(EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant for
Petroleum and Hazardous Substances)

            DOUGLAS, WYOMING

Submittal Deadline: 3:00 p.m. local time, October 17, 2018
Section One
Introduction and Summary

The City of Douglas (hereafter “City”) will accept written submittals for:
         City of Douglas, WY, Brownfield “Douglas Double-Down Initiative” Revitalization Project
               (EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant for Petroleum and Hazardous Substances)
The City of Douglas invites firms to submit qualifications from a multi-disciplinary environmental
contractor firm or firms to provide the following; including but not limited to; project management,
environmental inventory and assessment, brownfield grant management, stormwater/floodplain
mitigation and management, redevelopment/economic assessment and public information, and outreach
related to its EPA Brownfield Assessment for Petroleum and Hazardous Substances. The purpose of this
grant will be for an assessment of petroleum/hazardous substance contaminated sites for an area known
as the “Douglas Double-Down Initiative”. Brownfields throughout this study area likely contain, or are
suspected to contain, contamination from petroleum or other hazardous sources. The sites will be those
identified by the contractor, staff or through other documents as priority redevelopment areas.
This project seeks to propel the revival of Douglas’s downtown which sits at the geographic heart of the
community. Environmental pollution is woven into the fabric and history of this otherwise vibrant,
culturally diverse and up-and-coming neighborhood, which today, continues to be burdened with the
community’s largest concentration of known and suspected brownfield sites.
Originally platted in 1886, Douglas was established as a rail station to supply warehousing and retail in
support of ranches and later railroad crews. Over the years, the community grew to support
transportation of goods and visitors headed to Yellowstone. In more recent decades, the mineral
extraction industry fed the local economy due to proximity to several large coal mines to the north, along
with oil and gas fields and uranium deposits. During World War II, Douglas served as home to an
internment camp from 1943-1946. Although some tourism is generated within the community through
the State Fairgrounds, museums, and access to the North Platte, these resources are not driving economic
Within the city limits, the original core of Douglas is our target area. Specifically, we are focused on Block
2 of Census Tract 9564. We believe that addressing the target-area brownfields will enhance the health
and welfare of residents living in poverty as well as seniors. This area is at the crossroads of commerce,
encompassing the core of downtown and the railroad industry corridor. The original city includes a mix
or land uses, including public institutions, the library, city hall, the medical center, and post office. Historic
neighborhoods abut the 8-block commercial core. Transecting the target area is US Highway 87, a historic
motorway with remnants of filling stations, garages and repair shops that harken back to the boom days.
Also nearby these brownfields are industrial sites adjacent to the railroad corridor, adding to the diversity
of uses and contaminants adjacent to aging homes and apartments.
With these concerns in mind, the City of Douglas will incorporate site reuse option analyses and apply real
estate strategies to prioritize opportunities and ensure the most feasible and beneficial
sites/redevelopment areas are selected for environmental site assessment and site cleanup/reuse

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planning. Initiation of this grant will establish an effective brownfield program, engage the community
and “Double-Down Initiative” stakeholders, and create a comprehensive brownfield inventory, prioritize
revitalization opportunities, perform Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), and
conduct planning activities. With this organizational infrastructure, the City will develop a process to
assess and remediate sites and facilitate public-private partnerships necessary to complete the revival of
the “Double-Down Initiative” neighborhood. The project will include assessment activities at sites
identified first through the inventory process, and then through Phase I ESA and, finally, Phase II
Written, sealed submittals must be submitted to the City of Douglas, Attn: Karen Rimmer, City Clerk; P.O.
Box 1030, 101 North 4th Street, Douglas, WY 82633 no later than 3:00 p.m. local time on October 17, 2018.
Copies of the Request for Qualifications may be obtained by contacting Clara Chaffin, Community
Development Director; phone (307) 358-2132 or online at

Section Two
Project Information

The City of Douglas invites firms to submit qualifications to provide EPA Brownfield Grant project
management, environmental inventory and assessment, and public information and outreach related to
its EPA Brownfield Assessment grant for Petroleum and Hazardous Substances, the purpose of which will
be for an assessment of potentially contaminated sites for an area known as the “Double-Down Initiative”.
Brownfields throughout the “Double-Down Initiative” likely contain, or are suspected to contain,
contamination petroleum sources and/or other hazardous substances. These sites will be those identified
by the contractor, staff or through other documents as priority redevelopment areas. The three-pronged
goal of this project is to propel the “Double-Down Initiative” revitalization, improve the quality of life for
its residents, and to remove any real or perceived barriers to private investment.
The successful contractor/sub-contractor/team will bring experience and insight to a partnership with the
City to successfully administer the grant award, explore other funding opportunities or/and brownfield
initiatives and programs to achieve project goals as outlined within the grant application in accordance
with Work Plan (also approved by the EPA & Attached: Attachment A) and all US Environmental Protection
Agency requirements as noted within the Cooperative Agreement. Modifications to the approved Work
Plan will be entertained if the approach is beneficial to the community, improves performance, improves
compliance or maximizes the grant funding. The successful contractor is expected to perform many tasks
including, but not limited to, the following:
     Prepare and maintain schedules and budgets for all activities associated with this grant award
      consistent with the Work Plan (Attachment A), with review and approval by the City prior to
      submission. (The City expects the contractor to perform overall grant management but the City
      will maintain control over all grant management items.)
     Prepare and manage site assessment studies and prepare appropriate reports as required by the

