS TIMES                   17

     Open discussion forum on Review of Disciplinary Procedures
     Every member of the HKIS is required to maintain a high and honourable standard of professional conduct and shall discharge his/her
     duties in accordance with the highest standard of business ethics as provided under the Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct of the Institute.

     To keep pace with the development of the profession and rapid changes in the socio-economic environment, the General Council
     considered it necessary to conduct a review of the existing professional conduct and disciplinary related procedures. The review,
     including implementation of amendments to the Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct, is aimed at enhancing the existing disciplinary procedures
     mechanism. Legal advice has been obtained from Senior Counsel who has proposed some amendments to the Bye-Laws and Rules of

     A Working Group on Review of Disciplinary Procedures (‘Working Group’) was set up to study the proposed amendments as raised by the
     Senior Counsel. The recommendation by the Working Group to accept the legal advice as provided by the Senior Counsel was endorsed
     by the General Council.

     As the review on disciplinary procedures is considered an important issue affecting all members, the General Council have organised an
     open discussion forum as follows:-

                                      Date: 23 June 2017 (Friday) Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
                      Venue: Lecture Room, Surveyors Learning Centre, Room 1207, 12/F,
                     Wing On Centre, 111 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
     The General Council will share with members the review by the Working Group including the current disciplinary procedures, the
     proposed changes, recommendations and the way forward.
     All members are invited to attend the forum to share their views on the proposals. To register, please visit the HKIS website at

     Programmes under Engineering Training Subsidy Scheme (ETSS)*

     Professional Certificate in Quantity Surveying Practice (EG424113P)
     Duration: 96 hours
     Course Fee: $12,950

     Diploma in Land Surveying (EG423104P)
     Duration: 202 hours
     Course Fee: $18,500

     Professional Certificate in Building Maintenance Management (EG424110P)
     Duration: 105 hours
     Course Fee: $12,700

     *Successful applicants will be refunded 60% of the tuition fees of eligible programmes,
     subject to a maximum of $45,000 per person. For details, please visit our website.

     Enquiries 查詢
     T: (852) 2435 9423
                   IVE Engineering Discipline
                   In-service Training

18    SURVEYORS TIMES                           MAY 2017
Supported by

                                                                                                           The Institution of Fire Engineers (HK Branch)
                                                                                                                                                              QF Level : 5

Fire Engineering Programmes (Part-Time)
                                                                                                                                                              QR Registration No: 14/002657/L5 (BEng)
                                                                                                                                                              Validity Period: 1 Sep 2014 to 31 Aug 2018

                                                                                                                                                              QF Level : 4
A Professional Pathway Leading to a Recognised Professional Fire Engineer                                                                                     QR Registration No: 14/002667/L4 (FDSc)
                                                                                                                                                              Validity Period: 1 Sep 2014 to 31 Aug 2018

Master of Science (MSc) in Fire Safety Engineering                                                                                                            QF Level: 3
                                                                                                                                                              QR Registration No: 13/000195/L3 (Cert)

Master of Science (MSc) Fire Scene Investigation
                                                                                                                                                              Validity Period: 18 Apr 2013 to 31 Dec 2019

BEng (Hons) Fire Engineering
Foundation Degree in Science in Fire Safety Engineering (FDSc)
Certificate in Fire Science Studies
UCLan recent achievements                                                                                                                  Progression Pathway
• Ranked in the top 3.7% of all worldwide universities in The Centre
                                                                                                                                                                         Enriches knowledge
  for World University Rankings 2016                                                                                               Satisfies the
                                                                                                                                                                         and competency in
• Ranked 15 in Engineering: General in The Guardian University                                                                   requirement for
                                                                                                                                                                          the science of fire
                                                                                                                                                                         engineering and fire
  League Tables 2017                                                                                                              CEng MHKIE
• Ranked 15 in Forensic Science in The Complete University
  Guide 2017
                                                                                                                              MSc in Fire Safety                           MSc in Fire Scene
                                                                                                                                 Engineering                                 Investigation
Unique features                                                                                                               (2-year Part-time                            (2-year Part-time
• Provides a pathway to become professional fire engineers and obtain                                                              mode)                                        mode)
   international and local professional recognition (CEng / MHKIE)
• Enriches knowledge and competency in the science of fire                                                                                    BEng (Hons) Fire Engineering
                                                                                                                                             (2-year / 3-year, Part-time mode)
  engineering and fire investigation
• Meets the demand of fire engineering training in other disciplines
                                                                                                                                       Satisfies the academic requirement
  such as building services engineering, building engineering, civil                                                                                for MIFireE
  engineering and architectural studies
• Fully supported by The Institution of Fire Engineers (HK Branch)                                                                        Foundation Degree in Science in
  (IFE(HK))                                                                                                                                Fire Safety Engineering (FDSc)
                                                                                                                                               (2-year, Part-time mode)
• Access to CityU’s library, Computing Services Centre and SCOPE
  Resources Centre with dedicated collections on fire engineering
                                                                                                                                         Certificate in Fire Science Studies
• A 5% discount on the programme fee will be given to all paid-up IFE                                                                          (1-year Part-time mode)
  (HK) Members holding valid IFE (HK) membership