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 Conduct necessary background research related to contamination and applicable master plans.
 Conduct necessary field/on-site investigation, including necessary sampling and lab analysis.
 Include public and private opportunities for citizen outreach and participation that would, in all
  steps of the project, serve to keep the public informed and engaged. These outreach and
  education efforts will include; but will not be limited to, public meetings, creation of innovative
  and informative education and outreach materials and strategies, and the development of an
  attractive and user-friendly web site.
 Evaluation of cleanup options and risk assessment analysis and costs.
 Preparation of all written plans, including but not limited to Quality Assurance Project Plans,
  Sampling and Analysis plans, etc. in compliance with USEPA regulations and best practices.
 Develop a list of potentially eligible sites for investigation and prioritize the list of sites through
  the use of a “Brownfield Advisory Committee”. The Brownfield Advisory Committee will help the
  contractor evaluate sites based on environmental need, site issues, complexity, economics, and
  neighborhood effect, among other factors.
 Conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments in the project area and deliver to the
  City and Wyoming DEQ completed Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment reports in
  print and a compiled and printable electronic format (e.g. PDF).
 Perform project management, implementation, and/or technical oversight.
 Provide professional advice regarding             environmental     issues   associated     with   land
  reuse/redevelopment and related matters.
 Identify “Double-Down Initiative” revitalization initiatives beyond basic redevelopment and reuse
  for land. Culturally significant resources, geographic importance, and public art are examples of
  possible initiatives that could be used in addressing contamination issues.
 Attend meetings within the community as necessary and as requested, such as neighborhood
  meeting, stakeholder meetings, Planning Commission and/or City Council.
 Prepare presentations to provide information about the project’s progress as requested. Any
  additional meetings shall also be identified, with each meeting recommended including a cost
  proposal for facilitation. Finally, a generic meeting cost proposal is required from all applicants
  to assess and aid elected officials in possible request for additional meetings throughout the
 Develop preliminary budget, financing options, and implementation plans for cleanup and reuse
  of identified sites.
 Promote redevelopment sites through outreach and actives like developer outreach forums and
  creation and dissemination of education and outreach materials.
 Complete contaminant characterization and risk assessments as determined necessary, following
  Phase II activities and as funds allow.

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 Prepare and assist the City with all EPA grant programmatic and administrative reports, updates,
      and grant close-out documents and provide evidence of previous experience managing EPA
      Brownfield Grants.
     Prepare Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) and associated Field Sample Plans (FSPs) and
      Crosswalks, as well as Health and Safety Plans (HASPs).
     Develop strategy to discuss the EPA Brownfield Program with affected landowners in City.
     Prepare and submit to the EPA Site Eligibility Determinations on behalf of the City.
The request for qualifications describes the selection process and documentation required for submitting
proposals for this project. Any firm failing to submit a proposal in accordance with the procedures set
forth in this Request for Proposals may be considered non-responsive.

Section Three
Project Schedule and Budget

Time is of the essence for this project. Per the grant award the City of Douglas has 3 years to complete
the project and spend all money associated with the grant. The statement of qualifications submittal and
selection process has been designed to maximize the time a contractor will have to investigate and
complete necessary studies within the allotted timeframe.
The fiscally responsible entity is the City of Douglas. Participation of affected property owners is expected.

Section Four
Submittal Information

Proposals must include the following information organized in the order as presented below and shall be
identified with the tab titles and sub titles provided below. All RFQ’s submitted shall follow the approved
Work Plan as attached.
The submittal shall be limited to a maximum of forty (40) pages, 8½” x 11” (pages up to 11” x 17” are
acceptable if folded to 8½” x 11”), single sided, not smaller than 11 point type. The cover letter, table of
contents, and any tabs do not count toward the page limits. Project cut sheets, including photos, are
included in the page limits; submittals exceeding the page limits may be considered non-responsive.
At a minimum, firms submitting proposals should have verifiable expertise and proven experience in the
following areas:
    •   EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant project and grant management;
    •   Environmental inventory and assessment
    •   Technical capacity to conduct environmental studies or manage environmental studies;
    •   Stormwater/floodplain mitigation and management;

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•   Redevelopment/economic assessment and public information projects;
•   Real Estate Financing/Development; and
•   Public Participation/Consensus-Building.

1. Tab Title: Introductory Requirements
      a. Sub Title: Transmittal Letter
           Proposals must have a transmittal letter signed by an authorized representative of the
           applicant’s company confirming the applicant’s availability to accomplish this project and
           a commitment to complete the project within the approved timeframe.
      b. Sub Title: Project Understanding
           A statement describing the applicant’s understanding of the project and any special skills
           the applicant will bring to the project.

2. Tab Title: General Information
      a. Sub Title: Company Information
                i. Firm name
               ii. Business address
              iii. Primary contact name, email and telephone number
              iv.  Year established
               v.  Wyoming registration or certification information (if applicable)
              vi.  Type of ownership (e.g. corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.)
             vii.  Total size and breakdown of firm personnel by category (e.g., principals,
                   engineers,     architects,    project    managers,      construction     managers,
                   superintendents, estimators, schedulers, and other technical, clerical). (A firm
                   organizational chart would be useful.)
      b. Sub Title: Experience/Qualifications
                i. Provide a summary highlighting the firm’s qualifications and special expertise to
                   provide the services/deliverables requested in the Request for Qualifications.
               ii. Describe the lead firm’s experience in successfully completing similar
                   environmental projects, including projects of this scope, and success in working
                   with DEQ and EPA.
              iii. State the lead firm’s annual average volume (in dollars) of similar projects for the
                   past five years and plans for the next 12 months, including this project.
              iv.  Describe the types of projects or services normally performed by the lead firm
                   and the relative value of each for the past five years.
               v.  Describe the experience of the lead firm, expressed both in number of projects
                   and in total dollar volume, in completing new facilities and major renovations.
              vi.  Provide information on background and experience on similar projects.
             vii.  Describe your approach and techniques for claims/disputes avoidance and

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viii.  Provide background of key members of each firm in the team and their specific
           experience in previous projects that would relate to this project.
    ix.    Describe any specific skills the applicant team would bring to this project.
     x.    In preparing team members’ Statement of Qualifications, the proposing firm shall
           clearly identify the team member’s role on the referenced project. If the
           proposing firm is representing an individual’s experience while employed at
           another firm, the firm of record for the project and the individual’s role shall be
           clearly identified.
c. Sub Title: Proof of Insurance
     i.    Provide proof of the following:
                1. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
                    Applicant shall have comprehensive general liability insurance coverage
                    during the entire term of the contract, against claims arising out of bodily
                    injury, death, damage to or destruction of the property of others,
                    including loss of use thereof in an amount not less than one million
                    dollars ($1,000,000) each occurrence and two million dollars
                    ($2,000,000) in general aggregate.
                2. Workers’ Compensation or Employers Liability Insurance
                    Applicant shall provide proof of workers’ compensation coverage for all
                    employees working on this project such as Wyoming Worker’s
                    Compensation Certificate of Good Standing. Applicant’s coverage shall
                    be under the Wyoming Workers Safety and Compensation program if
                    statutorily required or such other workers’ compensation insurance as
                    appropriate. Applicant’s insurance shall include Stop Gap coverage in the
                    amount not less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) per
                    employee for each accident and disease. Applicant shall also supply proof
                    of worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance on any
                3. Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
                    Applicant shall provide proof of professional liability insurance or errors
                    and omissions liability insurance to protect City from any and all claims
                    arising from Applicant’s alleged or real professional errors, omissions or
                    mistakes in the performance of professional duties by Applicant or his
                    sub Applicants in an amount no less than five hundred thousand dollars
                4. Business Automobile Liability
                    Applicant shall maintain, during the entire term of the Contract,
                    automobile liability insurance in an amount not less than five hundred
                    thousand dollars ($500,000) per occurrence.
d. Sub Title: Potential or Perceived Conflicts of Interest
     i.    Any potential or perceived conflicts of interest must be disclosed.

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3. Tab Title: Project Approach, Schedule and Presentations
      a. Describe your approach for completing this project specifically for the City of Douglas,
           Wyoming. Include how you would provide access to staff locally (in-person visits, phone,
           email, skype, etc.) throughout the project if you are not located in Douglas or do not have
           offices in the City.
      b. Provide narrative detailing the applicant’s philosophy and approach to complete the
           project and Work Plan as attached.
      c. Provide an overall project schedule including the timing of major tasks and progress
      d. Describe the applicant’s ability to prepare and present findings and recommendations to
           staff, local appointed and elected officials, and other interested parties.
      e. Describe deliverables for the overall project and each phase of the project as detailed.
      f. Provide any additional information or methods believed to be relevant to indicate the
           applicant’s ability to successfully complete this project.

4. Tab Title: Grant Administration
    Summarize the firm’s proven ability, technical expertise and willingness to administer and manage
    all aspects of the EPA grant compliance for the City, including, but not limited to, all necessary

5. Tab Title: Modifications to the Work Plan
    The Work Plan has been approved by the EPA; however, the City welcomes a discussion of
    detailed approaches or suggested refinements to the Work Plan. Describe project expenditures
    by task and plan component, indicate which individuals/firm(s) would perform which activities,
    and describe proposed communications and public involvement processes in detail.

6. Tab Title: Project Team
      a. Sub Title: Organization
           Provide an organization chart for your project team indicating firm management team,
           task specific discipline team members (firms) and individual design discipline team
           component leaders (architects, engineers, etc.) Give a brief description of the roles of the
           personnel on the project and list their current location and the length of service with their
           respective firms. All management and team members listed within the proposal must be
           the personnel who will actually be assigned to the project. All positions should be filled
           with personnel of a quality, expertise and experience level of the personnel
           commensurate with the requirements of the proposal.

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b. Sub Title: Experience
           For each of the individual design team members named above, briefly discuss experience,
           registrations, and education. Address experience on work for projects of similar type, size
           and complexity, and experience working with design teams, the public, regulatory
           agencies, and local communities. Submit resumes for all key positions including the
           contractor team.
        c. Sub Title: Availability
           Briefly discuss the availability of all key personnel for the scheduled time frame of the
           proposed project. Additionally, discuss the capacity of the proposed team to accomplish
           the work.
        d. Sub Title: Project Understanding
           Describe your team’s general understanding of the project and your role in the project
           team. Include any special issues that you believe may affect the project or may affect your
           performance of the services/deliverables. Discuss your team’s approach to completing
           the project. Discuss the major challenges to successful completion and how your project
           team proposes to approach them.
        e. Sub Title: Relationship History
           Describe how long the project team and the lead organization have worked together and
           detail sample projects that the project team and lead organization have completed
           together. If this will be the first time the project team and lead organization will be
           working together, describe a process by which the lead organization will assure effective
           and efficient communications with this new relationship.