Visit to Fire Services Training School                         Technical visit to Tai Po Towngas                                              Technical Visit at PMQ

 Some of the above programmes are exempted courses under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (reference number: 451419 (FDSc),
 451418 (BEng), 451312 (MSc FSE), 452410 (MSc FSI)). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualifications to which these programmes may lead.

        3442 5805 [BEng]                        3442 7423 [General]
        3442 5804 [MSc, FDSc, Cert]

                                                               Clauses in
                                                                               CPD Requirement           Non-Conformities

                                                                 the GN
                                                               GN 7.1,       For each event, one       • Use 0.25-hour as a

Noted in the Sample
                                                               7.3, & 7.4    CPD hour in a multiple of multiple.
                                                                             0.5 shall be rounded up • More than ten

Check on Compliance
                                                                             to 0.5 and be subject to    hours claimed for a
                                                                             max 10.                     conference.

with Mandatory CPD
                                                               GN 7.2        Travelling time and      Travelling time or lunch
                                                                             breaks longer than       time (no indication of
                                                                             0.5-hours shall be       speaker during lunch) is
Requirements in 2016                                           GN 2.2
                                                                             Type 1 CPD: minimum
                                                                                                      Mix up different types
                                                                             of 15 hours within any   of CPD (e.g. committee
The Board of Professional Development has                                    three-year period.       meeting [Type 4] is
completed a two per cent sample check on                                                              recorded under Type 1; a
                                                                             Types 2, 3, & 4 CPD:
professional members’ compliance with the                                                             seminar on IT/business/
                                                                             maximum of 15 hours
mandatory CPD requirements for the 2013-2015                                 for each type within any financial skills [Type 2]
CPD years. The results are summarised below                                  three-year period.       is also recorded under
for members’ information:                                                                             Type 1).
                                                               GN 2.3        Type 3 CPD: HKIS         Each meeting is
                                                                             committee meeting,       recorded without
         Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Check in Progress Total
                                                                             maximum of one hour      observing GN 2.3.
BSD          12            10                           22                   per meeting and five
                                                                             hours per CPD year.
GPD          16            6                            22

LSD          1             2                             3
                                                               As the Board should not restrict members from
                                                               recording a Type 2, 3, or 4 CPD after reaching
PFMD         1                                           1     the maximum 15 CPD hours, we are studying if
                                                               the system could be programmed to minimise
QSD          24            25               1           50     wrong CPD entries.
     Total number of professional members checked: 98
                                                               The HKIS is revamping its website at the moment.
                                                               The revamped website will have more user
Unsatisfactory cases refer to those who failed                 friendly CPD registration and payment logistics
to comply with the minimum 60 hours for three                  that will better serve our members at large.
CPD years, as required under Clause 2.1 of
the Guidance Notes for Mandatory CPD (GN)
after making suitable adjustments to those                                   announcement
non-conformities in accordance with the CPD
requirements stipulated in the GN. The Board                                Show your musical talent!
will follow up on the unsatisfactory cases in
accordance with Clause 3.3 of the GN.                            The HKIS is now recruiting members who play
                                                                 musical instruments (e.g. violin, flute, piano, etc).
                                                                 If you are interested in exhibiting your talent in
The major CPD requirements and non-                              playing musical instrument at future HKIS events,
conformities noted are tabulated below so                        please send an email to or
that general members may avoid them when                         contact Corporate Communications Department at
recording their CPD events:                                      2526 3679 for more details.

20   SURVEYORS TIMES            MAY 2017
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