7. Tab Title: References
   Provide references from at least three (3) similar projects within the last three (3) years.
   References are to include the name of a project contact along with the reference’s position, email
   address and telephone number. Each reference is to include a description of the services provided
   to the client and the applicant’s specific role.

8. Tab Title: Fee Schedule
   The proposal shall include an anticipated schedule and time/material cost estimates for the
   activities listed in the Work Plan by deliverable. Time should be allowed in the schedule to review
   and revise draft deliverables and for preparation of final documents. Hourly billing per contractor
   title/position, reimbursable expenses, and price schedule for each firm/sub-contractor involved
   shall be included.

9. Tab Title: Disclosures
      a. Any professional or personal financial interest that is or could be a conflict of interest in
           representing the City, including but not limited to any arrangements to derive additional
           compensation from various investment and reinvestment projects, including financial

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b. Certify if the applicant or any of the owners or principals is/are subject to any pending or
               threatened litigation and/or sanctions. The certified statement should cover the size and
               scope of any pending litigation and/or sanctions. If no litigation is pending, include a
               statement to that effect.
            c. Ownership interest or management of any other company providing same or similar
               services as provided herein. The proposal is to be signed by an official authorized to bind
               the offer and is to contain a statement to the effect that the proposal is a firm offer for a
               ninety (90) day period from opening. The proposal is also to provide the following
               information: name, title, address, email address, and telephone number of the
               individual(s) with authority to contractually bind the company and also who may be
               contacted during the period of proposal evaluation for the purpose of clarifying submittal

    10. Copies
        Provide four (4) hard copies and one (1) CD or flash drive containing the entire submittal in .pdf

Section Five
Selection & Contracting Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the City, and depending on the number of RFQ’s received, and the quality
and completeness of the submittals, a formal, in-person interview process may be undertaken, as
determined by the City. The City may contact any or all of the submitting firms to request additional
information during the selection process. After a firm is chosen, the City will negotiate a contract with
the firm. In the event a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, negotiations will be terminated and
another firm may be selected.
All proposals received will be considered public information by the City of Douglas. Firms are advised that
any information considered to be privileged, a trade secret, or confidential, should not be revealed in the
proposal. Proposals will be made available to anyone requesting them after the selection process has
been completed, and the contract has been awarded.

    1. Review of Proposals
        Following an initial screening of the proposals, the review committee will select what it considers
        the most highly qualified firms to provide the services/deliverables required for the proposed
        project. Selection will be based on the evaluation criteria set forth below. The firms/teams
        submitting proposals will be reviewed, and the review committee will then recommend the most
        qualified firms.

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The selection criteria will be the basis for the list of most qualified firms, but may not be limited
    to the following:
        a.   Qualifications and Experience of Key Personnel;
        b.   References for Firm and Project Team;
        c.   Project Scope and Scope Alterations;
        d.   Project Schedule;
        e.   Current and prospective workload;
        f.   Capacity to accomplish the work in required time;
        g.   Responsiveness to the RFQ; and
        h.   Proposed fee.
    In accordance with EPA’s Program for utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
    Program, Small (SBE), Minority (MBE), and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE), the contractor
    must ensure that the six affirmative steps are followed in extending subcontracting opportunities
    to qualified MBE/WBE firms (see 40 CFR 35.6580(a)).

2. Submission
    Final submissions will be reviewed by the City of Douglas for a recommendation to the Douglas
    City Council. Based on the recommendations of the review committee and subject to approval
    by the Douglas City Council, the City of Douglas intends to enter into a Professional Services
    Agreement with the recommended lead firm for the project.

3. Interviews (if required)
    If the City of Douglas determines that interviews are required in the best interest of the Project,
    interviews will be conducted for the purpose of determining which of the firms is the most highly
    qualified for the project; which firm has the project personnel best able to complete the scope of
    services/deliverables; which firm most fully understands and is able to perform as project
    contractor as envisioned by the City of Douglas.
    Key personnel from proposing firms to be assigned to the project are required to be present and
    participate in the interview.
    In addition to the material requested herein, and information which may be requested by the
    review committee, the firms shall be prepared to demonstrate the firm’s approach to
    management of the project based on their understanding of the City’s adopted Master Plans,
    codes, and requirements of the EPA related to the Work Plan and reporting; the firm’s ability to
    perform the services within a fully integrated professional team; and the firm’s past performance
    of similar services in similar team situations. The interviews may include an interactive work

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A short list will be developed of firms that will be interviewed based on the evaluation criteria
   noted above in step one and step two. The list will be provided in alphabetical order without any

4. Selection of Successful Firm & Negotiation of Professional Services Agreement
   After the successful firm is selected, the City of Douglas will negotiate an Agreement for
   Professional Services. The agreement will include, but may not be limited to the following
       •   Project Scope of Work/Deliverables;
       •   Term of Contract;
       •   Contract Sum (not to exceed);
       •   Responsibilities of Contractor (Firm);
       •   Responsibilities of City of Douglas;
       •   Indemnification of City of Douglas; and
       •   Insurance
   Proposals cannot be withdrawn from consideration for a period of sixty (60) days after the
   submittal deadline of October 17, 2018.

5. City Council Approval of Agreement & Notice to Proceed
   The City of Douglas will forward the Final Agreement for Professional Services to the City Council
   for their consideration and approval. The successful lead firm and other team members will be
   required to attend the Council meeting with the City of Douglas staff to answer any questions
   concerning the proposal, the project, or the Firm’s qualifications.
   The agreement shall not be binding upon the City of Douglas or the Firm, and no services shall be
   performed under the terms of the proposal or the agreement until the agreement has been
   reduced to writing and approved by the City of Douglas.
   After approval, the City of Douglas shall issue a Notice to Proceed with the work upon the receipt
   and acceptance of all required agreement submittals and requirements.

6. Notifications
   The City of Douglas will provide timely notifications in writing (letters and/or emails) of the
   following actions to firms responding to the Request for Qualifications as follows:

       •   Selection of short-listed firms for interviews (if required);
       •   Firms not short-listed;
       •   Selection of recommended firm; and/or
       •   Douglas City Council approval.

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7. Procedures Requirements
   Any firm failing to submit information in accordance with the procedures set forth herein may be
   considered non-responsive.
   All costs incurred by firms choosing to participate in this RFQ process shall be borne by the
   proposing firms.
   All proposals submitted regarding this RFQ are the property of the City of Douglas and will only
   be returned to the firm(s) if requested in writing to the City of Douglas at the sole discretion of
   the City of Douglas.
   Late submittals shall not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the firms to ensure that the
   proposal arrives at the City of Douglas, prior to the date and time stated in this RFQ.

8. City Rights
   The City retains the right to reject any or all proposals, with or without cause. The City of Douglas
   reserves the right to reject any proposal which is unbalanced.
   The City reserves the right to consider and rely upon factors other than pricing in its selection
   The City reserves the right to award this project to the firm that best fits the requirements
   outlined in the request for proposals. The City reserves the right to waive any informality in any
   submittal and/or reject all requests for proposals, and to accept the proposal that is in the best
   interest of the City.
   The City reserves the right to undertake or award supplemental or successor agreements for work
   related to this agreement or this project.
   The City reserves the right to waive informalities in the proposals or fees and to reject any and all
   proposals and re-advertise the project at any time prior to Douglas City Council approval of the
   recommended firm and the negotiated agreement.
   The City reserves the right to eliminate a submittal based on current and anticipated workload.
   The City reserves the right to terminate the contract of the selected firm for cause as identified in
   the executed Professional Services Agreement.
   All costs incurred in the preparation of the Request for Proposal process shall be borne by the
   proposing firm. Proposals submitted in response to this Request for Qualifications shall become
   the property of the City of Douglas.
   If the City and the selected lead firm cannot agree on the contract, the negotiations will be
   terminated, and the City reserves the right to begin negotiations with the next highest ranked

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Section Six

Written questions regarding this RFQ should be submitted to Clara Chaffin, Community Development
Director, at no later than October 10, 2018. Responses to questions will be
emailed to everyone who submitted questions and/or who notified the City they would like to receive
responses. Responses to questions will be posted on the City of Douglas website at https://wy- No other contact will be made regarding this RFQ with any City staff,
City Council, Agents, Applicants, etc. during the RFQ process. Failure to comply with this requirement will
result in the offending applicant being removed from consideration.
All responses to this RFQ must be received in a sealed envelope clearly marked “RESPONSE TO
PROJECT” by 3:00 PM on or before October 17, 2018. Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered.
From a review of the statements of qualification received, the City intends to evaluate the proposals and
possibly invite one or more firms to be interviewed before making a final selection of a firm for the
projects. The City will notify selected firms of the date and times of any interview. The City reserves the
right to make a selection based solely on statements of qualifications received.
If it is determined that interviews are not to be held, the ranking will be solely based on review of
proposals submitted.
Dates are approximations for the process steps and are subject to change.
All proposals are to be submitted to:
City of Douglas
Attn: Karen Rimmer, City Clerk
P.O. Box 1030
101 North 4th Street
Douglas, WY 82633

The anticipated schedule for proposal evaluation the project is as follows. The City reserves the right to
change or alter the schedule. Changes to the schedule will be published on the City of Douglas website at
    RFQ Published in the Douglas Budget – September 12 and September 19, 2018
        (the RFQ will be available on the City of Douglas website until October 17, 2018)
    Last Day for Questions – October 10, 2018
    RFQ Responses Due – October 17, 2018 no later than 3:00 PM local time

    If Interviews are Required:
         Notifications of Interviews (if required) – No later than October 24, 2018
         Interviews Conducted (if required) – Week of October 29, 2018
         Staff Recommended Firm to City Council for Approval – November 13, 2018

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Begin to Execute Contract – November 14, 2018

If Interviews are Not Required:
     Staff Recommended Firm to City Council for Approval – October 22, 2018
     Begin to Execute Contract – October 23, 2018

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       (Remainder of Page Intentionally Left Blank)

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                                              City of Douglas, WY
                     Workplan for CERCLA Section 104(k) Assessment Cooperative Agreement
                                     October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2021

1. GOAL 3       Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
                Objective 3.2 Communities – Sustain, Clean Up, and Restore Communities and the Ecological
                   Systems that Support Them
                Sub-objective 3.2.3 – Assess, Clean Up and Redevelop Brownfields

                CFDA – 66.818 Assessment, Cleanup, and Revolving Loan Fund Grants

                OBJECTIVE: The Douglas Double-Down Initiative, demonstrates how we've come together with a
                broad cross-section of community leaders to identify a place-based strategy to transform our
                economy, starting with our underutilized brownfields. Linking revitalization with strategies for
                developing economic sustainability is central to enhancing the lives of both our people and places.
                Within the City Limits, the original core of Douglas is our target area. Specifically, we are focused
                on Block 2 of Census Tract 9564. We believe that addressing the target-area brownfields will enhance
                the health and welfare of residents living in poverty, including seniors. This area encompasses the
                core of downtown and the railroad industry corridor.

2. FUNDING $200,000 Hazardous Substances; $100,000 Petroleum


  HAZARDOUS               Task 1          Task 2           Task 3         Task 4         Task 5        Total
                          Grant         Community       Inventory &    Assessments      Remedial
                        Management       Outreach         Planning                      Planning
  Travel                     $2,280                                                                      $2,280
  Contractual                $8,220          $9,500        $13,000         $146,000       $21,000      $197,720
  Total                     $10,500          $9,500        $13,000         $146,000       $21,000      $200,000

  PETROLEUM               Task 1           Task 2          Task 3         Task 4         Task 5          Total
                          Grant          Community       Inventory     Assessments      Remedial
                        Management        Outreach       & Planning                     Planning
  Travel                     $2,280                                                                       $2,280
  Contractual                $4,220            $5,500        $9,000         $70,000         $9,000       $97,720
  Total                      $6,500            $5,500        $9,000         $70,000         $9,000      $100,000

       Task 1: Cooperative Agreement Oversight Tasks

                                                    Anticipated Outputs
Task 1 - Cooperative Agreement               (projected activities, deliverables,                                 Actual
Oversight                                   reports) and Anticipated Outcomes                                Accomplishment
Subtasks (Commitments)                           (projected results, effects,                                    Date(s)
Obtain QEP:                               Outputs:
• Prepare Request for Qualifications,     • RFQ for contractor; documentation of      Oct. 2018
  evaluate applications, possibly           meeting of open competition;
  conduct interviews, hire qualified        contract for scope of services
  environmental contractor (QEP)          • Performance evaluation reports, and
• Conduct annual performance                applicable corrective actions
  evaluations on contractor
• Obtain outside services for title       Outcomes:                                   Oct. 2018 Retain
  searches, regulation interpretations,   • High quality products and services to     highly qualified
  etc.                                      meet project needs                        contractor team
                                          • Maintain a high level of work effort
Reporting:                                Outputs:                                    Quarterly reports
• Prepare quarterly reports, MBE/WBE      • Quarterly reports and other forms;        every quarter;
  annually, and FFR form annually at        updated ACRES database; final report      MBE/WBE forms
  the end of the reporting period           and closeout forms                        3/30 & 9/30;
• Enter site data in ACRES                                                            ACRES updated
• Prepare final report and grant          Outcomes:                                   when site
  closeout material                       • Regular communication of project          activities occur
                                            status and next steps; current database
                                            for congressional reporting
Records:                                  Outputs:                                    Continuously
• Maintain grant files                     • Accurate and complete files suitable     throughout grant
• Maintain site project files                for audit purposes                       period; Maintain
• Maintain financial records                                                          an administrative
                                          Outcomes:                                   record for project
                                          • High quality project records reflective
                                            of the work performed
• Requests for Reimbursements or          Outputs:                                    Continuously
  Advances                                 • Forms submitted to Las Vegas for         throughout grant
                                             payment                                  period; use invoice
                                          Outcomes:                                   spreadsheets and
                                          • Reduce unliquidated obligations           forms
Training:                                 Outputs:                                    Autumn 2019
• Attend EPA Brownfields Conferences       • Attend Brownfields conferences           (Region 8
  and other related workshops                                                         Meeting) or
                                          Outcomes:                                   Attend 2019 EPA
                                          • Improve Brownfields knowledge and         BF Conference in a
                                            expand networking opportunities           location TBD

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Task 2: Community Outreach

                                                    Anticipated Outputs
                                             (projected activities, deliverables,                                 Actual
Task 2 - Community Involvement                                                        Accomplishment
                                            reports) and Anticipated Outcomes                                Accomplishment
Subtasks (Commitments)                                                                    Date(s)
                                                 (projected results, effects,                                    Date(s)
• Establish brownfields program          Outputs:
  advisory committee                     • Hold semimonthly meetings, create          Hold semimonthly
• Ensure that commitments made by          agendas, attendance lists and meeting      project planning
  community based organizations in         notes                                      meetings with
  proposal are implemented.                                                           team for first 18
                                         Outcomes:                                    months of grant
                                         • An active and motivated workgroup
                                           driving brownfield initiatives
Develop Outreach Materials:              Outputs:
• Create brochure targeting private &    • Create color brochures; FAQ insert(s);     Late Winter
  public property owners, lenders and      and easy to navigate and attractive        18/Early Spring
  developers                               project website                            2019
• Create FAQ fact sheet
• Create and update project website      Outcomes:                                    First Qtr 2019
• Create community relations plan        • Up-to-date outreach tools to promote       Feb. 2019
  (CRP) to provide to public and           project work and disseminate
  interested developers and property       information
  owners                                 • Create a CRP at project initiation         March 2019

                                         • Hold developer recruitment forum to        April/May 2019
                                           “sell” redevelopment sites
Implement outreach strategy in target    Outputs:
areas:                                    • Give BF presentations at three            Fall 18; Summer
• Meet w/ local orgs. and/or attend         meetings                                  19;
  local town meetings                     • several rounds of ads/postings in local   Summer 2020
• Publish program info in local papers      target areas
  and post notices in town halls &
  community centers                      Outcomes:                                    First Qrt 2019 and
                                         • Improve community knowledge on BF          then Continuous
                                           issues and identify potential BF sites
Hold local meeting on Phase II ESA       Outputs:
sites:                                   • Minimum one local meeting,                 Within 90 days
• Project team and advisory committee      presentation materials, attendance list    following
  evaluate Phase II ESA results, and                                                  completion of
  potential cleanup and redevelopment    Outcomes:                                    report
  plans                                  • Encourage public participation and
                                           support of BF project(s) going forward

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Task 3: Site Inventory & Development Planning

                                                    Anticipated Outputs
Task 3 - Site Inventory & Development        (projected activities, deliverables,                                  Actual
Planning Subtasks (Commitments)             reports) and Anticipated Outcomes                                  Accomplishment
                                                 (projected results, effects,                                      Date(s)
Site inventory:                           Outputs:
• Gather recognized and potential         • GIS map of potential BF sites             Dec/18
  brownfields sites in the
  redevelopment target area               Outcomes:
• Enter sites on GIS mapping tool         • Graphical capturing of BF sites for
                                            planning work
                                          • Create and maintain a project .ftp site   Soon after CA is
                                            to house project documents accessible     executed by EPA
                                            to EPA, City, and QEP                     and City.
Site prioritization and eligibility       Outputs:                                    Quarterly reports
determination:                            • Planning meetings; approx. 6-10           every quarter;
 • Convene steering committee               eligible sites identified in initial      MBE/WBE forms
   meeting to identify and prioritize       inventory search                          3/30 & 9/30;
   sites                                   • Estimate 3-5 additional eligible sites   ACRES updated
 • Choose initial sites for Phase I          identified during remainder of grant     when site
   investigation in redevelopment area                                                activities occur
 • Evaluate site access issues            Outcomes:
 • Obtain EPA (or state) approval for     •Four to six brownfields sites identified
   Phase I/II cleanup planning through      with the highest redevelopment and
   the site eligibility form                community benefit potential in target
                                          •Approval of Petro & Haz Mat. SEDs          2-3rd qrt/2019
Records:                                  Outputs:                                    Continuously
• Maintain grant files                    •Accurate and complete files suitable       throughout grant
• Establish and maintain administrative     for audit purposes                        period
• Maintain site project files             Outcomes:
• Maintain financial records              •High quality project records reflective
                                            of the work performed
Requests for Reimbursements or            Outputs:                                    Continuously
Advances                                  • Forms submitted to Las Vegas for          throughout grant
                                            payment                                   period

                                          • Reduce unliquidated obligations
Redevelopment Planning:                   Outputs:
 • Identify brownfield-impacted areas     •Produce a map/plan identifying sites       April 2019
   within the redevelopment zone            for future assess. and future
 • Develop strategies for the reuse of      redevelopment
   existing infrastructure in the         •Create a set of acquisition and            May 2019
   revitalization area                      redevelopment strategies for

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assessment, cleanup and reuse

                                          Outcomes:                                      Summer 2019
                                          •Future uses of at least six properties in
                                            the redevelopment area have been
                                          • Next steps to implement the plan             Sept 2019
                                            have been identified

   Task 4: Environmental Site Assessments

                                                    Anticipated Outputs
Task 4 – Phase I and Phase II                (projected activities, deliverables,                                    Actual
Assessments & QAPP Subtasks                 reports) and Anticipated Outcomes                                   Accomplishment
(Commitments)                                    (projected results, effects,                                       Date(s)
Phase I investigations:                   Outputs:
• Conduct planning meeting with           • Planning meetings                            Bi-monthly
  contractor to discuss approved sites                                                   throughout grant
• Confer with EPA for site specific       • 7-10 Phase I ESA Reports                     TBD
  sampling and analysis plans             • updated ACRES database                       Continuous
• Contractor obtains access agreement
  and performs Phase I investigation      Outcomes:
• Contractor submits draft Phase I        • Three to four high potential                 TBD
  report to project team members            Brownfields sites assessed through
• Team reviews/comments on draft            Phase I ESAs
  Phase I                                 • Total acres assessed through Phase I         TBD
• Contractor submits final Phase I          ESAs
  report to project team members
Phase II preparation:                     Outputs:
• Meet with internal/external             • Project planning meetings                    Meetings bi-
  brownfield committee to review          • Approved generic QAPP                        monthly
  Phase I results and project direction   • Four to six sites approved for Phase II      Jan. 2019 – Final
• Obtain EPA approval to proceed with       ESA assessments                              approved QAPP
  Phase II ESA assessment
• Meet with contractor to Plan Phase II   Outcomes:
  ESA assessments                         • Two to four high priority sites identified   TBD
• Encourage contractor to maximize          for further investigation and potential
  efficiencies and minimize negative        redevelopment
  impacts of site assessments by
  incorporating green and sustainable
  remediation (GSR) techniques that
  are applicable to Phase II assessment
• Contractor submits EPA approved
  generic QAPP w/ updated
  organization chart

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Anticipated Outputs
Task 4 – Phase I and Phase II                  (projected activities, deliverables,                                 Actual
Assessments & QAPP Subtasks                   reports) and Anticipated Outcomes                                Accomplishment
(Commitments)                                      (projected results, effects,                                    Date(s)
Phase II investigation:                     Outputs:
 • Contractor submits draft site-specific   • One approved site-specific QAPP            March 2019
   sampling and analysis plan with            Addenda (delineating extent of site
   reference to QAPP to project team          contamination on 1 Brownfield site)
   for review and comments                    including Sampling and Analysis Plan
 • EPA/state approval is obtained and         (SAP) and QAPP Crosswalk Document
   contractor submits final site-specific   • Phase II report(s) documenting the         TBD following
   QAPP addendum to team                      results                                    Phase II ESAs
 • Contractor performs field work           • Updated ACRES database                     ACRES updates
   according to plan                        • Green and sustainable efforts              after project
 • Grantee monitors site work and             reported in quarterly reporting            completion
   communicates any concerns with
   EPA/state                                Outcomes:
 • Grantee tracks green and sustainable     • Two to four high priority sites with       TBD
   site assessment efforts used during        complete Phase II assessments that
   Phase II investigations                    are ready for cleanup and reuse
• Contractor submits draft Phase II           planning
  report to project team for review and     • Total acres assessed through Phase II      TBD
  comments                                    ESA assessments
 • Contractor submits final Phase II        • Greener and more sustainable site
   report to project team                     assessment techniques utilized
 • Project team & steering committee
   evaluate Phase II findings, and
   implement additional Phase II
   investigations as appropriate to
   delineate extent of contamination

   Task 5: Remediation Reuse Planning

Task 5 – Remediation Reuse Planning                      Anticipated Outputs                 Anticipated            Actual
Subtasks (Commitments)                            (projected activities, deliverables,     Accomplishment       Accomplishment
                                                 reports) and Anticipated Outcomes             Date(s)              Date(s)
                                                      (projected results, effects,          (Month/Year)
Cleanup & reuse planning:                      Outputs:
• Throughout Phase II process, strategize      • Two or more internal cleanup and          Beginning in late
  with steering committee on reuse plans         reuse planning meeting(s)                 2018 and into
  for the site                                 • Two draft cleanup alternatives plans      2019
• Conduct outreach to leverage                 • Two draft remedial action plans
  developer/lender interest in the property    • We will include green and                 Mid to late 2019
• Meet with contractor to develop draft          sustainability language in ABCA
  cleanup alternatives and remediation         • Updated ACRES database                    On-going
  plans for the site                           • One public meeting on project results     end of 2019

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Task 5 – Remediation Reuse Planning                    Anticipated Outputs                Anticipated            Actual
Subtasks (Commitments)                          (projected activities, deliverables,    Accomplishment       Accomplishment
                                               reports) and Anticipated Outcomes            Date(s)              Date(s)
                                                    (projected results, effects,         (Month/Year)
• Incorporate reuse principles &             • Potential for developer / lender         Early 2019
  techniques into Analysis of Brownfields      workshop and transaction forum
  Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) report
• Perform public outreach and involvement    Outcomes:                               TBD
  in cleanup and reuse planning              • 3-4 properties assessed through
                                               cleanup and reuse planning, and ready
                                               for cleanup and redevelopment
                                             • Acres ready for cleanup &
                                              • Greener and more sustainable plans
                                                for cleanup


   Subsequent to our retaining of a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) by the City of Douglas, WY, a pre-QAPP
   telephone conference will take place with the City contact person, our QEP, and the EPA project manager. After the
   pre-QAPP meeting, a QAPP will be prepared by our QEP for review and consideration by the City. Upon approval, the
   QAPP will be forwarded to the EPA Region 8 offices for review and approval. We understand that prior to undertaking
   any Phase II assessments, the City of Douglas, WY will prepare and submit a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)
   which meets the approval of U.S. EPA Region 8 Brownfields Program. The QAPP will describe the project, the sampling
   and analytical strategies, and the methods and procedures that will be used in all Phase II assessments. QAPP approval
   will be obtained prior to performing any field activities. For each site a sampling and analysis plan and QA crosswalk
   will be submitted to EPA for approval.


   The City of Douglas, WY is not requesting approval of pre-award costs for this cooperative agreement.


   The City of Douglas, WY, as the CAR and grantee, will comply with other requirements including but not limited to the
   following: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements found at 40 CFR Part 33; OSHA Worker Health &
   Safety Standard 29 CFR 1910.120; the Uniform Relocation Act; Historic Preservation Act; Endangered Species Act; and
   Permits required by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act; Executive Order 11246, Equal Employment Opportunity, and
   implementing regulations at 41 CFR 60-4; Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, as amended (40 USC 327-
   333) and the Anti-Kickback Act (40 USC 276c) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as implemented by
   Executive Orders 11914 and 11250.

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